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15, fOlifOf
No fotfiiad'on Is Given That It
"Win Sldfirt Ihwnediately But In1
dications Point To Tremendous
Recognize that United State! 1st
Participating hi lirfc Kum1
hers and WiH, Be Felt to Com
ing Engagement ' 1 1
KW YORK, May 27 (As
sociated Press) Germany
'" v' h eontinrting actively its plans
and preparations for its greatest
effort in the war to1 win a deci
, : give victory over- the 'Alties. While
there is still no direct indication
of an intention to launch' the litfw
attack immediately or "even at a
' . very early date nr doubt is felt
. ; that it is coming.
., Allied aviators art constantly
, 7 retormoitering along the ffont
and at times going well behind
! ' the German lines. Tfiey bring
back the reports that trie enemy
A . Is continuing t6 brmg'tip fresh
- troops, guns and stores and is
. massing an immense reserve force
i in the rear of the already great
forces that have been assembled.
'""";; Everywhere the belief prevails
-' that this will be Germany's great-
' est effort of the -war and the Al
...V, -lies are utilizing every hour to
-,'" i'i strengthen their ositions and in
';.' preparation for meeting the. ex-..
t; ' pecied "shock' of rnassed forces.
' - J i, ion as been niucn jrfipYoved dur'-
" aaU6rjcans come
. The steady stream of American
. f -troops that is pouring forward to
tlve front Is having a reasstlrmg
,' ' ' effect upon the British and the
i, trench. In the trenches the "Am-'
' cricans are giving a good account
; of themselves and with their ar
tillery are harrassing the enemy
v constantly. W hen it comes to
'. k t encounters in the open, they are
..- "otitgaming" their ojrponents.
German civilians have ceased
" to sneef at the participation of
. : the United States in a military
i way and now grudgingly admit
; ; that the Americans are on the
battle front in considerable forces.
', .. The North German Gaette re-yJ-
marking upon the " maturing' 6f
' ' ;' American reinforcements behind
the lines is wondering "how the
lightning trained Americans cart
hold their own against onr Ger
V man 'as wn" art' experienced ah'd
V; -. have been enjoying military train
ing all their young lives."
. Announcement was made from
American headquarters yesterday
that in accordance with orders
from Washington daily corftrirtt
niques will no longer be issued.
General Pershing, in what niay
be the la of these communiques,
told of an American patrol, con
sisting of one officer and twenty-
four men encountering the enemy
in front of a Ixrraine sector last
night and inflicting losses upon
the enemy patrol.
An unofficial report from Bef
lin received in Amsterdam clafm-
ed the infliction of heavy losses
Upon American raiding patrols in
the Picardy salient, to the west
oil Mont Didicr.
Only artillery engagements,
minor raids and air encounters
are told in the other comniii
w. s. a r-
LONDON, May 27 - (AinMciated
Press) Police court magistrates here
have decidud to raise the scale of lines
for all onUuary offessoe audcr their
jurisdiction. The reaaon given ia "on
aeeeuat of war conditions and because
jieeple are earuiug uMire money."
WAsnmcrroiT. vut 2&-ymcMi-amm voom art
ln (or True at tbfl rat of seven
"ilnr tflstiiwpap.rs mot te-lspeewiat
troop la rrSac or otameaij laid tnatduMtig pretnt Kaiith mot- than
uou.ouu roops mil b ixm ana nexa unontn aua 1001. Any ningrai for
tbfnia2 ha laid, dcpeijdB upn a Hlrletif cbiidltlttna qnit apart fram
th number of troops In this ronrf r and tb number 6T ttoti$ Ihfpa Oft
are available and. their capacity as troop carrier.: Ho txprafraed hlmaelf
an anxiout that the peoplo shall not be misled Into unfounded bellefa.
