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Allies Ha;temietj ;Acl-
'''-4 st. i . Ji-i'i-ifc ' . :
ingtun waiting: .to hear
ana Keg
resumed and thai the mighty struggle which has been .deadlocked
lor weeks has broken forth again. Interest js iWen;si(ied he,re.i,na8-
mucn a.s along ,tne western, lint .are now many thousantls of Amer
icans. whose advent into le, geat tattle Cftmtoo. late' foK, them
to jiatticipate in. any general way.eore the.-.Ger1man;po?Uugh.t
had hcen teniptrarily. ,tayed. f jW'hen the ,'gr.eat battle llazes oat
again, many America Regiments ,wUl '.fee' jtytii j-ej" line of
Maugnicr. , if . ,
delaV cbirs
Among the army heads the
troubles wilj cause Germany' to delay much Jk?nger. nd Jtlus lose
the advantage of he 5rst offensive. The Germans cannot lqng de?
lay, iu any event and mast either assume a grand offensive or
acknowledge defeat, and retire.' It is impossible fpirf" the jGermaa?
to maintain their present line because of fcbe. awkward buJges r
it of the two salieots they have, driven salients which offer the
AIm advantages should .their counter pfrensiye ( launched and
lwhith, for purposes of defense, are equally isadvantageans o th
Germans. Ucfcat along their present line might well bring clisaster
to the German forces.,. , v . . ", ;,;;'. "' '
ATTACK OR RETREAT- ;1 tf i.' -L'nless
the German soon attack, they mast xeiire to straightei
their line. Such a' retirement,
the old Jine oi the homme, frpm
last summer, or qacic , to rfie iiinuen,lurg ppt, Horn wJiich tney
launched their offensive just two months ago. ', ',
Yesterday the great Battle of e, est.ete.)re.d. fffii jt third
month, with' none of thp main objecjrivei gained. ior , the. Germans
and with the Kntente forces intact and working in even closer co
operation. .'':., , .. ..'.,, . wJf . -'
A review of the situation issued froru the .grand ,headqiurters
of the French armies yesterday, on the close of the'accond month
of the German offensive, was optinisrt ,,.Xhe (Allies, it .points oitjt.
have not only stemmed the German advance ana, Held it, ijrowinp
back von Hindcnburg's legions in terrific slaughter, but have re
gained hiany xii the roost impgrta.' pp'nis; al?.tig 'jftef.ppe ffot,
posit ions' 'Trfiriff Vvhjich." the; Germansv jwhen jthey jpajiised iu) "reiqfni
l hejr .shattered organUa,tjpn,',haxl planned to- launch theu".fenwe'
offensive. All. the Flanders hUUVjwith ,the exception'of lont Keni
roci, are firmly he)d by the Allies' and the-Germans ctinue to be
cranjpea in tne, lowlands ot the Lye Valley, exposed, to he amash;
ing of the British, French and Portuguese artillery,! ranged in 'a
great sweep around them, ''' ''fV "
On the Atniena front, in the Scfmme Valley, the Allies haVe re
captured and 'iold the Viller's-Brettoijeux plateau, the Richnpnd
, HjlLs, south of Haggard, and all the jiigJiUduminating the groynd
oyer which tle Germans must now' advance at Leplemont, Grives-
t;ca and Mailly-Relneval, between foptdi'dicir and Amiens. ,The ppSr
session of these by the Allies makes the launching of. another .direct
Wault upon Amiens certain to Jesuit, in another German holocausj,
snob as was witnessed when the ermansi were blasted away before
tu te positions ihre. jiveeka ago. . i '. , .
