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? .i-f.'-. Hawaiian .UAZKTtrE.
FRIDAY .Ma'V17-'
, 'iv.v -iri 'i' v,.,
J: ft I ATO ni.CTAJ)T
Vigorous AUack'lsLiiunched On
FovWQmisdibn; Percdnie
vt i hah body: Is
. ' A '"' (VtyM, Wednesday Advertiser.)
Formal qrgani idtion bfthe two'houses of the legislature,' tlic;
in$cf?ft rtyl MtiTif of. varying .legrees of import
ance a,mla tlvzerjiesolutions, with true Governor s address at a joint
session of the house and senate In the afternoon, marked the first
day ' proceedings fh'c Special seVsioii. which will probably be. in
progress' on the sfcond; floor, of the library for all of two Weeks.' '
It has been agreed to' by (he "house in a resolution tlwt was
adopted yesterday afternoon; that 'after the third day new bills'caiT
only be introduced when authorized by a two-thirds vote of the re v
rcscntatiyes. WS&'iTili'i .'.V'V. " 5vV
Guns were turned Ort the1 food ftimntlssion earlv in the w-irm
in resolutions that were adopted and' it is forecast that the rcsig-
nations of members ih commission will he asked for and it Ts '
- Muiult umi anion looKing. iq me removal oi lour Administrator
Child as a federal officer also will be taken. 'mm resolutions acted
ux.n it is also fairly evideflt that shake-up in the national goard
'organization with a' number of important changes will be BOiglit
tirc)U"gh legislative action, u-- ' - ....
AniOng the important' nieasures that have Wen intrJucel are!
An act establishing an nterfimnt camp for both men and wonieii;
an appropriation of $35,000 for a free territorial market in Honolulu,
an appropriation of $S5(XX covering -4he expenses fur the funeral' of
" vu-,:" L.iuvjwi4nij measure pronioitmg the issuance'of
uiiuais w Mu.cs.-,ioiiai jnen wno
nsioyalty and providing ; punishment; a measure authorizing the
., iwu commission io ouy loreign.fioe. ?v i 1
The legislation for which the
v luuuswrc 10 oc raised wun wnicn the Island of Hawaii
can repair storm damage, has not yet been introduced. It is prob
able that today will see a number of acts of the first importance
presented. J .
The first bill introduced was to appropriate $12,00) for expenses
of the session. Sessions of the two houses are to open at nine o'clock
mornings and at two o'clockafternoons, though there will be no
session of the senate this morning.
1 tip xpccial scsMon openlsA yesterday
ruiiiK un me playing of tbe 8tr n'
Hpangled Banner by the Hawaiian Band
The lesmon of the house opened with'
th reading by Clerk Kdward X. Wood
; Of the Oovernor'a proclamation
calling the special aeaaioa and .tho aen-
JCfijrk., Aibett fc Lloyd. . OfHcera of both
.hoiisaa ;wereoeloctel. Senator' CnaVlea'
Chilllngworth of Qahu and Representa
tive H. I.. Holateio being named "to
head their respect i to hbuaol and tho
rommittetM of the 1U17 scsnion were re
' UppuintOd.
Officers Named
The otticers of the bouse ate: II. L.
Holatctn, speaker; A. P Tavarea, vice
KpeakOr; Kdward K. Wtfodward, clerk;
Anurrw, i. wrignt, aergeant at arms;
Antone Manuel, meaaariger.
"Tha orlicera of the aepate ar"e: Char
lea Cbilliugworth, president;' Albert E.
I.loyd, clerk; Henry f. Beekfey, assist
ant cl.-rk; Willium Speekman, sergeant
lit arms. ,
Iu the senate Henator it. H, Make
1 nu was apiKrinted a committee nf r,n
io wmie ieieaatevJ, ri.. vHaianianaolo I
to the seuato chamber. Henatof . M. C.
1.....V....... IT I " it 1 ' .if.. . . .S
.......,, ,,,,,-,, xaK niouoji jnai ,tne
Hcnnte operate under the rule of the
117 session aud this wo adopted. Qa
the motion of Henator G,. .P. Cooke, a
committer of four, repceaantliiR fcaieh
of the iMluiidM, .Senators Harry A. Bald-
win, M. C. l'acheco, J. H, Coney and
!. I. Desha, was named to notify the
house and the Governor that the sen I
i.te waa organized and ready for busi
1 1 e.MB. The senate adjourned -shortly af
U'r eleven o'clock. '" ' '
In the house Representative C. H.
Cooke offered the resolution reelecting
'"i uiMi-i-is oi me tfii session. A let
ter was then reud from Miss Beatrice
Ciistle. supervisor of the women's Beit
Cross work, thanking the houso fpr al I
lowing the Bed Cross workers to re I
main in possession of the legislative ,
chamber in the C'apitpl , ' .j
'Representative Cooke and W. K.' j
Miles were then named by "tW speaker
to notify the senate nJ tbo (Ipvernor
that the house was organized, for busi
ness. This concluded the ' work of the
morning session aside from the intro
ducing of bills.
