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, ' . ' i-i : n i " "11BJ B
Plea Day Is Busy One For Judge
Heen and Offenses Are
,' Many and Varied
, ' David Puirk, th young haole who
It alleged to have fired the shot into
' W, Ito. a Japanese chauffeur at Red
Bill In f a 1 1 . from whirl) be died nn
' Thursday, stood before Circuit Judije
Heen Tester. lay morning and asked to
nave until next Saturday to make his
plea to the charge of first decree mur
der. This was grunted by the judge
Wro Immediately set bail at lO.nOfl.
Hlil. " not aide to furnish thii
. Amount yesterday and was turned to
tan custody of the high sheriff.
Frank t'nuaewn. the chauffeur, who
la ehurped w tli having run down ami
killed B .Inpnnese u'irl on King street
aear Alspai lust Sunday, was also be
fore the .imlse when- he was charge. I
with the woman's death.
C'ty Attorney Brown asked thnt
the esse he set for trial on Monday
a the chief witness for tbe prosecu
tion, w.n enli ted in the engineers and
Blight leave for the mainland about
the middle of the week. W. T. Raw
Has, representing I'nnnewa, strenuous
ly objected, saying it waa not fair to
' th .defendant, and cited the week V
tsmn given to Riiick.
The city attorney said that the ait
Wfltion was entirely different. Judge
' Heen, Jinw ever, insisted that the pier.
be entered on Monday. Hail was se'
. art 5000. a bond for thii mim bcine
given immediately by Mr. Rawlins.
, Dr. H. C. Clemniens, the dentist
ehr.rged with employing unlicensed
dentists, and who was found guilt'
by a jury last week, waa fined I'M
mod . costs. Tive other indictment'
against him will be turned over t'
Judge Ashford's court, for hearing.
Mstsumoto nnd Knhnlewai, chargei'
with mnlicious convention of propertv
belonging to some one else, will pleat
On Tneadav. Matsumoto waa repre
' tinted by S. F. Chillingworth, but tin
Hawaiian was unrepresented by coun
el. He was advised by Judge Heen
. to aeenre a lawyer. Bail for each oni
was.aet at 1000.
"THe Hawaiian drummer of the Ha
Wltilan band, who had bandied thi
. Jj"am for the past forty yeara, and
who was found guilty of a statutory
eewse, was fined (50, a strong pleii fo
Iwh.ie'ney being entered by Lorrin An
dYews", bis aitorney. It waa the firs
tima be had ever been arrested for an
offense and his, reputation had been
Tbe band is now without a drummei
ad even if he goes to prison to work
oat bia fine, strong appeals have been
made by the bund leader and other
to -permit him to handle the drum
whenever the band plays.
w. a. a.
Wishes of Secretary of Interior
May Change Plans Com
mission Has Arrived
la the event that present plans are
Jj6j" changed, (iovernor designate Mc
Garthy will be inaugurated ou .lune 22.
The long delayed commission for the
Bw Oovernor arrived in the mini Fri
dajr and, after a conference with (inv
entor Pinkbam, it as decided to holu
the inaugural ser i. r on the iiiaka:
steps of the Capitol builiing on tin
morning of June in the eent tliu
the arrival of Seer -tary Lain- .lin no
change these preparation-.
Chief Justice .lames I.. Coke wil
dmiwister the out ti of ollice mid Lioi
erncr McCarthy will l.lircr n l.riei
but vital uddrei-. beninig on tin' pro.
nt needs of the Tciiitniy during wa
tim en.
. Uoveruor McCarthy is deferring tin
inauguration until .l.nn in orde
that Governor I'lnkhain . onl.l reinaii
In office during the i.it of Seer eta r;
Lane and his party, who is s. Iiedule
t l-ve the iiiainliind for Hawaii to
d:iy. The io ei nor to be feels alsi
thnt owing to tin- personal fncndsliij
tliat exists between Secretary l-ain
And tJovemor I'liikliuin, the inaiiguru
tion should be the Inst act of the sec
retary, rather than the Hist one In
thou Id perform after Ins arrival.
