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ItAWAlUm GAZETtR "TRt DAY, 'fAYl ,1918. fiMVWEOCI.Y, ' ''.r
fi ii ti i ill
jawH' -lfV---MN 'TNI-, sr;-
i i ' '-A
lti.k I: V. V "S X-i ' ' t I. - i
- " i mm . . O .. a.4 . ' ., .".,..,,' ,' . ' ' 2 " """ '
v a mull . mi-v i miner
uuun.i uuiiiinuLu
m hn riinrtCT
s musi iow
Take What
. .....
Shipmontt Fir Hwith",.Better
Than Hoped But Still Far Suggestions For . Land Legisla
Below ftNeeds jdJ, Islands ;, tion Will .Presumably tome
Emui (mUm lnt n1 tint
iarkw f r. ifca rtv S. h,- rrom Legislature s nas d.i
month but hvn by no iwiik ke fa-' 1 iOUQni
rttti the utpt trf Mi nitta in 1hc "
timrftrrf tt' Wb therti' tmpnt ,tff to fa.w ituMt -on . whirh
tit mics'r mi Nrfnd WaiHiff' ilhim-M i- thej cannot but have twen m ) -t '! i u h I
r.x-.-ivr.l by the h imping bonrl, whieli j for long tiin past, The Iomh of on.- (
will vi-ry likely b next week, it will j nrvpnTli of their ru jtnrwin urn- !
tonni thn or hin 125,000 " j thMO'h h.aiioaiidmg. Tli. ii effort I
'T witg W-rmMt. j it.latioo wki,h will riml.L.
tu. ke pregpni month there harp I :
.en..r wili keen, awed between f kn up f eujar r.M.-n.,n u.
4."),H0(i anil "30,000 hraii of -anRBT. Wean i ilcirci-in tliiw war tuue d4'art
time the output of the Ifllaniln in one lo have faiie-1 at tins p.'ial M-iioii
whore about 80,000 to 90j000 tonB a j of the. legislature, 'l'heir (ikpoim u-j
nynutli. In April the Siirar Tactors out jimanve ureusurew, HeniKne,! to keep up:
turu was wore tliaia tiO.OOO tons, to pnliu-t.on iand iu aun'h leenen nu.el
IIOl If 'Wl MV.. f'MI . . .J.....f - "
To the M7.000 ton, that tin baixl I the Hituatiuo x.ema to hinf iiuely
the flrt of tliiii ntonth there will have I upon the outcome of the visit of .- ip
to, be added the difference in produc tun of Interior Lane an. I it is ap
tion over nhipmentii. I parent that already there w ill be a
J'lentdtionn are now taking eare of deertaoed a.-iw.re of mita r anotlii-r
their own trouble ia aommulated au- ' year. I ulees loiunthiug m iIiiik.-, h.i ar
finr. rian ara announeod which will ; raugemeiit made between planters and
irive i added ntormge capacity of honieHteiiilers or nnle.H fhe homenfead
lOHjo tm in Houlnla 'but that will' law lie rejiealed or made inopeniti e
not coBiujeufe to raeet teniiremeatn. . during the 4t40(l of the wur, further
Condition are ahowm to aome extent rilxtuktaxn "' aerf age pHr inevHabte.
by reMirt of the Inter-Iind Hteani Course la Block 4
Xaviation Company whiuh re bain ; There ia an old aayine " Never erost (
iii(j to imdiide a ur 4tHn, " rugar at the river liatll you fet to it," on I
Hill.'.' In the rejior(t publiehed on Hun j hirli the planter anij the governnieet f
dnv mofuinjf tbii in lm? tinned 1b two ap(ieur to hare been artini. It may.
imitaiarea. Th Jota't figupea for the by a good aiaximUia But the army wjirh '
Big liraim iii thait refiirt were 34.515.1,1,,, not make arangement to c-nm- '
eat .month eondttivim ara expeeted the river before it advance to tiiei
th be w'oVie ra'thea thaEn. bettor beeanae hunk of the atreuni-loen not ;tt very
of rte expected larpe'infiraaitea ill hip far. ' "
aVeWt rtf eaitne(T vns, Tt 'having been; The ugr plantPM have reached the
aujjd oine ."time ago thart dre canned ' river and at thia'jteaidon of the legialn
pifie ,are a ., armt anfl navy ration tore nought to fljro acr n pontoon
aiul hence a war .epnential, they are to bridge. The "arret) t hn been too
Ijp tnoveil fiftr-ftfty wirh nnfar. Of atrone, thev fiiid their ix ntoonw awept
5 lO.factort in wigar pruducti
Xiihu4 ?Th. picture w a mapped When-the fivt were on n
automobile trio toeethcr. Reading from lef. to rtght are Kobert A. McKeague. head overseer
f Honolulu Plantation; EAward K.;BuU: toanag r of Oahu Sugr Company; George F. Rentorv,
-nan2r of Ewa PlanUtion; Jami Gib6,' manag r o.' Honolulu Plantation, and Edward Worthing
n. head luna -of Oahu ugar Company. j.vi, f tt,'.?,
a. if ' --
... :
- w . W-V-v. ;th'yMrt ''-V I
'..- . r-' wv r, .. ...... . - V ' ' '. V .
