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Ip' Essajr For fonscncc
. "y.JfwtJ BUdt, ievalHJato" ma ' Ufct Imper.tly.
Id son of Mr. .art. Mr. .Ak B, Biadt, by ' muKlpHVIty of complicated Con
or 3H3H Monsarrat Avon..,' IUpnbulVv 7 "T wkmelr that draft le' a.-
ihl. Vltr) a student it't) California !rlJ? Uk' achievement.
a . . ;i ..i . i.- 'i- . " .
School of tb.TJeaf and Blind at Berk
eley, wiU return to 'Honolulu en th.
Ventura ".V Jon. k, td upend Itisl VMM- tHf progtwwi of mr
Hon: : , "s w V,' ,,'fLT,V?"'1 their i . sake. afoo-, I
nr bM.m. toux -biud .i tnos,lA.,!Bb'r ;:&
ag. of tev.n an hi parent, at greaf
BwrnnrpjiwTjiiim to th... California
KUol ft hit. fo til future' Ho
ninth percent better than that of th
i inuniu. ins - eiuaiee roi
brfrt'th"follOwinir kuhteera
I . ... .... . . . w " i H Buiij try: i
gebra, 97n plan' geometry UB; Braillo
ruing 04. AineriiaD " litetatnre on
typewriting 80, phyelca, 90, Latin - 88
and tuning 81.' , ' l-j
mil- -m 1 , VI
Th California. School' for th. Deaf
and Dumb narlgnod as aaaaV to it hiirh
....-.. .-.
war will reeult.lir manv of hr ho.a
becoming blind and aome of theae a
find a. home in Hawaii. Yonnir Bln.l.
will, therefore, be in. a poWtloJ .vent
uallT to helD hie fellow unf ortdnateaT
Blndt haa ealled hi .aaay "Th1
ut..i i - ... n . . . J . ..
"' t rim uueana .owcauaa ox n
general merit' and becaiie. it will be
and bfcaiia. it will be
intereet to th. kverg-
and pupil in H..l;
of particular '
school teacher
la given her.
in run: ,. ' ;
Undu. weight cannot b. attached io.
the following eaaay, foe ..Ha Inly.. iU.
autement i. aimi.lv thr lenltl-
a fragile aspiration, a- mer, dreaia
' -.
nere ' ilreaial
whom nimay ainietnre may at any mo
ment be. ruthleaaljr ahattered. A
Much occurring in an eaaay aa d
acribed muat be- regarded aa emanafl-i
ing rrom youthful fancy. Then too, I
feel that th. several variour part, of
the eaeay may not be emphaaized in a-
cordafice with their relative impo-
tmioe, for I have no implicit ' eonft-j)
dence in my owd judgement, foaringH
i may .nave Deeome warpoa Tram eon-(
rentrating- my sympathies Jn limited
channels. . ' . . l
Again, owing to my lack of xi.rf-l
"ence, I am hardly acqnaiated with my!)
, mume au, ana any,' eeumaw l maka
. of my ability should be duly niodlneit
, tiy tnis circumstance', still again,
peroeive that discerning- and pnretat- j
exeniaei to be hnlif n M ft rf w!M.m appa
"How Will-L, Gain My MviUhooL"; lmrt,T ,
im.. wi . . --...j . T nx, ror I lioDe ta n
HjoT. , uaiuruuj a very per
tinent and peradnal one t. hit atu.
dent.. oartieulkTly to Ihoee who hav. l'" P"y'
been .ienie.d,. the gift of eight .0 T "uTh"0;', tr'
maaiciaw IfHI VtUIUaUUH IB LlltJ IZTtmB -
ins i au tneaa . arrtnaena tnnriibnni - i i
mpier my .iwatton acennateiy - o f ,i
Th. World of Flv. Oceana
Each passing hour
brings nearer myi
graduation from echo
ooi ami entrance
into the Mriml of
nhkll be constrained-, provide my ownj
livelihood, and, as I'aarefully survey
uiy in wnen.. j.
every minute detail of mr situation. I.
am overwhelmed ' by conflicting emo-r
lions conveying reelings Which are, at.
timed, of abject diaeouragemont, and)
a. times,', or resolute determinations,
my plan, and aspirations,' my hopes,
oil present themselves to be in a pic-;
ture which is, itself,- in certain aa
peeta, darkly fdTbmlliig, and in others
brightly attractive. '
By aom. mysterious power, far. be
yond my control,. I have been placed!
in ine worm, ana I must maintain my
pmce n ere, or weaciy pass into im
penetrable oblivion.
