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'.. J
: i .;
r, 1t'r.r-
Jrsi m J ..'( f.vr. - --V ,v, Hawaii
llO. -MiiVH-aa E. E. IX L. 1 .
nhiiiinii nr I
aJ Developments, Tilcmberi Say
Breach Between Twa Houses Re a
; .wttf ln.'Slawtjhtef "of -;
,' -f 1 Ifleasuret
liren "WpfcrKTleliVl M 'thJiirfjr "of "Air
'JVrt-ftW-y ka 'vir1e! bV-lh miH
trlt whet -M t nniMwteait 1
ttijf i nkwtatioir tin W t Mea Mitt
from MMflm," jeVorffta tHteaa.
N-MtM-Hay 't.r' iMrtabehi. 1f thr
trutifl dUcuMion and 'eoDtrorergy piwrij
'tba vaWona muxure ,prentei1 at Qe4
lntal aeaalita tttcbina the lab( prdb )i
ivm, me . legislature win aojonro tomor ;
tow"; witborft" havtnu taken any aetlot:
btaeti 1a4 )BetlrtoV v .
,A Sharp Jfllot Wtwfta (baSi'nper
I'fweY'BmJaCT ttetiilel v V1H ' VAitl t!
rauiorl ' 4ttfl uttdba and tfcvi
nkfbMl lta tipigliV ln the aenata jt ,
terdnr wbea tbe reaolutlea necking tbr
llppoirffHietrt' 6f a r3' to Veti(jSte
the wlMle tftientlo6 olliianxieafllng Wa
aomewbttt "wyathfofry Woat aadhs. The
reaolntioa wa9eeeil after the aenateV
land bill had Wn killed in tbe bevae
"ft look ai thongh the aenate Whr
(nwlllinv to hava 'the Hjfht"tnrnel kn
tha land (juestioa In tb manner pto A
uied .for in the eoltloa, " aaid Kp.
rnaajrtativa LprrU . Andrew yeaterdayi
in eommtmting on what bad been ddhe
in the aenate. He.aaiil it would hrV
been iaipoMibl or tha houx to pan
tba aeaate'a land bill In tha hape tUat
it wa preientad to the representative
"Speaker of the Ildtfse U. L. HrtlMJin
l."0 'erpifeed vigoroua riewa on tSie
nenat action.'
".Tt w wtttteS flot -that afrtavartl-
(ration of '-tha kind , contemplated f bya
inilividual 'are "making huge prdflti
from territorial lands Upon which thfy
hold Iraiiea at low eost and which We
nib-leaned to plantation at sky
high rental. . It might have Iftton
dlwWil hY6 fllaV ?' Of 'tfti Vihd
re "held by flMl f the aiurar com
paaiea, who profit heavily two way J
on tbe leaaenoid and a storkboidoTr
a' Well.. ' '.' " ' '-
" The reHolirtion whlch1"8poakcr Ho) 3
tiu zacnerea u a touowi:
Tba BaaoluUoa .......... tf
' ''Be it ftrlred by tba house of tMp
reoataWa; the-aenfcte-f monrt'iiiif.lliB n
tha GovetaOf of toe Territory la herabr
authorized and -directed to appoint'' a
omniMioa of five aielnbar. not more
tburi the of ; Whom ah all' be ''of otic
political party, and none of whom ihal)
lie NMJIeeVi.' director, ar stock boldern
in any corporation at present leaniflf
land from the Territory or Hawaii,
directly br indirectly connected with,
any person or copartnership ao leasing
l flit, to1 investigate Tuny mto the qu'
Vimi of noaheHteading withia the TerTi
torv of Hawaii.
"The said etfmmiisWn shall make' l
complete list ana description of alt
lands oened by the Temtorv of Ha
waft. -abaTI ex mine in KM-lease W
lnnda owneH by the,,Territary of Ha-l
wait, and make a detailed report of 11
mich leases, showing tha date when
'the same were entered Into, the "naiHec
of the lessees, the prescfat owners there
of, the terms of the saJd1 leaaeai HiH
nes to wliicb Raid lands are being 'at
the present time, put, the approximate1
frtcome ftoni tbe aafd Hilda, ihd all' tbeN"
improveuients ms!ile ttpoTi the said lanlls
the arjnronlhia.te'Valiie of ald improve
menta, the adaptability Of tbe skid land
for homesteadivg piirpnues, the e
ecHsitv, if an for Irrigation for said
bmds, the proximity of said lands t6
transportation f acmtiea. 'and of all oth
er fncts bearing upon the adaptability
or ssrjd laiMts to homestentung "pornoses
Ihelhfling the probabmt.f Of XnybOme
stender being able to eufr into reason
'sde eon-tmcts with adjaoewt ' armir
fnr the caltrretlon. trarvestrng, -emd dl
nniition of eroos Drndured. ' . - 1
, 'Th. Hi'd ,eonniisioirt shaft rVjtorl'tbf
resOTt Vf fl ioveaigat'ioW fo' 1 wrtr;
leglslstiire "Sjf tbe TfWjtltotT of Hawaii
c(iivniiii in ruiemar bcsniuq. iaa ship-
commission shall la attch rcDort eta
body thereto reerowntMidattons for the"
hoftifsteadrnrf 'of ilfe laKd of the Tor
ritnrv of HnwgM bv auch a avstem
shell enVourhige AelettTohient upon ah.
cultivation and permanent oeennatibn
of the land of the Tefritorv otHawai
bv ritUenn Of th,e,7Jarted plates. ?
