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ls Fsjri-i Prt.pecl Object For
Vhich It Was Called Win .
I& "'bwPcAl
ti,fi IS. 'I If
Quest W jHarfflVOrt frte ,Fatp of
BiUs'ntr6dubeJrv; House ,
1 ' i, ' ana. .Senate .-. : ",. ';
t Afon; all the fcork.and. expense that
pf(frM jpgfeWo: thw present pro
)et.ti tJtt fhehl thing asajr Fwi
.monster ,frne. 1lnxe0 p'n, t the"
iftkM .ayiltcrtltwy mo!, that the
purpW W wklch,,tV' veipni war e alVJ
eirrr.JUve W acompliske, i .;.
' Tpoii''tl,al44,IfWJ6ift .Nt ire,
which baa, been regarded as one .of the'
( important 4sttrerbfought ia at
thh.rieiai session, riepemli wirihor.or
not the seeaitiak.hw Wtt kfld needless
If) and- itroppoeithM. to the bU4 .that
km developed ptovea stJosg iencogh to
kill the measure".' lit HH Vrohability It
will W fouud that thtr holding of .the
session ini jiMtt a needless expenditure
of . nionejf.gw, J". ,v . . . - -v -
Tne aingla .eajergertey . for which tha
of Hawaii eaa repair, damage road
and bridge done jy Moral- that awtpt
the Islnad abaql a -month g.;lvid-Ingtb-
appropriation wn accomplish
ed, nmpty eaoxigh; by awilehing exist
ing appropriation Jm thing not. erl
oualytjpeedeet .ev to th jiew ,
Bonds Not, Jl.i , . .;. . .fc6:4' ' '
' House leader and administrative- of-,
ficer ne expected that 'arrangement
would have- bo made on Hawaii te
drapo- of .territorial bands for t96
000 befor the sessloa bpenedt toinsure
thft the money et asida.Ui tae awitch-d-aapritia
-wOuU- hawjtt.. ocea
aaoilabie. It raa found, however, after
the aeaeioa opeftot). ttiat,''na atepi bad
hran takea.nn Hayfii to. Mil the bond
tut It wna them poiated ut that.thnoKh
the appropriation had been mado, if ef
forta to aell the-beada met the fate
that overtook other earlier efforta to
ivtt territrJal) boda Vot vaeua. par
. oe Hawaii would gel atowav-, Tbla
wonl.li na mwclr . . that the whole
Htecir aeaain ,wa neeiltnaa eullay,1 for
tfce pirrpoe far whlcnrit bad been eatled
would vot have 'beea' aecoatptiahed.
- It wen H-sthafe Hb B1 22
woajntrodured ai at hg etickhy Bep
ni'aentative'Oeorje.X'.' Klwaha and the
mm bill vraa fcrouyht 'fn ia tba aenate
Vr Heiintot Cobtrt; Iliads -Thl bil)
fecta that the treaaurer of the Terrl
tnrv proceed to aell bond in the earn of
.200,qoq ,toA obtain ie..--ajde)j-Hawaii
weed. nit It carries ,1ao.the provision
t.tia if.ne M 'tinhif to aell them hy a
jaf t, be ilxed, then the money ah all
be tttiandJu 4he current yeae jtiy fpr.cial
teamtioiC If the boada are not gold, the
bill direct the . treasurer : to prepare
witb the-Approval of the Governor an
ratMnt Of tHe-aterimt at rwbictat
propefty.'Jlu; ih eouftty 6t Hawaii that
ahalt lie faxed.-la brderf to, yield in 1018
the 200,0O0 aoeded r mV much of the
aim aa' aliall not have been ra'mod'by
lood n!e.
ItereaW' h Hawaii.. It 'i reported,
have berta hit, liar)l by ihU.piKaiure and
atrenuou oppoaition to it ha devol-
opeaV"-.V- "tot- '
States Sitnation. . . .... , .
Julian. Totri of the board of euper
vigor on Hawaii, who hna' been repre
aautlng the Hawaii' aupetviaora at the
Kuecinl aeaipn, aaid yeatcrday that he
had been given tovtinderatand that it
would-be a difficult Matter to diepoae
of the bond on Hawaii. Bank and
tliinii-lal intereata 'on ' the" TtilaiidJ had
taken the poaltion,' he anid. that all
their available funda for' Inveatment
hnd been need, iu bond purcbaae for
I he Volcano road aoti jothor territorial
Mvda. beaidn pureiiaMe oJt, IJberty
I.ornt band that had beea BMhla, ' ' .
When; the-euabliug .aata were Intro
iliKcii. nirerty intereata on . Hawaii,
evidently foreseeing that , the hOnda
could not be diapoaed of and that heavy
immediate taratioa waa in pranpor,
kf out a pretest-'' The '.bill, in betlj
hoiuiea are jitiU iu ibo handa of com
mittees after, passing Drat reading and
what wUl happen to them ia yet to be
keen. ; .
It ,-ia: asaerted. harver that jif I the
bi( sticK ianot awurt ovet Hawaii by J
inr paiia vo. ' 8eaaqiui jioi, mine
intf that, '-the-. Rey aoedd eao be
raised nhe way or, another, the whole
rttpinn will have, been held in vain,
for lfhoni''a teen iif aome 'kiad to
thriiet the bond en to- th. aiarkati they
will rema.in 'mnaildL4od'.'Hawlt vriil not
be abl-tn earry et the work, t be ae
comidiahh.eiit ef 'hioh' waa-the one
important purpoa o the apeeial aeaaiin.
,i , .. )... .'
cial) The 'Java-Parifle Mail line haa
nuuounced thai it will aeavme the opera
tion of pasaenger steamer next month
to Oriental porta with anllinirs twice
monthly to Hongkong, Nagaeaki,. Kobe.
