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nuns mi
Force of Offensive Is Momen
tarily Expended and Delay Is
Enabling Strengthenina For
Further Efforts
Local Engagements and Raids
, Are Generally To Advantage of
' ' Allies Ostend l Shelled and
Heavily Damaged
ASHINi.toX, May 18
(Associated Tress) Al
though the momentum of the
German offensive has for the time
being been spent it is quite evi
dent that the enemy is going
ahead with preparations for its
resumption upon a large scale.
' New reserves, fresh troops, guns
and ammunition are being
brought up evidently for the pur
pose of another effort to smash
through to the" objectives which
they have heretofore . sought to
reach. This isr told in the sum
mary issued by the British gen
eral staff and cabled from Lon
don last night.
i During the past week the
Western front has been compara
tively qHiet except for local en
gagements and raids in which the
AfHes have generally had the ad
vantage. It was evident that the
momentum of the great offensive
had been expended but it was
equally evident that the Germans
were preparing for a great effort.
The longer they can wait to do
this the more they will have avail
able for such an offensive and
.they would soon be able to re
sume on almost the same basis
as previously.
, The enertiy cannot delay too
long, for American troops are
now coming in faster. New
American army troops have arriv
ed within the zone occupied by
the British forces in Northern
France where they are complet
ing their training with the troops
that are blocking off the enemy
from advance upon the Channel
ports. These troops have not
.been detached from the general
forces of General Pershing but
are a part of the new movement
of troops which the Hritish pre
mier, Lloyd George, alhwleil to in
his forecast in which he said the
Americans were arriving in ever
jrreater numbers.
General Haig yesterday con
ducted successful raids in the
Iieaumont-1 lamel neighborhood
in which he took a few prisoners.
Hismen also rushed a post north
of Merris where they destroyed
the garrison. With these excep
tions no infantry engagements
were rejorted in the Hritish com
munique ol last night.
Increased violence in the Ger
man artillery fire which may pre
sage a resumption of the offen
sive in the near future is reorted
from various sectors of the Bri
tish front. There appeared to be
a concentration of the enemy's
gunfire on a small sector between
I abasee and limeville and in
creased shelling was noted from
I oconhingen along the western
. fide of the Flanders salient as
tvell as along its northern side.
To. the southeast of Amiens, in
the region of Hfiilles, the 1'rench
reorted that the German artil
lery fire wa intense.
Above' the trenches battles in
the air) ha vi 'teen almost contin-
ior. On Thursday the Hritish
aviator destroyed twenty-five
Germany By Half Bi))qn
WASHINGTON, May, 18 (Associated- Press) Subscripr
tions for Bonds of the Third Liberty Loan totaled $4470,0i9v
650. There are. 17,000,000 subscribers to this loan., ;'tts,
Final figures for the Third Liberty Loan have mounted far
above the goat that' was set, the last German loan and have
exceeded it by more than: half a billion of dollars. These figurpe
were announced yesterday, almost two weeks after, the dosing
of the campaign, the task of compilation and segregation hav
ing been, even greater than had been, anticipate .
Every federal reserve banking district has . gone far above
its allotment Of the twelve banking, districts the Minne
apolis secured first' honors,. its subscriptions being 172 percent
of its quota. The twelfth federal reserve district,' with San
Francisco as its' central bank, subscribed 136 percent-of its
allotment v;i,, v . .. i
The largest quota assigned to any reserVe' district S to
the metropolitan .district. New York City and, reckoned, by
nercentage, that district had the T.allest' over-subscription,
:24 percent, of any of the districts. In dollars, however, the
New York oversubscriptions make a splendid showing.
Was Demonstrating American
1 Built Machine of Caproni Type
At Long Jsland Field
NEW YORK, May 'ft (Associated
rresa) While testing a new American
built machine of the Caproni type at
the Hepstead, Long Island, aviation
field, Capt. Autoni Besnati wns killed
in an accident which occurred today.
