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, "V'T '"'TTT r " -wr -.r tt-yrr
oia mm
Spjrit of Militant Patriotism -Pervades the
Blaring bugles, a battalion of Infantrymen at rigid attention and with pre
sented arras, a typical America, executive 6 big atfalr reflecting on his open
countniyic.e th mixed emotion t uWrle', seritnisness, pleasure anil patriotism'
and then th nnfurllnir nf 4 ' td M.1 f.
ifurllnir of 4 hi a atarW
Such, la the sketchy mental, picture left by the aimple but impress!- open
inn Of Hawaii a I'lrgt TeiritoriakVay at Kaplolaol Park. ye4dafferuodi?.
Interrolnffling, keemfngly Jtrang 'bu ?ofcriatifctorr la' watr tinYea, with
tbi nieotat photograph la the far from elus) iftiprees'fan that here wa the win
ing of the plow '.he? and the wbrl' ,,'.- ' "
This note, ecareJy Uagip)e;ut.Uir Impreaalre, way have been .truck by
the toinliig of the miliUr. and the ivllin la the opnlhg exercise It was
tn lift trior, fro
atiove the main
upon, the mind
tary of the "nati
, if not epic, by the prVsenee ef.PraokUa K. laue, the secretary of
roiri whose hand the J) tan and .Stirfpe ware drawn by a halyard to
ib gAteby. ah irtillerywaji a the signal that the fair waa formally
VUt't 1T,P,,,"J of' Hawaii' war time fair wai imprinted
dbV the military honor keeOfitad .' the event, r the civilian aerre
national administration' when k battalion of the Second Infantry'
" " nation a colore were drawn to. the tip of the flag ataff.
while the bugle btw forth that thrlllW eomraaiUl '-'To the Color."
But the sustaining of the agrlcul. t "I 1 1 11
tural with th military note wu vmpntu W mJLfarmerr welfaa bthe" big
media another asjieet, perhape mora I torrmratioa ealtivator.
significant than the uniformed mea akl ' f,,( ,rMhH. l k. 1. 1 ji '
attention, Thi Wag in" the attitude.
or, the thousand of spectators whd ai
tended the opening exercises.
Perfect Order Maintained
With uncovered heads', nearly aa rigid
nt attention a the Wldiere, minus the
usual au'rginft'bf an iindisciDlined crowd.
these Civiliau sjneetajors' stood through
out ins raining 01 me nag ana. me
nubneuerit' playing of th.!, Star SpanjflftJ
Runner as II of one' purpose and trains'
ing'with the infantrymen." ' -.' V
Promptly at oae o'clock, aa achelli.'
uled, the opening exercises. began. rVe
retary Lane, accompanied by the Ovt
ernor, ami . Uovcrnor Designate, Charlea
J. McCarthy Itrriyed at the mal& fair
ground entrance; opposite the pubUe
baths in Kapiolaniarh. . -i
Under the command of Cpt Balph 0.
HojUiday, the battalion of the Recond In
fantry in response to bug, 'command
csmc to tten (i on as the .o$c4als duv
einbarkel from their automobile, fin
mediately the exerclaei starts, .with
Secretary Lane stepping before. the mm
trance arch, where an 8-foldetl ,tag
was placed in his hanUs, t)he ag wMf h
is to fly throughout the daylight tyuxa
of the fair.
"To the Colors" was blown, Jha
civilians bared their heads ajidUhe
diers snapped to attention, and, thenar-1
tilleryman hoisted the flag to the staff.
And so Hawaii's first terrKOriai fair
was opened opened . by. ..toe leaulnit
American soldiers ' and their 1 ofilcert.
who anxiously await the call which wllf
send them overseas to fight for that tfiehj of ti (jnartermaster'' department,
nun, buu me
PJay hre tit of the kind thai "stick
A casual visitor caa not pass through
thia section without his attention be
Ing. galled.', to' the Maui cornpical ex
hi. fnd a moment later he becomes
nonfciotK he la, Rooking upon something
far 4i?ernt aa be sees the stack; Q?
prtla,nd cement sack 4 a cement whlih,
la naanufaetnreil ftn. .Ka Mni
pnral Company at paia.
inuirejfi Kyerr Where
However, ther M olhar fam mm
plflwion exhihue it as iotereatintf
i'ai'good thr,pughout the agricultural
sec; ron, . a.ao .oea .which demonstrate,
xor instance, that celery, as well as
Kugar, fan.be raised in Hawaii.
,rat 8M(
"Eve slight description of the ex
hibitt' in. .the vanv main deoartmenta
of lut'.arr.is, aa impossible in limited.
space., as, u la , imppswbJe to see . thia
territorial fair, in one day or one night.
