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-v- - ,
Accusations Touching His Loyal
ty Answered In Statement
To Vigilance Corpt
A general ami sweeping denial wa
made bv Senator Robert W. Shingle
yesterday in n statement, wherein he
tsya thnt the charges questioning his
loyalty, inile y J. A. Bnleh of the
Hawaiian Vigilnnee Corps, are. positive
ly without foundation of fart. Id
statement to The Advertiser lent night,
'Senator Hhingle ai.l that he had been
nrtriseyt that there i no ground foi
criminal libel in theHe charges but that
monetary damages might be rollerted
from Nalcb through legal proceeding
Imt in he has no latent ion of placing
! atiy money valuation on hi loyalty and
atriotini, thia means will not be fol
owe. I a a v in.licat ion.
. 'The denial is in answer to. n lettei
' received by Senator Shingle May 22
from the Hawaii Vigilnnee Committee
which contain charges mad by J. A
Hatch' at a hint boon of the corps helo
May 21, wherein Bnlrh charge 8en
ajoir Shingle with having placed friend
nip aliovc the duty he owed hi coun
try, when lie acted as a character wit.
nM for Oeorg Kodich, recently con
vij tl. in8nn FranH o for complicity
in. .the Hindu plots. Senator Shingle i
sdao charged with having solicited aim
ilar tentimoiiv from John Vleming in
fftvor of Koiiiek and that he tried tc
. gain personal advantage out of the re
! rganiaation of lla.kfel.l Co.
i '"Aa you occupy a high position it,
tfcta community" the letter concludes
M( desire to give you every opjor
tonitv to explain these statements. "
Only 'Character Witness
In answering thew charges, Scnato'
Shingle declared that he simply testi
(14 m a character witness for Rodiek
that he was not a witneaa for the !
,' fense and thnt the teatimony he di
give was only in regard to Rodiek':
business standing in thia community
prior to the war. Thia atatement i
supported by the stenographic repor
of the case taken at the time of th
, triaL. Senator Shingle further eald tha
if he had not so testified he would havi
been.eubpoeoae.l to do so.
Regarding Fleming's atatement Ben
aAor Shingle said:
-"t wet Mr. Fleming o the mornini
nf Ducwmber 14. I knew then he wa
lcJrTft on the Venezuela at one o'clock
on, the following day, the fifteenth, fo'
Honolulu I told him that I and r
mrniher of others were going to b
:, cMled as witnesses to, testify aa tc
fiaiHvk'a character and standing ii
' tlyaUdands, aiid I asked him what hi
' weaild aay if he were to be called a
"witneaa. He replied that he woul.
not; give Rodiek a good name, o
word t that effect. After furthe
conversation with Fleming, on otbe
subject he reverted to the Bodiel
latter, saying that he had been think
tag it over and believed that if calle.
' a. a witneaa. ho would, aay that prio
to the outbreak " of the war Hodie'
had conducted himself properly an
that his standing wae good, or word
fa that effect. Had I asked Klemin?
tu testify it would have been request
ing biiai to remain over in San Fran
eiseo at least a week. I am sure hi
will not aay 1 made such a request o
"I did not ask Fleming to become t
witneaa for Rodiek. I Bin punitive a
to this notwithstanding Fleming's as
sections. "
Backfeld Reorganisation
'Tir denying the charge of having trie.
t&3uafce personal gnin out of the r
neuuuiation of Hackfcld k Co., Sunato
Id ingle made the following xtatemen'
4,I had rt-eviously talked with Mi
John Jlumburg about the advisabilit.
ofc reorganizing and Americanizing th
Arm of HackfeM k Co. and in my tall
With him I had suggested the names o
pVo'iiiiilent business men of Houolul
wbi'W, I thought could lie induced t
buy p the alien held tmk and mis)
a "thoroughly American corporntioi
Several of those whose names 1 suggest
ed to numburg are now on the Unci
ieid directorate. 1 did not mentiou tli
name of Mr. A. N. Campbell, nor in
own in this connection. 1 did mentioi
Mr. ,A. J.U'ampbell ainl it seems tha
through the mistake of someone in Ho
nolnlu those two names Immhiiic eon
fused and it was nrroneouHlv suppnae
ttat I had tried to get A. N. 'ampbel
a place on the boar. I of directnra o
Hackfel.l Co.
