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Morale of Men In Cantigny Fight
'Told ' In Despatches that
Shows How They Advanced In
Their First Great Engagement
luneville Sector Is Attacked At
Three Points and Enemy Loses
Heavily All Reaching Lirie
Are Killed OrWfahirtfd' v
( Associated Press) Con
solidation of the ponition which
he American forces captured at
Cantigny and the repulse of new
attacks are told in the communi
que which was received last even
ing from General Pershing. The
American forces are holding well
in that sector of IScardy, h said,
and have strengthened their posi
tions materially since theiV first
vi. tory at that point. Three at
tempted raides in the Luneville
sector of Lorraine are also told in
these despatches. All were re
pulsed, several were captured and
many of the (oe were killed.
Tv. iee yesterday the enemy count
ered heavily against the ner American
position in and about Cantigny aiul
both times they were repulsed with
Ifenvy lopse. the Machine gun und
rifl fire from the- Asneritma treneher
ih.kly- .brkinc; dawo tkeit attack.
Pleb rrmiaa CHvan ,:
t'Hiftt praise Jr the America! artil
!cry aa well as the infantry Wi their
Arfrt really Important engagement Is
,?iven in the reMrU from ,th Aajer j
i-an front which tell of their advance
and the cool and irenotute ' way in
which they comported Uxirtsolve
It wax iivf forty Be o'dtock ia the
mnrnina hfn the American tiarrajti'
vteacl heavily ea tba cnamr and it
Vf aa hour later before tha atUcV
of the infantry waa ordered and the
B ' went r tba .top, t. Babiad tbfl
barrK9t ;mJi. Untjl..teajJgi tbey !
vaneed. moving forward in perfect or
der. Meantime tha artillery waa deinii
nHnifieM .work anH ita accuracy haa
beeq hihlv eomnteaxled.
Clee tj Hehttng
OnntUcay wan finally reached em'
there hand to hand fihtiiitf occurred.
Mnad prenndea were hurled like baae
ba!)a into tb muuth of a tannel wherfl
Vera lurated .a hundred of the- eaemy.
Henoribin the advance an American
officer Kavi that the men moved for
wnrd Iniiphiie; and ainiliag but that
their face reflected the trreat Ame-r
iraji (teterniiiiation in which they felt
they were at lant elding their part.
The men foupht like veteran wher
the officer tanned forward aboatinfj:
"Cone on lioyn! "
WorderfaJ Morula
'XXiieer npree that the outataodin
f',tur,e. wajt tie wonderfiU morale of
' tha e. Their confidence waa be
Irire and thr laughed and joked about
tif)'iig ia. While the Uerman macbin,
ptiKa (loured bullcU agaimtt them like
B:iaii Itwm, they cmaaed No ManV
liit). "JUey jukinirlv apiike of "eat
ing bochea for break faat" aa tbey
With twelve French tanka aupport
lac them thev entered the German
Knea for a full mil.
Uree Attack Tall
yftrderAd' to make riuner at any
coat tbe enemy atteuitad to reack
tbe American line in the Luneville
wi tor at three ouitu yestenlay morn
lac. report reeeived from the Amer
ican front lant evouinjf reluted. Tbe
ettscka were preeeded by a heavy gaj'r"V American and he wee reeov
attack at an early hour in tbe mom I
iug and wore repulseil with sum pa M-1
tively heavy Utsaea to the eneauy and
light rout to the American. Both
aides fouykt in as uattka diiriag tbe
entire engagement. , ,.
Fierce ina hiite gun fire from tbe
American treiMbes broke dowa the Aral
a'taeb two kilometer weat of Pre
..Iiebiad the heavy enemy barrage
aboat a kilometer west of tkiaaeMtibl
fuBsteea of the enemy managed to
ra b tbe Ameiieau trenches aud hand
to band liglitiug followed but all of
(lie fourteen ho reached tbe Amer
i"a les were lost. Nine ef theui
were killed outright, oue died of bis
tamada a abort time later and tbe
remaining four were captured. The
prisoners said they hud order to re
tar with American priauaera at aiiy
Casualties of the main eagagement
in Picardy have not yet beu jrepoite4
by ' the war department. The liat an
nouneed yesterday was a small one.
