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District Board Hat No Authority
TLv Reconsider Matter Or To
V! "Reopen tt, Is Ruling
Warning Issued That Government
VHl Brook No Interference
With Workings of Body
("rVtwra Aubrey Boblaon,ot Kauai,
11 WflT re-maln I 'Clasf 1 of tb selective
. 1 .. TV L - Ml
' twj."ervlc. The district board which
. rariffnally prneed bim i C1sf .1 has no
.. authority to Reconsider the eat or re
Opesr iU Th .decision of the district
, hoard ia fiaal, aid only the Presidest
r-r "fn-1 United 'Slate has power to af
finnV modify or reverse any decision
rendered bv the District Board of the
Hawaiian isibbtis, or say mnrr uir
h ttWNnrd. " '
r.ttttmnr fthVhntn anil Cnnti Tf. flood-
' lB " Field, 'etrtve ttraf t Officer for
J the-Territorr and direct represeatatlve
amxfof Provost Marshal Central Crow
, iter" ef Washington,, took a hand in
' " the 'Ttoblnsoa noneal rase yesterday.
i and' took drastic meiMirf ta pad the
.." l-aaw where St was when ' the' district
hoard decided Monday evening to re
open lae 'ease anu wrura wiumonv
eaV tboatt wh signed affidavits.
' Waning Xsaoad
; . la a joint statement tasueu rosier
day aad 'signed by tha Geveraor anil
vaptaju new, me goTsrsroeni ma
SMMn TBai ll wui urvoa ma inmn
ewew with tha plain tiuty ai the tiis
:tr1cV board and the draft workings in
general. The concluding paragraph
' vwieeo a warning as follows:
, ' rtt ladue influence has beeu aaed
'' defeat tht ad ml alst ration of the
' Botaetivs Draft Service Law to any
. extent, Ja, tbia particular ease, ia
riw of the decision of tha. Dis
trict Board far the Territory of
s Hawaii ia placing tbis registrant,
la .Class 1. or the unanlmou vote
' '' this board, drastic Densities are
:, . Imposed , in the Criminal Code of
the United States governing the
' ': earn. .
The bsoIiob, mi Aubrey Robinson, of
Kamai, father 'ef Selwyn Bobinaon, In
wlcb the aaoret .requested that the
aa be reopeaed and his bob be given
(lerorrea eiaasiieatioB, oa ine grvuna
thsi, he )s .manager of a neeessar'
ajjfricnltnraL enterprise conducted for
the' welfare of the Nation, was brongbt
to the attention, of tha Governor yea
erlay monsing in a letter f nam Sec
retary 0, . E, Jiemeaway iof the dis
i . i ... . -M t. : i. r & Tl 1 1.
chairni4,The reqnestf was Made of
r the Oeremor thai, U aeeordaace with
a - motion passed nnajtimotwly at a ae
. llot 'lb - ttlgbt before, be cable to
; tha Vproreai atarshal general asking
r waather, or not , the draft law had. been
a rUaaged that it Is possible for per
ynnaita get axdun4 the (nsl decision
p Jhe ttietTicV board Neith reference
t appeals, pa 4lasalflcatious. The re
quest .wae-. also aiade ta inquire from
lbesaii source whatber or sot any
' i dtriet boar 4 ..decision has ever been
beaded off J;tbe manner indicated ei
, Kepf thncmith aetion by.- the i'Tasident.
' , liie Goejoor was busy yesterday af
'. 4won,' compiling cablegrsm based
Mrthia; requuet, inclnding a history of
' tre vase and tbe eirennstanees under
wbJl. tfie , apieal was taken, calling
atstioa ta the affidavits made oa be
kdl'cr U Soblaaon brothera. wane
ag4 .'tha;0ovenor iatimated that he
'. waaslidly behind the district board
aad-ka only that justice be done.
