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; Hawaiian . CAZfCrn Tuesday, : way 21, ii8.
.... . .
.1 17
i ii i V ' j i i -i -
i ii
f U 1 iL- klfHiinn
RefaU TovunUnd Delamie'rIUf
Enerfiy.. --Throws Dawn. Arms
tfndlSuVrfcAdersJWTienll fHda'
Itself (Jut Off From - Possible
' Retreat ;
t I'iXii'i
no iNoicATfdifl riNAr Ji ei'i
.... aFve,iwppps
Artillery Engagements Continue
ahd BHtialf CohdUdl: a dumber
W SWcBSsfult Raids! art Make
Prisoners- In Albert Sector.
. at-
KV YORK., May 2&WA.
asM'intli a.t- Mitll
U tTH'-ita a v a a sv..y a imi't "
MTi . tions of an immtdl ate renewal ot
7.'". their offensive hyi theiGerfnans
tva to it fou 1 d on any of' the
re-tors of' the Western front yes
terday although it remained a p
' pajielits that -tfration.areitill
, in 'progress lmfc of' the- enemy
lines. Heavy artillery duel con-"v-
tiuued before evertl of, th.' sat
' licnli. but the enemy attempted
" noitifantrw -attack,-'.. n ..i
; British raids Leptvi the-ccnciHy
busy alt several, points -and' the
Australian forces distinguished
themselves in i an., ; engagement
pthkh.. .while nut Kjf,. major im
portance, was, .a signal success
because of - the comparatively
Urge entmy lwsee occasioned at
small cost to the Atizwcs. Other
prisoners, were taken by the.
British in raids to the Northwest
oi Albert, near HameL
Villesurartca was' captured by
the 'Vzac troppjsy yesterday was-
' - tht-bfdit revert. Tby Charged Jjanocea that tbe delay he haa snffer
i ' f.JLUlUl -f.u'.tll lad' aje insicassble and unwarranted
.uur-.v. twu . uic.imi " 1 ,v 1 1
vr theviationtu in- therr sotendid- and
V.' famous advance upon Lens, and
achieved a success that-was rem
Si?cen of other victories they
have won. .
" In retaking the town the Aus-
. 4ralians took also 36Q prisoners
..... .
and twenty machine guns. While
the enemy also lost heavily and
in proportion to the number fa
;ijoners taken, the Anzac losses
were only fourteen killed and
twenty wounded.' In the face of?
the advancing Anzacs. a laTge
body of the enemy threw flown
their arms shen they found
themselves cutoff and advanced
with hands u; a a token of their
surrender. .
Further details of the British
air raid on Collogue Saturday,
wefr recei ed in an Amsterdam
despatch last niht. This said
that, the central market was lad-
Z' ly damaged ly hombs dropped by
the aviators.
List of Known Casualties Report
,v ed, As Fouc In Dayenportj
DAVENr1ORT'.1owa'ilsy 20 (Asso-J
riated. Press) Thi auction was tor
.""rittdo ( swfej H)t ntght as it.waa only
.h faffcVf r '.' Amy .-
Be has reitiltej and wveral deaths oe,-
caidoWU "try the atom. TVeee, iel
' 'nranlr. iJmm. trnliv na .. an! pa
Wbeei. ltfvlaalkd Ivoiues.ad bsunsfj.
Onlyaartvasasrto,tlMteteatJw1'l'' w 'h "
Z )t.f the-dajnafta and-th dabs-an l- hundred thouMin. ,,ui.ds. nghtene.l
... 1nriM r.lti n from km.t. nivlat ataam V wor,, l'""10'1 1 r,,,u ",,n to I,,oulu
unroofed sua wrtkd
have 'tis 'yet come in. Ia this tiif aadfi
Vicwity two were billed .and two-Others
injured. Telephone aerviee ia "badly t
V rippled, as are trolley lins and it will
Te hours befof'e it esa lie- learned' bow
the 'surrounding towns have faired.
v..t InTw.'S'
5.500.000 PAIRS OF' -ii- A.. '
; ji&ifaiThr 'Sfl-'doatiaaMi
hae la Wt fpj tkautanuatjliire of.
