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aQY5pR MaRip?s policies
CoitistrutUV ' businesslike ipethods to be fol
lowed1 u direcfiig affairs of! the ' Territory to meet
1 . .... . - ... v.. ...,.... A. .11 Am V A i- .
a, . i ' . . . 'i . - t . ;
and pTOpfem' tQ be
The l'ii'mlerU'arebe' conserved arid
food; and sugar priiductipn is to be maintained,
Gayenwt" Carthy oppdsipd. 'tp repeal of th'sb
call'en clause of the Organic
. Waikiki reclamation project to be carried out
and work on it to start at once;
Livic center plans to be carried out with as
little delay as possible. 1 '
; " QnJone or tw changed to be made in depart
ment beads. ' Oi these is in department' of
c works.
CoL Charles J, McCarthy hat beea confirmjed by the senate pf
the United 'States as Governor W tha Territory of Hawaii. A per
sonal, cable message was received ty hirmfrom Senator Shafroth,
chairman of tbe committee. an .Paciflo Islands and, Porto Rico, an
nouncingtbe confirmation. No details were given. The message
consisted of the: single word oonflrtned.T' '
Wbether Colonel McCarthy wiltbe Instructed by cable to qualify
pnd take office immediately, or whether he wiH have to wait for the
orriuo I. nf ttr. MHniniM mi ia mtl
the fact thatthe legislature has,
cs9iuh rrrcn, iroay, Mwiorrow u it.consiaerea prooaoie inai ne
will be instructed to assume office Immediately and that within the
week he will, be Inaugurated! i
hrW..Cil,hitht8ve a comprehensive outline
or the policies tq be followed by his administration. In general
these will be along broad constructive lines, a program of upbuild
i,ng, ottho wildest scopr which' contemplates not only present needs
and problems but takes accottnt also the future growth and ex
pansion of, the Territory and particularly of the future progress of
ihe city of itonolglu. ,
Hawaii's land problem to to be grappled with and solved, but
the solution, will not involve the sacrifice of the interests of the
homesteader, for Governor McCarthy is definitely opposed to the
project lately advanced by the chamber of commerce and endorsed
by the outgoing administration, of shutting the door in the face of
the homesteader by. repealing the so-called "twenty-five persons"
clause of the Organic act of the Territory.
The Waikiki reclamation project is to be carried out practically
at once, as plans for the work, both as regards engineering and
financing are now so far advanced that it is believed that actual
work may be started in a length of time measured by days. Ho
nolulu s other big improvement
center that will extend from. the
in adjoining areas, also will be
Governor McCarthy has not yet made public appointments he
will make.
"There will be only one or two changes," he said last night.
'One will, be in the bpard of public works."
This meais thataj. Charles Forbes, who has been retained
on the Territory's hooks as superintendent of public works since
he was Called into the, faderal, army service some six months ago
when he left Honolulu, and W. R. Hobby, who has been actinc
superintendent of the department, are to be supplanted. It is re-1
ported authoritatively that Delbert G. Metzger of Hilo will be!
named territorial treasurer, to. succeed Colonel McCarthy, and an-1
other report fairly well authenticated is that IJr. J, S. B. Pratt
will be succeeded as h,ead pf the health department by an appointee
who will not . be a. physician. Doctor Pratt, it is stated,' will be
asked to retain a place in the health department, a$ hjs abilities as
a sanitarian arewelj recognUed. Magistrate Harry Irwin, recently
appointed deputy attorney general, is slated for. the office of at
torney general, according o report, while he will be succeeded as
magistrate by Attorney Bert Lightfoot.
Precisely what action Governor McCarthy will take to meet
the Nation's requirements in the Territory's production of sugar
and solve the land problem, has not yet been stated. The Governor
said, however, that he belieyed that a means of caring for the home
steader and of also keeping up the cultivation pf lands on which
leases have expired and a,re expiring cam be worked out.