' ' K-Tht Governor refused then f o discuss
' lfv -Mature pf bis proposed message,
Wt thai U '..tbli or any other ease
if Bay eaoBiii racy le defeat tbe draft
law hi the Territory was apparent or
1 Vroiiijht to the aotiee of the draft o(S
' ial,. steps1 would be taken , to break
'.' Vi s:
; Attciey Baited '
u r inose aerwtiay or tne ornri iw yes
, barday. revealed he fact that under
awircasistaaees ; will attorneys foi
' )lrt -appenl yegiatriuita be perniitteil
. to inpear before tbe beard.
o-.THi. r:u ...... l 1..i
vaasag tbsvt secuaa 1U7, ttuie so or
- iiSPSuilAiiw TlMfc f.aw ffiv ailttinri-
,t"to the district board to consider
fuif, 4b Wtter which was originally
' nidsied. by the local board from
- wmcr appeal was made, bbouui tae
- f1tbtei . ttti-H 'rlAaifr BililiAtiinsI InfAr.
. . . l L. . ' 1 . I M
i).'thr rase' back 19 tbe local board
rHtv Instructions (0 secure the addi-
trortal uf ermatton. Jn- any event, all
. this, must like plaee within a specified
,. tm bmtt. . The rale reads
V rMn eonsldering a ease on appeal
' trow a local board, the district board
) lili 01 at receive' consider auy evi'
- denes, which was not considered by
. he local board. r Any appeal cases in
'srhk-h tha diatrlet Loard desiren sdd
ionsl itifortnaflon it may return the
L .. . 1.. I 1 b. IV. 1 .1
. 4ard, w)th ia trust ions ' to the loo:
, dMserd to secure additional evidence or
' coBivernisg ; miiisri inaicaieu oy ur
. i1llvu- liifivii 'mil tife .vatnrn thji rtw.
, i(t.5."'fh sorb add-tlonal evidence with
J&.atlaui fi ha eei Vit tha rtintrli-f
; , pfflrial 8hatillM)t
4-The atatemeut Issued by the finv
'ftWVVV VVirifMU I IVIU 1 urn
, r(t urss respecting appeals, nnl re
;'ferrjng particularly to the Hclwyn
', "Itobinaon' cases,, ia as follows:
. ;'wlil'UJECT. r Reclaim for deferred
, etsamificariun to the case of Hclwyn
Attt-rey-.' ftobiusaiit selective sorirc
- jcpft regis t rant-1 of Kauai, T. II.
Jy-UTh selective service regulations,
, .prrarribed by the President under the
-e,rtforilv vetttfd in. him by the terms
' - .u- KiMo-Ica lw. (Act of
' fagrs approvtd Ty l, 117), on
" 'ra- question of appeals to the Presi
dent f the United (states, from de
'.eisloes of district aasmpUon boards, are
'- auat.pUeit. ,
'Bectioa tO of the-selective service
re;alBtious, as above, In regnrd to the
President as a reviewing officer, states
as follows:
"'The decision af district boards
shall be Snal, except that, ia accord
aace with such roles : aad regulations
as the Preeideat mar .prescribe, he
may affirm, modify, or reverse any such
"'Accordingly, the President will
consider appeals from the Inal deci
sions of district boards la accordance
with the provisions "of Section 111
"Section lit of these regulations
states tbst appeals ta the President
may be claimed duly la accordance
with the provisions Of tbia section.
"Classiflcatioa from Which an appenl
may be claimed,
"Such appeals may be claimed only
by or in respect of a registrant rlassi
fled by a district board in Class. 1, or
by or In respect ef n registrant rlassi
tln.l by a district board in class more
deferred than Class 1, when and after
the Immediately preceding class is ei
haunted; and only when there has been
at ' least one dissenting vote iu the
district board.
" 'Such appeals may be claimed from
a classification by the district board
which is less deferred than the classi
fication claimed before such district
" 'In industrial or agricultural case.
" 'When the appeal ia accompanied
hy the written and aigaed' recommen
dation of one member of the local
board, and either the government ap
pc-al agent or the adjutant general of
the State'."
