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'.JL''2 V r -- n ii - f' i i . ' r mm r. ' 1 1 "..". -' , I' . lZZ XTTt t " ' i s isn m i 1 I j '".J8
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Relieve British
; - At
Over Sector
Clos6 Q
' ITIl TIIK FRENCIl ARMY, MaV 2 f .VsljciatcJ I'rcsai
. American troops along the western battle fiynt 'participated
- fur the first time yesterday in the fjreat battle that has Ix-eii in
, )rogress. and although suffering "rather severe' losses defeated the
Gerniarts and repulsed their attack. , ,
The American sector attacked is in the ncightorhuod ot illers
" , Bfetoiineux. the town on the Canines . niiens road yvhich has beep
r" the scene of some of the bitterest
which has changed hands repeatedly between the British and tier j
inans. East of this town the Americans have rejieved the Tommies
and it is here that they hav won their, first battle.
. . ; The Germans preceded their attack upon the American hues
ly , heavy bomliardment,. continuing for two. hours. .When the
' helling ceased," three battalions of Germans charged through the
shattered defenses, forcing their way into the trenclje. .
' ; There was furious hand-to-hand, fighting, in which the Gcr
1 'mans were driven back and finally repulsed, leaving many. dead in
the' "'American positions. The American losses were correspond -ingiy
heavy, but there is a feeling of elation in the American ranks
'.; that they have finally met the picked, shock troops of the Kaiser
,'dnJ defdated them against odds.
i.W- .YORK. May 2 (Associated Press) Stunned by the
" ''! '',' smashing defeat which attended their efforts to advance further on,
; -VIonday and Tuesday on thtf Ypres front, the Germans made.. no
' attempt yesterday to resume the battle, withdrawing, for the evident
. purpose of reorganizing their, shattered brigades-and bringing ii)
v fresh reserves for the renewal of their drive.
- '"" .' The Allies, however, were not content to rest with their victorx
but took advantage of the German discomfiture to make their posi
' tioris more secure and harass the enemy." The French, at Locre
threw back" the berman outposts and took over ground, required tc
.. 'comu(et their deense line, while the-British rushed the (iermans
'; .l , ack, frorn a number of positions before Metcren. taking a number
' -f prisoners.: 1
,. U, , 1 ..During the afternoon the German activities in the Armentiem
!r j 'salient were confined to artillery, the British positions back o
V- Bethune and the French on the Locre sectors being heavily shelled
. The Allies also used their big guns effecti-ly. keeping up a
., bombardment of the Germans on lount Kemmel and preventing
supplies and reinforcements leing brought up.
,. . t. Paris reports heavy artillery duels during Tuesday night and
" yesterday morning on the Som me front, along both banks of tht
; Avre,.. , ' .
,':... .Berlin rejort.s told of leavy French attacks on the l)ranoutxt
;. sector in its official statement of the fighting, issued last night. Thi:
,'. report said that the French aitemptqd to advance upon Dranoutrc
several times but that all attacks .were, repulsed.
., -. In order to keep up its man power greatly wcakmcd by thi
!.''"' '' tfenicndous losses which the German forces hac su!Tcred o.wiii.'
. to-the massed force tactics that have .been employed in the recent
drive Germany; has been forced to further "rob the cr;rll-" and ha?
" called out its l'20 class. This was told by prisoners taken by tlu
' BrUwh wIh said that some of the boj 6 had already been musterel
in: anil were seeing actual service but that the rest would go into
training and would not be used immediately unless it should be
i'me .ilsohitefy necessary.'
Fi innrn piunnrnTn Finuc dv dhdc ic.
' IllUllUtfl ullHllULU. I U IIIU ) J.,lli) rt .
