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!!AVVAITAN.!Zfttt FRIDAY, ! MAY,; li 1.91.
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-r, -t-t .... . .. , . ;-- ' ;,;-. 1 ' i, i i '.' !. I T; j :f ', ' ' i Pi !' '.
u v.t iAr v ' ' i 1
"- - . " - ' .
1 t
i u ii M il I.
i - t i-i
hi If II II
-7... 7 l L l! I . .i . : .
V-s . ' ' . 1 f ", '
, . ., ,i ae M ? .
i rr. ' : s ".
r ; " , t r-. -
Sfacmcn issued By
Rtfiiie4 yilh
. Vniit o jLpr'ji. -prt-'
Mct of agriculture hat Ubii-
Isr taUmont ihowlnr taa aagar r
witloa af.tlt Hawatiaa IHud fr
th rwl .lia.- M iM .19.11- ..T'-
Utn kwUti re!4Yd.wlta,8rci.t
- Utett a mfrt irM Rtwrp and
la LouUlana ia partVtilat.1 I n
'mrting oo tha atataataat'tha Loutaiai a
1'laater aayi ia part.
n The Hawaiiaa P 49,0tia ki rt
4t' rV- 1BH; 501,761 ' ton lor J9 10
and 44.H laan (or 1117 Tka wi
m rUM air tan dot 4civ M eWt-.to
ia itfveaor 1815 at 46 .tona, 1818 i 42
ton ! IB! a;3' ioaa. ThU ia a
woadorful lhowlorf and far better thaa
anithlag of the hiad foond ia Cuba
a preaarae batter, thatf an be
iounb anywhere elae W the aajie auir
world. " Fert theae flgurett ahow eon-
4iaeMhto eariatien, aa ra the lalan l ef
Ifaai 63 Ioaa per mere . were, .pruduot-J
in 1813 and .en tbe Ubind f Hnwalt
J.I tome only, were predeeerf W-18H.
XlAMt teaalta in eM( predaetio ro
liable to .ar. with the Tiiryiag eupply
f' arateiv which la alwaya aoaethng
it- ftetir A the Hawaii. IaliAS. ,
Afea.Wvtaee-'.' '? ' -i
..The aw tn'atiRariefBA.harreated ia-
dleateo a graauai.incroaiw., u Dving
Tpertd at Jia.tOO 11 ttai3,-
dic.ted a gradual. Inereaae. : 19M being
-fist ecretitttd 1U7 awoo.Mrea.
TeA ielMiy enonneua increase oi
. R50O' acre U 11T oter. .tae acreage
41 3911 ahwe ap i the laal crop, aa
.Will Meear-keluw.. - ."tvi. K
Thelnctease ia soT aiaterUl beiag
T pereBt,tka we s regar it as
flu- uahe . of the --high prieea 'for
ingur jrrsr aiing,aa.eeijipe4 -with
the price same years back.'- ,The areas
lay tana lar the Islands make liferent
kewiaK wkH taJtew aa" kO,r aa
aaach ;of AhfJMjie .te qirei W- moaUa ho
,tttaad-Vi aaj apntha
if. would seem, that jiot;oer o4-half of
the ree U sdnaUy hrsted.
Iklk wXkio leaTe th AAal .eM.raj ef the
aareral taJeodw yaara ,eorreet .,at te
ported, as the report Indicate the JUa
titieawef Ati'gat. aiaaiy.vpdtef6 dur
ing the ee)eaorvjrarv altntfugh .all, of
'tkereMesi werr tot barted, .presunv
' Wy aaocbT of ft being ioO immature
( aarreat.iThe 4rtnr fjuentttiei ef
eatae ertshed ro-the' neverai .year as
' otstratinri Seems slaw
.. .". it ' .
Aj jet fhe Sugar Planter have net
received" renfies from vVashingtba to
1 jnMtVyi .which were asked of, the
toVenunant.relMtive to cost and oUor
' matters connected with the bringing
. . jeie oj Forte, Kcan labor. Tne queries
wsra. t t oyowlng .the receipt of the
' report efi Jtyai V. Meaf, head of the
' aaeeia4iae.'s labor bureau, , His ra
eik waa xnraUy liked but .there ware
. Snore im iravraiuiw juinuu u secus-
) pafora aa sdsuiui acceptance of
' the proposals er tke government, tit.
. jgacaa aase yaataraay atiexsvooa mat me
' repjiea had not been received,
..Front . Associated Press eorrespond
. isei It would appear that the gather-
,j log olJ.Bbor, oa Jorto Hieo for main
: Hsmf use1 is" jiot prpgressi.ng very rapid-
jkrif rom Sen Juaii, Porto Bieo, and
' aaya. M P":
: .Two ,, thousand skilled workmen
' have Jieen' reglsteted in Porto Hico
' hfobCh ih.e, efforts of fbe United Ht,tea
emptuymen) aervie,e of the, department
- sxsa te so .anywhere' in 'the United
. BlIWV -V. lipiluu,u wa
' other essential war work.. . .
