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4V ,
; f ,ii:Biis;,i of
'B. B m. M M M a mm.
n mi iiiiinni
. ri r v i I' ll Lri iv
u j " j" V "' - ' ' i; x " " v
Hundreds of Thcrri., Youna and
uw, warcn Throurjn streets of
City-Wearing Cross of Red
cifV is 'diiiciTTri r -
Ftood' of Subscriptions Tq Fund
f or Caust of Suffering Human-
ity Rons in As Drive Starts
' corejtiie'eud stercjay of the
firsi day ol" the great Red Cross
War lfui'id Drive tilort, than half
of Jiawaii's, quota of $410,000 had
been ! tiiWied. The exact
amount contributed, up to five
o'clock was' $227,545.65.
dr. the -above total, 549,051.65
was turtiedf lit between the time
a'pti the K'rct Red Cross parade,
which initiated the drive, came to
an end and five o'clock in the
afternoon when business closed
for the day. -Corporations, how
ever, had previously pledged
yi 78,494, and this xnnount added
to tne current receipts yesterday
brought the total high up toward
Hawaii's $410,000 quota. The
amount yet 6 be subscribed is
Hawaii went at the drive for
Red Cross funds with energy and
enthusiasm. The beginning of'
ihe drive was marked by a parade
unicjue in character ind thrilling
in its significance. Of the hun
dreds of paradcrs who inarched
through the streets yesterday
inorning, tTie great jnajority were
womeii, most of whom wore the
Ked Cross jemblem, typifying the
wort they Vrfe d6ind; for htimait-
ili .Jill M.lt Vllf l.-'V-. . I
Uy. '
11ie Wonteh of 'the Red Cross
team's will begin their actual
, work early tomorrow morning
and will 'make a whirlwind three
days' campaign finishing up on
One of the largest single con
tributions turned in at Red Cross
headquarters yesterday was from
the firm of T. H. Davies & Co.,
the check calling fdr $25,500. The
letter from the firm announced
that this check included contribu
tions from all their sugar planta
tions' and subsidiary enterprises,
as follows :
T. II. Uayies & C o., J.td.; Ho
nolulu.. Iron Works. Kukaiau
Plantation; Tcarl City I'ruit Co..
WaiarLt Lime Co,, aiakca Mill
I n., Wainakua Mill Co., l.aupa
hoejuic $ugai Co., Kaiwiki "Sugar
Co.. I'nioU Mill Co., Xiulii Mill &
1'l.antation Co., Kacleku Sugar
I o., Kukaiau Ranch Co
The firm also announced in the
; T . . " '1
lorwartleu a Check to the I lllo. represented ill thi solid phalanx, each
branch. of .the Red Cross Vonnnit -I,'.n"iKn 'nrrU'd . b l 8c"ut- .Np
tee to cover contriliutiuns from
the follow ?ri(j corrxiritionR : "
W'aial.ca Mill Co., S4450; I.au-;
pahoehoe Sugar Cp.. $3000; Ma
makua Mill Co., $1900; Kaiwiki
Sugar Co., '$1100-. fnion Mill.
S500'; Kluin Plantation
Co.. $500; Kukaiau kanch. $250
Another coutritiutiou to the credit of
Maui had been mailed as follows:
Kaoleku Bugar Co,, $23t)6. All cou
tribiitions made a grand total from Ia
vies & Co., of $39,500.
How Fund la Divided
Of the 4 10,000 set as the Red Cin
War Fund mark, 30,goi) is for, wir
relief Vvrk generally, to be ni Wav
to the National Red Proas fund; 10U.
000 i for Red Cross work in the Terri
tory, and will include the' purchase of
raw materials aud exiicunes hcident to
carrying on the work.
Headquarters of.the drive are in the
store at tbo corntir of ,Fo t ami Bere
tnula street,' and teams aud all Ued
l 'rose workers for the drive tyru in
their reports (here. Lieutenants on
tenuis make their returns direct to their
luptains, who in turn, pas over the
contributions to Uie lied Cross trous
Oahu Sends Oreetlng
I'resiilent Oeorge U.
('niter scut th
allowing mr sang ,iJ ter Island
rwteMRyioraing!i Jill,' '
i ."Oabu greet wk of the other -ir-Ami
ni the vpvnjng of th beat week
: of the year. May it prove tire protulwrt
in our .history.' ' : " . ' V4,
.). Imiiiili((ily tf mnnr was
the president Jame A. JUth, In
charge, of th "drive . HVil(urtra,M
Ojene jhelr, oora nnd prepared for a
.fund bllAiOOM.