JiVluan H. Bigelow. who n to be tin
new auuerinteiideut of public works
will take office Jul I and Delber
K. Mt.ger, territorial treasurer, wil
take ud hia new duties immediately af
tor (iovernor M.t'arth is inaugural
. w. a. tn
Al. Knw, a Cliiue.se win, la erin
a auutenei' of one year 8 iinpris
onuirnt in the territorial jail fo
11. ng liouor to soldiers, pleaded guil
tv to the same offense in the federa'
rourt yesterday, uud was sentenced to
i.ilv iluvs imoriaoument. However, the
S"iitcice will run concurrently with th
nt nee imliosed by thu Territory.
When arrested last October. Ah Kow
v us charged in both the federal an
i i tbe police courts. The dispositioi
of the case in the federal court yes
teniae was done to "clear the records
ritl.er than to impose additional pun
ishment to that which he was seuten
red in the police conrt.
com po urn
Marvelous Sind h Mc
Ciltt? lti Svft'.'in lti t uil
Uv-r, Kt lruv anj MI
dvr Ki ' ii r f -
CJrstf'M J 1 I dta'iv,
Ail t .stir-Mi.
hBB C -n- B
Busier Session Is Promised With
Twenty three Cases and
Two Motions
following Is the ralendnr
Supreme Court tor Us June sea
1. In the Matter of the IVtition
f Mary Ah Sam for Support of Hct
Bastard Child. Motion by the Terri
tory to dismiss bill of exceptions. Conn
Attorney of Maui for the motion;
Murphy -contra.
2. Invid K. Kahaulelio vs. Isaac
lliilii. et al. Taxation of plaintiff s
II of costs. I.ightfoot k l.ightfoot
or plaintiff; Mott Smith k Lindsay fm
1, Antone Fernandes, Jr. vs. So
iedade I.uaitana B, da Hawaii, a cor
poration. brror to Circuit Court, Sec
ind Circuit. F.. Murphy for plaintiff
ppellnnt: rj. C. I'etera for defendant-
Territory of Hawaii va. Alfred
'ernande. Kxreptiona from Circuit
ourt, .Second Circuit. Attorney (len-
ral and County Attorney of Maui for
Inintiff appellee: E. Murphy for de
end ant -appellant.
County of Mam va. Mary do Rego.
al. Error to Circuit Court, Second
irriiit. County Attorney of Maui for
Inintiff appellee; E. Murphy
for de
ndants Ellen K. and W.
T. Bobin
ion appellants.
4. Nettie L. Seott vs. F.sther N
Pilipo, et al. Error to Circuit Court.
First Circuit. M. F. Scott for plaintiff
ppellnnt; E. K. Aiu and N. W. Alub
or defendants-appellees.
5. Annie K. Levy vs. John I.ovell.
ieserved Questions from Circuit Judge.
irst Circuit. 1. L. Wipaver for peti-
toner; 31ottsmitn Umlsay lor
H. Kuluwaimaka Ukamura vs. Meli
iiulani, et al. Exceptions from Cir
uit Court, Second Circuit. C. F. Pet
rsoii for plaintiff -appellant ; A. Lind-
av, Jr. for delenaants-appeueea.
i. Territory of Hawaii vs. Han
upuhi. Exceptions from Circuit Court
econd Circuit. Attorney General an (J
onnty Attorney of Maui for plain
iff appellee; E. Murphy for defendant
s. Eliza Cabral Houxa, et al, vs. So
iedndu Lusitana Beneficente de Ha
van. an Hawaiian corporation, mud
illusion upon Agreed Statement of
acts. J. Robinson for petitioners;
Vndrews k Pittman for respondent.
9. Mary Kaniu Jarrett vs. Hein
icu M. von Holt, Executor etc., et
1. Appeal from Circuit Judge, First
Tircuit. Andrews k Pittman for com-
lainant appellant ; Frear, Proeser, An
lerson k Marx and Robertson k Olson
or respojidents-appellees.
10. Lincoln L. M Handles vs. City
ud County of Honolulu, et al. Ap
eal from Circuit Judge, Kirst Circuit.
L. Weaver and K. I. 1'eters for peti-
ioner-nppellant ; City and County At
orney for respondents-appellees.
11. Territory of Hawaii vs. Kape-
iela Kaeha. Exceptions from Circuit
'ourt. First Circuit. Attorney Oeneral
nd City and County Attorney for
laintiff appellee; I.ightfoot k Light
oot for defendant appellant.