Caatrtnai Dent of the horso committee am Military aJfAin, reporting
on tht: Army mppropriatton Ell) lold the house that?)h army haa now mora
than t,0BO,00O .aad an. Mr toet ( mw than teoe plane of vbi(h more
tian I30fl Iftclndlcg aevoral hundred of conffcftt platiea, are aw In DraeUfc
The Army U1 aaka fo jo,5r349408 boatdei 2,i58,S32,0l for autaeri
utions for rarloui purposes. Couilderation of the ineaauro will start 'to
morrow. 'i. . . ivl M,..-, -
The war department has announced that the heayier typo of Browning
iwuhlr.e ptm U now being produced tax aafflckint luJantftie- to frermlt of
Urge anipnMnta beallea'iupplylng all of the UnlUd StaMe Weiniiat fetata
Contracts kaTo4eeti awarcWd Tot 8000 mora big motor trtkkj and a still
greater nilrahet' has already teen dollrdd, j i i y
Hoover Uses tfie Pplpits of t)ie
'taiSd As Medium For the '
Spread of Requests
NEW YORK, May 27 ( As . inti-.l j
Press) Firthcr rtlnetieii in the rim
sumption of Weatrf and ocoumnv in nil
gar ami whoat Wus nrifol by Fim Al
mioistralo ' MdoVer Ihroujjh tin1
churrhps of the rountry ycntcTil.iv.
The appeal asks the people to hnl1
down their ronguniption of meat to
tw-o pnaanlS a week for each person.
The need for the economy in Mipr,
esfieeially with the (-aBntnV seasoif at
hand, is pointed out aSil he showed that
there is oly 67,000,000 buxhels of
wheat, over and above the allowances
to the Alllfts, to maintain the ronntry
until the next bwrveat.
w. a. .
WARHINOTON, May 2 COflif inl
Whettt supplies, itue to the economy
which the people of the nalinn have
nhoWa ami nre sbowiiiK, are now nion
satisfactory than at any time in months.
Announcement is maile by the food
airniuitttration that the United States
ia m able to mevt the requests of the
Allies fpr 1. 1,000,000 bubhela of wheat
monthly during the months of May,
fniTe and Jaly whfeh will Vara 67,f0O,
000 bnshels for home consumption until
the romiug in of the next harvest
Which now promises more than SoO.OOO,.
000 anil perhfips as iihk h as a liillion
W. S. 8.
AM8TKKDAM, May 27 ( Associated
Eress) In a recent allied raid upon
ieire heavy lo-sc were indicted I y
the aircraft nf the Kntente according
to 'the -reports which have been re
ootved at Kutterdunt I'roni Maasl.ode.
These rejmrts say that the railroad
Station was destrove l and that twen-ty-ala
pcrsm:s w.ie kille.l. Terror
reiuued in the town for hours after
w. s. s.
WASIIIMITON. May L'ti -(Otli, ial i
On (Saturday tin- Ihuikc passed a bill
Whieti will result in tlio openirn; for de
velopment nf ti.issi.tioo acres of public
Siineral lands. Tins is known as the
fineru! l.an I l.iasinir Bin and had al
ready psne I the ornate. The lands
centain Burnt I v oil hut some of thuin
have coal and natuial gas and sodium
as well.
?hi adinitiist rat ion favored this meas
ure in order to iio -reuse oil su'ilies
for wur iuroses.
W. 8 8.
W AfHIN(iTON, May 2rt (Official)
In the hope that final Red Cross
totals iuu.v exceed $150,000,000 the
managers of the campaign decided to
eentinoe it on over Hunilay and Mon
day, to close at raulaight tomorrow.
Incomplete figures compiled up to
this noon by the committee were well
ia MAs of 1(11, 011,0011, the minimum
that Was sought.
Tho Brut drive produced 1 10,000,000.
w. s. t.
v"AhII1N()T(1., Mav dfi (OfftTiul)
- Anieriffln foroe in Vranie continue
to show aprcaiveness and activity, ac
cording to the mcsMiges received from
Headquarters in F'rance. Iu raids
several hand to rnnd encounters have
resulted and in some of these tlui
Aniericans iunVtcd losses iu killed and
took prisouers.
German pristine! s show a gloomy at
tituite and seem to have no hope of
final victory.
Bieheabacher, the furuicr aiitomoltile
racing driver ami nov in the air s.-r
vice, has brought tlou Us third enemy
"; ' HAWAIIAN GAf fitt'ft
thousand daily. Secretary Bk, Im1"
BpW tb nuftibw o Unite 8Ut
CKNEVA, May -(Asv
sociated Tress) General' von
llindenburg is seriously ill
w'!n tXf,!'.?'' ver and is in a
hospital at Strashorg, is the
apparently wefl suhstantiated
report that has reached here.
