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u..u,u..l .u
Americans Among Reserves
Ready To Be Launched Into
the BattleJMow Bein Fought
:'.fl YJrti?'5
NEW YORK, June 2r7T(As8ociated Prc8i) While the German
progress within the salient driven towards the Marne has been
checked c6mpletejy on the east, thfown back on the Marne and
practically held on the west, a heavy new movement was begun
yesterday south of the Oise and Ailette Rivers, northwest of Sois
sons, with the Germans making some progress against desperate
Berlin claims that a general advance was made yesterday along
their whole western battlefront, from Noyon to Chateau Thierry,
but a reading of the map shows the fighting lines to be practically
where it was on Friday between Soissons and the Ourcq River
valley and pushed back south of the Ourcq and from the Marne.
North of Soissons the Germans have made advances.
It is. apparently the German effort to crush out the French
ralient of Soissons, linking up their own salient towards the Marne
with that driven in March towarda Amiens and Montdidier, thus
opening the way to paris via the Marne and the Oise.
The reserves of General Foch are now arriving along the battle
curve in increasing numbers. Among these reserves are regiments
of Americans, who have already reached important areas oh the
line Despatches lo not state that the Americans arc as yet actually
in the buttle, but their employment will probably commence today.
( urrespoiulcnts at French headquarters stntr that the Americans
nc i-airer for their chance in the great battle.
Yesterday morning found the Germans pressing hard for pos
session of Chateau Thierry, the extreme south point of their ad
vance, upon the Marne. To the north and east along the right
bank of the river other (icrman forces were active and numerous
ittempts to cross the river were made. None of these attempts
was in force, however, and no serious effort to establish a foothold
on the left bank was made. The French had no difficulty in throw
ing back the detachments. At Chateau Thierry the fighting was
more serious, but here also the French were victorious and the
'ierniau advance was checked and rolled back almost in the Ourcq
North of Chateau Thierry, at Neuilly-St. Front. mhhIi of the
()mci. and at t'hony, north of the Ourcq, the Germans were check
ed ami held, the invaders making futile efforts to push further west
ward. At both these points and in the valley between the fighting
was desperate, the German losses being heavy. The German ad
vance here is now five miles west of the Chateau Thierry-Soissons
r i. id.
Throughout the morning there was heavy fighting on the
Rhciiiis side of the salient, particularly to the south of that ?ity.
Mere again the French proved victor, in one heavy counter along
the 1 ormans Kheiins railroad, southwest of. Rhcims, the French
taking two hundred prisoners and capturing, four German tanks
Last nifU tlitrAnglo-French heJd their Rheims line intact, with
the city strongly defended, and the German efforts to extend their
salient along this side have been apparently abandoned.
Southwest of Soissons, near Chaudin, a heavy German drive
was smashed early in the morning, the French throwing the attack
rs 1
iacK and taxing tne initiative,
and indicting great losses on
In Soissons itself there was desperate street fighting through
nit the day, the l-'rench defending the southwest outskirts of the
citv successfully" and sending each German assault reeling hack.
I he 1 lermans lost most heavily in this fighting.
M'tiiial despatches from Paris state that northwest of Soissons,
wlu-re the Germans attacked in heavy force, the French resisted
Mi-iingU. indicting heavy losses and withdrawing only when the
iiulnumhering Germans threatened to overwhelm their positions.
The 1 tench have withdrawn to the northern outskirts of Garlcpont
.ml I iiiitenoy, holding also the heights hetvveen these town. wet
i.i ndiguicoiirt.
