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a"va.. vfcsip
I .u. ill lu ;
rTO&p3qutcri Been ..Pre -
I pared -and Will Be Submitted f
& .i,T Jhrnbe.r,ftf tofnmerpe .
-h in ' f n .n't- ! -.v ', ;' .',
fn a M fam till jtBrthttt Ad CnthAV.
p i" .1 i'rf",'v"f'"M'r", i ' "7 pnrsco sna bt ill no
'M'J !)" ,MpiV ,'. ommere and off)elnl (ttews has beon: received'. from
iuMa,,(A eJToatthB rapes, during the, Washington that till .A Ilia time when
tyriod. ,f .tha .war and '.fat a ;peripd governor McCnrthv will take errlrWlrt
jjiafti5,Vwwty.l.pMV. rn-tlona b-lBi re-
na-lauae' of ! '.hgute Act J'v"f J , fsw day.
7" J ' f" ' ,,J . ifor Governor MeCrthv to aV etyeo
?K.'fiV-i?in:!.Wf',r"0!-rfib- t onrVtrworn l.to off!" dt The
preuBd at'B eonfstence io be bald
a tfca.haiibef w eommarca this aftet-
OOB,, ; ' '." '- . V,-' " -i
4 v. ,ruo llrtbr, who attended a
r roaring. tpmeteuon and who ilu u
Li ,( uiiase.t M PPpioJll m hu ptii
fy of ,tha Tssojutlon,' is expesUd ta
fciiBdUh a filing and jnay im aakeJ
MT.MM'' tHMMtlBkMt-.ttia wbmbW
an Ul' janaraj lanl quaation. On the
attof of tbi .foftqer !ctif,ercncf he
UKii(H' .t.4 '"lr. iMtu.iu'a. uiacuiti(fu,
1. 1 li propqKl aUvAnetd by,tlu cbam
barU VaJa )h,b euHtentioii (bat euf.
tvijtion in,'vat arem ,ot an' un.f
bha aaad wi(H tba.axpiration of leaaaa
RiK.,'.f W ieatM . will tt,
faatjLAily Aalvaaui , aspire.. A
ralti,oa af jatwaan ,firty kH'ii-f'ft
ibouaarnfl U Bl tug;ini)ul; ia the
llr(itorya opil iri ytfyH '
ituMuaqil ,uMNa nAnn U kaep tbv
laa4'U icnUi.jp -ara fonJ. a4d,
U bal4 .tbt bWBaat.ling of ,th taadk
ui.j)t iiik&M4 Ma wuuiu uut utuat tai
)tiMia), .. ;
V vban Ib4 vrigimil raaolutiaa - wm
'praaantad at the fotrntcr .eontaraace a.
t 'H(,pr.mDI aurt viKaritiia opoai
o; from' Blcbad H. Trent, fedawil
auilodlaa of property owned by. aliai
ueuiaa. jla.aa.d ha waa nat w(lin
to Jul nit that fhAmaaUadiuK' of th
bind ia qaaation wold .sot neat tbf
aituation ajid 4b tband piova tb
batiaoaraa'i and fcaaertad that ahaagr
i)i tha-Orgaaia At M propoaad woaM
0 a aanouo aniaiaao.
Jpalaf JPaopaaala .
(. iMWt&H Xalaniaoaola, .who
prcoeot pffarad ' a augReatioa that ia
aludad la- tba .rolution it. ahould ka
rgt that- Hawaii be broagbt andor
the proviaiont of -ta ram loan .mo
nader the tuuviaiona q the Xaver Act.
eVeatlnj county agent to give aid -to
fimar mod Othefa oultiTating tba aoi)
.Tbae'.fuggeiUona have .been accepted
itkfiSbi rec,omeodationi of the Dele
gate .baVa 'bean incorporated itf tba
iMYiaad reaolutlon the tet which f ol-
The Reoolutlon .
