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;. .. . , ..t.v ' , ji ',!.'.''.. ' ,.-,,'' ' " v '
V. -
" rvr;
Germant Unable ; To Move
Through Ground. Deep In Mud
While Allies 0n High. Ground
Bring Up Reinforcements
Canadians Do Some Raiding At
Arras and Germans Try To Re
taliate-Terriflc Bombardment
Comes As Huns' Reply
ciatcd Press) Heavy rains
throughout Western Europe are
now handicapping the Germans
and making it 'practically impos
sible for them to carry through
any" movements towards the new
offensive they are known to be
preparing. In both the salient
they have driven in their great
drive they arc being held in the
low ground, which has become
swampy morasses, whereas the
Entente troops are holding all th
high ground and are able to trans
port their men and guns without
undue difficulty.
Not only is the rain transform
ing the ground over which the
Germans must maneuver into al
most impassable swamps but it is
doing great damage to the tem
porary trench systems the Ger
mans have prepared along their
present front. Direct informatior
of this damage has been secured
the Canadians raiding the Ger
man lines in force yesterday after
noon at Neuville St. Yaast, nortl
of Arras, finding the trenche:
deep in mud, with the sides cavec"
in and, iu some places, almost fill
ed with water.
The Allies are taking full ad
vantage of the delay 'in 'the Ger
man offensive and are reinforcinr
their lines everywhere. Mam
American regiments are movini
into the front positions, brigade
between British and French bat
tabons. Every hour of delay ir
the German plans makes the pros
ject for final victory for the En
tente more certain.
Yesterday's fighting was con
fined o artillery battles on man)
sections of the front and to raids
Paris reports particularly heavy artil
lry lljhtin( on thp, Amiens front, ii
which the Allied KinuicrH are rpxpoml
ing shell for shell tn the Ooruiuur
while despatches from the eastern froir
in Macedonia to the French war ofliei
report heavy artillery activities there
British licaiUpiurters announces a tnr
r'lic Ixinilinrilnient lHt night of (Ut
liritixh linen southwest of Arras, fol
loweil by a German raiiT in force, whiel
the Canadians threw back. This liom
liardment and ruid were, apparently, in
retaliation for. Canadian raids yester
day utfairiHt the German both nortl
und southwest of Arras, the Canadian?
entering the German positions anil cap
turing three machine guns besides de
rtrojiiiijr a number of dugout and ma
chine ifuu emplacements.
A Ovrnian raid against the French
south of Amiens was beaten back, the
German effort being weak.
On the Italian front, Rome reports,
the enemy is keeping up a general de
sultory bombardment of the Kutente
line, without infnutry movements o!
any importance. There have been uu
meroua patrol clashes in which the
Italians have been almost uniformly
successful, scattering' the Austrian de
Berlin officially reports ou the fight
ing ou Monday saying that a number
of French prisoners were; taken near
t'oucv and that1 a number' of effortt
ou the part of the Allies t reach th
German lines were repulsed with one
exception, that being between the
Hoinine and the Anc.ro, where the Aus
Italians reached ami entered the Ger
man front lines.
A bombardment of the Russian war
ships in the harbor of Mariopol on the
Sea of Azof is officially reported ii.
r, a. .
WAHHINOTON, May 7 ( Associated
Picks') I'rovost Marshul General Crow
il r today issued a requisition for 40r0
draft men specially qualified for skill
ed work, to report for duty May 20.
- - ' Tt
Great Mass Meeting In New York
Held Jn Memory of Those Who
Died Three Years Ago As Vic
tims of Hunnish Torpedoes
' NEW YORK. M D-ilivwHit.
d Pvn) Th third, anniversary
of th sinking of th Canard Una
Lumtanl by a German mrwnarln
wm observed her last night at a '
graat memorial ma mooting, held
mndr the anspicoa of th Ameri
can Defense Society, at which
Theodcr Roosevelt and Senator
Owan were the principal speakers.
