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nc$idcntsiVVyh( Umg Believed
inemsfrvc?citins Have
' 1 1 ' - en B.realc Law
fioyal tonstltutlons Oe.
clawed 'Invalid
Fifteen hundred reaijen'ta .of 'he
'iWitrirV iVib .for. yeat'e.'navij tSeen 'fx
crossing all riRliu Y eitixen .by tint
' . i"tioiij) noMing 'jpjiiijif 'po'si
1" other ,''ways V fact
law jmk'iiitipu hfrn
'rd wnl'i) thriVhsiiMlred ii'of only have
hern breaking ttfmnalijp J'aWa, fitti
vyake dp fi'i iata'.da t learn that
tjldjr.'iMj alien 'enenijee Viibjeat to '11
ntJ.b wet1 ,lrh)ioiir'de
"&'!!,,!., i.ontTo1 '(ie&ju 'of fM of
the United State.
Briefly, jeitiaeuwhlp that wa 'grant,
efl.,o gimps, barn nlidflr any of the
royal ronaWution orjsy eertillcatea le
sued nsdecthe RapuUL a form-of gov
eminent have. Bo. value today beiaoet
the rights, granted by these eons titu
tioaa nad by the republic conflict li
reetly with I'uUed fcutc law.
Technical Violator
rl' ,.Jcptpd-,l.y tbe autborikiti
tha,t yirtuaUy all ot ihgso wbo .have
beeiL. olayng ttje.Uiw, are offender
only.tebni.yvaa they , believed them
selves 4o b . ritijujns of the .,l"ntd
Ntatei and only, learn, now through the
ruling -of the United Htates dinteiet
Bii.iifi.j. iqi.iv ipey nave tieea e,aeret
in riuhta which thv il
None ,pf the graota of uitiu'iiihip
ruper nnoiT rne moparc,pil cu,(iB).itu
tious 'of Hawaii or under the repub
liven 'government required those to
whom ther were rfrntrl in
allegiance tp the countries in whieh.
mey. were jyorn. , u )a tbia .. foatuj-e
taal bring the grants in question di
rertfy Into conflict with the require
moms of raited Mates law.
The situation hits all children of
alien Horn under the Hawaiian raon
arrhy, who did nut eleet eitiaenahip
on. majority and. literally hundred who
had no 'veetlire nf doulit that a,.
Alrirriean rltir.ens now learn that they
muu no rignts i tail ettaracter, Tboav
nf,ernijui or iiatrifia birth are held
In 1.... -1 . : . . 1 .
" ati-ii iiiT-uiiiK nun hb aurn are
to be required to no register them
M'lven with the authorities.
Ia Tbundarbolt
, -poiethi .kf tppsterfljition wan
cammed to nianv (Ipi-mnn -.wl.ni. nt
Hawaii when they rca4 yeaterday of
nin-j-jrTi j4 nuirar'a' runup
fty! graajtiag.of anecial rijrhta of
tltiacnFhlp mider the Heptiblie of Ha
w.H did Jint; aiak the hobler an Am
erican citlxcrt unloii k .c..
rarda naturali-r.ed, as required bv the
T.l 1. I . ... -
ll ano gucranient eoniH'tutiou.
Two nejl known feHidentK who foi
tweuly year hd believed they were
American ' citi.enn called oa the fed
e al diatriet attorney yeaterdav when
I hey learned of the ruling which placed
tbnii f ii the alien enemy claim. They
' uarien rtone, mill engineer of
ilic Oahn Knar Company, and ('imtnve
Kii-ilel. dniryniHn, who live at lll'l
ulick Avenue.
Boae said he had thought for years
tint he wan an American ..ill-,..,, . u
he wh the poaaeaaor of one of the
no. none x conditional ritiaeniihip pa
er. us did alio Ricdel for the name
ronton. House eaid be had never voted
l.nmusu not interented in politics, but
Rii'dol ha.i oen ieil his supposed right
ill tiiffrtt , ever since auuexation.
Both BegisUr .
Hoth of the (iernjan who called on
federal authorities yesterday did so
in order to .be registered as alien sue
mies. ss will be rciitiiicd of nil Oar
nwins ho had conditional citizenship
under the Republic, but who nevei
rempleted their citizenship by untural
, ,A leculiar de ehjpment of the niti
zensliip muddle. becniiHe of the misun
derstandinK of the ritizenabip Inws of
the Bvpublic, ii nil how afferted by the
iiiinexalinn of the Islands by I'nitei
Stntes. is the assertion that the soiih
of nil who were illicit under the mon
cby nre also aliens aud not Ainer
ienn eitixena as they have erroneously
presumed. Hons of such aliens whi
nine here as children and all mm
byra prjuifiu to' the overthrow of thr
mottarch'y are held to be aliens, un
I""- thay have since become natural
laeviapleta retards now in the hand
iif the e ltal ilioj ils stuiw that, there
were probably fnl)y Ji3iK residents of
t'ic Ts'apd befure annexation who had
nil the righta of citizenship, without
renounciua their allegiunce to the conn
tries of, the!?: birth, aequired through
tb securing of special right of citi
zensliip or letter of denization.
About Sdft of the holders of the spe
eial riifhts of idtizetisblp or letters of
ileni.utioil were of (lerina.i and Aus
tiinn liirth. s has now been establish
c.l hv the federal aathoritb-s, who hnvi
a bit of such resiituotth or former resi
,i...it. nf l In'anits compiled
To Olteok tdsta
I'll t-i 1 this list is checked with the
i:itipali.ation records of the Island'
il ill he nnknoffn how man)' of the'
r.. i nicr ''-te'-nsn and -Austrian resident'
n " stil1 livtnir either ' here or some
o'her idace under the Aiaericuu fluj;
eh. i iiMld be listed as enemy nlioiiK
nil I ri'iiti'ifl to com pi v' with all tin
' 1 ImX'mis overninji the actioni
i 'i. . I .. ,.r .1,.. jt f t li ho nc
' -i li cit irensliip ri-ht ith the
' n' i.M'iiin ircn"ls viill be startpil
i i ". ki that all such Uermans or
t imt riii us who did not complete their
. ii i'.euship by nntiiralir.atinn may be
notified to present themselves for reg-
i ,1 rut ion.
Zttg&Stt'.tmimi ust. of xm ers named by
Under the Republic of Hawaii are such i . J;.lli'.. Jl . .
Sronjment, one at Oeorg Rodiek C,
oil, Carl dd Rol, J, H. J baacjt anil
t. 9: Haekfeb). While reference ha
aot been made yet to the naturalist-
tian reord.,by tbe federal .pftbior, it
,1s, known that mnit of thaan aicaitionell'
inavn-ainoa naen rat iirallaed.,, This was
.ascertained wren qnesttona . were ,'ra,ia
en rngaruing their eitiaenahip or level
ty early in the bejrinninir of the war.
..v However, thorn is bellceil to he
cares af tha others, llka.th fwa Gef-J
man wno reiwirted to Ue ederal of;
(leers yesterday, who failed tovrem
Mete thejr Jiaturli,jitinv fdreswear
ie a'Jejfiatice to (Innnnny, and who
will not be required to register as
Ara Maay Case
."There are many residents in the
Territyty of alien birth wfcp fnr yean
nave been vojing in elections and oth
erwise eaercising the rights of citlsen
hlp who in aet, aro not citir.ens, "
aaid.B. C, ydecker, librarian, of public
a.chives yes.erday. " All of (hose peo
ila believe that they are eitir.e.na,"
he -aaidt
.The librarian suld that eases are
constantly cropping up in whleh res
idents of ti lien race are learning for
he fir time that they are not citi
ens. This usually happens when ;nV
resident of this elnes find himself cat-'
l upon to prove his American cltlreo
ihlp. The librarian tub) f an Instance in
vhich a Portuguese who had brought, to
he Territory nn ipfnnt ,pf t.wo year
of' age was relied npon to-prove him
M .jtiajtiaea. when be. nought w-Drk-V"rl
Warl or, He.bad-baean.vntirtg
years ,npd pa l nq uarucion. that he
ea In fat, still en aliejj tjntil 'be1
islted the archives bttilitiaff and was
given an explanation of thenar.