IIH I I I'M 'I '1' I f 1 I I I J - '
i , r- n . . . W - . k W I 1 . ..... J
Rates Mav ' 1 . s.Dcnco
Rates May
n r v nrjprs ii"rn :t : w ya,
.... . .wr.e r'-J-u; ' ... .a. '
- . l la. r ' a pi ei w r pvmn i invaa n m a
im nnTUAM
UL ILIl 111 uuiiimn
That Cfime "Close To" Meet
ino of Demands For Time
Question of Where Product Is To 1
Be -BeTiried Lrtiws "Ware Im
portant TOJnflurV;Wtth..TflrJ NEwmknTv:Mt(wT I.,.r
: heMRate Boosts Ordered fiyl ofHwrifrrTBriitsforibr
Vlrrlnn " '",." tl lnterna'tionalirugar eommitte for
a -:.-, '"VA . 4 (1 e erek uner evw wu wigntiy
big loa to Hawaiian ahljipart If ihaUr Lrrreat, 20,000 ton of Torto Kieoa aud
outpUtrl t go U'taiEat ttnyttrfcgilap,,roilmately 3,500 totia of ban Do-
like thn.uaflMrltieaiyJu.t wllt "
6tigar ia lta lue of May 11.
The total parrhaaM of Cuba for
May 'ahipmeat are adw in exee of
4 01 (V.1 ,M.i 'JM - 1 -.H--Ur AfHUt.
i IdnUga which it la xpoVted llu rW
mittee will arrange lor to rover May
purcttaaea. "If la'expeefeJ .by the trade
nutchjia jht fcaA edAial T the volume
recorded for thia week will be arranged
will M 4mralair U aMrWianU fMaa
hera atill remain in an unsettled eon
M far -the tmly iwwhtfb lotai
nhlfpara ve al to Vhert thetr profloet
i to bo rvflned ii th bare' alatemelH':
A that the'aick t!.(ii(t'epneHe ar'to
handle 11 that they can. Up to May
4, the Kaat'-haa ree eived' tinlyVliOX).
ton. and if" it waVa to ricivi itl tu-J
proportion of the crop there would" have
to be "moved p vei fa nd
ip tn .ifet'Ul'.to eome, and that the total
TirTrcBB oT 'Cuba for JMay wtll pa
thrf 3tW,t00'on mark, the conenii of
tloe to
I T l)Pnn.lred j opinion beingtha they will be tli
9a tbl the Xralgh j ?.Wfl mh. 1 1
two and ft balf 4 'Th. -'aWpfrlDgalirfatlon' oilnfl
hnHani1 tr-nai mnr- fim
wohld be atora than two and ft balf ' TW Mpfrlpg alirfatlon ''ilni(r to
million "dollar. . -. " HV oat ravorabre, am a a, areany vonime
WAMrnNQTAN, May The era-.l Ing that' Hhe laborer wer not aaflafiod
...t.. - Vith' bota 'their wage and general
Porno Mieo -waaakted ff PrwWerrt WH- . -. .. who i rat,
Mm tolley by tama'l Owitper, prewl- Vm antfdirted from ICentusky by Pre
dent f rh vAmi1cnn t'eoemtion of Went MttAri la 101 for a fom year
r.i.bor. Thia Aeveloriment 1 mn aftwr- term, whMi' .baa eiptred. Contrre,
A.tk ..?ak.M'..r tli.t lika uVli. : KViVativf HrtXmled tbv term urrtil a
miitu ,K..r iji aIkivi the hane And awn.- ami thav Ar(t All th htthr ail). . . . . 1... ... .L.. '.. . ' . ,' . - I 1 ' ivt : ..
......... .... , ..... aanntrin iirePt erqp enon pe- wnccpnr aiionin oe pnuneu. :tu ,u-
.aonle poeeibitrty of unexpected arrival- f the atream w ith the preeu cane Held. (wn WaJi fcbor add Vmployftra timatlitAi obtainable mt to w hat ne
of vessel ent by the shipping boafd 0n the orher i xt1n'1lrW4llidnioaa ia th; tW.i 'JrW-deUt will 'take on1 Mr.
