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t' .
FOOD con
Two Problems Are Now Before
v Legislature Upon Which Its
. Members Hold Diverse Opinions
i .in, '
Bill For Shutting Up Alien Enemies
'Regarded As Too Drastic;
Will Probably Be Modified
Arenngthe inorw, important 'meaeurSF
that are oeiiipving the attenrtoa of
tn'embers of the house of represents
,v UtIm rniil upon which, diverse view
" hnvh Wen expressed are the resolution
offered by Representative Lorrie) An
drew ealliug for the immediate reaig
nation of I he members nf the food com
lii'iHtjon and the internment camp bill
The latter measure has the " general
. approval of members of both houses and
will be passed in nome form, but ijues
Hobs' have lines raised about a niunbei
of it provisions.
t' On the score of the food commission
resolution, whii h will conn up for Qua
action Saturday morning, a variety ol
view have been expressed, but mem
Iters aeeni im lined to wait for tag prom
.laed aperial executive message, before
1 tailing definite action. Thnf tbia men
sage will not contain anything In thi
nature nf help for the commission
which has been under Are nine the fin
day of the session, is apparent in Viet
of. the Governor's references to it'
state of " innoi'iioiiR desuetude? la hi
address at the joint aeesioa Tuesday
When the special message will, be de
Hvered. tinw not yet been made knowu
hut it will probably be' delivered be
Tor Saturday when the .house will act
on-the resolution calling-for resigns
tiojjs.. - - ' , :
Report Expected t- " '
' tin the meantime, to comply with Rep
rcwitatlve Andrews' other resolution
winch ralla for a detailed report of thi
activities of the commission, It in an.
brstbod that the body. will submit a
aluteaient today or tomorrow. .
Though there has been n lack o
criticism of the food commission, n
voice has been raised asking that it l
aliOinhed altogether, as was suggestei
' swaie time before the session 0eued. A
irwmher of members favor a eompleti
clfSWJJe in the personnel of the eom
mission while others would ask for th
resignations of all members save Com
missioner Wyiiam Hooga, who has beer
active la a number of directions.
Speaker, IL.L. HoUtein recently sai
, that shortly after the rommiaaion wa
named he suggested thai the Territory
be districted so that residents of eacl
' dietriet cQuM be instructed to grow
. thing bext, suited to their localities
No- attentions was paid to this eugges
; tion, hey said, tkdugh he thotight thi
eoarae proposed wa a stop in the righ'
Clause la Opposed
One ot, the things opposed iu the in
lernment camp ill as presented is thi
rlau.4e which makes it the duty of tht
high sheriff "whenever the Unitei
Stakes shall engage in war with a for
eign' country to proceed forthwith t
take Into custody all alk-u enemies dom
iUcd in the Territory of Hawaii, nni
te- hold them in custody, us provided ii
thai Mil, for the duration of the war.'
t.'Jfia held by some thut this is to
weeing in nature and sonic rcvisioi
pfobitbly will be made.
TooJSfutle, Bays Smith
i .Altogether too dnistic, is the way W
O'Htnith expressed his opinion ofSsonn'
ofpie provisions of the mternmen.
cat)ip measure at :i moetiug uf thi
, ehaiaber of commerce yesterday.
'.. ft Is very drastic." said Mr. Smith
"Tli'e Uieal bill goes further than any
tbig in the I'uited Slates statutes
Oueiparagraph (udicalci the uuture o'
tke"whole proposition. It says it slial
be, the duty' of the High SlierLff. when
' vVt. the "United States -hall lie eu
gaged in war, to proiced forthwith ti
take Into custody all a Inn eneiWiea am
hojd them for the duration of the war
.'J.'.This is so much more drastic thai
anvaother measure, that it should re
cefve' the attention of the legislative
committee before it is parsed too far
-through the legislature. In my opiniub
thi' appears to be the province of the
ftrlera.l government."
-i-v. .. . W. 1. s.
U ews hae been received here from
tkV 'tltient to tin- effect (hat the mo
tOMhip Krris, which -ailed from llouo
Jul Ui for Yokuhamu a few weeks ago,
has reached her destination with her
crTlhes ttWaliled but it is not known
tuw seriously dauiaed. When she
ft Has I'raucixo some months ago
. enroiite to 1'uuolulu, she had engine
trouble when some wiles out of the
' lajter port but, upon her arrival, all
tuuessary repairs were made to her
engines,. whji'b enabled her to continue
fin' Tier wav to Yokohama. She haa had
! engine trouble a uulnber of times, it
is'repdrted. As engine repair materials
ftyT: lacking in the Orient, the ErrU
' tnaX have to remain at Yokohama until
the: necessary materials for her en
gine are brought to her.
