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" ... ... . - - .
inii'i i n ir r linnnn inrnrm m MnmimunnvTinin -rr.
hi irji i i li it r i i i l 1 1 - i - v i aim im i i ii r in ii i i hum a i imr inn
i hum in ri Hiiiii ii I ,m nrr r r i a u n o. th. .nh t , th. v. i ii.niL un n
l i 1 : ' i a. jr . 'if.
Leaders of legislature 'Propose
' io eive McCarthy power
;t Tof-f inancing Board ' "
rood commission' ivf
Proposed Action "Shows,' Confi
dence of Lawmakers In Com--
hig Head of the Government;
' Blowing the' full 'measure of coal
dec the legislature repose ia Gov
ernpt-fo be McCarthy',, it is extremely
probable that the Jaw makers wlU over
turn al precedent and to meet vexing
question of financing' various board
ami commissions that have com for
ward at the peeTal session with pajm
extended, will pattern thelt action af
ter that taken at 'Washington la dele
gating power to the executive and pot
the .whole thing, so far an apendtng Ii
concerned, into the Governor 'a band.
A measure haa been offered restoring
the Governor" contingent fund, which
wa taken away from the outgoing ad
ministration at the 1917 session after
the Governor bad been charged with
frittering away th $50,000 annual ap
propriation that had been given to him
for emergencies. In restoring a eon
tlngent 'fund to the nw Governor It
wan flrnt proposed to increase' it from
the $50,000 that waa formerly voted
to (150,000, and now the new project
that i virtually decided upon la to
make the appropriation all of $100,000
with no strings of any kind attached.
It waa pointed out yesterday by a
senator thai various boarcls have com
forward' with'1 reqoeats for appropria
tion of various kinds without having
determined wrt oy degree of elear
na wfc)t teed exist for the money
sought ami seemingly without knowing
what they wilt do with the money alter
they get it. Bueh a variety of demands
and contention have been brought for
ward that it. is new proposed to cut
away all red tape in the matter" of ft
nancing board and commissions and
place full control them and their
finances into the hands of the execu
tive. Discussions Ended
The' lengthy and seemingly endle
diacussions which have been the order
of bualneaa for the past two day in
the ways and meanj committee of the
senate, while the various food 'admin
istration measure have beea under dis
cussion, were brought to an abrupt
clone yesterday afternoon when this
body went into executive session with
. Governor-Deaiguate McCarthy, Chair
man Cooke, of th fiaause . committee
of tltfe house and Attorney General
.Smith and it was practically decided to
settle these vexed food administration
measures bv .delegating extraordinary
powers to Governor McCarthy, nd, rec
ommending a contingent fund for hi
use for emergency measures which, will
total $:!00,0H).
This measure, in the event that It
become a law, will give the Governor
power to nppropriate suflicient money
to carry ou the territorial food corn;
miaaiou to the end of the biennial pe
riod, if he sees fit; to provide a re
volving fund for the purchase of for
eign (frown rice, in the event that the
project ia a. roasihle ami praciicanie
America's Greatest Soldier of
t' the Alr Meets Disaster for
', .. Vi i- i. Engagement :? &
,'' r ViU'ijifi ' iiii ?,' .
; (Concluded from Fair 1)
following fiUoo accompanied, th dee
orations! ' " -
AtsoctoifcockwnU''": ; :kxi
Lufbery, Baoul, sergeant With th
esrsrtrilbl No. lzr model of skill,
ang rroia- anrt eoumg. Has aiatin
pished himself by .numerous long-distance
bombardments and by- the daily
combat which he deliver to enemy
airplanes On Jnly 31 he attacked at
short rang' 1 goup, of four Oerms
irpne. JUihot on of them down
ear our lines. .0 August i, .1819, be
uteeele4. ;n bringing down eon4
0.?'r ,vr i N ' '..
' 0-th rghtb' of August Lnfbery
added soothes victory to hl Hit of
cbivoiat when he brought down
in , names n avian waisn lell, near
Fort Douaumoril. Daring the rest of
th summer he had two or mora, com
bat daily. Many time b returned to
th airplane base with, hi machine full
of bullet bole. 'Frequently hi cloth
ing wa tiit by German missiles. r
Thi dariag avtator-accompanied fh
til-fated KlfiBn Bockwell on Beptamber
21, when the latter plunged several
thousand feet to his death while "ma
neuvering to bring down an anenfy fliev
that bovered 11,000 feet" over th
)ench lines. When he i leataed ' f
Rok well's death, Lufbery' ordertd hi
gasoline tank rafllled and wflll ' sur
iy . of eanridge he again-, aoared
leavwward with the hop of aveag
ng hi . cemrsde's death But no
ocb machine wa to be seen, -
pmOs ZMk Llf ,
I During T the bombardment - Of tb
Mauser faetories on October 1it 1010,
th intrepid aviator brought dow a
three-manned avlatik. Tkia waa oust
ed as hi fith official ,Titory ami
gained Jiin additional honor. It wa
during-this raid that Gorman Prine
wa mortally. wounded. . ' ', .