The Kouh Rider mad a char
actarirtlcally powerful addxtas,
urging America to "Remember !
the Lntftanla," the destruction of
which made Atrerlca't entry Into
the war Inevitable.
Senator Owen. In characterising
the destruction of this peveegsr
vessel, without warning to her two
thousand passengers, aa a sample
cf the savagery of the Hon, urged ,
the formation of a league of na
tions that wou'd exclude from com
mercial or diplomatic relations tb
Outral Powers, who hare by their
repeated violations of all - law
piaced themeeivcs outside the pale
of civilisation. The Oxtahoman
rlao urged such prepardna aa
will enable the United State to
have a force of not fewer than
three million men in Franco before
the and of the year.
S. a.
Author-Flyer Falls In fight Over
Hun Lines Baker
Defends Service
WAHHINOTON, May (Associated
Press) Capt. James Norman Hall, a
well known author, member of the
aviation aorpe, was lost in a fierce' air
battle fought yesterday ten miles back
f the Oerman lines opposite TouL Cap
lain Hall, though he fell, either to be
killed or taken prisoner, engaged la a
winning battle fought against odds.'
His was one of the three Ameriean
machines scouting well back of the Ger-
nan lines which were attacked by four
Jermnn flyers. The Americans gave
he Huns a lively battle, shooting
lown twotof their machines and driving
he other two away in flight. Captain
who T-nrsued a German plane,
failed to return,
fining Fatalities
Yesterday was a fatal day for i
number of America aviators at home
'atnlitip beintr reported from the Bel
'eville field, neat St. Louis, and from
'he aviation training ramp at Miami.
Florida, At BeUavJOlal Lieut. W.W
mith of IUinoia wa hilled, his ma
hine falling from a great height. At
Miami' there wa a double fatality, r
machine carrying Lieut. Melvin Sul
'ivan. a machine gunner, and Calvin
"ronk, of the Marine,' crashing to the
around and muing Doth men.
in the Capitol
Aviation and the progress being made
Sr the United States in preparing to
nlay its part In the air-fighting in
France was a main topi Jn both house
ind senate military committees yester
lay. (senator Chamberlain said that
he military committee, with the con
ent of the senate, would take up for
in investigation the allegations hat
here have beea irregularities in the
"inanc.es of the aviation service. At
'he same time, before the house com
nittee, the service was being defended
iv Secretary Baker and others.
Secretarv Baker announced that the
-liarges of slothfulness and waste be
ng so freely made were originated by
iro-flern-sns and had no foundation in
truth. Other official of the war de
artment testified that so far three
'hi rid red and seven million dollars have
een snent by the aviation branch of
the department, exclusive of the con
tracts now under way calling for two
hundred and seventy million.
After hearing the testimony, the
members of the house committee con
idering the request for an appropria
'ion of a billion for the air service,
expressed their satisfaction over the
nresent aircraft organisation and an
nounced that they were convinced there
had been no criminality in any of the
"ontrnct entered into.
w. a. a.
REACH 20,000,000
WASHINGTON, May 7 (Offli ial)
"he number of subscriber to the third
. bertv Loan may reach the huge total
f 20,000,000, as many arms aubscrib
I in a lump for thousands of em
doyen. Tabulation of the returns of
he great drive i still incomplete but
t ha. progressed far euougb so that
t is now certain that the amount sub
ribed is above three and a half bil
ion dollars.
w. a.
Thin dihease is so dangerous aud so
rapid in its development that every
mother of young children should be pre
pure! for it. It is very risky to wait
intil thtf attack of croup appenra and
'h"ii hi'iiiI for medicine aud let the child
Huffer until it can be obtained. Chain
berluin's Cough Remedy is prompt and
effectual aud has uever been known to
fail in any rune. Always have a bot'lu
in the home. For kale bv all dealer.
I Hensou, Smith & Co., Ltd. agerts for
Hawaii. Ailvt.
