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1 '' MteS LA NI)" B Ji.JL'BUii D SHIPS Ml
.... - , ..... I 1, . . . w
1 I
FRDAV. ..MAX . 2l;jm $?JItAVEE!W.Y
( Uwvv..w vi W.w.,y,v f-UOU t , MTf(oiT, May 2.1- rOfflrUn-'
Pharle M. Schwab, the United State
dhlpplnd chief, speaking hern, said that
the ship yards of thin country are now
building (nor ships tbnn th ubma
flae Ot the enemy can possibly ink.
The Great Lake shipyards, alone, will
build in Jhe year Martina July more
ship than were built in the whole
Schwab Says United States Is
BeatinQ Eneniy
- T"-- - T T- 1 - - "-r- -
i n;p mm r m.wm t kum
f a
linlULII ULflilil
Who Js'?jcpcte
V -v a 4-fas A I r-a
I . ". ... . 1
What la saMto- b. rWfoctly satis-; provision ot? this Aft shall keep a full.
. i r
factory bill "to jtrovlile tot, the culti
vation of oortnln loaned government
lanUa aftor tha, tvanoa thef6f ahail
have csirfmi," toaa introdared Into the
iiiinte yontwilay aftprnoott as a aub
atituta for the Shingle BiU, paMin
flrat roading. . ' - r '.;
The meamirn ia aalil to hrte Oie ap
proval of Oovemor-deaifroate'lifeCar
thy, ef tho attorney for the chamber if
rommerce, of tho attorney of the i"laa
trra' Aiftociatipn, of the Waiakea-HUI
poplo au'l all othera intereter xntpt
the proMpoctive houienUailora, who have
not boon hcrl from. ',.'.'. 11 . -r
It provide for planting affreement
between tho .Territory anil rouveniant
plaotatioi fur the caltivation ,any
government lumla upon which tie lea
es niay boxpiriuti or iiave expired but
which have not actually, beu bpme
uteadej, tb planter beinff protect i I In
every pomible way' ftnaluat loaa anl the'
rights hi tne territory as licensor Mi
log c(jual)y wojl looked, after. '. . -,Th
jironiiective bomenteader la mentionil
nridentally In the bill, but only in re
lation to what, he must , do with the
penaltiea for failure to perform hla ob
ligation.' No attempt ia made on the
nart'of theTerritory to iilace any ol
ligation Umi the planter in favor of
the hoinenteador.
Pluitora An Roneful
It la Apparently atfreed in the rna
that the-bill mii.it have the approval
of rougrpHt lxfore beeoioing law,' and
if tiRfned at all. will be on that nndor"-
Htandiiig. It ia further underatood that
the pi it uteri moxt directly affected' are
willing to "run rhnne" on congrea-
H'onal dxrtrovAl and will pToteeil with
their cultivation of certain government
luud if the IrgiHlature kokuna the meas
ure." The Wainkea Mill people are the
oho moat coueerneil at thla time.
That' tlovernor to be McCarthy be
lieve that the new bill, which. eOme
up for ilioiiKKion at a Hpeeial meeting
of thnBnnate committee of the whole
thin morning, in now iu shape for tiaso
age and that the 'measure which have
been under liiHcuHsipn for the pant few
lay are siieceHHf ally adjuHted for both
the planter and the homesteader, was
indicated in a fipcech that the new Gov
ernor made nt the weekly luncheon of
I lie Kjolary Club yesterday.
Basis of SHtlement
In bin Hpeech Governor McCarthy
said that he believed that tho govern1
tneut ami tli o planter had at laat
reached a lniniH of settlement, fiopre
rentativoH of two of the rlargeet augat
liomte in the islands, have agreed ta
what the government' wau( in tlut wat
of equity for the homesteader, he laid,
nnd after three daya' Jieusaipn . with j
the attorney representing the planta
tion iui4rents, it win found thai both
tho government and the planter were
working towurd tho same nini and pur
poses. . !
(iovernor Mct'urtliv-further said that
in the event that this new pleasure be
( otiicH a law it would givf. something
tangible to present to et etjarv' I.84i,
v. hen the head of the interior depart
ineut nrrivcx here next month.
Text of Bill I
The bill, in full, is; ' v
"Tj Provide for the 'OnlUvatlon of
Certain Leased Government Land
After the Lease Tnereon Shall Have
"He it cnactoil by tho Legislature of
the Territory of Hawhiit
"Section 1." Delliiitiou. The term
'homestead agreement' as usfd in this
Al include!! any and nil agreement
bv which lands are tnkeu by liomestead-ei-H
under the l.uml Luws of the Terri
tory of Hawaii.
