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'.' A
J. .
' ' i V."- "' '
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. ' .'.. . i .. ' " , ' i " ,.' '-''. ' '. .'. . " " . . . - ' . " - ,- - ,-'
:'rLv ' '' V ' v-;'V:--,' v v .0 f - - JUWAIIAN ;UAZETTE." V TUESDAY; -yJ;"l9tfc3'SniiWS
. ' , V
i ? -
laths v.:Liijf;,
However That
R4lrUlrtrlr MiN Rtnln I
. Before Tomorrow 11 , '
Governor" Will Urge Change In
Organld Act ancf Will Ask '
Endorsement '
t i tr ml
Figure Now Stands At $618,853.
B2 WiW More tomlng GL''
I I H' IfSrtsr TliaiiU Dl . .
J . 'At Aro o'clock luat rvonln the to-
in lor-ini Kir ito rttlfe of lout
we.k irtootl at 6i8,8S.S2, 'with.' e
port iocomuM. MauC a an not
l reported atti( rriday an.l'will probab-
IT (r th .total another jfow! boont.
Harold Kte, who hna been In harre of
taa driva on the Valley Iile, wat In
towa jreatrday aail nU that tha Maul
total will . probably b amaawhttra
oiouid, 7,lJ)00,,whih. in 10,00 abora
it praaeat raport. . i .. ., v
Judge Vaughan Denies Attorney
,Davis' Motion to Set Aside1
' Richard's Sentence .
Frivolom la tha way Judga Horaxa
Vanghuh refer to tWe efforta of 'At
torney Oeorge Davis to (ret tha" boo
tene Jmptmed opoh J. J. Klcharib), or
me'r chief Meward of the Shinyo MaiTJ,
:. f :-Uitei 1 4,.' 4 W .4V' .
- a U ' ' a . a 'ana '
uanaioaxesii-or uommissjont tn
ef JJefiurar.'ServiCft hd;Cdmi4:
'yv.peVtoivl:'.'' .
m e I ;
An miiiUik n na.aMita M-i
UoaaJ Guard, who wara qttallda4V..Boiw
day -1 JBtranea .to tha offieaftr' ,traia
tnir aamr U SchonaU Barraaka. .an.
May 19, eompleted thalt tramafar ya
terday ffora the fnard to 'the tegula
for an attempt to gmuggfe anhor aervieo and today will a-epori to-th.
a I a: i : ..!.. ' . i . . m t . .
iwrivB linn oi upium, uri innt ip loninininn .01 roe regiraani ai ion
the pnneipai irrouoda tnat tno leoerni barter anl W hone 1 for dutyr I
opium atata.te do not apply to Ha
waibiima(rta)toqftij -r i, .(
! m Thla araiwe ia anade in a judge
ment filed yentenlay which ileniea
Not antil tomorrow la all probability
will the legislator! who wfll dpo'lMha
apoeial aaaaloa today .get down to the
Miual work for .which the aaaaion waa
tailed aad all Ibdleatlena are that they
Will jnt complete their work under two
weeka, though la the interest of econ
oaay it waa originally propoaod to Mailt
tha time of the. aaaaion to tve daya. ,
The admikUtration has not yet out-.
llaet what meaanrea It has to put for-,
ward and nothing aeflnita in the na
ture, of a program .of .work i haa yet
' been determined upon, thoagh a desul
tory -dlseuaaioa of acta and neasaras
to be presented waa held yesterday at
the preliminary eaueua ealled bf H. L.
Helatein, speaker of the hoose. Lest
than twenty attended the eaaw.
Xyntaji la Amy
With tha oxception of Bepreaenta
tire Noma K. Lvpiaa of Hilo, 'who
ia oa the mainland nerving aa .av aer
geant of the signal eorpa la tha army,
it ia expeeted 4hat all of . the-aaem-bera
of both housea will be present at
the opening session at ten- o'clock this
morning. At yeetenlay 'a eaoena It was
tentatively agreed that the sessions will
' be held without chaplains and without
Janitors, v It ia anderatood that Manuel
Antone will be appointed messenger of
tha house to sueeeecit8, Kaui, rho'
resigned. A new clerk of the eenate
also is to be appointed aa- O. P. Boa res,
1917 Clerk, ia oa the 'mainland.
One announcement of Importance
made at the eaaeua came -from. Speaker
Hoistein, who aaid that a resolution ti
to be introdured designed to chaage
the personnel of the food commission.
-This announcement follows a comment
he made--reeently when he said the
food eommisaioa seemed to him to be
"a-'Jok"-' "
Seaatoca To Meet
Preceding the opening session thia
mornisg a meeting- of 'mambeea of tha
senate has been eajh)d 'hy 'the. presi
dent, Senator Charlea-Chillingworth, at
.half -past eight o'clock ia 'the .chamber
. Of commerce rooms. ' 1 ' . s ' "
- It U understood that the opening
'Session of house and senate this morh.
ing ' will ' be- devoted '.to erganizaUoa'
work, ' though if baa bee .forecast
by feeder of both housea tbat ao
shanges ia oflleer or ia eommttteea
will be. made. In aeoordanoe with plaas
a eeneorreut resobrtioa ie to bo adopt
ed falling a joint session' of. house and
senate in the afteraoon ia compliance
with the .wishes of the- Goveraei, who,
aa usual, will deliver his message aad
recommevdationa in person. The joiat
session will- be -called at half -past two
o'clock this afteraoon when the Gov
ernor will deliver hi address.
