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BiifirMrnrrt nr tinrr lnrim a tt a pir nv nrn n n -11 n i.r. i
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Fifty-six Lo st;
Meager Advices
Give Neither
N ames Nor Their
I Associated Press) Fifty-
six Americans went to watery
graves early Thursday morning
when the armed merchantman,
serving as their transport was
torpedoed and sunk, probably in
the Fnglish Channel. Who they
were or to what division they be
longed the war department has
not as yet been advised.
Carrying American forces from
lingland to France, according to
the best advices which have been
receied by the war department,
onvoyed by a suitable force of
destroyers, the 500-ton British
steamer Moldavia, being used as
an armed troopship for the carry
ing of American troops was sub
marined. ,
Wednesday night and early
Thursday morning was clear and
bright, a great full moon casting
its bright rays down upon the
waters. Without warning and
from a submarine which had not
.been, sighted from the troopship
- pr,ny of her, convoys, a torpedo
was launched which reached the
'-'.'. MoJiJtxyt. JiTijcreVas a tremen
dous explosion and the vesse)
. : hircTied. and quickly began to fill
and settle.
, There was no disorder among
the American forces aboard. Tut
transport. With military. prc-
t-ion they filed upon the deck and
. ook tbe.ir positions and then their
places in the loat. They were
' afterward picked up by the con
jYO) s and taken sa.cly to port, but
fifty-six had been blown to death
by the cxplo.sion or overwhelmed
by the in rushing waters. Lon
don .despatches said it is believed
the men who are missing were
sleeping on the lower deck and
overwhelmed when the sea rush
ed in upon them.
The war department was ad
vised of tiie disaster by the Uri
tish admiralty and the despatch
was meager in its details giving
neither names r.or to what divj
sion the men belonged. It is pre
- Burned it was a part of the troop
movement trom training camps
tn bnulanil to active service n
, France.
-Lames lor lull advices were
jsent by the war department and
. the puldic will be fully advised o
? the losses when replies are re
, ceived.
Cther Disasters
';' Twn other cl hn met with din
aster according to reports received jes
tarday aud laat ihkIu. The British
tteamt'r lutiKiira k Htriick amiiiiihip
and Hfllik within four minutex, as told
' iu meiMuiges from Cork aud (jueena
towu. More I tin n thirty of her crow
lire niiiHiiiig nd are Kidieved to Imve
twill tout. Her captain, a mate, the
. :eward and two mi Horn have reached
. . m . l .1 -
j ori sareiy, iiriiiiny un iirww m mo
On Wednesday ihe
run crtcd vaclit
Wukiva, which IiikI Imtii lining iatrol
i'h'Iv ill Kuri'ciii waters, mss iu colli-
iin and sunk tiuirklv . lo of hir
i rew were lost
UNIMN, May 1" (Aso-iutod
Press) There have been many in-
. ' . . i ... y ..t..i;
f'ai"i-s in r.r;iiiini m miimiiv iiw,
t es f-oM f"o plnncs colliding in inr
n iuf"thi' first case on record in
which three airplanes were involved ill
a single collision Occurred a few dnvs
rtf i'ut 'a' Me'oteh ' aerodrome: The ml
'.f o'n ifivure,t about :iP) feet
1 i
lid III
throe flying men Here
1'HOKXIX, Arlronn, May 2" (Associated f rea)-Arixni (wcnt on
nxTpl yester.lny as in favor of nationwide prohibition sad ht flie'ieie'reuth (
state to ratifv tho constitutional aaiemlmfeat wbieh wirt rmnisJi liquor ftryia,, -
the I'aited Wtnts. The house of representative ratified, til amendment
which had bwi a.lwi.ted by the sento oh Thursday, :j ,...'.' -. ( .
In voting for toe propose.1 lry amendment; Arieonji following it
home policy and acting upon it own experience. ,, It ,ha Ifc 'moNt'tlraStlc
prohibition law of an,y atnte ia the I'nlun, a law whieh prohibit lmriortn
tion. mannfartare, transportation, sale, gift or having la jiosWsslon, lienor
which was brought into the stst after Jho passag of th aw. " Jta aplo.
this law thousand Of dollars are annually toquired-'to proseeuto th rases
of attempted Importation across the New Meajcanand California borders.
