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't- ft .,
District Board By Unanimous
Vote Rejects Appeal of His
Father For Reclassification
Testimony Shows Draftee Rarely
1 Visits Niihau Where His Ser
' vices Claimed "Necessary"
Selwyn Robinnon, manager of Nil
ban Ranch nDil aistant manager of
tb- Ony A Robinson Sugar Plantation
tit Maknwcli, Knuni. will remain in
Clin 1A of tlie selective draft regis
tttition of the Territory of Hawaii, the
ap,eal of hiii father, Aubrey Robinson,
for deferred elsss'fication for him b
; ing denied by the nnanimOun vote of
the District Board Inst night.
' Robin Kin is barred by this unanimous
vole from making nti appeal to the
President for a reclassification, and in
ow subject to the first call of the war
. deportment for a draft quota.
The board also unanimously passed
a, resolution presented by Chairman J
A. Balch requesting the Governor of
the Territory to transmit duplicate
Of the affidavit! nsed in the Selwyr
Robinson fane to the provost marsha
general with the request that he reopen
the ease of Aylmer Robiuion anAJiavr
it further considered by him and by thi
President of the Tinted States.
Vote I Unanimous
Aylmer Kobinson formerly appealed
Ws case to the President and was clan
' aified in ('lass 2. Last night 'a vote 01
the Balch resolution win unanimous
i, whereas before Aylmer 'a case was ap
pe,aled on the split vote of the district
Uuard. The affidavits which were rea'
la eonsideration of the 8clwyn Robin
-ROM rase materially affect the status o'
Aylmer Robinson.
. .The denial of Helwyn Robinson 's ap
.'. peal last night was based by the boar,
a the ground that the evidence oil
. Anced and the records compiled eonclu
aiijely showed that "he is not a neces
ary man within the meaning of the se
loetive service act and regulations, but
on the contrary that he can be replace
without difficulty by a man or men ove:
draft age equally, if not more coinpe
tent than himself."
: The affidavits laid before the boar.
., lst night were signed by A. W. Carter
manager of I'arker Ranch; George 1'
, Cooke, president Molokai Ranch; Will
iara Hardy, assistant hydrographer V
8. Geological Survey, Island of Kauai
Robert Hind, owner Puuwaawaa Ranch:
Augustas F. Knudsen, partner Knudsei
- Brother, Kauai; Matthew Graham
' secretary Inter-Island Steam Naviga
tion Co.! Harold W. Rice, owner Corn
' well ft Robinson Ranches; Walter F
Sanborn, manager Princeville Planta
tion, Kauai; Gay lord Wilcox, direetoi
and1 assistant manager H. Hackfeb!
Company, Ltd.; Charles H. Wilcox
Grove Farm Plantation.
Barely Visit Klihau
William Hardy, in his affidavit, said
be had been -located on Kauai since
1911, and that in 1911 he mnde a visit
to Kiihau, and that John Rennie, whose
affidavit is attached to the request foi
deferred rlassifliation of Selwyn Bob
iiiHon, was then manager of the Niihau
iKaaah, aud that since that late mi to
. the time the management is said t
Have been taken over by the said 8cl
Vta Robinson, John Rennie acted as
and was represented to be the manage!
of the ranch. He adds that he hat
known Selwyn Robinson for approxi
Biatety three years, and that he know
of his owi kuowledge that Selwyn
Robinsoji "has not been absent froir
Kauai for any considerable length o
time since his so-called appointment a'
nutuager of Niihau Kanih. uud that hi:
vutits to the said island of Niihau havt
boea infrequent and of short duration.'
It' says further that Aubrey Rolxinsoii
father of the two Robinson brothers, ii
"the actual head of the entire interest!
of Guy & Robinson, including the Nii
tsu tt'ud Makawoli Rauches, and tlia
the general plan of bundling both t lit
ranches and the sugar property an
Uid out by Aubrey Robiuson who exrr
ei(l all "executive duties over said
property; that the said Av liner nno
Solwyn" Robinson exercise no indepen
dent executive control whatever.