Seriewa lAand Quoatlon
Though the Governor has not iatl'
mated what the-.nature, of hia recon
mendationa will be, U ia reported that
an Important part of his .massage Will
bo devoted to tha land queatiou. There
is more than a probability that the
effort that the chamber of commerce
launched and dropped, a project aimed
afirainst homesteading and .dVasigaod to
effect the repeal- of -the "twenty -five
persons ' ' clause of the Organic Act
far the period of the war and Ibager,
will be revived and introduced into the
special session.
The purpose of briagiug about the
repent of the " twenty-flve persons"
clause with the announced end -that'
lands on which leases are now expiring
taay be kept in cultivation -haa tha.
same old support of the Governor, who
himself urged the ehange on Wash
ington after the legislature had turned
it downs aad it reported that strong
support in house and sonata haa been
enlisted to give official andorsoment to
the project This, it is umlorstood, i
to take the form of a resolution to go
oa to Washington asking -that the
change ba made by congressional a,e
' tion. ,
Tha proposed change opposed by
Governor M(!arthy .and, a number af
ether influential figures, who sue ia it
the : probable end - of thomoateading: in1
the. Territory to the advantage of the,
big augar. interests. ' Govoruor- McCar
thy wUi not be la effiee,1 howevef, ao a
resolution of ; the sort -which-probably
will be urged in tha eaeeutive message;
stands a fair ebanee of having plain
sailing.) " ..... - , ? j
For Bod Cross
Some tealous soul some: time ago aug-)
Rested that the legislators might "b
wBling to donate a part or all of their!
salaries for the apoeial aessioa to the
Bed Cross. Complete silence on the part
of the legislators greeted this proposal,
but it should not be accepted that there
is any lack 'of patriotism la house or
senate for a new proposal has been
voiced. It may look (like, passing the
buck, of course, but the' new idea is to
have the Territory appropriate a fit
ting lutsct fi the Bed Cross, A
measure of this sort probably will be
added to the growing list of things to
be done at the special session.
The sessions of both .house and sen
ate are to be bold) in the public library,
the represeatatives sittlar on the m.'
uka hall on the aecoad floor aad the
upper house In the-opposite hall. This
is dene 'so tbat Bed Cross workers in
the legislative chamber ia the Capitol
and draft officers ia the senate chamber
will not be disturbed.
Tirst Work
Probably the first meamre to be han
dled will be that for which the special
session originally was ealled, the switch
ing of existing appropriations to make
nvsilable funds with which tho Island
of Hawaii can repair damage to roads
'Alt the thirty-si were bosT-rester-
day-obtaining their release from -the
draft, through the selective- draft ofhV
eer,aad with theaa chaarmaeaauv that
.4mear tuun, treasurer or the local j mouon to set aside a sentence -of ose I seejrred tUsir discharge from, tas guard.
arnica utea reft the jway open, f ev ell
chapter, estimates thnt if MauL comes year and one day 'a imprisonment aad
up to this figure, the total of the drive i a (P00 fine-imposed upon Richards.
should aeach io.lO.OOO , "A atartling discovery'' is the
..The reivorts from the other Won.ls ' court's comment upon the claim ef
did aot come in until late yesterday at the -attorney that the federal opium
3. o'clock. Kauai and Maui had aest ! act passed by congress is Mnconstitn-
ao report, wane Hawaii had reported i ttonab ...)
to (Oo retlerauxeil. - . v . M(,y it
j.Thiaimorniag they will -report aoee
moea at the taflloe -of Maj.; 4laane l.
Dougherty Q. M. O, elacer ! charge
of snilitia- affaire, and foii swing hi
session, an wm do ordereii to report
that she could not get her figures in, f la. .the syllabus to the decision it is aa soon aa poeaible to their reffiniental
aa there were no returns from the Ko
hala district. George B. Carter seat
wireless messages urging that the re
ports be made as soon ns possible -and
later In the afternoon ord came from
other islands, except Maui. '
At present the report stands a fol
lows! .
Kauai a
Hawaii .
Total .'
Territory's (juotn
- Over the Ton .
Carta Thanks People
commanders. . . .; . .
They will apend but One ight with
their regiments, being under Orders to
report not later than half past eight
flVtloelt tomorrow morning ttf Maj.'
Thomas. H. Lows, commandant of the
reserve camp. ,.'...
ststed, re the criminal law on appeal
and errors
'' Writ of error does not lie to re
View ka order of a district court de
nying a motion to set aside the sen
tence, and to arrest judgement, where
the irrounda of such motion are wholly
unsubstantial and frivolous objections to ! t The Hawaiian National Guard ofll
the Indictment, and the defendant waeleiekv trhllr. regretting .the soes f eo
1,0.'10 00 permitted waive arraignment aad plead much good material, feel : that the 'tff
67,407 00 guilty, for the first time raised ia aaid j ganiaatroa la to be ceagratutated: ia
04,200 00 motion." 1 beiner .aWa ta furnish tha. araa. .with,
.Reviewing the efforts of the lawyer J eonwieay ; well .trained' yoangr imen ' aa
to get the Bichards -sentence set aside, efficef. material fot -the-, ragnla jaed
mti nntlintntr the effnrtM tskiui. the f UmaI -' 1Cve iiAA..UA4.-aij.
