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Swiff-Execution That :Hoi?s
AT Sought To Carry Out, '
... v?TJJ Not Approved ' -;
It May Clean the Slate for Gov
. Pernor By Refustag
' Confirmation
V. Wataotkiag is going to kappea.to thr
fiottaaontmiaslon soon. It is certain
thst ifwill be rcorgaalsed and put U
work a new baaia, bat whether there
., is complete reorganisation with
"Vtinrtiy new personnel, or whethei
only-' part of the present membershlt
wsJl-bev removed 'jn the snd-probablj
wrtlr4wleft to Governor -to-be MeCar
' ttf.- TWa ia about all that way bi
sail dr-IInitcly about tko food eommis-
iiiHkte 4 nr fk lainaUHM 4 a H.
rrfetg S-'luestlons concerning the" com-mbuH-
il of the tea days that thr
special session baa been la progress and
aflef aeeeiving a report from the com
tisaUayAnd a deeaertstlon from the Got
em or tt t personally delivered message
ka apllt.
Apparently, the split (a not ao nvuel
. over" what ia to be done aa the manne
. of. il(r It. " Though different tours
,' ni',,huiig pursued by the twe booses i
bolts -aa- if both will lead to the aami
nd.4-.-Tho honae aet out yesterday t
kill, off the food commission ot of hand
TkiVifemed too harsh to the aenati
.' whefe-.it ia understood what the hous
tried-1 do with a club -will be don
def tW with an anesthetic. '
lUeoIsoit Come T . -'kfVa-hig
came to a bead in th
hoti' Yesterday when . Representntivi
Lajria. Andrews' resolution, which ealli
i rr-40t- reelgnstions . of , tha mem ben
f ttr commission, earn ap. Thia resolu
tion, 'Msb rakes tbe commission ovei
tb coals and calls the member inert
lneKint and no good generally, wai
ifctfr.doeed the opening day of the aes
, MU il - puiu waw uviui . .. w mvm
a -report front tha commission and ar
expression of views from tha Governor
Hunched by Eepresentative T. H. Pet
. - . I 1. & 11. ...tll
rieia the shape of a. motion to table
wa? Mtrkly defeated, and , when it
tame; trp for vota.it waa adopted by s
vpte. of twenty-two to eight,
v The action was not taken ' without
' erm-irjerable discussion. Represents
tic Andrews tpoke warmly, for th
njensurs, charging that people la Hawaii
-, tif f he food commission to perform thr
duties 4 assigned, to it. What the com
MiMioa baa done, ba assorted, aaa had
tha.'effeet of paralysing tha tab in
duifrrnnel he said the body kaa beei
-1 1 1 1L. A. . 1 it. .i I..
Aiftry; aa- weft." J Biee- growera hav
txe ao' mack discouraged by tha com
-, miesioli; ao aaid, that they no longei
tav AdeqnaU
Jj'the' rrpreaeatative iUd not miner
. orda."" fia vraa amphatic in saying it
mS the membera of the eommisaioc
E WM-attacking, not the law that ere
attnl the body. The law he raid, is ede
qtlt77'U an aave people from atar
itlnnbut he averred the law is not
. tule)iata eo long aa it ia being ad
avhrlsterad by tha present commission
frs.f f?I expressed the view that r
Jl"rijperood eommibaion should devotr
ta antara time to tha work or resign
Itwnt-not aa Individuals that he wish
"ecftfl attack tka commission, ha aaid, bu'
f aiharaw
'' VPpnaentativea Petrle, C. H. Cooke
' JosVph5 Kalana, J. J. Walsh, C. H
AVJkox,' O. P. . Wilder, D. M. Kupiher
a ad C N. ktarqaes lined up against thi
ryMlatioe.. The contention was offeree'
It at. a, resignations of the membera of
. AU. ....1.1 K. 1..1 1 .v..
. kaada f Governor McCarthy when h
, takes' office, the whole matter should
JbJ"JT!to hint. Bepresontative Walsh
ai Maui atronirly defended the com
mismon and asserted it had done muck
' good. '
,. Jt has been said that Bepresentativr
. 4 i i .