Huge Estimate! Will Be Present
ed To Congress Today Those
of Less Than Ten Figures Seem
Almost Negligible
vYlA8HIN0T0N, May i (Associated
Appropriation running far i
to the billions will b Baked of con
gress today for the nrpoee of earry
ing on th war. Estimates that run to
Us than ten Inim are 'malt
eomparUoa to tb general rpn a to ap-
p!M iuiopi negugiDie
What will b tne total amount eon
gresa will be asked to ppropriate for
the tarrying on of the war cannot yet
be told, for the exact figures are with
held by those handling the appropria
tion1 bills. But estimates aggregating
in, the sums asked for at least eighteen
and a half billions are in sight.
Big Ship Program
Chairman Hurley of the United
.State Shipping Board announced yes
terday that he would ask for an enor
mous appropriation for the carrying
on of th ship building program when
the house took op spproprintions today.
He declined to give the einet figures,
but they are probably close to two and
a half billions. This amount, it is es
timated, will produce ten million ton
of shipping during the year.
Military Head Great
Military appropriations aggregating
mora than sixteen billion dollars are
contemplated in bills that will be in
troduced. The house military affair
committee virtual! enncliiilait ret...
day it hearing on the aviation and
army appropriation bills. The total
asked for the army this year is fifteen
".-vw "J " .1 . .1 UUIIIIIIIBI Mil
lion is asked for carrying out th avia
tion program which U intended to give
th United States the greatest aerial
navy in the world. The billion dollars
asked for aviation is in addition to the
$640,000,000 already given.
Item included in the fifteen billion
dollar army appropriation bill include
o,bu,o.io,joj tor tne quartermaster de
partment and 3.378,302,CT1 for ord
nance, with 500,000,000 more if the
need for it develops.
w. a. a.
Japan Wants Closer
Relations With
America Says Goto
New Minister of Foreign Affairs
Conveys To Secretary of State
His Country's Determination
To Foster Mutual Friendship
WAHHINOTON, Uay 8 (Associated
Press) Japan ' determination to pro
mot closer gelations, with the United
State wer tMaertedj. yestej-day in
Message reirdhy Secretary of State
Lansing 4. from. .Baron Goto, Japanese
minister of foreign affair.
Japan want the friendship of the
United State, Baron Goto said, and
will do aU in her power to keep that
friendship and to enter into closer re
lattons with this eoantry.
Ten Steel aad Six
Wooden Ships
Lannched-In Week
As Result of Successful Trial Trip
of Concrete Steamer Faith Ten
More Such Vessels Are To Be
WASHINGTON, May 7 (OAcial)
Ten steel ship of 07,696 aggregate ton
nage and six wooden ships totaling 11.
"i00 tons were launched by Ameriean
-diip-building yards during the past
week, it was announced today by the
i nueii states Btupplng Hoard.
In addition to the launching, twelve
-iteel ship aggregating 80,180 tons were
delivered to the government by their
builders. At this rate more than four
million tons will be constructed during
he year.
As a result of the successful trial trip
if the first eonerete steamer, the faith
it San Franeiseo, the shipping board
lias decided to construct ten more such
vessels, of 7500 tons each, on the Paci
Ac Coast. .
Experts have declared that the test
of the Faith ha proved the theory ot
construction to be sound. Since her
rial trip 1,800,000 ha bean offered
'or the Faith, which is three times what
it cost to build her.' Her builders ven
tured the sum of 700,00Q, which also
equipped a ship-building yard where
ither ship ean be built rapidly.
WASHINGTON, My 7 ( Associated
Press) There are indications that the
railroad wage commission recommenda
tions of twenty percent increase in
wages will be followed, which will
mean an increase ia " expense to the
roads totalling 9200,000,000 annually.
; w. a. 'a. .