Msrvslous gtoaiach M4t
elns sad Sytuoi kMiilJr
-Uvsr, Kljnay siU HlJ
w UmbiOv- ln Bluod
Miihi ui4 Lssauva.
vUl l'Jvtltt.
Senate Proceedings
rni8T DAY
Introduced and passed llrst reading
by title.
B. B. 1 To reimburse the City and
County of Honolulu for 'expenditures
made in lieu of aaseaaments against
public or exempt lands for permanent
road improvement. -Shingle.
S. B. S-An act defining disloyalty
and providing punishment therefor
Vacheco. , , i
8. B. 3 -To authorise the food coin
mission of the Terrrtorjr'ef Hawaii to
pure haw and itiapose of sufficient qunu
ity of foreign grown riee for the needs
of the inhabitanta of the Territory.
Hhinglc. 8. B. 4 -To amend Section a IB), 194.
leviwd Laws of Hawaii, 1915, relative
0 the National Guard of Hawaii. -'aeheoo.
.8. B. 5-To amend Chapter 123, Re
. ised Laws of Hawaii, relating to tire
irms ami ammunition adding thereto
wo new weetions fo be known a SL'H'-'H
md 22tt2t!. J'acheeo. .
8. B. 6 Relating re honses of lewd
teas, assignation and prostitution, to
rovide for the abatement thereof and
he issuance of injunetione against per
ons connected therewith and other
natters incidental thereto. Paehsco.
8. B. 7 To authorise the appropria
ion by the hoard of supervisors nf
he City and County of Honolulu nf
ertain moneys in the cash baais fund
irovided for' by Section 1728 of the
c vised Laws of Hawaii, 101.1, for the
1 red ion, equipment and establishment
.f a municipal market. Paeheeo.
8. B. & To amend Revised Laws nl
lawaii, 1915, relative to expenditure o'
noney. (orrea.
8. B. 9 To amend Act 2.'I5, Hssioii
,nws of Hawaii, 191ft, adding a new
ection thereto providing for the ex
.enditnre of public money. Quinn.
Mils Introduced and paeaed first read
8. B. 10 To appropriate money for
he purpose of defraying the expenses
if tire special session of the senate of
he legislature of the Territory of Ha
vaii of the year 1918. Shingle.
8. B. 11 To amend Act 20 of the
awa of the Territory of Hawaii of the
-egular session of 1917 establishing a
nunicipal marketing eommission.
a B. 12 To amend Section 172S.
Heviaed Laws of Hawaii, 1915, relating
0 permanent revolving or cash basis
'und, Shingle.
8. B. 13 An act to provide for the
layment of W. B. Hobby, acting su
lerintendent of public worksShingle
8. B. 1 To ameiyl Section 1, Act
234 of the Session Laws of 1917, relet
ng to appropriations for the biennial
leriod. Paeheeo.
8. B. IS Making an appropriation
for the relief of T. F. Farm. Pacheco.
8. B. 16 To amend Section 2, Act
l6 to read "Kahakuloa Road, J427.15.
f'Minda Reaervoir, $9572.85 ".Baldwin.
at. 0. 17 10 proyjue auuitionai ap
iropriation for the biennial period end
ng Jdne 30, 1919. Shingle.
That the Governor be authorized to
leclare vacant the office of tUe super
ntendent of public works. Torres.
8. B. 1 To reimburse the City and
bounty of Honolulu for expenditures
nade , in lien of assessments against
tublie or exempt lands for permanent
road Improvement. Shingle Afayp
tnd Means.
8. B. 2 An act defining disloyalty
tnd providing punishment tnerefor.
Pacheco. Judiciary.
8. B. S To authorise the food com
mission of the Territory of Hawaii to
ourehaae and dispose of sufficient quan
tity of foreign grown riee for the
needs of the inhabitants of the Terri
tory. Shingle. Ways and Means.