Yokohama.. . MauUa, Hiagaper: aiwl Be
t.ivin. Two steamer are coming here
h iaai-iof Juua aoj ether are con
toniRlted.., , ... ' . : y . , ,
;TJie Japanese. Ijnea Tnnytf Mafu wil)
star the V eked mate ertt ,a'a
lroo)UIi iiU'her .rotpfai itoai her 'pres
cut trip to Kobe,
. T- wr v
JitMiNOTV.Mav H-t.f Aaaoeia
l lVefaW i!iisr,itb f AUclieati
'-eeh in the.' l'oper- hon hxlay
. 'i'ico ii liotjinil of.anArvhv
,t ...ii'ii.r "The enemv' money la
-iirl in Mciico ttnil it ia the hidiue-
vi i uiiHjiiutt.ri, ' ' he dei'Iured.
q dair:s their bit
Rcvifvy qt patrWipXft Iri Tt
i ruonai insuiuuons 01 Learn
,;t lno; Most,.lntere8tinrj
V .... tf . ' f . .f . 7 . . ,,',..
i ;'(A, Rrnefarview; of, the w aettvi
ie of pawnri Vpwbli r(.l h vlven'
k . i - r . . i . . . . '
in nf jut- numnrr or the riaMI
EdaeilwAaf Boview Jav.r fre?ay 'th
freWv 'laaxwiiirN n it ia of Roncr-il
atereat'.tb' .article ia reprednfed
belywi -V-' ' ' ; ':.:." -
( Kwrrv I n ; Xfareh. HVtrt, a ' reiniwt
eW frtini the ; NaHonwl R hWf lonal
Awtieiafoa Waiihiairtoii, aaki-Ag tot'i
report of! th work !dnne In ffia ihoN
of the Trm'forr fti tht thtr Nation In
wr ti""'." The Mna.reueiil W made
hf all tho Btatea aud Tcrritoriea Of the
lk;,:.'tv.' 'y.iA.f
i, Jl 'iwHibeK.br lineaflf fliVit!ta were
eanrra""" w""f lornifite waa pre
paret, wWh weald allftw the depart'
meat td tabulate the reault and which
Woatd wake a littl- extra work for
the ttrineipale aa poaaibla, r. , r ';.;',
' With the aieeption of about a dozen
kohoola,tha;auMIonairea were r.etuew
H.., A- reported activities, bn
the at,Mmijorit.T etiowed thnt.they
erei-e hi" aa. eetive part In tfaiat time
pf aational effort, , r
y The ' lettere received iw5tkir"" the
nafatWtvnaJiTw l.lial that the eehooh
are d(tnl. ontW bettor nowt evea thaa
theyi have daa-'bnfre; and n.oaUr
f rHOi, wKich had done Utile Up te
the tiraevaf the ipott, hwn4'nre!iaed
tbAmaolvea' aa determinod to' make-a
.better ahewina;. . JH ia' e eeareev ttite
Cawtpaiffa haa Wb- en ef'iedoeatiea
nd that thane vaetooa worker are now
Me to.' aeonpllah mweh atere .' than'
bey eal-at -the- 1eginniagv beeanwe
fknr aaderatand the needa of the
i '1$,H'wm Aimnlriim tn tl tl,
for the-'pnbliw acheota amonnt tol
a'a- teacher of a amce- room r a
principal of a eingle achool ia in-lined
M think-that, her pa-t in 'the (repara
tion ' of -material- bad the aiding- of
TAvemmPwt - rirotei f la inaieuifteant.
But wheii" these . Vnriona Hemr are
brooght together, It I found fhat they
make a handsome eontrihutinn to the
tanae pf humanity and liberty.
Joy rendiifij this report, it mast txt
borne -4ni Blind tbatt tbeae . record arra
only ta 5Iarih 2lt( they do not iasloda
th.,(ttf at. third Liberty Ixau or the
nedmK Bed : Cress- liire, nor do they
IncriKV" tie iale'aad purekaae of Thr f f
fitunrpaiar thr work dor Uurlag the
present school term. It ia also im
portnnl) to, rcmembfr that the private
ahoole' are not iaoladeil in this report.
That thetci. hav been wonikrful show
ing on the part of the, atudent populn
tion of the- Territory W emphaik'ced by
thi incomplete report.
Government-1 eeurHle-
' Owe 'hnirdred 'nd thirty-two public
aehola reported on war securities and
achool and home gardens, The1 total
aWiqyint-. subaeribed- in Thrift'' Stamps,
etcetera),' war -,2H-i(WoWi f Liberty
Bond;' frst r; and 'aeeond- loaas only,
.IIOS-OO, aiaking- proa total ef
8,S0l.(i;i. An .estimate of known sub
acriptinn ft mo a j; achool efticers arul
several schools not reportio, lio(i
there was a total of more than iloo,.
Wtii gevernineiit'Bcenrities hcW by
the teacher ami pupils of the public
sehnois on flfeh 2!, 9.8f
School and Home Garden
: Thv total of home and achool garden
ia tliese Schools was H.002. This
large number hr mnde up' pr?neiKiHy
of honie csrdens, as many school a re
iortcd their school, eardens As a single
Rprnie:t-earrie.ro,n by. the .whole school
EJt Is not plble to give the area
eavtei. but fro attiatie taken on
LOahu'. and-Kauai ami. .from, what the
writer has aeon on the Other ialnirls,
it ;probaMy. represents between eeventy
and 100 acrs of laud cuHivatod in
tensively. "Where the products from a
small individual school garden have
been computed hn the basis of an acre,
it baa been found that the rcxult is rx
eeedingly large,' sometime bein "
hia as: ttOd or :J00 to the acre.
There ia no doubt that the contribution
te the local food supply has beeo of
grwat value.
Tin, roil.' .
. 31 amxiuut ef tin foil reortod from
sigkty-eight achoula amounts to 1:!,878
euaras, or 07.3 pounds. . AYhen we
thUk that nearly n hnlf-tou of tin foil,
worth at lea it twenty-live eenta h pound
baa. basn.-eelleeteil, weeau see the vulue
irf.-oaeWachaol doing even a amall part.