3,5(W,a0a.. pva of,., matajli. (4pt-
field shoes for tli), awmj- oyeraeaa,, at
aa average pried per pair of approxi
mately $7.75, and for the manufacture
"of 2,000,000 j.tnra of field welt shoes at
Aircraft Try
Oii Extensive1 Scale
Are-Dropped.and-Four of Hun I
Craft Art Downed By the Air
Defense Before London
WNTJOMr Mat av-(AaaMiUwl
praaa) -Txu, awy slrpUnea hav
pao. downed 4uln. sa axtanaiv
ftld which wtitiudbj Hun air
ata agaljnt London . and aautb
taatern England, It waa offlclally
sonomMMd. thraf a'clock. tbta
, , Tks raid of laat night, which
tlU sppvata.b la progxeaa, wma
n4kt. In larga fofea4id oa an alab
ora cat. A conalderahle nnm
feur X tatnbsiwra droppad by th
eaeniy - pianaa. as, tbey taa4a their
irayv toward. tMaxltx Xtwaa met
hy thas air Woau gna and the
British air. def enae fleet haa done
splendid' work.
At thla hoot, details a to casuai
tlaa aad danaaga are-not aTallable.
' i i ii
Former French. Premier Is Chaf
ing At Long Delays
PARrs, May 20 (Associated Vti-)
' Former lreaiier Calleanx, acouned of
being a traitor to the best interests of
the country and who has been impli
cated by the. authorities with Bolo
Pasha, von HlDdenberg and other plot
ters, is ebsfing at. the delay which he
has faced.
! Calleaux has written to the prosecu
ting attorney demanding an immediate
hearing, and trial by court martial., lie
asserts that h will tie able to nrove his
and calls, for mere
and' calls.. for, mere speedy action
' T. .it?. i .11. n ii
.,. miiD opinion noius vaiiesaa guiiiy
with the others who have already been
tried and eouvicted and hit convic
tion is expected ulthougk the hearings
.will probably be protracted.
' , - - - w. a. a.
' MTTHBllHUH. Mey 20 (Associated
frees V Many familiea were in mouvii-
Ing; yesterday as a result of the ex
pjosioa in the triiiotrotulol factory st
Oakdule 'shortly after noou on Satur
lay, but the (It-atli lit is not ((uite so
larire aa was nt limt feared. Thus far I
, ii,
the known dead from tlsp terrific ex-
i i , ? ..
ploeiuu. uumU-r lifty-an but there are
Ii.i4.rL.- ,.i .. i ...
tutiij -inn iriiirtp r ti'j rt i - unni.iiruH' u
iwr. anU use tn at nuKtuD-.
It is prulabie that these are also
.djOed.qud thut theii V. i, lies were so ahat
terel and I1ohii to pieces that nothing
pf. them will ever lie found for ideuti
atkni. The firxt entimate of killed
waa 200 but u line number were later
faund. safe.
The liat of iniuie.l numbers ninefy
four and. of these there nrc a number
who. cannot recover.
No explanation of the explosion has
as yet been secured.
ALBUl'KRyi'K, New Mexico, May
IlaW-'-fAsaoriatiul l'n-s) The dread of
faiHine couple. I with tlte iorigina! in
stinct to hoar. I ngitiiiA the lean months,
is responsible for a peculiar comlition
anion; tt)e Iiiilnins of northern New
Mexico, aceor'liiiK to Hubert K. Jjutuey,
head of 'be llour ami milling division
of the state foo.l mliniiiiatratiou.
1A'J.,",1 plin"u" ut
amount of
w.iinati held ut oue iiM-blo near Alhu
that the go ernmeiit ia about to i'.e
tbeif aupplies of hent, the India-"
trave displayeil cxerptioanl cunning in
hidiag their stoic of t h cereal.
