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Will Become tsldtfid Garri
son, Brought To War
I !'.'.' -4
Order eagerly awaited, long expected, calling into the military
service ot the country the National du'ard of iiawaii, came yester
day and, last nigh't a part of the First Infantry, the Oahu regiment,
slept; under, canvas, eni'amped In the capitol grounds. The mobiliza
t on of the Honolulu battalions of this regiment was rapid and that
of all of the guAfd that is called to the colors' will go ahead without
delay. The. Guardsmen are to be concentrated at Fort Armstrong,
beginning Wednesday.
The, President's call for the guardsmen of Hawaii to join the
service' specifically mentioned jthe infantry and all members of the
medical corps. These are ordered; by th$ President to be dis
charged from the mllitu servlc anA ''', . 1
ru.-ul subdsct to' tha. regulations of Mia Wayne, nnd Major Sherwood
JftriaV; Mmy. Tl ,r to be t4 .Uwr,.v;- HaU" than remain out, await-
)' i ... .- ;.. iiiii order tu t hi eo mis. thev elected
to Karri the Wands, tbu. railing t0uV rah. Th;0S.B
ther regular army regiment that MM djately made captains and transferred
boea employed for that purpose and, J to, regimental service.
Associated rre despalches laid, yiil I Wouldn't Miss Chance
not go away from" th Islands. De-' "t wouldn't be out of thin chance
patch jided that 'drafted men illi ,or , V nak in ,hp ""T."
be added hut on thl. de.paw wa. U Jl.mr man" " U
cloar a to whether only enough wduld '.I've been holding on for four vears
be UMd t recruit the two reglmint hoping to get Into active service," and
to full war strength or whether air of .ull have gone in as a second lieuten
thOM drafted would be used for gatrt- nt," said Captain L..wrv.
ion purpose. Major Will Wnvne shouldered heavy
ivy direction of the President of the ' resnonsihlliiies .In- lonr nrr;na
Inited States the two feglments of the !
Hawaiian National Guard were ordered ,
uiooilixed yeiterday and brought into
federal service.
'three thousand three hundred men
are a (letted by the order, but only thou
belonging to the two regiment w-fcr
aulhoiined to be brought directly under
war department order. The" signal
corps, engineer corps, quartermaster and
ordnance corps and, the first separate
company of cavalry, ut Walmea, 'H:i
vmim, were omitted from the call, but
the majority of the men composing all
the units, except the last, were trans
ferred to other companies. The officers
were also transferred.
Both battalion of the First Regi
ment, stationed in Honolulu, received
orders to report by noon yesterday, tend
the battalion located at Ales. Ewa
. ijiiiu, si iu micjinunin ur-
der to mobilize at ones, and may cbbie
into the city today, reporting at the
national guard srmory. I
Camp At Once
Hy sundown last evening the two
city battalions were camped out under
pup tents in the Capitol grouuds, and
strirt discipline was authorised, as
strict ns that obtaining in the regular
r,.y. !
Men nf the second regiment, com-
! e 1 of headquarters and first batta
lion, on Hawaii island: second batta
lion, on Maui, and third battalion, on
Kneiii. were givon wireless orders to
mobilise, ami instructed to report at
tiieir company stations, eventually to
be brought together as battalions, ,'ind
await order to embark for Honolulu.
bi arrival in Honolulu they will pro
ceeeT at once to the concentration cump
at Fort Armstrong.
Report Wednesday
The First Eegiment will report at
Fort Armstrong before fen o'clock,
Wednesday morning, June 5.
F.verv member of both regiments,
w hose name whs properly listed on the
muster rolls as nf yesterday morning,
became a member of the national army
at once.
News Spreads Fast
Mobilization news spread rapiiIv
through the city and caused a movement
of officers and enlisted men toward the
armory, where large numbers, in uni
form, reported for duty.
The Advertiser published a " Mobili
yition Oulletin" wbieb was posted in
the downtown s,ectinn, ns a means to
hastening the spread of the news, while
Captain l.oring MncKave, adjutant of
the First Rnginient. detailed nattalion
Sereennt MslnV Krie Burgess at the
telephone with orders to call up a 1 1
business firms to notify heads of de
pnftments to instruct employes who
were gusrdamen to report at poon. Sim
ibir' order were transmitted to the
country districts.
Ar"iory Fil'H Up
Hv two o'clock lire armory was well
filled with "nnrdsnien. Clerks in all
ilei'.'i rt me"' s we e busy completing
inmter roll-, and rhnrking, out eipilp
mi'i't. faiiv nf 'he enmnnnies. anticipating
tl i te' had i(M their personal eipiln
i, miii ho -t"i checked ami rolled up in
I'i.-M rolls ready to be shouldered when
1 1 1 were ordered to leave the nnnorv.
s,,me ctiiu to the armorv in full ui!
f. ni. but tu 'I" were in civilian clothes
Wics ail other women relatives of
ir-riv of th' existed men reported at
t1 i iiii l toolv i-liarie of civilian
, , (hi, ., f i . - ' ii. e in (lie 'iiai.l se-iee
M t'-'ni v,.. .t,-t,t-,. it was to r'iii:Jiii
;l 'e end of the war us national
-"li'. ).M.