Now Measures TJp
Following the joint session bf'houi.e
am! senafe in the afternoon,; wh q te
(Jovemor delivered bis address, t res,
lotion limiting the tirrie In whib bills'
may be introduced In the bouse to the
fli.,1 three, days of the . .Mssion was
uiloptwl and two additional .measures
v. ere introduced and read. These' were
offered by Keprcsenjatjve Hepry L.
Kawuwehi. One wat the appropria
tiou of $i5t)n to cover the expenses of
the funeral of the late Queen and th
other uus a measure providing . that
territorial employes .who go into war
service will continue to receive, their
Vuliiric less the amount they receive
i:i the federal service and that by en
tering the military or naval, service
they do not forfeit th position or
chances of promotion. This concluded
the afternoon session.
w. it. a.
.. . . . t'i
rd I'riiss) Former President Tf t, and
Frank 1. Walsiv, of Ifftiisas-City, have
been nut horied by the war Inbor board
t i undertake the settUtmeiit of the
stieel car troubles of Cleveland, Ohio,
and Detroit, Michigun,
are anen enemies: an act defining
session originally was called that
PoVliies. for "Confinement of
'Alien Enemies"and - Seditious
Persons faf Botf) Sexes Is
flesult of Mayor's "Town
It ia wholly likely that one of the
flrat bllla- that will receive tbe approv
al of the legislature at the special ses
sion that ia now in process ia the bill
designed to establish an internment
camp in th Territory under the direc
tioii vf High Sheriff Jarrett. Of parti
cular signifleanqo is the provision in the
bill which make it applicable to canes
of. women as well aa men. Hei.r.-t.ntu.
tivg l.ornn Andrews is fathering the
.measure. It ia the rosult of tho " town
... .. .
moouiig recently called by .Mayor
tm and wai drafted at the direction
of , tho oommittee of ton appointed to
devise legislation along its lines,
The bill provide that alien enemies
seditious person shall be confined
the internment camp and goes on to
define what an. alien enemy ia and
what "seditious person" in the terms
of tbe bill Is.
Defllies Sedition
"A seditious persou," the bill says.
"ahull bo deemed, to iuelude any per,
son who shall be guilty of seditious ut
terances or conduct, disrespect to the
Flag, emblem or ensign of -the United
btate7"or contemptuous, odious, or
sportive references to the military or
naval forces of the United Htates with
intfnt to hamper, belittle or impede
thoir work or give aid aud comfort
10 ih" enemy." '
Tlc circuit court is to have juris-
diction to try and determine all cases
of sedition under the act, and may pro
ceed as In criminal cases. The bill
provides that besides ordering a'persou
adjudged guilty of sedition into the in
ternment camp, a fan ot not more than
15000 may be imposed.
It is proposed as far -as possible to
make the camp self supporting.
','' .'fciwi . fc l
, While the board of inquiry which in
vestigated themuse of the bomb ex
plosiou ut Hehofield Karraiks Home
ime ago, whic,h resulted in' the death
of au enliaW inau ami the woundinu
of. four, or five otlicers, did not fin. I
tbat it was due. to n Hun plot, the
board did find that a live genade hu.l
iu some' wuy, yet unexplained, been
placed in with dummy grfuades.
Tjje result , of these findings caused
a court martial to be ordered to biiuc
before it all the'ofhVara directing the
Hi-bool of Fire, incluiling (.,'nptuin
(Hover, Cataiu I'enle. Fimt I-icuten int
Mundt and Borpfld Lieutenant II. Al
leu. The eourt., is . ascertaining where
the responsibility, lies for carelessness ,
ami neglect or .miles in connect ion
with the inspectiou of the box o!
"iiirn mis puriicuinr
"live" bomb hud been pluecd,
lUiernmeoi tamp
.It. , ,1 mJ ....7 ,i A-
Address To legislature Forecasts
r.Jnbther Executive Attempt To
. tuminaie - i wentv-five .Per
ion" Clause of 0rganjc'Act "
. ' '(.Kro'in We.lncmlny A.lvertiner.J "'
While the liirgnr portin, of; the Gov
ernor 'a Rdilrims. before th joinl ie.
Sioo -m rnc nouse and enate yter
nV afternoon wait devoted to tho laad
mieiition and a general lUparaireineiit
Nmiched also on a variotv 0f meMurBii
or nnmenieni loir in the TrriAr
and aunjerts, ineltirTed amonff whiefc
were: , Tho "Waikiki reelamation
aeherne; nepil In eonnertion with th
Civic center; lejriglation relating to thl
tar ra'e of the eitjr and eounty, hold
to be a DeceMltr: the water minnlv tnr
Honolulu . and a lone list of recom
What the Governor had to nay ow the
land neation forec.a.t, aetioa on Wi'
W to jam tbronfeh . th, leial.ture
rcepliitlop. framed to. Piv olTicial n-flhd 0f itafcaii i ,'tk
aorment to U Pet .chea,e M ttvibirLw.!?'.!?
j i .... -
a me,, project orougtit rorward l
ly! If.V chnmbar of commerce!