" ll enemy attempts west of Soissons and south of that city
were tut tie. with particularly heavy lighting on hoth sides," ,avs
ilit- 11tiu i.1l communique. " The Germans hold ( houy and N'enillv
- I J v. .11I. W'e hold Chateau Thierry." '
I'.rrlm reporting orricially on the fighting of the dav claims
(ncrai progress, wjrh many prisoners and "rich booty". I In ( ;-r
iii.'iii , iitnmuni(iie is:
s.niih oi the Oise. southwest of ( hauny. the Allies were elected
tn. 111 strung positions near tints, while south of Blerancourt we
ad am oi from the north bank of the Aisne to N'ouvron and I'on-ti-nov,
alter violent local fighting.
s.intli hi Soissons we pursued the enemy as far as the heights
1. it oi (. Ii.tudun, four miles southwest of Soissons, and to Vicrry
..11 tin luri 1 1 River. We.passed the Soissons-Chatcau Thierrv road
.hi both siiU'.s of the Ourcq River, repeatedly breaking down heavy
1 r-isiaiire. and we have reached the heights of Neuilly north of
t'li.itcau I hnrrv Several thousand prisoners were taken with rich
1 tv.
loiig otir whole front, from Ndyons south to ( bateau Thierry.
1 .urn I Lin'iind. fighting all the wav."
1,1 i.ci. i' I'.ridges, head of the l'ritish military mission at Wash
:,: ', 11 111 a review of fhe situation yesterday said:
I In 1ncricat1 truops about to engage in the battle in l i.iuce
.1 . nal 1. 11 tor now and may hold the balance between victory
,. i,- , ii l it the Allies. Through the use of good railroads, through
:!, 1 1 il at much of the ground along the Soissons-Rheims line
, . ..,i.. I with forest, and through the fact that they have a huge
,:, , mi. I 1 an transport extra troops at points where attacks are
; ,. .'.in 1 1 . have cvunbined to enable the German high command
, ,; . ..I the plans they had prepared for this particular ollensivc
I . , ( ,11 mans are now in a dangerous salient, where a reverse
., ,; ',, ,, s,-vi-re one, but they, are also in a favorable position tn
1 , I , I,, .iv v attack up(in I'aris
i n nt lorvvarci to
'i.-iit fiirwnril ti
ml intention.
1 in. his are constantly
while tilty divisions wire identified early in the day.
ir.- iimiI in the linal stages of the day's fightiiu' is
, . ivirs, as at least eiK'bt more, or a total of 750.IXK)
ilu .u mil numii
- 1 C75
capturing several nunoreu pris
the German masses.
if they are able t
push the vv est
itnti flit mifni i:ilieiit wbicli is
pouring fresh troops into the bat
Twb:Sobmarines Are
Hour By Destfoyer
ATLANTIC IMKtr, J,,,,,. o . , a, i
snciated Press i Two eiieinv mil. J
marine sunk by nn American de
Strnyor in the short space nf ill
half hour's time in the report which j
Hi brought Iwre yesterday by nn !
arriving h i p which saw t ho on
garments and the remark utile work
arid spirited Kim (Ire nf the little I
American war craft J
The ilent rnVMi was engaged in
patrol ii n. I convoy 'work off the
French coast and while convoying
the vessel which brought the news
1d this M.rt. en.'.i'inteie.l the sub
mm inen.
The B irai't .it the , meriraii
gur Are is highly prnisc.l
W. 8. .
New Military Treaty Between
Austria and Germany Rouses
Indignation and Wrath
W.VBHINOTON. June I ( Hricial ) -Complete
surrender nf titr Kintrnl of
Austrian military affairs h ml the
abandonment of any hope fur self gov
emnielit for the Occhs iwirl .logo Nlavs
results from the recentlv signed treaty
ween Austria and (iennnnv A a
rexult of thin treaty, upon the other
sources of grave dissatisfaction Ho
hernia in fairly seething with the spirit
of revolt. Tin' monarchy in even in
peril an a result of the bittcrm us whieh
has beon aroused.
The state department has received
the text of the military treaty which
Austria and Germany executed after
a conference between Wilhelm and
Karl. A u atria hns abjectly surrender
ed ooutrol of hr own military affairs
in time of peace as well as in time of
wnr and baa given Uermany an im
mense power and control in Austria '
internal affairs.