Shipping Soote - ,
i wrhooJa , made a total of 102
pajebiag bux,f shippiug Red Cruxs
supplies to the Front.,
Mf. is ' abt 1 possible to. go, iato dotflil
iar li theflliuws ef aetivitie .folluwod
by, the school.. iwt- w. might, moutioa
one or two. that stand. .out Among
other suppliea.j there were 6'i$ ot.lu
a eater, .enough ', to prorule- sweaters
fer'twa.4ottpWte' rrfl, enrapnnies and
their officers, or. three, machine (run
eoaipaatesi - There .yerev vr 20,000
handkerebtHfa; 'Blmoet nuuli, for a
dlviaioo; more than 4,006 baadagea i.n I
surffieai dTOSBiopa, 'whlrhi. does, aoi in
clude work done by papila and t-a'her
at the various Red Cross headquarters.
There were nearly: y00 pnira of sickB
an4'8.0O wash ragvvnd nenrly 7.00(1
majtaaineA were -eollaeted and -sent to
the soldiers. A totttt fist of tho activi
ties will be given below,?
Keveral activitie undertaken were
foiiud tn be impraeticnl. For example
over 200000 enucelled poetage Stamps
were collected before it was' learned
that, they could "et be uied for dyes.
Abuid.'iJJHlO ' trench eaudbt bad ' beyn
Bvetde whu it was fouad thj:t ii
not advisable to us nhipping. smic for
these articles.- Almab a tou of rows
iifiuers were collected ami solf. l"t tit m
was. fotiudtt( be a- wagte of cuerirv, aa
in niHiiv luinlitic.4 they could not t
diapnaei) of, i ad lia returui wr- 'I'l'ht
eiKiipsr4 'with the wik Of volluutiou
and disposal-'
Thae Bad .'been ' twenty-0' e "titer
tainmetits - Rivii trp i Mnrch
eiirtiiuir f.PfltuS for- the iwo of tl.c
I'e I Cro. Hi-lcinn lii'lief V
urpliaus unl ot In-1 wuitliy
Entcrtainrflcnt By Ppplls 4Nett . a
Neat Sum
; .. . ....
To- stimulate amf arnnae entboeia't'i
for the-'Ued froaa. aokoot hihlra, of
Koine, K anal, took an-lmjJrttit nar
tn aa entertainment hold at the Kolon
Hall awreek ago laat Mimdayi artanged
by Mr.aroa. It aa well attended
aarw( a flniinrml aurreaa. . '
.Vi collect hin taken during, the--eve-niejr
netted fifty nine dollar. 'awd a
forther'huni of twrntv four dollar. n
retixed' from the nalp of boiinuetai.h
Mnt.Blake aad Mini. Miller- TMa Made
a total of eiuhty three dollar, which
will be uard to holp awell the Rett
Cmea fimt: The following waa the
pro((rahi of, the- oteiiinv:
,Ta-rininv of ...mnview, "l-oyalty!
tar rrnra reay." hy ta Nn'nt Mrhool
children! "The Amcriran- nreed.",by
the Koloa School: "('nimnbia. the (Jem
of the Oreail," by the Kobe rVbeel;
ptviriottr addreaa, by John Bmth, the
veternn. piinaipal ef the echoed: annp,
"A. A C..M by Mra. Honry Blnke;
f!o)ltctinn for the Hed Croaa, four
fllnia of tnevica. "The Htar Hnana-led
JJaoner," by the Koloa. Hchool.
i w. a. . -
BitrJnuaor ssasiv eTnine',," '""'I' " -.-ui7
( runvnsit mnn I diMmrd wsny-, or me --iov or invney
. i 'bvku utyt-hie-country "i . ,
Tha children of the pnbbe rbool Baielr Make i 8Utwmett
otMul (not counting Molokai or! The whole matter wax brought toT
Laoal) had bonght up to April 30, a (head when "Bale h stated that" Job a
total of 5,210.01 in Wnr Havinga and, Flemings a afockbroker, told bint that
Thrift Stampssays Isst Friday's Maoi gbinglo eought him to become a ehar
New,of Wailukn. This is shown by rtcr 'witness for Rodiek, white .Mr.
a report just made to the savings stamp nhintrle had previously denied that lhe
committee by George H. Raymond. I ha.r done ad. Fleming told Baleh "tbat
Thera were 4543 pupils and 133 teach-there la not a single doubt in my mind
era engaged ia this collection, which Iks to wVn 8hinghj saVl to me 'ind-t
makes the average saving more than do not think there ia any doubt in PUln
one dollar per capita. I?'"' min'1 M wh,t 1 "'' to him.
'An unexpected feature of the report I wrlT-not -moiKfy or retract any state
i that the War Savings Btamps bought ment I have made to the commltteeVr.
i .neatly twice that of the Thrift It was also explained titer Mr. Shia
Stamps. Wheress the .Thrift Ktnmps g'e 'bad 'stated to the committee thfct
amount toi.but 1887.75, the Tar Kav- 'he had lio worked for Roitiek, and did
Inga Stamps have a value of 3332.1fl. t not aslt Fleming to. testify for ltodlek.
A number of schools have not report--, but oa the other hand had merely a sir
ed. Mr. Raymond predicts a much.
higher showing for the present m.inth.
....i.. w. . a.
rI.letrt. Chawneey F. Clevelnnd. X R.
CI, who ho been aid to (teucral Wisn-r,
will occop'v the same pmritioa under
Brigodfer-General A. P. Bloeksom. the straight of thla matter i ns to put
new 'department commander, who sr-1 so end, one for all, to the report go
rtvd ' Jlonday from Camp Codv, Ing aroundu '
Demlng. Tfew 'Mexico1.