, JCi Eobert, repreaepjing the d4
jtaxUnent of Labor here, made this
etatemeot (rentcrday. . Besides skilled
- 1 1 ft AAA L I II
h have been Registered ..who are willing
4 jl4 t-9 the-1 niied. ate to work.
M"t vlTr-7i" T fl siTTir )
Et'Mf.il (K
.' 4 T .e f !r"; . ' .i ' '
. WAJMIISOXOK, Max lfT-(AsaUte4l
' Preoa) W. S. Frringto..o. Hoaolulu
wa yesterday -appoiaeod. director in the
Territory of Hawaii of the employment
bureau of Uie departmeat of labor,
r Tbe parpeaeiff this bureau ia to ae
care' and equably distribute the labor
of., the, eppatry to ha t dlenesa'and un-
amployment can be avoided and at the
. aaW time the essential 4n(hlstriea, ee-
pepiaU the wr Induttries be assured
n adequate" aupjlj1 et workers.
tfOvfA. .
r Jar rhewmatfem yets .will tied notfcing
Vetker shaft. Usansberluin " Pain- Bab.
Now ia the time to ft irid ot it.. Try
thle liniment and aee how quickly it
,VU1 relieve the paia and soreness. For
- sale by all dealers. Benson Bmith k
Co, Ltd, kgenU for Hawaii. A.lvt.
Mitn., ....
Department of flgn
Three. ym Is
Dtep Ittktest
n"pori'H in iihort tons ar fulliivn:
l!fi 5.1 sfl mm fhort tonar into! 4.S.MI,
424 nhnrt tonn, and 1017, ft
iihort ton. Tb repirtil avfrrigr- px
frr.riion of Kr a rerreitanis of the
wcicht of t h b la eivoa at liffl
pptrput for iai5j 11.30 pcrrnnt
lOH'i, and 12..13 percent or JHU.
innmmiun extraction reporw- l ronii'
from Maul, Wbera 4.t perrrrit wnn
extracted ia 1915 .and tlir ininimiim
extraction wn ,11.43 percent in 1H15
on. the iland 6t Oawai1.
Extraction ,1a JUck
, The.iyerae extraction nf auar per
! ehoit (oa f ca'ue in poundi, which ban
tjloe,n aur eoinnnja method .of com par
; ng reiufta n ulrian, at and a at 2lii
ponnda fpr lUiBj 244 pound for 1010,
i and MT. powada. fof f, the h;j;heat
result! being ZHS ppnnda ia 1813, ae-
i cur! n ,tb Ind of .Maui, a,nd the
'est results Mere ZZU Doundi ner
ton,-Wrel ia 4813 6n the island of
Hawaii and n 1? on the Island of
TMai. i', i-.i!' :. " '.
?TIe extraction o,f,augar by percentage
of aufrar actually (n the cne ia not
gire in any of tb,es fostaaces. riueh
extractioa reveal the hiaheat desree
of eiaieney in ea,ne augar maoufactarp
uk to the onlinary lipiita ef say 80 feat
ui iv mm nui; iimih oi wv
The feagth q ,tbe eAuipagla interesU
ua ta XrfHiiatana. waere JUU dajra a a
long .iSampign, ,6p d7 , tre'Uge,
and 70 flnys' dxeeptignal. - VV'e assume
that the jength at tfio eaaipa,iga by
days mee,na the ealflnar dys eonsum
ed during the .whole eeaaun a.nd find
that the : campaign reached days
in 1813, 8p day ia 1910 and 190 day
in 191 J, tu verace of qyer aU calen
dar montba. . "v '
These Ire all very ihterestie figures
and they hoir what a wonderful sucs
eess has resulted front he reciprocity
treaty made between the t'nited titates
and Hawaii in t7S whea the llawivia
production was but eome 40,000 or. 50,
000 tons and waa .aerionaly Stated M
being impossible of. increasing beyond
78,000 to 100,000. short tns, and now
we And the crops of the thrive yWS
under eotoiidetaoan averaging nearly
600,000 abort tons -per year, ox twelve
time the production of forty-three
years ago and six times the maximum
possibilities then contemplated.
Lends Itself Best To Finer Tex
tures' Than To Ctrarse
. Olaa's propoHi'd luiussc paper plant
will -be auperior to anvtliing which was
exrWted here up to the time that the
order for it wax plrn i-il and is more
Intensive than win miggcsted bv R.
Beaton Hind when he rnturue.l frotki
the mainland nenrly two yearn ago af
tar 'a thorough invent Ration of pro
ceases and poxxitiilitiiMi.