It wonld appear thut under this
treaty the Czechs and the .logo Hlava
must rTbandon what if any hopes they
have bad of securing even a sem
blnnoe of self government.
This treaty is considered to fnllv
Kpleiri be foreign despatches which
''SVC reached here t''it say the spirit
of revolt has risen hitrher in Hobemin
where rnmnitinities fairly seethe with
Even tbe press of Vienna admits
the seriousness of tbe situation and
rhM ' tho monarchy itself ia in dive
peril as a result of the growing spirit
of revolt.
w. a. 1.
T.KRS, June 1 (Official) Lieut. Dou
trlas ('Ampbell of California is the rl rut
American "ace" first of the Yankee
fivers to down five enemy planes.
Campbell shot his fifth Hun iloun
on Kriilay.
Lieut. K.lilie Kickenbacher, foiiuer
famous auto rucer, is also now an ace.
He downed his fifth Hun on Thursday
but the fact of the victory uai not
officially confirmed until after 'anii
bell hud been cited for his ok n fifth
t ii unipli.
W. a. a.
I , i N I M I N , .hum l ( Associutild
I'leshi - -Casualties resulting from the
t..i it'iloiiiK and sinking of the Amen
nn transport rresident Lincoln were
not In r: e . Those that were lost were
killed or no injured by the explosion of
the torpedo that they were unable to
null. c then way to deck
The transport was returning to the
l"niteit Stntea and her only passengers
were convalescent soldiers. Nearly all
nf these have been accounted for as
thev made their way to deck, left the
sinking steamer and were picked up by
.-IIIIV ll
T w. a.
KANSAS CITY, June I (Orticiull
Ifo-i' Pastor Htokes. wealthy Socialist
an. I convicted of disloyal utterances in
speeches and writings, wus seutenccl
i..lnv to ten years' imprisonment in
the Missouri state peiiitcntinrv ou
each of three charges, the sentences
run in n l' concurrent Iv,
W. 8
A touch of rheumatism, or a twinge
of neuralgia, whatever the trouble is,
riiiiuibeilain 's Pain Balm drives away
the pain at once ami cures the coin
' J iun klv. r irHt application Kiveit
renei. . neu u ouiiie or u is Kepi ,n
the hoiiHe the paiu of ImruH and seal In
nmv lie prompt ly rehoved, rutg and
LrnineH ipiielily healed aud swelling
proi'ipt'v reduced. Ill fact, for tlie
iiouf hold ilia it ia juat aueb un enil.ro -
i ution h every family ahould lie pro
vi. led with. Kor sule liv all dealern.
1'..,...,, Ktniti. X I 'o I i.i u u t.
" ,., )(. .... i-.f
lluwaii. Advt.
Karlsruhe and Bruges Are Made
To Suffer Twenty seven Foe
Planes Are Downed and Only i
One Briton Is Missing '
LONDON, June l' V is.., into. I Press 1
Hueressful air ranis In the British air',
fleets are told and 11 1 1 I of the ail !
by the British nviat.n- ..11 the battle'
fiont is indicntcd I.- the ofllcinl 10 I
ports which were iui .1 lnt night. Two
raids are ment iuned 111 Him communique, 1
one on Kntlsriiho m l the other on I
Kriigos, the latter lici 1. the second raid !
u'on that place in two t n -s J
f.ong-diatance flight inrplanes were
user! in these raid. Vt Karlsruhe the
railroad station nnd n number nf shops
were bombed. There were also en
counters with enemy ciatt which sought
to defend the plnec but in these the
British airmen were generally success-
fill aa is shown by tin- fact that all
the airplanes of the British, with a
single exeeption, returned snfely.