The changing .scenes ef the theater
of my thought., I have .assembled im
one compoHite picture which I have!
called the "World of Five Oceana".
Every trend of thought in itself, is an.
act- of the drama of my life, and lm
such ..lone am I justly depicted, for
this1 ever' varying picture it the con
tinuity of my life. As I candidly
srrutinize the many and varied scenes
proseuted to mo by that theater I have;
designated as my world; I. perceivw
fragile confidence darkens the brightesti
, of them.
Would Bocom. Aa Author
It is in. this pher. that a dream of
becoming aa author has lurked for
some years. Conditions creative of,
the perpetrating of plan, for perpet-
uatiug auA' .xtending wjn dream may
at one. b. diac.rneil. It is In this
sphere that m;r stories have been ereat-
e l, and It. 1 here that I kope many
more of much greater excellence wilk
VMllV.il . k'-'u t
It I. the world la ,whieh. I am con-
fined, and yet ityla a world .vaat in ex-
tent, embracing th. full rang Of mT
thought, nnd acUnu,. TeniDorarilv in
is a snhere envalniwol ln mJi. rri.-
Tii A . . '
"World of. F!ht..,Q!.ns" i. a nerfecti
embwUMaiu. of tall .that I am. This .o,
called worhl vividly portray, .very in
li that ha. affected ..,; those'
which are being propagated and those:
whose iropaifution has ceased.
Writing is an art that" haa long .at-",
micuu, aie, ana i sometime, fee tnett
my hfe must. b. devoted to liter.
ture. With increasing know e ire ami
- . -- .
Bemoan IU Writing
The excellence of my writing fall,
far beueath the standard of. student
of my. age and education.. stilL bv ih.
A iiiuh.. . .. . I . 1.111. u T - L r
and ability. I am mad".
may not' exert my groatMt ' ffort-.'iM.fci'i,,l.'.Irttort.'tt.mpta at
m ' r't '' T "r . ..' w-u wr. i maa. ine nat.m.ut mere-
of writing withufficienf excfllejip. to ly, to mors vomplpteJy, presept y del
enable me to attain 4h. placVW ... nltion bf the Worl.I oPf Flv. oLZ"
author depicting tho sea, but th meru with U egotlam and' .ildaclty!
fact I am stating In writing that I would Heln wi,-. w-hfif
wrtiiM like to ho ail author 'would Mn-1 ?u f , Wtto-
st.ntly diolve AiWiZuZiri 1 uJRfdLXt&M ' b,in,ne'H
.ability to achieve such' J iSZS&T
more exoe.rienee. i noni tn i,a
iiUrHy "ajt.ta bK 'Hl''W,tor
v.l hiiay. nM.rlv aKiiit. tl li-s ' - . . .. ..... ... '
; i . i. -yv -" mr ms upugjn to io uniteii Wtatefrratttf wHeu
Now I simply write for pleasure when er prevails," aad'Tb.' Natioiw ean de
other amuaementa ail, fuavaom. dayJ vot.'.oina fQ.i.id.r.tion fo it. Id"n, ed
I hope to make writing th. mean of j heroes';' I feel' my 'oUVioil. duty is to
providing my livelihood. - Bive ByiM)lf f ,, j
t am. in
. "WJS" ""
- l it r Then,' too, aft ectienat imatf
l of sincere friend' epot '- m t
-. T.""" g"atly am
VJ "'bled to'. Mm, that the lt. I
!' 11 J2? n' bn ln Ppoo 'of 1
n""y owome an author".' Amid the
turbUleneO Of mental nml t .
. r
irti UL'
M MpMed the art of writing ae a
more friVolltr. Ono'ofthe ttro-emi-
' deololoni I have reached, ; vea
, PrnP, atupendoui deolsiom, a that
I writillZ il nut inm.Mnn:.l..l.....
U.l7J0if Ln,i 2ef;ltV.eni. m. t
111???.' ofion ,hBt T piration
i oui niirnrr rommenilahltf ' Tm. 1
rent by : the . title I
appropriate i to af-
.... ( .i ziiT.. :t f"- i
Bumneni miarmanon to pel
oenea from 4 the!
doration of the
-Plf"y y pre-opt iUelf for me.
r7J ml 91 : woowfol
tl.!r,u"?r J."n er"r bawd from
. "iLf .'Jll'l?.? V'
"",'r"r,B,, 'w "oat. w II . b r.
