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Tiir'pf nnii : .'iiVTiiHiJuriii
int uit yuttn, utiuuMiLiiiJi
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Services At Kawaiahao Church .mores-
dress Lauds feharacter of Sovereieri
Reigned IH
fTfonMpaday Advertiser.)
tnfVfennd Usuries for th memorf
of ths Mat Queen LifluoRalani wa
reload la eulogy mad music la Kawa&
abao Church yesterday morning when
tSa.glsIaJure bf HawAif officiant
paid i(a fespect to the memory of her
who ooca rated la Hawaii and who had
opWied the session of the monarchical
rratos. Taese were the Itnnl tri
bute' paU ' to the woifian and queerl.
whoa 'passing last November severed
the lsst remaining bond between thi
Hawaii of old" and the Hawaii of ti
day. i
An audience eompoaed of representa
tives"' of the United Mates and many of
itjl barea,' of the war and navy d
pnr t men tsy of the territorial and county
governments, and of the Allied nations
with aeorei of fcamaatnas, both haolt
and Hawaiian filled the great church!
Although the mortal remains of thi
Qneen Wis the crypt' f the Kalakauft
dynasty in Nauano, yet she Seemed t
be prcMuf, for' the large all portrait of
the Queen, which so long has adorned
the wall of the old Throne Boom of the
Jalace, stood high up oh the pulpit
platform. "; ;', ' 4
This portrait, a full-length likeness
of the Queen, just as she appeared oi
many state occasions in the Palaea, thi
government building and old Kawaf
anao, brought back memories to mant
in the audience of the golden era of the
Hawaiiad monarchy. 8he spemed to ba
standing in the nildst of Hot peoplf
oaee more, majestic of mion, command
ifig and royal, and often, the partrait
was referred to by those selected ti
eutogite tfi former ruler. J
ZMattiigvlahad Aaaablaga-
Upon the platform near the portrait
sat Charles F, ChillingwOrth, president
of the senate: H, .Lincoln Hoist eW.
speaker of the house of reprefcentsl
tives; Senator Stephen L. Desha, Bep
preaentative l.orrin Andrews, eW
Akaiko Akana, chaplain of jthe-senatij
Ee. John V: Erdinan, -of the Hawatii
an Board of .Missions, ant Be v. Henry
H, Parker, formerly pastorafc-Jawiiai
ha CtoTch, who was' jUuLNls4i
throughout the reign t df Kamehameba
IV, V. Lonalilo, Kalakaua and LW
aokalatri. "ft .-... If
In the . pew near, the pulpit wera.
Brig.-Gen. A. P. Blocksom, V. S. Al
commanding the, Department of Hawaii
I.ieut. Cbauncel Cleveland, I. R. ., hit I
aid; Brig. Oen. John P. Wisser, U. 8,
A who has just been retired ua com'
lhandcr of the Haaiian Department!
the Governor and his aid, Lieutenant
Thompson, N. G. H. In the body of
the church were Governordesfgnate1
feV J. fAH'arthy and Mrs. McCarthy j
Han ford B. Dole, former president of
the Republic of Hawaii aud later Gov'
errior of the Territory; Walter
iVear, former Govornor of Hawaii!
Col. C. P. laukea, secretary of the TSr'
ritory, and fdrmerly secretary of the
Qneen; members' of the legitdaturej
officers of the national guard; Con
sul E. L. 8. Gordon of Great Britain)
Consul-General R. Moroi of Japan, thi
consuls of China, Norway, France anl
other Allied countries.
The great portrait waa. flanked by
two large gray feather kahilis, the
standard basus being adorned witS
rare feather ahuulaa, and these had
a guard of honor composed of George
Kealohapauole and David Hoapili, Jri
each wearing a feather cape. 1
The ushers included Maj. Will Wayne;
N. G. IH., members of Kawaiahao
(lliureh and enlisted men of the nation!
al guard. '
At ten o'clock the audience rose at
the Hawaiian Band, directed by Robert
Baker, and stationed outside the
church, ulaved "Ka Makua Maud
Loa", a favorite Hawaiian seleetios '
of the Queen 'a, this being followed
by "Hawaii Pbnoi", the Hawaiiaij
national anthem, tung by tb choir and
audienee. 1
Minister Lauds Departed
Rev. Akaiko Akaaa ihvoked the de
vine blessing in a lengthy appeal to Mi
Almighty to 'write upon the tablets of
the Great Beyond- the many gout)
things which Liliuokalani had done af
Queen and at a citiieu of the Islaudsi
to remember her sweetness and her
.oym.iy 10 i- wuu-n rep.ncea
J"-!!!?. a if-If'S.Sil. -
rupted by fate. It waa a strong appeal
;,. nkii.t. ika . -.I i.,..ll
ed, during which the minister et 1
pressed the emotion Whict all Hawaii !
funs felt when the former ruler wat
taken t -the abode of W aiicestdrs. "
The B!hubert quartet, composed of
George A. Andrus, Stanley Livingston1,
, u. Livingston aud ueorge A. Brown,
sang "Nearer My God to Thee" i
un imjiressive manner.