Cl i i . .. ..rt
Ui ,.. . .. . I - -
L The '
uebj at.
7i I
mivernor rieu io get It tarou
of the InteHor amleont:,ining a liat of
If-terrftorial leased Innda.
Knock, tfomeataading ' "
: finmkUir of ). -..-.
on"4clause of the Organic Act, tba tor -alight limp hi hii rinbt teg; and
governor declared "this clnuae . gives wHh "bia bead, and neck , baa'daged to
absolute control solely to twenjtT-flvei"rvnf caaoliae burns', tho" aviatot i lib
",, more Petitioners, nd the govern -
meat acts onlv in a clerical rinn.lt
ah... n all ill...n. '
"7.Kf.:i.:. i ,
oriincr. me lann commissioner.!
la nil boar the Governor, the lgi-
IT. the latrta.
1,.,j. - ,, . . ,.Z
Inture y. anypn.K, ' be Went on, "ha.
the, tuthorlty t" intervene between th
twent.v-nve or more petitioners and Jub
seqnent applicants, to dnfe of survey
and, their right to participate in thj
From tnV point he launche.l into a
(ren'oral attack on' home-tending re
viewing incident and what he gave
a., results that had followed the open
ing of area 'of public land.
. "If- yon will trace m homesfeadinir
on the Island of Oahu." he said. "yo ! ? T 1 TB' arV
will Tin.ru has been largely the ti.ZlT&JtA l"?"t0Jl
nel throtlirh which government lands,' X,: hi ..! ci ' V .u 7
through .be ontimisti, faith of tb- ' f!'r ' ?'y ,flpwrom 1,.
government ir, homesteading have been' "V? he fw
transferred to large individual and '"V, "f"1 0fwq,,f. b"nl
corporate interests On the Island of,?1 " ('a,"'e h" ;
i.l..:: .i ,.. i lose hi way. ... . , .
i '
Present Table
Further discrediting homesteading,
,.i .. T ..
theOovernor read table purporting
,u,, ,Uc
it.tiikes them to get nnder way,
dtr Mratr
' Heretofore, ' ' f the' speaker
"ad.iaeent plantations
occunied the homestead
which own in fee simp!
to do a living and profitable busine -s
nnouui uuim-sivau pairunage, n-i.e
been willing to assist . with monec :,.
worK advances mo attempt at iome
steading. If the home.teader fiu'
down the plantation must carry !
fiwn finnneinl .fntv Tk mQ'r t ; J
I li.. u'lirk oi. if ! mi nafmill.il Ci.r . t u
nlmost exclusively back the home
stes.ie. I
"Who will back ' the homesteaders!811''11 an ""K'p f no tvonia not liave!'"" """ conuiniiiny ne-
when the control tti ntir 1an,l ; I known it until th . plana begau to 1 ca""" ot tbe gasoline flowing over ham.
....i....i i- .... ... .
viivrii in runipieie sugar enterprises:
"How much money will be reqnir
Weird Figures
According to the Governor's figures
a homesteader on n tliirfv-nnrA trn,t
has to have 40.!5" capital; one on a
forty acre tract has to have M.O.'iO
oi n a sixty acre tract has to have
s l .i ltd and one on an eightv acre tract
has to have 108,0fil capital.
"The present administrn tior. " the
speoker declared, 'believes the '(won
tv five persons' clause of tho Organic
A. t is theoretical ai
nd not trulv urac ,
tieal. bene ba. kai;. ..r..i... 41... ,
pressure of the federal food admiuis-l
t ration ami aeeretary of the interior,
the quickest solution was to place the
public binds for a period of six Years
under the control of the land commis
sinner, the land board, and the Oov
enior, subject to the dictation of the.
secreiar.v oi me interior, tnt T ll e tauil .
might be brought to assisted, true, busi
t'css like . working homeiteadera, whoi
would work and. pot waste. Also if
other alteruatjves hiB to be sought
1 1. . . ... .1 . . . .
those. vmcias might have both oppor- !
t unity and power to get a move on
themselves and .others.
"At present the Organic Aj't absp
lately ticV their- bands save 'as they
are the clerical representatives of
' twenty five .' or more, petitioners' of
oiikuoHu aualifieatious. "
Hits Oommfcalon
On the subject of the food commis
sum the Oovenior said the commission
would be th subject of a Inter mes-
Liage that he will deliver,
"Atier trying, to put it mildly,"
he :iid, "to dictate tbe military police
of tlje. federal and territorial 'royorn
ments, the territorial food commission
went on "August 10, J917, into inno
cuous desuetude and continued so until
the administration demanded attention
to business. There are members of
that cummiHsion very able in their
private business, but who do not ap
ply the same conduct tq public busi
ness, heme neglected sources of ample
supply have not been brought Into our
source of supply. Our representative
of the federal food administration isi
more restrictive in Huwait than the j
iisiiii.pion niiiiioriiirs require an. t i
less ii'jgressive In seeking to provide
A rCcpmuiendution uiiidn Jn the ml
,lic.-s ns thut the legislature grant
fo the coming Poverpor a sum of mon
ey that ill enable bim to lease a suit
able residence and purchase and main
tain suitable transportation
"Until recently," the speaker said
"if not now, the Territory of Hawaii
nas iieen U)
political vni
e richest ami moat favored
tity of the L'uited States,
Inconsiderably Bntnfid feasor
l line; Which Poured - Over Him
I When Seaplane jStriick Earth
''i.'i .w.v -' t -f . :;.'..? i .
