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.. V k ....
- ' J ly V j -
a 11 . r-irr t .n ptt ttt t i iniiu inrmi r-r .
i IN 1 li IV- IU JLniN 1 I' JL
.' ' 's.''-i;. ' . t,-', 'V ""
UIaitt IJaWi Unti i i fii TPaI nltnirr
. J ' I f,' ' ''''!';,' v. ' "ie. .!'' "
; LeiJiaui rortror two
: iiuiwu luueiicu mere
.... I i m i ii '
Maior Harold M. Clark. United
jlc$y nuftfV who left Tort ,Kanichajncha at quarter-pan nine
o cl,Kk yesttrday mornlng for HilcJ,1 via on the first intcristand
. - - - iT A L. . . . ' . I I k ' I '- '.'
seaplane flight-ever attempted, was
s.recial wireless message received
and mav have been lost in the high itiotiutains of the island of Ha-
' , u . , '
wan, unless Jie was able, dftet dark, to plane down to the sea oh
he Kau bf Kda sides of the Hie Islmid.
c-l b . . ,
Shiiiiiian RartCh, on the Tiitrn slopes
This was about six o'clock last evening, and up to nine o'clock last
)Hvht the aviator had not arrived
.. ..
n.w..iii.-v au es-A ah rt
rt.- u : - :
-.1 . ... . . . -
Aero Squadron, of l-ort Kamehameha, ; . an expert mechanician, is
known to be dannffi and resourceful, and Waior Henrv C. Merrfam.
chieT of staff of the Hawaiian t)epartment, to whom the despatch .
was communicated last night, stated that even with the aviator
caught in the clouds, il his machine was still holding
could locate the ocean, he could plane down to the surface
nrooel himself to shore and both
, r
sate. Major Mernam expressed
would turn up safe and sound this
Left lahaina at tree
The- Aftvrf-rtUer first
. .... B , v.,..
gave the information that the aviator had landed at Lahaina about
noon, and left there at three o'clock, and was first sighted over 'fne""0? foajwoable time, he incurred!
;i 1 c 11.....:: f tj.i .!...:.. V ,. i-
siauu vii tianau iiuiif i lflidfi d uiiivaiivii ill iiui in jxuiidic
midway bftween Union Mill and
hour after he left.Maui.
. . 1 1 . . , . . .,. Xl .... , , .
At half-past five o clock he was seen by a Miss McAllister front
Kukaiau Ranch, which is inland, some distance back of the llaniakua
loast. The sister of the manager and three Japanese Working in the
, ... . j j t . . , 1
garden with her, heard, the drone of the machine and reported that
the motor was then skipping, they thought. A fog was rolling in
at that tinie,
.... , lj.. .. .- ..
lhe seaplane was next heard, but not sighted, at Keanakolu
station, up near the timber line on the slopes of Mauna Kea. This
station is tin the barker Ranch.' . , -. .
1 - 7he k HewdbfctbJmad Hrn tH Vfternooi of , Jfahuaiy i until
he Shipman Ranch. Persons there cbutd not stic it, bttt 'distinctly ' about piae o'elock oa the-eveaibg of
Ward the engine. This ranch is
tle mavhine must hav been at least fwo to three thousand feet
The machine piloted by Major Clark is a seaplane and not fitted
for landing on terra firma, having pontoons for riding upon the
water. Any attempt to "land" in a seaplane, would result in a sud
den shock and a probable crumpling of the machine. The country
.-iroitnd the Shipman Ranch is covered with timber, and is extremely
rough terrain and covered everywhere wrth lava.
Persons who are thoroughly acquainted with Hawaii believe
that Major Clark, flying high first passed above Hawaii at Halawa,
and then, swinging inward, went southeast, circling a round on the
Hilo side of Mauna Kea until he was over the Shipntan Ranch.
Providing there was ample daylight at that time and the fog not
too thick, the, water on the Kona 6ide of the island could be ob
served by Clark and he could have planed down to that shore, or
could also have seen the water on the Kau side of the island.
If he went down to the latter shore he probably passed over
Kilai'c;i volcano.
In army circles they have every faith in the major's safety and
believe he is perfectly safe.
