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The Hawaiian gazette. (Honolulu [Oahu, Hawaii]) 1865-1918, May 17, 1918, Image 6

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, , 4 4 , .'-, . j WASIIJS'OTOPI Mhj 'IS (OfflfUll AjMrli bull' liWrly .motor finvr.
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Southerly End
of Fron t
n.riilr A Press'i , Kew
dfivcs r a-ceneral rencwarOf
the Jlitn offensive itlong the t5rt
tish fnint are cxpetted to fee .start
ed ,at any, moment'..; lfpm. tW
northern to the. southern end of
the Drltish sertor there", was a'
most notkeabtetincrease in "the
lvioicnce of the enemy Wmbard-
' v - .ent ana the hre quiCKenea to a
V .Velocity wich ha preceded the
nwn Earlier drives. .ifii'British. forces
' .arehrated for ttie expected attack.
T .a'nd"ha vc conlide'nce.- tfiey will Ue
' 5 "'. Tabic to Stand the enemy off and
was iMTeport trom -tneunusn
front Uit wight,', . t
AgaiiiyesterdayAihe., infantry
7'-"-; cnpaVites-V largely of a
" p local nature.. Hill44 -was a storm
" ' 'center " aiitf"ar'6un'd "it, a battle
'' ; Cfaget.Tfom early morning untft
' ' , M'gni wneil llHJ' I icinn mu utm
j ' t'thiHition' ov'er frhich the con-
'" tenpn)KMitiircc!i.iJ'riaau;8o Dittcri
Vtrfiirirle'il; '.'Attack 'after 'aftaci
v:i:..3Kk& eiit.fQtyrjl.V':.JthC .tnemj
f 4 it. . l A'.. U "
;,yi;'JKc"ftinel thtfe ' a subsidenct
"' Ot the hosttta.rtillery fire j ester:
' 'V daV nioroitig foMnwed by a.-ittick''
4 '.,v cning later in jne uay uiuunu. ;
' ".general report was less violenct
tHaiT oi) recent (lay?. , ,
w V -.Not vJuitiafwr further aggre.
-''fiiolKfJrtMfthfi 'enemy the French
: . took the )tcnsive in the AmienV
sccthr and hear Jlalles took a
vood On tlic W est Uank of tlv
Aref dmhig the enemy from its
shelter, was a Paris report. Tl
Yierrhah'S rotmtered in force but
'.the terrific fire of the Frencji
I rokc down the attack before it
'approached its objective.
:': ltcaw tiring between -lontdi ,
ier and AViyo'n SSas reported.
' 'Attempted enemy air raids an
Paris last night were a failure
the "'tncinv aircraft failing to
lrcai thrcii"li
the air defenses 6
.( j iiic tin ,
One Must Die While Others
- Serve Long prison' Terms
. ' For Their Treason
aFAMwMW.lMT(Aonatl Fresw
-The 'death penalty for the publisher
and prlaon terms fur others connected
with Bonnet Bouge were imposed yes
terlay.,by ttie court which ha bea
trying the 'ilefeodant ou charges bf
treason beuauso of the pro-Ueruiaa
tune the publication formerly adopted
i) id. of the developments wliioli have
teen discovered through the Bolo Fi
a'Ju 'atitf' Humbert inveatigatiou'a. ' !
tuvL th director of pubjueation,
f nf Koanat ttuiiifa wan ' aeiltunced to
; fliVh'th" by tlie court, he beiug held i
v,-i4 (.lupfly iwpaasilfie fyr'the ,objeUop
v a l arflcles aait the 'eially objvctioii
mui- u ' ibla' 'geberaf-'nolify -f ''tavtWer.M
.viell a mora closely. contpet,ad,
With JtheUU)
" . r (inrman- ututtefraL tiLe oviMnce snow
'-v."kf. MiVii,,. the iW.ta'ht'-irlaiiauerriBStiilmtut.pluiK This wi. ixrmissiV.e
must serve a term, of tent vear , at
hrd,.liiiiir. H. t audifU, a reporter will'
lerve viaht ycaJs, Joueia,' anotniri
i.re -IfH'rt ijite ,.vers all at, hrdj tnWr.'J jwrhaunwUsin yOniwil) flti-l
.o',Hy . will affer..ihtrr.,oottlitt' C'hutlirUifrl'ts Hltii. rotary tohe British admiralty" io'aj killed in action, three who fied or nioves the cause. Used tbe world pve'
r-ar'uiioii and be incarcerated' ' for. Now, in Ilia tim tn u rultJ it., .Trv soCcrh to I lie luiu nt .w.nmnn nd I uoiiii,lu onn nf accident, five of di ,-.. . nM 1 A.. TV,. .Ina.
eiulit vein nhi'e Jenu TJiTmarla' a rkl.. liaiiuLt in. I ou' knw . oiiL.klV it ileelareil lliul tin. I ,.,!,. u,,,l ..,.,,,, nf nthnr ealuuS. ... ... ...... . ., ,
i,.m,. " . . i 4 V, V . ! n- r I - ...... .... w T , , - , cute oj n . v . uKuva ll on eocn vox.
