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vance Has- -AradJBiriji
PrcidfttditVy ChecUcd I Th50pfcVdanrt u
" " ' " the deeiet regret that It should have existed ami be tM
VIEW YOrtKJUn 1D--(Asrfociated Pre8TiWte'lumpti6n' of? Th, 'Monroe .loetrtaa Vame 'la fur hi attentei and he
JLN thi grea fcattW of thej "West w,S launched ytfcrtUj ty the . Ha ' t aa topomulgated' without asking tithe; roaweift
army of 'Crown MKWhthiA tuCk ,Tty
the French along 'a twenty mile front, between Noye)m nd Mont' ,ue nations of jh wartd a th oaiy way t senV a jv
tw tmlittot, tar Hwpltf tb v4tlMiW liUwt . wB waot to Urt by just m firmly w woutil
nd iul In empathy with the weaker nation and with ., ntancl ly Franee or Kngland, or any other of tha Alliea.
ngthJn aH1 thf tMiVWiof th 'aquirtry www,
it . to1 -mM( aaytkini ot aiiirrali4.-tnent frbnt 1
atiilk.f -Thia a-anta '.Was lulMn lant. weVk by
lipnt )Vllon to a delejatiea of Aixi-4 e lUqra Pt viiit
ing 'Hhiti 'country. ;UiI apeh' yrt rallied t Mfxik ;al
f H "jM 'auiiwnce la'mea i -warTipeairtYmi wat ne' af i
aor permit - auiireove irnm- wuira woum aav ezpciei taiBuaiaiiia x
ke "warfVir reapWee to that. U Wa rather too well ttreaaed. 'It r!
' Pre!: not an au.liene, ia 'other woYda, made" an ' of the elBsrfl
- . . ... . . . t- i ... T'nvniirmri.' i nar sever 1 rnreivei a uroiin
hundred yards to a mile and a half, the main jaihi peing pttlne fight) no more welrome than you are beu U W M
wing of the attacking army. The objccY U appan.Uy Pri and; one of my dintrew. during the period of my rBtendrapy
nited Btnten toward ' Mexieo.
trie hiiUaf marieuef is "vfdently' to bend ths 'French' front t this
point' tQwaTflt1 St." Just-ert-Chausie, teri mllet; soutM bf Vdntdidief,
qif tM French left, artd upon the railroad junction' of Ciplpiegne,
twelve miles southwear of NoyonS". on 'their right:
The drive was resumed in tremendous force,' following two days
of hejly "bombarding, but the initial saocess'has beeit very 'rrfach lest
than that of any of the three previous drives.
South' of Montdidler th Germans' df ow forward for two 'and a
third !mtli. Iri Xht 'cents of their line of attack, towards Reasons"
lUr-Matx the gains were" "for two and a half miles, 'this being the
greatest penetration;. ' tJefween Kessons ana iNoyons tnr Yrencrt neia
strongly and the gains were inaignffidant,' '
The Allied comfnauvjers along this frbnt aimotmce that they had
warning that the attach was being deeldped'an had 'vrtptftd td
meet it, allowing the Qermans such gains as they were- willing to
pay for in dead and Wounded when thestf "gains did rnot threaten
sflotly any importarii' points. Where H was necetisaJr td hold, as
it was to the south of.NoyonS, to prevent any further movement
against Soissons, the French threW the atuckeri back.
An official report from Paris, annpuricln'g h nef 'tklyei dmits
that the Germans' have gained to depth in places vf twQtniles and
more. Thefightipg is very he4vy all along the new batUelinesays
the report, but the French have offered such resistance toi the multi
plied efforts of the enemy that the advance has' already been checlwd,
especially on the wifrgs
British Army headquarters stages' that nci new att4ck has been
developed along the British front In con junction with the fresh effort
of Rupprecht towards Paris, although a heavy .bombardment at a
number of points along the northern Franco-British line gave prom
'is that the off ensure ' would be on a larger scale than has been
fall of Compeigne would force the' retirement of th Frendi from' all
their positions protecting Soissons north of the Afsne.