- Bagastie for paprr innkiug lends it
eelf.liett.er to the higher and finer
grade f fmper tliuu it lnes to the
coarse product which m to le turned
6Ut by Ola a fur mul. Iiinj; purpones, Mr,
Hind aays. Olaa vtantn paper fjr its
mulcking jinx-ess an I the bngasse pa
per wmeh it turns out
will answer that !
fiurpose nicely nii.l its maiiufucture will
nSure a material suvhil; over the cost
of purchasing other puper for thut pur
This in im win Icsmis the possibil
ities for a great use uf tine lagae
awpefs in tune to come, Mr. Iliad
says.' He is -u u Ii. I i-it thut the time
will come when its use will he general.
He now has in his otlii c the samples
of bagasse peper which were shown
at the Maui County i'mr last, year
and the texture of s.nne of these sam
ple ia surprising. There ia par that
is suitable for letter writing, other for
wrapping and inure than a dozen dif
ferent grade are hIiuhii.
'.It la the understanding that the
Olaa plant is caput. le of turning out
irier ' grade than mulching purposes
require and, if urcusiou warrants, can
alter into the manufacture of other
papers. It is aluo understood that the
neW plant will be such us to permit of
ia ready expansion.
ALBANY, May 9 (Official)
After intensive uud immensely in
tricate werk entering more than
a year, the secret code through which
Former German Ambassador Bernatorff
PaaeoT for conducting his treacherous
spy ami sabotage camimign against
America before it entered the war has
been "-deciphered frum thousands -of
w, a. a.
Mauritius will have 224,000 metric
toaf ef suvar this vcur. Last year it
waa only 2w,0iiU tuns. Only 7000 tons
were kept at home, the test being ex
ported. The Hritish c,o ernment has
taken tke bulk of the sugar. ,
I . 4.
... I... . .. ..
'' i. I !
' TO&W
Goverryncot , $ u t.y.ey,.ii.a.w
Stocks More Than Sufficient
To Planf NorW Acreage"
WAHINflTOX, Aphi ?-Ttml
itrm on sngar beet ee.i ttorka In the
I nitcd Mtate, a eoMereeit by the Wiir
Hini'rijenejr Beed Survey as of January
.'U, Wft giT antlaat. eak by the
l'l)nmeHi.of agriruHura.' , The ngures
how that on (fat date thfcr were on
bund In thl ropntry 19,240,57 poonde i
of imporail, ,beet eeed and 27,014 !
p. no is at; borne grown
of 1:7,101,183, pou.U.,;.. ,. .K ' .
TMrty FiieB Oeda in Ju 'v : -.. v
As comparel with .he corr;spoiiillng
do'.e of .11 J,. the report shiw an In
crease af l,lr40,Bl fconnila In the Muck
of import. ' aail. ',485,44-1 pounds, in
the stock of dorneitie seed, 'making a
comUucd Increase of 636,jfll pounds,
or nearly, thirty pefeeat, during .the
year, tuiportation of sugar betl seed
Into the -halted, ..Btatea- during tb
twelve pionths' '. interval, as' reportel
lay the ilepartnierjt of '..commerce,
to lJ.,4.t7,7B7 pounds, ami the lioinesDc
production f of 917 waa oflkislly es
timated ia December at 6,046,000
poiindv.v.-.'v'r. 4.- . vV '. V.l: .'
'becking up .beae flgurea .for stocks
on hand at the two ia(e ,a,ad .of re
ceipts 4n the interim, it appears that
the domestic augar beet .crop oi 1817
required ' in ,h. planting a .totak' of
14,7416 pounds of aged r The beet
acreage for 1817, is estimated bv the
department of agriculture .at - 7S,400
acres, "which works out at an allow
ance of 21.3 pouud pf Seed to the
acre. Thus, however, takes no ac
rouut of replanting,' nor-of acreage
p)Oiit,e whjch yielded no crop.
Ontlppk ,(er the ?ri .
The report conclude . with the fol
lowing comment upon the situation as
regards seed.-anppiiea for the coming
season and lor that tV pilot!'
''It ia apparent, therefore, that there
ia aufllcjent eeeil on hand to .plant a
normal beet acreage thia year, includ
ing the nectry replaritings, aad that
after1 the planting season is over there
should be a surpis of from twenty to
twenty-eve percent of the augar beet
seed .requirements for 1919. Very lit
tle .tugsjr beet seed has been imported
eUrce January 31, 1818 and it.il not.
probable that any considerable quan
tity will be imported before the close
of the 1918 planting season.