8. B. 4 To amend Sectiona 191, 194,
Revised Ijiws of Hawaii, nl!5, relative
to the National Guard of Hawaii
facheeo. Military.
8. B. ft To amend Chapter 125. Be
vised, Laws of Hawaii, relating to fire-
irms and ammunition adding thereto
'wo new sections to be known at 22D2B
,tnd 2202C Pacheco. Military.
8. B. 6 Relating to houses of lewd
ness, assignation and prostitution, to
irovide for the abatement thereof and
'he iasuance nf in junctions against per
10ns connected therewith and other
matters incidental thereto. Pacheco.
8. B. 7 To authorize the appropria
tion bv the board of supervisors Jit
the City and Countv of Honolulu of
certain moneys in the cash basis fund
ttrovided for by Section 1728 of Hie
Revised Laws of Hawaii. 1915, for the
direction, equipment and" establishment
if a municipal market. Pacheco.
'Vava and Means.
8. B. 8 To amend Revised Ijiws of
Hawaii, 1915. relative to expeuditureJ
ni motiev. 1 orrea. avs and Means.
8. B. 9 To amend Act 235, Session
Laws of Hawaii. 1!M5, adding a new
section thereto providing for the ex
oenditure of public monos. Quinn
Ways and Means.
Mrs. O. W. l'rnther, a coloresl woman
living at 1212 Morris I. line, was brought
to the emergency hospital last night
at eightthirtyo 'clock uheir she was
treated for a deep knife wound fn the
left leg.
Mrs. 1'rutber'f memory was a bit
hazy when ipjcstimtod ut the police sta
tion regarding the cutting. She snid
that there was 11 party ut her house
which developed into a free for all and
go-as vou please tiht When the smoke
Of bnttle cleared :ii'V. she discovered
that she hud sustained a cut on the
eg. rViie was doubtful as to w hether
t had In en inflicted by her husbniid
.r ohe of the gui'Ms.
" - w 8
V. ( lliioit'ii t ami M Kutisiiki were
lr' ten dolbn 111 police court fdr
passing a standing street car In their
House Proceedings
, . , I
H. B. 1 Appropriating money for
the expenses 01 the -special session.'
H. B. 8 Appropriating 35,000 for
the erection of a free public market.
- Andrews. v t
H- B. 3 To amend Act E21 oi Vhe
lension laws of ,1817 relating to a com
mission to conserve and control food
supplies of the Territory. Andrews.
H. B. 4 Forbidding employment in
federal service save in military or nav
al forces of employes of the Territory.
Andrews. ' .
H. B. 5 Prohibiting the issuance of
licenses to enemy aliens and providing!
I'M II,' IWU ui rAimiii ucruBTB,
H. B. 6 To provide for an intern
ment camp Andrews.
H. B. 7 To amend See. 1017 f the
session laws of 1915 relating to. theI
:... . a i : 1 T j m 1
Tirow ii mniirisr nu 'roviailig XUT
the licensing - of chiropractors. An
drews. H. B. 8 To amead sections of Aet
120 nf the session lawa of 1917 relating
to the payment of claims for property
destroyed or injured es a consequence
of rilling unsanitary land in Kewalo.
H. B. 9 Making a special appropri
at ion' for the payment of salaries of
guards employed by the division of
Animal Industry of the board of com
missioners Agriculture and Forestry
during the anthrax epidemic on Maui
in .lune of 1917. Brown.
H. B. 10 For the suspension during
the war of Aet 14 of the session laws
nf IHI7 relative to the destruction of
food fishes. Brown.
H. B. 11 Prohibiting the employ
ment of alien enemies and seditious
persons in any agricultural pursuit.
H. B. 12 Appropriating H500 to
pny the funeral expenses of the late
Queen LiliuokalanL
H. ,B. IS Fixing proportions of sal
aries to bet paid to employes of the
Territory who ' enter the military or
naval sertiee of the nation.
H. R. 1 Organizing house with 191 T
officers and committees. Oooke adopt
ed. . :
H. R. 9 To determine the status of
the national guard. Lost at morning
sesaintt, reconsidered and adopted at
afternoon session. Miles, .v
H. B. 3 Calling for k probe of the
activities nf the territorial food com
mission. Adopted. Andrews.
H. R. 4 rFor the selection of a tract
nf land for a public market for Ho
no'nlu. Adopted. Andrews.
