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" " . ilf,. I' . , l at. a 1 il I 1 - . 1 " - v V 1. - a i.,..'-',..' . 'VYT1.. i ft.' '. . r i. I
a j.m u im s .. aj ' r i saw. t . w,- 4 t m i a tt . f a s - s a ' a i xi i a w i i - 'aa ar- . u ,i i
I C Tint A- T-A !rv' h rA-tv 7-V" r t ? V' -v;:; m v- vJrV'
ir..imvrr'T. 'in a" -...i-- jj x. i . . I I v jr.i ntf. i. -iv..ii. i i i iv I I if i i . ' J " i w.. i"t -'
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'to Mi. .1.
.. If .-.
J W) I I J .-,- , .,.., i,. . - !. - .fii,.' Mb l. bt.i... - -- - - 11. nUlnUlt., - - - .......
unnn niTiiiTinii I AllirdrJiTn hY-nrr'n U
m N A u w
LitUe Can Bq D(ne Unjil ,lt Is
Determined Mow Many of
Guardsmen Actually Go
Physical testTmay
change conditions
Available Sources Are Few and
Time Is Needed To Replace i
Those Who Are Taken 1
.. -MA tl ll,r ..nit. !
V ' '
: Vni for llawiiii ik ,VW to ilettwittine l.
-At tho ir-i'iit muiiicnt, with th rail
ing out of thi- yuar.i, tho aituation in
.rutr ami .In- ,.l.tHtion. r ba.lly
' ' .
wonii',1. Tin- l'linaii of latter of the
' J'lanti-rs' AsHii.iation i waitiag full
aih ii-rs : to th.- nuiubi-r that will In-
TPquin-,1 to filr the varanri. ...t m
r 1 ..
"not nearly -o ,it,.- aa are t,r
. lilantcri.
( It in .iiiililo ht a waai.l.-ralile ,o1,1 "f ,Im" 1 Hyailc, ar
' .umber of the ,-lantatiou worker, who " JWUi-o Juue 2 divarted
-w " 1 ... ii- . t o KiiHtprn iffluarii-f. Thm divi runii
ere tuW.n a:iy bythe railing of,, lim,inty bwfere the
': the nut innul minnl may lie later re- freight rfti are to haeome oifrutive :
J, ''turned. Thin ii the bulirf "that i tnttt the aanouaoed ineieuae of!
i- 5 'exjirPKHe l nt the office of the Planter' twenty-. peraeal ifl Ireighta oen not j
"... f AaHoelatimi tabor bureau. It w npuly." That inrreaw dotM put k '"'I
: ".'-. 'Miiitail out that many Filipino "' to rflWet until June t& -SO that it i !
; aniaU and that it U possible further powH)ia tliat otbar divetBioria f crj!o i
: .A-.' tKat eoaeiderable number may not ,nv Bieal,ua to gj Hawaii I
.!" their phynieal exainiuatiaB. Bel , the banetit Lf peeat swtea. If as is be-i
ative to height an.i weight require th, tBnnuned jpi-reuae arfeets !
.. i. nieuts, thm v loulitful, areontlng to fjt, th antra "burden wouJ.l be
,. ,! army Authorities for the army has aeut (u) iniroe(lll, bardao, o Hawaiian ahip
riuent to Washington -or ,W"r , ,.n ith the pri In New York onlv
of thorn- reiiinrein.-iits in Hawaii au.l it IMI5 ,.(.,ll(.in tlw, rrl(.. (, f Tvilli,t
u M.i.1 tkut n t'n nrntila rlllv If ri i . . . . t . . . - .
. ii-ted. It in Hie waitiug -tor inieli
j.olii-y t lint is holding biu-k the iwtu
Bare of the .axrs to aouia of the
' ,guwWnn-ii.
JIundreda Taken
' ''"' Admitteilly the Kituatioii is serious.