After the escailrllle had mvd. to
ih Homme battlefield. Luf berv. on '
November. 9 and 10, brought down two
more German plane. These, however,
fefl to far within their own line to
be placed o hi official credit. On
December. 27, 1916, be nearly lost hi
life in- bringing down hi sixth- flier,
of tb enemy. Four bullets riddled th
machine close to hi body. For thin
victory he received ' the Cros of' the
Lgion of Honor.
In March of this year he wa offi
cially credited wlh bringing hi
seventh German ' aircraft. Th other
have 'been sent' hurtling to the earth
at different time aince then.
. Lufbery 1 a qnfet, level-headed man,
rarely saylng'y anything. Ills partic
ular friend ia th) Lafayette, escadriil
of American flier U 8gt. Paul Pavel
ka, who also, lulls from Connecticut,
and who has himelf aeen quite a bit
of , th. world; , Lafbery haa hi own
pecil rohl-:,of , attacking fnemv
airplane i, be U cook . enwtou- and
brav and' as exeeptuwally fin hot.
When he was v, soldier in. the United
States army ho won end bold the mark
maaahip medaj of hi regiment- He ha
been sited., ia. army-, ordor two more
time since August, 1910, .
Military Funeral Today
Today the dead' hero of the French
and American air forces will be ac
corded full military , honor at bis
funeral and the eitiseu of Ttw na
tions, the soldier of: all :" the Allied
Senators and Representatives Sit
i.,Pa2ed Under Torrent of Lan
guage From Fountain Head
Address Wanders Around the
World and Back Again Without
' ' Even Touching At Zamboanga
one, and to provide mowy for the ee-' hrmie will feel that each on of therrt
taltlishmcut of a, fund for the en
couragomeut of the taro industry and
to guarantee prices so that the grow
ing of taro in this Territory bo stimu
lated. The measure . proposed yesterday
gives every indication of the unbound
ed confidence that both branches of the
legislature have in Governor Mc
Carthy 'a ability to handle these im
portant measures ss they arise.
Will Out Bed Tap
Aa one aenator aptly put it yester
dny after the session: "We intend to
rut all red tape and delegate to our
new Governor the aauio power that
congress in its wiedom has delegated
to President Wilson. We will delegate
the full reKponaibility of the proper
handling nf this fund to Governor Mc
Carthy with' the knowledge that he is
perfectly competent to handle the vari
ous emergencies that may arise and he
ha sustained, , direct (personal loan.
av. at-
Is Permitted To Oecldt Whether
He WirGo:.TBumanla
Or Switzerland
Trenchant Points In
Governor's Address
Oii National Guard
.y, ...
" thcr are two Impulse that
control tb world' Overpopulsr
kton and.tb Medina for xpan-
Mm' nnd 'Trad and Commerce
M ftupport population.'
4 'For two centuries Pcssla haa
'kiag year around ice
fro pox.,
. itrorc axlsi in nature and
mankind, . f
"Tb planet and th world
wtag In space by force,
i t.'('.So,fa in. the world's history
Jnunaa society has swung by force
' fat THrioul forms."
....., ... 1 -
, Jor the second time since the open
ing ox me special aesainn of the Iijis
latjura,vthe Governor appeared yeater
dev.. before a joint soaaion of both
bouses and delivered an addrras of
foruidatite. length and a bewildering
disurray of words.
' Tm mAdrnmm wn. nmlo. t ..,., .....1
. V ..... , ' '
headings, tb food commiaion and the
national, guard, but in its w-nu'ering
Coarse It ambled from Hawaii to Eus
ia. and. back again and touched on cv
rythiBg in tb encyclopedia, from th
planetary system to the psychology of
wat , and rom the Whyness of the
Wherefo to. the high price of poi.
; The member of senate and hmiae sat
tunned under the deluue nf ivnrda.
Pojn of bem were so dazed, indeed,
that they lost consciousness anil nlmost
qisgraced themselves by snoring. So
far a could be learned from their ex
pression alter ' the ordeal was over,
non of them. bad hia knowledge per
ceptibly increased as regards either the
food commission or the national Kimrd.
, The message devoted to the f 1 com
mission wa the special measure t1"'
executive aald he would deliver on
tb ' oecasldn of his 'first appunranre
before the legislature. The address on
the national guard wa given in con
ntloi -ltb a report on affairs of the
guard palled for ia a resolution that
nw.puom siiiipieu at us nrsx session
ki't n ii be pur-
1 cMforcemei't of
mi the Islnnda
1'iv by Kirlmrd
i :ir';e of iinini
"t Cu'toins M.il-
efTnct innne-
dre'sstl a. toami-Dt ..t '
r . . n ,K aii.u. ....
data relating to the food commission ;
for the house committee to wrestle witlT.
