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German Advance pushed strong mm nd bricks thrown .
Objectives of Enemy Not Yet Dis
closed and Foch Still Holds
Reserves In Readiness
NF.W YORK, June 1 ( ssociatcd Press I--Accompany ine, an
n"uinl statement from the Allied central staff at Genera!
Fu'Vi's headquarters that full c infidciu e is felt that the tide of the
(ifrnuii drive in the Champagne will soon turn, is another that the
( icrnian advance has reached the Marne along a ten-mile front and
has turned westward, in the direction nf Paris.
The tip of the German advance towards the Trench capital is
now at Chateau Thierry, fifty miles northeast of the -city and nl
t.ventv miles from the hightide of the German Invasion in I'M 4.
While the correspondent of Renter at French headquarters re
ports that the Germans reached the Marne with the momentum of
their drive south unspent, the l'.ritish and French are still holding
the sides of the salient strongly, unierotrs desperate efforts oi
the Crown Prince to widen his positions along the Aisne hae been
thrown back, although the French line both north and smith of
Soissons has heeti withdrawn some and the fate of Kheims i un
know n.
Contradictory despatches regarding the situation at the cathe
dral citv come from Paris and London. )n high military authority
the London correspondent of the Associated Press states that it i
almost a certainty that Kheims ha fallen. Paris, on the other hand
announces the British line covering that city to be still intact, will
a successful counter having driven the Germans out of Thillois
southwest of Kheims.
The most significant item of the many from the battle-front is
an official statement from French headquarters that General l oci
has not yet brought his reserves into the action.
The (lerman efforts to secure greater elbow room and to widei.
the gap between Pinon and P.rimont, through which now forty divi
sums have poured brought vicious assaults against the French hold
ing the line M the Ailette River, south of laon, the French with
drawing their advanced lines but maintaining their hold upon the
main positions. Paris reports all the German efforts to adva'ief
west along the right bank of the Ailette were repulsed and that tin
situation on this Hank remained unchanged throughout the day.
despite heavy Jernian efforts, persisted in the face of severe losses
The situation northwest of Kheims. where the liritish are hold
ing positions along the Aisne Canal, is likewise unchanged. Here
as on the opposite flank, the Germans attacked persistently.
The Ixmdon reports are by no means so optimistic as those frotr
Faris, the' fall of Kheims being practically conceded in the Pritisl
capital. If that position has been captured, as London appears t
believe, it is expected that the Germans will push eastward tmvan'
Ft. Menehould, forcing the Allied line to he withdrawn to the soutl
and thus extending the salient as the Germans must have it extend
ed to be able to consolidate their gains with any degree of safety
to sav nothing of extending their advance.
While the Germans have forty known divisions south of tin
Soissons-Kheims line, a total of nearly oOO.OCO men. they are kuowi
to have in reserve north of that line and available for quick usi
at any point another force of forty three division-,. ,,r marly (od.fXX
men. This situation creates anxiety.
Despatches from the general staff, announced in London last
night, state that it is not as yet made certain whether the German
mam attack is not to he made against the western line, for anothei
drive upon the Channel ports and another great ctYm i t.. separate tin
French and liritish armies. This may acemmt for the failure o
General Foch to bring his own reserves into th Champagne battle
It may be his foreknowledge that they vv II l.c needed mote alonp
the line of Picardy and Artois.
The Paris despatches state that German light f. .rces hav
reached the Marne between ( harteves and laulgotine and havi
vvung to the west, their advance troops being now engaged before
Chateau Thierry. An attempt to pus I: the flank vvln.h runs ,
Chateau Thierry through Missy, just east m . nnv, further tc
west, Which would bring it south of Soissmis and admit of an at
flick against the French there from two sides, was icpiil.sed. Reu
tyr's correspondent at Trench headquarters, hnwcvcr. reports tha'
the Germans did make gams both north and s.,nth ! S-iissntis along
the Aisne and that on the German right il.mk s,,nih nf Soissmi
their infantry is trickling ahead down the vallevs wherever a weak
. i .. r i :.. .i... -. i.:., 1.- i. 1:. ...
