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Allite: CbrifMeiit Thev Are
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1 Drive- of
TVT1 YORK, May 13 (Associated Press) Confident in tl
: ?' . Jfc ability, to withstand at
v .again', them, it ha been decided not to use the American army tin
til it hramM a rnmntrtc and ixiwcrftil force, aecordinc to a cable
V .'f gram which wa. received. in Ottowa yesterday giving a summary vi ' vr ir.i ifVltl'' f'tt
operations on the Western front which had been, issued by the warjjA I wcj) . I iiMai? lij!!
' : committee ot the orittsh cabinet
. J'. 11. : ' ,
1 9 LH:.
j participation in.th
- "' belief that a large part
emergency which might posstblv
; M(ho are now in tne trencnes in a number oi sectors ami is not taKcn
. '" . .to.niean that further sectors may not, from tim to time, be turncl
: over to' Americati forces. It is considered as referring especially t
M tKose-troops that-hare-been held, in reserve and this is further indi
V cated by the burden of the summary which said, in parti
,if iv.V. :,'-The position," now i.tbat the Germans are concentrating their
'. I forces to the last available unit in one great offensive.'. This the Al
;, ; ' lies ar$ opposing-With strategy for thef are meeting the blow with
' .' the smallest, force pos?iblc,.fQr withstanding the shock while, at the
; 'sajtie ime keeping ,the strongest reserve possible' for, any emergen
, t j cies and for a great offensive when the time for that movement shall
',: nave, arrived. , l roops n tne wings are pcrmitiea 10 give ground
V,; wherever the eneray can be made to pay a greater price for the gain I
made than the position given over is worfn.
On the Western front yesterday the (iefman f6rcW were still in
" active and such engagements as occurred were largely of a local
". nature. One of these was reported from Paris which said that a
' '-- strong enemy attack on positions between Orvilers and Horell broke
i , ; down tinderUhe heavy fire to which it was subjected and that there
; the enemy was defeated with severe losses. Heavy artillery fire in
b directions of 'Jllailly.'.Cramevai and Verdun were reported in the
Vtfa "despJtcVv indicating' the iwssibilities of renewed offensives
" -Jsin ithpse directions,;. ,
, .w-L'. .j-v-jp'RENCIi' TAKE OFFENSIVE :,. i ,
-Wtk oemjnej' the' Freneh tonkth offensive, -Ixindon rV -
M I portlf' 'aJiidV Oiaterially irnprbved tpeAlHed : positions. There1 the
- ? Poihis torkj more than a hundred, prisoners.
,: '',uJ: itepottsfrom the American Aitiry headquarters said that in the
Seicheprey 'sector there vere numerous signs of a renewed activity
by the enemy and that throughout Saturday night and yesterday
the American trenches had been fairly deluged by the machine gun
K i fire of the enemy. . ..
TroofX je ptt going ovemeaa ia
.' forge iiimjii'm but tin- oriliiam-e ilepart
' meiit in able' to inarntuia it progranu
: j;vrj mMwr who hour. In a tmnaport
Uk gn"i'.nvr;thre " i fully etuipimtk
Bo alnq ia it with artillery ami ma
eJtiae guua. Tliare are now ia Proar
auflirieut of these- fin- ull immediate
More, than 1,3()0,(MHI mcu have now
been 'Her amt are eithar in f'rawt
' or. are- ii traioimj hU will xim,' g
oy?f. Hrplally more will be callel ia
; June than in lar, nn1 there will be
more rnlleil this month than were ia
kirl. It i exwtel that the Mtrength
of, thr Hfiny will rea h :i,(XH),(lO inea
iu th uext twelre inonthn and there
' a,re toine, aumy oHifers who nay it will
.. h, five iniHionn.
merles Praised
. , Jorf igu Mininter I'irhun of KVanea
" ia qiioted in a cable mmwimB na naylwg
itfoK&ft lrvpr'oejiierit and
; ! ' 4 Abei Demand Attention
;;'JIHiyOTON. May 13 ( Aaaooiar
' Jel'reM Creation of a.bureaa ot ia
j .yeatipqi announced by the war de
! partmcnt. ll purpoae will be to iu-
. yeatjgute the merits of 'the many, in-
yenUom and dv,vicca which are offered
. ti the Nation for ur purposes and t
, , ivpojt, upoa them. ,
j .a Kyer aiiuw th country embarked
' iixm wajr there have been floods of oVt.
