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The Hawaiian gazette. (Honolulu [Oahu, Hawaii]) 1865-1918, May 24, 1918, Image 2

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; : ; HAWAIIAN GAETTTf' VwfcAY, ? MAY 24, ; 191S.;-SEMIAVtW.Y
r f
W I 111 ll !! II I l I l
ir.i A . '
t - !.: 1
' I L. V J
Cm is o fi
t : 7- - ' i ' . ' ','. ' ' . .... '
f " - rw
AM I 1 I
7 .i -i '' ,
r 1
iuwm4v I 1 . ''''if i r, " ' ' '' V '
"""" ' , " 4 H '; ' :. "' ' - th
: . lr ill 'vt.'umj'i
for suiri;;iteifi
Catton, Neill & Company Select
ed To suppty' Plant For
OecWental Neorot . -
UitiriH Maui . U Tuja PnnApM '
lianu, nun I nw wynvvij.13
"i Thah Cau ' ReacHTOulc-inU ;
the 'World For Business
Contract for mttion of a nlr
mill in the Philippine Tslaadi U been
M Ctto, KiU Cptiy; feJarit
ri. Tkui it apppKm that Hawmii aci
nam ka two tofgv lt4a". trortf tbit
rre in a position nut alone t care for
tli-uoaiai at ane 'ha( Ito t
eroN tne ara and upply ' tad eauip
tae augtr iusnntfy a frW aa.
The contract rbtch baa Wm awlrd
cd to Catton, Iseul L'otnpaajr, ia to?
th building and equipping 'id a CO
: Ion null oa oerideotai jj egroa. It ftJ
W buui ot , ta, iixuxua (xiac (Joa
iaf A tbe- aejrotiatldB rr ao-
untied tbroigb Wewli, iniM)d ' CMni
'. Jy, a reprmentativa of that flrai bVv
iug ednductecr t bnniaena wbila hei
ra4tiy( murvitttog toe piaa Ma
,'. iaftioa and aevuriag tla bi4. winch
" -.:wa auceMsfaH " 1
' 'U'h trtopinf-'s mala'afltre: fa'faealid
lailamla and it baa a, eonaidarabie
, 'augar ' itaW." The nill ' ia a twefve
lotfeTaitait and u ta '4- etMtneaU
'; q;ukiiiMt thouk not eleetrieailr dnv-
v 'TJrtlir tl 'adatnief'ta 'faipdrtaar 'ia
itself , it eajrrira an added . importance
alb'(!(it,abd the eapaeit ot Catton,
ftMlV'Urtikpa: t4 M4llft iMtol'liMi
irarld from tli e Hawaiian btada,--af
; M tbe.iiojiolulu Iron ,Vrk baa Ions OOue
aad -It tueanV tVtta, NUI a CWpairiy
to uow.. a competitor wf the Uouulutu
! lroo.Worka or outside a well as for
V luJ'uW!iie. ,; ' ' ' -
- .Althouga-af tbia TioM tba Pkilippin
V 'vranfc uitr)-4.fa eufleriWjj acutely from
, af.pinialrtaK,,ei mor abutety
i .iu-uUoiiii thiU gft thinra mar" b ex-
' dbwtry.':' Yauaa islaada have the baMte.
.. tue taaa anatue labor lor growing
aad manufacturing m-fr.' Jimt ow It
lack abip.'f. After He Wfcr tieie'will
till, be all the climatic advantage!
. and tbea theVe Vfll'be ampW kottoaia
t carry (agar eajr(oea. Lak. f aapi
'.' tal for the etablihjnent of more eea
; trU M tbat (Gaaippear and the fa
' duatry majr ba axpeeud to g forward
by leap and bounds.
kqnaewti' f tmna fuf the ifrff
twewty-tbroe dsyii ot this mantW have
beea 3o,..4' torn, of which 33,800 was
hugaj4strw Jkr aad 3204 ' wa
"Wast.rO.uuar. , The fiirOres are
far below the April movement , it iaF
l.robaWe'tlrat the movement for 'tW '
month wHl lie somewhat bwtter .tbaar .
last month. It i not moving nearly
' S'Mtt enough, to- suit the platrters.