'' ' Whereas, during ibe war period
'and jfr,aome time thereafter Hawaii'
VontribuVlon'ta Hhe -production of food
. product for. world Connumption will
ba-aurtfetW 'through the expiration of
lUBaea of . Urge arena of public land
of the ivttXtoty of Hawaii, and thi
impracticability of continuing auc
land aadar adequate . cultivation an
M JuO. praduaiag . areaa. under the prea.
an .fiyviaiona of the land law; . ,
"Now, therefore, be it reaoWad that
thla .cjiaotbar, a a war measure, urgr
appropriate legislation by the congreai
of - the United 8tates to prevent thi
cnrtailmeat. of the production of foot'
products on the publie lands of thr
Territory of Ilawail, the leases of which
have expired during the year Inst. past
or which may expire during the war
period, to the end that such lands nov
cultivated for the production of food
products, or which , have been so
cultivated within '-the year last past
may, unleaa heretofore otherwise dis
posed of, be withdrawn in so far an
may be deemed -necessary to meet war
conditions, either by executive order
of the President of the United Staler
or by order of the aecretary of the in
terior from the operation of the pres
ant land laws during the period of thr
war and during auch additional period
thereafter, as may be necessary to har
vest the plant or, ratoon crop growing
on said landa at the expiration of the
iar period and the first ratoon eror
or said plant erop, and provision iv
made so as to permit persons, firms
rsaociations or corporations now produc
ing, or willing-Jo -produce, food prod
uets on- such publie lands to take ut
or to continue such production durinr
the period of the war and during aai'
nddltional period thereafter, upon sue)
terrrm, as to rentals or otherwine, a'
I' tha judgement of the secretary o'
fhe Interior may be wise.
Other eoneata
, "And in furtherance of the nrinei
pW 4hat all available land In Hawa
should be placed under the) most effl
lent cultivation possible to meet wa
neeesaitles hnd that Hawaii mar d
its full Bhare in meeting the nation'
aearU it Is farther resolved that th'
bill itroduoed in the congress by th.
Delegate roni Hawaii extending tr
th. .tewHoxv, the provifdona of h
VpM (n 'Art ,nd the Iver Act br
end ther pre strongly Indorsed an'"
help I immediate paaaage respectfully
There is a possibility that the legis
latitat committee mar take up the sug
eeotion of the tar-Bulletin with re
jrrd' to' ibe nef' proceeds from sugs
raised' on ftablla- raads -beinp; turnc"
over ta Onele Ram or In other word
nuttinr the leased lands on the "Do'
lar a Year" basis.
vrw YOtK. Mnv R ssociate.'
?r' The BHtlsh war orrlee vestor
dar rssnerl h 'srre css-altv list ;!
e.n. to. Hv Pritlsh publie for any single
,. ooi- dnrinp the war. It shows a tots'
rf Mile' ritHlrt sir misslnrr of 3fi;fi0'
p- t o Vielinved thnt this list in
..,i tl T-ilh casualties for the
vwek.on aH fronts.
it fy ft Associated Pressl
,Ti.o '., n,h rsbloct has apoointed
-r . . iiP i nnll)v. former prefect of
' .'iit'-ict to be ambassador to
J:ip:in, succeeding Keyiiault.
N6. Motion.. Yet Hvrfj
to When He Wiir Take
- ' Over Governorship -
5 ."
A hntlAk .l.'k i. . , t ..lit
Supreme court of the Terrltora mad
will handle the rein of government
'"rl"'' ,Tn eominf "iieciftl nKlnn of
the JeiHmnre. If h not taVel
titer irMlr his t.om-prlon arrlvrs he-e
the present ndminitrn'lon 11r wilde
the -.shin, of stato dnrinr this nmlnir
fienl rl Wllve ct(n.
