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'v:-i::-;'i.V- r'.--
!U! '.
- in nr no mi
. Amusement Center That Will
natia; nun ncaui ia ut
States' Planned' -
Support i Given Bf Street Car
Company In Shape of
) Liberal Offer
i. If plant that have received the ap
proval of basin interests kere are
sa-rled 'oet, HonolnFe will - be give
the tnl six month an amusement
enter in thS shape of White City
(hat wltl rank with any of the oM
mainland resorts of (he kind. With
unliable treet of land that if avail
able and eaJIa for pa immediate eatlay.
Hie belief ia espreseed that aa aoon a
a tympany 'Charter 'eaa bo Issued and
eflier 'pa f orgaaisatioa taken,
tittle, tlifflrttlty wilt be eseountored in
in Hi ag the monev needed to purchase
thy ritilpmer. -FTeeent plan eon tern
plate the- expeaditsre'of J 100,000.
As itatod when the project waa first
tolled of, tiio ait for tko amosertnent
ewtar ia a fourteen -eer tract on onteri
KTh Rtreet on the eitr aide Of tht
reconstructed SpfeVklee snarsia, which
las-been rebuilt by Jonah Kutnalae
TTiTa fonrjeea-aera tract la tho property
Of the Honolulu Rapid Traaait and
fnd Co'mpaay and the eompeay ha.
ofered the land fn term that are re
ATrtled aa liberal.
VtH Other Land
It la alao planned to acquire by leas
or ' otherwise from Jonah ' Knntaiac
afwi.rft fl aerea of tht adjoining traet
. Teia pxca nf land la needed aa it aa
living Spring which .has a heavy fli
and . would sire ' a water aapr.lT
- ' - " "
lake--of eoesiderable ares and supply
ether neds for watsr.
D.J. Barken, who la prime saover is
the eisolaet. VMtardar -ntlied the
rrms on whiek tho atreot oaf aompany
had said it would tura ever ita pro
per'ty. Fader, preeoat plana the eom
pany, ho said, win giro a- lease of ten
Jfewrs to the amusement aompany and
accept M rental four percent of the
rrofca receipts.1 A further coneeoaior
e said ' the. Street ear eoaspany had
offered wi' that 11 would; agree to ex
fie-iM all the money, received in the
' irsf three yeara from the. time of open
hg the park on the park itaelf in the
ehftpe of improemente and additiona
"The street ear company -has alst
agreed to do moftt of tko preliminary
. work oil tko traet and aa said it
Stands ready to put V $25,000 in eaah
iatevtho nark aa loooa aa a oompany
in formed 'and the stock pledged
l?urkett said. This-preliminary-work
t to. enostn or nuiiatng tne nau nu
raeo track, .layiag out., tko vaaebai)
rroonda, erecting graad atand and
blrnrhera, dredging out the lake and
wiiBtnl pool, ' oreeting feneea and
parking tha entire area. All thia work
Kill be done by tko atroot ear company
before the atanaement eompany will be
rilled tpoh to pay for equipment.
bota.Ua OntHnool .
; according to the plana for the re-
KTfkt now laid out the vUitor enter
g tba gronndg would paaa through , l
atroot lined with coneeaaioaa, eonaifting
"rf amueement doTieee of varloue aorta
'with' cafe, aoft drink and lee cream
eVtabllahmenU and at the end of thb
wmid oome to tho entrance of the
aeerte railway which ia to be modelled
ta "that of Coney Ialand. It ir planned
Jhftt thia will bo threefourtha of a
ttile long with parallel tracka ao tha
ar of joy rldera would be given thr
avlJttd thrill of racing each other. Thr
arenie railway, according to eatimatr
will eoot in the neighborhood of
On beyond thia will be located ro
freehmeat ataada, a moving picture
theatre, a huge dancing floor, merry-go
roulid aad other amuvement feature
tt the eame kind. A great atrurture
that ia to tower over the lake will be
the chute-the-ehutee tobonftan, which
rrctirding to the plan ia to be 350 feet
inength. In connection with a
j iwilion that ia to be erected aronad
tba lake will be an open area of
twtrtnbly with a atage or platform on
which the band concert or other enter
tainmrnte may t given. Behind the
avilioa parking apace to aci'ommodatr
ca riaq.v aa flve kupdred automobile i
provided for in the plana.
