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i....,iCE DECIDES.
V.'L'I Await Arrival of Assistant
Secretary Bradley Who
Coming Soon
f In deference ta Aeaietast Secretary
of the' Interior Bradley, whe will arrive
HeW front Washington aboat June N,
presumably ta 'make an Investigation
of Hawaii ' publle land problem, the
ehaatber ibf Marnew resolution on the
subject will tot be forwarded to Wash
ington dirtly from her, but together
ni,th all reports en tbe entire situation.
wU,.be laid before tbe administration
The amended resolution of the legis
liuUva committee of the chamber wa
presented ta the directors yesterday,
am) g long consideration was given to
the chamber's policy, ed a decision u
reached that ail elements ia tba Island
particular? planter and homesteaders
ehenld ba rlva tba .equareet of dealt,
and', that the only intention of the
clamber of eoiameree was baaad upon
the. administration's call for tba eon
aervatioa of food. Tba legislative com
mittee, waa given further time to gath
er. data and render a report. Upon
the ,aoraplatlon of tbeir report ape
cini meeting of the-entire chamber wil'
ba railed to ltt consideration, and the
meeting will ba thrown opea to the
publio for farther eipreesion of opin
imi niHta a subject which President W.
J. Dillingham aaid is one of tba no
upqHent matters of policy la tba. Isl
anils today. - '
Will Walt Tor Bradley
Coaaiderable discussion sras bad op
oo. tba cablegram received by Delegate
fclnlole that Assist sat fteeretarv
Hev ia eom.1 ng here, as to whether it
Ai. Intended . to mean that ao action
b . taken bar concerning raoommeoda
. tioma to tba administration apon lam?
matter la advance of his arrival, ot
tjirvt ba would take ao aetioa himself
but. tha -directors decided it was op to
than no to forward any aetioa antil
M Bradla? arrived ia tba Ialnada.
.'.Tie sentiment of tba chamber wa
eirceA'ted la ' tba statement that the
eVvuiUation. has advanced its position
reference tan the . temporary with
trv'iib,'o4 eaftlred-leess lends ao that
nesr. proddction may . ba; continued
wtthowf .breaeVY
It.; ajae suggested at oas time that
the committee '' report ba extended and
tuVea on with the food commiasioa and
forwarded. Food Controller .Hoover,
noil, it would tbea go oa to tba Presi
de. -(.' 'i
.. "This -Is distinctly a war measure
f tie' chamber's only desire being to aid
in , the production of foodstuffs, and
sugar ia oae of tba commodities which
the food controller wants," aaid Presi
dcht Dillingham. -..'If
wo lose 90,000 tone of sugar, we
lose- more sugar tbaa tba bousewive
throughout tba Territory can conserve
even if they eut sugar off the bill of
fare entirely:' I j,; ;
A Delicate Matter
' "Thie la verr derieate matter to
approach for It opens up one of the
greatest problems in too islands, me
object; starting this matter waa tc
bring- :0t . h: forcible'; fact , that any
eiige't tbe situation, as far aa area
ai)er Bu1tiVatJae.oBeerBed will ma
UHs)h aot wa or mtput of sugar
V-V WiraevUwloa- tia aa .much a
ti i' hnuse-wivea'ean .aava, .'
J I f , th -Ahanibaf can put before the
er ;tiat eontror taa rood aammis-
Jon -.atftar wer raeta -.are n mmi
e. the niattaT along. Instead of
lMr4atioa. going - before tba legislature
and' the into - conferee ; tne repon
floiiU ge through Food Controller Hoo
verVan it Vftrl ba Bp to the President
to-ear what the remedy shall be as to
Bbejcar tnoVV aoaaerved."
V al Bast Toe AH
w.4 -.P. C' Hageno aaid that already
two 1es of ' the situation had beer
' V'-ptJUhf- -pmaters and homesteaders
TJiejr Ware other interests. He believed
tha-ohamber eould best empress its in
rireeis), the Community by offering
4."vJf,tVajl' a1 ftO-batweea between thr
mit ev and ; homesteader.