' It is said by the t.iinlen Island that
nearly 600 iiuve answered the fall
from Kaum alone ami a large pro-
Krti9P of thrse are from the vlnt"
v tion nems. rvanai u one -or wje in-1
W.U the Ulwr bureau n,ti
. ... iiit....u ; in. I
ti.- t.r ..-h u....n.r is I
nnA..: .i(i.nf,.., -s l-t I,-
nd. the labor burnau is being informed ;
ct the number of mu who have been
taken bv tUe rail. Ijttle . aa be done
until it' f dMermined how many of
,thne will fail in their phvab-al eanii
nation, whether the proportion shall be
large or Njnall.
Airenrv heads are ilei i.le.llv worried. I
ileibledlv worried.
r.ach venr there is discussion in the
Philippines on the subject of emigrs
tion ajid a continue. I large supply from
that source run not b initcd upon as
A ferfainty.
Possible Supplies
-I'oetii Riinu labor linr bin-ii pj-oniiaoil
but owing to trunsportation matters
ami wiiwi inimiu- 111. nHuun iriiiu :
tnw- Will not be large, that i. the I
percentage of fort.. l; nu, cuiiiluved
... L. .. .1 I..
Kould nut be large hcn i-ouipred to
the niiinUer i f nil mil ionuliticM. As
ypt the matter of eiiirin surh labor
is net ili-linite! settli-d, costs entering
Jurgely into the ipiestiou. If costs and
Wage scale can be satisfactorily ad
jneted the labor is assure I friim the
, 7."i,llyc or more the eminent has
fount to he nvniluMc but it will take
a consi.l.-rat'lc tunc to bring such la
bor here.
IloW far srhonl bo litl.or will go to
esilve the ditlii nit ics i n-t to be seen.
Alexander & bablHin expects to give
this plun 11 trial on iiiio- of its planta
tion and some of the other ngeneies may
tilso pursue it. The three solutions of
tjtferad seem to Ik" more Kilipiuos, I'orto
'feicsmi or sehool boy lal-or or a coni
J liluation of two or more of them. Of
.rourse tha Hawaiian lubor is always
to lie ciiisiilered if it can lif secured
in sufficient quantities ami be relied
: Vpun regularly. A splendid opportuni
t i now furnished for the working
out of the ne iv loum for Hawniians
.''Hack to the laud.''
- Draft Not Bo Serious
It .is not. likely that the draft, wheu
it comes, will in niiv nay complicate
the situation or at least that it wilt
i;reatly complicate it. Regular planta
tion mborers are given n deferred elus
at (leaf ion so that the heavy withdraw
al have come with the calling of the
' gUBf-t, ' The avaibible substitute sup
ft, d j 'ila t)uit which the draft may af
H'ect. '
w. s. s.
AXOEI.ES. May -The sugar
industry of Japan, line that of the
1'iyted States, is feeling the effects of
Increased cost of prod net ion, according
t H. Kbi, resenrch . Iicnuit for the .Jap
n Hugur Company of Tokio, who is
1 toW in Calif ortiia on Ins wuv
. from -a- mission of in estigiition into
Amancan method- of producing beet
Mr. K'bi says that the scarcity of
labor and the hiyh pi ices of food and
.materials of all kinds Imvc greatly in
Creased both labor and equipment costs
in the Japanese industry, while Un
shipping shortage and the competition
from .lava have interfered with the
marketing of the large Formosa n crops
of the last ln years The result his
been that prices in the Japanese mar
Let have been depress, -d and have not
'been adjusted to the increase in the
production nuil.
imiBBB TB' rr .
Amount In Storage Pilss Up But
Not So Fast As Feared An
other Cargo Is Diverted
ill mviiy in Msjr (h ktdJiMio bti)Mil
ami n ri-nult the fiani awniting
xliipinf r-t ii ro rurrpnponllii)lT '" tlinn
I hao lii-i-n o-timHted. . Jarljr in Mn.v it '
liml-r-l iM if the MteBut by th lnn .
; tutu. ii" of hiium SKaiUnK liiiDlfiil on
i .Inni- I imiiiH ibo i iarw nf rj.'ioiiii
tmiK li wiui about SOttO ton Mlmrt
t tint i-Hiiiiiate, 117,(WM) .tmiK. Al
(.O.dlill ion rw gllttCI away.