- 0,1 ' onli,t it-elf,
and theae nencla will .laman.i
4t it... A. I I ,7
S:vH Tbt mora effioi.ntly
"rfa;h:,y Tht "wo effi,i.ntly
rf"Im. 'f JOr d if I am capa-
- . -JAT-" '
11... . wMt irora wmcn even
aTJSSL. t?1VT. 0n7Jn1
2mT!i,5l, 1 ,lluatlon- 1
m0T? nxlou ""tipoSe pfodue-
i nABAMian a . . - : :
" ""VM ' "w-eion.
' Th.- W.r,d 'itnperWusly demand, that
aom. people devote themselves to th.
iktt of writing'' stbri-a, and if I can
kaolat6-myaalf 'with this group, I
hh.n have' taken mjr place in the world
a W nnit of it. complex mechaniam
It iu perhap. -important that I any
something' in regard to my evolving
Wea' about writing In the particular
fieM' of ;. fiction, which - i. th. .n t
liopf 'to enter: 1 1 discern pereeptibl.
ehaagM tha have taken place withls
th.. last two- years, greatly innovat-
r haw. om to HlDt.t. h.W5preptliliMon-of the Teservo ja Hawaii. ,
wfcUh! M perivv.-fcr. eiitialtto' iriak'. I.K.-'yaiTinirtoaL irt,i ..i
avprwhwtiott onfoiA t tny ; requir.-
menre, miJ alaO, I am -eonaefoua of an
allevUUoa of thhighljriJnprobablh
wcnioto' jot. fvontm. , .
I - --j .Mm m ruir as me i
rfunttag, of a' dlscoBuored. aeries of
l'lluiAMi.k.J - I . I
"tot pmwieni-
, t u now re-1
qulro' thafc story ahkll b the recount
lB.ot. eonnOctedv trend of events, in
which, eacb iricidenlr la depandent on
an ma oiners, and in which every
thought it a unit f a single finisheil
thorn.. , f ;,;;.!.. '". '
Welgfiing Hl . uinfiitf
I hav. hardly "wnittea enough to .left
nitely aseertiia whether or not I have
Anv othnr i
h Zg ? V . m Tl0W'
lh? erafnt " -Imply considering
l.nP;eC,ii l?ear? ,bMt
il-,OTltlDM-I",!l,L n
m.i. 7 7i y
wiv uvv uurif sou cv . express em
phaais or indiaafa .tress, or. often
written in the Inverted order. In my
choice of word. I feel that I invaria
bly use a specific word 'under specific
Usual) a tna. .......' .
uwally a man an woman act as my
leading character, and without
-anee- the story Is' enshroOded with an
expression of gloom, of 'different in
tensity for the several stories, while
1 "inch of the plot Is centered' about some
' disaster. In some instance, my stories
ar' hajipily ended, antl in others, sad
Portraying Balf
'A portralrof every circumstance of
my life ir eontaiu.d Id a. scene in
tnnt theater I have called the "World
of Fie Oeeao.' pictures of all life's
calm. d st(rrmiAlid at , times I re
,al the- MghU'U dubiously The
' lH m,mUw been th. period of
roy. moat, trometuloua efferta to reach
success, and parhaoa out of their chaos
. fmFt&ZJZg
.' Ai lui ! i. .'.uii. ..l...u.
.u.. Z ,Z I T
lira, ixiniuwiuan or
,hall Mnd forth into
ft -. ftlftUt aturv. T
with h.,.k .4ait. ... Vi. ..
critieum. As I am. writing the.. liUe
and wondering it l ah.lj Jver. be cap
hi r ni.kin. n...i ...... ..F.
ai-.tum vmui oi a. Jiie. a.. arrange hnne
presents itself to
ment.tlio preooding.,paragraph. with
thes.' wrdvl do. not'want it fok that
I t? -..! . .
me., rvnea. i suniiie-
- ... .v nnni mr. jivriinoaii rrom
V i . ii. .
7 fl w a f P60". myaelf, yet. stated that- tire department of public
i Iy e'r tj'i' Pwo reading instruction, would, lend aU ita facilities
one of my compositions would recog to tho enrolling- of boys in the public
niic. ine at the author1 of anv oth
J.tb. .ondioaa- of which it ia produc
Because J would lik. to hav. sight to
aid m. in writing, I perhap feel its
absenr., more Keenly than th average.
ThV;' "Z.L ST.i.r?
ttAWAtiAR aAZETra;:;. Friday, AYvrpmLsmmxdr.
among the Largest
I aranii "t.." II" I '. ' . 'i;-V
y; NION SCHOOL, the latrt
5 , In" th i Big',J?ln.,,at WUo
. ,,, , , hat adopted military train-
hinv THo top pictnr ihowii several
hitnjdrod .men at ott durijij their
morning drilling exerci-.