The legislator reeognir that the only ure war td enfare WohibitlOu is
through a federal nationwide provision. ,i..,V. .'.'. f . ""
- - ..,,., .-,,,,. i
WAHHINOTON, May 25 (Assmint ,
lrP!,iMen er forty will he given
k.ir emmtrr
, , , ... . 1
,f the bill, of which a draft was yes
tcrdav rent to congress, by Secretary
of War Baker, shall become a la.
This proposed measure provides for
the acceptanee of Voluntary enlistments
by men of mor"-thn forty years nf ge
and under fifty-flva year of age. They
are not to eater ' for-fighting for they
are to be assigned . to aoneombstant
positions but' they irtil aeo aetnal scrV-
tee and many of them will get close to
the front.
It hi believed this bill would draw
a qttiqk and a large response from the
many 'who desire to be of actual serr;
ice to their conntry' in spite of the
fact that they have reached or passed
middle age. s - " ,
. f W, t. i i
WASHINGTON, May 24 (Omcian
Nntional aoHdity for the success of
he war is again shown in the popular
anfovnl frlveti the 'flight or work"
decree issued by Provost Marshal Oen-
eral Crowder, amending the military
ervice regulationa. ' '? "
HecTetary rf War Baker at the same
time has asked Digress to give the
President authority to raise ftft army or
unluaitea size as nun anKmiu v
his recent New Tork apeech at the open
ng of the Ked Clrosa drive.
The senate and honsd military com
mittees havie adopted Baktr's ' plan
unanimously providing: pay for tirfe
million soldiers and ordnance Appro
priations oti the basis of four million
men: ,
Order Drastic
-, '3 , it !,(, 1 Powers 4)ve giyrwTtheJr eildprsememt
w arder.-ls e)recitiye1jru?y14j,,th ffWf 1 1r yassehnati nflbdV
i i all mea lctwee',ihe l ehnlL; head the iVo.rerqwent. Of7 Crimea.
Crowdea new
t and require
im.of twentv-one and thirty-one engag
d in non-essrnttnl vocation to join the
army. Previous deferred classifications.
are revoked. The scoie ox tne oraer is
not yet entirely determined, but Jt fi,
directed at all idlers and men not, eio:
"need iu work, vital to the nation's
rtuptiurt and the war's sueeess.. ; fc-
. Th prder 8ecinrall.f mentions ,'waiV.
er ft restaurants, hotels and clubs, also
'oormen, footmen und elevatorman,
tlso) aiienuanis ai cuius, noii'is,
bathhouses, etcctem. nobers and
tor. atienaanis cxrepi ai-iuai froiufi
era, also servants and store clerks.
Will Extend List
Orowder stntcs that tlic list will be
extended. Vacations und one week
itnvnce from ixrnpii I ion shall rfot be
construed as idleness.
Whether orofessioiial baseball play
ers will be include, 1 a waist a test case.
Local boards di'termine the in
llvtrinsl's ttus. The new regulations I
the Nation' need i
for workers in shipyards, munition- far-
tories, on the tnnns and other ease--,
i.l inHnxtr en hv trimmers from noc- .
jseful employment. I
Crowder said: "We shall give, the
Jl ...l n IT....f nlv nMitlmr..
lOirni mill iiii-ii mm run iimi, .w-i'..-
-.1 ..1.:.... 1...Iu.h n.llilarv wrvim
wi no ' u"" ii,"..
and eBective employment."
The rulinu opens the way for the
mniilnvment of many worul.