His condition is said to be
highly critical.
'I yphoid. fever is reported to
he raging with great' virulence
in the (jermart army ancf to be
spreading"' rapidly.
The report of the illness of
von Hindenburg set at rest the
J reports of his death but give a
foundation for those reports.
It' may Ld that his illness
will account for the delay
which Germany has shown in
pushing soch advantages as
she gained in her offensive
i prior to the present lull.
W r r.i
LONDON, May 27 (Associated
I'resaJ Huccesses of the British aviat
ors in the Italian war theater are told
in ollicial reports that were issued Mat
uitrht by he war office.
Twenty foar enemy planes hate been
d .ne.l by. the British aviators since
May IS and during that time not ane
I ! rfl ruli iiirnlan t,mm fc.
w. a. a . , s XI
WANIIIMiTON, May 22 (Official)
Serious revolts nmonf the Tufltlsa
troops are reported in despatches from
neutral cities. It i reported that the
spirit of revolt and disorder is spread
In'; and the morule is consequently seri
ously affected.
w. s. s. -
AMSTKItHAM, May -(Associated
J'ressi The Frankfurter Zeitung says
that the Ocrinnns, in occupying 8ct
tupol, the Crimean port, cdptureit' A
large part of the Rush, a a Black -Ba
tlMt. Heven l.at t lesliips of flM prei
drcadnoiitfht type were eaptured, wKk
two protected cruisers, three modern
"' sev ld destroyers and a antnber
of HiilmariiieH. Two stenmefn and two
destroyers mauaired te escajHS.
w. a. a. .,
' . '
COl.l MUCH, Ohio, May 2 (6ApUl)
-Resolutions declaring flgftlust.' '' any
preniatiin lv negotiated peac hSvi beeh
adopted l. the Oeueral Assembly- bf
the I'resl.ylerian Churches. They urge
the i -mil iminnce of the war Ontrf a de
i isie i. lory has been Wou. 1
- w. a. a -
W -IU(iToN. May L' (Official)
' I""1 "'coiiimemlatiun of engineers
live l - for the establishment of
yards to I. mid concrete shiua are to be
seleetel. T , , f tn,.8e wjj fca oft the
A tin it to- c.i.ist, one on the tfutf of
Mix,,,, .-tod tt, on the Paeifle Coast
- w. .
MaUe it a rule of your home re al
wns keep on hand a bottle of Cham
I. ft Imi. Cohe nd liarrhoea Beasedy
lis a sht.ktuard against bowel totn-I'la-nts
It jImik cures promptly and
no I K. .1.1 ,., ;,(,. without it. For
1--. .til
Ltd., if'
I'.ilers. liensun, Hinith a)
nt for Uswuii. idvt.
- TUESDAY, v MAY 28,. .191ft.
yirecipr, usnerai oi tiaiiroaus is-
Uet Orders That MeaittXDerr
aT v . it i.i.A
I viiuic in iiiuc diru
iff woarmooo;
' WASHIQtON, May 27 ( AroocU
tod Pr)--inereaf in pny to aboot
two million employes of the railroad
of th country wa't announrpil by Di-rertor-Onefil
VliA.too ypnterday. It
in .4llmtf that' tncM raiwa In pay
wiH iAcrrnuV th "flpfirattirR coRt of (M
roadi about 1300,000,000 'which will
hvo fo bh t6 tkt (a pbAktbt (hot If
aula In other operating eximaiea. In
paff. thia btia Wk done by the Jirtert
iii( wit a the aervicea of the moat nih.
fy pmit f(rrtwd pyeiidentt bnt it -i
MrtHrfuBbd.tiMt fncrean W fretfjfct And
pmii);er ratea way a required
Vhe-Svtfai'e increase' In pay for the
railroad employes thas affected Is about
l.Vr Dionthly, the large increases com'
rng to the lawer paid ptasses In an ef
fort ttvtdjwst wages and salaries to
the increased ot of riving. Women,
aerfroo m Mt men who occupy
siuw af - oaitions AMI, under the wew
settednlK retelve the same pay. The
raise M 4e of April 1 but is made te
t roast i t (JsnMry 1, last.