W. a.
.eaders Intend To Place Limit
On Length and Legislation To
Be Considered By Legislature
Leaders of hotb hodses are preparing
x program aud making ether preparn
lion for the special session of the le
.stature, which is to open May 14, a
itated by The Advertiser a week sg
The formal proclamation calling tht
session was issued yesterday by th
No departures from the plans thai
have been announced are expected
While the Oovernor cannot, limit tht
length of the special session and can
not restrict the activities of tbe legisla
ture before or after the' session opens
the intention of bouse leaders is to
place a limit both oa tbe length of tht
session and on tha legislation to be
considered, by having a resolution
adopted as the first action of the sen
sion fixing the dafe of adjournment
and listing the measures that are to
be considered. The intention is to
have the session open on Tuesday and
close the following Saturday.
Probably the first work will be t
meet the need for which the specia
session originally was proposed. Thi
is to afford relief for the Island of Ha
wall in the shape of funds with whicl
iamage done by the storm of ten dayr
ago may be repaired. Tbia is to br
accomplished without disturbing the
budget, by shifting certain existing
appropriations to meet tbe emergency
. Ja addition to this, certain war meas
area will be presented and among these
will be ta anti-sedition bill aimed ti
check disloyalty of every shade ami
particularly disloyal utterances re
fleeting On any of America's allies. A
measure to establish an internment
camp by territorial statute may also
be introduced, unless Washington taker
tetion and establishes a camp ia com
nliance with tbe appeal forwarded fol
lowing Mayor Joseph J. Fern's Town
One new proposal that has been ad
vaneed ia to appropriate money witl
which a territorial powder magazine
may be built to take the place of the
present storage place in the old iacin
Order For Civilian Quota Wil
Probably Issue Friday For
Guard Few Days Later
The draft will be onlereil before I hi
end of tbe present week for the i-ivi'
ian population ami within ten ilayi
the National Ousrd of Hawaii will re
reive orders which will l.rnitf more 0
less of its prenent strength into nerv
iee, according to e iileuccx which ari
daily multiplying.
The return yeMter.lay of ii-ncra) .1
P. Wlsser, ilcxirtinctit I'oiuniamler
from Maui aud Hawaii preaagea the
early issuance of an nr.l r which ma.
hold tbree-fourtha of the C'Iiihk 1 met
in the Islands at the call of the army
Following the announcement by Del
egite Kalanisnaole last week that h
had discussed the calling of the 11 a
tional guard into service fur militar
training, and that a letter ha. I bee
sent by General Carter, of the Rurea
of Militia Affair, In lienerul Winner
recommending nuch u ennrae, ami (ha
the guard be enlarge. I to more thai;
6000 men, (leneral Winner immediate
ly visited Maul ami Hawaii tn innpeil
the guard units there.
While no official a.hicen have been
given out from department lieailiiuar
ten or the guar. I or the aelective
draft office, there have been unofficial
statements that preparatory orders
hsve been received here from Wanh
ington to anticipate the actual calling
for Hawaii's draft iimta. resulting ii
tbe assembling of all manner of sol
dier equipment and the preparing of
portions of Behofiel.l Barracks as a
training camp. The selective draft
office is said to have all its necessary
blanks and other records iu readiness
for checking off the ilrafteea and cou
tinning their civilian records.
Friday in said to he the date when"
the actual call will come for the first
coutiugeut from the ipiota, fur instead
of all thr quota being called at onoe
it is believed the men will be sailed
Company Disposes of Last Hold
ings In Shipping Business To
City Mill Company ;.
The final hold of H. Hack f eld
Company topoa steamship business wa
relinquished yesterday when tbe com
pnny sold the old steam barge Pioneer
to the City Mill Company.
The firm baa gradually lost all of
its wen known steamship agencies, ia
eluding the Pacific Mail, Hamburg
American, Tore Klsea Kaisha and
many others, but still retained owner
tdiip of the "Made in Germany" wnter
Having discontinued the shipping
huni liens and having no .further use for
the queer shaped vessel, the directors
of the company decided that it war.
