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" " .T., , i , .i,jtj .. . . , nil ,n. tiuij I i'L''lu(SilmmTniin.pfrii.rnri'.lHOaiPLUUUit
T ! TT'A ' W I .. A : TV I .V aT 1 i r M I j" I V I Ij',. ' I llv I V 1 I I F,r I I X JUfAVkJ J II il 1.1 1 I II I I.Y I ill 14 111 II J rc 1
I . P i ''MllH HJ m.-W W,. . .BV .BL .J. . JBv A. . . . Ja sr 1 m . I . 1 i I i I . r '
MAY, if, 191$. V
The Cpnitfig Blow
rTJ I E Tencwai toi me mam
1 ,UA at "anv fime'"
offensive Is tx-
' fdlay- thf Off-patches tfci.myrning from British
heaimurteri in'Frtnce, where the general staff is
vtatchini cvicrt move of the enemy and scheming
to circumvent it.
Von Jagow Explains
" ment of Potsdam statesmanship; which The
Advertiser is now publishing day by ay.vhM
brought out a defense from. Vofi agpy. .:we wisn
tO I II cum -. iv.
h p-i-i.i Marshal Haie expects a renewal of the
' effort 'of voiliindcnburgrit is a certainty tha,t be
u r,rrtaref tomeet it m desperately as the other;
titanic tmigerBaVe been met and held. Whatever
human strength' an bravery and skill can do the
British, Frenf tt ana me omers jhk "-
. . u.;. v c. ir fn tin M hack
it is B-atifyiflif to know lhat American "einfo.rc.c;
ments for the men along this line protecting civil
5ti,.n an- hastenirie to France and that each week
' Vert the army of the Stars and Stripes increased
, by manv thousands.' They cannot reach France
- .. . ' . r . . j ai. - n.:u AnrifiMnAn more
too soon, xesieraay mc unua.. .--
- than forty thousand Britishers killed, wounded and
; captured in one week. These men must be re-
'i''lt is true that the German losses have been set
i. j - K.r miUfurv vrrt it two and three to one
at the Allies, and. if the British lost forty thousand
tH is a certawty that the Huns lost twice as many.
. i 1 . A1i:-o ran kntrl and infllCt DUn-
i- AnClV SO Vim " 1" f i ..
' . i,. frfrman blow . comes the better.
' it is immaterial where the Germans faH,-pn the
; Somme, on the Lys, pr along the path to ienan
. r -4. At- 5 k cratf of Paris, so lone as their
4.1 IIV1 ivim v. , - '
" ; dead fall in surhcieni numoers.
- TTii French ana urmsn ana wc wiivi auvV
, few gallant American along the French line are
braced for the shock. Uur part in me commK
He is to come acrpsjvith our share of Thrift and;
AVar Savings Stamp purchases; to hold our appe
ife,8 ow,n. t the .limits set by the food adminis
tration ; to continue to give and give to the Red
Cross; to show our appreciation for the boys in
' khaki we have anymgst us ; to rebuke every care
iesS 'talkex 'and lU check and report any seditious
.-Vta'lter.'Mhd. by our lives show our loyalty to our
. Flag and to our aHieai 'and pur faith in our cause.
"TactShtri the;'firifted young Y. Ml C. A.
! crator now -in the city explains bur duty in a nut-
iL f i. ii. - 2. 17 mn nA wnfTian
' sneu. lie says, i i tucu. j-vu
chould so live these days as if he or she were being
depended upon by the Almighty as the one in-
dividual whose acts and words and sacrifices, are
to determine whether the war shall be won or lost
v If that test we're self-applied throughput liawaii
ihere wpfld' blf'mtKlh more done thahfee'nitho
T -mnch wtr havedone and theetwould pe as well
" I . 1 it. .... 1 - . i , 4 A ' '
; Tbe grat leVrtan blow may fall . irf any tnmute.
v Have YOU ijone, everything you might have done
: durin? the .oast year since America eniereu iuc
; 'waj' S ma,k the chances of success for the Huns
' les ana tne prospecxs 01 victory tor. i
"over there' and for their gauani aines more tcr
." V . -
-r1-. -'V w.i.s.
..-a,f w i vj ww -
i , . . . . t t
:k KUUUdi was nui uuiu muuuk
' -1 tribes in America. The . government of the
; aWioines was. not a representative government
. ."v lt 'H'As a despotism pure and simpjer. Freedom
A. atr.1. a this countrv with her' arms around the
mainmast of the Mayflower. She went a'sliore and
Plvmouth Rock. She euafded the Pil
gfims wniie tney consirucicu km .net vn.
' civil and religious liberty; a temple whose founda-
' .. - . ...... .1 1 A.' nA
.lion is ouiiaea uon inc cvciwsuus . .