"The latest reports from th French front are cheerful and it'
appears that the French art holding magnificently. "
While the Germans were launching their new offensive west 'of
the Oise, the French, to the feast bf that rive? and between it and the.
Aisnev-made two vigorous ;locaI ttifclcp, improving .their positions.
(hat tlie".Miicn pebple did
Und the' attiiot of the V
nt people who Wotild have the nioat intimate feeling for
th4 allfTrrlBL'4 of fhrni-irinilv'iiiM -In ' Ruaaia . ' k'(
nudieitri- juriitd to 'ita feet in enthdKtaKtn. Nothing that
t aiil thai1 ooeaaioii Mrouaed aaythiuf like the culha
eiamii Hint eingle aentenva aronaed.
w enmro w vain
i " Now, that is a aamplp, gentlemen- Vie caunot make
aujtlniiK out pf Buaaia. We caanot make anything out
off atantiiiiK by RaXala at 'thia timethe remote of
Kutopaan aattea far aa we are1 tomieraed, the one
With fthifh we have' pad the. leant eoneetion ju trade
.and advanta and yet people of the United tit area roae
It) that utKtta aa to Tio other that 1 made in that ad
dli)i. , ' . 1 ';'
''Tint ie the heart of the American tni( are ready
t''hew you by any Set of friendKhlw that yo may make
possible, imr real-feeliitfa 'toward : Mexiea. Sotue ofaa,
Jf I may xpeak ao privately, Jrrok bai'k with regrpt npoa
ernie of the more, ancient relatione that we hare
I thiek I tap hueare 'yon, and I hope yon haee bad every,,; vtth Mexieo long before onr generation; anil Amertoa, if
evtfienre ar the train, or aaeorance, mat. ie Tiitnie I amy o expreaa it, would now feor ashamed to take ad
l on' of ainV-ere f rienliiip. And not merely" th aoiii of antage of her neighbor,'' ,
frinn.lihlp"Whirli prouipta oue nqt to do hi nKtubbor any, ) "to I hope you-tun carry ba-k to your home MOinSthing.
harm, but thfi aprt of friendship nhiih eurneatly deaire. . effrr thnn the aaauraneea of worda.' You have hn mn
tw do hia aeighbot aervtee. . v; , i tact with our people. You knew your own prrtonhl re-
"My owtt policy, and the policy of my own adimijtra- ! repiion. Haw gladly we have opene.1 to you the.'doore
tion 'wae at' every point baet upon thie principle tba of every entnb)iahaient that yen waAted to' ape 'am) have
internal aetttement of the affair of M'czieo waa none , of ithowh you juet what wa are doing, and I Iwipf yoif have
our hUHineaa;.' that we hal no right to interfere with or . gainil the right impreaaioa aa td why wa are doing It.
to dictate -Mexico la aay particular with tegjirit to" j ' "We me dolg it, gentlemen, m that the wnrlif may
her OWS affair; ' TaVa -one aepect of our relatione which never hereafter have t fear the only tHinir that hnv tiatiou
at one time may have been difficult for you to under- ha to ilrcad the uajuat and eelflnh asirreeidon of aaother
It may be," says ifcia Pritisb; communique, "tha J or thr md-f wrM, aatl I Wliv4t la pervaalve beeAuae.thanatioaa
the. German, ccempjat.tr.tmgtth.n-r
drive with the idea of ' wturihg)' CmpfVl d WattittiA-U'- dieiMeMatH-avie;r.'v. j'..:tx ..
ening out the soMthern edg of their Paris-war4 salietit, T1 ' ' tlr "' ' caulW-miW(MV '
i "T-nf irertrasifnu ox- vaone naiiona- wair,n nnre noi
"Whea'wa aent 'jlrMp into Mexico our aihwere desire
wm nothing else than to aaniet you to got rid of the, fnau
who waa'waking the aettlement of your affairi for the time
beiug hapoaaible. We had no deaire to una ear, treopa for
ant other purpdae, arid I waa in hope tbat'by .Lotlat-'
ing ia that1 way and thereupon immediately r withdrawing
I tiiifrht give aubatantial proof of the trnth rf be ar
ance that-1 had given your government through Prejjiderit
Carranta, And fet 'the preaent time it 'diUaao-ma' iri
h arn that certain iaflaetteea which I aum t-H' Ocf
man. la 'their rigi are 'trying to iuak the ' "w-orig i'.
