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t FRIDAY ' MAY .10,' 1918. '.-SEMl-WEEV-Y;
i m m i i I I i i il
V v.. -
i ri mw
CMassed Araclcs .Gain Entrance
and JFrench
1 v.;lH' - ,
'."jtlW l )KK. Ma -( Aesocuitrd I'rcsst In an eflfort .wlicrcin
-"lN fln olijet th e Kccms fto Ijc to otttl ank the Yprcs iro;ii the
Krt .lh ost ami ti reach the Pen, icri'ii-iln- rai mad the cneiii; cwi
-'da . 'launched a nrw phase of its great ulTctisnc Thro vin' cn
,' -wim: Weo of men against the Allies the llmis vurvvedcl in ;ei.
tru'ti the l'riiirdi f font lines for a short distance at to or thu
jo;Vls "'l.v M(' along the 'C!,t "f ,,u' ""''etu there whs a gfiicra
i re "t We. It was a repetition of the day of heavy loftsc in 1 ille
Jinn wounded which the Germans hae suffered at the 'u. ening o
Va.'li new stae of the offensive,
Alter a heavy bombardment along a wide .'ront in Hauder
' the Germans launched a powerful attack upon the Allied posit o v
- to the south of Dickebusch l-akc. between Yprcs and Kemmel, it
;', fs rcjiorted in a Reuter's despatch which reached London late las
nitfht. P.etween the lake and fcidgewond they sticccdtd.in pene
grating the ttrjttsh lines for a' short distance, ever) foot bt:advano
J.Vn; stublrnlv contested anil the fighting" cxmtifimu&Ho the
r, -ht ni to the hour of the sending of the despatch? I ' '
.;.vr ilravy nj-hting between Laclytte and Voormazeelc in the north
c?m .Arinentiere sector was reported by Haig to London late last
night. In that sector the Huns succeeded in penetrating Franco
British trench lines but in all other sectors the enemy attacks were
repulsed. Haig indicates. that he anticipates a continuance of the
v heavy fighting of that sector today. The rain has stopped and the
improved weather conditions have made possible the resumption
- of hostilities upon an . important scale.
' k .s' indicated to observers from these reports that the Dkke
busch Lake attack may be only the beginning of even .more heavy
fighting today and perhaps in days to follow in an effort to oasar
the way for a thrust toward Scherpenbcrg. - , ' c
In the Amiens and Somme sectors the British were.'igenerally
in the aggressive. To the east of Amiens the Australian forces ad
yanced five hundred yards on a 600-yard front and West of Lorlan
; court the British advanced three hundred yards. German counter
thrusts were generally weak and ineffective.
--t On the Ancre and Somme Rivers there were some minor en
' gagemcnts which resulted to the advantage of the Allies.
v. !arh reported heavy firing on both sides of the Avrc Kivci
. throughout Tuesday, night and into yesterday.
' Yt V'n the German official bulletin issued by the Berlin w ar offict
it was claimed, that he Germans had driven the British and French
'. forces lack in a counter attack bo the south of the Corbin-Bray road
ft was also announced that the bombardment of the Kemmel scctot
had been resumed.
...night, either
.. Mav (
Tnc!Mlay or
Atn.an patrol was ainlntslud
Datrol fartv was missing ;ind
" which, jnst In-fore dawn yesterday morning came upon the Injdic
: of their comrades.
' .. Evidently the eniniy attacked with bayonets and with rilh
tititli in the darkinvss aixt iell upon the Anieri.-an lioni an ani
With this exception cslcrday was generall iptiet all alon;
the American front, was the report rendered to the war depart
went, inclement weather is rejiortcd to have seriou.sly hampered
( )n the I'icardy front it has leen made apparent that the Amer
' itans are more strongly entrenched than, the ( iernnm-.
" , Three of the new German air squadrons have hec.i M-nt against
.... the American forces.
Secretary of W ar liaker nuide the official statcnunt yesterday
at 27,000 men have been called under the selcctiw drift to date
'X Despatches received esterlay tofd of heavy lighting eontin
i, Attng on the I'icardy front in the sectors occupied by Americans
. ;,Thc messages also told of compliments paid to the American by
J'remier Clemenceau who had complimented them upon the fine
showing which they are making.
vVf; J'vcnty-nve names are on the casualty lit issued by the war de-
partmcnt yesterday.
iV ' Thirteen men were killed in
d Uisease, thkty w ere sev erely and forty -one slightly wounded.