Fonrteeft schools gave these twrnty-five
Entertainments netting tho mcgniilicent
sum of almost 3,000. In the giving
of cntj'rtaitimenta. we find that six
school cave two each, one achool irnve I
three and one four entertainments,
whilo- si1 gave one ench.
Oommonity Work
One hundred ami twenty five r-Uools
reported ' doing eonunnarty work out
side of the regular school houri, such
as distributing posters ami eimuiain iu
regard to war suttivirias, litilUiog ni.et
ins to explain the various war project .
tejbiug. food eonnervatton in tlie
hemes, selling Thrift Htaaips. soliciting
funds for the Roil Cross, and in miiny
other. ways extending their influence
beyond -the schools irto the adult
I'oiomliaity. ! ,( )
The Greatest VMue 1
But by far the-moat valuable woriv!,.- .IT . Z, Z V, . '.
done by the schools has been the .!
vcdopiiicnt of patrtntlo spirit among the
pupils and parents throaghout the
whole Territory. Kvery where the
xpirit- of patriotism, -has reached nn
ii n paralleled height, nnd the Territory
is unified as never before in a frien lly
competition to serve our Nation. Never
before has there been snub understand
iny nf the dutic" and privileges of
citi.cnehip, and I believe thnt no one
force has contributed to this grant
puhlK' education aa have the territorial
ncIiooIs. It hniH I icon well worth while
to Jin'l out what the schools ro'lectivc
Iv, are doing. It win be an inspiration
to us to ttgain "take stock" as to thr
prorcp wo are making in this world
caue. To thoae w lw hate (aiieil
to lic up to the spirit of the times,
there ahould come a greater desire to
coo pc rots, iu this do1)1o work. To thorn
who have reapoudnd nobly frpm tb
very xtart, it nhould b an inHpiruti.ui
to teel that so much has linen aceom
pliphcd and Hint we are doing oui
whole duty in a righteous cause.
A bit of activities reported is here
JZ it
2 J S.
:- dS as
11,833.0 !
12 4:10.70' 111
50,106.00 114
Arti vit ies
War Savings Stamps
Thrift Ptnmpa
liberty , Bonds
(twentyfive) 2,1105.05 H
f-hol sad Home
tSUippiug BoxttH ....
Tin Foilr-rtOuju'ei . .
PttptHwuMila.-i im
Wssh Rags
Hwwttwrs m
Ho.'k!r Pairs
Bandages; . .. . . .
Mnslin Weight Bags
Trench candlt's
Cancelled Postage
His nips
. Siei
153 .
i ;
1 1
I's isman ...
Pillows I'Iiik IIMt lbs.
Suit. i
Bed Hlioes
Alidoniinal Uimlers ....
len ting lioguias ....
Operating (loans
nkv Mi.nres
flitby Sweaters
Baby Blunketa
MoXdiera' Bliiukets . .. .
Wpecinl foiiniiujuly Work
t" 'leai liOM and
1'1'l'lU I.'J
"riiuu-uud iut counted.
lExclinztibii'if Hi's
Vigifance j Corps . Ask iirrv. ?T6
FurnisV Statement Regartfing
his Testimony At Trtef ofc For-rnfir,,-'
German Consul - Who
' PJeadeiJ Guilty v. . .
Robert ty, ShingTe, .president wf the
Jfenry Waferhmtae Trnxr mipaev' ai4
memlier of the aenate of the flawaiian
I-danda,' waa by. vote) orfithe li'waiian
VjitClaaef . t'orjifi Totenlay. nova jre
fweafed fa, farniah n written atatantent
to' t rocp erpfniiiing bia 'attithiW
with reference te the testimony ' which
he. (tve wirig rtje trial I Ha- Fra-i"
rac of O-orjr Rediek. forwer (Vrrnaa
eoosut at .Honolulu, wbn plea!cHT ghiUy
to.'tha."thargo of violating tjfe"l'oited
Btatea aevitra)ity lwa. ,. ., .
Tha vote wamtakan after thiv peeaan
tation .by J. A- Ealch o; n stafemcn
concerning., Mr. BhingU- im.l the teti.
nwinjr. ha jcave In.; which n'thouirK pre-
tearing hia. friendship for Mav aihJaKle,
he anitt that -be bclicA-ert Hh ingle- placed
ed" Fleming what he thought of htm
(hinglc) testifying for Kodiek, Mr,
aM h ' wrfttwa atatenient p reheated t
yoaierday ' meeting follows: ''
BbOQd Hava Ttutb, r
''TBerea" p ' enntrndictiou in the
statement of Mr. Bhinule and 'Mr.
Fleming and f we1 should ' have thf
"Mlingkt to!d the commiTtee that he
did no .work for RoIVek that he test!-
flet b4N-aaM-'be!1taew thatvhc would
have to tetw-ify tf subpoena. I.
' Hernias' aavs that Hiingle was
working f ox " Bodiek.-. Fleming fartller
itoi;lares thai whon he wns iu Saii)aa.
ei.ieo, 8hiplle .axked 'hbir WheeVhe) r-
turxted to Hoeotota rull . N. (lamp
licit tliut he (tjhimrie) was working for
Kodiek aip,, .for Cain pi II to t keep it)
quiet. .,T .;Vi,wpr. , n,'
t Fleming - wwv ('sHrjibeli and- - Whim
Cniiipbell rocelved Hujiigle 's , message
that be was1 Working for Aodie, Flem
ing says t'ampliell declared that it was
mure tnnn lie woul.l ilo. . .
"1 contend that tvhirigle's action
kIiohs lack ef judgement. , .With, the
world war ort alreal"for two aud a
I'nlf years he hud plenty ef time to
kuow where he stood, h ,the. matter.
nod nine moiithe Cter iiui I'jiitc l
lj... .... I L k. . 1 I ..ln..t..
lcnce lie was.