Without Authority
"Affiant further at ate." adde
Hardy, "that he procured the consent
of Francis Gay and Aubrey Robinson,
to erect a small building situate on
tile lauds of Gay it Robinson tu afford
eHel'er to himself in performing hie
duties as assistant hdrographer of the
I'llited (States (icological Purvey; that
the roof of said building g't to leak
frog and affiant sent carpenters to re
fail" the roof uud put in a floor to
said shelter house; that Aylmer Robin
IOII would nut permit th" workmen tn
t'o eny work on the building, and upon
being interviewed by nthiint, said he
rnuM not give authority for making
rail repairs or alterations without his
father's consent this father being
ny), but that he, said Aylmer Rob
Inaoii, would write to Ins father for
JriniaaioU to make the repairs; that
fterwards, affiant wu informed that
consent had been obtained, but the
beltor house having been moved onto
government land in the .meantime, no
consent was required "
Just how often Selwyn Robinson
west to Niihau to manage the Niihau
ftnnh is made the subject of an affi
davit, bv Matthew (iriihum, secretary
rf the Intijr Island Steamship Company J
y ho give the dates on which rclw vn s
I anic arutear on the passenger lis's
of vessels leaving Kauai for Niihau
fvrirr the period from May, 1HI7, to
i. iof Hg follow -:
On the steamship Manna l.oa leav
Jop Honolulu. January Z4, HUM, from
'VmVswhI' .to NiibM'i;
"On the ateairinliip Ha una Kea.
leavintr Honolulu, Fi bruarr 5, 1UIH,
from Makaweli to Niihau ,f
He states that a hcarrh of the ree
rd shows he made but two tiips in
that teu nipntb' pi nod.
mm lass
House and Senate Compromise
On Amount To Be Turned Over
To Governor McCarthy
After n conference which lasted near
ly two hours yeeteritay afternoon, n
coiuproinise measure was reached be
tween special committees from tin
house and senate wherein Ooven.or Mr
Carthv is to receive an appropriation
of l6o,iMlO for his contingent fund.
this measure was nrst introduced in
the senate during the early part of the
session and cnlleil for an appropriation
of tlSil.lMM). When thia measure went
to the house the solons in the lowei
branch of the legislature cut the np
propriation to $50,000. Senators Hhingle
I'ncneeo and Baldwin from the uppei
house ami Representatives Cooke, i'e
trie snd Miles, from the lower house
got together on the measure yesterday
afternoon ami threshed out the vnriou.
needs for this appropriation.
Governor McCarthy pointed out thni
no provision had been made for tin
payment of waterfront guards, eithei
by this or the last legislature, and thi?
item of expense was eating up 13600
month alone and that these men woub
have to be employed on the waterfront
for the duration of the war. Othei
emergencies might arise during thi
ourse of the war, it was pointed out
which might need immediate appro
. nations of money and it was though
by the members of the senate commit
ee that $100,000 was the least the in
oming Governor eonld safely get alon
in. This argument finally prevailo
ind the measure was unanimously de
ided upon.
With 1200,000 appropriated for tli
Governor to dispense in food adminis
ration measures, aa unexpected balanci
if about a"0,000 in the present emcr
;ency fund and the $100,000 appro
riated yesterday, Governor McCarthy
fill have $370,000 at his disposal whicl
ndicates the confidence that the legis
ature has in Governor McCarthy an.
he belief that the money will l
tandled in a businesslike manner.
w. a. s,
Ind Comes Suddenly To Moana
lua Superintendent
Malcolm T. MacIntyTe, 8r., genera
uiperintenilent of the Moanalua Ranch
lied suddenly last night about half
ant ten at his home at 2383 Vaneouvei
lighway, Manoa Valley, heart failun
icing ascribed as the cause of death.