.'.'No nxire suirar is bninu. taken for
-Oui the, L.lnd of Hawaii, tha latei,
MaiKavljafi,a Company nWoV
.a oiMu.t.'n - J-".' JVir
iiig shipment, Thla rAfleets also tito
CO ml IT toll s in tne other Islands. HuL'ar
U Piling' bp fast with ao indieitioay
.early relief to be aeea rnoro thaa. lae
been in siubt for weeks twit. There in
nothing for U plantations W'de.Tytff
.! to add) t-Ui storage 'opaoitj sad wit
for. ships.
. sv a.
tofage bffbe Oahu Railway. Kaaai is ' TV". r'n"r "e, " i7
tlW holding iM stfjfar baik bMSnM 1 wb,eh bf oorioua -tonieiio tho
there i. no available st.r.ge apaeo l 5to,.Brnv "' Tiet titt-
fOr if h.e. One of f),e Kauai steaiu-1 J'."?, i T?"' H
er i.i. wis' ia .. k.. aaaoua 0f frfrtiliaor. it rs e.sential
: - 8EATTLB; May jru-(omeMin.pv-
. , uiior Hugluiav. of . AasWali eouf erred
here totlay "ith the president of the
. - . ' conlpnnyjthalt bail the eehiiret iteeia-,
' er Faith eouk ersi ' the JirJiUlle of a (
- large nujubor. f concrete ships ia'Aoa-'
' Irwiia-if ttia'ngiitM)r of Uio oompany
' .fcyw 4rfevyrjer' feawiblel aod if the
,Aiinf rnlisii government approve of his
'" ' -report:
- " President Comyn said that pa, MH; ,
s' '(Wgtsudiog was regrheil wherebv Aus
e " tralltt'waubi' psy si royatty for ie pt
. ' eirt for the; proeeos aad . foe airperhi
l' : tvudiug the toB)ru4-tioa af anl ami
. , siiips. , .:' fc
t;'.'ilW 'if.t) M'tili 1m
Makh 'II a rule of if Kowlb o" dl
ivavs Veep' oh bald a notvW' wf' ChanV
beilaia 'folia aad lawhoSaBrrnMy
as a safeguard agalMMt ! Irawwi" ensJ
. ptairts. It aJwaya wrea. prosif ty and
' no kousehiild is safe without it. For
' snle br ail dealers. Itenson, Hmith t
, C(jJi.'fc''n" Uawjii. idvt.
- .'J .
it1.1: "i1,1 f ."" 'f " "I1'--
H AWAIIAN SUGAR MILLS; three now opiating and one ndnii' fon.lrjef n$ fpore
. imDemstractia-Al sKfcalia Mill of MakeetSirar CoiDaov.iKaulJLWafarit Sugar Company,
tbla island ;lKilaua Sufap Company, KauaJj and b VJW ,th..o, mU
towra ipatf oi tbevWailuku Plantation. The piurM of the operating .mUl givt jood general
idea of the acale upon which the
'ji1 v
t- -'
, , ,
Stock. In Islands Reported To Be
? ',r" Exhausted
(',Xoa than ever tbrmteilinx ia be
eemtagtbe shortugc -of fertiliser; J.aitt
Wek ufr of the pWntation reeeHted'
eonsiffaauiot of nitrates tof 'aw) with I
the information that tbl eonaignment
-s its share erf an that there' was on
nd in-fh inlHndu aitil fUrther de -
maaai nwat wait ou rurtnoi arrivals.
K Is loomed from a sugar agency.
Nitrate h movnterf . htghrJ mil
tighet fiu-e the wan 'bet;an;. aad 'th
'""""Tw T l" TK l?'
M?nto. "" ,t,?,l,J! V'u
'and apeetaeulur siih-h the I'nited State
KT'W't--ar. tire- .Mnation is
tVt&)r " l " ""y
' 7t . .
nrvviii vroj.t-1 luuiii'u nun irrniir.-
er have been lost. The shipping to
ertf if ft its) rvqolred i ttot at
bOBC'saMI t plnatanons fare' a eon
? K'n '" proaueiioa o
' -,M u " "'t1t"t
WWas fertiliser -the fmu would be
redueed by one-third or wore.