Sr-i-. Dlsanpolntsd
I I. -i. w i inbilul iimt I li i iiiiL'liout the
I m.hiiim those called to th" colors,
wis a sinking of spirits
e ..f tli(. staff rot called. pr
SO f (lie obMill,,. of
h ' ed th,' onaid f. r
1 ."'li , ivirs
1 . n not , a l,i,1 out ni ri
i' rif to nat infill 'ma-H r1-"
iv els, ."id onlv tbo"e di'ee.tlv iltapli
el to ti" t -o or' anPr.atious received
orders to be federnlied.
Tin re was a falling of leaves, al
tliiiu-jl this is NUIIimel't illle. but the
li'svcs mi this an were oak lei'vs
sdorniet' the shoulders of Major (iluud.
acciatant to Acting Adjutant Gejer-
orders, looking after 'transfer of men
to the line romnanies. and cnordinatino
the duties of officers.
Meas At Restaurants
Arrangements were made yesterday
morning for feeding th" men at restau
rants around town. This was consider
able of a task as the arrangements de
sired by the guard headquarters could
not be effected with some of the res
taurateurs, for various reasons, one be
lug a too heavy order on their culinary
There' was also a rush n-i the jewerly
stores downtown for collar ornaments
Both WieJiman and Company and Wall
V Dougherty 's manufacturing depart
nfiehfs have 1 een w'orking steadily-on the
new ornaments which are "I'. S. " with
. 0." superimposed over these let-
(era. Collar ornaments were require
ror ine riot'e eofar anri smaller ornn
meats for the collar or the campaign
Major Patterson, .Medical Depart
ment, left yesterday afternoon for Ma
ui to give n physical examination to the
members of the' battalion there, and will
Vave uext week for HiTo to in I
the guardsmen there. He will prohahlv
aceomnniiy the first units of the First
Rnt'alion back to Honolulu sometime
next week.
Colonel Morehead Here
I Colonel Morehead, commanding of
ficer of the Second Regiment, with
headquarter in Hilo, arrived ester
day morning, received instructions a
to mobilising his regiment, and return
ed to lli'o in the afternoon.
Hemard Kelekolio, the " Hov Ora
t'r " . ho just finished v;th the leu'is
Intive schsion as a member from II n
! waii. returnel t" Hi'o iu the afteri n
loader) down with b'ariks for imistei iir;
in the guard there, for he is a pii ate
, i" the flrsf bifttaliou. ncd will return to
Honolulu ajraln in khaki as a private
The Second Kegiment will reipiire
about MKt men to bring it up In re
onired strength. At present many of
the companies consist of 1 01) men and
! some of fewer. To brinir thes m
tuinies up to 150 men each, which i
their active strenuth, more privates will
be required, and the only source from
which they can be obtained is from
the list of draft registrants.
Tents up Quickly
At half iast four Colonel W4( Itilcv.
'i.miuniidinir the First Regiment, onve
tin order to march and tnk.. no
-ipned locations in the r.aiitol i-rounds
At t!e o'clock the entire first and
'I. ud ImttalioiiM bad their shelter teats
p, rml inuipmeiit stored within, one
f the first, of the field tests rcipiiicd of
lie ounrd which was carried out ith
he piecisiiiu of veteran soldiers.
Major Merle .lohnsoa aecompauieil
the lirst company, out of the boil. liny.
hii li was Compiinv A, comnian lo.l by
Cnptaiu F.vans. followed liy H. C anil
I) compnuies. These passed' to the ma
Vii Kwn corner of the cttpitol nm ml x
mil 'iiij(i' liicjt ly. eompni'i'ls .to
Hotel St re d, the second battalion t.ik
in '4 up the space on the Whikiki side
f the smiare. leaving the corner a
"''is and I ikelike Streets oiien for
the second liuttaljpn troojjs which may
' into the city today or tomorrow
IvTo'R An nirements
As no kitchen tiiipmciit is on ) , , i , . !
i ri anoi ii cuts were made to eoiMinile
the men on latious at sovet li v e
i-en'- n 'biv at restaurants and the nun
cere marched i:i delaehiiieats i.i mkIi
r. a i i n lit s in ehui'e of lion coiiimis
si i"e 1 nfl'cel s.
Thus I he old palace grounds w''.
revolutionists nf 1SS1I. lsll.'l and IMio.
''"'is"' .lor su preiiinc.v mid the
to.h o (he then Ioleni I'nltice. w l i. b
is now tht executive building of the
til'itoii:i 'ov eminent lie lime tin lht
'Hc.i in pine i I ofi iinl for the lialoi'al
i i ' li"l i -it-i I (i, a i'. I of Hawaii.