preaaioa throughout ltxira aa to the purtoee of tb' United '
8atca, apd not only tbia wrong impreaipn; bnf -to gKe
an. aliaolotely untrue aeeooHt 'of things that happen. . 1 '-'
"You know "the1 dietreeatng thing that have baan.. hnp
pcnaiBg juat' off "our. eoaeta. You know of veseela that
Lave been aunk. I yeaterday received a quotation from
a paper ip Guadalajara which stated that thirteen of imr
battleidifpa had been aimk ' off "the t-njiea of 'Cheaapeake.
Yrfn ae lioW 'dreadTul" it in to1 hae peopl ao radically
miainmaet It -wHf added that our navy departmeat
yM wtthhoI'Vng-toe truth with regard to . these-siakicga,
" I have no doubt that the publisher of th papay pnb.
Ui-hed that a perfect innocence without turtending. to i eoa
iey tni tmpreaalOna. hut it ia evident that 'allegations
of that aoH proeel from those who wislj to make), trouble
between Mexiee aad the United fttate. - . ?
"Now gentlemen,' for the time beinv at aat Crale. and
T liop it will not 1m a abort time, the4ntueaee.i of the
tTaiteit BUetr ia aanaeahat pervasive in the affaire, of the
had military etaading which -would enahle' them to com-rare-
with the atrontreet nation! in the world, and I look
S forward with pride to the time which J hope will eeme
when we ;aa give nubstaatlal etulenee, not only that we
do not-want anything out ef thia-war, bat that we would
not accept anything out of it : that if ia 'abaolututy a ease
of disinterested action, aad if yn -wHl watch 'the attitude
of our people you will see nothing sti re them, ao deeply
a aasqraace that thia war, to far ah we' are eooeefued, lr
fur fdealiatie' otjc1s.
ranturin.xwo wooda and takih total of two hundraat nrtuamraVl . ' VP' r 'mo"itiaa tnat i .wperiencea urtibj u
wnfie a neavy local attack py uf uernians upon tne untisn wen or
Rheims failed with heavy losses." "
The Berlin communique makes no mention of the new drive but
reports a defeat northwest of Chateau Thierry of an' American' at
tempt to advance. This is the first official rnefitlba by.Berliit'of the
presence of 'Americans on thii front. Their official wireless said?
"American troops, attacking nOrffyWesf jpf 'Chatearu 'Thierry, were
driven back with heavy losses'. : Wtdolg humbef of prisoners."
The reports from General Pershing give no substantiation to the
claim of Berlin. The official American communique, covering the
1 il li tig' ui oaiuiuay, iu wu(U yuo vpciuiati' wuum a(BU
tells of an unsuccessful attack 'by the Germans upen-the' Franco-
American luies northwest fromXSia'feau Thierry to La Ferte," when
the enemy lost heavily, failing to 'reach the American lines with
their -charges.
Yesterday, says a report from, Artitrlcan Headquarters, th(S A01
ericana entered upon the first phase -of their part of a hew battle of
the ttfarne heavily bombarding" the German lines but making' no
effort to send forward their inf afitry.
The artillery duels along the Toul front are diminishing.
lUondon anhodsjcea that the German bombardment of the outfa
ern parf of the British front, from VtUers-Brettoneux north to Al
bert, has been above the normal, the same being true of the shellirlg
mainta'ined of the lines on the south qe of the Flanders salient, ba
tweei Qivenchy and Robecq
Special Committee Selected Tq
Artartge For Qbservan66
W. 1!. t.'aatli'. i-hairuiau of the V- M.
('. A. Fiftieth Anniversary ciiinmitte'r,
hue appointed a sHcinl committee tp
arrange the program for this celebra
tion wki'ih taken plnt-e next April. Ha
hua named r'. .1. i.owrev. I'. '. .Jouea,
KA Toe, Dr. W. ('. li'obdy aul Bev.