Many who are hit br tba. aaistlng
.rumataqeea. beaqma .citfjianf ,of Ha
wqil under the pqnstitiitjpn. f 187
I1 wns fori ed norm K Vna KalAoiK
Thre eonstltution rXnted riirhta at
itiemblp. hut did not require than
'o whorp the rights were nyflOted to
'eresvear their nllegin'nee'to the ennn
trie in which they were bom, thu
bringing the rants made by , the royol
c.onsfitujin diraeth into cqnfliet w,itA
the jiriroary requirements of United
States law i. (i ;
Tbe name thing ss true of right
i citixansbiti (fronted under the repub
lican torn of government when citizen
ship certificates were issued to those
al len birth, usually in recognition
if (tllitorv aerviee thnt had hi'n "per
-ni-mea iinner tne nrovismnal govern
ment. These certificate trrsintfil cjti
senshiti -ander the Republier of Hnwnji.
but lika. the right granted under the
rojal ropstitution they ,1 i il not ronuire
nnruons receiving them to foreswear al
legiance to the countries from which
they rami'.
W. S. g.
Forces Gathering
For Fiftttt Over
Liliookalani Estate
' , ,i V. I IJ. j
FolJiiwi.ng tle failure of the effort
0 dispose of Washington I'lace to tbe
rerritory aud so settle out ot court
he litigation over tbe ectstc of the
ste (jueen l.illuokalnui, forces arc
jatheriug in preparation for the court
'Kht to open before Circuit Judjre ('.
V. Ashford ueit Wouday when I'nncc
Calaiiinnnole will try to break the
.illuokulimi trust nnd hne set aside
he will of Cureii I.lliuokalsiii
When the question of having the
hp'tiii ' resilience used a. an exerutixe
lension ws first rntsed. lrince Ktihio
trongly fnvored'tlio project which he
aid wns in line with wishes the
unon expressed before she died.
Vos!iiii'toi I'Uce, he sajd, would serve
dmirably as an executive mansion and
t the sail"' time would be a memorial
it l.iliuokaliini. The inh of the
'riuire whs that Washington I'lace
Ii itii Id W given to the Territory nnd
e said if this were done anil ccilain
oU'-ussions made to hini by the tins
aes of the J.iliuokajuni trust, he would
vithdrnw hi suits in the circuit court.
The truatee seemed uuwilling, how
Sver. to jfive .Wnshingtmi rime to
he Territory, holdiug that a wibstan
inl eonaideration should be paid for
t. Then an effort launched in the
enate while tbe special session was
n progress to arrange for the mle of
he property came to nothing, leaving
natters where they atood o far us
he litigation is concerned.
Th h petition to set uside the will
nd break the troat Pfinfe Kuhio al
epes thut Queen l.lliuokalani vns not
n-ii t nil v competent aod also was un
Inly influenced at the time she exe
uted the will, for which probate is
otifit. and the deed creating the I.i
'iuoliulani trust.
w. a. b.
MII.WAI KKK. June 5 ( sso. inted
Press) Dr. lavid Roberts of this city,
he affinity of (iraee I.nsk, the Wan
lesha school teat her, convicted lust
eek of murder iu the secon l decree
'or having shot und killed Mrs. Kob
its, was himself placed under arreBt
ist niyht. charged with viohition of
he Mn ii ii Act.
Testimony of Mies l.usk, feuturet iu
he press u.s "the eave , woman ", bi
ause her defense was that she revert -d
to Ihe primitive liisjl killed to defend
un possession of her mate, wn that
Huberts had taken her across the State
ina into .Illinois .on fy(ueut occasions.
n the biisis of this testimony, lybjch is
orrobsirated, Kobert bus been arrest
il. He is a prominent phy-binn nf
his city,
W 8
DllrillL.' tie siinilllel nintlt1
"..I- M
diould watch for any unnatural luose
ness of the chill's bowels. When uiv
en prompt attention at this time seri
oils trouble may be avoided, t'lianilici
litiu's Colic and l)iurrhiMa Heine. ly can
itlwnvs be ilepended npon. For snle bv
all tlealers. Itenson, Smith 4 Co., Ltd.,
,e;enl-i mi Hawaii. Ad 1 1.
-ah V
Territorial NJcpartmerrt of IhstrliCiion Hard Hit ' By Calling
National Guard of Hawaii. Into Federal Service Many .
Pedagogues Now In Khaki Cause Vacancies
W. Kinney,
iust i m l mn.
FUpenntendent of
released vesterdnv
mnrning for publicntfon the complete
list of school teachers mm,, Inl, ..1 lt
the commissioners of edu. ation at thed
matinn lA...l.. j -i- , .1
""'"j nun I jt.'iiny ial
week for the new school year.
Ia a ene, the appointment may be
.considered of a tentative natnre, for
iHitwee now and the opening of the
ew school yuur, ou September Id,
net, many chnnues are likely to be
mads, particularly through rcquesU for
Unnsrer from one t another aehonl.
And, again, ninny nptmintnients re
main to lie made and the number will
be inrreased lis soon n the depnrt
ment knows what vocancies the rall-
. , -
uih ie national guard tut o the fad
era! epviro and (. ,.,,n;,,., v.
iic .. ,i . . "
Sihoo'a Affected By Guard
.:The filing f ,he.,t,on. .pjard
'U "PT qui"' a liumiier ot teachers
ary from the schools of the Terri
tory- Among the most important pens'
Eoat to .the. aerviee of the swliool are
Oerge, H,, Unymend. supervising prin
alpal of JiTaui; Williaai H. Meinfehe
of the Norninl School fpulty( reeent
ty anied as Vluiri 's additiounl simper
Vaing .principul; Frederick ,, Clpwes.
vocational insti nctur for tbs. Island of
Hawaii; W. W. Hrier nf the VcKinley
High cVihool faculty. In fot. three
i3ah nnd, aeveral of the aui, Kauai
au Hawaii vncatioqal instructor aro
aoeqibera of the listarij, .as are alao a
number nf school principals,
,., The liastt ,of appointments, yisofar
a .it-shn. been enmpletei), follow'si
, . Heliool Fsr nefrrllvri
Oortruda A. Masts. Hura Ucltrli
j. B my use. r rsuees K Jolinxm
1 Vansstianal lntrt4ar "
'MMslilllr Keu f. Ilrysn, Mrs. Jane
Ksual K. Allen frwvey.
MmisV- U ',, Kiivviiusii
' llaWalL-r. A. Clowes
Kuprrvlslna I'rinrliials
Italsu -James f. I in vis. Murium l Moss-
KsshI tIUtuIis- Iiiiiisjlivj .
Maul George H. Kayusiunl. Wlllimu Mel-
. IUiwmII Itertha Hi Is 'I n. i Inr KiiReiin
J to me r. , .
K a n a I fllKts W lllliini MH Iuskcv,
Thomas McKllsl.ii. Ksslli A. Yinnl. Ihiio
tliy.lC. ttli'liilel. Helen M I'ntes nml one
a nol her test-tier In lie apimlnlcil In ailill
II on tn Ike aiipolntiDeiit of u inivate
tiia Iter.
Muul Hlgli--V. H. His'iniin Mnr- .1.
I'nueli. IMatu'be Mast, niailys l.etiniu. Miss
fssrll llolllila.. Miss Vivien Darilliier. In
addition U Ian ollivr teachers In ise ap
pniileil u li it sr private ten, ln-r to lie
llllo tllarh I'ns. ntt .1. .Jurii"Ksii. ItHtlser
Pmneroy. Mlhlreil I'sltersmt. Kntltr.vn
Aalilirvuk. , Mary Hartoii. JJeU-n - Fisher.