II.' (mei's will remain in t'us ennp
i''' I W. In. Tiio'iiiiu- wf.i"i tents
"''I I' -tfiii1- a"d the enti'e f r ! n n i - i
' i march t ' Fort Armstror . on
'i ut i
nmp ero-'nds. Thee tin v
le u ed
iV of so
'"' ' "
IJo Dl-ft Orders
Ciipliiiu 11. (modiug Full, stlt-iliv
draft officer for Hawaii, had received
no instruction yesterdny concerning
the call of the civilian draftees, but the i
nri oraer rrom his department will
probably call for a sufficient number
nf. civilians to fill up the regiment to
Its required war strength. The pres
ent stiffigthtof the First Infsstry is
1325 men.
"We are ready for the call and will
ih orders and all necessary blanks
aa Instructions on the way to regia
trants within an hour sfter the ordet
reaches me," snid Captain Field. He
visited the Armory several times dur
ing the day.
Officer Busy
Major iiiirles I! Cooper, Medical
Unserve 'orps, who has been attached
'o the se'ective draft service since he
' a commissioned in the reserve, receiv
il or lers yesterday morning ilesignn
i n if him as camp surgeon at Fort Arm
I rctj.'
Clooncl William C. Mennett. I'. H. A.,
ommnnding the Sc. ond 1'. s. Infantry,
vt Fort Shsfter, has been designated
is camp commander at Fort Armstrong.
I i fresh from one of the national
rrmy training camps in the Southern
states, and will bring to the er.mp valu
able expericnie in the hnndling of
ivilian troops.
One of the busiest of the regular
army officer is CMptsin K.I ward K.
Vitscll. I'. S. A . inspector instructor
for the Hawaiian National (lunrd. who
-rfn rentor mustering1 oftliyr at
'he concentrntion camp. His work,
however, ha been under way for sev
eral months for upon him has devolved
'be duty of hring'ng the guard to the
itniie of efficiency w hich resulted in it
dually being brought into the service
if the t'nited Stntes. Captain Wit
ell has devoted evening ns well as
'ny in Insfincting the guardsmen,
orincijially the ofl'ceis, to their
lutics. His lectures have been clrat
irtil concise statements of the dutiei
if officers. To him is largely due the
orescnt excellent standing of the Ha
vniian National (lunrd.
When the guanl reaches its coiicen
ration camp it will have ui attendance
lie of the most expert of the mess nr
rrnsencr.ts In the parson of First
Lieut. Charles Koerpet, q. M. C, Na
t.ional Army. Lieutenant Koerpel i(
one of the recoguixed bakery scient
sts of the army end is responsible for
1 kitchen equipment which was adopted
'ry the war department.
Duty at Home
The on'y fly in all the ointment of
h satisfaction of the guardsmen in
icing ordered to nctive duty, is that
vhieh intimate that none of them will
see service in France. The President '
rder merely calls them to duty to re
ilnce regular regiments leaving Hcho
'elds Bnrrneks for active service "at
he front". They will probably do
'nrrison diitv to the end nf the war.
"That's all right," said a private
who was formerly head of a department
n a big firm down town. "The regulars
have held down the job here for more
thnn a year, and everybody thought
'hey ought to be at the front. If
hose oldtimers, veterans in training
on be keot here so long, I gue we
ought to shut our traps and be glad to
't just vhat they 've been doing. It '
'uty a'eti we are going to do what the
"tesident of the United State wants
is to do. If he say it's all night, then
t 's all right with me, and I guess that
;oes with the rest of the burtch, too."
ted Cross Besdy
Rel Cross field service will be in
mgnratesl by Hawaiian Chapter at the
pening of the concentration camp ut
'o-t Armstrong Wednesday, when the
First Regiment goes into actual scrv
ce. A. 1- Castle, chief field director
or the Red Cross Society, has issued
rders for the volunteer field workers
o prepare for the canteen and oilier
ield service required.
(ieorge I. Hrnwn and O. P. Wilder,
vho hold commissions ns assistant
ield directors will be in direct rhnrge
if the activities there. Coder them
vill In II. B. Reck ley,. Herbert Dovvsctt
ml John Siler. They will establish
heir enmp in n large rea in the Fort
raisirong j;roun Is and will put up
h -"e large tents. Iu one the office
.vill I stsblishe.l; tbe second will be
s..,l as a rending and writing room,
in. I the fluid, as a canteen. H. .1
'Iriin a. of Hnekfeld & Company, will
e in charge of the hitter and will
have as assistant a number of em
.loves of town firms, whose services
ill ie 1 1 i .' . I for this splendid noik
'Oolorel Satisfied
"I am perfectly satisfied with tin
response of the First Regiment to the
luobiliati all," said Colonel Wil
liam R. liiley, command ng the regi
incut .