Captain Kesnati was one of several
well known and highly expert Italian
aviators who had , 'came bare to.de)
onstrate the Ameritaa built Caproni
type machines sad the accident is the
first which has ocearred to the new
product in this eoaatry.
Enlists As Private and
Served With Pershing
CAMP LEARNT, May " 18 (Asso
ciated Press) Missing since last De
cember,. Capt Richard King of Utah
has been beard front or-, apprehend
ed. Looked poa a deserter it' is
found that he is serving his country as
a private ia France and under i tint
assumed to hide his identity.
Disappointed in not getting to the
fighting front an soon as he had hoped,
Captain King quietly left here. In
Illinois he enlisted under the name of
'Brett. He was sent to the front and
instead of serving in command of a
company at home he has been serving
as a private at the front.
The announcement says that he will
be brought baek here to stand trial.
AMSTERDAM, May 17 (Associated
Press)- "Rocklike confidence" In his
r , , ', .
and sociological MtruggleH which are to
follow the war, were expressed by the
Kaiser in a speech which he delivered
over the graves of (lerman soldiersat
Aix la Cbappelle.
"My confidence in my people ia
rocklike," he said. "I am certain they
will prove euul to the great tasks
of the future.
"The soldier who has struggled
through this iron time of world war
will be a fitting teacher and leader for
the growing youths at home, and for
the building up and consolidating of
our reborn empire."
w. s. a
ciated I'reR) DixruMiinit after war
armed strength at the congress of the
League to Kufnrce Peace now ia ses
sion here over which Former President
Taft in presiding, John Hharp Williams
said that he hrlieved an army of 450,
000 men wit' e lnre enough for the
t'jiited Htate.. ,
w. s. a. .
NEW YOKK, May 17 (Associated
.Press) Silver bars to the value of
(t.'l,0(KI,(K)0 wns recently shipped by the
I'nited rotates assay office here to the
Ori.utt, goiuu to Iudia for the purpose
of stsbilising the valuos of silver coin
aire there.
enemy Plant'
and sent twelve '
put out of com-
others to c irtli.
mission. Iirrlm
in its omciai re-
port, clanni'i
I eighteen Alii
t lit- destruction of
1 aircraft but men-
i tinned no n lurs.
Shelling "I Mend by a moni
tor of the llicd fleet was also
told in a hcrlin oflicial des latch
which aliniiiti that considerable
damage I i ;t r I -1 1 occasioned and
said that
cisilian losses lud been
No Signs Apparent 'of Resump
tion of . Offensive Against
American Held Positions
WA8IllNtiT0Nt'May 18-Associat-c.l
press) Heavy bombardment of the
American trenches in I'icardy wns re
ported last night from the American
front ,to have occurred ituriug the day
Beyond this heavy shelling there were
no nprnt indications of an enemy
purpo-e to resume its offensive against
this sector; or any of,. the America.,
occupied sectors. . . ... , . . ,
Further report of the activity: and
ueccss of American aviators continue
to rome from the front. In the re
ports of yesterday Lieut. Eddie BieWen
hucher, the , format automobile rarer
was agala a hero. lie Is reported to
liave maile an attack upon three enemy
planes ia tka tone .engagement ami tc
have brought down one of thorn. This
fighting was la the Tout sector.
Casualties 1 as reported by the war
department-yesterday . were of fifteen
killed in Action, 1 six who died of
wounds, four of disease, one by gas
poisoning, twelve' severely wounded,
sixty slightly wounded and eight miss
ing. w, a. s
Grain Supplies Are Not Coming In
From i Nations On Which
Germany Forced Treaties
AMSTERDAM, May 18 (Assoc iated
Prei Great disappointment is . felt
in Germany at the failure to secure
grain from Russia, the Ukraine and) Ru
mania in the quantities expected' and
which the people were led to believe
would rome following the completion. of
peaee negotiations.
Thus Jar only JS7 tons or grain naa
Seen brought into Germany from the
Ukraine, it is announced by the tier-
. man patters and this is less than one I
fifteenth of what Germany should have
I received by this time.