It included tbe uauu-i of five iilWil
ia action, five dead of woaude an,4 jkat
of disease, seven severely woundei aa
two missing.
. ('lamia from Berlin of tbe capture
of American physicians who were serv
ing with the British are reported in
despatches from Amsterdam. The claim
aid that a number of these doctors
had been taken.
" I
WAHIIINOTON, May 2! (Orlicial)
General Pershing, iu his report of the
WASHtNOTOJT, My 30 QfflciaM
, i -hffiii ae ' keinfc beilt and turned
, ont by the lTt.it3 State, at a Ml more
, . .
than twice feat kt veftsele are Leinn;
I ! lout, by the thited states, AlUe and,
Uautrel, Meordin$t,,to the ncurea it-
T :wl by tne ahipitiag board eovering
1ve.iela eonjpletea autj taanehingn for
the week and for the month.
BK'vKii- iwiw
were completed for . the. government
during tbe week which ended May 25
in me name wee taere eere eighteen
launching of vcela which will have
were ateel built and three were wooden
r.aunchlue for the month were.
flfty Ave abipa of thlch thirty were of
steel construction. Taking the rate of
launching for laaf week and the tba-
aage or moae vemei a a Deal a year'
production will be 0.704,400 tone, whkb
ia more than twWe the tonnage now be
ing lost by the, nationa of tbe world
through tbe aubmatininf policies of the
Hew Typa Appr
the Srst ef:U)e new, type of fubri
cated steel ihipe waa launched for the
iroemmeat today by an Atlnntie Const
shipyard. It will b eealled the A g-.-
warn, an Indiwn name which was sug-,
gested by Mr. Woodrow Wilson.
Uerlded Hatiafaetion ta expressed in
government ctreiee over the ouic com-
pletion of arrangement for the coa-
(ruction and delivery of ship by Jap-
an through the shipping board nnder
the recently completed arrangement, to tbe feci Be Leant ,ahipbuilder in
Contracts have been eigned for thirty which lie th0k the worker for giv.
vesmO which will have Z4ft,00fl toa- ing up their holiday in porter,, to ad
npe. veree; war ork. w
... .--,.11
To Wtf Coutitiy
WASHINGTON, May 39 (Aseociated Preaay On the eve of Memorial
Day, President Wilson, hit iesuoil nn urgent Appeal to tbe people of the
country to make further effort and to exerelxe ireih eronomies- that they
may do tbe more in supporting the country in iti war for the liberty of the
world. . -I
Buy only neeessitie. Eachew all luxuries. Practise all possible econo
mies. Rave all that can be saved and Invest the prueeedswrf this Having;
the results of the economies, all that can be epared In war savings stamps
aad thrift stamp ia Ue burdea of bis plea. . v ;
The winning of the war i a necessity greater than aay otter. Liberty,
Freedom and tbe right of pursuit of huppioea are greater hj Juries than
any that money eaa buy. Have and invest with tbe government he auks of
all of the people. ..,..,.,",
activities of tbe Ajherlcaa troops, made
public by the -a-ar "department thl
afternoon, say that tbe big smash
by the American troop wa a com
piete success. They advanced on a
mile and a quarter front in Picardy,
southeast of Amiens and near Mont
didler, wbere the Germans bad vainly
attacked them on liondar. 'Thev eao
tured cantigny taking 182 prison.
snd inflicting heavy loeae and auffer j
lng comparatively little themselve.tl
either la theia attack or is the count 7
era of the enemy which were all erf
polred. Tbe Americana reached thch
qbjectives In the abort time of forty
five minute.