"On the morning in ipicMiiiii 1 tob
Fleming the substance, of the cunver
antiou I had had with llniiilnirg o'
that aubject and ake.l him to tel
A. N. Campbell about the mutter o
kU return to Honolulu nr-kiiig him t
tell Campliell to keep it cuiili leiitin'
It was not within my proxniee to mi
lip'ih Hackfcld Co. 's affairs.
Did Hot Work For Rodiek
"I did uot work for H.i.liek. and
po itivclv ilenv that I tol.l Fleinin
to tel) A. N. Campbell that I wa
Itorkuig fr Rodiek. This diseussioi
With Huinliurg of the llm kfe'd
ter bad no counectiou eithei dircctl.
or indirectly with my tesiifjing us i
Witness in the Kodiek . a-e. I had m
iateotion of taking up nnv of the Hack
febl stock. I have uot te.eixe.l in.
did I ever expect to receive any con.
peiisntiun. remuneration or advantag
ar pin kind directly, remotely or other
wiaa for giving evidence in court.
I am free to aay that my persona
jul social relations' with Mr. Kodiei
mill hi" family prior to the entry o
the I'uited States into the war wer.
of aueh a nature that I could not witl
h.uy show of manliness or fuir dealini
dtrliu to testify as to his chnraetei
Muless there waa aome special reason
which did not appear."
AArma Loyalty
In .Miiii liisiiiii Senator Shingle sa..'
t- "Hv the filets hereinbefore stated
luiis-en that 1 bve shown thnt Mi
Marvtlou Stenach Mdl
cln and Syiuis WobuiUw
Uvar. KiJcwy nj HlJ
ter kdv- fin BIom4
Alt Ucjaetsi.
IIB-B.C-.TW ll
Surf Drives Three
Master Ashore
Near Harbor Buoy
Anchor Drags and Schooner Hits
Reef Tug Intrepid Gets Ves
sel Afloat After Four Hours
Damage Is Slight
I'onn.led by a heavy enrf, the three
masted schooner Caroline waa driven
ashore to the Diamond Head aide of
the channel entrance Sunday morning
at about half past four o'clock, and
only a few minutea after the had drop
led anchor at the outaide harbor bnoy.
After four hours of hard pulling, and
after the tide had ton in, the tug
Intrepid succeeded ia getting th ves
icl afloat nt noon yeaterday. Aa the
ichooner is taking little water, it
is believed the damage it alight, but
die ill be placed on the drydork af
'er she is discharged, for aa Inspection
if the hull.
A big surf and "either because the
inchor was too tight or the bottom
oo hard ", waa the rauae of the ground
n A of the schooner, aaya Capt. Martin
nAersnn. the master. He aay he is
ertain there waa plenty of "chain
The Cnroline bad juat completed a
twenty two day voyage from Orays
liirbor and dropped anchor when the
lurf began to drive' ner aahore. From
wenty to thirty minute later she had
tuck fast, the eaptaio Day. The first
natc of the schooner, J. Johannason,
;ives much the same explanation of the
grounding of the Caroline.
The Caroline ia owned by the Gardner
till Company of San Francisco and
irought about 000,000 feet of lumber
,o Honolulu for Lewer k Cooke.
w. . a.
Steamer Reservations For Fair
Being Taken
People on the outaide islands who
dan to attend the Territorial Fair in
Honolulu, June 10 to 15, are being ad
vised this week by the Fair Commiaaion
to make passenger reservation a early
is possible on the Inter-Idaud veaaeli,
s information received here yeaterday
s thut reservations already made for
oat arriving here June 8 and 9 have
ilmoet reached a aapaeity.
In fart, many will find it advisable
o come bv the- boats arriving in Ho-
lolulu be 'middle- of the week prior to
he Fair; aad if large number of
ilgbtaeer v from Hawaii, Maui .aad
lauai hope' to aee the Fair at all they
nay have to come over immediately
ifter June 1.
