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MAY 14. a 1918. :SlM 1-WEEK LYV
- : t ' t ' -1 :': V
Wmteosiness :Men
In uigantic Conspiracy; Joe Kopey Taken
I fin
Coast; Dope Seized
v Arrests made by federal authorities in Honolulu last night an
In tn Kranriarn vrttrrdi rvnnw trie frreatest rnnnira(v fni" tht
... . - j - j i - - - 1 J
importation and sale oT opium ever revealed in the history of dop'
ArB in trie Terrttrirv' ' wvral wliite Imqine-a mri 'anrl man
- Chinese and Japanese men and
tne various incusines oi me isianas are invoivca, eigne or ten o
. - Avhom are under arrest with as many others to be-arrested latei
Joe Kubey, former assistant Honolulu postmaster and for th'
last few years located in San Francisco, is the most widely knowi
white man under arrest here, although Natham and Jacob Scharlan
formerly drygoods commission men of Honolulu', have been arrest'
' ! in San Francisco wherevthey have been established in busines;
- for several years. Another brot her, Abe, who so far as is knowi
was never a Honolulu resident, was arrested also in San Francisco
' The three Scharfank are all brothers of - Isadore Ai Scharlan, whv;
baa a commission agency in Honolulu. " '
' '.. t.H.VT. H. Davis, San Francfscb tea dealer, was another white mai
;. who was arrested on the Coast by internal "revenue officers whi
v conducted the mainland' investigation leading up to the exposun
. of the gigantic conspiracy. '
. With the arrests already made, $40,000 worth of opium wa-
7 seizec in the business establishment of Davis in San Francisco am
!'; forty-nine tins oi the 'drug were captured in Honolulu by local cus
tonis officers on last Tuesday night when the home of James Al
Chuck, former Chinese' federal court interpreter was raided.
Ah Chuck was olaced under arrest at the timet on an opium
charge, but was released pn the following day after furnishing i
! ' bond of $1000, His arrest was kept secret so the federal officers
both here and iirSan Francisco, couhi secure the additional evidenc
necessary to implicate the "higher" ups", the white business mei'
' involved. v . ! ' . '- ' v' - "
,v ' - Preceding the arrests oi yesterday and last night from fifty t
sixty Chinese and. Japlnese. have been given the third degree b
' !4ii: '':..i i. wi tr-ui c... -j-v ;.' v
. 1 LtLY M 1 lllLdlltrilLll-KI U1IJLCIB. dKV. LI 1 1 ft'
district attorney in Honolulu, during the past six weeks, which ha
led to the arrests of the white men and the implication of from tei:
. lo twenty Orientals, some of whom have, already been arrested an!
' -- ;. '.Jividence secured by -the naval intelligence officers, with tin
assistance of the Ilbnoluln customs staif, and other federal officers'
,.' :is.nch that nearly every dne ibf the Wty or sixty Japanese and Chi'
"nese; investigated during the past "month and a half could be hel
. inl ,'nnium. rharirrt. 'hut tvmrwrt nf rnnfpirna tn,lp nrvrl amicfann
. . .. . . .
pven the officers about half ibf
is understooa. .v J i
; , An unexpected development reVealed by the opium exposun
, is that for years severar prominent iChiriese women have been thi!
Honolulu distributors of the drug,, in some cases kecing thei '
operation o secret that even their husbands are thought to hav;
; 'been deceived as to the source of their income. '
.V' V VVbile the amount of the drug seized in the most recent .arrest;
i? comparatively small, memoranda taken in the various raids of th
y past month and a half show that 'many' thousands of dollars o'
' rapital were at the call of the conspirators. Several of the consDi'
,' rators had private bank accounts and property aggregating in in;
; dividual deposits of nearly $1001)00,
One of the wealthiest of the hiii under arrest rs the former Chi
nese federal court interpreter, James Ah Chbck. P.esides bank ac
counts aggregating $50,000, he
Kona and on Kauai.
Ah Chock Bar Innocent
' ' ' Ak Chuck when .rretd l..t TUe-
4r tight profe hi, innor.ere end
, .,. .,,l ' ..-.L i.-
'the opium to hit bone. Thii wai af
' r ll had arrived here from Baa Fran
,' rteo'by esprvaa, for which Ah Chuck
admitted he had keen given a bill of
lulling to aeeure.