7---V AT Oa TTB ,W V R tira wwl
ritrredi',. aaid Hi. "Hagena "Wash
irik'toii, more tba over, listens to pub
' lje -opiniott, andrfbis chamber ean get
Oa)ia plnlo! properly aroused here."
rhea the suggestion was made that
t.ji report,; gathering material evidence
trfnf all aidea ' nd compiling figures.
au&'tbeiT walt Mr: Bradley, it wai
' .oggete that even a month's
1 r r time would materially increase
fhe'e.ost of Ibe fe-preparation of those
tajj'W. taader aoneideratioa for new
and,, tbali after a crop is takes
aei month ' it lias idle without
, MiifiVatiOn mls tbe cost Increase rap
to pn-.p. proper condition for
TiXhere waa inarrlmltr of opinion, how
etrr, that V'-. Bradley, and possibly
jtytiar lne, wa f oming to Ha
v a Vt ifL consldee all phases of tbe pub
VwL.mnda:iouestloo. and that action on
this matter vebould ba left entirely to
'personal" Investigation, The com
mtiree snQma prsj'r uiu.m
(ierjosapia.- at(i.an jnTroiujr
Weetinr, ot' tba chamber members, t
igtltret pressioa could be adopter"
W the Chamber, e tbat Mr. Bradley 'i
' t' m at hA.takan uo br lone
ifjftfod dietaaaioBa. ' f
will. CoaUnua lavaatlgatlon
' f A, 3Cott 8mltb, af the legislative
Aiijrimlttea, SOW eommuiee was per
. f.?v willing 'te continue with its in
wMrtrfiitloa and witbia a week wil!
flrobaMr ,Uave Us report ready to be
rtreetel .to tbe directors; Shortly af
(avward ' general chamber meetinr
rr-m 1i"d to receive end discus the
(rtirt.aaoT. fcrrwa at a definite policy
aa-to- jual what sentiment will lc ex
rresd to'Mf. Bradley.
v- bavw roealvad tiews ft
frmn WsmIi
iWuloa-'tbat1 the' admiaistration wnntu
' eat TradiMe, fedgarl taid Mr. Mntt
ptnirts ."Wo.asast ave eugar."
- t W.-.. I
FmlW Vr rorr wona won acre over
11 an r" Thorp of Kansas City in fif
, tuo- eobadiL '
a. .-''. ..
''' 'ia-t'i v ,
Promised Pyrotechnics Prove But
Flash In the Pan Much Talk.
Little Action At Meeting
Much talk and very little, if, any,
action characterised Honolulu's flrxt
public food commission hearing yester
day. The public hsd been Invited to
attend the meeting to offer suggest ion i
and make cri lie Isms of tbe food ad
ministration and shout forty well
known Honolulims attended among
rhom were: Iclcgate Kalanianaole
FtMvi Administrator Child, Commission
jrs Dole, Hockns, Hoogs, Aadereoa, Wa
terhouse end Kbcn Low, I.. L, MeCand
less, K. '. Winston, B. B. Booth, Mrs
r'. W. Macfarlsne, Mrs. Nakniaa, James
i.ove, Jowph Clark, L. M. Judd, Col
.inel Schobeld and O. P. Castle.
The meeting gave promiae of a dis
llay of verbal pyrotechnics when Com
oieeioner' Hoogs made an assertion that
Ah Chuck, a rice planter in Kailua
.as hoarding rice and.diad stored in hi;
Aarehouee oa the other side of thr
.stand thounands of baga'of rice which.
Mr. Hoogs said, he waa holding foi
higher prices. This proved to be a
clash in the pan, however.
I.. 1 McCandless gave promise ot
injecting a bit of "pep" into the meet
ing when be suddenly made a state
nent, while the hoarding question wa
inder consideration, that "the terri
torial government waa tba greatest
oarder we had In our midst." Ia ex
la nation, he said tbat there were
housands of acres of land in tbe forest
eserve which eould well be Used in
ittening cattle during tbe period ot
lie war which at presnnt m-aa lyin).
lie. "What good are these trees," he
aid, "if we starve to death in thr
neantime for the want of meat."
Mostly Talk
CliHirniaii Dole, in answer to Mr
vfcCandlemt, said that this subject had
pen gone into thoroughly some timi
i'O with the tsrritorial board of agri
'ulture nnd forestry and it proved im
iraotiralile, as graxiers could not see
heir way clear to go to tbe expense
if fencing. Aside from these two fea
'urea about two and a half of thr
.hree liim of the meeting were de
.ot.'d to a general discussion of, the
.'ood conditions ranging from the cause
f blight in taro to the bigb eoet 01
"mil both H reuse I and undressed.