AvtatorarttJ Sergtant'.'StrUOgted
Thrpuah Dense, Junafe After r
i Airplane Landed, In Forest
' s; ?( rrom'r Wed tmniijf j V
-Wlfii. gaVoliio poortaV ' fver 'tla nead
and 'body, ImprUoneil 'in tht.'aolUpa j
eiui mna in nmiiffpr nr ha nn
loVk ' f rbm ir2e.f
ibj. oarojuai, wjar,
Kaiwitl, 1,1
throuslv'hia .owa
iiw.iiti uiuiiic.ih nun ki.m umn r m 111 mv.
X?" ? to thiland o.
xs'rt-'.i ..'...' a " -' r t M
., Major . Cmrjt returned U .ItonoTplol
th. 'RrrA A. 5. " S XT "U 7rrfaU. Rome of these were fiftv
imZtlZL ?' FPJF? f.' hiKh" wl,h Uw '""tbol.K ' The
KS"?.VS tC' ZX&ttWZ
hrt:-m1A . k7.' wim
'tle - th -worao' for his experience. . V
I Blnnr T Thrllllti
I -
m, t0r,or the'
- 1
iw . j: u- t...--i". :
-1 i. f i .. .. S IT . , . 7
'isnine io aciraei aire it ion, tba terr fU
bailie' airalnst th daiWfon.M V:
dergrowth -tind forests, lack of food
for forty -eight hourts descending' pra
efpltou w at erf all and finally emerg
ing. Thtd tba beaiitiful sunlight'" flood
ing sugar plantations and homestead
of Kaiwiki. reads like a chanter froin
Jules Verne, and would be aeixed -s-
tno tenet or tftrUUng plot, for tb
movies.. .,..;,
. At no timo did Kis engine nia, or
i . Major Clark, soys he flew at an ele
vation of 800ff feet from, Maui and ex
pected to do tbo uanal thing )n cr.'H-
' .'n vk turn iaiuuu, iicn tp
turning. to tho oeaeoast. lip ,ad. drop.
V Hown Jnt;Hila . Bar, t M
entered ta . clouds. tbese ...rr
ft wv '1 . I i
dewe. When io essayed to toave them
h" h former 1' U W"" ' ""'T. ' ? 4nt" '' There
T i. V'M no unllBhk- -At pno time he n
. '.JiSIt ,:, """ , trees arul had only time to optilt his
ft M i I machine and bank.tone side to avoid
, Txnntng iHtd.a mountain aide.
r . - n, tjM. , . .
.."Q 10 7 ,7, ,
" e "" .'-v -"-r" " . n,
"n fklling, thoviator wa
eompelled to . rewaiu low Jri order Mi'
b" . continued to fly ainHpsslv without
me oruBi auuiy in view. iia'it
, un7 landmarks ondec bHm tbe machine
ongiii ue cuiuupu oywaru ana ai
. . .. .... ft.. . .
fall. .. "
He not a L.limiisa of miiriht nt liisi" preparing to leave his mother
left at one time and .taking this 'fleet ' u r'Jr him to take a lunch alontr, but
:- .L-tf. . . ill.,. iliil nnl tflil.b k 1
ing snaii as a guiue, ,ne iiew siraignt
on, hoping to reach the, Coast. Later,
ne eoi anoiner a"iimDo. 'or ; sum irht.
I . . .... .... ....
1 l"lt tB tirte on bj..figh, indicating!
that he had doubled on hi , tracks
Finally, Jatc at night, ! ,aw. treci
close belovr bim and decided t attempt
to lu ml among thorn. ,. He shut off hi-
spark and allowed the jnacluna tacomc!
siowiy gown, it momealum eepin
it going forward. He shou,tod to Oray
.lutorm u,m 01 . W-.H coming
Mi'ldeiily the niacmno, touched tree-
,0I'8- L" ora,'r P PWV "P tal(
a ,,'t furwM ,nd orasbnig into
,j he earth nose on,, Whicll, would have
I killed Sejgcant (.raybe pulled bis
.. vers suarp.v, wuiev up.utea . me ma-1
chine, and kept it Jevel".' and the
brought it backward. upoo sharp -
T.. I I II I 1.(1 trUH I II TAW BMAMa OlAl
' ' " "" V - ,. r", .ihi me morning session or the house tho
tree l'P,'d off and.tho' machine , resolutiion was lost, but it was re,
settled down backward, fajlinf eighty i,U.red nt the afternoon session and
f,!(,t' 80 Wttior -'nr "'Int di i adopted.
