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JUL 26 I91S
June 6, 191 Last twenty -toxxt
hoars' rainfsll T. Temp
ersturs MIS. 70; Mat. 81.
Weather, Cleer. :, ' J. - o
,. -. ,- ,' , , ........
' V' J J' it ' If f TfT ll U ( Ihill Effl I J f FOOD FORtCAST FOR TODAY
J v , (y Lr liLWy y H y ' fcy 1) Ay ' )y ' on woeauass on msuw hsl
VOL. LHi NO 46'
Unable To Straighten Out Lines
and Attacks Are Beaten Back
B y French and American
Forces At All Points
Forced To Give Ground At Some
Point! Attack SlovVs Down But
Raids In Force Are Expected
To Continue
LONDON, June 7 (Associat
ed Press) With the Ger
mans south of Soissons . every
where repulsed in their efforts to
straighten their lines or driven
lack by the American-French
counters, the main German effort
has now swung to the north and
there has been heavy fighting
along the Oise front.
Here the German efforts have
been as fruitless and as costly to
them as their previous ones be
tween Soissons and Chateau
Thierry and continuous efforts to
pierce the French lines, carried on
throughout Wednesday and yes
terday proved disastrous for the
On Wednesday the Germans
made a strong effort to turn the
French left south : of . the Oise,
crossing th river ; at Pont l'Evc
que. The French- .holding - the
woods hetweenjlerjnd t,h
"river conipletety'broke. uptheat-
. tack and drove the Germans back
to the north bank.
Other' Gerraaa effort! to extend
their lines between the Oiae end the
Ainno met with ateady resistance and
frequent strong counters that left the
French with improved positions, the
most notable Rains being made at
Keute Bray, north of Soissons.
Heavy Raid Checked
On the Amiens front a heavy Ger
man raid against the British was check
ed and thrown back. Other raids which
followed were likewise repulsed, this
fighting keeping the line active through
out Wednesday night.
In Flaudern the Frenrh repulsed a
I or ii I lit tuck made against their posi
tion ut Lucre.
The oftViiil despatches from Berlin
nuy that the general situation along the
cut in- front is unchanged, the only
(ferniHii gainH for the day being in the
iiHtun- of the earthworks and some
1 1 ruche in the neighborhood of Pon
toise on the Oise and at Havieres.
Kince .Bay 27, Berlin reports, the
(iernian hare taken in etcess of 55,000
prisoners, Including fifteen hundred
officers. The captures of munitions
ii nd supplies include 650 guns and two
thousand machine, guns.
Collapee Admitted
An admission is made by the military
correspondent of the Vosaisehe Zei
tung thatsthe Gorman offensive on the
Maine has spent its force. The Ger
man armies cannot be expected, he
rites, to proceed now againA the
newly strengthened lines of the Al
lies. With the third German drive slowed
down, army officials expect that demon
stnititfna in force will now be made
against new portions of the west front.
An official aote from Paris describes
'he Americans under actios). The sew
allies, says this aote, have won the ad
miration of the French. "They are
filled with enthusiasm and are ardent
fighters", it says. "We may hqpe
everything from them."
- w. s. s.
WASIIINOTON, June 6 (Official)
I'll lien Truidas Prabandh of Biam is
hi'rc en' route home with the princess
mid live ihildren. He was formerly
f milium' iniuivter to Uermauy and left
I'iKht nuuitliH ago when Biam broke re
I ii t ion h. He naid that the German offl-
in N tell their people that the Ameri
i'iiiim ure "only bluffing," adding,
"mid the people believe whatever the
nlli.-inl tell them.'
w. s.
AIIlNitTOK, June 6 kOfflfial;-
' ninll (erm-in nftiliug ships toizud IS the
I'mifi.- bv tho United States are report
, I in h.'iv' lietn as.-ipned to the rUruth
c r- & Hinoii firm for oneration. Niuo
rui-h ships have bees taken.
Prey Upon Neutrals
AS Well As American Ships
They Move Southward
Diver Raiders Are
: Evidently Sailing
Seek To; Avoid
Armed Ships and
Save Torpedoes
WASHINGTON, June 7 (Associat
ed Press) "Neutral ahjpnina- as well as
I American shipping It the prey of the
(Hub diver raiders that are operating
'off the Atlantic Coast of the United
fitatea. These raider were still oper-
atlng actively as late as Tuesday after
noon when one of them sank the first
neutral vessel, so far as has been
learneo, since their arrival in these
The Norwegian steamer Kidsvold. a
small steamer of
P tons encaired in
the M..t.t.. .-..I- .... .w L ..
off the n.t Vlr-;. Tk. ..'.. i
and crew were permitted to take to
the boats and leave the steamer and
were later nicked ui. .n,l ..v. K . ,
naval vessel which reported bv wire
lees the incident of the slnkinir of
the neutral steamer.