" Por 1H fttii-noSe 'of'lt iftve.tiiratiQn
the (ommU,li)n shall be' fiutho'riced
lei-nr. -J have rmij upon thie certl
ficste of th rhairmaa. anch expenlei
s th cmmissloa shsll deem necessary
pfnvKien. nnwever, mat ttie total TX
penses autborlxed or laurfcd for cole
peniistiou, emnlova. and otherwise shhl'
not evcecd the amount, annropriatcd b"'
tli Territnrv nf TTawsii In the snpfo'
n'intinn .blil for such purpose enactwe
c hi aein. ", '
Defends Measure
Htierlver Tfolrffein veterin' sMerN,-1
ht the VesnUiinit wn the krnd of e'
nuinanre tKM he house felt that rW
,.,oiJp nf Me Tnrrinr wnnte'l and i
rwnrnl out that the representative
ere closer to the people thao are tb
rneihtiers oT Ihe' teitate, ahleh retocte
tl ahd tron ' obaSilnidnhl. 1 1 1
I'lMtrosertatiue Andrews, who was rtii
r' the cVlM"wibv'erik"rn the slnitghfiis,j
rr rn0 (mnMfe'M'lM-iPl l.nt'w'Meil it cn
tn I he ImitHo. h-rni'leri.t-il the mi'b
i -1, n !,.. " - i
nee- Mef VtwW -
"t hour nror notild htVo acceM
, i- e,f h'H a n Oarhod us at the
. i- Hs h'Tiotrr;" hti aol 8. : - "
'The n-incipla in, the rand bill ,pre
pi bv OeiVr-or 'McAiPtnV "sAa-eom
i.i 'i. nnd nu t with the approval of
niu'"'itv t'f the members of the
Tbe. hi'i itself panned by-tbo
nate hi impo4ble, exi-cpt from the
otaadpoiorof the antef! It"' woald "
dbtalainff tf K cent no- a aim-da ansa at tha
" V . tl4nd no-ilensed by ,th .agar plant-..,'
' f J l 7 llf'biJilril tfflfftm-rf amend '
iii.L.'.iTf,,r, 'f i"soffn" . aU wn" u.mii
- . .r : -..
fbrt-ihS ugihntur. for that ron,
' eonearrent rmWWfflnn was aitnntad ti-r
....i . . . . . . : . ....r.-
tf hnuld trtvitipta the entire ulttia-
br the plantatipnii and the Income de-
rrd thcirefrrtm hf fh piantirtKm and
the '.'adtrntaWHtr of thee land for
nonieareaninjr. with tw lirfortnatioa, a
fir'tt blll,aiifeKuarding ,he iareVesta
bofh of.'tho. ritlr.ens and. of the plkntf
Jation awnwra. aonld tofMteea Adopted:
brvehe 1e(flTtiiM tari n.Ui. v
"lwa admitted by .the attorney ge-3
.-ann incoming uovernor fhat the
proposed senate act was a el'oUtiOa of
the prpanie law and woold have to be
approved bv eontrei' and wrwild not
efofhrbir until logo. Therefore.
Hi legislature could have Wnd ample
time lto nrepHTfe a fair 'lhw 1n lt e.;
4(H. of IftTt. For home reason, the
members of tbenenate did not want a
lnvetigatiftH aade and tbe facta given:
to the pnblie as to tbe government ,
aadwjiow lcsswl by the p'nrttirtlon and,
'Hie inconie deriaed therefrom en ther
kjfeated th resolution for an inveti '
BHtMr ,
:"The house handled rhe matter aslhev
WiJevd ara In the best la'K'rpsta n
'the neanle'. 'Whether or n thev were'
right . Va their sttitndn. it will be fo
-'Va people 1o decide at the neat elec-'
M-m. ' ;
f lif rowed to ' mcmhCr of tbe vnte
sa-yiog that he honed the 'nejrt legisla '
'T-.wPn'd be comrmsed of men who
wished to win tbe war. we 'wOolrt t.atV
attentKtn to the- fact that every war
measure raeed bv the honse to sbfe
iiaia the TrriTor ngninst OKrman!
aiiMte wa-defeated in the senate."
flaUa BoUbevill
. The senate's artirin On fcpenker TIol i
J "reWHutlO'n ycMtenfUy niornlnt
vas 'elirtrt anil srtappv. fn dearing 'witb
t. : -Beafctof ' A.' L. trastle referred to
uemliera r Of the Iiounc as "Bolshe J
'IW," ;it'ffwrt bftterlyon what bad
heea done -iw the hoime with the sen-
Ue bill, which he said was doslgned to
avj f ronV 15,000 to 22,0110 tons 0? sugar,'
vmriny ,-oiic innt vvasiimirton ban ask
td vbat'tltere W fao " slacker land"
ermined. to iro nncultivuti-d in Hawaii.
Tha" tirgtiments made in the' bouse
'gainst tbe bill he characterised aa
Aiibfisb and he declared while everv
newsboy in town knew of the bill,
Itembers of the bouse remain? J in ig
IOraBC fl its' provtnions.
flotuTDing to the resolution, he as
ertod thgt It amounted tm-relv to so
nucb camouflaafe uiildar which lh' mem
Sers of tho bouse would seek to save'
eh-f new at the forthcoming elections.
?o azpfoased the hone that the liext
egieiatdra would be eonipoxed of per-
on actuated by the aim to win the
(L Senator Castle's motion to tuble the
-solution' was , lecopded by Senator
"Robert Shingle, who ' 'for.re. .,"o jibe
aqorry-rpropaeea in tne resolution, say
Off it wars nnaecessarv. All Of the dnta
deeded on matter concerning expiring
eases en cane laude have already been
ollected bv Land Commissioner K. (1.
'if.Vbttburgb, he said. Ttie senate then
inanlniously adopted the motion to
able on a show of hands. '
The action of the senate oo the rem
'.Kit'. L nt. I. L.. ' IV. A-l' U L.
uktuH ui unjui niniiii too HUHI jri'Hi 11
lefwcen tbe two houses'' and resulted
n having everjfthjng that came from
he house through tbe rest of the lav
Seiaig heaved verboard without cere
r'BdjifcfvWiiiiy TYrni-riiof Itlugeiie Horner
made . report on the Thrif and
War ftavrng fBhip -riiupalgu in all
He aelloolk or Kast llawait Outside of
Kilo proper, say last Monday ' I'oit
Herald of Kilo. eVmie of the schools
fiave net maile a' very big showing, but
much mast beitMni itato account as a
SsoV for' this, wnd tool oue of those
-brnga 1 lack of patriotism, or lack of
tost re to do all that can be dour to uid
a the' war. ...
' The tn'fiort just taken iu the si-houl
tp to' the end of April, and at that
'Hide Olaa led, with an average pur
base -Per Ynibil of tl.5 for -the month
Olaa's eorMlmevt'-r 298, 'and that
tshool"hi April purcbaseil HKi.4ii iu
Thrift ahd War Haviaga rttnnip.