court said in the decision: I aner the Jlawaliea) Matiaeavl Guard haa
$423.0B 82
200.00 I
' 7 - I
1 1 .Tne motion or the petitioner to net .loecta orawu apea lor yoang aiea, maay
208,803. 5f i aside the sentence against him and per-. of'Whcm.are' now,la servhse aa pffieere
Diit him to oie a motion -in. arrest 'et . eithor oo,Voha or ou he jMinUad.rr
Tondereil against
. .V-
A" measage of ttratitude to the people I hiiltrcment. which he styles a motion to
of 'Hawaii for their loyal support in j strike sentence was denied on May 1.
the raising of the Second Bed Cross Oa the aeeond Of May, he presented
War Fund was issued yesterday by .. hia. assignment of errors and his te-
Oeorge-'B. Carter, president of the Ha- ttHion for writ of error seeking ta re-
wauaa cnapier oi me tteu uross; wr. view the judgement
Carter'speake warmly of the spirit of 1 him.- . -
patriotism wMrh prompted' the people WThore was ao exception to the in
of Hawaii to oversubscrilie their quota dictment; there was none to ah? if
oy ewa nunarea inounami Monars. v i the proceedings until after tae aen
The text of Mr.. Carter's message Is tence had. been pronounced. The de
ne follows: fendant pleaded guilty. At the time
"As president of the Hawaii Chap-' set 'for araeasing his punishment aad
tor, American Bed Oohh, I desire to pronouncing sentence against him he
extend to the people of llnwaii nei my , appeared with a lawyer, both pleading
greatest possible measure of gratitude for mercy after the t-oort had assessed
for their respoase to the call of ha-' against him a sentence lighter than he
niaaity as expressed through the Bad deserved, tie lawyer orally moved to
Cross. That is my official gratitude, j Brr,t the judgement; an I the exeep
My personal gratitude is merged in a ' (ion to the attion of the court in do
flowi f eatiafaotlon at my beloved Ha- joying this oral .notion was the 'first
waii Vspirit of patriotism expreseod lu to any of the proceedings ia Urease.."
Oversix huadred and seven theusaudH A previous decision of tha court In
,of dollars. We asked yon for foar i the same ease held that " ta effoht, the
hundred, and ten theuHand and you ! first greun'di. presented for the fettling
.gave us two hundred and seven thou- ju,jje 0f the sentence waa that because
sand over that. . I have not said thank , the 'indictment does, net allege that
you; t would be , aa expression jfc'i theoplum was Imported .f rom aome; f or-finitely-'
too email. It ia far beyond my el go country H doea not charge that
power . to aay. what I feel and must r h had been -imported into the. United
therefore trust a Higher Power to cob- I states. The eourt- holds 'that the la-
.vev my sentiments. This power you ' dfetwtent does eo tharge. It is sufli-
1 w"r.rcl,;; rrj-
ff RH em saW A-aa
Special Appropriation To Carry
WbrUXd Endof BidnnUI PeT V
nod edessary; Says RepoVtj
If the territorial food commission fa
to orentiiiue t artivitie ,for .the . re
alniier of tbe .bienoiai wriocL the ire
mediate appropriation of jf 10,000' by
the k-el-lalure at it aneeial Vaessioa
will bei neeeeaary. Another ertprentla.
tion ef 5Q,000 will be ashed for which
Will be need to draw upon in the event
that the coming special session enacts
lawa to encourage the production of,
tare-1 and other foodstuffs, . whVreln
Cash guarantees must be given the pro
dueeeaj . .
,iA 'lengthy report to the Governor,
setting forth the needs of -the com mis-
alee. aad brging the Governor to eee-.
em mend .these lapprepriatioas, waa -read
sQd unanimously adopted by the food
eomminsina at .its seea Bosnia yes
terday. ... ,- ,',.y.
. According to the reivort. of the 125.-
000 appropriated by the last legislature
fie the carrying, on of the work. of the
feod-eommissioo, 1H,1(4J1. ha been
expended up to. April 30. It ia esti
mated 'that to carry oa the expense of
'the eauaty agent ami - to pay the
salary el .Uie executive officer aad the
two members of his staff, it will be
necessary ie have a miaioiam appro
priation of ffiOOO to carry on the pres
ent work of the commission through
the biennial period. Unless these fuade
ara immediately .forthcoming, -.accord-
ln to ithe report, it will be necessary
either to discontinue entirely the ex--eeotkve
operations of the commission
eeenc enoathc prior to tha.cleee of the
biennial ; period, or discontinue at . a
still earlier date, the county egcatav
We ef Oouaty Agents ' W
' .. a.. i v. L i i r .A . . . 1 .
hi 'tivxuVNUBie(. t ne roHwiiLMiua
that-. the county agent, work is the big
"gent step yet taken toward making the
iekeodaieelf supporting in thai natter
of food and also toward making, suc
cessful 'the efforts of the smaller., land
hohiere to produce ami market the vari.
ous crops.
L ';A report compiled by the territorial.
Hvitle f the various, county agnate in
this Tecriterr shows 'that from - October;
S, rl9lV to-April 13,. 1918, 5630 calls
and I Lnarg Oi VJTlCeOI; that periol. Packages of seed amount
ClViiah"Relief Brahdh f 'tOCid S5 havebeen given away
.rl -s-i.ij iiiT '-' . - L ..i 1'wbtle 31 were eold.'