1 white elephant on their heads, and
.esterdav the deal su concluded be
tween Hackfeld and Company and C
K. Ai, president of tbe City Mill Com
The vessel will be glared in the dry
lin k at once, the engines removed an
he will le made into a schooner, and
icnt to the Coast for a cargo of lum
lier. The vessel will Ire kept on tht
.on letwein tha Islands and the (Toast
i 11 lumber, carrier, and may be linen
to carry local cargoes to the main
The Pioneer was put in comniisniou
iil.uiit U04, and Wfts used' as a water,
liirge to Miipply vessels for which Hack
I'ehl ami Cpmpaay was then agent, ami
iIhh to transfer immigrants from snip
tn iiiarantine inland and to the quar
mitine wharf near the immigratioi
t:ition. ,
The Pioneer while built in ermnnv
wnn put together in Honolulu. Th
v enel was built in sections and thi
purl ln:iilecl into the barkentine Dun
-I' ven an I brought here in the vessel'
'mid. She was then pieced tognthe
Mid launched amid considerable cere
Thru nrone the question of ber reg
;ntry. She was primarily a Oermai
. -easel. The matter was taken to Wash
ington by the firm through E. R. Btack
able, Then collector of customs at Ho
nnliilu. A bill was passed in congresr
jiving special permission to give thi
vessel American registry, the act being
signed bv Beeretnrv of State John
Hav on Starch 8, 1905.
The Pioneer is 102 feet long, twenty
the feet beam and has a nine foot
lepth. She has a rapacity of 106 ton
below decks, and is built almost entire
ly of iron and steel. Her hull is at
411. H I today as when she was launched.
With hi-r engine she was a self
inc llcr, but had no speed. vWhen load
ed with water sbe sidled aronnd the
hartror at times like an ungainly duck
She lias been thoroughly surveyed h
-hip experts and their decision is that
'he vessel can easily be converted into
a schooner and can make good.
Whether the name "Pioneer" will
be retained is a matter which has not
vet been decided. ,
W. 8. B. .
.Several of Hilo's young men have
aolisted iu the 2(ltb Kngineera and will
oon leave for tbe mainland, and will
narticipate as honored guests in the
;reat "Aloha Parade " which is being
planned by Honolulu organization.
Vmong the young Hiloites is W. W. O.
Moir, son of John T. Moir. the planta
tion manager.
Karle Morgan, assistant cashier of
The People's Bank, Stanley Elmore,
nanager of the Hilo Music Htore, and
.VHIliam Ryan, forme manager of tbe
ilo Oas Company ar making an effort
O join, provided the draft officials wiU
;ivc them permission. All have passed
be physical examinations. Mr. Moir
las beeu giving his time aud energies
ately as agent at Hilo of the territor
al food commission. Mr. Morgan baa
lad several years training in meehan
cal drawing, drafting anil map mak
"Tig. Mr. Kyan has a technical knowl
dge of gas engines ami gaa production.
w. . S.
NKW YOKK, April lfi Welker Co-
hraue of Chicago collect.., 1 a score of
100 points in three innings here last
light in a special IK.'J l.alkline billiard
'oiirnament ngaiust Koji Yamada, the
Tapaorsc. ('ocliium' ' big inning came
in the third nhen lie clicked together
'122 caroms, making no average of 100
Yamada in the afternoon suffered
defeat at the hands of Young Jake
sVhaefer nf New York bv a score of
300 to 210.
The three men are' pluyiug to decide
who will be the next challenger of
Willie Hoppe, the present title holder
The mntrhes will continue throughout
the week.
W. B R
Ah Wing, a f'liiiiese storekeeper who
is alleged to have nlmt and killed a
f'hiriese iihui.. Mi Snin at Wahiawe
Sunday night, was brought to the Iocs'
police station yeHteidav morning and
charged with murder in the first de
gree. According to the police. Ma Ham per
sisted in puyijig oliiioxioiis attentions
to Ah Wing's wife nnd following an
assault on the v "iii:ui last Hnndav
night by Ma Sam Ah Winn shot bis
wifu'ri anniiilant Ma sUm died in the
nost hospital at s, hotleld Ftarracks
Monday night.