"The term 'planter' means any per
on, linn or corporation pluuting, cul
tivaliug or harvesting any land under
the provisions of this Act. . . I
"The term 'net profit' shall mean the
sum an crtniiicil by deducting from the
ross proreeils all taxes, including all
incoiiie taxes, levies, tonnage charge
nnd assessment paid by said planter
upon the property used In the produc
tion of, or income derived froin, or the
I on. ..kfinr.'is iiliOII ftllV fkf tha ftllir&T '
, Hv ' - " , J .
omiMete, An A 'accurata repnrit nt fh
1 . . . , ... L . .. I L . . I.
ctureot or mirft plant! nf nuor . rwuur ,u i,Bf,fc lw,,,v" mu""'
CtiiiivnuuMi iiiiiiuiiiHir ' iiruiivr uruyur t r
tion tf kit overhead charge and ex- SUBMARINE PERIL
tienkcs,- whi
ien to
rnlskioaef' o
of actual cost the planter shall add in
tfet thereon 'at thl rate of trh fro in
tha rrftoxif tfxpemlitwre nf each itetiK '
'"peetion . minin niieeo oays al
ter notification by the eomraimioaer
that' a :honostead agreement or agtee
the inspeftion of tha Conf?f
f Vnblle? Land. To the total ' LONpON May 21 (Aasncia
Reports Regarding ReQrganfca
' ipn .of firrri Bear Ear-Marks
of German Propaganda .As
serts Alien Property Custodian
For Hawaii
. Tlun propaganda has been launched
to try to hinder the Ame ricanixatlofl
Agassiz Court Order Bars All
rent and Miss Locnrane
.j'ivlw ,. i i , . , :. i..,-",:
Frrncl C. VTleeler, former employ
of the wholesale department of' it. A.
Const A Company, Jiaa a yeryalim
ehaneev 6t saving hi intereit .In. tb
Oermoa . raider Alexander Agaaaim
whicii waa eantnred nff tha aoaat nf
lower CaUforola ia March by A.r- t"', ,b" op.",,on .
, . , . ' , , . H. Trent, alien proportv custodiart for
Jean cruiser.,, is because tha Claim HwaU. M.r. Treat expressc the be-
of all libelant and Intervener-, be- lief that recent stories which have been
side . the .United States rpvernaient current in Honolulu nnd have been
hav been barred by a prise court or-. published have their source in German
der In I.o Angeles. .1 determination to make as difficult' e
After the report of tha eaptora of possible the taV of the government In
the ? raider ' Agaia, an auxiliary making the former Oerman firm trulr
schooner, with bit adopted aiitef. Mlsa American. In a statement to The Ad
Mande May Locnrane aboard, Wheeler yertiser yaaterday lr. Trent said:
Wft.bere fot' L6a' Angela ' to trytol ."Please say for me that certain
ar hi ' half interest ia ' the Vessel articles appearing in the paper Sue-
from eonf.tibh-by-the -ovarnment. log the last few days with reference Wss.ioji, will be confirmed by Jfte aen,
or tt vesael . id to th proposed reorganization of Hack-
t'resslOfliclal statement from the
irltifh atlmirhlty 4iajM. that the' marine
oesea bv auliffiarine attrti k for the Brit
sh in April were 220,7ufl tons and for
iH the Allie.k nnd neutral nation only
94,39:1 tons, showing that the sutnna-
mita ha r tiava been eseentad . for rln peril 1 decreasing ratiidly.
nV wartion'of the land planted and ' J nnonnced thnt a British air-'tit--
cultivated .under tho provision tit y ,llrrt " "nk wrmy
this et,Uh planter ahall furnifth tU uesiroyer nt ecuvugge
rvmmissroner -and the Specified hortie-
leader or homesteader -with a atkte
mnt in detail of the cost of thaTwnrk.'
dyne vp Jo the date of receipt of such
notice. , in ease any party intaresteu 4a
HiasatiaAeiL with aid statement either
In - wl9,'o . or '.tyi-. part, he ..may iriihiu
Jwenty day therenftr, by petition to
a circnit Jmlge at chambers,' pray - for
adjudication of, -any f nd all conjtrover
oio in W( regard. . V.'U
;..1,'wtiea- 5. As between two or
more homesteads- so taken up a afore
sail ihe-tptal coat of such pjaatiog and
bt cultivation aihall be aixprtioned by
tha . comtuisaioner of publie land .be
tween th said .homesteads in propor
tion to ttneir jilonted area. ' t " .
UontonOropa S,:. rtv V Am.ii u i,,,ii .., .Mrak. SI, wer eliminated today, by to -rumor that Mr. Ballon ha said
.Bee.tlo.. .. Lien for Costa. . Sach essf ully in a heavy fog, rain or "snow-, toV.Sffii JTaFInUnTi ! Kh'i P"1""'"
homasteadoe who shall enter into a '.inhn Broceedinga against tho vessel instituted not bo , legally accomplished. I havo
hoTe td?VgrWWbmen?awUhe,tho rrf- ftU present routes prov. aucceaa-' fc-!!!?"?.:. from Wa.hing-
m utev T e- j ' - i at mv viihii iiiv v i i i .. i . . iiiiiuu itas
uthbrised the statement that he baa I
Said nothing that would affect the re.
organisation plan suggested by the cus
Orininfli Plan Ta Turn fbSun Per A
W(IH( W Ml WW ,
sonnel of Fotf.Jtomjfhjri
" discovered panjjerb
Fear He Might Name New Bpard
Instead of Leaving Matter
For McCarthy To Handli
' All of the long list of reee appoiAt-
Bnts thnt hnve been md,0 by tb
Governor since the 1917 aeaaion ,f t(io
legislature, and particularly tho appoint
ment or tne ineralier pf too f 004. fiPJOP
.-. - '') . 1 i.y. a. a.
i, . :r. iH ...-. ; - i"
I . '.
