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il II II ! .Uj
. 'often r- yw: r-r- - a
Situatfon " Approachci Critical
' Staoe Wfitn Local Warhdul
a ."Cannot KainJIa llaHi
jiui, , ., a ; i. uf).
,,. . .,' i. . i
I ..a n-JC. PnB RAW RHfiar- Will
Ra. iwaUabl. Nt- Mnnih'.
Fruit li tem'Ratipfi.
HuRat oogeauo la bqw appr0ac-
ing tha eritleal Th warahotmea
BT;tolA mad not'onry il there not
rvlief in eight, but Joae eonditiona
promts, W he tb th.ae
r . . . ,
of tha.pa.nt .ay hai ha,. hereto- (
fore been Been. I
' In Honolulu the- itorehounea r tali-
inir no more u if a. It ia reported. Al-!
ready the piled" np aogar haa encroach
ed aarioosly on' the ipaca that ii or-
iiuaTily reaenved for pinaapplea. There
ti little In alght I the way of ihiv
pia thb month ad eajting aad grind-
Ing unit go neM aa u ta. outiura
Vera moving Ja nauai: manner.
plnea to. Blov. . .
t . Nex nionth pineapple will be given
aquaj. amouav, oi apann wim aagr, n
if reported la ahipping ' eirele. The
aaaad fruit eoneidered qaita aa
rnnoh,, if not mora of aa aaaential thaa
agar' for tha government1' haa made
the caned ptaea aa army' ration aad
for that reason the government require-
menra will be moved. "ThU wtll mean
that nest ataath- available' apaeo will be , tia of Hawaiian augar to Atlantic
eut about in two. Coast pointa, -either overland or by
To meet the requirement! in storage I hips. It is not anderatood that an
pace1 most of' t.hai plantation eom- i absolute embargo was placed upon such
puues that had not already acted are 'shipments, but rather that the sugges
now planning to secure storage space. tionwaa made that it would be aaeea
Thesa will-", generally bar light store sary-to reflue aa much of this sngar
houees,, praetiaaily. aothiag more thaaij-tfpoible on this coast and in tha
sheds. In some instances they may be friends,
eonstmcted fos roof aad sidea with tar j Able To Hdfc Fttll CJrop
paper and in other iaataacei with eop-j . "The rapacity of the two refineries
rognted, iron. There), are place on the' 'located here the California and 1 Ha
Uawaii eoaat whare even these arjeioge- j waitan and the Weatera la ratel at
Mania ar ot practicable. whareJtb' SfOOO -toM'-of mltrga daily. If both
plantations; ran' .down to a btgh' bluff i
e.ad' apaoe 14 net oDiainaDia. .
Bagat awaitisg ahipment ia now ad
mittedly la exeeaa of a hundred thou-asiid-
tons- aad ia about ona-flfth of the
ntireorop. ' Up to April 20 4w York
bad received only 8104 tons; Philadel
phia W7T and Han Franeiaeo 118,068
and mrfaint of Hawaiian Micrax bv. tha
refiner, were' 16,707 tons below those 1
& tae- same aate last yean i iit irui,
bowwvr, haadly. reflect aoeurataly. the
eonditiona as they exist now, a month
later " -c -
v PrlmarNy the- most serious fealare of
the day ia moving of sugar is tha dan
ger txf damage and waste whHe ia ster-age-awaiting
shipment where the store
bouses are temporary affairs. Second 1
come the expenditures in building new j
storehouses to meet the present .BOS na
si ties, and lastly oomes the probable ef
fect upon ' dividends.
Betarna Delayed
In., the Philippines they are prac
tically unable to move any sugar at this
time and for that reason the Haa Carlos
company haa determined to cease-dividend
payment until sugar can be mov
ed' and net urns come in. In Bumatra rub
ber, industry similar condition .have
risen and the Hawaiian organized1 rub
bef companies have announoed: euapenr
aiea ot dividends until shipments can
be made and returns received: This ia.
the condition that local sugar companies'
are now facing. Hhall they pay the
Tegular dividends out of their reserves
and later, on receipt of returns, reim
burae the reserve funds or are they to
wait the returns from this year' crop
before diaburaing regular monthly divir
duadaJ If tfy-' adopt the laMne course
it makes It necessary to discontinue in
whole or in part regular' payment of
mOatirly. dividends and it will not be
urnrisiuir if some announcement of
.urpn..uB "u"77"c7""';.,
ach action by some of the ompane'
shall: ba heard. -
Situation Complicate
-' ' Summarised the eonditiona are that
there ia- no. new supply of freight car
rying bottoms in sight and it may be
late J" the- season before small 'vessel
are- built to help move the crop; until
the pines are moved there, will, not be
evstiAo a a available space as hereto
Ian for sugar, the grind most be atofed
aomewhere and accommodations , for
bousing it must be increased' at once
returns will not come in until, far lat
er then, uaual in the year and mav. evea
run over well into next year:
w. a. a.