CommiHsioner Hoogs in support ot
lis statement that Ab Chuck was board
.ng rice in Kailua, said that the ex
uxe of ba.) roads in that district ar
icing a deterrent in shipping rice ont
f tbe district, was all camouflage
le said that tlie Honolulu Construction
ind Dray ing Co. was reeuy to move
the rice at nine dollars a ton and thai
investigations had been made of thr
oads. which were found in a paxsabh
The Union Transfer .Co. who have
iren handling rice for the Ah Chew
ilantafion, in the same neighborhood
ays that for the last . five months
hey have not been able to get over
these roads with a motor truck. Do,r
ng the past three days the roads' have
tried up considerably, tbey said, and
forty bags of rice were moved by mule
back to the foot of the Pali where, it
ras loaded. on truck, it being impossi
Me for these vehicles to get through
he roads In the Kailua district At
the conclusion of the talk on this sub
ject, Chairman Dole instructed Food
Administrator Child to make an investi
gation of tbe conditions and if there
van any proof of hoarding, to exercise
'he federal law in the matter.
Corner In Taro
Mrs. V. W. Macfarlane brought to
he attention of the meeting that taro
vhich was selling at fifty rents a bag
wo years ago was now being held ai
wo dollars and fifty cents, Mrs. Mac
'arlane aaid that b".r bad been toIC
iiat Wong Nin, a taro planter of Ma
ma, had tbe taro market practical))
ornered and in a short time would
tave a social rating with the Japanese
otato king of California. David Ka
mha, poi inspector, threw considerable
ight on the taro situation and asked
lie commission to ct a maximum price
in this essential food product. Eben
'a)W was appointed a committee ol
ine to investigate the condition.
The subject of bringing flour her
'rom Australia wan tirmtxht up. 1 M
fudd, manager of the grocery depart;
nent of T. H. Davie and Co., sain
hat he had sent in an order to thr
Antipodes for a trial lot of 1000 bag
mil did not learn until the vessel
vhirb was to brinjr the flour was with
n two days of Honolulu, that then
vas no freight spare available for tht
Delegate Kuhio ureil that more pro
iuetion of taro in the Territory should
he encouraged and said that a quick
'rowing taro plant hail been developed
iv the agricultural department in Wash
ington which was a success from every
tandioint and that taro waa sold ir
ihundanre in Washington today. Kuhio
suggested that like experiments be
made by the agricultural department
t AMnniinir., .iiiiMi'-nuKeun, sitriy
v.iwTKtTrtf- c f 1 ... A :
27 The Harvard nn.l Yale varsitv
boat rare will lie rowed 011 the Housa
tonie river at Derby, Connecticut, June
1, Harvard I'uiwrsitv rowing authori
ties announced tonijjlit On the same
dav the second and Irishman rrrwr
will race on thr Charles river.
w. a a
With more than tlir.i- fourths of Ht.
I.ouis Colleire enmlli-.l in the Junior
Rod Cross, that i n-i it nl ion has bern
given a certificate b the Hawaii com
iitttii 0f the Iti'l ir.. In all six
hundred and thirty two boys out of
a little over HOi't ;ne m.-iiibem To be
conie 11 n auailiiirv of the Keil Cross
there must be at len-t llftv percent of
the pupils in the ranks.
Claire Gailigan 'ls Now Mrs. Ea!
gar Finney Bacy Coast. , I
Aquatic Chatter f .
Claire Oalligaa is no aiorMIs Oal
ligan; ihe's Mra.. Edgar Finne The
well known mermaid, who 'raMe all
kinds of r-teordc ia Hoaolelnlast yeir
and is considered one of Ate foremost
of the world's aquatic stkrs, was mar
ried a little over a month ago and the
sorret i.f her .wedding ,rat Came to
lifcht n few deya before the Npt.:ne
Ben ;h sw imming meet' on April 'ZX
Ruth stacker tlla It ia the 8ae 1
Krsnriseo Examiner of .April S3, as!
follows: , V, 'i j
Of course, almost any wooding is the
culmination of romance, or"-ehould
he, and though they are all the same, j
it wouldn't do to tell anyone ao, bey!
cause they are all supposed to be dif-'j
Ctbire i(lal ligan, America 'a water
queen, has her Own particular little
story, which is somowhat interesting,
in the first place. Claire didnt think
niucb when Dorothy Burns introduced
her to Edgar Finney, dowa ia Loa An
geles, that she, Claire waa going to be
Mrs. Edgar Finney before ao very long.