'whose summit is envjronea witn tne swxs w
V heaven.
-. tier next joo ucgau aw
, when rashington received the sword of Corn-
' orallia at Ynrlttnwn
" ' . . cu inso.rort and trnided the Den of Abraham
' . ' y k-'iiv - p - s
':"'., Lincoln when he wrote the Emancipation Procla-
. " mation.
f:. She carried her flair forward and still forward
until it dipped its fringes ia western and tropic
Hreawi 'thnr railed to obey' rt
tnltie officer ' aignal L. Smith Hlorth
nd L Look -were BnnJ ten dollftri
each In th pnlioo court. v
TakentVa, arreited for lettWnjj th
Lurbor ia hii Ashing tampan after the
harbor, was eloicrl for tha nlglit, i
touad guilty, la polln eottrt and fined
tn dollara, y o fcj. ;?
Tb tut of Pedro ralla ind Mar
MtU 'Aatilla' alWjjM lItp iqo leadora
aellina tkera their camel to iro to Baii
Germany, joy of the explanaion . f , , ;.Fraa1oo, wr soila prosseA;Tln the
Th trit nf Von lacrow a remaricaDie h unintena- v.v.. , -.
' r" . - . . . -V .k.
M1k Mary bacaeeneral aecretaVy
of the Tonng Women 'a Chlrlatian A mo
eiatlon of Toklo, Japan, will atop over
a boat on her way to tho. mainland on
furlong in order jto aid Mm. Kinbi
moto of lha lonftl aaaoclation In the im
migration work. ' . , :.
TentatWo ' plana for the proponed
new territorial wharf at Haira, Maui,
wera approved yesterday at a meeting
of the harbor- board; Tho entimated
eoet of tha wharf ia tfi7,6G3. The 1917
legialatar appropriated $78,000 for the
wharf.- !. t. :-
A full pardon and reatoratlon of W
righta aa eitisea wag granted yesterday
by the- Governor to William Kaiitoa,
ft Hawaiian boy who was eonvieted of
petty 1 lareeny Id 1915 and committed
to prison Tintil he reachea his majority
in 1919. r s ..V;-; ....
The Hawaiian' Food Commission haa
prepared all evidence relative to the
enargos or ; rood profiteering, whicn
ti me criminal w "-"'" " i nave ieea roaoe . aarainat u. l jvio
Potsdam has pit all Europe. tO the sword ahd lit Candlesa. City Attorney Brown has
for Judge Heenj in the circuit court
todav- w .i ; .
d confession is that the Wilhelmstrasse cpuld riot
afford to accept Grey's proposal for a conference
because it might result in a diplomatic defeat for
Germany and a consequent loss of her prestige.
This verifies that passage of Doctor Muhlon's
j-owerful corroloration. of Lichnowsky-in which
the Kaiser is reported to haye declared that In this
case? no one should &tl him Indecisive I"
. And What was the object'of the Wilhelmstrasse?
Von Jagow sutes plainly: "All our energies were
directed to the, localization f the war".
, W do. not doubt Jt ,Tii$ in plain English
means that Germany was , willing to chance a
European holocaust to back the Austrian plan of
reducing Serbia to a subject state. .. ; -
Take Lichnowsky and Muhlon, round out their
statement by the confession of , Von' Jagow, and
the entente governments qPuld ask no 'better proof
I tne criminal noicin.c v i;uivi
a :vcortflaerition'.imperiling civifization,
"The oacifism'and concHjation of Grey, conceded
by -Von JagOWi expressing; the, traditional attitude' Charles Kahalia, Oioe Jai Duk and
cf-the ruling rlarty in England, could have been, n Dong Ka were-.rrerted yesterday
r " 2 ' I . . i - and are held pending the investigation
counted, on to safeguard anyreaS6nable rights or of th Ue of rhhttr.
.susceptibilities of Germany and Au?tria. But the . iea in partially completed hoosea in the
Kaiser was nursing his prestige. Germany has no
prestige today, save what her, sword can succeed
finally in preserving. It is ithe duty of humane
civilization to defend itself, from that sword and
fcrcaK n. , ...r utm
On the shoulders of America today rests the
chief burden of that duty. '" ' ,r
Let Germany realize that the issue is clear
throughout America today and since it is clear
America will not turn back or sheathe her sword
Until victory over Potsdam is won.
W. S. S.
J. E. Gannon of Lahalna Is ft gnest at
the Young" Hotel. ; ' . ' v. ,
Charles A. Rice of Llhne. KauaL is
a guest at the Yonng Hotel. ' ' , i.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Ti Tavares of Wsi-
lukn are at the Yonng Hotel ' v. - -
A. 0. Wheeler, ft buslneseman of Hilo,
is registered at the Yonng HoteL - . ;
John O Tlourke. ft horseman ef 'Ha
wail, ia a gnest at the Young HoleL
-I' Trunk f'rWrWfl:'fc nnrkn frAm'Wsti
a,Ma' tvglatered at the Young Hotel.
