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ItAWATIAN tiA7F.TTF. ; TU F.S D A Y, -1 M A Y ' ' 7, ' 19 1 8.
JL-1.J 1 l-A
jfimM Press Is Evidently Pre-
par PoWc To Abandon
Hope of Tafcng Ypres
NEW YORK, May 4 (Associated Press) Frustrated in their
efforts in the North, to break tlinnih the Allied lines ami
1'.' to matte their way to the Channel Ports, disappointed in their fail'
: ore before Ypres, the Germans yesterday turned their attention
ia i the south side of their salient hut met with no success and were
.. unable to score any advance in the day's fighting in that direction.
' ; Heav bombardments by the Germans were reported from sev
erat Sectors and only on the south side of the salient was there any
indication of the, point or points against which the expected next
phase of the offensive would be directed. - ;
'" - : , &mnt:ipa.IlaTi1iruM-k m-i lur 'there was reported a
'. ' " tremendous crescendo of artillery fire during the early part of the
' day. but i did not ptasage any concerted infantry assault as might
O have been expected. There was also heavy artillery fire reported
from 'Givenchy, Nieppe Forest and hoc re but also there were no
, infantry attacks.
' ... ' .-General Haig reported fast night that there had been very heavy
; artihery fire against the Allied positions to the north of Albert hut
elsewhere the enemy had made no attacks other than a continu
anteoi heavy shelling. During the day to the south of Vtllers-Bret
tonncux the British-French forces had taken a few prisoners. This
rfport'pifirrod the earlier London report that in this sector and
tm the Amiens front several German positions had Wen taken.
: On the main French front the day was comparatively quiet
and the French official iommunique said there were no infantry en
. ; '.. . gagements during the day. ' i
!'From despatchest and newspapers reaching neutral .capitals
front-Berlin it is apparent that the inspired German press is pre
narinr the'Dublic to. abandon the hope of the capture of Ypres.
. Otetully worded articles are appearing that seem to have this pur-
posfc'tVrwJy in view.
' - leneral Foch still has the full confidence ot the Inter-AIIicJ
war council and this was indicated yesterday7 by the irrnbiincemcnt
ii.tiic luvn namnt an sunreme commander in the Italian front
' as well. as on the Western Front. ' .
(There may be added significance in this appointment from tht
v rtpOrtfirom Rome of intense activity along a large part of the Ital
' . an ttootj :inere were numerous cnKaKcuicuis uciwccu inuiniumi
pif!Ptii some of them of such importance as to approach battles
in which the ienemy was repulsed and there was strong indication
VL.'..'.' thaY7lrtifaWlrfve may be at hand.
played an Important part in yesterday's military oyr-
ationi'and large numbers engaged in scouting resulted in frequent
'.. tti6untex on the British front. London reported that eighteen
tVemy tnachines were downed and five British machines were mUa-
' ' rK-"
' .'. .JjOXDOV, May 4 (Associated Press) A peace offamive my now W
. npocte tp follow the German, military off"l, Lord Robert Cecil jertw
' ' day told a eomspondent of th Associated Tvm.
,T7 Wa nev expect peace oSenatve to follow the knockout offend .
' ' it the) enemy he said, "The knockout offensive waa intended maUUy t
" "rh the, BrttUh and waa directed main' again England.
. ' I 'The httttt of peace which they will offer wlU pot be at all acceptable
a ik. n(u . k mainlw rmtiAA tnr linmA conftiimntlon. for the
vm w i n . . wm
" ,' pobllc effect on. the German people which Is desired.
' -y -.- The ralm of the Central Powers know they cannot rely upon their
ewa reeouroee mnch longer."
"WASHINGTON, May 4 ( Annormte.l Preie) Asmiraini' kivimi to Spaiu by
Oornaar. that Amcrkau uri.soiivrs art; rfrviviua Die am- tn-mnu'iit in (ieruiany
at art. the prisoners takru from other warring nation is uot nut 11.1 ai-iury to tbU
. geroraeieot.
- , JPcaue of the uumtxr of newnpaer artirU'R which asHcrte.l thut American
prisoners in Germany fere being almiteil and malt r.'ulcl the Htm,, department
' aske4 the Spaniih foreign office to institute an inquiry and the reply of Her
. bht was received yenterday. It is vluitned that thi" t,'ivr mi nnHuraui'e that
tM Americana are reeeiving proper treatment especially in view of the report
of horrible aboxea visited upon the wionen of other iationH. There arc. wore
liennaa priaooere In the United Ktatea than American priitonem in (ieraiaoy.