" Eg ", aa they call him, hat not yet
blossomed out in? bis unL . He was, of
course, attractive, bot, well
Booted for Fair Claire
The whole thing started at tba na
tional 600, after the girls came baek
from the Islands. - The race wat over
at Idora and "Eg" promiaed to root
for Claire, aa tba little eastern girl
didn't have many rooters on 'her aide.
That just about ' ended 'it and laat
month when "Eg" waa tranefetred to
the east coast, be called on Claire at
nine o'clock one morning, before she
hsd left her place of residence, and
took her down to tbe little church on
the corner and thea abe waa Mrs. Fin
ney. The newlyweds kept their wedding
a secret for1 a month, that is, until
Claire-was about to leave for her'trlp
out here. Mrs. Finney received a' cable
from her husband yesterday that be
was leaving for France. She waa very
blue and I guess (hat's why she tore
such chunks out . of that water at Idorn.
Kiss Boyle la Beauty
Charlotte Boyle, who is a decided
blonde with a wealth of golden hair
and complexion to match, ia certainly
a beautiful girl and bas none of the
taa of the usual swimmer. The mermaid
looks for a moment to be the last per
son la the world who would be a swim
ming champion,' but when she shows
the muscle in her arm you could even
give her credit for being of pugilistic
bent. Hhe's not, though. ;
Miss Boyle's father is Sir Joseph
W. Boyle and is with tbe British forces
ia France. , 81r Joseph bas won many
honors in the past 'year aa a fighter, j
and brave one, and his swimming
daughter is vory proud of bis achieve- i
meats, showing it i her spirited way i
of telling of the way In which he haa '
distinguished '-himself. She wears a
service flag with single star. ' I
Claire Gallignn, queen of water
spdrts, bas e,naounted her retirement
from tbe gave, tbat is, as soon as sae
baa bad' her fling with Fanny Duraok,
and bas decided to turn professional,
ays Baa Francisco paper of April
28.' Claire baa had one or two oppor
tunities to teach in Eastern colleges,
but thinks she will make the West her
home until "hubby" comes sailing
back from the war. ,
Last year the swimming champion
thought tbat sho would remain in Hono- j
IU1U zor a season or ao, out cuungeu wr
mind at the last minute, saying that she
waa disinclined to camp in the park
and feed on eocoanuts. However, she
may wander over there to compete with
the water wonders in the big meet of
September, in such event to remain as
coach for one of the clubs.
BeUef Over Duke
A little Story about Duke Kahanamo
ku"e "accident", nays a Coast paper
of April 85. There was wild excite
ment among Duke's coterie of friends
in California when news came that ha
had an accident and would not be able
to swim in the 100-yard National at
Neptune Beach on Sunday. With per
fectly good imaginations we had him1
on a stretcher with a broken leg and
perhaps unconscious. One fair maiden
who bas hero-worshiped the Hawaiian
for a long time juBt knew that it bad
all come through trying to save a some
one in distress, after having swum
miles and .miles and becoming com- I
pletely eihausted. But the real news
is here:
A letter from a newspaper man
prominent la athletics waa received:
"I guess Duke will leave on the next
boat, but be bas a boil, and it bothers
him,. great deal. 1 hope tbat he will
be able to swim 'though it has been
worrying him quite a let." Testerday
came the following: "Duke's leg is
In such shape that he won't be able
to swim in San Francisco and there is
no use making the trip. He hasn't been
hble to get in the water for ten days,
but hoped at the last moment to be
able to make it. It sure is hard luck
for Duke and Hawaii, but then we are.
expecting Lane to do something."