'There was very little confusion
ami two battalions could hnve marched
nit of the armory nearly two hours
i.l'eic the order was given to, enilip
n the I'npitol grounds. The regi
neat shows the result of hard and In
tensne training during the last six
mouths and a vast uiuount of credit is
due Captain Witsell of the regular
army. The men handle their nipilp
uent with ease and display fniniliari
tv us to packing and carrying it.
"The rapid manner iu which the
-oiepaaies pitched their camps is ev i
leie e that they know how when it
comes to field work.
Worth Watting For
"We have waited long for a cal1
'o i If colors, but it has been worth
waiting for, and I sin sure we are all
rrateful to the President for giving
Hawaii an opportunity to briui these
'wo regiments into federal service
Twenty veins ago the' national guard
served under the fbg of the Hepublii
if Hawaii, and todav we are only too
u'lad to be a part of the (iniinl Armv
f A meri.-a. ' !
I nliiiicl b'ilev joined tbe Hawaiian
atu n;tl (iutird iu May, LMHI. Dur
i ii it the flair Jaisiug ceremonies on
August Hi, lS'.iK, when Hawaii- became
i territory of the I'nite.l States, an. I
'lie ling ot the Hawaiian Knpni.lic wies
M'phice.l In thill of tbe I'nite.l Stairs.
Colonel Kiley was in the ranks.
lie roce slowly but Hiirely aul as
ceiitiuii and ton ior aeciiuipanie l ev erv
rille t vvliich the national ouani
seal to Seiu'iit, ('amp I'rrry and .lai'h
-on.. He. He becMlne lololiel of file
! r-1 l'.i'.;imeiit whsu Samuel I John
e I. e 'inn cimniander of the H.iwai
lun National 'uard brigade.
Lieut. -Col. Qustavo Hoee, the "sec
ond in command", has been iu the
guaid since the Jill's and has ulni rose
Iioiii h ranks to bis present rullk.
Hi is a Hawaiian. Major Merle John
-..a and Mnj. Arthur W. Neely com
noin.l the two city Imttaliouj.
iMArJVfDnoultcTn !
inniii iiiui iiilo iu
Thirty, Special Prizes In Shape of
Cups Besides Other Awards
Are Exhibited
Thirty silver cups
ferent sizes and Leant
sldersble number of
in i many dif
' ui s'.ape, r con
ui.; I silver and
bronse medals.
bnn of almi'st
bow, form an
on display in
and a variety of rib
cv ei v i" ioi of the rain
lliteri'sti ig inhibit MO'V
t he win l.v v of Hrnl
pi tion
Co., lo t Nti.et. Thee are
of the class ami m eeinl jvrixe
'o be ae nrded at th.' T, rr; ,rt.l Viilr
this month.
In all there will be ale. v n."N0 ribbon
i warded at the Kair, ami approximate
y fifty special prizes, the latter thief
) In the form i,f silver ci'i.
Another window fi.ll f thes- tro
dde will be placed en il:sn)n Mist
m rapidly ns they are .ng'avtd bv IHe
ewelers. This probably will include
he diplomas which are to be given win
ers. and n historic collection of dip
omas, cups and medals (hat were
warded ut Hawaii ' ea -lv ngricnltur'
"airs, away buck in 1 h.H , 1N52, 1S5.1
ul ItJW.
teles of Royal Drys
These relic of the davs of Hawaiian
nvalty re est remely interesting. Many
if them were given by King Kame
nmeha 111 ami bv King Kalakaua, a
lumber ct the diplomiis bearing the
igiiature of the lust nuined monarch,
h'i was p'esi.leut of thn., RVal Ha
vniian .Vgricultutal Society. Both kings
e rtily supported and encouragwd ajj--ii-.
It li nil enterprise and stock breed
ng. Members of Hawaii's older familie"
bo cherish these trophies of the old-im-
Fairs are invited bv the Fair Com
nissiou to place their collections t
lie Coinruissior! 's disposal, to the end
hut a comprehensive, historic display
( the relics msy be made of them re
'owt'toun windows .luring the next
'wo week.
Harold Rice, of Maui, has brought
'own six diploma and several silver
nedals that W. II. Rice won in the
"sirs of 183 and 1K.44.
Vnctent Prize for Bed Cross
Julian Monsarrat. of Kapapala, Kan,
Hawaii, ha sent down a silver cup
vhieh was presented by Kamehamehn
'II to Capt. Thomas dimming at the
"air of 1851 the' first demonstration
f the kind ever hnl.l in the Islands.
TV is in the exhibit now on display
'a Henry Vay & Co. 's w indow. It wil)
be shown i a special exhibit nt the
'air, Mid i-- to be auctioned on the
'ast day of the coming demonstration
'he proceed" going to the American
Ted Cro.s
The relic if valued more for its his
Trie i' h s rue ter and association rather
'han fori'tt' intrinsic worth. Its sale
hould i ieV a goodly sum for the
'lun.nnltarinn cause.