There was no intimation that be wa.
ill or that death was soon to over
ake him. He had eondueted his busi
less affairs as usual at ifoanalna am
luring the past two or three week'
tad given much personal interest to thi
eautifying of premises of Manoa res
dents and his advice on such arrange
-nents was always gladly accepted.
Mr. Madntyre was seventy-eigh
ears of age and a native of Scotland
le had resided in Honolulu for thi
ast fifteen years, nearly all of whicl
ime he gave the benefit of his valua
de experience as a horticulturist t
he development of the beautiful Mo'
alua Gardens, owned by Samuel M
)amon, adjoining Fort Hhafter. Hi
vas considered one of the most eminen
xperts on orchids in the world.
Surviving him are three children ii
Innolulu, Miss Janet Madntyre, Dor
Id Madntyre, manager of the Moana
ua Gardens; and Malcolm T. Macln
yre, aanager of the Hun Life Assur
.ne.e Companv of Canada: nlso two son
ind a daughter in Kngland, and onr
laughter in Canada.
w. s. s.
Prompt action on the part of Rober:
rnold last night averted a serious ac
ident, when a ear, driven by Robert
Bicknell, skidded and ran head on inti
i car owned by J. 11. Magoon which
vas standing in front of The Adver
"ser office.
Mrs. Magoon, accompanied by Mr
ind Mrs. Robert Arnold, was sitting
n the Magoon car when they were
rashed into by the Bicknell ear and
vere driven up on the sidewalk. Robert
Vrnold grabbed the wheel of thi
lagoon car and turned in time to keep
he auto from crashing through the
date glass window of the Hawaiian
Clectric Co. Aside from bent fenderr
n both cars and a twisted axle on the
tiuknell car, there was no other dam
ge. Bicknell says that his auto skid
'ed on the car track.
Other affiants state that they ar
Crtain John Rennie is manager of the
Viihau Ranch, ami Mute they are cer
ain he has had exclusive managership
tod dirertiou of its affairs, und that he
s a faithful, competent and capable
attic man ami manager.
Walter F. Sanborn says that he
'knows Helwvn Robinson and is of
he opinion and therefore, states to be
i fart, that relw;. n Robinson because
if his youth, inexperience and immat
ure judgeinont i. not us competent or
as cu uble - tin said John Rennie
to manage said Niihau Ranch, and is
uot a canuble n nd cmnnetent ranchman.
and that instead of being necessary to
the management of said Niihau Ranch,
said Helwyn liolnii-on in supernumer
ary and entirely tin necehenry to either
the mauagumcnt oi conduct of uid
He says mm h along the same lines
nbout Aylmer Koi.iiiMiu. A to Aubrey
Robinson, the fat her. he says that
''Aubrey kobinson i-, a competent, cap
able and resourceful businoss and
ranch man und that there is neither
need nor neccMi for any executive
maiiugcmeiit of cither said Niihau or
Muknueli aiicl,,. other than tiat
caphl le of being exeirired by the said
Aubrey Robinson, and your affiant is
of the opinion that neither the said
Selwyn Robinson n . -r Aylmer Robinson
are necessary in the conduct of either
oi but U of ?.'t 'd r.i 'ii In- ' '
Provisional Regiment
From Hawai For
Europe Is Planned
f. : . i. . ,
If War Department Keeps Na
tional Guard In Islands, Form
ation of Fighting Body For For
eign Service Will Be Urged On
A provisional regiment from Hawaii
for service la France will be urged
upon the war department, with' th an
ticipated sanction of the local represen
tatives of the department, if the Wash
ington administration's poliey is later
found to le favoring the retention of
.he Hawaiian National Guard and civil
ian draftee for service exclusively in
garrisoning th posts evacuated by the
egulur organisations ordered to Europe.