Lorrln Andrews Speaks
Representative Lorrln Andrews, oa
behalf of the house of representatives
delivered un addresa, in which tie
traced the Queen' career from girl
hood until she stepped, upon the throne,
find then down fromi It heights to the
humbler life of a citizen of the new
government. He said:
"We meet iu hallowed halls sanc
tioned by a thousand memories of the
pust. These walls have witueuseil for
Minre thun three score years the rulers
ami chiefs of Hawaii paying tholr
houire to the Ruler of the (Tulvere;
mid. it is therefore especially fitting
tht we should meet her today to t'otn
men'iirnto the fife of a woiimn aiid the
leuth of u Quoen; to pav our tribute
to the last .sovereign gf Hawaii with -
Hearts of Peobfe
la this sacred edifice of veaerabto mem
ories. .., .-, , t
"ftlowly moves the lining tun ta Ha
tnerirrran, Majmtic in its graadeut, it
passes on with even meaeurs to ita Js
llna tmtH, with a sudden sweep of
darkness, the nighttime closet down
i and aU of the sptendov and glory of
in sy is uonw. bo It is wiia.' tns lives
of those we know and love and honor
and .venerate; Bo was It with the Ufa
; HawaM a last Quoen, whose meinort
mi service we hold to.lay.
. "Looking back along the pathway
of time, we see her as a young school
girl mingling with those of hr own
gn, fond - of all girlish pleasure,
performing her share of all girlish
task but, with it all, carrying herself
with dignity end pride, although at
that time 'not knowing tba high oW
tlay which fate had in stdrrf fr her.
W se her as a Prhicess her char
acter developed studying how aha can
beneftf her people if she should be
called upon to lead them. We see her
composing the beautiful songs which
breafhe the -pasirion and devoted lev
- auuu, null nnp IRQ J
ltote of her character. ' ' i
I)i1hI and Oitlien
''"Wt aeV her as Queen, chosen by her
people tor rule, and standing before
them-in all the pride and splendor of
her, lofty nature. We aee hat in bar
moment of- humiliation when, bowing
to superior force, she yielded . her
throne i majestic and queenly a fig
are aa. In the day of her glory, i we.
see her in the City of Washington,
pleading for her people a simple lady
once more, yet every inch a Queea.-
"We see her as a loyal and pa
triotic citizen of the great Republic
to which destiny had linked her land
I af sunsnine and flowers.
i w . . i
We see her
AtltMir In mi nn'.l a ...In.. A tl.
destitute and Beady, leading a simple
ins among ner om iriemis ami retain
ers. V we. see her through the mapy
wiftlt chatminr tcenes which marked
her yvarled, careen, a aiweet, tender and
KVuig womaa; a woman who loved her
people 'and her,. race; the fluent lady
of Hawaii, who ' did not need to sit
apoq'a throne .tj reign within the heart
LlV-iTM Ha-Waiian; who1 bad no
need. of pomp and power to be their
Quean until the day of her death.
U lata baya
'''We' see the memorable occasion of
about three years ago when, at the
anniversary of the discovery of the
J Pacific Ocean, a ptgeaat was held in
the streets of Honolulu and the
daughters bf every land bordering up
on the Pacific who made their home
ia Hawaii, to the music of their na
tional anthem, slowly mounted the
steps of the Capitol ami presented
their flag to Liliuokalani, once again
a qneen this time in mimicrf only
'the Queen of the Pacific.' We see,
ns the solemn strains of 'Hawaii
Poaoi ' echo upon the alt, the girls of
the Hawaiian race ascending the
Capital steps and, knnnling before hur,
present the flag of the Kingdom or
Hawaii to Her Majesty. We see her
reach gently down aud press for an
instant the beautiful symbol of royalty
and of the bygone days to her bosom
ajid, then, with a gracious , smile, re
torn it to those who wore there to re
eeive the emblem. And we know that
in her heart she felt that,
"'The old order ehaogeth, yielding
place to the new;
And God fulfills himself in many
ways. '
"And, last, we aee her tying in state
within these very walla receiving in
death the homage that had been bar
dne. We hear the solemn chants.
We see the slowly waving' kahilis. A ad
amidst the universal grief, triumphant
ly we can esclarmr a:
un, aeaiai waere it tay sungT
Oh gravel where ia thy victory!'
"It has been the custom, as well as
the personal pleasure of the members
of .eacll legralatare, front the days when
Hawaii first became A territory of the
Vnited fitatea; to can upon Queen
LHiHotafesl anA puy their respects to
he rfbf only la tbff last ruler of
Hawaii, but at the f rat citizen of this
Territory t and nine such Meastnna have
pasred. Last year this legislature per
formaaWhai pleasant task, and now
mhieA tdeether in sneclal rtsion
fiad that one of the most beautiful
aver: that the Queen hn taseT on to
iilnnr rnmni ni, wits liram mvmorini
TJi 'lm l a 1, I7
HT!' WM,,.,e Jmi . foatened
wfth lf eiXmTThhLn,
"T"L,tto be op,,ned whila the reat
l7;,.,"n V '
"Who of n donbts that she sits on
Vii'h, with tke other mighty chiefs and
kings of Hawaii, w atcbin'g avev her be
lovail country jnd people! Who of us
rToub that her overwhelming love for
the Hawaiian people, WnicK caused hisr
to sink lier pcrional agpraAdiaement in
their Welfare, Inspire thaft sweet and
loving spirit vet. and that her praver
so near the throne of the Mot Hiph
are wit this eonnfrv. arid its neinle
and, at her pirrt U with a, ao will her
memnrV alvays 6 fresh in ohr henrts
nnd In the hearts of oil Haw"" as long
"s we endure irAon this earth."