. SIMil can I'C louilil in nit; novt linn
The Germans continued their fruitless efforts throughout yes
terday to complete their capture of the city of S, .issons and seize
. the' junction point of the Compeigue and Pari- radroad lines. 'There
was bloody street fighting, with the French infwting heavy losses
upon the attackers and holding them at bay.
It seems probable that the Frc'i-h will endeavor to make an
Tqoally str)ttj effort to defend ( bateau 'Thierry on the Marne and
ji.... ... ............ ii,.. .......r.. .. tii.. ,t ,ii ri,.. i',.-;.
.1 I Tit I IO I III l'l '.s.-,iv "l liiv i . v i ,ii till . i in. I .Ills
' Chalons railroad follows the east and s,,nth banks ,,f the Marne
:..a : ...i. ..c iu. ........ i i , 1 . 1.
Trnm a poll 11 jusi mhiiii 01 v ihiuiiu 1 un 1 1 t iihk . 1 1 l 1 o 1 1 s f 1 1 1 1 1 lilt
wriure by the Germans of a bridgehead vv.nild peiinit the cutting
cf this line, the main htipply line into erduu. It'is nut the only
j'aMroad connecting Verdun, Tnil ami Nacy vvith the capital, but
it is the more direc t line and the one best tted now for the trans
portation of troops and supplies.
Merlin wireless despatches lasr night annmnn e that the genera'
Attack along the whole German front from N'ovmis to west oi
Rlieinis is making progress More than fortv he thousand Allied
orismters have been taken in the drive. Merlin 1 laims, witlr ovet
..- 1 1-...4 t. .11 . t ..1 ii -. .-1. ; .... .......
lour iiuiiurtti iin nun 1 in hi -ii mi
Men over military plivan-ully tit.
f yood niornl cliarncter, ran nerve
uveri'eiin in Y. M. ''. A. war wmk. I'
is burl .liiiierniiH wuik mul tlie V. 1
r A. in ''! lit lenst .iiMiii iiieu in tin'
next uiuciy ilv.
i kiiui one.
01 unit Mini-
( liurrhi)t:i is ;i 1 w ti - m iniiie m
I'I VhIi'HI llllllll.' tills V. I'll' In' f , ll.' lf
p.-ired li'i it. ( ' ti ;t in I -1 lin ' Culn- and
1 1 . 11 rt lioi li U.'lui' l' 1. ii' iimiiI I'li'l 1 I
' 'ti'"i1 It i'iiii i.l.n Im diipcndi'il lip
mi l-'..r "lllr . Ii-hii- H H. US'...
Sunt Ii I '.. , 1 .1 : . :i ... 1,1 . for Ma w:iu
. A. lit.
Allies Achieve - Successes On
Fronts Other Than In' France;
, Prisoners Taken
1.0NDON, Jun 1 -(Aaaortate.l lre)
Niiieea ii attending th arm of the
Allies ia tha Eaatera war theater n1
in Italj.eorlnj( to th Afflrtal report
of last nltfht. Important auereeiie have
twen iralnM tty th Grfka in Mpo
donia anil in Italy an Auatrian Attempt
nt nmanlt wan repnlneH and npmy -irio
onerg were taken in a heary patrol en
On tha Macedonia front, it in onVinl
ly reported, tha Ureek forced, nfter n
hunt fouiint battle (otveeoded in captor
inl itrong pojitionn extending nlon
n front of een and a half mile and
to a rtepth of a mile and a quarter.
More than 1600 Orrmana and Biilgnrian
were mude priaonrr an 1 a lafjre atore
of booty in the abap of uuna, muni
Uonn and iirpfdiea wer taken.
H Bonn i a the. Italian Slav Kntente
i materially atrenfrtheninft ita poitiom
and haa made aome material j(ain.
Italian Snceaaoea
Tn the Ita'ian theater the A
fermnna attemnted a anrnrine attack
t Oimapa'nna but tlr eTort wt Hia
roverad and the attack broken down.