W. S. S. '
CO tflft AdO. BEET . FOIRES, . ' ,
toriesj uuil, m-eordiiig to an exrhaage,'
the farmers mrftviM 14,W,(MMI for
beets in I1MT Tw"v hirftilxwo of thw
Farmer 's t'niori reeeive.I fOfi.sOila serd,
The averaWoH of raietnit tlieee
Wss fX.80 per arre, whu-b left n net
ptaif WatS-TW er aere. ' The average
erttw was 12rous tiih ai-rw W117. but
, sotaej yiuV it bo' crop hua! 'averaged Hf
een acre tons. 1 he average wheat
pttxtuirtion is lit'teeu litishelH though
fartawo tmse Biore lhair that'tri isaay
iaatauea. If fanners in ;eloraito would
rarsa ZtWfiWf etes of ! with the
eewtract 1 prise of let this year', it
skntlL'niean a gross revenue of $M
pa sdcre' Mndnetittg i52.0 ftr raising
th crop, its leaves 1H.2). net . prult.
NoW, HWy perrenf of tin) avreage pro
duees frem eleven to sixteen tons,
twenty-live iier.eait of the aereage
fields sixtawe tm prus, twwaty per
cent J''1 Iff than eleven form. These
fex'tli M reeorded' are vety cik-oiuhk
log on the whole ami nave .lisi-iinrni-ment
Ihe'lilark eye.
ri t h-r-w ' i
so pi-rsihtent that an ollicinl ilcnlal Mas
issued vester.lMv ;H Hi-ilin
I " .": .;' .:
II ' aV)&MiufaaaHaaaMiMetvaaa
, r' 7 " ' - ' -.'. 'r-vi :'''-x ' '
1 .; v" ; --- '; '
. ? f "... cv ; .
"T- , T7
- ' - iiuiri.nism maniresrwii or tn room .. ler.-" L'3..'JU it0Br irrra eai, nj.rwi fazo OIntMSkT' tJnwfAid
PV-BnArts tn.it no .ttempf U, a. a,lmimr.Hon sM the bWia.'-caavl tbla; Algardba Beas, 20.00 tons: Braa, Und Knr ItcW-rl
aaa(awle M rw fe.Hag Usriwnn I eral.' Keb inAevldOsI is Wiag' Mkerf fl.lft tons: Cottonseed Moal. MtW Ibe. I ",1'n' 'fi, Pr-
strategists. vo lliudenlmrg and thief, , llM- as little suKr aa possible. 'r Waimen tswgar1 Mill Cb.--Barlef , Is "uding PIt9vi $ M or
of Htuff vim Lu.leii loitf, Imve l.eci.nie f,.lt ,. Inri. t(, in iUIM. I money refunded. Alaniif.ctuicd bj
f.kVTIkWT VI . . , .. 1 . J I M . . ... . . . . . . . '
average, plantati m i operating.
1 v' "'
Food Adtnimstra
. i ,.,.'
What plantation.? pepw and Their
stocx Feed imports urges
Suspension of Homesteadirrg
To Keep Up Sugar Outturn
' Dalina with the niiL-ar plantatlens
I of -Kauai, tom-hini: on suiiar Droductioit.
I telling what the comianu4 are doioa
in growrng of foods snd rodder 'ami
what their last year Imports of stock
feed were, the representative, of the
food, administration says! .'
' Food prmhiftion by the sugar com.-
isaiss anil plastHtions on Kauai iAfery
sHtoiUr to the i-omlitiens eiistini ' on
the- pWatHtioiis on tho uthor islands.
The labeenis on nil of the plantations
are -producing, from hnase gardena and
smalb plats ot' land1 given, to them by
the ;liiHatiii, eaongh; garden trunk
t0'supf4r 4heir own wants.
No ZMvocstfled Grope .
VTith a few excejitlonH the -praJntatio
corqpariies have not pa'id any attention
to the growing of diversified errjp.