r-nnr '""f - -o-;n tt , CB,-itOI,
hnlldin" thnf Prnf ' W. A "rriui, i
lete. for tl'" n Lloncv of the honrrt
f--nv'1th. Pnfeanr Brvar n ben
Onuaent rn Dcmo-rdtic pnl tih atd
"wa jreitloBrt at one t'wc a a anri-
di't',fnr fthe ove norhin, fVen-
or-McC-arthv hns ahnouraed. tba the
inenmbnnt. Dr. Trntt v ill not be re
twfnd a nreMen the ' hirfl of
heAlth Wrder his reirlme. -A bflei
man with eeritlve abllit will be
Mirwnt to 4h-n nation nd( Dr.
b will be retaine.l as chief sanitary
ofPeer. , 1
Dfi' lS-Btf, aiompanle.1 by wfe
and' ffanghter left on the-Vantni yn
terday enrnu'e to VVasblngton Where he
will Mtend'tbe nnml eonferenae of
Mat e,nd proylncial boards t health.
Upon;hi,ttoru in July, ,Df. Pratt will
tender hie rpsiirsntinn tn the (Governor
aa president of the board of health.
i' w. a. ,a
Local Jurists Sustained By High
er TriDunal
the appallate court of tba Ninth Cir.
ihlt,' at Ban Francisco, has sustained
the local circuit and supreme' aourU In
the decision in the case of Kalebaa
versus Henry Clark, according to a
.able ' meaaage received vesterdav .bv
Noa AlulLClark'a attorney la the ease.
Uenry Ularh la the divorend husband
it Mrs. August Dreier. The action
wax brought by XaJehua for lands now
occupied by the Club Ktsbles and also
landa at tw and Lahaijm, all inher
ited by Clark from bis sectind wife,
Leihulu Keohakalole.
Kalehoa, a relative of Leihulu Keo
hakalole, brought suit for the lands
on the ground, that Clark was not
legnllv divorced from Mrs. Dreier and
therefore aot legally -the husband of
Letnulu, the divorce suit having been
heard in less than thirty davs from the
time the action was filed. The supreme
court of the Territory has held that
divorce suits may not be tried in less
than thirty days from date of filing.
However, after this ruling Mrs. Dreier
brought a second action for divorce and
this, also, waa granted.
The circuit court, and later the su
nrmn court ruled that Clark wn lerrl
preme cpurt, ruiea mat yiarK was legal-
fw ,L. V V 1 . J T 1 1 1 1 . 1
"t-.L.T",""'0 Z " "lVro
the appellate eourt has sustained the
local courts.
w. S. 1. .
Victim of Halifax
Explosion Will
Return To Honolulu
John H. Clerjfj, Who Was Injured
In Great Disaster, Recovering
At Carmel - By - the - Sea, Cali
fornia Was In British Service
John H. Clegg, former manager of a
branch of the Hawaii Meat Company,
one of the victims of the Hulifax dis
ster, will soon be back in Honolulu,
laving been invalided out of the Brit
ish service because of the wounds re
ceived when the great explosion wipe. I
jui a portion or tne Canadian seaport.
Mr. Clogg, who held the rank of cor
poral in the' British Expeditionary
Forces, is now at Carmel by the Hea,
California He left the military hos
pital at Halifax on March 31, houor
iftly discharged from tbe service. Writ
lag to a friend in Honolulu, Mr. Clegg
"1 expect to return to Honolulu as
toop as my health permits, probably in
l month or so. In the meantime Iaoi
.ecuperating here. This is a delightful
place, a great contrast to Nova Scotia,
which was covered in ice and snow
when I left there."
Mra. Clegg, bo went to Novn Scotia
ifter har husband waa injured, is with
Mr. Clegg at Carmel.
.w, w. a. -a. ..... i ,
WASHINGTON, May 7 (Associated
Press) The department of justice ha
handed down a statement finding that
the deportations of 1180 eoppsr miuery
from Hisbee, Artaona, during the in
lustriai trouDiB tnere were apparent
ly illegal. Representatives of the de.
partoient have gone to Tucson where a
urand jury is investigating the deports
r. . a.