' Mr. John m. urer or Kaiakeu ave
nue left last Sunday for. the mainland,
rjhe expect " to remls)4 tray fiv
months. '. v '
Federal Judire Poindextee ( Tiuiet
ed to return from the mainland in the
Manoa, du here front Ban. Frnaeiaee
the latter part of the month.
Beginald G. hawley and .Martin
Walker Smith, businessmen from Petre"
grad, who arrived en the Shlnyo Mara
yesterday, are guesta at the Young
Being hir'nt'taf day, ft surprise party
was given last 8unday Jn honor ef Mia
Amelia Medeiroa by her annt, Mr). M.
J. Borgea of Bchofield Barrack, at the
home or Mrs. John uuertno, 1117 uu-
lie Avenue, Kan hi. . Miss Medeiroa
Wat the recipient of many pretty gifta.
federal Jnrtee'Poindexter. who has
bet spending a vacation on the main
land will return on the Manoa, May 24.
- '.- . i. i ti 1
Honolulu, M1S, 1'ti.l
' - rr.i:;.f
Top Much Idealism
T' RESIDENT WILSON js attempting to carry
1 -on-this war with ideals: in many things he
is sadly', out of line with most of the parents who
have their sons over in rrante, uu mc nivui-
son, Kansas, Globe, which explains:
In Kansas City; German 1 agents have caused
neveral disastrous fifes and hate made several re
cent attempts to surt others. . By destroying food-
Uftiffs d; mppiies they are crippling our fighting
forces; every delay means the. war is prolonged
just that long,: ana the lotfger me, war
more American bovs are belnir sacrificed,
. and arctic and Orient seas. She changed a wilder-
'S ness of forests and prairies into a land of factories
r;' and farms. She made of these United btates a
' . land where no slaves' presence dislfohbrs labor,
i rr l 1 . . A .ma,1im n.nt :
, . wnere no man uons ms ni w v.... no cuusunac
through the courtesy of eciuals; where education.
V": i (rte, where manhood is respected, where labor
f, is protected. She made of it a land whose credit
' ' reigns at the head of the world's finances, whose
I forth and whose armies for her
defehseohVri'aV'a drum-beat out of the hives of
, . : industry "the greatest, freest and most prosper
; , "jous nation in ill the world." "
f A f 1 13V 1 1 V VUfllX - IU ft 0. " '
the country she has exalted among the nations and
;V' to..aid to overthrow autocracy and establish the
. blessings of constitutional liberty wnerever civn-
ization erects her altars Los Angeles Times.
' w. s. s.
i he legislature stiould go easy on any resolu
tion dealing with the land question. If anything
Tfie dbuntrV is overrun with spies and yet when
they"are arrested " their are treated like guests of
honor. '.
The Huns started this war; they have inaugu
rated all the new horrors and there isn't anything
thev won't do to win.
In Germany there are practically no spies. Why?
Because they shoot them and it doesn't make any
difference whether they wear trousers or petti
coats. :, e v j . ,
In America 'they blow up our factories, set nre
to our warehouses, tamper with our airplanes and
machine guns, puncture holes in our gas masks,
and when we catch them we pet them.
We take our own boys, those who are nearest
and dearest to us, and send them away across the
waters to Europe. There they are being shot
down by the Germans'; are dying by the hundreds.
And here at home the country is overrun with
roies who stab these boys in the back. Arrd be
cause of sentiment we refuse to trot out the firing
It is perfectly all right to send our own boys
forward across No Man's land to be impaled on
German bayonets;' it is altogether inconsistent
with the. dreams of our dreamers to introduce our
captured spies to the firing squad.
To the writer, Wqd is thicker than water or
ideals. Let's fight the devil with his own fire;
let's go him one better in any frightfulness he
may attempt.
We have puf own necks to save and we must
have "no conscience hv fighting an enemy who has
icience. Inis is no time lor the cnicxen
w. s. s.
should be done in advance of the visit of Assist
ant Secretary Bradley it ought, to be along the
lines of the proposal made by Senator Shingle,
'which recognizes fully the homestead principle.
. ' The two things that are most greatly worrying
Has any'good reason been advanced as yet why
the expenses of the funeral of the late Queen
should be paid by the public and not out of the
estate? It makes no difference whatever tothd.
iate Queen and is only assuming a burden from
the heirs, and who .those heirs are is not yet de
termined. It is a well known fact that there is
not sufficient money in the territorial treasury to
do many of the. things that should be done, and
what funds there re should not be voted away
on sentiment. If any good reason other than senti
ment can be advanced for the payment of these
luneral expenses opposition would probably
vanish. ; - : "'J '
Every time the British, French or Americans re
pulse a German attack the Germans turn upon de
fenseless Russia and make some new demand.