W. I. s.
A tnessave received from Hilo vester
av by the Star HnlU'tin says thn'
filbert K. A u Id, caslfter of the 11;
Mercnnlile ( ommiiv bf that city, i
barged by tbe Hawaii Vigilance I'mp
if tbe American Defense Society witl
naking alleged derugfttofy express
bout the Red ( loss. Tbe message a l l
hat lot lor sent to hiu) requesting tha
ie make a statement answenn:
barges h.iv" been ignored and ue
'iisweied A ill is so well known
lilo that the charges against him In
rented a sensation. lie 4s said
to I..
ilaaniut.' to leave Ifilo, but the
atiiMis In- la. i s is not made eh
he brief vvii.'less message.
Hv hall .ast five o'clock, the tlm i
' Kit t ii 1 1 1 ii if the Kirst Heginient, com
irising lie men of Aiea, Waipalin
Kwa ami Waialuii districts, were n
at their
home stations, and al
rii n as.
turnout of these iiieu was
a a
hiu j 'i i-i tin l.v short, space of I
I'bev .a ill from the quarters i
it hand, on llie p'uutatinus, and.
'i thev i nine Wiltine iu from the
tl' In 1 mi 1 1-1 - camps. The news spina
iast aii'l tl tli.era had their music
.oils well , he. ked off. At Aiea Hi.
on vveie in Ine by the mid. He o
he alteiiio.n. nail at mess time, font
een mole had been added. The li
ne iinler were supposed to have report
d fast nigl'l and certainly by thi
uoining at as-eoiblv cull.
I nst i in-1 ions were issut'.l last mili
or the . mint i v district battalion t.
i inn at llnir camps until Tuesln'
'Homing, an I then report at the Capi
ol groun I-. but these instructions ma
'e 1 1 ; 1 1 i I to have the battalion ;n
rive tin- afternoon. 'I'bev will pud
amp in He ma kin Wuikiki comer o
he Capilo1 grounds.
1 1 1 1 1 1 it 1 1 1 1 1 rsf th'e stuff
if. th
. .I iiiuiiv officers nml
nu I
l.ss", got into other com
nanster, aul when it cam
-..me hurried read just ment
O l.l'cil-
rIU.I lo I
';; pi a l n
public wot
superi n I en
orouinls ot
bv Col. II.
'duly will)
III.-II t of I I
Hf-nt "I 'I
' oiulward, formei ly
I . department, and r
lent of parks and
the city and i I
e i as captain and as
M S.bifield, I'. S
.f tl.
cent '
i lie iiiarteriiiaster depait
i. Ilavvaiiuii Depart incut .
I . -lie Thompson, foiiiooi'
o Soillfietu f'a.'itie ('o.nii.in'
it II. i
-ho. ill.
in th
lost a bar from ea. !
I.e. ai'o a first lieutenant
I ta
rfermaster depai t nient
ottiei ra w ere sur pr i d
Many of II
when Rivi'.ol.l
iiuard last v e;
Mciirew, who U-ft tie
', turned up in a inn
1 1. ii imiIiI bar on each sh
..beat i
, had been . onimis-i
e on I lieutenant. He was
.1 in I '..loiiel Hchofleld 's de
UK Ut .
Honolulu Wholesale Produce Market
Quotat'uns (
WhOlossis Only UAa$2$tfffit PrVMIOM May .11, IDIH.
Island butter, lb.
Kggs, sclct, do.
KggB, No. 1, do.
Kgg. duck, do.
oung roosters, II.
. . .( to' .45
IS to ..W
eHi o M
0:i to .olt'iKu e, Haw. - I
.01 flrcen peppci -.
Heans, string
IVans, slung
Heans, Lima
gre, i
III pi...
illeans, Maui
HJMI to Ill.lMf
11.00 to It.St)
vSO to UM()
.:o to d.oo
Heans, tm h 1 1
Peas, drv Is., c wt
Heets, dor.eu bi ho
Carrots, dozen bches
Cabbage, ct.
Corn, sweet, I'm nu -Cuciinibeis,
. . ..iri to .40 .
01 Limes, inn
125 Pineapples.
'tnnanns. Chinese,
fnnanas, Cooking
Kigs, I Oi i
iiapes. Isabella.
In I
I.IHI Papains, lb
iiia Htrawbeine
are not bought at"Wv' Weight.
'o ... .i-i.i i.xsik. . Hogs, up to
Cattle and sheep
nil i..r .hi a
14 to '.15 Mutton, lb
.ISf'ort, lb
M Kips lb
. 10 Ooat, white ea.
prices on feed t . ' o. b. flonolulu
. lntj.(N) Hsrlev, ton
10.1.00 liny ' wheat, ton
.. 4-. IHI to 4;'iM10ats, ton
11)0.00 to 10iJ.nO
'en I.
lb .