The 'attorney LM-ni'ial states that those
leaving the country to avoid military
service cannot avoid punishment on
their return, regardless of the lapse
of time.
w. a. .r-
WAMli J NtJTtlN, May 'J.' (Associat
ed Press) -Htimiiluled by, the rMrt
that Hun aviators art- Imnibiiig Aineri
can hospitals hark of the line and en
tailing injury ;ln. suffering upon the
wounded, the uu-s" nud the' physiciaas,
denatious to llic Kcit Cross fund took
a great leap forward yesterday, guiuing
twenty to million dollars. '
Last night on purtial return it wns
announced that tlio total was H(i,H7,
' -- W. . . ' mi
Cnn Oni lUIAM PIP I n5i
vii wwt. i
U)NIM)N. May L'4
( Press) Bolivia is seeking to secure
,K H,'l'V"i 10 r'T,
ir U.o a Urge scale ai.d
v u. .tiatious to eticotr-
.'ration wlurh it seeks,
Japanesi' lalmr
has under uv
ace the imuiiei
eordiinr to advlies reiietiing the foreign
office here. Il is s:iid that Bolivia new
has an agent in lokio who i coiuluft
ing the neccssnr negiitiat ions.
- - w. s .
When you liu e i,hmii or lameness 'in
I'll1 n
the buck bat )n
tli tier's 'vi h t'liainli'r
mill s fain ivum ihh-c n nay, niiissif'i
ing with the palm of tin1 hand for five
'minute at li iiiiicaloii; Thru
dampen n 'n- ot iiim.l slightly it
this liniment n u I l-iml it ort' over th.-
- seal u( ptiin r n - ne i v an ,iu fri
I V Ml
HeuSou, H"'ilh 1
Hawaii. - A'i i.
Lithuania Is To Have SeJf -Gov
ernment' .Under German
V u t ; , .
l.ONDONi , My . 24 '- ' Aeiyvslnted
I'resel formation of "White" Kits
sion repnbHr under, a .Oerma .protec
, .announced from Uiwviw. Tie
.potehe lay 'this yitti proclaimed with
the ronaetit of Germany' ,,on the six-
teenth end that r'oaJit'ion, has been
- formed which i negotiating for the
unity bf Mthuania M"lv.'' white " sop
nrat? trfste onder a ptrrttorate, which
the (ielman government will arrange,
A lnrge eYiran foce,i reported to
be loeatied twnty-ilvo miles from Knrsk
oh tho DnertsMr and only about 300
ihle"frtmMOeoW to, fhe southwest.
An Hrehange telegranf sjtvs thst on
the iditeenth' th workmen's council of
Ktfrsk defirled "to-eall fpr a .revoln
(lonnry rhoWllioition f all ' possible,
forces to face, meet and check the Ger
mere invasion. . ,'.
R iKsh Is greatly alnrmcd at the men
; .J 52
trin and Gerrrany. Of these there are
said V r'.I0O KV of whom a million
nre said t be Invalids and more thsn
half a million' tubercular. Germany's
proposal hnw hern for, 4 tW H
these who re physically incapacitated
for military service od should receive
in return dilj1-' able bodied Oormnns..
the hundreds of thousands of Kn
sians who hsvo ' tuberrulofls it is re
pirtf.it taar in irresier nnmwr urc
im- "ii i m
Toe return, to Kassi.,6,t, tpis time
of this vast army officii men with
i-onditioiis sociolly and economically as
they , now are and in tbe face ,, of the
luck' of food, and rmtdii-Snes as well as
mediral asaisthhee, would .present a
most serious srolbeni.'.-. " ,
V.oseow has heard thii( the tentra'
the ..' pnofjiosai , bavmg enianaieu Trom
v t c i (.- a-. - " I ,.
i , -jt L- i '"'i
the-ipuman Cars Are Taken Over) By
WASHIXUTO1??, May 2oMf Assocfat'
ed Press) Soldiers and sailors Who.
are 'enjoviag leave and are traveling
at their own expense are o db grunv
ed snecial railroad rates bV the govern
mcnt. Ihis was announcea irorn rue
office of the director of transportation
TesteMay. .McArtoo said tne rare io
such men nould be one cent a mile.
- All nf the rolling stock and other
.properties of the Puljnan Company
have nefn lanen over bt tm P'
ment and will be pnni for tn tne same
wav and on the same general plan a
will Ihn i-u 1 1 iimi 1
... j .