HALTFAX, ..n s,.t in, April 1ft
Frits Schaefer of Halifax, former ama
teur 100-yard champion of Canada,
has been wounded 111 netion on the
Western Front and is in a hospital at
Camiers, according to advices receiv
ed here today lie was shot through
the foot.
j .SPORTS,'"!,
Cardinals Braves find Cubs Yes
terday's Winners In Na
tional League Battles
T. W. L. Pet T. W. L. Pet.
New York .. 12 11 I .017 Mcston 14 11 S .783
Chicago .......10 7 2 .701) Cleveland . 11 7 4 Mt
Philadelphia la h 4 .tirtT Chioago 8 8 3 .525
Cincinnati ,.13 7 r..1H New York 13 8 7 .4flt
Pittsburgh . 0 4 fi .444 Washington 18 5 7 .417
St. Lonia ...,.12 4 S .333 "t, Louis lf 4 8 .400
Boatoa , ,13 4 - nrolt i 7 2 5 .288
Brooklyn . 12 - in 17 Philadelphia . 11 8 8 .278
Teetarday'a Results
At Cincinnati St. Louis -. Cincin
nati J.
At Brooklyn Boston 4, Brooklyn L'
At Chicago Chicago Pittsburgh :t
At Philadelphia New York v
Philadelphia, no game; wet.
There was good . rvasou why the
Oisnts did not win yesterday.' It r im
ed in Philadelphia and the Ncn York
Nationals and Phillies had to postpone
the battle : scheduled for the day
bet s ees them.
The closest nnd best game of the
lav in tha National Icbkiic us t li.it
played at St. Louis, where the far
dinals succeeded in reversing the sto.y
of the day before and won out ow-r th
Reds; Score St, Iouis 2, Cinciniin'.i I
A fairly close game was the n--u I
of the encoonter between the Br:ive'
and Dmlgers' at Brooklyn, the furnn
winning out; aeore Boston 4, Kroo'
lyu L. v'
At Chicago the Cubs defeated tlx
Pirates, also by a, "fairly close si on
w hich read f ' Chicago fl, Pittsburgh .1
Card Changes Today
Here ia the National League card
for the next few days: Cincinnati :it
Chicago, nnd St. Louis at Pittsburgh
today, tomorrow and Saturday; New 1
York at Boston, and Philadelphia at ,
n t 1 ' a . 1 1 , 1 I
nruuHiyn, luinorruw, naruruay anu jinn (
lay, tnere neing no minim v
the Last. Boston plays today at home . ,t raln,d , New york ni h
yaT?" YTk 'n1 N'W Yrk """I'd Rme between the Athletica and
Philadelphia i Y-mkees had to be called off.
. - .j -pne in(jing have gone back into sec
1 1
salt Ijoke . . .
"rnklnnd .
Vernon . ...
Sacramento .
Los Angeles .
$an Francisco
Yesterday' Results
At Los Angeles Oakland (i. I.os An
teles 0. 1
At Salt Lake Vcrnoe S. Salt Lake X
At San Francisco Sacramento 7, Hun
Francisco 4.
While on Tuesday,' liJ opening day
of the fifth week's series bf the Pacific
Coast League, the home clubs carried
off the honors yesterday it turned out
just the reverse, for the visiting teams
won out in all three games of the
There wan no close game venterdny.
The battle at Los Angeles between Hie
Acorns of Oakland and the Seraphs
was probably the best of the day, for
the visiting Oaks not only won but shut
out the Wade Killifer crew; score -Oakland
i, 1-ob Angeles 0.
The Tigers just simply walked awny
from the McCredie Bees at Salt Lake
and th Bill Kssick men took sweet re
venge on the Saints for what they did
to them the dav before; score Yeruon
8, Salt I-ake 3.'
Rodger Trounces Orabam
At San Francisco the Bill Rodger'
team came back to life again and
trounced Graham's hopeful in quite a
decided manner, rather squaring the
core of the day before; score Sacra
men to 7, San Francisco 4.
. Th Bees, as a result of yesterday 'h
games, are still in the lead, "by the
skin of their teeth," so to soy, for the
Oak and Tigers, still in a second
place tie, are hard ou the heel of al
ter McCredie 's crew. Strange to any.
the Senators, who were iu the cellar
the day before, have jmned back into
fourth place, just a trifle ahead of the
Angela. The iSeals went back into the
cellar, this being the third time in five
weeks that Graham's men have rented
(he flat at the bottom of the ladder.
PHILADKI.PHIA, April 8 Bonny
Leonard, the lightweight champion,
completely outclassed Young Joe Unr
roll of this eity in a scheduled l
round bout here tonight. The local man
was given a had beating.