I Hi.
The following arc
lorn, Ig. yel., ton
Cotji, cracked, ton
Hay, alfalfa, ton
c.Mfch food, ton . .
Raising These Hardy Animal$ fV
Milk Should Be More Fre
quent Practise
In this country the gont is usually
regarded simply as a plaything for the
children, but in some parts of Kurope
it is regarded ns the poor man's cow.
A well-known American importer of
IV stock states that "the goat of
Switzerland is the Swiss peasant' cow,
the Hwia baby's foster mother, a bless
ing to the sanitariums for invalids, and
a godsend to tbe poor."
In England and in many other parts
)f Kurope people who leave the city
.luring the summer months, either for
heir country homes or for travel, of
en take a milk goat with them In
rder to insure a supply of good milk
f anlfor quality.
In this country the fart that the
roat will supply sufficient milk for the
iverage family at low cost and can be
:ept where it is impossible to keep a
ow. is beginning to appeal to many
eople, escially those in the small
owns and in suburb of cities. In this
vuy the milk goat can be made to re
ieve the milk shortage which is now
elt in many localities.
In farmer' bulletin. 920, " M.ilk
loats", recently published by the I'ni
ed States Department Agriculture,
peeiulists ssy that the milk goat is
dapted to tbia country and tbnt the
udustry is likely to Income of greater
mportance every year.
The goat is especially useful to those
' 1
ho 'lesire a small quantity ot
ml do not bava room for and can not
ITord to keep a row. In fact, a goat
an be kept where it is impossible to
eep u cow, and will consume consider
ibfe feed that otherwise would be 1
vasted. The fact that goats are rare
v affected with tuberculosis is another
" i ii I in their favor.
A doe that produces three pints a
av is considered only a fair milker,
vhile the production of two quarts is
oiod. and the production of three quarts
- considered us excellent. Host's milk
s nearly always pure white. The small
ie of the flit globules is one of its
hief characteristics. Iu coiiKcipieuce
he cream rises very slowly and never
o thoroughly us in tbe rase of cow s
nilk. If it is properly produ 1 and
. ;i ml I oil . it will keep sweet us louo as
ow 's milk, and there sbouUl not be any
;outv odor. The uiilk can be utili.ed
or the same purposes as row ' milk,
ml is less satisfactory fur making
Hitter and perhaps beflor for making
bees. l'liictically all publications
;inio with milk goats t,trihut n
idcrable importance to the use of the
uilk for iiifants auj invalids.
. ,. .
zither Bake Victory Bread
Shut Up Shop
"The bureau of Chemistry through
s representative in Hawaii ha I n
ooperating with the Federal K I d
iinistiator lo enforce tbe bread icon
tioiis " the food H.lniinlstrstioii savs
i n lafe bulletin. '.'The shops of pra'
ieallv every eomniercial bakery hold
ng license have been checked up and it
.ratifying to note the large per
eni.i.e of bilkers who are eomplviug
vith the bread regulations in cm t v par
' it- ii I it r J
"Those not baking tbe renuirvl
inioi.nt of substitutes in their l ie id
inve lieei, reported and sfter 1 o in
ei viewed have chltnged their I ul.e
'o comply with tbe regulatious Most
of the violations were found to be fiom
iguoi'Miice and not from anv n ln
lion 'o iiisnbey the haking rub r aul
ri- nl.it ion?
One baker after sove'al i-t. " -A
a- uiT.ble to make tile ' i. n '
li.af snd vobiiitnri'y closed his ha! en
"It Is not the intention of, the V ol
l iu i uist rat ma or the i ei'resen i .. i n . .
if the 'bureau of cheuiis' rv in .l.'v
'i ir vigilance in brinym; to 'erm
iny violators of the baking rule- an i
n' jul.it ioiw. ' '
at thejbb riiroEB
Hens, lb.
Dneks, Mux., lb
Duck, IVkni, lb.
Duck. Haw . ,.
.:i." to ..w
. . . . S.On
.mi to .us !
.H lo .nil
II) to .1.'
. . .Ill
... 1.7.1
.oh to ."'.
.20 to .liS
. cwt.
(Jreen pepi.eis
Tomatoes, lb.
dree u pea-. II.
I u in i.k 1 1 s. II. . .
Potatoes. vvei'i red, cwl.
Tato, liiinch
Taro, cwt
Thev are slaughtered and
loll 11,., .21) to .21.
.Ih to
.23 to
20 to
. 7s. ,-,(.) to S2i0
f7.H0 to rc'iiO,
H0.OI) to htl.OO '
Closing of Kekaulike For Purpose
Urged By Kuhio and Super-'
visors Are Favorable
Representing tbe Hawaiian Protective
Association, Delegate Kalaniannole ad
dressed the board of supervisors last
night and urged this body to close Ke
kaulike Street to traffic and convert
thi short thoroughfare in the neigh
bo r boo. I of the fishmarket, into a pub
lie market, where fishermen, unattached
to nny fishing company and small farm
ers could display and sell their wares.