'AVth trelnising. '
. 'Captain james Norman Hall, reported as killed after a spec
tacular air encounter, may have escaped. He fell liehind the encmj
;,;ne and was htst eeii circling dowtiwatd in great spiral rfina.
WASHINGTON, Mav -( Associated
i . ..y 'vi "v , - .
, TressWThis year's winter wheat crop
' will be the third largest on record, Hc
aordiog to th report which isnue.l
by the government yesterday. The rye
- rrop Will be the reconl in History,
(s clsiined.
Annoum'euient of tlie eagerly swuit
ed graia forecast was made yesterday,
' The forecast for winter wheut is 67',
,8.111. bushels. The rye ' Top i S.r,.t(,lM)i
buibejs. .
Associated I rvss i
-Silently in the
cdncsdav, an
before dawn on
by th Huns. All niylit lonj; tht
another patrol partv was sent onl
action, two accident, three died
LONDON, May H (A ssoc iated
J'ress) .Depositors of American securi
ties under the Amerirun dollars' secur
ities plan, whirti was inaugurated to
lulu stabilize the exrhauues between
'ia "y -... . " an.
i ssked to continue their depositsjor a
furtBer p,.ri0( to x,,jre on March 61,
- j l'.2 on the i. im1 ruinliiious as now pre-
Those who ilo not wish to continue
their deposits will have their securities
it r(,turiw.l oll ,
expiration of their de
posit periods but as s lsrge number are
pledged as collateral fur loans in Amer
ica rt nuiy not be practieable-to effeet
' s return in every instance.' 1m these
chhi's the securities will be Bold 'in
A in,: roil Hud tin- li'"iitor be puid the
price rulilivd plus 'j percent.
a t ie v n ' w
aiser Leaver risdam lrrate
when frussiiri Diet Rejects
rrfm Wgihy grMrin'g .' o4itlrnl
troulilr in 0yinT multlplliiK
nnl the rtuW ti ' Wortirt 'o tty
that th Kalsrtr W left' PsiaB), t
i- nrtl trnl Arr'nr i Xh turtl
for th alarm ij'tha artloa of tha liet
iV rcjiH ting ift .VruiwUn anffrajro . tV
1. mi l.ill. Oiy taU,mraMirat it aaa twtn
njjKirtcl, HVrtlinir awur. th lalxir
nt.ty t waa ;prtkml to Minil tail.
Thi XaHker hait artit for tW -hh.titlor
n m4 thr(Joatt(ia rhik haa thou
S01 aliiNLri IlHi(ieJ fr tht nituW
'mi m !4:VVkliitm 1 llrftitiihea whii
ni l thaV trrXn-lnrf k eym Ta llr
ovcriimeat winT4 ti'Ko rajrrtinn t
l.c rrfonti ia-irJ-arij th rt.-llii
.r.ilia(r to H rti ar . 1i
oriiiK a lpginlativ rNhjlim agaiiiat
he I'maitiaaa...' '' , . "
y riiiiia itinthrKaiiRpa In toe Anri
tliinnufSaii trrt :nrt attMf rrinnX u
(M an hsh'ag Mw ; ty 'war of
'.wi'rrrlaml whirk trlt of aa Mjirixfac
l.v nn-intMT of 1lie rrw who art of
Slav or Italian deicobt. '
catches a tartar
fidewatir .Reports -Suecessfu
Repulse bf Hun, Craft
WASHINGTON, May, (Offl.-ial)'-Kcpurtu
af ta d'efrat of an aaaiy auti
marine by tao Uaitd Btatea frcightfc:
Pidcwater aavo m to the -aavy He
artmpnt. Tao oa counter took pi are n
Mar.h 17.
The ahip 'a fnari alghtod the U-Roa
innt a it wi aubmoraiag am) frave thr
tiarm. Tomiag tho Tiilowater attempt
od to ram the on amy but miaaeti V
twenty feet, pa suing through ita wake.
It was the the nhip'a guo crew gtoi
ts guns to bar c The irat ahot atrutk
intern but it la elaimed the aeeooil ahbt
van a I'leao hit and the enemy craft dlil
tot reappear.