- fOonclnded from Par 1)
forwarded by rail ami delivered
.. apeeial delivery service. Otto
Th Vbf half
to bavo boon owaed by Misa Lochranov feld' have all the earmnrk of Oer.
Who a; U itootro of the'.AIaxanda wtaa propaganda, and have evidently
Agaasi .when It -pasd into the poo- ajnanated from some source which
elon. of Ih Oermaa raideraw H i I would like to make it as difficult as
The ptan of h Germans waa ta eap- poagjble for the t'nlted Ptntes govern-'
tura largeti teSaeJ and began raiding nieat really to Americonire Hankfeld'a.
operation in tho Pacific, whiU itha ,' .The a'liea property custodian has
achooner wn aont a mega ear- uggested a plan which is being sab-
fler lor nan apie to uermany, wa mitted to the non enemy shareholder
1 said. ,i .- .'. , r . , j for their consideration, nnd which, If
I ..Becardintr; tho. Vitlinn of . the-- 'nriae laaeented. will brina about a th
court about' tho-olninla of others, than Americanitatton of the business. If
tho American government against tho this plan doe not meet with their
AiexnnuerNAgnnal, Loa Angelea do-; approval It will then be in order for
patch of May41 eay .. ...', i some Other solution to be offered.'!
1 V '
0 l
' .'
Alex.7 HsliIWlB, Ltd,
0. ttrwtt ft H.
V' 1 '.
Rwa riantatlim Co.
loaOka H(. to,
Itnmip Hug. , 4,'o. r. ....
Hiilchlnmii rtng. Plaut. ;
Kshaka ,1'btat. O.; . . v
Kekftlis Sug. Co.
). Hiui. l '.'
Mcitrrn .xwtt. t.. t-f-
&.U0 Kaa.Vo.'i ..T
tiisa t Co.,. Ltd A
tinonws iu." .Co. ' I
I-asutuu ua. riant. A.
VhctHc Mill . ......
t'sJi riant.. (.-.- ..ti...
Peumkao Huaar Co.......
Kluneer- UUXL'dT. t . i. i . .
Pro rCsrlo. maiDf Co.
vs.lsl.i Arctl7a. . ..
yauka f..,,.....
Bnilsu I, to., IaA. ...
lot Ia Aaseai t Ti.
Had Jmo Vaid I'p . ..
Rrtfrel t'npper Mlaln .
V. .,', I'M.
V. Co.. Com.
Haw. a. to. ?' A ,..
Haw. Con. Rjr. 9 B...
Haw. Cob. to. Coai. .,,
Hawaiian Ekw-trie Co.
n ti i uMinil ni.i.t.nt riialimkitAr.
f u ., ni.w " ....... v. ..... " . . . . I . T : .1 U . - 4 .1 11!.. t M 1 . . . I , 1 . ,
t..i.nrUlt. ,kni .Ait, .ni. 1 rl" uhiim kisim sou! iwi j wsm my iroij loyai imencan snare- nent. tne n
; will W tmineJ dnrin the .ummer Lfc"."0W! 9!th ' llfty, DH n his npovai of tfa ; th. .affairs of
Ci'i. . .' ...7n. - man raiuer.-Aiexanaer aitbbsiz seizeu .jiian a aucirened liv tne custodian. I witnout ceren
10 max poaaioie an eneeiivo roa.nn- ..rlt.D? tha. aaalea. enaaf M.,.!, I,.. ....f-f! t
iatv rpiatiiliT tQ inr lit tin io nflntil nl rlnni will h tt.ii.1a fnr vnitTidinr .
andVultiyatad by a plaatef h.Vrein ; ',, ' iefvic next apring to otheV part. I '-f rV. 3 CillfolOTo?
provided,' shall pay to .pie planter, the 0f . the ionntry.. The flrat extension, !'- U,W,iA f rKfii
lutual cost ofil?ntU,g a.,1 cultiyat- fa Praeg" any., probably will bo' J dL, tha allofl mo) W.
ln ,,uch lamUop to the date of tben- frora New Vork to Boston. To elimin- , '''Hr l&L S?0 TSS&El
tering into Men "honiestead a"reen,ent, dclav arrangements are bi-ing work-' th." JfJ ii" J
tw'-ttL hAwiMteail. "aH.f th Trritr "u .v? .t t i cla m .for :uppliea Or money advano-
al.iiia-Ululln(r, I'd
KmtM irJ-M trw.p .......