,' Next tn nuik is Jiouoknu. with a
otsl enrollment of 315 nOul's snd a
iota I iiorchaa of H3720, or I.JH per
pupil, and Kuttiatowaj, with -its enroll
tiont of )4V -pupil who- purchennil
I124.50 War -tSaVin-jia tainps iu April
(tnks. tbfrd 4a the Hat. .
rapaikou, ulth '6W kMtpils the Inrg
it enroUovantoiltsiile of Hilo in Kust
Hawaii -pUrhAaed Thrift stamps up
o $4411.00, nveragini-' -jl'htv-six cents
v v- y Knjiita, -aiiiii I'an-iiaui t.ivii
286 pupils, bought $223.4.r worth r
iUnuna, aaukiug fifth in Mr. Homer's
let or April. .' ,
JtMr Big JsUncl BcporU
. Ot,her acboal of Kast Hawaii ful
owed in Aiiril in the order viveii:
I'ssiihau, 17. pupils, purchased stump-i
iiuutiug to 1:10.301 Koakealeiii. six
'eeifpupfla, T0JJ0t'f khoa, Il pupils,
UlUlO; "Kapblo, M puplla, f.'l!l.4ll: t'e
ieeki'0. 24$ pupila. lOb.O": Lhupiihoe
W', i.'0l,piiptl, tJTlSO) HoiioiiMi. :::hi
.ill in Is. aldO.IO:. Wsnllo 2'M) .i.m.iIm.
"HH.-'ili'; Ahdaloa, Of , pupils, $M.:r;
iMoiin'ain Victi, 2ii pupils, -firt I 1 . ; K11
kuiharew, IW pupih.; -ll).6o; Ivaspihu.
MS impiis, f.aa; Owkala, i:n pu iis
'4.7),'Pirhrntt: 52 pttpih. -.1; Wai
keo-uko, 95 pnpila J2 25- K pulcnn,
W'titftflls. M.T61 KrWbu. " piii.ils.
.Bfrt KnriH., frT jimitla, Hup
A'-floiiie. :MWr)ie)bn''-r7.Tff; lin..V '.':
intils."?.an: Kotwrtki'.' IT' ii,.tU ' " .
jVPtjj. f 1 phpiV purchased s lla'
st 'wfry',ew Wrb' of -ttn.
1 Parapa "wHth "twentv-nihe pun1:-.
KauaeV. 'Mrlt Hrr-f-e-fo-nr a1! Wsipio
'wrU'nVfy'-Men fiopiln, renor'ed no
purvbac f br ihe Month of April.
-Total amount of Thrift snd War
Havings Htauips for theae 41114 i.iiinls
for the month of April wii 2"iii.
an averaije of fifty-four tcu'n wor'li 'it
stamp per pupil.
V I,; .,---' WJl -WJta-
HUIIUMW iiittiua ml
rl (Mil
T"",T H 1 V
1 1 1 1 L M I 1 J 1 1 1 1 A I L 1 1
tluLuliUll nullniLlJ
"National Commissioner tf f fluca-
lion. .Quotes Extracts From
Enfjtish and German Sources
The Hnwnii fkliicntinnnl Review for
May prints the following:
' Tbe commissioner of CilucHtloii. Hon
orable F. V. Clinton, in his latest re
on, in his ltst re
port, has dealt t some length -on the
qnrmiuii in iiin-ign inngunges in rue i
Schools. It Is interesting to note ttie
,j ,K. . . j
"ii.Mri.-e rnuaiu
to this.
The following extrsct from tbe com
missioner's report shows the viewpoint
ot two of the belligerents:
It must be acknowledged
however, thnt the efforts of certain '
rn.Mt.a .fin Uhh ui I .
.... (i.ta.-n iif i iiniiiinir 1
ii-aemv I u n irn n t ' u (rnn Hfl.nl . . 1 I
Ion have received a prompt i herk frdm
more mature and sober educational
"The follow inn statement from the
rfanrhelm Ohxcttc mnv be regarded hs
'a tins mafte,:
Vbit Oerman Paper Think 1
"'The modem language occupy . a
prominent position in our real schools
and higher real schools. (Oberreal
whulcBi. Ko narrow minds will de
iiand their curtailment beraime of our
mpleasunt experience With the Vrenl-h
nd the Kngliah. On the contrary, tbn
Vnowle-ilde of the-e languages is ab :
wlutely necessary to us. especially tlnst
if . Knglish. It'iioranee of a foreign
language or of a foreign nation i
not an clement of strea.'th. but bf
werikne'ss. Resides, Germany has ho
'nteation of isolnting herself from the
est of the world when the war is over.
be does not want to wage war after
"he war. She strive" more than ever
to penetrate into the worhl '
Tbe modern languages .ought to lie
git en more, not less, time than here
tofore.' '
, "-Educational opinion is Great Brit
aia is no W resolutely opposed to any
Sasty action in renpect to the German
'atfguaee. A memorandum adopted re-e-r-tly.by
the. general committee of the
Modern I-Jinfrnage Association, ;avs:
In Fnjfllsb View
It is not possihle to give nhy
exawt forecast of the cnmmereial re'a-
Mon of Knglnnd and Germany after
the war, but w hatever form they may
assume, ther 1" no doubt thnt a knnWl
edire -of German and German conditions
will - be re0ired for commercial pur
poses. Tn the future it will be even
more necessary than in the pact that
there shall be in responsible quarters
people rtossessin-z an adequate knnwl
edge of German and all that the stuq
of German in the widest seiine should
Imply - The study of German
baa inevitably tufTered. durjng the war.
bbt we ate-of the 'opinion that to al
low any further diminution to take
place, or even to accept the preseht
reduced scale as permanent, would br
to the national disadvantage.'
"On the whole, it may lie say I that
the movements directed agiiinst the
it inly of foreign languages' have no
where Attained appreciable success. The
more practical stand point which de
fenhi the study of foreign languages
md foreign conditions on the ground
of their importance in international
trade competition.', flnflh readier rec
ognition than that . based on senti
mentirl motives. Thus far the shrink
iev suffered by some foreign iairjungt-i'
becauKC Of the war has been bv fnr
out weighed by The extension accord
ed to other languages."