).". A huge Red Cross bulletin hoard hM
Wh erec.tM a the K O. Hail corner,
.where b'ock,of 20,(M)fl totals will be
reeofded.i Ivrry timo that totals-reach
, a 20.uq ,rnn,rkV a .new board will be
nlp.l . oitt the ti( bonrd, no thnt the
i pnb nay,be kept posted a to the
'prriresa-of", ttfe drive.
iote uaau nan way c i.anl an
footinrfd. JDO-noreent Red Cro cou-
tnbiition J)V el Ita employe, There
on" election,, but m amount win
if0,, iif;' heTaT
City Airprlaea Iteal
, Hoaolala surprised even itself by
the elaborate Red Cross pageant which
it staged yesterday morning, for noth
inn a tnlorful, no ymloli of the
humanitarian work which the Hawaiiai
Inland) are contributing for , the- elk?
vraMorr 4 -suffering on the battlefield
was ever reviewed by a popiilnc whirl .
has, long since become critical of itr
street parade.
llonujuln .and all llnvaii will hnvi
the Opportunity to demonstrate to th'
mainland ef the Vnitod State, how ,a
successful Bed Crow campaign pioy p
taredu foe motion pirtiire film tkei
of the j(e,nt will bo ont to the Oont'
immediatel,T by the Ifiiwaiimi Chaptei
and.thcie will be bown from Man Fran
iuo to New York.
Hawaii 'a methoil w ill be ifivon f
wide ranee pf publicity throughout thi
country, plan having been dnddetl oi
yeter1ay immohntcly following tn
parade by TreaiUent Cnrtnr and Becre
tary A. I Caatle to have not only mo
tion picture, but photograph made in
to lantern elide and cnt to the Coaet
for nee. Many of thcuc will go direct
to Washington, the htadiiinrtcrn of the
American Rel (Jrox. and will lip hown
to the official of the government, ami
if ponyle Jo Premdent WiUon.
The illma ' were taken by W. F. Al
(Uieji, every phaee of the parade boins
ahown,. K'vinK full nn aire to the var
ied coamopolitamm of tlme who dwoll
in the Territory.
. In audition to the pirtnrcd tde of
the openinB of the Hawaiian campalun.
other dewrjptive .forms of publiritx
will be aent broadcaet from ( an forma
to Maine, and Texa to Michigan.
Jt ad happen that Hawaii' ilrive
began two week before the date set
for the mainland dfive.
Following so ofCel.V upon the com
pletion of a aucceasful Liberty Loan
drive, the Red Crow eanipniun began
wm. - " ",r " '
lr typical of the .bint of generoHity, I
and patriotism of all its people
Day Waa Perfect
Nature enlisted for the lied Cross
drive yesterday, and brought to lloiio-.
lulu a clear shy, a dauling sun and.
perfect weather, all contributory to
the smiles which pervaded the ranks of,
those who hiarehed and those who stood I
in ..raasjea . alpng the ronte of march '
and applauded I
an,tO uie 010 J-aiaee enclosure tne
hdiim ni m rc- n r imiirmi in H hi 11
' . m . ' - i '
ptrrt'nl, H1 ei-efy part of the grounds'
wii occiiubu uj rouiia, couifMini-ii
most I v of women and children, for it
was almost essentially a day for wom
en, the wprkers who transform raw
material into the bandages and bospital
supplies and sweaters.
By nine o'clock the enclosure was
thronged, nearly all the women wear
ing the white headdress with the small
gleaming red star over the fo.rehend.
With w'l' informed monitors at the
gates the arrivals' were riuickly sent
to thefr stations, and by half-past nine
the great pnrode wa prepared to march.
A CoarnopoUtan Gathering
It wa a cosmopolitan gathering, for
the worker are Of all race.. There
ere British and French, Americans.
Cauadinns, Australians, Hnwaiians,
l'ortuguese, Japanese and Chinese. Bun
ners fluttered in the morning breezes,
banners which hpre the red svmbnl,
banners with stars to designate the in
dividuals, firms, churches, clubs from
which members have irnne forth in nni-
Vonua of the army and navy to fight
th A common eneinv. It wa a irftthcrmir
where despite the sad cause for which
funds are to be raised In this drive,
njl was smiles. If natnre wa radiant,
so were all the people, marchers and
speetntors alike.
Then the music struck up an inspirit
ing patriotic, air, I.awrenn- M. ,ludd
ijave the order for. the procession to
move, and this sua carried nmong the
units b.v Pu-kson Nott, and the Hed
Cross drive wa on.
Dow n the PaWe s inare came an in
ipiriug sight eleven flag of the Allies
who nre fighting shoulder to shoulder.
England, France, Belgium, Italy. Am
erica. Canada. Australia. New Zealand
hina, Portuual and Japan, were all
t 1', v 'n'-.-n iii'iiri '.ii ii i--i-
All were held aloft at the sauie, angle,
the whole pageant of flajf' typifym;
the h'Ulder-to louder compnet of th
nations defending freqdom against the
H'in. To tle. baiuKt un1ight the for
DfJXollis Browned
i ' '
Act like Charm In
v if . , onl apeclflc In
th only rillitiv n NBURALQU, OQUT, ftrta;wsaTlaa.