Hy the time the aviator was heard over Shipman Ranch he had
1 ecu flying about three hours, which is a linger time than he had
Ikini up in his flights over Honolulu. One of his longest flights
was on Tuesday when he remained tip about two hours and a
Whatever may nave happened military air flight service from
Honolulu to the island of Hawaii, via Mani, was an accomplished
.fact, and he "had the privilege of being the first air pilot to make
such a flight in the Pacific Ocean.
His departure yesterday morning from l'ort Kainehameh was
made an occasion for a demonstration, for the entire -army .popula
tion turned out to watch the start. As the seaplane left its base,
three cheers followed him from officers and enlisted men alike.
His flight included a course over Honolulu, acrpSs'the channel,
over the JLeer Settlement on Molokai, over that island, then across
the intervening channel until he dropped down in to. the 'bay of La
haina, two and a half hours after leaving Honolulu.
His plan when he left Fort Kamehameha was to make the trip
to the' Cig''lslaa3' in two flights, and to fly back to Honolulu this
morning direct from Hilo, without making a stop at the Valley Isle.
His flight w, undertaken yesterday after many delays during
t-lK.- past few wekibut during this tjiwe the machine' was wt in
tine running conditio!," and early yesterday mornirtg the major de
cided to make ttf Start, 'd picked Sergeant Gray as his passengfcr
and mechanician.. .
W hen, be flew over NVaikiki he was up about riOOOeet. Kesi--lents
have become so accustomed to seeing and hearing the' machine
ovr their heads almost daily, that only a few people observed the
heuplane ljeqornaniere speck in the sky and then disappear al
together as it kept cm steadily toward Molokai.
No two men evcr made the trip from Honolulu to Lahaina in
such quick time. A message was received here yesterday afternoon
iiv relatives in which he announced he had reached Maui safelv. The
niess.ne was dated at Wailuku
1 clock.
Major ( lark ocpwted to make Lahaina in about an hour .and a
half, fur, although' he had his fast 100-miles-ier-hour machine, he did
:,ut expect to let it out for its full speed capacity.
f II1
,i ;
States Army, cliicf f tbe Sixth
mining laat night, accordinff to
from Hilo 1y I he Advertwcr,.ro.o,rmJdN -.lot, r no tharire w
- , . -:, :."
ot Mauna Kea mountain. Hawaii.
at Hilo, nor at any other seaport,
' -
- -
- .t i... t . ..... ,r t-j...L
occuDants of the seanlane would h""-VT" 1tZZ" "Ba'Ti
r - .
the strong hope that Major Llark
ftt 'TlflrW rni.inr." nA '
tc i 1, ,. ,. . . -.
from lialawa plantation in .North Kohala, about
Niulii. at four o'clock, or iust an
at an elevation oi 6500 feet, and
at thirty-seven minutes past two
lPirl Lieutenant' leyrarv Wilt
lentiary For (Wftnse
ilmjLt jewt. Carl Meyran. Cot Artil-
Wv. NatUial A two. ,', i 4.J
JttlllUriMWiiti bt ;a;cr; martial, haa,,
t. i ; .-V. ta.ienen0 , to ir6Vrlnoment for "
' i.tkrMr ymV-lto b ttnM Htafea pen-
,JUr MMl.. T.i t. w.-i.':.-
If III ,ltn..nA.1uheld M SehollMd Bar-'
.fapWlrmnanorted to the mainland. He
t.vL , ia aleo dim(ne.d from the aerrice. .I
1 . Til A ffia a a fAtinl crnil a am.
gr - third it eer
iuiiuj; n rnrrn lor 91. ana
mffumir tub name di j. u. 'Wifiioil ' to
iLIlich WM m(' 01,1 10 ,h 'Vi"
wi' Aith time of I ienteoatit MevranHi
J M . - . : . r .
kw4 and for a time it w
P' anat jitm en thi aeeount
and the army authorthe amiert that no
,e.omriatnt of conduct of thin cimrai-ter
iVhi'ted much afenHon, partie.ilnrly in
f rh. i,L .ji
.h2L M'J V!
-ftlrfwda," VftvrWng to rdatiVoe oa the
.fc - riMaLi HV ?ertW .V...