Taojung lak ( Aobbet CJ
Reaeb Walk f. P.
tiaxnssua inrca u, oa
Nawatl Cob. Br i
V. TVr. i Kef. 1006
Hw. ,Ter. Fob. lap
Haw. Tyr. I'ub. Imp.
iseoej wix-iwia
iisw. ier
1 it
and also interest at ui rate or six Trer; ,nrts , the roofs of the central post
cent per aoDOm oa each and ever item tiffloe so that the bngs may be drop
df the cost of such Wanting andor enlttrW 'while- the machine is in flight,
rating from theidate of each such item, i; , ' w. a. a i
ine actual con or sue n pianung ana
or cultivation and the interest thereon,
a agreed npon by the parties or. ap
portioned and awarded, bv the ajiriro
priate tribunal shall constitute sn be
a prior lien in favor of the planter on
such crop and anv succeed inij crnrn
until the same shall have been paid,
subject only to any government lion
for taxes r assessment; -The lien afore-
aid "of the planter and all his right
hereunder and under an contract en
tered" irtto' hereunder shall be enforei
bl'e by the plainer solely by appropriate
proceeding iri pqulty. If ' th home
'Bteae5r,pn' enteriag Intp bl"home-'
stead 'agreement or at any! other time.
Shall ' fair to properly cultivate and
maintain and harvest the growing
Crops, the jdanter may " at once, in
inter to protect hla lien aforesaid with
the consent of the commissioner of pub
lae land,' enter and, at the expense of
the homesteader, cultivate," maintain
todian ao.long is it doe not conflict
with the eompnny'a articles of aayo
ciation or with local law and there
ed'J .''... '- " J , '" ' to nothing In either that would prevent
i Testimony .before the prixo court ' the plan being carried out as pro
at .Pan Diego recently showed thero posed. "
waa a plan to 'oqnip tne tmm win ., .- i. w.a. a.
gun, capture; A IhrgeVohip and raid the
Pacific; ..-Mi' Loebrane denied ny
connection with uch-a plan.
MOSCOW, Hay a (Associated
Press) It is officially reported that on
May 17 the forces of the soviet de
feated the forcea of Semenoff which
were seeking to advance ppoo Irkutsk
and prevented the cptor of Ohita.
' The' central Siberian soviet at Irku
tsk has advised the Moscow govern
meut that the situation .in the Trans
baiknl rountry is critical but that the
railroad to Vlndivoston ia operatig by
way of the Amur route. '
Serious fighting has been taking
blttce at Kiev. .The residence of Die
tator Skpropadsky haa been besieged
I'rown under any piuuting contract and j thereon. .In any uch' proceeding be
knJ V. r Aoi 4l,A anai m a k.aif aw r 9 ii nra
successive crop, thereafter to the sat bomba and the diatator --founded.
irfaotioA of th soiamissioner of pub-1 . ' T'.iJvl. .ii i.
K Lml. , rwi,Vfl.T hnWnvar. if anv WH4RF FfR HONOLULU . .
UUU I" J fM a uuiuwmvom v i'i' ''
po of protecting aajd J'ifD ,anl shall
harvest and dispose of ay1 inch crop.
tho proceeds of such crop' Shall be dis (
osed of under the' provisions of Sec- i
tions 8 and 9 of this act, for the bene
fit t the Territory of Hawaii only.
AH of the provision of ' this section
hall be incorporated In each and 1
every contract entered into by and be
twoen the snid epminlssipper and any
planter and in all homestead agree
meat, .
Lawsuit provideil "ot
)f-6ottlon 7. Jurisdiction 1 hereby
conferred upon tho circuit judge at
chambers, aubject to appeal tg the su
preme court of th Territory a -hereinafter
provided, to bear and deter
oiiue any and all coutreverio between
the goverauient, the planter and any
one or more homesteader, Qr between
any two or nior of said partie, re
lating ta the aetuel eqst-jof- eultivai
inir andor planting-'. ny suth laud
andor harvesting andor disposing of
aoy -crop or sugar grown or proiluceu
WASHINGTON, May 23 (Aociat
el Pres)-Aa estimate of 0,000 for
the Honolulu wharf made by the Unite.)
States army aagineera'is included in
the army appropriation figures submit
ted to congres by Secretary. Baker.
registered in chicago
CHICAflO, May 23 (Associated
I'rexst A heavy quake was registered
here for several minutes today, figured
an :tl)0O miles south and believed to
Imvp occurred in Chile.
Tho grave of tho lata C. B, Bertel
Vnann at .Karooku. Kauai. he been
opened and tho eonttnta scattered over ,
th ground neeoTlitm V Tuesday .s
(tardea JsamL t Tho dioovery waa
made, a 'week ago , laat .Monday and.
Deputy Sheriff Werner was notified of
the fact, i , .
From Investigations made by Mr.