" X-i a senator of the Territory, Hhin
glv bus plured himself, ia a jiositiou
v hero it It uppitrcnt one of two thiHgx
inlluem ed him in his ataud:
1. I'luciug personal frioadship nliovo
hix ilutv to Iiik country. '
. Placing the love of mouev above
Ins duty to his country
Shingle t iiinc to this country u poor
lioy and has woo wealth, honor and
position here. t ' ' 1 , ,
Up To Bhinglo . '. V
"I for the life of me enld not pla e
iuM'lf n a true American in the poii
tieu lie hH placed hinsrelf , ' It ia up
o Slimy!.' tu meet tkr Utsue. lie is
oiin of aiy isood f rM-ads, yet I roasider
luty to country tome, above ail vUe.
" if b-liiugle worked, for Kolyk we
shoiUil kuow it; if lie beneAtl)! or eu
delivered to lienellt financially from
the rcorgau jitioa of lij,: Hackfehl Si
Co., this community kIioiUU know it.
"Shiogliv says he merely suggested
to J. F. lluuilmrjg a plftu ofreorguu.
i .at ion. ' I . ,
"I am a friend of Hhinglq, but I
in n 't curry hix vindication on my shoul
1,1, One or the other is wronwr and
lie aliould k now wla U h. "
Will Prepare StateffleroKt i .
I Mr. Hhinglo when naked lust eveuing
for a ktatemeut vouceriag the Yigiluiiic
Corp action auid: i .11 t( (;-.
I " 1 did mnl get out of the siruatrT until
bite iu the ut'ternoou and did uot have
opportunity to read the itory of the
Vigilance Corps' action until later on.
I notice the Vigilance Corp wants n
reply, which I will pfeparay. at- oircej
although their request for sueh ha nut
Jut been rm-eived by ma,. Ilpon receipt
4f the requent from the Cterp' I will
lave my stutemeut prepared and hand
d over.
I "I want to bundle till aiatter iu the
riyht way ami with due rare and in
.1 wnv that will be all right."
W. a. a.
I The comuii'iicemeiit exercises at Alius
Hchool, Monoa. will be held oh June II.
, There will be no sohool on Thuradn.v
f next week, it beiug a legal holiday
- Decoration Day.
The government schools will close for
the iiiiuuer vacation on Friday. June
M, and will renasrmblo on Mbudnyi
September Li.
Tbe Normal School commeuccinent
I iSvorci.ses lll ba held the ryfculng of
j Thuri'dnv. .lune 27, ttuperlntcndent Kin
j niv' aaeoiiiice'l yesterday.
! The Normal School is preparitur I'"'
a big stliilnt at the Territoriul Fair in
June. There will be special demonstra
tions of the different forms of ;ir
b'ea.l. unions other iliterssl iug 1 1. "
Mntcrials un.l utilities will be 'ir i ',
ol hv Huuolulu films fieo of chmce
General , InffrrruVon (ilyeirv)rpn
nequirenjcnia or Aiinaance
rPyrii (). Smith, dieertor of the Biim
mer Hchool which will likely brgi4
nnrw " rr r,, n-a noMC rne Tilinw-
leg ante to the regn-af ton blanks'tmt!
rnf ::
wir ) r rtgir.inr'ttt. 4
'cih'si-pp thjj niinn.r X'-bnof, lrwiU
yill answers on thia pper hnv tieenv
nt e'lrn.
I'h t dh '' -ea Mil rfive jlh'
iVmnt!oir. " .yv
reouired in
t Ho raaer dn ka. lacovrei-tla .filled wti
sre -rcnrred tlat It is iecsarvca.,iM
slat'on more n'tentiH l..uig 'Uvea) to
n"r f-s " e '-nprtmeiit. Ul fo, ahi.r
jnoerntLvf thhl .blahks be filled bWor Jf'f l W rf ""tW foiaJriira of
'W trfrW M. ,....,: LArn ..-V.fW Ur M lcaJJ-nrFli.rVXWb
teachers must Jose ooe.nr two ikava. ia. for not more than one year. k . '
'etfing started if they wait until the
tpeilng dsv to realui.
""he folo.. ;,! nit-e o-ipied. it thf
"sT-uniber of tho Hawaii irneationai)
Ifwv'iew, will throw; further light oa tbe
npis'er Hch'() qneation: .. i .?u .
::'"AP emherti whim ar rapilidatea
"a Rptr, nr why are required tnl
"T-e re I errriR,l Kuinoisr tVlnOI
.re herebv notified that they, will be
etpeeteil to make appHcation , fie eit
franca. The department will not' WoH''
fy the- teacher individually aecb
. t . . . . -. .. . .i
rear.ner w aapecrect nr. rnow er ll.K. i
g with tha idepartmeat. ; Tkere-wiH
bw o exeweea accepted except la (V
tretne uasea, - -im - v?
-flat eass ef oonht as to whether we
not you are required to attend ictfa''
Summer K-bool, yra should eurrespyiaj.
viaa to department of public inetrn
VS. .. ...UIM!
; Lhaer 1. Be v ins. county fterey;
iwd i A. 'P. Low, conaty 'engineer'' mt
Maui,, who are ia the city , now;-held
" conference- yesterday witb Muperiof
endeut Kinnev of the' uoadi oC-mhieay
tioHin regard to the aequisitlea'of iad
lltrop-si pi-operty to enlarge the.Karnias
hameba TIT eV-hool ground at Ijlhaina,
tad. other matters. ..... ; A
fjfiri Coanty baa already lO.beffu
wofk on the' additional wratoBinae
iwd 'tvacavrs' rotrage whiek . wsrli be
"eojHiind to-Ben e (he rnereased ttad
inpe of poojls .when the Maui "ssdroota
rsjiMi' the new year on rVptembyr . 16
peat. . -
'.Mr. Kinney yesterday aftermwra
'kwwed 4be Mani, oibrrah about the
city fend .visited - number of - the
larger Honolulu schools.