Such is the mark of the jmre bully. Russia will
lave to take its medicine for the time beine. Per-
eity. Lead pipe seems to have been
th specialty nittt Vu 'gang or buna
ing thieve the police liave been seek
ing. . t.
Joe Knbey, at pita time Honolulu i
sistant postmaster,' who was arrested
last Friday nijrkt, frh ' ftan Francisco
warrant charging . Violation of the op
ium law, , has. secured his release on ft
(t5000 bond., Fnrra Cornn and E. L.
Jones, i.ebhdw4orx with the Bapid
Transit Land Company, signed the
bond. . . .....
According to a ruling of the nation
al food commission, tuna canneries in
this Territory must secure federal li
censes. Thla ruling also applies to
packer of t aalmon; . operatora of egg
and poultry packing concerns; cotton
seed handlers and 'manufacturers of
beverage, containing less than one
half of 'one percent alcohol.
Fred L. Walilrod; chairman of the
committee in charge of commercial ex
hibits at the Territorial Fair, requests
that all firms or individuals desiring to
place display and fho have not yet
consulted . member af the ' committee,
call upon ittys cfcairiian at' the. 'earliest
date possible to arrange for apace.
". ' Owinir'to svVitiAaftt in name Alov
.iW, 6.' !8peneer,-j Jtlrhierjt . with ' the
Un V.YlAmiiAeL . Mil-lnnw ' hlf
clerk of th Kahuloi Bailroad line,
Maui, haa been the recipient of many
congratulations, on'- the announcement
that he is soon to become a benedict.
The lucky person ia another man.
Owing to the high price of fuel oil
and the large amount of water which
is used for irrigation purpose Auring
the summer months, there is ft possibil
ity, of water rates being raised, .unless
householders conserve in their use of
the eity's water supply. This warning
waa Issued yesterday by F. O. Kireh
hoff, superintendent ef waterworks, af
ter ft careful study of the situation, .
Aeeording to ft wireleaa message
from Maui yesterday, the body of
Archie McLaren, luna for the Haws
iiaa Commercial Sugar Company, who
disappeared on Wednesday after turn
ing in his Ked COsa. collections, waa
found in the plantation reservoir yes
terday morning. It is unknown wheth
er his death was caused by an accident
or by his intention to commit suicide.
An employe of a company who re
ceives injuries while participating in
a celebration given by his employer
to mark the completion of ft construe
tion undertakiugj is entitled to com
pensation under the Workmen's Com
pensation Act, according to a decision
handed down by the 'supreme court
yesterday in the case of Alfred 8ilva
against the Kaiwlki Milling Company.
It is reported that Kameahou, one
of the quintette of Hawaiian boys ar
rest ad May 6 for disturbing the peace,
is the onlv one that haa paid ltve dol
lars to the Red Cross, as directed by
Judge Irwin. Bench warrants were is
sued for three other because they fail
ed to make an appearance in court
while the fourth, .Harry Anakalea, has
been given another week to find work
l and secure the five dollars for tbe Bed
Liau'or License Inspector W. H. Hut
ton has made 131 arrests during the
vear which he haa held office up to
March 23 last. There were twenty five
eases in which he failed to obtain con
vletions, and eight others which are
atill nendiu-. Eiehtr elcht eases re
ultpH 1n fln.-a la th uoik'e and circuit
eourts, from which the sum of (HJ17.15
was collected. In the federal eourt
aiity three cases. were, tried and 702.73
was collected in fines.
Hawaii is threatened with a rice
shortage in July ftnd Aug"" unless
means are found to charter ft freighter
to bring this commodity here during
these months. At i, meeting of the
Japanese Food Advuwry board yester
rlav. the attention of the local ood
.dminisfrstur waa tfraVh1 to , the fact
Went, to the roeirrlaha'Vrtl
rice shiumeuts and to overcome rhi
condition, a special vessel for the car
rying of rice must--be chartered.
Are Taken Into Custody In Con-
nection' With Investigation of'
Great Opium Conspiracy
. A sensational development In the ex
posure by naval intelligence officer of
the gigantic opium : hui which ha
agents and leader in Honolulu, the
Orient Mexico , and Baa Francisco, '
knowledge of which was first made pub
He by arrest mad here and on the
Coast last Friday and Saturday cam
yesterday when two Honolulu enstoms
inspectors and nn Immigration: watch
man were taken into custody and held
for Investigation by United States Mar
shal J. J. Bmiddy.