MIms Alrnrd Webster. Miss II 1 Vint II.
linker isjiwlal biUKUSK l. Wesley . I .
Hcntsra, t , ' ;
UeKiuler tllitbU. M. Keott. f. C.
Whslemann. Clara t'. I'eursoH. Klltnore
Tsserjirs. t iers L. r.lnMUr. Ieitlla-M. Mnr.
sun Jennie flmrlrswurth. Frank A. fuss
Bine, Harsh K. Mathews. Ksllierlsse I,.
WnettfoTil. IJ.(H.' KMStnn. W. W. I'.rlcr.
Maiirtiv H. Dreenly. llelga , Wlkamler.
iirnllne MHi bel. Mrs. Kclica Kluiic.v.
Ilerahlliie Hurr. Mrs. C. .1. Ilnlierts Anna
M. llllle, Lanrs Met.'reary. .MaiKiiret i:
Swlinlle. Helens Lewis. J'anl A. .Mae-
fullKlleyt AIl(IHrel KlU'llT
MiisiV Insl rnelors- Marirsriil M. 1'nnke.
Nsiucy Isitniels.
I'lsysleisl Tralulnic -Nina .1 Aiiaius.
Hawaiian r.Mrs. Kutma .V. Nakiilmi
Hnysl lyrll (s. Mitiltti. Juliet 'Inner
' .Mary Akeo. l.yiUu Nnarcs. Mrs. Allee Ai
Wosir. Mille Morris. Ms. 1, leu c ti in
mills. Daisy Sli-lilnti Mnrv All I'lnu'
i Smile M. l.nlll Mrs. S. 11 llontiii-' I't
I A'ls II l.y.ell. Mrs. Maria Marenlllun
. Mutiel I.ail.l. Kllraliellj L. Itsjcn. Mi
Annie Avvsina Mrs. II. W. Flsseke. perilia
I KniiX. Miss Itlsayn llirsslslsisn. Kinllle
! I mi ti ll. Mnllle f II III 111 I HUM. ,'u'let Kim
i lilt mi It. .Vninaiiiotu. Mrs. Nellie His r
mn ii . Miirirstf-t lisissn.
' Kniiluwels Mrs. Issliel I. f rellitnu.
llnllle Avail. Mrs. Mnllle Yap. Mrs llehn
Uruns. Mrs. Ileless While Mrs. Wllliiim
Ansliii. .Mrs Dlnria M. Lewis, Marcar, I
Itriiuen F'.Mt Isi-r Isiir. Mrs. Anne F. lilnir,!.
Mis 1 . 1 1 II M It IUikfi.nl. I Ins.- N. T. IIU"
Mis 1:1, a A Serrnii. Kulli K I.. Inir. Miss
SI TsIn Kan. M.vrlle lliskl.-t, .Mi:
t 'nn st n nee K. rhiiiiit. Kate Melulire. I'licl
inn K Murphvi Helen this Artiswalili
. I lly flil. lr. Annie J,. Hiitlllt. Vlrulnla
1 i 'ii si n n li n , Minnie Fukuila. Mrs. Ilel., . , ,i
1 K I sin lass. Mrs. fisrrle Ciillen. Florence Me
Alllster. Annie Al flninir. Lillian Fennel
Helen Aisohnlslil. Kalhhs-ii Leu Lain.
Kiiiii Kill ChsiitiT.
I'a ilia Maliel N. K Hi.
Knlulassl Mrs Nlsin L. I. Frascr. Mary
f l.oiiivlst. Mrs. isnllie Krl.ksnn Mrs.
Ills II Kulicht. Mrs. Mary Loo. Mrs.
l.nlll A. Mac KeliKte, Mrs. Hose Konu.
Floreiiec Lynch. Mm. Hoiuanu Furia "I'o-
kle Mlnuioio Mrs. lilesirllxls I'ciri Al
sins- Mossiiwiu. FHisulietli N. A.vnu. Mallei
l.arsen Mrs Norn K- Markhain. Kniiua
M F ra ilea. Violet I'srry. Uinee flinns;.
F.iiiin.-i Don. Mrs. Mabel K. bltiiK. Alvlua
f ii 1 1 . Ylrs. F.tnnis Yce . Isabel K. Horn,
Mis, Fook Din Yap. Helen Hon. Anisic
Aiiiaus Louise K. Hal. Miss Tsuriivo Mo-
rltn. Mrs. Martha Mnnre. Hmirlfita Muittli.
imle llnbii. Alice Ie. Wllllaiu K. Uc
km,, i l.yilia K, Kwslnill Fiuinii Jv
Lewis. Lucy ferry. Khila I". 'I'. I'unir
Kalllilkal John K, Kaaba. Mrs. il. H
Olnev. Mrs. Ili'leu McPhersou. Hull) Zaun
Nellie Aiiuiua Ithse 'fnlbert. Atfiu-a Kliiui
Mrs. N. M. MJiinly. Mrs. Mnry K. Actus
Dunn. Y'lnls-t Woag Wal.
Kallhlwa'-u---Isaac l. fov. . lllviupU
Soares. Abide Marine. Mrs. Mabel Mull
kna. Ksther Hnues Mrs. IV-lena 11-lls.ssU.
M's. IJeltfii K. NtewariJ, Lnotle APsie.
Klluibelli f. Clark. Klma MoUas, Mjsrv
ite Ma-ne. Inns Kinr -Madellene Uin
lssia Hsi-iiim. Mrs. Cuastanee V. Vivas.
Manuel a fnrte Mrs. Kllaabstb fullesi
LIMIiin Appluby. Nellie K Mnurc. Olailys
Kalihluka -Mrs. Kllsabetb Alirwhsinseu.
M , nt n ii I nn Mrs. flara M. Mokumsla
I'liiolo Mrs. I ra Ktnrin.
I.lllnokiilanl -T. II. llllison. Mlneoln
floiisrb. Mnry, Ferreira. Mm. J (. .Hof
irmiril. I'lurs M. (turner. Mrs. OUulys A.
t-8ii-e. Mrs. flnlbUile Vivas. Kistherliie
Klllotl furs A. Ililtlor. II. rul, l. funk.
Louise M fiiisp. Michael M. Dssssoss Mrs.
Ullltl K lllllek. (Jeetfe Mactle. Miss Willie
K. Hnrsrisn. Mrs. Killth Lougley. Ill Iks Oy
film t.oo. Uney Franks.
Walkiki Hlaiicbe .Msnllii .Mrs. Hlli-ti
Keiiwny. Mrs. l'fii'iif Denial Mrs. Ilelenn
M I'errv. Mrs. Llls (tosi salves
Mnllilll t-M. Jennie f. Ib'H. Mrs An
nalielle M .Hoy. I Mrs. Msi T. .Moore,
Mrs Allee T. Wouji. Mrs. ,Marv llee.
Kestrli fsrter Mrs. Msrv' Williams. Mrs.
Lllllnn llitlisleln. .1 en nl.i HleB-( M'ss III
toml Hatn. Itnlh llnaif Miss Ynkliii, Luo.
Mrs l.nii lu von Sue; one lu be u'ipniiil
Msuna Mrs. Ms nn l Iki'ntvn. NUml K.
JorilaM .Mabel ArcisUoug. Jeau K Ansjus.
Vletorla .liinlan. Floretusi Deverlll.
t M M till n i H li il 4 bsrles W Huld-'ln. Mis.
Kill liertain I. Inter Mrs. I'lill.i,. i,a
''rise. Isiiliei II. w eli'itl Mle-11 F. V
Irs. Klls H. Wimn. F"a V. A'smi 'h !
f Luis llllisn f. M.si'jtribr Mrs. pi....
In- Alli.'V . Mrs fin lilts llualinell Ylrs. AP.e
II fnrrv" I'll-jf Ast..rrrt Yllss Mi.-i.t..