' Jee AM, , Japanese with a Hindu
' - east f 1 eatarea, who has been employ
ed as an-engineer on one of Kb a Low '
teasela, was arrested about two weeks
jo and ' released, after giving bond
of 41000. He la alleged to be lmpli-
' eated in the bis conspiracy as a prin-
. tipal through superintending the land-1
inir of the druHt from Oriental steamers,
mostly of the Toyo Risen Kaisaa line.
lie ia the owner of a sampan which
'.was used for this purpose, it Is tharg-
' ed, and use of the Low boats wss
nade for tffe i licit trade. Abe is aald
to1 hi" e' profited huery, althoagh
' Continued .to hold rather an homble
position at whlith he worked staadilpr.
Dfcoa Dealer Held ''
- Either by confession or through other
Vnewledge coming to. the naval intel
1 tcu'e oflfieern, 1,. Ayau, a JJinianu
.r!u dealrr is believed to bo involved.
lie . was held or three days and quia-!
rd by the see ret aerviea meat after J
whirb at was reieasil. Mis arrest ffrar
' yrt follow,, it is authentically sta'ed.
At the aume time he was being given
! tellieeie liird degre.
He Slice, wife of Dr. Akina, a
fruggist at 48 Hotol street, was held
f-ir investigation, forty-ejgbt hours,
f-ueationed ahd eubsfuntly releasod.
tfhm is sold to hove bnn under bus
rlcton a one of Hp Honolulu dealers
i rfce IIHt I'rur It Is noiwrted thrt
her Uuxand is not involved.
' Mn f!tnuV "ook, if of th steward
W 'lie Inter I'l'-nd strasier rtmu in
cod'CliiMie rooms investigated,
flic ran afterwards allowed her liber
if. V.
iv " n i-hnr;; wrs placed agninst
a third Chinese woman, Mrs. Annua,
and Orientals; lnvolveq
women prominently identified witl
IUI - LIJC UU1LCU 1 Lt ITS lllallSLlAl Mill'
. .
these .'are to escape prosecution," ii
has mucfl property in Honolulu'
' propritor of a small store near the
" !' J1? , 8 T.
h mdwtad by the 1 fe
though no newt of thii we 1.
lowed -to reach the public for- fear, ii
known, it would be the signal for ethers
t aeek cover.
Lee Pot, a Chinese merchant in the
Oriental section of the city ir another
who the marshal says has been arrested
daring ithe Investigation and released
o a bond of 11000
Other Involved
thing 'Sau Lum, is another Oriental
arrested previous to yesterday, and wbd
is (tola on a bond of flOOO.
Others involved, either now in cus-
tod in Honolulu or held on bail, are!
Leu. Summit onl H. Takata. Summit
has' alreaily lueiuled guilty oa another
opium charge anj bis sentence pest
poned until after the investigation
which was brought to a close ' by- the1
sl eWeers yesterday. TaJLatevmbe
is a Japanese, was arrested yesterday
He was formerly employed aa a sallorf
on' Inter-Islnnd vessels, but the past
four months had had no emplpytaenti
His part, it is ehurged, in the opiurd
conspiracy was In the sale had dis'
trtyutivfc of the drug.
Arrest Anticipated
The arrest of Kubey, the formes
HmioImIu mtolltif man, -has -been raa
ticipated here since Ah Chuck wad
taken into cimtoily on last Tuesday,
Kobvy rotu'm-d to Honolulu afct
three weeks ago on ose of - the Oriensal
Utiers, verontutiiiwd by hie wifa -a
child, after an nUeiwe uf three or foU
yenrs from the Islundv. ''
Hlnee returning here Kubey nnd hi
family have been lieinr at ' 1860 rPn
naiun -Avenue, where he wan arrested
lst pigli) -aliout in ue o'clock by Mar
shut J. J. KmUldy. A search of the
'loyse unearthed no opium raeho; !
'honuh a memorandum book in bin poa,
1Ciou hh'twed he had beva' keepinv
f cApIti 'ef trnnswetiens -which varieu
from fifteen to thirty thousand dollars
in volant.