12. In the Matter of the Petition
f Mwry Ah Saul for Support of Hei
tastard Cbild. .1 limes Akina, defend
nt in error, r.rror to I ircuit Judge,
econd Circuit. K Murphy for plain
iff in error; Attorney (leneral and
)ounty Attorney ,,t Mum for deiend
nt in erro.
1.1. Josvpli .1 Mo-lilsteni vs. King
darket Company. Ltd Error to Cir-
lilt Court, rirst ir.uit. K. (. I'etera
or ilaintiff appella nt ; Harry Irwin
or defendant -appellee.
14. Mary Eli.ulx tli Kjiilienui vs.
)mma Aonu, et ul. Appeal from Cir
uit .lodge, Fourth Circuit. ("Mrlsmith
. Kolph for plmi.t iff uppellunt ; J. W.
tiissell for defeii.liints appellees.
15. Spencer Mn kerton v s. E. White
uttoli, (hiar.liun of the Estate of
.leunor Caswidy Hnkerton. a Minor,
ubniission upon Agreed Statement of
'acts. W. T. Carileii for plaintiff; lie
endant in person.
lti. leodor Bnbkoff vs. Peter Ches
icoff. Exi-eptions from Circuit Court,
irst Circuit. Andrews &. Pittman
or plaintiff uppellee; 11. A. Davis, W.
'. Ruwlins, h. ,1. Kotts and C. S.
lavis for defeinliiiit appellant.
17. M. W. Nawiihie, by his next
run. I .1. Liglitfoot vs. Charles F.
'etersou. et al. Appeal from Circuit
udge. First Circuit. I.ightfoot k
ightfoot for pet it inner appellant ;
tobertson k Olson for respondents ap
el lees.
IS. In the Matter of the Applica
ion of (irand Motel Co., Ltd., et aL
or u Writ of Man lamus against T. B
.yons, et nl. Reserved (Questions from
ircuit Judge. Second Circuit. C. II
IcBiide and E. Murphy for petition
is; County Att .im of Maui and
'rear. I'lonici. Andi-ison k Murx for
Kate 1 lfaines vs. Henry K
(eFries. et nl Exceptions from Cir
uit Court. Fust i n. int. VV. J. Kob
a4soii for plain! ilT appnllant ; R. V
ireckoiis iiml II I liiace for defend
.Hts appellees.
20. Ilunniil- M : . I. ii i nn i vs. Holomon
i. Lakakea, et ul lit -ercd (Questions
'rum Circuit .lu.iL'e. Fourth Circuit
.iulitfoot & Lilitfont for petitioner
V. H. fMintii ;im
I S. ise for tlie
iMpoinJent hiil'. -21.
C. Q -i.,
urn, et :ilt
udge. Fiisl 1 in
ml W. H. I. win
el lee; I . igli if. ...I
.pondents np . Hi
2.'i r-iiu 'i. r
'ai mi.' c,, i
. r:- ,
1 . t . r- f- r i '
.i is and I
pr cl'iii t
J! . T.. mi
ll cir i i fi . in
V. II B.-w.-L'
C. Petcio lur
iion K l.alakea
Hon s John F. Col
friiiii Circuit
W .1. UollillHIUI
oiiiplaiiiuiit Hp
.;;lill'oot for re-
: 1 Kif. i t ioi
- M Uit Y.
1 li pel Iff , (i A
i- t r d' f endaut -
o a - t 1' Hurl.
1 oil I' ii rt Ii Cn .nil .
r pUnntiir appi ll
.I. L-iniiiut appellant.