The lioard is unanimously in favor of
the proposition and a special commit
tee was appointed to investigate the
legality of the project and report ai
the next meeting.
The Delegate said, in addressing thr
honrvl, that be was strongly in favor. of
this project both flora the producer's
and consumer's standpoint. He said
that the Hawaiian fisherman, as a rule,
1 bad no commercial ability aud although
1 there were a large auniber of them
who caught fish off these shores, umei
,the preseat condition there is no wv
that they can sell tbe product of theii
catches, aside from )eing at tbe mercy
'of the middlemen and, fishmarket prof
iteers. Every eity fill the mainland of
'any si.e bad a public market which
were a great encouragement to smttll
farmers and other. Certain hours o
the day could be set aside for tbe sale
of tl.h hii.1 farm products and if tin' re
was such a mean for fishermen mak
mg a little profit from thor labors, niuri
liawaiians,' who are now idle, would g'
mto this industry and both thev an.
the consumer wnubl profit uiatenuli v.
Supervisor Mott Binith said that then
ought be oine legal objection to tbi-
j pro. e.lure, through i,ts conflicting witl
the j. Idling snd licensing ordinances.
I but Kbeu Low, who, by the way, is tin
originator of this project, sai I thu
this feature could , easily be overcoyu
as the if nl adminisrrHlor had f u I
power to grant licenses and be kuev
that such license would be granted.
Kbeu i.ovv further suggested that th
supervisors look into the feasibility o
roofing over Kekaulike Street and or
luigiug the present sewer dram Iu I ha
street. He pointed out that a f ri
inn ket of this nature would not mil
be au incentive to Ilawaiinns going n
strong on the fishing industry, but ok
ing to this competition, It would eompc
he stalliuen in the, regular market to
dispose of tbeir products af price
soniewherc within reason. Mayor Ken
urged immediate action on the muite
and in all probability this project wil
I oiiiineuced within tbe next few
w. S.S.
i deal represent i n,' the transfer
i I'M i, control of the llawaiinr
liber f
impiiny. mi mi I growers, passe
aim I
vesterdav t
the Huwaiiifu I'lneaiiple
I f'onipauv.
i about 1 n I
I 11 1 n in- a nil
I lull les
The fiber company hu
acres of laud located at
at Sisal, near Kwa bout
of the luml was planted
snl and
has, since tl
war enjoyed
of the world
able degree
i M.lrlft -'il n'-H.
WMIhmii W
.,f th.- iihor
if propertv
ami re'eusej
'inrich, pieseut inauager
plantatiou, is to be re
f n l ii ! nt
u - M'tit ili
ii rift it's i
The p.,
is -..I to
nr..,, ,he
manager by the Hawaiian
I oinptiny . He will act as
c expert and assist Ih, diie
in experiments with new
f pines and fertilizers
vailing high price of sisal
have been the iciison which
pineapple coin) anv to take
V industry. Plans have been
that if there hhould be a
s1 ill pri( e afU i th
in be planted to p nc:ifl'
I hi
nicipnl owners in tin
were 1. T. l'eck It V
I .a w i ence, N' ail. and
sa'- of tjie tlber
; n -v a i inn I 'i nen nlile ' '
i d I- .. J . Cdinpb.
w a -t
Fnr ftiff VW
vi o a wis .
Given By Committee
every Aucrnrjon ana tvenmrj wi.i
Be Crowded vyith . Interesting
Even)i. VVherein Sports' and
Military and Patriotic Events
Mingle . -
T-i... r.... I...- w tu
I lie ll- I'OIII file i l- Vlll'V UI , IIV
lerrironsi rair, wntcii win ue neui m
Kapiolani I'ark, Vaikiki, and fc 'now
only nine .lays aw a v. i given below
in full The iirnirr!! in lis vervfhintf'
inuppe l down to a flue point, giving
I he .la v of the week, the date of the ,
niniith and the exact time when each .
ev cut w ill begin.
Monday. June 10
'.'' in. formal opening of fair; ail-
dresses bv Hon. fn.liklin K. LauiS
and the (lovernor. I
.10 ,
Oil i
1 1
oil I
in - Mutts Manual, with music,
in. -The S"oldier anil His ' lUp .
nt. .,
.m. - Kquipmciit Rare. .
.in. 'ent iK'de liace.
.m. (fas Mask Uaee. - V
i. in.- Htiwiiiion Kodeo; prelimi-,
;in (i. in.
III' 11 III.
Monday Evnlrg
Hand Concert and Moving
Two Tugs of
s ;:in
i . i a i
Mob Hinging.
igbt, Attack.