11 an. effort in i manure the Indiana
Mr. I'lltliev hus nritteu Utters tu In
dian tra.lvrs an. I millers urging them
'to make it I'lain lo the ImliaiiM thut
the government luia no inteatiou of
aaisiug tUi-ir .iolm is ami pointing out
that, the Kprcu.linx of i-HlHiuitoila re
fiorts leads lu .1. fv.il the aim of the
Jir. I'utiuv a I -ci einphai7.ed the fact
,that there is ample lyaiu in the slate
!to provide for all uee,U, railing, atteji
tlon to tlfe iomlaritv of eoru meal
among the lu.lians ami Mexicans alike,
on which tlif goi ri nineiit liau placed no
Heavy Fighting' PolttfWr Effort To
Open Way Td Base of Besis
tan.ee In Mesopotamia
MOSCOW, M.y 20 (AesoeUied
Prvss) Hevoxe fighting between the
Hobdievlkl and Mussulman forces in
the Transcaucasia it report.! in de
spatchae received here,,, The,frurk?. re
seeking a 'new way ., through and to
their ha; of oppoaitioeto the Rridsh
advance in Mesopotamia, it ia believed.
I'k tbe province of Baku ia , the
Transcaucasia the Turks, knf , Kurds
have take, the offensive, end ' hitter
1 fighting with the Bolshevist ferret hat
reaming it ia reported that two thou
sar.d fm . Wiled and... three,, .thousand
were wounded, in. the, recent, fighting.
i.arjrH.. Kcriianx nt rouatry Dare born
,7. , r,,0M
Turk and Kn'rdi on attir'HV"nn
plp I'ihnu, anutk pf take Urmiav"Thf
arent ohjortive whirk thejr.kye be
fore Hi em in KnzfH which, is the bane
for th eperatiuna, of tbe Tnrlca ia
their opposition to Britinh- advances
tbroiigb IrlpsaiMitamisy ,
F'etni;rA rriorts reeeireij lait night
nid that Ueriantt furfea had, or r up i
tbe If-lana of Ojorko ia the Oulf of
KinlAml which ,la only thirty miles
north oi. t'etrograd.
. W S..S.
Four Lyncliiflgs
Resuilt of x
Murder, Iri Georgia
Negrttand His Wife Accused of
Complicity Are Taken By- Mob
andStrung Up;' Together;
Blacks A,rejTejToriMd
V A3LD0 aiA. Georgia Kay: 20
(Associated Frast)" Hayet Tnrtwr,
a nagro, sad bis wife, Mary Turner,
wera hanged, bj a aMfoMiera last
night. These mad a total of four
daaths by riolehca t the hands" Of
angry, mobs tinea taat.'Thknday.
The mob gar Its vlctlmi a mere
pretense of a hearlngi and' "trlar'
before atrtnglng. then. up. Tbey
were accused of connection with
the murder of a farmer and the
wounding of his wife which occur
red neat here on Thursday night.
Two other negroes hate previ
ously been th Victims of this or a
aliaUar. mob. They were taken oa
Friday, night, also accused, of con
nection wltk the murder and woundt
lng and vara hanged, to trees, with
little ceremony. ;
The negro population Is terrorlt- "
ed by the moo and la muttering
threats of retaliation.
Greatest Outturninfl - of MWar
Marks General Interest In
Second War D,rive
HAN r'KANCIHCO, May 19-(Offl
ciali More than five million persons,
inelmlii hundrcda f thrmsanda of
women piirsiled in more ' thJuT' "1500
leuies inroiiiinout tne Lulled ntates on
a . . ? . , . . 1 ,
ratiinlsv. it s reported in New York
1 , , , . ' J:
, Jin In the Metropolis- vast
cities 'throughout the L'uited 'States on
erow.ls i.acked the sidewalks, and filled
all wiiolous and vantnge. points alongJ
ine nne or niarcn. in the line tnere
were 7..ihi0 women besides many chil
dren iiii-l several thouiaud men. Presi
dent Wilson, afoot, marched at the
heml of the pantile from its atartatD
the reii'iiij stiiiul where'"he fell but'
and. I : r
lien.l...! r..viwi th v.t4
arm v of women who nr enlisted ilthe
canae of humanity. ' ' ,.