"In view of the small aurplua that
will remain after the 1918 planting baa
been finished, it j evi.Ut that a oa-'
siderable increase in domestic seed pre-,
duction, together with a large nrpor-,
tutipn -of seed, will be necessary . fat,
order to make posi-ible a normal sugar
beet acreage in 1919."
Reports indicate that the beat ugr,
companies are awake to the situation
and are preparing to increase their need
production this year.
a. a.
The nwiTithlv memoran.l.'.m of
sii(dies arriiiiL'ed for bv the Commit
ee ou Huiriir Simply for the Array and
Navy, cfuering the period to March SI,,
shows thut the total of supnlie ar
ranged for since August 17, 1917, to
this diHe is 14ti,704.4ti(l pounds, of
which 'J-J.ll,BSi pounds were arranged
f"r 'luring
March. The following table,
gives t re
'each prui
total supplies obtained from
i.lucer, together with the,
il.taincl from each during
Prnilucer l.l.s.
Auierl. mi . . ' "77 ir.'O
nm. .m.i io-r.w.40
lArl.u.k:- ii:i.Vi:iu0
Ke.l.rnl II7.1W.U60
I Warner ... I40.IKHI
1 He."- I 14..IIW
l'.-nn. him m XSMtajai
M.-Cnliii'i '.'Oli.Hi
('olmiiiii vnioOiiu
riav.-'iiic1. "..'iVl.a)
CsM'..iiimi nc 1 ilau'n JIIMIKsl
WeslHlll 11H.0ISI
Total r.-1'f t . . I'M !
Iteel ci.ii..iii--s 21.Vl2.4(M)
Amerl.-an It.-tln.-r'
-..n. iii it t. -- c, nv f)i0
lK-ai.-r . i.usi.nun
1 Hl.704.4IW
f tun non
10 0T3.JH0
w a
f Ontral Illinaie bar
their plants closed by government .or
ders anil -n "i ended operations in raaauj
flirturine whiskey. But now there i a
poseiliilit v that thev will reopea . to
manufacture nlcnhol free molaaaest
Three huue tunks have been erected at
one place which coralline) bold 2,750,.
000 jrulli.i s. This product, eoraes target
Iv from Xe Orleans, Cuba.' and Port
Ricn, and the cars hold 30.000 gaJLenai
It is I I that the Mississippi Biver
pin be lit ill red later fur transportation,
purposes I arm' nuuntities have V.
shipped and kept in reserve owing to
the irreau'iiritv of shippinn. The by.
products uie used for cattla foodL.Jin
potassium alts. Vc.rious dyes, Cheml
rals Slid .Iru "i .-an also be Bianufctlir.
ed from the distilleiv refuse. Jt it Vlr
mated that the plants ia Central DV'
nois roiisume 711.000 pallons rlallV n4
thai increne, t,. KiOOOO so that laree
trains will ,t kept liusv moving the
raw pro. Imt ami the output thereof.
; ' i,. i.
Ahsen;ot (Visible Sypply Is Tpus
Explained ..sljumoi;. .Say
' Brokers To Be Eliminated
Xoty AfrTln Shipping elr
eles are' talking' optimistically of sugar
future, acting (Uiftt ehipmftnts of three
hundred thousand .tons '. monthly from
tuoa to the United States ia assured
now .tant'tea aeel of neutral shipping
is employed between the Atlnntie ports
uuu cuo 4nd Porto ' Kiee. Howeyer,
sou.a with.lrawa!a of steamers recently
reposed.. with- the aug'gestioa that sail
lug vessels iie aubeUtitted, ia causing a
feolrng of hesitation leat the schedule
of the food administration be not fully
carried out. . . i.
Iteplying to Intimations that the ships
may -.bV. diverted to the traaa-Atlaatie
rout., aonta. eirulee voiat out that the
wns.go now employed is not especially
adaptable to carrying troops er sapplies.
Moreover, the . food administration is
very eaaioua to provide sugar for pre
serving, retirements .and no aurplua
thus far ban, accumulated.
. The country ia undoubtedly boarding
granulated augar moderately, explaining
in past the. abaeaee of visible supplies.
Meltings) ef refiners,' also ef factories,
for week, at Atlantic porta wae forty
five 4boband tons,' receipts forty-nine
thousand tons, a that etoeka inereaaed
te thlrty-fiMH1 thousand tons. Borne
plants recently complaining of lack ef
rewa hv reoelved ahipmenta, and
hence, improvement ia diatfibntloa i
xfrecied soon. " , '
Oovemmept- enters are. still a fastdr
In eotlng down allotments to domestic
trade.- ..".",.; - .