Tuesday, June 11
a.m. I lemonstrntions and Ierture
iu ('noil ( 'oiiserviit ion Hulldiug.
u. in. - Live Stock I'nrade. i .
! in -Koriiinl Opeuing of r'lowef
Show. " ,
:i" p.m. Hut ts Manual, with Music.'
no p.m.- Two Hours with Fourth
I'liiiy Kx press Ra'e
Roman Raco
Resc ue Race
I'otato Race
Steeplechase ,
Overland Stage Holdup
p.m. Homan C'linriot Race,
p.m. Hawaiian .Rodeo: duals.
p.m. Band (Vmeert and Moving
i lciures.
:(in p.m. -Two Tugs of War.
:.'t( p.m. Mob Singing.
1:00 p.m. "A Word l'ictnre of the
Western Front", by W. J. Sher
man. ' - i,
Wednesday. Juie 12
11 a.m. Demonstration and Lecture lo
Kood oiiservstiAn Building '
1:30 n.m. Hutt Manhal. with Afnsie.
- ;00 p.m. Army Bridge Bui1din(r.
2:;l0 p.m. Mountej Cavalry DrilL '
1:00 p.m. Hand Orenade Throwing.
l:.10 p.m. 1000 Yard Flag Relay
Race. . ,
1:00 p.m. lloy JArout Denioastration.1
nmumur arwiai .
';,'IQ p m. iland Concert anri Moving
I'ietures, v.,
:()0 p.m. Judging in Dog Show. i,
,S:00 p.m, Two Tugs of War. ",
1:'AQ (i.in Exhibition by Boys' Clubs
Honolulu. :
l.nrt .. ."t . f I i. i r. .. .1... ?
.uo j.ih, usim'ii ruiuu v oBiTn, .. i .
ii ajn. ueinonsr ran on in rooi uon-.
servatiou Building.
1:30 p.m. Butts Manual, with Music
I1A 1 1 - . IV 'II
2 :':t0 p.m. (
1:00 p.m. h
vn ii. in, -navunri irni.
81)oe Race.
8ark Race.
t:30 p.m. Mad M.nute Knee.
1:00 p.m. privers' Contest.
Thursday Evaning
:."0 p.m Ban I Conceit sm'l Moving
:00 p.m. Two Tugs of Wsr.
:.'I0 p.lii. T?ntvl fifth Infantry Ea-
mday. June U
I a.m. .Lecture iff Food ',mserv ation
:.'lo p.m. Butts Manual, with Musir--'
:00 p.m. Ambulance Train in Ao
tiou. 1:00 u.m I'liited N.ates Mar, lies at
00 p.m.
Work. :( p in.
.'Ill p.m.-
Hulf Mile Flat. Race
Ri. until t'buriot If . i .
rrldsy Everjng
";o0 p.ni.-
Band Concert uud
HO p.m. Two Tugs of War.
:(HI p.m. Night Attack.
Saturday, Jnno l.r
l:.in p.m Auction K.le in
Buildings, chiefly for
benefit of
Red Cross.
u.io p.m. (in front ol grnudstuiid)
Butts Manual, with Music.
Mm p.m. Track mil Field Meet.
i:illl p.m. Chariot lluce.
Saturday Eveclng
';"( I p.m,- Band Concert nn I Moving
S:tK p.m. Tug of War Fiuuls.
S::ill p.m A. Night iu Old Japan.
w. a. a.
I t IV tvi V I A. ,v :....! V
..".o'v.i, u..r I i insi. ihi cti I res J
British air craft pet formed gallant
"vi-es vesterdav inflicting heav.ie
losses upon tb enemy and suffering
lomitn wuit'b Were sui.ul in ompaiiHu.i
to tiiias; occasioned b.v Jhcir etfoifs.
Tbirtj Si enemy uluues were downed
bv tbe- ,1 ri,t isu air foi. es yesterday, It
is vtiUiauy jeporifij. As against these
live Biitisli fi'ut ng machines were re
purtej as ruisiig.
Bruges WHstl)o objeitive of a highly
successful air raid by British aviators
yesterday. . The attacks were especially
directed agaiust the d"' ks uud several
tons of explosives weie dropped. Fires
were itarlei! nl a u.iml.er of point i
ami the reiurd of hils showed the dam
age inf Delft) ws beaw. uf the
British machines reported safely at
w. s
Bpwtt,' ccmptaNt ri cifitnirBH
'I ' ill ivi ' ' '...- -r.
fh U'd watrh fo' t '.i en; a' u-hI
1-1. k 1. . 1
"t r ,
ne t rf too ihild's Im ' 'v rlJ plv
en prompt sttention a tins ti-ie. r,
mis trouble lllav lea 'a '" e.
lain K f 'oil. a n I Din r i Im a I,'
u I wu v s be .lepeuilr.l i '
all dealer. Benson, ;e.ith R
ii a loi 1 1 n it i : ! I .
I' . '
llV v,-
, r't.l .

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