To Provide Hoveltian
On the aeoro of entertainment thoae
bcbml tho project aay that it will be
their pnrpoee to keep neveltiea before
the public ia the ah ap of big amuae
went, feature! that have been eucceaa
fll on tha mainland. Eeffular pro
frama are to be given and thoe, i
Km bron planned, will be changed
"eklv to keei live the intereat of
tho patrtni. They want to have eome
thing now on tho park all tha time.
It . la propoood' to incorporate the
ooainony under the lawa of the atate
of California, aa it ia aaid that Cali
for nil lwi give broad privilege to
nouoeraa or the kind contemplated.
Though tho eapitaliaation haa been act
nt 4100,000 it ia aaid that only enough
Itoek will bo aold to buy the neeeaaary
eouipment. Toatatively the par value
rf ah area haa been placed at 10,
maa ng ia all lOflOO aharea that may
he iaauod.
. W. t. .
A touch of rbe'umotlam, or a twinge
df nenralffia, whatever the troulilc Is.
ritnmherlala 'a Paia Balm driven uw av
U 1 1 II
the pain at once an.) curen th m
plaint quickly. Firat application yivrb
aelief. When a bottle of it it Vept in
the house the pain of burrm u I srjl ls
may t promptly rtlieel cuts ad
1 ruirei- qui h'aled aud -c'i;tg
lirurnptlv reduced. lo fa.', for the
houwh'M it ii inl j(h :id ml ro
ration vcrf ftni'lv vhoul I In- i ro
videil wi'h. r" l v all I ;ilrn
JBni"'n,' :iiuib & Cu., Lid., vui fur
Hawaii. A4v.
t V , i' , ; .
Younger Men To Be Used In Line
Duty When Elders Take
Staff Jobs
WAMHINOTON, May 24 Another
move toward the full utilization of
tho countrv man power waa made
today, when Secretary' Baker aent ta
eongrpan the draft of a bill propoaing
to raiac the maximum age limit for
voluntary enlistment in the Army from
forty to fifty-five yenra. All men over
forty o enlisted would be aaaigned
to nnnmmhatant service.
Id a letter to Speaker Clark, asking
that the bilr be pushed, (Secretary
Baker aaid:
"livery man above the age of for
ty yeara who ia enlisted la non-combat
ant branches of the service will make
available for duty with the line troops
a man within the prescribed age limiti
for all troops.
7,600,000 Will Bo Added
"Many men whose long experience
aa mechanics and artiaana will make
them particularly valuable to the vari
oua staff corps and departments may
he thua secured, inatead bf younger
men without auob experience, and the
nfflciency of the staff corps and the
departments thus will be increased. '
There probably are 7,600,000 men be
tween the ajros of forty and fifty five
and many tbousanda of them already
have atteated their desire to serve by
bombarding the department with ap
plications. While the great majority
if the men in thia rlaaa undoubtedly
will be reatrained from enlisting b.y
family aad business ties, the number
st liberty to join the colors is expect
ed to be more than sufficient to meet
he purpose in view.
Older Man Can Bo Uaod
Ptsff corps positions include man
duties behind the front. Every head
inartora unit Includes a number n'
positions for which the older men
would be jnst aa welt auited as the
present occupants, who, under the nev
plan, would be released for line dnty
Official estimatea are that a modem
army to be maintained aa an effioien
unit moat have between forty and for
tv-flve- percent of ita actual atrensrth
on duty in the fighting none. Thir
means that of the first 1,000,000 men
sent to France 400,000 serve along thr
line of communications, in hospitals o
t -the various headquarters and debar
kation bases. i
Tht far-reaching character of the
new " work or fight " regulations, un
der which the government proposes tr
put every man of draft ape into some
eful employment or into the ArmV
probably will not be fully realised bv
the country until the effect of its op
pration appear in every community.
The aweeping character of the gov
ernment purpose to ptt every able
man of draft age cither into the
Army or some useful occupation is in
dlcated by Provost Marshal-Genera!
Crowder'a offlrinl announcement.
. w. a. a.
Presented By Ad Club For Inter
island Flight
Major Harold M. Clark Jr., U. K A.
the army aviator, was presented with
a bronxe plaque yesterday by the Ad
Club in recognition of his recent air
plane flight from Oahu to Hawaii, th,
first inter island flight ever made.