Jt i huge, ad ib huceness can not
L b leajiid .VWi ,.oe.,b,eii'' to paaa
irom one department to another.
. Pfsides the seventeen aSain buildings,
whirji. do not Incjude liose of the'
oy Zonei the Japanese Village, er
anjr of the ahd.'c9n,taMiiog the more
than .fflO. ,b.ea4 of livestock, there are
many refreshment "booths, concessions,
and ,the Yflg, mercantile ex,bibitions.
ame ,smot, as complete aa the down
IIAWAIIA tZETtll;' if TUESDAY, " TUlIE- it Wli . tlh.WiUtktv
for the battalion' 'officers "whUk :
paasiced a(aia the patriot! feeling' of
tha great crowd. For M the -colore
passed, even- though fat but up on the
eld, thoa In,' the grand -itnadi .and,
bleacher. sorgd rev-fehtri"to' their
tt with uncovered' heads, wRV itorae.
tli!gMlkthe laheii yoipWng whlrb'
ewaeed'-tht offlcvrv ahP aoMl4s-"cei
tered hmong the apeetatora to oie
ho1 AttehUetk -. -,
Il .aa HtUng touch, and ending
to miliUry, program, aft an. utper
eeived joterraption pf the rhdeo aporta.
Whose if offered the OppoTtunlty foZ
tRe ttoi.'-U aiii to VeVow Its7 W
filing' and waf aplrlt, W ' ImpresW.;
m air-maw ia connected with the oreat
ttstMndUirtilal mlMtsry show over given
tt an waif."-
participafion 0 ft' MgttadminMrfttlon ""W '.WI.!
eecretarr from WashrngtOB;' Whose 4k- in Arienltor i '-,
fartment is loeey ! relat! t 'JTfrV.' '.no'ugb' eeretary lane ;spfOt'nea,r
thloir of the soil.' and bV 'a'battafion of lv -two 'hour's at t iv. vrAnnAa' vea.
Wtday a'fVrnbon; ho waa a, visitor,
will- Via daughter land Colonel fieho-
s principles ol the people F.tWwnly -'the' iterienlfiirnl ' 'iootioii.' to
who live upon it, and gain their UVe"' which ne 'went? ttnmediatery following
lihood directly or indirectly thereon. the opening exercises. Of thia two
Features Blend hours be spent only a short time in
The blending of th,e agricultural nd 1 the 5LvX 'ryed ;iof i party and
the military dominating featurea of the WT.jr.nor, so , ipteresjea qw as
fair does not stopl Hh this combined b J- ong th?Ha,wa larm,
civilian and military opening of tb rac Prtto" Pfoduete.
big territorial anoWl Drfore; the malrt l.tOB ,wWrtwo simitar
portal there stands, aH reminder Tt J'? k!
Hawaii's chief UAu9fV, a grea't h,e'' IT- ! ' n,'.h
of sugar cane, andVjuit wUhio thS en.- lf mre ,or thi
closure are four uVrXmt Kui, 'the Jf??! e .W-
L Owwd.lttroWa' Steadily,
I The ODenmir crowd at. the fair vea-
trdy JM a growing " crowd?'.
Tl)oro .were.foor or "Aye tbousa,nd pre,
cut wheji the show onened. and
nyoe unonTi a.1
s. iously, the fair director.; ocat.d th, ".r ' '1 - VA'
e Brat open I7:'.r J" ,nT!.
to insuection as the grounds are on
tered, but closely ' flunking ' it ia the,
agricultural exhibit 'nearly ah interest'
ing, if not more so to many.
Within the military booth there is
almost every article of soldier's trade
loth modern and ancient As one
paHHes tn uig mounted guns that com
kind which would protect thia island
country from the attack of en enemy
and defend the' industry upon wbiyb'aO.
many here depend for their existence.'
t'erhaps fntentioually, maybe Ubeon
iously, the fair directors located th
.5,",, V one nr open . 'iv.uing" replacing thosd who' deuarted
A " ne lime M visitor yesterday waa
In to bWicament of a boy at a
tbjee ri,ng tircu,- peeing everything
maud the entrance to both the exhibit
:uiil the Wisin fair entrance there is
Hhown a great, wie)dy object that
looks like some huge fantastic top.
Thin is one of the big sea pi lues, and
11 n object of curiosity and questioning
to every visitor. '
It is within that the small boy,
both the real little' ones' and' tb,e. grown
up oqes of circus fame, can revel, for
hours in the study and sight of much
that is familiar only in nane, f o
bore are all the obi style small and
large guns, and their 'different parts.