Muke' it a rule of your borne to al
ways keep on hand a bottle of CI. am
)erluiu's Colic aud Diarrhoea Remedy
as a safeguard against .bowel con!
plaints. It always cures promptly an.!
no hoiiMchold is safe without it. For
sale lv ull ilenlurs. Hensnn, Hmilli &
Co., Ltd., agents for Hawaii. V lvt.
: TOiSetif Twins attend ihg Big
I. .
v sv.'
' (
Maui High School Has
Shown la Stamp Sales
Party, of, Teachers Spend Week-
nd On Haleakala and
f Enjoy Outing
; The patriotic rlvojry betnopn U
various rof ma and cliuses of the Maui
High Bchool continues to run high and
keen as to winch will purrliane the
most War Ravings Htamps nml Thrift
For the week ending April 10 the
4 6 grade room led with n totnl of six
trtwo dollars and ei?htv cents. The
senior room was second with fifty sev-
en dollars and aixty cents.
'-The total for" the whole school for
that week was 4207.70 and la addition
to this amqunt fourteen War Hnvings
Stamps were given out in pirhniipe
for the filled cards and fifteen cents
additional. i
Teachers Visit Haleakala
For the week ending April 2fi the
7 8 grade room, led with a total of Kev
enty one dollars and sixty five cents.
Tl. 4nm kA 1..nl ... A1?U ll
1 ,c m ""'"
:), flv. j.n,. w.- sin,n
p - - p. .
fill..., J
for the filled carda.
A party of teachers took ndvnutfige
of the half holiday Friday uftorno n
and made a week end trip to the niiiii
mit of Haleakala with Stanford Walk
I er, Nil Tavarea and Scott Nicoll as
i guides, returning on Sunday and re
porting a very enjoyable and instruc
tive outing. '
I . . W. 1.0.1 1
CHICAGO, May 7 (Official) Surgeon-General
Gorgna, who ia inspecting
the medical colleges and army training
camps, said today that a new henltli
record is being made at the canton
ments, adding, "Heretofore wo thought
Japan did remarkably well In nirun
tning the health of its men under war
conditions, but we have uuhieved a rec
ord fifty percent better than the Jap
WAHHIHGTON. May 8 (Associated
Press) William B. Colver wss appoint
ed yesterday to succeed William J.
Harris as chairman of the federal tradu
commission. John F. Fort, former gov
ernor of New Jersey, was namod us
vice chairman.
OMAHA, NebraiaVa, May .8 (Asso
ciated Press) Nelson Aloore, bedicvel
to be the last surviving son of a man
who fought iu tho Aniericun revolu
tion, died here yesterday.'
w. a. a. .
OAKLAND, May 8 Mssnclpted
Press)- John Hvan, reputed to be the
discoverer of th"e great borax l.e Is ru
Hi-ill Ii allev. Califiirnin I,...- I, ,.
' n i K 1 t .
Centre.! Grammar School
Claims Record In Twins
If the record shown in the picture
above can be duplicnicd elvwhere Mrs.
Bophio Ovorend, priiicipal of the Cen-
irai UTarpmnr ncnoni, r.nima anil vine-,
yard Streets, this city, wants to know,
I There' la .probably no other school in.
the world .thai ean bount of having
nttending.it ten set of twins, siich
as the picture is evidence of. There
is on
e other set of twins at Central
mar not shown the picture aqrd
it was only after the plnto(!rapb'r had
snnpped the coiner thut thr'mfsrfihg
pair enme U light. The eleventh is an
odd set, being a boy and a L'irl, while
tho"0 shown above are "straight sef - s" -
j k11 in eh Bet being boys or girls.
The two, bovs nt the ton. left, ire
the oldest of the ten sets of the Cen-
trnl Orammar rV.hool twins. They are
Cecil and Vaul Arndt. sons of Ci pt.
Paul Arndt, ordnance deportment,
Sehofleld narrarks.