' Tn nonnei-finn with the ' handlinff Of
i ij iL" i
the poseenper service tfie' government
Ha fOiinil tliat the parlor car, Bieepin?
car and dinitijr car services is an sn
tin! part. It will, be combined wfth
the railroad aoveruihent into a single
system fur the period of, the war
W. a. .; ' ' s'
PiP 1 .1
Tumulty TeHs Delegation Presi
dent Has Done His Best
WASHINGTON', May 23 f Associat
ed Press) President Wilson has done
all that he cuu do in.tjie la.s of t worn
a,n 'a sufl'rage. II Is 'w fth. tbewaojen
in tlicr drmaiid for the right of tbt!
ballot but he can du .no more. . . '
iVivatc Becretary Tumulty, ,writin(
for.tbe rrr-siUcnt, has sfcut letter to
a dck'fAitton of womeW from munition
factories wlio,csme to yVashrnirtOB tQ
seek furtlier aid from the President
Ma the prrsecution of t hM r CnUSe, tHf
1 .1.. I : I..... ..J.L. . t.I.. l..l
the l'i.iilint launot wstkobonnr
nronrietv do inivthlnir morit 'He.Quis
l 'e"r'v ''XI,T,',',, l''" BeiilHnfllWJ.'tp th
the passnue of a conntitutiomai amei
ther hoose' lU 'pojised ,b1
whi.h N Bn peiidtllg U 0e snafl,..i,.
w. s. s.
1, )il AN Al'Oi.lS, Mnv li5-( Associa
ntcd Press) -The conilitloo of former
. Yi) e p,pHW,.Mt cMU),.H w. iairlauka,
j w as i-mrteil Inst nllit hs beiug on.
iddernlily nii.ni'il und Koine, JhopAi O
ltit. t
- W. 8, ., ,
W MMiiTo. Mu '.'3 ' -k AjutioViaV-
,(f P'-.k.'1 i'lu inu.te t'esterdov frorv
'litoie I' I'll,' l11Mii1U.il ti, 11 itt: .luilll' As gen
ii". ll :in l HliS- as gl-nral by brevet.
- i.
SplaWnV At-New: York ' Mass!
iHraetmg 'Wan secretary prom
ises! Italians 'Artillery. Machine
'Guns, and Infantry
"' a ... -
NEW tORKt May L'5 (Assoc.i-
, .ated Press)-u-Kp!kisg at the Mot
rojiohtan Gnera House to a throng
wnicb' filled and overflowed the
great structure, at a mass meeting
'which was' held to commemorate
the, entry 'of Italy Into the world
w'tf rtirerf years sgo, Secretary of
"War rUWeP skid' U partis "We
have-(earned "that we must fight
aid we kae learned that we must
keep' on fighting until we shall be
able to dictate the terms of peace,
stirh terms, as will enable us, after
?ara has been declared to dictate
aud insist upon the relations which
Germany," and er Allies, ttust
maintain with the other members
of the family, of ftntlona.','
The secretary told his hearers
that Tie brought them good tidings,
for Ita!y- American artillery. Am
erfcarf machine guns and American
in'fantrymen, he assured them,
Would soon r be fighting on th
Italia ' front as well as on the
Western front. -'
rarnso sang and was in marvel
ous Voice. ''
"WASHINGTON. Mav 24 (Official)
This was "Italy Day" and was so
rifehrated 'thfoughoat the country,
mttrklng the hird anniversary of
Italr's entrance Into the war.
President Wileoh this morning made
public a message to Italy in w'hich be
said in part: "The Vnited States and
itii people avis looked with profound
sympathy upon the efforts and tne.saori
nces of tne Italian people in tnis sirng
gte of whlehthe ohjVt is the liberation
and freedom of the rights or tne wens
s well" as the strong and maintenance
of justice by ' the irresistible force of
th free nations of the world leagued
togi'tlier In defense of mankind.
This' was ajso the "Empire Day"
of. the Britis'h, the survival of the long
celebrated birthday of Queen Victoria.
jPdlloirlng hrf death the birthday of
King .Kawarjjr was not celebrated as a
Hdliday;"but" toe public continued the
Observance of Mny Britons by
"birth hre' eeriefallv observing the ilny
tonight with'meetiugs and cclobratious
of various form.