A.'W. I'almer witli the concurrence of
rei-leat William (i. Halt.
TUe Honolulu Young Meu's ('Iidh
tiiin Association wns nrxauixeit on
April H, 1HHI. Next April will murk
the aftieth inile-Ntoue ia H history.
Thia committee which has juat beeu ap1
painted Will take uji1 the program fea
tuVea in lonnmrrion with a aaitable ob
eevanea of the ami-fntanuial.
I'diili 'baiirr will Im invited aa a ape-
eiat gatiHt a tnv asauulHlien Ou'ring the
fiftieth 'anaii eraary aeeardtng to yluun
devaloKtd by the cKiKutive eeuimittea.'
rlupcr waa general aaemrtary for teu
years from 1UHI uutil lWlfl ami had n
large part iu the great development
ef the " Y" iu Honolulu.
floiug work around the . propoatfl
aew ' wbarf 'for Hilo ia 'giay ahead
well and already one line of nolea ia
Snhjhed. a valyx drill la UlBg uaed.
wbieb, having a hollow ten;' bring
Bp samples of the rural; ease aad tnud,
pf which tie harbuf bottom-ia 'com
aoMd.-enarts the Hilo Trihaae.
Kiae b-"'lr hare been bored -iu the
bay 'along liav A jind t4a tbcra are
j auw cooipb-tyd up line B Mane of
I the bolus are not very deHJ S4 the ia-
triictioua arw 1i stop boring when hard
coraf U rt-anhcd. Home bOW are fair
i.. j'.. ..La iJ . l. iiii
ijr ni-rji ppu I4tauuq inaiaqc ia
tee years of the war. veara whea the United State
Wa not in the war, was in getting the -foreign eflicWef.
Koropean nations to believe that the United States waa
aaekiag notbieg for herself, that ber neutrality wasn't
aetsit, aa-l tuat if she came in she won hi not come ta to
oeb anrthing aulmtantial oat of the wnr any ' material'
oOjfu t, any territory or trade, gr anytkiag else "of tkat
in some of the foreiira oAVea. ther .were men who
uerionallv knew me and they Relieved, X bopc,, t ljj I vT.as
sini-ere in assuring them that our. purposes -rere disin
terested, but they thought these aaeuxancai fame front
an, tiademir gentleipaa removed froin ordinary sourcea of
lnf,prrris,tioi'. and speaking 1dealiti purpoaea of elOialeT?
They did not believe I was speaking the real heart f thV
American people an-l I knew all along that 1 vm Now-
I believe everybody bo (joinea into contai't with' the'
AnierK on people kuows that T an arteakfnjf f Uoir pilrpoeeg:
' "Th other nitrht in New' York af the paniirg of tbi
caniiiaiun for funds for our Red Prone I Will a- an- addreasi
J bad uot intemled to refer to RoHala, but was lipealrin'g '
wiiboiu iiotcs nrra in ine cmiree. oi won i sain mv
t-, '
bad to
f 117
wad lu-uufl mstanw tUe
bf sent down to-'axjeptb o
wSkk raf
HAS KRANfltP. Jupe'JflL
( Associated ' press) Mis' Traio
is Cowi-lls swum oveY the ' mile
tidewater -ourse her yrtsterd'ay'
in tH:Ti'A :i 3 seconds.
Harold ("Htubby") Kruge'r of
Honolulu swam the 40 yard dia
tance ba- kstruke iu U-.t.'i 2 -1.
Hll.O. June C No le thaii thirty,
one f-irmer teacher and atmlent .f
lie) Hilo Hiyh Hcnniol are now"i the
I'nited States Army. Two "former;
Students also are in thi Navy, 6ne
ta the HntiNh und the other rn tlfH
Amerlcua. The preaent f a'etirty s and
tudents feel ver.V prouil of the!' show
ing made by their former follow
atudent an.t traehera. r
Mfluer ' Mpir, aqn' of Jam VMt;
of Hnknliui I'lnntution, ia in the Britlab
Kvv ami is doing remarkably wedl.
iQkri Told, ton of 8apervior W. A.