W.'S. so '
Valley Island, -Pupils Purchase
$5219.91 n May
Ktillowiug tis the record of Thrift
1111. 1 War Saving 'Stamps purchase
mu le by the Maiii public schools up 'to
Mnv 1, according to a report submit
ted to B. A. Wadawortli, chairman of
tlie War Savings rouimlttee by SnpeS
lsing Principal Geot'ge S. 'Ttaymortd.
nv last -Friday 'a "Maui News of Wai
luku. It is understood thut the cclf
lections have rucn Miuc-n tucreas-nd in:
liracticnlly all of the x'hools since thM
a . J i.:. . . . , 1.. 1
ii-iii-tb 1 iii line ri-jiirri rrr nt-ui lu
tichasila W.SnH. T N. Pup. Tm
I 'soil, IP 0 17 41 il
1 in ii. u si 2V1 i7 n
Hiililnikii '1 14 HI 'J 1
lliiuiuk(Uiak 1K)I HI no ll
Hans 4 ttirr i.'.-. 4 i,
tlSOil u 04 11 2
lloifiikswei No n.o-t 'iO '1
tliiniikoliua IT li:t "I '2 ,
Kselo . II . N Ti 1 ;
Kueli-kii A 41 BP 2
'Knlmkiilos . .No roport s 1 r
Kslwail . M '- Ml I' i
l-oiiui-hnmeluj III ... V.U WH Ml l.'i -
Ksuinikalus 4 BUI 711 -' ,
Kup VI' 7:i -.' ,
KvhIius Kl HU 1HH .
Kcahihoii No report HW .1 I
Kennnc en 2
Keokis 71 1411 4 i
Klln-1 I 17 -- - j
Kli'iiliiilu No repo-t 7i '.' I
Knliilui 1J W. 1 1
Mnkiinil IS! i:!- '--"'I ll '
-Hakeus .v. .17 I !
Mana'ii Xi.. report '- '
Pain tn 1-- 4i i:i .
I'uiikolil -' sn 14 a
I'lllllielle .Vl '0 ll 1.1 i
"l"-lHkllM -II 17 XI 1
Wslhee 7 KJ WS 4
Walluku .Vi 11 t II
Walkspu II IW '-' 1 :
Totals sari T.Vil 4W8 1IU '
Value of W K S l-TX-CMIt
Vat I T S 1.HST.73
Ti.lill vfllue -..'lll.'.lt
-J W. k'.O. -B-a---
v1. h-i 'on hme pains nr laincp'-is in
'.Ji ha. V ba'h th pirts ivi'h Chambrr
lam's Fain E-itm twice a d.iy. nuiSHag
n.r with thr jinlin of the hanl for five
m;nutri t c-ich appllca'ion. Then
d-nip"ii n ti"ce of 't"nin-l slin'itlv will:
Miih lii i i -1 1 1 nut bind it mi over tin-
t of i.-'i'i K'ir -lib- Ik.' nil .Icn'ers
1l"iii"in, Buiiih Si Cu , lA l., li' i tu i'Lr
Hasvaii. A 1 -1
I as-aaa iiH,viiuiyii b aws is as-- mi i iiivii.' iihimiii iw i iii.uvttr - a-as-as, sun ik ,q a w at
Take Many 4 -Prisoner! Bohe-
mians Fighting Under-Their
Own Flag On Side of Allies
ROME, Msy 2M--t Assnriatew "Press)
Continuing their vinrons i)Teneip
against the Teuton forces, the Ital I
i isn smssherl into them fm-innuli 'ves
Uer.lnv .nd . rh.,.lle tkii
rtave" erashed entirety fhreugh their
cierensee. iriving ine nuns oeinrn
them, the Itnlinns advanced to a deeth
of seventy Ave ynrds and took four
l . . . ,v.- .!.-
cording to a conrmnniqtie issund from
army headqunrfers. . , v . ll
Tke etent of the disirrterratlon or
i.-. i i... !. i.-. i
Austria pover over ine sutijeet vaera
Tu . T . I. ILT J.. . 1"
lnff owneiii lane nnv-f nrrnvrq I n ern ei' I r- '
only en The side of the It nil - an.4
arr-taking fcrms agamst their rrrmc,r ,'TleYk. -Tr.. the pilot ax iato. ahd. fT
masters. A despatch from Italiaw arair ' iChnt Gray, "hid eimpnmon, e kc.((i) 'onno
headquarters any that the Bohemian-, when rev ' enme few hia'tchVs
have openly joined forces with -the
opponents 0 airtocrsi-r snd are flphf
'wVi -nr Svi1 it Kir nm- fl a .1- nln rvsa-. A as Kat,
l"?." P"
Mrs. . f rancis Burton HarrifOQ
Gets Divorce
SAN mKGO. May U - In superior
court yesterday Mm. Mnbel ' JuiNon'
Harriaon. wife of Francis Hnrton Har rison,
JfoVcmor geneml of the Philip
pine Islands, obtained an interlocutory
decree of divorre on the grou'ndnof
deiertlbn. .
According to the cinuplnint filed by
Vn Harrison it is nlleged that her
husband left her about October, 1914,
aad' aiaac that time 1sh "refuaed to
reWlde 'V .live with the plaintiff or
permit wer to reside or live wifb bim
or to -have martih! relet inne with him.'
' Tn the decree Mrs. Harfison it given,.
besides fWe rltstiMlv 'of the two coil-
dren, Barton and Frances, two hrttes
ef the value of -J(l5 Htm, aud proMr$-
-t 3l ,iyl :t(i;i J-ifth inenue. New
York, fnequie from which nnde-r 1 thwl
auTctyshin -of the Farmers' l-oan ft
Trnst Company of New Yurlt wt&i.X-i
antes the alimony of IS,(Mi(i a year,
oavable In monthly inxtn-llmnnt-s of
11250. There was no community prop
erty. ' The governor general is given
TernitsaiOn t- see bis children at rea
sonable tmes and to advise concern-'
ing tneir rrMnrnsr and education.
In cefia Sir. Harrison mhrrics again'
she lose tba",15.0Q9 a year- atlmony,
b-it 'will' -receive -tit lieu thereof $10.