H. B. 6 Asking for report on cift
Inn of kiawe trees from public lands
t Waianae. withdrawn. Fernandez.
' H. R. 6 Providing that no hills mnv
he introduced after the third dnv of
the session save when authorized bv p
two-thirds vote of the house. Adopted.
Bills Jjitroduced
H. B. 14 To repeal Act 13 of the
session laws of 1917 to provide for the
protectiou of certain crustaceans known
as lobsters, crawfish or ula. Mossman.
H. B. 15 To amend subdivision 22
of Section 2 of Art 215 of the session
laws of 1017 entitled "An Act to pro
vide for public improvements." Ta-
H. B. 18 To repeal Art 14 of the
aeaaion laws of 1917 for the duration
of the war. Fernandez.
H. B. 17 To ennlde citizens absent
from the Territory on service in the
army or navy or who joined the Red
Cross of the Allies, to acquire homevj
steads. Jerves.
H. B. 18 To amend Section (528 of
the session laws of HH.'i as umended
by Act H7 of the session laws of 1915,
and Act 14 of the session laws of 1917.
relating to food fishes. Kupihea.
H. B. 19 To make an additional ap
propriation of Ht20,lHo for the Hoys'
Industrial School. Cooke.
H. B. 20 To appropriate .'I00,000 to
encourage, the cultivation of taro Ke
lekolio. H. B. 21-To ainen. I Se tion 122 of
Art 215 of the session laws of 1917
to provide for public improvements.
Nanking Will Be One of the Finest
Vessels To Ply the Paci
fic Ocean Lanes
The China Mail steamship Company
is to. hoi e aunt her liire vessel added
to its fleet.
This N the steamer Nan !
sing, sun N 1- at pre
- at 1. resent buildino in
Kenttle. I he Nankin, is exuerted to
" 1
be ready to, use Mitlnn n month, and
lo r eoninletion i- r 1 1 L tn
I S "
(lid. She pl.,iliie 1
. .. .
I"' the tliost UB
10 "uU' 'Ih' I' " 'I'' ocean, with
ui'coniiiioilat - for I .11 liist class pas
Seugera, one In
1 -ei nnd class, and
i:.'i I'li.seiigers.
i" 1 uiu4 v ill main
ut. 11, or eighteen
1 ' argo capacity i
t'li.-- iueaiireineilt.
1 a t inn. idle will
n fi'.in Man fran
' ''ii' c a uiontlli Hi
1 I i n iniiiier China,
'1 1 ruin iscu
lied 1 lint the Nan
live h 1 1 1 1 1
Nhe is a
lliiu u spl
knots an lion.
etiuinted nt i i"!
When reaih tu,
make Ly i liiit a
cistlO Ulld Ih.'ca'
tert.nting it 1, 1 1
which is iioa in
It w as n t 1 . 1
king ua I.. i.(
1'nite.d Slut,
t. H e
t',1 .-I
over by tl
t ii ini-nt ii ml used as
Vtluiitic loiMntor
I I .i ' it lia lieell de
a transplii t . r
j c,ed that
make Hum
and will I.,
other ri-s
She Mill ,-,
.1 In
tak en.
he China, will
i Hilling ports,
1,1 " iv like the,
I im Mail line,
t iil.out once, a
' ' ami once a
U ,.t . .
II it ii. -n
'I,,' l
inoiith fron
month f 1 on
U.i i n i
Resolution To Fire
CbarlesR;: Forbes
Comes Up In Senate
Is Introduced By Correa In Order
To Give New Governor a Free
Hand lit . Filling Public Works
a A-jJj J ArJ.it
A resohrftoH- anthorir.ing the Gnvi4i
or to declare vacant the position of
the suf'rilitondent' of public works,
now hebl by, Charles ' R. Forbes, who
is serviJg la France,' was introduced
14 the senate yesterday by Seimtor H
Pj CnrrM., ,it.' r .-4
t lien r orties left here last summer
for active duty at the front, he did
nnt resign, tUt delegated the powers of
his office, to his assistaut, W. R. Hobby
Irmsntnps as Oovcrnot to b McCarthy
has already named I 1L Bigelow for
this limporfant A position," it is the
purpose, of. the resolution, to declare
the position: now .held by Forbes and
wbese' teflnre'of offlre does not expire
knntil August; -vacant' and to give the
(loveVnnr a free hand to install Bigelow
in office lmwe1a4"W Upon the new
Governor- taking office.