Hobow teJKajrJS, una
In Red Cross Wcrk
,(ViliBi iack -Frbm Fknc iopri
Chapters 'Activities
Mine WUhelmiaa , Tenney, , daaghter
of E.'P.Tann4.preidei)t!bt.M
son NaVlgatToA'ConfiJkV.bois'fcte
engaged U,Bed Cross eanteeji Wotk la
France i'.xpectedx to Tturj td 'l
nolultt about July d and' 'wilt " ntke
Tsro Jiandred and .thirty-six agricul
tural demonstrations were .. made in
,which, 8861 persons were instructed in
'planttnft. 'Instruction in spraying were
giveit'm7.Japaaoe, Chiaese, Ha
'Weilan, Portuguese and .White -farmers
hod, 1389 farmers of similar -nattonall-
tiee- steee iaetrueted ia iharresbng
Bed Cl-JilTWy.waaaiVlif
by the Bed Otoea hemjthraV .aaihe1 !XSSmL'
ago, bnt it ha. Just been learned that IV.lTilS"
she had aeeoDted- the -worke kere: V ? '".e -rapWly,- the tare
The Civilian Relief ,4ad;HomeerV'
ice work of the
known of aa it
have alreatly felt in the beating of your cient -though it doee not allege the
own heart and the glow of your own . name of the country -from Whk the
souls In reoliaation of the mnenincest i m.ium w Imnnrtsd. ul tWat it in
thing you . have done for the caaae ef -unkaowrc. ' From -whatevee eountry it i'1 uaeaa '.the . hraet
righteousness. came,, if after. April. rit, I00,iit was ,
i 4,J4a1: .1 1 1 1 11 1 ' A A. - . ' 1 4 it av
- chs nun..rrU . k i iit.iu.i. unrawiuiiy tmporto:" v. . . - "-"" w.w "-" ,lrairartt date and continuing
oi liouars uow nucn.oi soihcc nnci fl'tae conteatMB: tbat the ODlum act mmmm, mMm u uuiwoh wm ... j.m tt av. . a. .a,.. l..ai.
haa hml niion our people. Kxaltntinu
of : spirit may not' be expressed in
rats within the power of man's conijiu
tntioos nor its power for good menx
ured by niortkl means. I ak yon to
meditate upon the far reaching force
of this fervor,' the flame of which you
have this past week so gtariouidy pi
teraaliaed. To know that within it,
and only within it, shines the word
'Victory!' And I 'beseech you Cnr
ry on 1 Carry onTl ' '
Delegate Kuhio will addresH all the
Beil (.'rots worker who: took pnrt in
the great drrve at 10: Mi this morning
in the throne room at the Capitol. A
large atteddanoe ie caHsd for. A. L.
Castlei field director of 'the locnl Hi I
Caoes chapter,. will address tlium ut the
same hour Thursday morning.
w. a. a.
power to save precious lives that will ' ag Mssed bveenaToee waa uawonsti- r.ho wriU' W retnrned :.djsal4ed, 'nhttl
1 U... aL-a -. I.. 1 . . . ... ' lT. .... LiLaS aJ .aLa4.. Aii3.a !a ....U.
V. J 7 uu viiv mMj "Pij , lfuv inui ib umj futlOuaC " Penalise W fTBuOe IDS pOW- r "J- ma,v jWhwi t-vomu-
money. Far' sweater than those brave ' fT 0f the tetritoriajflegielature, which I Mahejd.suiasBjljUrr'i;av' ..! -
figures will be the effect their giving ig exclusive. ta leiriaiate-upon the sub-f "CToea.. Jlotn Service ep-,
t 1 1 1 t . . . . ' n . r l: A . ... M :k M 11 -1 . ,. .
ject and ,to oontrol and .regulate the , vu ""'r-a'm asoaai
buying, elBng, puTthase and reseipt ' regular army, national army, sailors,
of smoking itpium ami opium .areiared.nwi"dJlheeeel la
for mnokLjyt U'the Territory fof Ha- w" aervice. ByfieiuHy,otwel and
waii" is referred to by the court as guidance it help ,fhmiliee to aceommo-
a atartiiao- rtisooverv". nd of an nate 'themselves 'tO 'the fltrooUlt wat
J . ' - : ia a ..ji.i j a a. 'j'4L L . .iA.l.ii. .
a atartiia g discovery '
"unsubstantial ,'aad' Irivoloas charac
ter'. ' I : .. e i i-
i In all there were eighteen grounds
in the motion to strike the sentence
I pronounced against the defendant, nose
of which :hceettrt -evidently -'tbeugst
j merited much consideration
i , .1 .. .. .. .
1 1
.1-1 -C s ..1',i t,
There will be little hope fer any re
lief 'for the- port of NawiHwili, Kauai,
frOnr the' federal - government at the
coming' sosirlou--of congress, inasmuch
as 'those to whpm it ha been referred
in congress regard-'it as "an entirely
new project.
' The ''chamber of commerce received
a letter yesterday , from 'George MeK.
McChdtan, -ite 'Washington Ten re sunt
ftfve,'in' whichihe announced that under
these circumstances, it -could hardly
be possible- fof any ilnaaciul assistanee
being given to- ereet a breakwater ami
otherwise make the pert an easier one
for the handling' of vessels.