PnMf pass pay TfHratl
Fo1lovin tft tenderirt -of Handel's
"l,aro"bv t. Ide'er Htring quartett,
P-imriftted of Cdwia H. Ideler and Will
A l ove, violins: Beniamin L.
M---T. viola: Robe't 0. McLean, 'cello,
-rted liv Mr. Ideler at the oriran.
t' o ivi'(-v mi behalf of the senate was
( delivered by Henator Desha. He spake
r- ri - 3 I.J 1 '.
foeyv; jto e. Applies tq Jvepi Civil
Ian, Including families of ,
J- Omri arfd Meft otAfmy, ,.,
. iieresner rne rule ar.Vctlng
the travel of civilians it: to be
applied to the army, or at least
to. that part of the afmy wot n
a1form. This means that the
families of the officers and enlist
edf meiv most get pbriit t(f travel
whe they leata Honololo fof
the" mainland, whethet they travel
by transport or liner.
These travel permits must ba
applied for at the office of the
Immigration insiHtetor and they
itfusl be prepared to tell alt aboat
themselves. Travel withoat such
a permit, whether it be the col
onel's Isdy or Judy O'Grady, ia
It will be well for those who
may Soon be leaving for the Coast
on any of the army transports to
get in their applications for pef
writs early and thus avoid the
- ,3
s Since the issuing of travel permits
fof perstfn goifcg from Hawaii to the
mainland begnir Inst Tuesday at the In
migration atatton op until the middle
of yesterday afternoon 11. have beea
Issued to eitiaens nnd eleten to aliens'.
1 Aecbrdtng to Illchard Halsey, l
ipector In charge at the immigration
station, al) the applicants for the
traVel permits, more commonly Called
identification cards, have taken the new
restriction in good part and s a ne.
easnry cheek on travelers In War times!
Virtimllv the Mma Mm,loili..
lis rnPIA In that laditinn a tks .. it I Alt
'0' go from Hawaii to the mainland
United States as are followed by the
state department in issuing" passport!
fotv travel to foreign countries. FH
personal history must be furnished bt
?tfy Applicant, with two photograph
and the affidavit of a eltiien most b
attached, to the application that thi
declarations made are troe. to Jhe best
of the knowledge of the signer of th
affidavit. '
Blfh Certificates Best
1 Wher1 pbssSbre it is requested1 that
the'appllcaftts supjdy birth certificate
iT other records to prove tb declare
tlon In thMf applieatltSn. Howeyei4,
la the case of . tourists and others wna
nay find It impossible to do this, other
evidence of the citizenship claimed may
e supplied. 1
"This usually is being done through
he statements of acquaintances and
friend;" aays the chief Inspector-.
He' then adJed: "But sufficient evr
lencs Of the citizenship claimed must
Se firovided."
, He reduest that all applicants fui
-.a 'he heat Possible evdeae of
their elalm Ik Otdef td facilitate the i
tuMie 0f thf identificktion earda-f ,
, Beaaontlbla proof now" cemf to b
'he. maximum ye'quiretffent at' the im
-nigra t ion station, whefe the' staff of
'nspectors have been busily lning the
permits since the governmental ordet
whs received last Monday. ' '
Everv pnssengey leaving on the Son
oma, Manoa snd Sachem, or all Vessel
thereafter, will be required to get aa
identification card before i ticket will
be sold at the shipping agencies.
Outside Island Ports
Application blank have been sent
fo fhe, representatives of the immigra
tion department at the Outside Island
porta, but the final identification cards
win have to be secured by thi travel
lers after they coma to Honolulu. Ka
huliil is now the only pOrt where ve
ids are boarded by passenger bound
for the mainland, but all tuch Const
bound passenger steamer make Hone
'ulu calls before leaving the Islands.
Kilo applicants tit residenf tjf rfther
Tslund points should conrmunieate wits
'he Immigration station td secure the
application blank, after which they
can get the travel permits whe"n they
arrive in Honolulu,
The staff issuing the identification
cards at the immigration station do so
every day until three o'olock In the
afternoon, except Sundays atld Sntui1
days. SAN FRaHcF$CO , 0 PENLY
rial) Desriatchea from another Pacific
Vort have told of the suecess of the
eoncreto steamer Fatta in its trip
when, heavily loaded, it bucked an
eighty mile gale. The immediate se
lection of twa sites n the Pacific
Const for building of ships and tanks
tt this type of construction aa . thfti
termination of her sea worthiness ih
a storm. Two af prtvata companies
have been ergatnir.d, .. mte for fbe
building of concrete ship aad the
ither for equipping tbam- with enginek
ind nischinery. , '
'a Hawaiian, aad at length, bat aaverr
before had th devoted admire olf
l.iliuokalaai spoken so feelingly of h
former queen, of the place she occupied
in the hearts of her people; of her long
career in th nign sbkt of royalty
during the reign of her brother, Kalsi
Ksua; of her high rank as a descendant
from a long line of rhtefg; the in
fluence she wielded, and the con
spicuous pftrt she pfayed fa -the theater
of the Pacifi Ocean; of the change
which removed, her from a fhron.