' MJNNKAPOLIS, April H Bitlv
Miske of St. Paul won 11 twhnieal
knockout over Tom Cowler, hnglish
heavyweight, iu tbe seventh round nf
a scheduled ten round uo decision e n
teat here tonight. After the Lngli-h
boxer had been knocked .down twice
for tbe count of nine, tbe efyrt-e stiiii
pad the fight to sate fowfer om
further punishment.
Miske clearly outclassed his heavier
opponent, taking every round, except
the third, whih was .. He enrricd
the light tithe Briton and had the If
ter of clinches and iuligbtin '. r.iw'"
appcared slow aud bewildered by
Miske 's aggressiveness. '.Co Icr wclg'i
ed 210 pouuds and Miske 175.
CHKLSKA. Vsssachusetts. i ril v
Phil Bloom of Brooklyn difvnli
fled in the seveath v -ind ft '''s twe'e
round match with Puts ('line. Nr v
York, tonight for holding with one
hand and bitting with the other.
'Rain In New York-Brownt Beat
Tigersand Indians Win
From White Sox
Te-terday'n Semilta
! At St. Louie St. Louis 8, Detroit 2.
At Boston, Washington 5, Boston 0.
1 At Cleveland-r-Clevefond 8, Chicago
1 At New York Philadelphia vs. New
: Vu., no gsme; rain.
Something happened to the Boston
j Americans yesterday, for they Bot only
lost thut game but were ahnt out, to
1 boot. On top of all thla the game was
played en the home lot of the Bed
I Sox and, it was the Senators, who have
j not figs red much yet thla year, who
I In rued the Jirk. Also, it was Boston'
' first shot out and third defeat of the
season. Scores-Washington 5, Boston
The other two games played in the
American Iengue yesterday were eloae
and apparently of the high order, for
the scores were not inordinately big.
At Cleveland the Indians turned the
tables on the world's champions and
reversed the tale of the day before.
At that, Cleveland had a time winning
over the White Sox and nosed the vie
t iry out by a bare run; score ")eve
I .nd ll, Chicago S.
It was good ball the St. Louis fans
saw- yesterday and pleasing to them
also, for the Browa managed to defeat
the Tigers; score St. Louis 3, Detroit
ond place, in turn displacing the Whit
Sox. The Browna also moved up, go
1 in"' over the Tigers into sixth place.
Tbe American League card for the
next few daya:
Washington at Boston, and Philadel
phia at New York today, closing the
series; Chicago at Detroit and Cleveland
at St. I.ouis today, tomorrow, Saturday
and Sunday, the last day with a double
header et Detroit and St. Louis; Wash
ington at Philadelphia, and Boston at
New Vork, tomorrow, Saturday and
Monday, no games being played on
Sunday. ,
w. 1. a. 0
Yacht Club Also Decides To De
fer Building Its Project
ed New Home
There will be no new clubhouae for
the Hilo Yacht Club, yet awhile, say last
Saturday's Hilo Tribune. And there
il br no regatta on the Fourth of
Jil). Moth decisions were reached at
a meeting of the members last night.
The report of the building committee
l. is adverse to uny unnecessary expen
diture of money at this time. On mo
tiou to adopt the report, James W.
Russell offered an amendment to accept,
vhich would Lave left the matter open
for discussion, whereas to adopt would
i have been final action. The amend
ment was I'efeated and the motion to
adopt then carried hy a large majority,
on a showing of hands.
Builudlng Committee Opposed
The building committee, Composed
of J. ('. Plunkington (chairman), A.
M. Webster (absent), and C. L. Wright
! inbscnt), felt thut it was inadvisable
at this time to raise $10,000, which
was the sum needed to build a club
house of the type desired. Many of the
younger nieuilters expect to be called
out in the draft and others are volun
teering Tor special duty. Moreover,
tin- -late of the money market and the
i,t tit ode of the banks toward any ex
penditures not strictly necessary is such
Hint it wus felt wise to defer action.