Ne CortolaRf.o4bera.waa an encoiin
ter with enemy patrola which were driv
en off leaving a tinmber af prisoners in
the handa of the Italian.
w. a. a
Oirector-General WtAdoo Tell:
them No .Strike 'Will Be tolcr
'fiteijl By jBoVernrhent
WHIflVOTON. Wav SI 1 mucin'
d T'reaa) Oovernment rortrnl of tin
nilrnnds ia auch that atrikcn union
'ie railroad em ploy ea enn not and wil
nit 1h permitejl. The government il
nil npon and inaint on the railrom
mnloyoa tierformi'ig the du'iea fo
vhich they are employed and hnr fur
iHhed a mediam tor the settlement o
II iliftiruitiea without recourse ti
tril ea.
T"le 'm were today tent liv Ii
ectnr fieneral of Reilroada VcAdon t
he I'ra.lB of all lobor unions wliicl
:ne In their rank railroad ahupmen
mil lliene tin i una wore informed thn
hi' I'iiitml Stulea rovprnment can no
.,. . . ,.ii ci nnr intimidsti'd bv tlin-n
if c-iillinvr n atrike. The machinery ,
he Inw ia auch na to hiimllo auch ir
n I list r i h I phnne and the mediummfo'
etl lenient of all dittievltiea ix open t
iiv who are diaaatiafted.
McAdoo calll upon the men to ron
inue their work relying upon him am'
"Me railroad wage board to act tie al
ontroveraiea retativa to working con
litiona and for a jiiat and fnir ron
aideration of auih rlaima aa thev ninv
W. B.
'.uitdings Destroyed and Martia
Law Declared
LONDON, June 1 (Associate,
'ressi Disorder of all sorts nnd kind
n-'tynne to increase in Roheinta i'
nite of the contimied efforts of Aus
rin to quell the disturbances and re
tore order.
In one city the barracks, the cit;
all nnd other public buildings wen
nrned and in the ruins of the city
all arc the bodies of ei'.'ht policemen
vho met death in the flumes. Kron
ther tow 11.-1 similar disorders nnd 1
rent amount ot' looting are reported
ind the ('rot Ian pftess says that mar
ial law has been declared iu sever'
videly extended districts.
NKW Y 1 It K . June 1 ( Associated
ress) (ici'iuan ofticial flguris of losses
ti prisoners fi uu the beginning of the
var up to March :tl have been furnish
d to the reichntng and those figure
lave reached here in advices from a
icutrtil capital.
Oeruians who Imve been made pris
oners or are otherwise missing nuin
H'red titil.ln.i up t,, and incluiling the
ast day of Mmch. the reichstag was
old. 1'he lio.iir.-s include 152,000 who
ire considered to be dead.
Many thousand of prisoners were
n Russia, it was said in this report,
ind would soon be returned to the home
W. 8 8
rmcr, .ium- 1- sso
' 1 cm jit 1 iitf to Htlack a
ated I'n'.-'s 1
ruiiHooit. u (
Miiiin suliinnrlnu met its I
cut 1 ur 1 1 'ii
iiv. 'lie
iff I lie n. , const ."t'lv in
ii-e is reported by (lie snwinus guise of u w ar emergency .
i' -in who ren-'C I I C"'e rV-tmised I
impoitnnt mission J t'enator ('iis'le, vho in particular
I w ii- V.,,,ii('lit under Hre in Hpe'il er H"l-"ii-!'
to attack the Htet' ' a.,l-e seid I"" nie.l t that
inial.le to yet oot . tl as iiof'tna 'n prrticuiiir 1 1 . t
the liitj troop shiii h" 1 ' " "liv in nildv. 1
pi ir" 1
.ter. Ill
e' sens
'I he
ii iSf'l.'
I. ill
I lis .
le.-itii.cl I;
.ii a 1 1 l.c a :i
'I ' I ' vv 11 u I
11 it. The sub '
luioini'd and sunk.