LaiiMu Mad I mi TaaUawHU aoasinpukM aaak
Jo'il w Boulaa bi ll Cum.iUi
Priu iu .Hd4H.t. 11 L SJi. 18.
ward mevemont of Iheaa flavtj. eolorfaL ,
.liniig, run or meaninf .ia thi year
f WIS, atlrred the aetatora anil
"heera and'applame broke out among
the apentatora. The flag bearer halt
ed at Richard Street and in, review alt
'taeed before tkeae aymbolt of
kberty. -
'iae eaaie a group of yoong jrlrls,
STSTfcfV. !? CroTnnr P!"TV,
rcf by the late (jueen I.iltuokalani, hold
boriaontally and then the Heeond Unit
ed Ptatee infantry band, playing a pa
trlotle air, to mhich thp fgltowlng unit
marched vrth -ilendid nreiliii. ,
km uroea ueaaa
Then eame tnc leader of the cam
palgn-ia the Hawaiian Island the
heads of the Hawaiian Chapter, Red
Cross ttociaty President George It.
Carter, farrying an American Flag; Hce
retary A. 1.. Ct)c, carrving a Red
Crow banner, and Mi Heatrice Caatle,
in Red Cro grh head of the
HlVialftn nf tint a V n nllinn
l's division of
the society, walking
tetween them.
Division 1 hended by Mr. (Icr
it Wilder and Mr. Henry . Dnmon,
1th qliciior for the drive, a largo
'ollnwing of women wearing the pre
rrihed white garb. .In me A. h.nh,
nf 'th Red Cro' hendinrter. and
Oerrit P. Wilder, crretnr, pie.-eii'i
everal eore of men, member nf the
teams for the drive for fund. In thee
teams, marching foir abret', were
haoles, Hawaiian. Chinese end Jap
anese. As the military band passed the re
viewing atand which faced The Adver
ser, V Onward Christian Soldier"
ras played.
The rearguard of the team division
ara or tue team division
eommitteo of doctor and
rscs, the latter being guid
Deluded the
ted Cross nurses,
id bv Miases Mavnarrl and Knrmisnn
en tame forty members of the Nur- "' attached at I nc..,. beine beat
Aimoclation of Hawaii, headed by on hrk diatron'v. lenving, hf hun-
alias Uzbeth Dutot
khar Waits
The Hnrglcal Dri.- igs Division with
two hundred workers made one of the
imposing, units, the women who have
been working in the Throne Room,
headed by Mrs. Arthur M. Brown and
Mr. p. E. P'omberton. Thi group of
women, who have turned out tens of
thousands of dressings, many of which
are now jn use in France, received ap
plause all along the line.
Princes KaJnianaole, wife of the
Delegate to-congress headed the next
Bait, named in honor of Oueen I.i'iu
oktlani, sixty member being in line.
3Jre. R. Watson, 'carryiug the ban
nef 6f the Catholic Ladies Tnit, follow
ed with seventy-two workers.
. Not atl . those In lino were from Ho-
noiuin for immediately following
a unit from Aiea, headed bv Mr. H. B.
Cooper, wifb forty in line.
The army waa represented next by
I. c.f.., Trn: xr t i t .. i .
in eharge. and then the Fort Kameha
, .
Schroder, numbering twenty tiomen.
"Then eame a great division under
the teeernl heading of Hospital Hon
rdie. wlh Vrs. James Wakefield. Mr.
Arthur H 'Rice. Mr. Henry Holmes
end Mi F. McAllister in the lead, one
hundred members wnlking in line four
gee sirfied Eoldicra
War's faarfiil result were demon
eJ ..MU,ril.r whe tJ.reo An,riean
appeared on the street ' to
procession, all using crutches.
Une luau had lost lu left leg, an
o'her bi. ri rjbt leg and the third was
ulile only to drag two crippled legs with
the niil of hi cruti-lie.
None of tliein had been at the front,
but all were uiuiiued in the preparations
for war. Hand grqo.ades were respon
silde for their idight, just the use
l..,lr ,.!',. ,1,1 k. Mma i.f
thejn to iearutjje a,rt o,f throwing thf
(it tin- eueiny, KxjilosiOus of the gre
nudes in advance of the time i hey were
experteil to explode caused all three
men to be wounded at Schofleld lust
They are. convalusciiig at Fort 8hnf
iter and are Improving, boarding
trollv car in the afternoon for their
return to the hospital without the aid
of fellow soldier.