J. a 4 Jews measures nave nmru iouuib(;
-Whoa they get into the senate, irrespec
' Itvfl of - whatever merit they may pos
aaa,.ia thamaeivea. Members of thr
- mm l A Tnil.r.l av ihnt thp
fact that tha resolution hail been fa
Jhrre4 by Bepraaentative Andrews har'
Aotking whatever to do with the lacinft
It vaaaived ia tha upper house when it
lwar-"jreeented there. The se'naton
- fabled, tka resolution with a ronsider
U bang after they bad talked about
U-a while.
K'uator Robert Hhinttle opened
rjrataet it mildly. It asn t quite ar
, eofdfn ta Hoyle, he insinted, sayin;
I'iwp.nged npan the prerogatives of
the-. Governor, and he expressed thr
r-eliet' also that it interfered with thr
'futlp tit tha executive. Senator K
tL.'.Vkekau pointed out to his rol
: league that the house had aeted op
a report from the commission which
rever'kad received consideration in
th:,enat. Ha asked why the senate
shenld b called upon to demand the
rslirnationa of the commissioners
pYftn 1 bad aaver had any report from
' them, and when they had not been af
forded aa opportunity of presenting
betr tide.
, . "Hraator 8. P. Corroa considered that
laae-uatre of he resolution was
arah, ipsulting, in faet. He referred
,"! the wordlnn of the resolution in
a part which requests "the resigns
flott of said commissioners and the an
rMatirte-t of onable an. I honent men."
)r(M the infereiue wnn thst the
oitfliiissoi)ef ,were charged with nut
jifa' cfirto"at.v b Kerted the
ffn- li'nld'e tba the
tVf",''e,'s ef th f"mt ronniisnon were
r 'l rf 'hem. anvr.
, ,S''eia'o" r C. Psche -o said the mem
her would aond -uniu'nutions to the
J-e Governor and the uutUr rhould
b be left to him
Vjli'd It; ,i Hi :. .
:ive Days Lost In Rescuing Dis
abled Steamer To Be Made
Up In Round Trip Voyage
In one round trip voyage from Han
Francisco it is planned that tkajdatson
itesmer Marioa will make np the five
I v. .. I . 'Ll'i' ... . . ...
t . j;..ki.J i. i . l'
escne of a disabled teasel from this' .
port last month. '' ,
If the Manoa reaches, port aa is ex
leetei on Friday morning ahe already
.ill have maMe up twa daya of the
ilve she is off schedule. These two
lays were saved ia Ban Francisco and
.he plan is to have her save tha other
hree here so she eaa depart for Han
Francisco next Tuesday, . only a few
hours later than ahe would have if she
had not been sent after, tka disabled
According to tha plana of the Mat
ion company ahe will leave here Sat
irday for Kahului, on day sooner than
isual, and.eome back oa Monday morn
oir. Monday, Monday night and Toes-
lay extra gangs will ba used In eomH
listing her cargo ao aha ean sail for
sn Francisco at four o'clock from
Pier 19. This will ba about four hours
ater than her usual sailing hour, which
he can easily make up an the return
oyage to tha Coast.
Eighty-five pasaengera are booked to
ave on the Manoa. for Baa Francisco.
r. g. ,, ,
After June 1 the government will no
inger retain its eontrol of commercial
hips through the United States Hhlp
ing Boards because of fear that Amer
an hold on foreign trade will be loat
t the news whieh A. Lewis, Jr., brought
nek to Honolulu, whaa ba retorted on
he Tenyo Mara on Monday from a
lainland trip.
He reports that tha many vessels
hich have been operated nnder the
ireet eontrol of tha operating division
f the shipping board are to be turned
ark to the various American steam
hip companies, both -on tha Atlantic
nd the1 Pacific.
The explanation offered for the pro
osed change ia that the American
oreign trading facilities were rapidly
eing disorganized, which had taken
tany years to establish. Bepreaenta
ives of all the steamship companies
re now expeeted to be sent to Wash
ngton in an effort to get as many of
he vessels turned back aa ia possible
or their companies.
One result of tha intended change al
eady expeeted ia that the American
awaiian Steamship Company and the
.uekenbaeh Company will restore their
an Francisco-Atlantic services.