The- Utah Idaho Sugar Company has
taken out $250,0011 in Liberty Honda of
the, third loan. The sugar men wherever-their
financial situation-hs war
ranted it, hstva ever been read to
share in the greut undertaking of fi
nancing tha war for they know what
ia- the- end Ueriuauy will hae to far
Ja the preponderating flood of dollars
and resources of this the great eat- Of all
Wi Si S.
a aeon RVhE rcr& TBnr home.
Make- It a rule of your aomV to al
way keep on haud a bottir of Cham
berlaia' Colin and Diarrhoea Remedy
a-1 a ' safeguard against bowel coai
plaints. It alwaye eniua promptly aad
no household is safe without it. Por
ale by all dealer. Benson, Hinitb 4
Co, Ltd., agents for Hawaii. Adyt,
EMails oi PlstvTo Have Western
?lftf&tersrsindre' Received But
Way: Have Baen Chahgctl
t.r." .-U ,
PtMM retv from the niinUnl
tllt mor tbaut' tti propoMl tn ve ,
u . . ! . .J 1 . iL. t...lk '
m1 nirii"nnHnm Jimin iaw imhw
I (h llwila-rw to thf prarlirnl
CKpluoioii ! Kactxwit rnflaerira and ailil
pal.lUhoU on tha iubje.t by TB Al
Tertinr. . Haw-j mwh-Jinpoitanre at-
raportl aprHRinnt
M'l OHn qaaatioa- for nare the
uhliaatioat a than. artiila tlutra haa
Itaaaj' diverwoa of raw from tha
Wastern reiltwriea to New York l
PnitaMnhia, aad other arriraln oo the
,,1 EaatwJi : .hii.menU. have
(nfM. tbraK 'formerly.
xj,. Prftciaeo haaa ef tlio then
proponed plaa, ' nuliliabed in Kacts
Abmrt au Jfjfy
Paoa Admlntatratlon Acta
. of Vrr.ph'e
insfruoHnaa frotw Wanhincton, Stale
roo4l. Adminrarr4or- Mrritt In eonfer-
ring with representative of the two
nolulu- Plantation Company which re
fine eueal' thW-dr for in Hawaii.
The partHae ' of "theaa
gi) ,M termi
eotifereneen- it
na Va aiasiaium
,wollt. t angai that be refined t
by eompanlea during tha cur-
rent yir..' The collection of tbie in-
f armatiow will iletermiB what portion
of tne Hawaii eropa moat be provid-
e(j jr iB 0tBer wava.
accArdin to' Information receiv
here, thia, wove on : the ' part of the
food administration waa taken aa a
remit f' notica' aerved- Upoa the food
administration by the director general
cf raHrOada- that it wouUr be impoaai
hi, to transport anv considerable auaa
refineries' are" operated to full capaoity
they should- be able to handle apprex.
itnatery 570,000 tone for' the year, or
tvrartically the' entire Hawaiian- crop.
Hrretofore approximately 260,(K)0 tons
ha been the amount of Hawaiian su
gar handled by the Pacific CoBBa-feT
'"The Honolulu Plantation Company
has 'a relatively small eapacityv The
-greater part of its output ia 'consumed
In Hawaii, althuugh-' smalt shipments
have been sent tn this market more or
leaa regularly. It is probable that ar
rangement will be made, to the
Hawaiian refined market supplied- en
tirely by this romiaay inatmul of send
ing a certain proportion of its refined
requirements from her aa has been
beretofore. Another possibility is that
aertaah of the Hawaiian mill may be
asked to turn out direct white sugar,
aa it is known that some few of the
mill' are equipped to do tfaia.