The Willing Twins
in trie rvgnr, or tne Anult hoys nre
the' oldest , twin (jirhs' in the kcIiooI.
daughters of the late' Carl
ami jvirs. willing. IU the se etui row
irom tne top, lert, are thu llawaunn
...I- -3 . m . r ,
: Twins, c:iyi"-iTerw or Air. an iir. r :ni
in . ... i ..:
mtiin i . ' i i iiuiiniiv Biirri, aim inm's
I - r- , .
of Miss Regina Nankana of The Ail
vertiser. To their right are the twin
daughters of Sgt. and Mrs. W. II. Cook
I.ONIMlV, May 8 (Associ-ite.il
ress -All. gntions reflecting upon the1
strategic alulity of General Koch, su
pre.ne commander of the Allied forces,
Writ ish' army, are to be probed before
a court of honor, to be named bv the
Brit inli war oft re. General Maurice,
who has until two weeks ago director
of operations in the war ollice, in n
statement on the situation in Klu.iders
dealing with the forces the Mritislr
were being called upon to withstand,
' . . , ,
"It is unplWisnnt business standing
the hammering, but so long as we can
stand it the oUly uucstiou to be usked
is: What is hnmieninir tn 111 .... I... r '
What has become of the reserves! "
This and similar .statemen's have
been resented as reflecting upon the
strategy of (ieneral Foeh. General
Maurice, shortly after his Blucher in
quiry, in which he said that the Itrit
ish were fighting a magnified Waterloo
nml waiting tor assistance, was ro
moved from the war office and given
a field command.
The appoiutmeiit of a court of h nor
was move. I iu the commons vesterdav
bv Honur l.aw, member of the war
W. B. t.
WANIIINCTON, Mu.y 8 (Associated
l'res-1 A icport which lim es the prim
.'III' bl:in;i' for the' loss of the rmi'iiui'
ciiH-r Cherokee upon her iiiiii.i:ui.lcr
was ina li- i.Motilnv by the naval board
of enquiry into the causes that Id up
In tl.i. Co Icriug of that vessel some
weeks ao. The report states that the
coiiiinaii.lt'i' overloaded the ves -el an t
t'nilel to heel the warnings of an ap
pi nil. ' i II e still III.
Whi'e the . uininnniler should not I. io
so tu -e I liie vtssel, the repio t :i Idv
i' I'ai'l ih"' "he was did and in no
pi opi-i con I il ion to put' to sea i ii he 1 y
hi'." x :i - ieo as the reason h v
!.. I-;,,; I In Mi'.Vher the slun.i I'lie
e in1., i. a- ;. bin. ' ed from I he
chaise ol' p" -r M'aiiiaiishii.
. of Fort Kamchamchn. ,i
In the third row from the 'top, at
loft, are the Chinese girl ' twisa,
naugnters or Mr. and Mrs. B. .W. .Wong
of MO Hotel HtreVt. Mr. AVpng li I
merchant, well known- in the citv.
. Next to the Worn? pirls are tha Ch'n
ese boy twins, non of Mr. and Mra
Goo Way Choy of 1707 Nuuanu street,
nn.d nejit to these ore. Minnol'te and
I Jeanette, twin duuhters of Mr. and
Mrs. James I- Holt of SISP, Diamond
Head Koad, Waikiki. They are the
baby sisters of Mia Eluunor L. Holt
of (he hoard of eduoation.
Toung Hotel Eepresented
I I,n the bottom row, oft, are some
more Chinese hnv iwlna. Man, at VI . I
and Mrs.. Tuen Look of 1385' Miller I
Street. The happy father is a waiter ia I
I the Alexander Young Hotel. The little 1
! girls xt to the Yvon boys are the'
p twin daughters of Mr. and Mrs. John ,
Dohertv of King Street. The!
Japanese bpys at the right in this row
a- thn twin sons of Mr. and Mrs.
Mir.ikitnni of H04 Nuuanu Street
As in everything else, the army is1
leading in the twin department of the1
Central Grammar School, furnishing
two wts.to the school. Of the ten sets
of twins four are American, three
Chinese, one Hawaiian, one Part Haw
aiian and one ,Taines'j.