. William A. Cottrell and James Kb
fame, customs inspectors, and Manuel
8ieheer, immigration watchman, were
the three men taken Into federal ens
tody, questioned and ftfterwaria book
ed at the Honolulu police station. Man
net Medeiro. another customs Inspect
or, waa examined by the naval intelli
gence officers and the district attorney
at the same time as were the others
but he was released and not held - a
Ho' charses have been olaced atrninst
Lieut -CoL E. O. Ovenshlne, First th three federal enmlove and District
Infantry haa been relieved from duty Attorney 8. C. Huber eatd last night
and is ordered to 'report t the com- that tbe men were held merely for in-
mpndins; officer of the machine gun venwgation as had been the case with
training center at Camp Hancock, Aug- from forty to alxty other persons, most-
sta, Georgia for duty, - - w Orientals, who hve been questioned
Clarence H. Hawkins of the Laupft-' W offleU1 th Pium Prohe
...u o r tj .v u u beean here nearly two months atro.
i, i. T. u. .til i.:. 1.1. I Men XMnf Onilt
mother; Mrs. W. L. Howell, and to bid 1 He said that evidence warranting the
his brother, ueorge Hawnna, iareweii.1 . "r" vi . v T L. j
i i. i 2 :,v .v.. kkt.k or ftnd immigration watchman had
. i I been gained by the government men.
Clarence Hawkln. will return in the P"" 'uM not ay whether or not
Mauna Keft tomorrow afternoon to his '"rK" ,w.. " ZiZ "1 J
t.i..j , lor all of those who were held in cus-
... . , . -tH H tk thr men
Alovsious Ppeneer. identified ' in an I had made denial of any implication in
official capacity with the Toung Men's! the conspiracy to Import opium Into
Institute, ana the senior oiy in am i Hawaii in Urge quantities, but artaea
Society, was tendered a farweU.reeep- that they also were known to have Mo
tion by ft Urge circle of friend last nied fact of which the federal euthori-
Haturday evening at hia home kjb ties had absolute proof. The district
-eneer 8t. He la .now in Kahulul. attorney waa careful to eRrphasiae that
Maui, on the office ataff of the Kahulul I Inspector Medeiro had not been held
Bailroad. Up to ft few weeks ago i br the federal authorities.
Sncncer was with the bante Fe office I -Marshal Bmiddy also explained yes
Alex, ft HaMwIn, US. V7i
C. Urewer MO. ,.. "
Bwa Plsnt
lLilkn r
luW. Afffi
int. t'o. v.......! Jt; I
tint. to. . i.( llSjJ
i Mw. (T k t o.', v.... 4iJ Mfi tV4
Haw; Hii. Co. . ...... ..1 W j ;
M...,okn Hit. Co. . i rtWj...l.1
Il.rti.ima Sunsr
U.K. hlnann Hll Plsnt.
Anluik. 1'Jsnt. Co,. , .,.. '
Kvksba Ho. Co; .... 5
Koioa nn. . o. . ......... .j
McllrTtle Bb. Co., I-td. .
OshU 8i. Co.
OIm W CO., Ltd.r
Onnrar enasr m
Pusiihan Sn. Pleat. Co..
U. Mn MtllV- .
l'Hia riant.. w, .
Hopeekeo ijir ;..,..:
i.nMr ami An. ......
Hnn Carlo Mllllns tJ
Wslnlna Aaretl. Co.
terday evening that Inspector Medeiroa
had not been held in custody after he
waa questioned. '
MaAelroa Makes Statement
In ft voluntary statement to ThelrVd
Vertiser. 'Inspector Medeiroa seemed to
think his questioning yesterday by the
naval intelligence officer waa because
he bad been seen "listening to the
band" near the Aerodome Theater, a
week ago, last Monday evening. He
said that at this time he was in tbe
eotnoanv of Henry E. Bilva, ft brother
a flu.'' rltenttt-v TTnli-A.1 RtatM mitrshal.
Garden Islanders Not Backward land' that after short stay near the
u I UfnrM VnnAi Unui theater be went to ma nome in tne
III kViMUU II Vl IU ,IHWW IIWH I im.v t-l Amli ...
Thev Feel About Mlatter That t AothVpeBribieTeoa he Voiunteer
' 'While the entlM Terriwry "la T Urell J TT
0 oiusn ior inw uvtar-eaiuaici w.
hich bu tine been dUcontinued-
"Slackers" Is Word
That Stares
Robinsons In Face
the sons of Aubrey Bobinsoa to
escape military service on the plea
of being necessary to tne sheep
industry of Niihau, it is on Kauai,
their home island, that the most
intense chagrin is felt. And the
Garden Islanders are not ft bit
backward in letting the whole
world, including the Bobinsona,
know just how they feel about Jl
On the bridge which crosses,
stream at the entrance to tha
Bobinson estate near Waimea
there have recently appeared two
big signboards, each carrying in
plain letters tbe one word:
It is impossible for any of the
Bobinsous or any visitora to their
estate or any passerby to escape
knowing jest how Kauai feela
alout the Robinson case.