Hit Hlgk Spot
.When the, .'Governor opened. Ma fcd
dress on ih subject of th national
RiiSnl he fpeedily bad a large number of
th1 legislators gsid'for lr. for In
Introducing (he sulije. t he went Into1 '
economic worhi condition, eireied the Must Be Secured Before Tickets
glob-rapidly a couple of times, not. nAn o0 p,,rr.hionrl etrinM
eve stopping at Znmhoanga, talked i Lan be rurcnased String
on finrtee, commerce and the age of ent Rules To B Enforced
Ann or something like that.
At one point referring to tep that ' Kvery trnvilir l,,nii.; Hnwoli for
th food commission Inid taken In eon- Ihe inninlnnd hen: r inllut secure a
neetion with the proposed mobilisation permit from the unini-nitiiin station
or ibb nnnonni jimM, he said it had . before a stennislnp n
filed a message to Kecretary Lan and cluised. Orders f..i tl
thnt the message had been intercepted this travel rerrni.ii;
by the Hawaiinn department. I were received" r te
In this matter if was explained last Halsev, inspector n:
mi ine governor went far as
tray,, for. the commission Itself with
drew and cancelled the message It bad
filed, as the Governor very well knew
at the time. After jt had been turned
in to the radio oftice the commission
submitted the mossnga to General
Ptrong, then commander of the Hawai
ian department. General Strong point
ed out thlH It was nddressed to th
wrong department nnd properly hould
hve been addressed to the war de
partment, me general volunteered to sens and aliens I I,
dkaft a messige along the line desired, only as to the blank
"Mivii " none, ami tne roort eommis- ing of lerscmnl
(. than aaBall. I iL . a
In a ' ,nr message i natl as well as alien
. " I Why they wish to le:,e Hawaii, when
Tn the Governor's address na h thev Inteml to rnfllrri u l.nrji IU ;il
national guard and the documents sub-1 stay while on the mainland, submit to
mltted in connection n i'h the address an individual ideut ili. at ion description
little was given thnt is not covered in ! "d furnish two uurnoiinte I photo
the documents that were brought into graphs.
the house last weekly Acting Adjutant j Besides this, the applicant for an
Wayne., Identification card m t tu'te the oath
Letter and cablegrams by score tell of nlleginnce to the I'niled Stntei and
of the step that were taken in the. get another citizen (,, make en nffidavit
past two years to hnve the national i that the fnct stated in the applicant's
guard called Into the federal service. I affidavit nre true to the best of his
All of the correspondence that led nn knowledge.
to tn reduction of the national guard
by the discharge of member with de
pendents and the corresnnndanne nn
ronerel onesfior.s of eunrd noliev with I made from n
the Hawaiinn department are presented, been retouched
wun ine report. I hrnuifhout this, cor- uring one and oik h.jr inches from top
rmiionnence it is apparent that while; nf head to poftit of chin, nnd showing
'";-,"' 1 ' ' Mn nmnri. rmm ears. The prints nre to be cut
,, i.u iif-n mm u wil pe Call-
grntion, and I'o i :
colm Franklin.
The order is to t
ninreiy :in.l nil ' iping agencies
were suppliel y.'.r l.v with blank
applications for the trnvel permits,
whieil they must reipme applicant for
steamer pus-age to till ,ut and present
at the immigr at ion s'a'ion.
There are throe ,' M rent form of
the applications for 1 ravel permit, for
native born citizen, iii.t nrnliscd eiti-
1'flTer in form
s for the piv-
hi-tniy. as citizens,
arc icouired to tell
Sorenson Is Detained I Wash
ington Because of Great Need.
Cnr LI i a
i- mis oci vttl 4 HBie? .;ip4
Honolulu sTpcx-txciu:;:!;
Beiiotala, May 2, JS1H. .
i .i q ..urn. n,. I. ...
Ales ItsMwIn. Wd. i.
C. IJnow Ajjo -if'
1$ ... -?a. ;. ;
that f?TfiSi A"
Uoliirson, who left here Hew ', J.iy
auo for Red Cros geld 2"TvTBi v-
. Word law
erf. the H,., I
and Ali.Mi (
n few week
r ' ' 'ii nifin. visi mir-
ensoti. who left here in company with?
I'rossor hi I IColniiHnn exnectlnir ta em
t-TVm a- i
has hern held in
into th.
ilHtrblnson Keg,' Plant.
ixwm run, . i
Kekshs Kb;. o. ,
Kotos Hn. Co. .
Mrllrvil Mna tm i 1 jtA
uspuiii.n i.emnse tif tbe oreat need "
for men ,n the .,... IV.1"" ' "
Otis H ( uiler, manager of tire four
teerth diii-u.n of the Amerlran I(ed
Cro-s. w, i,n.; to A. T.. Castle,: say
that there in still need of men for the
Ked Cross . nice abroad, although, of
lnte then, have been more volunteers
than formerly. It is hard, however, he
nays, to li I no n in sufficient number
w ho have ability for tb Work.