. Holph," aaaWerlng the argument tnat
New Orleadi tend feavannah ere favor
ed at tbe expense of the Atlantic porta,'
state thai .this il due to P.panis'h teask
era running1 'f jCuba ahd Gulf norta,
wblcjt the shipping board la' ukirtg rith
er than permit them not to carry . full
eargocs.. All Inequalities f distribu
tion however will be ironed out by the
end. of. the eaon, .nd .every .port re
ceive ,fir . proportion of . sngar. v;',
Lower prj'. of, Caban . and ojto
Jtieaa. sugar; te , aoiithern port It , due
to diflej-one; in freight .a, eompared
with Atlantic ports, fcut same, are paid
by eouthera refiners ta the lbternation
al committejl? and reimbursed; northern
refiners, thus eqaalizing the , aituatioa.-
TW trad 1 again arirred np tf In
timation, that the Washlagton admin
iatratioi will eliminate, broke, hough
there li nothing' confirmatory of - the
rUmbr.' The government In reported a
eqaferrjng' with Importer of tea re
gardihg ' elTmination el tea brokers
from that trade because ofadvaaeiag
price at the time when army aad
navy order are . la the market.- Tkl
doubt leaa give rise to toe above rum
r , J - - ' ' '
., Now the pig 1 te havy a charit.
kt the sweet beet. As dUreputable as
the, bog has. been in the past, yet he
ha occupied the throne of price and
lata and the augar beet i to enhance
bla f4es and inaidea, Dr. W. E. Taylor,
pi.Vtah, director of soil culture for
j(aha l)eere, has come very close to the
beet la his investigations and with
f,0Uf-lots of J30-pound pig tried oyt
the, beet far 48 day. Oqe lot made an
average gain of 1.7 pound a day. aa-
othar. 1.2 pounds, and another lot 1.6
pounds. Beet pulp and. sugar beets
jsere,' used, also molaaafjs fjoai beets.
The Associated Press report that the
food Commission has had considerable
trouble ia Texas with the smuggling af
sugar into Mexico. The1 custom fcutbor
itiea have been in the habit of . eoa-
i iAA AAA I 'seating 00 pounds of augar at Hous
I Sotl.nnn , . " ., ' rt i. iwti t
""U anjIUalU B'SIt V. . mmmmmm mmm
til eahs ana sack ana even jno cuaxien
women. Oa millioa pounds- of sugar
has been allotted to the Inhabitant
of Itatamoras aad other Meaieaa eom
manities atroas the .-niver and they can
com across twice a week with sugar
card end get three pounds at a time.
-JVPPAw.wAijTyjwa ,
' Trinidad fs csnin for eugar baga.
Supplies front India and Sebilapd have
been verv short, aad there na been a
call for bags from the United States.
We found' Dande) -a greatr Wg- center,
60 a visit te Europe aoree yearai ago,
and the DwIm jeopl bought Iveayily
there, so did the German people for the
Beetah were ia direct .town witn uai
eutta raw material. !t ha coat of jute
-bag weighing tt;poauvU was 27 cent
aome time ago but this price aaa gons
np materially. - -r.
w.- a.
faJJNCETON, New Jersey, April 87
Harvard oaramerv wo a ,aouwe vie
tarv ovisr . Prlncetom In their dual re
gajtia' over thi mile, and seven-eighths
MUEssi on jCarnea-U 1 .ke-Aoday, . the
Crimson Varsity era"" fllning- by a
kAat.Unfftb.ia nine mlnnta.Md fiftv
LsA-eneeonds aa4 the reshraen eight
by w length la ten minute ana an
weaad-' w- !- - - - -
, tpa UlnA Hiding, ltxihin Or pro;-
iading PILB3 in to y a
money refunded. Ifcnafactured by
U. . A.
n .,.! i i. w .m'ii . 1 1 i " ' i '
OHIO OlCn I f r OH1' '
Ml IL.I1
Ctrikt teaderjl CjjjjiTX Tvtepty-five
r, Thousand .Agricultural
, HAN JTJAN, P. R;ApHI Although
muht L nnaalbM n,MhUMd K Inhne
nttMtkm eontlnne to enlst in Porto
ftleq,' Very' little iinUrrwption or delay
ha no far been' reused to the harvest
ing "hni grinding of, the cane, and the
strike 'movement among the agrirul
nral worker seems to bhve made lit
)e headway after it rt outbreak,
ler' falma tMapnted, ,
, Baatiago Ifflesiasi president of the
federation' ' o -labor and rerrre-
, aeatatlve in Porte- Rico ef the- Amerl-
nn , Fe lera tlow of .Labftr. deelnred
'hie- week that fbbr. wer SS.000 em
niovea or the sngsr lenrnoanies on
ntfiha, but kis fcUfement ta contradict
ed bv Chief of Police Shantoa. who
sari that report from all nertion of
the inland; ahow approxlmauly 6,000
nM out. :''-.:.. . i
Thr troahle- hsa bfn confined, n.