The city of Honolulu has been .dis
tricted aud boundaries aligned for the
Red Cross drive which will be iiiiugu
ruted tomorrow by the women workers
The list of name ha already been
published. The districts and captains
J assigned to each, are as follows
I w
WASHINGTON', May 7 (Aseociutod
'rcss N'inetythrve casualties were
innouuced yesterday, eighty eight in
he army nud five in the marine corps.
The casualties uuuouuccd by the war
lepiirtiueiit gave the names of six who
vere killed in action, three d iug o'
wounds, two from accidents nine of
lisiase und ono nun another (iuse.
r'ifteen are missing, four w-verely
.vounded and forty eigh alijjhtly
wounded. ' j
The Marine corps casualties were
'our deaths frpm wounds and one man
. , " . 1 1 , i , " .
I Checks and arrests
i Th(1 Cwt Xandy inoirn for
asthma Bpocmtts.
1 fl NaoaOturer..
1 J. T. DvsspaT, lit, UorOD,
' 1 . ' ' '" ' .'.''' " . ' '''.' ' ' , ' .' '' ' 1 ' ' " . V ".''''''' ', '
iTTinfiinniiTiinrr onhin MiiriikniT
Ti ' ' ii
Ypres,Araieni and Arras Sectors
T m . k T .
iu of wcai idiyois is
PreserH ?ei;cf
(Conrlude'. from Pano 1J
ehlrirly active ntfll brty iilmcmt com
plefe eoetrol of the air. n the Xmien
front, since the fiirlitinc bee ime ac
tive there sis week ngo. they have
shot do n one hundred n:il nix Herman
planea, including twriit.vone in one
ilv. The airmen now raiil against the
0(,rm.. infaatrv p,.it
d r,vlnR ,fhs
' . .
kiiih, bomblliv
I fiirhter with
their nfichlnj vm. ''inrvitig throocli
these raid renlnrly four time a dny.
Atrne" Tntlraidaert
Th Oerman airmen nre now afrnld
to fly aline nnd nre minu irirtieallr
none of their mnller battle crafts. Al'
mint all the Hun phme
usr arc
A the reeolf of 'vnl fiitiTi 'cv
terdav. In wh'-h field MorshnV TTa'tT
reports the rtriih to be imi sllr
siiee.esaful, the Hritih iinnrnved fhe1'
rSition on both tTie n""' nnd Idoiith
flank. With the Austrfijin stHnV
a V lil.L 1! . a..i. m
i i, . . .
alon e.aj.b.rahle front I -en U .
Homme and the Ancre west, snd r..th
west of Melanenurt. In 'snders. ner
l.oon. and on the !.ve River, on the
" "'r. on mo nieDt gn t
s"tnr leg of thej.y salient, thfiPrltJ tun of n
Ish gatnod pronnd. i-ij'.'about $7j
louring inn fiiiernnnn Tnn uermBn
- ,L. ' - S
dred prisoner in British Imnds.
Assistant Attorney- General felts
What jTlieyArfe and HoW
Pernicious Are Activities
' (Oonclu'ied from Fag 1)
th words, 'Dear Comrade,' and end
with the worda, ' Y.out for the Revolu
tion.' While our precious boy are
freely jiouring their youth on the battle
neld Of franco, the Administration is
bringing to bear, ami bravely, every
orderly process of the law for the sup
pression of this prqpngaiiiln nud the
eradication of this poison. If the pres
ent statutes, intended for fnirly decent
people, cannot reach the devils, tluin
Congress, which is neither buckwnrd
nor pussyfooted, will pass lnws which
will catch them. ' '
w. a. a.
SAN FRANCISCO, M-ay B (Official!
- The trial of the concrete ship Faith
mound Snu Francisco bay today was
called en unqualified surccaa by expciti.
Cheering throngs nculnimed the vessel
.... i i.k ...o. ... t...i..
I ii.iiimiim u , ani hit, iiiviue1!.. IMIj'-
plrineiiting rU''l and wooden ships in
overcoming submarine sinkings, The
olleitnr of the port declared that
"this sui i css .means a vast increase in
Auiei'iiHii tonnage without impairing
oiii fmilit les for producing steel and
wooden ships." .,
The Faith 's 'captain said he never
kio'vv n ship to be handled easier. Tlnj
villi ntion from the engines was slight,
I iovci tiincnt ottiuials arrived today
to selei l a site for a big concrete hip
plant, one of several for ' Which con
gu vs has appropriated fSn,OtMI,fH0.
CoiinI nn t ion of ii concrete boiler for!
concrete slnm litis been started as an
expei inieiit ift the suggestion of ex
perts in view of the success attending
I lie Km I h 's t rip.