TlieJ order of Director-Oeneral Me
Ailno kaa -been excreted for several
days sine It became known that he
had sent the draft of the order to the
pulrHe. primer. It follows closely the
retotSAicSdatkin which was contained
in tbV rerlort rendered by the railroad
wng' f onYtntssion after a careful study
eoituetnV f6 several weeks and in
wMithT the entire situation, including
lirrtg' Costs,, wos investigated.
'N- tnjployes Whose salary was 2C0
monthly-or more a affected by the
raises which have been granted.
w. a. a.
Prominent Men and Leaders of
Orlops of Foreign Born Citi
zen AVranfjing Ptans To M3ke
Evtnt Biggest Ever Held Here
Plans to a Fourth of Jnly celebra
tion In Honolulu that will take in all
tke races of the city and give each
a share la the observation of the day
are - new . tarsVer way. While tho details
of the celebration are not yet deeided
nrowy eawvaas la betSf aad stmong
tk ,-foeifi bora eitiseas te lad. out
what ahar, they, wish; to take im the
telobirationy ThsT fHaaa are expected
te be given out, in deinlte form with
in the aexs'few days.
This celebration will be in line with
the wishes of President Wilson, who
has asked that tke foreign born cit
izens of the United States be given
a special opportunity to share this
year In the observation of Independ
ence Tvny. Honoluto, with her marly
races living in harmony with each
other and in loyalty to one flag, -it
especially well prepared to held a cele
bration along these lines.
' A number of prominent men of the
city and the leaders of the jrroups of
foreign born citixens are conferring in
regard Id the plans for the celebration,
so it it expected that the general
scheme to be followed will be niatle
known within the week. With patriot
ism at th present high pitch, this
should be the greatest celebration ever
held in Ifonotulu.
w. a. a.
ciod) A wftetess from the concrete
steamer Faith which is making her
maiden trip to a PUget Sound port re
ported her succeaufsdly bucking an
eighty -mile an bear gale. She ts load
ed to capacity. The Faith is riding
(he sens stcSdity. Marine experts say
that the status of concrete ships hr now
fully established.
r, a. a-.
Judge Ashford in the eircuH court
expressed himself yesterday as opposed
to wbnt he called .raids upon the in
comes Af widosVS And OTphafrs, (n re
ferring to a Statement. Of the accounts
Of the John En Estate, Which was re
ceatly Med l sourt.
"I aii certainly indisposed to make
any further hrroads npon the incomes
of widows and orphans under their cs
tates and. more partlourarly, wires
these inroads go to 4,0 ores and ex
bead the emoluments of trustees," said
the Judge. Tke aceounts were filed by
tke Hawaiian Trus Company, as
trustee. .,
, The trusts, according to a master 's
report by W, L. Staulejr. ahould not be
allowed brokerage for selling stocks be
longing to tke .etrtate, In additioo to
regular (ominlitsions. , The court said,
also, that he was a oase where the
trustees sought to fasten a charge upon
the estate wkiob ke sonsidered unusnal.
He ruled against tke allowance of the
I'ouimlsHtofi. t
The Ktndetgsrtea- m I'coriu,
II)., is composed of men who aver
age more tkan fl year ef age. They
are always in the money and after a
few more seasons of prnctise they
bop to win th Btate title.
niii uilluu mini
Driver Franlr, Panaewa Arrested
; Later and Charged With
Majislaufjhtc(; U U j
, Hit by a speeding iotomobile, K.
aga.a, a young Jaftanese Womon was
irrstantty kilfed rU-sTr' fne eorhor of
King and Jtupai ftrex-ts yesterday
evening about half past live o'clock.
Her body was carried 122 feet by the
force of the collision and dropj;ect be
tween th Rapid Transit street ear
tiek from tie left fender of the ma
chine, which slowed up only momentar
ily; befoT fleeing toward Krjtftntto.