It i m yet too- tarly to nay lint
.f u im- w i 11 hriMfl.1 l-t mouth it wim
n-;.irt.il that raoiiad .inM r to I
pvi-n tinlf lb aatpping apai-e, mure
,hpJ. re , -rBty n(j BJVy r,tlln
Tlu-ri iini ben , further advirc on
' I''"' tJ ount of auyur on
,IHn',' flrf month i- rt..
luni'.-nt to a Iftfg extent ou thm. Thi-
inrToam. ot nw0 tfaitiag himrnt dur-
iK yHy waa. approKiaiatrly :wi.uoo
tons. It i eonaftryatjv to bbv that
'u"f Mat ,opth prnrml.ly
im-0 l.KMKM) ton waiting tranni.ortntirri
wjth , aj..hMM.,irro)nijntf,v flU.,.
Aiivii-i-a rMoivird. frolU thP niainlni.l
ileilucteil, In- n eent and a half n pound
,wraiv . J .
.. WN, May 24 , (Affimrfalvd
)r-B a reusirt on the augar ani
qqeatiou hi (heat Bri'ain. I'rofen
(leorge Marineuu of the fniversity
"l "u...., ..,,,,s.i Kr...
"a11 -r'' fr,,m Germany and the
' ',e t"1"" u h. Jeaenbes m
" ,h' tw0 eounmea whieh nave handled
the sugar queation ini.it aureeavfully."
Hpeakiug "f i-einiiinv ' auereaa wyth
UKr in the -a il ilei ude he says:
' lre re I iw l auaes at thn bottom
,of, this mysti- v. Kneigy, ability, ef
liciencv, and umri- th.in nil, persisteat
research, 4-onst it ut id the first ami best j-
rf-ause. Hut thw. w .1 suppjoinonted by
a stimulus d. s 1 -u . . I to induce cnpitnl
ists to risk the'.r money in the beetroot
It wiw (terni-inv t Juit hit upon the I
right kind ol sliuiuhiM. It wu a bnl-
,. , . , . . .t , .
1"t lJ' tttt' , '"' .th grpatj
judgement. The ni-jiir diitv was levied,
roots. This at ome stimulated the
firnur to prmlii- c the ri. Iiest piuuiible
quality of toot, and the inn nufact urer
to extract from tin loot the largest
possible (piant i ty of ni-jar. (treat pnim
were taken to bice, I an improved vari
j"of SXigar bewt.
OortUattsae Easearch
Thia research still ijoes on in (ler
Uiuuy Mil its success has been nstuund
ing. At the hcgiiiniiii; the sugar lieet
contained less thaii ii percent of sugur.
Iu iieruian.v tlu- unuage quantity of
sugar actually etrajte,l has been
brought up to practically 18 percent.
"That this uonlerfal result wus
aauatisi bv the M iinubis. i.Iilm of course I
grat. afiicieacy. is proved by the fact
itfast poor Franc, ntmucil getting a
ft percent vield until it adopted the.
Merman system, and even then never
-aiu-crasled is cuitcluuo up in the race
That is the worst of being too lute. In
industry it is fatal "
In the I'tiiti-d states, says I'rofessor
Msrtineau. the industry has been so
Cflfefullji- fostuitd tli, -it the production
has increased mae fold. "If, Ameri
ca bad not create. I this great increase
in - fvrudnst ion ", he oxplnins, "we
should at the present moment be suf
fering and so Mould America front
a real sugar famine
United States Supply
"hi IIMfi'the consiiinpt ion of sugar
in the 4'iiitcd t-riiies amounted to tho
larife fi'jnre of I.iTiO.OiKI tons, every
Ounce of whi' h. with the purely acci
dental exception of L'.'I.OOO ton", came
from her oh n states, territories and
protectorates The striking fact is en
tirely the result of giviirg a preference.