Todd, is in the I'nited Htatea Navy aad
(a getting along aj-11. '
The younj; nieff who are ia th
Uva ptutes Army aru all well kuOwa
inf'Itto Tlieit numea follow: ' ; , a
Albert Ahia, k'stoaM ArakawS,
Kenneth . Haragar, William Browa,
I'fanci farier, V. A. dowea, Jniebi
Pel, Keuichi Dui. fpsbio Enombto,
Cbiyota Fujii. Heurv Hattie, Baijl
Hjrotui, Taduichi jataki, pblgeso
Katb-giuhi, Henry Kai, Alfred Kain
iamoku, Hi,let..Ui.u Kauai, Shpj Kb
wao, Jaek Kennedy, jinxold HUeomb,
Thortilon l.ymmi, Uavato ISakaoo(0,
Walla-e Nuope. Daniel' Kiylbaniel,
Hbivyto (ikma, ivter Pcbelp, Huintanio
8aito, f'lnrle- nnnatta, Qernird
Vicar-. ;.n.i t. ii Kong 'ong
w. . a.
lo not suffei from crump ' eoHe :ftr
iai in th.- Kif.ina.l, when t'kaaiber
btiais Cob-- an.t iJiarrbova Itcinedy
goes lo th. i .lti spot aud givee iiawa
liHle rein '. yuu ennn.H ajford be
without it if ton are subject to attack
of t hi- km. I yT nu? by all dealer.
Benson, Hmnh 4 Co, Ltd., agent for
"Some time ago, aa you probably all know, I pr6Mei
a sort of l'a a American agreement. I had perceived that
one of the difficulties of our past relationship with the
Latin American wa tbia, that the famous Morirof doe
trine was adopted Without yoor consent, without the' roa
sent. pi any Central American or South American Kate.
If 1 efrc it 'In' term we so often use in this country,
we said: 'We are going to be your bug brother, whether
you want a to' lie or no,'
; "We didn't ak whether it was agreeable to yon that
we should he your bug brother. We aabl, w are'going t
1. Now that waa all yery well aa far ae proteetittg yoa
frutn aggression Yroio- the other aide' of the water was eon-i-erued,
but there waa nothing in It that protected yoi) front
aggression from us, and I have repeatedly seen uneasy feeK
ing oft the part of tlie representativee of the state of
Central and Hoiith America that our self-appointed protec
tion might be for bur own toenefit ami our own 'interest,'
an. I not for the interest of our neighbors. '
"Ho I anid, 'Very well, lei n make an arrangement by
which we will irive bonds. Let n have cominou raaraotee
that all of us will sign declaration of political independence
and territorial integrity. Let us agree if any- one Df us,
the I" nited Btatee included violates the political' indepen
dence or territorial integrity of any of the other, all the
others would jump en her.'
"1 pointed out to aome gentlemen who were less inclined
to enter into thia agreement than others that that was in
effect giving bonds on the part of the United Htates tttat we
would -enter into an arrangement by which you would be
protected -from u.. Now that i the kind of-agreymept
that'wUl have ta tie. th4 foqndatipn of the future life. . of
natibn of thf world, gtojemeq. ' .. , '
fi VThe-whrrre family of nationa witl have ) giiaraate to
eaJ nation that Bo- natloa shall violate it iolrtieat ia.le
-pendence or''it territorial integrity. That l the basis
the only conceivable basis for the future peace' of the
world, and 1 must admit that. I was ambitious to hawe tbe
late of the- twit continents of America show the' way
to the! rest of the world as how to make the basis forlieare. '
"Peace raa come only by trust. Mo long aa there is sua
jAVIoa-there is going to be misunderstanding, Ho long aa
there is misunderstanding there is going to be trouble. t
"11 you can 'once get a situation of trust, then you have
not a aitiiatiAd of iNtrinauent iiaaee. Therefore, every one-'
ii lis, it seems to flitt, owes it as a patriotic dnty to his own
ronnrry.to plur: -aeeiia or trust nnt conn.ienre instead or
speds of suspiulon and variety of interest. - That Us th4
chsou I began by saying to you that I have not had tb
pleasure of meeting a group of men who were ' more weU
i;onae-than you are because you are our ucnr iieighb6ra.