The vastly increased intensify, in, the-German bpnbardment
of some sections of the Allied frorit apd the appearance of much
i U'P.V numb.era of German aircrat oyer, the lines indicate that jh'e
expected resumption of the general assault is at liand. The German
guns are directing a hurricane fire against the British at Albert,
against the Franco-British forces,' on' the south side of the Armen
tieres salient, along both banks pf the Lye, and against the Franco
Americans on the Avre jn the Amiens, sector.
i Reports to French headquarters also announce that the Ger
mans are now carrying, out a redistribution of their forces along
the whole front. The movement of troops in the rear of the Jines
Li especially heavy. They have organized a special railway service
and the excellent communication arjf enabling them to move great
'masses of troops in forty-eigh hours preceding a new attack., '
., .Jn the meanwhile the JVjiej' pre 'fpptiQijing to strengthen .their
' f osjtions, with American fprcea' arriving ovpr seas more anu 'more
rapidly and being put rapidly into actual service or at least into
training in actual warfare. n. various sectors, more especially back
of die British more forward positions. -
.. PARIS, Way 22 ( AKBonntfJ Vra)
GruB airmen lt mtfit mude an
nf ffpi'tjvo attack ujxiu J'ap
w unll to itui'trt the T
St(noe nd tu reac h 1'nrtH, not -gt
ting bvond th luliurhn. ln tk4l'
n!tirta of tkv city thrro were evifa
wrfoiif kMW4 aoi) jpjuwl nd .'i'o'in'
property Ion but In the rity na' de
ktruction ws wrpuvM
,, Out of the raiding machine wm
' alio down aud fejl )o lh trill ooi"
of flaniN.ud charred franifwork.
t "t" - f f-, f- ,
. PAEL, May S3 moeiMei ftm)
'Food MiniHter Buret uiv.vg optj
miatie report fur the 191 8" urnin ' and
ither rroa II'- miy that the hnrveat
ronjiftt hie th bunt ime 1MUM.
T Ml! 500,1 OR
4 V I i
(Associated Press Official AVash
that the .German Offensive: has been
- ' .. , ' ' . t v .
feeling is that only serious internal
would carry. them at least ack to
whici ,C.en,etal .fre.n,cb drpye them
.LAKE CIIARI.EH, LouiaUna,.May
23 (Aaaoeiatad Preaa) Lieutenanta
Vol ?! N.w Yo'k M? Bjljo(r
Viliauia of JBuffalo, both membara of
tha fiaval rerve uviutioo eorpl, were
ki)ld today when thuir auaplunee eol-
-' .. ' -T.1- ....
april makes recqrd
!' VASNCtON, May ' 2(COTci)
--Aprit .aaU' of War Saving! fiUmpa
were (he ,lttrgeat of any inonth ltwe
f)irf t'mr" were iaape.l. amounting to
t5K.7a5.lfiA. Total aaloa to May 1 were
, -j W. I. i.
IeloeiVney i often rauaed by indi
evtoii apd' eeeatipatiou, and guiefcly
dixaupra when Chambi-rluia' lablet
Bra Mkee -Thce tHbli-t rcugthen the
iliveition and move the bowel. For
nale by all deaWa. li-non, Hinith 4
Co., Ltd., agviita .or llawuii.- A.lvt.
(Me88ace,(if Will Behead
5 Hompnln Jta(y4.prifibn
prdthaypr.jTcncrt Luncheon
9 diplomatic Corips
WAftlUNOTCW; May (Aaaoclat
el ffafjtok . Wilaoa V. eiag
". .aaaWeriry' of Jtaiy '..tbrpwipg
ita wviKt :.fc the raN, b .the Aea,
three year arv l which he praiaen ,the
IUUana or lheir loyalty on-l devotion
to lh eemrnoB aua and for the aa
rifleeatKey hav niaU aoJ ayButaAhiaet
wia wie(n .jta tae auUariHK.wbieJi they
have .Ven, called apoa to. ,beV. wjll he
reai) at a rota t m am mtjn of ftatiana
wUt (wiU 0;tl,r her.e to$ay.iurf i a
nnmoer oi oiuar maaa anfeUnn is lnoae
4tea .hreHliana Aae 0tnKlt,,
in Jaire'.numLerxJi' It hi bwn .eable.l
to Italy will be read M all celebra-
lenteroay tne lord mayor or London
irav a lunrheoa' in comuienioratioo of
ihia annivernary, ft ia reported' In de
peUhel , pom the Jirjtlnh ranitai. The
gueata were ibe anibaanadora of the A)
lieil eonatrlea, the American diplomatH
rerne; the Italian1! dlnlnnuUie '. earn, a
ay-mber kt kVioiaent Jtallana and A'm
eriraa beldd the moat prominent of
the BrfHaa -liflibiate. ; v.; . "ip -!