Interests that have been openly. charged with, seeking selfishly
to take advantage of the present world crisis and tinder a specious
and beguiling plea of patriotism fc haye set in motion what has been
called a land grab, have in the new Governor to deal with a man
who has been in close touch with
ianu prouiem ior a m.aiier oi tnirty years.
Expressing the belief that cultivation of sugar land can be
continued without change of the Organic act. although leases are
expiring, Governor McCarthy said; that all interests in the land
question, large and small, will be given all they are entitled to,
and in solving the. land' problem the interests of the settler arc to
have as much weight as any. He said he had in mind a l.ielhod
, li "4 TT "W: .'Tn J.
handled without gloves.
iot .. Ui. :H !
been; called to convene Iir special
project, the buudiuc of
a civic
Capitol square to. the sea, taking I
earned out with as little delay as
all the elements of the' general !
" IU1 ,.'
J Ji 4 ji J ' Ji . : - ji : ji . a s a
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; .- ,
-W I . I 'IT-... I '.'
v.- Ji t
If ; . ' -,,4
! v j .
! ' ; ,
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;. :' - ,("-.- - 1
' ! . '- '-"' I . f
'' ''.' f " - -.'' '
. -r ! . (: "
of meeting the situation
detail in-his inaugural address.
The general plan of th Waikiki reclamatioif project, the pur
pose of which is to roeet future needs of the city and j)rvide homes
tor a greatly increased population in the inundated area of seven
hundred acres contemplates the, dredging of a great canal approxi
mately a mile in length from the sea. The filling of the inundated
area is to be accomplished by using the material dredged out of the
canal. i ' '
It is proposed to do the work in units and assess costs against
( v tiers of property benefitted in such a manner that .the: improve
ment will pay for itself while it is being made. To start the work
$110,000 is now available in the sanitation fund and by financing
amounts due to $be Territory from other reclamation, projects that
have been carried out, it is believed the amount on hand can be
increased fo $300,000. The work is to be started at the sea and the
first land to be reclaimed will be that within the limits of the Fort
Dc Russy reservation on which an extensive program of building
is now being worked out by army engineers anticipating the recla
mation work, the-Territory is to do. The firs unit of the work
which may be started in the next
across Kalakaua Avenue.
( nc definite step toward carrying out the general plan for the
center is a measure that may be proposed at the special session
. I the legislature. This will be in the furiu of a resolution author
iinjj the. administration to take stejis to acquire by' condemnation
of other means from owners property needed to carry out the plan
lur a civic center. Governor McCarthy believes aX hj his man
ner the Territory can move to acquire the land without having
Hinds in hand as after property is acquired by condemnation a
period of tvo years will be given in which to make payment.
The civic center plan is to be carried out in cooperation' with the
United States government whose buildings for use of the army arc
to be a part of the ultimate ch ic center group. l tfp.-- :
Takes Drastic Action, For first
Time, In Absence of Execu
tive Officer J. Child
In t lie absence of its executive officer,
.1. F. Child, the food commisnigu yss
tenluv tor )he. first tiuje took.advaat
hl!'' of the price-fixing power given it
hv tin' k'giHiatujre. ,A price on rice, in
excess of whch that commodity may
I not lie hoM, was fixed by the coiamis
kioii. A proclamation, v. us Isuued fixing
! the priee of rico by the bag of 100
at H.
Iijinlatur9, In the Act providing
for the creation of Die food eommls
Himi, uve it very broad powers, pow
erx nliicli, however, it has UitJierto ex
eiii.ieil to ouly a limited extent. Prioe
lining lutH not boeu ftiuoug its activities,
until vouterday.
It is trite that iu cerUin instascea
Mr. ( 'lii Kl bun fixed rnuximiim priee.i,
us in the case of fish, but iu so doing
111 mm 'M'
he intimated, would be given in
ninety days will carry the canal
' i . . . . i : i. : . .. .. n . : . .. i. l t 1
ne Btmu in ins Hj'Hoi j u4 iruvim loou
udminiatrtitor, not' as executive . of fleer '
of the .territorial food commission.