Oloaer In Shore
This position, forty miles off the
coast of. Virginia, is the lant reported
position of any of the raiders and is
the closest inshore that they have at
tacked shipping. One of them at least
is traveling southward and it is grow
ing increasingly evident thnt they are
seeking to avoid armed craft.
m a . ... .
iar reponeu ne total number
Hum tm iiiiib, iuviuiiiii mn sma-
mg or tne r.irtuvolit, are eight schoon
ers and Ave steamers, it xeems ap
parent that they are moving south
ward. Thus far they have used no
torpedoes and it ia presume, I they are
Waiting for troopships to use these
. Safe arrival of all of the members
ot. ths erew of the Edward R. Baird
Jr. 'sunk Tuesday- off Can. Charles.
lis reported from att Atlantic nort.
Early Operations. . ','',
-.Indicating that the 'raiders had been
operating J Home litUla-Jefore
It ticeuiw Jiraysisrss'ssstMenf tf
the maatef oft he schooner Hamuet K
More Than Three Hundred Thou
sand Called Army Now More
Than Two Millions
WASHINGTON, June 6 (Official) -Mobilization
thus far ordered for June,
including the 240,000 called venter, In v
by Provost Marshal General Crow.b'r
will bring into the service more than
800,000, a larger number than wan pre j
viouely announced as expected for the
present mouth and will bring tho total
strength of the army above 2,000,000
men. It is thus evidenced that the
training camps are to be kept full in
spite of the steadily increasiuir number
of departures made possible by the
additional available shipping.
General Crowder says "whenever
there is an empty bunk available we
shall fill it immediately."
Tne training period in this country I
is being shortened ao us to make use
of all available shipping and the neces I
sary training is to be completed in
Reports thus far received iudicate i
that yesterday fully 750,000 of the l'.IIH ;
class were registered and that some of .
them may expect an early call.
w. . a.
WASHINGTON, June 7 (Associat
ed l'ress) Speed in arming the Ameri
Can forces was told by Secretary of
War Baker yesterday in reporting on
the progress now being made iu' the
turning out of rifles. Since the ad
vent of the United States in the war
there have been turned out and de
livered to the war department more
than a million and half rifles.
Baker says that speed has now been
obtained sad there will be no short
age of . rifles for the men who are
called into service.
' . w. s. s.
WASHINGTON, June tOffiual I
The state department is informed j
tht the Norwegian steamer Etkunla
buod, carrying herring to Stockholm.
u captured by the Qermun.- m l t . k. j
en to wjneoiundn, though i" I M a
German "safe conduct".
Mangel who said thst the commander
of the submarine that sank his ves
sel told him he had up to that time
sunk three steamers and three schoorli
ere. This was up to last Hiiturdny and
at that time no vessels hail been re
ported as sunk.
o lar as is now known the only
dead are sixteen who were drowned
when? the Carolina's launch was cap
eiaed ia a ttorin.
Oabloet Considers
Yesterday morning the cabinet dis
enssed the situation that is created
by the presence of the submarine men
ace off the United Htates coast. Her
bert C. Hoover, the fpod adminintrn
tor, id the raiders would not prevent
the continuing of shipments of food
supplies and there need be no fear of
its interruption.
Secretary of. Navy Daniels, said:
"The navy-will continue to keep the
road open for men, munitions, foods
and supplies to the battlef ront. "
Wants Aero Stations
Following the cabinet meeting the
war department asked congress to Bp
propriate $1B,(M)0,0(i0 to extablitdi bal
' loon and seaplane stations on the
the? or
Mafic and
SI.. I n . i
t-'nuaa mates against suhinnrin,
sked also the establishment of forti
J,0 h1eh'n""t1 v h'"
!?"''' be Ve' bv ra'1 ,J ,me, atl" ks
"l ""J pi-
The only . iioHHilde sirnlnne sttnek
would be from collapsible machines
carried on submarines and it is posni
ble thnt a floating hne subiimriuu like
the Deutschland could be lined.
The treasury depnrtment, regarding
ooast as relatively unimportant, has i
reduced the ufe insurance rate from
twenty -five rents to fifteen cents for
each 100 of insurance on the oflii-ers
and crow of merchant vexiielH travel
ing in the war zone and hni also de
cided not to advance the
vessel iu-
snrance rate.
