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MIMIflN hp a sirs
- ' k -'- I
Nation Mmirt SenrfKven, Kh in I
w v a f v j uuj p
On Voyage With Every
Man Possible
- . 111 ,
XT EW YORK, May Id "Why tob
X to France?" President Wilaon AA l..t .vv, 1 "I." 1L.....
cnce that thronged the Metropolitan Opera House to its limit.. "I
nave asKca congress to name no limit, , because congress intends
. ... .a w micnu, every snip mat can carry men and
supplies hall go laden upon every voyage with every man and
every suppiy sne can carry.
The President in his address, a part of the launching of the
Red Cross campaign for the raising of a second Red Cross fund of
v.uj.wu.uuu, empnasizea his determination not to permit the con
clusion of any peace except a peace based uDon the mil;. A.t..
m m - V 1 W ULILai I .
oi uermany, a peace in which the riehts of Russia mu.t h r- nV?.c. K.r"".n " ,,', ti'...n,i
f,.ll.. ti r t . w.v-i m. v, xni
c oi r ranee are to te respected
"Ao f. T JIM .... f
-a cuntcrnea, saia tne, resident, "I intend to
stand by Russia as wefl as by France. The helpless and friendless
are me very ones tnat need friends and succor, and if any man in
wC are goinz to saennce anybody for our own sake,
-t" uuw mey are rnistaiten.
mgni ro Defend Interests of
selves and Allies .In Far
East Recognized'
. WASHINGTON'. Mbv 1f Assort
ed Press) While Japanese and Chinese
troops, operating under the conim.nil
of General Nomenntr in cooperation
with auti Soviet Cossacks am) Rn,,tHn,
Me Already actively engaged against
l?"i.?,0iHhrik' '" ,';BHt,!r Hiberin. th
u. ill .Mipmicsc an. I Chinese gov-
V"" " '"'l"jrHie in h military
r'.i. V "J'rPrvB,l"n of ""' P''-
, J" K""' has "' ''Hen recog
niwj by the Kntente. Yesterdnv for
. ta'-T Kiv,'n nt F'nri- L'oiKlon
an.l WahmKton tlmt the Chinese and
lapanen (roveriiBints ha) earhe. an
UDdemtaiKling tor military cooperation
to met the anKer tlireuteninu the
MMee of the Far Kast thronKh Oer
man rnetration of Russia.
It tm tllirlAratw..! 1 .i . ...
r,,Bt " n
....Ulliry ntlion IS n nnnlv .1.
inenure. for tli.. ,,r. ..., i .
conflne.l to Japan ami China. The nri
mary objct is to SHfemr,! Manchuria
rrom German and n0lhevihi encroach
tnant, with a noasild
safeguarding to include Siberia.
M'ayed .leapntches from Moscow
lated on 8unlnv lust, fin mm n 1 1. n
ready Japaiiene and Chi . .ro i."
ng their tiresencc in Hil.eri,. t..u ku1
Jdranre of (lenernl Hcmcnoff into Si
beria wri takini; tangible form a week
ir-o, aeeorlinK to this desi.at.li hi.
aendine five million mn Zv.T :7W" ,,,Kl' " vknit for
rt Ot t ils tn-,. ,o ..!..
an of Cossacks from the t'.i.i .1;.
triet, the rest beini; .liipancse mid Chi.
II.. I I
nunareas, including All Known
binn Fein Leaders Are
Taken' Into Custody
Leader Dillon of Nationalist Par
ty Hastily Calls Leaders
Into Conference
LONWW, May 1m .Associated
Pe,s )A a result f the diaeovery of
ft wideapread. pro (Jernum plot ill Ira
..ma arrears rv the hundred, h.v. K..n
others ,,r,. Mpw.terl.
Dai)er eiy.l .4.. 1.