Toe plaque hk handed to the majoi
by Mra. Walter ' Krear with, the
liest wishes nf the community, the pre
entation address beinj msde by E. A
Berndt. The speaker referred to the
iviator's patriotic duty and the darinr
f hia calling, saying Ihut Major Clari
had been deputed to overcome the
elements thst were ronsrdercd dero
atory to flying in Hawaii, and in
cidontally the rcnultx of this flight
nill add ene more line of defense in
nrotectinir this untpost of the I'arifW
against invaders.
The plaque was the deeign and worl
of C. A. Ktanton
Bear-Admirnl George Clark, lr. S
NV shortly to go to Washington U ,
Seeorae judge advocate of the navy
gave a brief talk in which he com
mented on the hospitality of the Isl
anda and his regret nt leaving Hawaii
He waa presented with a lei by Hec
etnr Brown of the chamber of com
Experiment With Rough On RaU
Found Unsatisfactory
K. C. Toller, h lui ii.lniaii in the Twen
ty fifth Infnn1r uttemptcl to end hir
life yesterday when he took a dose
of rough on rats Toller was taken t
the emergency Ik-hImI an. I. after be
ins given a thorough pumping uu'
process by Hospital steward Meyers
was aent on Ins a, u sadder ami
wior num.
t Toller --uol that .it' h,- had known
I the trouble !. x:i i" ' n to have lv
making au e:i 1 nf In ivi'euie. that
! V would hi-i tr-'i .'her i:i ho '
thjo "ro'ii'h on ra'f " o a ..uplisl
hi purpi a h- m ! 'hnt ih - mix
ture wa an h i u ' In1 j alatable snl
hat the uu mi' . ui 1. 1 t r - as even
Wi u o r , 1 1 . ii. i l , . i 1 1 . ' s v ai
'he vMu..v I.v .'-i I a b.u
East and West Break Even In
Yesterday's Games "Bos
ton Bill" James Married
. W. L. Pet.
Boston 44 87 17 . .014
New York 41 U 18 .671
Cblcag 80 22 J7 Mi
Cleveland 40 23 23' .600
t. Loui 39 IV 20 .47
Washtigton 44 80 24 .466
I'liiladelphia y 40 16 24 .400
Detroit 36 14 22 .3H9
7aatorday'a Eoawlta
At Chicago Chicago 4, Philadelphia
At St. Lonis hew York 4, 8t. Louis
At Detroit Washington 5, Detroit
At Cleveland Cleveland 5, Boston
(p niiig at Cleveland yesterday their
uew series, Ed, G. Barrow's Boston
Red Nox, American League Jesders,
were whipcd by Leo Fohl'a Indiana;
score iCleveland 6, Boston 4.
Connie Mack 'a Athletica, who in
vaded Chicago yestcrdny, fell down on
the job and were beaten by Clarence
Row land 'a White fto In the opening
game of the series; score Chicago 4,
Philadelphia 3.
Clark Oriffitk'a Senators were on
the job in their first game of the aeries
played at Detroit, for the Hughio Jen
i:n(,'a' Tigcra were mowed down by tbe
visitors; score Washington 6, Detroit
Miller Huggins' Yankees were the
only other Easterns to make good on
he invasion of tho West yesterday,
for Now York triumphed over Fielder
Jones' Browna in the opening game of
he series; score New York '4, ISt.
.ouis 2.
Present Serioa Pa Sunday
The present aeries in the West will
-lose, the afternooa of next Sunday.
In the aorlea which Closed on Tuesday
.'hicago won threo Of tho four games
ilnyed with Now York, Wnahington
three out of four from Cleveland f De
roit and Boston, and St. Louis and
Philadelphia broke even In their rrspec
.tve series, each winning two and los-
n g two games.
Boston 's present leadership is due
to the bad slump taken recently by
Mew York, the Yankees being even
then, only two full games behind the
Red Kox.
HACBAMtNTO, Mfcv 26 William
I.. ('Boston BUI") James, member of
the Boston Braves' twirling staat and
iou of Mr. and Mra. W. L. James of
Oroville, reached OroviUo yesterday Af
ternoon to report for entraittment with
the Butte County increment, that ia
going to Fort McDowell. Jamet, upon
his arrival, announced hia marriage to
Mist Marguerite Buckley at 8t. ObcIF
ia 's Catholic. Church in Boston ba 'Sat
urday, May 18. The bride la the bleb
of Mra. W. W. Oinglca, wife Of tfce
cashier of 'the First National Bant vt
Oroville. The home of Mrs. James i
Rawlins, Wyoming.