The n'wdntion' offered by Senaloi
Cor-en i4 at follow). .
Wheress, ' Honorable Chnrles R.
Forties, sutierintendent of pnblic works
in a spirit of patriotism answered hl
eountiv's rail, Joined' the colors, and l
tipw somewhere la France ns a major
of engineera,' and '
"Whereas, Honorable Charles R.
Forbes has b'en absent from the Terri
torv for the past ten months nnd there
doe not seem tn be'nny prospect of hi
'etnen in thelmmedinte future and the
hands of hia aubsf ittit ,hs vc been mo'
or less fied ' through his uncertair
tejmre of oRco, and
"M'herras. when the law providing
for a srtbstiriite was enacted it wa
nevr in ended, to cover any sucl'
tierisd r. that which has e'nted sin--the
departure of Hororablr Charles R
Frr'o from the. Territory, nnd
" ltf the tenure of Honorable
Charles R. Forbes as superintendent nf
public works -will e pi re on August 15
1!M nnd n new Gove-nnr ha bee
apiiointed and will so tin he inaugurated
and '
"Whereas, 1 is only just and proper
ht:f the new Oovernor should be free
to rimn bis own choice for this 1m
portsttf nositlon,
" Therrf ore. be It resolved, that the
Oovernor is hereby authorized to nV
elsre vncsnt tje Office of superintend
or nuhiie works, if he should so
Kalihi Resident Saves Six Men
From Drowning
Louis G. Karia, of f9U Kahanu
Street. .Kalihi, with the Vacifle Guano
k Fertilizer Coiiipnny, was instruments
iu saviug a man from drowning in Ka
lihi Boy last Sunday. He also rescued
four others from no almost similar pre
Five young men, three Portuguese
ami two Filipinos, on Sunday afternoon
Set out in a lint bottom boat for the
fishing grounds in the bay. The tidi
was low and the water smooth nnd in
stem I of oars the party used pieces 01
board To row the bout.
.After the puity was well out the tide
becan to come in ami the water rough
eiied with the rising evening wind. A
wave en on lit the boat broadside
swamped it und precipitated the live
oecupants into the water, which w Hi
ve rv deep at the place of the mishap.
Swimmer Goes Under
The oldest of the party began swim
ntiiig ashore, while the four others re
niained hanging 011 to the upturned
bout. Mr. I'aiia had left his powei
launch " I'hiloinenu " and was rowing
ashore in a Imat when he heard a cry
of distress.
Mrs. Kami nlm awaited her husband
on the bench, pi-o then noticed the men
in the water at iiiite some distance
from the shore. She pointed them out
to her liu .leiiid, who hastened to the
rescue. He rowtM back to the launch.
aet the eiiLnne goiug and in a short
while got to where the swimmer was
making frantic efforts to remain above
1 wiiter.
Hooked Men Aboard
Just as the launch reached the spot
the man went down under water. Mr.
Karia with his pole and hook brought
the muu nbnnrd, having, however, con
sidersrble difficulty in doing so, for the
launch was rolling and pitching with
the sea, which kept growing rougher
Faria, who was alone in reudering as
1 ..'......... .1..... t . ..a.a I hu fnni
-'" " " --
l I.
Kirnniteii men were nun gui lurni mm
Miv mum 11.
It was with some difficulty t
half drowned man was brought
hat the
to and
. . ...... .. ,ii.i'i. 1..
ne ih reporie.i hiiu comiiciieii vu reumiu
... 1 ... . ' ! '
Tho names of thriMe rescued are not
iioiiie n n minim rscuv rr in iiii-i-it
Several weeks nun Mr. rana also
ssived another mau from drowning iu
Kalihi Huv.
WASHINGTON, May 1 Associa
ted Press) Higher pay for postofliee
emploves is pro ided in tiie lull which
Was adopted by the senate yesterftey.
Clerks und curriers anil some Others will
receive an increase of as much as 2(I0
orlv while rural route carriers who
ar now receiving less than ISIMI would
secure s twenty percent raise.
ipostotlice employes who have been
receiving between $H00 and 1 50(1 will
reocivs mi iucrease of fifteen percent.
and BeesBlanked By Seals
d Tloeri SeMtprt ;win
From Angels ' V "
, r. w. 1 ta.