Of course, we sre glad to know that
it 's a boil, and only a boil, that Is keep
ing the champ from our midst, bat
really, bolls are so prosaic for lis that
love poetry. w g B
g AX iIEOO. April 5.1 fJ'eorglf
Thompson, ftsa Diepo's primer bantam
pugilist, iron over Young flalinda laat
night. In tbe semi-final Chief Aha'f"
tby beat George Drew ia a close match.
a a
BOSTON, April 24 l.ew Tendler,
the sensational lightweight of Phi's
delphla, knocked out "Young" Britt
Of New Bedford in the third round of
scheduled twelve round bout here last
Red Sox Can't Stem Tide of De
teat Eddie Collins Hat
New. Record
' I
F. W. U Pet
Boston 2(1 12 .600
Ne York ,...10 11 .579
t'.iieng 14 ft 6 .A71
C'eelar d , . 1 10 .656
St. Iui :.,. 17 ! I .471
Washington . ...... 18 10 .444
Detroit .... J.I 5 .385
Philadelphia .17 II -153
Yesterday'a JteeuKs
At Chicago Chicago B, Cleveland A
At Dotroit St. I.mils ., Detroit 1.
At Philadelphia Philadelphia ff, New
York 2.
.At Washington AYashingtoa 14, Boa
ton, 4.
The Red Hox yesterday lost their fifth
straight game. Twe of the five Bos
ton lute dropped to tba Beuators and
the previous throe to the Yoakees. Be
ginning ahead of the whole bunch, th.
Boston Amerioans have the past few
days triicki a losing streak which tbey
seem unable ta stem.. Although atil
st the top hf the club list, Boston I
only haJf a gam ahead of the Yankees
At Washington yesterday the Bee
Aot aeie again defeated, the More be
ing a vury oua&sided oae, The day be
fo.e. iu tbe bwt game of the series
the nenutors shit liostoa out. Yester
Uy 's ik ore: Washington 14, Bostoa 4.
1 uo best American, league game wa
i) laved esterday at Philadelphia, when
Uie Alh etics managed to win from th
Yankee, bringing if) temporary bait
st least, the hew Ydrk Americans' win
ing streak, the latter having just prev
ioi:n!y fattened on the Bed Hoi. Kcorr
Philadelphia 5, New York 2.
The Arowna playedring arooad the
1 igers at Detroit, winning , an eas
game; score Wt. Ixmis8, Detroit i.
It was a very ragged exhibition Chi
rao funs were in for yesterday after
noon, for tbe White Sox took the In
dinns Into camp only after the side
had piled up a total of fourteen ruaa.
Seore Chicago , Cleveland &. 1
Wbite Box Third Again '
Cleveland has droppMQfrosn secono
to fourth and Chicago na tone up fron
1 he latter station to third place. New
York not only is in second place but
the Yankesa are only hair a game
behiad the Bed Kox foe. first place
Washington got out of the cellar yes
teniae and let Philadelphia down into
Only two American games are sched
uled for today: New York at Phila
helchia. I and Boston at Washinston
these games closing the present series
. Tomorrow will witness, ail sour west
ern teams playing in tfie Eeajt. The
schedule, for the new series May JO.
11, 13 sd 14 being:. Chleago at Phil
adelphiaj Ht, Louis at Boet6n, Detroit
at Ne York, and Clevelaa4 at Wash
ington. 'It will be the first series of
the year ia which the 'Went plays the
East. There will be no -games ' next
Hunilay la the American League.
PHILADELPHIA, , April 27-rouV
former Athletics defeated Philadelphia
today, 4 to 1, giving Boston the aeries
tbsee out of four. Joe Bush, for five
years Mack s msinstay In the box, belli
the locals safe in his first appearance
against them.
Eddie Celllas' New Record
HT. IDL'IN, April 20 The Chicago
Sox cot even with Urover L.oulermua
here today when they got to him in
the first, fourth- aud fifth innings and
won from the Browns, 6 ta 2. Williams
had one 1 bad inning, the third, when
111 11 if le end two doubles scored the
Browns'i two runs.
Jackson -of the White Box was the
feature today, making four hits, a home
run. a double and two singles. Besidet
tbie he scored two runs and drove in
tbe other four for the visitors.
Bddieit'olliiiN set a new world's Tee
ord for continuous ball playing. It war
his 473d straight game. The previous
record. 71" names, was held by Ham
NEW YORK, April 2tt Walter Job
son, Washington's star pitcher, won hit
Arst game of the season here today, de
featlng New York, 0 to' 4. Washington
clinched1 the game in the opening in
uiog, scoring six runs, five of them
before a batsman waa retired.