Tsnsks, Mrs. Anirella M. Maun. 1 1. Is As
l. 1.111I I'linrinitc M fowau. Mrs Mur' 11
Dullish a. Nellie VY. Uuyues. Mrs. F."n
Yiiunir lienrae K. Kekaimlia. Mvrtle ,s
Ilel, ,1.1 Manuel .1 Auilnnle. M.llii,, vl
I 1 it 1 1 . 1 1 1 . 1 ii I ll'lnli N 'I' Mn,. Mr Vr, ,
-la N. Isnn Siiniiii fhu l'l. Silvln 1. :t
fiauek. Mi 1.1 re. I L Safruuek.'
J 4
I'lihtikuliiH l.i in tii'i-i ki-. Thui
Vail,Ml-. ,l.lll ..'i tsnca ,M. ITvliill
tcm.Msir Apu hn . !,.wnii. t'nrrlv 1'.
Xontcs, ill.s. vim i nr. i vVnlilinn U'siriiln
ne vnnn's. c.' Hiitfcuni- (, niis. Mama
n't rhw. M
liiiiiiui Mi
ll in-. .Mrs.
VVniic. MitlH'l
lulu Kulli l.
Mnhi-I -Tjnii
(VntrSI 'l
nun Mr Si'hlr (iren-nil.
ii till iik r, (lllfK Kur
il' li.n... Ml.s K. Iisvis,
l niiiinlint. Mrs. I.tlv HM'
v WllkliM. Maliel Mdil -Mi
h.ils. 11,-riilec UuattuM
I er Mi X Irirliilii H. Mnn
Isabel Kelliy.
11 -r, ,1 o,- ,i i ii.
Mrs. Kisnk A
tilt. Mrs. bull,
foot. Kill 1 14 II
M s. Kill "I I ii
rtsn. Annie aii sm Kilmr '. I'slaeti
lli ssle Au ii n ii l-.lli.iilici h Morrison. Uer
trnl Mi-t o; ml. ia )i K vlrs w'lllell.
Jertntitr V 'llii inn r Mr-. Kiien Vlckerv.
Kteohel K. I s .v.-. li. Dim.. Inir Mrs. Rilna
t'liiils-IIalls. Hrlkii I : ii ,-a. .Mr Kit
heth Ho, .Mrs Km i i ,irea. Mn. Kiu'.n
Mntstisaws. M M.- Kimiii. Hilh l
H. T"H. Liii.Wi- l nn mn Mrs. .Inne A
I'snoa -Mrs. I.imls I, nils. lr-
ll..l tf.....r lluu 111... t,l.l l.
ntrf m . .nr-. in,.. .1 1 n un rn. i i
i IJoiT 1 si ihuik. Mi In ! s. Cnckell
! ' MaB6i -Mrs. .(). lit
.Mr 4. un
rii.c. M:
, Tsiu Kim-1 nit Mii iliil-i
Mm sni'i ie K. liriiii-
Miss :n Vol inr
Hg?'t rtr-l'l!!":
I O. Msr.hall. Ilnlh ( Hhn .v. Ails . Vnr
nor, KM MSi iliinnlil. Iteli-n I'rslt. Mrs
Jsue . (Kis'inl s. I.e-:, r Hull, llislwla H
I H rem lis. Mnririirei 1 Sinn- Jessie 1.
Deems. Mrs. .I"iin Wvnll. I,rtls Purrter
Lrta Atklasnu. .Mrs r, srl v. Welilemsnu
Uewne .Iojimiii piorin c Muniiilar. l.uelc
Hubert. Mrs Hi-sii,. Kt.vi-ns. Olive M.
I'm Aililte V. t'n ,li tri ne M. rsily.
i K'hrl Human. I'Muu Aiul.rsiiii. IOIIcuiIui
Mills. Cora K' ller.
I I'taetlse I '"iiiirtnc'iil Frum-tn 11
V'remba I ro-nn II lii n n. Ma faro,
lllatlys nicksnl. ( lnnli.llr 11 lletts. Illlvc
K ! I ii nil I: mi. Ms-i -lln i iiiiinilnir KinHh
I llel.vii S. lininii ir iiniK l.nlll Klllelds.
ftlailys' Trnut. Ur SIi.-IIIiik. Allele Me-
i 1'oril, Kvy M. V in lei. K'aiherlue Inikes
Mrs. Kva TlirnekinnrtMii. I'ltws MeAl
lister. Ini'S Knnifiml I'nn-v Knsill, Ueor
irle Wolfe. Helen .1 1.,.
Kna ltrr
Vstertown - iielmrliih Mi-K'-stfiie. KMiia
! I.. Akisi. Kits A. WIiikIoh
I Ales -Csrrle l'lnv,i.i,l I.IIMun fsvpool.
, i. I (-,,.,-. y. .;p. .t ,. Ilavlistx
Victoria Woo. Marie Unit, Helen ' linn
I I ,. ii e. i. o.. il .Mr" l(iie fuller. Mrs.
I Kilna Keren. Miss l Un Mnlnimutii, list 1 1 It
I'enrl City Clyil" I-: rrnwfnrd. Miss
Keslntis Hiioiann. Mifv s Himsn, Kranu
es Itlnilt. Anna .M Kniiuin.
Wnlpslin Mis. All"- i nrter. Mrs. Tllllc
MnUena. Mrs. Jennie Kiiihe Turn. Xlrs.
! Mnry Amlersun. l.in v Itiii'iisn. KmtlT tta-
, im-a. Honittiy IinvliN Mrs. Aimn K. V.
Viiuuir. MIms .M. Draii' WlUnn pisrl Me
Lean. Ilenrtetfs I'rrlim. Mrs Katie Unto
i Mrs. .Ienn 1e Kcliiieiilieri: i lnreni-e H. I
son. Tlierese Hilileiriinr Kllriiln-iU Fuller:
, one tn lie aiipolllteit
K tl. H. Klui,s..ii I'll, ...l,e Hhlnlils
Miss Masne Taunks. nitve Slple. Kivanol
N. Y Miev HeliMiti Stephenson. Krelvn
Varlcy Mrs Alv,- i.,w,m .,rjr Klllo'tt.
Niirii'ii CoMl.t, Minute Hurrlx. Auansla
I Funkier. Neil ttrHI,-y. M.i,l, Hue McMabou
llertriiilc I'lnltt: one in le iinintel,
Wslmiiie- Fnilli-ls .1. Nnlirlirn. .Mrs. K
Nnlirlan Mrs. Margin el K liiiiiin Mr
Ilnlh N WINiui. Mrs. hells i in i n I . Fanuli
K- Kiiliiiliu.
Wiililavva Mrs Urnee A I.iiiik. I'nrn J
lliirslsun. I In .1 IlirrrNiiii Mrs. HiiiinntJ
I'hailK lllic. I'.vn Fllkllils l.niilse l.lylit'
fool. ,
' Lei li-liiin -4'hi'ster CarNnii. Knln Mae
Hliitutoiis. M,r. Kllsii liurriiuirlis. Herulis
i Junes.
! Miikiilels v)rs. Murjr A. IMerson. Bs
' tiler Acliln.
I Kaeullos i-Mrs Kuillr Nimkaun. Mailt i
tin A tjiilu. I.i I v Lis-. Kniina S. K. Yiniuti
' Wiiln'iia Mrs Minnie II. I'liin, hill
l' Hose Alan. lOilltli Tbnlelier. Murlh'
.1. fnvviiu. .lesnlln f. stjus'keits. Jittncs 1.