JAnee, until it otraek tb jftmni tail The reaolutlon calls upon the (!..v-
n.r"1- UI peneirnren
the body of the machine Just between
viara ami wray, uui narming neither
of them.
A Narrow Escape j" ' '''
The seatdane cruniuledamashin! mi
(be rear em
I coiutiletaiv. the ihiiiii
. V . Ti - t i
time causing the caul to collapse until j
me i mi . i.ioi-u ii. aifu pllli ue .loi
nround the neck, leaving. poly hi hea l
and one anu out. lie was thrown inj
the bo.lv until his legs' Vera poiutinJ
upward, (n this precarjoua position hui
lay tor somet line.
The gasoline tank b'rokf! opeii and
his gas'dim', f lowingi dowri through the
caul and over the,' major' head,
drenched him from head, to 'foot. He
was unable to avoid' tb ateudy flow
of the fluid, which entered hi right
yet it is the only division, be it state,
Territory or insular division, that
makes absolutely no provision for its
highest official in a becoMI-afe- offieinl
residence and equipment, although from
its relation to omcial world travel
Capitol, Honolulu, is one of tbe most
important points of contact jnr the
idhef 'imperative de
aeiiuiHlluil of an ee
mnnds make th
cutive ' resideni'i- inadvisable, bnt it
in vour power to grant a aiim of mon
..v that "ill enable tbo Governor to
lease a suitable 1 esidcne.0.,',' ,
The C.overiior's measago,, abounding
in prolific use of the personal pronoun,
lirsl person, was rend by himself to
the joint session. rho
rc.ndii.ir eiui ,
aiiuie, I more than an hour and u hull'
uml many thousand words.
ear and enveloped hia necV. v Clark
havinK ahut off the aptirk and killed
engine just before acttllng down?
in me tree top, the. jjanolina til not
JUite. The gasoline canned the fciaj
or 'a aliin (o blinter ' .baJly jand thve
borned parti of Inn body are now
awathel in bandage. Jhe limp that
he has was acquired originally throngh
. Mrf h"rl knock at W'aikiki Beach
the day before he flew. Thia aore
place chafed by hia tijrht army
water-aonke.1 breerlie, while flounder
ig through the jungle,
puma SoapUDe
,..li..oi;dor to attra.t Trttention, the
majpr decided to net fire to a part of
thr machine. Ow ing to the danger of
an ,plHiou by uaing matchpa, it wt
dogided to tart the fire from, .a dia
tanre ami thia wa dniie ith iTnr
piatol, whone f'lare started ignition, y.
U',l de nut know hethvr the machine
waa. entirely burned up or not," said
Major Clark yeatcrdav, "for we did
6dt wait, but atarted down through
the jungla bofore the f ire . waa over.
';.VJi-! t boliesc any part of, the
machine can be recovered. It ia prob
ably, wrecked and burned, and the tnr
tor would be the unlv thino I.. ft u
Tier..are no 'traila. It la an almoat
liipenetrable foreat. We had to de-
cend woterfalla, which cannot b ocalej.
KUig up, at ail. No animal could.,
b taken to the wreck." ; . . f
v' Tbo junirle was mm. tMnn t.-.H4l
bin; coniprehension. Ho nevar believed
denae forest, thick jungle, rotte
ank' mu,ld-v mrth underfoot,
movement extremely hard .
rotten loBs,r
.nuiyement extremely hard
( .They .hod bo compass to guide thea.
u iinany reacited n gulch down whic
water conraed. They kept to thl nlVhi
but had, to dem-end almoat innumerable
.W'V" " rorn ny-nn-
aeprnaii nnJ both were considerablv
nrtilBed during this tinzardoua descent.
Rsab'Homestesd Caliln
Finally, they came to a water fldme
which led into a pluuution. Then they
(tame to t)ie homestead cabin of a man
qamett Milva. who as just then read
ing a paper containing tin account of
.toe;, .missing aviator. The army mon
asked for something to eat and 1:
tnajor eiplaiued that he w!as Clark.
ilva,..did not catch this but started
mmotliately, with tha help ot hi wifs,
to eo'ok a meal. .Mrs. SiWo m do
lighied tb know the strangers were the
.missing aviators nu.l soon laid h.tfore
them three eggs apiece, hot tea and
bread anil butter. 1'ievious to this
they had not tasted food, and only
found a few berries on their entire
w, i. . . . , .