"T'" 1'fIosMrc, , nnblinand
the vlelnity nearly everv Hinn Feiner
has been taken into t,uii. k
ber heme unknown. I,t emon whom
.-r an ,ne snown s, Kein leader
, ' "- "iiiiirrnuce n-ere
,wn.ro n '-oast ifunnl made an ar
-e the importune,. ( Kieh is admit
made and still
Document and
PITTS Mr Id ; H, :iv ( Associat
1 I ress, () ,,f wort ,lMern
'Hie to explosion mi powder plant
which has ever taken pl,,ee in America
eaine .yesterday, shortly after nUon, at
llakdale. near here, the t ri notrotnlol
plant hemy obliterated.
It is otlieially estimated that two
hun.lred people lost their lives when the
hi plant suddenly d.sappenred and in
the Trbaei,iient explosions that earn
as the tbirnes which .!..... ..1
pRrtu of th ,.Ai,t rcftrlu-c) thp tanki of
buildings were l.lown .b. v.l.,u
Hie bodies of the workmen .nj'.....'
etnjdoyed l.eiK throw,, into the air
uno: inlhnK back into the flames, where
hey were consumed. Noninna rr..e.
caused b the erolosinn. 1
hurninK chemicals added to the deaf-rue-tion
by hindering the work of the re
e,urs, who were driwn Imek
1 million anil a half
come by the f, ,j,p g,, sgajn
The fore ,,1 ,,,. explosions Waa ter
rific and p,.,t.s 01 bodie, km
np last niht three ipiarters of a mile
away from the ,.,. f the disaater.
ine moiiet loss f plnnt and
mis is esT t m:i T.'. (
dnlla rs.
No coheiem iif 1 nuiit of the BXploiioaj
la obtainable, the greater number of
those with am knowledge of the im
mediate causes hm.ng been killed,
While others li mu neai bv who h.. . ...
eaped arc too d.ied to' speak.
I tie explosion ,-iime just as hundred!
of women in nearbv towna were pre
paring to lenc for Pittsburgh to take
tnrt in yester.lay's ., ('T,m parade.
When the ne of the disaster eame,
following cl.e o the roara of the ex
ploaioiis, the rncn abandoned their
marcning pin n- m,d gathered In at Oak
onie 10 reiide
I "
.; ( e.'
I i'-4
' 'j .
''1- l!!Hl 'hey could.
Huns Attempt Surprise Raid and Are
Badly Mauled Before They Got Away!
W. S 8
Kill Several Officers Two
Hundred Arrested
MOSCOW, M7lli , As.oi 1
Preag) A serious mutiny amomr d.
nan troops is reported in desnntk..
roin, Wesenberc, Kathonia. Accordintr
0 these report, the troons oi.enlv
voited and Kilied several of their officer.
l ater reports fully confirm the c,...
" ii-inii wincti tins 1....... .....
lown. The German hitrh pommnnd do.
patched trustworthy troops to VVesen-
"'' ",;- srrested the two hundred
uutiiieeis The ten ringleaders were
,'ivcn 11 drumhead rirt' martini ti-i..t
in I t)(tntenced to death.
w. a. a.
Speaking at Philadelphia on May .,10, three years ago. a few
v.-3 x-usuania naa Dcen qestroye by a German subma
m. ivuviiv .iun iia: incrm is tach m thin or o i :
too proud to fight. There is such a thing at a nation being so rirht Tr00pS ,n Es0nia Revolt and
fhot i Asm ma A. . . . tt I aill I rr-
..... wto ,.ccy io convmce otners by lorce that it is rieht",
" "Bw "iniost on me anniversary of that speech, the Presi
"I could not he. nronit Crrl t . ix-. ' . .
u . A . 7 ' wmsn purpose,Dut l can
uc proua to ngnt tor mankind.
The President uraa cJ ,..Uu .