, following the formal olBcial iltteial by John l. Uyan, i huinnan of the air
craft loard, of the German vbargua that Amerieun aviatur were lieing given
the protection afforded by hoxpitttl hlpa in Wing transported fioin thia country
te France, or that they were going in the (nine of amliulanc drivera or of Y.
i. C A. worker, Germany will be aakud to funiiuh proof nf its .iscrl iun. The
requeet WM' be aiade through rlpain.
' vLoatWo deapatekea several day" ago said Ahat clui .1 v r - m:i Ic from Berlin
that American Aviators were traveling on hoapital idiip. li nm .lintely the de
Dial was iSd' tlat aviators or sohliers in any )rauch of the urmv aaide from
' the saodieai rorps, ualeea they were invalided, were pcrinittc l to travel on hos
pital ahipe. The, London despatch intimatod the charge were ma le I v the (ler
. innas as ei subterfuge.
Producer! Are Jold Entire Out
put Required &nr Eirjht Thou
iawJ -Tnt Are Takca From
Non-Ential''ndus Con
oern Sw. vi.t vvii Av. 1 t
WAaHaraTOjr, " May 4ai-
soclaUd rrs)-T-The nation's "U
pry of iteei and pi Jron ha been
TlrtaaJLly , conunaiuleezed y the
gorenunent to soeet wag asceael
tie and other lxtdnatrtea nay .h
leit at practically ptaneVittU.
Ptrector, t4 Bteei J. A Leonard
Repoglo. of the, w4 lndaxulei
hoard told the) ,lroa. aad stoeA noa
that. Uay arnat derate their onUre
owjtput to WW work and that erery
ether indmaVy . swat stand aside.
At the eaM Usae ho tooh, over for
goranunent msee 8000 tons of steel
front a.aon-oasenUaJL tndiutriat et
UblUhnvint, Mnfonning the maa
agsnieut f thf eoacerq that it was
required, for wajr.. work. ; ;,, . ,
News of thla orOar h'l crested
consternation. U a.nunjber of In.
dwrtrleft which havo boon socmrtng
stool ia at least limited quantiUe,
M. a. e-
I i i r
trrnrv S
oiTi tilt r
i irJ
Bf6?d II:nt Giye
To EttcraYAiieh;V
Company Executives
n inrirnTii pii nr
Small Fortune In Dope ' Floats
Germany Has Been Forced To Stockholder! Expresi Belief Tfiat Athore On NuhaiGett Cew
Catt More Heaylly On Beservesi '. Employes, Executive Capa' boy an4phinesento Trouble :
Than Hava the Alii "and Has cities Should Bi. Loyal Ameri- 1 ' W-w- ..vv rt.
h.Kl.ur! flnlw flni Arlu-ntono5 Can. Cltben In All Irutanfcft' the .fur approtimately
nbiit&tbu wihj vic numiua . -.- --t m t:.tt, aifl.ouo wwrtk or birh trad oplnm
y V ::' ''I tv-T i a J.I .Vl,,".':.f rted ashore ot little1 1Wit of
LONDON, llay . ,4' UoeWsl Thow who hold ..-Maratl.. poalUo.e wlihM d oveaUhDy ae IrrtJ'tai
J're "I-ooklng st the wm'i op- nee aiaovauon vonpaay, vwataai peeeesaloa Of the federal authorities In
rations on the west front from the Eleetrh .Company aad Paeifte" Quano Honolulm, a Hawaiian and a Chinee
er.tions on U. west front rrom m t Fertiliaer Company who are not hare beea arrested for the sale and
standpoint of the economy of m-n, tnelo, MeriM eUaene ijht do well pdrehase of a 'smali portion of thit
resnlts are satisfaetory from th prit- to be looking about for new positions, shipment of the drug front the Orient
ish stundpoint.?. flueh Is the opinion to judge by te frxpreenioaa of stock i before the larger q'nsntity was turned
nf ornernl R.,1ellff. who i....e.l nn el tse adjourned meeting yes over to tnt government.
official tnmmarr of the general itu day whet direetoro Were elected.