Assert He Killed Mrs. King While
' - Trying To Make Away
. With Gaston Means
rraa)r-A' warrant was
vesterda ia-
aued fr -the arrest of- Otta H-buuan,
aa . interned roe my alien w do ia
ritaod of bavin); murdered Mrs. Mead
The killing of Mrs. Kinji and the
aubaequeiit ' lavevtigation by the ror . agaada and that they indicate that the
i orner's jwviefate a nation wide 'sea Teuton,, realizing that an early victory
- ration. Oaaiort .Meaaa waa accused of ia Impossible nnd a final victory doubt
..reapouaibility fer.lier death. ,' ifol,,li4ve Influenced the tope'to once
, . It ia now alleged that Hchtuuan kill mure attetupt to intervene - - ! H. ,
J ' Mf.'! Klag by aseidaat while he Cologne uewapapera say that thai pove
"v-aai try lag ,tu -kill Oaaten Maana. iutends to uiake a more pressing' eaef
I'.eaaa, it ia aaid waa ia aaset for Oer offer thun ever before and that the
Biaoy liefore the United Htatea enter offef will lie made on Whisundnjf sav
ed the war and waa instrumental in se enth Sunday after Kntr, sas'lr des
' nflng fiwi"thecTautiina auppliea of op atiiea ,f roui the lluguu ynsterday, -dt
!?' and Vubbef. When the I'nited is declared that the I'ope willniake an
- Itatee entered the war he quit the serv offer to mediate, and that m''oflljea
ic of the Hermans and had threatened will be tendered with th possible co-
to reveal the methods which the ler
' tean hod employed and which he had
' rmployeit-for. thtn to secure sm-h sup
, lies. It war to prevent Means from
rnktng ! these t revelations, it in al
leriwl . . nat .K'h'iwag sought his life
' and,' -fi) attejMitina to take it. killed
. ' 2fh- .Kin a. .' '-.,.
' ' ' itn Jiairl haaiiled funds for Mra.
Flint aat the mo'lve which waa at
. tnbu'e--' In the effort to convict him
e mariieit. aa that he Iwil roirappro.
i rmte r pant of br flt at.4
snipjit ,t , aiur te jtaat. r
.'.. .
: , 'c ; .- ;-. 4
f: r.
n J-
fighting in the German drive tnd
Official Circles In Wa"
See Teutorj.ljuile In Pon
: tiff's Peace Offers
WARUlJJCiTON, May 2 ( Associate
l,rees)'j Officii rud liplomatia eireloe
her look i h fupnion on' the' report';
ad intention of the pope to maki k aew
move In the effort to brinii abont peace.'
They are Inclined to think the.! report
nnd the plan are u port of German propi
operation of neutral aovaraigna.'
Berlin reports said news that the
pope i planning a new 'and'"arge:ht
tea"e offer la received here sympathet
ically. w. a. a.
t or rheumatism you will find nothiog
h-tter than 'hnmheriain 'a Pain Balm.
Jvw i the tune to got rid of it. Try
th's linUnnnt and see how quickry it
will fellsve the paia and oreueaar - Vor
an a V all tleauira.' iicoaon' atiiuth
, Co., Ltd, ajjonts for Hawaii. Advt,
. 'i , ' - ...-, '
. . . v 5 . 4 i ..
Cavalry . Advances and . Taket
TwOi Hundred and Sixty Turks;
)ils,$bqv Sucpc$s.'6(. Mar
shall Qrcater Than Did First
: Repbri;;.-';;,; .
PrMS)sBrlMih toccesMi 1 Pl
Un well Hrta MsopoUnii ar
told in tha.' pAeial oimniiBtgn f ,
the wr .3artjnet In PlMttii
on ta Mtitnk ci tn Jordan
th .aAvancft .Brltjibr cTlry aM
reach! wittla tvo.mUei of Etmlt .
Mid' Km taka SCO prtinn! ,. ;
Further detain of General M'T
tfa'ta rlctory ta Mesopotamia
ir glTea oirt ty the -war,, office
ywterd-n. I', HU. euoeenaea were
irrre Hretu than lint Indicated.