Marshal Sees Special Need of
Meeting Different Conditions
Found In Honolulu
I'nited State Marshal J. J. Rmiddy
intends to recommend to the department -"". iO"io to aeverai .n.
k. t Ik-va threatened the life of pedestrians
of justice that Mine form of temporary MfM gu4y, C. V. Phillip., n
pasws be authorised for' boarding Bmpi0y 0f tk Hawaiian Electric Com
steamer in Honolulu, also a pass form, ipanv, raa over and killed Mary SilVa,
which can be iesned to the members la three year eld Portngueee child near
of the varioui eonaolar ataffa. the corner of Magellan and Pioneer
It is because Honolulu ia not the Strceta, In the Punchbowl district,
terminal point for many of tha steamers shortly after aeven o'clock last night,
calling here, from whick certain classes I The little lrl wa tbe daughter of Mr.
of passengera are often forbidden to and Mra. Miguel Bilva, who live near
and. that the marshal thinka there where the accident happened,
should be provision for the iaauanre of While the accident resulted fatally
temporary passes far entering the re- lnt n'lfht, it had extenuating circum
stricted waterfront xone. The issuing stance! which tha polica say were lack
.f temporary passes Is not provided In ,'nf hen K. Bagawa, the young Jap
h.. fo.icr.1 nmUtinm romrdino- the t" killed at the corner of
maintenance of guard of all Am
tic an waterfronts.
The need of consular passes is felt
here, perhaps more than in any other
American port. Tbe consuls or their
epresentatives are constantly required
o go aboard steamers to visit or ad
vise subjects of the countries which
hey represent. Especially is this so of I
he necessity of the Chinese consul '
boarding through Oriental steamers,
from which, on account of the imml-
gration laws, the Chinese aboard are
ften prohibited from landing, says the
In a communication Veceived from the
lepartment of justice Friday, the mar
shal is instructed to make a report of
how the federal waterfront regulations
are being enforced in the Islands nnd,
if there are any violation, to report the
bick of proper enforcement at once.
The marshal says he wijl report that the
Territory and private owners of
vharves in the Territory are supplying
ind maintaining tbe necessary guard, i
Informatioa was contained in the
.a me communication which tells how
'he alien enemy regulations apply to
omen of enemy citizenship. Keguls '
ion 4, which prohibits alien enemies
from approaching within half a mile of
jnvernment reservations, does not ap
nly to the women enemies, says the com
munication. However, the women en
emies are prohibited from entering the
restricted tones around all waterfronts.
W. . ,
His many frienda in Honolulu will
- -j -------
regret to hear of the death in BufTalc i, '
N"r l0rh' .f .th Vryi gf,"en
of Hawaii in the person of Edward
Llewelyn Psrkcr, one of Buffalo s
most distinguished and pubhe spirited (
citizens. t
Mr. Parker died nt the Buffalo t.en
crai nospuai on ounuay, mv . u
visited Haw aii on several occasions nU
always took a great interest in inings
Hawaiian. About
fifteen vears ago,
u account of ill
from the practise
ind from then on
health, ho retired
of bis profession
spent considerable
if his time every yeur visiting differ
ent countries.
Mr. Parker wCj nn ardent collector '
of rare ceramics, being the possessor
of a priceless Chinese vase, the only
one of its kind in existence, while hia
collection of unset gems is said to be
unequalled in this country.
Guard Mobilizitioo
Calls Men of
Advertiser's Force
From various departments of
The Advertiser five men yesterday
entered the ervice of the country
with tin' culling into military sur
vice of the National Guard. These
were Arthur I.. Silverman of the
rejiortnnal stuff, A Pc lerson of
the business oftiee, Cirilo Salonga
of the art department and Henry
Pallidum and Clarence Olds of the
circulation department. It was Sil
verman's wedding day and it waa
only two hours after the marriage
ceremony had been performed that
he learned of the orders for mobi
lization of the guard.
Others of The Advertiser staff
had already heeded the call of the
country among tliem being Lieut.
Andrew Farrell, formerly sporting
editor and now in the First Infan
try, I'.'S. ; William F. Kill-line,
now with the aviation corps, for
Uierly reporter; Captain Weateott,
now with Second Infantry, V. S.
A., formerly of the business office
and Captain A. B. Richardson, now
with the regular uriny but former
ly a reporter for The Advertiser.
Acts I iks a Cnarm in
the on. Specific In
Ths D , e .lll.tl.B In WtUstALOil. OOUT,
Pi . - ...J 1 I
ni.ll IS
Three-.Year-Old Mary Silva Is
Second; Victim To Die
Since Last Sunday
Making ih fteeond fatal automobile
Alapi and -King Streets on last Sun
day everting, by ft machine alleged to
have beea drive by Frank Panaewa,
who ia accused of having fled after the
collision without rendering aid, and
who is also accused of being partly
under the influence of liquor at the
time. .