On the Pacific Coast about JStOO ' etties
and towns nrc reported fo have keld
9d Cross parades. Hera M.OOO.niarrb
el, i I .os Angeles 4J.00O' ajd . fiorf
than I0.IXK) each in Hpokane and Heat
tie. In Snerametito t'aliprn ja 'f Gov
ernor led the purnde. ' 1
In Calif urnia sevetal eitiea and eoitrf
ilea have reported tbnt their. iu0ta
has Iwen ihiiw.1 lfre the formal and
ofhVinl oii-iiiiig of subscription listt
this morning.
generaisiebH ,
VAIIIN(iT()N, May '.'0f Associat
ed Press Ceneral Hiubort, who bais
been in i an.l of the department oif.
the Souilieast for the army haa been
relieve. I
ml L-iven u new and hiahlv
itnpOrtHlll lletHll
It was yesterday a a
i: 'Mllieil llinl ,e villi lie in romSMMid of
the sTurr of the -tfrmy, t raost
important factor in th present1 war
fare us it has lieen brought te be pyl
nun r Mviitrnliiesn.
Mis he nl.jiiai tcrs will be here.
w. s.' t. - i
When I,
puius or lami'iirss in
the Inn I. I. .uli. the i.arta with Ohaiubrr
linn r.i i Mjiiu tvtlc. u inaasag
iug nh iln .:,lm oi ths haud for rive
luinutes at i.i, I, aniili.ation. Then
Hiupcn a c ,,i ii.ni, alixbtly wil.lij
tins lunp
' real i f i
J)i iim, i
an I I.
I it on over the
ale 1 1 v all ilralers.
. Ltd., ugeuta for
1 1 a ah i
I ' lit! I I I, , I V l.'.l I ll'l. I. IIVI
1111 inri iiiiiiaiiii i ' t
Two) Aro Wade iy' Night -and
Third.By 'Dax and All Attacks
Repulsed: Easily
I AWltniUAW.LUil.ti Ant 1
United; States Now Holds 'Third
Longest-Line On Western
-Battle Front
" wAUrNaTON.MaT 20 (Asaoela.!
el .'.IVeasyi-Attejmpted' raids by the
enerrty upon ,Amerieana n IHcardy and ,
Lorraine, era. ofd in the ronimnnine-'
wWli -was received from General Per-'
; bf ,th ( Wasi department yestfff J
day,' Two! of these "raids occurred on:
Saturday niht and one yesterday. All '
wij're. a-mersnfiilfy repulsed with eoraj
paratjvel , small loss to the Amerfc'an
foTf"''htin t close quarters ia all
oi, i ne raiiia ,an losses, were isrncted.
uj o'n .th.eiveiiiy. . ', .. I
, i;ive f the, raid of Haturdsv rticht
wpj,ii a, sector, of trenehes in Pieardy
anl; trip , other Was ( In porraine, The '
atempt pfyesterdny . was on the Lor-1
raitnj, nector. snij foiled as siirnally at '
iiri. tB?, a-ftitoa, a4, attempted surprise
of' th 4bt before.',., w ,
Siu'epsafu'P airplane erx-op titers n i'n
enem, ,ajrcrft . m theWoerte sector
were. aJso rej-jprtei try Pershing.
Ceshnltiea. reWrted 'by tbe war de
par'twent. yf sterdlijr furniihed a short
er list than most of, tho?e .of reeeot
devs. They numbered fifty-nine of
wlrm. four were hilled in action, four
I died- of' wotwdsvv three 'from accidents
an1 two of disease. Thirty-sjx were.
severely wouanen, sit antrt-rert minor
wounds and 'four were missing.
" ' "' . '
; WAsklNflTON. Mar W (Official)
American., forces on the French but
tle treat are . sow holding longer lines,
of treaebea' than are the forces of Bel-'
glum ttWas ofBeially announced hy he
war department today.. Thus the United
States ia numerical strength and in ex- J
ten! Of territory', neeupierl on the West-1
ern'Pr'bnt are; rknkini; thlrdfollowlng
directly after Gtent Britain and France
and exceeding Belgium, Portugal and
Italy. t ' ' 1
The announcement of the extent of
territory rloaa defended by the forces of
.the..United HJates was made sfter the
release try 'the war department of the!