Event Will Emphasize Coopera
tion Rather Thari Rivalry
r Fbf -PrUi
A novel comnuraity fair, emphasix
tiig cooperation! rather than' rivalry
for prizes, is to be hM by ithe Hniku
Farmers' Association,' 'Maai,' 'on llay
35. The, proceeds from'' -the talee of
exhibits wiji fo toward the -expenses
of the aaaeriatiofl e. exhibit tat the
Territorial Fair. There: will be no
classes of eotriea exid- ao prizes for
exhibit; the -purpose of, tho fair will
uot be to show that eae- oad V aoaie
thing better, .than hia neighbor, hut
to show, something -that- feae ihelped
oa awl Cnw-AAAvJ. ttiwrs. y
To this .. ia a rule that each
exhibit must : be aeeompanied by a
written explaaatiea. '- h'o example, If
one has had success with a crop, he
show a aamplel ef what he haa. grown
mi. I write out an explanation of .how
he did It r whether it ws plutel oa
virgiii or. old pine land, what fertiliser
tisae eJtdUieaa-te. wliicbieadi Cadesv
ore to . ceopesata, .with ther govern
meat ana .sociaj agenciea, ,
'As the wargoet on hit parti of the
United .'-Btatee haye-feH-W Ae -the
stuaia heeomea ara aeflrei .thes acd'
for civilian relief .aad' home .service
of the Bed Cross will be. felt more and
more. There 1 'nothing- tor helpful tq
the-' bio rale of 'anrarmyae the hnowl
le that those i left hehiad mre being
cared for. , ,
of. me after the' wan, Thi procedure
wjjittld not. have to be .taken with corn
or : rice, tty-iataaid, a the- 4a ws of enpply
nail demand are at present' taksng gool
oate of. the producer la-this respect..
rjsa itaxaneiy wan-tea
4BetetieHrtacdlsbrtien, the re
port laaya 'tthah vibe aoeeasary . factors
in, a ipennanent and aatiafactory solu
tion of the probletit of -maintaining an
ample i. .'. attpply - of vllsh at reasonable
isrlees la bV establishment of a United
tatea. government fish batch, ry, which
would -hatch .'Oat 'la ' large numbers,
young- dsh, -not 'only , of the varieties
eaten, vbut-flf bait: Ash a well.
'.In order to secure a "U. 8. feleral
apprepriatlon ' foe thla parpoae it would
be aeceeaary for the Territory to do
two thing:, Pirst T establisli a lo
cal fih vemmiaalon with enthority to
protect wheaxaeeesaary, tJbe:fsile nsh
miss jennay, aewiy come rrom tic ,i. .r,.i iwi h.....,.i
acW.lacene. of tortah. 7h- ko-ohiki fishing
the work here wiyra eotnprete-reallxa- ,rtgllt owning 'mil t(the muiing
t.oaoJ wkat okllert.-mthee may ynae fine the uea.ofl.U.of the people.
b1 in the way f help waaVeaeewrave- rrw . ,,-...i. V,r
meat aad- of what the propee are eHtheM ,i.at -two iesperte-t meah.H be
thoee mubmm Dgijsrma oslertios. by the leg
tlwearmiea. - V - iui..u,av.a
mis TaoiE
v 5
Charles Wheeler, county engineer of
Hawaii, are that this work will cost
In the neighborhood of 4175,000. Tin.
money is to be obtalutid from appro
priatkons for other read and projocti
Ka l1va nnt ViAAn CHrrif.d nut Hue til
the failure to dUpose of Territorial at time ef Uie year it
bends, it is understood that negotis
ttens to dispose of - bonds to do the
work oa Hawaii are now well under
way. .....
Another measure that probably will
come up early in the session will be an
act designed to establish an iateruiuent
camp, following Mayor Jotuipu J.
Pern's Town meeting of several week
ago the committee named theu direct
ed an appeal to Washington asking tliut
an internment camp be establiuhcd in
the Territory by federal action. No
response to thi appeal has been re
reived and as it is thought that real
danger threatens at many points from
alien, enemios, it is now planned to have
the Territory take action itself to '
tsblisb the ramp. No iuti-mution Iihh
yet been given, concerning the probable
loeatieu oi Uie camp, .though use sug
gestion advanced in connection with it
. 4'l
; " . ..
Every -eftsrt ic'hei'na mad by George
MoK. .McCTeile,-WaahJairtoB representative-
of the-ekajubef 'of .eemmetoe,
to eliminate freav the .bill, recently in
troduced in eongTesa.to .leauire ,pasa-
Lport of all aeraoaa. traveling, on for:
eign vesseia, the phrase t'licteeu two
American porta,'; r, to eliminate Bo
nolulu spocifielyftOBV.iJs, provisions.
Message seceived-froin hjm Yesterday
Indieate thnt he will totkA hard fight
on thU part of xthe 'bUU'.'. .
Thi U the meaaure . resently Intro
duced to give tbe.rta'te denartuust
mere thorough .tuperviaion, pver travel
between tlis United States tad. Mexico,
but unfortuufttojy U provision indi
rectly hit travel to , and front Hawaii
on foreign vessels, auch aa the T. K.
K. Mr. MoClelian.doA not believe
that Die sitnors for the Jblll had atr
intention of hurting. Htwait, .aad it ia
probsljle that 'they t() not-even think
of Hawaii whelt 'WMj fumed.
The Hawaiian ypila,neeCbris, at the
aeoaday Issclieotf ;tt'Tfluig Kotel
today, will discaaanlui&X, legislative
measures the eorpi hjay, endorse. - A
committee will dieeWss-rnetf ere-of legis
lative poUVy aselfveaoisioiisloaBd nuke
a reeort to the . general .tody at twelve.