Bir Robert fieri I. in gvng the toart.
, S,U IHM fR44IHHni VI 111!'
Piava Jine wma tnort vltaJ 1 ami onefn
In the tmlfyiriff aMtaly a4d the aoJUi-
fyin o ib .aanitiineiit of the eoe.
Co lii f i i t,wo, f vtmiiTln the' one .ob
rrviwu, -JviHTfrr nujun 11 JU jiruciai
i : , - . t . . v . .
t holiil
day on Friday, . May 6,4. - '
a -Emjiire Hay,'" -the lrittsh holiday,
ejebrated for wore' thV ity year a
"ne . birthday, of QueoB'Vietoria, and
r)e snDiverMr'y! oT the -entry .of Italy
the war. While the third anniversary
that even loea pot aetlally fall on
Friday, U romee ao wear thai it it com
Mned f or ' b(wrvane in eunenal
holiday. - Hw aha - obaerva aoea ' ef the
-arnlire whiHt Italy Jiah made-and in
tnakin, (he ioaM it baa auCeretl and
t-be-rloraJty which that - eountry haa
anOWB. - ' - r : 1
Thii celebration wiH be irenerally ob
wrved tbrenchout-the eouatry ia ae
eordawe' 'with t the. proclamation of
President vWi!oa. .." ,
.; yot rfuigieajw i axen
)LONDON:vUy'23 -i:1 fAaroclated
Preae) More arrcat of 8inn Feiner
are.ejtetis4 It (e IcnoWn that con-
ilcraiie mbcr o the organimtion
have thua far eacaped he police and
if theae aoine ere known to be cloeely
nvolved with the' plotter if not par
f,iuntp in the pJot. Theee ere to be
ia the ; cae be found.
i Several arreet were made io Ihib
in yeatcjday and lat night. Among
wa '.Mr. Thomaa 'J. Clark.
widow wboie huKband suffered the
death pnlty for the part which he
played in the revolt of 1010.
VALDOSTA, Georuia, Mar 83 -r
' a. .'.elated PreBii) Anitfaer Heath wea
added to the growing lint that' haa 'iv
aulled from the KiIIilk of Kmrton
Bjiith, a farmer who reaided near here
an 4 the wounding of hie wife. Yester
day there wnt lighting between mob
and. the police and the lutter killed
Sydney Jo)npon, n ne.Tp who if at
Ir?-,tQ have been involved in the
Htur4er of the farmer. Three white
men were also injured in the fighting.
, Met week four rregroee, one of them
a woman, were lynched for alloced par
jciction in the affair at the - farm
houae. V. ,. '
three.Iives AftEosi ''Jel'
WASHINGTON. May 22 CAoclat
el Pre) -Three liven were lent when
thp'Amerlean oil tank ateamer Wil
Ham Bockefeller n torpedoed by
(bo. iibmuriue iu the war cone and
unH- . .
. Eleven oftireri ami aiztr one mem
f)ef of. the" crew have ibeen' landed
aefeljr fhd gave the detail of the loa
pf the hhip. .
navy Aviator meets,
WAIIJUN(riX)N, Muy 22 fAHoeiat !
ed Pea) The im department haa
received Bwd thnt Kai(jn H(epnt)0 Pot
Pt ff 'hf '' "vnl reaeryea ha
tff n kilel in flbt in which' i he W
battling v-i tji even Ci-rniu'n aeaplane
over the North Hjmi
."...--7- V- ; . .