Balss Problems
A problem deuinnding serious con
sideratiou ia the dixtxibution of the
innreaaed quantity of refined sugar that
will ba turned out here. A long rail
road haul for much of the product will
be neoemutry, ns Western territdry is
now fully supplied. With approximate
ly half the Hawuiian erop handled
from. Uim port, it haa been necessary
to ship as ar east as Chicago in order
to . diMpoae of it. With a further large
iucroaae in relining output, It appar
ently will be necessary to extend the
ales rone to inrludp Indinna, Ohio and
other BuHtt-m stati-s. In making such
extended shijmieuN the freight rate
naturally operates rather heavily
agaiust the California refiner.
"It in considered here that thla lat
est development is significant of the
SerioUMlieSM 'with whifth frlij rit nmrl a .
tinn aituatinn i reiruriluil in Waalim.. !
ton. and that it indicatea particular y
... itnnhrtlM1,11 .,,.,, , . K
. ' " "". a
vatiou. of shipping. No definite state
ment has been made as to the exact
steps that are to be taken, but it is
generally ewele,l that action along
the lines indicated above will be tak
en." isiHicilis
-1 5 1 . ;
Rice hull carbon tins many times the
decolorizing and deodorizing capacity
of bone char, commonly used in refin
ing raw sugar, uc.conlmg to the Louisi-
experiment ntatiou. IU use ex-
Uuda ovur u wide rangtL The impuri
ties tali en up bv the carbon enn be
easily removed and the, original decolor-
tJllg power restored.
Laboratory experiments curried on
at Audubon I'urk, while only jireliiuin
ary, are hiii.I to indicate that rice hull
carbon mhv entirely displace bono char
commercially in thu clarification aa
well aa thr refining provusHQa. Avail
ability, liml low cost are further ail
vaatagoa in its favor.
It ia understood that rice hull carbon
haa had somnthtau of a try out here
but that I ma I. plautution thut will
soou be HiipplvniK whiter washed
sugar than heretofore have uuotlier
svstein wliuli lius been found to work
SUGAR' plantationt are facing
t feaa9- (J .suaf .laod exlii
would-be homesteaders are preparing, to file on sme ol the lanos it nas naa piantea in cane, ce
low la shown the Waiakea Company mill. '. Abovj are typical cottages' of plantation laborers.
Legislative .SessJojir Chamber of
Commorw Resolutions and "
Lana'8: VJ$U,Bevive It
'.',.. . M'.'i ' .
With the legislature In session once
more the land question in Hawaii, most
especially the- sugar lamla again take
On prominence. Even before the gather
ing of the latt makers it had once more
bee.n precipitated in the form of reso
lutions before the chamber of com
merce and. requests for action, by the
food ommiMibn 1 the shape of recom
mendations' or endorsements of ' the
chamber resolutions.. . 4
- Th- soon'.' tv be retired! governor ' 1
repeatiDfT hi statements . land poll
eira but Oovaraor-to-be' McCarthy has
publicly expressed hlmaelf on the' nub
iect and hla- views do not coincide with
those of the present governor. The pres
ent administration has been openly boj-
ltile to bomaataeading and' the new-au-rhiiaiHtratiou
will diatinctty favor it. .
Leases on sugar lands are expiring,
and' tbe question loom up bigger in
eqeisequence. ' The companies want to
secure newjease and to bold' the lauds.
There are plenty of : wou ld-be' borne-,
steadera who want the 1and; as some of
the most valuable In the Terrttoryl' -It'
ia' deerred, especially in war times, that
production of sugar shall 'be kept -a'
near as possible to the aiaximum and
that sugar acreage shall not" be permit
ted to decline. ,..;
In the phst some of the companies
have offered a solution by volunteering
to keep the ground growing tugarwhlle
the hommteaditig- waa,' ia vpfogtess.
Their offer was declined' by the present
adniLnistraUon and as, A result there
bftve tieea in some instances m: decrease
in sugar area, -vhare' the laid I expect
ed to be soon taken from'the' planter
and given to the homesteader.
If homcateading ia to preveii the
plnuuajon and niilla will have to adopt
new plans in haudliug. tha SUgnt ind,
try,, very likely a.lotiug a. policy such
as was proponed by J. B., Castle ia. his
LLfetiiuu, in aoma of hia eolouixation
theories and more especially ia hia. Ko
na devjilofiinuut and WiudwajDn Oahu
proposuls. 1
In other sugnr growing' distriflta the
mills enter into contract- which pro
vide how the sugar atte.ll be-grewn raad
when it shall be eut. 'Where- accessary
thry furnish the laborv ' hauji tha .aane
aud if absolutely essential, even fi
nance the owners or tne lanum m
growing of the crops. - Thiai'may be
what tli companies are facing , bore.