, v.1 f rtfsutir ,liiee(,oi; of, th publication ana will roliev tiie pain an V oreus. o f"re ""''Hist th.. r liouts has "progreas-1 t-'ix were severelv wounded and for . v... .
l-M.,,''"! of interior wjll- servo Jo . Iy oValva... Mi)'Hi..8m'i,lb k. .o.l,quil.- auii.,f.iet.,rij(v since tho flrat of ty eight slightly wounded and thirty nUnui.icturca l y t,ue i.tuib nm
' ,,.-?' sentence ,,, t-hi:, ' Co, Ltd, ageut.i4la,Wiii,9VAlt't. Janunrv . " , ' nine ure reported missing. CIN C.. S'.. Muw, U. 8. A,
'' ,.'.. , ",- . ' -.- - - , . ; - .
j,WASHWQTOH.:Maf lSOfffclaJj'lPP'a, great ordnance and .ran. jl
'Wtfon1 plant," the proud boast of Germany, are to be surpassed by th great VI
Sunt widcs the United jUtM Steel Corporation ha nadortakon to btil.d f jf . I
. - - - - 1 - - . - ' 1 w
'The war departjinenVhJ'announc& k6hio
River, a Isliivd seven miles, in, lentfa, ) $en !( ,aa t tta Pt the ;
gigantic nw plant ' .- " ,r ' ' . ,;? ".H.;
.' ; Th Initial coat it to be fftd.ooo.oOO and jrark.ttoa It, will .tUrted Im
mediately., kp " tCX i. '-i 4 ' "-..v ,,' .. . r.", T ; '., ' '. ,' ' ; ..
. ,Bctpitd4t,ta.wc4p 1 w,WMt, mort compt and;
otaicliit !nt of lu kind In th World.' '; ; , ' M
LI w Ju(C I -Xw I lui UK
rOni(H.t h -'forwlKti iirt'dlf tw otHriPury yt.lhio ptw iff -Of-, motor, v . '
L,utK Cpronl bAmbinj? riirHim whi.h Jiiw born (teinpiit.rttl iy,tl
in; Will V'fcnilt Ifrquantitfrr-i tho lTnitl fW ';' '2 Wi. ' i'
i'ltent"' th Aiurrir Kailiator Conpy baa brei..
'pfHlnta.t fcrat of th airrraft pro-m.-tioa
rrriiiiy-?otbwet of Tout tha Amrra an
-payy barmgf- but oixfa,atTy atlrk
ihrapBfiJn and txplOHivfs anl a t-onmiicraDir quanwiy vi gun n,,vn.i
Ampricmm fliers aiade reconnaimaudfi
wb aiA0m. wjkatiiiir-Ainrifin flTininra nre nrrniDir vust. r-iur'i7
m. . f a ai I
A.. 'a . -. ' . T J 1 ' .
arwkod by Kenneth larr of Califorhia.if ' Vs ... V: , ,f"-, ' .
Five war eronaea have boaa awar. d trf AnwrlrtnC TbM po o Sgt Oaviil
Ptra of FinTlvania. Cant. Nohnan Halt hil' Lieutaant Jamra. Mem
rirr,', Khrard "Bickenliaoket, tbo foriner.AutO tay'rif fcod Cbarlea Chapmaa who
jhlaainfc.', Major KoUart fadilock roromniennea int iuanc i -no wr. ri
a after he had iaated tba eoaimiinU-ationa nailer fire. -',
XVStkimMFtiRf :. FAILS
" 1TA L I A N f H A UiU ATRH, Ma lafA&oVikya'leaVAH cffortK of
tha Anatro Orrmaa orrr to recover heir lot podtion OB,M(rt)te Oorno have
been thwarted py th atawal 'reitanc: if thVlU nan foWcl
Vainly are. the Anatriaaa. arekiiig to' recover Mon'ta .Corao" whirh woulil
!jpa for them the way throogh Valarta. ,a grotr for.ci yesterday the enemy
torm. th , hill repeateOIy. In .waves they old awep forVard over the
ower laad and up tha lopf but timeAfter' Tim tlleir 'aiia(Tilt were broken
low long before the foremost waa able to: reach k'ehianglenn'nt at the foot
9t tha hill a,ad on the lower atoiie1 the fcipumt ashaped biah w4h grey i-lad
' The Italian hae HWbU(My,ooolilt,l fheae , porttiouk and nave thorn,
aor atrongly fortiflea' anadefeodoithan ,were the pwiUoaa from whiih. they
i,rfi'iUMBr 'aaVltort 0?.ths front the;
'erri duela and air reeouaaiaaunceH anu
New Japanese Forei- Minister
& Says 'Alleged Textn Df V
v-:' mandsWere'lnaccate.:?!;
TOKIO, Japan. May 15 (Kpec'mt o
MWid-tfljil B.roh Offto, miaistjut
4f '.foreign affairs of Japan, madQ in
Wuar-oT ."uy'T'vS Ka Vi... tav -l.de; of the fnllure of
ifUcUil statu
ld that Japan had mmle no demands
pon Chins. He said that press rpi
ports J.of the so-called demands, weae
entirely unfounded. '" f,.' ' 1
IN- delnands fur any special rient or
fh voir ha been made by Japan at ady
r)nte,',bo aaidf and the only grOnml Tor
the '4reporf : was the fact that , aegotiki
t ion are: how la prflgreaa1 to ereiid
h . t.Chiuaa.Japaiiiw
ipe .. niilitary hsroo'
! pf Husala'S wowpi ;
men i.- ... , , . -.