Although the guard mobiHcation or
ders have not been received from Wath
ington, nor any additional intlmat' ni
developed at draft headquarters con
cerning tha elvilian draft, metnbeVs of
the legislator are aaid to be planning
the introduction of a resolution ia the
legislature, authorising the Govern ir
of the Territory ia th event there U a
disposition on the part of the war de
partment to keep all drafted menhere
for the period of the war, to' ask the
President to authorize the formation
of a provisional regiment to be made up
of the finest fighting material in the
Islands, recruited from the train9 men
of the camps, and sent to France. This
will be done on behalf of the legislature
and the people of Hawaii.
Should thf war end this summer, for
example, the history of the war would
reveal the fact that organization from
very state in the Union had served
in France, with the single exception of
Hawaii. It is known that many re
piests have been sent to congress, and
individual letter forwarded to officials
in Washington, appealing to have t
'east one fighting unit sent abroad to
-epresent Hawaii.
Up To Lan
It is likely that this suggestion will
e laid before Secretary of the Interior
KYank K. Lane, during his visit here
n June. In all probability the cabinet
ifflcial will have an opportunity tn in
pect the guardsmen in the federal serv
ce, and he can judge for himself wheth-1
r the appeal is just or not. ' j
Ask any guardsman when the guard is
o be mobilized and he will promptly ;
answer: I
"Saturday, June l,"or Monday, June
All representative of the Second
Regiment, Hawaiian National Guard,
vho were summoned to Honolulu by 1
wireless on Monday to consult with the .
adjutant-general and Captain Wltsell, '
V. 8. A., instructor-inspector of the
guard, have reported at the armory I
with the exception of Colonel More
head, commanding- the Second at Hilo.
The order did not reach him in time
to catch the Maiina Kea on Monday and
he will not be here nntil Saturday aaorn-
m- -
Examination Continue
Major Richard Oliver and Captain
Cox of the battalion of the Second
Regiment, on Kauai, arrived yeterday .
morning, and have received instructions'
for mobilizing similar to those which
Captain Wit sell gave to the guard on
Monday night. j
The physical examinations of the
guard officers continued yesterday, Jh.e,
results being favorable in practically
every instance. These examination,
however, have to be verified by'tbe
regular army surgeons when the guard
' called. There is a feeling that minor '
defects among guardsmen, which will
not lessen their value as member of the ,
organization, except for actual service
abroad, may be given the benefit of the
doubt, but that if, later on, any of the j
guard is ordered to Europe, there would
be a winnowing among officers which
would leave many behind. j
v. a. a.
Among measure
reading in the hou
s that passed final i
se yesterday was the
sepaiates the oftice
neral of the nntiontil
of adjutant general
unds for salaries and
ennte bill which
of commanding gc
guard from that
and appropriates f
expenses. It was
ure was necessary
eral could not be
held that the meas"
as the adjutant gen
in the field and no
office work at the
same time.
nlfc i .
T hoe ne. champion eias
winner of the second nrixe
cup of I'll at the Moanalua links
nd "hum golf experts look to give
Champion .lames Oreig a burd rub
at the next tournament aud may
bap wrest the championship from
bim, is un ei t h ui-iast ic booster for
the H IV C medicine. -Kaid Mr,
Tboeue ii.nj. to in v confininir oc
cupation, I totiinl I was runninf
down ami growing stale HUiI slug
gish in 1 1 i v condition, all tired out
after a duv 's wk, restless nights
and generalU all gone feeling. rom
friend recommende d n r. 't,, mc
as a tonic and I iiiiiiu'diatelv bought
a bottle and commenced using it. as
It is tree fpi:n alii'liol and luiaitn
OUS drugs. The results were inline
diate in inv case I hiue only used
tWO bottles III,. I ,'illeadv feel like
new person, sleep well at night, eat
well hinc gi I in weight nnd am
full of pep and e,i,.r SH much no
that in v fiieinU lave commented on
my inipnucl i ,t ,,, nI,,l nknd
me the icns, i, have advised them
all tu use I', l as it has i'one
o much i oi I i ) ic v , . I am on
fldent tl,c imII all l !. .i,.. the
Slinie :,. I a, S:,i,l Men H'liUS,
the H, H i 1 I , r,. o'h
Peculating Stock Broker Must
; Serve Prison Sentence Is
. Decision of Supreme Court
Lionel R. A, Hart, former stock
broker, who was found guilty of em
betr.lement In th circuit court several
month ago aftef a career of frenzied
flnance, lost hi fight for freedom yes
terday, lb, a decision that was handed
down by the supreme court in which
nil of the ruling made by Circuit Judge
I Ileen in the course of the trial are sus
tained. Hart took his case to the
snpromeourt when motions offered bv
his attorney, William B. Lymer, for a
ilirec.ted, verdict were denied. Under
the supreme court's ruling the sentence
of three year imprisonment imposed
will go Into effect.