wninn may aeip .10 expeaiee n-m. mere are anoui .-.i.miu wre unaer ol :.iHlutrV: OomTiera',,roMieftt. .-JT Ma! not Hkely,
. t. . ... AMKMAft:JLA Urtfl.nn( ih aaa -. 1 .. u tte . V n -. I.l.il. ....I . . I ...... I . . ..... . . i I , 1 . . . . . . x
rtrSarcrnar fffnt h OovartlclT . Itlfonlrli 'Thai tj will "B any aioii in
uUtw-iOompera, ' in ;bU; latter W' We. "'t. jhntte.tinin"the"trtted StaWha-t
ur wTU-.Tor ronty, rooara. vduikcb ii rrpurw,
be far frtint ,l"5.flj00, tona bot - ar 'kiro.ruee'" 'rop ti makea about ; fsiJeht hari'e'd the itiovrttar
iri,.TOO aere produeing annually. Aaout BWm(H.trtee ' V bhitrllint' 1 the"
It i hardly probable that Anything
like the usual percentage of Ka"ittrit
adgar will be ahtpptfl thirf year:' Wbt
eongestloa ia rem aetata thara aray be.i
shipments made. The oily'teriof for
the local planter uaAVir thttrctiBl
atanaea would "bo, to Irfce prfcctiealty
all tf the Uiwaliaa 'fcrop refined In
the Kciflo Coast tatoa and Patera
t- w. a. a.
C'.'l, ..... ir:i.k w . it ....
, ; , , ijuaoaiirianiers Are
Planters j.nnTinenT liovftrnmeni iv .
or tlieco jrommoiuiiea. wrjnonr toee . oiltrivation m pane ta tneee lsinnn ami . gj1(irBt; jaaJtait Ihe Qoramdt
the ngar' en hand by Jnly 1 will .not" iftake more than twenty -one month j .jomifa. ' in" bU' lottet
ii;ta--hrrj:wMb.-an the mworVt. t,bv, ,,,.,. pvon ft defer-'
d, hM dlared imrar,rofler red classification.
la lettering liv-;,Voort.Mtt if til-o poMid Out that ov- , w..t thp m,,,,;,,,,,,;,,,, of the gtiard
warketa there.' , erftor ngeV le vel fd'1 tifftrd tfrora jf jh ,lirT,.r(,n, The expectation i that
Will Do All Possible To
Avoid Hardship
Hawaii awaita news of the moTirlUv
ttoa of the guitrd and of the draft nf
which announcement- bns hcMi mitde ' U&y Uq fieatfjrfe ' jbtQ& :4j&HTi
I . i. i I mau r. n ... .i ..I unv lint TVi a 1 J " V
augar industry is not intejeHtad so much
Jh tlth draft ,aa in the moblhcatlfin or
the jruard since under the draff platita-
ene acre in every seven i Bovernment
land which hns been cultivated uil..r ,
''leaae. '
Tlanters CTrje Care j
Tt i. I l.v ),- i.l nlr. H.ut tli..
nnLT. OiJlDUl r IP . JS-eaur. whi.-h fiiiled in the houee mi
lirrllpll Anlr r Jllll' the mensm,- ever offered to the
IlLLULU U14U4 1HU "homest. a.l. 1't is said that if he
i planted hi. land in cane he would have
1 to wait t v.' :ns for a return so thut
Htntrrto'n on ' the -iHtihd
rib hnd retuaed 'to hid
!u J .. .. ...llA'-J.... J. Al.l.
111 eoniliiwim in me iwhv.ti;b iiinm. y i.i.i .v. .o V t i i i (1 1 II ere II t . Itie CXI
Tlie demand Tor The Governor re- ann tnst ni repiy 10 ine narirea r.-o- ,he fir.t rt inlP. will , flrHt mnbilii
moval TolloWed closely the, Uppeantnee ably will rfliirTply eonfraBicf the fciuon (( f M i)t (i(im. thnTf if btttth.
of rlanriagd Iglesia. vniolt 1hbor lemrler labor etfntHhtlOns. jBia' wJ. '" H.in that hn I i raised in the planta
in I'orto Kleo, aud F. C. Roberta, apee- pe.-ted to l that life- reofla knnde f. ()f hu jsHlM Th ,d hm
. . . . . . i . . i : ' 1 . ... . . ..jl'l!. IkAjUtfiu k ... y
int agent OT tne iwpanmenr oi iiuor oy nrnor lgirmu ino mi- t raipj ollt Hn,i t,
before the Tnitea IKthtes XlOwr Volley ioonanie and ,unwrranteo ar. mi ,p (hH( uiui (i HfT(
Offered In New YorttFw Lower
Hates- Are 1 Obtainable 4ml
Competition Has Arisen
of, raw from both t uba and Porto Rico,
W HOW eoWUlf, weKiy to tnia maraei
WhhAit - iotprrnption. v ' Arrimla "-lur-ing
the preaent week have been again
heavy' and 'fcave" enabled the refiner to
tftCTeraMr-iiTettrligB. n.a c.nsidera
hW margin. It is now apparent to the
trade that) Hi no fr 'a. the West Indie
tramsprtTtfttion' VHdatirm I :oorrnoil
the outlook i HceeiJingly bright for
fhe balance'oftbtK month and for ilnfiie.
ft'ia Ttfrther Intimated' "from authorita-
J.tiye. aotircea that dquate shipping
facilities to Wove ftettcr Tnan .wkmuhi
ton f raw 'per-Bsoirth to i;atrn and
Southern refining point will lie pro
vided Viy the -Mripping Hoard Tor' a fbn
slcterable' forther rrod, at resat long
enouirh to safeinianl the sugar supply
'trf the eountry'for the year.