While 16 the left and" to tie right,
before and behind,, are shown' many of
the 'modern m'achjne goris, big prjeO'
tiles and the range finders which jnake
possible the' unseen enemy 'ht 2toa4
distances. ' ' ' .1 i(
Highly Interesting, because higbjy
enthusiastic, soldiers are in attendance
at every table and before every e
hibit of military equipment to explaia
in detail to the visiter the use and
history of the military exhibits.
Hours Are Needed
A visit to' the agricultural exhibit,
in one of the seventeen main buildings
of the fair, is one to Which several
I rs can be devoted, and Which ! re,
m'iiIn, even to the kftmaaina, the great
variety of larm and garden .products
which are and can be produced in the
Compactly there is no exhibit which
hIiows this great variety more than does
that of the pioneer VTjUl .-Company of
Maui. lleruOwjthin a spare (if twenty
bv twenty feet are great ' pumkina,
Hweet and Irinh potatoes, corn, eab
bn 'H, beans, and many other farm
inducts. ' .
Kivaliug the other Maul variety ex
hibit ia tout of the Haiku Farmers'
Axniiriatioii, pluced upon a small booth,
the four pillars of which are great
H'u'ks of sugar cane. 'The exhibit in
Miiii'tv is much the same as la that
at One time' could not be done.
n siiomm py many ana given up
bV every One who' tried to do so.
Those who1 scattered through the
booths and building after the fair
ws opene,d, with the apparent attitude
of looking about and seeing the exhi
bits,' and the 'Intention of 'later seeinff
the open-air program, discovered some
what to the; r' amazement that tliy
a 111 not even get welt started in their
intention. ' '
Program Full of Life
It' was the Waj-e again of military
bugles, had'. bands' whiih changed this
pnipose ol such sightseer,, for the mil-,
Itary program started early and
quickly drew the. scattered, crowd to
the leachera and ibe band stands. .
,Tha milry; program tyas a,o ednca
tional and realist ie pne of the life 9f
the.nol4ier, to which nearly every fam
i)y In Uaw,aU la now intlmnte.y re-
iated. Accompanied ' by the Becond
nHinltj bud J came first t he Botts
tuaijal, an exhibition of the setting
tip exercises or oar fighting men.
.Then there followed a nlcture of
Sammy's life in' tae field U which the
uiy;tanon or inranirymen went into,
camp 'in the field pup tent. Follbw
ing this were ' field maneuvers, oA
"Stand To, a Call to Arms,1 Deploy had,
Open Tire.", all graphically displayed
by the xealoua soldiers,, to the vdeuso
interest of the exilian spectators,'
' Other military exhibits on the af
ternoon program were the .eentipedo
race';' ami the gas' mask ' race,' just' aa
interesting fnd inaplriqg to the ever
throbbing war spirit? of -the fair crowd,
as Were the earlier exhibitions.
V tTnschedoled and 'utyheralded, the
military men in the faithful following
of their daily routine, gave the specta
tors a t,jri,ll of pride and pleasure when
the Second Infantry battalion had ,
"Retreat", the concluding massed mil'
itary action at every post daily,
in company formatlou, to the air
of a lively march, the battalion eaoie
to review before the coiumauding oni
cers on, the greensward of the inuer
park of the Kapiolaui race course.
LfajUs and rivers in, a'aV'eaiibjt where
human ingenuity bad., reac.hed. tJie' acme
cd mechanical expression. TfjOW, he ear
Vnutyi. , iuv n.iuuya ox, II UXUWJe Of
JSC' By Mrighh
f. vVhlle all -Honolulu roamed over the
swartr wnene tne mr displays are kalei-,
doople In, .their glittering, swayisg,'
eolorf u appeal to the eyej where th
ear la ioothedt by the rhythmic melodies
of Hawaii aai; ami where the' spirit of
holiday pervaded the great lepgth and,
breadth Tjf thia summer 's night in the,
Paradise of the Pacific, alt eye for1 a
time wero drawn to the gleaming folds
f;the- Stari and Btripes eeeinlhg held
In, tht heivens' bv an unseen hand ahd
In tartllhf reHef before the White Out
lines of a Cross. - '
' Jc. sUrtllag was the appearance of
Old Olnry revealed by the piercing1
shafr Of s searchlight above Diamond;
Head, that It became the dominant
note of the .fair 'a attractions during the
early part of the, evening, and was sub
ject of patriotic comment throughout
the vast throng which' occupied the fair
gruhda,;Jwlilch 'gave voice to Its feei-l
li)gs'' W , llngtng7' ptrlptle songs lit
which hflnijredr of men in the Vhaki df
the armV loined' and thn i.,kn..j
as armed men in He darkness it the
night, foOght upon a mlrnlfr battlefield
and showed the' people how'th boTs
of:.TJncl Sam's armies are defending
their flag overseas.