,tion k The prevailing sentiment was that a
The (lermenn have failed on the man who haa been long enough in the
north, snye this summary b..t they etry to aeeore eitiaesship and has
have sneeeeded In makin, their r got ! "ot don proper man to
flank secure at Mount Kc,mmel here,b' euw of , an American cor
.!.. U .r... f, ... poration when the country of his aa
strong offenrire which the AH e. might , U7. " W Uh tbii ountry
lanneh nsainst , them. This n ay be " " " V, l"mo"
considered as the chief advantage j V. """'""one iax ei
which the i em has secured. iTTZ 7 " ' "m'n n0f
Operations must 'be considered from ! k""7 rurru oncn
the view point Of economy in men and ' preMiot thus put Into the ree-
a des(gnat(on' of policy for the direc
tors, n Is more than a hint, for en
Success Is. Assured With Less
Than Sixty Millions of Ool-
' larl .Needeil Today r
WAHHINQTdN,' iiaj iAsaociatee"
Presa)r-iWih the eiofe ef the last da
but one P tha jLihrtjr. Loan dive" sub
n-riptions tooo; o. greater,, volume and
the total. ' aaoouneed, . yesterday war.
leas than aistjr. million dolar short of
three bilUoos, a For j the .day, the total
asooaneed. WM 11890,000, while the
rand tutal ; gi ve, , was 1910,6-10,400
Word came from tnt Philippines yes
teroVy that, iu ijuota, bf, sir million
petoe (Jj)O0,Ot)0) wa ver ubecribed
and tke grand, Wtal - Might k bo double
the - allotment.. t .. J- ,. ,
If is expected thai the returns which
ill, come in on, theAaat day of. the
4riye will he immense and thst it will
be several day afterward When iko
final soeeess 'o( th Joan. , can be an
WASHDfaTO, Msjr, ir-r(Offieial)-
The thir4 Libertj, Ioan. eampaign end
tomorrow (Saturday) with the eertain
tv that the three billion doirart mini
mam .ha' been aufese ribbed, pn t.bedef
Uito, amoua. will. pot,. b! knfcw'toi
eeverat days . thereafter. . The numbei
of, subscribers U1 ha eeveral,' million'
ever the 00,WO. of .the aeoond loan
apo at , leapt tunce tun. viir iu-
ttrst loan. thai, bain about 4,000.000.
Offtciallr the loan m still aomewha
i .1 ! ' t .. i SI I -1 m-
HSUr Ae mmiwu, u unwwi ig
res ahow maay. nuJlions of rjullars no
reported, by the banks. . AU except pos
sibly one of the nation's -twelve bank
ing districts promises to exceed its al
Ijaotae districts every county and
every . .atate . has oversubscribed it;
quota. Every employe of the Hock
Tsland Railroad, numbering 41,167, hay
subscribed. '
. Presideoi Wilson ' purchase of e
tSO Mbaby bond" in addition to hit
previous purchases, totaling $23,000
ontsst. which is adding a million new
uhscnbers in the last two days.
Han Francisco reported the larrest
'can . subscription was fc.'OO.OOO by thr
0)Q KJsen &siha ntesmahip vom
"any. Every office employe subscribed
irna of Oerman blood are ct,ie in
aising a large mm.
The i!brrinTHne for the city now
total $55,000,000.
w. a. i.
........ i
in this respect- the advantage lies
clearly with tke Allies.
In the recent rghting the (iermnn
have use) Bvo divieions whi-b were
taken from tke, general reoeryes.
This an In rdltinn to the neven or
eight division which had previously
been employed. ' . -,
On the other hand the All es have
not beeto forced to call upm their re
serve forces to any suet extent ami
therein liea their advantage in view
of future operation.
TaKen all in all, uenerai Kmirnne
any in closing, the results for the
week are satisfactory to the Allies.