000 a yehr t&t the efcre of the chll--tren'.'
Th ' r'overnor' general made no
contest, conducting his atde of the ease
"ntirely bt means of ' depositions, but
'em en dip" t"e rirht to -assist is the
rearing of hi children. Mrs. Harii
on also cotuTucted' her ease throngh
depositions from New 'TWk where she
s rcsidin-T after csrnblisbine a home
In Co'ronado. 'The charge of desertion
was alio set f firth In 'dopoairiaas made
bv Henry Jtidson. father Of fhc j1b i 1
'iff, and" M S. HcTBbey,'.'innlar agent
for the Philippine Mauds. '
An imposin.f arrhy .of legal talent
as present for plniutiff and defend
int durin Tiirosec-rrtion -of the suit.
'Governor Hnrrlsota wis represented by
ludpe Hnrrv Hans. o,f the firm of
handler & Haas. Vow ,VorV, ortd the
'oral firm of Sweet. Steam, k Forward;
ind Mr, Harrison by Kicbard Cirmp
bell 4 Vyer assisted "by he firm of
Georj-e k McCoy of 'Sab Diego.
W. a), a.
, M-iss 1i-o Case, daughter of Mr. nnd
Mrs. T). If. Case of Walluku, who is
here uo for bcr suinniW vlektiou. will
return' to Mills College, Oak land, in
the fall to take up her '-senior rear
work. During the milliliter be will have
charge nf the girls' athletic work at
'he Alexander House Gymnasium in
Harry Kivss, who recently resigned a
professorship In Stanford University to
accept the position of flrr! TngtnopT
with the llawaiuiu Commercial & Hu
unr Company, ha arrived from th
I 'oust and assumed ajrewdv his diitii-.
In Mrs. Hose's sobool. Honokawui.
the children flave purchased I-WH.T5
worth of Thrift . ad War Havings
Stamp". I'ie children 'have boOnV
bonds, and two are already drawing
dividends on their bonds. K'-erf prpl'
'n this sihool i;ave to the Inert Tf""
Cross drive and thnke who earn nioncv
flftcr ei hiMil hour gave more than ttn
percent of tho month's earnings.
The chililren of Houokkwai Vtwued.
on April 2, Thrift and War.riuvings
Mtiimw as follows:
May Violet Turno, l.4iri; Karl
(Olran Turne, $111(1.45; Genevieve I.
Buchsnaii. X7.()1; Rnweiia; B. Huchnu
an, $12. 4U; Charles K. Buchanan,
KliKaln'th li. Huchaiian, $5.l:i; Kimi i
N'aito, $4.12; Hatolil NnltO, .12; To
vn Ntiito, tl.14; Masnrn Kadotiini,
1. 1 li ; Hia Kadolaui. $1.12; Mas ii-hi
Wataiiabe, $1,011, and Hvatteriug, $1.11''.
Total $4.0..i;i.
- w. a a.
Manuel Avitta feUoto, of 1KI Kai
li Htreet, Kulfhi, for 'almost forty vear-
nnp of the leading barber In Honolulu,
died kt nine o'ooi-k on Monday eve
ning, following two paralytic Minki-n
which i-kmr on in quick auccession.
Mr. 1'eixoto eauie to Honolulu, when
a young mini, from tfhiu Franc i-n-o in
l"7B ami niB'tP his residence here ci"
ainCe. He w as ' bora in the Inland of
I'aval. Aores, Portugal, on Decemin-r
B, I8ri.ri, and was siTty oe years, '-c
morithn and eighteen davs obi at ih--time
of his death.
Surviving him are the widow .in I
six children, the Utter being Mrs.
Mary Allen cf Vrnitvale, Cnliforms:
Mrs. Minnie Hunt, of this citv : Man
fori I'eiM'to. of Han Krunn-.'.;
Adulph A. 1'i-ixoto, Mra. lleriiinn !
.-a ii:'1 0-orjJ- Prlxnto of M jni 1 jIm.
. a a a z.
Army Offtc-srs Return Unsoeccss
ful From -Search el Hawaii
Jufiple For Lost Machine
LOST - One UcKe l nitel States
Army senplane, lutest model
in jiinjjle til Kri iki, ftknil of
Itstvnii: fihfler please ' hotffy
Arm fVinrd. Vmtng Btirldrng,
Th'ee s 'my oPlcer ie'i
Inlii from TTilo eterd:iv
irnrd to Ho
morninir after'
i ... 1.1
ni.' J:i:ale'of "Ksi-.il. i forest, back lof
tbe to h of Iliio. e:irniilng for Vaica
of the Big hrmy srnp'a -e. hirh dropped
rrom tne rog -s ifin g hciv'hts above Sja
ir... i f. .... 1.
. , L". .. V .. t
niorrnw. i hny niil nnl rilld IOC sea-
n'ane Or t' .. irnil ..f M.U. n-.n-ij ki
'oflhe army qiuirtermniter -jcpartmefnt
Isa-ie. ' 5 1 .'
'Va-lor Ui,l-'
tor Mi,k. tn or Tiniighertv 'nbd
I'kpta'n Hrmvn. i-omimHinB The pi
r el.- i .
r-"0'ited to ienuire info the lo's !pf"
'" 'm-'hine and to s:ilvn-re the Wrek
if possible, retiirtiefl to Hohdrulu. With
cftit having onv idea where if wasHfiio
Xlark left the Wreck. Thev did Wot
meet pnrty of .Tsuanese wbo wc
Siso sent Into the forest to lOo for
the machine. Owinc to the grerter
ramniaritv ot the .inpsneSe with the
district the- may emerjls- from The for
P'-i witjh. information as to it exact
locaflon. '
ai Hard Going ' '
They tntnrrnj-ate.l n Japanese wbo
he-erd thp d'one of the machine jast
as it ws over Kniwiki. and who thlen
lie-rd B sTIenee a- rhnuffh tha en-rfne
-nd ,een at,,t off. With the rfpfi poijit
ed out where rhe .Inrs'-ese wali WTienHic
beard the at'tisrent shiffU'ng olf of fbe
engine, the officers endeavored to trace
the 'machine but without sprees. '
'Major HieVs ft-a that evervWheS-e
AeV ot thev waded in ttintrls -trrkaa
up to fbe-ir knees and in place thV-
we're barely able to .proirres. -dfteH-.j
ftrries' thev could not see ahead ;mre
than a few- vnrds. The tfito Tvfbuic
of "nv telN of their 'trip eafollowf-1
'"o trace of cl, sp mlsne "that -efn-
wrecl-pd when Valor C'nrd asd' whr
t-aant Grev laud-d after their fliwht'
from Mairi to tMa i-pi'nd lad bete"
ilUeevered 110 to ten o'clock b-st ifttfbt
The board of inqnirv wbic cntne frim
rjat'vpjn'u last Thursday to mke an it'.