Mr. Cui'er congratulated Hawaii on
he fine spuit shown here and declared
it worthy of emulation throughout th
The rules for the
particwlnrlv sti i nl.
must be made w i' h a
a full
photograph urn
I h.. photogrnphs
i.;iit baekrn nnd,
which lins not
fa e view, mens-
ed. at no time was this seriously con
sidered by Washington.
.. , W. 8. .
Hungry Germans Mutter and
Alarm Government Aus
trian Difference Growing
WASHINGTON, May 21 (Associat
ed I'reaa) Reduced rations of food,
especially the reduced ration of bread
m causing serious apprcliensioas to the
Germun government while io Austria
Internal dissension are growiug more
serious. The situation at home- is uot
a happy one foi.tbe Central Pov era.
T ...! n , .. , . 1 IL. ... I - 1 - .
pand follows and supplement a similar age in Germany, keen disappointment
tjpuit f.rereiicu so v oral aays aio oy
the acting adjutant general of the
guard, WiU "Wayne.
Hit rood Board
According to the Governor the com ;
mission he named to conserve food prod 1
ut and Increase production became
inert August 10, 191T fter holding a
series of seiaion and did not hold a I
meeting after that date for a peri,,, I
of seventy-seven day or until October'
id and after October 20 held only three
unimportant sessions up to January !.
In th course of his address tbe Oov. i
erne reviewed th appointments he I
had mad, to th board of food commit I
siosers and. Advanced excuses of vari -
ou kind covering the individual cases
Th executive, said he had regarded j
James D. Dol, chairman of th e com t
mission as on of th brilliant and i n ,
Ing young business men of the Terri
ni me laimre or grain to arrive, as
promised from the Ukraine, Rumania
and HiiMtia, is alarming the government
and the Socialist papers show a slate
of eipial ilisiiuictude. The people are
I rngry and they mutter loudly at fur
ther restrictions of already limited al
lowances to tlium.
two inches square
Date of intended departure, name of
steamer and when the traveller expects
to return are other requirement of the
travel permit reirulntion. Tn every re
spect the implication blanks for travel
permits nre the same as those which
an applicant, must i ll out in order to
get a passport to e n) foreign coun
try, it is said.
An indication that the trnvel to tbe
mainland may be nstricted under the
regulations to those having business
on the Coast is shown by the blanks
in which the spuec left for telling the
intended return date of the traveller
nre subjoined with those in which the
applicant is require. I to tell the pur
pose of his trip.
Bulea Are Stringent
I.ocnl official comment on this new
travel regulation from here to 4ho
mainland of the foiled States is thnt
the rules are more stringent than those
which have !cen imposed on travel
ler from the mainland 'to Hawaii dur
ing the Inst few weeks. However, it
Is not known that the regulations us
they now apply to Coast bound travol
from the Islands have not also been
made applicable to the travellers com
ing this w av.
The po:tion of Mr. Cutler' letter re
ferring to the three volunteer from
Hawaii is as follows:
Conditions Unsettled
."Messrs. I'rosser anil Robinson were
expecting to sail today, With their pa
pers all fixe, up in satisfactory hDe.
')ur conditions, here in th divi
sion, a, ti. ,imi, of tBeir ,rrjif Ware
n little unsettled so 'for as th supply
department was concerned, a Mr. Ped
dle, who has filled that position; for
....,., r,, m, .inns, nni nor wen,, and
owinvr to his ndvnnced age, being ev
enly, I t! It it was no more than justie
to tell him he had don hia bit, and
let him go home to New York. Thy
were a'si, having some complication
Kemeg i acme ucran shipment
through in good shape, and I , Anally
persuaded Mr. Horenson, much against
his will, that he could do th greater
service for the Red Cross and for hi
country, by remaining her in Wah
inton and giving us a hehinc hand
on the supplies, than he could by going
auroaa. i ininK u was quite shock
to him, but I appreciate vry deeply
indeed the fine spirit he showed when
he came around, after thinking it over
for twenty four hours, and told me that
he would he willing to do whatever w
thought best. I am sure, though, tbat
he felt it a bitter disappointment in
not. being able to accompany Proscer
and Robinson.
Takes His Medicine
"I fancy, too. that hi staying may
involve some personal pecuniary Mori
flee, as living in Washington, under
present conditions, s doubtless more
expensive than going over foe foreign
service; but Horenson takea hi medi
cine like a man, and io the few day
he has already spent here, 1 getting a
very comprehensive grasp, of tb sup
plies nd (hipping situation. ,V' ; .
"I feel that be Is, deserving of the
utmost consideration for hi sscrifl.ee,
and I have promised him that soot
day, when divisional matters are in
L'ood shape, he shall have his chance
Ortomoa slavar fa. -
auhaa. ifut. Plant. Lo..
Pee. Mm.- Mill' j k J
I'ala l'laut. , .