Senator Desha, aHv&y a nuigneti1
speaker, drawing upon a wealth jarf
language which few , Ipi .the llp.nrj
Dossess, repute with illutrttfonl and
beautiful figurative expressions, held
those of his tart and the haoles who
anderstood the Hawaiian tongue, spell
bound. The "Qeen's Prayar" which she
composed while a prisoner In the Palace
long after the (jverthroW, .Was tnng 'hfy
the Kamehameon Pi'hool Girls. Tht
Kawaiahao' choir sang iha anthem.
"The Lord Is Mv rTtienoetd " Ktery
pne rose As "AlOna'Oe" was tntrtg
by thf KaiuebamehB 0ee flub, rentelri.
Irtg standing as the Rfsr-flpanrlid
BafineY wis ilng by th ' enfire
aujMence. The benediction was pro
nounced by Rev. Heiry H. Parker.
4 vr
Early Expectations ArrSurpass;
.ea oy t-jnai nans
jWlthlhaiabanWff disv of th T
rjtiaj Fair only tw w,h; hwayaad
tV. : 2 f. l . ' i Li l4
the eoming week the let;.f.; whUh
prospective exhibitors may 'file' an trie
fdr display in tke different ' depst
Ht lirembei of all ebmmirfee war
lag for tlr big expositloiv ni b x
eevdingiy htwf from fhl tttna forward.
AMtr"-Th fn token-, ' Tli fBc pf
MerMary WlllhrVt, thit headqaarters
M BO Kiiiker,lirai rmrtdtns.r aaualrv
elf hmva-n a the Hawaiian f rest Com
tmny bnildia, will be eritaMi.he
lit,bf aetivltt for (ha aef fort
night.- . i H ,' y
Is dn eoame of tiro the.'heaifqnaf
lay ' Offle will be trankferrJHT 4 W
ptolani Park, but (his mat hot b b
for ahOtb Week, possibly not before
opening day, June 10.
0 grows' EtpactttioD . . - . .
'faa't'rte rlrt Terrtforlal rair"l'i
be a, demonstration of mammptll pro
portions, 'falfllling and xcee4ig by
far' the mot (anguine txpecfatloh of
the commission, is assured -by avary
infliratiotf tbua far. Already the wis '
doiw of the promoter l Iweeptfnj Ka
plolani Park a the final eh nice' of a
slta has been proved". ' Nelle, tn
federal, bailding site nor Aala Park
would hav grvea tner ' than) i half
araqoii f apaee reqnired1 ta Malta the'
Pair the thing of banty ' ahd -thai
poputar- attraction it new promites' to
bv . Kaithef off these earlier proposed
fte would have given epportnalty for
th great program of amusements that
th. present, location effer. - ,
lAif Spar lUqirlrad
Aa kt l,'Kaptelani Paik fally is
on tow big. ' With the' Exception of
a comparatively small area at tna town
ward end. th entire grourrd ate to
dried t the liratt of convenience with
Pair structures, hiany already ' crn
strwted and- now. being roofed With
tarpaulia and eanvas. " .
Alt plan for the Fair hive beea on
h broto.1 ariale, with a view to- accom
modating great crowds every 'after
noon and evenin.T. Assuranoaa reoeiv
ed yrom .the outside islands leaVt to the
conviction that, all boats from Hawaii,
Maul and Knai arriving Aer jokt ba
for and during Fair week wilt brlof
capacity ,lsts; of pasaeager, fnetuding
enhJbltoM'ami Jght6er. 1
Pernapa Xrnal Eytnta ; . ' . ...
' It is posslbia .'tlat tfe Pair openiag
dayi Jrina 10,.wilf tajry irjeciaTaoVM
attraction. fr all cttikeft of Hawaii
There la avery. likelihood that Col. 6,
T. McCarthys the-new. Oovemof, will
be inangtrrfttfcd 'at. nnOH Onft fJafel
The forat.-)tfprng 3 the Pair' 'ir
cbedulerl 10 takf place at the
hour4, bull in tha aveatraf al lfgotal
ceremanyj dokpiowrf, -fbolfair 'tpea!arr
may bert -1ielk -fsarlour n4 . a' tatf.
sa. tsat'Ctf .orpwd may, witness- the
Oovpra V. UaSgtwal, , hate- Hleif 'lait
heas an! theV join th throngs fla'w'
inz into fbe FfirrgTBunds at one thirty
O'clock. - fr . ' ';''!.