Ia the Luneville sector German
raider were repulsed, losing live in
. A German plane was destroyed by
a California aviator arkile he M
engaged in combat with'six foe mi
, British military erosses have beoi
awarded, to twenty seven Amariijios.
Of, these one captain and eleven lien
tenants are of the American medical
service and fifteen other ia the 1e
fantry branch of the service for brave
ry, shown in fighting in the Luce
Military chief here are eloeely fol
lowing the development in ' the re
eently resumed German, offensive. Tbey
regard several days a necessary ' to
fully divulge the enemya pbsAC
Observers Interested
Important American participation in
the fighting is welcomed, esnfecifelly a
all reports indicate tlmt they are cm
Tying on creditably ulongside of the
Qrii and French veterans.
.Earlier report on the Picardy ei
gagements ot the American troop in
fke Pieardv sector said that they sue
eesafully defeniled themselves on Mon
day against three attacks which wr
p weeded by an intense bombardment
in which more than 10.000 shells, in
ukidin hundreds of gas shells, wen
employed by the voemv. Some Oct
man were captured but tbe foo took
'red, after the enemv had been fur
P"m,,l by the Ainertrae.
jajruuery Asalsta
AmeTiria artillery la credlte.1 with
(bowing a remarkable accuracy of
Hie, tbu contribnting to nn impurtiii't
elteat in the hik'Ci'hhc won by tin'
President W Ton in keeping in -lor
touch with 'he nit nation through the
war depart in cut.
How many more than 300,000 Anier
lean troops are now in France is still
undisclosed hut Baker's statement tl.ut
200,000 more have been, sent over thist
month ia. regarded as lending import
anoe to the Americans as a factor ff
tbe supreme test.
In Perihing's communique of ln-t
night ha did not mention the general
renewui or the deriuuo ouenaiv bu". '
point whence they were drtv,rtn lv
sounter attneks in whii-b they entered,
the enemy's lines. These were the'
attack to uhlch he referred in bin
later ronun.uniiiie, made public tod:iv.
ue also oole. I that Uerman raids were
repulsed ami a German ulane downel
in the Woevre sector aud boittbwrdment
of the Lorraine sector.
w. a. t.
MADBU). Mhv XO f . eene-inte.1
Pre) There are 12,000 victim of
' "lr 'u Ghm city aud the spread
of the epidemic in iim hecked. The king
is ill but bis condition is not dan
"tha Aaaerienn toTemmeat ia alreadi
f "Vnnf the Mn.pbaiMlag ate!, prom
, th7 V'P nT utwr a. a pan
or toe arrangement. ; . .,
ftaMrt nn V&Kh "''
Government .engineers were
abowA ,ta Bonewt TiJ8 falta In
bar voyage trjon, ana. l'ajsiile port to
aaother have rendered their report. It
waa-tke maiden trip of the Faith and
i t-vj p,j umj m aurtny a large pari 01
whkb the buffeted; by thirty five
i foot wave and eipetlenced ne of tbe
iongei and moat tare re atormi which
! baa bfen reported atonjf' the Pacific
The Official . report aaya fa part:
-'The aire under which tha Faith
labifted w.aa practlcalry towtlnaom aa
ia howa by tbe reeordi taken, by the
; trarq gauge. The meaa' were very
heavy, Tnu enabnng a Mod opportun
Hy fof the atnrly of otterete bull un
der service onditVna. Tbe trip wa
highly euecvaafnt nd.', indreation are
all ery favorable for tbe anoee of
tha eonereU ablp.".
The president of the shipbuilding
company wbien eonntraeted tbe Faith
ia quoted in Ha a Francisco despatch
a saying: ,"lt ta Bow, demontrated
and unquestionable fact ht concrete
shir are a eneee. 1 We shall start
i building eight Meree'eaeh' ef 7600 tone,
I lmieditBly. " .
"l am glad that a" and hurricanes
occurred trt friv the. Faith a thnrotigh
test on her maiden- trip."