.i..i.... . kMn:t.t'
. bro,h, t.efore the arm.'
m,rt tn .tn-nanrv ss ihin . Fort
.... - . ... ...tr mwmmj
T'" 'e e that on
..... i. l. . "
edf!. He mmle a aimilar entry on Nov
j enibf 10, and wm rhargod with falai-
fying'the amounts.
Bona up ddu
J?"er . c,"rKf n",t D"n
1Jl71eT)tM to TBri011g praoOi for 800
Sand being without means to liquidate
no""" i "
frtbT tndeMedneaa of I444.S5, with I nuant ot theflacts in the case and
.tM..k Iah. i i. ' ...K . . .
tt the toat chaoire at Fort Arm-i
P"?- J 7" pwefabw si.
'Be foloT CBt't- Robert O. Edwards on
1 j,nu,ry 3. ibis, that the books and
aeeouritB -of ttreMtchamge at Fort Arn-
T?lw'f7 to nt amd ready for
dt whichy-the thargea grate, was xtn-
true. .Then, en ordered not to open
the wfo at the exchange, he violated
,h,iOT??ri. v ,
1 ' " dirion he was ebarged with em-
beteriog-rrtain oatichanRe funda, at
var4rfua,.tTnif,; the first beirtg 7J8.87.
lth - tJSSSLiia?f i1;
ders, , be waa charged with Absenting
.lilmaeTf-'antnotit leave irora ive -o'dVotk
January 'I,
Tho board recommended a aewtence
of five years, but this was Teduaed to
three ,$ear hy jibV reviewing officer.
The order o'f jMg..ftn. J. V. iViaaer,
department rb'mrnahder, order him to
serve three years aod to be made to
do bard labor.
Race At Los Angeles
I.OH ANGEWSH, May 10 (Asso
ciated iVesa) Mra. Cla-ins Oalliguo
Kinney -of New York and Mia 'Char-loth-
Boyte xf tho Women 'a 8wta
minj; Asaorratioa Of New York tied
for first plaee -lait nifcht in the 100
meter raae atagOd tn the I.oa An
geled Athletie Chib'i swimming
tank, the atop-watehea timing them
at 1:21 3-5.
In the flO-yard National A. A. V.
championship event at Neptune
Bench on A'pril $fy Miss Boyte won
by inches over tkn Dorothy Burns
of l.os Angrdes, Mrs. Fihney and
Miss I.eila Onocan, the latter of
Stockton, finishing la the order
Then I ti Tiiiife tb
C&ll a Halt
If you drjok beer or liquor, even
moderately, lock Out tor kidney trou
ble. Alcohol will weaken the kidney
In tim and tfcen Von tta'y pt 'uri
nary difflauhtea, backaahe; rbewmatie
attack, dlcay spvlla, etvoulmeia, or
tick headache. Don't wmlt Tor WorVe
ttonbles. Uae loan's Batkaehe Kid
ney Pills. They help weuk kidneys,
whatever the fcause. 'Couaands thank
Doan " for quick irelilsf.
When Your Bark ia Lnaie Bemem
ber the Nanse." lfDdn 'fl4pl aakfor
a kldbey reroedyiaali flUttnetry fbr
rJoan 'a Baokaehe Kidney Pint nd hike
no other). : Down V Baeh ache Kidney
Vtitn are sold by all dvdgslafa and itdre
keepeis, or will bo mailed on rhiWlpt lf
price by tho Hollixter Drug Co., or
Mensou -t'mith Co., agents for the
UawuUaa Uaads. (Advertiaoniaut)
jf Mwm.mm m w wa
Sells RiCft At Two Dollars, a -Sail
BIJ niVO!llr WO UUUaf .Uafl
.PTlCe Set BV Odj finO .
.i?',V'" " " . !
' ' " ' ' J ' i
),"-.,' K ) .XII.