' - , ' . V .i i W. a. a..;"
, The following program, was (riwen by
the Kaaai High Schoohai th?TipTop
Theater, I.ihuey on rrhtajt oi, last' week :
Proeeasiort of the tHtaie. v ..!
"The CbBlleage". Krnest, WiroVmeywr
"A.-Scrap of Paper"-. . BleWard Jruce
" Uigbt sad Bight,','.. .AiWnm.,Carter
ijKivtata ' nauat iiil-summer
Night' Dregm. i ! .,,
Kevitatkro Tks)' Food. . Peaey LydgAt
"The Loot -Chord "..... Wlris' teatet
Kvmiirg BfU''
Oirla' .Ntxtot
Kn see Filipino tcrgeaat
a ureen Bqaad.
May Pola Dajiee.'
.V -Report' frpnv th Front
"Violet WiBtlng'
Kaaal High, H-book rtoagx
The Trials -Of a Tip To Coik
"Ymtr Flag and. My JfUg ".
America', A ad ina-, and
VI. aft ft lHfff . . . .
" .' ' '.' '.
ll.e Kauai counxy .opervisors nave
tiiKen up the qnestiop , or .serurin'- s
piece of public . laod bt Haaapepe fn
4 public park and school ganlett. S
I'oi visor McBryde .w aeked to com
n-nlr(se eith the- propar-'authorities
with. the view, of having the land set
as. oe tor tha pnrjOB. . ' ,
The Misses Spring, Horn, Perdue,
Wirke.rsham and Christian, teaaliers in
rhe 'Kauai (frammar f?koo1, made up
a picnic party 'to 'pfokela Canyon a
week ago last Saturday, and reported
on their return having-had a fine time
Sergeant Bvrne aceompaaied them s
chauffeur-cnuperoa, '
The supervisors have granted the re
quest of the-Kanal HJgH Hekaol for sup I
plies for the ' frhoof. yurdea' and wilt
furnish the same. They, however, re
fusud the request for plowing and fenc
big the Behoof la raj -
The Buperviexir liave received, plac
ing it on file, the report on the con ,
ditionjif tbe achool buildings at Kleelet,
H.ienaT Hanamaulu, Hulrla,' Kalaheu,
Kapaa, Kspshi, Kauai High, Kekaha,
Kilsitea, Koiea, TJhaa, 'Mahaweli, Ma
na. Wallua aad Waimea. ' .
The ew tesWhera' eottagetat Klcsle
iiveil aaonryi Th))aww aattdgw t K
paa l'praWenlty fiaisawd aad that nt
Kilauea is nearing aorarpletioat. At Li
hue windows hava betm eut tn the new
two room school buildiasV The toof of
the main hullillng' baa baa) aaiae (Inn
gle stunk ia it lnt-the" hop that must)
at the leak. wiH b stonoe. Roptiri
have also, been aaftda at Xtoloe.
By a unanimous vt the mipervisuri
in their meotimc at'tljhae'ideeidc do
join witb tbe tKapahi-Kawaibau horns'
steaders ia eleariaffrtbe Kapaai ditch
n on
Iwr t firalsh.Vrerijfordhe4.-..lB.'
". r'wrm .W.Jtb Kapa:.
t Hani
sehoi. tiut it waa l4eMe4 that her.
after any request f aasietanre to tb
coast y farm will.be oansiaVred Kv
supervisors only when made lv
trustees off the Samuel. Maheloua
i i it : . i . .
uoriai noapitai. e i
r. a. a. .. .in.,
For rheumatism voit wilt flild n..'l, iii;
better than Chainborlatp 's Pain Halm.
No is the time-tn get rid of i Trv
tit's liuiumnt and cij how nui.Hv i'
will relieve the pniu Bud Kiiene'v l',,r
- -1 ' e l,v all lealers. Hcns..n Si. i.'i A
Co., Ltd., uguuls for liawuii. I . :.
c,'i f-.ee f 1 I I . I t V- I I ld
Is AnenrJefi By Caistlep, Cover OtftciiU fn CJiargr Express Ap
; SecFtious Acts Against' 1 1 'iati tf Fine .Showing .
Allies H Made Bv PeoDla of islands
(4WrLiHv "il-MMi
tbfediiiwiltatrs' lot ttl.Allie of the: lh
t nite.l
.-JS... ti.,j
.. '.:r : -.r.. LIZ
"' ''h imaae.i thud rewdifsg'ta m
wmaie yeter.Miy suer astatinHt
thstuiing dm(oait io te Uies At
1 1 1 e 1 1 . i ' Peltalnr I natle.
I1"1 rt nmv stand
will be ptoculed to tint b
nnw stund and a It'hn
onsef- today,
pretrir last any peraon aatng laiigunM
'arierulilg the go , eminent of the flitt
ed ' Ktates, rue mmr, navy or marina
rorp wntrn is or a costomvnious or
"ift jifrther provides that any person
sing tanguaue or pi editing prointgaA.
da tending to prevent the Vigorous pr9
leetrttOB' of the law will, tie dealt with
irf h Binular niam.er. 1 hts m ensure was
inf rmtuTe.t into the bill for the purpose
of oVttliag with pemirioas person j waft
ia" the past, have been adwoeftiacL
.'W. principles in this Territory and
discouraging draftees f row registering,
rersoim who make. Dsbliab or CireuV
laui ji.s, fanipniets, picture ortlier
pirbllmrtlons, eslculated ,to bring the
- . i. ... . . . .. . . p . .
tiueir mrnres into disrepute aml.wio
p.irately or publicly mutilate or lasult
v flag, so'or or enaigit at that United
Btatei, ar also to be vigorously dealt
w...., ' '
'"lnvin- of sny flag or eoat
of arm f a nation now at war t with
. m ctaie.1, or tbe mere posses
sion of such itisrgnia, i sfae unlawful
under the provisions of the bill and
r a cries with it - a penalty of a fine of
1000, or rmprisonmcat for aot more
tntrn s)ne year.