The Fair ' transportation committee
ndeavored several months ago to ar
ange for special steamers to and
rom the' other islands, to aecommo-
'ate the crowds, but the severe ship-
ting shortage which affects all the
vorld today is equally stringent in its
imitations of island shipping, and the
xtra facilities could not be found.
Beporti from the outside island in
dicate ,'that, transportation yacilitiea
ermitting, record breaking erowa will
isit Honolulu duriug Fair week, and
otels and boarding houses are making
rovison for their sirominodation ana
In a manner entirely at variance
itb auy demonstration that has been
eld in the city in many yeara, the Ter
itorial Fair appeala to island folk in
very walk of life and men of every
ccupatiou. It ia intended especially
o attract the farmers, large and small,
he stock' growers, the housewives whe
ire seriously interested in studying
ew ways of food saving, and business
len interested in the development of
ome industries.
It combines practical education and
vholesorue, clean amusement in new
ud novel forma.
W. T.
BKKNKi May 17 (Associated
'root I Milk at sevcu rentx u ipiart is
io dear in H itzcrlaiid t hut the coun
rv has been talking sliout little clsi
for months past, anil a general strike
s threatened if any inc reuse is at
Since lust summer the tttute has been
laying the cost of the lnt increase.
mow the farmers in!! on h further
nci-ease to about nine cents a ipiurt,
ind it is doubtful whether the State
reasury can afford the expense. The
Socialists suy they will call a general
itrikc if the price to consumers is rais
d. The milk producers suy they will
itop all supplies unless they arc ullow
id to charge more.
Unleh 's eoncluKMin t ute-trlutclv uitl
mt foiiniiutiou. I iIiiin tliut I liuc ut
lbv time placed fnen.Nhin for Kodiek
ir counted the iiliie of money ahc;id
if my duty to my .- u n t r .
"Whether called ns it wituens under
ubMeuu or testifying voluntarily, in
dther case 1 would, of course, Imve
;een obliged to tell the troth us J sh
t. I honestly liel.ied that no one
who had hud biiNine-s ri-liitions will)
Kodiek prior to tin- ar . ould hut e
said auv U'ss in In-. I m-Ii :i I f tliun I did
That is all then' i- to I lie mutter -
r us I can see Smiic ,eople mil
like the t lew thut I II I not use the
icst of judgemeiil in siting tie testi
nonv I gntc or ,ii 1,-stifiiiig at all
tVith that view I :rnnot agree inus
much as I testified ' nothing thnt I
Lil not lieliet c tu In- 1 1 lie
'1 strenuously i.'-.iil ;iu and nil .ni
ut ut ion that h.i- l i-n iiunle unainst
iv lotalty to m v - hi u I r v . nr to t lu
ffed thut I Iiiii- 1 1 1 :i 1 1 . or iuteiolcl
i iniike. Hilt , ei -in, ni udtiiiituge or
rnlit out of the ItudieU .ll-e or tile
revrgautatiou ol 1 i a . k .-1 I A Co. "
Applicant For Final Citizenship
Papers Had Five Years'
To Act and Did Not x
Waiting thirty-three, yeara to try aad
become an American tiHrew sajH-onaa -A.lolph
V, f. ;Cotabrl,' kla4tiiT,fs'
(lermany and aa employe, p( 1 Hack
feld and Company, td wait teverat year
longer before hi deferred wlah i ifemlr,.
ir.ed, aa he Mcertained in no. uncertain
terms yesterday morning in? the fed
eral court.
Constabel ' petition . for naturalisa
tion was dismiased by Judge Vaughan,
with direct and pointed brevity, after
the court had Informed the applicant
that he might have another chance to
try and change his eitisenship, after
"the (termaas are licked." For the
benefit of the applicant and his witness
es, also of Teutonic nativity,' Judge
Vaughan threw in the Information that
the defeat of the German waa cer
tain, whether it came this year, or
two or three year from now.
Kcause of the naturalization regula
tion which makes It .impossible for a
citizen of a country 'with which Am
erica is at war to become naturalised
during the war period, Constabel was
told his petition eould not be granted.