At Bruges the raid uni even more
successful. There the docks were again
bombed and the Zeebniizyc Bruges ranal
was damaged bv explosive dropped up
on it. Every British airplane returned
gafely from this raid
The general report on I osses inflicted
Upon the enemy and nn lime sustained
during the day snid that t w errly-seven
foe erafts were donned nnd that only
the one British plane wa missing.
German naval netni'v is reported
in despatches from ('oneiihiigeii and
has given rise to tu oiivc as to its
occasion. tlnnish llhe men report ar
unusual asseiublne of llernuin war
shipa in the llidicnbm.i lliiht and an
active reeonnn in in e I . 1 1 1 mnde along
the coast of .lutliunl.
eneral Hai'r's otti. report, last
night speakt of local attacks against
the advance British line in the vicin
ity of Aveluy. In th"-e nttniks thirty
prisoners were taken bv tho British.
Reporting prisoner taken during the
month of Muv Hnic -nvs that 115S
Hermans wer-- taken of lmm twenty
nine were officers.
Two German air
were attempt
ed nL'ttinst Paris Fridnv niht. The
first was a failure, the enemy aircraft,
being quickly driven nfT The second
was partly successful, m f the bomb
ing planes reaching the capital and
dropping explosives.
. w. 1
Men Accused of Lynching Pro-
German Are Set Free
KDYVA RDNVILLK, Illinois, June 2
( Associated Press ) Only throe-quarters
of an hour was required bv the
.jury which has been Irving the cloven
.'itizens of this town who ere rliaie.l
with murder because of the ly in hiug
of Robert r'rneger to bring in a verdict
of acquittal.
I'raeger was rompeiled to 11iHr. l1 the
street barefooted and from time to tunc
to kiss the flag. When rescued by the
police and hidden in the cellar of the
city hall lie was taken out an. I was
The lynched man, although a natural
i.ed citizen was a known pro (ieriuan
. . t.
liil.i Is ami shipping is not in. In. I. a
.ii the reiiiisls not to publish m.v
.1r advertisements regarding the nnve
incuts ..1 vessels in the I'acilif 1 ml
iii t.. the interpretation of tl
quest I'.n the reestablishing uf the V..I
untai v . 1 1 1 si . r s 1 1 1 1 1 received bv the .-al.l.-i
ciisois I In- 1 rnsors hold that, s.i t n
as is kin." now. the dates and hours ..'
depart 111 e and arrivals of all Inter l-l
and 's vessels may be given as betm.-
The new censors) i p reguln t ton
which are followed by the vnluntaiv
avreeiin-ni ot tliij newspapers, are mad.
elTertive .11 the Cuiiile, the llnnolnlu
shippini.' publication, and the 'Marine
l-lxclia 11 published on the Coast l.v
the IL a-st papers, bv the control of all
-iil.'e messages bv the censors.
It is il..' refusal of the (liiide and
the Marine Kifliange to follow the
wishes ot the government and not
mint i. hi the inovements of gov cot
ment vessels which is given as the
reason for the placing of the l'aeilie
shipping 1 eiisiirshin in effect again.
Accor.litiL.' to the Honolulu ccn-nts
the newspapers will he allowed to tan t.
the list of piisseiit'crs arriving and the
KHssengeis di'ini it i eg from anv -'up
but the name of the vessel or the tint.-1
of arrival or departure should n.t I.-'
nublishe.l. if the reouesf of the '.".v
ttruineitt i- ol.eveil with t Ii im ci a 1 ... .
nf those .it' the Inter-Island crafts. j
WAMUM; I'ON. .lime 1 lOtti. i:,!
The liuie.nl "I inines an nouneen t!i;ii
new tvpe of idcclii.' meltiiii fin.,
has life n i ei fe. teil utter live venrs
1 utter live yours ''
clieinist who lias ii
to tlie e 1 1 v e r 1 1 1 1 1 , t . '
i nc reuses the o-il '
ost of milking l.i i-s
. experi nient Ly i
' signed lii- .:ii. nt
The new pioce
, and reduces the
for munitions.