DETROIT, Michigan, April 25 Us
ing a team made up moetly of substl
tutes Cleveland won from Detroit to
day 8 to 4, mainly through their ability
to hit- Ftnrersan and fast bane running'
la the five innings Ftnneran pitched
be allowed seven hit and three bases
on balls aud let loose a wild pitch. One
of the irregulars the visitors put In
the game was Bchaefer, who played s
splendid fielding game at aerond.
NEW YORK, April 25 The New
American League baseball club tonight
announced the purchase of Catorter
Thomas Clarke from the Cincinnati Sa
w. a. s. t
CAPKTOWN, April 30 ( Associated
I'resv) A report inniied by the official
Ciistodinn of tlucniv 1'roperty in South
Africa shows ihflt 20,000 enertfr stack
holders sootruild. nearly $40,0)U)0t
wofth m ntoik in Houth African' tainT
inirVomiiunics The ('ustodian has tak
en cheritc of all this stock, together
ith other enemy property, such as
fnrms nul liu-tincw) and trading con
cerns. The work of liquidatien has been
ennrmoiiH. hut it is now asserted that
1 ' tbore is not a single firm in South
Africa carrying on busioesa wholly or
chiefly is the interests of enemy per
sons. ' ' ,
Lh.ji.hlLJ liruLAlUiiwJL
MR. QttOftQK XITCHlkQfe, 1711
Puachbowl Drive, nays: i nnd B.
rB C, C wonderful ntomach nnd.
r HtmePnsedlclae,''!: Doctored for' 80
, ynexa without reeult eayi g. b.' C.
y too U,WWtf;;- j .;. w v, , .
"'hilt WILtlll Mvirtti'm.' aar
Rawallaa rartiUaor Co.: "B. B. .
ta a grasU rbaumatlam madlclna, it
er4 fD;;thrww wy Bay erutchaa.
, M. DAVID i ALO. Pot DMlar,
Oaba riah Market: -1 can certain
ly fooommand tba B. B.XX Madloin
tor lh good H hu tow b ud
ylljr.r ;
JA. VltKRA, Punnoi t. Wa:
; fB.,BC- C groat .tooto.-: ..';.; ;
' ' CAFT. ' M. C ANCHARD, ' Bow
toad Lnat 'v "Doctored . ever to
yastfs. Tha law waaka' aaa of B. &
C hata dona mo mora good: that
; all tba other money apoat" i
kai- Kamehameba Bcbool, eaya:
"Great baaeflt from B. B. O. for his
eatarrh ut atomach roublo."
MR. d ' RltDCW 114 Oollck
Ave.: B. B. C. la wonderful, rnen
matlaro remedy..' ,, . ; ;f
MR. KLLtN MAHOirWaiklkJ:
"B. B. O. n wonderful atomaeh mad
lclna. Hag benefited ma greatly
'MRS S. R.' iTONf, 10th' Ato
Palolo Valley: "Sick a long ttrna;
atomaca ' aad oonstlpation."7 .
llck Ava.: ' "Stomach aad oerva
trouble; great fault,a,M
MR. WM.. PERRY, IS24 Ullba:
"Aa a etomach. medlclaa B. B. C. ia
number ona." '
MR. BEN ANORAOt, Moleauea
road: . "B. B. C l a manraloua
eioniach ant nerve medlctna." .
1 1 , 1
''-i ..' .. . n it
BEN BRIANS, whose B. B. C Medtdne has mads sJl Honolulu
talk, 8ya : W hsrf thousands of cures on the mainland but
wo seldom us their Dimes her. W prefer to fire you the
oaraes of people you bum, who Uv here and whom you meet
tery day. so ther can b Do doubt as to their genuineness
4Rd truth 'x. '
Giants Win Their Seventh
Straight Alexander Victor In
His Farewell Battle
r: P..
.. 1
..' 18.
if U
17- 1. ,.944
IS 5 .768
-9 U. .430
ia ,.444
flhieage-. . .
Ciaelnaatl .
ittaburgh ..
St.Xoms .
' 8
A 'J rib
iBrooklyu .
Yesterday's Basalts
At St. Louis Cincinnati 9. Bh lvOiAs'
: 1
A$ Boston Boston 4, Brooklyn's.'1
At Pittsburgb--Chleago H, Pitteburgb
I. - ' .
At .New York New York 3, t'bila
delpbia 2.