Below ,1n thl re my t is a short Oarlike
of'Wftafe'eai-h plantation is" 'doing or in
tend doing in planting other food crops
tBan swirar.'1
Ixmes Acreage ' i
' Thousauds of aires of goveruirtenb
laAd are going out of cultivation.' This
lnnf.hs been proitncingi frno eropa -of
fn-gar' i-are tint the leases Te
,dred , or nr, about to --disSSE
ptovistons have - ""f-' -r " f -
in cultivation. The? land'tao ao been
kdinest'eaded' and the present lessees
hirve been unable to mako aTrariuwaiont
with the Territorial government to keepJ
them lo roiitiftnutis eriltivMSrfa wrrttl
such 'time as these lands fan become
steaded. It is nof for me to say who is,
or who is not 'tfspotieHile'forHhif tow"
lition of Mt'fsirs. Komeoae ia aaleep
at the switek". Two ei'tkree yekr
from now the annual sugar crop of the
IslahiiVVill be reduced by Home 40,000
to Dir.aoo tons of siigtfr'feelow the aver
a'gd 'of the past fsw yUii 'ThO Hilo
Board of Trade and the Honolulu cham
ber of commerce have taken up this
matter,; but iiV ther menntimo amiekj. of
the -land is growing into' a jungle ; of
brusn Shd weVds and it Will'liost kon
dri'iln of thousiiiidi nf dollars to .bring
it bwck to tlie Mgh state of eurtitation
in wnich it lias been for ninny years,
Swroead Law ' . . ., t., .
Suspend Law
''IWgoterniiient is' becHoliiOg' thi
piOJirers wM5 one h:iurt tO'prwilih'e "ttiff
I mnxiiniirrl airiminf Af sugar "White wrf H
inr i. in.-, mi in i ii m pumnnK jwiiry
of litioti'i.v allowing mnif4oli ldie;
Ikivn iin, I o ur llici " Over There, " The
hninestcuding law o'ij;lit to be suspead-
mis is nw in seepinff Wita 1h spiriTI ' a
CtOM WaiheDga,C9?Pa1H
iu'l V
--,--7 rrr-- &:
I r" it) V.t,,? ft.VA"1!'.?
4 1
1 bt tr Vi'' .pi
pra pto .iff
New Budi?ifl$iCiall,fot;,xpend
' ture of $200000
Tim CnlifArnln nL Tfs sv-ikilnif Hi.fmS
Befiniug -cora)iaay.expeats to bare pfo- j '
.r7u ,.ii.ii- imnrvtt ,iinnirvvr inr iii'V!;.,
tibn at Crocket of a two-story brick, I
steeL, and reiafoTced .coB(?rete anneit'
to.be know j) ns. cbae-bouao JTo, 5 which.
vrikV b'hsfd, for .a niwetiine shop for.
tker' preoent ; . a N f owr-atory brc.k. and i
eteef .annex (o storehouse, to.be known J
as" storehouse So. 2; a two-story class
huiJ.li'nv to eniit arwiiii S.t'l .
and n steel foot bridge 100 feet
long. will be constructed,
It "is estimated that ike", cost of these
wlll.be I300.0UU according to recent ad
vices .from the mainland. - '
Fig urns- will be taken, for the' steel
work, but the genuVal 'eoatrnct wUl
probably bo awarded to lindgrea Com
pany, who have been oonstructing the
ptkef baildiags at, the refinery on a
percentage basis. '
rrrL a., si'' ;i . y
MirDiiHi diivo nnunc
ns.i.WHi wi,. ,
The AmerVeait' Hngaf ' rWlrtiiug" CoMl1
parry naw (mnscweir rj,is,w w tne
inirn i.ineriy j,oan. Jiair- r wis
amount will be placed Uraigk'rje toev
OtMt odral Keserve, Uisxrwt uewsl-
qmrWrra-tu Sv. Yom, whora tb eom.-
psy,'a-inaio olUiiaaaro located, and taa
IMrWIlflW VIIVVI4(M- UUI.-I ,KlIFW l "Y'C ,,By
ed for Ihe'.lurafioq of tho war W tlrwt
iani on wnicn leases ans bdqui-.tv n-
piee-may be Wept.jn enlttyatihif kfld trrV
laaii tnai is lyiue Jdis may no orqugni
into:, cultivation at the earliest possible'
moment. , '' ' , "' '
. Many of our young: mon nave volun
tcerea lor
and In any
service ia the army anl -u mn.'T ' ? TV"? .k
mo-re ( win be? needed. Ut ', Wllppiaa. planter, and. the
.(eadlng. Business' wilt 'trt'il P"8"" ,of "P " aJ
; V-r... .... 1. si,! n "' them as it would aa indiHi-
the homes'
these bovs return Tiome when 'tbe war
s over and let them; na' tne flrn
chance of getting homeofWad or 'at
leaet'hs even chaocs-wrth tbe '"stay-af-kem.