I It aupplaut t the criu LlileH.
o I !'....! ..I.
rieveitii iiiy nn. .... .. 1 1 i .i ni,- nil
uaing it under a tree lioaumi.
Formal Signing of Contract Is Not
Awaited and Crescent City
Is Delighted
Material Is Brought From Waia
kea Quarries and Progress
Is Speeded Up
Wit In. 1' nit in
s:';niiie. t-i .. ...iitrn
li i-nkwiitei l,ns I.,.
I the ftlnal
ik on thi' Hiln
en started again, as
I- Im- I n brought
' VV:iiakcn H nil ilnnip
."N mi the II ilo
i.nit the inspection
I' 1 1 e. -id v S..111 .
f 0111 the . iiiiiv ir
.01 the ixteii
T il.iiue. w In h I.
o' the ii. tk I.-. I,'
lo.' of the I lilted
t I tment
' Imi'l yuinn. itiHpec
sint.'s hitigineers I)e-
Inspect.,, iiiiiiin. nli,, returned to
lonoluiii vesteidnv 00 the Manna
Ken, spent several honis going over the
.pinny at Waiakea nn .tide rest of the
plant of tl I'litiin t.ns for the exten
sion of the l.rea k wntii . while on Ha
waii. The quaiiv is fnllv opened up anil
tin- portable tin. I, that leinbi tn it is
completed and in working order. The
Inst rock .lumped on the breakwater
extension was taken out to the atruc
t.ire on the scow which has been in
vented by Mnuager Wat, and the
patented s. heme for dumping the roeks,
with which tl.e scovv is equipped, work
il as expected. This scow can carry
oh..iil Son tons deadweight and will
make several trips dnilv.
Tins by Water Ballast
The new I v pe of scow cull )e made
to turn over at a sharp angle and auto
matically dump the rocks that are on
leek. This canting of the scow Is
iiiised by allowing water to enter one
side of the punt by way nf two valvea
which are npcintcil from the deck. As
soon as wafer begins to enter the scow
she starts t lean to one ' side and
when the 10 cessary angle is reached
the rocks are thrown off. The scow
when relieved of her load ia towed
back to the do.-k and although she ia a
trifle lopsided that does not affect her
vovng". When a fresh load of rock is
placed on the scow she comes to an
even keel nnd the water is pumped
This self dumping scow is the idea of
Mr. West who experimented for some
time with models before deciding to
onstnet the laiye punt nlong the lines
' nilicate I.
Hitch In Signing
Work on the extension of the sub
fstriictuie of the brenkwnter will go
ahead steadily from now on. All the
.reliiniMiry prepiirnt ions are finished
nnd the Hawaiian Dredging Company,
which put in the lowest bid for the
work, will go ahead ai if the contract
were signed and delivered.
There has been n hitch regarding the
ictuiil sibling of the contract on ac
ouut of the ubsence in Vranee of the
.""i'tieer in charge of the department
in Washington. However, federal in
q.. . tors are on the job in Halo, rock
litis already been dumped and there is
1 very evident determination shown to
proceed with the extension as rapidly
as possible.
W. 8
Clark's Seaplane Is
Found In Forest
Jungle By Japanese
Pig Hunters Come Upon Lost Ma
chine and Corroborate Story
Told By Aviator Engine Not
Damaged, Camera Recovered
M;i)('i- HumM (Mark'n st'iiplunf,
nli n il Ioh1 in t lie iiilnii'l juii'lr- ot'
r lit I -Li ml of IIhwhh iu 1 ti i II -.1 ji 1 1
lilit (mm Honolulu when Major l:trk
'I Ins rttiiiiunioii, Hrieunt irr, ;tl
n --t lost tlioir 1 1 oh, has Imm-ii t'ouiol,
:i . iiritiii to 11 wirelcHH nntfftn to Tli
iM-rlh.'i ret ri ' il 1 m. L 11 1; lit Ikhh
N-wn ot' th' fin.liiijf uf tin' unit liinr
:ts l.itoilit to Hilo vt'nttrlu li tlirri
I H :i l llUlltTM, wtld to. ul Mio I
. : the ila ki'v en a" a half miles
in. k from the coast lit ill idevntiou of
17 "n feet Hour a tributary of the II. .no
ii i uer. The story of the hunters . nil
ii ins exiotlv the reports that were
l.iounlit liuck liv Major Clark and hm
. oinpaiiioii after tliey bad fuunht their
.i i di.uniwird to the coast through two
iii' of trial and aires without food
'i wilier.