Ultimatum .If Served pn iBolshe
' vlst iGovBrnmerft5 By German
Ambassador -Which Demands
Rerurn' 6t 'frKdneri ahd'Dis-
L O N D ON, May "11 Anec1ite.l
Prens) Germany' attitude toward
Russia has become atfll 'mora threaten
ng. Its deineni for th eachange of
ible bodltoitr pfiiehw of , war for Riis
iana who ar not ' physically - fit has
taken th form of an ultisaatum, it ia
eport4- in- deepatchea reeeiveU from
Moscow last night.' ' '
Oerttiaay'a ambaanailor at - Moerow
iss served an ultimatum apota the BoK
hevist government. " By It terms it
leruands a settlement of th prisoner
piestion at once, " To eomply with all
f the 'term would' mak 'Bamia vlr
iislly a Oermaa colony, it i said,
Following upon Insistence of its lo
nands that Bussia shall return to Oer
nnny all able-bodied German who were
aken aa prisoner of waiy retaining
nrh as may be physically dirableil,
he ultimatum demands - that Russia
hall forthwith cease th arming of
roops ad shall immediately begin the
lisbonding of auek unit as May have
ieen formed for the occupation of Run
iiaa citieav '; .
Almost powerless to offer anything
rorthy ef reels t a nee and realising that
o parley further will get them nothing
ut insistence and farther demands
that will be even more difficult to Com
ly with, he Bolshevist government is
n a quandary : ' i ;
Despatches from .Amsterdam y ester
'ay show that report hav roach""!
lermany that Uerman troop are nh
-eady moving On Pstrograd, ia the
niise of helping the Fin landers. The
lesnatch said that the newspaper Vor
waerts sny that Genernt von Krlslterg
has Informed the reichtagf main eom
nit tee that no Cm-mans are partici
pating in - the advance of Finnish
roops against Petrograd,'
' . w.. aT i .
To Revenue
Congressional Leaders of Both
Parties Incline To Delay Law
Making On' Taxation Until Ses
. tion In Dficember ' '
WASHINGTON, May 10 (Associat
ed '-Press) Immediate and formidable
position to the plans of Secretary of
ireaslkry MeAdoo to secure new tan
egislatioo at the present session oil
-ongress ha appeared. By. reason ot
hfa -largely increased expenditure
rhicb will have to be met to eurry out
he enlarged, war program, - for the
irmy, the navy and shipping most es
iecially, ! the secretary of treasury is
irging that- increased revenue shai
te .provided.
' Conferences were today held between
Tharrman Kitchin of the house way
tad means committee, Senator Rimaioa
f the aenate finance committee, and
ther congressional leaders. The state
if revenues and proposed expenditure
ere discussed at length and from th
lentianents which are being expressed
y members of both houses it is doubt
ul If taxation legislation will be takes'
i, but that It will be held for the
December session.
It ia reported that Democrats and
in;' legislation on taxation revision un
lint that the administration shall hole'
' its first announced policy of defor
ng legislation on taxation revision un
'il the December session.
Cnown as "Jtfnk Han"
' Obetcoelbly, Kubey returned here at
be agent for the moving picture film,
'The Exposure of Iiarbary Coast"",
rhich is devoted to showing how drugs
md vice were formerly dealt in by the
tndarworld of Han Francisco. Cards
ind -other stationery In Lis possession
bowed he hsd posed in Han Francis
o as a "Honolulu junk man".
'40.000 Worth of Dope Seised
Thedespatch from Kan Francisco last
nittht tellini of the arrest and raids
axle there during the day identified
(ubey by the same words. ; Thi de
'patch said:
"Internal revenue agents. hav dis
Hvered an alleg(d eenspiraey to import
Iruga-from Honolulu and elsewhere,
r. H. Davis, a Han Frwieieco tia deal
r ha been arrested and 40,000 worth
f opium and cocaine confiscated which
.vas foasd in th basement of Davis'
NrlWatlTj for the
irreet of. Juo Kabfy, a Honolulu junk
disk and Natham, Abe apd Jacob Beliar'
aiaa Francisco dry goods men. It
is ' believed here that dnvetigntions
hav revealed caches in both Honolulu
and Ma Francisco. "
Natham und Abe Scharlan were un
lor' Investigation here in 1911 on an
opium charge, but neither was convict
yiL This was while they were euaged
in business in Honolulu it h their
brother, who is still u Hiinolulu resi
dent. From inforniation gained from the
federal officers lute Inst ulght it is snid
that at least ton or twelve more Orien
tal ia Honolulu are to lie arrested as
the esuft Of th( conspiracy exposure.