Wisconsinite Did Not Say What
Was Reported In His St.
Paul Speech
NKW YORK, May 24 Associated
Pieas) 'LflfVillette war misquoted in
the reports of his speech at Ht. Paul
ind the roinmittee which is iuvestfst
Ing his utterances there in connection
with what lie has said in other speech.
rs. on and off of the senate floor in the
progress of the senatorial luipnry as
to the charges of disloyalty laid njjainst
him. h;us been so informed.
The VsMiciated Press today sent u j
'elejrram to tSenntor Poiuerene, chair
saa of the senatorial investigating
committee informing him that in the
reports of l.aV'ollette 's tt. Paul speech
fhe. words "We havp h:id no grie
inre" should have Been "l was not in
favor of beginning wur. . We hud a
The error is regrettable ami the op
portuuity to make the correction n
leiJied in order to do him no injustice.
This speech of LaPollette was not re
ported by a ttulf man of the Assoeiat
ed Yivm.
. yr. . a.
Arthur of Connaught Visits Presi
dent In Washington
'WASHINGTON', .May .'23 ( Assoc i u t
ed Press.) Print-a Arthur of ton-
aaught, heading a British mission to
lapan, arrived hero yesterday after
.AnM ..Aninonlu Vktf 1 i Stuff.
rrliJbinediatelyrftet"tlie: arrival of tlio
prihce'hrf rane-f opotf 'President Wilson
aceoiniiauled Iry Ambassador Reading,
special British minister to Washin,'
fon, and wu warmly welcomed by the
H and Karl Reading diued with the
cabinet and other official last eve
ninff. '
l ?.l pon reachiug Japan the prince will
present to tne emperor a wiivisn urm
(uafshal baton
MKXICO CITY, May 25 -(As.-ia
ted Press) Mexico " ('u,,
nut necosarily at war are distinctly ut
outs and diplomatic relations between
the two countries have been severed.
It is learned Uere from ollicial circles
that the break has Anally room.
The Metcteaii charae d'nlTairs ut
H.iUnuh litis been recalled and the
CnLim ,.,ii,iiri here lilts be-on hiiuded
bis 1 iis.n t.
Confesses His Crime and Selects
..y Bullet '.JtathetJjian i
HAi.TfljAKE CITT; Way 23 (Asso
ciated Press) la aceofdonce with the
fnw ftf t'tah wbik permits' the person
chnvkfed, of a rr,!me whlra in punish
able with death to determine the menns
which shnll be ttsed it the execution
of the death ' peiialtyrnoward H. De
Wense was shot to deatk yesteMay.
Howard H. De-Weese. seir-styien
Klno of JewVI Thieve." ehoso to be
shot for -the -murder of fcl 'wife,' Mrs.
Fanny Fisher D Weese, of New Tors.
Her body, terribly mutilated wa found
in a Halt I.akn City lodging house, Sep
tember 25, 191ft. The head ban neen so
battered and the body o mutilated
that every possible mark of Identifica
tion" bad been destroyed.
Work of Folic . -
The' ooTlee Jiad as a elew only the
Tact that De Weone and the murdered
womnn bad registered a few days be
fore the murder a Mr, anrl Mrs. T. C '
Kobbins. In December, 1916, Do Weese
surrendered to tho Chicago police, tx
plalointf his alleged. may jewel rob
beries'ind' giving- s an excuse for bis
surrender to the polloe his desire tn
renr' himse'f of any possible suspicion
of the murder.