Nearly two honr later Frank P
naewa, driver of Cadillac car No. 2.ld7,
from the Bishop Park Auto Htnhd, was
arrested and charged .fy Deputy Sheriff
Julius Asch with -mnnsmnghter. l-nn-aewa
was arrested aftor he hiwl sought
the counsel of Attorney William Raw
lins, wb6m h has retatned to defend
him on the rhansUftghter charge.
Police and eye witnesses say the
automobile' was traveling nt a high
rate of speed, variously estimated from
thirty to forty fire miles an hour, when
the woman was struck. She was cross
ing5 front the mauka to the mnkai aide
of ing Htfeet and the fender of the
ear caught kei in the side, her body
toppling over forward where it was
carried until the moment t m of the ear
waa checked by the applying of the
brakes, when it fell to the street,
where it wa run oTor bv the automo
bile. Automobile leaves Vtctlm
AS the front Of the automobile was
cleared of the woman's !.dv. Psnne
wa is accused of speeding his machine
up aguin and fleeting to Wurd Mrect,
where he turned makal to Kaknnko.
It Kakaako, tllo enr was evidently
stopped and th fender straightened
and the one or more passengers dis
charged. From Kaknako Pannewa is'saitl to
have started a search fur Attornoy
Rawfina, whom he found at just about
the- time the police were successful in
establishing his identity. Officer J.
Braneo is credited with getting the first
definite clue to the idenity of the driv
el of the ear, from the excited wit
nesses of the accident, none of whom
had been successful in getting the cor
rect number of the automobile. The
derlrtfan of the car and the num
bers given of the 2000 series sucnester
the Bishop stand car, which is owned!
V. TT .1 J a.
At the stand the police secured fur
ther evidence indicating that it was
the I.om ear which was responsible for
the accident and that it was driven
by Pannewa. A little, later I'nnnewa
was apprehended.
Motorman Sees Accident
' It has been roperted to the police, it
is said, that after he struck the wo
man,'' Panaewa .dropped far down In
his seat with his firms shading his
fsfce, as though fo escape recognition.
Kdzal Markle, Rapid Transit motormnn,
says he was in about the middle of
the block between Hotel and King
Streets on Alnpnl Street, when he saw
tire head of the womnn fly up in the
air before the speeding mutumobiUs,
which had just passed the corner, but
it had gotten to the Word Street cor
ner anil turned before he got a cloar
As the body fell between the street
car tratis it was left undisturbed un
til the city ambulance arrived, which
delayed the' car traffic about fifteen
minutes. Hmerency Hospital Atten
dant Frank Stevenson says there was
no trace of life in the woman's body
when it was reached a few moments
after the accident. The body was re
moved llrst to the emergency hospital
und later to the moriiuA
Wx.man Badly Mangled
Several terrible injuries were suffer
ed by the woman when she was hit by
the automobile, nny of which might
lilive caused her death. Her right leg
wars broken in two or three places,' she
was bleeding at the nose, an liidiia
tion that i-he ret civet I n base frac
ture of the skull, her left arm was
broken it ml she probably hfttl serious
infernal injuries.
At the time of the accident a broth
er of the dead womnn was missing
King street just behind her, but be
escaped injury. Their borne is at Ii02
lteretnnin street.
For the first time since Onlm went
"dry." nearly two months no, booze
is held to have been n contributing fan
tor to the automobile Occident. When
Panaewa was booked st the police sta
tion two hours after the accident it is
Nnld by the police he still showed he
had been drinking.
After Pannewa was arrested a search
was started by the city detectives and
police for a man nnnied touveia, who
is said to have been on the front sent
of the machine ut the time the woman
was killed. Another report Says there
were several others In the automobile,
nt the time of the accident and that
they were all retnrning from a drink-
ing escapade, when the womun was ran
Attorney Rawlins succeeded in get
ting into communication w ith Circuit
Jqdge Hcen hint niuht and Panaewa 'b
bond was set at 2500. This the auto
mobile driver furnished about nine
o'clock und he was released.
W a. a.
LONDON, May 27 ( Associated
Press) Skilled veterinary work iu tho
llritish army was responsible last year
for returning to the front wounded and
worn horses vulued at over 12!i,(W0,fH)0
according to an official report submit
ted to the house of commons.
w. a. a.