Will Range Over Whole Field Of
Ofd CtiarrjTs
ji i
LONDON. May l-MAaoi4apd Freaa)
I'arliameat will be the scene of a
Sitter rontrovprny todav when the ii
-wMtion, lod liy the former premiT.
nquith, will nttafk Lloyd George aal
lia xvproimnt. 'harg iiiiingniag
lie verueity of varioaH of the goverti
meut mioiirterii will br advanroil add
'he deliate in the CominoDH ii exjieetad
o range -over all of the whole Held
f old charges againtit the govern meat
but to renter about the relations to
he army. ' !
The govertniieut lia mnunioned m'
f itR Kuporter8 and iit preparing to
neet ettai'ks whieh it exjioptii to h
Kith concerted and strong.
W. a, . '
Captured By Hun Submarine He
Manages To Make Escape
fXWctiil Arriving here from the wr
'.one, tlie rnitiu of n m-hooncr whih
u tiirpedned in KuroptMin watef
ays tluit lie tuken primner abouid
I vuhmsriiK'.
Tlie riimnmihler of the t'-bnat said
'o the Americi:!). "I uni uoing to take
ran to ftermanv," whereuiioB tkr
Vffwk e hkiiiiicr knocked the Uerninn
lovn, jiiinped uverboHnl. swam to the
aroekage of the torpmloed nrhoome-
ind aid there while nearrh was made
for him. He eluded the Huus and t
pu'ked up when a 1'
rrivil at the hipiip.
W. a. a.
8. dost
MAN FHAM -ISOt), May 8 i Ofheial )
1 se of concrete ships is being eon?
sidered by Cbiaa. They Wo aid be need
is freight curriers between Chinese ports
and would especially be utillxed fr
inland water, t'oncrets barges would
be constructed for that use.
Wong Kwoiig. manager of the Yang
tse Engineering Company is now here
and was greatly interested in the trim!
trip of the Faith. He ssid that, hi
country is now considering t(Hi con
struction of liips ami barges to the.
extent of .'jImi,)iio tons and that upon
his return Imine he will recommend such
plana. China has, he said, ample sup
plies of ninterial and labor for the
project ami would find the construe
tion highly economical.
a. a
Itespondi'iii-y is often caused by idi
gestion ami const ipation, and iifickly
disappear when Ti;unl,erlain 's Tabreti
are taken. These tablet,, strengthen the
digestion hi,, I move the boWeH Tor
wale b all l..,l.r. Itcnson, Hmitli k
Co., 1. 1. 1.. i- I ,,i HavMiii. - Advt.
Those Getting Lest Than Two
. Hundred and Fifty Dollars , ,,
Monthly, Participate "
Will C6st Roads Two Hundred
and Eiohty-eight Million
Dollars Annually
-" n
WAMHWOttJN, May 9 -- - t"l
Premi) Inrre;atea la wiigos to o'l rail
onil eiti.1o4i'afi' revonuhpnJi1 I in thn
.enort ajltar (a'lroad wnco rommia-
in hi4'' raa . rearicrel yra'er.'uy.
The prnptiaej lnrfinaoi tvoull r.d I
fNiOiMM) to th pat roll aunnAll.v
Vnilertlle proWon of the report the
increaapa .trouid" be from Tmit ami oni
niteptith prrrent op to forty th-ep ppr
rent, the highut paid rip ivin;the
ftmaflit laereaaea. '
All employe whu were reeiv np lion
thnn 250 mnHhly n rPpmtpr, 191S,
fin affetet by 'the, propoi d rai'o,
nhethpr they r pniil by thr h0' r. ,B0
i.lav oi th milo, or by the iimn'h. All
Taima made ainee Doepmbpr It last nre
aedirrted from the gpnpral miHP dtn.
Thia proposal mat have thp an'T v:
of MeAdoo before 1t ran be put Mn
operation and it la not pxpeeteil that
h A will approve all of the rpeommendii-
Pamphlets . Spread Broadcast
Boast of What Has Been Done
To Belgium .and France
W1A8HINQTDN, May 9 ( Assoeiated
I'ress) Oermaa propsgaixlii'tii nre seek
ing with all their powers to kepp tho
neutral powers ill line. This is initi
ated clearly in reports reaching here
from Hpain. They are hol.liuc up Bel
Kitim and the part' of France that is
under Gorman occupation ai "terrible
examples ' of what the neutrals mty
expect if they oppone themselvpg to
he will of the Out ml rowers.