Mrs. James returned to her Wyom
ing home and Jamea eame on to Ilia
Oroville home. The bride will prob
ably join the big twirler-aoldier after
do ia aettled at Fort McDowell. '
w. a. a.
CoVnel Howard Hathaway, collector
of in terns I rex entie, has received a wire
from Daniel C. Koper, commissioner
of internal revenue, Washington,
atating that it in of the utmoat im
portance to the financial arrangementa
of the government that tax payers who
have purchuM'd treasury certificates of
indebtedness, maturing June 25, 1918,
should use such certificates in paymept
of their income taxes, and should not
present their certificates for payment
in cash. CntumiaiaoOjer Roper also
says that the office of tfce collector of
internal revenue here must accept suh
tendered certificates in payment of In
come taxes, and to do everything
possible to induce the taxpayera to
pay their incomo, and excesa profit
taxes by audi certificates.
By reason of this. Colonel Hathaway
urges .that all holders of certificates
of indebtedoena, who may have the
sitme held in Han Francisco or else
where in the states, should have the
same deposited with the Federal Re
serve Hank in Hsn Francisco, (Baking
arrangements with that bank to wire
bis office the amount and by whom
deposited, and whether the same wee
depoaitud in payment of income or ex
eeas profit taxen. or both. I'pon receipt
of Bueb wire from the Federal Reserve
Ban, in Kan Franeico, bin office will
receipt to the taxpayer for the amount
of such cert idea ten deposited, as of the
date thev were deposited with the
Fedoral Ke're National Bank.
W AHHINCTON, Jnp 5( Associat
ed Press) Hecaune of ill health Mau
rice F. Kgan. Tinted .states minister
to Denmark, lui- tendered his resigna
tion and u-l.l i,, l. relieved from
duty u.l speedilv a- ,dv ..
WAPHINGTn.Y. .fiiu- 5- Offic.a
Renew at
f ' h. ii lijtr.-it ,i r t res'"
teeea tl
Britain f'-.r
ed betwe, n
and Am but
nn , Ci
w u i rc
1 '1,
a 'ib
1 l 1.
atmamw mmma
rv""V.?' wwawoa.ss. ., las . . . ,
National League Bosses Report
ed After Securing Any Old
y Piscarded Player
Mr. V. Pet.
New York -...... 40
i, 88 18 .700
Chicago . , . .m , 80
Cincinnati -i 1 . , , 45
Httabmgh . .....1.. M
Hitlndelphia ; i v. ck. 39
Boston 4'VJv .' 41
8t, Ionia ; 41
lirookljn . ..... ..,'42
27 12 .092
24 21
14 20
17 22 .439
18 24 .429
16 25 .390
15 27 .357
Yoerday'a Seoul ta
At N York New York 4, Pitta
burgh 3. ""
A' Philadelphia Cincinnati 7, Phil
adelphia 4.. r .".
. Ai. HmoMy' Brooklyn 2, Ht. Louis
At Bostci Chieagq 7, Boston 3.
J-ohn MvOraw'a Oiaats closed their
serii yesterday by Winning over Hugo
Frzdek.'av vioittaig Pirnt,ee epaioj. aore
- Vew Yrir '4,''Pitt"barftlt 8. ' Raw
York won thra.'of the four games
played. All four battles were cloacly
contested, the score belag a small one
in eft eh - game.. .
The best akowlag of the National
Lrvftgu ecrioa whiek finished yesterday
m rdndr 'by Fred Mitchell's Chicago
Cuba, who took -four gamea straight
from tioorge Btnlltaga' Braves at Bos
ton.; .Tbn Bravee were Uaable to .win
a game of the sorles. Yesterday's
score Chicago 7, Boston 3.
Cbristy ' Mathewson Cincinnati
Rods won yesterday their last game
in Philadelphia from the Pat Moran
lTillllmj'9coro--Cincinnatt 7, Philadel
phia 4. Philadelphia, however, won
three of-the ve games played.
Dodgerti4tak One ' 1
W'iibuf ' 'Bobtosen Datdgera man
aged yesterdsy to defeat Jack Hen
drick'a St. Loali Browna; aeore
Brooklyn X, St. -Louie 0. 1"hia shutout
was the only; game won by Brooklyn
in the, series at home, Bt,' Louia taking
the first three, straight. .
The western, National League elubr
opon today . on different eastern dia
mondaClIc.ago t Philadelphia, St.