' He declared tkat h and his wife
had been followed by two men on the
night of the murder. He took her to
their room, then left, he said, for the
pnrpos of robbing two or three resi
denee be had been "spotting". He
snid be found hi wife bad been mur
dered upon hi return to their room
early In the morning, and fearing ar
rest because of hla past criminal rec
ord. he fled. "
Trial fletlonl
De Weese was returned to Salt Lake
Citr and tried for murder. The trial
was one of the most sensational in the
criminal history of t'tah. Every per
emptory challenge of both the proseco
tion and ,defene was used before i
wfry was secured. The jury bronght
In a verdict of gulltv a few minutes af
ter retiring. De Weese chose to be
shot, jfe Utah statutes providine that
a mart roov choose to be either shot or
hanged. A petition for a new trial on
the around thst of thirteen jurors
sworn - to try him one had died durins
the trial and that a new jrtry should
have been .impaneled, automatically de
laved hi execution, but the appeal was
denied. He appealed to the supreme
cou-t for a new trin, which was again
denied him and he wm again re senten
ced tn death, the execution being set
for Mav 24.
The murdered womnn was the forme
wife of Henrv V. Fisher, a New York
City haberdasher. She met Do Weese
whetibe wss an. employe of ( Fisher,
and Sloped with him id Reno, wkere
ihe secure! a divorce and married De
Weese. After s short stay in San
Francisco where Pe Weese snid he com
tnitted seccsl ru"'ries, the couple
rinpTo Halt Lake Citv.
TV Weese was the son of Dll Pc
'Vcn o. wealthy .o'dinrdist of Canon
fit v. f'idn-ndo. well ftnown hnter 1o
t'i Smithsonian Tntitutitn.' The' fa
ther refne, to ai t the son or take
any part in the trial.
. TT. S.
The ne.- ot" the aerial service be
tveen New York and Washington has
(cvsi'il Postmaster H. Y. iMacAdnm to
id: n a si in i 1 ii r service between the is
!i '.Is. He is writing to Washington
fni tie: mission to put the plan into ese
f-.it ion and if the permission is granted
l.e will consult with the local arm
;i 'lierities about obtaining earners.
riiere is no place in the tTnited States
' eie an aerial Wail service wonld be
ot greiiLL-r advantage. Mail goes from
! imIuTu to Hiln twice a week. An
neriul service which could cover the
' tanc.e in three or four hours would
b" of treat commercial advantage
biiuging the two places much eloser
: einer. Mr. MacAdnm believe mat
'f time is soon corainff when such
ire will be an nccoroplishod fact.
. w, . a. , .
WASHINGTON, May '-' (QffleUt)
The state depnrtmeut is invoatigttin
but has been unable to verify reports
that Kerensky, former premier of Kus
sin, is to arrive in the I'nited rHates
this week.
W. . I.
I.()N1)N, May '24 ( Asaoeiatail
'ressl -'ews hns been received ' here
from Ksjberg, Denmark, that fisher
men lamliui,' Jliere tell of seeiug a
oeli i , low ml in the North Hea. by
Hritisli destroyer which rescued the
crew of the big airship.
w. t. a.
MOSCOW, May 25 (Associated
Press)--Knyiiiiuid Robins, who has bwn
clpct' of the workers of the American
Red Cross in RuaHa but been appointed
the unoitieial representative of the Bus
siiin soiiet government.
He Iiiih started for home.
rr- w, 1 a
WAHHINfiTOX. May 2.1 (Assoeiat
e l I'ri-s)- He.lin tiou in the price of
i 1 11 miii o 1 1 h coal by tun cents a ton wa
tnnoiiiiced bv the fuel administration
last niflit Tbe niinouiieenient Sftld that
it is expected thst firs
will suve the people Of
r..t in
tlie ' coirtitry
i .1)1 hLV 1 U UliUlyi h4 l II II L I I I1IIL
PremW. Is Optimistic and aysiprrn fT: I h T Tl
Great Race; Between United h hi M I In II r I
States and Germanv For Vic M Ull I. IV .M-.
tory Is Now Under Way
IjONDON, May 84-(AsoihTed
Prews Forecast of aaothet great
ciruiah oitrnsiv to start at an
early dat and eoafideneo in the !
filial resnlt waa 'voiced by Premlor
Lloyd (leorge jentertlay at lanch- .
eon la Edinburgh. "Wa ar again
on the eve bf a great German at
tack,". be aidr Vbot thod lho
know, the proopeet bet bavt.the
wiost eOafideneo in the fin at result.