"Mleer Mill Vn
Man Carlos Mlllln Co.
Wntalua.Affrrtl, Co. . ..
Wslluku Hag. .Co, ' . ......
Bnrta Dm, Co., Ltd. ...
imi imui Assess' U PO,
eld IT
Ni Co.
1CT1 CI lnl B. M I'M
Fnir.1. Copper Mlrtalr -T
nnin r. t p.. ee., I'M..
Hajlrs r. P. Co.. Com.,!
Haw, Con. R.v. Vt A ....
Raw. Coo. HrJ , ,..;
Haw. Vuu. Uf. Com. ,.
Hawaiian- RtaH-trtC 'C. ...
Haw, I'luvspula Ce ,
Han. B. if. Co.! Ltd...1
Haa. Uaa Co.. 14
Hon. H. T. Af L. C.
inier-isimd a.
Met. Tel. Co.
Oahu H. U Co. .'
1'atasn Kublx-r Co. , ...
Helsnis-DleiUsffS,' I'd. . .
8am (tslri Pd.).
Tanjvng Ulak Bsbber Co.
BONDS ';' '"
Beach Walk I. D, ..
Hamskns Cltek Co., o .
Hawaii Con. By et,.k.
HWn Irr. Cp ee.T.......
Haw. Ter. M. 108..
IJsw. Tar. f Pub.- Imps.
Haw. Ter. Fab. Imp. (
eerles 11-11)-.
now nit XjIQ, IWf-
Hnnokaa Kn. Co.,
HoBulnm Ua Cn 0a
Kauai Uy. Co., a....u
Mutual Telephane Co.. 0a,
Oabu H. L. Ce. U ,.,
tls Hue, C,. Or ... w
I'a.'Wc Qnaon A P. Co., 0s
" vra auuiaff,
f :
an .
s. .
- .
' " BWTWnjsji MAmDW v : , -
C. B, Co 2S, t.2ft VVsUln. 10,
BOAKt SAtJs; - ) V '-.';, V
'Watslus. 10, B0.3O ! P1Mr, 10, tS.OQk ''
Jsaawrr a, ltti- i;JJ
A. B. .
Onomea .
H. A. Co.
, ... ...4. ,. -O
. . i . . t. - fO
u. ............ 10 '
Haw'a KUetrln
. ... ,.."....... ,. , , .01 14
few nor; ,,,,Tff,..jj jotaUwa).
r, m - ,v,i
KJ L' W IT .1 M. , . ........
I asyeni-iTs lnoiro f tr Ihi 1 n tn , ...... J
v,, . " .. , i un i inrennon.
States by the way of anco.ver must .. , waut to know u, a
so secure the porm.ts the same :.- ,,,,, iUe tQ
those ifoing direct I v to an Amcrtcaii ali-.i. .a a I ... . . '
Knrther new. of oI.Ina. tn nl.,n,,. Tl.- I,lu. ;.....;.. ....! ""' "- rHirenson S WDOm
onie by way V 'Zurich, Hwitzerlnnd
A Hwiss despatch say that a stats of
sic 'e has .been proclaimed at Tragac,
Kohemin, w here the 'populace is open
l.v hostile to (lermany and becoming
more and more friendly to th cause
of the Allies.
The I'rague garrison ha boen rein
forced, in an effort to stamp out the
It is reported that the Czechs and
Jngo Nlnvs have united in anti-Oecuinn
demonstrations openly on tie srTeets.
neering 1'resident Wilson, Prenii
John Waterhonse, he said he thought f,lcn'ieeau and lremiT Lloyd Oeorg
had hlgt commercial qualifications for 1 " w " '
would not be hampered with cumber
some commission who talk much and hav.e been received -front Vienna nw-
the, duties that confronted th
board. !
C. U. Uocku h hpd regarded as n
GENEVA, May to' .Awociated ort or npondent spirit, a fr...
I Innun w a naa i.lA, ... .... 1 1 p
PreMJ-rrlYicbora, ,th former Crar of ' value.
Kusjtia, wbo i to. Jfc j.ptrlted by th The Governor referred to other mem
Bolheit govrnnt . and banished I bers in varying terms ami mentioned
from hi, former Maim, wa give bi particularly his appointment of Com
optioa of retiiiag-to. Eumaiua or to missioner William Hoo"s to "instill
Switwurlaod, ar. tbe ad vices which I life into the oriraniiation." The Oov
t' 'H,
do little."
Prior to the eiecntive session of the
ways and means committee yesterday
afternoon, this body investigaed at
considerable length the claim of T. T.
Farm, who is asking for $16,478.25 a
a relief measure owing to the destruc
tion of bis dairy and a number of cat
tle last May during an outbreak of tbe
anthrax epidemic. Tarni was repre
sented by Attorney Thayer, who brought
paper, With this .choice off ore d ha
naturally determined upon SwiUerWuul
and will come her with,. hia family.