OanerU tatprovwment
4Al!ontined laiprovenrent in the gen
era,l augar situation is again reflected in
the ktatiirtie Issued by the Internafiou
ftT Boghr" Committee "eovering reflning
operations for the week ending May 4.
"fires 'fliro re ahbw that the meltings
3 bf-llre wntfee Country ftff fhi week total
9ifv9 lona aa enmwrvu win iivi
KfW V0KflaV "U-X. ,VuirVe4-
.5;' Itona -for the'irtvtdns week. Meltings
at Eastern ports were 64,:t.IO tons, an
.11 nan i " . i iai.1 n lui a ml u B ovi irnii ....... . . ..w 1..1. ...... r j . .
SAN JUAN, I'. R., May i -The pro " h u , homestea.led lands for pi odueers to jfive their side of the ease Those Jnmiliar, 'with labor fohdltions
. .. .. . . t.. I . . .. ... 1 11 :t. n .1 ta!.".iliJ 4m: . . .A. .1
tests inane to wasniugioij uy iunr i two venrs with the profits aoing to the at this Hearing, a tney eoniena luai in rono bipo pibtb inn
100 ,000,000' loan
broducer aud shipping inch of I'orto uovernment aud to
1 I.. I ...1 - r . . .. . . 1 . j..j;'J.. - i.a.;,.a.. ... ...:..J 4ka ItaKav
fii'n iiiiiiauir 1.1 iiiivt iiriiiiiaca-ii rriBui.Bi l ' rr . ... : v u .. .. i ..... ..i 1 lunnintur ei a nuiv 1 10 rpiii rr.n nun 1
- - " "ii i i n.aii u ii w iirrw' tin t M.i ii ii lit- iiutuLnti ui
Not only have ussurauees tx-en to- J hi.ni i, ,.urii h. f rlimkml
ha 1.. I .... ifiialinil vill . , 1 i . . j i. i . a
thia " --- I aousoii, mi a can nau open ihu oj
. . . .. it. xvi.jkn tha nf na. I . a . . a
.....i. ....v.. ....... "auuKcriuers or me ic
the other islands fuiuj for T-aymenU' tofat
srPd- ... lirti About Sutfar riDlrt.
It is suggested that after mobilization Fill Oail on Loan Fond '
ment was made bv the Ouarantv Trust J Increase of 2,H8.'l ton over the preced
Comphny of this city" during te"-e-. thg' week. "Mi'rttng t tsdfitherti ports
on behair or t ae trynmclte Ibrmen Dy
Amerieau bankers to -finance the Ctjban
"sugar prod beer, during the present "trdp
...... L.'.f.i - un Ha...tat.
"tfrnhnted So t.T-lS ton or MS tons
under those reported for the previous
wbAK. On the Thelflc ront, riieltlhgs
sHdwed aa inlreae' of 'over 50 riereeut
aoouHtri'd with lire v ions week and
Bowrfl. No attempt Was mad rjythe time. ; , , ' militia is mublllzed the other islands ..., a . .V..- ..rrifti, in nnn iwin ' .t,Ai.ia(l tn mntrt the.
I f f Ii- I 1 II . C .... 1 TJ.V.I... A m
will be even njure affected.
eeived that th
'ehilis wbuli
practise of sending xhfl w'lel,
two year expire he
w. ...I.l .CI! I... ,.. I.. uaU t.T at
Itico elsewhere to load for the return j anoth(l. (.r( i(.tiir(j reth.iv
trip, instead of permittiiiK them to , n ,ijK i,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,, ,,,, ln,.Rntima have
take ou sugar Here, win ne .nscon i , ..
tintied, but it is now announced that
" ioiiki niippinn spun- ii. iu - V" 1 k, far ,,
Amount Mot Determined
Flow much a.Mitnmal toiiunge will
be obtainod has not lieen made known,
and probably cannot be definitely (le- '
tciiuined at this trine, but proitucera
are ' anticipatnig u ronsideruld" more!
' rapid movement of tock during the
IieTt few rti mi t ti - A committee has
been appointed to coopernle wrth Ked
tral Kood Adniiiustrntur A. K. Iee,
representing the jourt coininrttee ou
Vpst Indies Transportntion, in allot
ting whatever 11 I 1 1 1 iou;il cargo spare
nay be made svailnldc
Weather coiiitttions rhrmighout the
'fulnhil n.i-ciitli Ii:.... nut ti-ii. Ii-il t.i im-
jirove the couMition of the cane, ud
iiidicut inns that the i-rop will full short
lof the first e.-ttmuti. jiie rowing
BtrOnger. It is too early, Imwevfr, o
ileteriin ne the evtent of the falling off.