President Wrlaoii ha arnt telegram
" - .l.-WW-i. - .. ,1 . -
fyyiift lfa Wai:
imitation Panama Hats Are Hats
Viel Usl Dmun
anq HOI raper
'WASHINGTON, May 2fl (Official)
'Departing from it prohibition on
import of paper, aa publiabea 1. the
restricted import list, tbe ar trade
board has authorized the importation
o( certain clflHses of Japaneaaj papers,
These Include the mino haku sorts
when they are to be used for the raak
ing of paper parachutes for-which this
type of tough paper la particularly
qualified. ...'.-,.
Yoshino paper is also to be admit
ted when it is used for blotting er
stencil purposes.
A further, concession classifies hats,
like the imitation Panama hats which
are made of paper fibre, not aa paper
but as hat, the imports of which are
ot restricted.
These rulings permit of the contin
uance of a considerable part of tbe
Japanese trade with the United States.
aiw Hills
WASHINGTON, May 30 (Associa
ted Press) - Flags for shipyards nd
medals for the workmen are to be given
where deserved by the shipping board,
it was lust night announced. Yards
that are making records, that are put
ting forth strong efforts, that are meet
ing or surpassing demands will receive
flajfs. Workaien who are living op to
the demands mudu upon them or who
perform any signal industrial service
will reneive medals.
Thi is the first recognition that ha
been given lv the government to the
army of worker who are itriving be
hiau the line.
-f- . w. a. a
' i.. .;
Mir.WAl KKK, May 29 ( Associated
Press) In u speech here today Colonel
Koosevelt dee'ared that tne "one grand
duty before America is to put the war
through to a knockout. "
Ho s:id that American mnst remem
ber three thlngH, "Americanism, need
for speeilintr on The w.tr activities and
preptti i ilneHH. ' '
w. f. ,
WAHIIINGTON', Mv 2fl (Official)
AftPr a full investigation the navy
department 1m Huuoiineecl that the re
ports of n siiliuiuriue off the Atlantic
('oust are without foundation, Tbe
loatiui: wreckage which wan feund ia
luilieveil to be all that remains of a
I target nt which u nhip tired flve shots,
j taking a for nu cueuiy submarine.
w. . . . .
Pes.iidef. v is often canted br tndi
action und ( iinnipHtkos, and juk'kly
dihappenis when t'lmuiberlaln Tablet,
"i.'i-cii i hese tuldcts strengthen 4pe
liu'e't K.ii nn I moe the bowels. For
l !ll I'-iiIitm Benson, Hinith k
Co., Ltd., agents for Hawaii. Advt.
Atlas, En Route . To Philippines.
' Puts Into Honolulu With '
EnBrfldirri BaflWaf v
Was Formerly Hun Craft and
Captain 'Believes Hun Crew
PlartneiJ'Tp Wreck Her' .
1 l vo ; VC .
A Ilua plot to wreck the engine ot
tbe vessel compelled She auxiHary two
masted ec.hooaer Atlas, seventeen day
out from ffea-raa'rc errroute to the
PhilippineV'tS put into Honolulu ye
terday afternoon, according to the state
meat of the aaaater, Captain Berwhardt.
Emery powder ifi large quantities wa
discovered ill the fuel tanks, and it i.
the belief of the officer of the veese
.hat it waa placed there by the frrm
German erew, the A this being recentlj
s Genoao-veaaeL . V
The eintry powder, discovered by'the
'hief. rngiaeer, waa exhibited to the
-epre'shtkllve' of ; the naval intelll
gence. bureaa .who boarded the 'vasse
n her sirrlal. -
While the vessel wa far to the south
'of the) HnWwiiaa Islands, eaddiegabap
towifrd the ' Philippine, the' chief en
(ineer began to experienee' trouble wit!