Philips' companion in the machine
at the time Of the accident yesterday
evening, A. S. thinn, another employe
of tho Hawaiian Electric Company,
picked the little girl up after she was
)i;t by the automobile and she was
taken' immediately to the emergency
hospital. However, the child was dead
when tbe hospital waa reached. An
examination of the body indicated thnt
she had received a fracture of the skull,
h iue w. , truck bv the front wheel
,hf n,a,.hine.
TriTer IB Booked
ne,,utv Sheriff Julius Aseh booke.l
phjip,'0B a charge of manslaughter
oon Rfter It waa ascertained that the
( wa ,eart. The defendant then
communicated with Judge Antonio Per-
rv, whom he retained as counsel and to
D'pip n(m Mcure bail,
According to the account of tbe aeei
.!, - nt given by Phillis, through his at
'oruey, he waa going along Magellan
S'reet at a moderate Speed, when the
cbild stepped off the sidewalk and di
rectly in front of the machine. He said
she was struck almost before any effort
could be made to change the course of
the ear or bring it to a stop.
Dun, Phillips' companion, told near
ly the same story when he waa ques-n-
sflded the information that
the automobile, No. 6008 A, was not
o. ne.i oy eitner himself or the driver
and that they both roomed at the
Majestic Hotel. Phillips is in charge of
the meter room tor the Hawaiian Mec
trie Company and has lived in Hono
lulu for the past two years.
X son sraKcm disun i
Besides tne two young men in rne
utolnol(ile wnen th, ..fa ill, was killed,
there eeeme to have bee mo other eye
wltn4)Be of lt eept amall boy wno
WM p,ByiBg Be,rby. Eve. though the
oli.e Ao not AtnJ the V9r8iou 0f the
...-i.ient iriven bv those involved, they
J( bol(, faultv brakes to be partly the
cause, as well as tbe fact that the clulil
eoteTP( the street unatteoded.
ntlia, automobile license lu
scetor, tested tho brakes after the enr
was brought to the police station, and
Depnty Sheriff Ascli said they were;
found to be nearly useless, ine aepuxy
sheriff asserted that he. intended to get
an exnert mechanic ftom one of the
iarages to examine the brakes of the
rar this morning, so hia-testimony may
he used bv the prosecution when I nil-
ling (a brought to trial.
The grand jury returned an indict
ment yesterday against l'anaewa, neid
' res)KnMlble for the killing of, the young
woman last Sunday, charging him with
manslaughter in the first degree, and
' another charging him with failing o
render aid to a person injured by an
i automobile.
Phillins was released from custody
last night after he furnished bail of
I $2500.
j W. i I.
A round-up of draft deserters will
be inauinirated br the selective draft
ofticer, as soon as the two national
guard regiments have completed their
mobilisation, acting under lnsiruciious
from Provost Marshal Oeneral Crow-
der, who ia commencing a nation-wide
campaign to bring deserters to justice.
Tbe campaign here win onug iniu
the net deserters from the mainiano,
if there be any. Every man of draft
are will be reauired to ahow a card
of registration. If he does not he will
be branded as a slacker.
WASHINGTON,, June 2 (Associa
ted Press) Railway earnings for tbt
mouth of April more closely approach
the normal earnings or tne period oe
fore uovernment control than in any
mouth since the roads were taken over
Thev were $80,000,000 and only about
5,000,000 under the earnings for the
month of last year.
Cheok and arrest
I Thl l Xmij knOWa for
I coucas, cou3,
asthma, bronchitis.
KM W. ,
Mitoi Tm'Uw. soaPsi" mi asus
1 T. Davsssost, Ltd.. Lutos. S.V
I POI toconsiderbuying;.
niAiiTO if Aim niiT in i irrmo nnn p l AMuSLmEN j tUulrrtitN I
Alexander, Though In Service, To
Be Allowed To Play For
Chicago Cubs
New York . .
Chicago . . .
Pittsburgh .
Boston . . . .
8t. Louis . . .
Brooklyn . .
P. W. I Pet.
37 28 11 .703
36 24 12 .67
41 22 19 .837
,3.1 17 18 .46
39 18 21 .482
35 15 20 .429
38 14 24 .368
39 14 25 .359
Yesterday 'a Result
At Philadelphia Philadelphia
Cincinnati 2.