The Sun Kriincisco Ohronlele, in an I
edilonul i-1 1 in
savs tli ut 11
shipping' board figures,
meriea is now able to
slum iieciini nbit i ng results by numerous
- '
liiunchings and completed vessel.
nceforth there will be no complaint
American shipbuilding. "
W. S I.
WAsiUNOnvN, May ( Asaoclated
I'ress) ('tuiiige of a single Tote would
huve won a victory for wopie'n .in tl"
senate tod-i.v. It would baVe meant
j consideration this week of tke'womfin's
suffrage amendment which has already
passed the house.
I By a vote of forty to twenty one
the senate declined to take up con
aideration of the suffrage amendment
Friday. A two-thirds majority vv:is
neressurv to pluee it on the calendar
for that day.
The closeness of the vote Is stiiaulat
ing the women workers to redoubled
efforts in behalf af the measure. l,e-ul
ers say they now know where they
stand and what work must be done
to achieve tlieir victory and that thev
will proceed to formulate a' program
ti ir.-et the situation which is dis
W ASIUNW.TON'. May fi (Assocint
ed Press I (itieials here have received
the i nfoi ion t inn thut the Norwegi in
shipping loses thn.ugh the Hiibmariu''
"nr in Aioil were ten vessel and
tvveuty hciioii'ii
V V( H ('.,. ill Zone. April s
socijited I'icp V lecellt lecree o
tl'o i ov ci iiieent I'anauia mtikrs it
ilb pill to ;: Iv '.' t rm "cootie" i
!':i-1 I m 1 :i" n i'l i .. e wit' In the i.'
illdi , I I'.i In
EFfOW I. W. W Jngiish
V ' ' r
Word Comes of the Diversion of
T . ,
, inu vmyueii ivrrcccv iv ,
the East Overland
Jnt when it wn coniilrred i a-
mrt'l that practically till nf he sugar
of the Territory whk to be refined an
the Pnnific 'oat an. I when thi ap
peared to be corroborated by the an
nouncement of iliipmcnl to Vancouv
er, expei-tRtlon-i are npet by the re
eeipt of cablegram which tell of the
diversion of sugar nlrrndy shipped.
The hipping situation i once more
as niiuh tip in the air n is Major
Clark when making one of his spec
tacular flight.
Advice received yesterday told of
the diverting of the ngar cargo of
the OeorirA Washington ami that of
j0000 ,on, an(( fhj, ,lvo ,olnWnej
auoot 14,ihhi ton. Both enrgoe were
for the Tacifte Coat re flu fries but
they are to go to Eastern refineries and
will be tran shipped nt Han Fran
eiseo 1e go overland. Whether or not
thi mean that the other plao. for
the Coast refineries to handle most of
.tap Hawaiian niiaRr. in off, is not
r0B1(Wev unsettled. P
t. ',. k.-.i .. ;.; .i.:..
,. ,,n ., a,., ...k rx J
raw sugar. It bad increased
110(1 tnn, in tKu iitAtilli in
' "
apite of shipments of .'tM.oofl- tons. The
expectations for bottoms this month is
ne. better, if it is even so good a
last month. Thus it appears from
these figure thst the present rate of
production i 6.",flQl ton a month and
it . is probable that a hundred thou
sand tons or more will be awaiting
shipment by the first of June.
. a. a.
Radio of
Message Tells of Sinking of
i ft i 1 !ou '
JranSDOrt Vyith LOSS 0 1000
Chinese Receipt .Indicates
uermans rve . Kacmc wire-
less station
Kvideiiee that the Cenniins are oper
ating a high power wireless in the l'a
cifle, probably either in the South Be
or in the Orient, may be indicated by
the receipt of v a message in Knglish
Z Mtson ,teamer Manoa, which
wns uuijueflifouauiy oi nun origin.
The message was received bv the
J M,noa when she was three days from
MonoVufy on her return ypvage "here af-
rem-wmg a tusaBied .snip, it pur
ported to report the sinking of a trans
port bv a submarine n the South Boas
with the los of 1004) Chinese ceolies.
This radio was picked up by the
Manoa oeratora when tnev rau the
receiving range of the ship's wireless
up to its maximum, and listened in
on the strange Germanized Knglish
message. Its wording gave every in
dieatlou of having -been phrased bv
a donna n, as well as the untruthful
liess of the message.
BecRuse of the character 0f the Ma
lum wireless equipment, it not be
lieved the message could have come
HeHin, but rrom some point
.from 1000 to 2000 xii i lea awav.
Uu a previous Toynge to Jlonolulu
the Manoa received another false and
strange wireless message which report
ed the capture of Auiien during the
iuituil part of the German drive on the
Wot b ronU Messages Jave, also been
pirked up by the Lurline which told
of great victories bring yton by the
i.eriiiiin armies on the European but
tie fields.