The hunters who eume on the machine
;ii the jungle say thut to ull appeii riineeu
!,.- f ii j 1 1 i' is not damaged and us they
l.'aed n truil to the Outer intrv, it
s ,rol.iihle thut another effort will he
-ot on font to salvane the eiiLMne mi l
have it packed out piecemeal. When the
i I any wan neat out to seni. li foi
he urn. hme partieulur urders were is
. I to l.riiiK haek the lens of the
mora thut Major I'lurk euino.1. us
. uses of the kind fall within the cute
;.io of things the gin eriiinent sorely
needs This party, aa is reineinl.ered.
a. i ei leached the machine, l.ui the lens
I- if., o ere, I tor the hunters l,ioiie,ht
I ii, k with them the camera wln.h is
v in 1 1, 1. 1.
The plane was found li the Japanese
. the i n. 'led forest growth ml., who h
Major t lark vvaa forced to descend when
lo- I.e. nine lost in the driving l.nnks
nijli over the slopoa of Maunu I.oa
The tin Iii.jt of the plaint hrines a i. w
an, I dosii aide d' eloilllel.t into the III
.inry ordered hy the military in .on
i,e ii..n with the cutastrophe Tin- in
,,nn i- I. emu conducted liy Major
I .me- I' I lonhei t a ml t'aptiiiu Vi.h
llrow ii
Indications Are Austro Germans
Will Not Delay Long and Be
ginning Will Come Soon
.1 II lit' A I
nrmnn offm
front i "nt.i, 1
11- Mint tin AuMro
' :i lon 1 Ik' I trtlinn
-t:irti''l row morn
mini rrnu
tohl nf 1.
but t hM .
1 I rl4 i,f liit ninlit I
:i L"' no-li t (
ol magnitude
tfi'tfiitt'r inr in ti ltv on
j-ri 1 1 n 11 1 r 1 j 11 tor with
h ti.l 1 1 h 1 1 h n nir m-out
i-oii' tit t ut ion of for p
n 1 1 M
:iK inn up n( ft intr jin-l
tin- wtiuw. tlii- nffon-
a 11 it I. 1 1 whn fore
1 f'li 'ii HKrriMix tnp''ft ,n
1 f a 1 111 n s m hit1 h won ic
a t hnt 1 he A nit rin ri
inrt'h .liri't't'') aniiiMt
yuMt- iiimI one or more
will he rliiiHcn t he
n t -
v for the Innnrhintf of
hoth wi'lc-
mor n u t t
Sinrr tin
t 111' TMt'lt t H
H1V( llHfs !'
tHllfl l.v
1 1
thP imrt el
t In
Yi X M t H t n 1 1 -
Offfll"! VP Will I.
tho moiihtrtih 1
of five I'li-rn
NNliont 01 -jiIh
Itnlv is rt'ii.
thin oflfoiiihe, li(nlrH nrr
tho morale of the Italian
oiili. It'iit nn
fofe ) re
ported an KpU'ii-li.i
w a i.