Th. lower picture , ho the
v wi inn ijirmrr or tie tfpti-d
ernucn aimoot (v rapoikou, five
mllee foro Hilo. Thie in the Urgent1
ehool ontnide of Hllo in the 111
d of Hawaii, Virginio Angueto
Caatho beirg th ptlnpipBl. Mr.
Caatalho ha been with the depart
ment of eiiucation aa principal
and teaolier einre 18M and waa.for
time nwperviiiing principal for
Eairt Hawalt.
I addition to the principal there
r in. thy picture Mre. O. K. helto,
Miea T. Nukatm.kaea, Minn E, Wil
J!?' 1 Jl?"lo. Mtb, M. Waehburn,
w,1 5 o'T' MiM K- B- B'vertdge,
Miea Gencvipvc rarvalbo, Kung Knl
Chnti. Kin R, A-lri-r, Minn W.
Erdraaa and Miw Pattermon. .
I '
I v
If I 1 . I K ... il -4
hill vv r - Wr, 1
.r w,'-. . Y ''HL-i -With
:' , f :'.t 1 , -.' I- i ''' A -r'i ' I - . '
, ' ,
Offlfiiol reprerentatlves of "tho Ilawa
iiati DivlSTon-of the Boys' Working
Reserve met in conference in the
hamber of commerce (rooms Tuesday
tin- Arm ft Tnrth'jlr nlana fna th
now. inatrnojion. and a bag-of printed i
matter pertaining to the organiiation
hd been-received thi. week he was now
l.t liberty to go. on mora rapidly
.1 n.t '
definitely in th. Teorolting of boys for
nrouuetive PDiDIiivnunt dnrinu
the va
.... "
H. announced the following nn-
notntment. as county directors: Ouhu.
a li. I
Bryan, Kauak C. F. Loomia. Mm.i
mm wuiukui, jvutl Yvaci, an, Hawaii,
Hijo" . (including HamOkua, Puna and
Olaa) W, W.. .0. Moir,. iCohala, P. W.
f. Bluett, Kona, J. H. Midkiff.
M:. Warner y ported that replies to
questionnaire, sent out through the
Territory had. brc4jjht"i in requests for
nearly 1000 boy. to engage in proilue
tive Industrie, in the Islands. He sIho
11 deoided. after careful ducna-
8i, ns to begin, at one an active cam
PaiBn of advertiaing the nature ami
"f th. Boy.' Working Reserve and
! tho wU beginning Ma 31 the
Torruonsi enronmenx., week
is. to-be understood that tho nam
ng of a certain week for emiihasis on 1
the enrollment of bo-a is not to limit '
the enrollment to that perioiL Eurull
munt in tb. reserve may ba begun at
once as last as tne suoject can He pie-
. th. h .
w," . s.
The following letter, with an illeg
ible dule cancelling the stamn. w s
received by one . of . the local draft
.boards. Hoinc who .'have m-rutiiiiy.e.l
thu c.aucejlation mnrk Mhink the note
'is from Lima, Ohio, while others thliilt
it- was mailed at some Niihuu nost-
oflii'O. The letter itself carried uo
late due. It anys:
Dear Doctor i Wish that you
Wood please make-a good thorough
examination of; my Bon Who is
beou put lu the prft and may hav
to be a privat. my sou in u in
valid he has got the consumption
he had 3 hemorugl-s Dlirinjj the
last 6 mouth, nod he is rupture.!
also he has heart I rouble also and
he has spinal trouble also and he
is cripled in one . leg also ami he
has a fractured skull on top of his
head the boy ha. crfer.y spells at
times now, please Watch him close
He generally try. to iang himself
the boy never has bees able to
lo any-hard work , or lift anything
he has no bVtrength now pieiiso ex
amine him soon as possiblu please
let me know soon as you examine
him now pleas., do this Ou tho
square for me.
assisting these gallant fmeu to fuce -tho
Certainlv I know what blindness
means. The condition of the blind
is too pathetic to b. renarde.t lightly,
and tho hope to which I refer is that
I may b abl to assist iu makiii"
them of more uso to the Nation, an 1
the world.
t' .... i iinii iiniiiin iiimiiii .
ORKING RESERVE iHTf dcqt nonwi? Ji?
n.nn r j
rr r . r "AT r -
! ;
t ; ' .. tiff!.;
Vi-u. rV;.i . v'' :
, I N. , . 1. . . , ,.