iT.rAa A. oaseque'nee
fajl and the" danger of Uefasan aggre..
jioa 4ifctoO Fax, .s.t,. which -raijiht, tfi-
ome reality, he Aapanese govern.
input decided that cooperation wa
necessary In preserving the peace fit
the Far Fast. In case of Uermaa a't-,
faeV'fh responsibillt.T-'resta'ith' JaV:
in, and China to guarantee th peats
of:'tke Far Kat. S'egotiatton. r now
nroRrnuiu to ntpri tuo miuinrj
A8it.e of thNO times,
stated BaroA
kHHpi&tt Jy.-1J-Jf AwA - -
tad l'rer.)-:-1Oo aeaQiint qt.'th: mips
ftjabl U jfie North I8".; poc:i. p -
J, p e
autlon have be
lty to pr'iaerve
take the form
atilna will nnt
acribed area between (Ireat Britain and
biorway. This ai'p'ie only, los
of vessels failed effective.,. "
v . , ., y.. .W., a. $ yi.
- r-nn ,,n. nhitnc
run intln nCW DUPJUO
I . )' . : . .-. " ' . -
I it, lutiiuiwAvt ir 1 l..t..l
. - . . .
i , nawu.'utu.i, (May m -,vv"!.i
"Liberty J.oan, payoif ta; uajar t
urail . mr iiib u veriiniBiiv flviuu.w,fu
Muuv .uhacrihera have
ea.i pui'i an imi lujiraei.m otti I'm',
iier ilia termn of thf It
' .x . Nil W KM T H M 1 I IVI ,L I J
Iif ' 1USE Mill
' T: t -.. rf ' Til
en taken bV the aimrr' and Italian veterans, hep after bav
effective iab,ipi.- Tne?l,jn)t V0,V'nt w',n Rut aga'ast tpe
of ordtii-" that a;ter flatii I lun ncrore the collapse ol the Hjavs
tiA Avmitil .ia tha. Ore- I mnif ' rTow' on thpir w-Sv 'tinmn tn a.
barraa. - . ' ' ' '
JN rKAMT fiiay (Aaoriai.i.
jvoKitiona WOra yaatamay, aunjorwur lit
rollowel ta anmunip' yuanuiim oi
over an if of "the efcfciay -Jiurn ol
v 11 tft.. M.a.1. a knrak Jlil
. 1. : . .lM.tn k .1 . tr aha IiUlnil
aetlvitiea wercefly eoofined to artil-
fCtoiieji Apprpacmrfir a JScaridal
yOjyBalooked Jnto--rOther.i
'"Hrrtixi firtinehot (Intnnrhorf
' WT AB tj I NtT( )N, M y 1 ( Aawoelai'
'lull V.aluU-liV., Ill tk.rn.ink U..ilt
l ho air rrun liroouction m th Lmtou
Mfnree to come. up to expectntious ac
rord.i.ag to tIte'ihoWings made in recent
e"port to Ota senate 'affd house corn
nut tecs On" military affairs. This in
veVstigntion is nit to extend bevond
aircraft nroduetion which ia lnx defer
'cnVe to theVishcii of the Presidents
f ne aenntc committee on axTiendir
,'tufei 'yrhterday ordered a favorsble re
rojrt, ' wf tjaoator ha"mberalii V resolju.
,t,iou', railing for sh investigation ,npoq
aircratt expemmures. rnia was .aon
Bftr'iChad been amended to meet the
wishes of Wil.non by not affecting other
branches of the war department.
Hughe has ''accepted the offer to head
tiia.iwvartij.'titiHn, '.
'""Seha'tor CHdniberlain introduced tn
.resolutinp .following the charges that
'ttje '(irudnctiqu had fallen behind and
wns'lvot 'eommensiirnte with the great
expcndKurci which have been made
p'ASl 'FftANCrSCO, May 137--(pfir
t'ViP - at crowds' war
fpatridti? 'fervor by the'parad
1 the VtreeVs of the city ofthi
e through
- 1 tho VtreeVs of the city of. the BeliiaB
fume their battliuir straiust th Fru-
igb 'menace.,, With them in the lip
f mnrch were four French rhasseura.
Alt of them ure now on tbeir 'Way
" ( A . . . ;
' CrouiU thronPd the streets asd
,bwrd the Veterans every step of thai
of Tl V....... l. !...(
I 1, "r vi in i . ii. I uc II W VVTU IUPI
. 1
' guests or many an entertainment since
- tkeir arrival and their pictures hav
Hjleu tilt) peWSpHJiers.