At Brooklyn 8t. Louis S, Brooklyn
At New York New York 2, Pitts
burgh 0.
At Boston Chicago 4, Boston 3.
No games today.
East and West broke even in the
honors yesterday on the opening of the
new National League series in tbe
East, ior the Giants and Phillies made
good for the Atlantic, while the Card
inals and Cubs held the enemy down
for the interior country.
Jawn MeOraw's Giants opened the
series at Pittsburgh by shutting out
the Pirates in a closely played game;
score New York 2, Pittsburgh 0.
Playing at home. Put Moran, the
Phillies won out easily over the Chris-
v Mathewson Cincinnati Keds; score
Philadelphia 5, Cincinnati 2.
Over in Brooklyn the Wilbur Robin-
too Dodgers were badly trounced by
he invading Jnck Hendricks' Cardi
nals; score St. Louis 9, Brooklyn 2.
In Boston the Fred Mitchell Cubs
won a very close victory from the
Oeorge Stalling Braves; more Chi-
ngo 4, Boston 8.
VN hue in the American League four
Western cities will have baseball to
lav, it will be different in the East
for the Nationals, for the East al
lows no Sunday games, with the ex
ception of Washington in the Ameri
can league, and this was brought
about by a radical change which only
went into effect on Mav 19, when
Washington had its fi rut Sunday dia
mond battle.
Brooklyn yesterday dropped back
into the cellar, after an absence of
everal weeks from the pit. The
Dodgers in getting into the dark am
lisnial cavern left the door open and
allowed the St. Louis Cardinals to es
ape, the latter going up into seventh
place in tbe league.
Mainland Chatter
W. a, a.
Ingus McPhee Coming From
Maui To Confer With
Eben P. Low
Angus Mi l'ln'c is expected to come
over from .Mmif fins week to assist
Fben Low in preparations for tbe big
Hawaiian liodcn, nt cow roping and
broncho tmsticg. which is to be held
is pnrt of the Territorial FHir programs
Monday and Tuesday afternoon, June
10 and 11.
It is possilile tl'.iit Maikui Kellilike,
present Island .Ii:iiiiiiuii cow buster,
who is working on the Valley Island
it present, will ni'ioiiipaiiy Mclliee.
Low and Mcl'liee will put in much
of their time scouting for the most un
ruly bronchos a aihihle, for tho bron
h. 1 busting tcts. and for some lean.
Ill nk, fleet footed steers, to be used
in the roping tcMs. As there are gath
ered thev prolmldv will be stabled at
or near Kupiolani Park.
Outlaws from Schofleld
The Fourth Cavalry has several
'outlaw" horses, and an effort likely
will tie made to ol.tain proper permis
iion to u.-e tliem in the Kodeo tourna
ment. Ikua l'urdv. former world's cham
nion, is experte.l to come over from
Kauai the latter part of the week, and
Xrcliie Knaua, nn old time cow buater
who won third place at Cheyenne in
MIOK, is to come from Waimea, Ha-
vaii. In uddltion to these a number
of other cowboys and riders probubly
will be in from the outside islands,
hile several of the Cavalry boys prob-
nldy will wish to participate in the ex-
As soou as Mcl'liee reaches town
iIhiih will bo mn He in detail and an-
'loiiin-ed, for the proper filing of entries,
ules of competition, mid the like.
w. g 8
i.i.xu nriui our. i crnns.n
vviin rrinii oncLU ituuisu
ANNAPOLIS, Maryland, May 18
Navy won the varsity rs.ee in the na
tioiinl patriotic ri-iittu lodiiv by a lit
tle niiirc tlian a Ii nutli. I'niversity of
Pennsylvania was hccoml, Navy Ju
niors third, Columbia fourth. Time,
ll:"fl. Syracuse won the freshman
rnce by hulf a leni;th. Navy second,
Pennsylvania third. Tinu, 11:40 '4
Distance both races mile and five-six-teentbs.
w. s. s.
The Otiturio liaseluill Amateur asso
ciation liui- mh c.le.l the Ontario base-
IjiilJ romui'.tsion hf the yoverning body
i i anvitrur l.:ir. tia!l in tne dominion of
f'ana i.