Hurt formerly represented Stone
ham 4 Company, (tor k brokers of New
York, and according to the testimony
given at th trial in February of 1P1B,
on the order of O. A. Bierbaek he
bought en margin twenty thousand
shares of Wllocrt Mining stuck, pay
ing $650, which was one-third of the
purchase price..' Wilbert Mining wa.'
a divideud payer, and Birrback had
credited to his account as dividends
S'JOO on February IS, 200 on May 15
and 200 on .August 15.
Sold Stock . .',.,..,'
It was testified that on October l.V
(flfl, on eabfedorder from Hart, Stone
ham & Company sold the stock fo
oU2.38 and transferred the account t
W. T.Ov Allen, who also had been trad
ing with Hart. Bierbach had nevei
ordered the transfer of the stock am
had pot. withdrawn the dividends, a
he had wished to apply them as pay
incuts oa the .balance due and hail tol
Hart he' wanted the stock certificate
as soon as they were fully paid.
Hart Vanished late in the year o
1916 and went to Japan. On review
ing his transactions with Bierbaek th
grand jury returned indictments agains
hrm in July-of 1917 and in the follow
ing month he wa arrested in Ban
Francisco. Chester Dovle and Arthui
Me Duffle testified at the trail that al
the time al the arrest Hart admitted
his guilt and expressed willingness to
return to Honolulu and stand trial.
Motion Denied
In the course of the trial Hart pre
sented two motions for a directed ver
dict, tjnc when the prosecution closed
its case, and the other after he had pre
sentatit his defense. Both. were denic
and it was on these rulings aud a lone
)it- of xoeptioa that the case w'
taken to the supreme court.
While, this case has been pending a
new series of charges of forgery am!
embezzlement in connection with vari
ous stock transactions wane returned a
few week ago in six graud jury in
diefnie'nta, ' ii i
y Hart i an ex-convict, having been
fonVlcted ten year ago on a eharge
of embezzlement for theft committed
whiie he was cashier of the Honolulu
branch of the Standard Oil Company.
Itf was brought ont at this first trial
that when Hart found himself unable
to.touceal his peculations, in an en
deavor to destroy the evidence against
him, be set fire to the territorial oil
warehouse in Kakaako. For this offense
.. sentenced to three years at
ha r,d labor which lie served, being sub
sequently granted restoration of his
rights as citizen by Governor Piukham.
WASHINGTON, May 29 (Official)
-Mexico's recall of its charge d'
affaires in Havana does not constitute
a rupture of diplomatic relations, it if
announced from the Cuban legation
which has bocn informed from llavanr
of notification to that effect received
from Mexico City.
w. a. c
. TOKIO, May 28 (Special to Nippn
.Tiji) Singapore despatches state that
the first class Japanese cruiser Kasu
ga, Capt. I'sagana. which went agroum'
on one of the small islands of the Dutch
IXtft Indies in January, has been re
floated and reached Singapore undr
her 'own power yesterday. (She will con
tinue on to Japan for extensive repnirs
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a marvelous tonic and drives the
accumulated waste matter from the
system that clogs the interior ma
hincry and causes it to run out of
?ear. producing sluggish circulation
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tion, nerwms and sleepless nights,
feud, stomach and lack of appetite
nTects the kidneys and 'bladder and
raises cuiu with our health gener
'ally. B. B. C. changes all of this.