By reason of the failure to seenre
breadstuffs from the countries with
which the Central Powers hava com
pleted peace treaties the shortage of
grain has become more acute than had
been ei)vte.l and it has been found
necessary to further cut down the daily
bread ration for the civilians, reducing
; it one fifth. While until now it has
j been H) grams per capita daily this is
reduced by the new rationing drder. to
1H0 gramH. The old ration was equiva
lent to a fraction more than seven
ounces daily and the new one is a shade
lees than five and two tbir.ls ounces.
The public is better at this further
curtailment of their food allowance
when, other rations are almost equally
scarce. Loud complaint is voiced by
the common people.
W S.
JfEW YORK, May 17 (Associated
Press) President Wilson and Mil
Ti'ilson arrived here from Washington
yesterday and will tomorrow partiei
pate in the Red Cross campaign which
will then reach its climax in this etty
with demonstrations which will be re
markable in the city's varied experi
ence in similar affairs.'
W. a. . '
Registered, ordinary and parcel mail
for the Orieut by the 8. 8. Tenyo
Maru, Monday, May 20, will close at
uiue that morning.
w. a a. .
17 Associated Press) Russian Bol
sheviki troops reinforced by Turke
stans and Astrakhans hava recaptured
ltaku, un the Caspian sea.
w. a. a.
Thix (liHi'imo is so dangerous and so
rapid in itx development that avery
mother of vming children should be pre
rei fur it. It is very risky to wait
until the attack of croup appears and
then send for medicine and let tba child
suffer until it can be obtained. Cham
be -lain 'h Cough Remedy is prompt ami
effectual and has never been known to
fail in any caxu. Always have a bottle
ill the Inline. Fur mile by all dealers.
piMi'imi, Himih I i'ii., Md, sgerts for
Hawaii. Advt.
y . ' 7 i f 1 ' J ',
r .
Is Welcomed By Starving Popu
lations of .. Trans - Baikal
Country As Deliverer
Rises To..Prominence Although
He Started With Only Five
Cossack Adherents
HARBIN Jktajr ' 17 (Associated
Press)- Weak-from hunger and the
diseases that follow a long period of
starvation practically! the entire popu
lation of tilt Trans-Baikal region lire
welcoming Gtneral Bemenoff as their
deliverer. Meantime Admiral Kolohak
mil Colore! Orloff are mobilirinif an
Tmy in the Usauri province, the Bust
"rly, maritime province of Siberin.
FTere the population, eppe-lnlly in the
north, is largely Cosnhck and there nre
lar"e numbers nf formes onvicts. ban
ished and deported .from Kunsia, in nl'
Tiarts. Tbe'prjrpose of this mobiliia
tion is to wrest the Erte ly end of
the TrsnsSiberitw r riiilwny from the
"ontrol of the Boltdieviki.
Insignificant Beginning
Five Covacks ennstifntel th" o-igl
nnl force With which General Nrnv-n-off
beirnn his task of opposing Bolshe
vik rule in Wberta imd of preventing
the srminr of thousopds of German
nnd Austriaa war prisoners. Invent
m II v .his command increased to
thousand men. rtemenolT in a ltu-ial
Oosirack "" '
. His method .Of arming and flti.mcin"
Sis fjiree Was to make sudden mid:
n small Bo'shevik stronjflinlds. Th'
nrms anj supplies which he thus enp
tnred enabled, him to crudiinllv in
'reuse liis force. In s sh irt sruee Os
'ime he had estaldi died his nutliorit
wer the, railway from the Chinese bir
ler to Chita. . His force would hnvc
"own morn rapidlv lnul it been po
sible for Jiim to secure larger qttan
tites of arms and ammunition, but
hrvins secured all the stock, in hir
"trie he had to eense recruiting un
til such times as the authorities ir
Harbin sent him military supplies
these were, heed) tip for a time b
many of the higher militnry officers
ia Harbin who put obstructions in hi
Wins Horrath Suprort
With the aenntient stock of ammo
nition he continued to fitrht and t
naintain order on the railway, unti
leneral Horvath; the Russian mi'itarj
ommander In Harbin who, in the be
Tinning had -onflosed him agreed to
-rive Semenoff his mioport. ,
Receives Ontsid All ' t -
By Ihis time, the- position of the
Oertnan and Austrian prisoners who
were being armed by the Bolsheviki
became a menace to the position of
the Kotenie Allies in this part of th"
world and they began to consider the
idvisability of pivim Semenoff the as
sistance he had axked foe But politic
intervenetl, and as happened in, other
places where the Allies have had to
take joint net ion, prolonged negotia
tions between Harbin und Peking, and
Peking nnd the foreign capitals en
sued. While these were going on Sem
enoff 's ammunition w-us giving out and
his men were in want of food and
clothing. Hut for the fact that two
of the Allied countries advanced fiem
noflT sufficient money for curreut ex
penses, he would have been forced to
disband his men, and the only real
movement in Siberia working for
Allied interests would have vanished.