"rr, rATT"Mfl' a-"-,,'if
man mi Mmmn.i.r. ,n
Mn UPJ aUDWArilW l .
f I I IV tl ,V
May. 15 ( Associated
.&.,?) - T,
MBcNarnara, finnictti
ti . : . : , a l i.
I MAPI Pil l HAI I C i
; 1 ilILLi u i i U U LLAKo
l.; r i j . 1
ApprQpriat-ni .'.Fon , Wharf ' and,
r i ' .
Harbor imprOvementi In-
cludcd In Measure
nLUiiuniit.ni tun vi, f u
Restoration f iGoverrlor Cpn-
tmgeni--undr ror meoming
yJExecutiye, U tliin'Jn Senate
V EiKhU atd Unl'. bill brwlRinjj jthe -
tinaeht Fund' For'' tneominfl
" .. . L. , , . . i.w
.olht'liumbet mtroitm-ed la the hcjuhe hi Oisftppearaiira. ' , . y ,. ' M
tO'twntyono.''r presented 'at '.thaeJt 1 held, that as Bartlett liaa aevf r
aeaatoa vestenlar morBine.". The aen Ue.. bea eoavirted of. any ,, o(Tense,: tie
hiddH'n' aeafou tn the- morning, but
met tn., tha afternoon ' aad the 'hoiiae
txljourncd for the day at hlrtf pnat ,tea
yesterday "moraiag.' - In "all; thirty-
rhf blila hava anwHeMi Inirodnred
Fiv both hhnMe and Kenatcx The liino-lett
arnate .bUIa Intrftdiiced ' the trt flay
iif. tfie special araaion aaI seven of H
thirteen UtrmtnredW the houae wero
retnrnetl la printed form yesterday sua
rere referred to eommitteea after e-
gad "readings. ,
l'rpbably 4th most unpqrrancor .xae
Tiesimrts introduced yesterdfly was Tea
ip called loan- bll, .the measure for
wnlcb the Snecial session originally
I'ad,, Which with a long list of other .
appropriations' afford v to, .the isiaa
if. JraVsii. funds .With which to 'repair
storm damage.' This is House Bill No.
tSnnlnr Imnnrta nee introduced in the
annate are a bill ehanirtdK the organtza-
tipn of tba ; national 4tusrd and an-
other which, among other" thine, ro-
. A V . fl . fliMil
ad ineaeases 'lt to 150,000.
Tt. of Xoan B01
Th total outla
Th total outlay provided' for In
a,.. n;u V. m Una . bill.
ambunU tqJ.J,Sl6,aJ0. , Among the
diiiigs "for Which, appropriatiou are
made are: Wharf and harbor improve-:
snanta-on the lalaad of Oahu, 400,000;
the new -pier ia Kuhio Bay, )i50,000:
new -pier, in Kuhio Bay, 1)50,000;
roads on Hawaii, in addition to $20Q,-
aamae, eou,WFu, anu a '""K i i
other appropriations. A digest of the
Nilt ta as follows;
Amend !Act 215 M.
The- loatt ' bill amends Act 215 and
under '.the hijad of wharf and harbor
tmproyement :'ow' 'the Island' of Oahu
the 'auin -of 9400,000 is appropriated,
rm if la nroviiled thnt no money of
thia item (hall be'' expended if or the t
w b ! Ll R 5 k walk nrnlaet For 'Wouncetnent w'aa "made in Wahingt
ILflXlJii Sa'tbst Wgnaller Tom Mceybill, the Anic
wharf and "JPWt "otator Who. thrilled HcmOlulu with his
' , kT:b:: war addressea, had recovered hi aight
'' LrtA ' oration, a wcond , an
ror $2MJJ00 Utter ' PP; aeemonf wa..4e' that he bad .ut
Inter-Island . Steam Navigation t.dii
atrrec to use the wharf at a stipulated
scale or rates ror a periou hi uui
' , . . . , .
, ,. ...
laaa than five vearsr
: Maiii is civen $75,000 and Kauai
il,000 for wharf and harbor
r improve
y are fbr
meOts. ' A number of lesser
Hon amounting to. $120,0(Xr are for
m ,t l V r I 1 I 1
infMin vium, a nurawr oi new uuna-
Shgs'Vo; ""IhT hspUal '..d l-rtfdto lui- ,
i. r . , . . o ; ; I results, nu follow
the girls' detention Homo.-' ', ,.
. 1l!iwi.i. L.!,U L: IV. .Henry Ha
fnrra- ir V Unnnntk: hti-Mf.ii.frfc ftnd fiir.
. ' 1 ... ...
: :.... .i.. n.,.U.
Mt 1111 11U1IB Hi l II v (a HIVI T asa as r . a st
On H.wii an annronriation fdr an
for Fthfil!
ia and 3
. ..i-i,
armorv of 'i.'iOO ' is made for
one of S'i.WO for Kealakckua
of (ri00 for Kohnla.f -Th
Oi u.,wo nir nnnuiJ..r M , v.