There Is no Intimation that other white
meu resident here or known locally
are to be involved.
w a a.
When you' have pSms or Intni'iicmi t'
the back huthc the pnrtx wi Ii ('haiuli r
Iain's Pain Halm twice u day, musnug
lag with the palm of the hand for ftv
minute at etch application. Thei
irnnifHHt'a piece ot It nne eft-jtiitlv
ri''lriiiiet n-nd bimt it oh over the
seat of pain. Fur sale nv tl ilsa'wrr
Benson, Hmilh A Co., Ltd., u ruin tin
Hawaii. Advt.
Four-fifths of Factoris Are Clos
ed and laborers Are Starvino
and Desfrerate Dissension In
, , Csntraf " Povvdf s Further In
crease ' s"
" LONDON.' May 11- (.Wo.inted
PresiH Otirrkil liscontiit nml li-'
sn lief action, reflecting more clcnrly the
serious internal trouble which efti
coming to Germany miti which Ada
rrta is striving to meet, were voice!
intthc rcirhstag yenterdny.
How desperate ' " the sltustion of
mny pfth --operative in Germany
was tol to' the"Tichstag by Kraet'
sig, on"of the socialist representative
he said that four'flftks Of the textile
factories the Mn'ntry wr idle tend
(tht thw iMilnRtry w vrrtunlly' para-
lyaeii. 'iret'surrcri-ig nal remmeii to
th operatives -who wore-, in many in'
stances 'Starving and' deeperat.' This
wan told 1n despatches from Bdilin te
Amsterdam.'' ',ri-. r. . -
Oovernment Analled
Anotheroe'WtltM; Woske, speaking in
th rcirhstag-bitterly criticised .the
government for the course which it;i
pursuing la. it interfevence'' with th
interior govoramMt?'-'bf i'th l?kraii(
This course, he sniit, was 'crfusing die
coril between -Austria anf Oervoany and
creating a similar dineetdant sentimeat
ninong the peoplo, ihemseiW's, of 'the
twto allied countries. !' ' ' '
Premises- Buffrag
Vi'ckerle has formed a new cabinet
for Hungary, 'ceetvling to Hudnpeal
iloHpatches, and m relying upon protnie-es'-of
cleesoml eeferms to bring him
srrtices,1fc;Iif'AJing the jwrt folio of
th interior' department in hi 'new cab"
inet b' rnronilserl'Uhat the right of
iiTffli sbfctl -ba- materially extended
anff hrrmdttil. "i
I :wrft
France ' Compiles Figures Which
Shbw'Decreasing Success of "'
'Hun's, Ruthlessness
WASHINGTON. Mav 10 ( Assoeiat
ed "Press) Submarine losses to Allien
ami neorral shipping during the moot
or,' npru wrrq vvx wnrv isau nan
large forsfne' name' calendar 'month
o&'iVM aceordjnjf figure received
heVe' from .the ministry -of marine at
pari. '"V n M'.H'.-'v' i t .in. - t ,
The Trench hive nmile a - careful 'la
veUgntiiin' Of the? 'marine losses' for
th month for 'all of the countries, oth
er-. than the central powers and thoao
statistics they have compiled and mad
WASHINGTON, May 10(Offloi.-il ,
More than forty Uerman warship"
have been successfully' attacked b
British submarine within the past few
months according to a statement re'
reived from London and made public
h.V the committee on public Informa
tion. '
.-Many exploits nre related in thi"
statement including two apparent hits
of dreadnuiights off the Danish const
The report n.lds that "the enemy now
raftdy allows its oversea craft to leav
harbors. ' '
Another London despatch gives a re
port from Vice-Admiral Sims, command
ing the American fleet iii the war Rone
.lima said the submarine campaign of
he-enemy is steadily diminishing while
the new nllisd tonnage ia steadily in
"reasing. "Trie comer is nearly turn
nd," he continued. "Within a fortnight
we hope that the rite of construction
will meet that nf destruction."
