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tT. 8.' WRATBTTt I ; : EACT,
All HmIi Maatlea aa4 ton Wfceatlnm
Msy x, 1018 I.nuf twentv
four hour'1 rulnf 11. ,00.
Tempertnre,' Min, ill Ult.
78. Weather, flr.
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S7 : V
VOL,LII. NO. '39 ;
i i
i v
A, V. I I 1 J-l A.iI 11 I
'. v
Observers Are Watching Serre In
Anticipation of Attempt At
, Turnina . Movement Amiens
May B Salient For : Another
Effort ly: v ' V, ,
London Newspaper Publishes Re
port From German : Prisoners
von Hindenburg Is Dead -Believed
Story Used To Explain
Failure y:'vVci.5.''
NEW YORK, May 14 (A.
"aociated Press) - Although
the fighting - along the western
front yesterday was confined p
only local actions, having no bear
ing on the situation as a whole,
and there was nothing in the ma
neuvering of German troops along
the immediate- front to indicate
any early resumption of the Ger
man offensive, military critics
find no encouragement in this of
any idea that the German bolt
has been shot and that the effort
to obtain a final victory on the
west ha sbeen abandoned.
Through the reports of the air
men and otherwise, the Entente
commanders know that the Ger
mans are bringing forward every
available reinforcement and are
training every possibility to
place themselves in- position to
strike a greater, and a more pow
erful JbiovvVi' , v.sj,'-
7,, ,s . man, movements at , berre, a tew
thilea , west,' ot tlapaume,' which
would 'be the ' logical ' point for
starting an ' attempted i turning
movement against Arras. Heavy
firing to the south may indicate
that the Germans are preparing
in that sector for a new move
ment against Amiens and conse
quently their efforts in that di
rection are receiving equal atten
tion. General Haig last night report
ed that heavy firing continued to
the nortft of Serre and to the
aorth of Kemmel. Earlier British
reports had told of heavy shell
ing of positions in the Somme
Valley, the Albert sector and be
tween Locan and the Nieppe for
est1. No infantry activities were
mentioned in these reports.
On the French front, also, the
activities were confined to artil
lery engagements and Paris des-
patches said the fir was heavy
in Picardy along both sides of the
Avre River.
Much interest attaches
unverified report that von Hin
denburg is dead which was pub
lished in the. London-. Eispresi
yesterday. That paper said that
German prisoners had reported
the death of the German com
mander and declared that General
von Mackensen, who won his suc
cesses in the northern " fields, is
the great man who is now expect
ed to bring about a German vic
tory. It i assumed that the story of
the death of von Hindenburg has
been circulated among the Ger
man soldiers to explain the fail
u re of the great offensive of which
so much had been expected. -
OAKLAND, May 13 (Official )
This nlty expects to be the terminal
headquarters for toe aio.uou.wu van
Ommeran corporation,' which is propos
ing to transfer its Duteh steamers to
the American trade, with six vessels
of 6000 tons each, and beginning at
mire with vessels of 11,000 tonnage on
Pacific routea to Oriental porta.
. ...... iV .-.-I''
jnniTfn,f CTr uu t
, URll ISll 0 1 L ADILY
General Marshall Gives Turks In
Mesopotamia No Time To Re
euperate and Moves Forward
. . On Mosul v
, LONDON, , May , 14 (Associated
Ptbss) -Giving the Turku no chance ta
reorganise .. for . successful resistance.
General' Marshall In steadily pushing
aorta from Bagdad for Mosul, th mail
fcity of Northers Mesopotamia and tat
point at which it was believed at one
time the British and Russian armies
operating against tbe Turks would form
S Junction. J . ,f
"' Delayed reporta from Orneral Mar
shall state that British cavalry pushed
north , from Kerkuk on Saturday and
drove tha Turks across the Little Zab
river, after a running fight for twenty
miles, ia -which the Ottomans lost heav
ily and abandoned the greater part of
their . supplies. The British advanced
posts are nrw at a point near Altvn
Kupri, sixty miles aoatheast of Mosul
A mock traveled earavan route runs
from the present British position to
Arbil and from thenea to Mosul, paus
ing aloaa to the rains of Nineveh.
Attempts jo Recover Command
v; ing ; Positions On Monte-
Cotio Costly Fauures
WASHLSGTOJf. May lvUsaoeiat-
ad Press)U-Effoi4a on tha -part , of tha
Anstro-Oarman forces' to recover the po
sitions which were taken from them
by the assault of tha Italians on Satur
day against Monte Come fell down
completely yesterday, according to re
ports received from Borne.