H uator Cast'e's amendment, which
waa added to the' bill yesterday, pro
VWre the same puniahment for disloyal
Beta er "utlerances sgaiast ' thi Allfea
; inimn mates aa ii aeee ror out
loya'.ty against this aovernmeatv' la
commenting on this feature of the bill.
relator rastre ssid that tbi feature
waat addled to enrb the- tendencte of a
certain element in thi . enmauiaity
which' is tontinually daaming Englaad
en ita war policies, whick are the rw-sUW-
deep rooted anil hereditary nre-
judtcen .. ', . :
tTiewMrn No. 4, which provided either
a MW fin nr a juil sentence fot' ot
slrawiag proper respect wbHe "The
Star Hpangled Banner " waa beino? plaW
ed, was stricken from tb lllt WiBg to
the fact- that it waa tbe belief of the
jwditnanr 'rommittee that thia feature
ef the'bilt essild not be enforced.. '
, In exp-'waatioif of thia featnre, See
atatc Cartld said that thoeo had beet
to kfa'ation eunctnd) which defiaed or
'inaeTied' any partieular mode of r.
sect, when- the natron si anthem was
rdavisvk i Theater orchestra often play
ed the air in a mdvw ast4-oftntrrne
it waa plated with Variations and Until
snraw'apenifl form waa niversally de
cided' upon, no legislation eouW be n.
aetei" tor its enforcement. Rather f ka
invalidate' tha . whohj meawre, be
thought It wis to eliminate this fea
tnr of the bill. '.
Ken ('. Bryan, Vocational instructor
for the Oeha public schools, has re
ceived a suppre of new seeds from the
department of agriculture. WaMhlii"
ton, I). t. Auy school on ObIiii, which
can make use 'of aeMs. may annlv tn
Mr. Brvan, The parkagns coat a b paa.
lettuce, parsnip, ssrawsw- and turnip
semis; In asking Mr. Bryan far these
the tiiimber of packages' aud kinds
wn ii ted ahoukl be stated.
!' Tn' Maui supem-ianrs haw author
i the rulliM for hi,u fl,r hum,nir
teachers cottago at . Kautxi and at
Taia. to be ooened on, June 14
(oorge H. Baymoud, aupervising prin
cipni mi in island, is now in linns,
iaspectiug the government schools in
that district.
.Vln t ico Cas, daujhter of Mr. and
Mrs. D. H. Case of Wailukn. is expevt
ed home this week . f fuiu Mills College
'nlifornln. where she has been n atudent
ror several year. Miss Case w ill prob
ably accept a position as physicul di
ector f the girls' department of the
Alexander House Sottleiusut.
The supervisors have, awarded to the
Uawaiian New Company of Honolulu
the contract for supplying tbe County
of Maul with 879 school desks aad
scats, toe firm's bid of 3ui8.03 being
the lowest of tkree received. The oth
era wars: W41II. Nichols t Co. 3!)50,
ami uric supply CoanDaoy .3Pfi.
Miss Newton, principal of the Kiiie-
hameba Sihool for Ciils. Houoluln,
spent 11 chort time In LahaJna last
week. While in Mui she called upon
a nunuier or tne gractuate of Kamo-
hamehn. Part of the time she was the
Unest of Mr. add Mr. Mac Donald nt
I.abainaluiia. '-
tn the rei-ent Red Cross. Drive L.T
haiunJuua Mthwil , contributed about
t!5(i, of which mount fifty dolUra
eiven bv th punils of the school
Mrs Kthel Stevens, until reeeulftr
1 teacher at the Wailuku School, has
ixie n griiiited a divorce from her lm.i
ine iiiiui Jiuiglng or ctiililrrn s car
ens is the 9"teat pnmioted by the
Maui i'air t. Raring. Assoc ipt ion will
'ttlfli rttlti'tt ,Atu.l,H na katxr.lnv nl,t
Htin i,,.V- Tbe f,i,tril.t'
teee in eha'rfe' of tbe work have been
S'ked to have the three bcit record
it'd i'i their districts readv f'W the
ni.Lc.- by next fftturday As soon ns
im'mi.'. following the judging, the
winners of the contest will be. nn
I INDI AN APOI.IH, tav "I ' -o-li
I ted PresslCharles Warren Fairbsnka.
former V ice President nf the l'n'to l
stntes. who it aerio'islr ill with
l...t,t'w ,4enc is liolilii,.' I i- vi. to
U;i and his physician is hopel'il.
pr.- W 9 !- .
TMfwfm thaakaUf the'emclols of
- IJlirt. I n.-
r v. -'t-t-. y y; " "",
?"' erve Watnet and
V ,nn Benffral campaign maaagr-r for
the recent l.iliert Imk drive are eoa-
YVXi to thoae ef- Hawaii' aba harped j
ithrongh tlis fidlowlna letters- received
Mondnsr by f,.' Tinsov Perk, rhair-
man of t'le Hawaii eommittea. In
nnsmitt ing them, Mr. Peck writest. -.
: Kditer , Ad verticr--l , enolnse hero .
with copies nf lettrrs just rece'ved i
rrvm tne Governor or. the Fed 'rnl .
Bneere Bank, San Francisco and f oor
thsr Arnernt Campaign Manager for lb'
Twelfth Fodoral Rieserve Diatriet, .
wwhb eKrcastheieppreeiatintof the-n-k
More in Hawaii la farthering tha
ThM liberty lran. s' ' -
I wisli'tlrat nil, person in Hawaii
hei. who lent any aseistaara 1n the late
yaaapalga wnnld read: these letters as
tbawghhey were addrewre I to each of
fhe la person, for eredlt ia dne to alt '
Wnrkera to the extent of their an-'' .
selfish -seer ires so rendered in thle part '
of wrr great task of winning the war.