Cooper ha charge of Uio aale The corp is rnterested i.eUln war
The matter .of the prosecution of h.
h. MeOandieas. ifor. Coed, profiteering
ha been postponed . fot .. few daya,
pending- the receipt of more evidence
and because 'Of the -fact that John W.
kUeaV who 1baa. heea peciailv en-
gagetl bjr . tae. ecenmieaion to prosecute
Ijie ease, in ill hi home.
I wiik plunted,awhat ioisons were asonl
HHinM peat, or-any. evaec point, taut
will help ethers to grow that crop
There will be exhibits of live stock,
nim hines, tool, ad iwpleiacat, .aa
well as farm products. Another -important
feature will be the women 'e
exhibits ef foods wade from substitute
Hours and any ether helps in the -tome
undor coeuUtions brougHt -on .by the
r. It is expected that a. uumben
of exhibits piaaaod for the Territorial
Kuir will he shown at-the Ilaika fair
first, so that - those people who can
not come to the Territorial Fair, may
have h chanee t see theal.
P. A. Miller has the fair In charge.
The exhibits of wsniw'i work are in
the humls. of Mrs. K. C. Moore. Mrs.
W. .I
of refreshments iu the afternoon end-a ' time measures which are propoeed fur
sumier and entertainment for the mem-1 introduction at the special -session, such
and bridges done by the recent storm U that High tsiierilT William .I arret t Do lir of the Haiku tanners' Association as the proposed disloyalty act and in
that swept tne istaud. estimate or placed in charge oi it. in the evening,
ternment of enemy aliea.
Mel work or the airdrome for the
sea and airplanes attached to the army
aad -navy, at-Pearl i Harbor, are rising
rapidly, .shove the -focal, terrain ot
Ford Island, and .will be completed in
a few week.' 'lSutHcient atrurt-ure are
golSf. ap'.aew to jflaotamodute from
four to six machines.
Ho far, there have been two contracts
oa 'the:, aviation- base, the arst being
sr Um laying; 'f tho.. foundations, ud
the second ter the teel work. The
structure tho- far reared demonstrste
the future sis i of - the aviation buwo
for the Hawaiian Islands will lie vast.
There are two great sheds, each nearly
two 'hundred feet . loiig, with open
frosts BOr . that the ,mahinus can bn
run, in and out easily.
The Y. W. C, A. ia arranging for
a woman's meeting, at which Mr W.
J. Hherman of the Y. M. C. A. nnd
Oapt.i A..J Toguenadt will ) the
BftfiVhec. These two mn are leu ing
Saturday for the other islands and the
tweeting! will be.hiduptt their rotors
to HoaolMjltr M the latter part of May.
givlnv the" hundred of women who
nave not beard them an opportunity
to do to.
Measure Will Be Introduced In
legislature diving B6d ffower
To Handle Islands, Supply
Pinal nettlement of the difficulties
attendant njxin the seerulna; of an nde
iqiinte enpplv of rice 'for fte,' resident
ef thei IkIuihU nd upon dte'sale at a
lair price to tha eawaiiener On ay be
found thrmigh the cnaetmeat by the
territorial legislature of a bill which
ha been drafted at the instance of
Pood Commissioner W. H. Hooga 8r
and which is to be Introduced ia the
house, probably today by Speaker II.
h. Hoistein. The merits of thle measure
were discimeil by the food eommis- J
aion at a meeting held yesterday ' af
ternoon. Under the provisions of the bill there
Is create. I n revolving fund of 3o0,00
for the purchase of a sufficient quan
tity of foreign growelce to meet the
needs of the Islands. This rice would
go to the dealers without added profits
and the consumer wotrTd be the bene
ficiary. One of the excuse, the chief excuse,
that has been offered for objecting or
refusing to sell Hawaiian grown rice
at the price fixed by the food commis
sion, has been that the price .1 lower
than that of rice imported from Japan
br from the mainland. An adequate
supply of Japanese rise at a reasonable
price- would remove that objection,
whether rightly or wrongly raised, the
commission holds wrongly raised. . ...
Can of High Price . .
i c Before tha food commission yester
day afteraoon the discussion brought
out the point that the 'chief eauee- for
the high cost of Japanese .rice ie. the
high freight rate. In . thie connection
Mr. Hook said that he- felt 'almost
eertain that permission eoald be-' se
cured from the United States Govern
ment to have rice shipped here ' from
Japan upon transports which are usual
ly lightly ladened -when traveling -in
this direction.
It might also be possible, Mr. Hooge
pointed out, to sec ore the suhsidixed
rate of 7J50 a too from tha Japanese
government for rice brought In Japan
ese vessels. This meant a similar sav
in -
By eliminating middlemen's profit
the price of Japanese rice weald tern
be brought to about the priee .fijeed by
the cemmimioa for .Hawaiian , grown.
,-.riee aad the- temptation to - profiteer
would be removed-; Soettoa ioor-of. the
propoeed law -cover thla point af profit
making en the rieet bought through the
commission. . "''
No Profit Allowed
fMe Boogef Idea ia to have the vice
landed at -Pier 8 and warehoused there
at no coat to the purchaser. Bice
would be sold direct 'from -the wharf
at ; coat, pine landing and hauling
charge. Any persons found selling or
reselling- this rice-cU a figure higher
than - that set by rthe- food eemmiseioQ,
aro. to be prosecuted .under Sec. 1, Act
ZaII or toe session. laws or ii7.