3fore b, wa given, liberty to de
part,, pronus was exacted that neith
er he nor any member of bis family
would make ajjy. foit from within or
without Bussta, to rtr to the tbron
and reestablish tbe Bonaanoff jtienarehy,
From the eoannentent to, wbleb tbey
have been subjected sine their re-
to the attention, of, the committee tbe ' novl to Liberia. ny liberty of move
fact thnt through the destruction of
Farm property, in a large measure,
the serious epidemic of last summer
was stayed and practically wiped out.
It was also shown, that by the action
of the bourd of health, Farm was 'fi
nancially wiped out and was left prac
ticnlly penniless. In fact, it wa
shjiwo that be did not have enough
money left, after his remaining cattle
hud been auctioned, to meet bi finan
cial obligations. Hena,tors Hind apd
Coney wars appointed a special com
mit tee to investigate the merits of the
various items set forth in tbe claim.
Hpeedy action i promised on this meas
ure. At the morning session of the ways
snd means committee it was decided
to recommend a fixed tax rat for tb
city uud county of Honolulu at 1.1 per
cent. Judge A. 1'erry, representing tbe
chumber of commerce opposed any
change in tbe present tax rate but af
ter listening to arguments by Deputy
County Attorney Cristy and Supervisor
Molt Hmith, withdraw his objection.
w. s. . ,
WASHINGTON, May 21 (Associat
ed l'ress) Committee consideration of
the naval appropriation bill has ended
in the senate. More thaq $200,000 was
added to the house bill figures and the
new appropriation, if it passe will be
$1,587,01 10,000.
mnt and freedom from, direet esuion-
ge.ia a relief . wkiobj & of tbe Boman
bff will welcome.
V. . I
WASHINGTON, May 2tt-Aoeit-ed
Press) Decision ia fnvor of tb de
fendant corporation wa rendered ye
ernor said Cwnmlssloner Hooc-s did thh
"In hi own way almost above criti
Refer To Child
Some part of the address was devoted
to the contention that the food commis
sion put in its oar at the wrong time
when it took hand in national guard
affair by objecting to the mobilization
of the guard. H also referred to Fed
eral Food Administrator Child, saying
K.'ihuliii Harbor dredging, under the
direction of the C ili ted Btates army
engii r corps, will be authorised by
congress, (ieorge McK. McClellan re
ported yeslerduy in ' a letter from
Washington to tbe chamber of com
merce. He snid that At the time he
wrote the project was temporarily held
in ni.eyance awaiting nnai recommen cure uieui incui ion c.irm troin
dations from the local army engineer, cor at the I'. H. immigration
The work,, he said, will be umlertak office,
en without fail. For this project about "Applicants for these' cards
1 00,011(1 will be expended, . quired to furnihh two unmoiui
ine iireiiginif is pianueil to enlarge togrnpns, mmie ,'rom n iicjntn
has not been retouched, a
be issued onlv for a round t ."in to th'!
Const mid will be taken up In"" when j
the travellers return. An exception
will be made in ca.se of persons tnorl
ling constantly between hc ,i.. llie
nininland. !
'Hie restrictions placed on trnvel by
these re,T)!ut'on iir: Iiiohii t. b- a
war time precnu'i ,n, mi an nli-obite '
check can lie kept on all pe- " s , :tv '
ing here for the ma n!nnl. While tlie
M'-uring i f the id ntiicit
will eiiii.se sc ne in onvenieri .. t'.v I
will be of value to tiaveller in " o i
States where strangers, as in II. .w i i,j
are now eon.-tmtly hiilijected to p.'i
and secret service questioning nn I sur
veil In nee.
I'l'ssengers booked to leave I . re ., i
the Oceanic steamer Sonoma M iv i
L'H will be the first who must f..ll..w j
the lew ri'(;ii!iitions. Those I. no' .-I tn
leave on the Sachem nnd Mhiio-i n t'r.v .
days Inter will be the pert. Tl h p !
ping agencies and the federal .oil. . .-s '
mlvise nil such persons to t.-.ke :n
diate steps to comply with the Haul
rejjuJwtions. j
The official order regarding t ',, tia
vel , permit is nn follows: I
"All pavaciiirerK travelling b.iween
Ifoiiolnln and inainliuid ports ii..,.t
m H V knOW. Al I) 1 rVl rkrwavjsi a ft xaW
J . -- - wavaa u a ssaiuaj f A . a, '
!,is c .ii.. iuM-rieaa ixteomoriTe
ii -i i oa-elrssv T'.( tt
behnlf of the Bed Cross, and make a
fell statement -of our indebtedness to
him. '
W. . B.
NKW VOUK. Slav ll-lul.iu T
-"Hwl are the openlBt and closlni
v?&sx&r ta th r A
Anaertean Hnp
AUiamau' ie
AsaN.-lated' Oil
1 l..lr . I.. U . ,
T-TTr ,v-T"
2 .. ....