'' irleea andimproveinents and new ijf
f .Vnjtou,! offetfd to the war depart
' merit i.sojue of which have bceu fouad
to have merit' but with the flood of
uthaf wvrk whirh has had to be ntot
'v 'thsra has. ant beati'tlte tints ta giva.ta,
these- anvstioBf th attcutlua f Ph
. Tit is Ui-airod In Avo. tUm.
J W, . a.
; This disease is tut daugcrous and ae
; ; taud, iu. its ijuvcluj.uicut that every
mother ut A'oiimh i hildrcu kltoaid be pnv
pared for't. It in very risky to wait
- wntil the attack of crmip apfMiars ami
'- thaa seixi for mlicin ami let the child
suffer until it can Im ohlnincd. Ohaai
K belaia'a Cougk KejnHlv is i.roajniv and
, eMe'tual and ha never been kns)wa to
. ' fail in any cne. Always liuse a bottle
' ia the home, r'or kmIc I v nil dealers.
'."j Benson, Hinilh k Co., I.tl, agerts for
' Hawaii. -Advt. ,
.... , ::,f - ..
'. i 'M r I 1 '-
.sV ' Ja . , -m - V ' f
mi ii ill k ii n ii i a i i v l . i
iwt be mm
Ttt VitfiswrAny I
4 f -', . . k,- ; y ' -ji , t - " f
the Enemy
drive which, th, enemies n,ay a-cct
I ia explain the absence of news of more active
fighting by the American forkes, and verifies the
irt of them have been held in reserve to meet any
arise. It Ioe not attect the m
"America han liecrf'aii.l ia of treioen
,aua aaMistani-e to u and i ixn'otolug
hourly, more otentiul.
.'We.are all nnmel at the remarkr
abW it)e'i which the VoitH r)tate ia
ahowing am the magnitude of it baaea
for ajuir activities.''
,The t'pited Htiite infantry ,wfaieb
wa reviewed by the King iu IjodiIob
came from all parta of the United
-Thevwar dopartuiant, MapVacea... al
plan fo I lie formation oTa-hoia
guard from uieu who fail ia tha draft,
wqo are rejected for foreign aervlce
bat'juay well lie available fof honie
wwvire. Thlapliia would release 15
(KH)i aujre trained xoldiera for' overaeaa
. Btoriea of iiiHiilHirdiuation in Aineri
tjtm 'training -ampa which Oerinaa
wivelaMr uieNiuige are npreailing r de
r tared to be pure tirtiua and tleaigned
to buoy up the courage of the (lennana
at home.
fAMttIN(TON, May 13 (OfltcUd)
-r-iiothers ' dy was more generally ob
serrtyi here and throughout the- United
Utataa today than ever beffe. Whltt
carnations decorated the lspehvof near-
KaU of the men seen oa the ' streets.
ehurches were largely attended and
tne reeommeniirms ot the tesiaenf
for the showinif- of special , foHstyerr
fion aud honors to the patriotic. 'woaaea
who have sons in their country 'a sery
ice wera usually ohsera-ed. . .
i Id saaay-of the nities of- Me country
special nieethifpi were herd and were,
largely attends?).
.... ... .w. -
WASlllN'fiTUN, Mar 13 (Aaso.fai
ed I'rnsaV' Turkey aud. i, posseaaiont
fur MoaaninMtdaiiK ulone, all. Chritlun
mast Koril()vtilobuniaiediinisin,non
but aiohaaintedans to be allowed to re
maiav is the. Turkish puttey, it ia re
ported by the liiek IsiotUtsj here. '
Already mors than two buaded thou
sasul Ornoks have heon imrtfaaaaoy into
I h Turkish army aa4. half a railHonl
more. Greeks Iium- hern driven from
Iurkmh territory. 1 lie irks dec In rt
thai no Chrmlinun can remain and none
of any religion, other thuu the Mo
hunuiicdwu, imalivc in tbe country.