W(0 is provided ' for-.Tapping, the
arntoty on Maui.' ArmWies n' Fauai
. ttmAA tnr a. follow.t Walmen.
" '. ... -. .
aii.Kin- Mnknne i. sojxiu ami iveaua,
New- BnlldingS
For buildings and reconstruction at
the Bo.vs' Industrial School 3 1,000 'is
firovideil and other items of public
mrirovement are:
Tax office at Hilo.'l5,000 and dirts'
IadUstriul Krhool, 23,000.
' ("iider the head of. eonstruction, re
location Hn,l reconstruction of belt
roads and bridge- extension of pipe
lines anil completion of reservoirs, pur
chase of parks and playground aites
and Installation of Waterworks, appro-
.... . u :.j i v r
pTiaTions ror nen riwui .111 wuui.i
of Hawaii are as follows! Keamoku,
70.000, North Kha, ' 50,000; Kaui
outh fCona, 50,000.? j
A single item of 2O0.0Q0 i provid-
. . j- . "i , t. a
ed to supply" r""" I.,, tnl. ho probably recovered sight wt.
pjur the storm W;11;," the pressure bad beeh
of Hawaii and a llke.aum is net aaidaj.. .. u A ,.
for the Volcano road. ' ; ' ,
Items under' th held of pip
extensions include Kau waterworks
pipeline extension to ' Karaaoa honje
steads and tank, 35b0: extension pf
Waiohiou pit line to Waiohinu town
jots, i5(W); Honokaa water works, 35,-
ooo. " , -" . A' '' ; ' '
' (Tbe belt road abpropriation, which
Includes the PaJJ road, is -500,000.
pri.ton. h ... t-.rio;,;- 11. P,
L. . ......... . .'.
A list of less item eoriog appro
r;u.oa. Ti- f"::r;vtA
r.,. ,iaAAAk tl ur...i ku -rtd.j
Peuwela. depot to Kakipt eulcH.- 75.
Yino.-rond .'j bridge. AleleW. Maka
wo, 15 000; Tan Vallev raid, -'t.uoi(r
beH road. Kallua astfrd. 10fJ)()p;
-ol.ual..n rnuil. a.lMuV TTiila. "uiiwline
eatensinn In tCenkna-WaioMill. beach
1... niino'i, -. iiiinAo
iuii, cuninmm -"'-
nin. JirtflilOOr coiintvi Xit, Kaoir.' wa
ier nisrriDUTion
"wAHHItftlTON. M'ay l5-(AHociat
yd Vres) Today.', easualty list is
jjgbter except for, the numbers of miss
ing, niuuy of whrym'may be taken. pris
oners. ,.,..
The lint contains' the name of three
. .sysirui m , tvupnet iiyna anu uuuerui uopu.ii., wuu m ,u i - - - - - , ,,, , .
I district. 20,000.'; ' . Speeches on war subject, ," ., -., WW Juuuary i to warm .
i. W. . a - If the war eonditloni permit,, be suys, IfS1"- -
''Cl'IA'l TICC a will go to Honolulu to investigate - - .
VAdUMLUCd .,t.i;n' lu,1 .i,inn. 'inv.ttawai. I ilPlsl nnlFTrce lull I 'DC
Unprecedented. Action . Taken By
Executive in Case of Former
kAuyiis in va v I ruiiilvl
v Manager; "of , Brpwciy "Aston1
' EtffliifiuA In Hien LTn.mrtn
H?! a I k t
. ishes City
nidi' was "0i
.Aatoiiinhtncnf haa beea. " bcraiionOd
i circles, by , one ot.tho. (lover
mil aetata sraatinu a full par
yeatarday .'to tharlea .O, Hartlett,
er hrCniiliMit ami mannirpr nt. ihe
:ooiBfwing MaitingCompany,
ho for UkO veara. baa been a fnuitive
from luatic and anainat whom air in
dirtment . chatting .embeuloment and
foraerv Jiad:. been retunieil . followiie
raeeuMva ha stepped over botindi
graating a.pnrdou for a ctime that ha
.urver. officially beea ' Itstabhshed,
The Ooveraor, oaplalnlng hia action
oaid'he had trlven the oardon to Bart
beentjae Df his three children and
ihnir graodmuther,; who '! la Seventy
iqht yrni of age bccttuo ,f the
prospect that they may, be -left with
no one t poi after them. ' The pien
fdr th pardon wa made by Paal Bart
In It. brother if the miaalntr" man. and I
ta ootuiaeut waa (lJtered to nrteen I
year old JBeatrir Bartlett. his daugh 1
teiv The two other children are with
Bartlett 'a mother, in 'California. '
Honolulu was, shocked . when the la J
Ntictments were returned uune L'tf, iwip,l
Wainst Bartlett,' then a popular flgore I
in the Commercial lifo bf the city. It
defalcation ml to ,TTI.Cf)(V The caAe I
was taken dp by the irrand jury a a I
result tSf ' action 'taKeu '" by minority I
stockholder of the bawory eompany.l
. .. - M I L. .&...J f. 1a4
prosecute uartiett. An lavestiganoni
made at tha 'instance of the minority I
stockholders by , H.' Oo'wling Field, itja
Waa knid at tha time, aevealed a short
ag that ran to more than 80,00O and
tt waa reported also that the brewery
'officer took no step to stop Bartlett
when he fled, ''"j '
... It - la understood thnt Bartlett has
... It 1 under
been in hidln
g tn Meilco,
WftJiiri fnrtv tpIffhtC trntira after an
Ills "loss of memory and' autijeeiirtty
1 1 i u:.i . -
, .. , l.i
nvHienrai siate one iu snoui shuck, po-
. . ... . , .