Salt Lake ....
Los Angeles . . .
Oakland- , ...
Sacramento . .
San Francisco .
.1. 40
,.. 40
... IX
... 41
S3 ' 17 S JilO ' f"" . 1 ... . ...
23 , 19 va4SChiogO
21 21' .oTjoj Cincinnati .
10" 21 .475 j ildelplil . ......
17 20 .459 Pittsburgh k . ..1....
1, M 39
At Oakland San Francisco , Oak
land 0. . .
At Vernoa Vernon 4, (Halt Lake f
At Sacramento 8acrameat0 4 Ioa
Angelea 8.
Two ,shutouta la the Peelno Coaafr2
lague in one day ia gulag soase, and
, , ., Jt , ' i
when all three games are ' close add
with small scores te boot, why, then,'
the Coasters seem to be going belter.'
The six teama engaged eeared total
of but fourteen runa in the three gams
yestenlay. J j
irraham'e Heals turned the tablea e'the Pirates We ein l.-h. r.i ...
the Del Howard Acorns Tight ia Oak-
lud town and not only won out: but
blanked the Oaks for good measure:
arore Han Francisco 8, Oakland 0. ' ,
Another turning of the tarrtUaai-
plred at Vernon, wkert the Tiger-Ct
1TnU4lAlM I . I a. II - ' L.
belnn- whitewashed at
.0-7. 8 Lvl2Sl
tables fatnnir ia ordeM
salt Lake bunch
that: scoro Vernon
Turning of the tablea being ( order;
3ill Dodgera' Henatora fell la line and'
took a tumble out of , the Souther
Graphs, tbia being the closest battle of
the day; score Sacramento 4, Loa A4
.i. m . ', , . . .
The day-a game, did, .ot M.!
tI' j 1- vir '
HAW FR ANrlSrxK .Mar R Tfcn trill
with a contemplated aale or Ike Ver
non ball club. Tom Parmody ia anxl-
-ins tn dispose Of hia atoek and Ewlag
and Strub are endeavoring to interest
southern capitalists ia its : purchase.
It ia said that Jim Morley, once owe-.
-r of the Angela, ia one of the prospec
tive purchasers, and that Baron Long
and J.
W. Coffroth may be associated
m.' - .''''' "
with him
SAN FRANCISCO. Mav fl-Herbie
Hunter, Seal outfielder and utility mah
is about to forsake the national paa
time for the national business of Baa
strafing. According to a, "report from
Ixis Angelea, Herbie Is about to ea-
list in the well known navy, hoping
to see service- ia the submarine divi
sion. Ifc ia probable that Hunter will
recttVe his schooling at the San Diego
submarine base, and will doubtless be
used on the famed Sub-Base baseball
team. ;-
Crespi, who has been pitching magni-
ncent ball for the (juartermaatera, ta
going to have a chance to work occa
sionally with the Seals. It la doubt
ful If Del will be able to go oa the read
with the club, but he can step- into
games when the elub ia at home.
The grandstaCd was full of ballplay
ers yesterday who would be a big help
to the Seals if ther didn't happen to
be in Tncle Sam's aniform. Gcrrfi
uiaire uooawin sac in one group, tin
there were others scattered among the
The Seals have promised the author
ities of Camp Fremont to pay the camp
a Monday visit within the next few
weeks and play the soldier team for
the benefit of the Camp Fremont athle
tic equipment fund.
"Babe" Pinelli 's fielding continues
to be a feature of every game. Thia
vnuth is showing up every other in
fielder in the league with hia speed
and hia throwing. He ia getting bis
share of base hits, too.
Frank O'Dovil chalked up nfne
strike-outs In his record yesterday, and
very vietim was a left-handed bata
man. Marry Wolter fell before kla
curves four times.
w. a. a. i
CINCINNATI, May 1 Christy
Msthewson of thtfe-Cioeinnatl Nationals
will go to France if officials of the Y.
M. C. A. can convince him that his serv
:res there in improving the morale of
the American troops would be indis
pensable. M.nthewson made this declaration to
day after a prolonged conference with
Dr. Qeorge O. Fisher, International di
rector of physical instructors of the Y.
M. C. A.
Dr. ' Fisher assured Mathewsoa hi
i-ould eonvince him hia services would
be invaluable.