Lawmakers Adjourn Sine Die
Without Casualty List and All
Harmonious Almost '
Pays His Respects to Senate In
Caustic Language Amuses
Houses and Hurts Nobody
-I b .in 1
The clnah of verbal thunder waa
stilled- a) in oat nail the discord nnd
jangling thkt marked the closing dnya
nf the apecial aeaaion mooted iiHo aiveet
inirmony yaaterday when tlie legisla
lire adjourned. In the rourae of the
'innl aeaaion yeaterday morning II. I.,
tolatein- did let fly a final jnvplin. but
Ire offenalve waa not general. Nobody
icaved a brick and there were no ras
Aa a result of the ape. inl session
' enty aevea nw lnwa go on to the
tatnte hooka of the Territory. Of the
hirty-al bills introduced in the ai nnte
dghteen hove been signal by tlie (lov
uner nnd of the twenty ei'jht bills
roujht in in the house, nine have be
nme law. The flovernnr still hna two
n Ms hands, bnt It ia ncceited thut
heae are to be gasred.
Ml Ia Peaceful
The proceedings cf the final session
'or tHe moat part, were es ipiiet nnd iin
ventfi'l aa a ples'aant .lime mcrnitic
ml if the fate of the bind bill still
nnled in the hearts of the senntors,
ir if the repreaentnti ves were still sure
bout what hnppened to their Innd
dilution when it went to the upper
louse, it wn not apparent snve when
speaker Ylolstein fired his tin ill shot
it the senate.
In the course of the srs-dun the sen
te anr-. house received bills that hnd
ecu aigned by the Governor and that
vaa about oil. Peveral resolutions were
dnpted. One of thene. introduced by
'tepreaentative O. P. Wilder, extended
hank to the truateea of the library
or the use of the rooms in which the
ipecian aeaaion waa held. The librarians
t leaat. are not aorry the session is
'ver. Sepreaentative I.orrin Andrews
ilTervd the concurrent resolution he h:ul
nid Would be offered providing for nn
nvestigntion in connection with the
roj'uaed ptirchaae by the Territory of
VtfahinwtoB Place aa an executive mini
ion. The senate adopted this elso.
An ehn of the 'and bill fight wns
card when Representative II. I. Ka
ewehi offered a rpnolution asking that
II gpvernment Innd on which leases
ion vill expire be immediately sur
eyed nnd mode ready for homei-tend
nf,. The resolution wns ndopted by
he house without discussion and n
opy of it will bo forwarded to the
lovernor and-the Governor Designate
d'ourn With Qong
It wna shortlv brforo eleven o'clock1
hen committees waited on both house
ith the notification that e:ich was
endy to ml ioiirn. A committee was
'ien cent to the (lovernor and was toh'
'int he hud no further nommuiiiL'Mtinm-
The motti n to ad'oarn broeght forth
he meiiHti'es of Aloha Oe sung by the
ouse and then the representative
vn g ,4' Hawaii Pouoi " followed by
Amerion" and the "sion was over
After the hand ahnking and saylnj;
f farewells tliedcgislntora gathered to
ether their effects and it was observed
hat several of them thriftily made
ampers of their waste baskets which
hey carried off v it'll them. Nobody
ninded this, however.
Speaker Ilolstein'a attack on the
ennte cnnie in the address he ileliv
red after the house had adopted a ritso
itioii offered by Representative V. K
tiles thanking him 'for his servi"e
hroiiglmut the session. What theapeik
r snid in the courKe of his short tulk
'orou h :
aps Senator
"It is inii'leiisni't for me to rha'n
efereii' e to that august body which a I
nit thnt it lias a monopoly on all the
"gislntive wisdom vithin the bound
ries of our beloved Territory, anil
roves . 'mi lusive'v, by the de.-laratiou
f one of its wise men, clothed in
rifi'ent in I hnki rnd glor, ttiBt the
neiubers of the house of represent:!
ives are 11 lot of Pro-Huns.
' Notwithstanding the Jeremiads o'
his self constituted censor, I am proud
o have been the speaker of this house
Your patriotism is aa near one h"n
trod percent pure ns that of the
twivi-I chair patriot who made the u
tack on vou. Your motives in voiinj'
on the In ml bill nnd all other que
'ions were tainted by not the slight
est suspicion of either demogogary 01
interest. You may return to your con
titi cnts ipiite confldeut that, the sini
er attack made on yon shall, if in
luentinl at all, redound only to your
"I mlyht sny more, but the ethics of
'egislntive Imdies, with which mm,"
nembers "f the other body fcem not to
ie acouiiinted. will not permit me to do
tn. 1 can only sny in conclusion that
vmir actions concerning a food com
musion whose. anly accomplishnient
hns been the depletion of the nppropri
tion for its sumHirt, and the Innd
"I which should have been entitle
"An Act for the Piscourngemeiit of
Home!, a line," H meet with general
"You need not fear roinlein nat Ion
by your constituents of net low on your
m rt plncino mi record a Inch of "
'dei " ill i' commission whose only
function seems to be expenditure of
public funds. Neither need you fniu
accusations of luck of patriotism be '
.0...... vn dn'i"' nti-ose n solfiali si-heme
to retain control of public lands under
"I wns mernly amused by it, no-
senator said.