corning io a.nimgiou .iinvsiciana, cuiu
. ir
" V-' -5 " " . "T"".. .71'
,Hia sight was restored after a blood
Im (JHteoputhjc opcration.only to,eaue
. ? 1080 a l remembrance 06
1CUIH fllkw' I M.I IU livmv, Dl-is.co
- . .. .
.,HlMV,,, . ' r"
itnrtaisl r Iihvp pTiiluinpii tha fit ran cro
- i - ,7 T'l1
u ... l. li.fr il
j ."' - .', "...IS
.Mount .ion hospital, c
.AlOU'll .ion nospuai, Cliliracierjieui
tli II- 1 a ' a.
fckeyh.li;. blind condition as
' hytr
t'nl- amblyopia'' or hystarical Idindness,
'Doctor Jlart 'a theory was supported by
a number of specialists, all of whom
- , . . , .. , . i . ,
.jutc'a H!Ut w. restored by the repine
' """t'I''--J vertebra
On Ein'mition
r ... i.
tlou. Rbout the vertebra would eHuie
biindnosM, us in this cuee. Pressure On
the optic orun, arteries or nerves for
such a long time would have causeo
Ul Mm I I Ill-B. ,VI l I ULk'
their decay and they could not function ICommrrria) (Jlub u,n the 1) Uglas Cham
after the presaure'hud been released.J ber of vCoUmierce nnjl Tjtines.
We must turn to n nervous Jiya
terln for an explanation, " he said.ltheT. W."W. Were deported from His.
U hnvc treated hvsterical blindness
iivsrericai speecniessness, - nysiericni
deafness, and there can be Iocs of aen
sation'aud loss of memory due to tMs
hysteria, which i a fuuctionul ebtidi
i , . ,i . . . , ; I
U -
,tion oi tnc
mind. "
- .
It is possible that Wkevhtl! aa told
that he had a vertebra which Waa
liiressidg ou the optic nerve, and thnt
vvnen inai presiuire was removea ne
would see. As bis blindness Was men,
ii have
Y7t.i1i,l TttinHnca
D'H'tor' Kingwell eharactertited tjs.
teriral pliudness us a sor(..of Ifypnotc
state and cited cases in his,, own prao
tise where sufferers had lieen cured of
such delusion bv a change of .belief..
Dr. Jerome D. Wirt, osteonath. lc
dared that the blindness 'of Bkeyhtll j
bad, been caused bv a dispTueement pf 1
rrmo,t vrtebr iw M: ervr
that this caused a serious checkluC I'T
: the now cf wood to ti.e eve. -.h.;.m:
' etl that hp knew of noveral inHtans ,
- ' wI,',r djutme,,t of the vertebra had
- restore.! eyesiRiit.
v. a. -w
WASHINOTflN ' tnv l.t-.Xisonla-
ted PraVs Kecretarv of the Interior
t ;k t....,in ... .H ..i.nil trln
'" u "r
- tbrOuib the West to inspect reserve
which has a bearing on proposed Mt
islation in coucress. ' ' J
"i f ' t i'erv."
tinell"'Lrt 'ti"ilr. ,P
i."V" r. . -v - ' 1 ntm 1 unnr ilm intu
fhfrtyeverv 'pays After Laying
of Keel Steamer h Ready
, Tc Take 'Carflft ' .
fHlt A P EIlHI Ay M ay 1M (Awocia-
i,n..vHhi,.f,.iir,i;'r, i
a In" gone by the'board and laurels Vow
clearly rent with tte Eauterri ahlpyarde.
rant perrormaneei krt erfmiileteiy bVer-'haa6a-rd
'bytt'tha flgufea -'thai ''batej
u' beea aet op by th, Turjcahoe ahln'
yarde.0- ;r, ., ,i ..' i f . t '
i jhirty-aoyen naya. after the, laying
of f he keel, of a new venaol the. ahip 3
-eauy.to. uute jon ear(p ih ha peea
Lnnileted. launched, engiaea and. boUor
I ure .!' alio haa. met the:.raolremenU
4 and. bee delivered t.and.acrepd by
I, he ahjiipinp Jioard, . Hho, apwvliea.at
her dc,k. replfy take on eargo and
lILI-unimri, uu . iwr.r mail
keceatly ihere have' , been-juBil
of feats in rapid enmpWioir ol ahips
but, the new figure jiet op at Tuckuhoe
have, beea 4 lie greatest surprise of all.-
'WASrirNaTON.i taT,'l5C-fOfficial)
One1' hundred ' ,an4 ; fifty-bine ahjp
n1lA 1' Iflfl flfll' Inni hnvji vn n,m.