The 1'nited state, si far us sugar ia
concerned, i- im entirely independent
of the outside world, and i- even able
to soare n- a u.illiou tons whenever
l wp "r" u"r'
itf "liplllutB. ' '
v K 8, - -i
lielgiiiui c.. i, I,, produi'ti l::o.O(itl
tgns of sintin vtlncli i - rather n heroic
fgitre coiv(i.. ci ii... tin- lnnientuble con
dition in uholi the onli"" finds itse'f
uuivsi the .cause. Used (be world over
to cure cold in oil da) . The signa
ture of K. W CKtiVi-. ;j c.n each box.
Manufactured 1, ti.e 1 WUSMKlJl
CINIi tU.. .. Mi ui,, t' 6. A
. f V. ' 1 I
I U LANTATION companies in
; 1 after thpir Fcriod of usefulness has rnded, J'ien tiny are well, jhen they ajre ill n3 in jone L
i instances when tbey are aged. Here are shown in;tances of this. Above is the 6id Men' Home
(nrivate institution) -ahove Paia Plantatfoni - Tb- middle picture shows the clubhouse and grounds 1
for the employes of Puunene Plantation while be pw is the McBryde Plantation hospital at Elcele
v.hcre employes receive medical attention and' ca e f.ee. . ' ('
' ' ' ' ' ' ' -" ' k-i ir i mm ,UV.' .
' ' -' " , I
... '?V''",! l.-i:i ...J. ,., J f-X.R;,jf.j-.--rtJ.,.8-OTrT-.- vtJ'IfWw ..-.J7 ,-.
' ? Cv A:v ": .v.3 . ,. u v..rV; ; '-v w:,, , -."V.
.-"-...j.-.-.-...-.- ' ' r-. f'nf .r5 '."'V j- -',X- .--. .
Vr-V r--:. .;,';-;' --TV ' ''V 'rM':;V' ri'.rw.1' -e-j
" -..V 'I f--- - i - ..v - . V. ,.,s
.'!.. . ' V1''.'. . l'" -.. . . , - , . ' LI O
. ; -;.i:..- . .J.
i.:"X; V' A--' .'-;'; -,;r- ? i. rff t 'J,-r?j!?M :
Mi "dri?' iw'vw''r1' 'Tv
a-i'-- 1 .11 i ; -rirl'.,r,J- V -WM,,r...,(
f V"-
-caMty .'i : irv:: !",;:; i
V L' tl- , . I . I i i x . . . , . . .
ishes. I here i- oonilivelv no doubt I
that it
ml will be more than
ha i est mil' hunds are I
M- 'ha ire, secretary
n Ciuie (ir'oHers' Assit- j
Of the A met
fiation, ,-snl
cK iliut the luW I
situation : r. -i
ous t o t I in -the
iudu-iM i
not say tlm; In
iug II, at the
Then- i- I, nl
Cllt -
e of the moKt scri- I
as ever confronted I
- state. He could I
reason for hop-
.night il'roa.j
lit' US II A li I 11 las I
difficult, ,!! 1 -,,,, anted and tluit I
wa i- e,,w i cn.eiit action to briiiif !
back 'I,, l.rir,- -oilier- to the ft rata
for th, In, i
Uibor ,li,,i',i;
week Coin ia
iutei'i's: ' hi .!
lieve the 1 1
Ar,.tliei ii,
. -in - -ctisoii. Talk of I
i- i- in,, re in..,. tl,iu
t i' eel, iui.I ill grow iu j
M .i. ihn." is done to re-I
nt i
a. ' ; on-i, let aide import- I
i i"-. i. -ne units in the
, i j and in a n u i
1 ' 1 is the leport thuf '
' I i .- I ouisiiina faetor-
. Id I so far to the j
''I -'' I list is nt least i
. i .il l.i oduvt iou rs-
auce t.
, fact ui 1 1
the niii
ies tli a
pie i' I .-. t
se , i t.
tonal, '
Iiiiim -t.