"lui wuccia wncn ne appeared upon
the platform, accompanying H. P. Davison, chairman of the Red
v r.M n.ir couiumi. curing the afternoon, with Mrs. Wilson, th.
iiMiieni nan taken an active part in the launching of the drive
, a Kvax parade ot seventy-hve thousand, which marched
an.ng ruin .Avenue, tailing out to review the great bodv of marchers
Mr. Davison rt was first caller, upon, to address the Red CW
ss taefstiaglataichn lln' hiVsnearh Jlr1air -ukf
, if.,- .. : " " s...v tns IIIC 1IC.M
lCw ihuuuis win pc me most critical of the' war. He has just re-
........ i.wm. luspcLiion inp in tne war zone
I - T r i.a ....
.ir. iavison said tne Allies' mora e was never nirrher m,,,
and that the soldiers in the lines and the people behind the lineV
-.c L.i.u.dcni 01 victory, despite knowledge that Germany's suprenu
i Mr III! Ill I11CJ1 1.
President Wilson received a most tremendous ovation,
mg exteni)oraneously, he said:
"Mr. Chairman and Fellow Countrymen: I should he ven
sorry to think that-Mr. Davison in any degree curtailed his exceed'
mgly interesting speech for fear that he was postoonintr mine he
cause 1 am sure you listened with the same intent 3n,i !;.,.
interest wW, which I listened to the extraordinary vivid account
he gave of things which he had realized because he had come in ti
contact with them on the other side of the waters. We compass
" "-ri-auun; ne surpassed them m his personal experi
ence and am not come here tonight to review for you the work
of the Red Cross. I am not competent to do so, because I have
not had time nor opportunity to follow it in detail.
'1 have come here simply to say a few words to you as to what
it all seems to me to mean, and it means a great deal
' There are two duties with which we are face to face The
hrst duty is to win the war. And the second duty is that which
goes hand in hand with it. It is to win it tfn..,.h. o.t u:,..
I, , , . rs'"-'j onu woiuiiiv
showing not only the real quality of our power, but the real mia!
in o, or purpose and of ourselves. Of course, our first dutv the
duty that we must keep in the foreground of our thought until' it is
ii'iiiniMieu, is to win- the war.
"I have heard gentlemen recently sav that we must -et live
million men ready. W hy limit it to five million r
"I have asked the Congress of the United Stat
iiiiiu, because congress intends. I
neve jriven no
'"ce in these
niculnrlv ob
of the
rave and
Effort To Retake Monte Cnrnn
Heights Results In Disaster
With Heavy Loss
Disaster met th
1 A I f . .
j.-' VAMBociaiea fress)
tt the nnthiiril ie
....- OT ins nature ,,f the plot nor
-. .eei .in enici, ,i h. .levelope.1
vi.it innicnrinn ot this being the
-.ear nnrrirerB or the arrest. ,,1a(lP an(,
ree rT-nmlnenee nr n.anv ,f those who
nave reen ini.cn. Hei
' artteulnra i heirtf
serv en.
miiiif ,ne impiirtnnt nircts that
ere ,,.r,He in Dulilin ,.r inrjn(1p(,
r.nwer,i ,ic i alera Arthur Orif
inn. presincnr and a fminler
-inn eln nartv. rnimt
ooetor JJillon. William (',
score or more of othoVv
- ""i1""'" ""in mat manr
arresis were mnle there an.l in that
vicimry ann that th.ic ho are
"iisrooT are eonllnei) in t i
Dillon Calhi Mooting
lolin Dillon, the Tri-.), ,.n,i;n ...
win. nho succeeded Re.lmti,l , leader
Nationalists has lmstilv
(sne.i a conference of the lea.lera of
the lrih Nationalist pnrtv.
While tho authorities )invP
wntehinp the rlevelopinr situn'inn care
fnllv. over since the '.passnpe of the
Man T'ower Bill Bnrl ff Bnnouncement
flint its pnnision for eonscriiition would
'nr.lv to Ireland eouallv with the rest
of Orear Britnin. it vns nlv -ui.i
j the last few days thaftdefliiitc ieformn
ti or the plans for mi armed uprising
was obtained. As in the case of the
former revolt, the authorities one their
foreknowledpe to the fipilonce of thr
constpiard. In the previous plot. Sir
fWer Casement wasrrested shortlf
after he had landed '"from German
submarine, and the papers found in his
possession pave the offleials their dell
nite clues. In this case, paper found
upon a mnn who also- Inmtcl fmm
i f'.ermnn subma rine. nnpplied the an
thoritlps with a list of the Hinn Fein
I r nu tors.