Reports 't'roiii Hnnto liomiiigo iuiii
(H,te thut the crop there wril likewise
ttb htiitcrinlly re lin ed, as a result of
the extreme dr weather which has
prevailed. Cent ml in the .Maeori
fliatriet are reportel ro lie all emir liu
Isliiiig their cuiiipiiigu. About 100,00'
tons of cane in that distriet, belong
'Trig elnetlv to coloiios of Cousuelo, An-
f;elinu and f'oivemr nulls, was reeewt
y destroyed by a tire f unknown Ori
gin, Only "a HinaH portion of the ehnn
(Hild be got to the nulls and grouud
in tune to snve it.
" w. a. a.
s.niiet h nig other than his
government 'ww eiu
discomfort as muy be reported is due,
entirely to the activity of tne union
labor agents in nu endeavor to bring
about n disruption in the barmnitioti
relutions now existing between the
woikers aud employers.
Discontent Exaggerated
The bone of eontentinn bitween the
satisfactory as painted 'by the labor
leaders. An example of the progre
being mnde is the plaii feeing tnejigu
ratwl by -the Fajardo iSrigar Company
of forming a labor eouneil 'of 'its em
ploye, representatives of whom will
meet with tlie company" bfHcials and
di(ifss uiild Wettle labor problems at
.-''.- ( 1 A " 1 h a I. ..
KeeeTirt of raws Yb this wrek" for
the entire country ahowed a decrease of
18,07.1 ttfn's, due laVgely to a falling off
nieiicnii Fi-leriitioii of l abor and tlie I round table die"usidon adopted by the
I'orto Kiciin producers us reported lur to the plan recently adopted by the
the refusal of the rtaninril Oil Company, wnien nas open
to be
commented upon in labor
periled it :is se, uring far and away
m l.iir it ,,f flit, tuirtruiu r.ir it Wnlllil
reeeive aptooviinatelv a.', a too for su 'latter to attend or call n general labijr , fsvornbly
11 .... . ... ri ia.. 1 ....
car and as the avernire yield in the isl ronje. em-. i ne p.oou.-,-, ,.o.... v .umii-s.
amis is between four and five tons. thut. mule there have been strikes at
the governmei t would have refteivrd in
license fei-s f-om Jtl to "Ji. an acre.
far higher, iiianv times as much, a it ' erol
ha received under the old leaaing plan.
Costs Compared
It i. i.li.t,..l ..i,t ll.nt Iknt. wns
i.lr r.illoull.si r,,r ni '.tl t14 1 ! I,H
340.IMIH jrif, nhii h would krrow one i
cr.. a year, wnere irrvgauon is un- ,.,..,. ,,, , iu.u,lfi Hn,i;r.t. i... ,k Si.auish owned rompanie.
lu additiort to the latXir ennneil fia-
riijiiMio, nun in. i.i nu., w. .,. ,,,, """( " " merit will see that 1
other points, there hns been no gen approximately i-90,000 In housing U , ff
1 strike movement throughont the lahorers, inereaning ft hospital faelli- . tnpe., ,,,. H11L,llr
: island and no wides)read rtist'ontent. ties and Uisnrsrnce prowiHion. inn ijtii
j I.nltoi. rs in the field and faetorie pYnllv widehing the aeope of tt wel
i were voluntarily gien an inereaae of fare work. It is belie-zed here that the
he lie-'iniiing of the aeaaon and lalior conneti plan win oe up
oatMide of the reports emnnaring from , shortly bv other Amenran eomiwmes
. . r ... . . .. v. . i . ti:.i.lu
ii r 1 1 1 1 : Hstior sources, no (ivees nave dperuring in i-or.o mco hum un.
ami u time of training the plantation! whnrtlv after the syndicate was farm
workers who are mobilized into the I'.ji Wn;hlW)d'frmt 'W aMrjrfht of of reeeiuts at Kasteru urtrt from the
cuard will be L'iven furloughs and per-,' m-en-v wonhi be rotrird ceoVeY Afittl tieavV trritals of the preeeiUng week.