aminattnn of the n'are nnd Wa enirfnr
rnnisrl to' 1'uu Oo Vanch ' la'sfni-h',
njl reported by tcleihorte to""I;eutn
arrt Colonel D. S. Bowman that thVv
nsn seen no nan or the machine, hi
though thpy bad pehetntted the fledse
forest 'foY'mahv mfles anft bad evH-n
Wpe'irt fridhy nigbf tn, ckmji 'oh fbe
mountain erne The ffleet aid not tiybn,
eotno in contact wlfh 't lie party -of MaV
pnaese which left Kaiwiki on PrMay 'to
rollow an old pig trail, op the Wafluku
'River and afterward a branch' of ttfat
,renm in Vie "bope of finding the sea
pTane ' '
Hard Trave'ltng s 1
"Major W. W. Hick, who
eharge of -the board, telephoned Coloae
o-m-n yestrrdav aftemnon fronl Pin;
00 stating 'tbiit 'rte edurntry fbe partv
nan Traveled t a rough was sficli that i'
was impossible to ee more than a few
var-ts 'ahead.'-' -
WTfh'Sta-ior'Hiek on the "exoeditftm
wer'Va1ot Jame t). tbiiighertv and
"Ci-itn . -..iii. i ur iiirrr itruij- in
ficera left Hflp TnriraflaV'-fnornUig ah."
made their ' way. Vih Whtmek, to Piiu
fo "Rnnch. wbeve" tbey we're Wt by Dr.
V. Hhntte. mnrtiltger of the big ranch
Then o Fflila'mnrlif-rfg-the pirr'ty'lrav
eled down the" mountain aide hoping -to
meet the Japanese expedition that w'a
to cimie from ttankkf, Hearcbini; the f6r
est as they came for the wrrk of rtie
seaplane. Xhe elfvation pf the locatibn
of the arreVk wa"kndwn' and the Jap
rnese -bad hir Unofoin thkt would show
them their exact height above the sea
but that was about all,
Officer rind. Kothing
"The officers went as fur a- t be
thought Would be advisable nnd then
camped on Friday ' night. Yestenlh--morninir
the party a-jrain took to the
woods and, with the. aid of many Ha
waiistis, searched every foot Of the sur
Hiundlng country'. The. result wss ni'
snd. when Bai'kness threatened, the r.f
fliers returned to the 1'uu Oo rlaiuh
""Thlk nidrrtlhi, Ibe aliVvey party n'il'
go tlirouuh Kona and Kan to the Vol
(-no Houo; and tomorrow Will come to
Hllo. The officer hope to hear tod-v;
that the .lapsnese searchers have reach
el -Pun 6'h Ranc"h with some definite
nc-s-s oY the wrecked seaplane.
"Colonel Bowman is keeping in e'roN?
-t-nm-h with the official partv and :)Ib
with Manager Hhutti"Bf the ranch and
should any of fbe .Tapftaese re:ich"the
ranch todav he will -be -notrfleil at once.
' "Thn flfKc-ers wrH not -return tn'-lhe
oioijutain si'br. even if world ohte-t'-at
the suaplwne has beep lm afed
Tbev are due to ree"b Honolnlii' on
luesdav mornlim and they must adhorc
t,n thnir schedule.
"That the JaoM-teae niav find the
-"Bidane ia eonsiilered probs'de. lf
thev do rbev wi'l at o-o inf uiu Xot
oel r)ii'iin and he will vri iu toln-h
ith th three offieera if thev are still
-I this island and should thev h'hv
teftfoV Hixiolpln liefitre the mnv s eOhien
M.wnnrh. he will .wireless to Genera'
WiseOC." '
.w. Tv-T
8 ,i . ... -1 ?
An eirtert.4inaf irt is to be u
he school rhi'ih-"ji of Kir-a
he evoninn f Hatunluv, Jiiim
the benefit of the He-I ,C.e,
-oiniHi's to be Worthwhile
.-I I.
K mi- i.
x. tor
'Phes-n n ill be lllllMie folL fla...... . Inn I
ev drills srtd one act fan e.
.Ism-Mer ess born to Mr ;m I
i- ti i-,.., , ri..i. ,.. i-
vi. i-...... i ...
' in 'r- to ' i a T "Mini I" !- r'-i ii
for the gocrniprnt r-hooh in Kiun
a- a
Psvid C. T.indsay, Maui 's member of
the board of sehool eoillllii eii in " ei!li
"ni everil weeks iu the inn . i hi n.l I
On return he will lie. a'-.'.i -i I
ly "rrs. I.ind-sy and their Hit: mill
National Onarrlsffren Qtttlng
Ready For the XalUT.. Ser
vice, Expected in Few Oays
"Where rto we go from ItereT'' nUly
remain unanswered to the drafted Ifa-
waiian National Owird regiments and
fh ivPinn .Irnftiw,. a.Ct kei. !aal-k
Heboid nan.rk for a,..,;
nnvfha 1
That rbe niarrf will be Vnnt to Kcljo
1 n.1.1 J . . : i . . i i x . 1.H
? tr""u' nww iwlrw
............ it., iuinii, i iinr in 'hi..,t-!h
If the war department ''frt-aa
rat policy is carried out, the' VegnhrrJ
Wrmewts --ii -ryacrpaltv be' With drawn I
I fhrs yVf ahd sent to the flghtthg' line.