Louie at'New York, Cineirlnatl at Bos
t a tad Pittsburgh at Brooklyn. This
j series -Will eloee next Monday after
noon, to games being played on Hun
iifi ieweyer; '
T(ie Cuba bog on. close io the heels of
the-tiiabta, being only half a game be-
' Mud New; York. and having played one
gnrne lost tba. jthe.McGraw bunch.
OdaW tad Enda . . ' '
' tST,l-PTJISI( MhT 86-retbCkholOrers in
the e9t L,uia National League club are
reported to have agreed, to ralae $50,
000 ''try.'' general v contribution' among
inemscivesy red,. ceordrn,g. to. a state
tryaeovire new. playera' Bickey aaid
President ' Riokey. returned yesterday
from, a, scouting trip fo players. .Hi
Seclarod. every discard "'who bar evei
seen service in the major leagues ir
nor .sought after by. big league club
ewe'ere,'-.-- ;
. T- WUIS Mar Mf-Marty Kava
nkath formerly inieldef Jf 6r the Clevi
laaa .'and Detroit Americans haa beei
sltfned by the Bt.. Louis' Nationals to
plaf . aet9ad.baae. - l
All Is In Readiness For Big Con
cert To Be Given By Nearly
One Hundred Musicians
Bandmaster V. F. Safranek, of the
Coast lArtiHery band, reports that all
ia in readiness for the big concert of
the augmented band at . the Territorial
Fair oe Wednesday evening, June 12.
The program is In.prepaswtion and will
be announced within ' the next few
days, but the aaueteiaaa, nearly a
hundred in 11 amber, have held several
I rehearsals in the leak few weeks and
solved the problems of organizatiou
and unit harmony.
The jiufmentncl organisation Includes
members from, the bends of- the Fourt h
I Cavalry, Twenty-fifth Infantry, and
I TMrfeeth Bond, Coast Artillery Corps,
all of these having the high pitched
instruments requisite far satisfactory
. open air concert playing.
I Bandmaster Paf ranch- ia said to be
! vn of the best known -leaders In the
Tnited rltatea, having appeared at the
-bead of the musleal organisations nt
moat of the large expositions in the
last thirty years, -Carl Fischer, the
well known music publisher of New
Yprk, recognir.es him 'as aa authority
oil all questions concerning band muaic.
The augmented band concert will be
the chief feature of the Wednesday
evening program at the Fair. Other
interesting eventa include two tugs-of-r
r in the week 'a tournament, an ex
hibition by boys' clubs of the city, and
moving pictures. t
Drivlne; at a kink rate of speed,
automobile 8774, with Lieutenant Buf
ttu at theVbeet collided with a Bapid
TrannlVcar at King Street and Kala
kaua Avenue yeaterday morning short
ty nfter eight o'clock. '
According to' a report at the Bapid
Tranait office, the street car came to
a dead atop, when. the motorman ssw
the auto approaching. An unidentified
woman, wae was a eaeeenger in tae
automobile, fainted when tke accident
occurred end waa taken to the Fort
8hafwr hospital for. .treatment by a
Japanese) driving automobile 8138, The
f coder of the Rapid; Transit car wae
torn wfand tie eU4v b4Iy dai"aged.
meat today bf Prcajderi Branch Rickey,
tW aflm "will-be' ippljad to meet pay
! meat due July 1 On Jtheurebaae price
' of ,lhe club.' Nope of, If i f be used
III 7S n fl nrarsrtrirli
Bk M I H A wm ri n R UU n ' awaaaaaw m,.
BEN BRUNS, whose B. B. C. Medicine has made all nonolulf
talk, says: "Many leading broad-minded mainland physlciam
and prominent public people of big cities hare no hesitation It
endorsing B. B. C, as they have used It In their practise am
homes and find it really a scientific formula of the greates;
rahie for the alleviation of chronic ailments and Infirmities
B. B. C Is a bottled liquid, as tablet form remedies lose theli
strength and are often soiled in handling.
ler Bldg., Lea Angelea, Cal, lead
ing practitioner of ehronley dleeaaea
nd nsrvoua allmenta, aaya: ' "I con
sider B. B. C. a remarkable tonie
for nervoua, run-down and aenemlo
people, and have prescribed it for
many of my patients with uniform
DR. J. L. BERRY, phyelelan In
charge of the Bell Sanitarium, Bell,
Cel., aaya: "I bave no hesitation
la advising tha nee of B. B. C. to
my patients In certain cases of
chronic stomach and nervoua dis
orders and have often marvelled st
its effect"
DR. f. CHAFFEE, prominent
ohyelclan of Napa, Cal, aaya: "I
oonatder B. B. C. one of the beat
tonics for the general ayetem ever
introduced to the public. In chronic
eases of nervoua and stomach ail
ments and alao In kidney and blad
der dlaordera B. B. C. produces
some astonishing results."