Secretary Lane is expoeted in the
near future to look the land and home
steading questions over .'at' first' haud.
Hi opinions, formed while here, may
lie expected to determinaUhe character
of laud legislation which is to follow
and may be passed at' the Dtfeembet
session of congress.
Reporting on the results obtained
from teats of Java seedling-eane vart
etitis, a number of which were intro
duced into the Philippine in Novem
ber, l'Jlii, Cleve W. Hinea, augar tech
nologist of the lliillpplne ' bureau of
agriculture, suya that aeveraj.of these
have made tmelleut growth' and. Indi
cations uro thut they will yield; bearfly
in chiih, but their sucrose content can
not be determined until the cane- bfe
reached complete maturity; The varie
ties which liuvo made a particularly
good show ing are J KM), 218, end Wack
Clinribou. The J 247 variety,' whixsh
has beon under observation, for .some
lime nt one of the experiment stations,
ha yielded heavily in, cane;, on. aocftimt
of ita hurd tissue it resista.wiad storm a
This eau, however, baa, a. teudawy
to split during rapid growth, which
cuiineH mi appreciable lowering of the
suerone content us well as of the purity
roefiiuieut of the juice.
i.iTiiv.nnnnrriii-inr --'
lAlilJ rauaLtiii 15
and 'income in taie ate arready
nd mrk. Jiamistei jied." 'aia3tta .is
Fihauttunrts-fMqt likely To
, j -: .ttifcmrZuZIilii ,rattii
BihiV JWAN, r. B., April 20 Beporta
frtirh ' alf sections' of Pbrto1 RAiOf now
atr hand;, itxKeacw that -oil tbe basis of
the tpKmf8H-' UiaJa witi., 'the.! erUp to
date- the Baal sugar outturn will Tall
somewhat" below earlier estimates,
which forecast a production of from
810,000 to 686,000 tons.
Estimate f Shortage Vary
' As the'" harvest; has proceeded it has
been found (.hat in practically every
seotioau tha ane tonnage is running
smaller thaa waa expected, although on
th .'aourbr side of . the" island, where
the bulk of the crop is pr.otluced, the
falling off is leas pronounced than
elsewhere. Kstimatee ot the eatent of
the shortage to be anticipated vary.
Conservative sugar- men are of the
opinion that when the crop i complet
ed tha shortage will turn out to b not
less than ten. percent and . not over
fifteen percent, and possibly leaa.
Porto Bice a- producer and shippers
have been encouraged ' thia' week by
the receipt of cablegrams from- Wash
ington which are taken to indicate that
there is to be aw end to' the practise
of sending ships to Porto- Biro with,
cargo and not permitting them to load
sugar ir return.
One cable was from Resident Com
missioner Cordova Davila to the Sugar
Producer'' Association, requesting an
information' a to the names, the date
of sailing and, tonnage of ships which
had come to -Porto1 Rieo since the sugar
season oiiened and had either returned
lin ballast or.' had gone elsewhere for
cargo, A similar cable received by
Governor- Yager" from' ' Major-Oeneral
Mclutyre, chief of the Bureau of In
sular Affair, also stated that the
Shipping Board should be advised of
aay ahtpe- coming to Porto Bico with
instructions to go elsewhere ' for cargo.
Besuxlt ot Oompyfnts .
' These cables.' wer In response to
complaint that had been made by su
itor and shipping men to the Shipping
Hoard, the Governor of Porto Bico,
the Food Administrator and other of
ficials, that hip were being sent from.
Porto, Blcau pott to Cuba for sugar
eargoes, whoo , there were amplo cur
goes available here.
M. B. Spellman, reproaenting the
Custodian of i Alien Property, has been
here this week going over the affairs
of Central Lo Canosu of which pnqi
erty he is now president. While here
Mr. Hpelluiaa. alas tqok over, for the
govermmiut the firm of Frltzo Lundt
aad Company, one of the oldest Oert-
.11 a b (railing nouae in mn mn
one that for many years haslieen close
ly connected, iu varioua way with
tie sugar Industry, having been a large
augar buyer and exporter. The busi-i
nuaa of the firm, it is understood, is to
be liquidated,. .