' ' rltartatioW- U' staring ' the
Whole Worl4- ia tkr faca hht la bo time
to let good available land be1 idte.
Fear Imports'' ' - ""-.. '''
" ' Makes rwigar Ce.--BarleyJ, 758a bags;
tlgarofte. 'IStTT- blrs,'-Oata;''l'i bags;
Bran, PI4! bati Alfalfa, 4 to bags; te
tan'Oet, iW,til.4 'y '
JtoloH Hugnr C:-Brlv, 8.10 tonal
' MrBrvde Hugar Co. Barter, 4ia.M
tone. " ' .- ',. " .' ' .
s Haw alia nwst' Onl Brea, 29 89
.runs; ouriev, .w. i; ioiisj nay, i i .n;
twh.- Arftlfa,f.tw ihirVr
tons; Hurlev, .179.1'.' tons) Hay, 17.115
u 'rtagar. nastafion nr-
Kekitlin fugar Co. Barley, 150 tons
.drove Plantation Barley, 57 tons.
1 f .:
;.-r. f . i
More tbna seven and a imcter. mif,
lumw ef dollars, w nt dlMributed by. the
sugar rem pauses of th Territorvr1 last
year io bvnnaea, tko-greatest distribe
tioft' of the kind the lsistnds have ever
kaowa. To have continued paytaeOth
at that rate in the face of the. new,
prii-es, the higher freight rates.' aasi.
fiiglN-r ousts genera Ity; speciaily ben ,
shipments ar so tiebtted and mieesv
tain," -would have lieea Impracticable
if wot ruinotis. This year the bonoso
win be in tetiil nmoaat murk waller
iiacr tbe Mrte- is lower the-ers
Hawwiintr . '.
I'orto Riean
I'ilipino ' .
JapnneHO .
Chinese ,
nwl ittrm it.
All others
w. s. a.
w k tha.la nd aiWctfldl
i tifi fo the sugar eentigt Whkl the,
rat wnun ins
liawaiiau. 'iaiiters; Assoe
vet uo rfqnegt tar bids
Whan. . these . speciaat(pus" ke.' ready
aa4 bid ara asknl It ' ia' likViy Itkht
both, 4 lie . Houolula, Iron Works, and
Cotton,. Muill A Cobvy.w'U be nearil'i
from ; , ' -v ...-.. ; f fv M
Ti l. r, ji - Vi . It t
, iiruu no soul lUMt hum, naweuiwa
sugar ental, w beu it is operating .is)
the PhiUppioes, will bejthe- jmoa .som
flet and. modern of any in. thooe 1s
limils. -The planters here kv4 g wjaer
rKierlenee in .the. sugar '.industry ,(tbaa
iiuhi sugar otNBniij. '
WAKHIN0TIJV,. May' 23-( Associat
ed Press)--Th4 '"dry"" forces today
non me seennii sxirmisn in ine nouse
. l V R
' l jit1-
; '(-
f v'
' i .