The Herman then wanted to have the
petition passed so it could be acted
upon immediately after the war was
This the court refused to do, with the
gratuitous exclamation: "I do not see
why I should do thia Why even sol
dicrs of the American army have had
their petitions dismissed under similar
conditions." Then Judge Vaughan
turned to the federal court clerk and
said: "The petition Is dismissed." ;
I'p until th beginning of the war
-ith Oermany Constabel has had nearly
five years in which he eould have peti
tioned for his final paper, but did not
do so until after the war started. It
is seven yeara since he filed his declara
tion of intention to became a citizen
and he eould have applied for hi final
papers any time after the first two
years was passed, up until April A, 1017.
Now Constabel will have to wait
until the war is over and then wait
two more years before he can again ,
file s declaration of intention to become
a citizen. Ninety days afterward he
can petition the eourt to grant him
citizenship, if Germans ae still allowed
tn become naturalised after the war is
over. I
jr. s. . ,
Whether Maui will go dry
1, or whether the agony will
out for six weeks or so longer, may be j
loft for the liquor men themselves to J
lecidc. There is now a VkjeLihood
that the liquor commissioners may res-1
cind their previous intention of re
fusing to issue., any licenses to sell
'iqnor oo Maui after June 30, and may
renew the permits ef the present deal
ers if any of them care to have them.
This new phase of the situation
brought about by theVnssage lust week
by the congress of a bone-dry prohiol
tion law for Hawaii, which' will go
into effect for all the Islands 90 day
s.fter the President signs the act, or
orobablv the latter pnrt of August,
That the extra time be given the deal-
era to dispose or meir stocks on nana
Wlin less i lineillioou or serious i mas, was
'Uggesieu Hi ineiliiu ui ur iitonw
board held on Wednesday. Maui New.
lfl nruocrv nCCCDC
IAL Utmrdtl UrrtriO
CHICAGO. May ll-With w
lard fulton tlglit calleil otr, Jack uemp-
sey jumped into the iimeiignt toaay
oy cnauenging n iimm io a ngui or
sparring exnuiuion ror tue i.enein ui
the soldiers at ( amp (irant or
lacnins wmu, ..asr..
fers to make it a tight so he has
chance at the clinmpionship.
w. i. a.
NEW YORK, May . Hourless, a
leading three year old on the Ameri-j
icun turf lust tear, will not race again,
it was aniiouui-cil today by his owner,
August Belmont. The thoroughbred will
be sent to Mr. Helmont 's stud farm
near Islington, Kentucky, for breed
ing purposes.
DFJ.CoIlis Bravnefe
Tne ontCINAU
Acts like a Cnrm i
tha on. tfpetific in
Th! or, , r.llltl.s In mWVMLClA, OOWT, HBUMATIoM.
I , c iif M Mi 1,1
. ..J lU,'..'i! t3.
n.ri i;r,M i hi j3
Rescue Is Slow and Passengers
Struggle Hard In Boiling
Surf Near Lahaina
. Throw's lnr,1j Lolling Surf when
theia .Uiat.IiaawjlVp'1 a big
hreVW.' aftat nrt KJIMnttm, of ,I.aha .J
ina, Joseph F. Pfrrao, of Honolulu, nod
Oshiro Pan pet;, of Honolulu, escaped
death' a,hy a mirscV , a week ago last
HntarcUy ..night, reports the Maui News.
, , The near tragedy occurred off the
1 shnloa landing), sjtanst at the Identi
cal place where two Uvea wer lost in
like manner Just tare yeara ago. The
victims of th accident were passen
ge'rs of the Inter-Island Hteamer Ma
una Kea, and were coming ashore In
one of the ship boat at the time.
Desides these Just named there were
five other passenger In the boat at
the time, but - they managed to cling
to the tbwarta of the boat until it
righted itself.,. They were Ben Wil
liams. I'uonene; K. C. Mellor, Wailukn;
John O 'Konke, Honolulu; -George M.