J Prompt Action Needed
i rompr actHin followed the discov
ery ann the plana for a revolt
nipned in the bud.
icster.invs issue of the Public
Times states that the government did
not net a minute too soon as all the
Mens poinren to another armed out
Vfay lll i Associated I'rcss ) A (ler
nnn raid , force, which the Ituns hud
lOped to spring as a surprise on A
tronif sector of the Ainerii'i.n front
ast of t.iineville, Lorraine, was de
ivered lust niht, resulting in a com-
ueie neieiii t the raiders, who
hronn Im.-k with severe 1.,...
The tierinnns sent forward n t.odv of
hock troops, preceding their effort
vith no preliminary lioiiil.ar.lment that
night a)prise the Aoien.ans of the
itta.k. The Huns slipped across No
Man's hind silently and llicir leader
vere through the entanglement!! and
iIiiiom! into the ti.n. hes before the
llarm was given.
Immediately the (iennans , liar god
mil there was n melee lnli lasted for
en minutes. I In
Americans omrM ii.g the grevenats
and driving them l k. The dormant
retreated, rairying their dead and
WOIIIPIC I, mi; olilv
man behin.l them.
The A men. -mis suffered henvilv lr
the fierce st tingle, but not in proKir
tion to th. ios,.M thev inflicted. The
held their i , tn.-f and Inet ni
During the lav. on this front, Armvri
enn aviators I rum d pleutv of work, ai:
fights being t',c,iiel. the American;
brouglit down two (iermnn planes dm
ing tlie day, without suffering anv
losses themselves.
Along the I. m mine sei tor, partieulai
Iv north of Tnul, t li.Te has been con
siderable artillery m-tivitv, although o'
a desultorv nature. There nr. no in
Vast Forces Are Massed Behind
bun vaster and Allied Staffs ,
Are Confident Delays Are Near:'.
ing An tnd
ustralians Conduct Surprise At-
tacK ana British Aircraft Sue
cessfully Raid Colloone Durinn .V-t
one dead Oer Davliflht Hr.nr. . .;
"jj"' iiwuig t
Ml i u llllltriir VIP. I lientioou l... i .... 1 ,
i.nllv h. i i ...:.,. .'.. , .: '"'": " ."' K"nrM !terman ot
, -ninueti lensive a Ung this front is eon
' ' r,'vf)lv,'r'' tircnades, the template,!.
Wild Scramble For Conquered Lands
Suggests Making Turks the Rulers
AMNTKRDA M, May 1 l - ( Associut
)il I'lOsg; -In order to settle the
lernmlile for the possession of the thir
ty-aix thrones which have fslln into
he possession of (iermany, it ia pro
posed to turn them oer to Turkish
princes. Ihis suggestion comes from
tho orwnrts in Merli n which nanA
feara that the disposition of the con
nereii territory mnv run t in much III
feeling which would seitouslv work
tgainst (rerman interests and Teutonic
niity. The turning over to Turkish
princes is the suggestion offered as a
impie may out of these difficulties.
I here is a wild scramble for th
onquered territory in progress. There
tre onlv .avx thrones that tn v..
lisposed of an.l there are no less than
wenty two dynasties which nr l.t-lnn
claim to them.
The Vorwarts says something must
he given t Bavaria and Saxony ami
- w. a. i.
WANH1XOTON. May lB-(Offlcial)
- Members of the senate military com
mittee after inspecting the great ord
nance plants, report that the produc
tion is satisfactory.
Senator Hitchcock said: "Large
quantity production has been reached
after overcoming many obataclea."