far1, entirely t the north-coast proper
flee. The largest sugar procuring aee-
tiwn; which in oa the oth eld, haa at
no time hd ' any trouble. Th. only , Figorea: must therefore otand at
new centrals-to be affected are L 570000 toncn 1 eil ''' tS' --'-t
Canow , aad Cambalaeha, at Arerib. j December estimate, ar -deiigiied oj
Strlke developed thereafter the Easter , ntot . entirely to give- a geaeral .Idea
hoMday. -.-,..... of the amount of space,, that hh pla:'
. Xo Caooawa recently taken ever tation wlU require in the augaf bear
by A. Mitchell rahner, AUea Prepety . i.. ahlna aad the hntoutrt of ships that
Custodian. " It 1 the only property n
5!'o.t0.be tak' "TT
Child, fef many yearl charge
of the propHrty,' a beea retained as
preaideat ad general manager.
Seqt: ror Iavestlgatlaa ; - V
; In View' of tlie fac that !. Canoe
it jov under oterament e6ntrol.
request baa been, made to the Author! i
tie at Washington fof in Investigation
or labor condition ami wage mere., no
reply to k the request IM ysi oeen re
ceived. . . '.. .. ' V ,".'
Nether, ha -any reply been ref clved
te the cablegram Mat trf Samuel. Gont
per, president of-the American Fede
ration of tabor requesting atrthorlrt
UonsOf the calling of a general agricnl
turak alrlke in Portti. Bieo and iskidg
fpe. financial euriport. . :
,In the meantime Governor Yager baa
refused the demand xot the' executive
committee of t.H .Tree 'Pederatloai . f
Lkhor tor the calling ef a oafreue of
employer aad employe ta dlscnao
4ition and prevent further strike. The
demand was presented March 11. - The
env;ernoT fcescrhis refusal on the ground
that, no general strike fexiata and, that
there' ia ao evidence of a general ttrike
movement in tke mlaada. . He .advisee
local conferences where dissatisfaction
exists. . In reference te a further de
mand for protection ef the right of.
free speech and assembly, the governor
says in hia letter to the committee:
As to your second request, I can as
sure you that the Government will eon
tlnne to protect the full rlgbt of both
laborers and employers. The orderly
and rieaeeful assembling or cooperation
of -laborera for the .purposea of discuss
ing their grievances and bettering their
condition- will not be interfered with
by any officer of the Government; On
the other hand, the employment of
force, intimidation, or menace, er any
fbrni of coercion by any person or per
sons associating together, with the ob
ject of preventing other from freely
pursuing their employments, will be
promptly suppressed and punished.-The
protection of the Government is for all
th people. No individual, class or
group nan. be permitted to assume a
monopoly of rights or to exercise . their
rights in such a way as to exclude the
rights of others, aad above-all else at
this time to exercise their, .right In such
manner as to put in jeopardy toe tri
umph of liberty and humaulty in the
mighty struggle in which we are all
the weather throughput Porto Rico
continues ideal for the harvest, with
temperatures about nprrpal.and Vnry
ipg.UUlfi, and rainfall generally alight
ly below normal.
aumsfS :.
BURXINU AME, Arll JOV-Violator
of traffic ordinances taroqgh 4 fed.
eral Zone, around Camp Fremont, are
being forced by the Sap Mateo Jnetice
of the. Peace to pity for bothering the
government in war-tlm.
Justice Porter E. Lamb, ot Bur
lyigame, has inaugurated a Liberty
B,oud fine for such-offenders, whleh calif
for at at a fUst payment down, of
the alternative of ten day in jail.
Arrests are made by the Camp Fre
mont Provost Guard for f needing, car
rying blinding light r and cutting in,
Heven offenders purchased bond in
Judge Lamb' court mat Tuesday.
This action follow that started bv
Jud"ge George B. Beefy . of. Bedwood
City, who fined offender In terms of
War Certificates and Thrift- Stamps,
Objection to tbi poHe wa asad
by Colonel Jones arid Captain PeUrt
son of th Camp Frtmont , Poe
Guard, and District Attorney Stewart
iusisted that further eases be taken
to another eourt.
ii ii i hi i j 1 1 1 1 . i ; i in ii "i t 'i 1 1
Sqcfose Content It L
. Fiflures WiH Not I
Low a
Differ, fly.