w'. a. a.
PARIS, Mny 17 (Associated Press)
Discoveries which are expected to
revolutionize the treatment of tuber
culosis and which are reported to have
met with greut success in his experi
ments, are credited to Prof. Domenic
Lodkiiiuco of Rome. His remedy has
tugiir for its basis.
In explaining his discovery Professor
I.omoiiiico says thut certain secretions
n the bronchial tubes nnd passages nre
indispensable for the growth and de
velopment of the tubcrcule bacillus
By the injection of his sac.haTose fluid
thote secretions are destroyed and the
oro'Tess of the disense checked until
ultimately the bacilli disnppeor and the
health of the patient is restored,
W. .
WASHINGTON, May 18 (Assot'ia
ted Press) Revolt against Austria i'
threatened bv the Czech leader if that
ountrv persists in its efforts to estali
ish (ierintiu districts in Bohemia. This
is told in a Zurich despatch which was
published by the- Puns ilatiu, yester
this Czech lenderls reported to have
told Vienna that Hrsistenee on tin
nart m' Austria in attempts to German
i.e lVohmia, or any urts of it would
, result in s revolt of the Cr.ec lis and the
Jugo Slavs are prepared to join in the
W. S.
WASHINGTON, May 18 (Associat
ed P essi -- The merchant steamer
Neclo s wns not torpedoed as was re
portc I on Thursday. Admiral Hims
ciihl I the navy depurtroent yester
i;, I He ,,' rtl ivns lost as result
t r i' ,n, lnul 0 ' not enoouiiler a
t .I'liiui t e.
' :-..V! -,Jr-vvr. '!i ,
Relief Is In Sight For Coastwise
Trade Through ; Smaller
Craft of This Type
WASHINGTON,; May, 18 (Associa
ted. Ireat)T-Woodcn' : ship building
il. making progress quite as satisfactory
os is stwef ship construction. It was
announced by the shipping board yesterday-
that for the past four week
there . bad been aa average of more
than ona ship, day launch td. In the
past kavonteeft days iha laanchlngs of
wooden vessels hava neen seventeen.
This type of .vessel is expected to
relieve the situation for th coastwise
"trade, Large nnmbera of these crafts
that are nohweii suited to the war
zona will soon ' be available and will
serve the double purpose of increasing
the raetiitiea- for carrying coastwise
cargoes and at the same time will re
licve still mora- vessels for the trans
stlaetle servlea for irMeh ships are
greatly needed to carry supplies to the
rapidly increasing overseas force of
tne baited Btatea.
WARniNaTON..lfa-r . lrinfficial)
The ahippiugl board has. decided to
build riftyrfour concrete ships of 7500
?h each, In government yards, besides
roar previously ordered and, eighteen
"ontracted for '-.
The cost is estimated at 125 per ton
aaompared with. $175 per ton for steel
vessels. The new vessels will include
fourteen tankers. v
The government is resolved to pro
ceed on a large scale due to the con
"lusively anecessful tests of the Faith.
fidore Orders placed ,
Charles Pies,, general manager of the
Emergency' Fleet Corporation, now in
Chicago has telegraphed orders to start
building four phi p ways for simultaneous
onstruqtion, the. flm . four concrete
ships to be constructctl . ia one Pacific
corit yard.