' ommenting on the roeent closing of
the (J'rinuii language school at l.iliue.
K'uuai, the Maul News of Wailuku, ia
- U" ue ot Frd.v Uo
wh.r " would be unjust to require that
all schools for the young should lie all-
j American. The editorial is as follows:
. , , . , , ., ,
I T,w 8f,,o1 deparUnnt has deeded,
,,,llt ,,1U German scho'd iu l.iliue,
Kimni, must be closed after next Juno.
i Which is n very mild and conservative
I r y .' ,e88t-
. " . brings up the question of
11 "i . rnl "K" language SCJiool y Ion 1,1
be allowed to exist in the Cnited Ktates.
, Why would it be unjust to reouirv that ,
h!1 schools for the young should be
n'l American! Wby .ph.'JM foieign. rs
i who have come, to our coix.trv to nu ke
their home object to. eou.f,vi ming with
the customs and even the halo is of
i mind ot the land of tjieir udontiont
i""v sBouia they . seek o perpetuate
tlieir own nnt(nal peculiarities whirb
i U,U"' always be out of harmony with
I t,lrir ,ew environqieBt
''' course the desire of alien pnr.
enlH f,i In ml hl okil.l. , (I... ......I
j of their ows nativity ii most . atural,
1 but it is ooen to finest ion whether it
j Is reasonable or just .to the adopted
lo'iimv. Carrie I to its logical conclu-
sion this tendency would result in u
1 loose mixture of rnce in the V.uited
States but never an amalgamation.
"The, child which goes to a foreign
school, through its formative early
' vears does nof learn simply to use the
laugiiiige of its parents but actually
to think in an alien wny, There can
1 b little jloubt that the Oerman schools
of the I'nited Htstes have been respon
sible in large measure for Bueh disloyal
tv ns exists among tha Amciirau bom
(lerniiins. They have insidioualv InsHII
ed the Hennas' mental slant which has
i.ov become fixed.
"Wa have been too l. A ntrtion's
chief duty is to safegpsrd its citizens,
mi l this is best accomplished in secuj
ii g u solidarity of likteesU mid i.U uls
To permit c'lsldernble element to
be taught tu tTiillk Bjld fijel us ubens
is not cleuliited' lo produce tin- thor
ii.-li fusing of ii h t i on it I eleiiiin's with
ot hieh no nution ca'i ever lealie
iiln reul strength or full devi lopnu nt. "
ty School 3
Nothing Must Hurt
Schools, Says
tbe Chief of Buteau
Education Important Factor In
Carrying Great War To
Successful End
"The schools must make democracy
safe for the world." and " Don t grln
your seeil corn," are the present day
slogans of the bureau of education ol
the department of the interior of the
I'nited Mtates.
Heury W. Kinney, superintendent of
school, yesterday gave out for publj
cation the following letter written b
I. P. Claxton of Washington,, D. C
national commissioner of education:, ..
"I cannot ray too strongly that nr
one should take advantage of the prea)
eat opportunity to weaken tbe schoobi
in any way.
"As commissioner of education f
hnvo repeatedly pointed out that whill
school orllccs and school teachers are
inteusely patriotic they must not have
their work interfered with by Ovoefc
whoite vision' is not broad enough to
see C at" the best patriotism 'consist,
in the best education for nil the chil
dren, now as never before.
School Equal To Taak
"'Die n hools should, nml I know
ill. enter into any plans fur econom
i use of educational facilities, but
if we are to learn from the example of
the other nations nt war, we will see
to it (lint there is no interruption what
..ever in the provision for education.
"I cm asking that several pamphlets
'll' 'he bureau has issii(.-il during the
war be sent tn you. with packages
marked to indicate tbe stand that has
been taken by the bureau. This stand
is also that of the department of the
interior, and of the administration."