Text Of Bill '
"The text i of t hia important food ad
iniuiHtration bill 1 aa follow:
. Van act
To Authorise the Food Commission
of the Territory of Hawaii To
Preeare .and' To Dispose of a -,
SuMoieat Quantity of Foreign
Grown Bice Tor the Needs of
the Inhabitants, of the Terri
tory. I !
Be It Ko acted By the Legislature
of the Territory of Hawaii:
ftertlon 1. " The Pood Cemmissioa
of the Territory of Hawaii i em
powered aad authorized to secure
and deliver, in Hawaii during the
period of the .wat' emd for as long
a time thereafter as. it may deeaa
necessary, .either upon consignment
or purchase, of asmueh foreign grown
rie. aa -lai its dtaeretioa it ehall
find to be. necessary to upuuit the
supply .of Hawaiian grown rise, aad
that imported or that which may he'
rmportsd by-private-interests.
Bectiesi - . Ia the exqftimi oi Us
power. aad-duties a under this Act
the commission' may, on behalf or
the Territory, f make any necessary
arrangements, contracts or agree
menta with the government of the
United BUte or of any foreign,
aUied or 'eatfal country for the
aeqoisi tiotl tranaportat ion and de.
livery of rice Into .the Territory,
and may make eurh arrangement
aa aay be -aaeeaaary for the laear
ance, storage and protection of such
Section 3. The commission shall
sell .the rioe imported under the -provisiba
viaf ti -Act La such
amounts. aad at such times as it
may deem advisable, and at such
prices sV-Wiu . cover all costs or
purchase,-importation, de4ivery sud
ntorage sjid any. expense incidental
Section 4. Any person or cor
poration selling, re seilisg or oth
erwise disposing til any riee oenured
from the Fooil Commission at a
ptio greater than that paid to the
Commixislon ; rijus the cost of de
liveryv bf eyshall be guilty of a
misdemeanor, aasl .shall be 'subject
to the penalties provuled bv Hee
tioii 10 of Art il ef the SctHuin
Laws of HIT.
Bection ifl. For the purpose of
currying out the provisions of this
Act there is hereby appropriated
imt of the getvernl revenues of the
Territory ths sunt of three hiindrtwl
and fifty thousaud dollars t'lV,
IMMI.OO. which miiii slinll ronstitute
h revolvipir fund, from which pav
mentH shall be mnde bv warrants
iseiied by Uie auditor of the Terri
tory upon vouchers approved by the
commiNsion. All charires and coxts
rnlleteit bv the eommia'don 4iibr
this Act shall be repaid into said
Section 0. This Act nIiuII take ef
fect upon it approval.
' i J i I - ;
Aiet. a Hiflwiit, Lt4.i..;. m
C. Hrwrvr 4 Co. . 4e.
SfOA. 'i
Ewa 1'lsnt. .Co IT
Mslka Mae. Co: UA
hw. Aatxti. to. ......aJ azy'
Hw. '. a H. VMS t ...J 4t
lie. Hna. Co. .. a4-4
Hnnnkss Hna. Ob.- .
uenanui ntisjar ,.e ...I eu
llstcbiusou au-t. flaut. .1 o
Kiihuka Plant. 'e- ... 14
vesaua nue. co. XO
Ko4ob Dunt l.i... il.a
McHrrde Ka. , Co, 14U.. 4
liahu Hue. '. . ...... l.. I
Hs Hub. l'o Wd. ......1
(mtiiiies Hn. Oo. . I
I'snuasa Me. 4-niMt. fe.. 14
so. eng. Mill , ia
fsU Pinst. t'e. ' .,.,:...h.4
ttAMkM MtlAfMP PA 1 .
Pioneer MUl CO.', .1 n
Hsu I'arlos MllUa Oa...J 1M
VVslslBa AerHh .'. .J 14
M I Br-n t .r a4 w avnt ia
Ends Uev. Co., Ltd
tm l mm Aseeas - HQ. Pa.'
Rna-ela Cwpurr MlalBK Co.
iiuu r.,m r. ce.,. rin
Haiku f. r. ..,
Maw I'nR ,U It f A
Haw. Con. Mr'. 1
tiaw. v. k. ..,.,.,,,..
Ilaarallim Kim.wl 4a.
Haw- HMiiBki Co.,. , ,
Hn. B. 4, MTCo., LU. .
Hoe. aa Co., Ltd. ......
Ilou. 11. T. t L Co. ....
loier-Ulaad 44. . . o. .. .
aiut. T.L Ca .
Oahu R. A L Co
rahanc Rabbet V- .
oriami-Linuingll, l-a
10U '
A '
m ;
. -
140 -
Hini IMhl aj
Taujong Olak BubUe Co.
BOPJDef ' - j
Hawk Walk I. D. SH..
Mamakna IMt.a. V BaT
Hawaii Coa. Hy 0'...,,..
auw ta, aai v. ......
Haw. Ter. t. Rof. IMS..
naw. Ter, ratx Imp.
Haw. Ter. Pub. Imp. 4
taeries UU-1911). .
Hllo Oa Co., Ltd. 0 ..
lluOAkaa Una. ' av .
Honolulu Oa Co., 0 ...
ivanai ur.'l'o. as. ...,..
Manoa Imp. l., 6Vt0i ...
lirUrrd eog. Ca, U. ....
ftlntual TtLnhAHA Ba
Oahts ti. fc U Oi.. .