"The whole thing boila down to
this." said Mr. Plankington last night:
"A new clubhouse is not a necessity,
ami we all know it. So far a the sup
port of the members goes, at any other
ti.ue we could have 2U,000 if we as
ed it. ritimately, we shall have the
lulihiioHo that Hilo deserves.
Wait Won't Hurt Club
"In fact, it doubtless was in tbe
minds of many last night that by wait
mi; we shall in the end get a better
hou- than if we pushed the thiag
lii.'i:-'i mm. Many members believe
that whatever was done now would
hae tu be r compromise between
what on k lit ultimately to be done and
ii't the present circumstances per
Of tin- tlO.OoO needed, if the archi
tect 's plans hud been adopted, $5,050
had l ei ti subscribed
w. s. s.
PARIS, April 16 The handsome
Hois de Boulogne is likely to become
the priori pu) baseball field around
Paris. The city authorities have grant
ed permission for the use of tbe unim
proved spar in the great park for
three diamonds to be used by tbe Am.
erican expeditionary force league in
Paris. Another- diamond will be pro
vided by th Eaolng Club at Oolumbaa.
Short Talks
MR. Wht B. HEEDHAM, '1535
Oullck Ave ailing for vears finds
a B. C. the best remedy for kid
ney trouble and blond purifying.
ahou. General run-down condition
and rhronie illness for year. - Bay
B. B. C. ia a marvelous medicine. '-'
ing for years, right Bid helpless. (
Used B. B. C. eeven weeks; now
doing ner wn housework.
08, Kalihl. Ailing long time rheu
matism. Say B. B. C. Cured bim. ,
Ailing. 7 years, lame back and gen
era) ill health. Now restored to
healtA, back all right and feeling
tel Bt. Ailing for years, bark ache
and aenemie condition. Vsed B. B.
C. 5 week with great results.
near School St. For years ailing
with general ill health. Now well.
Used B. B. C, It weeks.
Kaimuki. . Ailing; stomach trouble
and general ill health. Says B. B.
C. wonderful mediriae.
Corkscrew Lane. Stevedore, Mnt
son AVharf. Says 5 bottles of B. B.
C, fixed up his kidneys and stomach,
although he bad been ailing long
time. ' .'
MRS. LOE PEKA, Chalice St.,
near liobron Ave. Ailing long time;
nervons and stomach trouble. Sas
B. B. C. restored her health.
Moiliili; with Allen Ribiuson
Ijimber Yard. Ailing; general run
down condition. Says It. B. '. is
mnrvelons svstem builder.
MR. O. MALANL Kawaihai, Ha
wnii. Says B. I). ('. cured Mm of
kidney tronhle.
08, Makaweo St. Worker at Mater
Wks, Pumping Sta. 12 years. Bays
B. B. C. has no equal as a stomach
11 Ranch. Says B. B. C. flne itom
ach medicine and blood purifier
, MR. J. F. ECKARDT, 951 Waia
kamilo St., Palama. Clerk Matson
Wharf. Ailing 8 year with hack
ache and kidnev. Now restored to
health by H. B. C.
MB. JOHN ATEIRO. 1328 Lusi
tana, St. Repair man at car barn.
Says B. B. C. is a great tonic, and
stomach medicine. '
MR. DAVTD ALO. nol merchant,
Fish Market, highlv recoinmemls B.
B. C.
Punchbowl Drive. Ailing SO vears.
Cured by B. B. C.
Fertilizer Co. Rheumatism for
Scars. I'sed crutches. Now cured by
i. B. C.
land Jsne. Ailing lot years-; stom
ach trouble. Sav Bv B. Ci -ia tha
only medicine that helps him.
TOKIO, April 15 (Associated Press)
The American steamer Umatilla which
stranded off Inuboe Point, near Choshi
wireless station, outside Tokio Bay, on
her way from San Francisco to Shang-
hal via Yokohama at midnight March'
5, ha beeu abandoned as a total wreck.
Efforts of tbe salvage boat of the
Tokio Salvage Company and other re- j
lief boots, which were trying to refloat
the steamer proved futile, the Uma
tilla having her bottom embedded tn
the sand. In a later storm the vessel 1
was further damaged.