The presumption , at ' present is that
Recatary of the Interior' Lane, bow en
root to Hawaii from j Washington. )r
bringing 'Qbfoaei . kcCarthy'l com mis
sion, and that he wiU' wxive on th
morning' of June .. 8 , 'At' any. rate, I
U understood pf epaf attami . f dr the In
augttral are going forward on that banis
The ceremony probably vwill be htdcV
outdoor ft front of the ttpitol build
tng, ami not in the throne foont, where
former territorial eeittye. have al
way taken (he oath 6f Office. This de
parturs from custom 'will be for the
same reason that the. 4 pedal session
of the Wisloture is hel t the M
brary at Hawaii instead. Of the eapito):
to permit the women, of the Bed Cross
to continue their war. work without
iiferrnption. f .
War Borne In Mind ( : ,
jio one who attend the Territorial
F.air will be permitted ' fr,( a moment
to forget the close relation it beari
to Hawsii's share ta h. great war.
Almost every event an the . ais day
amusement program will. oeaV with some
phase or subject vf war. TJ exhibit'
all will have a direct .bearing on the
Islands' problems of greater and bet
ter food production, hptna inanufae
teres nnd of enying.
Spara In Demand , , . ' f
Kvery naa of tha mapy huge strut
tures already erected Df. la. i-purse of
construction at the Tark' Wtl) b Hl!-er
fo capacity. The btiirlaewa firms of Ho
nolulu have enfewd "lutd" the project
with enthusiasm. Approximately
hundrrd loeal bnf tiles nopr)-ill have
Individual ajHiTbtta on ' j the ) -grounds
They. ive bee Jilnntai; for ' thaay
mbhfiu and it I eerfalff that fh ex
cHeoc'e, rioyelly.,!nd. beaUtt 'tf these
roihmercial display wilf t)rcrv a source
Of ttirprlite .to- the 'island phblic '
florrlei Assist ' .
.Tha pfogtam of apiusemeht fpf the
six 'afteraoOns.anc? Vfrtti' Unf befa
praetielry edthpteted. '.'Toaakl to tbf
generous, unstinted c'rt-operattotr of thr
armv and navy, it will present a won
derful arrsy of spectacle &l-f't it;
tereirt By far the mfjw portfe o
the program win De atagaa Dy tne mer
of the array and navy though then
wifl b several civillaa or rkiaed: eent
of . 'unusual attraction, uek' a tha blf
track and field meet on the final day
Jun: 15, when nearly 'tare bandrsi'
athletes may partielpata; in tontests
and the Hawaiian Rodeo, ( on th firs'
aad second day, when the best cow
raners from all the isfaild rancbea anc"
bfopeho busiars frojO.'caUle ' ranehe
ta th Foivtr!3aMy "will eompetf
for the Hawaiian sbasnplonships if
horse riding and cow roping.
"Kvery afternoon and, evening pro
gram contains one or more big feat
urtfs, of rare attractiveness. While the
main umusciiiuuts are is) , progress in
front of the grandstand, the Joy Zone
or Lava Trail, will be In full swing
with fortv or fifty special, attractions
h as the inerrv ro round. Hwst the
Kaiser, public dance hall, aad the like
And there will alway be somcthiu'
of particular interest ia the diffeien
exhibition buildings, appealing to tin
sightseers in general and to food grow
ers. fi.od savers, and Stock grower
.. .V.
HpH6fti)u Produce AJat
V H '& : Qubfatipns .
olaaai daiv. : ' , UljLdkttltO
IsliaW .tauttar,. lb. . M U .
r.ggs, elect, dot MS
Sl0"-1' " ' V
nrfc. do. ,.B
t4MmttrWi , , A
Heaps, atring, grca
. .". . M ta M U
"..'!. .'.64
....,.. .9.81
,. 11.00 ta 11.6
. ,f, ' U.O
!eah, string, wax
Oeamtr, Lima in pod
Beaaa, Mii rmi , ,
Beaas, mll White . . , .
peaa, dry Is. ewt.
tJeets, doien bebee . . .
.......... .40
... 2.5 HI .0'
r twrtt
haaatiaa, Chine, lb. .
Hananar, Cboktag, bch.
Pig, .100 ..v;;, . . ..
Grapes, Isabefla, fb
r -
... 1.0
...'.' .If
nttf and1 afcarp are aot.buughl At
paid for" OW tf drewd wergnVtM 4
' ' ,mtE8nTUD MBATfl
f, lb . w .'liiriafrbiirb
' ! rt-fW-t .liPortt, 4b:
J",' ' stfttSA Wtt. ALTED
Wear, Vo. 1, lb .l'Klfm,, IB ..'
ftr; m. 2, 1, ,vj .ll Ooal, white ea. .
He, hir slip T, .i
TlS fallVwIliat aivaa aaUM nn sfAvt k V k Tl I .. 1 .