I .I la
tin. :
v it h....t
ca 1 1 -1
1.IM, - '
Hlllol -
- :ai-i of HH.rMm.lNUl
-t v car. The 1
e I ra tv sugtir 1
i the uiuuufac- I
t coll.-iUlllpti' II ;
arics, are Ar- i
I'harr's (Me.i-
ii.i.v, Hillciu.),
othdnAn, Ru",
i J, l.epiue's
hUnd. f'oliilil
.i i 1 ,1. Ful. ie 's
mc H a u 1 1 a ml
1 I II, .
i- ' ' - '4 " ' '"Vrjf':.. f? .-!e--f 4.V-!.;;-c. .v.(,?',7. .-..I
1 .... I- .... II
I w .,-i.a.iMal,rra.WiM.Jwi..,,tlllaMsiaa-i,,,, . .
i nnnrvrmr m- i t rrn
the comfort
IIayU do pnac i (
:7i ;; :JL... -
ii IU)'tiC ' "f
v..,.; ev?i m -'
Jit r'r.'
. ' 4-,- ' ivirv
Coi,nt7 tm pounds per
Capita In War'Days
WASUINOTON, Mny ?1 The Unit
-I states ronsun'iod in the first veur
or' the wa.r, April, 1917, to Aoril, 1n
4,1011,1'! I trns of sugar, Or $'.M8HJ,0(HI
pounds, iiccordinj; ty CHtiinutes of the
food ii liuiiii.-i ration, announced tonight.
Tlu. Kliolnaale t.ru'e of refined siiL'ar
hi(the I iiltedta4 at the presuut time
, ,7.,o ,.r i0'poii'nf1s-:iAln increase of
t . .
'''"1 't. ppunij in the price of su
tr i,ouli taksV frum the Dockets of
the on signers' 'f lenst lH.VMI
The regulated wholesale price in Can.
Ulla IS S 117 ln,r 1 Oil tloniidfl in tl,.i
I '"!'' I Kingdom 12.5; in France
-'" aad in Italy 2.30.
('aiiiid.i M c.uiisniuption of sugar for
the yt ai ending .Match 1 waa 3j-,:J00
'out. The consuiupt ioa of Frame for
H'I'i nui ,'i70,(d tons; the eousuuiptinii
of the I'nited Kingdom was I ,.(i.VS!M
Ion-, and the consumptinn'of Italy was
LTii Pi i t(,;)H,
''I In- total roimiiinption of sugar for
the four countries ws t2,7l)S,.'t7.'l tons
j - t'.e t..tM robt f which was a7.ti!,.H.st
7o't. ..
siun r
i ies '
Hiiiii t
mi ,-Veitt!;e Cost per ton for
o'lnliincl iu the four allied conn
I f-ilH.47 Jier ton," the uniiouu
declured. "Had the .suur con
,.:i of the Hli fad Stales for tlo
ar bi-cii pui') for at this juice,
. 1
u.-i-s. the Nt.lt''- l-i'nl vo.ib'l hav lirtejl i I.OU.'i.OU
TI. , f the silg.ir COilstimptioli for
tl: I into, Sit A to for one year nt the
pi", l oo price of 140 per "Ton "ill
a- ! to ar.'.iii.B.'rt.jHO. '
' ll snj-.ir cousuinptlou in the I'nited
Nsiiic f,,r ti(. lyniing yea i' remains at
tii- -.mil- tigHic us tbilt.(f lal vi-ui, the
y.t yy , ' F '
itd welfare 'of employes even j-'j
a ,
Former Head tuna Departs land
r-':- J. n Ji.'.i.A- '-iri-
Friends Congratulate Him
beptlrture of R. I). Moler from Mc
Hryde I'lantatiyn, where he has been
head luua, to assume the management
of Lihue I'lnntation is tqld'ui t!be last
. . . , ' L.