. ,-t . , . ., i
Vessel will1 FllFjiof Nfgay
But Ply Only In American
. .Waters; Site Secured ;
VK&tt TpBK;. Xty. : 1-(Offlcliijrw
Norwegian Interests have bought large
waterfront properties int New Jersey,
rloao la this tty, m nit for n great
. .i t M i " .
"I"; V,,W 'on .t,,n lrg eklp-
ynrda In the? world ' . '1 . ;,,..
llnckers (of (he enmpenywhichbas
lf ('(fprmed haadre, the Jpttnenae
yiydi tJltwiuijJl '1?, thi,JorgM
flgvtnt!TJi' haaoisnkt iw American
frtouaat, (a. n. Uittf , f ,Mko ahip;
up a. i'
oifrtkMi.Uterliiai that en tka A
laati jiad.,U,I,aria Coat,.irt,V, .,,
.. w -
mj5W5 Tv ' - ,
H . V''m''V;' ir
, IJKiUi J'.V P Wnl'rlv tvijir
, Xm. Y05K4 Ma l-raioc)i
a ted Press) A visit -to Europe by
I'reaidea . W llaca aa " our sapreme
ww lord ifae , peace by victory V
may be, necessary to-brng aout.
tha inaj dariaioo- ia thia. grant war
wa the statement whkh Tuliya'
cinthe -LeraoBj editor fi thf .Kghts .
of Man. maleio. th cnpreseptativa "
of tha A merles n ysUraiiolp , of La
bor while t hey-vera io Paris. . He .
waa associated, with the conference V
which wa.: Vild betweea. the rep-'
resentatives of' American : and .
French labbt. v His aiateraant is re- ,
ported ia abl0. from. Paris which
was received lart-nlghi.
In London ; last " eyejiuig, press j
despatches aahl,;' Georga Nicnjl
J'.srnes, the labor member 'of tbe;
Hrtti ah wJ- cabinet peesi'led '- at
great meeting held in the Keasia,'
ton. Theater whrye aa enthosiaatie:'
welcome was exteuded.to llyaif and ,
Nestor, members of the Am,ertcaa'
Federatien of Labor delegation
which ia visiting, the Allied oun-.
tries to confer upoa labor mnttrra,
eeciaHy In connection' with the
war. ;.-'-,. ;
s. s.
WASHINdTON,- May UAasociat.
Irisl -4-esus Y, Garcia native of th
Philippines, who died . recant ry at-3a
Unas, . California, bequeathed., H4.te
the United States eoveranuBBt.. . Jlis
will said in part: "This money is ,1.
qnetthed in the' hop thai. Presides
Wilson, with,, powers larger and, great
er than mine, might, succeed la bring
inu everlasting, .peace.'! . ,(,;' v.
The President, acknowledging' s tha
receipt of the money, wrota. Jt eend
ern:, "The facts yoa rfcout jttir my
thoagbU deeply, 1 , wis h.' the) poor, f el
low who left the money might' be ae
.ccjsihle for a message from me, -but
eiacc .Ids ia goae I can ofclv ezpresa to
you the deep feeling tha incident hat
caused, the feeling of gratitude that
the simpler people as well aa the bet
ter informed in the Philippines, ahould
have acquired in this short time Upl(
a frlendlv sentiment toward : thia"eounr
try." ' .
W. , S.- - .
for His CriticisnK
Officer, Wrio Pfrc(pmerJi Alti
on British Gowcrnment li Or
dered Retiper From Active Ser
vice In Army
I.OVDON, Mty 13 (Aeaoeiaf'"
ed.'ess),r-For bi cuticiam of tha.
governiuent which pfuciB'tated (he
attacks of the ipoaitiatt led by,
fhrmer Premier Asqiiith list week?
ut which failed by a derisive ma-'
jhrity, (Jorieral MiMsxDMiat,jXvy
aiupk to other military. oQicera, 4ia,
matter, how high, ia. too sersV.e..
they may stand. Breach o the'
army regulations are not to bo44v
created, this hw . L, .