WASHINGTON. May 7 ( Associa
ton i'resK) ueciaing a rest case
brought before it, the United States
Supreme Court today upheld the con
stitutional right to send soldiers over
Joint Resolution Amending Selec
tive service Act Agreed Upon
In Conference and 'Soon Will
Be Before President t "' "
Questionnaire Blanks . and : All
Forms For New Registrator
' Now In Honolulu Waiting For
President To Sign . :
" (Associated Press Al.
r r
most the last stage in the amend
ment to the Selective Service A
which will automatically etiroijf
youths reaching the age of tweh-ry-one
in Class l. of the drill
was reached yesterday when,lh
senate and house conferees agreed
tn the provisions of the jolm
resolution that all Amwicar
youths reaching their majority
since June last, the date of regis
tration, must enter the militarj
These names will be added tc
the bottom of the list of' Class IA
registrants and will be called into
the service when forme Class IA
men are, exhausted, th the meas
ure ai agreed to i conference,
theological and medical student
will be exempted. . -:
The senate adopted the reso
lution on March and the house
in an amepded form, on April 25
The principal amendment,, mif
in the house was the one to auto
matically place the newsreg
trants at the foot of the list anc
another whereby draft evader
could not suddenly become in
oucu wnn a acsire to study? tnp
ology and make their entrance in
t,p a uivjnuy scnopi tne means
escaping their responsibility. i:J
It is estimated that the amend'
ment will bring from three-qnar
ters of a million to a .million mon
men into Class lA atbnce.
The resolution provides:
"That during the present emef
,rency all male persons, citizens o
the United States and all tnah
ersons residing in the Unite
States, who have Bince the fiftl
day of June, 1917, and On or be
fore the dsy set for. the registration
by proclamation by the President, at
tained the ago of twenty-one years,
Shall be subject to registration in ar-i-ordsnee
with regulation to be pres
eribed y the President, and that npot
proclamation by the President, stating
eh tin and place of such, registration,
it shall be the duty of aU such persons.
xcet such person a ,are exempt
provisions of said act approved Ma
18,. 1917, and any -act or act amenda
tory thereof, to present theraselip fo
and submit to registration Under the
provitions cf said act approved Ma
18, 1917, and they shall be registered
in the same manner and subject to thi'
itme requirements and liabilities at
those previously instrneted under the
terms of said act." ,
Members of the military committee
made the net apply( throughout th
ar so the President may at any time
require reintration. ' The war depart
ment pluns an annual registration tr
bring in more young men for ervioo. ,
Blank forms, questlonoairsa -'an'
printed instructions have been, reoeHvad
at the selective draft ofli with order
o Captain H. G. Field to prepare, fot
he registration of at) young men of
'be Islands who base reached, the age
if twenty-one since June
Provost Marshal General Crowded
evidently expected the Joisrt resolu
tion to paint and become law, for, Ion;
in advunce he issued positive jnstrue
'ions to all boards to prepare fqr,thr
"ttyistrntion of this class of young men.
"It is tlii-refore aecrarr surf
.dpate ami be prepared to furnish ex
tra equipment to local 'board s soon
is the law is signed,'"1 'ay General
Crowder in a letter to Captain Field,
which wus received yeatetdav,
t'The'i' muxt be no delay lu putting
this law into operation."
The enerhl ulno request that proper
step be taken for the storage of the
blanks and completed resords and that
"M help be arranired for to carry out
the operation of the law.
"I am prepared to act immediately
cabled authority is sent to this office,"
said Captain Field.
The selective draft omcer does not
(know how many more young men this
will B.iu in ino utKiv iiais.
' .iMA'Vvjw
' uintkfrinvtu V.a A a 1 .'V I .
rrr; i-restdevt wiiaea ytiterday
fned a pnrclasssWon daolarlng tie we
Dcgmnin, Monday, Slhf , Red
weekA . i r i, '
In hil proeUmitron the Fnsliden't
appealed to the people ef thsTUnlted
States to fc gnnerotj la theirespon
to the repeat for I iinds t6 earry ta
the work i hujaaaity fhat the Rd
Crow is doig on thytloody battUi
(lelds of Kurofie, as wftt as In th train
ing csmps thH aad in thi toontry. ' ,
The work of k& Bed Oro, th Pre
ident asserted, k as essential in the
winning of the war ,a I th actual
fighting, and the ddty 6f th America
people to support th hYe.t Inimhnitlaf-
ian organiaation 'Is
iion is s great ' 4.