Werner it i believed that' apm Pili
pinos who were discharged .from the
Kilauea Plantation about . the time
tho. grave vaa.qpenfed, r responsible
for the deed. Sufficient evidence to
warrant holding the men, however, is
luukinir. . I
It is supposed that. 'robbery' waa the
motive for this deed a aometlrae val
uable are buried in tha grave with
the bodies. If thi wa tne case the
robber were safIlyMdiaoppolntod
w. a.
f4t r itfi
Visit Armory Where Local Batta
lion Giyes Demonstration .
of Modern Warfare
se, according to report, for tha first
rneory mat was advanced to tae ef
fect that Governor-to-be McCarthy
.would be given the best help In the
matter of the food commission, if tho
senate withheld confirmation, ha been 1 1-. C?'.V
. . ... . , '., . I Hon. II. At M. Co.. Ltd.
iuhiiu iw cuuiuiii a aenoua nw I lina. uas Co., Lid. .
stead of helping the new. Governor, it I pen. K.'T. i L. Co.
waa aaid vnterdav that ai.oK a annraa l"ter-llBil . N. Co.
would gum the card altogether, fot htnU 0 ii''L Cof"
uut of the writer of entieiag and . rnang Buboer iv
complaint that ha been . directed
asrainit the food commission all through
th special session two separata eourer
' of . action in the house and senate, both
designed to bring an end to the acti
on J vities or the commlsaion, seemed tmrni-
ouse set out to wina P
the present eonuniaaion
ceremony when it adopted Rep-
orrin Andrew' resolution
railing for the resignations of tho mom-
Senato'e Actios '
(The aenat rejected thi plan when
it . tabled the resolution, having 'In
mind a idea of it own of doing- the
tiling more gracefully merely by .with
holding confirmation of the appoint
ments of the member of tho food bodrj
me -senate was and 1$ anxioaa to pleaae
the Governor. It wa pointed. op that
the- executive would have tho freest
hand if the slate were cleaned entirely
for him. It wa held that W t he. Sen
ate failed to confirm the appointment
of members of the eommiaaion, St
wonld go out of existence automatically
and the new Governor would then bo
free, to name a new food commission
composed of member now serving or
other, a he might oleet.' Thi aeemad
a simple and pleasing plan ontil yo
terday when somebody threw a wrench
into thO machinery. ' -
At the end of such a sourse of action,
a that proposed, looming like dead'
fall on a smooth country road, tho figure
tif -Governor PinkUam waa pointed out.
If the senate put tho fooiL.eommiai0
ont of bpainesa by failing -t confirm
the appointment of member, he, ad
not the new Governor, would be tbO'OS
who would, same tho uneedinff food
1M '.
t '.
I iM
. .Under the eyes of tho chairmen and
members of the military committees of
the senate and house of the Hawaiian
legislature, the national guard battal
ion of the First Regiment, commanded commission, with ,1 he result thst, Qo
by Major Merle Johnson, gave a dom- ! ernor MeCartbr would indeed havp a
onstration last night of how the ol
tiers at home are being taught to give
the Uun the solar plexiiB with the bus
iness end of a bayonet.
The armory was lighted from collar
to turret in honor of the visit of tha
territorial lawmakers and the building
resounded with the sound of stamping
feet, but more particularly with, the
full measure of plllkis in the shape of
fond commission to face when h. took
Th Situation, . , !
The legislator are trying to wind up
the special session Dy next Wednesday
and u npy event th session will ponif
to an end by Mar 31, This is all of a
lioaokaa Hiir. C e .,
HoButuM OS O., ia it
Ksual to. Co., 0.....,
Mano 1. Wi'h ..x.s.i.
Mellrrde Mug.1 !., .),
alia It, L .S;. iWA
uima nut. vc ...
Uiaa Sua. -Co.
I'Mie (laaao 9. Co-,
ha Carlo iltlUng.
ion '
','"' ' nWHN BOARD -
i MerVrd;'l.'. )) Tt. 110,' ft. M.5S;
JV.Inlua, 00. ift. 5, '.50: Ilsw'a ttitea.
ft. V.liJ; Oah. OD, Hi, 5, il.OO; V. 8. M.,
i, io.(. .. . ; .,.- -.:
, :. psOASD' ALBS" Y' . i
Engels, 7.'.ST14: Oaho. &, Mm .
,v.'". Ma V Vtio -v-
Kew York -...s.f '"- qnotatW).
,v- . i. ' ;', ' ... . -W p. A" iv. i 4 fa..
II. W"s J.wwal
f . !., . . ..I. 1 1 .i ... ; , , r
VltW ytlRkC ilsr t4-HAwoeiM4ei l'rv-l
7-Volkatna jBCO lha opvnln and. elONiua
lUoUtl.iM of stopk ia tb Maw Vork fciur
kit Jrdaj.. : '-.' t 'i
., i, i . - . .