"fVcretary MeAdoo has ordered th"
rate of nmrine Insurance in the wA'
zona to be cut from three percent to
tw percent, owinir to' the decreasing
effectiveness of the submarine cam
naign. The rnte hns been ffradunM'
lowered from six and 'one-hnlf percent
tfhieh rate prevailed Inst August.
w. a a.
WASHINGTON, May 10 (Official)
Officers of nn American wnrship
which has arrived nt an Atlantic Port
reported that they sighted three sub
-narinea almost, simultaneously. They
immediately opened fire, the first two
thots being direct. K at the nearest
liver nnd missing. The third shot
truck the submarine sifhnrely, just be
ow the water line. The explosion
Meh followed lifted the U-lmat clear
out of the water. It doubled up and
tank almost immediately. No survivors
were seen.
w. a.
BAN HAI.VADOR, May 11 (Associ
ated Press i-cClosely cooperating wit Ii
th United Htates'in its efforts, Nicnrn
gun will assist in supplying the Allies
with cereals. It stock is not vast
btit from what it has it will f.iruish
as liberally as muy be possible.
w. .
PAms, Miv 11 (Associated Press)
France nnd Turkey hnv, agrmid upon
t plun for the eXporbttioit of tho eivi
liaus of both count rits who huvu been
iuteruxd siuca tha war begun.
w. g.
Channel At Osiehd
By British Coup
LONDON', May 11 (Amoclat-) Pre) A a ;rault'of 'a nVwi aaval
raid, similar to th on which was eondusted against th .Hurt eubmsrine
bnaoe ot ZebrngM and Ottend, the enfrtnc to Oirtend i at least partially
blkei. - While, iterlin oflJelally deities that ther was any damage done, (
Press Association .despatches say that th -channel wa at least partiaDy
blocked and that the blockade wilt be serious a th silt will wash in and
add to Germany' difficulties in alearing th channel opening.'
' -nnisc(m sutimiiih'WSiwiln h tha aiimirattv nl 1.1.1 w
Rrltish naval forvee apow the Teuton
ing rnii aimiMr io fto that were neretoiore successful at Zeebrugge.
An obsolete ntivnl sUamer, the Vindictive wa sacrificed .in aa attempt to
t lock , the, harboj: sntranr e. ; Thi vessel wa HUM with concrete, towed to
,th,fhflHOYf )ndl buttled1 with the Intent of sinking yit ncros the .
channel.' 'Indication arj-' that vlt1 did- not' eompletcly 'block',. th ichannol
bat h. it doe aloto U in grit part , t : ' y "'
- The adminsltyHrepoTted 'lhat id thi raid th British Most only on
motor boat nnd that'th aualtles were slight and welt warranted by th
sucees that 'was achiev)!."'' " . v
" While thle ffTt t Cleg th Ostend Harbor entrance wa in progress
an air mid w) "vomludteit agairiet Zeebrugge wher the met and th vil
Wge 'wer. bombed. 'Offlotal ditches from Berlin to Amsterdam asserted
that n mirirary darns if reesjrted." -' - - .- 'i. ... - '
First, Reports 'Did, :Not Show
r damage AsGnea't A Latef
" Advices 'Now1 Indicate" e
Pre)s)'-?latr reports on'thtovaado'j
sbww that all of eentml wad' northwest
flm Iowa aail central ininoi ar trm
swept.' la 'this Seetioh ; eleven were
kilhxl and mor 'than..' ISO 'lnjnred.
Hnmlreils of hodse-Bad barn- Were
btoWu dews, Muck "tlt hilled 'and
he' general iemage te benVy.1"''''''
Eighteen lives .are known to have
been loet 'ami damage r of at k?ast
tyiOO.OOO has been aned by 'torna
w - vesterday swept over 'Iowa
and Illinois.' ' " '
;-in town eleven were killed ami aeven
ia Tllinoi.' 'It i feared "that there
are other deaths, not reported. '
BAN FBANCISCO, May lft-.(Offl-cian
Nineteen hundrel vens'sie of all
'type are nw ih eo1ru?rlo 'in', th
United HUte ahtpyartl 'utiror 'mcse
200 nre building in the sUte -Of Cali
fornia, it Is -reported 'r1 ;PW
Cut .reprenentativ f the shipping
board. ' In California the monthly (pay
rolls of the ship builders amount to
10000,000. This will swan be increas
ed to $15,000,000.