It '
,d.b th V. Ued-8UU" BuPrfma ! '"B"4 ,T importation of wheat from
tha federal nfllaa. t ... i nari.or so tnat veascl may maneu
to supply fact. wheu.theV were within vcr '!",r' s''".lv lrtielarly in stormy
reach. B .aid also thnt the federal being uml-rtaaen Urge
officer in carrying out his duties did
not rise to needs that are peculiar in
the Territory in the matter of conserv
ing and producing food.
Th meat sitilatibn a 'set forth ia
reports In the possession of the food
commission came in for comment and
the speake urged the increase of Isl
and beef production and also that of
corn to be need as a substitute fi
, ,,!,,,
M l!. I,
1' ui led States Marshal J. J. Hmlddy
1 received a communication from tbe at-
tornev general yesterday saying that
instructions for the registering of
" (ii ruin n female enemies "in the Islands
were to be forwarded at a subsequent
.late. The letter said that the same
. methods wore to be followed in regis
, tering the women s used in the recent
I regist ration of the man.
j This means that the sheriffs of dis
tricts hiMng a population of over 5000
I will be the ctyef registrar, and in the
l other the postmasters, will attend to th
' details of the registration.
As the letter received yesterday says
j that a new affidavit form is to be for
j warded with the final instructions, the
, niarshdl doo not believe tbe women
A Marlca a Hmallar
A liter Waa Ureal' Pdty. , ...
Anaraod t'npiiee
AtcblMHS JUtlwer tl, ......
ItsMwlu .LiH-enoilv' . .,..
Haltlmore A -oiilo . ...,
hli taken-HtaHl i.
(sllforula I'etrolvura .
1'aiUralr laaUwr , ., .... ,
t'auadlan 'lnc'.. ;
V. M. Paul .,
('niclble SUhsI .T ...... .
!, Hoirsr iCo4 .
Krla cmuinoni . .
Uenaral Uaetrte-';
(k-naral Motor (new)
(treats Nartbera' Wd. I
Intarnatioaal Nlek J
liHtuetrwl . Akstliot"".
nepnavait vopoer
Lauts;a valley
K.... V L. ,, .
ur linuui
ltar Ceaaolldslad
per ;. ...
iv io 1 1 in i ii a t e possiuiiitr or marine
nceideiits. K m Ii ii I u i is one of the im
portant ports of entry and departure
in the Islands' and ships a valuable por
lion of the Territory' output of sugar.
w. a a. . ...
Demies are to be reouired tn submit
full face , to having their finger print takan.
view, measuring one nnd i m jinlt or the old forma wnnM ,.. l
imihes from top of head to nolm , f Tl,e letter did not indicate whether
chin, and shov.iri; both ears, tie i'i i n t - I wnmen who .pa u
's I but- Merman citisoa through marriage
dj would be required t register or not.
A , W. B. a
Court today ia the suit of. the United
States against the United Hba Ma
chinery Company of Massachusetts.
This case ha rn th gamat of the
federal court, tn- goveramant eon
tending Hba the aoanerwiie was con
duating bnJna ir restraint of trad
though" It leuse and efuaj to- sell
the machinery wlilek ' It-Manufactured,
through it leasing agreements pra
Australia also was a thin urired strong
ly, although it has been demonstrated i
to be an impossibility. J
Pot Sboitag
It was charged that a "Chinese auto- I
crat of poi" arbitrarily had ordered!
that no quantities of poi less thnn fiftv ;
cent' worth be sold and thnt this had
WASHINGTON, May 20 (Asso. int
e l I'ichsi- Coder the law which pin
in in
uud consolidate departments for the
more cllii ient management of war nf
lens, i in. nrsi hi I or lue ireMlclenl was i ,
perfiiiined today wheu he announced j lh(.
, ...... ,i , ,, , u v.-fftt. UIHII
i-ulion of Uie air productiou boaid un
.1...- I..I... I i ir, .... .i
worked out a. a ,.. I....1.I.:.. ""."' copjr io,.k.i,
I'resnli nt the nglit to reurranue for one trio m lv
llpoll the pas-ell'.
many poor people. If the food coin
tically "establishing niiimOt cost for, mission were Iid to its dntie. tl... f5..u
the mnufetur of lma. ernor said, that Chinaman would be
W. ti tx i j regulated, not to the detriment of his
THIRTY-TWO CARLOADS business, but to the regulation of his
OF AIRPLANES ARRIVE I The food commission was advised in
' ' ' I the address to defer its mihli.-itv work
a VVm"J?B! CITT- ,Mya S0-(O'- the ".v. .I,,,,, quit cauoumi
ficial)l hirty-two carloads of airplauos and give tbe Oovernor, treasurer and
famous oruani.er
Hiieeessf ill unniiig companies.