KW YORK Mnv io,A..
scKiate.l Press) Indications
''"( tn a renewal of the - German
"Tr-n.io. a (.;i,c pcrlaps '0
rc;it ma-rnitiKlc as were its
irst sta-es. durintr "the present
week. ( hue nmre the Western
front is likely to he the scene of
rent engagements such as his
t li;is tiDi previously recorded,
ocked l, the fire i( fjiRantic
,'nns and the roar: of . bursting
hells and drenched and sjKitter-
(1 with the hloo of thousands
f dead and d ing.. The Allied'
;ta(Ts appear to be convinced that
he preparations of the enemy are
low about completed and the at-
icks are imminent. ' " ,
Fair weather may be the cause
f the delay of resumption of the
I un , offensive. It may be that
he Germans are awaitintr fbesry
weather to cover their early move- ','
nents. This is the belief of" some
. I''
a fKI-.l .1 .1.. . i 1 1. ... - .
v .mm duui i m inn iiiu- i incus, n n nr m ihar n A :i m
l,inil. . . , . . , .. " " "I'TIl IWIO
11 n i ircover ineir loar. ha t;nnu iw.vsii.lv in n .v
Monte Comn r t ., ' V" toeianrtmg
I ... . wi.i.n ".I irUlO BOII
' ""K '"nf" inrantry forces which! ( 'ountess (leor.ri... v.iri. 1. .
rn u 1 V .. . , .... . . t- '..K.lJBSll 1 ll
3UUHUI imi iiv I H II pnlnnina M a ri.li mil.. . . .. M ) : .. I. ,
i . i ... ' oi oi- 'in n n i oiisii uouieinan. w
had come in t ilery the enemy again advanced upoi, t-k prominent part iu the liuld
i j l ' " 1,1 "l'nl "ist year. Mhe tool
-... . c..ou b,,u ,De enemv rei iiaek nirt in rue stn et .! nn ...i .i.
..r,.i,.it..i.. . , ,' :, , .. . i in
r"'f""v u in disorder. rienn or h iiun.lrc.l and twentv vnnthu
. .....e hhck were undertaken ! lainiin-r her ns the Iri. T
connection with the advance of the in Arc, took possession of the Colleire o
rantry and two of the flame thenwinn Surgeons. Tins .letnehnmnt .i.
machines were captured as the enemy ,irt lar '"'dies of rebels to aurrem.
luiiieu uacK in ingnt. leiegTann uorre--pondent
oilier sectors of the Italian front I 'r. r.nnle ,1. Hillou, another of tho-.
were coin narativelv oinot iha ...u;.. c nrreste.i ns n rnnr .iB. er In ....
fort, nf '!.. '..V . "'"'" , It i :. " :
- o"rniY oeini' (levoteil to i- neni in uterarv am
recovering rue position which dominates! l'riSN imving been for years th
Sliii-ltl ...n-r.tj. ...... ..... ..S .L ' v
,1 i-.M.ii-ni oi UIC LiOIlllOII
I'linv leiegraph. He was born in In
land, lis father's eouiitry, his nio'he
iM-ing hngiish. II is wife is Russian.
lie oliluinc.l Ins ii n.siinn i. t....
I luiisliriick. l.f,,:r- i, mi Ketrograd, ha
degree,, from the Univernitie
or i.ouwmi anil Kharkoir. Ho has writ
range of subjects, hi
orininiil iiinniisri ij.t being iu Kiirrlisli
Risinn. q 0
the highway into the mountains.
W. s. I.
les to name n.
am sure as w ..ill
rvery ship that can carry men and supplies shall laden ',.
vovat'e with everv limn nurl .rr. our... I.. . U
, - - -j ..vit ou.ni nuc van carry
nd we are not to he ilivHrti uJ : ,
- - Hinn purpose oi
ic war lv anv insincere unnmaclisii m,..., ..t t '""K I'uson terms.