. The feat of one ship yard in launch
ing in one dnv three larefe steel ship.
the shipping board representative' call- ed States infantry have been decorat
ed "an achievement unequalled in ship ed with tho French wnr crosa for brav
buildine." These three' vessels ar el-, ery shown. The incident whieh ocea-
ready overseas, he said, with VOOO'ton
of wheat for the Allies. Three other
similar vessels are
launched 'on Jnlv 4.
expected to be
The plant referred to now employ
6000 mejl while 'a short time ago it
gave employment to only SoO,
" w. v a.
BOME, May 10 (Associated Press)
-Instead of offering new proposals
looking towards peace te pep will
ask the prayers of the world for divine
intervention to bring a diminution and
cessation of the horrors of th terrible
Observance of St. Peter' Day will
be the occasion for the message from
the pontiff. It will be addressed to
the whole world and will ask that the
dav be made one of ueoeral prayer for
the cessation of the evils that are tor-
meniiog ou numaniry, I
W. a. a.
WASHINGTON, May 11 (Associat
ed Press) American casualties a re
ported by the war department yoter-1
dav nuniberedsm-eutv-two.
Pour iwve kiUMt in aotisn, four d,led
nf woiindsv twwOon accident, 'nine of
disease ami one was drowned. Forty
six were wounded, tweaty severelynid
.iix were taken prisoners.
W. 7. a. ..
Special Honors To -Be
Shown To Mothers ,
Who Make Sacrifices
llcial) Special honors for . those
mothers who are making patriotic
sacrifices through th services 'of
beloved sobs who are fighting the
battle of democracy against Prus
slnn H"tucracy and the domination
of militarism, is planned In the
observance uf Mothers' Day, Sun
day, May 12.
'Hie fconse-of representatives has
adn,ited resolutions asking the
President to publicly,, proclaim
that autioual houors b shown te
these patriotic snotherk.
Oeueral I'eranlar' - has asked
every -American noidier, ..wjtus
motlier is living, to write hum
on Volbers' L'ay.
submarine base at Ostend, mploy-
Heavy Artillery Firing, Great Air
Activity and Strong Patrol
Encounters Seen
ROME, May 11 (Associated Pre)
- Heavy artillery flre, patrol' enVoun
ters and addd activity, in .the air ar
further indication- that the Austro-
German uffamaiv it approaching.
in tn mountain thstricta ancenn
ten between' reeonnoitering patrol,
son of them In considerable force,
were' frequent. ' ."'" ; ; ';
The positions of the Italians ia the
Adamello sector wer heavily shelled
the Italian artillery answering the re
with great vigors :
Along th entire front the day was
one' of great activity ia jthe kir. Ital
ian raiding parties encountered the en
emy and Austrian scouting machines
were repulsed by the Italians at scores
of points. ' ,.,.,..-.
With the exception of patrol en
I gagemeata, however, there wa little
infantry fighting.
., .v .,! "'.! JV'.
- WASHINGTON May ltt-(0ial)
American troop on : th Picardy
front have recently inflicted "heavy
loaaea upon German patrol which they
have encountered.
The flags of two companies of Unit
mnned this hdnor was an attack 'by
German forces that entered th Aaeri-
can trenches disguised aa Freochisol
diers. The deceit was quickly dlscov
ered and' the eaemy was driven ut
leaving sixty one dead behiad them.
vr. a. a. .
COLUMBIA, South Carolina, May 10
(Associated Press) Seven deaths of
soldiers of the national' army resulted
from accident today when a wooden
railway coaah jumped the track and
foil from the trestle near Camp Jaok
1OT flve mlion from he Twenty-two
ethers were injured, four seriously
Of the dead five were killed out
rigidj and two died of their injuries.
A troop trnin was moving from the
camp when one of the cars, an old-
fashioned, woodeu affair, leaped the-
W. I. a.
capu cm niPR QPrrivPC
I LONDON, May 11 (Associated
Press) Kach American soldier who ar
rives in Unglaud from oversea is ex
tended a kindly wekome and a gra
cious message of gratitude and en
couragement from th King. This mes
sago says "The Allies pain a new
heart from your company."
w. a. .