Bf - "vnrH aain BS f aw was I snw- . B
Krtf,'Jtd. yel. U ,-,..;; lOZiS
uorn, eraried, ton 103.0(1
Hay, alfalfa, ton , 45.00 to 8.0
Scfuteh food, oa ... lfjO.00 t0.105.0
, oMntartcef bftoror.. Ttu,
of ti , p atvrslty of Cltfornl. ba
)t 'coming 'to Honolulu at fhsl leheet
bf theA pafr Commission, pfobably 'H
b erigaged 'thrOHglt ' most ,ol. hr fcfc
In ludgthg and Waling awards in. the
livestock; .sho. Cattlemen,haranienX
wi ire grower and sheep men through
put thf terrltorf will.ba diepl Inter
atad'ht nViMrvlftr' Ptat Tmsnt w-t
and ,;tn iistening to. m discussion of
pronieni 0W 7Wetbrr Brreding, select
tion" development for marker and S
fon;, '-l y .
liyaatack panda
.Perh'aaw -the'Wlire will fee abM to
fisrish IkoA greater pxirtHow hit jot
fch' ftrsi day aM oft the awrnin; af
Is toeanew , tm hvestbr jMtn4ffc4
Beairwf twhol te Htesfdek Brrejt
bofor r difaeily rternMf-n tk
Meomtrdawr lr, WWieh"ta- Kktase
bwaaehn pirf aneV n pabll atrdryl - '
; Thla may ba mad a special feaitrrt
on KamehsMht TJafy Whewh arowd
can eeme to tha Fair early in the mom'
Ing fvnd tWaiit untif.hste' ai nigWAa
esp(eJally',flne progrtat'; of .'aBtossriaeat
Venta ka hWn tilaand for tlrttt flny'.
In addition, the ehiaf ImIum n hln
)i1'p ie'Ati if 1 spsfcie' 'and " race
ringed ny"the men-rw Fourth Cavf
rry. '''w'-' . iV v ' ' 1
" Judging of exhibit will aontinne in
alt tha eompetltttu drpartmeat through
th first few 4ay f. th Fair. .Thes4
Include -Ahenrttf ahd) eraftrfV'.ponltt
and fAbilit, wgVleaftorar;-' food " rn-Vert-ationfal,
Jafcy ntrttocl, tog, and
plawt and- flwe hwBV v.f - I ',
i Jndfnrg . In the i- log-' mtnr may . b
itnged as 4' .'special feature on the first
evening, jfondayt: Jck- BrhdbW, th
rVntoba-iiearrlfi fafteleV d IMmth show
Md?, will b(f here ami th ommitte
Iseire to. ' nrraage the todginT that
ill- owners . may be, An attendance, a
wefl aK'rypBe' eta.n th territory
Who i fond of iog.;, The time for th
Judgtogl n4 -iPft Jin definitely de
ermiied,' howeet.
Prtgridi frtjtaM ,
Tift Pfclrt bfierat rwgaa Aad pre
miaar ritf, prepared by tike Honolul
chamber4 of eowinoren, in now In th
printer' benda n aotd be ready fot
diHrltruttoa by Haturday-of the weet
pvecreding h bfg eaet ration. It
rtt b a large boakleo, protMrbly ro
'alaiug between k bandred and fifty
snd two hundrsd pages, most of thi
olid readjug matter, relating to the er
hibits nnd anraaement.' . LoeaJ and isf
snil aiershaat . hav. responded geir
eroualy to tbe Hesolalu ekamber 's hJ
peal to support .the publication, with
the Teauft Iha an . "nnulrua-lfy large
BiMoni ofJUKertlainr ks. been incos-
poratevf In tbe program nd will g
fur'tiward paying? the etpensc of the
iu. ;... '.'. v- '
Ir : is woriosed (ft sell the program
booklet ta fhe pubfce at a very nomia1
irleb, Ytosaibrv; aboat ten bents a copy.
For the solid twfsrnratrtoa concerning
the different 'nsThidltd, or the cont
plet data, of ajl tvent on the enter
tslnment prograigfi, iXshotiid--prevf well
worth nny amount ap t, twenty five
"cuts. The VlrlV Cortmv1sipa desire
however, to pine), the booklet in the
hand. of all eljiaea possible, and for
this reason .wiU-flx prKe thnt wiH
icsfeeLt'pfAy 6ie thtrrf paper
amf pristfrt Ink itecjnirkff In making
each' tote . 4 . '; i"i' . ' . . ,
The.oftitial prograot U not designed
fqr t0.(rst t)f '. f Q distribution Abroad,
but strittly fdr'ttfa people1 bf Hawaii.
NvraUae M Ui,la..?pTfh; 4, peraia
oint plac4 on tha sbelvip of home
'ibrarienjr and nMrhydntnmt fork smy de
4r 4o ' Sefd ' eopJ tft friends in the
state.' ' - vs'" '' i) -
W- '.V-r
Maker, tha wireless operator at I.s-
haiua, who created a 'sensatios in Muni
baseball circles two weekl ago nith
hi fancy twirling , for the I'uuucne
team, has ben transferred by the uuvy
department to Honolulu, 4ys last Kri
day's Maui News of Wailulcti. It is
reported that he will probably not be
returned here and there 1. gloom in
consequence In the Puuaene eamp. His
fdace has' been taken at the wire
ess station by L. I.emop.
- w.'i. a.
Kor rheuiuatiain you ..will find uoth'ug
better than Chamberlain's Pain Ilulm.