W. a. a.
CAMP LEWIS, Tacoma, May 3
To show the meu their approval of box
ing as a manly sport, Chaplain C Av
Rex road of the Three Hundred knd Six
teenth trains and oillitary . police, and
Chaplain Lutx of the Three Hundred
ami Sixteenth' Engineers, gave an ex
hibition bout last aight at, Y. M. 0. A.
.Hut No.-I, at Camp Lewis. Each chap-
i ...... .I. . i
liin nau. a captain as bis secona, ami
a Tieutenint ref creed. It waa the first
program in the new hut devoted ea-
tirely to boxing.
w. a. a. -
-MAT UU 10 rtUrilA
. . . . mm , .
DES MOINES. Iowa. Mav 3 Mavor I
Iowa, Mav 3 Mavor
Thomas Falrweather, owner of the local
Western League baseball club, an
nounced today that the team will be
transferred to i'eorlu, III., unless atttD -
dance at games here lnerease greatly.
of J. Cal Ewing and Dr. 'Charlee Strufci"'1
to T,oe Angelea ia held to be concerned tJEK:! E1"!1" "Ath
Cincinnati Reds Take Opener
Pro" New York Nationals ;
- :.k 1 1. l.i. rl .1,11. 'v '..
w. x ret
Kew York
. 4 .226
II , .5I
11 .476
1 ' ',
orooaiya . ..,..,.
poetoa ,
Ymi erif ir'i Beeulte '
At Pittsburgh Brooklyn v 6, Ontte-
bnrb 1. .' y -.. - ... , .
' At, iCjnciBatU Cincinnati -S, New
A CMeago Philadelphia 6, Chiea-
al i.iJ,; y, . . . '
A$. Iooit- St. Louis 8, Boston
2. ' t . 1
,, .
'Fear close gaass, I1 with email
"corea, featured yesterday 'a opera-
t,)n ' National League,
Th4 ne-Hme despised Dodgers took
.k. . T . , .
ywt'Hay. Brooklyn 'a victory was the
. fasleat of the day in the National;
score Rrooklvn B TMti.hnrck 1
; th. vt-Qraw OW. t,k
....-.' ' " ' "
tumble reaterday, losing to the Bedgi
, York 2. This
J defeat of he
Teit "tdereat was at the
J'"?11 !00?M L "Mk
r. 7 "L",1" "r,1 V0. . '"i"
" ' r L "mD" p "e
1 eeeond frame.
aeeond game.
L 1".?
. . 1 ..... .1! a . . .'. . ,
iThrre wat more rain on Tuesday and
1 . . . - !T '
iiiiuuir j I ii i. n tjv-uia ravn iuiivs'
ed thesi there:
Pub a Lose at Homo
1 At Chicago the Phillies came out at
the long end of 'their Arst game with
the. Cuba; score Philadelphia 5, Chi
cago ,8. '
The Cardinala aaved the West yester-
day a complete loaa of prestige, for St.
t Loalai waa the only Western elub to
win from an Lantern team ih the dav's
battles; score Ht. Louis 3, Boston Si
Incidentally, Misaouriana threw . out
their chests yesterday With good reason,
, fo la the , American League the St.
.Iais Browns were also returned victors
la their tut with the Yankees at New
aAs a result of yesterday 'a i games,
the Phillies went" over the Pirates into
fourth lace, - dropping' the latter . into-.fifth;1
( otherwise there A ware- no
ekaagee ia the positions of the Na
ttonai jeague teams,
WWtS SOX Blanked By Griffith's
Senators AH American
Games Close
Boston ,
New York ..
Chicago .
Cleveland . .
Washington .
St. Louia . . .
Philadelphia .
Detroit . ...
P. W. L. Pet
25 15 10 .600
24 14 10 .583
20 11 0 .530
24 13 11 .543
23 11 12 .478
21 10 11 .476
23 0 14 .3H1
18 6 12 .3.13
Yesterday's Result
At Boston ffloston 5, Detroit
At New York St. Louis 5,
York, 4.
At PUIadJelpbsa Philadelphia 3
Cleveland 2.
At Washington Washington 1, Chi
cago 0 (18 innings).
Griffith's Senators and the White
Sox played at Washington yesterday
the reeord game of the Amerieaa
League for the season to date, for they
went eighteen innings before the Wash
ingtonlans sent a man across the plate,
the White Sox falling to score in what
waa , really a double-header; score
Wsshingtoa 1, Cllcago 0.