PABIS, May 10 (Associated Pre)
Six Germsn airplanes downed' by
- a single aviator in one day is the rc
ord which was yesterday established
by Bub Flight Lieutenant Res Ponek
! of the Frsai h air service. Lieutenant
1 Fenck's fot ranks ss pn of the most
remarkable achievements of the war,
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"WASHINGTON, May lo (Offteian
Indiwtlons of the growing determi
!tjonVf the fede.ral logislators to win
thi wsr nt any 'cost are to b seen
in (be express. I plan of Representative
ehn of California to send overseas
r"i,non men or even more If they shall
be needed.
(Tablets). DruggisU refund money if
it fails" to cure; 7h aigntura of
B. VT. DROVE 1 on each bos:1 jarari'
Bfacturcd by tb PARIS MEDlClNR
CO., St. Loui. V. 8. A. f ' V
Failure of Thursday' Effort It
Followed By Lull Tit Offensive
and Allies , Become lTore Ag
gressive At ;0nce ; ' v .. . ".. .
Poilus Capture Grlvesnes, Take
' P r I s o h ers ' and Consolidate
Positions and Organize In Face
. of Resistance ' ' : - J."
N;EW' YORK, fay U-Xs;
, . soctate4 Press) Smashtd
and weakened by Vheif unsuccess
ful eftorts of "Ehursday. to drive
back the defense- of Ypres;' the
Huns were again compelled . to
pausi for rest and recugcration
and there was a distinct lull in
their offensive yWterdayi'i i Tak-
fing advantage of thfs. he ;Ffench
tnd American forces'; conducted
some raid's against ' the '; eneAly
wTiile the 'Pritish1' made ' pt ara
tions' to meet any further assaults
upon their front. 'f V v- ' Vf
The engagement's were gejneral
ly local and scattering ng the
French front but in tKose engage
ments some bloody 'fight rftgrb;-.
curred. Elsewhere ther e-- ,wee
no general engagements, 'although
there was some fighting:.-) minor
magnitude on the'Bnttshroijt
and .the nttay artillery .'ftfj" e6j'
tinued -heavy. ,J tV.. y(
i There fwaa locai; fighting at
Aveluyiv'.beneral' tia'.-re"r,ted
and the ehemy artillery was heav
iest at Vfmyy Iobettjf fcn4 pickV-
busch. To the northwest ' 6;f Al
bert the '.iritisa Jctfti 'ik&ftiurkji
'apart of treticbes whlih they loftf
Thursday andbl wWjilthey, had
previously 'recovered(otfly; a piift.
American artillery and infantry
participated vrith the' French in
a successful raid at ' Apre'mont
Forest vliich was conductedi un
der heavy bombardment for two
hours, according to messages re
ceived from the American front
: last night. In. the Lxneville sec
tor where also are the Americans,
the day was quiet v
Grivesnes Park, horthwest of
Montdidjer, was capture by the
French after some heavy fighting
and 258 prisoners were taken. In
spite of some desperate resistance
the new position were organised
and successfully held, said the
French official commnifUe of
last night, .At Grisenes and be
tween Lassigny arid Noyon the
enemy b6nibarded heavily
"Following increased 'artillery
fire, the Allies advanced. upon 6ur
positions, at Kern mei,' Luce Drcok
md.on the west barik. of thfc Avrc.
but we repulsed their attack, tak
;ng prisoners, ' said the Xerltu of
ficial report 'of th day.
Official advices received through
the Italian embassy at Washing
ton nay that the Italian forces in
France now number nearly a
quarter of a null ion men and that
this force i s being rapidly
The war ame mad a statement
that the bulk ef th Uersa an reserves
are now In ; the rear iof . the tiomuo
front and tt is ssnni4 that th main
effort in th next smash will vfce In
that direction, though Una equally er.
tai the Oermaas will not 0lt their
Flanders attack. ii ,,,'
In a ststeaient today, Earl Ctiraon,
member of tb twir'soonctl. iny' that
grave time nre abeatl ?fr tbBriUah
and that they might be foreed o
vicld ttround. n"OetaV Wt,
that ground 'or neourgnt U fcmnd
in the unity f srrianU,:.JWrtf. an.
lire mUiliirv o wore '..- in V i
Aaeriirs) 'frrt o.iniair a-lrf isssny
to Dear, aa vfn as-kn t iriMM
spirit with which the British' fsc the
situation. . ' . ' ;
.--sc-,ev' .Tantuft -

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