mitted to return to work in the enne ! advances, but it is noar annarent that .The total receipts for the week at nil
it has not been needed1 Until .t hta Ttaojatn. rffliiiilg fioint were 74,X() tons. Total
tt is expeeted in bankihg'fcitelea,'that :Bitern atid Hdnthen) tepitn amount
another earl for an additional i8,e00,000 ,.eil to 71,:i8 tons, this latler Bgure
will be issued next week. 1 . ,howing a decrease as compared with
It is understood' frrtrf'renabW Wre 7K..I0 tons for the week ending April
that the first 10rC00,Ot)0 has boon beV-1. "7r '
rowed by Inrge New York" hitret bp- R " hn.l for this week
eruting sugar properties. Cubatt iilant- showed a decrease for the first time in
ers not having New 'YorV'ebftneetiiJris '"several' weeks, and" now amonrit to tl,
"hnve not soaght any fin-aheiaTalesistanre ton as eompared with iO'i t.7- tons
frhrti the svhdieate up to date." The tor. the pree ding week aud M.l-Hton
... ".ui a ' ,i. . t for 'tlie wedk endiiiL' April Toltil
irvmin i ui inia niiun un mr pa..
fleidfrMlie auirne as it is proposed'to per
mit men in training on the mainland to
return to the farms from which they,
came nod to assist ill the harvesting of
the crops. '
Beyond doubt when draft and mobil
i.ntion conies the siigur industry will
Tcel the effect of it and will have to
adjust itself to condition. Utile fear
is expressed by the planters an! there
is a serene confidence that the govern-
that thp sugar industry
npcH-swiry and fertilizer "is hardly need
d. At that tune rentals in Hawaii
were six tunc- as high as in Cuba, $!.H
as against tueiitt cigdit cents. Besides
this cultivation in Hawaii coat five
times us in in b it- ia Cuba, fertilization
(sts I'M) and w .ll now cost double and
Irrigation ci.si .rt7 while it wttl now
be higher bciauw of udiled cost of
The fact renin i ns that fhe planter
bee., distinctly nntngoniatie to home- "'k ""' '""""'f " and ftboat
steadiiiL and to hometeadrni. At tSe . a thousand to is of refhied. With So
same turn the law hns betrti on th-i i much nnv nwuitiiig shipment and the 1 now ' roniieg fttt -eud, 1 Indicates
statute hooks. Months ago it was -plain !
Hint vVaiulien would lose several thou
sand acres, more than 0000 unless step
When the Munon left this wek it
An oiHal' memoTBiUlu Issnetl.by
the goM-riiniPiit ff India on the sugar
crop if tint Wt.Hhc? katveVt f which
, T Ihit ut ion mi l'ln..iiiu' idl-
It II if lllllai 'M l-ll-l II I 1 1 I 1 i II I ) llV tkp
Bureau of Agr.eiiltiirn of the Islands . "-Jembcrs
has Ik'imi com in ue, during the jHt I " '''
..ar ...,,i it i,. I I tl..,t i on a miIm
many of these v;uieties, which are1 now
nearly two years old, offer eVery 'as-
Kiirnnce of bein heavy vieldors 6f
ane, writes ( live YV. Ilnies, sugar
technologist of the buouii. Home of,
these varieties luie c.t reinely long,
internoilos, whiih is a cliai'tti'teristiv in (
their fuvpr. Annl tiynl , testing of I
those varuities suited during tUe lilt I
tor. pur, of Xm ember and will be ccm
tinned until the npplv of eas h vorii'lv ,
is ashatteWd 'I he .ph of this cane,
W heju it is cut for thr a nalyticnl tel,
.ark 4iniHiiti'lv repl.irit.e 1 , ill this ;
niauiief it is po,srib'e o cguduct the ,
Wuh wit a very limited tupplv 01 i e 1 t" (on
cane. Th soeJling vuru-ties from the j tory itself
past year have ma le a most exeelltut I gtsting th
growth eiuio btiu; ti jii:.planted from ti t m-tt
tbu bmboo tubes. I from '., ,
w'ere tuken to meet the nittiation. The
planters and the territorial government
did not hike those steps.
Object To Lieu
The lieu lu,-h was provided .ip( i
the Inmls to le homesteaded gave t'
the planters s whip band over 'lie
houiesteiidei which the latter would not
be expeeted to bow under. The huuso
took that view and bent the bill. It
uld not see that "every
handed to the hopiseteader
oliitter. "
Whntever the excuses for a continu-
aM-r of leasing policy have been ia
tin- pusi, the planter had a good "x-
cuse for n-ki'i'.' for action now. T'n
need ut keeping up augur production
is uie.it .m.i is admitted. But it i
unneeessarilv. .Never- .v,., : 1 m
sugar growers wourn Iikp oh.. ttB dire to'tli' imtorowt' etfarifes. r glvr' ."." "
to know pist what arrmigp.uents areotnn,, percent' pet annum, at- receipts of raws for the same period
to be made. I ladling to funds, bun owed from tho '1, 1.328 tons.