OfffiflaW. Gfven UntH Tomorrow
ID rivTUna . IT tie UOCSfl U
Cbupt froctedinrjs wni Re-,
In , direct defiance to the laws
of the ,'terrirbrial food coinmis-1
sfon. ' L. Mc("!andles. niillion-
. n F 1 . -- t
aire , landowner and rice Vf: i-"-. VnJ
Of Ilwall, raised the Price .-tof'law fWeetli.n m thnt Hie I-rnl nenalfr
Ti&t two dollars a hat,' liere , Vf
. t i. u' , ....:.. riJ.
of 'rice .at ten dollar a tajr'
to iJbby, McNeill and UbljiV. In
.-..VsiJL .li li-.c'j i.'.' -.'r
ariiun' a I uriiiu r lilt- 1:1 iv in ii
Territory, the legality of the ttA
ii niter urrY?i-ri tlt fnrri .-.inimicsiofi ,i Hawnjian ru-e irnrs have iilwiivn liexn
aLu. ' .nTP'r Votr r.r,
' 1 ."1 l""Tn"B. VI
vut that Mr. McLarkJIcss
V" n2 ZT "" 1,,,s w" ""
t...k, kul.,. TL ...Ml
TOr all time the powers that the'
food commission have in reguWinlr"
' u -r
prices in this Territory. , ,
tllVEiW CHANCE , '
" ' .
James D. Dolef chairman of tl
territorial Todd commission,' l ccfe-
... -1. .V - . . .
. .
day rttoming o prepare any de-
fense he may nave fo offer and in
the event that ,McCandlcss admits
his wrongdoing and refunds tltie'
amoiint in excess of eight dollars
a bag which he charged for the
rice, and agrees to conform to the!w,I,-v i'c ' ' ''" unjust
r , ... 3 I crimination, if thin is a violatio
1 guiuiiuua ui 111c imni icnimns-
sion in tht future, ho further ac
tion will be -taken. In the everit
that McCandless persists jn 'defy
ing .the rulings of, Ave, food eont-
mission the facts will be laid be-'
fore Attorney General Arthur G.
Srhitn and crtmirial jroceedings
win.be instfcuttd SiWrndiately.
"tne 'cuYfcnt Wttion 'dt th irrtce
-of Hawartaa rtoe'ivMea ffaelf htto two 1
parts," safid tltumata ffhans p. Dole
of the Hawaiian Fbod Comnrisaion lost
"The first ia, what fixed priee, u
any, ahoold be' 'made br the; authori
ties on the HawaUaa. ne'e oro'p which
will soon lie hkTfesWd. . a, price is
made, it elearljr aotlat ;b-Ijigh enough
to encbirrage the grower to continue
in business, but (here are many factor
to be ' considered on . which the food
commlssioh would like pugges'tiona.
WuesuosB juuseq .
"Should the Hawaiian rice "b fixed
oa a basis of cost plus a reasonable
profit or by the to West cost oif Japanese
rice landed here or the highest landed
cost t
"If some nrsYHeeVinar . thlnowne.ru
exact siity 6olla"s fo'n Ifrtflght from
Japan, should the resulting exorbitant -ririire
of Imported .tllse ue:d to the
full fnt to bleed the tfocVetk of Our
consumers of Hawaiian rieef
"(Aould the Ideal firoaSicr tje fore
ed to sell his rice cheaper. thkn Califor
nia or Japanese rice can be laid down
"The above matter are capable of
much argument and study.
"The second part relates to "the price
on the few thousand tnga of unsold
Hawaiian rice remaining from the lairt
crop, most of which is the property of
two men one of wrrom i- T. I,. Mc
Candless. I'util wlthrn a 'couple of
weeks, the rice price Waa fairly well
In 'hand with priOe Iringtng in the
most part around sevr)a dorlaTs and
fifty "crtits.
Xet(0n taken
"Food Administrator Child, antici
pating "the present acute stringency,
which If not regulated, Would doubtless
have dent the price Of Hawaiian rice
to fifteen cents or more, per pound, en
deavored to arrange a voluntary agree
ment kaiorig hp rice inllhs and "wb
ere Emltlg 'the pticf, '(
' ' The figures he decfrreid oa, efgnt oimts
was approximately the current cost
of Japanese Vice lald'dbwVi in llono
luhr, iwhen cbrrvctjy , hit based and
stiipped by the subtddiiied bteamerx. It
has been coiiipluined of aa a high prico,
but uo one Iiuh yet claimed that jit does
not Vield . yood profit to the grower.