... H -I','-
?r ;"",""' u.' """f ;tat . tUa W be s. minimant price for (Thim ,, Illlld fr,,, tha
Last yes the amonat paid in .bonuaee B(i,. . also It- mtirhe t(mi,Uf oldni i The l.wo (line name nmie irom tne
.Mh, nt lt n r'?V??Jf "TC.1' . initials of the words Loyal American
;.' V" T-.i . T . . I '"Tra. -larger" sarewira. ' t,m' tae wtnwrt r.. '
'By nationalities the iiayment was die- ! iaj. t.A'm. tki. t tk. .o.u. -
lribitt .. follows: ' . irA.??'? rV.T' Tho- Lamo (Nanw- eoinpoed of initials
. bulla in, tlre l'bilinpijies
Iwatisfootosily bat these have' not'. J't r.viv L i't khhj iL .
bean eouiblated. it is learned'. 'aud. k, Jn,ii. ..aTitT':
haf beeb nde I bj'ux.
in favor of national prohibition n.llVi .Vrw7 ... -us.ry
prohlbltlos. Hvoeafta ftppAved.'
nRirndiiii'nt to t1e tooA bill refasiug the
use of an)0,0on to the food1 apptoprt
ntion until the 'Tresidenf tsaries a oro-
elamatiijn probtbittng'the rjserof food fn
tfte'mnnufai'tbr of TnfotlMrit's.' 'J
. iMMHM4faUtaWksisli
i rjurfi rliArHC flu 'U 4m ttktitt
rlCe VUAtll II? &' IU 14 UAW
thai A MS MI;uICINBCO.,SI.Iam;U,
U. S. A.
;ji7 it'. k 'jtf-'J .4:1 " a'.'.V' . .fri-.r-m J, V.v,'.:' . l -t !
of bamxs H 1 J
Pt a vuuW i., v
jntertatwrial Cbmmissloil .Named.S. Rcornanlzed Bysipess Houses
, Figures: For(,-191& anrf,Wnj ! ; . Still Flowing' In
,.;(Ralsf '-For Next Jfea!r''Crop . m im h"
j'f .'' V i'.y ' i. . ,. t' ' 1 ought to be no trouble in aeleetlng two
( .jll?C; pfWa; ityrt '..would. ba. ,appropijata ,. for two
J9tnaViUi lais jti fla Jw VtrlcUy. Aateriea eoneerjiap but. when
,Hondlttlu,'raet;A,bout '8Ber.for afay:.(ktf' ..t'oekholdera for the new. corpora
4Hltataa);aatai:Ml'M'ii) hat is to buy ani lake over the
tigaf ,er-May,'-theYe apperr aotWaj buMneM 0f H. .Hack fold ft1 Company
jla;iadU4tb:;fkattberji .It-b - Ufcilt,'Mi th directors whom they name come
Aood 7f . jr riacraai) ki' jjaga' prteea , i-toi seujet iaaaips Vfor the eorporatioa
foe-the ttrenent erop.
ttlljvk lka .fai',tnMAM littM "Aflft
1 , " ""8"' . - will pnnouivvouiy rrvc miinj mure mnii
ibeet (Hike, aal4.iariah''r.anr.iaraae' the naanber to ehooae from. , '
,Jai. -i,r1t'U.f hae-'M"7 Wg 'tfit r-'.Npoi)M to( the offer of ,11.,
illdiratfbjail' 'tleVV'Wyt before.' -f t 0f two'prtsos, one for the name
tkakirp'tt;Oie U.jnnh to tfcat.'.replaeea ,Uat of.K- Haekfcld ft
llx4 joT Taai rf l , :vitk ""m bt will be painted on the
World'a sugair prW rTitiili sfj', W'' WW, bears the title B. F.
were fixed iby tk international sugar EWers' Mt' Company, 195 mgj'stlons
;fommltteraomp6ae f repreee.uUa htrr1t Wn Mnt . It woul(1 eerUill.
f ibis country -aad. lb AlUee.- Tho , ... ., .
iprke.-was ma!e wkk aa ; agreemeat ,ftcm Pets,?