DEH MUINJ-:)j. I,,. Vy 22 (Aaao-,
c.iated Prea ReportM that hilve eome
In fr9 thpue (ectiona of- thia atat
which auffereil from the t..rm of yea
Wlinj give accountn oi itertuua liauiaae
and a. eouniderable UH of life. In
Ceuira) luwa more than u core of per
Bon are reported to have been kule,
the lit of iu jurtul number onqr than. a
hundred nnd the property Iiikn i enn
ervatively eMtiimned ut a million dollar.
1 ( ';. 11 i ",f.l.A r :i 1
mini TK,
Expectation 1$ That fighting This
spring ana summer win uen
Jer In HigH. .Region
lns. May. XJft t All Attacks
-' Which Ar e Launched On
)Vest pf prenta Sector
ROJklE fayp.v-An',i'l
Weat of th,e fitf ata River yeaterday
to Itatlaa armiea broke up a Bum
ber of attache which were attempted
by the Anjltr.lapi. .'Ia o inatanee. waa
the '.nerny ,ble to jfaia and in jaearly
all aea the xepulae waa attended by
considerable loaaaa to (hen.
Attention i 1b now being centered
litftt&Vfi the aneiiatain front, for all
the Indieattana'are that tei ia to be
the1 neia anene of t eomlna; ofM-.ratirn
inatoaid of 'the flat river eoiintrv to the
eeatj ' aavs recent advice from the front.
.With theae Atierationa orhep not far
off, It ia.well to take aurver of thl
Bionntaiv aertiof) for iU' maid pointi
are Uhely to be iar4 of very often la f
the fomiajr montha.' - Arrntrt ;,alon'4(
tee fomiajr month. - Alreifft ''alon'fJ
thee Bioiiutkln xoad there U the tf'
of great f oreee f men, guna ond aarsei
mevina. into poidtiow.-and one elmOat
f eel. thai great battle i already en.
Natural rorUficaUon
tJta Trid'entlne 'Alp .which ,tretcb
rirtrern lta)(r form a..na,tooJ
fprtifea,tloii between the Iwq ppeauv
lihe,a,nd.it IV. the rer acetic
of theae ranje tbnt the mnitnrK op
eration ere low -urifolding. y)Tiilo it ii
A front of aeveral hundred itiilcn-from
the Adrlette op ti the Bwin 'frontie
ef t!irt of thia etreteh i Imntoetfab'e
mountain peak covered wit . ete-nal
"ow. 4ad there-a-e prvtienll onlv
ftve .'iniMi of epfironch !.where. breaka. trH
vne Biuuntain permit miajrary -oeerarion
to be carried tm.i . V.
Theifl five line of approach or eom
mnnleetlon through the Tridentine Alp
are the ralley region known a the
Valtelline.- meining aee aaw from It
winding character, which lead down
to T.afc Cnmo and toward Milea; eee
ond, the Vnl Cantonica, lending aouth
ward toward Drencia: third, the Val
Wndicarla.-irtiicli eome down jut enat
of the Adnmello rctrioq with it line
of peak end klrt along the wet rtore
of lake Oiirda? fourth, Val Iignrina,
which follow the eon rue of the Adige
lver on the eact ef I.nke Oarda, and
eomea down frot Trent toward Veronnj
jna unn, tne vai nugana which fol
low the -eonrae 'vtf the Brenta river
And wind' around the- Alia go region
- i vr-e- mineHno.
fife Hlghwayt -
Tbeae live main hjghwaya through the
mountain become more important from
, military tandpoint, a they eome
easlwarrt toward tho Acineo and Bren
ta region. Allvthe chief . preaaure la
vpwn m me eoateny region m toe poet,
and fhe indication t preaent are that
t will be in thia region.; , .