Now is tbe time to get rid of it. Try
this liulment aud aee how quirllv i
will relieve the iiain and sorenoi-s. Kor
sale bv all dealers. Hrnsou Snntli &
Co., Ltd., aguut for Hawaii. - A la
May 24, 1A18.
lftai, In. ...' !'.
nr. tn th
Ducks, Musi., rb.
.... ..
nt1?' ,lb-
Docks, llaw., is.
. . . 1 . ...a
ft.i ie
ilrtli Tt6t)XfCZ
psnrs, chili
pepfters, tied
Potatoes, is. 1
I'dtatoes, sweet red, rwt.
tKrte, tmach
Tt( ewt
2.1K1 to 2.ro
. . h 2 00
.09 to .10
.ar to .40
re 100
.20 to .21
Papaias, lb.
eight. They at alanghtorod nnd
Hogs, 150 lb. and
over . . lbr:20 tJ .tl v
.18 to .19
.25 to -27;
.'X to :M
XSfc m 1 1UU 1 1 III U .
Barley, ton ...
80.00 to 82. M)
R0.00 to afi.Od
C0.00 to 62.00
Oat tou
Hay, wheat, ton
Variety Prdmises Well For Ha-
At Cisfner Sob Station a test plant
Ing of Karly Rose potatoes and th
Hamakaa Hybrid made by O. W. CaV
befitef, pathologist of tne U.' B. expert
Iment station, to establish the blight
resisting qualities popularly claimed
for ta latter, practically prove thai
) bene- la i ms are bawed on act Th'
two varieties were planted February $
and; both experienced the prostrated
fcM pw of 'Pebrnery ' an.r Mafclt; nnd
" 14 Krty os plant 'hare all
boatt dd'for some time' 'with Wighf)
while the Hamakna is growing nicelf
nid;unb!iiihtid. 1
'rA'potato variety sesistaot. to-th
blight has long beea tbe dream of
pathologists the world aver. Premising
j-arietiss have been developed befor.
but aohe of qjunlity to wln'foror ai
Hi, latrgo markets of '-tha AtlantU
Coast, The Hamnkna 1 not a partieu"
Iartv4fsiMblf tabla sort and would
probably, not sell well h the Eastern
States, but it offer much promise fof
our markets and is a promising scare
ffoat which other yarietiea may be de-'
v el oped from- time to time. '
.W.'tJ. U.
Trifles of the rbting thnt it is
violation of the Trailing with tin
Enemy Act to carry communication1
of any hind aboard or from stenmeri
esflin at this Wri-f whether bound fo'
fhe United 8tat;e"iw some foreign porf
are mistaken in tMr Impression thul
the law dis not apply lietween here
anif fhe maHltand, aays DiBtrict Attor"
net 9. C. HuheT. , '
After the district nitornev 's warn
ing, against carrying communication'
while passengers on a steamer, wai
published on Waturtfny, the criticisni
was made that the Tradinff with thf
' Hn em y Act, regarding eommunicatior
carrying, did not npplr to the inter"
chfini-e of letters . between Hawaii nn
nwiinland T'nited (States residents. Thi'
critlcistn- waa 'based ort the contetitiot
that the seetlon of the law upon whir
the' ruling Of the- federal officers wa
given, applied euly te "the taking int
or brfnglDg out of the United States
of such conrmnnieations.
Tbrea-Mll Uralt
-District Attorney Huber says it hai
been trpeeirleatly raled thnt any vessi
which pasne but of the three mile limit
of American territorial waters is "gi
iwg ont of the United State", or the
reverse when the vessel is entering nf
American port. He syt that this ru
lag was mad a It applies to ship
going, for Instance, from Ponton tl
New York, Or Mwwi any ether Amer"
icfan eottstwls porfa.
In sub cases then, he holds, it is s
direet violation of Section X of tin
Trading with the Knemv Act which
reads in part as folleM': "That it
shall be nnlawfnt for nrrv person to
send or take out of, or bring into, th'
United 8(tDtes arty letter or written o1
other tangible form of comniun1cHti"d
except in the regular coarse of thi
mail". I
Inter -Island Travel
DaMlually. it was upon this ruling
regarding tne entermir or iteuarture t
ships in or from the three-mile limi'
of American territorial waters which
made it possible to require truvcl p t
suits of alien enemies traveling from
one iHlaml to another 111 Hawaii.
Also it was upon the precedent rt
thin same ruling which made it "'
sible for Collector of Customs Malcol
Franklin and tbe navy department 'V.
comp.'l vessels in the inter-island trifle
to follow the -Mine regulations of ia
spection and clearance as are appliml
to all tnins-l'ucilii' shipping.
I.'veii the takintr of letters of iut'O
ductinn from a friend to -mother pet
son is barred by the law ji"verii:ir
the carrying of comniunicul ions info
or out of the United Myites. Vol
lions of the Trilling with tin- K-n ut"
Act sre punish side bv s fl'ie ( no
niori' th 11 n 4t0"(0, ni'nl mn" i oum Mit
t'oi nut more than ten or li ..th.
Appointments of Members Con
firmed But Qnly So As To.