After listeniug to the axlaaa'
tious mo do by Ueaurai Mauiicof
his motives and purpose. iaeritr-.-cisinM
the government publicly for" ;
U condiutt of ha warmths aryy
Y and has isus.l an order which
places him on the retired Hat wltb
tbe pay of a retired oMer-oft his
rank. The order ia liMU shafts i.
severity, of a dismissal from the
Ariay. . , nii rV'
Osneral Maiu it e waa t)ia f reas,
his duties aa the." mouth inesO' to,
the .copl for the govramet ja
to war affairs and pruKrfaa BdMi -wae
aeiKid to duties, la, France
Be then criticised the eooditioaa
oa the wentern f rant, blamed
France for allowine; the, brnat o
the attack of thw Oermana U f aJl
upon Hntain Mini voiced eriti-
cIkiiis of his home government as
awaeaw en a w.aj. waaw IVV af) KM?
xiviatmi 'amy Td Pmiom
rah iy ffoiw&md A reSaved
A il I -WslUJL I
l VY46mvJTQir;i
May 12 (Official
and sleea on the under aid of a pontoon of a seaplane In tbe British
Ckaanar anA vet. to. sarviva . and n rstura te serrWa.la tha. axDerlanta- af
, Enaiiro, E. A, Btona of tha, United fltatea Naval Keaerrer He has reached;
,-.tHidaa after ftvavwaks la a baaaUatj aeaortUog ta tha daepatbaa race! veal
'. by the csraah-ttee'.oa jnalla Infotmaiion. It wM supposed that ha bad ooaa
drown sd ur.Ul he reported for further duty. s
uaiKn Stone has told we story
i, '. tt,C"!Hjiln. W bo' when thwongrily exhausted t
( ; dN4;: nnd, tacy-oj-eppad 4vnn, ibAnnal whero aw
;;XJni J;mn., ttl,MlaaVttwairtaf
aUd mlM arBW-latfajietttanaesM. ,,, '.) , ; f, w ,. . .
. .t,aus .heavy . wsaukkly. anmahsd ...tk tail plan- wait b. aettlsd and
tku overtnruad'ha auchiaa, , ---rT
TV.'-' Aj.-v-'.'C -'.,-. ETOJflUS.TtlXS EXl-EUIENClj
.. 1 'ie..lnipit tf . the waTes but, the. uili'wna amauhelend Ua.boa
fti'diA-. h. a tsgr, '(raising: her .qprjght,. Then wa jwem tspjUsd nai
clia.LHi vor'tis.uos te.tha aadarsula of.. the pootoona. . ,
tried ,to 4 rawlaiite. secure the emergency Tatloa In th obs.rver's
' so V-b was unable U da aa ajrd barely 'escaped being carried dew a wiUi
I aa''"-CT . . r - ('' ' r,w -asV ''
H..t4,'Vcr( more ithadJutea,dflytwa
W-et or, ri; u and . waw, a ,.pt saiwuxy ot siaop. wa. cirt Jejf aacn otacr
;wl.h, 0'.r,,diAnl.to,pieaer4, Vlg..carTia4. away. Ihf V"t swelled our
ttiini' s fU ,wbsrta,.cUlala,.af.ipain fall wa sought to lap the roolstura frj a
' tha poiuiHa but thflaaUy paint.caoMaUi us and orjy ad-led to ottr mlaary.
' v Cur Urn Us- batniN pnl. that we, were bacaly a ile to move.
v.i; Vir;,;'.. i'ti;oats:b:j ,n . -
'mVT1.'- tln,o buy ult fre soma, torpedoad ship; new ted bjr us hut .we
. fcravr u: t ieivpiien fox we wore- too. weak ta. awii i than. We man-.aiod-to,
rib aiwHo haul in a thUd tin but.it, waa ftlied v ith tobacco.. .