All of these messages are thought to
be a part ot Oerman propaganda in
ilu portion of the world to enrournge
' Oerman Sympathizer! and to discour
I "K tl,"He or AHiea. ,
W ith very little effort to conceal his
I bungling attempt, Bernard To hi n , n
j fireman on Cne ateamer Colusa, was
luught attempting tp bring a tin of
opium ashore at l'ior 7 yesterday by
Custom Insiiector James Podd. He had
it hidden under the front of bis alii rt
and told the inspector it was tobacco
liefore it was inspected.
I Tobiu expressed surprise at his own
act a few hours later, after he was
turned over to the United States mar
shnl. "I don't know, what I was do
ing. I never tried anything like thut
before, ' hit said. The Colusa fireman
seemed to regret his arrest only be
muse his wife and "kiddies" were
coming to the t'nittd Htate from the
"old i-euutry" in about three months,
or at least so be said.
The flremnn appear rational aud in
telligent, and was entirely sober, yes
terdav. although he walked deliberate
Iv into the arms of the customs in
speetor, whom he bad Been aearching
I other members of the crew as thev
I left the Vuclfle Mail steamer.
I It is understood Tobin will waive
eHininatioii before the I'nited ritates
i oiniiiissioner today, and he will like
ly be held in custody uutil the mil
session of the federal grand jury.
unrest in Austria
! I ilNDON, Mnv IV -( Aocieteil Pre
News received hee state thnt i.irei
.n the Slovenian district of Austria
is increasing, with mutiny spreading
with pi-cut rnidditv. A rteuter's de
oiiur from n eil i-m scurce ssv-, that
Clill'tiel P,. .(., O-'lUi I - -1 I
,iii ellll. iis eildid ill bloodshed.
Han Origin Is
mil io a nhrinli jo
ULUOM rilyJLillrtll to !
Former Japanese Government
D. ,.
ncjji caemduve in dan rran
Cisco Is Returning To Tokio
Two hour leap than ix day from
'imp lr nailed
from Han Fran-
cico, Hie Toyn Kion Kaiha stearter
Miboria Maru :urived here yesterday
noon with aeveial onssenirer for Ho-
nolnlu and n ln4 through list. The
.menu Railed fjoni Han Franeiaeo for
Honolulu a week ago today at to
o'clo S in the Rfternonn.
lfaa Seventeen Tor Honolulu
Mr. and Nl Kobert Hhiairle
have bien on tin
last fall neri'
atioard the Nilnn
rirk e a annlher
aonard the Tm.i
niHinlaiid since late
returning residents
i Mrs. A. K. Rest a
"ell known resident
Kisen Kaisha liner.
Besiile these tin
embarked here:
following erons dis-
a. H. Aldrirh. Y Aoki, W. J. Con
roy, Mb. M. A. Kosche. H. Ka-
dooka, K. K i m iiia. Mr. nd Mrs. K. t4.
MeDougall and child. W. I.. W. Millfr,
l.eyisnd H. Mevers, V. Mivamoto and
Col. H. Mato.
Several Diplomats Aboard
Colonel hato is an officer of the
Japanese army who ha been on a tour
?f inspection of radio station' in the
'.nited ritates. lie 1 to remain in Ko
diilu'u for several weeks and l to be
the guost of Consul General Moroi.
One of the through pnssenger was
Hon. l.lao Ngnntao, former charge d'sf
aire of the Chinese legation In
Va' mi-ton. Accompanied by his wife
and fnmily he is returning to Peking,
whfe he ha been recalled.
Another of diplomat or greater fame
iboard the Siberia is Consul General 1
H. Banihara for the past two years'
the representative of Japaq in Ban
Fr"ncisco, and who for .twelve years
yaw Vinched to the Jananeae embnaav
al Washington. He has beeh Ordered
to report to his home government in
Tlie children of Menor Munroa, Bo
livia's minister to Jnpan. complete the
Jlst of diplomatic attaches or their
families aboard the Japanese steamer.
il . The Bibena is scheduled to aail for
' the Orient at seven o'clock thin morn-
,B,,e W1" ,aV
steerage passengers from Honolulu, all
Japanese returning to their native
: eoutry for B
' i;
Steamer Colusa Answers S. 0. S.
In time To Rescue Passengers
From Sinking French Liner
Little more than a month after rea
cting 7H0 passengers from the French
liner Andre Lebon, which sunk on a
mud flat with her decks afloat in a
gale in the Malacca Strait, sixty mile
ftom Singaore, the Pacific Mail steam
er Colusa arrived here from Indian
Ocean ports yt sterday morning.