The action of the food commission
i'.,tUr.l..v mum tnlrAn In 'fck Arm t
the adoption of the following' resolu
tion: " Resolved thut the Focyfl Commission
of the Territory of Hawull, after in
vestigution and believing' thai, the cir
curpytntices jjistif.v and the public iu
terest, requires this action and that
the price fixed by the )o)lovrin rg
u)tlon is reasonable, does' hereby in
the exercise of its authority unqr Act
2L'l o the iSessiop I.aws of 10l7 of the
Territory of Uawjtii, 891 of every oth
er authority ami power it hereunto en
abllug, uiuke and establish the follow
ing regtilntion a;id direct that tho
name shall be duly published as provid
ed by said statute, ,
"The price at which, Hawuiiuu
jjrown rie.e shull be sold by the Iihk
of 100 pounds, - within the Tetritor
of Hawaii is Hereby fixed at eight doi
larn (H.0U) ami no higher price ahull
be charged. ' '
w. t, a. -
The JiipuncKO newspapers are giv
n.K miici iu...,.-..y wi wa -ros
work nud the Nippu Jiji has donated,
n full pne i.ilvertiseuieut concerning
tho coming drive.
' - - ... M
Eighty-three Percent of Mineral
Products Shareholder u
" Make Payment
Kigbty-three percent q tke flrit
aaaeMiment on Mineral Ptoducta toc
due io March and delinquent April 30
han bn paid, announced Jt. H. Fisher,
treasurer. A cable mrnaage to Manager
Anderson of the mine hat, keen neat by
Mr. Fisher conveying the newa,wh)ch
to lornl officials of the' company is
most gratifying as indicating the con
fldunce of the stockholders in the ul
timate development and .success of the
company once commercial 'operation is
Iwgun. '
l ast January, the stockholders author
ized n assessment of fifteen cents a
slinre on Mineral Prediteta'" stock to
raise about 21)3,000 this year, of which
Home 4175,000 was to go to comlte a
new plant to turn duf Calcined mag
m'xite carbonate of magnesia and mag
nesia pipe coverings, demand, for. which
has been increased to an unexpected
degree by the mammoth shipbuilding
program of the government. The en
tire United States is now looking to
California and the Paciflo Coast, for its
supply of magneaite. Part of the
assessment will aim provide a rotary
kiln for producing calcined magneaite
on a .commercial scale. .'
- lrobabiy all of this delinquent stock
seventeen percent wV be. taken up
by Hubert. D. Adams, one. of the large
I mainesite nroducera of tha Coast who
has made
le known 'hie willingness to in-
i i : . . ....... 1 .
rirnv nip Auyuingn tp suViVWi suares
provided seventy-five percent of the
stock paid it assessments. This is i-
sured if present delinquents do not
pay up at one or make necessary ar
rangements. M. - Fisher .requested
Manager Anderson ,'tp ,'lnforni Mr.
Adams of the success of the first pay
ment. -r-r- w. a. a. :
Announcements! Anal fturrs of the
Third l.iiierty liao sales made - yes
terday by O. . H, ButtoJiJi anqunt to
M.M,7l50, lackinff only final figures
from tbe bank: in NV'ailoku of C. O.
I.ufkln. This ia the Uitak for the eu-
in uuuiiiiMi, lurro is a sum or sia,
t.. i.:.: .t . . ..v
1 7o,) coiupriii Void purchases at the
l-rl Harbor Naval Station, which is
sent direct tb Washington, and (.10 0C
purchased by the. (standard Oil Oon
puny, which is allocated to Honolulu.
If ailde.l.to Hawaii's figures the gand
,o,H, is i,,,,.
Hawaii's quota win 4,000. The
iiuinl.er of subscribers to the loan to
taled 13,750.