Walluku Sugar Co.' .v-nl S
HI T 7
Bndaa Dev. Co.J Wit jfii
1st Issue Assess win.,
2nd Issne 1'sM Cp t-li.
Knirils Copper Mlulair
llslkii K. rvw. ff,
IlHlkn V. P. Co., Com.
U.iw I'nn Hv. TT A
Haw. Co. Kf ..
Haw. Cob. Hy. Com. ..
Hawaiian Electric, C. :
Haw? rineaniile Co. ...
Hon. H,, M. Ch.
Hon. na Co., Ltd. ...
Hob, IW- T. b,.Co ..
luler-lslnnd 8. If. Co. .
Mub'Tel. O. . , -
Onliu K. A U Co
rattan- Kuboer it. .
8elsma-tlniltngs, Pd. .
San intra. n...i
. - . r i . - .
naa uuoDer o.
Beaeh Walk I. D. 8H
Hamaxua uirca t o., os
nawiu j in., j vB.....
Haw n irr. 10., . .
. i.
Tanjonn Olak
vTer. Uf, 1B05.
(series 1012-1913)
Haw. Ter. 47 'UD. imps
Haw. Ter. Pub. Imp.
Terr'l :..
HI In Ohs Co..
Hnnnkss Hue. Co., s70
Houoluln Gas Co., 6s ..
KsiisllRTJ Co.. OS. m.'....
Manna Imp. D., oVM, ..
M.-Hr1e Mil. Co.. OB ...
Mutual TsJephone Co.. Bs.
On ho K. A L. Co.. IVe ..
OnUa Hnn. Co.,
Olna Sill m. CO.. tllr .......
pacific Unaon ft r. Co.. es
20; -
r.i.7 j.iy
" V'S"
120 I
125 I
77 W
' Wl
Ran Carlos UUIlnr; 9 ..110
Walalua, loo. IIHt. 1.ri0. BO. ltt, 20.73.
Walalna. 10, 2!i. 25, 25.75; Ualku f. & P.
Co., I fu., 10. Ji.isi.- -
Dliuaa muTjiiivni
Jannarjr f. 1918
analvsls beats (no aOvtcea).
96 Cent. (For Hsw.) Rnrsr 8008
May 10, 1918
satmapore .-
New xora tn u """'
NEW TOKK, May 17 (Associated Press)
following are tbe opening; and closing
nnolatlnns of stocks la tbe Nsw York Mar
ket yesterday.
He ' denied nil i iruilty knowledge of
any methods used to get opium ashore
In Honolulu and said he knew of no
violations of the law by the other in
speetora or the immigration watchman
Medotros aava he knows of no cotanec
tion between his presence near the Ae
rodome theater on the night he men
tioned 'and his questioning yesterday
naiee it was because of a report made
by. -secret service men shadowing him
and tne otnera.
Search Were "Blind"
Bo lone aswhs eustoms inspectors and
immigration watchman are detained
ahd not eharcred no oetaua or tne bus
Dioion which has been directed towards
them can "be ascertained for publica
However, it Is known knowledge
came to the naval intelligence omVera
durinir their investigation or tne opium
.ring that certain Honolulu customs in
spectors were allegeil to oe permiinug
smugglers to carry ashore, tins of opimn
concealed in their clothing as they left
the Oriental steamers. .
While the customary search was
nailo nf triR sinuirirlers while leaving
auu Mrs. Mini
11. U NauKle.
w. a. a.
11 y str. Manna Kea. May 14 :
Pnim TlattiitlH Hsta. Uvorira V.
ilemou. C. M. L. Watson. Mr. and Mrs.
American fnsrsr" t't
Anwricaa Bwt.,. .....
Aksm-tated OH . .....
Alanka (told .
Aiiierl-an Locomntlve .
Ameiiaao Tel. A Tel. .
American Bmelter . '. .
Amerl-an Hteel Kdry. .
Anamuila Copper . ...
AMilsnn Hsllway . ...
Ilalilwtn Lfx-omotlve .
lln III more ft Ohio . ..
Itethlehem Hteel "n" .
California Petroleum .
Ontrsl Leather
Canadian Pacific . ...
('. M. Ht. l'kul
Colo. Fuel 1 rou . . .
Crucible Hteel
Cuba Hiignr Cnpe . ..
F.rle cnuuiMia .
Oenprsl Klertrlr
Uenerol Motor iiew)
Oreat Northern I'M. .
Internnttnuul Meel .
Industrial Alcohol . .
Kennecntt Copper . . .