Tries. To Convince Italians His
Recent Message Was For the
" French and Not Them
WASHINGTON, June 1 ("Associated
Press) Concerted effort by OeTtnanv
to dissipate the good effects of the mesf
I sage wnich 'President Wilson sent J
Italy oa the oecasion of the annivprejr
of the entry'of that eo-intt-r into tin
war, are told in advice received here
from Italy.
Thousands of copies of flermnn new
paper are being spread broadcast ir
Italy denying that the message which
wns publicly rend at meetings and g"n
arally published in the press of Italv
wns designed for the Itallnns. These
articler assert that the message wns
sent to France and was a tribute t
the vnjnr of the Krone h and not a inc
sage of sympathy and admirnt'on fo
ho Italians.
Many if these publications have been
intprrented nnd the Italinn newspaper'
n e makintr clear to their readers thn'
the stories are pure propaganda nnd n
nnard. Tha clo-e friendship betwec
this countrv and Italy aMo has the ef
fe-t of rendering the Teuton efforts
futile. Z:
nr. a a. . ,
Casualties Run Into Enormous
Proportions and Indicate
Greater Hun Losses
LONDON, May .fl (Associate
ln as) How heavy hns been tho tol
'nlen by the Teuton offensive from tin
Hr'tish forces on the Western front i
old in the report of casualties for thi
month of May, issued by the war of
fire ti day.
During the past month flrent Hritni:
has lost the services, on all of the fij?ht
inir fronts where its forces are op
r-rating, of 111(1,802. Of these L'0.." 1 S arc
deith . The missing make no a larg
part of the terrible casualty list.
Heavy ns have been the Hritish lnssc
'hev are rrurh smaller than those suffe
ed by tho enpmy rd go to show the irn
mense parnaije which has been SiifTere
vv Oermnnv. employing the tactics o'
eiassed offensives and making its me
the target for the nitillerv. maihin
irun and rifle fire of tlie Allied force-
Announcement Made of Probable
Number Called Plans Made1
'For Sincere Objectors
V WMIN:T June 1 (Associat
d Piesv-- Kt irn t i-s by the war de
la'tnie t indi'-n'e thnt (Inring the
oiitli June I'vumo men will In
nl'ed to the 10'ois nnd sent to train
ti ramps thnnia.h the country. Thi
s,:ra'e is la- 1 ly preliminary and if
ul iect to li.ri: es.
At the close if Vpril estimates wen
Hide bv the war department of th'
'limber o' nn n pto'.alily require nn
'er the diat't for May nad the first
giu-,..j i. .-e o.'vi li.jutilv exceeded dur
the month.
Provisions a.-i to coc, ient ions ob
e. t.n ;i-i 'i's' el - i'i' anaounced fron
V K oftii e of the p'ov' st ninrshnl gen
.1!. VVI'i'M' it ;s Ii nn 1 1 v determine'
'at the man i a!iolntilv sincere ii
"I-jei't iov to win-rare he will b
;" ii'ati'il from the other draftees am
' 'er 1 o iiotis for hi" caiplovmeiit if
1- v- lral.le to the l-oi erntlient but
o: ilirectlv cotnieitel iith the war':
onduct will be ni:ilc for him.
W B 8
tsampr Believed To Have Beer
Returning No Details
V sHINtiTDN. May :M CAssocia
I 1'iessi 1ln1m1l Sims hns cabli'i'
i't the trunspoi-t l'ri-Hident l.ineoli.-
e 11 turoe.loed and sunk w hile re
iri iiiL; to the Tinted States. No de
- u i l of the loss are given. The veswel
iil within an hour after being tor
w. s. s.