Pica has congratulated the Faith '
Guilders, saying the success of the ves
tel has created intense-interest through
out the country. -
Pre says that K65 small vessels,
'otsling about 2,000,000 tonnage, will
be added to the United States merchant
marine by next February. He said
about forty wooden ships will be ready
for service within one month.
The city's chamber of commerce of
v Paeifle . seaport city has tabulated
MrWy-two steel ships totaling nearly a
million tons and costing 160,000,UUU
being built there, besides numerous
vooden ships. This construction is less
tun nit st some otner ports nearer
'mber and steel sources.
3ite la Secured
Paclfia coast cities contiguous to San
Francisco have joined in giving a large
ute for the govesament 's proposed tea
aaillian dollar ship plant, thus clear
ing the . title, for government .acquire
ment within twentv-fotur hours.
, Eight 7500 ton oil-tankers are to be
darted first.
Vow World's Record
.From two yards today came claims to
hipbuildlng speed records by riveting
tangs in . the isterseetional, patriotic
contest. A Paeifle const gang drove
tf8!) .rivets into KH00 tons of steel in a
thip in nine hours, claiming the Ameri
:an record, which previously was 3415
a a Great Lakes yard. Then from
Atlnntic yards came the announcement
that 4875 rivets, three-quarters of an
inch in diameter and two and Ave
eighths of rn inch long had been driven
in the same time, establishing tne
world 's record, which had previously
been held in (Scotland with a mark of
- w. a a
I. S. Martin, His Business Agent
Also Faces Charge Trial Set
For Week From Tuesday
I.. I... MeCandlesa, who was arrested
i second time yentenlay on an iufor
tuition sworn to in tho eirenit court
barging unlawful sales of rice, aud J.
4. Martin, his business ai;ent, who w;i
also arrested on nn information, will
'ie given an opportunity Tuesday, May
in ".: -u it Jtnlge William H. Hecn's
otirt to answer the charge,
federal Koo, Administrator Child
yesterday charac terixed , McCandtesa"
i, -tion in Helling lOO-nound aWiifS .of
rice at $10 in ifSiuncf tf a f6otlreg
iliition fixing the price at $8 as "un
patriotic and greedy" and as "a dol
ur era.v action".
The food admin'iHtrator charged also
-hut Mt-t'ainlleKs is hoar, ling Hawaiian
ice beeutiHO he is forbidden to sell it
at the price ho wishes. MrCandloss
'ins openly admitted the sale of rite
it ! a bag, contending that the rotxt
commission has beeu discriminating
leuaiust him because It permits the
i.ile of Japanese rice ut a higher tt
When nrrnii.'ne,l yeatetdnv before
'ndire Heeu Mifand'ess and Martiu
tilted fci- i-ontinuaure because their at
'ornev, K. ('. Peters, is not iu the city
first charge against Met'audlusi,
that he hud sold rice to Yup Yen,
who is complaining witness. In the
He,-o in I cliaigo it is alleged that the
iil u were made to tho Libbv McNeil
company on May 8.
- w. t,
WAHHINOTON, May U (Official)
The United Htate war risk insur
ance bureau announces thnt 2.0".'t) 0'MI
soldiers and sailors have taken out in
surance for a total of $ W,tKt2,(X0,000.
About 11,000 applications are receiv
ed daily.
Army camps throughout the country
rupnrt that the week just ended has
been the most healthful, with th low
est death rate, since last November.