waa.nwbbdfM tho.nCablmrotr tor or persons should secure 10 for each
thia. .Tear'a erop.i' .The; priee was. thea , rV ? V- , t. ,
aanrtwraeed fw:fba, . r-JVrta-' Hica' TbolWtiona of namea for the we w
UuUiaaa-a.4 Hawaii;'. tb. abd4r.Uiva corporationecelyed .inre l.t Thurs
ing waa that this -priee writ t bo tor f..n, " ,0,,uwgs
fh' yVar 4 the. aWmbarw f.. tth ga Vb
intevnational sommisaioii teturwd. to i?" ii,
their boms eountrieC -St ehange" tn tf
TherV la- 4uc : rtkaarfsf aetlon witb- J" Jf1 '
v.. The Granite
the . ronuuisston. -Thonsb - tha uk-
,bent 'people were . InstrvroOakaJ Ln 'the
making pt the petoopaweV oaa-. prieeo.
weta bated, oa t,he ' price upon w-hieb
tkr :rret WW xbgjreeit, tbs'eet' sngar
industry has-clkmored most'loinlly for
bnrter r'rcriji' r. .'.'. '
Koti TaAtav-HaaV.;' ' ,i e--.,-
Facta Alioot Sngar has recently pub
risk i aeriea of half a doxe editorisle
ob iangai ptlees, poUtiaguput th needs
for a .higher -price. It. has shown that
in every, respect except one the migw
CQmmitta baa kerb. Mte.'eeeafnl.-, It has
!'ut ' i ? I
ee, H has aeeured the.
eai-rt4 aa fariBgocVj
stabUisett (he Trles
siiiiuW f or-thiw-reM
geneeAny:iar,tnoymont hot it has Jiot
stimuUKed; the plsntlngof larger aere
ajki? 'Tbi'pete4jkah bee VauoAi' rL'i
i'u sun , MS71 j a aa aphilin ill air ttt
ft'betoee-fi and.' tea proati
IVioatiiaulato plaatJogy the-eotnaMttee
muF auow a prut nign esougn , to war
rant tftrinee. of' tlr land for sugar pro
duction ' ;
Consider Cddsumere ,,j , ,
: If tbe.'sacar committee whoald' now
TV WH'-P:i
lnl lor .'rhu flirtr Tir byt present
-There is ao denbt the sue&r growers,
would Joyfully consent! to', an increase
of kahf. a 'dent a pohtid, or' any Other
1 orii'eo I would ioaki eood to-thenv , But. tbo su-4,4tO,43VXw-
0, ennimiftes ' lass mail . nrnmian.
. . : -
to the consumers as well as to
tkv prbhier. AVbat wotrld. the raa
sumeravaay'. Jt may be taken at norr
tln' ths't Ihet woaU protest . lonx and
loud.' lA'nxt tkeve tr tlifnusirV" of -wn-
-.iriimstaieea there la r-neh to Indi ate.
that W0 Ineroasw will ' Vr- Ued tliin
year, but' rtvtl-- ofb-i- h, ' ' is
much to indicate tUat ucit yai '.. priae
will be hiirbe-.
4' '. . .
Tbo.heail of ... .lueol .gaa.y aeanWa
reeved a letter f rom. George M.-Rolpb,
rw rr .-rmr-i ican . mn(Hi Turn'
mi tlwei -vw which Mk kWl ihv tiJj o tho
t.L i . .l.. i- -i . ' . .
I. arrfe..iba;;:S sirlr "
injaieated: thfe
Mr. Rdrph jmade' nO-difoejl proaMSes. bK
what he d!d jiay wa"suir as to tndt-
eat. , thnh iherv " wnWd; -baf -rmriroT emon t
iui;ur''aniwjs ue.Xf year..
KumerWoUed' -7y; ;j;
- TheTOiwa artifmer. Wrrawtf oa. the
stsaet tkat! J, F (Aiid( Wal repre.el.ta
ISli? & 1mL- '!
said he knew a raise In wrice Was com
ing and had kmrwait for a lon time.