WASHINGTON May 27 (Associat
ed Press )--Only light ' casualties were
regiorteil by the war department yes
terday. Affording to the statement is
sued five were killed in action, two
died of wounds, two from accidents and
five from disease. The wounded were
twelve, of whom seven were severely
iujure.il and two ure missing.
Sffipl:. yjOhtflOil OF
rail lSlii'ElTOItIV JTAII
Proposal Is Made To Continue It
Until Arrival, of Secretary;; ,
S6me Extension Certain' v
f . vnicn the call for the present special
session of the iegf)alere wis Issued Hj
was pfopowed a a Wis time eeoaont
to Ihntt it to five days, but aft the
session had convened tte appearaae
( f soma fifty odd tstasntos that were
introduced at one 'made it hpfiaf'ent
that, the sessloa would have 'to b ex
tended, and to (b neSrest proposal
that Is being considered 'ty members
is fo continue thff session until IffcT
the arrival . koto, of Seexetarjr of th
Interior Franklin K. Lane, who will
be in ffonotule Saturday, dune 8. In
order to do tbia,'th plan tnht has
been Sdvaneed is to'hs the legis
lature take' k fedpss until Monday, June
10, as soon at If Ms BnlsAed with th
work now on ksnd.
Baals, f TlaUt , v;
In support Of Ike plan to'exteed the
session well' into June it is pointed ont
that it ii highly InWrtaat to win the
cordiat interest of fh federal govern
ment In the land bill, which ia still in
the senate and Which is one of th most
important measures of the session. To
be effective this measure will have to
have a form of eonflrmatlon it con
gress in ' the shape of strpplementary
legislation making fully effective pro
visions about which doubt ha been
raised. As a means of insuring fav
orable ncthon on tke measure is corf
ffress tt ts TieM that it would lie ad
visablo, sines Secretary Lane if to be
here- so soon for him to give "it his
endorsement and support. By extend
ing the session it ia also contended that
nny change the secretary might desire
to suggest could be made is toe bill.
Hiss Members
Kntil yesterday the proposal to SX
tend the session had not goae further
than informal discussion by members
of the two houses, btrt' a possibility
exists that the question may be brought
up today at one of the sessions i the
bouse' or senate. If the feeemon' Je nl
tended, save for a few minor items, it
is the members themselves that will be
hit, for the Salaries1 Of the legislators
are fixed st '100 for special Mission in
the same way they are fixed foi repr
lar sessions, and they may only receive
this snm, however long tke special see
sion is extended. Opposition to the
purpose may be voiced by members'
from tho other Islands who may object
to being held here for a, week doing
nothing until the party from Washing
ton arrives. If they return to thetf
homes for the period they will be hit
by the transportation expenses.
Thirty Day Limit '
There is nothing in the law to pre
vent the extension, of tke session, H
the legislators determine to do it,
though it cannot be extended to last
more than thirty days4h, pjsrlM far
special sessions Ixed by law. ' As th
legislstare convened May 14, if It in
desired to do so, the session eaa be
extendetl to June 19, or for more than
n week after the arrival of the party
from Washington.
Kven if this latest proposal come
to nothing all chances to adjourn the
session Wednesday of this week, as
had been planned, have gone gliramer
iri. Speaker of tke House, H. L.
Homtein, voiced tke belief yesterday
that due to delays in the senste, the
session Would in any event last thf'ouirb
this week and probably would go iatO
the fallowing week. It bad been ex
pected that the senate would complete
Its Work with the land bill Safin-day
so that it reuld go to the ' boose to
day, but as a number of eleventh honr
amendments to the bill were brought
forward Saturday it is unlikely that it
will find its way to the house before
tomorrow. This means it could not be
passed bv the house, even tn the Short
est iioesfble time, before ikeit Friday,
us Thursday is Memorial Day, a holi
day. It is more likely that Instead of
consuming the shortest possible tlmw
the bill, will eome ta for extended co
sideration snd discussion in the bouse
nnd this probahtv win mean tat Its
final passare WiTI keep the session go
ing into next weeVy
Opposition Reaovd
MueH of the1 o'.jo?' " n to tl, Mil as
originally presented has been removed
by the amendments made in the senate.