The United SUtei treasury depart
men tr haa. daeiiled that the practise,
which ia said, to have become wide
spread among' elder manufacturers and
dealers, of addling ugar to cider or
apple juice for the purpose of increai
ing the aleoholie aonteut through sub
sequent fermentation, i not permissi
bio The question- wa submitted to
Internal Revenue Cprnmiaaioner Roper,
who in a recent decision holds that the
product so manufactured constitutes a
"mash fit for distlllution" within the
i i. ,, . ,,, (,
meaning of the taw,, and, as suih, cun
lonljf. be made upon the premiaes of a
registered distillery.
Internal revenue officials through
out the country are Instructed to seiz)
for forfeiture all cider to which augur
is found to bav been added.
sustaining loss of acreage a
onaol!' thosa Iantatitns '. arid
; ..i'''..'V:..tv v'
.' . i''? t - a .
Warm Dry Weather Would Be
Liked Just Mow Labor Sit
uation Is Not the Best
' - -
NEW ORLEANS, April 27 Warm,
dry weather la wanted by the cane
grower. They have had just a Tittle
. . - - . . i
too much rain snd the weather too
hasbeen a little cooler than what waa
juat right for the crops at this season
of the year. But the crops, both cane
and corn are in splcnJid condition and
indications now assure that the five
percent decrease in acreage this year
will more thsn likely be a great deal
more than offset by the1 increased ton.
nagC to the acre. Parties just back
from the ftugnr puristic say that thcr
has beon more coltivAtion and fertilisa
tion' this year than for the past several
Cora 1 Liked
Corn sucins to lie extraordinarily
popular and every waste or weedy lot
hue boon clcnrml nnd put into corn. A
aufe estimate .of the increase, in corn
aoreugo would be between fifteen and
twutity percent in the sugar district
of this Mute.
In Terrebonne Parish all crops ure
reported to be fur advanced and the
largest production in years is predict
ed, lrr I'luqucmiues Pariah where the i
increase in cane ucrengc has- been j
around thirty percent, the same op- ;
timistic statements are made. In some
of the fields tlii'Te uro too many borers,
but the stund is so thick thut the grow-
or expect thut the dumnire done by
them will be very much reduced. The
stand of plant cane is auid tu be truly
phenomenal for April. There is very
little iinss this year.
Granulated netivity continues most
pronounced; likewise the tear of pub
licity w ith n (;nrd to such improve
ments prexails.
Labor Situation
The latent development in the su;nr
plantation labor situation, about which
the L'ri'atcst ulunn is now felt all over
tlirt wiiirRr i,nriMlii,H. uim IliA rcitort ft'tmi
Assumption 1'urisli thut luborers on
su;ur pluututions t lie re huvo been give,
u raise to 1.25 u day for men, and 10
cunts for women. Despite tbi'xo wage
incrcUM'H tliuie is no doubt thut the ;
Inlior problcui will bo the moat verious
tliut will c. nf rout the Louisiana sugar j
industry lit the next grinding. The
druft hus left its impress very notice-
ubly on the sugar district uud unless the
government sends some of the farmer- I
soldiers home for the harvest the plun
futioua arc ;oiiig to have tu work
short handed.
- W. I. I.
The organization representing tho
sunr imliistry in Hritish Guiana has!
decided to adopt the name British
Guiana Nuur I'luiitora' Association as
,ts official titli'j the corresjiondunt in
that colony of the West India Com
mitte Circular writes in the issue of
March -1. The ussociutjon hus usked
the governor of the colony to receive
a deputation to discuss the position
nitrogenous manures, and other sup
lilies fur tho industry aud also to tnki'
up the sliurUiu of fuel.
Henry V. Kim-k, writing In the Cen
tury, claims that brown sii:nr and raw
sugar hits u much finer aroma thuu re
fined. He claims that refining takes
tho vers colli out of sugur and iiuote
Dr. Wiley, the eminent chemist, who
insists that the llnvor of raw suvnr is
fur better, and the aroma fur grcutor
I ill the raw, than the refined,
, w B g
Camilla is farinn u shdrtagr of raw
nilgais mi, I the International commit
tie is working hurd to adjust the situ
utiuu. It is hoped Culm muy help out.