It was about half-nast eleven o'clock
on the night of April 5 that the Colusa
i Ti - !. -m i ,
ri iencij me oireiesa can or me sirana-
en sienmer. i ne narrow, curving man-
nel of the strnits mnde attead dmicrnr.
ous. but the Faeifie Mail ship steamed
us last as possible and reached the
Andie Lebon at half-past live o'clock
the next morninu.
uup Awaan wim neip yunves
Hv this time the French liner had
listed dangerously, with the water
sueeping across her main deck, al -
thoii.'li the irale had moderated. Home
f the passengers had been landed by
thin time nn a small mud island, which
i' i use just above the surface of the
wnler, by a small .Japanese torpedo
bout. Through the aid of the small
Oiientiil warship, 600 Chinese coo'ies,
2"o injured French veterans and. thir
ty members of the Andre I .ebon crew
I were transferred to the Colusa, later
I they were landed in Kingaporc. Nearly
j :; other passenger we're taken off by
.Iiipnnese warships which later arrived.
The Andre l.ebon wa a French liner
of I 1.000 ton and was en route from
Saigon to Hongkong. Her passenger
list was made up entirely of French
soldiers and Chinese coolies who had
been wounded or otherwise unfitted fur
duty on the West Froot, and who had
nil been invalided from active service. 1
Colusa Takes No Mail I
The Colusa bad twenty-seven through
passengers and a full cargo of freight :
for Han Francisco, for which port she
sailed at two o'clock yesterday after
noon. She took out no mainland mail.
As till her passenger accommodations
were taken she took no passengers
from Honolulu.
William V. Cook, head of the Htrait's
I railing i omnauy and president or a
S,,.,.or l.nnk ... nn. of It..
prominent of the through paaaengers. I
J. V. Rlake, accompanied by hi wife
and two small daughter, is bound for
the Ktate after a tour of th.e Orient
iu the interests of the Goodyear Rub
ber Company. Another traveling man
aboard was Haidie E. Colby.
Kobert .lame Watson, a retired ftri
tish army major who has seen many
years' service in India, ia another pas
senger ou the Colusa.
w. a i.
1.II.N1XIN, May 0 -- ( Associate I
I'l." Foreign Minister Italfour de
nied explicitly today that there is a
re p t cm' n t a t i ve of a neutral country iu
Kiirjaud now working for pence.
He said that "no peace offers li'e
coiue recently from the enemy and no
iip.. tativ. of a i.eutrhl c nntrv i-.
Inie '.ale the Sllgoesti. n ..' a in
MPin ii ni nn
llu.elah)., My 4 iKli
f ; I :
tH-tH.-aNf-Jblf .' I ' I ' '
H-v KuMWIu, t.t4 .X.iS I I
'. Ilrcwcr A Co. MU ; ....,
! ( I
crii' -n i '
Kaa Us in. in
Haiku .Mm. i i,
il. Sii'.W. A.i . ...
T4 2T 1 '
, TO
w Hiif. en .
i.j?. I'imiC .
i "' li--l;vl
n.,1.. ngflr . ,i;ft
All llrrde Ho. Cot, bid .. H!
iM.iit 'IIV. I
31 i to SI
oumoes Knu
Ilia si'if
., ex t .....
.1 U, it i U
.1 344 24', t4
... a i t..,..
I'SuiiiisiI M.tf 1' III II I
I'm 1 ti i.u Aliu
. i I'mni . I 'n. . . .
Ii"..-W lii, iu.....
Pioneer Mill In. .
.i..- iiinua VVl-
Waib.ku Mia o.
nnmiiii iar('" n.
iNt'KLI.ilMM ) .
KN.tan 1m- Co.. bid.
11 Issoe Aen () Prt..
.till InMII- riu 1 1, , ...
Knal .'oiH-r Mluinjr Cod
itaiu . r. 1.0., t'rq.
iiaw. in, nr. iri A .
it. :ou.
KJ. B,
It - it !
Iiatr. v. H. wt. ....r.
Hawaiian Klewrtc Co.
Maw. I'luraoiile to.
linn. II M. Co
kkttm. ias i ii.. i,iri.
ilin. H. T & U Co. . ..
Inter Island rt. ai. o.
1 Mill. Tel. Co
:;3? I::::,:::::'
.,! ,. ...
Ullll It I. Co Ui
itfl mi.
I'alianc Kiihher ri
neiaiua iuikiiiiks. J-il . .. l.iy, .
Kame mi Fn.l i..l 19 1 i.,.,.
Taujoug ou Ituiilter
lilter t.'ii..WH..i..r..,
Reach Walk I. O.
Haoiakua lillck Co.. ..,. .
Hawaii Con ky i T7V
Haw'n irr. t'o., ...., ,... W
"J Pat
-m. ub. nap. i
,tserl HiU luUl . ...JM',,.,,.
iww in-i o-.)';y ..I7!n.,i..
title Oa Co.. L.M., ..!.,...! 7 .
Uum.lulu (in Co., 0 . .. J' ..,..
Ksaal Ur- Co.. . ....... .irl U....
no I. Ii.