The tonnage sunk in the past two
weeks by U-boat activitien h:is amount
ed to Oiilv 25,000.
Britain Is EeUeved
Despatches from Loudim said tliat
Secretary of the. Food Ministry ciynes
told the house of common ynsterdny
ths,t bo efforts by the eotimarines i-ould
meaare the population -of (ireat lirit
ain now., Heavy imports of bacon and
ham have' arrived from America re
cently, he -said. -
,yesacls arriving from more northv,.
ly . waterajreitteTdayniiiilMel ttUt.tlrey
had- seos ne" slgas, ol any-enemy .raidr
Gutzon Borglum About Whom
Storm Has Centered Is Ques
tioned At Length
WASHINGTON, June 7 (Asaociat
,cd 1'reKK) InveatigatWin of air craft
production scandals was begun When
Attornev Oeuoral Greirorv. Hnncinl In
vent iga tor Charles R. Hughe, named
by 'resident Wilson, and Attorney
Kriersou (piestioneil Gutzon Horglum at
Jcngth. None of the testimonies which
they sei-ured from Borglum was
made l
Hort'linn hiiH been the utorin center
about which the controversy hax raged,
lie has been accused of having betray
ed the confidence ami friendship of the
President and to capitalize that friend
ship by secretly organizing a corpora
tion to build airships, charges that led
to Ins removal
from the aircraft pro
ilm tion board
On the other hand the sculptor claims
he sought to have an investigation and
,M vented from so doing through
the efforts of Secretaty of War Haker.
j0 has attacked the other members of
the board openlv aud bitterly and ac
. ousel them of utilising the confidence
which the nation i in nosed in them.
W. S. S.
WASHINGTON. June (V- (OMi, ial)
Kxport of two blast furnaces each of
."( tons capacity has bettn authorized
by the war trade I Kin r, I. They are to
go to China where they will be used by
a Japanese company. This plant is
engaged iu turning out pig iron which
is used for the building of Japanese
W 8. S.
I'AKIS, June (I (Associated Press)
- (leu. Robert K. I.. Mielie, American
army, died suddenly today on a railroad
trniu. His death was totally unex
pected and lie hutl not complained ,,
feeling ill
W. S S.
WASHINGTON, June , Associ jt.d
l'ress, i Ketween April H an, I M,v
Lieutenant Douglai Snipht-ll ,if the
Nine sic 4 n ail.i'.itt downed ux 11-in ur
Captives Taken By French Re
port Lack of Provisions and
Are Badly Exhausted
TERS, June 7 (Associated Fran).
The German commissary serving
that portion of the army facing the
French along the Oise has falls
down and the Oermana are suffering
for food. Along this front the Al
lies have been generally busy and
many small gToe.pi of prisoners
' hart been taken. AM tell the same
story of lack of provision. They
are mostly terribly fatigued and
appear overjoyed, at the chance to
A I tench prisoner, who escaped
and rejoined his comrades on this
front, says that the Oermana guard
ing him had not received 'any ra
tions ainoe May 27. -
Confirmation of the story of the
food shortage was found yesterday
In tn annulled letter, taken .from a
German officer. In this letter, the '
officer relates a tale-.-ef the hard
ship suffered by hlasmlf and his
men through lack of ood. This
ofllrer was captured at Another part
of the line from the other prisoners
so reporting. e '
w. s. s.
Secretary McAdoo Outlines Plans
To Secure Revenue
WASHINGTON, Juno 7 (Assocls
tod l'ress) To raiae nij;ht billions of
dullars through taxation is the plan
pf Secretary of Treasury McAdoo who
outlined these' plane to Representa
tive ICitchin' today at the first hearing
of the house committee pf the proposed
revenue raising legislation which will
prolong the session far into the sum
mer. .Secretary McAdoo told the couifrese-
, man that there would be needed twenty-
tour nunons or dollars and the propos
ed legislation would, he, was eonfldsnt.
raise one-third of that imoun.
l,ONlON, June? 7 (Associated
l'ress) "Is it realized by the people
of this country that America has al
ready saved us from eapitulating to
the enemy!" aslts a special writer
for one of London 's big dailies.
"Kither," the- writer continues,
"we should have been forced into thjs
surrender with our armies unbroke'n
and our munitions of war unexhausted
or we should at this moment be it rug
gling to live and work and fight on
one third of our present rations."