', 1;i U-U(rtaia wa taw convoys and waved our natdkerthiwf but thry
d.d-rot. Me iuvw.j sum -r . ) L.,
..A'TVe sotoad nigni ww saw- maathead. light. .Hewing our. shouts a
trLii.iiUvd.Aip.taN,viU4a. a, huodrsd-y wa ofu. but than went away,
. ev-.dniUy,Uitukug::we waro a.traachoronn tubmarinat . ' I ;
'A.f'TWritf ' day, a., aaaplana paasad ornt, ns without seeing us. On the
VaiiofrUin-Xourta. 4,ir.aUnte4 a trawler but br that time we ware
too tteaa to stand. The trawler saw us, however, nod threw Ufa preservers
twui wnhlk wa ware too waak ta (rasp. She lowered boat the a ad
iaaj ;na'; j'- i v. v it t'".-, ' t V---'.'
, . pane's rorapVnlon Joet sis. of his toes front gangrano. ; .
. i t Tl;e. soarththh4. boon nctivt fot, a time aftox tha pigeons got homo wi'-h
' tha nie?sag 'but trot andlnr tha men In the- position Indicated they were
jrhltBrad.' to vtboea drownodv ; . ; 1 '. ,:
Apreemeni,Heaon8a wnicn vtui
1 vlnrfTn Thick 1flrhft Waste
" r,V-7 C5h . , 3 16
r W'pr; leded JrlaterialS
- ' .' . '
0VpA$HlNwTON;T.May 1.1 (AssoeU-
casl- Control or the manurncture , i" (
r-ii 'r' 1 . . . . , . , . ( heavy bombardment, was sunk by the
article which are intended f or , v. . ,, ., , "J ,
? .German abel I outside the channel.
tp'tl.c'huroposu Allies has been t pm.rs fonndlon the stranded cruiser
iuatUafad 6the. war trade' board. This , indicate that
aetwuv fplloed the" reaching of; aajMTa the P0
a ,r..an.ar;t aaOa. sKka' wltan- awi nmnnra 4 Art A
Allied. Mhonsi asd the' war indutrics
varitj ,an(t Utl.tru 1dmlniirtratioo
TheK-coutroMwili 'become effoctive oa
Wadnjipiay.yV'''-i;,-!'..,' i v'-W,
',;The agreement aaa peca .maJe in .or
der to avt4 Hhtj. baelesa co'tisumpt loo of
roStetial in mnnfacture and large con
eiritfutt,.wastO untif aeturera , will
bw. fcavv td obtain parmisaion from the
Allbtf., xepVessntativra controlling tha
wnfveA'Wfrom this qverflment as
won, rTorefumrBrtaKnc';tO riit.orqers.
M'V"' PQrthve .ofmalerials' is neces
sW.'thl mast (ho; aeeu'red' beforo .the
in at Sr la Is', rcqnirod' can' be purchased.
. It i annouueed that' these require
ipcntvwill',ffert' jtoo,da' which" are de-.
ligncd'for the epfonles of the Allies as
well as for their use at home.' ,
-ws m av
NEW OKI ,'Mof; 13 (Asscpiatcd
PrcssV8tefVrqoirimens. for the'gov
ernmcti surpass lexrioctatlona and
.unessential msjiufaotufles which use
taj eoavontuty ann f oniirucnon wora
raojiiriait ilWept whera uoh .work ia
Aaejnap) esai'auai win navs io wst sua
farther to seoure fitting of orders.
,' Tha demaniU of ,tb government at
-bewarda". U, ejepaasiea of program,
are, tO,tfe trljtgfr..tlan: eavmaiea, mere
baa beep, promised t9Nf he. Allies 1,250,
000 tonow aneV, fvi naa of tha United
Rtales ih Vta see. 100.000 tons will be
war.: 'departnient : yesterday, numbered
.eighty-four yf winch, s'eyenteen-, were
fajAhUsa;' F)v were, kitjed in action,
niuttU dead" of. wounds, twa, pf diseases
I 'and. one front an npspBclfted, cause.
'. Of,' thf ,rtyight' wounded the. in-
juries io emy eigot ero, uoi wierc.
Nineteen are missing" after action.