The Oiaots keep winning, for yester
day they again defeated the Athletics,
although the latter gave them a mighty
hard fight before tbe ' game .was over.
This was the seventh straight -victory
fr the McGraw club. They bad won
nine straight games before losing their
first, tbeir only defeat so far. Tbis
game, by the' way, was the Dodger'
first victory. ' Yesterday 's seore-New
York 3, Philadelphia Z.
The-onlv othertame of the"liatiAa.;i
League plgyed yesterday was tbat at
Boston, where the home Braves Jut
managed to win from tha Tto'dgeW
a r ui... i
.At Pittsburgh the game between tha
rS.K. .ml PlriK! wan a rlecllv one.
sided one, the visitors wiunlng without
any trouble at all; ecere-ChleagO ,
Pittsburgh 1 ; . .
A very ragged affair was the game
played in St iouis, whrA the vi.Tting
Beds won from the home Cardlnala, a
total of fifteen runs beug made, sor
-Cincinnati 9, Bt. Louis 5. - . '
CHICAGO, April 26 Grover Cleve-
land Aleaander, premier plteher at the
National Lesgue, pitcbed hla. farewell
game hero today, before reporting to
Camp FuostoU for-duty In the natioaat
miUlJ, IU.VIIH1,U HW ' Uta.lfw.
3 io 2. ' . .
It was a pitching duel between Aleav
aader and May, the latter being unable
to go the route. Alexander allowed,
aalyi two 'hits, both of which were made
by Boger Hornsby.
Before the same Alexander was pre
aented with a, wrist watch by his team-
mates and two large bouquets by his'
friends. He then turned in his tub-, j
seHptlon for 3,00f of third Joan ,
Liberty Bonds.
BOSTON, April 7 Philadelphia
made-it ithfea, ,ou of four today by.
beatinr Bostoa. , to .1.: The, Boston
pwyere bought' 6.7,500. ip Third Liberty
Loao. bonds -before the-. game, y ', -.
-...-,d-. a. a.., (
CHICAGO, Mav 8 (Associated
Press)' Joss -Wlllard, world's
heavyweight ring ebaraploa, . yes
terday signed "Spider" Kelly of
Sao Francisco at his trsiuer for
his fight with Frederick C. Fvltpn
in Minneapolis, Minnesota 0a July
4.. .. x . ..
8t: "B. B. C. la a marvelous atom
ah medicine aad a great tonic
MR. A. M. FERIA, 416 School St.:
"B. B. O. Is 1 wonderful kidney
ant stomach medicine."
kl: "B. B. C. la a flno madlclna."
MR. J. P FREITA, Kapahulu,
Hobroa Ave., aaye: "I had palna
all over for noma time. Bbao using
B. B. C. I feel fine."
MR. H. B. CHILTON, Kalmukli
"B. B. C haa dona my children a
world of good."
MRS. A. H. FLINT, 6030 I St.,
Sacramento. Paralysed S years ;
now wall. Say a: "B. B. C. cured
Kalihi Valley: "B. B. C. Madlclna
and tha Cough Romady haa brought
ma tha greatest benefit la yearn for
my asthma trouble."
Kapabulu.Road, Walklkl: "B. B. C.
la a Una kidney remedy."
HENRY ROGER, Oateman, Pier
16, says: "B. B. C. groat madlclna."
BatUement: "B. B. C. la wonderful.
1 00 my health to It"
ldaa Bear depot: "B. B. C. Is a
wonderful kidney and liver madl
clna. It cured .my lama back."
1600 N. School 8t says: "I suf
fered with general run down con
dition..' Since using tha B. B. C.
madlclna am Improving right along."
Tigers take Close Game From
Angels Rain In Sacramen
to, Nothing, Doing '
P. W. I Pet.
:ts 20 is tjits
5 19 16 .i54.t
3!5 IS 17 S14
34 16 IS .471
31 14 17 .4.')3
H 14 L0 .412
Salt Lake
Vernon -
Lee Angeles ,
Saeramente . .
8an. Francisco
Yesterday's Betults
At Vernon Vernon S, Los Angeles 2.
At Bas lanvis'o-Ka)t Lake 1, ftnn
LPraneisco 0.
, At- Saeramento Oakland vs. Sacra
mentb, rain; no game.