; "BuspWou on jiiHir part, or mi.-iuiiderstauding. on your
paV-ditrMFe us more than we would be distr'eaeed by
similar feeling ou the pint of those less near by. When
yon reflect how wonderful the storehouse of treasure Mexico
is, you eanr see how her future must iete.nd on peaee aad
hAiior',' stf "then ''nobody shall ' exploit her. It must idejK-ad
upon, every nation that has any relations with her, aad
citizen of any nation that ha any relations with ' her;
weeping within the bounds of honor aud .fair dealing -nl
just'its, becauae so -soon as you can a-liuit your own capital
nn the capital of the world to the free uses of the
rAUir of ilexied, it w ill lie one of the most wonderfully
rich fad prosperous countries iu the world.
. ." Aud when you have fouu latious of established order,
and the world has come lo its sense again, we shall, 1 bop,
have 'the very beet connections that will usaufe Us all of
permanent cordiality ami friendship. "
' I'-
CifirqaticttNQV Secured and Small Ameri
can' Steamer Was" StonkV Saturday Seventy
Miles Off Maryland-Coast
"f f S '.'. i' t '-i , ., '-". ";-';.'; ''
Y,A3lU.GtpN, JWeCb-(Asspciated ,.Pres8)--Orie of the
W enemf kubmarines- which-ha been opefatihg' off th 'Atlantic
Coast of this country, bringing, destruction to the-"smaller craft of
the coastwise?' shtdpin:has 'been taptutid or sunk'by United States
destroyer. This is the report-which has reached here from an At
lantic port ahd was in Circulation "yesterday although official con
Brmatidntdul4 not be'secured ffpnftht tjavy department' ,
,' WhetheY or "hot the4 repdrt correct the" enemy raiders are still
ppefathigtand Us la'ti Saturday Asere slnWni toastal shipping.
Announcement "was" niade' bythe navy department last night
that the American steameTfMnar tlet fcio was attacked and sunk on
Saturday seventy miles off the coast -of Maryland. This indicates
that the? Jfun submarines 'are'opefatibg '.over ' wider area or that
they have turned t-belr Course from south to north for it gives a new
locatio'ii of enemy pre'sence.'jx
The destruction of the Piimr del Rid adds to the list of those
dead or missing from the enemy attacks for the captain and seven
teen of his crew are reported as" missing. It brings the total of ships
known to have been destroyed ipo sbtteen, eight of them steamers
and eight chboners." . ( . :
The steamer destroyed on Saturday wa a small freighter of six
jeert h&ndrCd tofts restry. - -
The Hirpathlan and the 'Vlnland were both sunk at positions
consider'ably south of the one! where the Plhar det Rio met her de
strdyef " ' '"- ' '- ' ''
British Ambassador Told of Suc
cess and , UHiW StafeV
Should-Fect' Confident
WAMmGTON, Jums-10 (Associa
ted 'Press) AmbaeaadoT Reading baa
received - a oablegram from London
telling of . successful tests of tbe Li
berty Motos and hi ' I told to advUe
the United Ptatea that it should dewerop
tbe' predaetibsV . .
The cable message. 'to the imtisa aav
Nearly Three Thousand Have
1 Pdld Supreme Sacrifice To
Free World -of Huns
' WASHINGTON. .Tune 10 I Associst
d Irees) Tbe first regular weekly
fasualty list, issued yesterday by the
war department, summarizes the Amer
ican ioases in France to date, ahowing
the ' total number of casualties to be
. t.ttfl.
t j'Dektb from tjll' V eartL in the Amer-
baasador Sold! VTeehnieU anthdrttte ' (c, arn,y,in France bifve been 2U27.
report that the new-Liberty 'Metoa'baa ihi -mlssin-g, including prisoners known
iuhji-h . - . t0 De 6ell1 tv tne Hermans, number
' of th eil-
' A' DIECXV-May-' 2
kient ha' iut beett-aiade
gigemfnt, ' off Mis ' Beatrice Uradge
daughter of Mr. aid' 'Mm. TheWore'(
pfedgS 'nf OhWaWrl,. to Lieutenant KT
IcVy' 6toi, It; a." Ki' B-' F.', naval rom-i
SiBnleafton uf erlutendnt of 'Huutheru
alJfornin,', Ner"MVrteo ad Ariion.