. The. great fighting , ground, ' then
wpvld be along the two vallev on the
east, Val IjiKarjna. and Val .8ugan.
sd eh iff attention ahonld be eeatered
n them and theur,,naighboHag heiht.i
oi Biago, tne urappa and Blount Tom
ba. Both of them 'come down from
Treat, the Austrian itorm renter which
epdi forward trooi and . aupplies
through both theae valley to tfie. moun
tain front beyond. From, Trent the
enemv ba railroad down both these
The Lagarina vafler eome (traiirhf
outb to Verona and the open plain. Itl
waa qown oere that the enemy made
hi first ruab two yeara ago. pushing
from Ecverto wet toward Mount Pa
aabio. He we driven back then, and
all the indication ate that he will be
held agaiu if he cornea that way.
Brlnta Elver Approach -;
The niOBt importani BDiiroach I bv
way1 of the Val Huga'oa, or Brenta river.
From it head water near Trent , the
Brenta make a wide circuit bofore 5t
cornea down to the open 'plain at Ba
ano, anil it i within thia eireuit that
ha A!ko plateau and .the hardeat
fighting ground lie The Austrian rail
way from Trent comps down the vhlley
lo Prniolano, about twenty mile abow
Baaaano, thus keeping op a ateady flow
of men and (uppliea. That' ia why the
Italian airplane have, centered atten
tion on I'rimolane, which ia often-mentioned
in the communiques a having
ita railway station bombed.
The bomb swept fad desprtcd towaj
f.iAaiago i the center of tb battle
h I
egiqq eocloaed by the Val jsugane enl
ttrenta river. The enemy lipe run
below the town. Near by aw
eunfc Val Bella. Basse Eosso and Mt
lago, H the scene ef desperate ffgbtinp
Chen tne enemy trie I to rome down the
est bank of the Brenta.. ' The rivoi
itself comes through a rocky Jcfile, p
bart of the approach is over thone In
ieryoning inountaina which reach dowr
.'e the river valbjy.. .. . , .
Thia Asiago region U rut by tw
other local valley,, wbrv-h. are i moa
imjiprtant part of the' inquutnin onera
lion though they are not. uiain- hu
way through the Alp. These are tip
Vajarsa and the Astico valleys, wbicl
wipd irreiculerly down towarif Vieenaa
Much i. likely to' be heard of this see
tioa. In the coming operations.
Val Sagana rield F ,
i Jiaat of the Brenta river, la another
part ef this same Val Sugana which i
also desperate fighting grouud. Uer
the enemy has made his' main push to
got down to the opeo plain,' and here
he advanced furthest, toward Bassauo,
vet the splendid bravery of the Italian?
held him in the mountain through the
winter. He is still there, aropnil Mount
Pertlco. Mount Aaolone, !ol Cnprille
and !fl della Berretta. This i bloody
fighting1 groiinj and it will doubtless be
heard' from very often a the opera
tion develop.
(Still further east come the doiuinat
ing massive of Mouut Cirappa, midway
Independence Day
Will Hark
Record In Shipping
very .Yard In Country Tofd To
' Speed Up. and Help Establish
Launching Figures 'That Will
- Startle Whole World
.WASHIGTONTly S3-(Aoe.iat
ed PreiiiOEvery ahipyard in theroun
try haa received telegram -containing
laatr!ion to apeel Hp it effort nnd
to make July 4 a world' record, for
the launching of.ahipl. very jftrd
that can do bo U anked to launch at
leant one on that day.
: 3chb and Colby of the ahippinf
board-re, to be In San franeiaco at
JJipt time, v It 1 plaarted to bave nine
launrhlng in Pan Franeiaco harbor on
Independent" Day" aft.? It ( eimible
the nifmber will fee 'tili further in
creaard. ''...'
b'krf: FRNCISCO, Vav 28 091
rtiA United States ahipping board
cet.reiontative .here after", v tour ay
mat ne will recommend the unlinvitod
fonttnitnTiee cf wpoden bipbnilding ,on
the l'arifln Coaat. bee.auae. .timber and
rlriUed, men ere to Ie fonnd on the
y VJiiF.'oaat in abundance end the in
dustry 1 w,ell organized.. , ' , . .