I--lilnh Valley Kiillway
New York Centrnl . ,
Uay Consolidated . . .
ItefldliiK common . ' . . .
Ueimhllr Iron coiumou
Hniitiiern Piu-lttc . . , . .
Hiudebuker . ....
l otted Mtates Uutjbcr
Texas Oil .
I'ulon Pnclltc
l iilted States Steel . ,
ri and child.' C, Hopklnsi l to keep other inspe tors not in the ring
Mra. Minental and two I hum ilisenverinir the done, it was
t-miurvu. m. j. mi in'i ''. charned in this governmental inroriiia
naclo. J. I ouiln (rues, t hon Kaui Chona, 1 "
riiiu .
Open. Clos-
ln ln
.... A9 .S
99 99
.... nn
Ml 09
87 84
87 9ft
Rfi D5
7 90
19 18
r 70
140 149
4H 4.1
4M 48
71 W.
.12 81
16 16
151 152
125 125
2 92
181 IM
8.1 84
. ... (II 1
74 74
44 44
, 25
. ... 44 4
Htl 86
37 80
156 156
125 124
111 111
88 84
1 (14 U 94
nili InniAntnni Cnttrell anil Kaluma
U. H. MakkaA Miss V. f wall iked by their fellow employes
rh.'."SirJ,.ndM: 8kS'- Who expressed a belief yesterday that
i i,. ..,. lul.. r- a,.nf..vil Mr audition.
.Mrs. HUrratt and Infsnt, A. c wneeier, i Twenty dollars a tin was sain 10 oe
II. Johnson, K. L. Huddle. C. B-Wrlaht, i . tfa inspectors in the
Tom O linen, 1. M. nempie, ,0I. n. nam- i 7 ' . . 1 . .!.,.
.... a u it,. ..verier, k. Da RllTs, Mr. opium conspiracy for their assistauce,
nud Mrs. K. J. Heed, K. B. Bird. Mrs.
I.. A. Andrews. It.
Mnkekau. A. t'srvs
rasbltfe and child. Yoshltoml, B. Matsur 1 neither Of them would be xounu 10 ue
moto. Mrs. p. Camara. ana intani, ssrs. 1 min.iiv Involved. Cottrell as a
Klnkawa and two children, Mrs, 4, imi, ----- :... 1 . j m.,i., nf
Miss Ab Hip l. Kamakaril. awimming mstructor and member or
From Maul BUI Mitt, K. K. Fernandes, ((, Hul Nalus has a large acquaintance
Si lZldr'- among the follower, of water sport in
vares, Pedro llaullsta, J.'s". WlvB, Kwona Honolulu.
Mntr l.ov Mrs llstanaka. Mlsa Hatanaka - Pr Ceasnr. another luiinieration
Mitu. u. w. naiser. iv. ujimo, . t.hm.n who was taken into custody
Cannon, John O'ltourke, K. Kawada. T. 1 section with the operations d.f the
tiKUio. 1. iraawa, mr. vujibv i m .,,,,, ,,.. kU Mlnee been re
waa - ' I leased.
I T V..Yw n.v.a.l narA nil a CnASt
rMHEKUKU DrAIn ""-V .." r...,l, nf tha ex.lOSO of
By sir. Lurllne for Ha Francisco, M '""." V "" " , .u.
It Mrs. II. Ueardaley. F. H. Bostwlca, I tae gigaune uaiuro ui Uj,.u.m . B,
Mr. and Mr. .1. Caroente. Mr. A. Copaa, I kaa bean released after furnishlUK 8
A. 11. Tarleton.i
Corbett. 0- I. Cory.
Rngilsb, Miss Mk
. Forsythe. . tl. r-
Fuller. Mra.. Natalia
Kullr. M. Fljlkawa, Miss V. Guuiberg,
t. iiriua. .H- t-
f. Ilaustela,' Mrs.
Miss Pearl Cox. W
Mr nil Mrs. O. 1. K.niflll
KdmouilK, Miss O. L. Forsytke, .H.
Kuye. Mrs. Helen
"th feeislafure are the food' cornm'wsion and the I haps after Germany has manhandled the Soviets
' proposed internment camp. It has been surest- for a while there'will he a return to sanity in Mos-
; ed that the two matters might be lumped and the cow, about the time the Allies have put the Huns
' ' (Worry abated by interning the food commission, down and out.
PAZO OINTMENT i guaranteed to
cure blind, bleeding, itching or pro
truding PILES in 6 to 14 day or
money refunded. Manufactured by
tbe PARIS MEDICINE CO., St. Louis,
TJ. S. A.