Street .Meefitfj Will Be Held To
day Plans .For Qtildrerfs
Parade Are Progressing '
At noon foday there will be a War
Havings Stajnp Btreot meeting in front
of th. W., 8. 8. headquarters at Fort
and Hot'ef Htreea. W.: B, Far,rington
Will addr.8a''ih. crowd and the Hawai
ian Band will furnish music. The W.
.S. 8. committee is out to have a larire
crowd and lots of enthusiasm.
Yesterday a committee of-. young f.
lames, unner tne direction of Mrs. Ia
may Htubl.s, began a canvass of the'
business houses of th.'eltv tfl nlate
on sale a number of War Having.
Ktamps in each, preparatory to Pledge
Day, May 21... Thb committee reports
that the work went well and that the
best cooperation was shown by the
merchants and business men. I
Mrs. Henry Dnmon, on .duty yesterday'
at the drive headquarters, "reporfwl ' '
good snle in Thrift Htamps. .
.A big "net together meeting" f0rl
the workers, committee, and pntroin
of the campaign will be hdld at lunch j
nt the Alexander Young roof Friduv !
noon. The xpeakars have not yet been'
announced, but, will probably be made
mown today. Musical numbers will be
i Hpoclal feature hf th. program.
I l'liuis fr the children, parade 8ut I
, jrd.iv morning are progressing finely.
A big feature will bo .even bniiw
I I. till, U u l.lT I, u!ll k.ln vi .. .. 1
l,v nml iim.v tn t
Anln l'.irk t H.n ni.. u ; i
i Kad, the Twenty-fifth' Infantrv
liiiuil, the F.hI Kuniehameha hunil the
KamehnmclKi Schools band, the St.
Louis College band, the. Salvation
Army band, and the Hoy Scouts' drum
and Imnle corps will all be there as
l'ied Pipers. ;
The panule will linft at th. stepH of
the ial,ne nnd the Governor' And Dele
uiite Kuhio will read to the crowd mes
ages from V'rnnk A. Vanderlip an. I
Hecretary of t lie Treasury McAdoo con
cerning the sale of W.t Havings
MlllllHH. III! Mr. W J. . Rklpmnn f
! the Army Y. M. C. A., and Cant. A. .1
Peguenaiit of the Canadian' Army will
speak nnd the children will sing.
w, ,... ,, .; -
The liquor license commission, which
is to continue iu existence, for another
yenr, lias deei.lod to retain the services
Of W, II. Mutton as an inrpeetos, Bich
ard Cooke, rlinirnian of the board iias
tiniiounced. 1 1 ut ton will do(v,ot. his ef
forts to checking the illegal sale of
liquor on Oahu. The' liquor dealers
who were f in ed to close .their places
of business because of th. executive
"dry" order will not get their license
money paid in advance ' refunded, he
says. Chairman Cook, explains ' that
the licenses were privilege granted by
the Kovoriimcnt iiiiif not contracts.
W. Si
On the evening of Friday, May 17,
the Ivauni lliyh and Grammar Kr'liools
vill fiM' :i free entertujnment nt the
Tip Top Thi'itcr, l.lhaa. All patrons
and friends i.m- cordially invited to be
Th chilincn of the Hanalei School
express! Ihiir p'.trtotism on Liberty
Day by the purthiise of U Thrift
8I1111.11S iii. I twelve War 8avlngi
8tami4. The ( "'i.l'ment of this set r
is only IL':' This does not represent
ell the iTvin "s that they have hiade as
thev liinr -r.n north of Liberty Romls
rnl ii"il :" in Wn,- Stumps ufid '10ll
worth ci Thiitl r-'tailips.
.... imilivlui uivuninu
big isuuh schools gtj
'"J '' " 1 ' ' ; r " . I,
. :
War Lords of Prussia Defeat Ef
; fott'TO Give Coining pepb',
" Voice In Government '
AMSTERDAM, May 15-(As-sociated
Press) The war lord,
and the nobility won another vic
tory against the- peopm of Prus
sia yerterday when -i the loWer"
house of the Pussiari Landstag
rejected a motion to restore the
equal suffrag. provision to- the
franchise) reform bill.
As originally planned and
drafted the So-railed - tranehia.
reform bill contained a provision
' extehding equal' suffrage through
out Prussia. In' other- word, it
provided that each man should
have 'on. ' Vote. 1 Udder present
' conditions . the franchise, U very
unequally divided th. nobility
having a, preponderant, of the
voting power and th. commonalty-
comparatively little-.