Collins, Honolulu, and H. I.erake. Hnno:
lulu. . .. ' i -
Ail the. member, of the bont's crew
except t w.. went overboard when the
bont careened. The mirf carried the
swamned boat rapidly shoreward leav
ing those in the water struggling for
Iheir lives; ,
Rescue Ia Slow
For somf renaon yet unexplained, it
nas a very long time before the pas
sengers in the water were Anally pick
ed up by a 1oat from the ship an'
brought ahore. . There were two boats
from the uhlp already at the landing
and onlv 150 or 1!00 yards away, but
they did not 'go to the rescue. It is
stated h persons on the Innding st
the time, that it' was between half
and three finarter of an hour after the
nrcidrYir before the victims were finally
landed. ' i
How they managed to escape beinf
drowned in the battering breakers if
hard to explain. Mr. Bruss is n gooi
swimmer, put encumbered as she '
with clofbindr she was completely ex
hfttisted when help finally arrived. Thf
Japanese PamDei. was' also able to
Passenger Hurt .
Durao ia not a swimmer, and he
suffered most severely of all from the
accident. . The fact that he eould toner
ibottom between waves, gave him thr
conrage. he aaya to keep up the flgh'
until finally rescued. In being pitche
out he waa slrue.k by1 the .side of thi
boat sustaining a broken rib and i
severe contusion of the right leg
. ff. B.
To Be Ineffective
If ft' 0.' Bnrtlett, foriner1 president
and manager of the Honolulu Brewing
And Malting Company, who has been s
fngjtive for two wars, come back to
Honolulu, the tiovernor a action in is
suing to him a purdon designed to
-quaeh indictments charging forgery and
perjury will be questioned1' in court.
This seems apparent from the fact that
the indictments, six in number, have
not been stricken from the court cal
endar and also from City Attorney A.
M. Browu 'a comment that his office
"would be in no hurry to remove the
indictment from the court calendar."
In view of the fact that the pardon
Was issued before Bnrtlett had officially
been tri(,( Qr P(,Bvieted ot offense
a)f h wa)) nf,V(,r caught after he nafJ
, mA u,.n..l.,l.. k. DiiMriilir'l
. ,,,MionpH' no little astonishment
partirulorly in legal cirelea, though the
executive at the time contended he war
acting within the law. Other opinion
i lvancfl were that the Governor eould
I not issue a pardon for an offense that
I had never been established so far as
court records are concerned.
It . that the city attor
Dv , om,.,, iH ot in.ljued to accept
j Governor's vii-ws and that if Bart
; lf,n fom(,, hm,k nd ,rreHted, wheth
e? the -pardon will hold water will have
to j, t e r m i Tt e1 by court action.
a w. u. a.
8 AN FRANCISCO, May 11 The Hau
Diego Row ing Club haa not merely post
poned, but abandoned its annual re
gatta, which was to Have been held on
July 4. the reason being a too heavy
investment in l,ibertv Bonds to stand
the expense. The club Out $3000 in the
last Liberty Loan. For the same rea
son. the swimming meet which was
have been held there, featuring Fanny
Durack, has been called off.
C hooks and arrests
i rzvE.i, cnbup. ague.
Hie Lett .'.toted known for
asthma, brokchitis.
m-iMrar otimi" i i
I J T, DtSsrT, Uu . U o, SE.
s ted ffh rnir I ISLAND VOLUNT
'rnAHnrp omiiri i p MiToiin i m nnnp i
1m 50-jafd Dash In 30 1-5
and Goes- Over , 40 yard
Back Stroke In 30 2 5
STOCKTON, California, May S7
(Associated Press) In . the Paeifle
Coast ohampioaehtps held here yester
day Mis Frances Cowell In active
competition sprinted over . the fifty-
yard distance tn 30 1-8 seconds. . Aha
also swam the 40-yard back stroke in
30 2 5 seconds. ,
Here is some Coast swimming dope
of Interest, to all fan of aquatics:
bain (BABtiuw, May it in tna
place of Mrs., Mary Chamberlain, who
wna to manage and train Fanny Du
rack, Kathleen Durack left Bydaey
eaterdav with her sister swimmer and
Vfina Wyhe, who swim second to the
hampion in meets in Australia.
The party will arrive hero on Jnne
5 and make aa entire tour of tha Unl-
ed Ktates, swimming In practieally
very Important eity on the map.
On the day of June IS, Han Fraa
iace wilU welcome practically every
rirl iwimmer of any prominence in
ompotition with the famous champion
t a meet at Neptune Beach. -The
arrival of the swimmers wiU
mean much to the rimming gama
ind stimulate new interest in women's
etivities in water sports.