,i i'v
Judge Uses Plain Language In
DisnxstjnQ Bill Filed By
Ffshing Companies
"Tk Idea of Uim rarClAnMn.1
who tMn pMtctr rei-
nlMd n profluen ftMnlng off
T h later of Uio aU Bow
Cf-nff apd mWhk .u ncoc
Blcw u iraMle oMfaion, tnd
tkat It li bKUH f h welfwro
of. th dear putte that thoy eomf
Wor court of qnAtr. 1 V
r. Ttttt art ,Urot ,nq 4
eavtoullat but I hT not omii
anything that qrttt qsa) tkii.
X con rider ihit aa Munartorloos
nd disreputable procUii.' '
1 i .. . i i.i
p Judge A iik ford indulged in some plain
talk yenterdny when he snstaineil the
demnrrer in the casek of Hawaiian
Tuna Packing tympany,, the Hawaiian
Iheries Company and the Honolulu
Ftsbing Company against the Paeifie
I'Ubirur Company and M. Yamaabiro.
Th,e action was brought through a bill
(o equity to compel the defendant to
enter .into an agreement with the
plaintiff companies to control the price
bf akn, d for bait by the deep sea
flsbermen. When the proposed agree
ment was flrst announced it was her
alded with a great blare of trumpet
front the local representative ef the
federal food administration as a "solu
tion of the high cost of fish problem."
, ' It was asserted by the plaintiffs that
the defendants agreed to enter the
combination which was proponed but
later, withdrew such agreement and an
order to snow cause why the Pacific
fishing Company should not join with
the plaintiff companies was sought.
The plaintiffs were represented by
Thompson ft Cathcart and the defend
anta by Andrews Pittman. The lat
ter entered demurrer And it Waal dr
ISK the course of the argument, - or
rather when he ended the argument,
that the eircnit court judge proceeded to
"eall a spade a spade except when he
called it a darned old novel.
Iaterrnpta Argnmieat
ft. A. Vitousek, of the counsel for ike
plaintiffs, had been preeentiaf the
arguments against the jdemnrrer . and
f or ; the, issuance of the ordet to show
ckUse, hn; he was suddenly interrupt
4d by the court and Judge Asf9rd
awi- ' -
"S think 1 will eall a period to the
Srgtoaent. . You are not able to eon
vinee meand I am ready, to decide
this demurrer. The claim that yen put
forth and I observe you are hardly
aeJe to suppress a - smile' when you do
it that this Is as agreement in the
interest of th public, well, of course,
that W he transpareat' as to make one
itk.er- mirthful or .fngrjr. aa bin partis
ulf, inslinatipn or dispositioa may di-
'.".Tk' idea Of these gentlemen, who
have iee poblltly- reeoniird as prof
iteers, fattening off o4 tko interest of
the publ(c, "'bow"' coming' and asking to
be recognized - ae, publie benefactors
and that it lav becauso of the welfare
of the dear, publie that they eeme be
fore a court of equity is absurd. There
afo divtra k.inds of camouflage, but I
nave not aeen . anything that, quite
equals tins. ' 'I eobsder this no un
meritorious 'and disreputable proceed
ing. The domarror la sustained. "
.How a 'combination, of the four fish
companies, as' favored by Food Admin
istrator J. P. MhIM, to control the akn
fishing indutrjr an the prise of such
fish, largely used as. bait, would lower
prices was never, quite clear to the fiuh
lie. Thejr ore supposed to be tompet
laa comDanien and auch an agreement
as waa proposed would eliminate suck
eompetitloit, an would permit tbe ar
bitrary Jlxing of, a price by the com
pajiies. Tjhese . eonrpniea , Child ex
pected to control" throuch their li
censes, to dietate a prk-e at which they
should tell. It might have worked al
most as well ins the fixing ef a price
for fisa and then permitting the sue
tioneers to fcak"the "fixed price" tke
minimum! or upset price no, matter Imw
large, a supply was. In, the market, a
plan whlck Kben Tow cast to the
winds when' ho auctioned off fish last
rishermen'a Plaint
As a part of tke eamooflage behind
which the' -fishing companies hid, while
oue at least -was patn 120 percent
dividends in' addition to large salaries
to stockholders; was ' the,' complaint of
flshetmen that the pTtoe of ako for
bait was so, kigk that fish prices had
to' lie correspondingly elevated. To
lower the price of akn the same com
pahifs (kat wore - supposed to be in
competition tor Its sale were to com
btup. It has hen ' shown that some of
these companies toAa the' money to buy
the aku whieli they, oell, to secure the
fuel and the provisioning and outfitting
of the fishing boats and have their
finger in the podding that ia made by
the auctioneers. Tbe. apparent assump
tinn was. they ,wold lower the price if
nil competition, were. tp1 be eliminated.