J . .' .'..y. JOpeA
yell, of the civilian aqldier. as they w"kr tnT h dat? nfeh Oo'frp
rushed' acroaa- the floor, jabbed their ' or McCarthy will take offlce, tentative-
i v an av Kit.MruBT,if uko . v
all expends iiicidont to the operation
nnd uiafMtuiiniico of the property used
under any planting coutruct end ,ftli ex
pense incurred by the plnuter iu operat
ing uuTer said piuuting eontiaet, in
I'ludiiK' n rensonablo sum necessary to
fore a circuit ,1udge all of tha persons
interested shall be made parties there
to and. skull be given an opportunity
to bo heard. Service, of process shall
be as follows:; by.,ahowlng the original
and .delivering a copy, thereof to the
miiiutaiii tne pium, eipiipniBiii nun np- party personally or. to any uuiy autnor-
iu ear-1 aept, ot ft tho party is not wlth-
liiirtoiiuiii-e uned by tho planter
rying out uny planting contract and to
keep the sume in good condition, the '
l iiae of uud incident to irrigating any
of the. luud planted under the planting
contract, together with the proper over
head or piuuting expeuses aud charge
of suiil idauter. All of the above taxes,
nKeHinciit.H, charges nnd expense shall
in tho Territory, by wailing A certified
copy of such process tp the party at his
last known .address within . the Terri
tory. In each. and every tuck ease a
circuit-Judge in whole circuit the lund
lie, shall have the jurisdiction by
this section conferred. From, the de
Cision. of. Any circuit jjdge in any uch
ih pro ruled between the area planted .ase any party aggrieved may appeal
in. I cultivated by suid planter o lands . t0 tne supreme eourt 'of "tha Torrttdry
of Hawaii uiioa flung potfC. of appeal
a... I ik. ..lit:.- ..I
Wlllllll live iny9 vm lull in;uiiiivu
tho decree; determiuatioii or order ap
pealed from and upon 'paying coVa ac
crued and filiug a bond, or rash in lieu
(hereof, lq the sura, of fifty dollars
((50.0Q) for cost to accrue in ease he
U defeated in the appellate courts the
two latter within ten day from the
rendition of such decree-, determination
or order. The cost of any proceed
nigs before the circuit judge at cham
bers Or the supreme' h'ourt, as'tbe ease
may be, shall be borne by the losing
Harvoating of Crop
"Section 8. Harvesting of crop. In
rase any portioa of the laud plant
ed andor cultivated under a con
tract tnade pursuant to this ait
shall not be homesteaded prior to
the actual harvesting ' of auy' crop
so planted auilvr cultivated, or
in case the homesteailer' shall fail to
cultivate Hiiid crop to maturity us here
in provided the planter shall be en
to harvest and dispose of the
... ..ti.. . i
ownc.l nun eouiruiH'ii y mu yiaitmr
and the iireu planted and cultivated
uu.ler uu.v Hiieli planting contract.
Planting Contracts
"Section a. Contracts for plaeting
or cultivation. Before or nt or after
the expiration of ally lease of Govern
ment agricultural lntide which are or
have been planted in sugarenno or any
oilier crop, and . for which homestead
a::ieemeiil.t hnve not actually been ign
e.l, the Commissioner of Public Lands,
Willi the approval of the Governor,
may enter into a contract with any
peiKon, firm or corporation for the
planting, cultivation audor harvesting
i.l' anv nine or other agricultural crop
mi hiu li land until such time as a home.
mIivi.I hjji cement or agreuuient shall
l,ae been u.ti.all.v executed for such
Inn I. Anv planting audor cultivation
,l,.n.. under the authority of this Act
hIiiiII be done to the satisfaction of the
('iimiiilHsiniier of Public Lands.
"Sc. I ion .'I. lieiord of (0t W b?
Anv person, firm or corporation
i' mi.!, or i-iillivatiiig anv laud
ml ii
t-ciitruil muoe pursuant iu inotilieil
crop on such portion not homesteaded
or not so cultivated to maturity as
aforesaid, as a licensee but not as a
tenant or lesse?.
"All of the provisions of this sec
tion shall be incorporated in each and
every contract entered into by and be
tween the said commissioner, any plant
er, and any homesteader,
"Sect in n 9, Determination of li
cense fees payable to the government.
The license fees payable to the Terri
tory of Hawaii for any license so ac
corded under this act to any person,
firm or corporation cultivating, plant
ing andor harvesting py such gov
ernment land as afofesaid shall be one
half of the net profits a herein de
fined. Immediately npon th disposal
of such crop, tho planter ahull send
written notice of such fact to the com
missioner of public land and shall fur
nish said commissioner , with a state
ment showing tho net profit received
from the safe of Raid crop together
with nn itemed i account' showing, in
detail how the sum total of aueh net
profits was arrived at. If the commis
sioner of public lund shall dispute the
correctness of any of such items, the
controversy shall be referred to a cir
cuit judge in 'the same manner a the
reference provided for in Sections 4
and 7 of this act.
"The planter shall be Entitled to re
tain us his profit upon the contract so
entered into the other one-half of the
mild net profit aforesaid between the
in-1 n h I (-out aforesaid of any such crop
uud the gross proceeds thereof.
"All of the provisions of this sec
tiuu shall be incorporated in eah and
every contract entered into by and
between the said commissioner ajid any
"Section 10. Thi act ia hereby de
clared to be an omergency measure, and
necessary for the conservation and
protection of the sugar supply, and
him I) continue jn effect for the period
of the war, aud for such further period
im the (iovernor of the Territory shull
"Section II. Tliii net shull take ef
fei t upon its approvul. "
Owing to the desire of th new di
rectorate of H. Hackfeld and Company
to close out certain interest which are
not directly in lino with tho general
buidness of the company, it has been
docided to sell the company' atock in
terest in the I.ord-Young Engineering
Company. These interest r said to
Amount to bet wee $75,000 and $100,000
bayonet into the Hun men of straw,
gave them putt bit for luck, and then
spfl on into No Man's Land at the
end Pf th ball.