Awal. Mi Mni'il S. Kinney. Miss Mi
Kvnn I In i ss sc. Fsimle litlna. Mrs Wlnl
fretl Kiilii-rlsiin. Mrs K'lu VI. KT'sli.t
. Mi l 'itllllell. I-i l lie Ni-lMlil. Msrle Allile
i snii. l-'n.tiile llnvw. Mi-s.- liiiilm lin'-r
ll'leti I'nitinrii: two to lie . aprmliilf'l
i K ii link ii J nli ii A. l'errelitu. Mrs. Kilili
I I'el lelils. .Mrs. Kdtlk Ktltlkl. I'.s ls.-r K
1 I nit. F. anees i Fi.sli-r. Wtlleliiiliui .Inns
I sin ivv.i In lie iiitiiiiliitml.
I In ii it lu .Mnrlii I'llknl. (tattle Kama
1 IvmiiKva I I". l.iMXiey. Henry k I in
' inliicn. KMriil.eili Knicllsb.
Wii'iilm'e A His- H. Mlsilsre. Mrs l.nuls,
, I'm in l. 1,-nii Sebtlllill.
Kii!ii(Iiii Hue lu lie nplmlllXi'l
Kiiuvli' I ' Ii I II H. CmiI. Abel fails
art. W's K la J. Iwiiier. .levsira finii"
it Knlll.e Miirslia'l. Mn. Plslii 11 fnnl
e : line in in- api'liile.
K it 1 1 ti a vl.nni Aaan.
, WiUiniinalii Mrs '4 Isarliitte M, l.nwileii
Mrs Allee U'ntr.v Allltlr AkM Lis-
I Kauai aal Kllbaa
! Ilii"iiii nn.- iii lie ui'iHiliiteif.
lla-nili'l Mrs u . Isrtver. Dsrtrutti
l'"il,'r,... A
a i liaiisr ami on.- to 1,1
,. Josi-plslue f balillierlniii
M lliul.ly. Mrs .1 11 iln s
K. Ns.. Sophie Ps.lie. 1.
M l.lle. Mrs. Dlud.vs l;..l..u
Marie Piichcvo. ami 'in
Mrs Ylihuli
M-an4. I.ll.i
M s MnthiM
, K"nlnn
In l"' ui ,
Mrs 1 nrln lis Lai. Csrrle lm
. oh'
Kapahl Mi- F.ili"! A ma In.
Kililt Mis Kiilierlne M Uurke. farri.
ll.l leueniiri. Herilia 1 honsr. Lijisn Pair
Mrs Allee M Itn.lrlKlli'S, Mrs. Louise I'
Slt.'l.lnli Mis .n, v Ykl. tlllellil L. Holl.ll
Mvra Wilni. ,nl Miiliel iliibbanl. All.. 11. 1
1 M Mlsilnl
1 1 Fiiiire. KblKeiio kin, 11
llnnn. ISeliorall Mulllkms
.1 llee "aud one III lie up
Mrs W. H list. Iit.tvi, 1,1
Huts. It. Mrs. L, . M. s. k
in t Isc llaslov F.lixali. ll
li'-e. ussil nun to be appoint
rn. I'll Ills
1 I'n'sv Vli M
; llaiiuuinnlii
i il"ln '
M.si v K Ak.i
I" inert VI w
laile I'nyne.
Hitifv Inn lutti- A. Multifont. I... til.
r fi
Inrilan Aklin A Ktyitl. hi Haisnsh K
Sliel.lnu. Mis .Marie Dries. Mrs. llenrl.l
is We.lessiei .1 Mrs Hora 1. Ahann. Mrs
II Auinlle H111 seh Margaret F. Sprln--Mrs.
Hi, 1I1 1 laniier. Mrs. Eva K01111I11I11
Sllxabeth I'er.lue.a I'curl Uoru Loin
slnuw. Ksilnr M Ktilwl. Ktbel Heiihiiu,
anil two tn he appointed.
Hi. Ms I'm 1,1 lv Luke, ami two lo In
apl 10 lu ted.
Kol.is .Inhn I In mIi. I.iutlvliin A. Vl.llu
lis. Mrs. Ileut'v Itlnke. Tsui Tasblma. Mrs
Minnie Aka lelussnl l.uvell. .Iosm-iiIiIii.
Tivouibl.v . Kstlierlue UrnUsm slid Use 1.
Ue uppii
Kalis Istsi vlrs.
Maiiti 1 bnuiison. Km
six to be apiMiinleil.
he apiiotutcu,
llro.lle, Mrs. Charles U
1 A I". Yuen. (Inns, 1:
I1.1 in,- H. i. Mrs. 1 1
li'-olle. Jaiiey llnsiit
Far Loo. a 11. 1 1
Kleele II II
Ilea. Mis CM,
Fiiiik Liu a'
Lynns. F-llili
Frail. s-s M pillar. Waller
le. Hustle Sail,, I. Sulln.
A. i arlaoss. Mat
unil threii In le
Harbaru F
l.nuls I'll,...
Ftelilurnv ,-.
Ilel'll MV.'I
'lie A Tlmnuiistisi Ylrs
--1 1 1 Mrs Mnllle llroviise
s I. .mis fliuii. klrs Km, II,
I lei
Avis IViinel. Kate Fi v
s nu t tl.sco to be nppi.liiie.i
Kit a F lee. tlasel Kltia Ks
YY a I US'
tor Uii'aiiaiil Mr
l.ll.v Wrlifbt. ..
Kstlter flsoliir 'il
N.-11 ('liansc. . I. i'ii
Messirler. Mrs. Ant,-.
Deri rnile II I'tn.lle
h, -Is, Ins Menirli r M
. Yin tauiiiu rn ,-la
In. tiiiuvcls M
I I'llllll llaritv. Su.lle I.'
l.e iiiipi-llltetl.
1,'irn A Mni'Dretror Mi
lli rlhs Flirscy ami lout
liVIIIIS. a'lil ..tie In
K.'-s'. HliS Mi- II,
Seeul a Fel n , 1 1 , , I s
to. .be apli.:ii'. 'I
Mima Wall. 1 l:
nlllintl -l.ilwiiril Kallale
lMlll. M.llnksl Mllll
M.'ii'il'liaii Mrs fiitherlir
nil- In he al.l te.l
I'ueketl an. I
11...., n.v,.' VI,-. HnWelllt I
I'lllUlbelll kulll.il
I'linUnMi 1 li s..iua Miss K
oi-lisii. l,."-,,,l, tin. Iiansn. r,v s Saslerv .
Knmclimuelia III il.abalual H t
,-'si. Mis i: .1 V isi Aule 1'. fbiini:
'I. ,, Miss l -rn In 11 V. f boy. Mrs lt..s,,
I.miMIhI Mi Man . Le-. Amtle N T
'I. 1 I"- ...f Mi . t.n.y I'urla.l,.
". ' ';. I 1 il-altiiirii. Wn
Is w 1, . .. 1 1 i.n-. 1., h,. a.,,.n,i
Wei, lln.
Mrs Marie
llolllc A. 1-or
Klhel J I'.IH, t
Ok lt,
Wslksim lHlsnt Wetalii.
Wallnku- l.t.ls f r. ksrl. Mrs. Aunts V.
frockeM. Msry Mybsnd. Maraaret Keoax.
Khile ( rowell Mrs" ( srolra Wolaht, Man-
'"i f"' 'ii, flirw. h'iith w iiraina: vn.r sirsvi
SlgrM Wlllissr. snt thr to aw Mjslinet I
. WhIIiis- Mrs. Klls Austin. Ml
nenor .inn, r.uiin i,. 1'itnn. suss An ior
Aba ',
Kntiakiilns L. K Kaalossibl.
Kllbllllll .Mis l"i,nll H knirla. I.lsale
. KllTlllli. Ml-s Anc V fhllek
S,ris kels, III.. Mrs. Lams A. Hsliey.