W,iBUWflTOarr-,M'ay. JJ (OfHcial )
f-Haotalry'fr taerTrasurr McAdoo
(VfaiHc taday.4bat.4Vi- pcrocut cuu-
ivtxsiou bsuuis, in echapg fur lower
interest bonds of the1 first and second
Liberty. Loaso will. t wady, f or. doliv-
larjr.'iajf ft Ait. tM interest, wU be
aiusce.aa wont joy j?-tot no sccuuu
Wnd bands, and from June 15 for the
; ;fliSs;fdB, aviators
WABHnCQTO, May Hr7-(Assoial
ed Press) Military citations have been
made recognising the eiploits of Muj.
William Thaw and ueiit
Paul Frank
Bauer for their aerial victories.
;,.sj l ', it. ..'. . . . ,
I ror eighty hours Without food
or now a ana a companion dung to
rescue cama.
wha& ;tfi'eli ..ancttr.." fit
amuKh. sea wa running.
pigeons with feMasagaa taUIug of U
v'rv. , '' w,- v- , .
.wertjUahed hy theaea wita noUlrg
, amktebpa. May 12. Assisted
Pr,caa) The German oflicial account of
the British raii on Ostend on Friday,
when the British sunk the obsolete
crniaer Vindictive across the entrance
!of tha channel had blocked the subma
she i the Vindictive",
I. f " "
' SAN FRANCISCO, ' Muy '' 11 (Of.
UsiaO-Capt, L P. Hobson, U. 8. N.,
who- sank - the, Merrlmac to trap Cer
vera ' fleet at, Santiago, speaking here
taday applnndrd the new British suc
cess in blocking the German submarines
iu, Ostend harbor, adding, "I arn sure
this blocking twill be maintained sue
, ceK,ull.v. lw llrmn ' ?' "ijl
rtteaii to blw the obstruction out.
w. s. a
. CAMP KKAKNV, May"Jl (Assooin
ted Press I Two Honolulnns have won
eligibi!ity to commirNions at the ofti
cere' training camp here. When va
eniieies occur tht-y wilk be given com
mixnions as second lieutenants." They
are Leslie Hicks in the field artillery,
and Anion Weber iu the infantry.
run rsAflWM'U,
' ficial) A number of
May 11 (Of
Dutch steamers
averaging 4500 tons will soon be put
on Pacific routes, reaching Australia,
the Philippines and China, The vessel
belong to- the Van Onunrren corpora
liou. Headquarters offices have been
engaged here.
, w. s. s.
BERNE, Switzerland, April 21-(Ae
hocjuted Press) The German, batteriet
prior to the assault on the British
front Isnitinning March 81 fired nearly
three times as many shells an three
hours as tbe Germans Bred fn tha en.
.tira Franco Prus-dan , war, .They , ueed
up, in this time i million and a half
shells, or RTIOO to the minute, On a
front of fifty mile
. x-' . w, -a, a... i
PK.VHACOLA, May 11 (Associated
rresBj-Jtiuhard MeCtUla' was burned
to death sad Georga Henderson bally
burned ia the itudeut training camp
for aviators here to1ay when the mar
chinu iu which they were flying fell
and was wrecked, taking, fire.
LONDON, May 13 Assouinted
I Press) -Tb minister , from Jl-'ruguaj
to the British court has beeu truus,
ferred to the I'nite I Htatos and has re
Iceived orders to (roceed ' forthwith te
Wruhiiiirt i,
oioves tha cause. Used th world over
to rue a cold in one day. Tb slgna-
ture of E V. GROVP. is on each boa
'Manufactured ly the PARIS AlBDI-
CINil CO., ai. inis, U. 8 A.
e;,i..;;:sccpitihiiii ARf.lY
ride is wmw
Information Is Filed Against L L
' McCaridTesr- and - Other 1
Actiftri Mav" FollfjW '1
Vndoi.lnftjrrtirittBn' Jled estiriitJ UV
noon by .lump D.- DcWp, chalrrnanof the
Territeriaf , Fooir flomniissiUf'; tse 'city
a ttorswy's. office'. will immidinteljr pr,.
pare to prosecute U L. MeCandleaa for,
violating tha' orders of .the food- com
mission. . The spec i fie item oil which
the rasa will be brought Into court is
the sale hy MetTandless to Libby, Mc
NHII It- Lihby of Hawaiian grown riee
at $10 a bag,, following the f ood (f om
misslon annonnctraenr of i maximum
sale price of S. ,. s ,
Chairman 'Dole'lbas the 'entire fond
commission behind him, his action be
ing authorised at a meeting of .tha com
mission held yesterday forenoon .. at
efewen o'clock,, following legal advice
from Attorneys Bobbins Anderson and
Charles R. Hemeaway.