, ' IT noted that . ui Oregon plant - i
tcjfu'arly completing big wooden ehlpa
ia.Torty five anva, ' - ,
' JtJ fjreJicted tbnt teel jihipt wttft
welded tatd of riveted -a weld
ing to aud half lime fatter thee
ipe prracnt riveting.. . . . .. ,
f Tom .Horn .who, established the. Ln
divdunl Wvet driving world ' record,
la aevee. feet toll aa,d wtigb 240
Petroarad Gives Half Pound A
;vPQtatoe.s In Lieu of Efread
MOSCOW, May 23 ( Associated
KrOM) Kecently .there line been ,a
marked exodu'n of citirn( of the Allied
eountrie ipnd the United State from
RuHftia, moved to leave by the acute
food ehortnge. They go becauM) of the
diaromfort they mut benr if they re
main, and bpenuae they dcaire nxt to
take food from the montun of the Larv-
ing who cannot get away.
T II. I l : .1
brcad ation. Grain and flour uppliea
have boen tomplotely cxhauatod. In
liuu of the bread ration the citizen are
allowed a half pound of potatoes daily.
4 Sugar, when it cap be obtained la
aolliug afc flftt ruble a pound. .
The. armistice' between the Rusaian,
'he Ukrainian ami the Germans ou the
Kursk front has In-en extended to cover
the Vorinitr and liriansk sectora as
..Trotsky h'U dm-lareil martial law in
the Kubna and Hon district.
w. s. a.
Reduction of Danger Recognized
In Fixing New Rates
WASHINnTON, May 22 --(Official)
-Reduction in the rtite of premium of
insurance on the lives of olticers and
crews of merchantmen traversing the
War zone, the reduction being from
the prient rate of 2..r)() to a new rate
of 1.511 n thousand dollars of insur
ancn, is iirting in nccordani-e with Its
policy as shown by the reduction of
the premium of insurance on vessels
and enrgoes which was recently an
nounced. That rediii-tioii was from
'hree percent to two percent. In mak
bith reductions it is taken into
consideration that tho risk of sub
Ta-ining has been materially reduced
by the precautionary me!iure taken by
the AHted and T'nited Ktates fleets for
the protection of the yenacla and the
The action is nlso in line with ihe
figures which were shown in tha jhonle,
lv report of maritime losses Vy-the
British ndniirnlty. Figure of uch
losses are jowi.uc(i only mppthly in
tend of weekly as formerly. Thia re
iovt shows n ttal of losses f Britain
nd the Alljes and neutruls of -a lit
tle morp than .100,000 tons, the Brjtish
losses having been 2l'0,709 and the Al
'led neutral lo. being H4,393, in
w. a. a.
'inl) Despatches from Washington de
;lcre thn't the war department has de
Mod tllr.t it U iractk-:ilili) to send some
if the . PbiMppjne national guard to
France. Division ofiioers in the capital
ire reported a urging Hecretary Baker
0 send the whole 2-T.00O whuse crv
ces have been offered.
"ween the Brentn nnd 1'inve rivers
t is strongly hed by the Italians an I
one of the icrent citlt'lcis of JUJ)' '
natural moiintaiii flefeuse Near it.
-Ising from the 1'jnve river, comes
Mount Toinbii, where the French troops
liable such a brilliant drivu last I'o
CPluber, The onrjiuy has bven eompr
ivelv (inet in ttis fouiou, all the ,n
lications being that jie is centering at
tention further west .in the Asjngo re
gion and dwu the Hrejite valley.
-This sumiiiarf.ps the monntaip fiht
ing ground en the Italian front, where
there is gathering activity ami where
it is liclievrfcl the big lighting is going
to occur.
li'l. i;i
Ships,,Kave ,Been .Needed; For
, Other Purposes Starvatiori
( Will Bt Averted . . .