issue f the Harden Island. On the
lust night of last mouth,-he w guest
of honor at s' smoker tendered in the
plantation club room. At that time
he wui presented with a Howard watch
by the other employes of the planta
tion. At the same time friends of
Mr. mid Mrs. Moler presented them
with a roiiieuihruuce in th snap of
silver vase and tray und Julian ou
the plantation presented Mrs. Muler
1 " lo''k,', "' ,',,ui" "f Japanese
","r" ",".""n,l1
lo fill the vacaucv left hv the resiir-
nutioo ami departure of Mr. Moler
Harry .1. Kb.v, formerly time keeper at
McHryde uh summoned frpm 11 one
lulu. lie hud come here to take up
wireless work under the navy depart,
incut lut hi,, failed on physical ex
amination, the Warden Island says. He
licon with AlcUrvrte for five years
' i nun
thoroughly familiar with its
I aftiiirs.
h 1 1 1 u
compared with prices pre
in the four Allied countries
"ill I. .tal -ll),ri,0-lli,JMri.
I'iiM Hholusnle price uf augnr in the
I'nited states is now 7.t" per hundred I
pOlllld.-. Ie.-l
percent - at soboard
ionits. hi nbollt 7.30 net. Iu August
of 1017 the piic niached ii,li per
Ii ii ml i-t-.l t, inn, Is. The refiners uuw re
ceive ifl.:i0 per liuudreil pounds for re
hnino as a-'tiiiist a difference bet vt ecu
ia mi, I termed suinr tin to October
1, 11117, tanging I lorn 4 1.00 to $2.05.
i i ihii .1 in . i . i rr .. ttt i. '
II I III I I LU UU III I U 'L ' L' i :
N eedibrrpoies of Wtrej
.tilUerlriL Islands
l-l linir., Ii
Wheyinif :th manufacture, of muni
tions and explosive is more Important
thathifoilustiaa "of igr ,is the
-entx of the. question to whether the
iplaotation of UawalJ wilt get the fer-
-tillser that, is required keep pro
dnctioohere up to, the maximam. At
thi 'present .time 'h demand, for niter
for powdkr and explosives Is consid
ered by the . government at of far the
greatest .Importance.., 4' V ,
ProT feftiUaatv v' th,oil"i,eS"
eential to tha keeping u of augar pro-duetbsa.i-.lt'
ia esbniatetf that without
the ferUliaar, the yield wpuld.be from
thirty tot forty pereenf les tn that
now obtained,, ar rather that obtained
under normal conditions for thi year
on two of the, Islands the "tonilituyj"
war highly yaried froia. tbe . ordinary .
At the present time very little, ni
t rat,; Is. eooilng , Hawaii. The im-.
porters ar told .they aa have only to
8nd ; when .the 4lme eom that it is
mwiied in . the ,ruanwartnre of, muni
tions... If this ,enditun -ehall, continue
the' supply f, fertjliter for the .sugar
industry her will be.vry limited.
.Explanation of, transshipment of'
'ertilixer from Sua Francisco here is
that this bn been wasiooed by the
character of vessel bringing it north..
' CI 1 1 I 1 - . 1 1 ' I
m-i rrsi nuuiireii acuijPunnF anvl wj ir.i
uvb, eargoiM and tey ,laek th fuel
storage ,cpalty .for cruising from ,he
aiamlanij eres When jha nitrates, arc
shipped , by large steamers or tn anil
ing crsels fjiejr niay com .here direet,
assuwipg that. Th, nitrate will be ob-
. f li. ; . ' &
lainauio to nj BF"V,. . - :
-f. aJ WitsJ the qlHinUf WWii, are uvailabl, for work iu the
bjglicr prices arc practically prohjbi !";il,J ,
tive.. There u ,nq attempted " hold I "'"J, """' . u. ..
' ,, ' -?r '. .u 1 The I'orto Ricsn laborers will receive
4.p,:pf, the pWUtipna .by the fert,Hr. I thrtv fiv , ,, nitl tilll0 .,,
fl !!lnl:!::'?rKi,tt!1AV half tor overtime work. They will
ty thwir Uupineff U equaUy cripU1.