Public Is Jeady '
With Names : . :
More Than One Hundred, and
Twenty-five Are- Suggested For
HTfackfeld '4 Company and
Its' :Suhsidiiry, pel". Gopds
.House. ;; v r, ... .
One hundted ' ; and twenty-five re
sponse hhv been received by ft. H.
Trent -euggestinf tame f or vthe new.
corporation which . 1 .' to- succeed H.
llaokf eld and ' Company, to take over
Its asset and holding and going busi
ness, and for the retail - dry - good
store'' that . will replace B,' F. ' hlef
and Company,
Mr. Trent, because of the general
public interest in the Americaoir.lng
of Haokfeld and Company, ha offer
ed two priae each' of ted dollar, one
fur the name which the 'stockholders
of the new; company shall adopt and
tne otner ror the name - waicn toe
director of the new corporation shall
decide upon for B. F. Ehlers, and Coin
pnny, following the mainland policy
of getting rid of the German nanirs.
Mr. Trent does this as a private eiti
m, and not a eustodiaa ef enemy
The new names, la addition to those
published in The Advertiser last Sat
urday, fur the new eorporation which
will aupplant Hackfeld and Company
are aa follow: .
Liberty Mercantile Co.
Mid Pacific Trading Co.
Ploneor Commercial Co.
American Hawaiian Traders, Ltd 1
Honolulu Mercantile Co., Ltd.
Columbia Agency and Mercantile Co.,
The Honolulu-American Commercial
O. R Carter Cnmnanv
n . r
Aii-rmencan xianiations, vonsonoaicu
The American National Corporation
The American-Hawaiian Commercial
Association '
The American Factors' Company
The American Factors' ' Commercial
- ' Emporium "
The- American Service Corporation
The; American Standard Supply House
Th .American Agency Corporation .'
The American SepuVlntifU Cbrpdra
tion'.- -. "'"v -.'' V
Tha 'American Mercantile ornoratiim
Pioneer Trading Company of Hawaii
Th W'oodrow, Ltd. .
Red Cross Sugar Company
The Liberty House
The Best Exchange (for Hackfeld
The American Agency Co. of Hawaii,
The Resurrection or 'The Resurrected
The Uncle Sam Plantation Co.
The Mid Pacific Trading Cb Ltd.
Commonwealth Mercantile Corporation
International MerehantQe Co.
American-Hawaiian Justice- Co.
A muricau-Hawaiian. Consolidated
Hawaiian Mercantile
Th(, standard Trading Co.,. Ltd.
. Tho Federal Inter-Island Co, ( And
as a motto: "Justice, Truth and
r " . ... . .hi.l.l'
I over me main, entrance) . ,
The ..further suggestion of a new
name f ir B. F. Ehlers. and Company
I in nibiUion to the already published
list are as followsi
' The All-American Dry Goods Co., Ltd.
I Victory Department Store
I The Civil Hervieu or Civil Service Pry
J floods Co.
The Rnnner Drv Goo.'i Sore, or th,i
Honolulu Drw Go i ' i Co.
! ' .nlv' rsal l'rv """"l '
! I he I.efliler
Tho Mecca of Hawaii
The HoiiHe of Courtesy
The House of Quality
The Kmart Shop
The Hiuart Shop of Honolulu
The American Dry Ooodt On,
America Dry Goods Co.
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w. . . v , '
Following the Governor's action 1ft
grunting a full pardon to C. G. Bartlett,
former president aridv manager 1 of tne
Honolulu Brewing and Maltiug com
panv, who ha been, a fugitive, since
June, 1U15, the six indictment return
ed' iu the case are to he stricken from
the calendar of the circuit court. The
motion to do thia will, be mode before
Judge William II. Ileen tomorrow
morning bv City Attorney A. M. Brown.
The belief has been expreseed that
liartlott will return to the Territory
whou news of the pardon reaches him,
as one of hi three children,, a daughter
is here beside his brother, Paul Bart
lett, who is UL .