Information of the taking over by Uni- I
ted States troops of positions on the 1
pieardy front. .Troops are now moving
more rapidly , each week and are going
much faster 'overseas than at any time
sinee the- war started. ' i
' Despatches tell of the' sanguinary re
pulse of a Oeraiaa attacking party la,
the tuae'vilte aretori . The fight was,
largely a hand t harSJ affair, the Ante-
teans'nslng grenades, pistols, bayonets, i
knives aad even their fista. The Amer-'.
leans did not lose a man in this en
gagement. On the Tout sector sn American Avia
tor bus shot down two more German
machines. '
In, a circular letter that , baa been
issued by Food Administrator J. T. '
Child to rice importera and wholesalers,
the food administration's cheek on rice
sajea is extended, to. retail dealer, for
the letter auks, wholesalers to obtain '
iMM-nut before makiug sales or deliv-
ering orders. The, permits are to be
properly filled by seller and buyer and
returned to the food administration
office wiere they will bo kept on. record.
The letter sails th attention of deal
era to profiteering regulations and cau
tious them "to.be within th meaning
and intent of the regulations-Mo con
fine yourselves to the minimum pre-
war orohjts on each lot imported., ais
regarding the market cost or coat or
repJacemcnt." Ueajera are reminuea
tbit their prohta. akouVd not exceed ten
rrcemt gross irOfit on., rice sales.
u sn ax-ki
lJONDON, May 20 (Associated
Pess)ir-Tue council, of foreign bond
lialders. vrhieh protects the iaterests
'of the. holders of foreign seenrities, in,!
its annual report aays, regarding Uus
siat V f". "
" " Tbe .VepndUf loa by the revolution
ary party ia Bussia of the whole of
trie' national , debt of tbat- eOuntry, is
'an event which"' I 'unparalleled- iu the
ftiiamial history' of the- world, and
when saner counsels again prevail, it
it impossible to believe that the" de
liberate confiscation' of borrowed mon
ey DJT great nation, 'whose credit in
'the past' has stood it' tbe highest level,
Van receive tbe'tupport of the people
of Russia generally .r
The states of Alabama,' Arkansas,
TJorida, Oforgia 'Louisiana, Missis
AipiH. ortb Caroljaa fouth ' Carolina
And Veai. Virginia are' "till shown in
the report as being in default on ccr
,tajn of Jh,cir,obIjg8jHst ,
PARIS, May 7 (Associuted Press,
A,. borer whib died here a few lavs
ago left bis eutire fortune, an ini-ome
jdI i00, a year,, to, a Paris working
girl,, says the Ej'prr..' Tbe horse be-1
fenged to Adolpli.de Ro,thchjld, who
left it a legacy to tbat it ought end its.
days vn comfort, instead ot oeing sent
to the slaughter house. It was arranged ,
. L . I. L . I .Al, ,,. ... I
lout inrr iiib iioibo .-u.ii -j
come should be transferred tu u de
serving w orking. girl.
Ration i of . Two - Ounces Weekly
; For-One Person No Longer
Obtainable; Others Suffer' ,
MOSCOW, May , Sa-- Aaiate(1
lTesi) In Petrograd "and moat of the
other larger cities of' Rossia the food
lit oat ion Is beeomlhg' TaoVe1 aerlona and
Is approaching a eritlcal atagn. Hera
If ia-Kad "although riot o aente In at
Jht- farmer eapital. ' '
,Broad, ' f Vur arM other breadttufTt
kr reported as having been totally
ethhuated in, despatches sent from
I'etrograd Rafurday night, the ritio
bad been further and,, further reduced
until if amounted, to only two, ouneet
a person;, for the. week and now 'even
that morsel n& longer oblaiaable.
rlt ia evtabrit Uat patrpgral ia th
sorriest. Of plights for food brft other
Kussiaa eitiea are hardly better, off.
Here, the bread ration "pat' been still
farther reduced but there U -a very
limited supply of flour and some hope
or securing more la held forth.
Views of Business Men To Be Se
cured ToDetermine.UnesUp
on Wiich: Work Is Needed
WASHINOTON, ay 2ft t Appelat
ed PresaJ The.- business public has
been , asked by the department of com
merce to assist in carrying out a, radi
cal revision and- extension of the gov
ernment 's foreign trade statistical c las
ajflcstien which haa been undertaken
ty the bureau of foreign and domestic
Commerce. ' ,
' , Immediate suggestions are wanted aa
to new classes of goods that ought to
be shown ia the statistics or new sub
divisions of the- present elasses.