Bis troop : parallel tlie re
treUint. Turks tat the Tank Sivt
and .trlsoaera. pmrr1800 wall
the booty 1 . lndaeu iweire flakt
plerea of good caliber. - '
In ta'Unf of rtsnrta on tke TVent
: Trent during March and April
Goneral Haig reported that (n the
former month '. the ' JBrltlch And
Trench took 1061 prisoners and la
April 62I1.V. '
Equal .Rights Carry With Them
Ernal ; Responsibilities
Lloyd George, tnsists
I.ONDO.V. May ! Afocitel Vtrtn)
Tii a delegation of Iborit who
callrd Uon htm to'proteat, Kainat! the
euforccment. of touacrlptioo in IrvlaOit
l'rrmior t.loyd George held out no ho(e
of thrir avoWling an ultimate enfore
nient of tbe roviiona of the lawv ll,a
insmt.-d that fauat right would 'give to
thr Irich equal reaponaibllitUa.
This wan after, an order In council
win imiupd postponing the date of oper
ation of conscription in Ireland beyond,
the flmf of jkfajr, It ie believed'that
the government deairea to introduce
the home rule bill and ace what aucceaa
thin has in nettling the Iriab queition.
The lord mayor of Dublin ha an
nounced that he haa abandoned the
idea of viniting the United States at
thia xa. '. '
Spirit of National Amity is Ex
pressed By Each
WASHINOTON, May 1 (QfHeial)
Viicnunt R. Uliii, new Japaneee'am
haiwaditr -to- the I'nited Ktatea; reaent-;
injj bin credentinla to I'reaident Wilaon
yentefda.v. pniil ' in part! ' 1"; ,
'My endeavor wifl be to cotifluet the
.nisnton in tbe Hjiiiit of open nd fritend
ly coo'rut inn which my experience
'Mb me will never fail to be reciproca
ted. America and Japan are more. than
mVi ii evini ini; mutual niireeiaMo'n ' .
" I shall xjmre no effort to atrengthrt
iirtenaify this happy relation' o
e niHY mi'ciiic a peace jnirr--tf all war
rinjr nations nnd tliencef orwatd ' enjoy
it blessiiiKu in ever increasing friend
ship and security." '
' 1'reirident Wilson replied in' 0art:
''Your uppoiiitnient is indeed tO' me
uddvd evidence of the .lapafttae1 gov
oriuneiit ' devotion to the poficy" Of
Muci' ii ml jnioJwill anitng all 'aationi
of the world. I be" yOu to ere"to
voiic au'-iist sovereign uiv appreciation
of his majesty's sentiineuls of goodwill
ii ml inv r nlidence. n
"Them, cordial bonds of friendship
already etistini; betweeo our two coau
trios will he greutly tr'UKtbeiied By
the far of our common effort in a
ilMcoUt cause."
Ml r--ew.a,a.
WAHHINdTON, May I (Aaeoelat
ed Press ) Twelve million pUrebaaert
and a total of two and a half billion
dollars is the latest summing up of thr
third 1. inert v Loan campaign. '
The 12th reserve district' haaoveY
aobaeribed its f 2 10, 000 ,069 Liberty
Loan quota ly 1 1,000,000, ' aheordin
to the latest estimate. Over 819,00
aeparate snlisc.nptiAoa -have been made
..-rrt. ..
ncDurnhi KIAUAI flCCIfCD
Ubiiiii'nii iininL ui i iwuil
NKW' YOHK, X. V, May 1 (Aseb
ciated I'rcs-i Federal agents today
irrested a . lierman uaval lieutenant
commander. It is aaid that the man
arrested, whose name ha 'not ''been,
irjvim out, wax the active head of the,
propaganda work carried on b th
agents in America under Count von
Bernstorff, former ambassador. ' '
Other arrests following this are ex
TERS, Slav i ., AMooiatedeaal-rr
l.ieui. Miwini uicbenbacBar, tbe lam
una auto nicer who has entered the
Araericiiii aviation survic,-aad Capt
Neruian Hall huve downed German alt
i . i i i .
dutaac " of ." etit-tw . inllee
,wher,Joa oejVne! aMttkd eeW1a
of kM'arfortis fcffeata to the Oer
aim dttwnV pitnoel ftepottaVMch.