"''u l" 111 "y ne ami
th Arimn.,1 i.-.i.i ...... V... .11
mvp.mi ...it ...... oj n uriegttiion
from Hilo, and motored into Hilo wit'i
flying colors.
i An afiuy bour.l will hold the usual
investigation over the loss of the ma
chine, and the major will turn in his
routine report covering the flight from
the. time of leaving Honolulu until his
return., .. ,
j' tWgeaut "tlra'y , tell li'eiv the : major
took all the chances and - ifisregurded
, his own life when he settled on th
, t0p , of. the tree nhich dropped tlie.n
down' to earf)i- He put his hat over
the major ' face to keep the gasoline
out of his nose and eves. Havitig no
tools but a pair of pliers, it was slow
work nigfing the minor out of the col
lapsed eail. Ho finally disengaged
- - --. ----
,rut. .nsinK tlna a lever, pried
- ' caul rlm "way from the major 's
----- tIC .in., no
'.Vii'i i.. V ."" .. . at Ue "'i'"J A. H. .Myhre, who became
at Kilv s aixl would keep on going i ,pirious and was instrumental in1
rulcrum to work on except file major '., Vigilance Corp at its noonday meet
shoulder, anl did much of his work at ing yesterday at the Young Hotel.
the direction of the officer. He had to
...1. U. rtl 1. ii.. ,
It 1M ill that mhun f. .;.,.
- sk xus.m .iiajui itu
nr una not qirk mis necessarv. s:n
ing he would have lunch at
u ii. I .1 ....... U 1
",,""T' ".
All of the ffuirs. records, m
aa, letter, cablegrams .and all other
dnta in the'j.oseion of 'nntional guaid
officers have been called for bv the
house of represoutatives in u ro.du
,ive, William K. Miles. When offered I
..1 ll . '. ...
eruor, ecretary Of the Territory l:i
kea, and Acting Adjutant Oeueral U'i
Wayne to produce all of the documents
specified and in particular data is nk-
e, showing why.tjie uational guard h:is
"ot been mobilized.
. , , i n.
' ' " w- m-
- . . -
f'"'- Heqry I). Nt.yer, l". M. .
visitor in Honolulu, tlijs being I
11 here in mimv venrs II,. . Ill
eventually take command of a regi
moiit in the 1'hilippines, Colon, I tver
until recently was a brigadier g. nernl
.,1 the national army, but was returned
to his. rank in the regular n iny ami
ui-MguCit to a re.iiiiiintal
Mrs. Styer ami their duuL'ht
oii ii! a in! .
a, , ..III
ll. other
t.-i ol'
puny him. nis son. Capt. l)el
is now lighting in Krnuce, nmi
ton is an officer in tho niivv.
XI i s. St ver is the lM iiml.la,,
' the bite Admire! Wilkes. V. s
j Mason and Klidell faint'. The
was in commiiiiil of tin nerii .i
'ci dining the Civil War liiih
ii .,t-s(l on the hii;b seas mi l I
I l n.i.1 hi;.i..il :
toi ,
the ("onfeilernte gov ernini'tit t
don. The incident n!ii,,,..f r,
ruptiiii" betneeii tho l intel M;,
' "fit t Britain
- w. s. a.
The Matson steamer Munon. wliuh
is far off schedule because of the time
used to rescue a disabled vessel winle
l.iul in iuliin.l .. .... : . . ,
t,. ,,.i,.,i, (,. Ti,.,,,.i,,i.. .....:i
or "G.
i , . Lit w. a. j
.4. ..." . -
Government Issues 0rde'Taking
Over Supplies of Platinum,
Iridium and Palladium
WAMilNfiTON, May 14 Tba 'fov-
ernni.'iit t.. :,v issued an order com
mand...! in- ,. xu polio, 0f platinum.
iridium no. I paladium in f.oimeiuion of
refinrrs, iioportora nnl manufacturing
jewerly establishment1 nt well a large
dealers. The platinum price ia Bow
103 a troy ounce.
Tho coinmnndeering of the iupplice
of plntinym. iridium and palladium of
the refim rs and large jewelry houaee by
the government for war purpoaea of tbo
I'nitfsV'Htates and her alliea will bavo
bat tittle effect upon the jewelry btnl
ue of Honolulu, aay the loval jewel
era. KoT soma time it baa been dlffi
eolt to obtain platinum from the Htates,
becauao of restriction ulaced an U.
aler ni1 present there ia oo amall
unount of the metal in the eity that
'entirely improbable that the gov-
emment would wish to aaiu It
,0"' f the raw platinum in the city
Hawaii, Thel" ' "anus or n. r. vtienman and
- " """' Jewelry Co., Wall and
ma.ls.'rr""r,,J. "i"n jewriry uo. kail Art.
H. Wyhre. All together tbe amount
Irt the city will not much exceed a. tkn...
ami dollars in value, acrordiug to their
estimates. t .0-
There is practically no iridium la tbo
city except in compound with platinum,
aa it is the alloy used to harden plati
num for practical wear. Most of tha
jewelers expressed the belief that there
was no palladium in Honolulu. '
This commandeering, of raw plati
num will not mean thnt eople will have
ti turn in their platinum jeNrelry or
that jewelry stores will have to cease
selling it. The government ha desired
to get 250U ounces of tbe metal, for
scientific purposes. The jeweler asso.
ciution throughout the t'nited States
aocceedeil in getting 120O ounce foi
,tho tiovernment. By aeisung the sup
plies of the metal in possession pi re
finer and large .jewelers tbo remain
ing 1.100 ounces will probably be made
"P- ,- . ' '
Of the supply of platinum In Honolu
lu one piece worth about three hna
dm! dollars is at present tied uprln the
ilelini postoftiee case. Tbe platianm
came to Honolulu for H. F. Wiehman
and Co. but was taken from tha mail
by Harry Melini, a pogtolfice employe,
bringing l)i robbery to liirht.