Teorr trulv, '
t I.. T. PECK ; ' ,
Chairman v -
In the lettcra,. C. K. Week, the
ceneral comraiua manatret. nadrr. date
Wf. May 4, writes from Baa Franciscu!',
to Mr. Peckt . .
Karat rIt Afraid " '" '.. , ". . .
'Allow me, at the lose pf the ,
Third Liberty, I.eaa CanriiaifeB.. to ex,
tend to you and all of yaur e-worker ; ;
la the" Hawaiian i Iitahd . my sincere , ;
personal coBgratulatioa oa the sp'en-
did results obtsinsd by yotw We bvo;
acver felt the slightest ronccrn a tit-.'
the. result In 'The Islands, as far . a .
'eoaeeraed the r"lng ,of ,the, quota '
altoted to yon. . The .rewolt" early. In' '
the, eanipnign fnlly justified thia eonhV
donee; 1 and Iw behalf ' of Oovernor .
Lynch a wnll aa myself ; I flesire to)",.'
.make fttis formal recognition of onr ,
apireeiation of ! yonrr .reeord' in tho
Third Loan. Toora erw trnrV.' "
I" ',a.,K.JvTEKK?
i i . "X.neral iCnipaj;n,Mapaer'" .
"Twi days hterr Downer Lynch, of
4ba,'Frdcrat kUisrrve Sauk of Hnn Fraa-
' w-rouictv '.;
TtonA Hawaii . ', ,.,'j,,.- '
. HNow-that,. the Tbiri CuwM'Ka h
closed with sush .gratifying! result, I . .
htaae advantage f,.4Ma.flrBt.'eppoftttii- .
ity.i to- coffer my, heartMt rongratuuv
tioem niHl tbayk in lhalf of. the cov ,,
ertflsetif fos iie wonderful record made .
by . jwtrHTeentory. i.- We . ara.aertaialy,
neaniktwf Hawaii, ant -her remarkable'.'
snowing.' not, only in,. the , : snbstauti! '
snsatiat of lnt)Mieii. but ta tbe .nai,
nsnally large niiraber --subscribers a. .
welli which. 4 tniti adiUtioauV .evltU-Be
o 4Ufa4eidsi wiraw perfunued b.y yon,
aad tosar.saaiat ' ..,,
-.VI yosi'bar,aniiuBCBtMwi, to ofr, 1
fer.ialt-iioweodiic of ,ampaign In
your Territory impswed apon
-e shall be ,-lad to haM.Jrotav you. on :
tia aubiei-k !FWaa wxpress.'your view :
JlyiBnd iaal ferfectly free to indulge i
iw B.r.critM'tsut. w qicu, yoi tnina migni;
beaent' tkn, rauae a we want to prone i
by .your AHit ... ,;. i ;-; ;, '
V Asatuiax.-you. ot my personal ap-.
psesiatiou.: ajl eeling sura that, we
may Tonut'.apoa .yonr valued aid in.,
futaurerc rampaigus, . I .remain,; Ynur ,
very truly, ; . A v c v . , i . ; ,
'JAUr K. .I.J.WU,
.tiovernor, ' . .
Be Stnt
. '1 V( S'
A A U.jTl
Wilt Bft.HaAdled By.,RerJ. Cross;
fjelj Pireptqr,,. Castle An:
Bounces Bu(elan(l.,Me;UioJ of
PCSdurt,. For Sending Mes
sa'oesV .
Ajrangemeaf , baa been complete) .
wherwby Jha Uawaiiaa Bod Cross eaa
recjcivf comm1unictpnr from reaiaeni
her ot.fBlaUve. in .Germany. VThls v
arraagemaht baa Jhoca parftcted by tho .
tt4 ..moj witft the . permission anol -sauatipn,
of the iTuiicd (States govern- .
mav,through''ertaia neatrai govern-
meats., ,:,jki, ; ,-, : ,'. '."
A, L, Castle, Bed. Crpsa field, 4'irector
for Hawaii, aoooivicer the' following ,
rui governing each fommunication and -
u tuetlUMi'-oC p4'ooedttr,ojr those woo .
wish, to avail themselves of the oppor- ..
tunlty . to,nu4 .mesange , ' ,
. U'bu. . .xpplUhdt f for ' roiiiinuuiration .
uuist .n'vpoii .woajtAy, ( the Red Crona '
headquarter. Castle "aijll Cooke Build
tag. tAfi; F.:AMth;efer .Jr. who U
ia, clnvrn8.of J;hi service. , She wilHake
the yusapji. Kui;h Imust , be purely
persooar4js(haravtK. ,Thi message
wlU., .okbwujrflirf-di.to proer- blanks, .
whlcVjnaatf bestgueJ ,f dupIUata by
Ui . UPlditunt. - TW ai4)lir'aat must be
a teyujhlu. pers,o .in good sT,inding la
tb coiuaiinit.V retiiJ.mQrt have with
bios.as'jeUrr aignnil by a reput-ble Am
eric a cjthven, kowo to tho chapter of- .
fitlaia, ko. -ijl, Vouch s for the good '
fAith JtrMl irtitlfulna of the applicant.
Thii.t'flrir'. is' forwarded with each lu
diyidurflSnfc,',,;; Lettftrs Kiintltig, to fihancia' . or noli-,
ticsl, matter matter of public, later
est npt ,be; orwa'-ded. A ' 'wis
ebmmmUcatlpn eao uot be aildicsso l to
more than toue person in enemy terri
tory. Lch oommuSicsMun .is forward
e.l.toj tbe bureau f en- runnlcsti", l'
Woshingtou fordtspQsition thert na It
sets fit.. ,Th chati'er s'."i for? r'
communication and uotlin-ii wi' 1 1
aiwepted, uaiesa ii eomes thioup-h tht
lo-'al .chaliti-r. '-' ' '
iiu Jtnwailun cliupli 1 in ef
dolrles whether h'i-
iniplieatlon or whether it c .11 (..r.vhr.l
the same. '" ' '

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