Five Thousand Tons
Not all ,of ,th.e Ve vised; M"
-ttgW inpi taVaiitw
f ." faetore ,temjay
U feltei a.tetal for the SerrlUr ' tfut
put for the Teardiffering from th oa
compiled lent Decern bur, Alt bv dr
stood that all ef the plantation of th
Sugar Factor,, Obmpany . hivK given
Hgur bat 'Borne, ef -Uher independent
shippers are still mleaing; There at
uffleien estimate available, however,
te warrant the aaeertioa that there wfll
not be a variation between th April
estimate and .the preliminary ' eati
mate of asore than; 6000 tone, prob
ably not that mneh for the Augar Fac
tor flgureo are only about half that
nmount.',--i ,-,. -y tA; i-.?-t
While It wa eonatdered (aa( the De-eember-flgiirei
were very eoactative
and might easily be uTnsd,4e plan
tation managers . did not - tteSierallV
reckon on weatker eendUlenit iuck a '
1 . 1 ,i & rtL . . . . . , 1
unci iirnitura. in annormauv
eotd and wt-eaoa kae had tt -effect
, and the aueroe content U-.beldW not
-,. be aeeund: to. move-, the .entire
crop. -Condition hre, nh ftt tliajly
it.., .brirot'eftr4v t. n aJ.
poasfbihty. ,-Whn,,Uist .'Apri timat
ar mad the ,rtP heh,4.'rswal
months of motenreat) ihcrhk ben .
large part onndrthsWAfse''idJttant
a., ha beea largely de4trmJJbedr hff; aTlfea
onable degreeof aecoray i ejpecwd.
- j-a eo, there 4 . r4arn'.K btip. that
ia th d ahifkment ill b-lrL exits
of .these- climates omewbt-J-fo,)wiyi
gooa, wintf growipgwantneo toe vf
rone mi., in- eae;w
siderable; inereaaea.
At a;W.
fcenerous&AdOAtetfi .
... j.-wiv .&::i.-t.im . j
'yftyfcft m'ulchVo,' w'in oyk f'. well
ein)wbere du U ,o?et.M.W JTyW-.
nupa to. bft delwlned t 'piirtho
system ,worka ap leadldly nid .an been,
fouad w decUfed .oeonomyf at t ;ha
never been claipted b the 0a man
ager hat it would wob a well else
where. . -' . - ,.'v'ii'ir :
The moJchlna' system al Olaa baa
been' proved to be. a great labor'aaver.
It also ha the tealency -to -ed op
the crop eihee- fbe heaf l'tihed is
the ground njghta.aad - they earth 'e
temperature ia thus raised two.br three
degree. . ' -'..- -. ?1
&ulching7 r pta4ied t" Olaa con
sist 'of ceverisg th rerwe of ytrang
ckne d e space Betweea thr rows
a weH with ;i caavyroara;.. paper.
Tbu far they -hav iued tar paper,
roofing " paper or o'li't material- of
that quality but when 'he: heoasso
... nl.al 1 I nut. tin I U - 111 mnM-
f acture it own t.ruier of thr . ty a.
iayj aapw; pmeeeof-
liiiir ui nuvu .
It is claimed for it that the youag .Explanation Bought
can either pentrati, he . paper or! TUe .urmlse is that therej came an
raiae it at apot where, Jrf .rotting ' rga0t demnnd from Ah Kasta -the
paper, it ia given egress, the cane ; fl..riM Hawaiian nuirar and that
shoot are sharper and stiffer -than are
tha wend. The latter Ar unable to
cut through nnd the' beat 1 whleh ' la
absorbed and held i by therwoh-hUg
paper1 kill off ' the weed.' l-ffhu the
expense pf .weeding i eliminated. " It
ha also been ebowa ftdt' the eaer tboe
ceyered by the paper make better and
faster growth than nearby cane not
ao treated'; " -rvv .'''. ;"'
One difficult which- other planta
tions might have U the htrtdia-down
Of the mulching paper .for where fctfth
VlndK frequently prevaU tht Moaoate
a problem. At Olaa ' there, i little
wlnd'to'thnt pUatattort la able to gain
full benefits front-theT procee.' -v-
Th impreaaien geowsr that, wbere
simitar -cbmlitiong prevail, thcr Is. ao
reason why the tnukching avtm.heud
sot work as weH for tr plantation.
Further increase to' thl
water supply of Oahu USugatr Company
may be expected-in iipu ,nfoth.
Py that time, according to present
expectation thO new pumping at Uou
at h other lido Dt tjw .Hhol) tun
nel wlU be completed and be really
to be pit in operation. '
WaUhnlM watev la -the nlaklno- ot the
Oaku plaataUoB-. .Qseat. a . wo the
project. It ha .proved H .worth, and
baa been " tWdogk- eueceee. tt is
not to make it a hueees that the new
pumping plant ia put in but merely to
add to its success.