' It was expected that tha Auatrlana
would counter against tha new pon
tions of the Italians and this expecta
tion was verified by tha eventa of the
day. The enemy attached in foree but
were swept back in each effort by the
withering fire of the Italians and final
ly retired after suffering severe losses
in casualties.
A despatch to tha Italian embassy
aaid that Italian prisoners in Austria
are being subjected to horrible cruelties
ia a systematic effort by Austria to des
troy the manhood of Italy. The wound-
ed men are stripped and left without
food, aad most of them dia of hunger.
W. S. B.
Program of War Labor Board Is
Announced and Is Compre
hensive and Sure
' WASHINGTON, May 14 (Associat-
VA -pMUii)- Plans fnr the Attlmnt nf
att1ndUMtrfal dlnnutea were VAaterdav
- i r j j
aaaoad by the war labor board and
re comprehensive in their scope.
.' Thesr voposals provide for tha ap
pointmenl of local arbitration board.
Subcommittees of tha war labor board
are to handle any appeals that may
coma from the. local arbitrators. Above
these tub-committees comet tie war la
bor board itself aa a aupreme court.
' Trained agents will be employed and
these will serve upon tha eommitteee.
ThS department of labor haa started
the naturalising of 76,000 aliens for
the aational army in accordance with
tbe new law. Some of these are al
ready drafted and the aid of can
tonment commanders haa been ashed.
W. S. . v
t '..1 A-V
CHICAGO, May 14 (Associated
Press) Count James Minotto, son-in-law
of James F. Hwift, the meat packer
whose stockholders yesterday voted to
increase the capitalisation of tha com
pany's stock from 1100,000,000 to S150,
000,000, has been arrested as a danger
ous enemy alien and ordered Interned.
Yesterday he secured a writ of habeas
corpus and was released on $90,000.
FIRST American tank which' was recently completed in a plant hear Bsoton at a cost of sixty
thousand dollars. It was taken to Boston 'and there it was formally christened "America". It
is the first of a type of which many others are building.
. . , T . ," ' : "
, i I
' 1
' t
I. (
1 L. 1
v; u
Submarines Are
e To Be
nored for
Ari Failu
Armed And Armo
for Pres-
v7 ;:; ent,0nes
WASHINGTON, Miy 14 (Associat
ed Prasa)--It'ia''Iainled that Oermany
at length realizes that Its submarines of
tha present- time havejbeen beaten and i
front bow. an may be cfosldered as prar
tically failures. , To met this condition
it la aaid hat the Oerniaas are planning
to bnilJ a pew series 0 undersea craft,
otora heavily armed afti armored. De
spite the many, denials that have come
from Ctormany (he work of tha British
and American destroyer fleets has been
inost effective, v. A i -: i
' A Frear.h desDatch Which WSS reaelv-
rine Lt-ygUt at saying ihat he estimates
the J018 sinkings t 3,i(00)0 tons, this
estimate being based npon those report
ed so far this year. ,V
This ia less. than the whipping board's
estimated production tor tha United
Statth and tha Allien ' production this
year will bo 8,000,000 tabs mora.
Effective DacUnea ' V '' 4
Tbe despatch referred lo said that
the effectiveness of the German sub
marine wan t plainlyj declining, Min
ister of Mlariaes' Ieyguea today told
the marine committer of 'tha chamber
of deputies. He aaid that Germany ia
aware of tha Tailing powers of the
U-boats and ta striving to conceal tha
situation. Minister of Marina von Ca
pri I of Germany on April 17 claimed
that the U-boats were sinking 000,000
tons of shipping monthly, but Leygnea
said that these; figures are those of
July, 1917, and that tha rata haa de
clined from that until now it ia leas
than 300,000 tons monthly.
America's 8ervlcaa
Minister of the' Blockade Geddes,
writing to Hecretary of Navy Daniela
says that he has the greatest admira
tion for the American naval officers
ami men. They have been a splendid
help and he eonsidera Admiral Bima at
abiiolutely invaluable in the services
he Iirh rendered and it constantly ren
Seventy-five Hundred Speakers
Are Lending Services To
Cause of Humanity
WASHINGTON, May 14 (Associat
ed Press) Seventy-five hundred speak
ers are to participate in tha great
Bed Cross drive, the list including
most of the best knpwn and mowt earn-
." ".il '(Mali Cun . 1)
est speakers In the country of every
rare and of every creed.