"v t'U V , iUlZ- ' I.J
Resignation of German Presented
and Accepted and Robert
' i D. Mtoltr. Sucofieds ; ;
la Un wjth tu ipolicj-pf emolpyfrig
none but loyal iAmerican eittiasss . la
managerial nd executive posltAonl' as!
voiced by 'the . stockholders . of Libue
Plantation Company at, th 'adjourned
annual .meeting of the ouipanyefhs
a -new oirectorate-was elected, the res
ignation of t, Weber, manager of the
company,1 was accepted at a meeting
of the directors (0f the company yester
day afternoon. "Kobert D.'.Moler,, hear
luna of, the MoBryde Rughf Company
plantation has been selected to aus
eeed him.' ' . r' , "
Lihue Floatation. Company had the
largest proportion 'of enemy owned
stock of any of the companies ' for
which H. Hackfeld and Company is
the agent. After the final reorganisa
tion of Hackfeld , and Company accord
ing to tba wishes-of the custodisa of
enemy property, Li has Plantation Com
pany and the Paeifle Guano and Fer
tiliser Company hfld meetings of the
stockholder on the same . day. , wttn
the enemy owners of shares eliminifted
the remaining stockholders - of both
companies expressed themselves forci
bly in resolutions an the necessity of
employing 'only American cirixens of
known loyalty in managerial. asd exe
cutive capacities in those companies, .
me i"on or we manager or
the Pacific Ouano ft Fertilixer , Com-
pany foilowa.1 almost immediately ami
his successor was named. .Now comes
the resignation of the manager of the
Lihue company and its aceeaiance.
Thcr are numbers of. German cm -
was the custom or. this company,; when
a vacancy occarred, " send to' Ger
many for the man to fill it. ' The new
manager will look after , tba retention
-,r removal of such enemy aliens.
Robert D. Moler is a natLys of the
State of Virglma anl has been with
the MeBrydo veompany for several
yesra- . . . , .;.". ..
a. a,
Noted Coast Expert Will Make
' Awards At FairNearly" k
300 Animals Listed
Lives! oe k. exhibited. at the' Territori
al Fair will be judged by Prof. Uur
don II. True, head of the' bureau Of an
imal husbandry at the University at
California Word to this affect . has
been received Ln ,a cable message .this
week by thoiMivestoek sommiitee," the
California man accepting an invitation
to come to Honolulu for the period of
the fair.
Professor True, who was recommend
ed to, the fair commission,, by the Cali
fornia Breeders' Association, is one of
the best-known livestock experts on
the Coast. v
.All preliminary conditions now as
sire a magnificent livestock show, with
the greatest and finest collection of ani
mals, imported and island -bred, , that
the Territory can proifueeV Nearly
three hundred entries have been filed,
and injnany classes six to a dozen com
petitors will vie for blue ribbon and
special honors. In consequence Profes
sor True's judging will be observed
with closest attention and his work ia
expected to prove of wonderful educa
tional value to breeders generally
througout Hawaii.
Alreauy tile livestock show seems to
be justifying its share in the, Terri
torial Fair. It has aroused an aaasual
degree of interest among grower Who,
although they own largo numbers of an
imals, have nliowu a very indifferent
interest in questions of breeding here
tofore. The primary purpose of the
livestock show is to encourage the im
provement of food' producing stoclj
More than forty silver cups have
'teen d, mated bv IhIhihI firms and in
liviilutilt, to le hung up as special
iirir.es in ililferetit livestock ciaasM
In addition, net urn I hundred regular
prizott in tile form of ribbons nre to b
swarded for lirnt, second and third
places in various divisions.
It is not certain yet whether Pro
feasor True will be willing to act a
iudge in all classes, but it is hoped
that he will eotiHentto serve in tbut
capacity for all: horses, cattle, swiw
ami sheep.
- The special cups 4iave been selected
aud are in the hands of the engraver
They probably will be placed in out
of the downtown store windows nex
.veek as a special display by the. Terri
f oriiil Fair commission, .
W.-aVS. -
l.ONlxtN, May IA (Associated
Press) Miiggeations that the United
States take the initiative in opening
up pence negotiations were yesterday
made by Harnes, the representative ot
labor in the Hi-itish cablnut.in whic)
he has no portfolio. ,His, suggest I or
was inn, In tg the didegsfjaa Upjp' the
American Federation of I.aqor jwjUc
are now here,
TIriofly his proposal is that itbc
T'uited states ask Holland to call a
peace parley at The lingua as a prtdi
'- i third neaeo Conference
moves tba cause. Used tba world over
to cure cold in one day. , The algna
turcvf E- W. GttOVB is on each bos.