(Spain is being flooded with there Ger
man propaganda pamphlets whieh di
rectly warn the neutral against the
fate of conquered countries. They
catalogue the booty which Germany has
take from Prance and Belgium, tell
of the eherehe damaged and destroyed
and even bonst'tof the mistreatment of
This effort at mtimrdntron is haviac
ita effect in all of the Spaiiinh cities
w. a. a.
Bl'KNOH AYHKa, Mav t (Aw
ciated rresHj Ai'ter reinainiug in ths
country an pcrxniia tion grata for
months, Count von I.uxburg, whose
luidieity wuh shown bv the state de
partment of the I'nlted Wtntes, will
leavti for Sweden today, it was an
dotim-ed laHt night.
He has Ih-cu ansnre;d of safe conduct
by the Allies, it is added. ':
w. a. -
KAN VKANClMPO, Mnv H (Otti. iul)
hat rmi be done in conserving
wheat when h people really determine
to aavp ic told in the reports of t hi
California Food Conmiission. It esti
mates thut through the usp of wheat
Boor substitutes the people of the
State have suved 15,000,000 pouuds Of
vltite flour. The monthly suving Is
snmteil nt ix pounds for each per
son in the State.
Me-ventv five hundred tons have been
fathered and arrangements made for
Its shipments overseus. '
w. a. .
WA8HIX(1T0. May (Aasoeiatfl.1
Press) A huudred thousand wrist
watches ami as man radio eompasMjs
have been ordered for American army
W. . f.
IXNIK)N, May 8 (Associates!
Press") According to latest advices
there is little doubt soon that a nioa
arch will be ruling Finland. It is df
tiered that the king will be Puke
Affolnh Frederick, nnele of the rrown
prfacess of Germany.
W. a .
HTOCKUOLM. May (Associntoi!
Preea)KwedeB, Germany ahd Fin hind
have deetdedto negotiate 4routy
providing fori the demolition of the
Aland Islands fortification; which Jwere
constructed dirrtng'the wtetTrfttary to
international law.
w. ... rt
AMHVKKDAM, April '3fl-.f Assorint
ed We)- Thire ne Indicator, says
a Kotcrav paMT. that 1011 be, like
its predecessor, a ' vsaterfdllnV year."
Wtriet injtmctioaa have J1v to
orchard owners to search Tor and lc
stroy i-aterpillars' nests.
In all the Iteilin pnrks, special "cut
t-rpillur s.puuds" uie ulready busy.
. oj -,
tlos. ' .
Message From Secretary Lane
x Indicates ' Change Will
:NorB Hastened ;
Dlsappointmertt Is Expressed and
Belief Held rBeans VVHI
fiovcrnor McCaMhy . holds, the iow
that he A ill not be to oftlee when tie
lrial aoMioir of the IcKielalare i
hrld aeat week ami er meaaage that
rplved yesterday frertta Frank!;
l.iniv, ae.-rttafv of th inti'rtor.
lo inliPattt thai' thia rwl.af'ia eorreal.
The mfeg the' tUVemor rerphrd
yeterilHy auavpyrd nierely fcongratiifc-
t nt l Mr AMfl .llrl k.l L m anA..
tHhaioo hud bvca Uiei it had beja
believed (hot the ecretAry'i (iiii.c
tvonld'eoy not only that eotnmiiMan
had be'H Uaunt, but :, Ih view of the
forthomiiitf -speciaJ keMion, it ,wha
aoi.Rnt hi it Mould bring tostrnftion t
io Ike appoint to nualify b takiSg
ower thron h the pplal sest on.
joyenior vwwo . - i
The pi t.iat nesslo is as important
iiaiter, .f eovlrso, . Governor McCnt'hy
a.d yetferuay, "end 'to us ten- It ab
ur lo t.e- a partleulnily importunl
hing, but It does not room isree in j
V ' iagtow.