. , ' i nit nun en oi peace I w .
can sav with clar .i-... . . 1 1 w-
...... u uiiav ic lc rr I n:i
1 k ins
lave tested those intiina-
1 1 : i c
and have found them indnrcri.
I now recognize them for what they are. an opportunity t,
iiiiiiu. narticii ar v iti tti .cf
, . j .. iii.h, i J v rt I I (ll
inquest and exploitation.
'r.very proposal with reo-nrd t,i n, i.:....
' - IS .-.-.v. UVVUII UlUL II
ut the piir)nse
involves reservation with regard to the
"Now, so far us I am concerned.
inienii 10 staml ly liussin us well
I y r ranee.
"The helpless and friendlesH are the
very ones that ueeil frionds ami suc
i in ; mid if any man in (lernianv thinks
ne arc going to sacriliic auyl.odv for
i. in oiMi sake, 1 tell them now they are
iiiistnl.cn, for the glory of this 'war,
inv fellow .iliens. so far us e ur)
i iineerne.l, is tluil il is perhaps for the
lirst time in hislorv an nsellish war
111 War For Mankind
"I could not lie proud to (Wilt for :i
c'hsh piiriiosi., but 1 i
li.'lit for inaiikiiid.
"If they wish peace, let them come
forttnrd through accredited represi'iitu !
lives am i iay ineir tenas on the table, will relieve the
e nave nuu oms mere and thev know ' sale bv nil
utiut tiiev are.
in the west
I WASHINGTON, May 18-(Oflleiari
i - (leueral t'erahing hus sent an olliciul
report here that Captain W'eteraon of
the Americaa aviatiofi'J preos .shot
t down, two (ierman nuropfuues while a
group of the American aviators were
awaiting the arrival of a French geu
erol, who was coming to coufer decora
t ions ou tliein.
W. S.
(.K.NKXA, May 10 (Associated
J ressiTijCoavletod of having been cur
rying on a puctficjstarupiii,'n among
he soldiers gnriisonod at Dresden, on
the basis that Germany is certain to ho
ultimately defeated, six young Herman
women have been sentenced to
tl w'v
nuiniisi j ij
irrinaii ;
winch languages he wrote with cqua'
facility As corrcpoii.vnt of the lal
Te'egt.-.li he lins b'ii an unsparing
critic of the gn eminent at Westmiiis
Sinn Teln Platform
The claims of the Sim, Feiners foi
the iii.lci.eii.il in ,. of Ireland are sei
forth in the following resolution, which
was adopted ;,l vention held in
Miinsiou House. I ,.l,l,ii. presided ovei
uy i ount t -1 1 1 1 1 k i
one of the lea lei
ll :
laim Ireland to I
executed a-
in the abortive Dub
I'llll A H KI.I'll I A, Mnv IS -ill
The League to Kiii'oive I'
tin' national
platform lcr
" It is the
llllil the in he
il is allied to light
df terminal ion . for i
until lieriuiiii is
ace in
I should be
i nn be proud to 1',
1 1
heuuiatism you will Had nothiuir
better than Chamberlain's I'ain Balm.
No is the time to get rid of it. Try
tli's liniment and see how m,I..Li ;
pain aud soreness. 'For
lealers. Beusoii Hinitl.
Co., Ltd., aguuu for Hawaii. Advt.
convention he
luring partly:
duly of the I nited X ates
i tree nations with which
with iiiicompiei able
let nrioiis peaci,
o en ome. Annie
hi'iisne of the lure of an in iclusive
league Id'ls that the people
forewiirued in case (ieinome
should piopose peace oil terms that
might deceive the unsuspecting."