VASIUNOTOX, May 2-r(Aspciat-1
PjrrXtfotiW -Tgjutn;v which
V1 to be (di5ouiinued Swh tie ships
whlrh ' had. .previously- .bee (tarrying
food and auppliea were need for ether
purpose, presumably thVr)Ovepifyii of
trooji to France end appplicp )(of ihoje
tha are ihere, t to be, t'rimedlf tely re
aiuie'L 'President Wjlmpn yesterday ap
proved the restoration of hipe for thai
purpose.'1 , ! .'. ; ''-'' - ' : - '
I Ninety thousand tana of food, are to
go' to Belgium within i.ho rDxt ninety
leya. It ia ajinonnced. r Food Admlola
tratoi Hoover, than whom there I no
one .in the United P'atea more familiar
with Belgian condition and need, haa
said that thl will be aiifOcleot to pre
vetlt aWkobite etarvatjon but the ration
which will result from such hjpmeut
.riii pun im very meager
Holland BU!1 ffroteeu
' Tlie I)nteh legation baa haale.l -Bee-
retary 'or rUnte i-ansing a eUpplement
ary note in protest against the British
and American seisure ' of Doteh
flipping. , The Dutch government, eon-"
tend 'that AjitericaV: explanation" of
tno sTiun ins dvi anewer cae -origanaa
onjecnuus mswe iy uie waiti.
1 , . - .,-.. ! f-1
jtediirictihg . .t a k js 4 .trengfJi
rrom weens and Gives II
' To Qirmaq Minority ;
, ,yiEKNA, ,Wfy 5 -r-fAuwte
Iress) Htrtng advantage i$ to bo. giv
en to Ihf Oerman party Jn Bohemia,
JVJbile the, ( Oermtini are ;io a distinet
minority, thie ia being obviated by a
redistritting which haa - teen an
nnunced,.t' --4' ;;. '. ' ' .'
In order to reenee.iUie aece mem
her in , tho-. reiehsrath ' who, 4t i J
leged incited and 1 abet had the reecat
riots, ..Bohemia hn-beea . divided into
twelve electoial : di strict1 1 along new
lwies. This will have -the effect of giv
ing en added strength to the German
party in legislative affair .and. will
consequently reduce the Ccech repre
' Bohemia is now nndar martial law
Tijcie Imvc been a larce number of ar
rests made and order ia being re
stored. '
4, ... , wK.. av
Wants No Other, Investigations
Untfi Hi? s Ended-; ,
WApHJNOTQN, May Si-AMocipf
it , J'resa) , Former phief Justice
Uugh.es ho written to the senate com
mjtee on military affaire and to, the
departraoni ef justice in . epnne'ctlon
.vith the investigntion of the aircraft
production s'amUil. lie sucucsts that
there nhnld be o other laveBtigation
bile his i under way and adda that
hi investigation should be made as
thorough ami as comprehensive as pos
Member of the senate committee on
military alTnirs have sought' to foree
fnrther investigation into, the army
affairs of the administration in direct
disregard of the expressed wishes of
the rrestilent.
w: p. a.
8AN FRANCISCO, May 22 (Offi
cial) Army roe rui ting ofUeera in thia
eity havo' recently been fairly wamped
with applications, in one .day; recent
ly, seventy applicant were examined
and passed upon;
Tnuuty men .'from the QUiaese. Quar
ter have successfully paseed their phy
sical ezaminutiqns and will join the
army on (Saturday.
Fpnr veteran Uutsian- aviators, who
are here from VladivpstqJ have sought
to. join the AnK'rican, flying service but
they are barred becauae of the provi
sions which cover the enlisting of
foreigner. They still hope to bbtaio a
afiecial dispensation in it he shape of
prrjuisaioa from -Washingtpn.
SAN FRANCISCO' May 22 fOfll-
cinl) In rc'c.ogiiition bf the great work
which the American KeJ Ops ba re-
licatedly dope in China in time of need.
tho 'Chinese boys' band, accompanied
by fifty Chinese volunteers, have eeu
ves:d the district of this city that
are occupied by the Chinese. 'They
have told of the work of the Bed Croa
in China during time of f amine, and
in relieving of distress, after great
floods and' other disaster. " t
'iri t i.'
moves the caaae.o TJae4 the worl4 over
jo, cure a Fold in o day. Tle aigna
ture of E. W. CROVR U jneaJi Wig.