Twenty five Thousand Sought To
Be Ready In Ten Days
w.vtsii iNiiT in . .lone 1 iAnoiint
oi l'ris, Vt,,re trnilieil lilimril arf
need for
npi'deil t'
1 in 111 ed in t c hi
.1 inline, linte
..I tin' 11BVV
1 ire. I hev nre 1
ervice. They nre ,
Tlie Hod ('roiw
ha heen nj.j.c.'iled to feenre them Hnd
hHn iwifiie.l its ohii cH to it vnriou
Twenty live ttii.nsiind trnilled nurtuw
are re,j,re,l ,th, the next ten ly, !
that the appenl wnn ent broadcarit ,
throuuh the eoiiiitrv und by telegraph
liiKtend of liv ninll.
w. (. t.
iviwy i. i ( ,-oe.inted
Preaa) Thn Tokio eorretiMndent of
the London Mini him interviewed Tera
urhi on the interiintioiiiil situation. Te
ranehi luild there in little prenent po
nihility of nn Hllinnee Let ween Oer
many nnd .lapiin.
lie feeln enrneHtlv that under the
(.resent eirriiinntmieen Mich an alliance
would lie iiiipomible und aid he 'be
lieved that relutioiiK with the Entente
nowero would entitiiiue unaltered. He
declined to dixeuaa intervention in Si
tie i in.
w. a. a.
I - (Ottieinl) (stripped of most of their
.lollies, their shoea taken from them,
hungry and penniless. American pris
oners are sufTeriui; brutal and inhuman
treatment at the hands of their cap
tors, it is reported by Hussians who
have been priaonera in the same camp
with the Americans and who have
made their way here.'
The stories of atrocities mhiii-i the
American prisoners come from the er
man prison camp at Tuchel. The l( us
sinus said thut they saw Americans
there, III clothed, liulie;i almost to
starvation. Such money its thev had
when captured was taken from them
no. I even clothing and shoes were
dripped from their bodies and feet.
ltd Suzuki, the JuantM' uto .1rir
n hn mi(s Hliot ni'Kt I II i II imf
iiMiuth'- mo, I i 1 Tliur'ia v ;i t'ti'riKMUi
tit thi' l.t'lllll l(oilllk, wlttTC !) llU'l
riMimx fl four ila'M I icfirc t'rtu t he
IM't'ii llHpital. Huit r thi' -Imotiiin
ht' Iih- nuiifcj hrt wcii li ft ii ii I t Ii
ami Ht (im time neenieil to lime u yooil
cliuiK i of reoery. I. Iluirk. n well
known IimhI uthlete i i1inim. with the
Tilt' rlllHt' of HKhHillt With llltt'ltt to
muT'lt'i uinlt'1 whirh Hui k hn ImtH
hehl will im prol'iililv li' witli'lruwti
Mii'j (hi' iluirt nf MiiiT'liM niliHt i t ut i'i
fur it . r i I v a n I ( 'mini v A 1 1 irne
M. Ilmwn ai't ye-terl:M llial the late
of It un k t rial wmh nut nTtinn. luil
thut 'h.
oush .
llui. k
with ih
case would
lout Iv
.tenies all coin.
line. lie siivm that lie
Moatiiitua Turk that n
w as iilial.le tn sleep
I in 1
hui'es aenint
be ill t he a in
Kiitck w mild now
corps of t he Ciiitt
Passed tl nl ran.
I Mtates jinny
e e xiini i ii a t ion
as he
time I. .dole the
i leal himself
hit befol
sel i. .'
shooting, lie must lir-t
if the chaises llllllisl
.' Jie is eligible for the
! .( N I N . .1 line L' iot i:itt l
l' t-i I .a I Kaiftol 'h u n-lii 1 1 w it h
est pi .!a " we.l'lftl tn Moiitnuui' INirch.
WllhtnU ( 'Il III eh 1 II Wtl. Jitesrlil 't t I c
cereiuuu v
Start Simultaneously In Two
Structure and Soread With
Fearful Rapidity t
Loss In Money Is Three Millions.