1 ne loss is esiimsieu iu rontn uji-
wards of 1,000,000 yen. About 385
mail bags containing letters and par-
sel for Hongkong, Shanghai aud other
ilaees were landed at Choshi and sent
to Yokohama.
The crew landed safely.
Ewa Plantation Company
Walluku Agricultural Co., Ltd
Apokaa Sugar Co., Ltd.
Kohala Sugar Company
Wablaww Water Company, Lto
Pulton Iron Worke, of St. Loui
Babeock Wiloox Company
Green's Fuel Ecouomler Comma''
Chaa. C. Moore d Co., Engineer
Commission Merchant?
Sugar Factors
Ewa Plantation Co.
Waialua Agricultural Co., Ltd
Apokaa Sugar Co., Ltd
Fulton Iron Work of St Loui
Blake Steam Pumps
Western Centrifugals
Babeock & Wilcox Boilers
Oreen 's Fuel Kcunomiacr
Marsh Steam l'n 111 e
Matsou Navigtiti.iu l'n
Planters' Line Shippiim l'n
bjohslu Suar Cu.
Honolulu People
BEN BRUNS, whoM ,B. B.f 0.
mediciue ha' made all Hono'ulH
taik, sayst "We have thousand of
eare ou the mainland but w seldom
us. their name here. We prefer tol
give yon the name of peopla yon
know, who live here and whom you
meet every dav, ao there Cn he no
doubt a to their genuineness nnd
truth." .
15tH N. School Jit., reort great re
sults from using B. B. C.
Settlement, say B. B. O. aved him
from an operation.-
MB. J. F. FEEITAS, Kapahulu,
Ililm Ave. Suffered with boly
pains a long time. B. B. C. cured
MRS. A. H. FLINT, 3030 F.ye SL,
Sn.-ramento. Paralywd 2 years,
now well. Says B. I). C. Medicine
aid rubbing with B. B. C. Liniment
cured me.
Tbe B. B. O. Man has score of
other testimonial rom the best peo
pli in Honolulu, testifying to the
great efficacy of B. B. C. iu cases of
stomach, nerve and kidney trouble,
rheumatism, Mirk' headache, leep
le night, bladder disorder, bil
iouness, constipation, lame back
and liver ailment. B. B. C. la pure
ly herbal and caataina no alcohol,
io poisonous" drugs, and it action
is such that it strengthen anil put
the iron, force of health and vitality
J into the system, enabling it to throw
i-'off sickness and disease, even In
! cases of year' standiug. B. B. C
lis a medicine sensation and baa
made more cure than anything that
hns ever been Introdored here.
Tbe B. B. O. Man, U at 161 Bang
St Ewa ride, every weak day from
7 a. m. to 6 p. m., to explain th
B. B. O. Medicine. No raise in
price 1.00 per bottle; doa't pay
more. 5 bottle for 5.00. Special
thi week, A bottles for S.OO.
All druggists, Dealer and Plan
tat ion Store now have B. B. C on
aale, or send money order to-me and
I'll ship, to Von: I pay shipping
charge on all orders iof $o-00 and
over. Address Ben Bruns, Honolulu.
from Montreal to Liverpool,
London and Glasgow via tba
nd St. Lawrence Bout
.Tn' bi'vmto TfiiTPTST nnrtTiE fii
By the popular "Princes"
Steamers from Vancouver.
Victoria or Seattle.
For full inf ormation apply to
TflAA II 9VIPC Fi lfi I til
1 ""J. Ih faVICi O. Wl. LIU
Oca 1 Agents, CHnadiun-i'aeirin By. Co
Don't spend all you earn, the
road to riches lies in spending
less than you earn, and inci
dentally you do your Country
a service. Start a savings ac
count with us and make your
money earn
- - s- i i -T, . ...
Corner. Port and Merchant St.
i a '
! cbiuery of every duaription mad te
i ' order. " r. ' .
; '.sira. Veejay-
Issued Tuesday aud Friday
I Kntered at the Postofflce of Honoloiu,
T. H., as Becnad-clas matter.)
Par Year , n.0j
Par Year (foreign) S4W
Payable InrnrUbly U Mvaas.
t P . . ' . '
4 (! ''. ' '--

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