When the vote was taken on the
uestion of tabling the resolution, no
eator voted against it.
'robabla Outcome
Some time ago (Speaker of the House
I. L Holstein said that a painlesa and
ffective method of disposing of the
ood commission would be for the sen
te to neglect to confirm the members
f the commission. The belief has
teen expressed that this is what will
appen when the long list of appoint
nents the Governor fans made since
he 1917 session, sent in by the ex
eutive yesterday, comes up for eon
'deration. The list had not been re
eived by the senate when the resolu
on was under discussion and it was
tot aeted upon when it was received.
It has been shown that the upper
louse ia disposed to extend every aid
o tha new Governor anil in view of
II of the criticism that has been di
ected against the food commission, it
s thought that the Governor probably
vill be given the freest hand in the
natter if he can approach the situa
ion when he takes office with an en
irely clean slate without the neces
ity of going through anythine that
tight smack of unplensantnrsr. like ae
epting resignations. It is accepted
hat the food commissioners in the or
'inary course of events will submit
heir resignations to the new Uovernpr.
t ia known that thin will thrust upon
he executive an arduous task in the
hape of a persona) investigation of
'1 the affairs of tin- commission and
hia means delay,
'jeavaa Way Open
For these reaoii It i xaid the sen
te will clean the hIhIp for the Gov
rnor pleasantly by withholding con
Irmation of the nppointments of the
'ood commissioners, thus automatically
nding the present body ' existence
nd leaving the way open for the new
lovernor to name the sume men or
ltbers. as he may elect.
Even bt'fore the resolution eame op
:n the bouse yesterdH.v (lovernor Me
Cartbv told Hepn-xeutatiw I'etrie that
he did not favor the resolution. He
aaid yesterday he hnl received assur
aneea that when he took office the
resignations of members of the com
mission would be pliiced in hia bands
and be said he had meant personally
to inquire into the affnirH nnd nets of
the commission with bu open mind and
act upon what he found If the sen
ate fails to confirm the appointments,
such an' inrjuiry. of coume, will not be
Exactly whut will hapnn will not
be known until the senute disposes o'
the whole list of ome two hundred
and thirty appointments iveu in the
document the inenn.r M'tit in yester
dny. "If the senate confirms the pres
ent food comminsin' "r? then fiovrriior
McCarthy will conduit the lnajiir'- he
had planned hen he reeeivta their
resignation. If tht ei nate does no
confirm the appointments he will be
free to name
a di w f'jod commission
Park : Project :
To Secretary Lane
Visit of Interior Department Head
Will Be Urged To Take Action
In Matter After He Makes Visit
To the Volcano
Kilauea National Park may be added
the of o18"51! government parka
, . . , r
following the visit to HawJti next
month of Secretary of tha Interior
Franklin K. Lane and Assistant Bee re
tray Bradley, tha Hawaii Promotion
Committee and tha Trail and Mountain
Club having already taken steps to
collect drtta and lay it before the
officials and t delegate members to
accompany them to tha volcano.
The Kilauea National Park -project
has had the favorable attention of .the
interior department andr.st kaa 'Iso,
ocen me laoject or congressional
committee diacussion, bnt ao far no
: . L i . i ' .
r ner o,
rrZrv nl.r. .y.i !?"7 T pr'
biTl ?.n bi r.aVLl . wh8,eJ
bill can be introduced ia eongresa
making it a park an tha same baaia
as Yellowstone, Yoeemite and other
Kilauea National
tourist attraction federal do.(:..i. . .v. ti.j.i
mains. t.:- .
vtmt of Mlaa Palta
While .V P. Taylor w secretary of) vun Hsmm-Tosng Company, from La
the promotion committee considerable haina, MauL .
correspondence waa carried on by him The tea me were called on the stage
with the Interior department, including and iitrodueed by Eeferee K. C. Bryan
the secretary and tha beads of the instructed aa ta tha rulings of the
bureau of national parks of the depart-1 contest. The starting signal was given
ment urging tha completion of the and all .three teams went to it in real
park plans. This resulted In an in-, earnest.. The Federal Team appeared
nrmal viait liava ... H --. . t.m- in have the advantimt in the first l.ir
..... . . . . . u j . . o v va tu i r.