Mi Itryile- Siur .. Cm ' I .i
Mutaal Tttlenhnn C o..,t(M
II , 1,. Cm., V .'..t tsj
Hug Co.. r, ..... nlud
Hiia. Co.. e ..... Oi
.. iImkh M L' . .. JL..IIU1
tw'j ttwvi
uuui nua
Han Carlos MUllag. TTliot-.
':lrtc Ajliann ft Va.
BBTWEKS koAKlra .' ' '
I'louw. .10. lot). ITi.Wr'tHaa. 13. 9.7S.
HOAHJt wAU'eA -t'bia.
III. i.7.,,llu.ri, 5. 2115.
tyk ,tVOTATlOa
Janaar .1 JV1 .
MM analysts lvi lue riilMI.1
mr Ceat. Vf Ha-!mjar ...
ir i tuw . r w '
HlngHiK.lv .4
w luik lAu .HuuiaiMMi;.
. . st
NKW VUUK. May t AsaoctaVeU I'rrMt .
r.k;uiit tux uv, lit oira-a, ummt
uuviMUnua wf alin. 1 the Av,r lurk Aiafe.
ket resiecda. -' . ' . ."
1 ia
AuHrhau Kugar , ....
Aluertt-ua Us.-t
Assuelaietl Utl
Alaska Wold .
.f K'A I I0T
AuMlcaa csaotiv ,
AiuecUma .At ..Tel.
Aiiu-rtian Smeller .
S ''
! Aiiauuu Cwwr
u.i'uiuu Jtauvvajr
,IUICT-Ii a PltMM UTJ. , , . . , .
r-v i;
j BUW,M T.woi,otlvH
, nuitiiaorr': uun
iWlhklllCMf teel I
!? r'i...-.-l W
Xiti'tJShltr .'.
csnadlau raeloe'.'!.
. Jtaul ;,',.,
lolo. Fuel Jroa'. ...
i ,,
Ui ;
; cuua buy
Krle t-out
uba uirar 'ane . .i.
tiudotua . .....'...
Ueatyrai KirotnUi
t .
liiivnt Nrtiui
,-lH!it Aui.lM'S (UHW
a I'm.
'liion Nlekrl
luduatrtal Alcohol , . .
... .. M, . fc.W"' .
Lehigh Valley tultway
.vc ork t'eutral , a .
IViiiis) ivaula
Uiir t'ouaeJIdnted , ...
ItcadUitf (,-vuiiuon . ...
lel.oi.' tlOll IHMSlU
.M.uilierM J'aeifti: .
HluiU'lilUler . . ,v,.v...
lulled Hiale Uubbvr .
Texas Oil .
I ukiu la'lDe . . j
I I'
vt B !
.-I '( i
-.1 tw I
..i M
I uil.il MilfS Haeel
..,- too
I bib
rn i aiiH" '.'.'.'.'. 2t5M t
igliense . .,! 4V
W esicrn
iv eailngliense
t fct-aUvtiWeit. I Uasiuutwi.
X- .- rrr, ...
' - , .' ,.'."'.
S.. KUANCIK'O, May t-Aw1t-ctl
Prusiii '.iiwi are Uie upauiic end
clu-ilua ciuoiailoaa fit aacai .a4 . etlasr
m il" In ike Has rraavlac market
Ii-rdaj: T
IJsw'u Cvm'l .,
Hawaiian Huyar Co. .
Hounkaa Uu i ...
lluiylilusoa Hugar Co.
(isliu Huuar Co. . ..
olaa Hnaar Co. . ....
..I 'luea -otttfar t'n. .
Pusuliou Buaar t.
Houi.Uilu uu
l.niri is t'oniMnr n
ataman v. o.
Ju reifpaaae .to Uayo Fara'a call for
Dtppei ty .pwers tn tar over their Jdle
laud for cultivatlotf, Ur. M. Hcblewmer,
I reding . at; lo Wulick .Aveaue.ad
I dressed a eoaaaauajaatlot to tke niyor
vesterdav,'frdng tk Use of two lot
la the Kalihl distrjet for this purpoee.
"I will be only too glad to tura
these lota ever to the government with
out charge for the period of thi war
for democracy," aaid Mra. Hchleminer
in her letter,!. y4 -8)11; ,k ia, that,
the fences bij kept In order."
I w. s. .
Iiespondency 'la of tee caused by Indi
gestion and constlpatiou, and aub klv
disii(iur whu, ClmmlKsrluiu 'a Tablet
nre tak,eii. TUeae ,tlMl ttreigthea the
o. e tion a ii.l move the towel. For
bv all denW. . ljonsoii, Hinith A
Co., Ltd., agents for Hawaii. A.M.
aa i .ail
. , V -ia !''
v ,',' ;

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