,.nted under th directioa of the sbip-
binir board and tamed over to th ffov
;rnment, op to, May U, that board an
Inounrrs. ' These tessels are all In com
misaion. Since, '..Tnauary 1 there have
wen eompleted W7,no tons. Monthly
kotala ore, show he a steady Increase
(hough the. period of large construction
Hon of manv 'new ahibvards. '' "
These new vessels are all of steel
construction though forty-oi weofien
ships hav. been launched and boilors
till ln.,Bl I lA . thAM 1
jniga apnea is Deing securea u n
new vessels of the detrorr type. la
roeent test trip of one of these If at
Itained a speed of t turtt-eicut Knois. ;
Puceesa of tha tonereta ship' Fril h
ou it" trial trip ts jfeported front Baa
Franelsco.- Bhe buffeted bar way aplen-
d'dly throuph the sea on the-trial
trlp under" the eye of jrovernment ek-
porta.' -These export desired to aee her
performance before determining the ex
tent wbrck the government win go
into the atone ship construction busi,
ness. Bhe will now load 8000 tons of
freight and sail on hef maiden trip o
Vaneouver., ,
Wnrkmnn in a government shinvflrd
on tho Facinc Coast have Organised (o
hniM a hiir doxtrnVer of the eruiscr
type in record rime.. They expact to
startle the eonntrv and the world, with
their speed, . Th'
. A Other W,
Three shifts will
Tne neat ganger, riveters
era have been; seieeteo.
be worked daily, start
r.' '' .
Officials and.BUSineSS Me.fl. Fa
- taihr,Kia.11lnfir
I I VI. IV I IVlwilUiv fcrvfvi
. tatioh bf Agitators
I .. wit oar v . . . w.. i
1 lfvrV rtriKUJiia, . 01 a j
"iwt ........ .......
.,.. hffieiOla ;mli Oltrtitovrw ui bUSl
r--w --- y ,. . ,
ness men of Bi slice aud IJonglu,. the
haroW milling; uiiil smeltiug citius. o
rthe ptute Imye bcep; iutlv'ted Vy-.tk
f,(iai or'aud i'nrv ' f or the wholesal
cities, of
r -. , - . , ,,,
lepOFtutions of member of ' the 1. W.
W, and similar agitutpra last year.
Jn the list of thosw who were, in-
llrimt urn incjiiilud ' officials aud em-
ploveatif the (,'opper Queen Con solid at.
sdrWipiPg i'ompauy, ,a subsidiary 6f
Fhelps, JHi'lge t VomjUMiy, ne aiumi i
ft ArizpU Mfnalg Gotnpaiy, ftlews
and rtirectorn or tne warren inriv.
I Twelve liumtieil auegei memiiers pi
1 bee last July with only one man killed
! 1L. ....... .1 ,t .a TI.a urn,.., ! nrk.
i" uwniuii,. Vv
to have been planned' and carried
out l(y the kberiff. The alleged dls
turber. ami strike-instigators were tak
en irom ineir nmnei or rooms, marcnn
tllreo WiDes to Wiirren and there loaded
hntif freight cars uml sent into New
press despntehos- were sent out
ofthi iaffair until fhn agitator woVo
ScVoss the State line' and it ts said the
telJgraph cojnpauy Operator had thdit
Instructions from mining oflieial sad
other prominent erfiaens to' refuse to
send any press message tutu peruus:
sura waa giveu. No such messages wore
offered, however. ' ' '
t, a.i a,Tx t-
1 m
WASHINGTON. .May, l-( Aasocia
tod Press) Kiloniious fwUiiig off in the
earnings of th' railroad under) gov?
ernment control l shown hi the report
for the first quarter if tba year, The
earnings are less thnn one nan a grwt
as they were uader private ownership
for the saute noriod in 1017. . ror the
. . v.; L. .v. .('Ik;. .. .b
- 'irei i"""1 mimm. im.
WaKHJNOTOV, May l.-aVtiiul)
fUTalls for (in additional' 51,000 men
iii.ler thu draft to come, from twenty.
four States will tinna the May io'.oi
- ... : . -. . . . .
6p to about )0,000. All of them are
to reach the trainiag'eamns by June E
slid these new soldiers will rc'p'ace
Ihlise camps tho hundreds of thousand
thattire movllig overseas,
7t (IfMI ODO a. airainst 1 1 7.(IW.-
Pt'HilSlE lEl'ED
f Ei.;PE!!fl!!S.
tvhry-uve - 'tear Treaty ;. Be
tween Austro Hungary and
t Germany; Reported Agreed On
.When Monarchs JHeld Confcr-
nce;'n'',:-; ' .'