v- t
Agreement Is Fir$f To Bd Reacl-
ed With Any ot the Nortbertv
'European Neutrals .) "
WASHINGTON, VaX-( Associated
Pres)-A commercial agreement along
he linea laid down by the w trsde
hoard governing all exports has been
signed with- Norway, it was announced
last night. This is the first such agree-
nent made y any ol the jNonoern
European neutrals,
The war trde boPrd, in rerumng to
emy alien, employes of the rompanlea
thst their services are' not longer de
sired. ' They bavo the Opportunity to
act upon the suggestion pnd .to resign
before beiqp; told by the directors, as
mifht well be tie case, that tbey are
no wsnreo. ,
tihno Vary iQermaa
, I.ihne Ha .tatipn has long been as
serted to be a hot bod of Germanism,
old. pne oi tb dirjectors, and there
fns some worm dWiuisons on the sub
feet of. the, necessity, o absolutely
known loyalty M.the meeting of the
flock holder of, t hat company and its
subsidiary, the Walahi Electric Cora
!any. At thla meeting Jt was made
ilear thst the, stockholder who spoVe
generally i felt that, a '-man. who ha1
neen in toe eouairy tor a long perioa
of year and bad not secured citizen
ship, or . takon, step to 40 so waa not
a , suitable eiemtiv employ. v This
disenssioa larely' centered aroand the
question .of retaining .the. service of
FfT Weber,, as t manager of the I.lhue
Company, 4 What,- if any action the
new director took, haa not bee told,
but. the significance the expressions
ef the stockholder must bo apparent
to Kai.as.er, Weber and it was sog
rested yesterday evening that hi res
Ignatlon would ike)y result from the
meeting.1,. '; '"'.' ' ' V
Enemy An tanagr
I the edmpanie whose stockholders
met yesterday, there . or two,, enemy
ojien msrugers,. 9.: Wetier of Xiliue and
Albert ?a,Ue of the fertilizer company
The shipment of opium was thrown
overboard ' from an Oriental steamer
bound for Honolulu, but the cork
buoyed package was not of sufficient
bnoyaney to keep it afloat above the
surface of the tea, so if eoutd be found
by a Japan, aampan which fruitless.
ly cruised fof days p and 'down, the
coast of Niihau in search of the small
fortune. Iater, th package wa found
on the -Pitman Deacn by sonis riswa
Hans, who were ot eertain It w
opium, ana eaened it While they notiueii
e authorities in itonoiuia
i,,tii:i,!Uui,;i io
s" exDort ueensen lor cargoes oi iooaiTi,. nnm.,inn' nt v.kr eitl.on.klr,
ituffs .or material, useful in warfare,!-,.. a;..,...a v.
1 work ago 'announced that the B0idert Whether' or not their action
vould Ua xept in, the.ea", VOrd ha.1, pressed (nek of hoy
eountries .who would groo notj- jm fc, gom, 0f th atoek
lt rrutina to Oormany fc fo Unhiaterlat They . held
that It was enough that they were en
my alien, and that a such they were
lot proper men .to be, employed ip
managerial eapacitie.- .
If ewr, pmclal ,cfaaw4
AVhe Vihuo pnd. th Waiahl com
panjr iteetlugs tke same board of di
rector wa elected far' both 'and later
these rector, elected the officer. The
oitieer and dyec tori' a,r: 9'
pi'esideni; R. . Cooke, ccoid vie
ulresldest; B, H. 1rent, trensurar; J
fr, C. Hegcns, secretary; Cbarle A.
Bice, and O. P. Wilcox.
.The officers and directors of the
Paclflc Quaoo It Fertilizer Compact
Q, N, Wilcox, president; J. 11
w ,,1.1 mtmuA Avejinfr in th essA
of those
ta nermlt
i.tkportaflm,ft artie to be re
Jacetf ihfonghjifcfetlcanj Import. ,
Opportunity to. rfnum" importation
from America along thi .line, wa offer
vl to Holland, Denmark, Norway and
CHRI8TIANU,' May 4 (Aasocio
ted Pre) News of the signing of the
agreement between thia country and
the United States relative to commer
cial relations and the permitting of ox
port from that country to Norway haa
track a popular chord. There la gen
eral jubilation, following it announce
ment. w. a. . .
sian Civilians Made Frantic
By Barbarism of Teuton Invaders
' . ... UOPCXiW, April 25 (Delaved iu trausuiivniou) liarburous trcatuieut on
the part ftf the Ueruian military of the civilian iulinliitiuilH ol' u. . um(mI Hunsinn
territory' ha roused the iuiiabituuls, aud -bloody but ful;U' ,-itia. k have been
MsulO by the peanauU and viUager.4 agatnxt the foreign tvrauU in umuy pWos.
li the neighborhood of Kiev, t'kruinia, there an a lliriv diiv L.iiMr, the i-asuuta
attacking wad wiping out isolated ltju'hiiientf of Cfrrmin mddiery, being final
ly routed by ,the vermaus in force. Many vilivgun wvru liuriK-d and (he fugitives
viot down they ran to esi'Uie the (Jhimoh.