Llejrteuauf Bfope' barf "his 'headquarters
jn Haa llegr" and1 'resides af the Uni
?ersty Olubj fcerey
The' bride elect belong tfli a family
?rl knowi( in faVand -and in Hon6
u,luV Wbe ll s-gradnatb' of Miss Mar
rihtan 'i wbopf , in ' Ptedipont. Her
bf other, Mr..! Armlgef Wredge, is at
tifCatW Brfinrais eauntry In Ffance
a a, member pf the engiaeering eorp.
She is a piece, of A,A 4.' young, Mrs.
C. C. von Hamm ' and Mis Hertba
Young of Honolulu.
Lieutenant trtoae ia a son of the
late; Kdgar ParVman Htrtne. Hi poth
er ami sisteti' AViiaf Allison titau, not
Ion? ago. viaited Man I)ig and made
maay friend in navy circles while
Hr w si graduated "from he I'aiver
lty of CaliforuU.'Xfhara b t-peialied
Iu wireless telegraphy- Te aeddiug
Sill take pl4re dn: Uii fall.
:... if n u ',
. PAatlnf, June lO--(-SaMated Press)
Tbe newspaper agw that Prntidmit
Wtaott -t'aWiaab 'bharrter aad premier
Halundra of Italy are to be elected to
membership in tbe Academy of Moral
and Political beieueea.
Two of the four destroyers now' un
der coast ructiou i)t Pauilic shipyards
will be named after heroes of the
present war, according 'td advloes re
ceied from Washington ' by the local
naval recruiting station.'
One wit! be named the Kalk, ia
honor of Lieutenant Htantoa KalkV who
Was ottirer in charge of tke dsVk of
the Jaob Jones w he's r the destroyer
was' sunk tiy a (iertaaa submarliw.
After the ship ' was - torpedoed Ka)k,
swam fnnl raft to raft trying1 to
equalize the loaf so tlieit tbe men who
survived might keep afloat until' res,
eued. Kalk was picked up with) the
others but, aeakened' bt 'clposure) and
exhaustion, died on ef-ember 0j' 1917.
The Ingram will be named In honor
of Osmond Kelly Ingram, gsnper's
mate first clHS, nbo was killed VhfO
the destroyer rassin' was torpedoed on
Oetuher IU. IH17. He ran aft to throw
the depth charges overboard and was
killed when the torpedo' struck.
The other two destroyers will be
named after Onuiuianilcr Jame H
Ward, the first ofhVer of tbe aary killed
iir action in tile Civil War, and I.le(t
tenaut .Tolin YamaU ' wtio was award
ed a medal for Ksllautry at the battle
Mf I ake trie.
aad experiment to warrant confidence.
in them. The excellent result secur
ed place thia motor in the first line, 'of
biirk powered eaginea. The-United
tttates should develop production of
them with every confidence aad without
furthev -delay.!'
. Vaiteq States factories where Liber-'
ty Motors are being made- are already
attaining quantity production-.
I Thai Semite-committees which is 011
ietJcstiug Liberty. 'M-otor ia 16a
ne'tion with its investigation of aero
ptaaea and theiT production said yes
terday that- motor production waa he
qomiog.sueh that all demand for the
new type of engines would soon be met.
After visiting a certain aircraft fa-'
tory tbe committee said that- jorduction
of plums there a a reaching qua.u4.ity
On1 May 17, Theodore M.-Knappen,
in an article in the daily press, said:
"Tomorrow the one hundredth 1 I)e
Havilsnd ' 'plane equipd with a Li
berty Meter will be sbtpped to Frnnse.