Manufactured ty tb FAIUS MEDI
C1NU CO., Mui. U. S. A.
; , . i: I ill it la UIIJIll
hrhntrMiiihrri hi-
liLKKllilAliUtn m
Quickening u,frtilery r.ire . Cfd
Greater Air, ApjyitY Indicate
' That New Phase of Offensive
Will Soon Come-' -J 't.
Artillery drenches Positions, Can
- tonmenis and Woods With Gas
' While Aviators Outwit the Teu
ton Air Men -;
evv ; york; May-23-(A-
11 sociated TressJ--rAt several
points th AHie9 yesterday forcetl
tjack Ihe Cermana sind thereby
rendered Itheir firvca njnch easier
of re.nsfe, case .of jpie coming
of the. expected . ne phase of the
Increasing air activity is one of
the notable features erf yesterday,
as it -has' been 6teadily growing
for several lays pat,and is "con
sidered ,c?arly .iidicaljve of the
early .' cpniihg' of Jeifi offensive
rqoYSipv-T".S !vas further in
dicated . oft, the. .: Amiens sector
where therefKvas a 'great increase
ii t fie, volume of the enemy artil
lery, firg which quickened into a
wjnh-j &.uw. ...
i ,$tropgcr,; participation by the
American forces was told in the
despatches of yesterday and. last
light, tThe AnjeHcan artillery is
giving' the enemy no 'f est either
by night.pr t .(lay. Iri the strug
gle, for ijie mastery of the air the
,pieicaii Aviators, are also mak
ing, a most creditable showing
a.nd,tr? tfbntan'tly.otitevittjng and
outfighting the, llun airmen.
J?p Jhehviijtoul the
fl, m if tr,. ,c. a.n' batteries suddenly
launched. in nrtnected and tciv
rifie attack qpon the enemy posi
tions. In this they used tactics
which were first. employed by the
Teutons and the American artil
lery rained showers of gas bombs
upbn their positions and canton
nteifts, evidently inflicting a
heavy punjshmcnt.
, Picking as targets wpous where
t, was known that large numbers
o,th.e enemy were sleeping, the
Americans fairly' lrenched them
vvith. poisoivJus gas.
' East of Lurieviile there were
two encounters, between Ameri
can and German patrols in which
'.he Germans , were defeated and
ost two prisoners in addition to
leaving a'number of dead behind
hem as they fled.
General Haig last night report
ed that the Germans had unsuc-
essfully attempted to raid Mesnil
in.d were repulsed with consider
able loss. On the. other hand, th
nriish raided German trenches
Hear ifebutrne where they inflict
id considerable losses. To the
wtiea'sfof jArras the Uritish cn
ered tYie German trenches at two
oints and took a considerable
lumber of prisoners.
Nothing of German activities
vas told in the Berlin official
-TiHii.-T. j r,- ..,, - .
:omnwimqtie last night. It spoke
jf havy' artillery nre directed
ijjaijist the Gjtrman positions in
the rejnmel sector ou both sides
pf Jys' an4 between Albert and
Ajras and safU, that ,the Germans
replied shpt ior shot. f
t jShowin ' the intensity of the
air battles, londqn reported that
in the fighting of yesjerday the
brjtish had brought tjown twt)vo
Cpernnan" , machines, wrecked an
other wii,h,iun. fire and put two
otbej-sout of control, v
w. a a,
" LOflDON, May 23 M si oeinn. 1
P(ea)--Tba casualties in tb Cprmnu
air raid on London ami south i intern
Kngland ISuuday nitfbt were a' lionni r I
today. Tbey wero forty four killml nn I
uua kuudrvd aad aevenly-uiua lujumU.
; .

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