WASHINGTON, May 3 (Aasoeiat
ed lVess) Marked difference in the' op
crating of the railroads under the gov,
ernmant regime are seen in report
from the director general s smce. Dur
ing the first three months of govern
meat . control 11.' railroads report I
net opernting income of $54,000,000, as.
against aL,uuu,uuv tor the same per
iod of 191T under private direction.
'.. . w. . a,
VwASHWaTOH, May 3 ( Aqiiuted
' Jte).--Today ' ship launchiugs inolud
ed the iargeft wooden steamer ytt
Iiiuaeh4 at a Paeiflo Coast yard. Or
binary . lauaehiuK are now coining in
uch tromber that they are no longer
.1 v
( ,1 ,'
X fl ' u
Wht-n you Inn i' or lumeness in
the lB-k linthi- the uirtn wi'h Phaniber
luiu'H I'm n Buliu twne u duy, aiaasag
iufl with (lie jiuIjii of the hand for live
IIIIIVIlti'K fit em-li :i I Ml 1 ;ni Tt l
daiupxii u piece of tluiiuel Mlightly with
thin liniment and hind it i,u over the,
Hi-tit of puin. I 'or s.ile l,y all dealers.
' .m..-i. H" 1 1 h Ji I ii , I t.i., agents for
Hawaii. A. lit.
WAHHINUTON, Msy 4 (Associated
l'rca) la s deipciHle rit, Uyht yetef
day between Chsrlen Chapman and
Oerman aviator, hifh uhove the lines
Chapmen and the enemy plunged to
tether behiud the Herman line. Both
machines were in Dames as they.
hurtled to the earth.
Casualties reported yesterday were
eighty eight. Kighteen were killed ia
action, one died of wouuds, two of aeel ,
aent, ove or (iieae iwo were severely
wounded and flfty eiglit slitl, with
two missing.
Three marine rorps rusualtie were
reported, all slightly wounded.
- - - v. t
UA8KU May 4 i An .clntvd Press!
(lurniao troopi are 'ioitiuuiiiy to push
forward in Rjiumih l'hi-v uava raubA'!
the Ooutz Kiver in the )ou C'pssack
3lans Colonial Expansion In
Spite of Often 'Asserted
. War and Peace' Aims '
AMSTERDAM, May 8 (Associated
Press) l'lnns for a great colonial ei-l.
pansj.on by Austria after tha war are
told by Profejisor Karstedt, in an ar
ticle appearing in the WVrstschafts
Zeitung. These plans are said to even,
contemplate the taking of colonies from
Holland io spite of the fact that the
Netherlands anise remained neutral dur
ing the war. The reported plana do not
harmonise with the often repeated a-,
sertiou of the Austrian government
cant -toe country is not seeking tsrri .
toHal aggrandizement and in favor,
of peace without indemnities and with
out annexations.
H auggest thst th plan moat
feasible for consideration U that Aus
tria should tak the eolonial poaaca
sions of Portugal. Franc and Holland.
hie thinks that Holland ha nitbr the
men nor the mean to develop th East
Iodic adequately.
. , , w.
u. ,. i; ' i ; i ,
WASIMNOTON, May l-(Asociat
ed Press) T;n eenate again wt on
reeord vesterdav a in fvor of in
ereaslnir the minimum price. for wheat
from 3 to 2.S0 a bushel. On this
noint the two house are, opposed for
the house of representatives ha de
clared itself against making any
change in the minimum ptlfc, taklno
th ground that tke eot of float "d
bread was now a high tM- '
miming publie should ba e,U4 upon
Dowett. firt , viee president; George
fehetmM, ee9d vice president;, S. .
Trent, tr'eaiur( .1. F. C, Hagens, sec
retary, O. Wilcox tin) J, W, Waldroa.
Coat Art P.WV '
IA te reports at the meeting pf the
lt tor .company it developed tka" tle
eo.s of many thin.?s needd ' in the
feiiillierjand freight was included, had
cbppany hafl been fur
niklng .bon 'charcoal for the refiner
oo tk bay and tor th Hono)ulp -re
finjsry 'and th cost of bone has about
. w. t a
It was wHlo 'th opium was-hidden
a the. hornet- of. a Hawaiian named
Keole that another Hawaiian, Jo Ka
lua, let b cupidity . and curiosity
overcome him. lie eon fosses to bav
ing abstracted four tins from the P.k
age, .These four tin Kalua took to
juana, Kauui, aud is alleged to have
i)d them ty Poo I.ee Kau, a Chines
rice 'planter, jar MM.