W. a. .
The engagement of Miss I.ydia Mil
ler to K'dward C. Iivoll has been an
nouneoil by her sister, Mrs. Murgarett
iiibkc ot rvoioa, says the unrrien la
.liind of Kniai. The bride to be is very
popular in Island 'society and is a weU
known worker in nil ! Cross activities.
Mr. 1 uvell ii n teacher nt the Koloa
W. 8 I.
Very beautiful May Day exercise!
vere held at the I'liion Hchool, Hilo, last
Wednesday, when every pupil carried
flowers emblematic of the seasun. Aa
impressive salute to tha Mars and
Stripes oa given by ell of the 1200
boys and gir's rsscmblcJ on the grees
of the school grounds. Many visitors
were present.
Owing to the lurgo size of the gradr
uating class of the Hilo Hoarding
Hchool this year it has been decided
thut tbe graduating exercises will be
recited as chapel exercises on Haturdej
evenings during May and June. A suit
able program will be given in conne
t ion with each group of essays. The
first of this series of exercises were giv.
en in the assembly hall of the school
on Saturday eveuing of last week and
were attended by a large audience.
The tender of Contractor James l,
Lewis to build au additional one room
sehoolhouse at Houomu was accepted
last Thursday by the board of super
visn-s at Hilo. The bid submitted by
I ev Is was 1(U)0.
There are more thnn 1() children
working hard in the Olna School on
the job if milking garments for the sol
diers at the front. The boys and girls
are keen on the knitting work.
W. B
' isnov. Mav 7 i Associated Pressl
Th nstitiition of Portii.al will
'.....ii l.e ieised on lines similar of thut
..f the I'liiled States.
Maul Social "Work Center" Flour-
!ffl . s B . . a f spw . a -
isnmo- vnarie8.A. rucK 13
New Headworker
The following notes on educational
and sthlatin fafttira'AB tK A lwan.la
House Kettlsaat of Wailuku are eulbxl :
from last Friday 'a 1 strut of the Maul
News: ,;;(
It has beefl-deelded that a Held meet
J 1 mv . i . ,.e
tains from different districts are re
quested to form track teams to parti-
ipate in this event. As boob aa aa or
ganikatlon ran be had, p program will
be made ,up,and defla-tta work began,
T I. B ,
" nave ucn approacneii Bay
this is just the thing. There has not
...... iiutr iui nanoniu uaiu meet,
vtars uih. tpu uihl.-les get
'illl-Y. .
" l.e . IcxiiBiler Hans Cywan inm
n I Decided that the cno riven t
':. ' Hall Ho . for a besketbnll meet
u, nurrii on einil.l'inB ia k
tt'adukn Hards are store aad adver
tised a. being the enp for the basket-
hull vdriM All 4 . j I ' .
er Into this basketball league will
notify Charles A. Puck, head worker
Alexander House fiettlemeat on or be.
for Mv IS. All thn tMitta ...)...
will then be reeognixed oDclMIr Bhd
have standing in the .league. vi also '
a word in the making of the rules and
choosing of the offleinls f the lesguo
games. It la desired that a somber
of new tas.Bss he nrtaaU
Mr. and Vra. 1 B. ftithewB hav4
"eparted for Honolulu, where hey seek
n take passage on the S. 8. Msnds en
nnt n la I kluJ u. . i .
.inu. jar au JH rs.
Mathews have been engaged as head-
vorsers r tbe Alexander House Set-,
tlement for the past threw years. The
voung men and women who hava
-onBocted with tha gymnasium Bad oth
r Alexander House activities, hava
showa their appreciation reewntly br
r--entfif MfYan BrfVa. Mathews Vith
a koa set aa a token of appreciation
or the outgoing headworVer; ,
Charles A. Pnek formerly of the' Sal
vation Army;, and wore recently" as
sistsat headararktw of iw Rotl.n.
Sas now taken' complete chores' of the
Settlement and will make his home at
the Hettlement House teres ft er I The
good wprk of . the former, headworker
should be c dptlnned by the present ene.