' VA8HINOTpN, May(AM(d
BUSV WRE)z D0$ lil:7HE l'AR
"' 'V-' ;-'-iV - merchntna' from thh'har-
Bombina U-BoatiC Resculna a Fon "h' WM " thirty
Uher, PjoJtfng Up Victims ;
9Br1 finarrlinn Sulf t i .
T ; . ' , 1
iyt.yi tuna, My T--(uraiaij-r
A,tJited State destroyer in th T
j. xa report a busy three day, keeping turvlvor. The freight Hted to tar
Ulf feuds oa Uptoe. bwnt V5' to"BM tro
i'Pi rpriea )n taf igm
from her escort, was sighted at 'day4
jreak trarersing the danger aosi atona,
V the destrovsr amwoaeaad hsrr A aubi
marine, awash and reedr to attacks
oomed through the fog. the Ajaerift ; r Wd, headed-f res t"h tow to
iteamed toward her and th. ubmiv. lttMpi. 6 ncWhtaiai. " Sh4 wa
ia instantly divd. .The destroyed whal for ) pat mly the gun on
liad no time to bring her gun to J oaUg towef were visible above
jut whistled a warning to th jnilrv the wt Th destroyer signaled her
ind reached the Hun' poltio-i, lea eotoy-nd attaeked the uhmrin at
',hn a minute. The wake of tl sub-- fall safed firing ia les tha two sain
marine wa left and wa tiH mvig aU. but th enemy wis already vaV
in th form of a deep furrow. Tka Uhlng. Oa returning 1o .. ootavoy
destroyer dropped her eploW4gg"
directly ahead. The fog tequlrea taa urenoai. loauea wun iisnensen, wao
lestroyer to immediately reUra to her hattering angrily in French, indicating
tonvoy without wltig to f I, th the side of their frail craft, which wa
lebris' of the eubmarin appeared t Splintered with shell-Are,
the surf of the water. ' t - After attacking aad then making the
"A steamer wa torpedoed J outside lUhmg ship with bomb placed aboard
of the harbor. Can you aitt" tha her, th .ubmrin had com to th
am destroyer ' radio chattered lea surface and turned her gun oa th d
thaa a day later as h wa about-to. fennele Sshermen.
' w . .
; American, Steamer Eyeni Soor. e
: tfu Chnf4!nn finis ttnrfaraael - i.
uj vbiiuinu vii wnuyi ov&
rtraig ip qouwiii. . .
tv a tittrisf n-mw ir.'. i A .t.ti.i
i'A.'--C'. r.
m nimi n .am Mattel w m m
l T: i.il.ir.ia i" i ii'i,,lZ? All lMrini
iiAtiiltiiiit!' hi airedyTult
fbm latter ;vel fr$fci;3fc
ug - to 'a ; 'deapateh'. jut' H W 4epit
nent ftoiav' Bi)tikiavi .'.;., '' j'
The i so-, wa., evened by th.Jlperl
aa tc3e however. " the Ty dc
mrtmeut jfcjiouV " tofef thai hit
Vaiwican steamef tiawatV: in a flgkt
vith a Oormair IT-boat, defeAtad id
-jsslbjy ., . ankh-Vltbe ftrateatt fn
lit. vrhe.ubnartn. .U t repjietr,
. Tb ArJn aertylr. fprmW
'y and (Old Dofrtnioa line freighter, ha.
c torpedocTsnd sua off tie French
uv .i t.. .mA
.. a
or drowned, ar46g td advice re
ceived hr today. Ui;,
w. ..a. .
WA8HLNQTON, Hay (Associated
,)Th house yeterday accepted
.eport of th. coafrcc commit,..;
he report
in th tWUtioo JtiU and the measure U
tow reaay ror taa signatur or tne
Thi bill 4 aimed paHieularry at the
ropauandlsts, those who ar opposing
the. carrying forward of the war on
i ligious of economic grounds, agitator '
vho cannot b dnylcted of working
UrQtlTi Wlltb.'Wt object of pro Oer
ftanli;.bt whoeawords re inimi l
6 tha. war Wett of," th United
tat4Thidhelpful tcr tha German cans.