,)(Vhen once supplied with what ap
peered to him a fortune Kalua aas not
lesnpted to return to Nlibau and try
to atesil the rch rarhe of over seventy
Una o' opium. Instead he sent 100
to th wif of ' tiie Hawaiian from
whose home h bad. taken the opinio,
and dispensed money freely 'among his
fCaaai' friend, -explaiuing he .had got
en his pocket full of gold by rfam
bUng. with .Filipinos. . Afterward he
earn to Hoaolnltl and remained her
speeding hi money, until he was ar
rested, lst week by Marshal J. J.
ra,idly, on information received from
Kr-i s-d Niiheo.
Th Keole femily, who first found
lnu-Mui ike opium, had asserted that
they had counted eighty tins, and ev
eaty fyu? wer all. tkt were turned
u,u to the marxiial when he made a
special trip ta January, to Niihau to
set the .package of . drug, Tki was
reported to the feoerat ometai ana
munition was directed to Kalua. he
tause ot hl unexplained wealth' and
gratuitie to trioads, , , . , , t..
' When confronted by the marshal and
district , attorney in . Honolulu, Kslus
admtoa that, ke had tikeri, four of
thetns oi ppium rror me pacaage
hnd sold them- to a Chinaman in Mana.
Murshsi Hmiddy, accompanied by
blstrict Attorney Uuber, wont .to Ku
al Tnesdav and located the purchaser.
Poo Lee Kan, who admitted buying the
epiom. . Both the .Chinaman and tk
former Nilha Hawaiian rowboy Insist
that tbte, jr ionJjt Jtou.tla i th
transaction, snaring two tin of the
eighty till unaceoon,t4 foi.
.Two hundred dollar a ttio 1 said
to have bee the value of the opium
sold i to th Chinaman, although the
Hawaiian .-got much leas.., Us high
value is due to the fnet that it was
what is known as " Chicken dope, " p
great favorite with ojiigm users. '
The arrest of, lahia on tk opium
charg ia said to implicate' a Hawa
iiaa in an opium deal In tke Islands
for the rt time in maay years.
While th district, attorney and mar
1 T XT f ,L. . ,
ed another Chinaman, Foo Lung Bback,
at. U,nalet Aetlng on inforication of
Hni),lel, opium user, who, are anxious
to .have temptation removed from tho
vaiiqv wnpro. mere, are apoui -vv
ne living, a raid was mane on tne
Foq Long Shaclf. ham ani) about two
hundred dollar worth of the drug
found, according to the oflirinla,
w. p. a.
1 , . .. .. . . 1
Messages from the chamber of com
merce and from Delegate Kuhio have
goue forward to Washington asking
that tb ordr barring national guard
men from participation iu th next of
ficer' training camp b withdrawn.
Th message of the chamber to. its
Washington representative i a to)
."Privilege of entering next officers'
training camp denied member nation
al guard. Boy disheartened, entire
ommulty Net".' injustice to "Hawaii's
loyal effort. Lrg perceaUg gradu
Every Cantonment "and Camp
Wn Be Enlarged -anq some
New Ones Will Be Built. Secre
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Sentimeni In Favor oif VaVtiy' In
creased Army. -Wins Friends
and Nation's Program As
sumes5 Colossal Volume Vi
WASlilNGTOx', Way 4
(Associated 'rcss). War
department plans contemplate the
raising and sending to Krance oi
a vast army with all possible
speed. Fecretary of War Kaker
yesterday told congress that it is
the purpose of th$ government to
muster the men in just as fast as
it is possible to train and to
transport them aiid that enough
will be mustered In and sent to
France to insure vifctofy. How
many men this wonld' entail he
and no one else, could tell.'
Every cantonment ; that has
been occupied by the. army that
has thus far been trained is to be
enlarged and it h probable that
some new ones will be builti Vie
said. Chief of Staff March also
told of the plans that wire under
way for the use of all the present
camps and cantonments and of
pofis&Je increases which are con
sidered and will probably be
These promises were ' made by
the secretary of war when he pre
sented his estimates of the need
ed appropriations for the war pro
gram. He tojd of the. Immediate
need; of providing "fifteen billions
of dollar.' General Incteasea are
made - in these appropriations,
most esoecially in the quarter
master's and ordnance depart
ment. .