Following, serious (labor disturb
ance. and a rapidly, growing dla
affeotion toward Uie war,, the
Kaiaeti, against the oppomtioo of
tho war party, which includes the
nobility and th. - big. manuf ac
turera, promised that . genuine
franchise reforms should be
Kut the promise was not car
ried out. The. equal suffrage
provision was stricken from the
bill even before It ' wiy Intro
duced, and a' modification that
gave the coniriion people little
more voting power than at prea
ent was substituted'.' Practical
ly the only material chknge in
existing conditions as intended
by th. bill would1 be to give the
city of BeHin fcw'inore votes
than nt present.
Thi. camouflage reform bill
has-aroused, again- th. -discontent
of the people and atrong. opposl
tlon' has developed' tot the meas
ure ns bofore' the laodstng.
(chancellor and prime minister
von Ilertliug is- being blamed for
the failure of the government to
carry out it. promise
Ho stroug. did this opposition
become that an atteiiqit was
mai(e tp restore the isal suf
frage provision to the bill iu' or
der to placate the people, but
this attempt haa met with failure,
t he lower bouse rejecting the mo
tion. -4
W, . a.
Rev. C, A. Nelson, of Canton, China,
gave a very interesting address on Sat-
unlay evening to th. Lahuiua-luim
students ou life in China, says the j
Maui News, Wailuku, of last Friday.
i.nnu is to do condemned for the ex-
as soon as possible. About two acres
are needed for a new four-room school
building, and several teacher' cottages.
The supervisors have lu.tru.ted the
couuly attorney to get busy at ouee 011
the matter.
w. a. a.
This disease Is so dangerous and so
rapid in its development that every
mother of young children should be pie
pared for it. It is' very risky to wait
until the attack of croup appears and
then sand for medicine and let the child
suffer until it can b. obtained. Cham
be -Iain's Coiijjh Bum. y la prompt u!
effec'ual and has never betu known in
fail in any cuae. Always have a Imt le
in the hi me. Pgr sn'e by all dea'crs.
Uenson, Hmith & Co., Ltd" agei ts for
''-. . -r-1. -f
t ....
' It"!
Kauai Sctioob Close.
Kapaa la Lea
Agnr: rural Knowledge Canst o
Simulating Work In Quit
and Schpt Room ''
Kapaa Hchoof hM th. honor of wli
iilng the first prlw In th. School Car
din. Contest, with a peNentag.
iwoty -two, say. th. Garden Island
Llano, Kauai, of last Wednesday.
; There was a close race between thi
Mhool. to mo whici- woul tawy
away thi. priae and' th. jfivo, Mhaobi
who. won, finished wlthrn. a feV pol.ti
. . 1. -.t.- ...'.?., 1
m t-acu uiner. -, .
.i"? P'tamH. of , (6. ! ehoola In
mmieiii ar. as rollow.;, -Vi
Kapaa. first nrifc: ' ni V ft.ilLi
a ... t ..... ' " I "'wiw
pra f.uo. percentage,1 Sg, ' Waime1
ZZ '' "V aaawaii . uiirc
V""L 'uu' Pir.9la jiJPl--Xlhui
' , q,ou, distnee pHse, 8,00
pweentage, 88T HatusJel ft.. prla.
K diJ,,nct PrlM- 54)0.-ire.ntage,
naholi perc.nt.ge, 77 JtoW W
icencage, ; rvahtheo. pete.nt.g.;2;
ZIFf J:' ' V.rawssar; pereentage
.65;! Eleele pereeataee. 54:, EhiIm iZr
rentage, 53 Hariamaulu prentaget 6Ct,
Kllauea -oercent-auo ia ' -'
' tn. " e6nd; , Wli. ow.'iV dollar.
given by tie Jifekihasse-Cluh nr
br th. Kaapa ftthpol' and also the- dis'
mici, arta or, nv. ouars. . .'
Th. second a'pii twelve dollar,
giy- by-KrXlodemiui, and the dfstrte'
pruo.of five dollars, wa . won by Wat
Then eama.Vkkani.if with thltd.ani'
V'Vfl' J1 doyar -Wliich, wa. aW
Lihu captured --fourth place, with
a prise of, ai dollars .donate by K
A; Sudseajtnd.aJ-o aieJr distriet ptixe
of flv. dollars., r ".' ' .
vwwei. wjib .a paroenxag. of eighty
seven took, fiftli plao., a-prlze of fW
dollar,, whUh swaa als. given, ly Jfr'
Krudaen and lha djatriot prix. of. five
dollar...... .:, .: ; ' .