The new law was known while pen, I
in as tin' Overman Hill and was sin
ed by Wilson today.
w. r a. .
to be cut two Ini'he square
of the Cnitel Htntes fhoulil be i
to furnish siiti'-factoiji, cm
proof 'of Aflei'jyrrfjre;' rib
such pint oT tine' manifest data
be recorded us will aid in the
handling of the casen, anil.t-xel
good faith and that the part
and well (li-poed townrd the
Stales g ..vel lillli'lit should be e
' ' Tfcese car Is are coi.side.
All. I Will
' 's ret urn.
t iqiis to this p a. t im' n'liv be
uses of pe' -ons i'i . ii -1 n n 1 1
buck and forth."
W. ," 8
'hltrd I
a I id
be 111!
e s,,,
I'lT TSliritVjff, "May 21 ( Asio.-'iaW
e-s.- Niuety four bodies have been
leei.l.'li'd frolll til ruill of til lllliui
i on faetoi-v at Oakdale, near here,
M-"" up I'.v exploeion on Saturday.
r victims arc in the hospitals
reinuin to lie accounted
ltesrltiia' eouuMHi .
Kepubllv Ir.m euaunon ...
Mouther Vacldv . .......v.
einueusKar ..'.P..
I'ultMl HUtaa Kobber .
rulau l-actrbs .
i iiiinr BUiie meel
Waatara' mion . . .
Vl aMllaahouaa I
OMN 'HiIKO,-! May m.,aakiaWt
Ml Preaa) rotlewlof am tb eeulna aod
.-leatnf qaetattoa. r Hgsr axl Vbf
-." " . c-' Open-itCtoe-
' . " '." I h( ,) tac
1 ""
III'! IDIII .'..V....
tUwaHsn Husr Co, .
Hoaakaa ttaicar ...
Hnt.'blnaD fiiir Co,
(unw Sugar Co. ,
Olaa. Hbk Ci.' .....
Oauaiea Mnaa Co. . ,
I'siubao Httirsr Co. .
Honolulu Oil ..
KiikU t'omie Oo. . ,
Itunolula Plaatatloa .
Qti-i t IMtowtaV Mean Tor
curb stocks, aa wtreleaaed Ii Tb Idver,
U-ar b, gtokeaM c, are: i7."3 , I
i statu- I Won.
.VI--' .it -
.rt: .07
.t.. ....... .40 ' M,
.7H .77 .
' OU f 4IUt
..... 'ntf nl
...... laa
...... t.O 4.80
V'f -i'V i
were unloaded her today for use in
( ine new iuv acre aviation Held Which
is to be completed for "use in sirty
' days aud is to cost milliou dollars.
atulitor control of foo.( finajuinir,
though no suggestion of how this might
be achieved was advanced.
Accompanying the typewritten ad
W VMIIMITON'. May SO ( Assoc in t
e l l'ress i Itrig. Con. Frank W.
of the National ariuv was nominate, I ,
da for
eoa-l uili
major general, chief of 1 1
were. ,a.iiirel
mobile in, -ideal Sun.hu a:-,
w hell t he 111 i, Ii me sk idd.'d oil' l I ,
into a gnl. h this side of K ipapa
on S, holl.dd Hiirra.-ks road. Thl
aui'M' drner was .ut about the i
the accident. The s.d lieis ,,
were I'ri x ate Itla, k we'l. me Ii, , 1
i pnrtineiit, r'i act i. red sl.i.ll, l'ri;,i,-
I 'oiiipan v K, Twenty Ii I'th In.
I.rui-ed bio k, and l'ciate S -ma1,
mm liilie u 11 c. m, i.a n v, Tlin'v
I n :i nt rv, spiau.e I bni k. The n,, n
taken to the Mialler ho pil.il I.,,
eul ut t I'll t lull.
i . i .
."ii I the fumes from the smoul
nuns have caused the search to
'e I
cause of the disaster is still nn
. w n a -
M M'Ulll. Slpaiii, May 20- - f Assoc! a
1 I'l.-ssi - I he (lermiin IT boat t'-:i.
sunk the l.usitauia, has en
Kuuim t.'appar
riararavaa .
Iroas Hkisaonl
llui llutler .
IpriHwe (Vsr.
Marsh ....
maaiwai un, rtHauum
Molher Lwla
Kay Hmtuh-a .
Uaoetlx ICua
Ilex "ous
Sfewart . ' ,
Hllrer King Cons. . .I..""
Toiioaajf Kxtmialun
TniiJiiiuue ,,
Wllhoisj . ,:...;.....','.',''
Kerr Idike ..,' '"'
lleela .........
i'reaauu' (luld .
fertevtUxi Tire and Hsbtiec
UPfllllnllriU in'tne
WASUUyflTQNsi XJy P0-r-(A.at.
ed lrcM) OflicUI advlae received
' i "" y'inai the Aaserisan ateorne
ter.Kl J. u. fCulliiagh baa, bpe ij .br 4
the Spanish haibor of Cartagena in a mine or torpedo In th war son. On
'l'1 ' d condition. of the crew wa lost.

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