The food supplies being sent by
the (:nitid States to its allies repre
' 11 council ouv, - ine mnuiy,
dimcult. nnd entirely willing self
sacrifice of a whole nation, the vast
majority of workiug people.".
America, the article concludes, has
answered Knglnnd's appeal "in a man
ner which marks her out as one of
the greatest moral forces in the world
It -luni ll be known out there, in the
farmhouses and cottages of the Amer
ican continent, that the people of this
country, tightening their belts and con
fronting the future with an indestruc
tible confidence, are mindful of Amer
ica's self sacrifice self sacrifice which
will save the world."
w. s. a
WASHINGTON, June f (Aasoeiat
cd l'ress) The American soldier in
France has n voracious appetite for
news from home declares Kliot Wails
worth, of the Red Oross War Counril,
who has returned to the capital after
thii-c ii ih si, cut in observing the
activities of the mercy organization
iu Kiiglnml. Itelgium, France and Italy.
"How did Mayor Thompson make
'out in Chicago" and "Who's police
I commissioner of New York" are Ques
tions, which Mr. Wadsworth says oc
casioiiHlly supplemented the constant
ipieries about baseball.
"So long as you 've come from Am
ericn within a month, you're a wel
come object for attack by any member
of Pershing's forces," says Mr, Wads
worth. " A crowd of news hungry boys
in khnki "ill light mi you and compel
you to ruiiMii k your mind for news
items emu l i ning every part of the
"And. if it happens that a dough
hoy from Tcrre Hue or Kaykakre
discovers in the onrsc of the con
versation that ii' kii'i'c mmeone fnuii
til OSS tovnsw ! j j i ni '.y i ui
be described ' '
Prussians Sought War and
Must Be Fpught Until the
Very Thought Is Abhorrent
ROBERT LANSING. Secretary of State, who in a speech in
New York clearly puts the character of the Prussian into
words and explains why force to the ultimate is required.
Understand Only
Fprceand Reispect.
This Republic Can
not Compromise
With Butchery
NEW YOEK, June 6 (Official)
" The- Prussians sought war and they
shall have war until the very thought
of war shall have bee if made abhorrent
in their minds." Thus Secretary of
State Lansing expressed himself in a
speech which he delivered here laat
night. He spoke strongly and to the
point and clearly voiced the detormi
nation of the administration to defeat
I'rusaianism at all hazards.
Continuing Secretary Lansing said in
part: " Civilization 's supreme task is
to end Prusaianism and, in that way
only to end the war.
"This republic will never compromise
with the butchery of nations and of
"Force alone will end Prussianism be
cause force is the only thing he under
stands. Very well, then he shall have
have'narrow escape
Ship Carrying Them To Meet Bri
tons In Conference Sinks
THE HAGUE, June 7 ( Associated
Press) Sinking of the hospital ship
which was carrying the German dele
gates to the Anglo-German conference
which Is designed to perfect an ex
change of prisoners of war was re
ported by the delegates upon their ur
rival here where the couinrence is to
be held. The vessel was sunk through
contact of mine off the English Const.
Four firemen perished In the disaster.
' "lowing the "Plosion the German,
7 W m . iu i .v I
and took all off ascent thu f.mr r..
w. . .
WASHINGTON, June 6 (Official -In
lcpeadence for the Ctecho fllav jo t
the Jugo-Slavs it favored by the Allio
at well as by the United States.
lowing the initiative taken bv t hi e
country Crest Britain, France and Italy
have all dvcUtcd in favor of tho in
dependence of those Slavic peoples.
wmW k 7
Ai' i iinu i n w urn
' rumiKKUiiiiiLU
President Issues 'Proclamation
Which Broadens Scope of
Protective Measure
i v -Weasass . . '
WASHINGTON, Jne (Offlelsl)
Tndcr a proclamation which has been
issued by the President. the scope of the
operation of the Trading with the
Enemy Law has bees greatly broaden
ed and large numbers who 'were not
previously affected by the operations
of the law will now feel its pressure.
I'nder the new proclamation trading
with women whose husbands are enemy
subjects is included.
Enemies who have been interned in
any of the Allied countries are included
in the new provisions; also persons
who are found to be in intrigue with
the enemy; also firms any member of
which is individually on the enemy
trading list and also any enemy sub
jects, outside of the United Btates who
have at any time since August 14, 1914
resided in Germany. -
Americans Participate In Five Air
Battles North of Toul
FKANCE, June 7 (Associated Press)
Five air battles were fought by
American and German aviators yes
terday along the American held sector
to the northwest of Toul.