The'lhayonets did fearful execution
with tb enemy and in a short time
"ipnards'f were strewn all over the
floor, but not a man of the guard whs
lout. There was but on c.asualtv. One
of the soldiers, eager to thrust hiu bay
onet clear through the enemy, lost his
feet in tho effort. That is, they hI id
from under him and he landed on his
bach, but stuik 'the- enemy anyhow
impaled him and held his buyouet
there until he rose and ran on to join
his yelling comrades.
Kven the first regiment band went
into action. Every horn and clarionet
was in fine condition, and from its fort-
and George Sherman nd Y. JXowrey , k . the nn fr ' ,.,,
. to end with its melodies, the notes
have been selected a the committee
which will have charge of tho necessary
negotiations connected with tho pro
posed sal.
K. J. Lord is an important atockhold
er in the oorporstlon had h been eon
ducting it business at provident.
' W. a. a.."
pops Bar Horse
Sense FMfo 'M
.ri" ll ii--n4 iiri 2!llrJl
National Cap j to
WASHINGTON, May Il-r-J. C. Gray
of Albwuy, New YerkV caine to tow n
today, hired a horse and' galloped half
way up the steps of the Capitol before
the poliee stopd hint. Gray explained
ta his captors that the country needed
coufldenoe and horse sens. ; . Ho had
the confidence, Gray explained,- and add
ed that the horse bad tfa: sense. The
policemen agreed with Ofay,-but - lent
him to a detention ward for mental
W I M f , ,
The body of an unidentified man, be
lieved to be a Japanese,, waa foupd ly
ing iu the bushus off. the old Tantalus
road back of Puuulibowl yesterday with
n rope tied around the neck And the
other end attached to a limb. -
Kvery indication is "that rfhe niuu
committed micide about at wek ago,
nidging from the dl'Cny-pf tho body.
Hefore he committed suicide placed
his hat and shoes on 'a nearby fallen
tree and left a twenty-five cent piece iu
one of the shoes.
All efforts made to identify the man
yesterday, after the body W removed
to the morgue, were unsuccessful. There
were no papcm of any description in
the man's clothing.
mingling on good terms wijb the yells
of the bayonet wielderk down below.
The dugout section was also subject
ed to a bombardment, for grape shot
and round shot rumbled and banged
and did terrible execution among ftio
nine victims lined up at th other end.
The bowling alley advocates kept the
ball a rolling steadily. While it wui
amusement, yet it was almost a part
of the manual exercise, and is cousid
ered as good a physical developer a.i
many of the army' routiqe muscle
ni'hiug exercises.
Evan Speaker ot the IIoue II. I,.
Holstein became a deeply interested
ftix'ctstor, although, of course, he i' not
a member of the military committee, now executive! me mbef' of th body
i t '.-v i
If the food eommiaaion appointment
are not coarumed in. the aeaato
body goea out of ixistene with
end of the special eaio- and new
appointments would 4hen.be iiy order,
with the present administration still in
oer. Though it would -only be 'for
h matter pf a wfiek, it would hi
enough. . , . i ...
A contention that wa advanced waa
ttint the outgoing adminiatratien, a
mutter of courtesy to the new Gover
nor, would refrain from paming new
food commissioner in the week In
w hich this would bo possible and woald
leave the matter of th appointment
to the new Governor, j , , i ( .,
" Kntirelyvtoo hazardonl a proposi
tion, was t If e .answer. 'To many
i leas jif ipfaHibility and may iypur
(iovernor can dp no hrm' notipn."
Tt was thought,' in fact, that 'Governor
Piukham wQulfl ooiao 'npo. tbo oppot-!
tunity to name a, new food board in
n spirit of sincerity, however mistaken,
and would belief in that way he would
be aiding ' tho new adminiatration. It
wn accepted , that if h) 'di eff
such a conclusion!, no idea that he
might form 'on th aubject could be
dislodged. , , . j
Eesuit Forenoon . j ( ! ,
The result of thi wpuld be that
the new Governor) would have a newly
named food Commission to del with.
Its acts would not b;o iirbjc itt i ro
view, for it would not have performed
anv duties. However distasteful to the
A merle a P-ngar;
Aisli-tlttd 111. f,ri
Alaska tJoiu'-iY.r?. . .
Ainericoa lncvmptiva
ABlrrlcsB PteeJ rn. ..,,,..V
ABaeMiaa 't iitiMe
AlvhtMin lUtiwas
tlnlilwr L,Mitnr
HaHlitMir A olito . ,",ll
peiiiivaeia mnn IT 4 ,.ri
I Klllllll UPl
4L. .foio:
xpo : rn
iT""Vluin. .i
iiay rsunite . .,...,.;
hmtllua m0
RepiiiiHe n on common
("pluxt atatea Rubber
Bmifheca I'ucldc ,.
nut he wa there to get pointers on
military procedure, and may have op
port unity to air hi first hand know)
edge when non-military legislators from
the taro patch districts make a faux
pas in referring to military situations.