I "
Favors Continued Use By Plan
tations of Areas On Which
Leases Are' Expiring
The resolution, or memorial which
may go before the legislature favor-
; j , (.ontinued use bv i.lin.tntin.,. nt
i j Hie continued use by plantation, of
, I"'1''"" Ini'd on which leases are ex-
, wan vn.ioriwu uv me Hawaiian
;Thev favored Tiermittine cane crous
nnw grown ny in pianraiions until
I the close of tho .war t aid in food
t... a. - .....
I tint.lm-tiAii on.) annuov.n f
!'-." vvsssj UllUU, . 1
Walter r . Dillinicham did not aireo
f with this nction, aaying thnt ft was
!u Niutt, u-Iin.I, .k.i.l.l I.. I...'. . 1. .
a muttiC which should be lett to be
h.nr.l by Assistant Hecretary of the.
"" i..r viiu win arrive Here
f urn Washington, on or about June 8,
to irnestigate public land matters.
1. ......... U.....I1... ..I.. H.:n i
lohn If. Soper .recommfnilcil the
rim favoriuir the eontinuatii f the
u . of these particular lands by the
plantations under government super
miiii. M r. Dillingham said the people
here should impress upon Mr. Bradley
the necessity, of , keeping cane lauds
under cultivation during the period of
the war. There was no use, he argued,
in trying to save two pounds of sugar
on our tables every week if we lone
thousands of tons by lack of cultiva
ion. It was a matter which should be
left to I'resideut Wilson's decision.
i u i t h er m ore, any action of the legis
h lure on the subject would have to be
t iken through the courts.
A desire, expresiei through his at
toiney. Hubert W. Breckons, that liar
ii l. Melini, a former postoflice .Icik.
was anxious to serve in the 1'nitel
states Army, did not keep him fn.m
be.ng sentenced to four years impnt
nt vesterday by .lodge ller.n e
'niigh;iii for robbery of the mails,
TI, e attorney suid that this desire
as not fostered by a wish to iva.b
).,ii', to jail, but by honest desiic .,
.seive Ins country, fter the sen I erne
was imposed. Attorney Br", kons -aid
b n-n "ded to prepare a petition t'..r
a ... i. hia of Melini so he could join the
plea. led guilty to fouiteeu
i-ts "f robbing the mails, the ag
guj-iie value of the loot being esti
.'' 1 " -,l.l-. "The thefts occurred
I I i oaiv, Fubruary and March s- 1
, ' .ipposed to have been commit
t. ! i 'i'c lie nas alone in the postottic
,i- in ht eleik.
w. a. .
I'ORT, May 15-'- , As-o
Heliton McMifliu. the
,ai, minister to l'eiu. arrived
.ci, i.lay with Mrs. McXlilliu.
i- to undergo an operation. He
' at the Peruvian sugur crop will
'it ; increased this year.
lievpfl Rftnlt nl I Ptfvr Rsj Mai.
ton and Efforts of McClellan
No passport-' art borded.for tourist
tisvel between tbo, )nainbd aid Ha.
waii, according ' to a rullag of tho
tatedepartmeiit yesterday oil reported
bv the AuncTar.! Prxk. '
The sctibri of'tko atato -department
in hsmllig down the rnlfng la believed
to hare resulted rmi a letter acntf In
April to Hecretaryi lousing by Tred
J. Ilnlton, secretary" of 'tho Hawaii
I'romotion "Coram i t teo, ; - , wvll. a
through the effort of Oeorgo MeK- Me
Clellan. rvnresentatlve of tha ' Rnnw
lulu Chnralier of Commerce. ' 1 . .
The desiatch aaid that tourist and .
oroer travelers win ie required only
io senure cenineate from the tmmign'
lion ottlclals at the porta, of depurtoro
on .the mainland to eom to tho Is
lands. '" !.!-'
1 ' .. 1 . . ... 4V.
uiiiirr uaie or ipni v, . secretary
Ifalton directed a lone- letter to li
secretary oi state oetaillng th need
lessness of the passport restriction
placed n Hawaii travel, ohbough, em
phasis nas laid opon tho point thit
the promotion committee would at all
times abide by' any war ' regulation
wnicn the government saw lit .to im-
A n(rc7 firi7iimftt In th nfrtmnrlnf. '
...... i.-urr nM mil lUVro WM HO O1OT0
re a .to ii why turl?r .ahoylj iacore
llPrm i r tit onwia tsx J m ,m.il tUi.. A.