Among those who are working hard
for the cause of humanity are fifty
veterans from Pershing 'a forces who
will tell of their experiences. Mast
of them have suffered wounds or have
been gassed. Two hundred wounded
Allies are also campaigning.
In the list of other workers ara
Madame Schuman Heink, Gluck, For
mer President Taft, Former Presiden
tial Candidate Hnghea, Parker, Fair
banks, Wichersham, Kenyon, Cumminga,
Tarklngton, besides hundreds of dis
tinguiuhed women as well as men.
w. a. a. , .
AMSTERDAM, May 13 (Associated
Prens) Lieutenant Oelgal, a Bavarian,
credited with fifteen ' aerial victories,
has been killed in notion on the West
ern front, according to Berlin advices,
Italians and Belgians Reaching
San Francisco From Russia
f: Are Guests of JtonorJ-
. - - i . j ,
8AN FB ANCISOO, "May 13 (Offl
eial) Mayor 1 Bolpk ami many other
officials today welcomed 2U0 Belgian
aad 107 Italian aoldiara broaght here
by an American troopahip from tha
Orient after they, had fought for Rus
sia on til that country abandoned war.
Months were required for the trip
through Biberla to Vladivostok and
I"eiing asv tha only 'route to their
home countries, wrhera the warriors in
tend agaln""to join battle against tha
Germane. 'V-. ;,';.),,. .
Quarters klive been provided at the
Presidio, military jwoeryntHra, where
they ara beiag visitwi hundreds Of
hrmjC-fOttieers IwaJiuif kalian Areel
dents, and others. The best cooks to
the' city have been detailed to serve
these guests. v, - '.'.t
They are wearing- tha uniforms used
In Russia and will parade on Tuesday,
escorted by several thousand, Ameri
can troops.
Automobiles offered by aitisens are
affording them sightseeing tours.
Lieut, fngene Garibaldi,'.' descend
ant of the great Italian liberator, and
R. Santint have arrived from Wash
inton to escort tha , Italians across
the continent to an : Atlantio port,
whence they will sail for Europe.
Lieutenant Psntins aaid that thou- j
sanas or otner itai ans wno were roreea
into the Austrian army and who vol
untarijy surrendered to the Russians
are coming here as rapidly as possible.
Also coming from Russia - was
I.eorina Bolchkarena who founded the
Russian women 's Battalion of Death,
who said: -"I am oft my way to France
where I intend to enlist aad aspect to
die on the battlefield. Russia will yet
see the light and crush tha enemy"
. w. a. s.
Say New Cabinet Is Arr Experi
ment and Cannot Last But
Berlin Keeps Chipper
WASHINGTON, May 14 (Associat
ed Press) PessimiHrn in Austria ia on
the increase as is shown by tha report
ed articles ia the Austrian presa. .These
freely say that the cabinet . which
Weckerle has organized ia aa experi
ment, a make shift affair aad. cannot
be permanent. . r
The Berlin correspondent of the
Stockholm Tidingcn saya that the
Prussian franchise reform measures are
likely to be rejected on third, reading
by an increased majority in the diet.
But Berlin despatches , say .tha chief
features of an agreement to strengthen
the alliance between Germany and Aus
tria have been laid down at a visit of
Emperor Charles of Austria to German
headquarters, and the two countries
are iu complete accord, says an official
statement today.
NEW YORK, May 13 (Associated
Press) One of the most important in
vestigations to be undertaken relative
to pro-German activities will be start
ed tomorrow by Attorney General
It is alleged that great quantities nf
arms and ammunition have been held
and are still being held in this country
for German account by certain indi
viduals or Concerns. It is said that
these supplies include a million Mauser
rifles, quautities of niachina guns and
an immense store of cartridges for
these arms.
Raise' ':- of Twenty-five Percent
Proposed Assuming Wage In-
: creases Are Granted
WASHINGTON, May 14 (Associat
ed Press) Railroad men and adminis
tration officials estimate that It will be
necessary to increase both freight and
passenger xates by twenty-five percent
in order to meet the increased eoet of
operation. This cost will be the largest
in tha history .of railroad operation..
. Thia Increase of twenty-five percent
in all rates bat been recommended to
Director of Transportation , McAdoo
who ia expected to act within, the next
six wee as.
Thia estimated rata' of irtcreaiw pro-1
tumee that tha director general; will
approve tbe rwommeudat ions' of the
tlsUroad a-nga ("ompiiaeion.' . : -'v.a. .