But Actual Cost To Gov
ernment Immeasurable ; V
tine 2 (Anftoct-
I ) 1 s a s t r o U
' 1 "
.iti il I'rt-ss )
w liii h hav i-
ti 11
every earmarx
ot nn (Miiii.irisni
hostile in-
tan 1
wanls t lie L'niti-d States
r .ti t here yeterday evening
stttniltatici iiislv in two
mctit vareli(itist.'s. 'l'hfrse build
itiRs were tilled vvitli cloth equip-
tiK'tit lor the ue of the Army.
Hi. tit buildings were destroyed,
the flame spreading rapidly and
sen itt getting beyond the control
ol the hre fighters.
The tlatnes .spread until the con-;
j flagrati. hi also enveloped the
trovemment arsenals, which also
j ua" 'lck,r"e1 with ' contents.
I 'he loss, in monev ott '
,,ilr.. ,,,,tt; I..l1,a Tl,- 1.
I i..iv ii......... .ivn.fii 1. inc ifsiaa
tn the gnveriiment in the equips
ment destmyeil cannot licnitas
tired in money at this time. '
An Austrian, coatless and hat
less, was caught within the
stockade shf.rtlv after the fife
was hrst discovered and was im-
mediately placed under arrest.
I His explanation for his presence
!in forbidden territory leads to tb
i belief that it was he who start
ed the blazes, but the rapidity
with which the flames spread in
dicate that the tffair was the're
sult of a carefully matured plot.
Leading Business Men 'of Three
Races Exchange Views V
About Banquet Board '--'J.
SAN FBAXCIBfO, June I (OffieUl)
A large banquet was gitna her last
ni(ht by the San Vraociaeo Cemmer- "
eial Club and tbe China Commercial
Club, in honor of Kir Robert H. O.
Tung, honorary attach of tbe Chinese
legation at Waahmgton, ilo Vhao Hal,
the new eonanl general here for China, -,
aud lr. John 0. Ferguaoa, eonneelior of '
the Chineae government. ' "
herguaon talked for generooa aad
frnuk treatment of the Japaaeaa and
Chinese by the United btatea govern
ment ana tne people on a baaia of rull
lartnership In the great war.
Hir Robert aaid that China ' preaalag .
need ia capital for railway, ateamehip
and other transportation projects. He '
said Americana are welcome in every
part of Chiua.
Consul Chu sal.l that China 'a vast
natural resources are awaiting develop
ment. Captain Robert Dollar presided at the
dinner aud leading American, Japanese
and Chinese busiuesi men were in at
tendance. The Nippon Club is composed of more
than 200 nf the leading Japaufxe mer
chants of the Pacific Coast and baa
loused a fine new club house. Y. Na
(rastrima, manager nf the Mitsui com
pany is president of tbe club.
w. a. a.
Major A. V. Neeiy ia the flrat of the
iiii iii liers of the board of food commis
sioner, to send in bia resignation, which
whs presented to the (iovernor yeater
lay. The other resignations, it ia un
derstood, will tie sent iu to Governor
licsi.'iiHle McCarthy when he takes of-
ll. e.
i In sendiiiu in the resignation Major
involving a number. yf
I ii. i N'eelv explains that he is taking the ac
tion at this time in view of the fart
that the national guurd ia shortly to bo
w.'i- : called into the federal service ami be
ie,i -aid he wished also to give the Oovnr
, inn plenty of tim in which to nana a
him ; successor. Maior Neely, who was
lion 1 formerly chief deputy in the tax office.
i is uow head of the real estate depart
merit of the Hishop Trust. He has been
a member of the national guard for
t enty one years.
W. I. a.
NKW YORK, Juae 1 (Official I
Charles M Schwab, direetor of U. 8.
shipbuilding, said today that tbe rait
ed States put into commission L'M 1,000
inns in Mv ami contracted for LTi'V
lioii.lion worth of shipping last weak

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