In one of these engagements the
American aviator attacked large
German biplane in which waa s pho-
l tugrupher seeking to take pictures of
the American positions. The enemy
craft was first driven back and then
forced down, falling within the Ger
man lines, whoreupon the American
phIkpiw,,! In II.A
Klev,n more Americsn. have been
for various acts of bravery
. a.
l'NHIS, June ( Associated Press)
Heroism, efficiency and helpfulness to
a marked degree were shown bv the
Afeericant, men and women, in the Y.
M. C. A and T W. C. A. work behind
the hoes, during the tret of the
forces and the eiviliaa populations eaht
and west of boibfons.
Tho women particularly dlstir.ui-lied
themselves is relieX work.
II lil
At Fourth Position They Make V
Their Presence Felt and Enemy -
Discovers That United States ; :, v
Troops Are Real "Scrappers s
Marines Do Gallant Work As Well 1
As Army Forces and Clear
Veuilly Woods Taking Heights
and Holding Them
NFW YORK, June 7 (Ass :, -i
dated Press) At three sec- ,
tions of the long western battle- ,
line yesterday American troops :
took the measure of the Germans V '
and smashed them, while on
fourth front, that of the Toul sec j, .
tor, the Sammies left their mark v '
upon the enemy.
One American offensive was'':'-.-brilliantly
carried through on ther;:..'!
Picardy front by the Marines,, :' ;
who followed up the severe re- -
pulse of the Germans west of the
Veuilly Woods by the Americans ,
on Wednesday night by an attack
of their own along a front of four
kilometers. This attack carried
them into the German positions.to
a depth of three and a half ktio '
meters, from which section they' ! ;,'
cleared out the Germans captur- .
fai; a hundred and inflicting heavy ;
Start Before Datn S . t.:",
The attack wss launched at s quar
ter to fosr yesterday moraine; and' in
three hours' fighting the Marines lad
reached their sbjeetives. Reports from
the officers state thst the Americsns
fought like tigers, being hard to hold - '
back, even the wounded pleading to be '
allowed te continue in the advance.
By seven o'clock the. Marines kad ,
eleared Veuilly Woods of its German W
occupants and kad begun to consoli
date the . gnlns. Advance parties (
Americans fought to the east of tho '.
wood for some time. One group . of .
mounted uhlans, consisting of thirty--five
men, waa cut off by the Bammles, ; , :
who killed thirty-four and brought baek
one as a sample prisoner. Another
American party ran into a scouting pa
trol of eMght Germans. "Don't let ens
get away", ens big American private .
shouted, as the Oermans ran. Amer
ican sharpshooters picked off every - '
The Americans are pressing the Ger
mans so hard along this section of the
front that the enemy has been forced
to throw three new divisions of his
best troops into the line in the last
three dsys.
Hold High Ground
Northwest of Chateau Thierry, on
the Mama front, the Americsns now
hold all the nigh ground of importance.
This has been - taken in a series of
assaulta, in each of which the Huns
hsve been forced to give ground whlck
their desperate counters have not re
gained for them. Yesterday the Amer
icans added to their gains, while the
French simultaneously attacked on tho
left wing of the Americana, taking a, V
hundred and slsty prisoners.
This is sn important sector, where
the Americans hold s section from near
Chateau Thierry north to Silly la Tote- ,
rle, where they join the French hold- t ,
ing the approaches to the Villers de
Cotterets forest, into which the Oer
mans have been constantly striving to
break. The American and French lines
on both sides of Silly-la Poterie were
heavily swelled by the Huns yesterday, '
but there were no Infantry attacks
made by either aide.
The Americans have seen their heav
iest fighting near Chateau Thierry.
Here, holding one of the Marne bridges,
an American machine (run battalion
accounted for approximately a thousand
Oermans, their only losses being ono
killed and a few wounded.
Maria ee Gain Ground
Further east, along the Marne, Amer
ican Marines, who had gained ground
on Monday and Tuesdny, launched an
other attack. This assault was made
a,t Ave o'clock yesterday afternoon and
at mvhtfiill the battle was still rsg
tnfr, with the Americans gaining
On their Marne front and north of
Chatenu Thierry the American pressure
has forced the Germans to hesvily re
inforce their positions, but st so point
attSi-ked bv the Americans have thoeo
reinforced lines held. All reports from
this front state that the Carman easusl-tii-s
have been heavy hut thst ths
(Continued on Pse 5, Ooluma 8)

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