It is quite evident from the words
of Judge Asjtford that afl, at least does
not bejieve a combination such as is
proposed would work to thei benefit of
the bait buyer and Ure fish consuming
pjililic. Ihe judge "viewed with sus
picion" the prppoaed . arrangement and
fearlessly said what he thought. A
jtnlce from the beach can use words
wfcicli the private .-aitlaen. cannot use
with Impunity , from qiviT action and so
.Tnd(;e Ash ford usd this word '"prof
iteers ' withoht mlaeing matters
NKAV YORK, May 4 (Associated
i Press) The Victor. Talking Machine
(.oio pa ay, against which action was
iuaLitutad siime, time ago by the fed
eral authorises, who ohaiged that the
rompaay as orga;laa4 violates the Slier
mun Anti-Trust AeL waa ' yesterday
liW'lli rstll Hit I llaUVsl I ms tf nm I t.xwt i n
Ulegal oinbt
. strnint of tra.ls. The decision of tbe
federal court Is that the compear must
1 ,lr,.S(,iVe and that the restraining or
jBrl BffBcting thli ar, dismissed.
A ft t
Disabled Steamer Drifted Nearfy s
' Two Hundred Milei From Posi
tion At Tlme( of 'Accident; . ?1
Cause 4f,t Carriage JTd 'Be In-: '''
vettigatid "
After bucking exceedingly heavy enr- '.',; 1
rents, ess and head winds since last s
Hunday evening the Matson ateaaser
Manoa arrived back la port yesterday
afiernooa with the big, disabled steam-' . '
ttr ... . 1. : -1. 1. - . ., . , . '
. ... ,,, ur WKS uerpairnea a ; .
week sen TbnrsiUv evenlnv tai itilii
" ,
of the hulk ef tke steamsr which ako .
was sent to rescue, and her nawlebU
ne ss a tow, the Matson steamer log
ged an average of 8.4 kaots aa hoar '
on the return Voyage to Honolulu. . . ' '
co far as can, be ascertained the V
losing of the propeller by the dis
abled ship was tbe result Of an ao- V
cident of the sea", asd due to .a
t flaw in the tail shaft, which waa twist- ,
ed off about eieht inches outside of
the hulk of the stera and sear tha
An official investigation will be eon-
ducted to determine the aetaal cause
of the breaking of the tail abaft, bt . . ;
it is doubtful if the findings will ever
be made public Opinion among tto , .
mea of the erew of tho vessel appears
to differ as to whether tke damage to
the vessel was by intent or accident.
Some of them any that tkey i
believe wear or action of ' mrmt f
on the shaft caused it to twist ,
off. Others say sarcastically, lacking
any proof of their suspicions: -
"Oh, it waa aa accident all rtgka
like all those wo are baying aasr'. ,
Fortunately the disabled steamer, a
sinirle screw nuL : ku M.in..l
aboard for replacing her. tall abaft .';
and rudder as soon aa ska is partially
discharged and placed oa tho later- ,
Island dry dock. Because of thla her .
delay here, will sot , bo eo ong a '
would otherwise be necessary.