ThaYnur Ims bA hotjy dnbatad
both house aad senate, feature of it
ring attackfd, on Ih rrpunds that the ,
igat r. rree-peeen ana ft rr pre
rere being' eacreashed upon.
, ,'.:
CntdAOO, Uay 7
I'ress) The axecutiv
committee of
he Bocialtsts, .recognising the power
st the new espionage act, is consider
ing, repudiating the, "paeiflut " plat
form adopted' at St. Lout because of
'egal adWca hat If th party retains
it and advocates measure called for
by it the Boaialiat will be liable to
-r-jj j. a. a.
Onpaa, May 7 (Special
; Tuit w i i ... .
Cable to
iiipyu oijii ooisosviai ni
Vladivostok hav prohibited the send
ing of eodb meaaage from the HI
beriaa' port. The latest news from
, this, section shows that the city i
ciuijihihv uivi.
illaVl 1 V.J i'. Vi J!. . . ' . .
quickly located, already settling on
Th water wa till
boiling from the explosion. Lon
explosion. Lone
!treak of
... I 1 . M . I - , 1
bhnkeT floated oa th surface. Two
sasall boats shoved off crowded with
Uwrf the lnto .k- harbor atill
flying the French flag, while th de-
Mroyer remained on patrol.
"While the destrover. th axt day
was, guarding a convoy, tC bmtne
Ike destroyer sighted a mall elinkered
. -ABlB; .c, May 7-KAMoiated
trhss) Pris knnnicipal - eouaoU
'he voted, to aead several caMm of coed
French artillery rew who
tb Oerman - loag-raag
,-rpaftm.nt o.taU de.p.tchf.
: rT' tirT! .V
1 ffTfJ
l" jf
In most tftie a foo
rom irnoran ay mai conoiuons in
Heserate, with
typhus prevalent.
food shortage has
forced the pedpl to eat dogs and even
to resort to cannibalism
w. a. a.
: VtmfdTQ'Sf, ,Maty 7 (Offioial)
.Th troaatary department today
Pprvd design for tha ftrat wai-tim
'-jf SfXaf
noteVUi Jikeaes of 'Thoma Jff
. rersou en tne race and that oi a new
battleahiD ba tha Mversa. There wil'.
also be a 1 note with Washington's
likeness on th fae and an eagle with
spread wing on th reverse.
The notes, will be issue to replace
30,000,000 itt sliver certificate with
drawn whoa the bullion securing this
amount is melted ander the new law.
-. - w. a. a.
OMliTA 'NubriHla: May - Asso-
"Wa w)t-iijw 1
iJfTtVV ?: tb United
aame will drop the name, and assume
numbera Order to thi f7ect have
been iaaued by th railroad administra
tion at Washington, according to an
announcement made public by tbe
I'aion Pacific.
r. a. a.
MAN1 if!) Ail DEC HUB, Nicaragua,
May 1 (Aesosiated Press) The Niea
raguan oongrelsl jhlt declared war on
ac unwuut aus. ,
totrert.Uhatd:furtiihig th
ltihg men with foftrt lammanitioa,
am aad clothing.' f.-J ,
i The Red Cross, the PTesluVnt point
out in his proclamation, is in need of
one hundred million dollars for- the
tarrying on of its work.,, Thi sum, he
belirves, will be quickly and gladly
contributed by the people of the 'Unit
ed Htates, so many of whom have now,
or Will have, son and brothera'on the
hattlef rontn of Fnrope. For the money
will- be largely spent to i a crease the
nmfdrt and alleviate the sufferings
of .America's fighting men who are
stugglirg to crush back th barbarous
ITua who would destroy democracy and
'pmre autocTney ia, authority; over the
f4vtlisrd world. '
'.'. - ' ' . , -l .- 1 .. : . .