The immediate object of the revis
ion, it the furnishing of more detailed
anf .accurate information for the war
boards engaged in. licensing imports
and. exports, conserving; tonnage, food
stuffs and ram materials. It is (Sec
retary Redfleld'e idea, however, that
the statistics should he of the largest
permanent value to the nation's for
eign trade after the war, which is why
the views of business men generally
are being sought to indicate the liner
on which the revision should be carried
"In making suggestions for the ex
port classification," the bureau of for
eign and domestic commerce announced,
"the business men should bear ia mind
that the statistici are based on tbe
description of merchandise as shown ia
export declarations, filed by the ship
por with the collector of customs at the
port of clearance. A too detailed elatv
eification going beyond commonly used
commercial terms most therefore be
avoided. Likewise, suggestions regard
ing imports should be made with due
regard to the fact that statistici of
imports follow the tariff classification
ami that subdivisions for statistical
purposes lieyond customs requirements
are difficult to obtain and are apt. to
result in inaccurate and niialeading
The tariff commission, the food ad
ni nistration, the war trade board, tbe
slipping board and other war bureaus
re cooperating in the effort to obtain
. more detailed classification and will
.ake measures to insure compliance
with the official classification.
w, s.a.1
WAMHINtiTDN. April HO General
Foc.li, generaJisi-iiHo of tbe Allied arm
ies, is taking nothing fur granted as
to the ability of the' Franco British
American line to hold. Tho crumpling
up of the British lifth army, which at
the outset of the (iernian offensive
guarded the gateway to tbe plains of
l'ienrily, carried its lesson hosno.
While the people of two continents
I ave bvrn seulating anxiously a
to the n lii-reubonts of Foeh and tbe
inter Allied army of numeuver, it was
Verned authoritatively today that
Koch litis uiH lee idle.
Twenty sevea lines of trwiebes, it
was diaclwtml, have been constructed
rm-eatly between th Iwttle front in
Fbinders uml the city of Paris.
Focb. it wu stated, determined,
despite the impatience of onlookers to
nt tempt nothing in the wa.y of a coun
ter offensive, until ansiirty) , beyoud
doubt that there existed between. tbe
enemy and Paris an impenetrable line
of defenses, eveiv attack against
which wouhl take from- the Prussians
u frightful tvij, I'f.Woml. ' ,
FOR $1000. BOND
Ni:W VOItK, April -'t ( Associated
Press 1 Twelve ejir old Ijtncelot I)e
Cost 11, boy scout sergeant, "campsd"
nil night at the offices of J. P. Morgan
until he was finally allowed to see tbe
great financier.
"I luo, led him fur 11 l,00r) Liberty
BcmhI," lie grinned.
(Tablets). Druggistt refund money it !
it fails to cure. Tha signature, of '
E. W. GROVE ia on each box. Man- ;
nfactured by the PARIS MEDICINE
CO., St. Louis, U. 8. A.
HiiMnii' KHiiAikn m r
UAH L l' L
Most Register Soon
June & Is Date Sef For Listing of
Youths iWhov Have 'Attained
Their Majority Sifwe That day
Last Year: Machinery Is Ready
All youthti In 'Hawaii .
reached 1he age ef twentj-yaayearll
since, Juae'5,' llr, 'wlll ba required-: t
regittar M 'ths draft U i and ht
Juh3j ofiteial "mesaagea from' Washing
ton received by The Advertiser yeater
oty- abaoaneiag that; thM will be the
.data aehreted for bringrag a addition ,
at WH),iXKr met into the draft ia every
partlbf-khe"tjltd BtateV. ' 'r ''
. Capt, II. d. KaluV aelacttra draft o(D
car, haa not yet received official noti
fication from .Provost 'Marshal General
Crowdee, to jrepar fr, rKgiktaribg th
new men Ik Hawaii; but He ha recefVeJ
a large number of blanki , and doc
umentt which, will .bfi neceisary to eat
ry out the kte passed reeewf ly by" eoag1
resa to bring the new allotment of tries
Into th reentered'. Bate. V. , . '.