My commissi oa naa to carry tho i
PresLwat a s.g.tature end It Is vefy '
itum mat am tii is rnny occupied
. itn wntRbty matters, so tt is not lo
w vvonaerad ml if the tsauMce of the
commission it dolayed. It if prob
able that I wilt hear nothing farther
by eabl and that the commission to
etllAf mrtttl iliatCfeipttAnS fthnst OnsltPV.
r r -- -t
lug for office will come on in dne timet
by mall."
feveen IXstppoln intent
Ho-aerer UoVeraor McCarthy himself
may feel in the matter, keen disap
pointment la ipreaaed in many quar
ters over the fact that the special -
slot will doabtlesi open with tlto tout- j
going amataiatrattoa IB powwr. it is
known that a number or messages nave
been sent to Washington taklag to stave
rh p.hsnira.tn Aavstbam nsadii at -Atiee
so that. McCarthy may have the reins
la hit handa when the apeeial session
peua. vvnai eneof weae w we ia
-.Ill I J... U V - 1. 1.
still possible for Washington to take
such action as will effect the change
before next Tuesday when the apeeial
session opens.
The state of mind of those most
anxioua to see the new trover or In
pxiwer when the special Session opetit
was expressed by one individual yts-
tcrday who said that after the sessin
opens there are going to be a great
many chances "to spill the beam ttd-j
it the uang In the .administration nt
not brought about in nme an - it
ehnnces aro that the beans will be
while the administration continues
to mark time there is an evident die-,
position on the part of the publle atd
more w ho have business at the Capitlol
to regard the change of Qovernon hi
a thiiis thut has already bappeaaU,
for much of the administrative busltietM
and even routine' mat tors tbtt-cetno toil
the Governor's office it being' Arretted
to Colonel McCarthy, whose handa ts
he has suid himself, wfll M um until,
he takes the oath Of trlbee.
Another CPoange
Aaothor change that is -apparent It
in the demeanor of heads cf 'depart-.
ments, w huse places have been mate
aocure bv Governor McCarthy's air-
aonneement of elianges Ire inteudt o
make, rimce the present - aduitloistrti-
tion has been in power action and the
expression of views by eda or dsj
purtmeuls liuve bees eloaeiy reatTaintd
as a reflection of the executive atti
tude. Now, however, that tlie change
has all but actually been made depart
ment hos'li have u new outlook and in
dividuals among them have Tienu to
give evidence of emancipation.
Plans for the special session and for
n definite legislative program, whib
it was nnnuiiuced whs to be drawn up,
lire still where they were a week ago.
Besides the emergency legislation to
give relief to Hawaii ie the shape f
funds with which to repair storm dam
age, a mass of hills and measures if:
various kinds unve been euggested it-,
formally by various members of both
houses and individuals, but to far it
known no steps to weld these things
into a comprehensive program of action
have yet been taken. Tbit may mettn
thut the special session will 0)ea with
no action along this line having be on
taken and in that event all hopes f or a
brief economical aossion probably W0I
go glimmering.
No Action Taken
Kxpreasiona of opinion oa the.Kftejd
of economy and the need of htvlsg tbef
legislature In session for tht shortest
possible period are not.laeking, but at-,
tion to bring this about by riauini'
a definite program haa not ytt bon
taken. It ia possible that t list of aefv
Inns deemc I desirable and amendments
to existing laws will be prepared In tip?
next Yew days or so. If this is doqe
it is oxpected that the leislature ts
its Arst act when the session opens will
ndupt a resolution limiting what It dot
to the tMiis proposed aqd at the tante
time set a date for adjournment.
Humors of u possible change In ths
office of high sheriff were set at ret
yesterday by Governor McCarthy rho
said that High Sheriff William P. Jlir
rett will aguin be named. (Sheriff Jar
rett xbs appointed to the office June
1, 11114 and is held, to be one of the
most efficient prison official Who hat
ever served in the Territory. He has4
carried out a number of reforms that
have been wholly successful.