It ia bad euough when the Hon In are
playing away from home ami lom, but
when they i nsixt on lettiug the other I
fellows win day in and day out right 1
in Ban Frsncim-o, why, then, things are'
going to the bow wows, think Han Fran (
aiHcsns, Last year' clianipirym of the
Pacific Coast Lesgue have now about
cinclieil their clitim to the cellar and 1
the Heals won't even give the Rcnatom
a .chance to get into the cooler.
Walter H. Mrt.'redie'a Bm have been
6'Mt "f lHe aJ insist on
renie.uing at tne top or rne cum .r.,.i
nK- Yesterday again Halt Luke took
out of Hu Y rancisco, winning
a verv elose eanic ami at the snme time
enumK ..c ne . u,.v .
board! seore Salt Lake 1, Kun
the score
''0 , , ',
The. Bill LHmck Tigers turned the
tables on the Wade Killifer Angels yen
teislay at Vernon, winning the .lay's
b?"1". h,, h . fhf m",;
seore Voruon 3, Los Angeles .
B arramento forced u pt
! potiement of the scheduled game be-
tweeo Oakland and Sac.raiiiento.
Vernon has jumped from fourth, to
second i.lace, sending Los Angeles end
Oakland down into third hu.I fourth
places, res.e. tively.
Commission Merchants
Sugar Factors
Kwa Plantation Co. '
Waialua Agricultural Co., Ltd.
ApoksH Sugar Co., Ltd.
"uitou Irou Works of St. Loois
Blake Hteuni l'umps
Westeru ('entrifugsls
Baleck 4 Wilcox Boilers
' Orenov's Fuel Kconomiacr
MarsU Hteam Humps
klatson NuviKStinu Co.
Plauters' Line Hhippinu ('
Kohsls WtiL'ar Co
IIONOI.rLti jijoN WoKKH 11V M-
ehiuvry of every description mud.' t
B. 6k C. has eco fee of testimoni
als from tha bast people la Hono
lulu, testifying to tha great efficacy
of B. B. C. la cases of stomach,
nerve and kidney trouble, rheuma
tism, sick headaches, Sleefplee
nights, bladder dleorders( bilious
ness, aenemlo condition ant blood
disorders, constipation, lama back
and liver ailments. B. B. OL la
purely horbal and contain no alco
hol, ao poisonous drugs, and it
action la audi thai It strengthens
and infuses th Iron force of health
and vitality Into tha system, nabb
ing It to throw off Infirmities, sick
ness ant disease, even In cases of
years' standing. B. B. C. Is a medV
cine sensation and haa mads mora
cures than anything that has ever
been introduced here. B. B. O. 1
demonstrated aad explained at lt
King St Ewa sldo fish Market,
very day from 7 a. m. to 6 p. m.
No raise in prices 1.00 par bottlat
special tbla week. 6 tor 65.00.
B. B. C Is a bottled liquid aa taa
i't form remedlee lose their strength
nd am often eoiied in handiins.
, au Druggist, Dealers and Plant,
K!T d; .
lhlD to yot wing ehargs
0n ail orders of f t oo and over.
Address Ba Bruno, Honolulu.,
1 riatitailoii Compact"
VHi)nq AliHoulturai Co., Ltd.
Apnkaa Sugar Co., Ltd.
Knhala Sagas Company
WabUwk V7ate Ooupaay, Lto.
Fulton Iron Works, of St. Loots
Babccrck a Wileo Company
Greea 's Fuel Eeouomiaer Con aa
Chut. C Moore a; Co., Engineers
Don't spend all ynt earn, the
road to riches lies in spending
less than you earn, and inci
dentally you do your Country
a service. Start a savings ac
count with us and make your
money earn
Corner Fort and Merchant St.
from JJontreal to Liverpool,
London and Glssgow via tha
and St. Lawrence Boats
i aad '
' .By tha popular, Prinaaa'
1 Hteamers from Vanoouver,
J Victoria or fleettlo. . '
I r'nr full information apply to
i Theo. a Davies & Co- Ltd
i 'ten 'I Agents, Cauadiaa-Paeifie By. Co.
I . Isausd Tuesdaya, and Fridays
1 Kntere.l at the rostoulce of Hoaoluhi,
; T. H aa earend-elaM matter.)
I Par Year , axoo
Per Year (foreign) ... ( UtO ,
I Pnyable Invariably is a vase.
Castle &Cooke,

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