The other three duels of the day were
also hard-fought, each winner nosing
the loser out by a lone run and in all
oases the scores being small
The Bed Sox, after a loug slippery
losing streak, have returned to the wis
column, for yesterday they defeated the
Tigers) score Boston 0, Detroit 4. .
- At New York the Yankees were whip
pod by the Browns, and the whipping
cost the Yanks their place .at the top
of the American League; score Nt.
Louis 0, Now York 4.
Playing at home; the Athletics made
good and won from the Indians; score
.-i-rbiladeipbla 3. Cleveland Z.
As a result of yesterday 's games, the
Bud. Sox have returned to their old
place', at the bead of tho league, the
Yankees going second. The other elubs
retain their former stations.
CHICAGO, May 4 Eddie Collins,
. rsntsin of the Chieaao American base
i ball team, lias established a reeord by
playing in 47H consecutive games. His
first miss since 1914 wa by hia absencei
in yesterday s lineup at Detroit. His
....,,.) V.al.a Mum rHSrfn.il ' waf r if A
I l HI'I "if w V . " . w w 0 . . .. ,r
.of 47S cames.
' ! '
vJouIST" April 24 Jimmy Han
' Ion, lightweight, won from Joe Conley
, of St. LOuts in the third round or i
. scheduled six-round bout hsre last night
s, IS
Efforts of the Waiskea Mill Company
of Hilo to have the asseswment bf Its
property reduced failed- yesterday hen
a decision supporting rilling of the
lax appeal eourt of the fourth judicial
circuit wan headed down by the su
preme court. i '.'.' v; ;,
The company's property was aasese-'
ed t a valuation as of January. I, 1917,
a the mm of i,250,0(0 after the com
(May had returned a valuation .for tax
ton of $800,000. When the case was
kppealed to the tax cdurt the assess
neat was sustained aud this ruling now
a given the sanction of the supreme
jourt. 1 The difference' of opinion con
ternlng Values; centered tin the com
pany's growing cane, t r
' Because Of their 'Inability Vi i" inlp
their prodneto with any; degree of
regularity or certainty, Pahang Bubber
Company land y Tanjong Bubber Com
pany, locally ' tirganlred corporations
with stoekeelders ehisfly in -. the Is
lands, have suspended dividends' Gov
ernment restrictions are alsOj' in' part
responsible for the aotlonv V' -
Kwa Plantation CompauV .
Wailuka Agrlenllnral Co., Ltd
Apoka Sugar Co , L41.
Kohala Sugar Compsay
Wahlawi, Water Compaay, Lto
futtoa Iron Work a, of St. Loots
Babcoek si Wilcox Compaay
Oreea'a Fuel Eeonomixet Cow sxa
Chas. C. Moore Co., Engineer
Don't spend all yoq earn, the
road to riches lies in "spending
less than you earn, and Inci
dentally you do your Country
a service. Start a savings ac
count "with us and make vour
.money earn , , ; ,
A f" lNTs:BJt$T v..'-,'?
Corner Fort and Merchant St
from Montreal te Liverpool,
London and Glasgow via the
and St. Lawrence Bout
and '
By the ' popular' "Prjaeeee"
Steamers from Vancouver,
Victoria or Seattle.
Kor full information apply to
Theo. II. Davies & Cor Ltd
dtnl Agents, Canadian-Paeille. By. Co
CommlssioQ Merchants
Sugar Factors
Ewa Plantation Co.
Walalua Agricultural Co., Ltd.
Apokaa Sugar Co.tLtd.
Fulton Iron Works of St. Louis
Blake Steam Pumps
Western Centrifugals
Babcoek i Wilcox Boilers
Green's Fuof WcJeCwnBur
Marsh 8team Tuinps
Matsou Navigutiou Co. u '
Planters' Line Shipping Co.
Kohala Surar Co.
chinery of evry deaeriptiou made tu
lasued Tuesdays and Fridays
(Entered at the I'ostufllee of Honolulu
Tl H, as earnnd-class matt r )
Pt Tear m.o
Par Year (foreign) ... . II 0t
Payable Invariably U lrre '.
OEAJOES & CXAJfU : Maaagea
Castle &Cobke,
' i".Hv ;' ; '.

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