, v. , vjin v , uot, Bit ( winn iv
from Washington to New: TorV. See-'
retarv McClellan. fThri mn mr Y,.
lieved to hve ,been along similar lines.
.. At, the same time bo wrote to tho
seiretury of 'state,. Secretary Ualto
also fornarded . a. .letter to : Melville
nt..... . . . . . .
T"ri nmiinef oi me nsioc ia lea rre,
cskiny that, 'a eorrespondenf.be detail-
ed to invei1igR4e"..4lto. passport and
travel permit muddle.. . -v
Letter 0 tanatng: , '. . ;- ,
The promotion, man 's letter tn Rnim
tary Lansing aaid; .' ' ' n
' V'm .- M L t I 4 -it .
were ixsued, apparently from your of
fice, to railriutd tlnVet atrnnt. thai. It
ss necessarj for raveler to Hawaii
to first secure passport. - The in-,
txuctiou were tytr ewieelled and th
iiermit svstnm ' l nnnciir.tMl " wrhertilvvr
passenger to Hlawaii must apply for a
permit to, tba collector of customs
the; port of departure, On receipt pf ,
advices that, a system .of permit, waa
irtfuorii, mv t vii:;raiii.0o o lav rvpre-'
sentative.of the Honolulu Chamber of
Commerce at Washington, pf which wo :,
are a committee, f or advice ' a . to
whether thia. regulation requiring per-'
mits was . designed to , curtail . tourist
gravel of travel f or jdcasure. , On April
J7 we received , hi reply, that there
waa no . intention on. the port of tho
governnvent to curtail, pleasure travel .
to Hawaii. , : i'.'X .
' "since (hen wi liave Vail a passenger
arriving here frqm. Toledo, who -waa re
fused, a railroad ticket Jo Ban. Franeia-
ro nnless he find a, pssiort4 We bavo
had several' eases of ' persona' arriving
hflr. rmiul . wi t h M..iinrfl . wIiIIm V
" ' - - -- um.uu . . p. 4. v.
w wnt it aistmetty understood, that
thl committee at all time stand bo-hind-
tho government ia all regulation
that it, see fit, to. Impose, at tho samo
timff. tteiiiir ktn.llw a rt . k tTnl. '
ted, States it would appear, that , these
regulations impose V hardship on Ha
waii. nd place, these Island to a great
disadvantage, compared to California, .
Florida and other tourist center..
Adimui ninirt1 ' .-. . '. !-'
,. "The psvy department, herd exereiseo
every contplete and thorough examina
tion of all person' arriving her wheth
er from the .mainland or .from foreign,
ports, nd jWOprftbably Javo more con
trol, over person' traveling to thoao
Islands than to' any 'other part .01, the ,
L'nitiil Htte, It would therefore n-:
fT-f,. ll..if ICM ,4V Ofl. (VJSlTWrr. IV KClirv .:
permits to com to these 11 and whea
they do not secure theia to go from
New York to. Washington. . , ,j
"TUe maip, object of thia' letiiir, bow
ever, I to ask that if th regulatirjni .
reirardinn nermita are. in h nhlninn
of the govcmmnt, aecossvy, w'H.you
Mot Ihmiih tllalrii.tinn. '.It ' Yv.uiiuvfSk '
bureau' )(iice and other' 'official wbo
handle passports or ptrmi-U, advising
them exactly what ia neeessary, aj, tho
railroad and, tourist . agencies aoem.to
be working at cross' purpose through ;'
li.tr n nl l........:n... ......
ut, ui)ii, jtiiiiiiv.yHi, ivpq ini( -
omce. 4 . wpiuuw. BUttcesi aiiK) IBSI me
Official Bulletin issued by th 'govern
ment contain a copy of your: Uistrue
tiuns in thia. regard so that every news
paper, in tbo. country would clarify tho
position in regard to tbo necessity for
permits or passports." , , '
Provided Revere ehfiitieS '"For
Disloyalists and. Eri rjland-Bait-ers
Passage As$ure(l ,
Senator rachVeo'i bill,' in(rodiicci1 in
the upper houso yesterday, aftjrroon,
providing for scvero penaltiea for those
.vim utter ilisliiyiil sentiment in this
Territory will be.. one of , the measures
nhn;h will be given inimodiate. atten
tiou by the legislature. Tbia measure
provides for the prosecution of not
only those who . rnske disloyal .ytter
Hiiccs against, the .l'fliteiV .,8ttei, but
also provides for prosecution, of those
who make disloyal utteraoco against
the Vllis of the United States.
This feature of the hill will curb tbo
tendencies of a. Jnujl- section of thl
i -nmrnanUy wbih. ba, i in, tbo, - pat
fcveiely criticised the J'nited State
for allying itself 'with , Great Britain
in th world war,. ,TMa jneajute passed
lirst readiig.by Utle.yesterdAjr.aivl was
oi j. re, I to the printing committee.' It
is believed that it Will bo among tb
lirst laws enacted -by tbe special cs.
siou uf the legislature.
'' 4- V t I V-H

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