There will be a meeting of all girl
wimmers interested in the P. A. A.
dices in the 1'helan building on Thnrs-
lav evening to discuss the matter of
ntertainment for the visitors while
thev are in Han Francisco.
Satfe Stacker to Tach
HANTA CB1T2. California. May 15
VCiss Ruth Htaeker of Hawaii, who .
pent a few days here with her rein-
:ive, Mr. and; JJra. Kelly or waiaut
A venne. has accented a noaitloa a
swimming teacher at th summer school
it the University of California for .
this semester. I
Durack leaves Sydney this afternoon
n the Oceanic, liner Ventura. This 11 .
he famous swimmer's first trip to the!
far off America. Many times have tour .
teen arranged and lust as many time I
ave thev fallen through, and it i with
much eicitement that Fanny board the I
liner today.
She eaves with everv world swim-
-ning record from oil yards to a mile,
nd it is a question as to how many
i .,, v l- : . L. U .a tTB
lie w u i r M r I y - uaca. wnn iii. u Hur.-
iouably Miss Durack is the greatest
nil most consistent woman swimmer
in the world, and while the ArnerUa
iir have come within fifths of seconds
..f some of her records, they have not
vet been nble to break tbem. Nor has
Miss Durack equalled her greateef
sprint record sine making them, eome
four or five yeara ago. Both the M
and 100-yard records were .made ia
1913 and '14, and Mis Durack ha not
come within a second oi inese mart
since then. Olga Dorfner and Dorothy
Bums both have come close to these
sprint times, and aome great little
struggles are expected whea the swim
mer meet.
WIU Also Tour East
A touV of he Kaat is being arranged
before th. Australians make track for
home. Thia news was received official-
ly by William Vnmack in a letter from
A A t .u.
O. O. Merrett, one of the minit promi-
liriUl 111 fill LVi B ui HH7 AUDiiMinu w "
U.. ..t 1. a iaiwilinin Man fan.
ming Council. Merritt stated that Fred
tl nr . a . J V I
Kubieu, secretary of the A. A. U.J w.
Doyle, president of the Metropolitan
Association or tbe A. A. L ., ana uiif
Wthale. a recognize.) authority on swim
ming in the Last, constitute the com
mittee in charge of arrangement ror
the Eastern trip.
Commencing with June 16 there will
be swimming ruces enough for every
one and if this does not develop new
tars and wonders and if records won't
fly sky high there will be something
seriously wrong. Every girl swimmer
jf note will have all the competition
and all the trips and traveling she 1
looking for. The Durack party will, ar
rive June 5.
w. 8. a.
iii cin rnnitMcnn
in OH Is rnMHVIdVrU
niv FSANrrsm v.v 13 Luav
- i - j -- 0 w a. a
Langer, or rather, Sergeant Ludy Lan-
gr of the National Army, arrived UWETA SCOV PICKING
San Francisco on the U. H. 8. Baahwu) tciii CAB Cs
on Saturday morniug, en route to Camp
Gordon, (leorgia. I .anger received hia I
training at Schodeld Barrack. Uaau,
and three days after completing hi
ourse received orders to proceed to
Camp Gordon. With sixty-two com
rades from the same camp the Los An
geles swimmer will leave for the south j
tomorrow evening. I. auger applied for
cave to visit his mother in Los Angeles,
ut bis re.picst with those of several
.her boys ya- denied. . .
iiermuii vou nou, wuo rwiuau.eu iu
Yale football and water nolo team in
!Ml!-!lrt. is with the croup. : I
w. g.
DKH MOINKH, Iowa, May fi r
Mayor Fairweather, owner of tbe local
Western League club, suid today that
t . - 1 L. . ............ . 1 .. .. u. , V. . 1 . . V. M
. ui tuv urnriii o l Irani, luv r.kuw wmu.u
r,,.au in the De. Moines Instead of
being transfetred to Peoria, Illinois, as
had bee contemplated. , It, was said
lUue large atlendance at yesterday
f game influenced the decision.
DE8 MOINKH, Iowa. May 10 With
the usaurance that the local chamber of
commerce would assist in increasing at-
tendance ut games, Mayor Thomas P.