- w. s. t.
Cornell fniveislty boasts a fsni.'
fsrni. It ir the first university to tu' "
up tho teacliiu of game breeding.
- '.j- ,Ui I
Seats Slip and Are Whipped 'By
Tl- uiwti- n. ist- . I
i lycia, initio occa Mill i
rrOm UaKt
: . ,
P. W. Ik PcV I
Salt Lake ........
Loa Angeles ....
Vernon ........
San Francisco . . .
Oakland ...
1, 23 .674 I
7 24 SZl I
m sa . 439
Yesterday "fteeuiu ' I
At Loa Angeles Loe Angelos 2. 8a-1
erameato 0. I
At Salt Lake Salt Lake 5, Oakland
At Saa Francisco Vernon
Francisco 8.
Today 'a Games
Oakland at Salt Lake.
Vernon at Saa Fraaelaeo.
Sacramento at Los Angeles.
Graham's Seal dinned vesterdar.
anra it rioht at Vnm. n th Bin
somewhat fagged game of the day ia
tbe Factae CJoast League; aeore Ver
non o, Haa r ranciseo 6.
The table were also tnraed down ia I
I.js Angelea, where th Wade Klllifer I
Angels whitewashed the Bill Rodger'
Senators In the closest game of the
day; score Los Angeles 2, Sacramea-
to 0. '
In Salt Lake Walter MeCredie V Bees
made good again yesterdav and won i
rather easily from tbe visiting Del
Howard Aeorns; score Sale Lake S,
Oakland 2.
There was no change In the standing
order of tbe six cluba yesterday, al
though tbe Angela are again mighty
close to the Senators, the Utter, how
ever, managing to hold on to second
Double-headers are scheduled for to
day in 8alt Lake, San Francisco and
Los Angeles, the day closing the ninth
week of tbe season. The tenth week
opens on Tuesday, tomorrow being trav
eling day, aa follows: San Franciaeo
nt Salt Lake, Loa Angeles at Oakland,
and Sacramento at Vernon.
w. a, a. -
Yankees and Senators B vat
wnne sox ana injuns 1 13-- 1
era and Browns Winners
P. W. L. Pet.
40 25 IS .023
38 23 13 .603
35 18 17 J514
35 18 17 .514
42 21 21 .500
40 17 24 .423
32 13 10 .406
36 14 22 .389
Boston .
New York .
Chicago . . .
St. Louis . . ,
Cleveland .
Detroit . ..
Yesterday's Reculu
At Chicago New York 6, Chieago 3.
At Detroit Detroit 4, Boston 3.
At Cleveland Washington 11, Cleve
land G.
At St. Louis St. Louis 8, Philadel
phia 5.
Griffith's Senators made quite ao im
pression on tbe Ie Fohl Injuns oa the
oueninc of the new series yesterday at
Cleveland, winning their game rather
easily, although the battle was a some
what ragged one; score Washington
11. Cleveland G.
Miller Huugius' Yankees were also to
the good when they opened at Chieago,
taking the l liirence uowianu cnampion
White Hox into camp la a fairly well
played game; score -New York 6, Chi
eavo 'A.
Hughie Jennings' Tigers refused to
allow the visiting bd. U. Barrow Kea
Sox to invade the West and get away
with it, for the Detroit fans were
treated to a close victory won by the
borne boys; score Detroit 4, Boston 3.
Brown Beat Athletic
Brown. we"e also on the job .nd.y"
tHrnmed the Connie Mack Athletics in
.-. . I . .11 T ... I
a somewhat loosely played game In the
opening battle of the new series score I
St. Louis 8, Philadelphia 5.
I Thus, it will be noticed, Eas and
' West broke even in the day' winnings,!
! New York aad Washington carrying
.w,v the honors for the East, and De-
troit and St. Louis for the West. St.
Louis went up yesterday from fifth
-lnt0 fourth place, dropping Cleveland
. H.n into fifth, while Detroit get out
-of ,he tuVhJlTS&l
P,ale' ""ding Philadelphia baek Into
the pit.
j w. a. -
Silk O'Loughlin gives the following
opinion of the successful umpire:
"Kirst of all. a fellow has to be hon
est ; he has to have the courage of his
: .. . : - i.am n 1 ti I i a t IcnAwl-
X. oi th- game, and a geauine love
for it. Uo must have common sense
in abundance. Last, but certainly not
bast, a man who aspires to make a
food umpire must be a believer in the
theory, 'Treat others aa you would
huve them treat you.
w. a.