hia engines. Because the A tie was
r'rtneily..k dermaa ..vessel,- he beam
Ktiapleiona .mad " after., considerable in
vestigation Joeated - the cause in th
tank,; Upon opsin ing these and draw
lug up part of the coateat direct front
the bottom, the emery powder wa dis
covered, m. ''..,
OtnapMa Does Wrong
' Aboat' ft"tithi the only real com
oast aboarU became disabled throug,
tbe glass cracking. Iavestigatioa re
vealed - that' the 1 weather becoming
a, uer ami warmer eaeb day the ve
vl progressed toward her destination,
"he liqntd tn 'the tube expanded, and
rising -rapidly-' the foree caused the
las to break. ' Ingenious method wen
used by tbe captain, engineer and prac
tiealljr everybody aboard, to atop v
tbe gap, even wood alcohol being tued
but each day-the glae cracked and th'
ompas became comparatively , usele
S'a mean of navigating tfie vessel or
t true course.''
Then, to eap tbe climax, Captain Hen
v Bernhardt," 'bo ha sailed the sear
since: boyhood; was suddenly Strieker
with sciatica rheumatism, which so erip
pled kitn thaf le waa unable at time
Vi (ret- to the -deck, and bad to do' al
his computing In. hi cabin below deck'
md give mawy of hi orders from hie
bunt i " ''.'' '
iyrt$ Oerniaa-, Teasel . v.
''. '"tbe '-'Atiak was one of the) nuti.eroo
Oartnan Jfleet ,of achoonera ojieratlng In
(be Mouth .Seas when the -war broke on
ia Auguat, 19)4," said Captain Bern
har.lt, shortly, after berthing hia vease'
jt pier 8. "She fled across the Pacifb
iitk the Neptune and two or three ves
scat. Nearly all. reached varioua Amer
Iran porta where they. were Interned
yOoe of them, the Aeolus'," I believe, w,
naught by a Japanese erutner oil. tni
port of Uon(4uW, nd destroyed by gull
'ire. .. .,: :,-
'After the United State entered thr
wa, the Atlaa waa sold Ural to Wil
lams. Dimond k Company, and then t
'he .Paeifie Commercial . Company, o'
Manila. She was overhauled and load
ed and we cleared- for. Manila -direct
"be i to go . into tbe Inter-Island
trade over there. ...
"We were nineteen davs out wher
we arrived in Honolulu today. Wbe
we were south of Hawaii the chief er
'ineer renorted to me that he bad di
eovred a lot of c round emerv in ou
fnel tank, which bad worked iajtir
to. the carburetor and the engine. abe
"We tHlked over the eitufttion an'
"a me to tbe conclusion thjLt the forme
German erew ad officers, on quittinr
the vessel left this powder in the tanks
knowing that when the boat was taker
over by the Americana, that would b
the last place artv -of us would belie '
there was stored in a lot of trouble
for thn vessel. And they figured right
The fnel oil, leading. out of those tankr
carried the powder alonr, and it fft int
the carburetor and engine generallr
Fortunately, our chief engineer discov
eretl it iu time and the damage ma
not be great, but it ml nil t have bee
extremely serions to n had we gottc--
away down in the Pacific and then need
d our engines.
blvst Clean Tanka
''Mt is imnesative that our tank b
cleaned out thoroughly and freed frer
this menace. Thia work could only Ix
dor in port.
"Then, jut aa we leaebed the warm
er weather region, tba glaee top of ou
liquid ' compns. due to tbe expansion
of tbe liquid, eracked right across
causing tbe liquid to evaporate, anr1
while we daily refilled the bowl am'
tried numerous scheme to make the
via ticht, end Boade libera), ujss of
wood aleohol, it wa found absolutely
hiece'iarv thnt nw frlse be put on
which meant coming to port.