"The rice people sefrh sallsfid with
he ekception Of L. I.. JdcCindless, and
to httttea mutters, the federal food il
tainistraHon, not havfrij power to fix
prices, though with full fioweV to regu
late the profits of millers aid dealers,
requested the territorlul fdod commis
sion to rxeri-tiie its uocjupstioned price
Axiug power nud to .fixe the price of
Htornltno rice at bijt o'earl.
"This was done "and. ! mow uador
stand that Sir, JaTceaadJeas A-oaaiders
that be has boon diorimhnied mfraitiiit
and bn been onfiHy'tatea jkeeaose,
on account of the 'maialaarl authorities
having let the price of ie -get awav
from Theme there, on or-Vfiore lots of
California rice wbre aoM hBr at 10 or
more per bag.
"There may be a difference of opin
ion as to whether this condition is tuors
njutt t Mr. MrCgtidloM thin lotting'
him fharffa 2 mor bug would b un
fiirt td the people who buy and est bin'
ric. '
Jtffuiation Broken
-t"If I orrrtly umlriitod MrMe
CndlM on the telephone today he
hM broken oor irfulation nd ehurgftd
bag fof ten bag of rfce. I ean
ftar'dly tel(ee that he hna thim axed hli
6W feeling 'of peraonal injoatiee as an
ftn foV taking the law Into hi own
idj flauntiag he aiithortty of the
letMattre an embodied In the eomMlit
ion bd eOdeaYrtrinc to exact lllopal
Vlbnte fmfn the rlee tuera fo hla ter-
KAnalTpiiii. -
'.riuBn actioa would, it aeema to me,
r, T PtTi0i- contrary to
the publie interent. The Oroaent time
brimrinc out clehrty thoao who
the public welfare above their
tnterenti. I rannot boliere that
McCandlnna will not itand at the
right plare at thin time. If he dorat
if he ie A real patriot ; If he h a good
irport, tie will take bin medfolne, Wiba-K
the orarrhartrfl on the tea bags, If he
really made it, in whirh caae I ahoold
twtemmond that tho -lip be forjfotten
h 'ood autl.oritio, determine what
ITIZ. :!,nuV: A0. Xl'jltl
for the tiaxt Hawaiian erop, fair to the;
growr, and fair to the people v who
eat It
''! In eaiie of what I believe the t--
hot eat poftslbility of Mr. MoCandlese
rakiTu different Une
'hat outlined nhove. or
of artron thaa
any other party
Defend Action
e of ti i m lie lion of urliitrnri-
Mining the price of ri.-e, Mr. Mc-
&n'v? -,,uM "'K1'' ,,mt "."J1"'
r.",'miBatioa by the food eoiiilnimion
'Yoirced tliiri to tnVe ttie M'tlon that be
fMA yenn-rdnr
Hix ionl i-nt ion ia that.
Ii T . . .1. 1 . ,
Tornia. 1 p 10 vesrrriny lie nav own
Krllinir rice at eii-ht .((jllars n bair in
eonformjty with the Ihwh of the food
emililHNioii. 1ibby, M. Veill noil Uhliy
lollnm n Tiae
leliveT. Thie
tied. Later in the ,tny MeCandlea-
I Vri. oviui.iiiiK iu . nuuit-i9, no u
7MTovren throuirh bin auenta, that
L- wldron and i;o. had made a
aale of lflIK) bau" of California rice at.
im lMiunt ntwentv liv. ,,.,. Mr.
Booth, of the rm of K. L. Wal.lron
and Co. had made nn offer to Mi-Oand-
1e of nine iioilnm .md fifty cents a
b- whirh s,r- M'r"",llt'' eaya.ho
I .... . 4l . .. ., . f
J "Under these conditions' amd Me
c,n, i0 hat night, -i felt that my
eTf aind afl lfnwniinn rice growera Were
twine; nnjustly dix. nminuted aKninst
ami deci.ieil to take tlu action that I
did. 1 sold twentv luiirs of rice onlv
to the Libbv, McNeill nnd I.ibby people
although they wanted more and nm
keeoinif the balnnee lor .listriliutlon in
small tots to ntifv rlie needs of as
olution of
the lnw. I admit the allegation. Fur
tber no'ehi re Is out of mv province.
It ia now up to the food roniniitiHion.