Mrs. V. K. Uormsn, (1,
i.ur V M llutj.h. ti
V. Joyce, R. I. Johnson. Fred h-lss. r,
H. Kane. J. It. Kayle. Mr. and Mr. C.
McCarthy. Mr. and Mrs. A. M. McCarthy,
B. Nelson, Miss A. Nichols, W. U. Nlcnl.
MIks Y.. K. Perkins, Mr. and Mrs. A. Bod
rleaes Slid Infaut. Mlsa J. Ryan, Mrs. An.
bs Hoik. Mlsa Maud Uosa, A. C. Hllva.
8. M. Htock, M. Taukuda. tl. M. von Holt,
Mr. and Mrs. L. Wslnshdnuir, Mfater O.
Weiushelmer. " ' '
My ar. Muiiua Kea (os Lahalna. end Hlloi
Muy,.U Halto, ('. V. .Thompson. K. C.
tsserTnr. H. 8. Pesrae, U. K. Moone,
C. W. Duvls. Paul H. Townslef, Oeorge
W. OIITiiril. J. K. Oaunon, C. L. Hall, J.
II. Mldklff. Mr Vallle. K. C. Peters, H- H.
Jones, It. A. Biilester, Frank Hodrlirue,
Wllllnm Cross. M. C. Undo, W, H. Fried
Iv. Mr. ii M Mrs. A. Walknloa, Mlsa Annie
Keuloba. Mrs. A. K. Boriiea, H. Hashimo
to. A. IluitKo. Mra. CserpwottB, C. H.
Craulkabank, Mrs. Kthel Htupliena, fit. C.
Mr and Mra. J. B. Cross. H. H.
Honklns. Mr. Ooddws. Mr. Oeddes, Miss
(leildcs. Mrs. OiHldea, Miss, Hopkins. Mr.
mid Mrs. F. L. Cblng and Infsnt. Chsrles
ui.lniHinofn H T. Forest. Pedro Bsn-
tl'sla. liana Nelson, C. Bulluan, Charles
K. Klnu, Y. Teruda. T. Bauukl, n. nvubou.
bond of (5000.
w. s. a.
Two women attendants at Miss
Paris' Comfort Shop in "the Pantheon
Blocks were slightly burned by bja&
ing gasoline or alcohol yesterday af
ternoon when a lamp which was being
filled suddenly blazed up.
An alarm was immediately turned
in, the Cebtral station apparatus re
sponding, but there was no need for
hose or chemical tanka. the blaze im
T . . - , . ... A. ill . V.
mediately dying our, ou nop umu .
right band of a young baole woman
attendant was burned and the skin
em l'nlon '.
WeslinifboiiHe . ., I 46j
Bid.- t Kx-dlvMend'. t Unquoted.
w. ..,.
Quotations on tbe rollowlnf New York
curb atoi'ks, as Wirelessed to The Adver
tiser by Htoneham & Co., are:
MOO- weunw
day day
Blir I.edue . T5
Kmiaa CiH'r
lroii BtoSHoni
.Mm Ituller
Jerome Verde t
MPIwesS Oil, common . . . . .
Mother Lodo ,
Bay HSn-dlea v
Kesene tiula. ,
HeX'Comi. . . I . .U.. . . .
Hllver King Cons.
Tonopah Untcuslon ,
Tiioliiinne .
Kerr Lake a.
NlpplHsluK - -i
i eriWUUU lire iiii.i liiniier
SAN t RlffiiSbdirdrATioNs
HAS FltANClHCO. May 17(Asaocint.
Ml Press) Following arc the opening and
.-losing quotations of sugar and othar
dorks do tbe Han Frauclaco market yes
lerday :
Open- I Clos
I Ing I Ing
,1H .10
.07H .07 Vi
.4& MV,
.74 .77
.or .04
1.08 1.00
.4U .49
4..H7Vj 4!
.(Ml .11
.Ml .08 -
.1844 .18
1.07U 1.V7U
.87 2 1.00
.ri .is
O.M'A 0.(12
4.12V4 4.71Vi
4.6-.'( 42S
8.73 8.7B
.30 M
Haw'u Com'l I 40 40U
Hawaiian Hugar Co Hl'i sltt
Himokaa Hugar . i i
HnK-bluaon Sugar Co. .- i 18 13Va
Onliu Hugar Co 31 V
Olua Hngar Co. . fl'i 0j
Onoinea Hngur (' 4U 41
Pauulian KiiL-ar U UVi
IloiHiHild nil 14. '.Hi 4. Ml
copiier Co 13. on s.oo
Honolulu Plnuliillon I ,M .M
w. s. s.
Despondency is often caused by indi
gestion and constipation, and quickly
liKapai' when Chamberlain's Tablets
ure. taken. These tablets strengthen the
diizestion and move the bowels. For
blistered, end the left side of the face j sale by all dealers. Bensou, Smith
Of a Chinese girl glightly blistered. I Co., Ltd., agents for Hawaii. Advt.

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