Two mimes being mentioned at pos'
silile successors to Dr. J. H. B. Pratt
president of the board of health, art
those of Dr. J. fi. Ksvmond of Mnur
nnd Prof. W. A. Bryan of the eeiilty
of the I'.dle'c ( f Hawiiu. Hot were
ii ,1 i . I n i Inr tho uhnointment ai
,u eruor.
liONDOX, May,-Urtoddtcd
frM) JtrlUnh force, irwterlay
lanktoroel -atorkttl titi -the i head
water! of the Adhen fiirtr, eighty
aattaa) oeulhwMl of Motul and 150
willaa sarth f BAgdad. Ko oppo
MUoa was offer by the Turk,
aeoorting to the sfflciat repeYb 1
'I WM the HrltfiiB forces ertterrd
la town ikey f ootid the lbspltal
Usd ; With we-lndea - Turk, the
nerny hatlag toft 600 tshlnit.
" .,; - w. I. a. .
Exolosion l Shell
Kills nd Mai '-i
Report That, Mortar Had Bttrtt
Troves .Et-jb i'ious--CaSualti
Ocrur TO Mftmbers of Two Ifi-
ifanV.v tai frbw ' ' v
lanrJ ,un, WS. ,
j rtg,l.m, .
oelat4 Prna-3ElghV Bin wore
KlHed r. seven wsra lyitty.y bv the
Ir0hrl4n of aheU near Bsnoreek. !
Ilrst repMtt M f the x orton M
a mortaf nt l 4et;opsd that tfcli aK
casv i of (Jm nceidsnt was erronseus. A
threa-lucM ikon nti oded vrtotaa otft in
oa'.lr pna ertw -of its one Hundred rid
forty-Brat InfaotrY and r.'wrhllo s
arew of the huudred and forty aocond
mrsntnr luffcrea neavy eawjaiues.
Report thnn far rooetrod do .not civs
tht tmM Of u aeddeat.
W. B. a.
STferra taken Dver By Govern
mentRumor.afc tt.Manoa
andLUrline fTo -Go oon
I Needed by the jrovemmont, die
Odeanle company's steamer fiierra has
K .. tv wl1,..ntr.li.
w-v --.."
run and takea by the federal shipplfeg
board, presumably for erviee ia
Atlantic. Tlitft comet another lots for
the passenger tervlee between ,Hoao-'
lulu and the mainland. Announcement
that tire Maooa and the ttiiae havo
been takea ia eapeeted in busiaeas cir
else at ay tiaao.
I bviaf cable t C Brewer
Ootnpany, tigent -for the Oeeani Steatn-
ahtw iJearnanv aere. tne nnsoieweur
-f-ilmt, taking .'vajvr-by'tlat" Mpplkg
boate or 4ha-biemi Wat IWrrtt ytr
fey. he -waa atheduled t ava vaajl-
t l fer Ver ran Jo the Atip4t rm
-Sat Franciseo on f aetday and was 6W
to itrnva -here.
In thee itays Where rvery ton tot
shipping space count ;Hnhln w)il
nnsesrhat feel the less -of this -eteamtr :
80 ' faf as togar -farrying gee, fcotr
vrT there is M lost. It -is tlie aimeio
jot. service tat bi -most affoooml. !
.. Agenra of the Matson -Mne liave fir
kdfinet ef 'aay plan to take over Hie
.llasMa Had the l.wliwe bot In ibusintv
cirelcs t Is eurrentlv rCp'Med tlmt.
tunh c;tNn' ht near asd May ae'eapett
ed wt trmo. This was said yetr
day la -swo of the large Wa4 oaescle
ia 'wlneUhmn': the taking Of tire Oceanic
trner and the shipping situation Ii
Moet Wooden Shite
-Hawaii winy have to lie satisfied with
more a-oede shine in 4reh to ranis
port its sugar -outimt, owing t fhe sud
den -comsian-lecring of etwamsWip by
the wtr e'partmimt for tire tratiafrt-t
of troops due to the tremendous mili
tary activities iu Kurnpe, writes George
MivK. MeClellen, pepreseataHve tt
tNNisliiagtcni of the chamber of coin
MieCleilau informs the chamber tf
commerce that he had a conversation
with the head of the shipping board tt
Washington, aud learned that tbit
board hod tho greatest shipping ex-pcrtr
working ont (programs lor . the develop
ment of America's eoraaierce, .had fa
hand red exiiert asaistaqta .ga'berisjg,
material and aiding. in the ectiliag tf
tlie lea commerce problem and in spite
of the former heavy .withdrawal
tonnage for.drrct warparpOt, a ns
eommnndeeriag ordor was tnddonly ih-
sued. 1
Inuoediately all the flat a ad pints
were " Knatmed " aud uaturally thia af
fected Hawaii and tronaporUtitn of its
export commodities. Mr. McClellan laid
hat , tutiga to,4r at Hawati
ik'AoneMtM'aLMfffht fenttaue to Da sen-
lis unil fhtvad'of. the Var. He addad
Ihiit wOofleri' vessels might a to be
brought into greater nan fat Uawall.