Fairweather, owner of the De Moines
Western League baeb.ll club an-
nouncud today that th team would
remain here, abandoning tbe propoeel
to transfer it to Peoria, Illinois.
Washington - Blanks Detroit I
Sunday Game played In
Capital City v .
. ' ' Tt W. . It. Pet.
New York'. S8 8.1 , o, .7l
Chicago . ... 2 81 11 ..Wfl
Cineianati . ....... 'S7 81 16 . .W8
Pittsburgh . 29 liV 14 .617
Boiton 38 18 19 .406
Philadelphia . . . , . SO 12 18 .400
Brooklyn . ........ 33 18 21 .34
fit. Lou! .....34 18 21 .3A4
TaaUrday'a Betfnlta
At Chicago Chicago 6) New Tork 1.
At St. Ixiuls St. Lonl 8, Brooklyn
1. -
At Cincinnati Philadelphia 4, Cin
einnatl 8.
At Pittsburgh Boston vs. Pitt,
burgh, no game; Bund ay. .
T, W. I Pet
Boston 3.1 21 18 .B.lfl
New Yorh 38 1 14 .!WJ3
Chiengo 20 IS 14 .817
CleyeUnd . ... 35 18 17 .914
rt. T.oriis W) 18 IS .500
Philadelphia . , SO. 13 17 .433
Washington 83 14 19 .424
Detroit . ..... 26 10 16 .389
Yanterday'a Xaaalta
At Washington Washington 4, De
troit 0.
At New, York New York 9, Cleve
land 3.
P. W. I
Halt Xake .'
. Bocrtjment.o
: Vernon . . .
. Oakland
Ran Fraaeiseo .
Yesterday' Kestttta
At Oakland Vernon 2, Oakland 1
(morning game); Oakland 2, Vernon 1
(afternoon game).
At Loa Angeles Los Angeles 10
Ban Francisco 3.
At Sacramento Macramento IR, Sail
, Lake 0.
I Wild Kamor In 'Frisco
BAN IBAflUBW, Alar 17 Home
I , . 1 . 1 . .1 . . . 4 . ,
ikmit ,nan siariea a wuu rumor ion inr
Beam are going sign up ".noway
1 Vlllfi . m. hi h ..rivml Trnm PV
. ..-,.- mi . . . . ... ...... p.A .
to mtcome a sauor coy at Mare isianu
If such a, thing could be brought abou'
i would indeed be a aou,ree of harfpl
aeaa. .Hut it so hfcppenn that "Rowdy"
la tha property , of the Chicago Cubs and
mera isn a roance in tne wona vo
ntlUa nt aervicea, ir player in uncle
. pawn tservice now, awuoneq in in is
eightorhod could be aigned tip 'for
tne-' Bears, .there would be considerable
baseball club cavorting at' Recreation
Park', . Far instance.' .George Maisel
. wouldn 't look so worse In the Ban
1 Franelseo outfield. Nor would ' Ear
I Hamilton look so badly pitching foi
'vs.- But there U nothing doing. As fo.
Pel Crespi, he can pitch for the Heal
l wnen ne nas an nwniiwii ou iroin un
'? ! ire"idio- ut h?"
'en' Z0" ' 'P"'
"Vm n ,T5, .,, , ;ftx
Mailer pulled off a n.lr of nif t,
catches yestrrdav. In the fourth innini
n m
i . j ., IaaLsiiI in. A aa n i iu i 4
VCIl UUi. UI W UBl ijjb I iw an ' '
Chief Johnson Found
Chief Johnson is with us once again,
His suspension has not been lifted; but
he ia out in uniform working to get
himself Into condition. Io all probabili
tv he will be ready to pitch within i
few davs and if he rau satisfy Charlct
Graham of his Intention to be good, wr
will be restored to good standing.
'While the Heals are lowing with un
haDDV regularity, Charley Fragam
migntily pleased with the showing hb
Ditching stnff is making. He beKevei
that if the outfield eouid'be strength
ened up properly he would have a rea
penanteer, for every other department
ia stronu. In the past two or three
weeks there hasu 't been one baill.
pitched game, llsum, Beaton, Smith
i jventieuucr mm o im "
Kr . i i . ' I I 1 .. L.