I'liUT I K A V KN iHTH, Kansas
in,- ' Assorin'ed l' e.-si Vurloiigh
1 si .t:e-s v 1 o come here to work ii
he coin a id heat fields will receivi
'., ai'"i' lir a tl.eir i.'j-uh'i- army pay
t h-s been decided special board ot
ii ni:v lie j I. ecu named which will
hi'.' ii,,- invo-t i'iit ions thnt nre ie
11 .-I All liases over and above tin
..-'11 1 r 1 a v of the ' l"u"''e. men
will be turned over tn the lied Cross,
it is a 11 nou need .
W 8 8. - -
M.IH:ll. dune I -- (Associate.!
I'iosm Ambassador Wiliard is a grippi
sulferer. He has been Mnil't b' t!.
cjil'leinic but Ins condition i not seri
ous 'I'lo ie are reported to be l."ll,iH
now sutl'eri ag fioni the etiidemie bu
comi'iuiit 1 v el I'e'v deatlis a"' reported
The pro. of the .i,"l-e is unci I
e.l and it li 1.- i n .id 10 all parts of tin
Germans Use Cas On
yvhole Communitiei Reported To
Have Been' Asphyxiated By
Weapon Which Works Better
v Against Towns Than T rencnes
1.0KDON, May M (Ataoclated i
Pre) Whole eommunitleg 1n'-tba
I krnme have been exterminated by
the (lerman through the use of
poisonous ' gases, Han Kultur
lias passed tnat way carrying with
it a new phnse of f rightfulness.
Heretofore the Teutons have re
served thi "weapon" for use
against tha men iu the trenches
but in the ('limine they have fotond
it far morn effective sinew tha
peasantry nnd villagers wera not
equipped with gas mask to resist
the noxlons fumes.
Givjtit-a-.Ui ynue tilt the
action is taken 1n rwhrWhil' against
the peasantry for "disorders" Jn
whicb'it had rmftirlpfted it It id
the Oeraians have used gas shell
fruely, drenching town and vil
lages with asphyxiating fumes and,
in instances, killing or serfttusly
injuriiig the health ot entiro com
munities. In the Province of Klct detneh
ments of demobilised Kumlnn sol
diers have joined . the peasantry
in resisting Oermmi ' aggression.
They have secured machine gunk
and other arms and are reported
to Ve attempting to cize power
In that province.
Inly Ability To Train Limits Num
ber of Mjn the President
Is Allowed To Can '
WASHINOTOX, June 1 (Associat
d Press) Hwelve billions of dollar
s appropriated in the army pppropria
hi bill which wns pns.,ed by the
oeve yesterdriy. This mensupe pnssmi
ith less 1I1 bate tl an in years past
ioul.1 ht:ve attended the passage o
ay mra:mre which r nnemplfited ni
( propria! inn of as many millions anil
he army is given all tl.nt was uske
iy the war department in the budget
rorn v.hi h the b!!l wns drafted.
All proo:-"N to iiinit the number o
ial whom the President may call inti
." i'e .inde" the "elective draft to r
1 11 '-i t "- ini'iter were defeated and tin
i-'v lim'.'nt 111 int npon the call t
: ins i the ability of the government
- tr::i'i an.! erpiip them. This provi
ion meets the siiggeHtion which W8'
unde by fc I'lnry linker oa behalf o
he- adminisl rutioii.
This mensti e wiM now g"b to the sen
te where it will receive early con
ide'ntion as one of ttie most vita'
ills taken up at the present aensioi
f conoress
W, B 8
ATLANTIC I'HHT, May .11 (Assoc!
ited i're- . 1 I. oss to (ill-many of twe
l' its In'gest an I ueivest type of cruis
ng .iiibi.-arines is reported by Jinssen
ers uliii in rived here by a stoainei
from tin M eli t e; 1 a .ie in today.
The (icrinaii siii.iuai i lies caught a tar
tar when tin v at'a ked an armed ltaliai
iteamer in the 1 .-njliliorliooil of (libral
tar. The steamer rituined the firi
of the eiieiiiy uii'lersea craft with sucl
.iod effect that both of the attacker
were sent to the bottom.