Aa effort to secure the services of
Frank E. Thompson to assist in the
nmsecntloo was not hueeesiiful owing
te prensure of bther' affairs, but It is
believed - that . John W. Catheart, Mr.
Thompson's partner-will appear in bis
Defiance Is Shown
Defiance of the legal action of tha
food commission by Mr. McCandless.
as it waa said at the meeting,, caused
that body to take steps to prevent , a
recur renre of 'disregard of its regula
tions and it ia feasible that tha entire
weight of the. federal food commission
wil back np the territorial commission,
only waiting the receipt of eertain in
formation, by cable, from Adminis
trator. Hoover.
Mr. Dole, in opening tha meeting,
saiii the, members were called '.'to con
sider the breaking of our laws in re
gard to the salea of rice."
"It ahowa a clear ease of absolute
defiance ot our rules," said tbe chair
man, "These laws were passed by our
commission with tha honest effort to
prevent profiteering," an! to obtain a
fair profit aad price for the growers to
prevent any injustice. It soems to roe
this is an absolutely clear rase of profit
eeriag of a flagrant character. The
argument- that tbe price should be as
high as tha- California price seems to
me to have little bearing on the case.
The local authorities, abould enforce
these regulations. If it is impossible
for us to enforce the regulations wc
ought to know it."
Boogs Suggests Action J '
W. 1L Hoogs Sr., suggested that
Chairman Dole- awear out a warrant
against' McCandieas for profiteering.
Mr. Dole, however, said advice as to
procedure should first come from the
attorneys for tha commission, as to
whether prosecution should be through
'ho territorial' attorney general's oflice
tr that of 4he city and county.
' It waa found, - tjiat'thft maximum
ptiee ' for: 'Sales, jipblishctt - in
both the daily newspapers, -and- there
waa nothing in the way to coraniouce
proeofldiuge. ;
t A question was raised, by Secretary
(1. G. Brick us as to whether the coin-
illusion's case might not be weakened
by reference to the California price,
for coimt riro at $9 aud over and the
:rice set for Hawaiian rice at $8.
Other members .disagreed, with him, the
irifiimeut being made that t6-S3, was a
high cost for production and with $8
is a selling nrico a reasonable profit
vas made. The reason the California
irice was. higher, was because' rice
irown there passed through many hand
'era before reaching the consumer's
Commandeering Proposed
Chairman Dole suggested comman
deering all of McCandlosa' supply of
rice, if ho persisted in attempting to
nake adiiitiona! sales. Commissioner
Child said that a miller here cannot
operate without a lu-ene. If. a miller
attempted to make rice out of Mc
landless' paddy, that his license could
'ic revoked,
Mr. Hockus said a man "on the
drcrt," had reported to him that the
omniission 's action ir placing f ns
'h highest figure for ;-le-- 1 'r wmM
orevout ,rice gio'vijag; i ! IsIhm.Is
Thi suggestion i "vo- '""niced
by another statement Unit be. ore the
war with $.) as a Img price, it stimu
'atel rive ufuwing and with tho knowl ,
edge of what it now cost to produce
rice, $4 would again stimulate the de
veloping of tho industry.. ,
Commissioner Child said that Me.
Candlcas raug him up just before;, the
meeting, saying "I want r yon',' to,
rescind the order for a tiajr:
asked him ory what greuud;' liaTniii,
'because Wsf.lrou sold, at '..'Jtf f ,1
taid, ' Link, nover misd tha .othef
.'pw; we, will attend to the, 4tB))r man
,'irifiteering after we fipialwith you
Ho wants the commission to utterly
.rescind the order," . . .
At the oflice of the city and county
tttoraey; Mr. pole and other, members
of,, the l ommisalou. wer informed b'y
Dvivuty County Attorney . Charles 8.