Edna Pelt, then aeeretary to E. J.
Yard of the national parka bureau, who
made a lengtny report to her chief .
concerning her visits to Haleakala and !
Kilauea. At that time Misa Pelta
undertook the trip to Hawaii partly as
a vacation Journey, at the same time !
coming here to obtain first hand in-
formation on the park situation to lay i
before Mr. Yard In order that be might '
more Intelligently move the project '
along. The promotion committee great
ly assisted Misa Pelts in her trips to
the two volcano areas, valuable asai.t-1
anee also being given by the Marii i
Chamber of.Commeroe. and the Hllo
Board of Trade.
The entry of the United Btates into
the war has held up tha park project
temporarily, but the viait of Secretary I
Lane is expected to pave the way for
bringing both volcano areas into the
national park system. There are, still
a number of land areas that are to be
procured from private owners, but the
territorial government is working on '
this nlan and it ia nxneeted that
easements on such lands will be ob- seconds. No time was given out for
tained. ,n" United States Team.
L. A. Thurston, who waa the main- T " 'rom th other "l"da
spring in the organization of the "rived yeaterday morning , and will
Volcano Keseareh Association and Jpv today on the Mauna Kea. While
largely responsible for bringing scien- 'T "'ts of Boy Tal
tists here to make constant observotiona of tbe Honolulu Bubber Works and
at Kilauea, and who also, waa largely c- Unklatey qf the von Haram Young
instrumental in carrying on tha plan Company. , -' J"
for a national park to include Kilauea n Taama
on Hawaii, and Haleakala, on Maul, is .. Tba 'names of the team partnera are
now on the mainland, and the local . w,:. , " J' ' "
organixations regret that he will not ' H,15h? ,Thir'' Tam Eroeat Grune
be here today the Kilauea Park matter n Kwam('to. tt,BK Flsk Ti"
before Mr. Lane. T "m- t , '
The Hawaii Promotion Committee , F''"1 Team from the oleano
will discuas the park matter at its bls, Hilo using a Federal Tire an
meeting today in connection with the Kelsey rim M. Ogata and M. Keliihoo
proposed visit of Mr. Lane and will "l!,,u , r ". . ,
take the plan up with him aa soon ' The I w ted Mates Team.-from Laha
after his arrival as the secretary may .entered A fn von Hamm-Younr
find time. The Trail and Mountain Company nsing a Lnited tat Tire
Club will also hold a meeting this ! ' Haynes rim N. Yagi and J. Ki
week and in all probability J. A. Balch'7""- . T w
W. F. Frear and W. R. Castle will be T de' ''; I-McMunn. Otann E
named to get the data together 01 ; Jaekaon, Benny WiUiams, Jack Chiltor
behalf of the Club. A. H Ford of Jo"eIh E- B,8no- K- C- BrTn w"'
this club said yesterday that the club , Tre- ., , , ,
will also ssk Rev. W. V). Westervelt, 1 ' Th" tvl loVn ,UP 7 the
of the Volcano Research Association, I Consolidated Amusement Company
to participate with the Trail Md f went to the Hnrrhee Oarage to be held
Mountain Club i for one T,,,r c"h Pr, of ,wpn
Military Guard j
When the Kilauea National Park is
actually officially designated as a na
tional park it will romc under the)
direct supervision of the , bureaa of I.
national parks ut Washington, and in 1
all probability, aside from the local
civilian administration of the park,
representing this bureau, detachment
of United HtHtes military forces way
be permanently maintained as a patrol
in the park region. The entire region
and its use hy tourists and residents
of the Islands will bo under specific
regulations as to how people can make
use of this public domain.
Testimonials of new cures by tbs
new B. B. ('. nie.limic pour in every
day. Hy fur the most emphatic and
strongest indorsement tor B, . Ct
thia week was given by Mrs. Sara
Kala, prom nt and well known Ho
nolulu lady, ii-niiliug nt Nt. Afitonra
street. I'uiii hliow I who Ims been ail
ing for years. Rundown system,
sick hem Inches, liacknches and gen
eral condition, so I. ml she was un
able to work or do anything, so that
ahe despaired f ,lir l,,.lMII WPj
aguin. Snnl Mrs Kala: I am firm!
itt my belief that it. H. ('. saved m.Vi
life and restoif.l my heulth again.