I ' nst i nt .'.I support for President Wil
son hub pledged following a speech by
K 1'iesideiit Tuft urging war to u lln
ish. (iowrirrHs ami former governois,
represeiitaiiM's of thirty four states
pledge, themselves to resist all com'
promise iin.l repudiate peace otters
leaving (ieruiiin ' unchanged and un
subdued. ' '
liu rev
I. That we oi,
I a sepn rate na I inn
. That we a,.,
free, loin fimn all
living i he nut I I
liaMieiit to make I:
.'I. That we alii
I I'ish people to le
and enforce then
own land w il houi I
n ll ot her ci,i:ii r
4 That maintaining the status
irelan.l a- a li-t,aet nation
i t I reland 's right
loi.'igu control, ie
of any foreign Par
" s ( or I reland.
I he right of ll,,
are their will as law
lecisioiiM ia theii
' "i hiiidrauee from
Vessels Leave Ways In Period of Great Damage From Storms Re
Forty Minutes Aggregate
Thirty-six Thousand Tons
ported in Parts of South
Dakota and Nebraska
OAKLAND, May 10 (Associated
Cress l Three ahipyarda launched four
steel steamer within a period of for
y minutes last night, keeping up the
'plendid record for speed and efficieu. v
which the Pacific Coat yarda are es
tablishing. The four ateamera had an
aggregate of ilfi.OOU tona.
One yard launched two steel vessels
f SMim) tona each, another yard launch
I h x easel of a larger type which will
Hive 1 1, MOO tonnage and ia 410 feet in
ength. The fourth vessel waa good
wed Though smaller in type, 5300 tons.
The ollicial report on the success of
he concrete steamer Faith on her trail
np says she ia believed to be e(ual
I not superior to a steel vessel of the
otnie sifce.
W. 8. B.
LONDON, May 7 (Associated
'ress) The highest altitude reached
y an Fnglish airplane waa recorded a
ew dUja ago in teat flightg at Fain
'ormigh, when one machine rearhe.l
3(i,000 feet.
M. I'AIL, May 19 ( Associate.
I ress, Heavy storms of wind aud rni'
swept over a part of Houth Da'w.ta lie.
Nebraska vesterday, causing gr -at dam
age. Houth Dakota waa viaited bv som,
terrific winds and houses were ievele.
to the ground iu several -odious o
the state.
Woonsocket was on. of the points t.
suffer severely. Here large, numbers o
h iiises were demolished, and fullv ;
lozeti farms were badly damaged in'th.
vn-initv of that town. '
At (irotou three H-rsona were serious
Iv injured.
At least one death was reported fron
N'eligh, Nebraska. There verv heav v
taPhs ac ompaiiied the wind storm.
r ra in-
Weak Kidneys
Age You To Soon
s" I
WASIIINOTON, May I H ( Officii! I
I'M' (lfUrtllltllt nf ULIIP knu
. Luc , nmrilCi
""" "f the soldier vote ii
Secretary Rnlcer ,.,.l,.i n...,
aiiv state devising a j.ractical vnv
which mil ot interfere with militar'
ellicieiiev will be permitted to can'
m Midi a vote uiuong the soldiers fun,
its borders.
W. g. t.
man. I
I'euce i out
:. Thai
Inking pun
to giill'ailtee
calling l oi 1 1,
the siiuill ii.il
I he gn at
Ii, That i
dependence i
and the law
Ireland ha
i v i l t on I, I
we herebv I,
means u, n
liberty foi u
I eio e
It ist
we ,le
., ,1 s, i
V , I I ,
uii I I '
1 duty of iiution
I'i'ace ''(inference
i t of the nation-
i v ,'iilion, releusiii.
"in the control of
" lor complete in
I "a human right
We declnr,
lelded to and has
loieign rule, no,1
,'s to use everv
.blniu complete
loo many folks begin to suffer aft.
middle age with lame, aching bad.
distiessing kidney disorders and rlie,,
mati. ache., and pains, tin,.,, ,,is ,
'ue to faulty kidney action .and the
is danger of h.iiit trouble, drop v
gra.el, hardening f t,e arteries .,
Hright 's disease I),.,, '( , , rt(.u kli
'i".s age you. I,e Doan's Huckach,
Kidney l'ills. Thev ,nv,. restuled thou
sands to v igorous conditi, n.