Mr. ChlW denlni any sikHi ntferaaoe and
says 4hBt what he really, did say Vas
that be learned whtiW.ia vMoxhingtori
that the sugar beetr'mea ,ier dissatis
lied with present priori and were see'
lug aa i nor esse. -
Tiiw.are plant ere ipt the; kslaiwUiwho
efpocIS mora tha aUD IncreSM In price
naif year hnd what ant ready to. give
evijen.e' tnr a larger inotwas than
. . - .l- !..
iuum J A.V'A'i,! -
ne.aq. tuiease a istujar,, pf4oe
UritMflshlhf DJIi
nx winisr, oni u csu be sat4 matjiiieft
aa laoroaaaia uWykaly, .
rJl i 'Jll V ,JlJ
' f-'sst India Wflarrnia te) sonvt silgsr
ts Cnr1a'ss)4 thIs4Mialoe) ls-gotng to
toko-aiPtaj Fto :setefw''iriea 'can
fOaraV fb suWpehiro ot railWaV traf-
ne- itr tar. valteH tH ate stared ia
tervals interfered with t I sort of trade
even in Canada nml the war is bring
ing about trade relations never dream
ed of heretofore. I
nttiZPTi! Dry Onods Company
wlMrliaV I " .'orVaTe Kho.iping Company
otffiraK er.y .Pl"2. ternrire'
; ntrtntiv' in'totiir
Surjstions? For, New Signs For
I n4 itp retail r'drygootla brtnch the
V ''ill ' J t
Tho. Crows Bonds of the Tni-iHc Whole-
snle House ,.
United Anus Trsding Corporation,
1 Limited
Cnited Arms Hugnr Corporation, Limit
,.,ed ......
Allied Arms Merraatile Agency, Limit
ed American-Pacific Xugnr Agency, Limit
ed World' t'nion. Hugnr Compnny, Limited
World pemocrary Mercantile Company,
Centre! Hawaiian Mercantile Compnnv,
. i jmitej
yri Vpni.e .jprcB11i Company,
'-Limited ,
Greater American Mercantile Company,
.Consotldated Mercnntilo Company, Lim
Kowsl American Territory Supply Com
. pany
Palmer-Trent Company Limited
WeooVhw VPirson Wide Awnke Company
He wniian-Hooverize & Company, Limit-
of "ords Loyal American Mercantile
The aamci sngKe,,,'l B- Khlera
& Company are as follows:
Bon Marrhe
Villa de Pncis
The A. B. C.
Fashion Shop
Bow Twi
The Hee Hive
The Pnrisian
,', .
?,,,, '
ilc V
jtnJLT,..!n mr
rOhwibiaation Htoro
lut MnZ tHol
(loodrt Company
The Coamopolitaii Pry (loods Company
The Cosmopolitan Kmporinni Company
American K.try Pry (iood. Company
inr onio
k:l- Limited
l IM I" I ........ ....... ......
Nw 1elom . Dry Jtloods Company
Anti-Tyranny Dry floods Company
Victory Drv (loods Compnny
LuaitKnia Dry O-oods Com puny
Emporium of Hawaii
Tha Fancy Dry (loods Compnny of Ho-
The Paris Wore
The American
The riherman Palmer Dry (loods Com
pany Trent. Truatwoithy stoic
Falattal Art( Kmporium
The Bon Marche
The Allies Wore
The l.aco
The i Lamo
Home Dry (loods Store
I r W. s. S.
Tbe I'liittM State ovvrnment thin
antull ft(iL iHttiwuMiiiii nf u lilut rtf via.
rMt roun,i Bn, , WHrBius.. belong
' ing . to the Niitional Mnyar Itefining
I Company on the Last Kiver front,
'Brooklyn. The property is pmt ..of rhe
I'Olit Mnllenliuiier refiniii; plant, on
' Kent Avenue, and is con! i annua to the
Brooklyn Navy Yurd. Neither tin-
warehouse nor tho ground lias boon
Msec) bo the rutin ing cnnipany fur sohhi
time, the land linvini! I.ccs turned over
to Hie1 Knstern Diitii.-1 Vonn Men'-i
Clir'mt iiiii A Hsocinl ion. nln li in:ii nl :ii n
ed teuuis courts ou it.
ltiflV Prnsiitnir Drv llntlds tjlimnullV
I'aeilic LCiuer mtv iino:is iiim wii

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