(ac ' here. juTrthat. he la aesrln
entertaltirnear front rtnt'theao i
taOffr rtfleaittt utOaftear.'WIdl
whlefc kurt ahatla aajatnat efM
leaa women and children and afd
er icrtped. nmk otnkataf 'to
rarla. He yjalta the )batT fr
4uentlf, li.la aald. and , haa ' pf
MfakDf fifed the rlflet several
ttaata.'.-j l- ;','"!
Yefttrday farla dweatche laid,
aaelkV feoiik thv eriaMliseAvriflea
reaekid tketotahreaatwMtWthe
day and. three Women were killed.
,w., a. a.
MeraKFs' Still".
Publio j ;8eftliment!'r' Generally
Against Investigators Point
ls.,R3i3eq That Courts; lay
Oetermihe Justice of Claims
Member of th&eomuiitUt of stock
holders of the 'Pioneer Mill Company
tho investigated, the rhargea of dia-
loyaltr against I- Walnrheim-r are
"staadlng tMrt.''' The bills for aerviees
-endured and biTe4 at the rae t
5 a day.are'rtill 'in tbe hand of th
ir-Hora Of the enmpnnv. Meantime
-nWfv pvWrim"nf l- Inereaniagly eon-
'lemnntort'.'' their eourwe in matrn-J
1 ehafft tinder thi cirenmstanees whiob
aurronnded the' afalr. 1
, Tf h kot' lmrtoaMMe' that -the-'eourt
tmi :hae deetfl apnn- the Ttliditr
Af theae Vlnlma' thtt hafe Keen trre'
erfted aaintt 'the Pioneer Mni Com-
nan. Tbe iholht was raised yeiterdatr
tharlW-tW Herf- approved the Jia
Brent of tR bjl ther ma bfr prerented
fron 'mahfnV 'payment' by any;atok-
JfoMer who 4M(no rof ht'the reeerlf
meettno' to Wife; the matter te the new
or riirtetaiwi vcita power to net.
Tt aereV aaaArted that a'toekholder
ttho'had' Trded. iq'fvoT of the 'motion
VnnM not h slopped bv hia vote from
taking action , to restrain payment.
TVia stand waa taken upon the ground
thnt thw elr'ar-'! ' an imnroper' on
inee the stockholder of the eompaaV
received no flnnnclw ;beflt frmwtk
"rk irhieh the: eontmittee performed
a tsw it wiJ n. of the niua) course
f basinee.V'I'ne be th ee and r
evMajninar ordf t ia.eouirht'th wou-t
aruld Aav to-r(Aetl'minfWhewer the
services rendered r"re wnek tkat Ike;
1-reetoTB . can ' validly take company
fud to ir f emV ;..r: ''.
. whnt- nietlwe' 'vera- arh ' member
of the enmmttte' ihe'pnWIo doe tm.
inowr:,.It ia evem' nosalW' thaHTthe
member nronone '.eolleetlna' .the in oner
antP frfttair it over t- fh B"1 Cro
Undriiibtedlv ths ; beieve they ire
titled eomweeaafjon bH th ga
al pubbe W takinV mneh infrt
' tbe, maHet a ie taken try vbe-atoek
KeMeea and in the mbkeae' f wore' ia
formation ban- thwt the'tlfls' were-rVa
ered. public, sentiment ia not with the
flve-eommitteemen. '-'.Je
'. It' may be- the rablie- ie lodkinir af
the whole affair frowr the- licht of Tbe
cause of the Investigation.-that -tt''a
oernsroned hv 'ichavee -ef disloyaHy
stgainst'an ofheial emeerre, af thk.eem
vanv in winch the public was vitally
'ntereatcd. and doea Hot look on the
other aide- that -the- eommiMe deter
mined whether fhera' .'were ' hnffleient
"rounds for the eomonuv t' remove Or
-temand the resignation ot its manajer
Had the committee J. investigated hi
honesty, his inte'efity, -Jfid , bunincas
tbilities or his r'rtrUty nn one denbt
Ue members woul-l have been justiflecT
t makiar the charge for. kei anrvirs.