Tvvb 7h6bs'anA.T.6'D Factory "Will
: Be P.eady Tp :Gnnd the
Next SAigar drop
' Hi 6l&VfMT,. EDWAEDS, Oon
aul at Santo Doming)
Reference has oi-cnxioually been nuide
in nKirts from this office coJieerniirfc
the, large sugar estate at 1. Bomana
in the fSunto Domingo consular distnct
and known as "Central Somalia,'".
.Central Konu.ua is a eorporation organ
! ied, undar, thq . Jaws of, Cponecticnt,
Laifit, Since m 1 1, aas,neen developing its
; p tope rt ics situated ill the Comun of I n
I.Koiuaaa, tteybo I'mvinco, Doroinicnn
I, Republic, About 12.000 acres of lnd
Ihave been vj cured ami plautcd with
uiiar uinr. I be vompany .has u well
constructed railroad line of standard
aujje which eitcnda from the port of
. 11 Kuman.a northward to tht nine
fields, a dM.tncf.f tnirtv kiloJieters,
or. abuut eight allies.
At present at La Koinann r. miklei n
2000 ton tactoiy is In ; ij striictcd, '
aad llidicutious a.e Unit the factorv
vi ill be completed in Imie to grind the
JIIIN 111 crop. The factory will he -dec
tricallt Hri,eH and model n iu everA
a ay. The electric, plnnt will have two
lOOO t iluwutt turtio generators. Such
ncccssorv buildiniH hh storehouaa. an if it r
J"iioit- s."' ko moiasae tank.
I aiachiue shop, and other buililiuifs have
already been constructed. There have
also been completed two radial -brick
chimneys, each Boo feet high and one
J chimney 100 ffet hifjh t take ear of
"cad seastin, , ,reriii;ementa, , k j water
i P,'"'''i"C !" Is WbR sonatructed on
I the seacoast iu order-to utilize ' ai'a
fvstsr, jn lhf-pnifu .bullae eondeusers,
thf water being cturnd to the sea by
ineaus of ft aumid. . '..
OoDpany Looks After Employes
The company has constructed for its
BiiyuVveN several sobstautiai .residences
of .nittiye stone and over 1000 wooden
buildings for the occupation of its
l laborer free of charge. A haudsome
aiune scpooiboua Ms a Is een erected
fry llit tat sad ia, i. fact,, the first
Anerican school i l?ant,o Pymingu.
In ailitition the company has a mod
ern two story stone .hospital, elubhouse,
rt.stBuru.nt and. niOjSioq picture theater
for its auiplnye. Theue are in opera
I tion restaurant far th laborers, where
three oieaU a day aa a y b. obtained by
them for thirty icapts,.r Th-ouipuny
has slso a large "jrueat ettre at La
Homiina and ninevornch stores situ
a ted nt various points On the estate,
when- pro v HihTrnx nd, juppjiii may be
pii vhji..d, at , reaonulio Jjgures. The
atompauy has a etock - farm on tthich
there are about 1SB0 oxen, 400 horses
and niulss, and a selected herd of forty
Zibn ratt la, , , . .
It is cstiiustfd that, M,byut L'OU.000
Ions of eiine. will, he hiirve'ted this
i.cioti at' pf ,-h n beiug Abiiii't'il to
I tn tu Uuo. ihere U is grouud. For
the tniiiHiuirtatiiiii of this cane the com
puny tins under charter four steamships.
I I o of which leave l.n boo, una tin i
I I lull slim carries an inirai-e of I Olio
I tons of cuiic.
, ..... ..
PWfd Ricaii Labor
first Ten ThouslrTd tflB Be:Used
ForWar Work. At Scale, far
6eVoh(J Reach of iSurjar Plan
tit itarof. Thi$. Tirtitory
While Hawaiian an (jar planters are
await'ng answers from the government
a t.o their questions relative to costs
and XH?nses of securing plantation
labor for Honolulu the government goes
Ahead with it plan for bringing labor
ers from Ahnt island t the mainland.
The wig wale which will b paid surh
labor Is. ant of. any consideration for
the plantation fields of Hawaii, but
those mention! will be employed for
war work. If labor is to be brought
here . it will Certainly b on a very dif
ferent scale of pay than that which ia
proposed in continental United States
for these common ia borers for, with
costs as they are now in sugar produc
tion, it would be iniK)sible for most
if not all of the plantations here to
continue in tho business and pay a
similar scale. ( ,
Relative to Porto Ricahlabor the V.