WABJHNUTON,.Mav 14 (Associat
ed Press) Director M; Transportation
McAdoo r yesterday', issued tha nrdert
which will put Into- effect his prevloue
ly announced plans for a curtailment
of passenger service between Chicago
and Pacific Coast points. - -
In issuing the order the administra
tor of tha railroads aaya that tha elimi
nating of these trains will cansa a sav
in k of 18,000,000 train miles for tha
year. . - '
LONDON, May 13 (Associated
Press) The Russian Soviet, Moscow
dc i.atches say, baa confirmed tbe story
of the removal ot ex-Cxar Nicholas, the
ex-empress aad their three daughters
from Tobolsk to Ekaterinburg, saying
that it was dona in the thwarting of a
conspiracy to assist them to escape
They are now in a small house with
onlv one or two attendants and no
strangers are allowed to approach them
A report from Odessa received In
Amsterdam says that the former dow
ager empress of Russia and the Grand
Duke Nicholas Alexander Nieolaievitch
are living in tha Crimea, and are now
in territory held by the Germans.
w. s.. a.
ed Press) A deWaioja.rflwaaeatiag
the league of national unity has pre
sented an appeal Va congress ' calling
upon all congressmen to unite in the
election of a "War Till Victory Cong
ress ".
The delegation asks, for a coalitiou
of parties where it may be necessary,
where a split would mean the election
of a disloyal candidate.
w. s. a.
I'KKINO, China, May 12 (Associat
ej Press) A despatch from Harbin
oflicial sources bearing date says Unit
news has been received there that Gen
cihI Heuienoff and Bolsheviki troopx
have advanced on the trans-Siberian
railway to Adrianovsk, west of Omnii
riucr. The general declares that the
movement ia not counter to the ainm of
the revolutionaries but is mentioned
to restore the lawful freedom of Kuh
Hia. Many Russian soldiers in Siberia
are joining Semenoff.
Positions Strengthened and
Enemy's Hope of Penetrating
Lines Grows Faint Airmen
- Have, Busy Day
WASHINGTON, May 14 (Associat
ed Press) Im-rciiNing activity on the
part of the Aini'riinn forces on the
Western-front i iinlimteil in the re
ports which were rv eived from head
quarters in Franco last evening. Splen
did work had Ix-cn done by the well
directed fire of the artillery and the
air forces hud performed an important
Well directed fire liv the American
artillery fired a huge ammunition dump'
back of the (erman lines in tha Can
tianv sector. A ma of flame, a great
i column of debrix and dust and a deep
detonation which could be heard a
great distance told of the success of
tha missile.
' On none of the American sectors was
there any infantry fighting during tha
day and in the meantime the Ameri
cana have been materially strengthen
ing their positions. German hopes of
penetrating the American lines ara
Airman Active
.. , Improved weather conditions have
given the opportunity for more work
in the air aad thin opportunity tha
American aviators have seized. - Yes
terday they took their planea through
the enemy air defenses and bombarded
several areas in, the rear of tha Ger
man positions. . ,
Tha American aviators have received
m l W.lnli
..war cruRm. miw i j"
Boyce of Michigan and LieutenanU
Herbert Carside of , New York and, Pan!
Mevera of Milwaukee...,' -Vl ,f Jf
i gisuAltjea, anannjjr.ed. J.fte,.laj jjre.
seventeen auuuuy. wouauja ya oue
toiiseinff in the marine corps hod mlne
tv-six in tha army. In tha latter list
wera nine died of wounds, two of aed
dents, five of disease and one from an
other cansa. Tha wounded numbered
thirtv-one. twelve severely hart, and
thirty -eight were missing.
WASHINGTON May; 13 (Official)
The American troops on the Lune
ville sector have found that the Ger
mans abandoned the villa ire of Ancer-
villers. also trenches elsewhere. Prison
erk taken on thia front say that the
German losses in tha recent Seicheprey
fight were officially 000, which is twice
what Berlin claimed as tna losses in
flicted on the Yankees.
W. . 1
Visit Ostend and Zeebrugge and
Completely Destroy Seaplane
Base At Latter
LONDON, May 14 Associated
Press; Aeroplanea from Dunkirk made
a successful raid upon Ostend yesterday
and inflicted considerable damage, ac
cording to the official report which was
issued last night. They then proceeded
to Zeebrugge where they; Inflicted fur
ther damage.