Mm 'I i: i lu tls l,n. II,. in l ''!. Isakel
I Miller, loiin M lime n I'esrl Jlansber-
; oiikIi.
s' to Miuihi-I A IMss Mis. Malbll
I ila If Harros , ,
I I'iiihm in- Klmer A. H iiwii U-rlrinln
k M I II il. -o. Mrs Flora II.
urn wsj Mis A f. nmi I. Ah Mn. Iiejr Wll-
hi. aim ii. . I :n- v'i !tker
linns n. Mrs. Kylvls M Mnples. Prank
.Marlins l.llllsn t'niin Hose kebre pier.
A line I'elliliTKSSt - . ,
K i h h ii ii Fre.l Miirpkv ubisa Hsnsen,
" '! ' ' Lore Wllltaina and
one tn tie anpnlnteil
I's.a , , I. .11- Knnv Klti-h. Olive
Vllllcrs. Harriet Klsiil t. Inlii lliniwlvvl,
M-s .1,, I, I. a 'n.'rs ie, HWH .rrr
Miss Ila., I Wesi i nn. sins- Klaaey, An
i Imn i i I'e-eirn l'ilii Wslsk-jr, Miirr
C nilelillelil. Marls f tlmtHHucs. Lillian
Mskawso Fre.l.-rlek W Hardy. A. H.
.Yl.sleliiis. Miss Kts Ktbii v., Amelia Tarn
Ysn. M .lint. I D Anjn suil one to fee ap
point eii ,
K eal a It o n Ins Tim tints nt. Kllen
fnpp sml three tn lie s'n.olnts4. '
l'ike Ii Kntinliaktmnlsews. Mrs Ju
lia Kaiiniiakissiiilievvs. Miss All Luna iit.
II.SS .,e lh S)ff
rinpsbikita Dn'll" A Icll;e.
Ilnirn' : ni-o'iii. Msrr E. Klenlna. Mrs.
' I, else V lint lilli. II I II Tt I.'IIISII, lHS
"llleti'sn Mrs 1',,'n li F.ister. Maonel
"i.n1 "ilea ll.i, DatilVlrt. Miss L.
talku Herbert A Wsile. Mrs. Kotor
'inn. Iisi-'l. Iln7.e I'. s'nr Mrs. Mary !
vfs.le. Kva F .Newuisu. Hosabellte K
f neltlu.
Keislin Mrs Kllen II IS'Brten.
Halekahsku - Itneltacl T 'KLsknaa
"til'ls'lne Fsssnssley.
Unci. i .lulls Mnttson.
Kesnse Helen K Awal tins II a. I Mala
HiU'leku Joseph fsrvslhii. Msrle V,
linns .loiin .1. Thettnes. Mrs.. Doreth
Mllihel' K.ii.s-'sinsl Klsle Cbalmers. Ms.
I. A. Meilelros.
I'non Wlliluua r llaln. Mrs. Kllsabeth
Kli shlilli. Mrs Ilnlh Dlhbs.
Ksuipo Mrs L. A. Msri lei.
'. Harnses.
I. anal Mnrv Kiinlnine
Kama lo- Mrs Frank Foster.
Kaii'Msbs Kstle l ook. Mrs.
A inoy Du
Walnlua - I'slvrsnl Kantm.
lislasa- I'Mvlii K. Kslssu.
I' l'kt nM Mrs. Untile Kshele.
Kslne- Mls Carrie I.. Iitmn.
Kannskakal Daclil Ksal.
Kalaupnpa V J. Knuhslhso.
Island ( Hawaii
llllo Cllloll -Jtiseiihinn tlnln I. Ill
Jlntisl. Harriet K. I1smiI. Mary ley.
Knilly Kwallkn. Rinui F Horte. A'laya
itoue laiulsa llaual. Mrs. Fsru . Msl'mi
ley. Miss M. laiulsc I'eyo. Agnes Kreudn.
Ylrs. Fl.telis LntllnsT, Mrs. Aunle Kal.
HlpUle K. Ijusifevlii. Annie N.ipter. Mies
Masao Kurnvn Mrs. ainlvl Lyman. Mrs,
Llxsle Walsnn. I. In ThUI. Mis.. 13. 1 lis
c'iTBes. .Insults Meirln. Mrs. Mamie II
'Users. Mrs. AII.t Msrlln. Mrs. KuuM Wl
llnms. Krnes N. Nskao. Floroace C'aiiqi
VII. Kstr.vn Miller. Mrs. Annabelle Kud
MiKsslal-s-HenjuiulB V. .M..IIo.
Vivplo , Mrs. F M WsVeOsbl. Miss ih
HsniatiB Leontt Miss Tsmar Ketnhardt.
Miss) Mntsnro m. HakAina. Hlla fans 1 In.
"?elyn K- I'us.
Wslaki-n-ksl lleln-eea Holni"iiber. Mrs.
Mary H. falkl. Mrs. Jettule May. Jean L
Vasbr. iashel M Kennetly, Miss Maes
Ullnls, Mrs. MaHou V, Morrill. MlasJ
isiuiia iianis.ia. llrs. iiuria w. Lest. ,
Hssheo Mrs little Overenrl. Elrlsra
Hontva. Mrs. Helen W. Hltaw. Klls Hehui
Wsmke.w.-n (ni to be aauolnted.
Wnliilo . M. Ksackuablwl, . A. An
Kaksslhsele Jam.ta C. Ksmskaiwl. Car
If Arrbur. Maaaia Voung, Afra, . Mary Ks
nllL autl tw (o be. aiipvlntiel. I
Kspiilens -lUttle L. Haffery, Miss II
svsbslnanl KsJTeey '
UiHiokaa.-LuHlsii ran Waavnea. Jehn -
'''dii-ln. Msh., -Jls'livs 1 fsLs, Mrs. Agues
v. I'ayov. Jennie. Fowpls. Pauline ItlWi
iraiimil, A 11 pa .tkaanss. Ttutlnss K, Nsbl
iv. Jean Kt, ttdlebaril, Kasianae WsSiln.;
Ahualoa -Josapb, 8. Vra. Joseph II
'"11 isv oseiih fyprlsno,
I'aaiiliatt Joseph , .:. fniwCard. Mrs
Mailvs CrssfoH , Vltln Murray. Mals'l
Mini horn, JplU i'opkluL
Ksspaaii- Ftnk . it. Tstxelra. fivU-u l
insrse. Marlon Hoaroa.
I'aiillivMra...,arak .At lisT-. LHv
'hliia, Mrs lleury- Keoiisalu. Lanrs F.
Mi'lersoo. Miss Kn Ven Win. Anna Cliuug
in. I three- ! tie ailHointetl.
iioksls Msnmel kawslsea. Mrs. Samuel
vnwulaea, ' .William Idteh if
I aupnlioehisr Airs, MihI Hlsson. Mrs
ley K. Rariiocsr.. Jcreiuish Malms. Mrs
:sther Maliio. aud two tn be aupoint.sl.
KaiH'bn Abel An Vog. Mnrtruee Leg
rett .Ylary )., kbjpter, , , , .
Miiok Amos -4. -.Iguaete. John K
Irnee, and, fw I.i be kliixilnteil
llnkiilnu Ki-RS'ue n. Capella. Mrs. K .8
ntiellas Mrs. Mary M. Maeba.lo. Mrs
leaslc, Don !. Ollfks CaJTalho. Ylrirlnln
vi. Crll.ello. Killth Klatt, Ileus. v Naliilc
lUS. I
ll.m.iinii John V.. Maresei. .Mrs. .1 V
lii"-elel Helen Katon. Helen H tillver
Inby J llmlfern. Mary i' Anilraile. Mrs
Irsrliils I'ereira.. Catherine Anilraile. nml
lire., to be aptio1utHl.
FeiMiekwo- .lva F Lodvnksuiper. Miss
Klla fsnslho Mrs. Agnes K liw.
llee Leona. Mkss Chlu Loo, Flsv-la Dal
mi. Mrs. Nettle-K Barry.