Tt.ia because It la a quetiOB whether
the loyalty or laejk n loyalty of Weini
hnimer was sufficient to warrant his re
tention, that the public ia showing tbe
interest which it doea.'
W. a. .
Bdogalow At Royal
Grdve Entirely.
A 6ve room kuaigalow atoyal Grove ,
if posi te 'the 'Moanfc 'Hotel ' owned ' by
tf az Baaker ami Oiieaplea by I, 9. ,Kel
tey, wa totally ?dettrqyoJ :.byi irei'alj
"qur o'clock yosterday afteruooif.'tuU-k
vork omtbe part f the H deparUiwat
Tved the twer"' afljoloinf vunialew
UasJ by Jl. Safari and Jt. hL oo
the Morton hoaie i alightlr damaged
j water, while the home of H. Bafnel
reaped with a alight seprehsag.
II 8. Kelsey add ,hi family . went,
bathina at the Beaaide Hotel early in
he afternoon and whB theyi re.turne
tbeir borne .titer eun$i n in (a aeap
f.ruiuV while all fUe . ejotbing the
hej- had, waa- the bathing suit the?
Hood in.
Ma Basher, who U now li tha -Ori
jnt, bad the houVe 'Whieh Was nsi)ro.y
eterday inaart fo 300. Thero wa
.tlao nolle of 'OOe'whltb- r'oVerorl
hraltufe aad., personal e7eeta. al-thangh-
Mra. BaAketf aal.t (last '.'night,
that thia would 0t;rloburae; libr for
a number of priceless w6rk of art and
enrioa that per bueband had eolleeted
pn -hia tuipa to , tb Orient vj J(v-.i.The-iielaerf
fkmny loat'a qtilnUt of
itilU 'ihWrenfril
MakiKi atitidn ynJar iU aUMvnioa' w
Klre lef ('hllrtea'ThuHrob'-lfhn.riKl
be fire yesterday , and preveoteil Hie
preadiug of It to tea aujaveai ouiki
lag". ' , ; , ' -' . v
I '"---- ''J, '."rmui.
ttttofflnMplW brrgress
' TodayandJs fxpecteiJo
?, Give New Program .
government readt'to i
; ;vuse three1 millions
aitv Arrrw Equi and
; Tfarispoht Ohly llrnlt f or
t. ; 'u. ' Number J6 Be Ciffed
t .WAHHifiQTGSi $- (Asaor a'ed
Prea'ev"to- uH at re-'Ttstrant
Hr wrtlitaty erviee- wttkevt le-dalarive
eeatftrlienir ka to nurnbenr' which wotil l
Sfgowisrwe oy the i- ability -af the
cwnatry tw arm j vqulrt, train and' tfaaa
VH tbrXr It epetd t bw the rennett
if feerrtarr ef AYar TiahW of eongresa.
Ie la te vo befeYe the iegia'atora today
' oeIl"te them the army pivaram."
Chalrrnan Tent; 1 of the, house coin
mltte-joa A."wd1tary 'affaire yenterdrty
'atrojueed a bill which would limit the
avaber vf wrafteH men hi the I'nited
VtimW;t' 4.VMJ,000-wtth a view
f plaHit, the-real limit J.Oio ooo by
be inclusion ofvolunfeers trt make un
hat number. Thia is believed to hn-d
ty ,awet the. deairea of the war depnrt
It ia liidi.-atcd ' that when Her re- a ry
Baker outline hla program today he
will- oak- .that tie restriction be placed
upon the- uhmher-ef men who may be
relied. - Ha will ask that the govern
ment be? permitted-to mobillae all the
men rfhat rt.ia .able to train; equ:p rnd
rnmafvort an?? that 'thia ability shall be
the. only limitation ..
It ia expeeted that Baker will show
that the. faited Htaies is now able
to handle- three million men, more than
doubhr the aorribet that It haa under
arms at the present time.