' Bamuel W. Bobley. aeeretsry of tha
Boys' Clu,hs, Y.-M. p. A, HenoWn, i,.
oicking a group ol byji to come to
Vnui. "These boys, who would other
wise not be able to some and take a
vaeatron of thi - Aind. will combine
business, with. vVeasare and give a gym
nastic exhibition la the local theaters.
This will be tha mean of .paying for
their, transports tioa and other evpenawa.
ThoM wiio have seen Jbe lada per-
torm in ne tumbling . and pyramid
stantv say they are excellent, and
htaal,. having seen hfr. Kobley some
four years ago when he began his work
with1 ifae boys, are convinced that af
ter f pur years of hard work, he haa a
fuUshed jrlut la 1tB-Ji. Mr. Bob-
ley say thesa boys Tvare "the best
mJa tr.t.t'.il bs - i
nesa a zood
show. Their ara asnMted a
some time ia
,. nut . i.. r, ,V ., I,..
wUiW . . ..
cwmiaiury vuu noia a ciomng exer
elsea on f Saturday,' Tuna I,' it tea
o'solck. In . the xnorning1.
WUiaB Vakteaa, inBtruetor at La-
1 I - O 1 1 n ' '
a tx.' . i i i . . , .
nauoauiBa coaooi, wno waa ia jae aoe
pital last week trith a swelling under
his arm. ta much better and ahla tn. Xa
at work again. . . ..
' Kvery Bchool lor Ahe island haa oa
disDlav at least on a war noatar. . !
many af the- county schools .sack room
has aa t these posters. Tho children
take Bask interest in these artisti
It is aleaaing to see- the Maui schools
ail working patriotlcallv for the Eed
CrasR Lacal aahool children can aad
will do xoueh to help the CouBtry at
war. .... ,
All school principals on Maui are re
quet(Kl to furnish George B. Raymond,
supervising principal . for the Islaad,
with Juort of the aalea of War Ha
ings rltsmps aad Thrift Stamps from
time ta tlms. ...
Tba enthusiasm shown by Maul school
children In the popular patriotic war
eoaga indicates a proper spirit at thla
time.. . ... .
Maul schools observed well Mav A.
the ope ain g day for the second great
drive of the American Bed Croea ta
raise fuada Jot.; the care of wounjed
soldier. There were pleasing exer
ises in all the schools with appropri
ate talka ea h aims and work of the
Red Cross on' the battlefield,' tha hos
pitals, and -elsewhere.
,yn neuafsar axternooa judge and
tas. Uerve'y ,visit4 the Lahainaluaa
ScbooK Judge Heryev is Uraad Mas
er of th MaaoU . Grand Lodge of
iauxona, .tia waa acomranied bv
tr. Peicock, Mr. and Mra Duncan
ir..l...l..t ' r 1 l r . n
wfa, ur,., fnyu juu. . n"tpoeii
of, ?uuen,e, Commissioner MeCubbin
snil Hoji. jrhil'gj Pf U of l.ahalna. Judge
Harvey, who la a. Jrilllant speaker ad
dressed the, itudenta
On Handay morning, April 88, Mra
I. R. OsnnoB motored, with th pupils
of her little school, out to the Olowalu
beach, where they bad a picnic ta reta
brav Master -Robert fienno." 'a tenth
birthday anniversary. Tha. youagstcrs
ipent a very hajipy morning, those pres
ent Jbeside the hostess and host, tdag
arol AVrtson'. Steyenson Wilson, Dug
mr ?edtjwiti, Isla Zedtlwita, James
An"ns Xfsro'''d .lofcn ri.. -k'.
At he Puukolil Hchool, l.nhain di
trict, fity eight penent o tha t npj'a
have Was Stamps, fiie chil'rrn hsvt
sliendy purchased fo- -i '"- .
ficutes and 241 TbMft Hfurnpi, t ,,f
a total valee of o;i'vi j j Souxa
is principal of tbia school.

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