Speaker Hoistein, who called the ori
gmftT fifll "lit Gotten measure," said
yesterday tn its amended form it Is a
much better bill, though be would not
forecast what action might be taken
with it in the house.
Another measure of considerable im
portance that has yet to bass the sen
ate before St can be seril to the tfonee
ia the new internment camp bill intro
duced lust. Friday by Senator S, I
Desha as a subst'tot' for (be bouse
bin which ws killed, as it was bold
that a number of its provisions Were
not, constitutional. This bill can not
corhe to' the hoOse before toiworfow add
could not puss tho house before text
I It is not thought now thst ssy fur-
(ther bills will be brought in id either
t house unless the sossltis it rftended
until after Secretary Lane's arrival
und he himself may have measures to
w. t. a.
LISBON, May H (Associated
Press) The Anretican government baa
sent a sum of money for tile as of
Portuguese troops that wera heavy
sufferers in the resisantce of he recent
Herman offensive. The; news brought
rejoicing to the troops and baa wow the
warm friendship of tb people of Por
tugal for the great nation oVer the
new. '
PAZO OINTMENT; is goafeofeod
cure blind, bleeding, Itching pro
truding PILES ia 6 to 14 days ot
money rcfuuded. Jdsnulactuicd by
tbcl AKIS MEDICINE CO., St. Louis,
10' ID AilLilES
Moscow Tells of Battling Be
'tvVedn ' fierrnari 'ahi PoRsh '
Trffops ii the" Uktim With
Heary Losses To Both
Conquered Territory Finds That
New Treaty UkU Old Ones is
i 1 Mere1 WortMesJ Scrap of
' Paper and 11 Ignored:
tTtr.ASHINGTON, May 27
(Associated Press) Ger
man Is paying no heed to the
provisions of the Brest-Litbvsk
treaty but is riding rough shod
over Slavs and Poles alike. Sfie
. .. . .i , .....
is seeking to tf eat . them more as
enemies or as hebeflic subjects
than as citizens and soldiery of
countries with which, peace was
recently made. Numerous in
stances of this are given in belat
ed despatches which reached here
j . . j. , ..... - - -from
Attempts of the Germans to
disarm Polish troops of theUk-
raifie And Minsk governments is
told tn a Moscow message under
date of May 19. The efforts met
with strong and serious resist
The second Polish corps, sta
tioned at fCanoff defied an ulti
matum to disarm within twenty
four hours. On receipt of the
defiance the Germans apologized,
saying that the order was a mis
understanding but at midnight
the Germans attacked ths Poles
and captured the village they
were defending. Thereupon, the
Poles entrenched themselves and
battled with the Teuton forces
said to have numbered 154,000
causing considerable losses and
at the same time suffering heavi
ly themselves. This fight lasted
for several days and the Germans
were driven back at points losing
several guns.
Delayed despatches, dated last
Tuesday say that the Germans
are persistent in their violations
of the Brest-Litovsk treaty in the
Ukraine, Finland Livcnia the
Black Sea and Baltic districts and
other occupied territory which
has aroused the hatred of the
Russians there and is bringing
many official protests to which no
apparent heed is shown.
Hussian commerce fleets and
even a hospital ship have been at
tacked by German sailors in Bal
tic and Arctic waters and are un
able to leave jorts.
A statement Jrom Livenia says
that there is a reign of terror in
progress and killings under the
guise of military executions are
of daily occurence. "Troops arc
assisting the Teuton barons in
bringing about wholesale arrests
of their political enemies. The
issuance of pamphlets dealing
with political subjects has been
made punishable with death.
Labor leaders are the greatest
In Finland it is charged that
the Germans are supporting the
White guard and are persistent In
their, persecutions of the Rus
sians. a. a.
WASHINGTON, May 2-(Offlclal)
fterlromls must now pny the same
price for coal as do individual con
sumers. When the fuel iMil.1,.11..
last week announced a sut ef tea eeat
a tou iu the price of coal t anuouueed
" ptirn aisu Kppiieti q rail
roads which in the past have s score il .
their iiial from furtv five In uraii.
live cents a tou less tliau have other
large cousuiuers.

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