"I have been offered nine dollar and
aix'ty cent a bag for all the rice I can
kind to California. The 'freight tate
"rl thirty-live cenfs A bag which would
give me a profit of one dollar and
twenty-five cents above the xtnndnrd
price of einht dollars a '.an net by the
fooil commission, if 1 wanted to xhip to
the const, which I do not intend to do.
I may be criticied for my action but
I will -go on record now as beintf will
inn to Kell my rice for five dollars a bug
if the importers here Will sell California
rice at ft like flgare plus the freiuht
rate. I have nothing to hide, deny
nothing and all I ask Is fair play."
Whether the raising of rice price" by
other grower Will bo done following
the action -of MoCoadlenw yesterday
could not be learned last night. Tin-re
is a Very small quantity Of Hawaiian
rice in tht-maxnet and the aliortae of
Japanese rice is no great that Make
breweries are thrcateheil with a shut
down. A small quantity Of rb-e wns
whipped from the other side of the I-d
and yesterday.
Food ConunNsiOner Willinm H. Hongs
anvs that the uronositlon sid to lmc
Iwen advanced by the L'nion 1'n.ili.-
Transfer Company to haul rire pml.lv
from the other side Of the Inlsnd nt
the rate of 4 a ton ia just another of
Food Administrator Child s iIoIiihuhis. ,
Tlie company adhiittei'lfy is unable to
'nove the nee paddy, ho says, n it
lacks the equipment.
1 'oininisHioiirr Hoogs expluiued tin
proposition he advanced at the re.int
food coinmission meeting which was
that the Honolulu Construction and
OiHving c'oinjiany stood ready to mine
the rice paddy at a rate of - a ton
nnd he said this concern is rea lv to
krive a tionl that the pail.ty in
moved at tins price, rain or shine
Incidentally Food CointnisMotii-i
lloogs said that although lie orguui.ed
thw coai-ern that , is noW the Honolulu
Cokstrui-tioit and HraVing coinpanv. In'
does not now Own a share of its sto.-K
and has nO connection With it whatever.
The situation aa Commissioner lloog
explains it is that the l'nion Tsa- li -Transfer
company lifts quoted i low
figure for a e'ervtee it is unable to per
form aud that the Honolulu Conxt Mil lion
ami Drayiug company stands n-mlv
to undertake' the jol at the Hguie he
announced. . .
The uuestiou ubout the huuling of the
rice ' 1 irtddV gVew'out of a charge voict-d
li v i oiuiiiisaiouer lloogs at the recent
meeting that Ah Chuck was lioarding
hi rice. In answer to this, it wns wii-l
t h - pro.liirt i-ould uOt lie moed ith
the roads In the condition they an- in.
Coin 111 iss i oner Hoogs replied nuot.ng llo
price at which the rice paddy could In
brought to Hou'Olnlii.
Funny Duriiek has again proven I . i
ac.ll' the best of the women m
w lien she took 'S. 1 fi secomls oil Claire
l.alligan 's world mark for .'i'in mi.li
liivt iiiontli. Miss Uuiuck set a m
onl of 7:0s I E un March
lurch LM at 4nr
le over a In..,,,-,
essed by thousands
The swim was hi a
courwe and was Witnessed
of svectotdrs.
i u
lis ,
There will be crutch iutetei-t i
nice between Miss Oalllgan and
Australian swimmer this summer
actual competition with a rival lend;
more zent to au event of the kind
Question of Representation In
House and Senate
Again Raised
Is Believed His Commission Will
Arrive Some Time After
the Twentieth
Reapportionment of the senate and of
the house of representatives in accord
ance with tin provisions of the Organ
ic Act of the Territory is again being
urged and may be made one uf the im
portant measures of the forthcoming
Miecial session of the legislature Which
is to open next Tuesday.
It in now generally accepted that the
outgoing administration will remain In
power through the specirl session. No
further word was received yesterday
or last night from Washington by Gov
ernor McCarthy and It la now almost
certain that his commission and In
structions about qualifying have been
moiled from Washington.
Tun of Mails
The first boat on which the commis
sion cun arnve will reach port here,
ftnhday. May III, the day following that
On Which it is planned to adjourn the'
special session. If there has been any
delay at Washington about issuing the.
commission, it may not reach Honolulu
until Tuesday May 21 or Thursday,
May 2.1. It is unlikely that it ar
rival will be delayed beyond tho last
named date nnd this means that Gov
ernor McCarthy wit! probably assume
office some time before May 23.