"M own ailment. I bnpe will con
tinue to ease off craduallv. aa it ha
been doiau in the last few days. I havi
been subject to thia before. Howeve
aa soon aa our tanks are cleaned ani'
the compass repaired, I shall proeee,
to Manila "
The Atlas 1 a anng little schooner.
painted white, and with graceful line,
almost a sister abia of , the Uermea
which lay so long in tbi harbor. The
Atlai anil Neptune 'a ofleer decided to
proceed to Han Francisco, on leaving
tbe Caroline, aad anaeeeded in escaping
I the' Japaaeae and British paUola, mis
Vim' tba in w wbieh befoU-tba Aeolua
. i ii k. .. ..
ciapiaia inro su at xwtrs
ia the Coast and Qeodetie. Htufey I)e
prtient. ppM'ilriy in tha Pbilrp
pines and in AlMkjan w,atera Ue is
particularly proud of his name, "just
the siiine as that of the 'Divine
Sa.ali,' " ho said.
I Mil ksai fcr t ,1 A t- V KM
Express Companies Will Pay Vast
Sum'To Jaroa(Is, Annually r
Under Arrarfocment '
WASHINGTON', . MaV 2-r-(Officlal)
Secretary of Treasury aad Ii rector
Oeneral of Balliroada MeAdoo today-
made pobli further mattarf rn connec
tion aritb the aanalgassatioa of the four
great erpea eompaalee of the eona
try,, whereby' tha. Adam,. Amerioaa,
Wells Fargo nnd8oothern express com
-anie are merged into a 30,000,000
jombine. ' .
Under tbe agreement with the gov
3rnment, after July 1 whea the merg
ft beeomeaeireetive, they. wiD t 40
he ; govefnment mo V than half of
'.hair gross revenue whioh in. 19)7 were
Bore than 1100,000,009. .
The purpose of -thia merger is to at
tia wartime, edieleaey through econo
mies, avoiding , duplicated iervice,
equipment and afficera. ,
Tha atockbolder. are to receive flve
erceat )n dividend, and to divide all
excess of that amonot with the gov
-nmeet ' whlck declined to take over
the companion and to guarantee to tbem,
Ividends on thf Dre-war bai a wa
done with the railroad.
No. advice , hav been received by
faaagCf Hardeety;: of the iocal Wells
fprgo Offlce, Fred L. Waldron, repre
eatrng tb- Adam Esprena Co,, or
rame Ixive, representing the American
'Cxpro Co. as to what effect tbe amal
(nmatlon. erf those companies will hwve
on the local office in Hawaii.
v The, amalgamation did 'not come a
surprise to. the local agents here, as
hev -baTe-been preparing report fo'
that home offlces of the com pan ins they
represent for the past month or more.
A the Well Fargo office in Hono
lulu 1 the only express company her
which devotee all Of it attention to
thi Una ot boiiaese, it la the belief
of Mr. Hardeaty that this office will be
retained here and will take over the
Swsie.es' of the Other express agencies
Until definite instruction are received
front tne. . aiainKuid all three express
companies will eotTtiane to-do hnsine
a nanalr . ..
onvicted School Teacher Lives
VfJ to Picture Which Her
' Counsel Had Painted
WAUKESHA, Wisconsin, May 30
Aisociated lre) Grace Lurk, the
ehool teacher who killed the wife of
(oetor Jtobinson, with whoa ike' wa
ofatuated, wa last night -convicted of
aurder-in the aeoond degree, . ; '.?
When the verdict of the jury wa
lelivered Miss Lurk iprang like a tig
. ea upon Acting District Attorney FuJ
T and sought to spangle him, Jiving
.p to the desn-itlonf her character
vhtch her ojvn attorneys had given her
i a remarkable effort to secure an
c.quittal. Sli'e was flnullv ovorpowerer1
nd was carried from the court room
ghting and screaming.
Novel and remarkable was the de
ense of the school teacher. Her eou
l elnimed a reversion to th cave wt
nan of tbousamls of years ago. Born
u New Knglund, of a plou New Kng
md family, of careful up-bringing, tUr
rime of which she wa convicted (een)-1
d foreign froher every natural instinct.