No effort was mude by Acting Ad
jutant General Will Wayne to stage
auy ceremonial with the guard. He ,
preferred to give the legislators a view
of just the routine of intensive train
ing which the guard is undergoing now
nini has for the past six months. Tin'
battalion displayed a verv familiar
knowledge of every form of drill an. I I
maneuvers ordered bv the ba'tiuiii
commander, even the buglers bcin;: o .t !
in force under the Capitol banviin tic. .
where they pluyed every call from r. i :
eille to taps.
t-.w. n a. h I
An eastern paper dilates on the fa. t
that the method of Hooveriing too. I i j
a iiieNsing. ii says that lit .Niissiiu.
the Halinina Islands, off the con-t
Kloi i.lu, no Hoover has control a
lliougli 4 n I n is only n hln.it iIim:,ii
from there vet sugar raiiuot be Imii
under 5 cents a pound.
might bo, he V0uJd b hrd but to find
any oasis for aetung bputi(o remoy
members and such newly named mem
bers might be loath to offer resign
tion. ', , ; , . .
Vastlv simpler ii tho course Governor
McCarthy mapped out fot himself some,
tune ago on the theory that the pica
cut food commission would bo in power
at the time he Ukcs. qfllce. H said
when he took oflieO that he proposed
to inquire personally into tl) matters
pei taining to th food eouimifsio auil
i :t(. the complaint and crifictsma fliAt
have been directed against it. He said'
iii-i his intention a he had been
aMint that the resignations of all
mii-iii) .-rs of the commixsion would be
plai.'.l iii his hand. What action he
v.. nl. I tako Would be determined, by
v.liut his own Inquiry revealud and ne
li.'iar.lcl the belief that the personnel
of tl ommission would be changed.
It is now fairly probable that Gov
ernor McOnrthy ' original tdan will be
idtsa l'Hu ,.v.v.....,J
.1 k. I.. J .t 11 1 1 l .
lrat' Mtra .Jarwl ,.M.Ji!?
Great florthern IrM. . ,...Jl JH'Vf
ll.ii.ul.l.l Ml..h.l .- '" J. hwj "
lunrrnnMMMsTi iw u , .o -T M
ludnhitrla. AliNtbol - a.......M:t."I
tfturtehakfr I ,.,..':..,. ....1..Ci
'. was
I'BlUad mate Bleel . .....i.j 107
run .; ".- ;;.-.'..;.:. p-
Western Ya0i, i '..t'. .., . fcl
trfStlnghdus '.,....,,.4 l s.
Bid. Kx-dM.ln. - t OimkM
' QnotaMon tba fallowing Nw Tork '
curb stork, a wlreleased to Tli Ar(- '.
Usaf.fcj ptonahaoi C-. ares- !(" , .
. Vlonp.. Wadneii- -
S , .'- ".-v-d ; 4b t
HIC LOKgo 4 ,....!, lj4 r
iwienvaut A. . . . . .s , . . . . iv.S,
.iunia ioiier
iurcrave -I' :.
im Hutb-F r
Mwet )H. eammon
ifc" ""
uescti r.uia .
nnrnmue ; i,i, '..ye
::-;i:-::;j:;fA-;JJi ,
r.-.'.....i.l '.IttSfc
nnft.. . 111.1 . tlltt
, ,v isjt Msit
(Cntom'.'.t (AM J i.T , .
Kerr ' Lake' 7".V.V.V7..'-'4 34
132 1:8
'prlectloB Tire and. .nubtteV, J5 . .35 i
,i-ii , . amnirti ly.tisf .
frill 0lktfle1. ntmtlTi
OfU rilSlltilMU' hUUIHIIVM'
tfhtp FttANCIKOO, "May .( AsaeHlt. ' :'
4 Preaal Vvllewiaa; are tb opvulug aud .
.wiif iuuiiiuim v aaar aa-'Oiasa
ck In h m fraiulaco markat
tetdayt. ' .,- ' ' . .
. opan.iao-
... -1
ilsw'a .Cu
IV v
Idmokaa KiiHsr
Hutrttliiaon T-nir
ml . ,
iar iW
i co."';
Oaba HnrsC :,
OW siiKitt C.VSi.
Ootmt fvsar ci .
Psauhsa iKiusr Co.
out ill
the manner
out liued.
III. Memoriul Iay, is one of the
..Ii. lavs in the veur when the
Miibcum is closed.
cAsoUty iiST smalleH:'
WA8BINGWN; May-eA.-oiii'b
H i'wfilfrTuday'i wnwalty. slint b
eluded tho nomW af 4hrft. kiUed ia ae-
tion, two who died bf wound, thlrtr-
. ' A.
eight - severely and thre
wouuded. '
. '; j
t:- -:
.-1 : -

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