I took it tuithjiulv lor wune months
and am now up and around and do
ing all uiv own i,'k i ii. I want oth
era to kmm h-w I, H. h. I", hus
done for me that they may also
get the In n, lit ii..m this wonderful
medicine Saul Hen 'Hrnns: Good
words an b e i n,.. storv of II. 11.
C. moi-t iif.i i.-n i ,. a marvelous
re-on- ' i ii-in (.., I'. B. C. in-
t"c 1 s i . .ill. i,
iron force
of healtl. an I vitality of youth
building up tin l,,,.u ntroner Nian
Ernest Grune , and IC Kawamoto
Are First In Big Tire Chang
...i , Ing Contest
Lahaina ' team Disqualified On
Account of Insufficient
Ernest Orone aad' K. Kawamoto of
the Henry Hughes Third Team wnnthe
finals laat night of Tha Advertiser's
tire chaaging aonteat after one of the
J most exoiting competitions ever seen in
iionoiuiu. ? '
The finala to decide the champion
Kbip of the IsU.il. were held on -the
stage of tba BiJoa Theater. A big and
, enthumasti crowd witncsscl the three
1 ,.m. fiohl u . . -
Thil tw. ..v., . rp,rh lh.
by the Voloano Ptablca ia ililo and the
I I'nited States Team - entered by the
, - - r- - - ,
I and were tha first to get the inner
tube to tka referee and start on the
nome journey. , ai mis stage or me
gam ther .experienced trouble in re
placing tha easing ( and ' lost severs'
valuable seconds.
Winners Worked Steadily
The Hnghcs Team worked steadily
systematically with ao flourish, and
" tno first to old up their signa'
t1"' they . wera puvu The referee puf
th( gauge roa tha tire and noted tha'
'J registered tha required fifty pound
to the fraction. , The Federal Team
weT ke nest to signal that they had
, i . , mim i - i- rr.i .
reached the fifty-pound mark. The
I'nited State Team was the last. When
they submitted to the test by the ref
eree's .gang it was found that they
five pouads under the require.
pressure and as they did not claim
their privilege to continue they were
automatically disqualified.
' Tha time , of -the winning team was
ennouneed aa one minute and forty
neenndav That of the second team
the Foderal. . was two minrftaa and ten
ly-iive dollars aiso went to me winners
w. a. s.
CAMBRIDOK, Massachusetts, May 11
.Tnlcntt nirchinff fnr VbIa nrnvail a
puzxle for Harvard batsmen todav aud
tbe New Haven collegians won, S to 0
"Taleott allowed only two hits, gave no
base orf balls and . struck out eleven
men. Score: B. H. E.
Ya'e ....00101021 0 fi 10 0
Harvard .0 0 000000 0 0 2 4
, Batteries Talcott and Holmes;
O'Keefe and Gammark.
sickness and diseuse and that ia all
there is to it. If the body is strong
and normal and the organs of it
ell-regulated and performing their
fnnctions there is no sickness. B. B.
G, docH that very thing. Builds up
your ' body and makes it stronger
than the ailments that assail it and
they are beaten and utterly routed
end henlth U the result. That's why
rheumatism, blood impurities, sick
headaches, nervous depressions sleep
less nights, anemic and rundown con
dition, biliousness, torpid liver, coo
stlpetion, kidney and bladder ail
ments give way to all extended
course of Jl. B. C. eveu in cases of
long standing as is proved by the
many prominent local people who
ave testified to that effect. B. B. C.
is suld by all druggists, plantation
scores and Healers. No raise in price
as yet. Still 1.00 per bottle. This
week 6 for 6ft 00. ( pv packing snd
shipping charges on all I5.0O orders.
Vee literature nnd explanations by
r-u n ' i ' n 71. B. C head-
"'-, e,r-. 161 King street, next to
Flahnwket. Adv.