Counsel claimed Mis Lurk wa ko
er declining thirties when be-met
)octor Robinson. Letters of his wesr
resented to the jury. The hrgsmeat
as that when unyone steped between
r and the object of her affeetinni
e reverted to a prehistoric, type.
w. a. a. 1
Army Officers, Enlisted Mjen, anc
Crew Members Drown ' '
LONDON, May 29 (Aaociute
.'ress) One hundred and one Uvea weii
ost when a Hun submarine toriedoe
ad sunk the British troopship Lcaiuvse
Castle in the Mediterranean last Sua
day. .. .
Numbered among those lost were
thirteen ofticers of the army and seve
ty-niae eullsted men. The other mis
ng are believed to be member of tb
crew. . ' . i
The Leaaewe Castle wa a eomnar.i
tively new vessel, built in 191(1 at Birk
enbead for the Union Castle Mai
Steamship Company aad was of 07:
'Has. For some time past she ha bee.
doing service a ajtramport.
w. a. a.
WASHINGTON, May 2 (Offlcisl)
Congress haa been asked by the
treasury department to appropriate an
additional 12,798,000 for the bousing
ot worker in forty-4ve citiea were im
portant war work is underway. There
ia already an important appropriation
for this purpose.
Better housing facilities are consider
ed essential to tbe porsecution of war
work and much of the early dragginp
of work wa attributed to the Jack ajf
quarter tor workers, especially when
new communities have grown up o
whe-e l'"i iitnnts tinve !ir"l"nte,'
much smaller ones, of pre-war day.
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forts of Enemy A t
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r'. .',:
NEW YORK, May 30 (Aaaocitted Press) Pressing forward
Vfth n trVes'sMbl StelgSt numbert; regardless of losses,
the army of the Crown Prince is steadily advancing along the Aisno
rrctae SoUstms lias" bejeh CapturedK after Sesbrate street fighting,
although' the-French still hold the southwestern suburbs and ' art
Jefendihg themfcelves gallantly kgaittst great' Odds: Rheirrrs appears
to'te''dobirie(l,;'A'' - ' " M '- ' '
There is no official report from France that General Foch has
ts yet' brought any of his reserves into thd' battle; ' although the
Berlin report Say thatboth British and French reserves have been
)fbughf "Up''aftd defeated. v ' ' ' '"" '
In London, where the reports from the Aisnt are being scanned
with the utmost eagerness, the public is reported to be serious, but
jalm and confident in the outcome of this phase of the great battle.
v Paris anxiously watches the on-rolling hosts, of the Huns, but
is superbly confident that along the new front' will be repeated the
tale of Verdun, Amiens and YpreS. .
Though reports from the froQjj show that, the battle is as yet
ine sided feporti from French rmy headquarters say 'that' it is
et ufldecided, 1he role to be phtyed by the reserves yet to be heard
,rom.' 'The headquarters reports" indicate that the 'general staff
!s taking the reverses to date in calmness and without any ncrVoua
iess3 as -to the final outcome: 1 ' - , ; v ' '
The Germans' are using an "enormous rrumber 'of machine guns
tnd are being greatly assisted "by a large fleet' of tanks. On the
right flink; tHe British and ' French south of Befry au Bac were
submerged when the battle resumed yesterday morning, gteat waves
f Germans attacking and forcing the Allies steadily back. The
etreat was made In perfect order, the Allies falling' back across the
Vlsne 'at' Pohuvert, 'twelve miles northwest of 'Rneims. ' Sti further
p'the tJist on this sect6r, the Allies retired behind the Aisne Canal,
his forced movement leaving Rheims exposed. ' The4 British are still
i61dihg'the'Br6ufllet-Savigny-Tilloy Une, where numerous German
ssaults have been beaten back.