There an. ; eveial priae. yet U be
.. . .1 . . . . ... ... ... .
wnn,ni, mud. waven, tui m done se
later on, wh.a . twy- hav flnuhe
Altoirether there 'were- fifteen sohoolii
eiitemd an. th.ontesC had it w.V:
eloxe finish '.aa th. pr.aUge eoluaf
showa ': '.'.,'.' 1
The judge, -werf as follow.: Walt.
F. Pa libera, leli. Qi dark, . W. Wil
cox, . dC Jerwe. ao ,W. 0. Crowell
Hopoct from th. leathers who bav
aided th. contest work, show thatmiieU
has been aooompUsaad by thi. conteat
Tbey .ay the1 pupil. bmv gained not
only agricultural knowledge but that
'heir school work 'ih general has been
Improved.. fTh. interest haa been won
derful throughout ' the- contMt. One
school made', net profit of forty dol!
lars ou th saje. of vegetables.
. . p -
HFA-TTAK; April- 17 Jim. Barry of
1 Han Francisco wa auicltivered in .very
round OT Aitclf King at Dan Balfl
uTena last- nlrh , Barry was. gm awl
willing, but 'th.t let.himi out, Olair
Bromeo auit .Franitja .Tucker tod '
.1 ... .1. .k 14 1 1 '
from Mike Pet. :f ' '
LOS AN0ELE8, April 17-Jm Ben.
iumiu. the Portland lightweight, won
handily last nigbt from. Young Fritz a
MILWAUKKI. WbV, April 17-Jo.
Fasirn of Boston Was given a new.
puner deeisioa her. laat nigbt over Kid
Ted Lewis, the 0ajld w.lter-waight
champion. Pagan Jd in what fighting
then, was,' with Lewi, doing a lot of
KAN FKANClflCO. April lf Jimmy
Duffer used hi. left hand to advhutage
in last night', main . .vent ia the
Emeryville tent; and won th. decision
uer Young Brown. Other bouts: Joe
V'Hnklm, decision over Fraak Brown;
Joliu Conde,. decision over. Jimy
Andrews; Wild Willi. W.h aad Frank
lleiinuy, drawj John Arrouses and Eee
Johnson, a draw'r Jr. Ceopold, decision
over Ed Oormsn; Tonng Dlxte, decision
over Kid Borneo, :
I . r ,
Steamship 'Men and ' Heads of
, Educational Institutions Con
u Ort Grar Situation v , -
' j ,. i,
The problem of preseot day trknspor- .
tttlo. which, U th w.i wind along ;
Its weary way,T I. Vecojnoff mor. and V
'or' ser'teo. n. foKtk I.laada, wa. '. '
discussed the other day betweea local
pasmtnger ateamahlp Uri a.r seTeral '
hel. of th. big school f th. rtty, - '
m.ng th.'la'ttij UiB)f fienry W. Kin
y, saperlntendent 'of publi. sehool
Prof. Arthur F. Griffith, president of Ltf
OhhniolgeyAIrtt.Peaiwpr.-ident '
of W.VfoTWg1ryor, Baw.lif Ernest C ' L '
'ebster, president of 1h. Kam.hama.
ha Bchoola, . and Dr. Bobert lx WU-,
liam., president of the Mid Pacific Io
stltfrte, which embrace. MUI' School
and hT walahid" Bemihary.- -'' , ,
' The- stttamshfrr men pointed oot . th. " '.
asit that under .xistlng eondlUoos pa- ' .
.agar tr.asportatioa is getting to be
nor .nd 'more a 'hard and complex
Sr'oblem a steamer after steamer i. ;
"ing take, over by th United Btate ,.
overameat far its war .ervlc. Thi.
rummer, particularly, th. question of
his class of transportation will b. a
nor. serious on.. ;'., ;?' , , ' , '
lany TKvm Tmchm'OomtngC- "
" With ' th.' territorial p'abfie ehool f
mploying . approximately ,a , thousand .
eaebers and the private schools ot the '
islamfs having oa their faculties prob
bly a hundred and fifty teachers, If
lot mere, the . summer time sees hon- ':
(reds of pedagogue. Meking ta visit ;
h. mainlaad for their long, vacation
md then returning shortly before th.,,
whool reopen.. .' '
' Tie boar, of education ha. engaged , '. .
th. mainland Mv.nty a.w teacher .
rh. ar. t oa h.ro lata in Auguat .
r early ia September .for kth. new
hool tern which open, on September ' '
A ' Military. dVaft .' exigeaeie. t will .
srobablv requir th further engage- -nent
of between thirty and fifty addi
iopal mainland . teac,ker. to replace
bee. going into the Mrvic. of th.lr
ountry both la th. mainland and In : '
Suropi. The privaU Schools expect" to ,' :
tot at le'at! -thfrty n.f ' teacher . f or ,
h coming .ehoo yearj making a total .
if betweea UO and 150 teacher to .
iom. thia summer from. th. maialand
i HwWI,M'i:.i.'.'trV . ' -( i , " '
t How to iasor. transportatioa for thi. '
rmall army of men and women was
jn.- of . tb.- thing discussed at th. ,
onferene. bet weed- tb. ateamship mea
ind th. various- chol heada.. v , ,
JDow T. BMom U QnaMloiv . '':;,-"
.In referenc. to' th lafg.- number of ,
Ihnd teacher, who maW it praetia.