Sacramento Defeats Bees Oaks
nal Tlnara and Cants
wva iuvi ai oiiu gcais
Whip Angels Again
Salt Lake . .
Sacramento .
Ixs Angeles .
Oakland . .. .
8rta Francisco
.479 1
Yesterday's Results
At Bacrainento Bacramenta
Lake 8.
At Oakland Oakland, 1 3, Vroor A
At Loa Angeles Ban ' Francisco" .4,
Los Angeles 2.
Chums and pals as ther are. lolly
good fellows whea together, Walter h.-
MeCredia and Bill Rodgers draw tbd
""""""'i' DCT "'
ators come together In mortal 'combat-.
on the diamond. Each is now busily
engaged la trying to beat tha other
fellow out. On Tueeday, when tha
eighth week of tha Pacific Coast
League opened, Walter walloped Bill
and yesterday Bill returned the eom -
,. . . .n.j w.u.. ......
pliment nnd walloped Walter. Its a
draw now.
All thia goes to say that the Senators
lefeated the Bees In yesterday's K
n Sacramento. It was a close fight,
-loser than that of the day before. Yes-
erday's scon Sacramento 4, Salt
Liake 3.
At o Angelea, the Seals repeated
m the Angels, winning the second gam
if tbe present series in a close fight
vino; score San Francisco 4, Loa All
eles S.
Playing at Oakland, the Oaks turned
he tables on tha Tigers, making the
cries even, one-all. It was the: closest
ante of the day; score Oakland 3,
Vernon 2. ,
Senators Now Second
Bill Rodgers ' Senators sent up yes
erilay from fourth to second place,
being now but three and a half games
behitnl the Salt Lake Bees. Tha Angels
ad Tigers are tied at Station No. Z,
tnly .010 back of Sacramento. , Tha
Jaka are, in their turn, but half a gams
;ehind the Angela and Tigers, whilo
ba Seals are again but half a game
.mrk of the Oaks, although in the cellar:
The Pacific Coast teams are running
o close in the standings that a week
ilone may aee tbe cellar club at the
head of the list. There haa been netti
ng like it in many years. The teams
ire ecrtainly verpr well balanced and
ivcn, when all things are considered. .
w. a. a.
Australians Write
In Regard To '
Durack Protest
'stand Continent Swimming Offi
cials Sending Letters They Be
lieve Will Settle Everything
iated Press) The Australian Swim
iriinn Association has written a full
explanation of the pointa alleged to be
tent lodged against
overod in the prot
canny uruea s eiiK.n.ii.y o
n amateur swiinming races
country during her coining
in thm
tour of
P. W. t.
47 IT 80
. 44 22 22
...... 40 8 25
....... 49 24 tS'
48 23 25
..... 49 2 28
nere ami, Becoming 10 riubui-o wriiWl. aeoond in the club standing.
eceive.l on the subject, the Australian,
i vi im in i ii authorities eipect that they
... . i i . . ... .
will Uf mm- iu i-h-hi uii, 111 m niaunvi
atisfai tory to all, the Durai-k Mystery.
Kanuv Durack, the world's greatest
vonmn swimmer, and Minna Wvle, who
s accompanying her, will reuch Hono
ulu in the Sonoma from Australia next
Tuesday on the way to Hun Francisco.
Nothing Known Here
Just what is back of all this protest
business is not known here nud the
latest mainland papers fail to throw
ny light on it. An Associated Press
leHpatcli from New York to The ' Ad
vertiser, printed here on Ssturday
norning of Inst week said:
"Fanny Durack aud Minna. Wyle,
he Australian swimmer who left the
Island Continent lust Tuesday for Am-
L . IT,... ..I.. I.. -.'- Huri m .
inea vy way ui iniiiuiuiu iui m aw....-
ning tour of the United States, may be
barred from competition by tnf A. A.
'J., it was announce. 1 here last nlgni.
- Whatever all this means, it now
emus, according to this morning's As
ociated Press despatch to Ths Adver
tiser, that the Australian swimming
iflirittls are meeting the charges, what
iver they may be. with aa, explanation
liev believe will settle the whole
w. s. a.