.splendid form. They have lost games
0UIV necause mcy naveu i a run ...numg
lub, behind them
Hcov. physical director of the Worn
an's Athletic Club is working mighty
hard with her picked team who are to
swlnt against Stanford on May 25. Miss
Beov t banking on Mildred foiloK ior
tbe long distances and Margaret u;
ia the sprints.
w. . a. xi
i UUAK I tKMAd I tit bUnrw
CHICAGO, May 7 Richie Mitchell
, lightweight boxer of Milwaukee, en
Mated in tne quanermasier's aepari
ment at the QreattLakea navkl trainin
station today and will report, next
week. Leo ("Joco") Hartford, former
ly with the Chicago American League
enlisted as a machinist today
, , . ii.iW.H ....
, . . , IfttMJ vnsiaf
ban DIF.OO. Mav 9 Eddie McLar
arr. and Jo Oolindo battled four rounds
Tq a draw decision last night at Dream
I ,!." Al Oraham easily beat Kid Julian
. l - .i.- M.nift-fiiifil l'rhmmaries result
edt Soldier Lily vs. Sailor Burke
draw; Stanley Thompson vs. Kid Shy
rock, draw: Jimmy Ross Knocked out
Red Crow. The Julian Hhryock dec!
aiou evoked a storm Of hisses, th
crowd yelling for Bhryock.
, ,
HONOLULi, iron WORKS 00.hU.
chinery of every description made t
-'. t V
Will Be Drilled Until Day of De
parture Comes ; ,
The detachment, ef Hawaiian volun
teers for the United FHatas Kngineers
have leen Unlisted and are new in uni
form at Port Hhafter. Tbey were or
rlered to report yesterday and will be
drilled nntil it is time for. ..them to
leave the Islands. , ' . .
Th" Island volunteers number about
Ifty, almost all below draft sje. The
number would have been almost half
again as large had it not been for the
order from Washington prohibiting the
induction into federnl aervlee of men
who ronie within the draft age limit.
A number who had sipplled for indue
tion to the engineer we're 'shut hnt by
this order.
It waa expected that the volunteers
would leave Honolulu early la May, but
hi Id leave Hononun eany ia May, dui
'k ef transportation prevented their
partnre. Many of the boy had glv
up work and some bad come to Ilo
en n n wor
aoltihi from the other island en the
importation of a speedy departure to
tne Coast. A their departure wa de
aved their funds ran out and ome
were becoming decidedly hard up. The
government haa now put them on the
array pay roll so that their only worry
a ill be to get over tne wiot idu
the Hun. .
Castle &Cooke,
m i Plantation Company
... . . . ui
WailnKn Agricultural io ura
Apokaa Sugar Co., Ltd.
Kohala Sugar Company
Wahlawa, Water Company, Lto
Fulton Iran Works, of St. Loo is
Babeoek Wilco fompany
Or sen's Fuel Eeonomlser Comiao
Cha. C. Moors k Co., Engmeera
Don't spend all you earn, the
road to riches liea in spending
less'than you earn, and inci
dentally you do your Country
a service. -Start a savings'ilc
count with us and make vour
money earn
Corner Fort and Merchant St.
from Montreal to Liverpool,
London and Glasgow via the
and St. Lawrence Route
By the popular "Princess"
Mteamers from Vancouver,
Victoria or Seattle.
k'or full information apply to
Theo. H. Davies & Co. Ltd
Oenl Agents, Canadian-I'aeilic By Co
. Commission Merchants
Sugar Factors
twa Plantation Co.
Waialua Agricultural Co., LM
Apokaa Sugar Co., Ltd.
I'oltou Iron Works of St. Luui.
Blake Steam Pumps
Western Ceiitrifugals
Rabcock & Wilcox Boilers
Oreen 's Fuel Kcoujiniaer
Marsh Steam Pumps
Mataon Navigation Co.
Plauters' Line Shipping Co.
Kohala Sugar Co
Iasued Tuesday and Friday
i Kutercil at tbe I'ostoltice of Honolulu,
T. IT., a secniiil-class matt(r)
Per Year j.0u
Per Year (foreign) ... , 1.00
Payable Invariably Iw hV'auo

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