Mauufecturcd ty tUti i'ARIS MKIH
CINU CO., St. LouU, U. S. A.
ninhrturnrn In
. iiifv v - - r ') t '
inrinrin onvo
llli CI III III, 111! I
' .' .'' -. ' . i." -T r 1 ' ." .' f ' ' '
Viceroy of Ireland Issues Procla--mation
Calfing Upor Irish Citi
zenry To Rise and Put, Down
i Conspiracy. r .
London Believes Discovery Tim
;iy and That Proclamation Will
' Rouse , Loyalty Latent Sinca
Man Power Law
T 'ONDON May 18-Associa-)Li,.ted
Press) Discovery of a
German plot in Ireland is report
ed in a proclamation which was
y8terday issued at Dublin by the
'4 , . . . .,
viceroy toi Ireland.- He calls upon
the irigh tQ rise in their loyalty
... , , , ,
land ttfbfllrg about the Bpeedy dc-
fcat of 5 Conspiracy.
' It develops that certain per
sona in Ireland haVe beert in com
munication with Germany and
this js" regarded as a reflection
tfpon the fair same of Ireland but
tbc discovery .has come in time
t6 prevent'.', anjjr serious results
from the. efforts of the plotters,
it is believed, ,,(
Taking advantage of the excite
ment which'' has- -stirred-Ireland
sinctf tht passage of the Alan
Power Law with its application
of conscription for the Irish there
has evidently been plots nd conspiracies-.
The 'situation has been
lggravated ' by the delay in any
home rule legistavion.
'lit is not doubted for a moment
that the Matt Power Law apd the
disappointment that followed fail
dre of,; a , general; agreement sbn
home fule by reason of the deter
mined stand 'pf the" Utsterites
have aroused in some circles a
spirit of disloyalty which might
carry those involved even. to the
extent of seekiug negotiations
with- Germany which would lead
to aid against the Hritisli govern
ment. In this German propa
gandists are believed to have been
seriously Involved.
That the great masses of (lie
Irish are not at heart oyal is de
nied and it is expected the pnx-la-
m a tion of the viceroy will rouse
the dormant loyalty.
- . w. . a,
)' -t C Vi.
ermany's Explanation 1 Makes
' Neutrality Polities' Possible
BUiEXOS AIRES, May 18-(Asso-'iatod
Pre'ss) No tans, f dc war. bo
twacrt the -Argentine and Germany is
H-n by President Iigoyea in bis an
nua) message to congress which ho de
'ivered yesterday. He eongrntMlstes
he, country on the general friondly
relations it enjoys with tho other na
tions. ,
. itcferring to Germany, Prrsident Iri-
;oyen ssys that by reason ot that coun
try's satisfactory settlement of the
'bUma- o4 Argentine for , shipping do
ttroyed and . promises , for future con
luet there, Is no occasion for any
charfge in the- policy of neutrality.
"The nation ia at peace with all the
valid,!,' he boasts and he says that re
lations with Mexico have been greatly
It .-:
w. . a.
BUENOS' AIRES, May l8(Assoei
ited Press) The- Nelson liner High
land Scott la aground, according to re
ports reaching here; It is believed the
vessel will be total loss aud little nf
her cargo salvaged but there has been
oo lose, of Ufa among the passenger.
-, , , . a. .
War expenditure is
mounting up rapidly
WASHINGTON, May 17 (Oftieia'S
The treasury defartmeat reports war
expenditures rising rapidly. )n M.'iruh.
1,22900,000 was snent for ii-tn". nsw
and ship neodt, whiali was wore tha
$156,000,000 ovr .tha .re eH)-i"..tt',
The national dU aa of April 1 vh i
9,58.1,000,000, not ircluding tbti Lib
erty Loans.

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