Became' at" Ms' tonfcr aaal Issmttvsr et.
fJLXATlVa) SnOMO QVIMUncwUlbefouod
better thaa ordinary Quhmise, Posene cans
-wivousnesa, nor rlaglaa la the head. Rt-,
neuibci, .her is onlr en ."Sroase Qui jloe '
Tbc sJsuainte ol K. V. Gro : U ot. jr-'
Crop EstiraatQ Is
Jerj Tli(msaijd Tons
New Figures Further Reduced By
. Reason M, Heavy Rains -Fol-1
lowing Drought and Reducing
Suc'roiftbrttenf' ! ;
',' April estimates of the Hawaiian
sngnr crop eonaiderably reduce th
preliminary ' shipping estimates
which we're made by the plantation
managers' lust Novembef and Do
eerobnr. The expected' erop 1
000,500 ton, Inclwling the home
. refined sugar which, will go or
'local consumption.
First eitimntes for the .1018
crop were .170,000 tons, something
' mure than 76.00M tons less than the
, 101H crop thut was shipped and,
inclading refilled, about 85,000
tons less than the total'fer J917.
Now further reductions of 10,000
- tona arc made.
"Although the early estimates
'were considered at the time to be
very conservative and inclined to
pessimism rather than to optimism,
Such oh bee tha wwuther conditions
that it haa been found necessary to
further pare them down. Low suc
rose content is the reason general
ly given for reduction and this is
accounted for by the drought of
last year followed by abnormally
heavy winter rains.
Figured by dollars and cent the
new-estimate means that the Ha
waiian crop will realise about a
.million and a quarter less than wa
at first expected. As compared with
last year's crop on the basis of
this year's price the loss in erop
shortage is between ten and eleven
million dollars.
In the new estimate 407,000 tons
of raws are Sugar Factors and 03,
000 Independent. The reduction in
estimates on the former is only
about 3000 tons so it is evident
the losses to the independent ship
pers are proportionately much
heavior than those to the Sugar
Factors plantations.
. W. S. S.
Ending a secret investigation which
federal official say first originated
from complaints made shortly after
America declared war on Germany,
Charles Spilluer, an irrigation luna for
the Oahu Sugar Company, was arrested
yesterday on a warraift which charges
him with violations of the Espionage
Act, through alleged pro -Germanism
and an attempt to hamper the military
force of the United States.
The warrant upon which Spilluer
wa arreated by a deputy marshal at
Waipahu yesterday charges that on or
about January 15 he suid in substance:
"The national guard is just like
opala (rubbish); thnt if the national
guard goes to Europe thev won't have
to shoot them as they will die of the
cold; that America cannot win this
fight the Germnns nre going to win;
and that there is no use of the Ameri
can soldier trying to flitht the Ger
mans as the Germans will just make
corn beef out of them. ' '
The warrant. bIho asserts that the five
auditors of these alleged reniurks, all
Filipinos, Ramou Pernltn, Fnustii G.
Luna, P. Ogarea, Kiclinr-t t lorence.
Manuel arn und r.uunno Mluria, were
"each of them then and there mem
m of the military forces of the
United States and flint the united
States waa then at war with the Im
perial government of Gorinmiv. " The
Filipinos are all members of tho na
tional guard.
District Attorney S. C. Huber says
the first complaints regarding Spilluer
came to him us fur back as a year ago
last April. There have been several
others since, he says, but always cor
roboration, necessary to got a eouvic
tion, has been lucking. It was lack
of the necessary evidence which has
delayed the arrest of Spilluer until the
present time, be Nays.
Spilluer, who is of (iermnn blood, is
about twenty-eight or thirty yeurs of
age and the son of August Spilluer, the
plantation watchmun at Waipahu. He
Says that tho charges agninst hisAare
the reault.of a plot, or u "put up jo "
as he pqtjs it. , , ,,,, ,
National guard officers' oro credited
with securing the evidence iu the hunds
of tho federnl ollleinls which involves
Spilluer, it is said, mil Edward K.
Bull,, inuuuger of the Oahu plantation,
Is reported to hiiv assisted materially.
w. s. a.
The Rapid Transit Company is utiliz
ing the valuable advertising medium
of ita transfers to drnw tho attention
of the travelling public to the different
points of interest on the street car
"Timely TrniiHit Tropical Topics" on
the back of transfers nre attracting
considerable, attention uud comment.
Different "Topics" ure being issued
each day.
w. s. s
Hun Francisco repot tH that beet sugar
supplies nre rapidly being exhausted
but the eune refiners have uiuplt) raws
tu supply the deficiency.
a b'sssmv Anil a lien
A A J.N Sp i H
iiwuiiy i ui ifcjuisi.il

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