, . , w- w a . ii.. a ..-.. v'niii.Mv ' sV' Cuba Oonditione
Atherfpuft vndit;ntv." sV' ', Oub CtondMone
Ohargee Constdarod'Too tllgh A'dViee froifi Culm for the week
These charges the Cuba, planter show a falling offin rece pts coiuiMired
regard ns too high, svpecialljr in view with the previous week, and clearly in
of the faet t hart mo'ney at' Wwef 'Ate dii-ate, as waToliited out on this page
of idterest i bbtaiihrttle tn ther tfhar- 1n the tMt iue, that the' maximum
ters in sutticient amount ts meet' their wsokW rate of production for this sea
present needs. One .of these flatter son ha been reached, and that a steady
"ha "been h Q1a- tsUgat -- "Aeelftie' in 4lM t oluluo 6f receipts muy
licatt CorioTatJo,"with' hn Dfllee -in tio.ixperted from now till the end of
Havana. This syndicate, it i anuoune- the harvest. , The shortage of labor in
ed, offer to loan" the "planners V total jfuba Is hccoihinj more acute an I is a I
of !V),00Vi,0ll0, at a rate ot rtseeingTWrilely fcfertng fhe oiittnrii. The
Last Quarter of Production Se
cured For Allies
I'urchu f the r slning -qtiarter
of Hip Cuban sugar crop by the "Inter
Allied sugar coiiimi.ssiou is reported by
Associated l'ress dckpulcucis from Hv
anu which were received yesterday.
uriii I I'm'
the less,
tlie llnn-aiian refined, never
and eviilentty ro lueel jlie
the past thai lust for them their ease.
Thev ha (opposed Imnjesteairuig here
tofore, ii ud willi a wenpoti such as the
lien proisinn in their liunds, Iheir fur
tliei and fuiiire course was uot 1 rnM !.
,.,'!:; ri::zzJvnJoiX. piles cured in to mj.au
Knstera lefiueriew clamoring for more that it will be one of the largest lu
raws this would appear odd bet If enn ! the long history -of the industry in
be accounted for by the saving which flint country. The tmjmotB-idu'm states,
Hawaii is voluntarily making in the that report- furniahed by provinces
use of ri-tined siiar. Marry "people in w'hii h colitsin perooat, ef the total,
the Islnndi- who formerly used refined I area under eawf t Iftfli tfiv an esti
siiRnr are now using washed dgar in ! muted proituetion df ,lt,ll00 "ordinary
order to reduce tin- hhtsai poiisumptiou j tons, iu udditijau, ft production of 3S!, '
on leiiii.d Al the same im tliv otMl -ton ta eatianaftod for 'Oilier sis ill I
uic effecling e Kaing 'by the plan, i scattered areas. Thia is an Inereuse
Hawaii does not manufacture 'much of ,ri l .000 toil bv er the prop of llMli
refined sue.ir with only one refinery 1 7. " '!' '
operating, l.nst yeur there were eoii I The total ra irndwr cane was ,
sidenible p. ports" at times' and lat'fci1 I ftlK tlOO ncres,' " or ' JWf),6o acres move
then- were iui.ort to make up 'fori than in the jrevio.u .year, find the re
them It wns said that thf ws enftaV "tuin of sugar per aere ' waft l'-l Ions."
possible to enriy on profitably by reft- The estimated proiJurfion of the priu
son of tin- flu. t 'luting prlee vrhieh ! vipul provfuces Is Jl follows': ,
would not ..." in this veur sine a' stable j Cpited ,' I'tovinceH,' 1,75 0O0 tons;
nri.-e hud been fixed hv the ausat ebai IT'iinlab. tlrstlOO: Btrtubny and Kind.
mitle. I, ut there a nne'iir to he a ile- i IflVmill: flidra.' "iO.OlMI; Hihoi und
Wbatcer I. i;i.l;itlun the legilt Urr
pdi c I oul l h.t p to have been approv .
. ..- Instbad of the Tern
hr uh the legislature, Bug j
U ..'islation deemed required!
will now probably com. '
r. t,,rv of interior. I
I'AZO OINTWF.NT i guasfturced'tn
cre blind, bleeding, itching f pro
trvrtrng PILES in 6 to 14 daye tn
money refunded iManUfaCtuird tiy
M'c ,k's 'l.M'"!.''':c).,st.Iu's.
VAKIHNtlTO.'Jifty ' -'Trofesi-or ii.
1 f hVistle. llmtor of ArtrVuMural
Lxttn.ion m ''Indiana, bs'. been ap
l)oidtcd an assistant1 to thu 8e-.rolsrv
of Agriculture. Ho.wUl" dimt th uc
tivitics of the department in couuuc
tiou with the farm labor problem, un
dtr the immediate supervitdujL.of As
histunt .-.e. retary Ousley.
mimed that If is'The same as the p reseat
price iir some mention of, the chnuirei
would have been made. ' "If wiielt la the;
cae it effectually sets at rest Tumor
of an impending inertia 'in price.
Taking of the other quarter rf ihe
enifi gives to Ihe Allies prat'tleaUy "the
entiie crop. Mexico hns elnmored for.
sugar and has received small qtiahti
ties )iut only siih ns eoulfl be trnns
pocteil in small sailing Vessels.