CHICAGO, May 5 Bddle McOoorty,
t.he Oshkosh, Wisconsin, middleweight
boxer, tonight canceled several impend
ng mutches, as ho has been drafted
iiul will leave tomorrow for Camp
(irant with a Chicago contingent. M
Uoortv bus sought a commission as a
boxing instructor. He only recently
returned from Australia.
W. a. a.
l.UWlLL, Aiaanacnuseus, May
I A.nix'iated Presii A bas- oontaininc
diamonds valued at a hundred thou-
snd dollars was stolen yesterday from BEATRICE, Nebraska, May 4 The
a salesman, John Knrlinger, while ha University of Minnesota track team de
was dining in a local restaurant. Tha feated tha University of Nebraska in,
police have no clue to the robbery. ja, 4uj track meet bcre today.
Pirates Win from Phillies and
V D..,. n.t..s b.j. n.: .
Braves Defeat Reds Rain
; St. Lquit
P. W.L Pet.
: 2 , ta 7 .750
i t la. 11 a. 821
i SJ '19 14 v676
Naw York ."
ChSeaM '
Cincinnati .
Pittsburgh .
Brooklyn . .
Boston . . , .
St. LouU i .
87 IS. 12
Tastarday't Eaanlts-
Air tTiicago Chicago. , Brooklyn 1.
- At Pittsburgh Pittsborgk O.nPhlla;
delphla 6. ' ' '
At Cincinnati Boston Cincinnati
At St. Louis New York vs. St.
LUJ ."i " tr V ;
I Tkrba goodigsmen wer tba arder of
. ta day yesterday la tli National
League, tbe fourth: scheduled at St
Jjml betweea tha visiting Oiants and
' Rj1 PotP " M
i the cloaeat game Of the day the
Cuba won from tba Dodgers, taking
, fh'U ' contest r the series, Brooklyn
bating defeated Chicago in tha Monday
M( ,, Xue.day uttleV V Yesterday h
acora Chicago 2, Brooklyn 1.
Tha sett closest game was that play
ad at Cincinnati, where the Braves also
. won their first battle of tba series, the
Reds haviag ' called the Monday and
Tuesday . contests all their own. Yea-
( terclay 's score tsoatoa 1, Cincinnati
At Pittsburgh the Piratee won theii
second game- of tne aeries from the
Phillies, tba latter having failed to take
a single game so far. The score yes
terday was: Pittsburgh 8, Philadelphia
5. . - . . . .
The Giants continue ; to lead the
league,' four . full gamee .ahead of tht
Culi, who are second. Cincinnati it
but a full game behind. Chicago. There
were na changes In tba positions of the
varloas teams, however..
St i Louis Brovvtis Win Three
Straight From Griffith's
' Washington Senators
Boston", ....
Chicago . . . .
Cleveland . .
St, Xouia ...
Washington .
iiladelphia .
)etroit . ...
...... SO
.. 89
...... 31
..i.... 7
W. I Pet.
.8 If
Yesterday's Results
At Naw York New York 1, Chieagi
0. .
At Washington St. Louis 4, Wash
ington S.
At Philadelphia Detroit 3, Pbila
dolphia 1.
At .Boston Cleveland ' vs. Boston
raiaj no game. -
Tha Yankees buckled on their armoi
yfstcrdsy and defeated the White Soi
T tb, Mt of th. 'American
i,..,. .huttina the vi.ltnrs out: seore
i '
New York 1, Chicago 0. This makes
the series between tbe two one apiece
thera beina no eame on Tuesday on
. Aa r T..V ia Mna. A.1v
I half a name behind Chicane, the lattei
Another close game was that etagei'
I at Philadelphia, where the Tigers won
' from toe Ainiiiicn, maBiuir i. niao uhc
i lt , . . i lju
tor ma mbiidr, rtiu vn I waj.j
wise forcing a ' postponement of thr
namei score Detroit 3, Philadelphia 1.
The Browns made it three straight
yesterday for the series, winning again
over the Senators. Griffith's, plsysri
have not taken a game from St. Louit
in the present campaign, whieh closet
today seore St. Louis 4, Washington
It rained in Boston and the Inldani
and Red Sox were unable to come to
arether. The series sq far stands one
each, Boston having won tbe Monday
game, and Cleveland returning tbe eom'
1 ullment on Tuesday.