Te'utons Go' ;Aheatf "With" Theirr
.Plans. For World. Power; Even
Ut , Weaker rJattons May . Be
. Forced Jo; Resume Warfare ,
Y Atf IjGTON. ' May ; 16
W - (Assocrated rress) More
stingnj Unilfta'ry' . regitlation on
birth side and economic, relations
wnich are looked Atpon' to bring
closer Che fe'alizatidn of theMit-
tci-E'propa'ide;a, hate beet) agreed
Uk)tf hy the German, Kater anaj
thp EiPtfor of-Auco-liungary,
it is ' faid 'trt1-Swiss despatches
which were recelveci yesterday.
Berlm newipapefa wnich have
reached Switzerland are said to
indicate that the 'terms- of a new
treaty ; between r Germany arfU
Austria ' have -been agreed tiprSn
lr- the two emperors to 'cover a
period of twenty-five years. Vien
na adyiccs to the same source say
that as yet the agreement has not
been signed. -
"Differing reports of the recent con
ference between the two emperors,
.on don reports said that despatches
from Europe say' that the Oor
roan papers are declaring that tho
meeting of the kaiser and Kmperur
Charles of Austria at the Uermuu
grand headquartere wa for the pur
pose of selecting tutor for Lithuania,
Courland, Esthoola and Poland. It is
asaeTted that tbjia oleetion has tecu
'f-1?-''.".' '.-' .,
Eirchantro Coneratulatlon ' ' " . e'-
', Amsterdam 'tolJf of 'tho exonange of'
oongratumiory messages uoiweeu zvar-.
los '
ud Wilhoim, its' message quoting
Karlos as telegraphing to th kuisor
hi stttisfaetioa as to te reauits or
the -conference to which the latter ru
pliod: 'With great joy, we have again
eshibliahed in detailed iliseusSiona our
entire accord regarding the aims which
.uiiie us. ''
,. Thp j.Ukrauiaus ara reported from
Moicow t) .have arranged, an armistice
with the . BuSsiaas and with the Oor
niu a; well on th'Kurk -front
ThougK going forward, with JPlttet
turopf. p)ns,Grmany Is nut finding
prugrasa in Bossia so' easy, and the
vomv11""1 f Uie northfcrly enf of the.
proj-'it is far 'from , accomplished. Kus
sla Is In' a por position . to'l resist the
demands which tho Teuton are nmking
upon the BnlshoVik'i J;ovoritmont but
there are . to be seo -indications that
th Hlav may yt put up n -eousider-abl"
sliow of resistnrrce.
Moscow' reporte'J'C tlMit th soviet
troops operatioft','l tha vicinity of
Histovondoii ' Vad 'driven out the,
C.erinlili tronos,'irlVri'shtied''1ri .the vicin
ity vvhiio Amsterdam despatches said
lint in certain circle in Berl'ui it is
foreseen that the" Bossians may unite
to resist German demands,
Oofres of the VoSsich Zeituntf
rrfn thin the statement thnt the'declar i
tion of wir ftroclnlmed in T.katerjnn
lav Odessa, and Poltava ia observable
0 s a '"strong ,co,U"t''i'-eiirrertt to the
nteseut order Of things" on tho oust.
BusslA'a. Troalaa .,,
Meantime,- Bussia has Its' internal
problems' thoroughly- eOmplieotod. Hur
bin dospatches ,0f jraterday said that
eniiiioff the anti-Bolshevist, nd cap-
urcd' KaHmskaya, a rallfoftd junction
a ad that rengiesrs had.-been' sent Jo
liia to restore tho railroad., niar which
the Rnlsheviki were -then in- retreat:
' Whole district of Biberla were snid
to1 be atarvinl becftiue of tlie lock of
ran jrfi'nrtario'n. 'j ?""' .
;Buaslll ia. paying tho'prieo for the
collapse of the government. Less than
naif of th tillable land of European
Rosfla, remslndsf In- fcantrol of the
Bolshvikt,'wtll Ue nSihlwnted this ycv.
There is general unrest among the
pennants, and "the conditions are so
unsettled that land distribution is (lit
orfr'aniEod. There is a grave shhrtasr
of seed, horses snd implement's, all of
unrest among the
if-I-- TV
l;ON DON, Nfiy ,l (Aoi iated
Press) British liibor Joins with Amor
icsfV labor In ojfposlng the earning out
Of th'e'seiit- i' of deiitli up'in Moom v,
the, COiiv'iete I 'r;pr In" 'V-i- i i, ),i
liiinilier. Thev iluimuid tinit ti urw trial
, r
sbnll lie gninteil.
jj' ;hi ryiiiliiiii
was 'V ' ' t m .
It! labor i onf ctenl (. ).ol i en l, 1 1 li
labor lenders uinl the de'e nt.s t'n.iu'
the Aineriinii Kuduiatiou of l.ubor.
ft I , r i 1
.iid to th
(peasant elasses.
Jf.'ii, V7t !' ' W, . B, k, ,( nil .j,';,.

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