Leavij Govetnpr a Fre Harfd ;
All of the stnrTh th'st raged otey ta
hinds of tha food commissioners In the
leidsfature are now dver, and though
the commission cme: through fhe or- .
deal intact, for its members formally,
were confirmed by the sensfe yester
dsv. lint nss hstipenad it to have jta
definite effect. Thcmgh the Special
on is through with 'matters concern
ing the food commission as n body, tt
is to corn in farintentlon from Oover ;
nor 1o "he 'McCarthy when he take ml
Wee. It has .1!) worked ont as the Oover
nor iiiiiie.i. When the imaresalon that '
he sens' imild best aid the Governor
by withholding ronflrrention of appoint-
ments of food commissioner was re- :
vnve.' sT j( pointed ont
that If this were done the rhartre ex
'sled that the onfgoiBg administration
might in its last hours appoint a food .
board, the senate acted without fur
her delay.
No reference was made tp the food
commission, in fact, yesterday when
'he appointment were acted npon. The
llrt s presented by the Governor was :
icecpted without discussion or eom--ment
and all of fhe two hundred and
thirty recess appointments made since
he 1917 legislative session wert eon
firmed in bulk.
Governor McCarthy ' oriHal plan
;n connection with' the food commie- '
iion will, therefore be eaTrW out.
This means he will personally msk an
investigntlnn of the affairs of the com
mission after he ha received the resig
nations promised b.t tbe commission
ers snd what hi Inquiry disclose will
iatermine his action in the matter of .
ipiiointments or reappointments.
There is to be ona important change
ia the method find, policy bf the food
commission, for it no longer; will be
abltf to make expenditures. All the
spending ia fatara1 for this commission
ind nil others will be in the hands af
the Governor, whsr'is to hava the di
rection of the 4200)00 war fund pro-,
vided in an appropriation. Til fund
r in addition to , the restored eon-'
tin gent fund, which for the new Oot-
etnrtr will 4150.000, or three times
what it was for former Governors np ;
'o the time that the. 1017 session took
'he f iid away from Governor Pink
ham altogether and after tying atringa
about It placed It in the hands-of .the
territorial treasurer.
Finds. His Own Goc
While climbing after some wild goata .
Friday afternoon on the other side of !
the Island, Charles Aukal, a sixtiea
year old boy of Kaaawa, lost his foot
ing and tumbled fully two hundred
feet down tha aide of the mountain. .
A'Mlai Iia aiuf. n vtl wiih Vili llfai 1i tt. a M '
ladly brtaised and eut up by his falL ' '
When coming borne from school
young Aukal spotted some goata high '
m a ridge find ttafted after thefn.'Prn-
anllv a..l'Ta.l 4a ftlu. .1 r fk 1. 1.
tud turned to come down. A he did .
. his foot (lipped and he came rolling
lown fhe ateep hillside,, heels over bead
jver tbe rocks, until he landed in soma '
thick bushes at tha bottom.
There he waa picked up by Mr. and
Mrs, H. A. Friend, who had been camp- ' .
j)g on th beach aud had watched the
HI J I I U 111 lllf 1.1 111 V ILT HHU hU B11WV-,
ug. He waa dased and bleeding pro
uanlv. his hand, back snd shouldera .
eing badly cut by the rocks. Haa .
Uillkaia hnd kmin 1-iterallv riiioed off
us ooiy.
Mr. and Mrs. Friend took the boy to
i water trough in one of (he pastures .
in Mrs. F. M. Hwanxy's place and wash- ,:
d his wounds. When he begun to ra-
over consciousness Mr. Friend put aim
ii his car and took him home.
while it wilt probaiiiy be some time
icfore Aukal will lie about again ha
RB doubly fortanats to escape front
lie fall with his life and to hava some-
.no to render tain assistance wbiM no
.vas lying In his daaed condition at
; lie foot of tha mountain.
w. a. a.
TOKIO, May 2-,8peciu! Cable to
Vippu Jiji) H. Asanu, president of th
Toyo Klsen Kaisba today made official
lcnial 1a regard to the report that
tho Teriyo MtftO it to be tuken off tha
TfonijkOiig-San Franeiseo run to bo
:iveu t6 the tilted States ut a troop
ship. A V. 9. official report under data ,
f ifit.v 81 wks aiSthirity fer tha atate
went tliat the Tenyo was on her way to
Kobe inatead of Hioftgknng tht trip
and would sail directly for H;tn Fran
im.o on her arrivhl Wt the Japane
Mr. Asano admitted that the Perais
luru snd the re!yo Msru, the former
in the tnn Franciseo line and the bit
ter on tho fSouth Ameiicuu run, ara al
ready itlidtuu a from pusAehger serv.
ice. The Heive is row oh ber way to
Honolulu wih general cargo and paa
errger. She h aehedaled ! arrive at
the Hawaiian port on Thursday. Mty
:tn. In addition to passengers ill cr
ries a graat deul cf rife for HotioJalu.
She will be the first nrmed Jspnnae
merchantman to enter the Honolulu
harbor liiiving been nripod rt Vnba
She will be turned over to the United
Stiites government on her nrrivnl at
San Francisco. The lv -ei i i smn to
',,'i,... and like di:i oi i:l. n , ill bo luide
of her.
, f .V .S. .

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