DR. O. 8T RATTEN, of Stratten
Hoepltal, Bolae, Idaho, aaya: "I
bare prescribed B. B. C. in old
chronic cases of constipation and
stomach and nervoua disorders, and
am myself am axed at the results ob
formerly president of the Illinois
State Board, Chicago, UU eaya:
"B. B. C la a remarkable tonic of
great therapeutic value. I consider
the aniaxlng results obtained by It
generally to the fact that it ia non
alcoholic and containa no poisonous
or hablt-fonning drugs."
Geary A Co., wholeaale drugglsta,
Sacramento, Cal., says: "Our B. B.
C. aalea Bhow no slgna of diminish
ing. They Increase by leaps and
bounds. Everywhere we get re
ports that It U a remedy out of the
Explosion In Stove
Wrecks Kitchen
and Injures Cook
An explosion in h cook ntovt- nt the
home of T. H. (iil)oo, of Kainiuki,
principal of the I.i liuokaluni He h 00 1
yesterday afternoon at live thirty
o'clock reunite,! m partially wrecking
the kitchen mm sending Kugii 8a.ii
kukichi, the Japnm-n' cook, lo the
eniernency hospital to he treated for n
number of seeri; lacerations about the
head and lio n.
The cause of the explosion is Miir
rouudeil in invsti iy, n It lnMie.li it iN be
lieved at the police -talion that it whs
mused by an :u riinni l.-it 1011 of una
nliieh lial foriiir.l from some charcoal
which ha I been placed in the stove
early in the lav.
Mr. (iil.son mil I ln-t nielli that the
dove in question had nut been in UHe
for Home tune. Tl 00k had placed
he cliarconl in the stove curly in the
uirn'niK with the intention of broiling
steak lor the i-tening meal. i'u.jii
-itnrted the lire about five o'clock and
was hemline; over the stoxe when the
explosion took place. The stove was
completely shattered and f raginenti of
it were scattered about the kitchen. Mr.
Gibson found Kujii lying on the floor
unconscious, with blood xt reaming from
his face uud head. He was rushed to
the emergency honpital where it wai
found that the most serious wound was
a deep laceration of the lower jaw.
The Jupancse had been in the employ
of Mr. (iilison for about a mouth. Ho
could shed no light on the cause of the
explosion, when quest ioned Inst ii'irhJ,
and said that lie had no reason to be
lieve that enemies could have placed
fulminate capn or other explosives in
the stove ulthough he admitted that
he had made no examination of tho
stove before placing the charcoal in it.
The theory that gas, forming from the
charcoal, caused the explosion is doubt
ed in some quarters as cold ehureoal
i nut liable to form gas.
w. a s.
Whether or not alien enemies may
Hie aud in i i 11 1 11 i 11 suits ut luw iu the
Territorial courts remains an unanswer
ed questiou. as no ruling has beon giv
en locallv on the point, according to
Circuit Judge C. W. Ash ford. He said
that so far as he knew there is nothing
to prevent aliens from starting litigu
tiou. According to u recent Associuted
I'ress despatch. courts in California
have held that nhile alien enemies may
bccrii' hintf, thev v ill not be permit
ted to prosecute thorn during the period
of the nr . ft 1- said thnt such a tul
intr dni - not npi lv t. Hie courts hero
nnd ii is probable tl -it 110 local rul
ing will be g'vrn until the riu'lit." of an
nlion enein liti''?mt are bro'iijlit into
question after be has beun an action at
law. 1
MR. 8. J. KAHN, repreeentstlve '
Parle, Allen Co, Chloago, III,
aaya: "I conelder tha B. B. O. for
mula one of the greatest discoveries
of medical remedies. It haa been
the mainstay of myself sad family
sines I first heard of tt two years
ago and never tailed to produce re
sults in the many case I have ad
vised Its ass."