Ilnun Mne a ,
1'acU.e.Unaao It. te, s
nan i arwa atuang, e
e e a
MrRrrnV. 1oytMVIT. . C Co.". So, M0,
41. Jf.; k. H.,- loo. IH.. IJJ0j Onomr. 2
4:L7; Kur-la, 1SK. &Jo. . TTT .
. . MAjU aALSfi ; ',
None. : . . .'...- ' A '
avoAB oCorArtoiia .
Jannarx A 1W1S . - . '. ' '
-en!! ata lae aevleee). ,
e M :', , fHVIfHt4jQTAIMNI
'' .J.-. iwlstfe ta lam.; '
!?- ;' e-eoVe e e',xe
4, Out
a eo
Maw, Ajterk ...t.A,..y tNo,oatUn
J1 W TOftK. May 14(Asawclate Pr
k'ollowla -ere tke epealnn and cloaluc
mietetaoaw.eC etaeha la. the Xrk,Mt
ket xestitrdar. , . ....... , ,
i: rii' vi '
Amertnaa Rvxar . j
AJaalLA.iloM ......Miji
Awerit-an Locemotlm . .
aaWArravwaTeL'ak.jrel. '.,,
Atueriraa Hmajter ,
Aawrleaa ruel MrJfj-4.- .
4Ha-uuua t opeer
AHviMar -naiHasy. .
Bsklwln -LaM-vmotlv a ...
....... A
HoUvMiw tl ,B" . .,
l aiuorata retroieam . ..
OavsW lyMttw-r
Cajuadlaa I'acino
C M. t.ifBBl
Colo, Kuvk Iron .
Crwctbl. Htael
I'uha, near fan .' ......
Ki'la emumoa .
laoneral JCIactrle . .......
Ueaeral 'Motora (new) .
tirwl iervnora Ptd,,. ...
Intwraational Nlrkvl . ..
laaumdai Alrabol .... ,
Kiiiit--ott ,Vopivr .
Lohla-h ValWy Hallway , .
Naw Vork Cetll
I txi aaaa (m .
Kay CoasuUdatad
KrrMilU inn roan
Huutliern l'aclnc ,
atuoeaaJiar j
I'uUed H4ae IUtB4r
Teaaa, OU . .,....
I aloa. L'a4do . ......
t atted Btatee -tel .
Weetern ' nlon , ..
WetaWMaie. H ti..:. i. .... -4HV4
-jmu r n-eavwieno, j uaquoteew . :
Hi' ' I HI, Wltaifil I HaliiuJ..: - --
:' .(w,m' a .. i ! Kir A A v
AN rBANCIHCQ. tier U-(AaaoeUt-id
Preeel Portowtu are the-enoatnf ad
I'loolBaT olutatLiABa at ..atioaa -auuL .athar
Htork j U baa freacisve ateiJtet j ew '
tda t .,,...,. ' .,. -. ..... .-. .
lOpsaa Oloa.
... .iis4 nr
... J . 114
... '4
... WJ4
... t-l.w. I.....
... 714 . OH '
... -Ho . M
::: -ff1 - 2
.... aM
. . . eX 7ot '
... v ii-
... ibiJ "lnit
... 147 14
... lu; J2MV4.
... Htf .02 '
,., So !i
,.a s ;aai
... t ' oi
... 4llJ 44
... W 2(4 -
NT .''
... 4114 -42..
... 80 M
... !V4 "
,., ta m
... Mo . 1M
... V14 &
... leeH iio"
........ t oa -SI 1 '
1 4 I 4
ITaw'n Com't.
Hawaiian -Heaar Co.
Honokaa RUKar . , ...
Hutebiojwa fiua Co.
Usbw nuTSr.C4a, ., ....
Ola lanr t's, . ....
( lanrt , taaar , On. .
Paawkaa HnKar.Co. .
llatuolUlU Oil. . ......
Kua-els Oonner On. .
Houulnln VbkBtatloa
V. g. h.
o.w '
14 .
ts.o . :
Qnoiailoa ea tho- following Nsw 'Tort
crb BUavke, a -W4rlaae lo the A4er-
Ratnr- Mob
User br ,UUo4am.4k Csv, are-.
Illir Idge
Kiaaua Ce-per
Uwrwravea ,
rout Hloaaom
Jim n4V . , ,
'Jerome Ver4e
Mamb . :
MldwaSI kU. eoatiiuia
Motlu-r Lode ,
Itay HertMiloa . .....
Ueorue. , KmI
Us 4'jhib.' ...........
Htowart .
Hllver King Oona. .,
TeaotNsa lkA.ul,Mi .
Tunluiuue . ,
witix-rr .
Kerr Lake
Hwia . ,
Creaaun Hold . ,
NlalilaatLuai . . .
ivr.f-lli.ii Tiro and Vnhiier
.1" i
i .!14
. ,,.. .na
V4, . '
,4H .;' .40
, 4.3744 4.:74
uh . .ia
AM -
a.-ui a' .via.
... i4.ffi .4.1'.'C
... 4H-'C 4.ICA
... 4.7t ' 47.1
tier .'4 ,'tn
7t tFty (To11arew"ard' (aateea oner
ed by . the uaavy-. departOkMtA for .ithe
apprehension 4af .Frank Beverly Dodge,
who deserted from the U..H. 8. Sehura,
July It, 10LT. The Sehura waa former
ly the German interned gunboat Oder,
' :" t.

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