Groat km On
"Foe the Oermaoa tnd for us," (
he continued, "th aeat fsw week
-will be raee'betweea roa Hla
denbnrg and President Wilson for
the United Ptatev. i The' Herman
are atraintng every muscle, exert--ing
their every energy to reach
their objective before the ull kelp
of the United states shall hnve
beetT made available, ' The Ameri
can government i using every en
deavor, to'Jturry relnforremcnt
ovef the sens. .
"I ran honestly sst that our
government hn -neglected no pos
sible mean for semiring" a honor
able Outlet for the war frith all of
itJ'Tgedie-'rfd horrors."
Beating Btibtnarlr)
The premier eald that In April,'
for the first time since t he. earn
paiga of nnrentrieted submarining
was started br the 'enemy the out
put of shipping of the- Allies ex
ceeded the loose to Allied atnd to
neutral shippiar. ''.
Referring to the TrHh "imbroglio
l.lovd George 400k' tension to do
justice 't theJrishs r-NatlmwHst
party.. Be snid that there rwas no
doobt thst there had bee a reit
ronspiriier fo bring about an upris
inr in Irelaad but- he- had seen no
evidence whleh '.would' lead him
to believe that the leaders of the
Nstiennl Party had anything to do
with the plots. .
Erchanee la Flanood
The British cabinet Is consider
ing plan for a'nefa1 exchantre
of' prisoacrs. ' TTii- ha become
known and is not disnled bv cabinet
ministers wiio say that it is prob
able that fher wilt be a public
ennonneemcnt made la tbe' early
t - i:-.-'.
McAdco Considers-JRaising Three
Billions More . Imperative
At Present Session
WASHINGTON, May 0-r-(Asoiat
ed Press) Hecretnry of -Traiiry M
Adoo i insistent 1 on 4hr Imperative
need of revenue legismtlon at the pre
cut session of congress but the P es
idnnt hits not yet determined whotlloi
he will usk congress ta act before ad
journment. Yesterday it waa bolievod
that he wim'd do so but lost night' it
was suid thut ho had postponed dec!
HcA.loo insists that revenue legislu
tion is essentially' 'riecessary and bn
told congress it is tm pern five that pro
visum shall bo made to increase rete
nues by more than throe billion dollnrs
if the greatly increased budget an
to be met. ' 1
As before leaders ia both houses are
opposing action now ami want to car
ry otit the liist program of the ad
ministration to put over taxation legis
lution until tbe December session.
Tbe eongressinon want, to adjonr
and go home as soon as the most itn
nortant legislation is disposed of bit'
few of them have onv hope of un ad
journment before July.
America's daily waT expenses an
now iinoflicmllv p'oced at i05,000,0l(
and these are in (-reusing every day 'a
the myriad of war material and sip
plies manufactories whloh have sprung
up get into stride and approaeh tunn
Itv production ns they are now rapid!
doing. (W. a. -r-
HAN JCAN DHL Sl'R, Mav 2 (As.
ociatM Press t Costs Tt lea has cast Its
ot with the Allies. Tliat toontry has
lectured war with the eeutral power
ud hn recalled It diplomstiw repre
entaties according to reports renehini;
here last night which were meager. V
letall. - I'
f i,, . . w a.
MAN FRAN('1S(0, 'Atsy 24 fOfli
?ial Hsiu Chu. lM'W' Cbiaeo ronsiil
'i-ueritl. arrived beTe' tday frOm
mianirhai. lie r, as welcomed uordially
for he was nr'evouslV known this
country, beiug'a graduate of Columbia;
1 niveisuv. .