Baker. seiJI,4aaa.ha report, and pro-
crawl i larpelyj, vpori the information
whrc h I h obtained at tint band wheri
in France,, backed up by expression'
from the aupreme war council and the
representatives of the Allied govern
meat. .
ofHelnls are citllinir K1IS5 men
for a two -raontljs ;oorse in mechna
leal atudiea. atartiair ilav 1ft.
SteameiJ n; Oriental .WaJers Col
. de With wirshiri
i.rOKXO May; l-(ttpefial. to; Nippn
Jiji) One tt the worst disasters in
vears took place in Chinese waters on
Monday when more ,than. 1(W0. paaaen
tti on a" ateaWief weltt dew folloa-iog
i eoHlsion with a Chiucae warsWp. '
"Thr, aiji'uig rrf the ateanirt wia ao
'uddeti thlif mrtst of her p'nafleUtptra
'd ifre bad little opportanity to-Jeaye
rhe1 doomed" ship-. The warship. waa hur
hvtng towkrej Xaunming when the col
iiaioh oeVorred; ' .
. Afeneral Iflaa'. fhl Jul, pVfmier of
Thma, was abtwrrd the warship
AAMh'AS, Culiforuia, April 22 (As-
aielateil Vn'ssV-Afttil-' belntf siibjoi-ted
tot great haniiliatiou evr ''ll Anieri--
nterei the war," bei-auie bf Hie war
'arl H'rnarl Petriech Kaiaer toilay pe
itioneil the suuerior court of Moule.
tey county to have his name rhangml
to Carl Bernard Alf.
' The reasons' giveu iu the petition for
the c trap go or name are as rouows:
The Vniteil Hfhtes is Bt war with the
Imperial government of Germany whose
ruler la haown as the kaiser; which
uiiuid' U aVnonVnioiis with autocracy
h'h'is the oppose of demtxrar t ;
niMtv.' which Is ouuosite to bonuiultr;
barl)urisiu;"w;hich boa ao respect ' foe
uivillxatin; ftlissiau militarism, wnicn
hates ChrWtinriitv.
, The petitioner, recite that he la a,
iative bom Anu-rican cltireo, having
been born in Nebraska, and believes In
.ill the nrVu.-iiiti-i Of tbe't'iilteil Btatel
govetiinien'tt !fat 'dally. eW'iiHf'
o great tbumUlatloa by people whom no
meet! because1 of the' name'oT hla 'aa-
peatora but ehaugel to Kaiser by Oert
hika .enhtoitia over which be had no
voice.- .(-' ' !
W. 0 a.
nuemrre baiiefe til Ural
, ) j r
KAN KR A NCIB'0." 'A urll" afijf Aaao
ifJ Presal TcJeuhoue lan'irle 'ViQ
vain find emiiioyea and patrona atapd
at attention for three mhllltea flnily
In one of the blrf . flcp'artmetft !tre
here when ii American ,flarf ta jujaf orlc
;rpni k.high balfhny lu 'pht1a'ailtht
all. Thia eeWmoVtv la folldwe b tjfe
rtore' band 6f fktrtv l.leeea d ehorda
.f siitv voieos baTlhB, thb vtr
HpaiigleBanneV,' iu which aU preseut
are asked to jiUkV'lt '
,1 fVW) rto liQal-aat)iei.i7
plwyed aad luag, no gooJ ara.sold. ,.
irThW ersaina.4Niurs..al BAOn eharn
kavla bsSMtckiuitfiwl iromilift. 0 'aW h
In ttha mornUg ta -order. that, aa Many
nataona-of , thi t oa, poaaHila might
be giveu a chant'O to partlcljiate.
yVH: VtjRKr'ApriL MrfiMl
jhrrtsY Th,'. German f government ts
h iupt lytng tnrphoJfte-'aJitK hhoa
The tferman federal eonnalr haa'aauH
an order creating an imperial board for
tha diatributloa of shoes, say German
newspapers. .