"A spenif tftetr iumme'r vaektion in th.
.uainiaad::thsjtearashii peopl. mad. ,
.t plain that while ac this Mm. it
.vould1 b.' poisible tb"wcfire transper. :
Cation , from her. to' !an I'ranciseo it
yrould , boa.migntif riking thing to
sake to. trip with any1 assurance that ' '
'jiese aa4her 'wo.ld Jt. 'able to occur.
ransporUtion , back Jo, the' Islands in .
im. for 'tie opehing of th. school. v '
All ' th. ' local' steamship agencies
aa 1 d. ( ,1.. afford : transport- ,
ion to ; aaa rrom ror .aslness mea
vhose going-1, an abelute" necessity, it
With nfiis Doing th. Mtuatioa th.
ichil' head at the conference agreed
Ith th. eitUhlp meo that if would
' a good plan', for Island ' teachsrs, .
ski year' at ' least', te spend' their iiia
: i.f vacation in, Hawaii.
. . A '.rje Hawaii' Flret,.' eampalg. ia,
Jierefore; beinjr " inaugurated , nnd
:hool authorities ' U1 urge island
eacher to- mak. a change in their an
nual itinerary 'aad spend thia summer
ismng- tn th. Island. Oahu, Hawaii,
Kauai -aadl .ven- Molokai hav.
'enlo, attraction, worthwhile view lair
lad If mainland people-and European
thousand .f mile to ae. them
. hy' should mot Islanders see what tbey
nave right at horn., contend th. school
anruy wiw r AiiTict . : " J:'
"ft" i. simply a' question of patrio- .
isia for Island: teacher, to remain la '
lawil this year, at least," aaid Ru
erinttandiMiv Kinney yesterday. "The .
,ovetament in the prosecution of th.
ar agaiost th. Huaalias first .all oa
us transportation faoiUUe. and th.
ess unnecessary civilian travel there '
. betweea Hawaii and th. mainland
he better It will b. for th eovern-
.af :..; .j?r v; .'.; ,
"Beveral of th. local- hotels, rea
ghixlng the- .ituatioa. rare arraneiar .
sp.cial"ratea lor euUMda island Jlencher
who oara- to ieheir u.mmer veca- '
ion Clly.7; j, :-; , '
"Island teacher ' lea vl nir after 'the
kchooit: cJoar oa- June 8, next, for th.
Mainland may ind it quite a diffiralt '
probl.to .to return- to, Hawaii in time ,
'or in. vpoajiig, pZ to. school oa Bep-
ember 10. Th.y. are free aaent. of
ourse, during their vacation time, but
If -would, b worth while- their tim. to
onaulr..rroii.V''wn'eUir thev , eaa . .
run tha risk, of iieingi atranded and ua-
tma to return in time to resume their
' T'fcjroyliJrV,Ke4,'aii. are from
't MwVfirtHa Tieb'Taylor, suprrvising
riWpa: of: West Haia, Ik o b. al
.owed io HnVth. tench.a. cottage at
,WoliBr. adH Jt.lt 'Whittingtda'. of
HtO.rUt HI. eottug at 190 a year
)a, iieiiv' acceptea bf th. board of u
eyVdra. . ' ' A , -.
8oma.' nighty, good looking iweatcr
aad. by the boya of th Olaa Sihool
for th. Red Cross .so displayed in tb.
window of th. E. N. Holmaa him
L The boy who did thla .knitting .re all
I Setwwn ' the-age of tew aad' fourteen
years. ;' ;. '.;- , .
Hem. of rh very excellent Work that-.
1 being don. by th. Hil. High Behoof
Soy in th. vocational dupartnisnt Is' .
on dUplay in v th. hardware tor. it' '
C. Beauier in yront Street, Table., '
ehair. .tool, and other pieces of furni
ture that might hav. been mad. by tUa
famous Bhy.rofter. are among th. arti
cle ia th. window, 1 '

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