AH . company wifh rh Vast wafiorfail!
wrwi wow tn training on the WialhUnfl
. The artrer posts will require , tram
sbrla, although not ' necessarily r tbeJ
present large etreiirtb. The ifatlodal,
(fiihrfl may remain- nn duty To the end
Of flie'tvar, and still tbe policy of rbe
wkf denrtmcnt to sCnd orgnnikatione,
'reined only three month mat' be ear
n'relsefl with the Hawaiian guard atid:
ventuniiv it may see service in rraheo.1
ihould this poliiy 'be carried out Wie
Dgistrr'tlon lists oiay be drawa' tlpjn
'eavilv cgsin to supply tbe needed (nan
'o rs-'iaon all of the many army pot
Hawaii has been officially eongT(il-'
'ated on its sidnndid showing in vorun
er enlistments in the United Staffes2
irniy by General K. H. Crowder, pfo-'
vost rrn-shal general, who added that
foster the old arrangement of draft
-aSTvlrte the isb-nds woold ba0 ben
exempted from furniahiag quota,
which 'may be called thi week. , . '
Optarn H. O. Field, aebsctive drgft
dffl-r, received -the provoet . sarHl
enersn 'a cpmmnnicerim-i ye-stcrday, tn
- hieh be -.a also eongrafolated for
-ttiecially prepared ohirrt 'aUoWing' fbe
draft registration' by natiohaSfbM abd
-vciiKBttnns, inclndiag tho regiatratiba
ftte Haw-olOa Natloal -Gnard. fYm.
this cbart -Gereral Crowdct wilt Ittnlce;
np the ia.'a'ridi' quota and wire the elll
-n this basis within a few day.
Gecural Crowi'eT wrote a1 follow:
' "I desire to express my "gratiflcatrbB
t'thc car"fol and systetaatie way Sw
r Inch von have analysed and tabulated
the resnlt of tiro classification la
ttaeorl Ii Praised
"The enperb record mk8e by Hawlii
has thus fsr practieallv exemptad Hasv
nr. iinaeT me selective aerrree -Bytem:-i
hut, the time is now approbihing-arbhn
a-u 'aimca-tfonment bf fuota' wtll be
'made w hich shnll Tarfude- a' -aorrfribSin
Hon from Hawsfi.'and 1 am glad to
SHU that your orgaaitatioa te fa -aivVh
crrmplete condition a to earry -oil tbe.
administration with apecd abd (HlTi-.i
ev." ' ", '"' f'"' ; ' l"'" 1 ;"l
Tbi MkHve ' boaoUtrttrttiiw- iA
solved" no B-.raitlouBrtnfomatlont-etr-dy
frwm ' Waabingto aa to wbei tb'
drift quota -win Mfuttly -be '-Wtlerl. '
At the aatfonnl 'gttard -arnjory yestir "
uy thare wa nndifaT .eflvlty ra ill
lepaVtmetits. bd teVbfavl'"'ilew -enliit-wents
Wert rWorded ia the engineer,
ind signk'l 'corps; . .
M'slor Patterson, th gnard surgedn,
vns bus v at the -bowrd of health diapdn
.hrc mskrtiig phvaiaa) -exomination bf
eomoiiseloned afflfesTll 'Of. the gnard, o
that olT such iWftjnXinetiOna will be com -
nlefe and reCoriled before tbe mobrli-sntt-n
arrrteT H' fecelvefl. ' ' ,
The call Is eiperted any time from
.lone' 7 to June 4. '" '
Ther Itr alao' eoslderh'e 'speeV
laHon ais 'to whf re-j-irtietrtal nnmbee
will In given to the first Tlegicient o'
th grm'd. bnt tt wfll lie -anywhere
from inn to Sn; 1 '
GfUceril of fhe pnhrd, aeeordi'nir Vn
instructions, lyep-l'wday visited ' ieweftv
stores nnrl -swoii red their collar orrfn-''
u"wta .-hieh fn tbi ettse will b
"P. S." with a superimposed "X. G,"
The enlisted ' men will wear their Old
colTnT tnai-rMn -pn-tfl errnnjrements cfcn
he nia'e to furnish 'the ue-e regimental
Wi-hit!.' ' v"
TJtilform Mtkrs Busy
Tl ere have also been via'ts to uni
form make is, for when the actdnl
iioliilizs'ion order is received, litfle
Time will bp left to the officers for
-personal matte', but all will be fe
i uired to put in tbeir entire time 0"
e"iiiieptal work
At present the ainiplv and que
masters department are engaced i ni
'lieck-Tig over -dll -oMrerial on band. 3fr
tnticlpation of wiait of a regulhr
ermv officer-who will make a counter
check on sani
Wbi'e there w-sre rUmoae yesterday
that the guard, 4kfter -aeeembling at the
armory, wontd mwv 'out to the camp
eelw-ted wHhotit-ipaa-ing tlrrotigh -tbr
couccatraMnn camp, it' is expected -tlmt.
the entire peraoaRrd -wifl -first ga'tO tjin
eoiKenrr-atiori rnmp at K-rrt'Armtroojf(
bPre also will be -received all the men
from the civillna yogistrnfrna.
Captain Ptald atated yeeteriay tliat
within aa boar .-after the -issnancs bf
mobiliaatinn -order fnm bis he-rt
oiinrtera to th ladat siraft boards, lun
will lie on their, way to tb board
oftines to rKrt, From there thev will
be sent to the Fort Armstrong ramp.
Will Bwnort At Armory
On Oaliu each eivtllsn drnftee noti
fied by a loeal board will report --cru-ln
allv nt the respective beard head
'lunrters tn the BaCond flour of the
national Hoard -annnry, where the'v
naincs will be ,ehs.-kd -off. They ill
then br sent to Fort Armstrong can flu
the entrance to which is located on
Allen Htrcet, opioaite tbe Honolulu Iron
W orks and near the t'aion Feed Com
puny warehouses.
On curb of lie other islands the
not i lied drafter- are to report to tho
bu-al boards, or the gu4rd armories and
rill be aNsrinuleil at ports of embark
slum for Hoeobilu. On arrival beca
ill report direct u t0 the oone -a
' """ "'""I-- .