U.VCOLK, Nebraska, May 1$ Tbe
Vnivusity of Nebraeks trnek tesm de-
fe.iel Kansas university's tesm in a
dual meet at I.awence. Kansas, todsv,
(19 to 40. Ncbrartk'a or 'Uo niilo relay
and flue other evunt.
k ' mMtine lima besii called fof to
morrow afternoon where th proposal
that Honolulu business interest put
chase all th equipment of the Idora '
Park, Oakland California, ror tee pur-
nose of'Onemnff aa amuaernesvt remirt in
tne, Moaiiui' aisvnc ; wsen)im;..
au ih interested, ia the protiosai
are eaueated to be presort. ' '
xhelmeetlng la to etart at four
1 a Vlocli and will eia tne, tooms
Inf the HoBolulrtChaniber of Commerce.
ID. j: Borkett, who Art proposed tne
purchase Of lne amuse meai para equip-
'nd wn8 ,n Prw
motlag th Idea since, aaya that all who
80 27 JJ26l,en1 wui weiewrao w m"J
28 30 .483 I Juggeetions they Wisn.
on si akhi 'i i ' w. a. a. '
nrnnnTrn .rtSllCf VII 1
riCrUn f' !i"niwuw
" . ' , .
TOKIU, way si--t.opeeisii m fiinu
Jijl)Viseount l. jaorono, '".
Iisier ok iorwisj"- .
dangeroasly UL He reaigaea' froiav.the
lOTVLKD B'CI wewvaasw asajw, rw-w
of 111 health.-' Motono waa f the,
Iradeta of th party favoring Japanese
military intetventloa la Siberia, .
BV. ' .
tjQTtTKnt. Mar .20 (Aaeoelated
Preset Viscouht Astor hM been, fined
I tiM for "causin Detrol to be used un-
I lawfully. Th ebauneur : or ms car
I was fined 10.
juoak tkatoma, mtrrfxtd ad
x PTaatailoit Compaiiy
Walluka Agrlealtural co ui
Apokaa Sugar Co., Lid.
Kohala Sugar Cotvpaay
Wahlawt. Waten Company, Lto.
Fultoa Iron Work, of St Louis
Babeoek Wilcox Company
Green's Fuel Economise! Coin: a
Che. O Muor ) Co Cnginoer
Don't spend all you earn, the
road to riches lies in spending
less than you earn, and inci
dentally you do your Country
a service.1 Start a savings' ao
courit with ' Us and make vour
money earn '' . ,
Corner Fort and Merchant St.
i.i '.a.
ATLAimu um or btsaScbm
from "Montreal to Liverpool,
London and Glasgow via th
and St. Lawrence Rout
me bceioc todrist route of
nnj axaskaritish Columbia
By the popular "P liners"
Steamers from Vancouver.
Victoria or Seattle.
Por full lnformatioB apply to
Theo. IL Davies & Co. Ltd
Geal Agents, Canadlan-Paciflc Ry. Co
QJLE fc COOKE ' fa. Ltd
1 " WUlkli W.t
CommissioQ Merchant;
Sugar Fictors
Ewa Plantation Co.
Waialua Agricultural Co., Ltd.
r. lpak BogariCeLtd. ...
Fultoa Iran Wofksot St. tools
Blake"8team Pomps
Western Centrifugal
Babeoek k Wilcox Boilers
Orson's Fuel Eeonomiaer
Marsh Steam Pumps
Matsou Navigation Co.
Planters' Line Bblpping Co.
. Kohala Sugar Co.
chiaery of every description made U
order. '
Issusd Tueaday and Tridaya
Kntered at the Postetllce ot Honolulu
T. H., as se,And-las matti r )
SUB8C&I7TI0N ti ?E8:
Per Year . . u.(u
Per Yar ( foreign ) . . ...
Payabjo Invariably U W 'an
TiujaxM y OJktru i.. iih
Castle &Cooke,

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