There were no changes yesterday in
the relative positions , of the eight
' clubs, Boston still leading the league,
- , , M .
. 4,n a.il a kalr maH thMA 'Af I h IT (TO
w "i w a a .
BAN FRANCISCO, May 5 The Iivei
of Ave yachtmen were endangered yes
tenluy afternoon when the yacht Man
pe, owned by H. A. W.' Dinning, soc
rctry of the Bohemian Club and r
member of the San Francisco Yach'
Club, broke a -mast off Bed Bock neat
1'oiut Pedro. Dinning bad tha yacht
out on a trial trip and was preparing
to return when he met a atrong wind
under the pressure of which the mast
crumpled. After Moating arounu nein
lesslv for more than ao nour the Man
Pa was discovered by a launch from
Ilealoy aud Company and towed in.'
At West Point,, N. Y Army 5; Holy
Cross, 1.
At Medford, Mass. Tufts, ; wh
I At Naw York Fordbam, 12; Colgute
-t W.
.)... 29 111 17 i414
M.MO 18 M5
..... 80' 11 19 .S87
29 9 20 .310
Miss CowcIIs Retains;
II..-. Till.. '
IltT 1 1L1U 111 . ; .
50-Yard Breast bUoke
Mermaid Well Known In Honolulu
Wins Championship For Girls . .
.' In San Francisco' ' .:
HAW rhANClMPrt lit if?-. A. so.
elated. Press) Ta eompetition hero laat
Rnnilav XI las PralhaiS . Crrwella '. swam
nd fiftyiyard breast stroks ia 40 1-6
, bm won tne ov-yara preasi simse
ebamnlonahln for ttirli In' San Francis-
eo on May 12, retaining her title, Oi
this the Chronicle of May. 13 says:
i "Praacea Cowells, , Jocal ' swimmer,
won tha Pacified Association 60 yard
breast, stroke championship for girls
f estorday it fairly keen eompetition,
Mrc'Terrta vescn nntsnea a gooa sen
,A -with Phvlrla- Tibbetts. third. Mrs.
Hebbe, this TportW ritry,' fihished as
iamed. Tme ror me i race was an
irmneed at 0:49 3 5. '', '
' Prances Cowells" took an early lead
lit fMfit'thnuirh Mm. Deacb
was coming' fast, at tbs close and af
'arrling plenty or competition. --
iNfrrjRANCR AaKrrr
t i Plantntio- Company
Wailnkn Arrlenltnral Co., Ltd,
Apokaa Sugar Co, Lid.
Kohala Sugar Company
rWabUwt Water Company, Lto
Fulton Iron Works, of St. Louis
Babsock k Wilcox Company
Green's Fuel Economise! Com Jas
Chaa. C, Msore A Co., Engineers
Don't spend all you earn, the
road to riches lies in spending
less than you earn, and inci
dentally you do your Country
a service. $tart a savings ac
count with us and jnakr vrjur
money earn v, .. 4
Corner Port snd Merchant St
from Montreal to IJverpool,
London and Glasgow via tka
. and St- Lawrence Bouts
By tha popular "Princess"
Steamera from Vancouver.
Victoria or Seattle.
'or full information apply to
Theo. II. Dairies & Co. Ltd
lenl Agents, Canadian-Pacific By. Co
Commission Merchants
f; , Sopr Factors
Ewa Plantation Co.
Waialua Agricultural Co., Ltd.
Apokaa Sugar Co., Ltd.
Fulton Iron Works of St. Louis
Blake Steam Pumps
Western Centrifugals
Babeock k Wilcox Boilers
Oreen's Fuel Economiser
Marsh Bteam Pumps
Matson Navlgatioa Co.
Planters' Line Shipping Co.
Kohala Sugar Co.
Castle iScCooke,
chioery of every description made to
Issued Tuesdays and Fridays
Entered at tha ioatoW of HouotnJt.
T. H., as sacond-class mati r )
Year r..oi.
Far Year foreign) .... t.OU
Payable Invariably it s 'are

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