I'sislk.sis- Vlralnia Aswro. fsrvsllin
Marirnret Drown- Mis Toml Nakataukn
a. Frank lansclo. Mrs. Mshsna Wssh
'iitru. Alleea f amnbsll. Katbrya K. Ids.
rl.l ire Ma lis 11 d'Araujo. (jeneriern K.
"arvalhn. Eiltth . A.lney, Ellss L Ksinn
'Hwlwnnle, Vs.. William L. H'rrsn Auule
l ArstiJo. Mtktlxed Wlckershslin. Wlutfre.'
1 Lr.lutsu. A'fvla A. Hughes, May II
Kslwlkl Mr. Jessie Hllvs. Mrs J
Walker. 9. ,
I'lllu.nus -One to fee apisilu'''"!
Ktiuuisjssa Jobs. Lnls.. Mr. .Minnie Lulu,
in. I line Is be sptxsjnted.
Walakra uks I brlstlau Andrews. Miss
Vnll a AS'lress. t
(Has (Mue MlltsiWJtr. Qms L. Dun
no. Lulu Keatlna, aWireltne tt.ltellio. Mrs
'.uelllc llu.ksiein. karssts rlrlgifs. Kttx-l
I liompsou. tlwtsta MeCravksf. It. nun
les.h. .;
Kahoa Manuel HnptMa Olivsl. Julia
oellui. Miss .Tone Murarfcawi. .'Harriet h
ilnnilnn. and on to iht appointed.
kuimlio Uhrle Ab.Y,.aad one In t'
iptKiltiteil. e.'
Kaiiaea , WJIIIsm ' Valalwaa. ,
KjIs'isus -Mm Ansla ,Ooo Hun,.
Kurttslown -Msry L, NstllmS. Mr Mn
mile M. M. Url.le. Frieda YY'isruer. Mi r.v
Happy Hume--Mr. Hasiush ft. Kuehlro
M.iiintsln Y'leW Miss K. Francs Sir
rmr. Mrs. Mary Uoff. Mrs. Oktilvs Wee
'.-rl-'sr. Hpsnb-ua M. Watt, Lelss Jsuils.u,.
.elliie Lpwa.
. lien ...... I D.rfrntle Orrts.
Keakenlnul -lsilia Vailtb.
Cnps'isls - Mrs. I'fiuu- Wld.lllli bl
Miss Kaul Ksnkaou. Kllen llrt.'liuaiiii
I 'all a la -A. H. Voder,' Christine Isisa.us
l.'leis r.nBlsiiil. Mr, ailvlra (toll. K111II1
I'M Is. 1
llll.-a Zull.la ile Is Kux. Fmuiti Mala
Molina. 10 JMsc .'Malakn. .
Wsloblnii Lily K.. Aubl. Nsnnnl K1111
sue. Louise N. Melpeeke, Kuillv Kes.au
" Mil,. Ill Lily Kakuewa.
I'ana .klrlka AruiNnau.
Viae Mala l Ahunar-aod oue o Ik 1. 1
llo.ilouii Thomas at. IVmu Ylrs uT.I,
I Kasl. nml .111.' to be i..(vincl.
Il.ilinnlian Lot K. KaMWCL . Mis l.y.lla
vekui-wa ami one tn be sn(inlsls,l
Nni.notioo H. L. Knnsakan, Mrs Small
viiiiiakau. sod teii i.h ne arvrolu'e'i
Kniiiiwaeiia- -Xaiuuel Tnoavr A
1. -...Ill I'slmvrs .Hels, ANrs Ki
una viutrnes. 1 "ion la. HroWn
OIowbIii Diis
'iiiis' 10 ne apnniaieo.
ILdnslna John J.'4avao Miss Lafcnna
van kn. Mkes l.sal Aklns. Anlonlp H. Tel
I'a l.in v A Al and two to be appoliite.1
Knlliis -Frsaelis'K. AkHna, Maitv Alii
lloiinknbaii. Malktaaw H ksac, Mrs.
is'luTliie Koiuomua . .
Kn'liion .lieph NI Komonius
K. in.li,, 11 Mary A II,, i n Uullisrlne
't,,i it,.
V I. Illl Inl' It I I 11.11 till I
iMiwalh.ie Doia Aithtti.
American Wives Of
Alifen Enemi s May
Prottilnent Women of Hawaii
Fice Possibility of Having To
Submit To Same Regulation 4s
Those of German oi-'Austrian
Prominent irtv women of llnnnl..
lu, Kaiini, Hnui ssn.l n.'swni', who are
the wives nl men of Herman citirensliip,
but who tv birth are of some other
rare, may l.e ..impelled soon to submit
to having their linger prints taken the
same as the wives of nlien enemy sea
men or uj;nr plantation laborers. v
A forecast of this probability is con
taiue. in a rirculnr reaching the fed
eral orlicials yesterday which says that
iia the cnniiug registrntinn of female
alien enemies the women will hnvc
their finger punts taken the same a in
he registration of the dermaii and
V ust rian men.
However, until the registrntinn i it -rtructions
reach Honolulu it will nut
le definitely known whether or nut
romcii who are classed as alien enemies
ndsr the law because of their mar
riage to Hermans or Austrians will be
equired to submit to the same reguln
ion as do the women who are of (inr
nan or Austrian birth.
If snch is true, as now assumed, it
i known thut there are women in the
lalnu.ls who have sons, brothers, and
other relatives in the service of the
Vllira. .f llliipiestittlied loyalty, of high
social standing and who are active in
war work who will have to obey the
var rules, the tame as do the women
gainst wbom the regulations are di
etetl fnr the snfety of the Nation.
While June 17 hits been art aa the
late for the mainland registration pf
.lien enemy women, the date ia 10
vaii cHiinot be lixej until full instruc
tions are received. Marshal Mmiddy
'aa been us I.e. I by cable to" notify the
vVaahingtun officials of a convenient
iate of the Island registration, which
'ia will set when the registration in
truet ions arrive.
Pipgar Print Registration
.Regarding the finger print- registra
tion, thr circular received yuaterday
y the l'nite.1 States marshal and dis
rtot attorney say:
"Ju general, the plan of thr rrgistrn
"itw of Herman nlien females is the
mme as that followed in the registra
'iop last February of the l)rnn alien
''Lac-h person who must register will
,ie require l to register her linger print
The finger printing is not to he taken
an imputation that the registrant
a nol a law-abiding person. It ia a
nethod oj ideutitlcation simply. This
ei'thod ,ia observed ia the mijitury and
aval anrvioa of tbe United States aad
.s, aa well, iu gcuoral use for identifica
tion purpoMoa,
Other information contained iu tbe
irciiiar is given below:
"The general rule uu.l regulations
or the registration of (lernuiu alien
einnTes have been prescribed and is
uied by the attorney general of the
'nited tSates under the authority of the
'resident 'a , prouliiaiatiiin dated April
0, litIK, iaaued aftCf .the amendment,
y act of unp;resa approved April Hi,
of section 40(17 of the Itevised
Statutes concerning alien enemies, o
lu uiv'lu-st moint'is.