Is - . "a.
in fi - -. '!
i f W
Steamer Rammed By
French Cruiser
Goes Undfef Qaicklyr
Collision Occurs At One o'Clock'r; ' . r -
sixty Are Lost, inciudino Amer
lean and French Marines
ATLANTIC POST, May 9-(Aa-aodated
Preaa) la a heavy fog at
on o'clock rertorday morning, off
the coast of Delaware, a rrenck
crui.-ar collided with and. rammed
the ateamef City Df Athena, dam
agiftff feat m aeverely that abe rank
within aevaa mlnuteai ft . log little
time for aacape. .. She had a crew
of 13S besides paaaengert and ma
rlnao of whom twenty-four weta
American marlneai v :
The French crnlaer' Hood by and
rendered- all poarible'; aid, later
bringing the aurvlvors into port. .
At laat jreparta the lost number id
etlty-tK of whom ' tea were men,
two women, ale va - American ma
rlnea, fourteen rreucfe marine and
thtny-tkreo wort members of the
Collisions Furnish Jhree Tprpedo .
Boat Founders and. Sloop
Is Submarined
HressMarine aeei.lents, ilisnstera aad
troubles not ocasionnl by siirlniHrinee I
or mines were prevnlent vestenlny. In 1
atdition to the report of the-ainklng f
Jtbe City of Alliens rojiort have reaeho l
There of four other disasters, of which .
only one was pensioned by a subnm- onensive on me western irom.
rine. Thia waa the sloop Cowslip whieh j There were several davs of heavy
London reported to hnve been torpe- ... . .
W.l. Fomi-lering of the Torpe.lo bost -artillery assaults with some m
Ko. t0 waa also reported from l-n- fantrv fighting, presaging still
dun. Hix otlirers ami thirteen men arc , ' ... .- . . ., . t ,
reported missing.' I gtcater activity, but this sudden-
Two other rollixiorts ; -a'ere re)eted. My lulled.
Ike British stenmer Mvihgstoula: All dicrs appears tojie similar to that
of her offieers am) erew were anv.. :. .it; ' . t..
8'inking of the . Freu h aubmariue 1
Pralriul after collision with a nierehnrit
veseel was ri-mirteil from Pans, re-
ports saying that part of her crew went
ilown witn nor.
The treasury .lepartment whr risk bn-
read ia consi leriu the reduction lu kov
erment marine insuranre. rates from
three to two pereent on crses pnat- ,
tlirmiL'h the war .one. Wa-thnigton ,
lespatehes saxl.
Passage of Housing Bill Sen
ate wowser iijcreascs i
In Building
' WASHTMITON. May S - Axsociatcl
PVeH - The m i nte yestenlnv pni-i"l
'ip bill tthlch npprtiiirintes sitly mil
lions of ilollarx to lulu-'e workers nt
ship yardsnml n'lmit'on plnnts. This
measure is intenleil to ninke posihle
th bringing of thiui:nla of willinc
worke.s to the lu'eds of the niitfou. If
ill enable n :feilin of the shipping
pro'rram esperially.
Chuiruiuu Hurley of the sliippln'
loard auiii yesCcrtlay this program wil'
be iaoreaMil by thf uddition of tw
hundred wooden ships.
. Tht. shipping bxaid plans to employ
foreign born ship otrlcers (if necessary
to man the great uew murVhaut iiiuiim
fleet now being 'built up.