'wt ' V "T" v
LONDON. Mav 17 "(Associated
Pi 1 Ktemntion from military serv
ice ha heen refused a man with' eleven
ehildren, oue of wdiom-ls with . tht
color. The drafted, JJin .1)8 four
brothers in the British army,
(Tablet). DtuggUU reinnd tupaey il
it fail to u. ,'i ttn - algMttar of
K. W. GROVB i pn4ckbo.l Waa
ufactured by t0 PAR.I8 MKD1CINB
CO., 6t. Louis', U. 8. A. -
lie. ; if
ml4At(rk Lait
Offensive Effort
of Enemy
.. . .(Aesociaud rress,)r-(r-
rtiany is about "to ..shoot hfr.last
bolt. The next great atuck ,wtll
be., her, final great effort and will
mark the, hreakinjr of her offen
sive "-power. This " tjie opinion
o Aitiericau array officers anil
military observers here.
It is admitted, that the new
phase o the German offensive on
the Western front will be a heavy
blow, one which may cause tlie
AUies to reel under its weight,
bpt officials high in war councils
and officer - high, in the army.
freely . cypress ... their connncncc
that the blp will fail, that the
enemy wilU.all short of its objec
tives and jts power will have been
spent in- vanv Tbey consider that
this wilt be thejinal breaking of
the enemy's offensive , power.
There arc some who do not hesi
tate to forecast that the war will
end this year-as a result of t lie
Germans', Ispent. endeavors. .
Jt is pointed out that the Ger
mans are now ar weaker, than
when they launched their attack
in March, Theii.f,ront is now sus
ceptible of flanking movements
on., a number 'effectors. . While
admitting, that thtc British and
French losses,. have been heavy it
a asserted that these have been
replaced by the arrivals .of.. the
Americans and that Italian rcin
orcemcnts, arc also making good
he kisses the.. Allies sustained in
the earlier phases of the great
,Tlie vKpected offensive Hits nt
'eqii launched. KejKrts of yes
erday indicated Uttle. change in
(ositions and small activity by
the infantry. German official re-
orts reveived last tvight sa i.l the
irtillery tire before Kcmincl and
on both tfides of the I.ys and
Scarpe , bad ,. burst into vinlencc
ifrsh itit tUat'bcvopfJ rcciinf .it
ring there had beeji no infantry
tctivity. At Moreuil and Mont
lidier the German despatches
ilso reported heavy artillery fire
mil it was claimed that in five
"aids southwest of UiH'iuoy and
lie Oise some prisoners were
The casualty list announced by the
var department inrludes ti e nnuies of
'our of the Ameriean forees kille.l in
letion, nine who died of wnuuiia, four
'iy areiilent. ten of disease, siitoen se
verely wounded and one slightly wounJ
Jdj' ',-
Germans Eovolt . '
Hussinn wireless messaues to the
'tnte 'rieiiArtiiiant sny that a Oerinun
irmy divlsioli 011 the eastern front re
'used to entrain when ordered to tlio
Veeti I'lfrjr -of t-irtKU'ailerH iu the
nut in wore ettfeuMifti; and IfKl iin
lrisoned. Other troops are supporting
he deiiioiisttatlous.
V k;f,l l 1 m it - , ,,
WAtHJNjTi.N..MMy --Oro.;lah
ty the- grit ' lestrue:tlon of lorinan
lirplunes and by heavy boinbincj of
'Jhwe 410! ill where, tur enemy is en
'Sged In t-0iip oui.eatmtioii I h i ml th
barman lip tlisiAllics hm e been iil.'c
fo rlelny the German offcusiie, it is
'xplnined by military obien ers. The
Diany infantry . raid' that have l.ccn
sotidurted by -the: Allies have also hu I
their elTert Iu thi result,
; 'Amliassnihir' tthnrpo hs enbifd from
'hrls that AmOriean aviators umi s..l
tliers uro luiiitm Vlfc'h ' ajiuryi al ' for
'rfnraire ' iinH ' resourcefulness. 1'iiite 1
Stales' nrtHlftvmoa Oil the I'icnr.lv
front detifr-o-t eiyht of ten of the
fo ' but tcr iffJ. '
German ' nl4u ) mw."i
from the tbid keetor dr6M'eil 1 y ,"'
hind' the'-AmfriVn'n ,'lihi-s' iu t'lentdv
where hospitals weVe their siiiv'ml tai'i
ets. a ny-11 ttrso mil woiiii.IimI Hobliers
were the victims Of rutlilfs mess.

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