IJSavis, ,.tbat the prosecution, would 'he.
oinpu'ncad whenever, ,',suflu;let' evi '
. lenre was filed. . He' waa given asaur
ue. that there would Iss substantial
evidence. '
w a . i i
WASHINGTON, May li-(Aiiociat,
sd Press) Today 's casualty list' frhm
France numbers sixy nine. . Eight were
killed in action, foot, diiid otm wounds,
wen by accident, foim rljaie and
hree otaorwise. Yaw? were o'nridud
severely aud thirty four sightly. Fivj
previously rcpnrled , missing a now
listod as having, been takeu prisoner's.
t - w. a. a
WASHINGTON, May 11 (Official)
The department of the iuterior hi
ooMnced today tltat 1,U50,000 privntt)
"war gardens " have been started in
'espouse to (he food ndminiKt ration 's
national appeal after a six weeks' cam-i'Bign.
mmm m
t 'f - j'r; y'ut'.il.
HahdTo Hand, Encounter Re
j' cover', positions: That Were
Lost To Enemy During Battles
, ; of Last, Autumn. voi.
Morale' Is Shown To Be Excellent
and With Melting of Winter
Snows AiiStfO-Germans May
Expect Heavy' Fighting1
sociatcd Press) Consid
erable activity' has rieen displayed
n the' Italian war theater for the
past two days andj contrary to
general expectationsj the Italians
have been the aKgressors and
have met with considerable suc
cess, not waiting for the long her
alded Atistro-German offensive
to begin.' There arc even indica
tions that the heralded drive has
been postponed For the Austrian
ejnperor who went to the Italian
ront with ( high army and gov
ernment .officials has gone to the
German headquarters, it is re
Between the Asiago Plateau
and the Urenta River the Italians
have successfully stormed the
Austro-fJerman positions on Col
del Corso, or Monte Corso, which
they took after hand to hand fight
ing of the fiercest character.
Italian headquarters reortcj
that after a long period of inac
tivity, owing to the weather and
the ground cbnditibns, the Italian
forces have , executed some par-
ticujarly briHiaritf'bpfat'on3 w'tn
comparative'ty jsligh Ipsses for the
value of the victory that was won.
They haye captured the dominat
ing iositi3ns which the enemy
has heldfor months on Monte del
Corso, destroyed an clalxiratc
system of defenses, taken a hun
dred prisoners and captured two
large guns, numbers of .machine
guns, much material and muni
tions, supplies and other booty.
The important feature of this
victory and its chief effect is to
dislodge the Austriaus from a
dominating height" in the center
of the main highway from the
This Italian success, after the
!ing period f inactivity, augurs
well for the present morale of
the troops and indicates a full
and complete recovery from the
efTocts of the great disaster of
fast fall. It is considered not im
probable .that, with the melting
of the snows they will m;ike
things highly' interesting for the
w. s. a.
CHICAGO, May 13 (Asaociated
Pross) Mail service between Chicago
and Now York by air route and with a
I woman ae the mail carrier ia tho lat
est innovation,
Katheriue Htiason, the avintrix, has
been sworn in as a mail clerk. Today
aba expects to make her first trip by
airplane to New York City from here
onrrying specinl delivery letters.
It is learned that a new twenty-four
cent at amp in to bo issued by tbe gov
ernment to be used for this "uviution
WASHINGTON, May HI ( Associat
ed i'reas) Twelve thou.sMii 1 selective
draft men found iltxiua,lilied physical
lyi for general military service have
beeu placed' ut the disposal uf Mai -lieu.
Jease Mc.Carter, thief of the mili
tia bureau. It is inteuded to recruit
l.'i.OUO and form 'HI battalias, of four
coniitiuies each. Twelve compauies are
iu service now.
At army tiaiuiug camps throughout
the I'nited HatcH tlieie were mi
liouiued In, lav plsux liv which ciilist
vd volunteer iimy Im released for
work iu thu shipyards.
nn ir'TA tu av
it.. ( Jw- i',t . ., i. si .M
( , dwfchi IW
'.c, w4 it rr,1i'l-il:,v-
' 4
i ?. ju"Hi jiAi.iir
'..J ' IU ,4. "(1,

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