H. Kniployuiunt Hervice Bulletin of May
21, a publication issued weekly by the
United States employment service of
the, departmeut of labor says:
First Arrival Boon
As one of its means of augmenting
the common-labor supply, the depart
ment of labor, through the t'nited
States employment service, will short
ly begin bringing I'orto Riean laborers
to continental United States. Within
a ;nonth the first arrivals will be en
gaged in construction witrk on govern
1 111 en t contracts, and the employment
! service alrea.lr has arraiiireil for Hie em
be fed by the government commissary,
each mau navinu tweutv five cents a
I meal. Mousing will be furnished to
these men without cost, and a represen
9 ijtative of fhe, department of laboij now
lis Jn the cities in which they will lie
. I j.mnlffcVA.1 nrrunirnltr hniisinir aer.nmmn-
- - I
'Rations in advance of their arrival. .
...The trunafct of iln'lnbor, . which
brings American common labor into the
continent, has lmen held up for som
.months through lack of shipping accom
inodations. The war depurtinent, how.
ever, has just agreed to bring over the
inmiilem on the home trips of trans
ports carrying supplies to the mobilisa
tion base nt Sun Juaii. The possibili-
, ties of I'orto Rico as a source of com
mon InVior supply were investigated last
October by the department through .
I f?,.l .ui-t u uitaxi.l rinii-iiunl.tivn
wh(l , 'jH, il( Mtilnate
,f 75,(100 availalile men was subsequent
eoiiftrino.l by Santiago Iglesias, mem
ber of the I'orto Rico Senate and uresi-
' dent of the Kree Federation of Labor
for I'orto Hico, which is affiliated with
thi" American Federation of Labor.
Small Froportlon Here
i In speaking of the number that
tiMKlit be aei-ured for here, Royal I'.
I Mead vesterduv said that the number
ou u' UIM.V " "rol' 111 iuckc.
as compared to the toluls of nil nation
" .' ., ' " -""' "
h'l,l 1"'1'' . ,At ' ' """ '"' ,'a'
..( u.n. 41... u.!t 1.. .m.l.i.-l. iu rui.riiiTnil
.......... t
w.. s., a,
Ik.XH'o CITY, May 24 Authori
ties have under cousidnrat ion tlie plac
ing of a alsblute embargo upon the
introduction and sale of pulque in the
capital city. One reason fur Oiis is the
s.alutary effect upun the classes which
consume large quantities of the liquor,
and .the other is because the concerns
handling it have uniformly committed
g rims fraud cgaiiist the government
and have escaped paying more than a
fraction of the just Charges levied
by Ian upon the Importation of the
beverage into the citv. The amount
paid has been inxignifiennt. while the
quantity of pulque introduced and sold
has been enormous.
The Secretary of Hacienda has under
consideration the inauguration of an
establishment for the manufacture of
sugar from the juice of the magiiev
plant, which at present is converted
jnto pulque. This would prove benefi
ciil In several direction it would re
luce intoxication, it would "aid in al
leviatiug the shortage of sugar in c-r
taiu oortiourt of the Republic, und it
would give employment to a large force
of operatives, The entire matter is
being carefully studied bv the pic
iitent, with the prosneut that in a short
t'nie a decree, lunv tie promulgated in
tirely fortiiddi 'iu the sale of pulque i i
the capital city.
- w. s. s,
Do not .-.lifter from cramp colic or
Wtin in the stomach when 1'hauiber
Iain's Colic and Disrrli-ea Remedy
poes to the litdit spot nil. I gives inuee
iliate nj ef Vim cannot afford to be
Vt'illloill it if ,.o '-nine, t tollltliiks
it tin- liiml For sale bv all dealers.
tnaon, Muiilh A. Co.. Ltd.. ui-i-nts for
,,'! f,i-'l

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