, 'he profsdnisr will be an f lllows
: I si h mna will -tiass into a teet and
r I . ' ' .7
' hiaatelf of bit alotbc wh eb will
he planed in a bag and bis nkme at
t'.rhcd He is given a piece of onp
nn. I ii towel and goes in'o the not t nt
nhere he has a shower tip t b He 'ons
ii k i i, n u and rocs iae the n -xi tent
v h r- : ni-lnal offl.-i-r reci iv- anl
Favors Wavlmj Territory Acquire
It For -Executive Mansion But
, Thinks It Shputd Be Gift
'.. -
POHrOISWSSrON.,f.' i ft.
til I fit HUUbL IUUAT
Senate Passes Bill Setting Aside '
MnjYVl -.Fi-ie . AnrtHioitiosi , nf
vwvrvw - im - ' tnvwiwi u w r i vi
f roperty From Queen's Estate
(-pieations concern hi u the proposal to
have Ihe Territory aroaire tha Tata
Vaeeo Mliuokatotil 'a former home,
Washington PJece, as an executive
mansion will be diac.ua rd today by the
house in committee of the whole when
the senate bill providing for tbe pur
chase of the property come up for
second rcadiag. Tba aenate bill pro
vides that bp to $.10,000 may be ex
pended in acquiring the property.
l'rinee Kuhio, who has I ire a aa-a of
be prime mover in tbe project to
live the Territory acquire the ' man
sion as a nome ior ine uovernor, wnien
at the tame time Would be a memori
al to yucca LilinOkalani, said yestor
lay that He favored the oriirliMl pro
ject of having' tha trusters of the L
riuokaiani trust muke a gift of -Ho .
k . . . . . . I . . M . .. I . .
i'rum-riT uj lur vrriiurr annr riieiil.a
of ocenpaory held by the Dominis tut- ,
nor had been provided .for. ,
Diiaarlimia Tta 44
It it expected that the prpjei t ot '
. : .. .. . i. . -. u .. ..: j-4 : ii
l-i-ccfi iiijf no jiivjti, a Kn-i' win
be revived a gala today ia tbe bouse, :
though members of tha board of trust
ees nave aiu inai a ruosiaD-iiai anm
Would have to be paid aa a considera
tion. How' njach the Territory might
be Willing tb pay, however great; the
bargain, remains 'doubtful, though the
senate ha aet $.10,000 aa the figure. It
la certain taat, wer the projicrty ae
paired, ex tensive alterations and 're- -pairs
that would ma iute tbe thousand
would be necessary ' before the bouse '
could be put. to use 'by the executive.
Tv. J -M . . ... : s i,. i i
nr. Kill inn inrem, ir. i ruuiij ,
legally le carried- Into irpct, would
lift a vp-cati-Mia lau-at f a.n tra f Mm Ika
.konLl.-.-. ii.. ... n.r-.j.
HWBIIHID V L . . ' . I ......, I Ul I 1 II V .
Kuhio 's suit to break tho Queen "a will
and tbe trust aa well may have do-
fiired rneci, on me estate, ansi in nee
Kuhio ba exrirnsaed a' wiflrtigneea to
i. a. .m .. ..
drop the li titration if Washington
nare ll given 10 1 ne jerrunry ami li
certaia other property adjustment are
made witk him.'
juirw or jaunon. -
. Whether be I willing to terminate
thtHaw suit la the event thnt the Ter- '
rttory, buy Wasbmgtqa ' Plac for a,
ra-osrderablt -sam' .is '.doubtful. ' The
right of the Dora In is minor who bold
a K-.., ! ItSr t AfA.ll.llnAH-al , V.
prombwa --provide ' another .' angle . and
Attornev'E. C. Peters, miar-diaa of tha.
rhfldrta, baa aaosl that a their attor
aey he mean to get as much out of any
transfer as be can tor them. Tn thi
orniecrloa' ff 'is 'polnted out, however,
that' the right of occupancy held by
The ebilrfrea might not have any great .
value' Wltea "ttie Upkeep or 'the estab
liibmeit to lnakr' such occupancy poa
sible i tnk en Mb to consideration.
I .-ej-M.& . a-.Ll.-' L..' ..I .t.V
a rin-rar ABItlv, tJ,v aruavrrr-a -Dl ' lua
Llliuokalahi trust and Attorney P-
. -era. rrTireae-ktrng' tb Domini mianrs,
aavo neea asked to attend rtie commit-
tee seeaiotl 'trisla -sjvllh 'Hie belief thnt
Mn'dntirt- rd"aby '-a-blcb tb Terrl-
1 L -.ta.' ;1a.' It. - a . .
tr mnY -ac quirt ine propt-rij vmm nm .
iiv x , : a t-
abwi f l tana aaiVf
Are Kicking -Over Size of Raise
fir A4 Tham
. - , viiaiiicu i iiwiii
WAHHINGTON, May 20 --f Aociat-,
l 'Prewsl Tbe railroad men of the
country a re., not nati-sfied n it h tbn
-nmiit of -the incrca- in wae
Tan'ed them hi the ml I road admin-
trstlen. althoneh tn many insf-trces
'be hlerejiBe rpn to as much aa forty
eerce it. fnires ef pretewts are p-eing
Oeoird bv he railroad edmlntrt a-
tVm.' iind tti' Vi'ffinia fre dissatiiif ie-
'j-fldP kn rrkftu-d xiirk limits tbrt four
n-rtdre-4 )rh-imen have gone on atrike.
trxanriites bin. If that part of the'pby
sft?al test i-tatlafactory be pas'-es Into
tie? -next tent and receie another
phyalcal et, There will I hi at least
loifr -phrtlcal stest tents. If he pnaaes
all be goes tnto a sunplv teat and ro
eaivo oafform and then goe int-.
th COMaoliad. tn a eoiunanv atrtut
Trbtl deslgwatesj tent where noo-om-misaioitesl
-pfSe-ers receive him a ad put
him la hia'pro'ier place. One there h
W in the-army to.the end of tbe war.
Patf Oflhra
. Mftrsaf ft' o-Hles- rs of the guar
jMH efM-ssiv l(,ueitv pav. b-el i.
the noniboi' jof Vests thev have been Ifl
$b-.sHMwlcie. . Golunel Sbarn, . f tbn
OHwrtstraMstara . deir'nient: Ma'or
OemKf, or th$ rtViliinnre ile- ar'uia -t ;
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