' When Vour Hack is I .nine Kciiiein
her the N iimi.. " Don 't simply ask f..
u kidney remedy- ask distinctly .
Dunn's Hackachc Kidney l'ills and ta k
"" "then. Doan's Hacknche Ki.l,.,..
l'ills are sold bv all druggists and st. i ,
keeper-, in will be mailed ou receipt .
I"" e by the llollister Drug , ,
lb nsoii - smith 4. Co , agents" for il,,
llacuiuo Unej, ( Advert mcineiit
I'liAMTSt'O. May ls-,o,ii
i al i I'o meet Kereusky, the formei
the Kussian rcpnbli..
' ' " -Nl- v Heacouskv, a relativ .
ot the depose. I ru'er, has left tor th
' M- Si,.- Mini l bin he was epe, te
'filing the , oiuilig week, tllll- , onliir,
"g Hie i, ,ori publish... I in j, , i,
s " ,ali-t im , sr.aper.
V!-l I ItDA.M. May lH (. .-i,it,l
In an inteiview the icport of
'."" hcil here f'haiHcliui von
: "t ' i ei ninny says:
' -I'd "I'timistic eii'iiigh to
' '' v"- will haxe peace this
1 linn coiilidnce that for
' 1 ' ' " Hie w est will bi nig near
I 1 l ' loi of I he a, . "
w a a
' -LIN'. I'(i. Mv s (Irticial,
!. lams sav that the new Ameri
' i. v 1 "in ov ciseas was lust ily
! hen ,1 loineil the Hrilish in
' - 11 l"1 ' ill help pn -t the
I . Hen. v i thing 's report
' . - ll, i in-reused aerial net, v
i,e loul und l.oiruiue ei'loi.
o ...in i, i . ..n i ' .
I'' I. . .... .HOW I
violent, artuiery hreiLiKaajre- .j
orted both to the north and the ';(;;
ottth of the Avre River 'yester
lay in Paris despatches, indicat 7
"K that the beginning 'of a new '-'
untian drive against the Amiens
ector awaited only upon weather,
onditions. : It was . reported in
'etit Parisienne ;hat the ,epj;nty ' ' ' .
'ias now massed all of its besi'
:roops for the object of attack
njr aloiif? a great front. There ' 4
me hundred and forty divisions,
r a total of IXOJDOQ, ready ,,cpu
entrated for the drive. Of these ' 1
ihty-two divisions are in the
'"rout line, the other fifty-eight
livisions being held as supports,
eady to throw into the battle at,
he crucial time. The plan" of at
tack appears to threaten Amiens
is it is designed to cut the rail
road to Clerement and to break
the Allied lines. . . '
On the British' front thje heaV
cst artillery fire 'appeared' direct
J against the Giverichy'anH Ro
ceq sectors but there was an in
t nsifying of the artillery fire gen
rally along the Brit.ish line '
W est of Morlancourt a daring
urprise attack was conducted by
nstralian forces. They captured
unity one prisoners and took &
eriuan un, sustaining' no hisses,
1st main's official statement re
nirtcd. An 1 i i-.j jti activity was also
cnArli.,1 lit U.. I I .
...... hi un- uriusii despatches.
'K"t mid was conducted
1 v
l I
. In, 1.
tatiwns and barracks at
to which -ntlciili.r.ihL
I.iiii.ii;c was occasioned In the
oiir-f of this raid enemy aviators
.vcrc encountered and two ina
liiiits Vcrc downed, while all of
he l.ritish machines rctiirned to
ie.i(liiwrters in safety.
'"eat patrol actixity was tol.l
" tin t ierman official reports is
.ue, I 1 mm Berlin. There was
i'"'h hand to haixl lihtin. it is
m 1 he vicinity of l.assiiiv.
uccesses vere i-l:iinu.il m,.i
it was .iiinounccd that sixteen M
lied planes in one observation
balloon IukI been downed.
sa ii 1

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