On the Soissons flank a ' readjustment Was necessary because
f the strong German ' attacks Which had bent in the center, the
French falling back upon the tity. The Important position at
?ismes, south of the Vetre River, was taken early in the day and
:he Germans were advancing westward towards Soissons and threat
ming the advanced positions grimly held to the north of the city.
The retirement before. Soissons brought on a heavy attack there,
he Germans rushing troops to thia sector ;t take advantage of the
?rench realigning movement. " Early fn the day th lvil population
iad evacuated Soissons, the Germans having directed a heavy bom
ardment upon the place, twelve hundred shells having fallen there
n Monday and many more ysterday morning and on Tuesday.
Following upon the heels of the French, the Germans stormed
he chy and there was Street fighting of the most desperate nature
of several hoars, the French being gradually pressed back. Last
tight this battle was being' continued in the southwestern suburbs,
-vhere the Paris , and Compeigne railroads effect a junction. The
"reneh were systematically throwing back the German efforts to
eize ths junction, the streets running with blood and being liter
Uy blocked with heaped up bodies.
Southeast of Soissons is the present tip of the German wedge
n this flank. In the center an advance in all of fifteen miles since
'Jonday morning has been scored.
On the Rheims front the latest reports show that the British
ire successfully maintaining their positions on the heights south
east of Fort Thierry, on "a line from the Vesle River to the Aisne
The Berlin official wireless of last night announces that the
umber of prisoners taken on the Aisne is now twenty five thousand,
hese including one French and one British general. Giving the
letails of the day's fighting Berlin states:
"The Crown Prince has victoriously continued hia attack and
he British and French reserves have been defeated. General Larisch
-as captured the Terny-Storny ridge northeast of Soissons and has
aken by storm the Conde Plateau, with the position of Vregny,
orth of the Aisne.' Advancing he occupied the town of Missy on
he southern bank of the Vesle east of Soissons, while on his left he
4ossed the Vesle, capturing Braine and the important center of
"Msiries.- General 'Use '-has I reported the capture 'Of ViHers, Fran
"enlrx and-Rcrurcy, on the south bank lof the Aisne northwest of
Rheims.'' ' ' -
An Amsterdam despatch' quotes a telegram sent by the Kaiser
rom his headquarters in the field at Laon to the Kanerih, which
ays: "We have crossed the Aisne and are approaching the Vesle.
"he British and French have been completely surprised. Our losses
"tave been small. Further progress certain tomorrow. May God
jrant that this splendid victory will help further.
A night despatcTt' sent' Out from Berlin reports that near Sois
or.s and between Soissons and Rheims further progress has been
nade. ' " "" ''- ' ' " "" ' .-'
MOSCOW, May 2fl (Associated
"res) Forty casualties were caused
aud 30,000,000 rubles (lapiue done lv
explosion anil fire front n ' taUiiition
train at Kazan, iu the K'olL'o-'repion.
Heven warehouse and 450 loaded rail
road car were burned.
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vousness. nor Tinaiu- tn Ihe brbl. I
'ilirr, .here is only one "i:rrti,o (,'ul.it'
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ftAN FHA,NClKCO, Mar 29 (Offi
cial) Articles of incorporation have
Cl'll fil.'.l I.V tl.u ni,',,.u U.ll Ui.nn.l.1.1
' ' " w,nMiWiij'
v oiiiiauy. the incoroorator are M. V.
K.n.r. .,,l, nrnosoii, (!. K. Brythe, II.
T. HrHinle".'clt- :, ,( Tin VIII Th
c:i.itnli-'i: of lic ii..i tiv is olvea
ni nnooormn
Tit s '-":""jm' is t-ov '-kcr:i4 i"r the
"'".l"'!" I'Ui-M .-Mil Hill a,,on "'ip ove"
V'lnl " i. f.,rn."1v th" '' i--c-s I'
"ill in") i.. ,,,.(., , ),,, .uv,',.ii
;ul I'uncl.'i'o and tlie Orient.

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