He said that this month there
will probably be at least 305.000
registrants ' called to the colors.
Yesterday a call for 6217 skilled
men was issued. They are to be
notified to be ready by May 17.
In congress the sentiment for
a larger army is, growing steadily.
Senator McComber yesterday ad
vocated an army three millions
larger than the present forces or
in all, five million men.
Morris Htratemeyer, a youthful
raffles", who was arrested April 21,
after , a lonK aeries of burglaries and
robberies which .extended oyer a period,
of throe mouths, wa indicted on two
charge ot burglary by the grand jury
yesterday. Htratemeyer, . who i nine
teen year ol nge, lias bean held in tne
polte station sver sine hi arro laatj
month. .' '
-) In confession made to Chief of De
tectives MeDuffie, it Is alleged thai
young htratemeyer admitted, to. have
committed thirty nLne burglaries, anu
robberie during, his career of crime,
Hi principal offenses, according to his,
cejifessio to' KcDuffie, were rie.a
of , holdups pf giijat 'a,t Japaoesa tea,
house and th robborie of the. homes,
of Ham W-alker, Harold Giffard, Jphn
reu( aat other. ,
'An indictment was also brought in,
against Joe Joseph, eharged with mall
ei ou conversion. It is allvgea tnai
to tieau-.
w. 7. a.
ats last traiuinn canto were from i Joseph converted to bis own use an
guard, demonstrating effleiency of home automobile which did not belong to
material. Urge secretary war amend him.
order to inalude guard." 1 1 W- . . '
DleKat Kuhio said he had mint I SILVER DOLLARS ARE
meiwage along aim'lar linea "I er, . csJT TA lad'Tllir DOT
taialy think guardsmen should bve' 5tNF TH1 Mfcl,llNU r v I
the opportunity to eater th third traia-1 ' ,..)
inir camo." he ssld. I. WASHINGTON, May 5 ( Aasociated
a. a. iip I'res) unner in recent aei provHiinu
for the malting of si) vet dollar and
DreDarjna for. export to countries aeed
Ing the silver, 30,0(W,000 worth has
been me tie a up ana .negouMiiona;
on with th AUie for, the, export o
this metal to he used for their coinage.
TEB3, May 3-
-(Associated Pre) -
NEW YORK, Msw I (Associated Mai.- uo. J. w. MeAndrew ka been
Press DesiiAtebe received here say appointed a chief of tff for General
that Spain ha gone on th "daylight ierhig, in Hr. and Brig. Oen.;
laving" baaist tb period during which James 0. Harbord has been named, to
the clorks are put ''an hour ahead" rniiiiiiand of the Amerlcau troops ou
being from April 15 to October fl. the field.
(Tablet). ' Druggists tctundnpnay j
it iM.Ua to cure,, The aignatUM ol
If W- ORPYK I on eavV ui
ufa. lured by the PARIS' MED1C1NH
CO . St. Lo".U. V. 8. A.
WASHINGTON, May 3 (Official)
Authority to the President for in
creasing the United States army to
whatever size may be necessary to win
the war wa proposed yeetenlay to
congress by. Secretary of War Baker,
Major General March, chief of tan,
and' Provost Marshal General Crowd
er. Baker declared that It would be un
wise to set a, limit oo the army. He
said that thq army appropriation bill
now should provide for about three
million men, including two million al
ready linger arms, but that upule
mental appropriation may be asked
us peed develop end ship construc
tion permit the transportation of larg
er bodies' of troops oversea.
Discussion in the military eommitt
indica'ted unanimous opinion for seed
ing a large army to assure a military
iteeision at th earliest moment,
IX)NDON, May 4 (A.ocltd
Press) Zeebrugge canal is rtil) nue
tijnlly blocked to the enemy subma
rines which are still compelled to Use
the Ostend entrance alone. Observer
report that the enemy i working
frantically ia effort to clear the chan
lie) but is experiencing great difficulty
with the removal of the cement load
ed vessels thst lie i the passage.
Hilt is also Ailing, in rapidly, and
adding to their difficulties.
w: ' . - r '
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mpii'l of s rinui -h ne4v-ia, r fcjr (1
eHlaliliMlniiVnt or a ' iiioiiiiTi liy wlfh -u
tlorma:' an kiug.
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