It Is estimated . that tt wiU take '
about two days to get her old shaft .
out, and equally at loaf to get tho aew
one installed. After this, tha propeller '- '
hub will have to be tilaeed oa tha new
anart ana the propeuer blade pat U ,
position, which may , take another two
or three dayt to 'complete tka Job. . '
tar t7Uloadlnt Cargo ' ' . ,". '
,1a, order to haatea tho work aa much -'
as possible, a stevedoring crew was
put aboard the vessel immediately, af
ter she was dottked yesterday after
noon to begin tho wothleg of oVt
eharging her ao the can, be placed oat -
the dock. .', '.
Tke disabled steamer waa a bo Of 800 -miles,
from, jojudnja. what) tha aorf '
dent happened. and moving along at a '
Tate' of Sd miles every twenty-four -hours.
'Without warning the propeller , '
dropped oft, .aad ah waa left xlouad
ering from Wedoesdai , aooa ,nntU
about four o'clock tke following Sun
day aftMraoo. whoa aho waa nioked
up by the Matsorj teseaa skip. -.
BaX9 tiT'l t ' ' s:-,.
Captain fSoule, master of the Manoa,
report that' ho had little trouble ia
retting a.liaa t tki UaklA ,.
er, but says, he had spmo diffieptty o'a v
aeconns or ner duik ana tbe fcsavy '
current, aeae and head wind, to 1 tor
or aa so axo-joiufu,., . IJfl. -y.
The disabled skip drifted aearly
where tic . accident . happesed. Her . .
distapce. aa charted 'from Honolulu
when, ska waa picked op by the Ma
noa was approximately 980 miles.' '' , .
1 via; ium im inn am aiaaoa " tm
csj-eriaUy eqolpped with . towUj ma. ,
rnmrrv wi n 1 1 wrmmi Ma I., I ' a ... a . .-.
ttrule to average' mora than 00 wnWie .
a lay on .ho return voyage ia Boa '
lulu t.f his . steamer, and tha diano'iil ;
ship. The towing equipment eonsis-a '
of an engine oa the hurricane deck.
waica aaa maeaiaenr automatical to '
towing cable, . ' ' . . , V ,.
Tho Manoa dropped' ber 'tow olt
port aad tkrof, tuga passed Uaho. tka :
A : v. t .i .a.. . a i i
causep ona or too tags to get net lino
across, thee of the latrepldaad the '
the eahlo jaauaed;, p, around tha first
fastiacra nronellAV. Tkdt ' t&MBtAwl. fin
was cast loose 'from the bltf i steamer '
ahd tbe tog with" tke fouled pfopellef ' ,
was cleared, after which, aha helned .
to bring the steamer to a tier. .
. mt. 'g. .-:' ''- . .
v i it vt.j -xfC.tu'H.i.f
David NawaJ, champion hicycla rid
er of the Isljta4s, whj 1t ?r .mado
a record ride (irouad Oahu. received a
lacerated leg which had to bo treated
at the emergency hospital, as the re
sult of a collision with an automobile
early yesterday moral ng near tho fish
market. . hl u
The automobile. No. 1900, ia said by
the police to have been,, drivea, bj
Jack Allen. It waa going at a moderr
ate rate of speed wMea a misinder
standing M to the direotloa it r waa
about to turt caused tba accident, ae.
cording to the police report ; '.''
When about tea feet TSwa Of atekao
like ytreot, awal eaw tla - batomor
bile approaching down KUg 8troet
which turned eyddenly Into the kldi
street near tha bicychst. 'Nawal who
was about flvo fettj La Croat el thk ata,
chiue and beaded toward Waikiki at
tempted to avoid a collision by 'also
turning into Kekanllka hUroet, but waa
forsed by tho momentum ot wha.e)
to run into the automobile, less thaa
five feet from tie King and Kek'aulike
eomef. ' !": 1 ;:,:' ef-, s. r;v :;:,
A cousin, of Xawal'a waa rldiag tut
a blcylcle with-him, but escaped la
jury, and little damage waa dona to
the bicyele. -

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