The daeiiiioa.'oX.'Ua governraatrt6
artii aimoat a million more voong mea
to the war KstS in. anticipation, af 41
much, heavier sail far mat, power that
wet, originally, planned "makes just onl
A.. .1 1 ? 111 .t('L - l
more questionnaire camnsign which
slates' and territories will have to pot
into operation.', ' V . .1". ,'. ' '
In Hawaii it will not be necessary to
erjiploy all the' .machinery used la the
previous campaigns.
Beffiort Ak Oaprtol- " v
. CapUia.. Fieldi win. deslgnata the. ar
lectiys. draft headquarters in. tha Capi
tol aT the 'Juestlotiuaire office" for
all jfoupg men, rasidlng' in the city of
Honolulu proper.". , Instead!, oferectiag
booths ,1a the Urecljic,. , and. falling oa
a large, number' of. volunteers: to njaa
them, and m'et tha,4,ney army' there,
all, win. be orrlcrej to, report at the
Capitol., .The' medica) VparJt 'will, be
-4ntinne(l, at well aa the local, board
order criming here aaid Captain Klejd
yesterday, 'and 'am prepared ,to' nieat
it whenever riachea me from General
Cirowde'r. Ouir W0rk,it (ri uc h' sharie,
thst'we e'aa 'tackle ,K''BeTeamparitn
Vftrrouttierag Iwterrtredwitli by the
former -work. That is practically eom
pietair: " - ' '
'Ai'to'tfutsirle airitrieit, I'than'pro1!);
nMyiknge-for "central" plaee for the
filling out of questionnaires.' '"We Will
do everything td meet the corrvenieriee
or those Who nave to come into the
drhft 'nndeV this new order.
Da TTaxertaln ".,...
'''Whether- Or hot we 'will' start on
June 5 is a matter of conjecture. We
Tna'y be required to start bur campaign
later than thfctr ok tha 'mainland." 1
' (Japtaia Field 'kat-no : figures' to es
tlmate. the number -bf' young mea who
wilt bare to Te. registered; ' .
"'The new draftee 'will ( not "na eallad
urxa for .tiervleebowaverfurrtll- the
old registration lists are exhausted,
No information hat yet tjeen- received
ati'tha draft office at whan'rhe' draft
lauota for Hawaii 'is to b called. Cap
tain Field ret orned yesterday rnornlng
front Maui where he lad ope full day
to inspect the reeorda of-the registra
tion,, whiekt. ho found, in good an ape.
Meat, ofi Age
The Army and- Kavy Journal of
April 27, cesarsjcntirtg oa tha new law
and the manner ia. which it patted the
house "skyat ' . .'":
"Tha resolution. A. 3. 124, placing in
tha selective draft men who have be
come twenty-one yearS'-of age since
June, 5, 1917, which, appears, oat our
congress page, was pasted, by the house
April 25, with slight. amend mente. The
house amended 'th resolution as adopt
ed by tbe aetata by Wiaulatint that
those thut en teriog tha, draft should
be placed at the bottom of . tbe lilt In
their respective classifications. Repre
sentative Hull, of Iowa, offered this
amendment, which he said was not op
posed by 'the war department. It Was
adopted by a vote of fo 81.'" The
house refused to exempt any person
who becomes tw entv-oti" yen i s of age
since June, 11)17. (f reW4ed a vote
of 202 to 2H the senate -imcdment ex
empting divinitv a 'd "n-dical st -'iats.
''The' original dfaft lay exempted
aueh students from active service nfWin
recommendation, or request of the Presi
dent or, dcaw of 1 a college or, divinity
school.' It was nrgid In th bouse that
there was no jsstire' ib eiempting this
elassi qf young men. inapmpch, as the
original bill bad already made such ex
emption, and there, wit to "brpbaljlility
that the country would Buffer from a
lack, of physicians T and;- clergymen.