"The registration throughout the con
inentnl L llited Stale will begin on
tonilny, June J7, 111 IN, ami contiiiue
'a eai h day thereafter, excluding Sun
lay. dune 2.1, V.)H, up to au.l unhid
ng Wedncsdiiy, June li'l
n Oharga of wsr-Work Division
"The registration will he maile un
er the direction of the war wmk divi
ion nt' the department of just I.e. uu.l
ill be . onduct'ed for the ilciyrlnienl
n cilics or municipalities huving n
lOpulntion of 5000 or over l.v the fed
rul ceusus of 11)10, by the pnl.te ti;
icials, ami in communities having a
population of lees thuu SotiO by the
auic ceusus (which communities un
.ermed in the regulations " noiiurbaii
areas" i, by the postmasters, lu si, el
i.ies or municipalities the rc-istra
iun will tuke place in the police stu
ions in the various police precincts
uul iu such nonurbiin areas or . em
nunities the registrhtion will take place
in the postomce. "
light and quits
Natal censorship of the pulilicntiui
of news or advertisements rcnrj ui.
the piovements of vessels has resulteil
in the suspension of the lluide. the Ho
linlulu shipping publication. The is- u'
of the publication yesterday
this notice:
"Owing to I'uited -Stales
prohibiting tbe publi-utimi
of shl,
ling news, the (iuidij will suspend pul
Mention until rurther .notice,
TUe Uiiide and the Marine Kxchang.
he latter published by the Ifearst news
ilipera on the Coast, were held respon
dble for the imposing aguiu of th'
diinping censorship in the 1'initie, n
'inlh pul'lif atinna violated the govern
'iieul 'a re. i. lest that no mention I"
'un-le of the movements of govciiunen'
. an y- mmmm avsaaMMpaeaaaaa
W ill.. i. -a Mr. o--n AH' a. ll .l.. i l KI
hoi. Mrs. I In ii siu Is K. N.slley Ms. I.n. v
F llsrtsuasi.
I'.vhiikulua I sue lo lie aiipolnle.l
Kssiibiitin i me to be iipimluie.l
si.s vies. Lulu eUvs
Ioll.iinakiU Jssises H Hrisvlnsi Fu.uiu
Hiideahnrsi Mrs Hmh K. It'll ton Lor
rsln I ns Ms Mallliln Hllvs F.lllh llai k
er Dorothy Insr. Ylrs. lujla fetmuiisn
Mabel N Hey l.-
.and tlsris,
ilnisu t;
up). ..till
,e .Mrs
li Mr.
Ainu sea Mrs,
Ainv HI. lis r.lsoit
ll.ilawa Mrs. flara I.
Finllv K f ainpli.-ll Mr
leu 1,1 It l.v u. an
Vlakapi'ii Vla I I,, I
I Illl .
1 1.
w Finger Printed
l..s.ev V.. , Uy
In In ppl'lllll',1.
... -1 ...
Governor Thought He Was Sign
ing Act That Would Not Hold tn
- Court$ But He Was Sadly Mis
takenIt' Is Valid
(loverniir I'iilkhani. in his now fam
ous a, i. ,.rt iseiuent ''to whom il tnav
concern", intimates thnt Tailed Htatee
District Attorney H. O.'Hnber told Mm
tn.it tnc I Mtioyally Hill then tu'Iore the
li lils.itture was Une.inHl it nt IOI1.-I I.
t .. II. .1 .... i .. i: ... . .Lu
i . i i in', i ..... ne .kiii i i.-ii i nn-
'Miverimr niiylliiii, of the kind. He)
snvs. furthottuOre. that he does net be
lieve the net liiieottst il ulioiiM I.
A .i.i there v. ill are
The bill re'erred to is the one which
the luiveriior, believing ft, as he say,
to be un. onstitutionat, nmde law by
sigiiinii. It is the one which be, ac
"ording to his paid advertisement.,
threatens to yank into the courts if
eiivboil.v attemjits to make use of it for
II... .............. r... .t.:..l. :a . I..I
.o. .,...Fnn 10. V...I.U II. 1B IllteilUtJUa
that of suppress'ng disloyalty.
In his naive advertisement the Qor.
eriior says that when the secretary of
'he interior failed to reply to, his'
alilegritiii inipiiring whether or not the
'ejeral governineiit npprovad of local
'.'gisla! ion resu-icting alien enemies, ha
at usee I'onferreil with the I niteil '
states district attorneys
''It was eoncludcd while probably '
uiieonstitiitiounl . . . best la' apprpv
I subject to further inst ructi'itis (from
the national government or the deter
mination of the courts."
That's what the Governor say in ait
advertisement for which he is sponil-.
ng the people's money. Hut Mr. till
Her says something entirely different.
Ile denies he ever told Ihe Governor ha .
'.elieved Act 19 to be unconstitutional,
Me charitably credits the Governor's
-vHii.ii.iii. uiHite ur aiiverriniug rait,
Ms the Governor's mental confusion.
The Governor, it seems, baa irot him-
elf all tangled up and obfuscated. He
has confused the hill bo did sign with
ne which eras introduced but not pas.
.l bv the legislature nnd which , he
lldn't sign. Mis lutentioivs. apparent
'r, were perfectly good. Ho thoilirht
he was signing an unconstitutional Rill,
but he really wasn't.
libit riet Attorney Holier svava he
peiiitcd out tn the Governor that the
rojioseil iiiteraineiit ctimp a. t wqul.i be
Unronst it ut ional. Hut he .li.lu 't say
aything nboiit the Uisloyulty Art..
Committee Hot Faolad
Makinir fssrther refaraiices to' the ad.
vertisetnent published by the Governor
notifying the public thnt the Disloyalty
nil passed nt tbe special session might
se hebl uiieonstit utiouni, iSenator A, L.
'astle expreese.l the view that the at-'
orney treneral's itiessa,re on the ub
eel, published as a part of the ailver
iaenient, did not refer to the disloyal
y act, but to other war measures that
"ind been introduced 1 earlier in the aess '
.ion and tabled. . i . '
rsenaror i astle. w ho is chairman, ot
'he judiciary committee of the senate,
mid the romuiittee was aware that the
lovernor hnd asked W'tisliington for ad
ice on war Measures thut were intra-,
'uce.l. but believed that tbe (iovern-
t i cunie reterren to emer hils tuas
he d'sloynlty bill. This, he said., ia
iot aimed at .alien enemies, but at Oer
iiisii America as and all other who
night lie guilty of disloyal utteraueea
ir nets. i
He poiuted out that the act, Itself
uUnititl.v aiates tl.jit if nuy uf ila aee-
ions should bp kin I 'J mn yultitutional,
his shall out affect other provisions of.
he measure.
Caught Charging Too Much. He
Km i.i Administrator Child discover
.I vesterdnv morning, he sniil, that
he .laptinese Rice Mill hns been ehnrg
ng an uinoiint for rice in excess of
hut set by the feci commission. As
Ins was the company's lirst offense,
t wns ordered to refund fl'X to eeven
nslotncrs who hnd been overcharged
...i ..'-n fined five slnllnrs fur each
violation of Uie food ailniiiiietratiou
i I'hese Hues will be dunutod to
tbe Ied Cross.
A careful check of all sale reports
nf wholesaler in the city is bring
made and warnings have been sired
In several instance, where proUteer
ing has been carried on, that these
oractisea must cease or proaerutinu
iU follow.
Child report thut one large . whole
ale nud retail house in Honolulu has
been niakiug a irojit of two dollars
ami 6v rviU pn a barrel of flour
whsro the rulings, yf the food cons
nissian only .allow one dol'ar profit,
..luiiuiattator Ch'') "W that he wn.
"ot allowed to inuke uiblic the name
if thia prgllteer itsj)e the warniug
wnitt lUAlsendud. ,, I'te ..ft1"1 I"" been
asked, tsi ahow. causoiwhy it sliould
not .be pengli.d . for .tliiu nenso at
h hearing which u,ill U' liolil ir .he
near future. Another linn )ia. been
foitud guilty .ot aelliug duriug thn
month f' Mar.-fc, Hm .pounds of w' enl
Hour anil guiy i.'ltt pounds of sub
stitut". Thi Coii-vV will also be call
ed on the cart-' Vwirtlv.
r W-f.i
The ten tsisisu'd nurses of H m-lnl'i
iv ho have I iilii'ilee,.,! f,,. .. ;
lit the front sre :s to1'. .vis
K'ba lobSfl. V . ee. "
Mi A
Miss Jeanettf He-'ir.
Fsriisworth. Vi
initi. Mi.s V. Iiiipuw
s I ls,-lil'l
" ' nn
. v , ......ft
"is a, u
l'ept.ei. Mn- V'.iv Y "i
Kcrus.m a n.l Mis- Main I li.i.li

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