He tiring of this augn r and HVoldanPe
of com pet it ion among the Allies for
its purchase hits stabilized prices suioyg
those countries. The irriee for refined
lw ........ -
..a ; I, . t
lu fare of this competition, in addi
lion to the planters" fnatlfetehee to fne
AmerieanV'ndie'Bte It tensers' of monet,"
ft is pTobsibre at"trAorh!rfw.
IMMI 1HUI satal sUksft ' iaa KalA r.k-ftf -h . 1k
Thp,. flospntche. Aid Hot inentV tbe . p.fr moyt Vhiel llll
priee win, h is to be paid but it is as- be fa j,, f 0, rt.M,23,(H)6;b00
snrt' very likely will not exceed 20,
e0O,000. ' '
V ) f tMlPc-SbfHJ' i
. . , -e,.i - -.
WAaiIINC.TQJf,',Mav A titcmeiit
relative 'to proposal jfofthif eohservu
tion of ,ugi(r in 7iMr)cibie aud in the
pliurmaceiitical trade has 'been issued
Vy ir. Kruuklin Martin, rh4(uian of
I lie ireneral itiedicill board or (ne i oun
ci1 of Nation.! 'Tff!ns6; 1 w-lrtch haa
i uiinn im, tut- lyrirr iui i-miirvi L i 1 Ai , mi-
sugar, iiii lndiug import's, on: May I, I been 'cbn(i(tPrii'"fuo VutijeVl.sa Tne rc-f
w'hs New York 7.10; Montreal, H.07; ! port states thkt at !rj-et meeting ofi
1. I. ii, 12.50; l-uris. I2.2H. with a "d ot other gortiiieuUl.
pi ot iuIi lc iiicicast1 coming,
" " " eW . S I. e f i ' r1
V K OKI. K ANK 1 (Mrtsia ha , Vav fi
l.l,...ue mi., in wnitnts Hie being
I made in'ike tunoui units of the lrfe
i.i rup and iiiiibisM-s plant of IVOirk
I. iii.l 'i.. si lliirwv, oppoeite K"v
'i 1 1-1 'i i'iu'tI floors ehd t'de walls
I ii'i bciiik! put in in many of the de
puttmenta. and recrcition rooms are
I being
n.l Hume i authorities Interested .the rtyiaa.billty
aim rue ueevsMiij oiia,-, ra.fw. .m
ures wefe diseuiMMMl'ffoni ihet standpoint
of lnevJical need. It "waa derided that,
in view of the .importaace of sugar 'in,
in., inanii(iiisiiia nf ' tiharruaceiitli'al
preparations and the refatlvh,;,matl
ii moii ii t euuHumad1 for , this' j'njrpbe,' it
wb not advible to ionimrndf ac
tion at An time. " t ,
The amount of sugar Used annually,
in the United fet.tes jn the trianutac
ture of nroprietartr " .nwdicittaa ana
(ipuiiou urfivftil iu some quarter that
there is verv little likelihood of tne
J17 1 cro" ekpeediug il.OOO.Hini long
Idas, "and this revised estimate Is re
ertvtng tfonslderable eonflrmation from
Cabau soureoa. .With the raiuy season
near ht'haiid, haiftbe CuluW priftlnevr
disiuelind to' atfjriu.'ft maxiinuih pro
ductibu. With torap facilities a "iloifbt
ulN factor, it is cluarly apparent that
there in urtie hope -or tne ttnai ouuum
much exceeding the hyw estiainte above
' V S 8 -
I.O.V1HW, - Wy '10 (Associated
Pre) Young women "of good edu
cation and JiTgh purpose" are urged
in un appeal oy ine nrinsn minisier
pension tp vqluhteer lu the work of
fiwrding pensions to disabled soldiers
from thefttUeHeiila ;iu tiiice.
Advle(s nave tieeii reneived from
Vew1 York o'fthe' ftulnilei ing at sea on
,A'prM'3H of tfiC Achrioiiei' T'iispj' .loin s,
en 'roiili' f isruii'dutiago dp f'u'ba to New
York with ,'IMl0 ba'gs of ran bugar.
r eiuipncd for the, emplove. The j pliRrmucf utjeaV priiOTiltiorls ' rftV fe-'
rooperage plant wa'ch uise is I g eu ' ceutiy eSTimateo uy lue ougsr en mun
larked arn I that of tlie tin cuu plant of tlie Food AdminUtration at 12,225
i nu rcai d. I tons.
for rhtumatf9m you w til fin.l nothing
be Mer tcao Chamberlain' Pain issim.
Vow Is the time to get rid ot it. Try
this lin'iuienl ujid see how qub'kjv it
w ill relieve tlie priin iiiid soreness, r'or
sale by all dealers. Benson Hinlth &
Co, Ltd., agtnt for Hawaii. -Al.t

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