- w. a. a.
piiNDilV. Mi
- ( Associated
i. veil to have
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-1 -Kire. ' lii. h iii
of it iidiary origin, has destroy
lie Winl elle.nl toipedo works at
I'.'i-lten, A us) 1 ia, doing considur-
dami' f 1 inn the resulting ex
iloKions to the adjacent property. The
ffair is ti Id iu recently received
opie of V'.eiina papers which lay the
dniiie for the fire on Italian workers
ud usseit that it vv as a pint of a
,,'iieri.l plan of snUitage.
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A M ST Lit DAM, May .'U --( Associate.'
"resM Allciui'ts bv iniua'es to bun
ad destrov the Cieimiiu military hos
it-ul at Itosenlieini are reported ir
l.-M.atches run liiig hire from llerliu
Ur iitic I - eat uient of nervous cases b'
'i. rn aii medical oflicers is reported t'
have 1 1 fie occasion for the trouble
la opinsi 1 1011 to such treatment th'
itiei.ts revolted and -"ine of the hos
Ial "ai'ls oer,. wrecked. V'.fforts t
barn the hosnital were discovered and
were thwnrted in time.
(Tablets). Druggists refund money if
it fail to cure. The' signature of
K. W. GROVK is on each box. Man
ufactured by the PARIS MKD1CINU
CO., St. Louis, U. S. A.
SfuiiiTilES HURL
Penetrate Advanced Positions In
Jm) sect6r$, Inflict Losses
and Blow Up Defenses of the
Enemy Losses Small
Enemy Is Unable To Shake Hold
ot Americans un uanugny
- Even By Use of Tanks Artil
lery Fire Proves Effective
(Associated Press) Suc
cessful raids by American forces
n the Woevre sector, repulse of
ill attacks hy the Germans upon
"antigny Where they have hcen
inahle to budge the Americans
in inch from their strong posi
ions and air raids upon an Amer
can hospital back of the Picardy
ines were told in the despatches
f last niht and yesterday from
he American front.
Losses in killed, wounded and
risoners were caused to the
.netny by the American raids on
heir advanced positions in the
A'oevre sector while the Atneri
an losses were insignificant,
jeneral Pershing reported in his
ommuniiue made public by the
var department last night.
Pi' fore Cantigny in the Picardy
ector hard lighting was contin
ted yesterday. Several counters
ere attempted by the fuc in one
if which they brought tanks into
tsc, or tried unsuccessfully to do
o. Heavy artillery fire by the
Vmericans checked this attack as
I did the others. The advance
.as thrown into confusion and
ith the tanks the infantry re
peated in disorder.
Following this the Americans
eavily shelled the enemy io:;i
ions and patrols were sent out
.hich penetrated the enemy lines
0 a depth of nearly a quarter of
1 mile. They found that a mnii
er of the foe had been killed by
he artillery fire, secured sutne
aluable information aiuJ blew u
he enemy defenses they met. In
his raid their losses were itisigni
Vcant. On Wednesday night the
nemy bad heavily shelled the
nierican jxisilions. using inure
ban -i000 shells iu the bniubard
lent. SeveraF attempts by the
nemy to come over were inean
me made, all of which were re
alised. 4
In the Picardy sector the Atyer
:m soldiers are more than ever
itter against the enemy and will
elcomtf any opportunity to at
ick because ftf the II tin air raid
fon a hospital back of the line
ooti after midnight yesterday
norning. A foe plane succeeded
a getting over the American
ines and dropped bombs .-ill
round the hospital. American
urses and Red Cross workers
arried the wounded out of dan
er and found refuge for them in
he French caves and cellars.
Casualties included in the list
nade public by the war depart
ment yesterday showed a larger
nulnber killed in action, the
names of fifteen who had thus
met death being given. Other
fatalities showed six dead from
wounds and eleven killed bv acci
dent. I'.leven died of dise.i -,r, ( M
he t'vetitv three report' 1 r.iiini
d the injuries to fifteen aie re
oiteil :is severe. ' 'lie man is t e
ported missing.

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