' " - - "'
( V- !i re 'V'''.-T ;-
Amount AWaitlnr) Shipment It In
. Excess of What It Had Been ;
; Expected Td Be V
v tkiks k L m a yjSiISe A ' if
Whether t QvSfMlM ;To
: Western Refineries., Almost ' 1
; -v Entirely Not Certain ',1;:
,.(-: ',iv, -i N A ';
' N prospect of earlf reliefs In. th
gar shipping situation U, held 'forth
by C. P;. Morse, local representatlvef
the- shipping board. hi-doee hope for
. change In cOnditloM before.- tbeend
of the. season, however. ' t
Sugar eoatinuee to pll p m tVe
storehouse aad the amount en hand at
the first of the month wa larger than
had beea expected, amounting . to . M,
183 ton of which 74,042 i Sugar Fac
tor sugar and 41,651 1 outside Aug.
By port the augar oa hand waso fob
.1,'. .i
Hooolnlu .
Hlh) ; .
KkhulUi .
Post AUea .
Mahukona .
Hana .-..!..
' '.
- - . Tone
. . . ' .
' It
t' Thln tnonttf t da: nsnert ' tec more.
meats la no brighter' thaailt vv 1M
lnih aa4;th ampent-en hand bv t be
first of June may be eloee to-25,000
tpn.i i ;r'.Vv'-.f;T'.-'-. i' iV,,
ttopd.arlB.Btexsl-.' yl' ,. ii'V .
.Hopi rva(W that Ufora tfc e4 Jf
Uq. tfrinfl. by the automa; perhape, there
pay? be1 launched -On, the Pacific- coast
enough, Veseela of variou typee'Hamtkw
a- -rapid clean np. -. By! that InV tbe
sugar will, ibe- exen . mor wanted Job
the mainland than, it fa now" nd'thr4
1 feaaba ta belie vehak MelUv an
artpreaokang. vehertajre 'tep .'. win. be
take to ' get the. Island crop'' to to
refiner.' At the present time) irwwnirl
appear that there, U asTf way to move
it atcr, at loaat th laaterT;anho
shipper and the representatrvel f xho
rtippiog board have aet beew able Hi
fihdvit, V -Jt .... -;. 'fl:'4V1
L Thl relief aaay cbme in the! iform
small veaeehsi Indeed thio-1 th xtwe
tntion -of rainy who are oUp4 . to
express opinions, but they are ione too
optimistic. It I a ease of promise
little and hope for the beet. .- ' f; "
afore UijerUlatten , , . ' -'
Tet Another matter of uncertainty
ha arisen.- A week ago everything
pointed to practically all of 4 he eu gar
qf the Island goin to Western re.
flneriee. On thcbeehi of thin cam tie
aaaeuneement that .28,000 ten woeWl
to Vanconver, the, firet, shipment
leave by the Tanet -ihU-i-wee.
Tbi seemed to fairy confirm -Wfe'rri
preaalon that existed but the' first1 of
the week there came a surprise to Ho
ihape of cablegram which told of the
llverting ef the- big cargo of the George
shington, 10,600 toas, and of the
nyadea, In all about 14,000 tone,v to
Eastern refineries. At the earn time
the Junes a was diverted to .Crockett.
. Confirmation ha been secured that
the shippers here believed matter had
bee practically arranged for -the re
fining of the Island product principally
In the Western United States aad in
t Cano'la. Now shipper admit that they
llo .not know what plana will be carried
out. .
' ther. o-eana an opportunHy for? it
movement by rail of which advantage
wa take. Tber i nothing to jnfU
ate that this may not occur again nor
Is there any Indication tbat the laa to
have moat of th sgar go .- Woetees
telUerlee may-not be carried out, . It
I kpowa that there ha arrived ' on
siderable amount of correamoadeace,
maU and telegraphic; between th aaln
land committee, the representatives
there of the planter and Eastern Sugar
men on the subject and especially in
reference to sales to Canada. ',
A it is the shipment to the Eat
through thia diversion of those two car
goes mean a much - larger cos to the
shipper s running up into the hundred
of thouennds of dollar. . ''"
The piling up oi sugar ia also aaaut -log
eerioue proportion and it it becom
ing luorq. and more evident that th
torehou capacity of the Island t
likely to be-taxed -to the Umlt If net
saceeded. 'Besides tbla the holding back
of shipments means also the holding book
of returns and. thl wilC be apt to mean
a deferring o 'dividend' until uh 're
turns do finally come I. They ar
certain In the end, almost,' te but
to anticipote them In, all instance,
would not be the best business policy.
. w. .
fh largeat akd most uoders.ngar
mill in Venesuela, know d a tkefCee
tra Tacarigua, 1 reported to havf had
an. output of. 5000 ton of ugaf thl
vear whish la an iaereaee oa 1324 to
over last eeasoa. ' The area of ean U
about jKyrOO acres, above what it was
last year, but th yield i at at tOflOQ
we efi eeni, Instead :ofv 4LS00, too,
, This central ha a record dividend era-
, log capacity of twenty-two pereeat
on it capital stock of 1386,000.

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