, vv ox uusinns.
Assistant Secretary Bradley Cer
tainly coming -and Will Sail
From Sail Francisco In Three1
Weeks To Stay Short While. v,
Delegate Asked To Reserve Five
Cabins For Party On Steamer .
Sailing June twenty-fifth,. End
of Official Visit r, "J ' ,v
Mecretary of the Interior Laa may
in Honolulu within a month. V,
Assistant Secretary Edgar G.'xVmdV.
ey is certain to be hf re , within that
Mme, having booked' passage for' him
self and party on a steamer leaving
an Francisco on June 1. Either b or.
'tis ehief will make a personal Investi
gation of th land situation in Hawaii,
and It is asked that nothing b don '
lere In tbe meanwhile.
This information and request came
in a cablegram yesterday to Delegat ;
Kuhio from hi secretary ia Washing
ton, Angus Erly. ,Th meoaag! read:
Becure steainar accommodation ,
to San Fraadaco for una twenty-"' .
fifth for Aaitnt Bectwtary Brad- .,
ley and party. Flv cabtna Baoded.; '
Bradley leave Ooaat an 1. Fotv ''
albly Icrtaiy Laa will accom- f
pany party. K action taken aa 1
land matters. Bradley 'will nah0 '
personal lnveatlgattoB. .
This message eomes oa th eve of
consideration thi afteraooa ia ' th
chamber of eommere of a resolution
requesting th President to ecar the
war-time suspensioa .of tb homestead
Ing clause of th Organic .Act, 4Ia
view of the early arrival of AaaiWaht
Secretary Bradley, fend th poslbilitr
that the secretary of tb iatcrior Will
be also personally on th gronad, it
wems likely that all loeai , agitation
reeardinir the laad aituatloa . will J
k.u i- .i ' :
nuiU IU lTJ T KUCvi
'.I 41
Dies AtHouT HfiiHp
s ' J h t
CHICAGO, . May S AMocitted
Prei-At the' vtry' hour st for hi
MmarrUg t hi divorced wife. Wai
ter E. Kirkpatrick, formr Kansa City
auway magnate, 'died her- yesterday.
He wa divoreedj.fnrtn hi wtf in 1910. .
Scently a reopSeiliation. took. -pla
lad - t.he oapl . agraod- to re-Dsarryi,
Death intervened. ; r: . .
, w.ta . lv :
Senator Kenyon Intrbfulce tiH-,
. l..ai. -a A
luiion 9i urauiuuo ..
- i
WASHINGTON, May (Aooited
Press) lenUr Knyo, f "Jswa, im
troduced a resolution yesterday to aa
el all of Franc ' enoraoa..debt to
tbe United Hate. Ia introducing h
resolution Senator Kenyon' welt apod '
America 'a debt of gratitud to Fraaca
for bor aid, both in th daya when tha
tepubhe of the United State wa bo
ng born, aad today when France, with
the invader' feet upon her soil, ia
lighting th battle of liberty and hu
manity and bearing th brunt of tha
bloody struggle.
w. a. a.
FA&IS, May 8 (Asseciated'
Preaa) Dea pate her from Zurich
a on ounce th aartooa ilia of ,
OonstantlTta, deposed , King v-of ,
Oraac. Th despatch rapoat- th 4
condltioa cf th x-monrch m
serlou and.saV-thM th lUsasi
mur provw ntaL'y. V
a. a.
AMHTEEDAM, May 7 ( Associated
Press) A Bucharest despatch; say I
that a peace treaty between Rumania
and the Central Power wa signed ya
terday. f k'
MANILA, P. I., May ft (Dlayed)-r
(Associated Press) A monster mh
morial service wa held here today
with patriotic features. Representative
Jones, author of the Philippine "houir
rule" bill; Governor General Harrison
snd Mnuel Queson, representative lb
Washington, were eulogised by speak
His Diyqrced
.' .'. :f;V,;., - V-,
' ' ' " ' '.

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