California Bettor Reads Association,
8an Francises, Cal., says: 1 waa
all run dowe aad a wrack physically
and gtren ap as a hopeless ease by
my ptyslclaaa when I commenced
using. B. B. C. After four months'
use I am entirely restored to health
and have ao hesitation la saying t
owo my Ufa aad present health to
this wonderful preparation.''
MR. a VY. RICHARDS, former
president Merchants' Association,
Sacramento, Cal, says: "I con
sider B. B. C. a great preparation.
It has remarkable qualities for
stomach and nervous diseases snd
for building op tha system and gen
eral kidney and liver troubles B.
B. C. bas no equal."
MR. HARRY FOLEY,' trainer of
champions and areeident of the As
sociated Boxing Promoters, San
Francisco, Cal., tha msn who trains
Willie Ritchie In all hie winning
championship conteata, aaya: "B. B.
C. la a great tonic for nervous, run
down people. I have used It my
self for stomach and kidney dis
orders .With the greatest success. I
alwaya have It on band aa a de
pendable household remedy."
Admits Sale Complained of and
Other Sales Before Judge
Mrs. Hiheleo, residing at Auld Lane
was arrested by License Inspector Hut
ton yesterday and is being held by the
federal authorities for an alleged sale
of "swipes" to one William Polokanu.
To Judge Bauka, yesterday, the woman
admitted this and several other sales
aud signified her intention of plead
ing guilty when her case ia brought to
trihl before Judge Yaughan today.
Hwipes makers are keeping Inspec
tor llutton busy these days, there be
ing au impression among this gentry
that there is no law under which they
can bo prosecuted. Tho federal au
thorities have provisions under the in
ternal revenue laws which fit these
cases very nicely, howewr. snd dras
tic measures will be taken by District
Attorney lluber to break up the in
dustry by applying Ibese lawa.
Reports reaching here from Hilo yes
terday say that this illicit industry is
also thriving on the Big Island, den
pile the efforts of the authorities there
to 1 reak it up.
from Montreal to IJverpooL
l.ondou and Ulasgow via the .
and Bt. Lawrence Route
By tha popular ' Princeaa"
Hteainers from Vancouver.
Victoriu or Ueattle.
For full information apply to
Theo. H. Davies & Co. Ltd
Oen 'I Agents. Canadian-Pacific Hv Co
Tsaued Tuesdays and Fridays j
(P.ul. r.d at the I'ntAjiaVe of Honolulu I
T H.. a lornud-clata raetti r ) I
Pei Year s.0u
Pr Tf ar 1 foreign ) . . . Al
Pavsble J iv.irtsblv i- ' n"
B. B. C. Is a marvelous reconstruc
tive .tonic It Infuses the system
with tha Iron force of health and
vitality of youth, building up the
body stronger than sickness and
aisease, na max ia au tnere ia to pj
tt If the body ia strong snd nor- 1
mal and tha organs of It well regu- H
la ted and performing their func
tions, there is no alckneaa. B. B. C.
does that very thing builds up
your body and makea It atronger
than tho allmenta that assail It and
they are beaten aad utterly routed,
and health Is tho rssult That "a
why rheumatiam, blood impurities,
sick headaches, nervous depres
sions, sleepless nights, senemle snd
run-down condition, biliousness, tor
pid Uver, constipation, kidney and
bladder ailments give way to an
extended course of B. B. C. even In
cases of long standing, ss Is proved
by the many prominent local people
who have testified to that effect
B. a C. la aold by all drugglsta.
plantation stores and dealers. No
ralae In price aa yet Still $1.00 per
bottle. This week 6 tor 15.00. I pay
packing and shipping chargea on all
16.00 orders. Free literature snd
explanations by Ben Bruns, agent at
suaA lACTOBV Bimvura ahd
commission MspcBAirri
K 1 risntntion tmpai.v
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Apokaa 8ngar Co., Ltd.
Eohala Sugar Company
Wabiaws. Water Company, Lta
Fulton Iron vorke, of 8t. Louis
Babeock A Wilcox Company
Green's Fuel Economise? Com bd
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road to rickes lies in spending
less than you earn, and inci
dentally you do your Country
a service. Start a savings ac
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money earn
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Planters' Line 'Shipping' Co.
Kohals Sugsr Co. s, k
1 ti
;Noi.ri.r iuon wokkh v - Ma-
chiur of d "iy Ji-O' r ! ; t i ii 11 mud' to
?. mm
'-. ........ - "
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