B. B. C. infuses the body with the
iron forre of health and the ital
ity Ift youth vhich throw off these
srnipfonis nnd ailments and bring
the body buck to uoriuul condition
apuin. Hundreds of tehtimonials of
prominent local people here which
we ht:ve published and the fact that
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'ntftfnlniid physicians and doctor
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F'-ee explanation nd literature by
l'.en Mriint at B. B. C. headquartera,
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San Francisco Has Company In
Cellar After Weeks of
r. w. i. pet.
Salt Lake 32, 29 S!3 .558
Hacramento 49 26 23 .531
I, os Angeles 55 29 2n .527
Vernon 66 27 29 .42
Oakland 55 26 30 .455
Han Francisno 55 23 30 .455
Yeaterday'i Result
At Ixis Angeles Sacramento 1, I.os I
Angeles 0. .
At 8an Francisco Wan Francisco 3,
Vprnoa 2.
At Salt Lake Halt Lake 7, Oakland
L i
Graham's Peals seem to have struck
a winning gait on Tuesday when they i
opened the new Pacific Coast League '
cries in Ban Francisco, for yesterday,
again, the Seals won from the Bill
Kssick Tigers of Vernon, by the score
f threo to two run. The Tuesday
score was 3-1.
And Han Francisco ia no longer alone
in the cellar. The Heal now have com
pany in the pit, for yesterday the Del
'toward Acorns, through their defeat
nt the hand of the Bees, went down
to the bottom rung of the league
standing ladder.
At Halt Lake the McCredie Bees re
peated on the Oaks and won the second
nmo of the series, 7-1, playing rings
i round their opponents,
Down in Los Angeles, Bill Rodgers'
'senators defeated the Wade Killifer
4ernphs, blanking the home boys, by the 1
score of one to zero, this being the
closest battle of the day in the league
games. Hacramento and Los Angeles
have broken even in the series, each
winning a game.
Double headers will be played today
;n San Francisco, Los Angeles and Bait
3oat League Notes
SAN FRANCISCO, May 18 Herbie
Hunter had a good day with he willow,
xarnering three hit and a walk out of
hi sessions at bat.
Del Crespi, the young quartermaster
pitching phenom, recently installed in
a Seal uniform, will perform this fcf
ernoon. Crespi was on the job yes
'erday in a coaching capacity, but fall
id to find his way into the box score.
Sending Hunter in on Koerner' long
fly to Middlcton in the first inning
'irought forth a lot of argument pro ,
ind con amongst the spectators, the
reneral result of which seems to be
that as Hunter was caught out it was r
i piece of honeheaded base-running, but i
..I i , . i i '
ttnerwise wouiu nave own an exviup
'ary piece of work. -
' Croll broke into the extra base col
umn twice ont of his three trips to bat,
snd incidentally drove in more run
'han any two others engaged in the
Carl Zamlock lias joined his friend
'"'lair Goodwin on the Letterman Hos
pital nine. "Zam" was athletic director
at a Texas army camp, but much pre
fers being in the nrmv to that job.
w. a. B.
LONDON, Saturday, May 18 An
eleven-inning game marked tho open
ing of the Anglo-American baseball
session today. The score was:
rmy 7 runs, 11 hits, 5 error.
Vavy ti runs, 5 hits, 6 errors.
Admiral Sims threw out the first ball
o General Biddle. The umpire was
Arlie Latham, former New York Giant
star. It wna the first baseball game
ever played at the arsenal football
grounds, Highbury.
The spectators included Admiral
'aimer, of the British Navy; Captain
Villiam Archer Redmond, son of the
ute John Redmond, and many London
th, who saw the American game for
he first time.
The American rooters were so ex
cited in the ninth inning, with the
uore a tie, that three airplanes sailed
over the field almost unnoticed. When
he American "stretched" after the
seventh inning, the police, attracted
by the unusual scene, started an invest
igation. Tho Londoners were much amused
by the American baseball slaug.