. . . a.
WAWHINGTOK. May 9 ( Awtoeiwtod
I'ress l-'Rmort bf" wholesale deport
ions from the sections of Italy whieh
the Austro Oortnana occupy are glvdn
out by th Italian embassy hwe. It
It assertad that familiet are being jur'
Misery separated with the parpuse f
Miseeoalag suffering.
inovef th tante. Utedtheworld ove
to cur a cold lo on day. ,Tht slgna 1
tor j( E W. C.RUVK tstiu th ur
Mdiuifactuicd l y the i AKIS k SI
MNii CO., S'. xAui, U S .V
- i ' " ' I ,t II 1 1 '.'.,..
Los6s Dpb'rudja
and Per.rnits
era To Keep
Dariii6e River
t ' .: ;
. cicUtel ,Prc.'i)--Ternis of
the treaty negotiated between tlie
Central Powers and Rumania
Imve reached here. - The terms
contain eight clauses and hy litem
Rumania loses the whole of Dtw
brudja and must demobilize its
army except for barely enough
troops. to guard its frontier. The
Germans are delighted with the
treaty, the Kaiser considering it
an indication of divine favor -and
honoring von Hertling with the
iron ros.
By the first clause of the treaty
peace between Rumania and all
of , the Central Powers ts restored.
, Demobilization is provided ex
cept for two divisions which may
be used for the protection of the
Dobrudja is separated front Ru
mania, the Central Powers taking
a part. It reSrtor'es to Bulgaria the
fart which jRumania -touk from
hat BtttfrlptSn isTro
vided that, ioihabitaftts ha, the
rigtit to' determine, whether-they
will remain i sDobrtidja or -de
part into Kumania as "it is iKrw;to
be 'constituted: 4 t
All parties to the treaty" re
nounce all claims uron itlreothd s
for the cost A the -war.
Free navigation of tfce TJa'nube
is guaranteed and die Central
Powers iare given the right to
keep warships in it.
Equality of all religions faiths
is also provided.
Separate agreements arc to
orovide for the commercial rela
tions which are to be resumed
with tlie cessation of hostilities
under the terms of the trcartv.
Despatches from tJerlrn last
tight said the Kaiser hail con
ferrcd tlie iron cross upon von
Hertling for the services which
he had rendered in the -successful
negotiation of the treaty.
The -Kaiser also '.iwjht Irc Tol
lowing message i Chancellor von
Hertling m the jeacciii'ith Rrt
mania : ., '.
"The .'termination,, of the tHatc
f war in the iast fill'nte ith
roid jy ,attd , gra,titj.Klc' and
hand's to God for' His jjefierous
'tejp.. The Ger(matis:"wiittt'nver
'ailing patriotism, brilliant nnli--ary
leaTers' , ,and strong diplo
nacy aTe yighHng step by stev
toward a happy, future."
SAN FBANCtSCO. Wav 8 (AsKOi'it
id Press) Maj. Gen. Charles rrefit,
srhose apfiOibfrneatr to the roiuiiiaiut of
he wci)tra pnYtwieut 'Was aanmrtor l
everal day afo, lo 'be effective tniair
lttttely upon tils -arrival 4a Han 'fran
lisdiv bs , reaehod ' her al relieve!
Major Oeatral ttunVtvl '
whin ant oVes"
I'ABI.S. y Associated Prei
Wonitli rnrrsrti wit "rVfc j.i..'n..,
" Ao Wfe Mn Mlftr,n' -i' the n
' W)iVeuiK 'ot oiitv t-. Vef 'i'hJii.
tr. lirdW ' tlrs i aai I.Vtin... ,1
aWis lar fMnt il had fUi 'r- ;i;o.. f
bo rule furnish I lie iiir.l- lo 1 In- in, n
nit not to the wnuimi.
v.. "
,"-;'i t V .

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