One reason why the question of reap
portionment has ijcen brought up affaia
at this time is that it ha been' held
that according to the atrict letter of
the law it is alt ogrthor 'possible that the
legislature tis constituted at present
is illegal and on this ground aay of Ha
nets may be questioned. On the aub
Ject of reapportionment the Organio
Ar-t Is specific.
Law ia Specific
"The legislature," the act aaya,
"at its first regular session after the
census enumeration shall be aaeertaia
ed, and from time to time thereafter,
shall reapportion the membership In
the senate an d house of representatives
among the senatorial and representa
tive districts on the basis of popula
tion in eacli of said district who are
ritizena of the Territory. "
This act has boon effective all Of
seventeen years, since 1IKH) when the
Organic Act wns first passed by con
gress. The provision of the act on
the question of reapportionment ha
been ignored by one session of the leg
islature after another and itii now be
lieved that 'unless the legtatatur acts,
voluntarily in the matter, and ooa, re
apportionment will;be thrust upon the
Territory by act bY cqngress fn the
shnH? of an amendment to the Organic
Act. ;
Since the act was -passed tlik popula
tion of the Territory has Ijeen steadily
leaning and the balk of the Increase
has come to the Island of Oohn wi(,
the result that the present representa
tion of the various counties has grow'aTI1
whollv out of proportion.
All Efforts Tall
I'lf'irts in the past sessions to carry
out the provision of the Orgnnie Act
have met with defdat When the repre
sentation of the other Islands have com
bine. I against the Oahu re presentation.
In I ormer sessions legislative ." trad
ers'' have successfully defeated every
attempt to bring about the change.
As constituted at present the repre
senntion in the senate b.V counties ia
as t'ullows: Oahu, six; Ha wuii, four:
Mani. three, aud Kauai, two. In the
house tho ; representation is: Oaho,
lourth and fifth districts, si each;
llavvaii. first and aocond districts, four
a . I . : Maui, 'third district, six; aud
Kauai, sixth district, ' fertir.
How out Of proportion this is may he
seen w lieu the population of the Is
lands is taken into account. This is:
iiahu. llOioOO; Hawaii. 65,000; Mani,
.tii.iioii and Kauai, 20,000.
In former years questions concerning
the legality of the acta of the legisla
ture as constituted at present have
been seriously advanced and with the
population constantly growing the
basis for this contention, has been
growing stronger.
Governor' Vlewa
(iovernor McCarthy said yesterday
that as a senator at the 1107 session
of the legislature he introdueod k bill
providing that -a reapportionment bo
made in accordance with the Organic
Act. It was defeated as were subse
quent efforts to effect reapportionment.
' ' I feel as strongly about it now aa
1 did then," (iovernor McCarthy said
yesterday, but be ebcproHaed the view
that little chance exists tliut the legis
lature will voluntarily make the change.
it the project were given the np
poii of legislators from aome of the
other Islands," he 'fcaid, "it eould
probably be curried into effect. There
is uo doubt about the law. The Or
ganic Act is specific and directs that
reapportionment should be wade and
n n oh a opinion iathnt it should be
mud.-. Hut nothing has been done in
past senNioa and I hardly think it like
l Hint tine chauce exists of action at
the e. lining special session.
"The only wny that seems open to
.-. impel renpp.irtionuient lieie is to
htm- t he natter taken care ot in i on
ores- b mi umvndineut to the Organic
.t. milking A reapportionment on the
Vasis of population."
en'. a pointing out Hint lie is not yet
a'tuilK in office aud will not be in
. i ... i .V ...... . ... y
" "S" fpecini session, i.ov
M.Curihy enirrsaed doubt tlrtit
I In .pustiou of reHMMirtonmciit would
be ,.. lip theh, of enu-ieency
,.eistion, though an election Is 16 be'
held in the falL lie also doubted
whether the ucts of the legislatures of
tin- pat seventeen veurs coul.l be qucs
turned sui cessfullv bv court aciion ul-
proMsion of the Organic
A. I has becu iouorcd.
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for noon today they win b may for
dtllvtif tomorrow.
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