A league hus been organised with
liree army and one navy team from
the American force and four Canadian
teams from the London headquarters.
W. I a.
PARIS, Mny 29 (Associated Press)
Kiainination of the shells of the
long range gun now bombarding Paris
tn.tieuti. thHt tVie imw mini, nrn Inraer
than 9.5 inches caliber, though the !
roree of the explosion or the new suelis
is no greater than that of the old. Fir
ug in as resumed this morning.
' w. . .
PKK1NG, May 29 (Associated:
Press) The Chinese ambassador to To
kio has been instructed to lodge a pro
test against Hu-ia transferring to Jap
an a seetion of the Chinese Eastern
Railway near the Sungari river.
w. 8 a.
DKNVKH, Colorado, May 80 -(Associated
Press) In their Bglit
here lust uight .lack Dempsqy
kuocked Arthur 1 elkey out n
I the lirMl uf their scheduled flf
I teen round bout. The early ter
mination or the go was a disap- ! ,
pointmeiit to nitiny of tho fans. .
;- . -; -r.:. - .
I a
Braves and Dodaers Split Even
In Double-Heaaers Other
Games Postponed, Rain
P. W. U Pof
34 23 11 .676
..83 22 11 .667
..38 21 17 .553
..81 13 16 .484
..36 16 20 .444
.. 33 14 18 .438
.. 36 14 22 .389
..34 12 22 .353
New York . ;
Chicago -. ......
Cincinnati .
Pittsburgh .....
Bos to .
Philadelphia . ..
Brooklyn .
Ht. Louis
Yesterday' Beeulta
At Philadelphia Philadelphia 5, New
York 2.
At Brooklyn Brooklyn 8, Boston 2
(first game); Boston 3, Brooklyn 0 (see
ond game).
Other games postponed; rain.
Philadelphia opened he National
T.engue new series' at home yesterday
by walloping the New York Giants in
right smart fashion, the defeat putting
the Giants only half a game ahead of
the Chicago Cubs. Had Chicago played
and won yesterday the two club would
now be tied for first place In the
league. Yesterday' ecore Philadel
phia 5, New York 2.
At Brooklyn the Dodger and Braves
engaged in a double-header. Brooklyn
won the first game, 5-2, but Boston re
filiated in the second game and wrin
3-0, In addition to shutting Brooklyn ofl
the score board.
The Cincinnati-Chicago and St. Louif
Pittsburgh scheduled games were post
poned on account of rain in both Chi
eago and Pittsburgh.
Yesterday's games resulted in ne
changes in the order of the clubs in the
league , standing. Double-headers arc
scheduled for today at Brooklyn, Phil
adelpbia, Pittsburgh and .Chicago.
w. a. a.
Cleveland Takes Detroit Into
Camp While Other Clubs
Are Traveling On Road
P. W. Ia. Pet
Boaton 37 24 13 .649
New York .' 36 21 15 .583
Cleveland 38 20 18 .526
Chicago 31 16 15 .516
St Loui 32 16 16 .500
Philadelphia 34 14 20 .412
Washington 37 15 22 .405
Detreit 29 11 18 .379
Yesterday' Results
At Boston Boston 4, Washington 2
fflrsf game); Boston 2, Washington 0
(second game).
At Cleveland Cleveland 7, Detroit 1.
At New York New York 7, Philudel
phia 2 (first game); Now York 12, Phil
adelphia 2 (second game).
Other clubs traveling, no game.
While only two American League
games were scheduled for yesterday
five were plnyed, double-header being
staged at Boston and New York, and
the Tigers dropped in at Cleveland on
their way home for n game with tho In
dians. The Red Sox seemed to feel yester
day that it was time they increased
their lead at the top of the league and
promptly annexed both games played
with Griffith's Senators at Boston.
Boston won the first game by the score
of four to two ruus, aud in the second
game the Red Sox whitewashed Wash
ington, 2-0.