Major Gooeral Crowds estimates thst
fully, 700,000 moa hve; .become twenty
on since Juaa 4, JW7, an will be af
fected by this leglslatioa. , ;
"A revision of th. regujationi for
the physical examination. : .; he men
drafted,, undef the, fcelactivcj' Service
Law is now bring, coasi4ored by a
board; otK army, medical, oflicert ia the
turgeoa , gvneraj 'e- oftick. The purpose
of the revisiea ia. toi simplify the previ
ous, 'regulativn on that aabjeet. Tbe
.bed , Is u4erstoo4 fo , bhve reached
the CMMiefusii) tbt at preseut.it It ad
visable, to v rapt only nen. who, have no
defects, to be sent to tapjbilixation
camps for general military lervics. Men
who possess defefta w.hiehr render tham
uuflt for gruoral . military duty, may be
ateoptod for sixwial and 1 limited mili
tary service. The regulatioiu as-amerui-od
by the board ihave,not yet boen act
edijujioo, b, tJia,secrfilary.a. war. M
- rr i aaaaaaa i, frV at. I'W Pt , ,
1 'r!RiwpHi')Diri',i-
American girls cannot obtain tlreir
soldier-swcelbcar,t.' insurance by proxy
weddinuui.. ' (t
ThitTs the1 roTlnJtfbf "Attorney Gen
eral runeage'on.ftrie' coa'f' a- Thi
cayo' iI who wtsbed-a proy wefldlog
td. that the could r obf tin- her teldier
tweethairt 'a' fbsbrhtw in tbe event
he was killed in FraneeV 'u ' ' '
The only way the girl could obtain
the insurance was for aim to will it
tu her. Brundae held.
President and Citizens Asked Not
To, Lpt Sympathies Blind Their
. Good Judgement. On Situation
In Ireland . '
Radicals Appear ; To Have.- Put
Themselves ': In.. Treasonable
, : Touch. With Enenjy.ln Spite of
Previfitia I snitnev ' -
f ONDOM, May. 20 (Associ-
ft- atefl'.rcfss) In Irelaritl the
situation was, quiet yesterday, and
last night after the arrest of hun
dreds of Sinn Feiners and other
radical agitators. At the confer
ence of the Irish Nationalist party
called by -Dillon, their leader in
parliament the situation was con
sidered and later Dillon issued a
manifesto in which are set forth
alleged cause for grievance which
the Irish are claimed to have and
blame is attached to the British
government for the passage of
the Man Power Law and for the
making of wholesale arrests of
Sinn Feiners which are declared
to be a part of a plan of intimida
tion to enforce conscription.
Commenting on the Irish situ
ation The Observer, says : "A
grave step has been .taken by the
British. government in the makiug
of arrests by the hundreds who
have been taken into custody but
thcr,e were reasons just as grave
that warranted the action.
. ' ''Professor de Valera and other
extremists have been arrested
because it has been found that
once more they have put them
selves in treasonable touch, with
the enemy. They.have done this
in-'pite of the, lenient treatment
they received after the last out
break in Dublin when revolt and
sabotage prevailed. ,
."We hope thjjt the President
and the people of , the United
States will not be misled by the
manifesto which has been issued
by Dillon, and let their sympathies
for the Irish in the persecutions
which he alleges blind their rea
son to the necessity and the j list -iv
t of the course which has been
Seventy-three Sinn Feiners de
parted hastily for Wales on Sat
urday night, is reported in a, Dub
lin despatch to the Central News
Agency. They boarded a ship at
Kingstown and sailed lor Holy
head. Arrest of Coiinl l'lmikctt. mem
ber of parliament from Roscom
mon is also reported from Dub
lin. The same despatch says
that all is now quiet in that city.
- give good results
VAHHIN(iTON, May 20 f Asaoeint
Press) Restrictions that were placed
on the use of sugar for candy and for
tweet drinks have alretdy shown
snlendid results, it is announced by
Herbert C. Hoover, the food sd minis
trotor. He suid yesterday that as a
result of these restrictions there bas
'been released a tonnage of 50,000 of
.ships and this has been made, avail
able to carry food to Belgium and coal
to Great Britain.
1 - . W a. a. ii.i. .
' Wkile attending to 'bis duties as
caretaker' of the tennis court af Kapi
tittinl ' Parks, .rrinies klalubi ' dropped
dead yesterday morning st About half
past eleven o'clock. He was about,
sixty years of age tnd His death Is at
tributed to heart failure and old ace.
Maluhi whs seen try bystanders to' fall
forward on his face. They rushed to
hit aid and later sent a call for the city
ambulanae. The emergency hospital
attendant pronounced the man dead
when he examined the body and it sua
sent tu the morgue.

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