LONDON, April 20 (Associated
Press) The heaviest penalty ou recori1
for violation of prase ceosorahlp reg
ulations ha just been Imposed on a
tlreelc eilitor employed ou the Athens
wsppr rhrouoa, say an Exchange
Telegraph despatch from Athens. Hp
haa been sentenod to eight year' so!il
tnry eonf inemont, a fine of 10,000
drachmae, and three .-months' auspen
tion of hia pnper. Hia offense was
violation of the terms of the niartla1
law by the reproduction of art Idea pub
lleatlou of which bad been prohibit
l m yjt ' aj n ,
V-M. llauihara, Japanese consul general
jera or sevpral-years, sailed for Japan
tolay.,' U said he was uot aware o'
ffft ttasoi w hjr he has been summoned
WiillSTfi 6 TO 14 DAYS
PAf0ll QINTM ENT it guaranteed U,
care n4if bleeding, i iUbing or pro'
trading PILES in to 14 day a or
money refunded, alaiinfactuieil by
'-j- ui-. : :.:. ti'iiiitiiiiii 111 lit' nnnut
. m-jt . i m m-mm 1 n n w-m ww if
SHIPPING PROG, mp w wpiflRt
Spread 'From;rGivii-iiitfs-tMilita
uetaenment uons
i'.f,j,wwti'i,i,.-.; 0 .4
Italian uniforms and
f ' ON'DON May ,2'Auoria
U ted Press) Austria's inter
nal troubles are growing for the
I spirit, of unrest jynd dissatisfaction
has reached- the army where, it
has taken the iprni of desertions
showing hpw tremendously weak
ened 'S: the morale. . ,
From its correspondent at Ital
ian hea.dfjuar.ters t.hc Daily. Mail
has learned tha.t,llbheniian troops
a,re leaving the Austrians and are
going over' to the 'Italians to figlit
against Austria. Already the first
detachment that came over has
been equipped and Is wearing the
'Italian uniform;,
It is thought thaf this dissatis
faction ampngthc Bohemian sol
diers, emphasized by, the whole
sale desertions that arc reported.
explains the dela.y.in. the tounch-
l"K. ,Ol tne , Sxpeci,cq,.,llSiriail
Qffejlsj vc on the . Italian front
. , '" ,
which njany .expected to see start-
CJ j connection with the German
,,, , -
have been reported as greatlv cm h-
,v -i ...i - .
r'. ana twmm v. a auri-
iiuu' .inc rcsigiiiion cu you
,-., ,i,. .v. ,.ff,..,i i.;.,
- v'Vfv m"-v
Ujuit he .was (tillable.. o lUcll the
,. . . . .
Keel Is Lair) even Seconds After
Launching, of , Completed
Vessel From arrii Ways
WASHINGTON, Mny 1 (Officinl)
-i -Incomplete- riTorts to- the sliippiig
I ii r-1 show I but 210X1)1 tons of now
AinericNii ship construction was stnrt
cd in April of which two-thirds waa be
gun in tin- past fortnight. A report to
the hoard, fay:
"These figure mean WHM tons daily
nvcrnf in llio uioiiih'a 20 workiug
diiys. "
The ofhriul Intel for the month awaHta
-ddilional reports from l'acific coaat
hipyarde. .
Several luunchings marked the- first
lay of the new month. Oue Pacific,
ard launched a t-KK).oii oil-tauher In
he presence of (J. H. shipping oflioinls.
Another l'acific yard haa establish
d h world's record, laying the keel of
. hew vessel seveo aeoonda after a rotn
dotcd ship hud sld down,- the' .name
-ays. The previous recard waa one
linute and fifteen aeeouda..
The-shipping board hal apiir)t-d a
ommittee to speed up the loading and
inlondiiig of ships, the committee be
.ug authorlted to divert freight from
:ongaated porta.. i I
. w. a, a.
WASH! ICflTOM, May l-(Asso. iato 1
'raal Legislation to Indemnify the
v'ulow of 'Torahai'ki Uratake wna'imk I
if epogress' by the War depnrtoirnt ro!
lowing reueit for action mude by thu
rnpnnese Ambassador of the state de
partment. ; ' ' '
I'ratake.wijs a'jjHjiniiese who eulista I
iu the United Htatftt Arthy' in f let rni i
md waa killed ' while 'workhig on ta
'luildinij nt cV-lioHcId Barracks, Onlm,
n 1015. ltia wjdow ia suid to le di-s
1 -vk t-w. a. -
I.ONDOV. n- I - ( tttoci.it d TreTs)
It i learned ihut Ie ipc-o v V ,r of
Austria un1 fht uew Iw ig"' i'-'ier.
Baron fcMefen de otiati. v i't -irec I
to fierniiiny to confer with Hie I ni-er
ovr relationa with 'the Ukraine and the
Bulkana. . '
Fights Austria
r ,'.V

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