Reaching Ostend the raiders bombed
the docks and several hlta were distinct
ly observed. Proceeding to Zeebrugge
they were even mora Successful. There
they bombed tha mole aad the adjacent
hipping and completely destroyed a sea
plane base back of tha mole. Ou the
mole a number of hlta were scored.
Encounters occurred with enemy air
craft and of these eight were downed.
Only one British plane was missing
last night. ' . '
LONDON, May 14 (Associated
Press) According to the Amsterdam
corresixiuiient of tha Daily Express,
Queen Willielmina bf the Netherlands
was hissed for tha first time in her
reign, by the people of Amsterdam dur
ing a visit she paid to tha city .April
4. The action waa attributed to tha
U ro w i n l' shortage of fojidfiftich ll irr(
tut inn the Pntch people to the point
of exHMperatioo.
NEW YORK, May 14 (Associated
Press ) Huron Mumm von Schwartzen
stein, formerly German ambassador to
Tokin, has been appointed temporary
diplomatic representative of Germany
in I'kraiuia and left for Kiev March
11. say German newspapers received
(London Officials Declare Ottawa
Despatch Was Due To Error In
Interpretation of M ssage
From War Cabinet
' a
conu ufftcuiMrvrnM si en .
British Minister First Says Re- : .
port Directly Contrary To In- '."Y ;
formation Which He Had Re-; ; ;
ceived From Home 'v ? : ;
WASH I NGTON, : May. 14-1.1 ; :
(Associated Press) -Bri- ,.;;'v'V-...
tish olticials last nignt jniormea ; .
the London correspondent of the (
Associated Press that the report .V'"
sent out from Ottawa on Sunday ; ' ,
that the forces of the United V s ';
C4a ... in ' K tfat bv
the Allies was due to a mistake. ' .
The meaning of the message had
I been misinterpreted. ThU effect- ,
ually sets at rest the doubts and ";' 'v
anxieties which were manifested . ' '
throughout the country yesterday ' .
ana wnicn uciuaia iruin mc juti-' - . .
tish ambassador and the secretary
of war had not been able to en '
tirely remove. : "!(?: ;',
. It.is believed here that the mis-. ,:
understanding arose through a '
misinterpretation ; . ot 'the; words V. 1
"integral body "..and . these." were
meant to imply that the Ameri
can army as a, whole would , not ','
k tineA at thirf time.- 7 ; i i
Denials of .the", Qttawa report r ,
M it was generally printed came
quickly yesterday. Lord Reading,.;.
tWerltrsli'-xhiulslcrj ui that tlie"'" T'""
burden of the, despatch was di
rectly in contravention of the in- ,
formation ' which h& had, that the
American forces were to be used. -.
He was confident there was some : I
mistake and that no such inform-
ation ' was', sent out by Lloyd -;'
George or the war cabinet What 't
was really meant, he said, he waa
at a loss to interpret r , ,
Secretary- of War, Baker also -
denied the despatch and said it 1 .
was contrary to the last informa- ; .
tion which he had from the mili-'. '
tary authorities In Europe. ' v s
OTTAWA, May 12 (Associated
Presa) Tha British cabinet "a war com-
mittae !a aaid ta have decided ta re
tain ' American foreea overscan aa ' aa
"integral force" until they attaia a
powerful aiaa for a decisive stroke.
Tbe Allies meanwhile, feel certainly
able to hold tha enemy while tha Ger
mans waste themselves ia a futile af
fensive, with moat of tha French re
serves still oansed.
The committee 's summary of tha act
uation noteat
"Tha enemy's reaervee have aearly
reached complete exhaustion." i.
w. 1. sv .
WASHINGTON, May 13 (Official) .
The London Times, commenting on
the parade through London last Week
of American eoldiare, aayet , '. --V '
"This peaceful Uvaeioa. haa beggar
ed the forecasts of historians, and made
cheap even tha dreams of idealists," .
adding, "Londoners must have been'
minded of another civilian army, war. .'
worn now which wa owe to tha genius
of Lord Kitchener. Noaa of those ta
the American parade waa a soldier
wheu the' United States entered tha
war. If -we tan boast of our miracle, -America
can do so with equal Justice. I,;
Actual experieaee with these patriots
V k 1 y will prove to Germany that they
have acquired an aptitude similar to ;
that which Kitchener's volunteera to
quickly demonstrated.'
w. a. a.
WASHINGTON, May 13 (Associat
ed Press) The house today receded !
from its actioa abolishing eight sub
treasury branches, including that at .
Kan Francisco.

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