Yank Also Fatten
Playing at home, the New York
Yankees had a great tiole with the Ath
letics, winning both game of the day.
The Yanks took the first by tho easy
score of seven to two run, but. toe af
ternoon game was a much easier affair,
for the Philadelphianl "played' even
bushier ball, the score being 12-2, with
the Athletics again at the. short end.
At Cleveland the Indian had a pic
nic with the visiting Tigers, wallop
ing the"lutter by the score of seven to
one. The game wa called in the sixth
imiing, whuu ruin made further play
As a result of yesterday's games,
Cleveland went up from fourth into
third pluce, letting Chicago down into
fourth. Double-headers are on the
cards for today at Boston, New York.
Cleveland and Detroit.
w. . 0.
WASHINGTON, ' May 30 (Associa
ted Press) Provost Marshal General
C'rowder last night announced that
21X1,000 of those who have been draft
ed but failed to pass the physical exam
ination for military service because of
minor defects are to be called and will
be used for other purposes.
He announced (this when he issued
the call fur 9000 spruce workers. Such
workers will be allowed to enlist up
to June 15 but after that will bo drafted.
-- w. a. a.
WASHINGTON, My 30 (Associa
ted Press) - By an executive order is
sued in uccorduuee with the Overman
Act the President hus croated the war
industries board aa a separate adminis
trative agency to act for him and un
der his direction. The work of this
board is to supervise the industries of
the Nation. Munich will be the chair
man of the new board as he wa of the
Coroner's Jury Fixes Responsibil
ity For Tragedy
Kiyo Bagawa, a Japanese trlrL who
was almost instantly killed last Sun
day after being struck by an automo
bile. lrivn. by Frafck' pinnewa,- ram
tn hv death a the result of the care
less and heedless driving of Pnnajwa
according to the verdict of aaorMier'
jury yesterday morning.' " Paaaewa,
charged wjtn mnnsiaugnier, ia unaer
heavy bail and will be given a pre
liminary .hearing la the police eoart
tomorrow morning.
a niimbnr nt -witneasAa testified res-
terday morning, the greater part being
Japanese, i almost every insisnor, inn
testimony 'was that the driver of the
cer which killed the Bagawk girl was
driving "t a high rate of speed and
that no attempt wa made to atop and
cive aid to the injured girl. .T. W.
Rawlins testified that the occupant of
the car were under the- Influence of
liquor. Albert Butcke, another witnee
said that Pause attempted to hide
hi face when he drove away. .The
same witnesses who testified at the in
quest will give their testimony In the
-police court tomorrow morning. Ia all
probability, the case will go te the
grand jury for investigation.
Castle &Cooke,
Kw i riantatiou Company
Wailuko Agricultural Co., Ltd
Apokaa Sugar Co., Lti.
Kohal Sugar Compaay
Wabiawk Water Company, Lto,
Fulton Iron Work, of St. Leai
Babcock Wllco Company
Green 'a Fuel Ecouomlser CoutJan
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road to riches lies in spending
less than you earn, and inci
dentally you do your Country
a service. Start a savings ac
count with us and make vour
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London and Glasgow via the
and St. Lawrenco Boute
By the popular "Prince"
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Victoria or Seattle.
For full information apply to
Theo. H. Davies & Co. Ltd
Oen'l Agent, Canadian-Paeiflo By. Co
Commission Merchants
Sugar Factors
Ewa Plantation Co.
Waiulua Agricultural Co., Ltd.
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Pulton Iron Work of St. Louis
Blake Rteam Pumps
Western Centrifugals
Babcock Si Wilcox Boiler
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Marah Rteam Pupips
Matsou Navigation Co.
Planters' Line Shipping Co.
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chinery of every description made tv
Issued Tuesday and Friday
Entered at the l'otoltice of Honolulu
T. II., as eniii-f ia mast r i
Per Year $.
Per Year (foreign) SAO
Payable Invariably is Mvanee.
' ' ' '

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