The De Havilund Four, with its li
berty Motor installed, is the fsstdst
flying mnehiue in the world. It is an-b
seen daily at the Hub of the pnytou
around the Rolls Bovce in th sumcaort I turned to J'etrogrud, the
ef 'plane.' n4
mittedty the mes
(fine tMt the Ok World baa prod
Yes, the Yanks are coming.
1 ' ir.'a.a. . -
and tbe total wounded are 404A.
Yesterday 's daily report showed
thirty three killed in astion, uiae dead
from wounds, eleven from disease.-one
billed in an airplane accident and four
otherwise. Severely wounded number
forty six, with ' seventy-four other
wannded, the extent of their injuries
being announced as "undetermined."
There arc twenty missing for the day.
The-total number of Americans who
have so far died in action, including,
291 killed at sea, is 1(1.1.1. Three hun
dred ami ten lmve died of wounds re
ecive.l iir action and IV.tl have died
Of disease.
Yesterday's casualty list also con
tains the names of two Marines dead
ef wounds and ten others wounded.
w. a. a.
WAXFIINtiTON, dune U K)ffieial)
Ambassador On id Francis has re
i!nte depart-
tlie Rolrs-Royo is -1 UPJ?1 . informed..
st powerful aerial en-I , Jh L nite.l -States Ambassador left
I World has produced."! fl,rn'" Russian capital during the
uiAt the taua Used tbe Warld ava;
to cure cold in one da'y. The blgaa
ture of K. W. ( -UOVK it on each box
Mauiituctured ly tlie PKIS MEDI
CINE CO., St. Louis, U. 8 A.
- ,i -I i - - "
Jaae JO (Associated Prea) It is ua
dcrstood that the French 'government,
in appreelatle bt the- gallantry of the
American force ensagd 'in the- sB'
und battle pi the Mrae, wbich check
ed the Germad' advance on -Pari, ba
decided t obfe a decoration on to
entire American force on -that front.
, ; 8A.V FwANClSCO,' Jane 10 (Asso
ciated Pfess The Afkeku Maru is re
ported to have groanded ppotr a rocky
ledge and to be in a serious position.
Kb is a steam! of about 2300 topi
registry. -
... .wta-s. .
iiisturiiances. writ- It ilruvo trom retro-
pad all of the Allied diplmnata prior
Fo tbe signing of the Russian Central
Tower papers at If rest-Litovsk.
W. S. S.
HAN FRANCItsCO, Jse 10 (A-
auoiated Tfess) Four bandrexl miles J
out at sea from a ravlue Port, the
burning hulk of a three masted
schooner- n n discovered oa Tues
day night. The report Jnf the sight
ing of ' the- !urnmg halk ' wiy-
rauuhr tu l-y a steamer wbnih us- i
rived, iu th if yesterday. The j
naia of th prviiij vessel is not I
told and therv ha been io report
! of the sighting of small boats or
rescue of the mcuiliCM of the crew.
: a
i AMSTERDAM, June 10--(Asocia-d
Press) Hocialist Deputy Wendell,
jnl the . reichstng has denounced the
policy, pf maintaining a military dicta
torship in Alsese-Lorraine. He said
the population of that proviuee bad
been strongly (lormna in their sym
pathie at tbo begiiiniag of the war,
ythile now that cundition ha been re
versed, duo to the oppressive incnstiie
of the autocrat.
PARI.1, June 10 ( Assoc iato.1 i'ress)
- -The Oermait long rauj,' gun bom
barded I'aris yesterday, the erf. its of
tl)P lire not licing anuounceil. A ird-
lug to l.e Alntm tlicro were a nuinlicr
or cMsualties from fiat uidny 's boiu
bur.Imeiit. w. s. s.
Hr-liNL, Juue 10- (Associated Pres)
The arrival of the Diaud Duchess
Gig, sister of the former Cnr of Rus
si, strengthens the persistent report
thnt the RoiaamitT family may he per
Biitted to take up its rerldeuca here,
it is n-iai led a sigiiilHitiit that the
(-eruiMii authorities lundu il yusy for
the (lrnii-1 liuchenr- lo snenre permission
to pass through (leiinniiy to Switer-bind.

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