WhlTa. the fty moved toward Kapio
lanl Parh.lsst night. In trollevs, autoe
and every form of vehicle that nuM
be. Impressed a A V.aasport, with every.-
one. jn.ino, mooo, to seek amusement and
be amused and to- wsndef . hrnngh the
avenue tttven over, la kt 1i.n1...
of eommsreisi proirress. and all iittit
npo t4- plensura tpvnA apon every
hand wlthirt tho .fair enclosure, none
lost slaht of'lhe flag "nor failed to
understand 'that 'H Was the k emote to
the snecss hf this, wartime fsjr in Un-,
Ti S outpost 14 th Pacific. '
Owd to '' ,
.ThO fair by" day waa the magnet of
arti'hotionf.to the ,ty, bui as ening
drew nigh and the grounds were lighted
np the crowds Vegan to surge through
the gat. ' The ' trolley ears emne,
loadcwl from the ' nVtermoat parts' of
Honolulu: ' Autos hrrived by hundreds
"r paraeo so eioseiy together on,
iws near me grounas that the dis
play thetw vied' With the admirable e.t-
uiuiiB unuer canvas witnin the tair
gatea People same afoot even from
t?ng distancea aad here and there In
il ( t
me moving exowu count pp heard the
lining p,otes of the ukoWle. as a gjro'p
of Hawaiiaas wandered elowlv towafd
the gate It waa. a tvnical HoaokiW
crowd mi Ua group waiiana. and,
its haolesj l,tgTortugueso,and, pDaBUnj'
i v uiucw inu -wapanese; tne JM
' WiW Of Fr'thJ.
and 'orfeurbn7 en 'Afrl.V ,
tno hM nAifffmol',: , ooliiler was!
present Terryher-li tho' er'odo hie
ing to th fair and, the jprdwda wjthjB
th enclosure. Ho'"wm a'partlelrfant in
many of the sjnuement.feki.urea and he
sang as a "mob sinter" when antain
Peourgpat hiouDted hi rosjrtvoi ihd1
caiiea upon "you teliowa" Uk worn
pany bin in the songa.;'whick are bo
popular today in the trenches oreraeas.
He played a. battle and tn'a scar of
Vavs iadicited that he it one of 'the
real faotore ihaklhg. ot the success, of
Hawaii's Territorial Feil ' " '
The acene in the grdiind waa truly
kaleidoscopic,- for. $0 '.right an4 left
the displays of the bnsiaess hoases
and pf soiieties and, gij.verosseota and
the army and, t,ht najvy Jtairljr da.xx.U3d.
tk. ABA T-L . . ". I. 1 I . . .
w v. nci uui ,oe .rows a a
rows of plowarn4 eaterplljnf tractors
on one side ami lonir. rakish and- anlart
automobiles on the Qthir.andlivtoriag.
'" "' jewfta , uenv vtfi. U( MIC
iuu(in iu ongni laoeiea cans there; and
the eve was .further drawn, .when the
sharp light ning-liVe bVU of alectricljy
shot t.hrougb space awireles detice
was operated, r whei saw. bKde and,
is orrrriso
Mi rl.l .. ',
T6 Fwir yisitors
Sim AuSoft
ItjSibittiShly .Fine and
rijhcd.ExiiiJiilion In Stated qf
4h llainlani
Air of Hawaii' leading stock breodr
er were,' on 'hand 'al th T.rriui
ViV "Vj'Z k w5,tB Profeseor doiv
vvf ,- ln anion, inspecting and
ijg ; hls 1 iwsfdi 6a the horses and
rartie, fhi leatur proving by far the
ing, oecr cattle growlna.
uction and handling of
TAe4 djUrytrir,
and 'the products
drhuih't horses. " "
''Ofly; (h taught h
tie wer ludgftd yesterday.' The' light
horses and the eat-
horse, 'Including- fhe thoroughbreds,
polo pohleo, hlry saddlers and stasd
ttd bred will b judged this morning
-beginning e tn o'clock. m
' ' BHgi 0en; A. P. fllocfksom, eommsnd
or' 6f ehrf -Efwaiian depirtmetit, WlU
maav me awarus in the light
elassea.''' , " ,
win Jadftaf Today
' 'Judfrltlrof hog' ts scheduled to begin
at Jslght d'cloek this morning, Profes-,
war i rum. mspeating in pen and lq-,
divldbak Mhibjts and making his
award.. '' -
Yesterday 's judging was confined to
the breed las; a grand ehampiona
phata 'o th work probably will o6t
tarn nnaertaaen until class judging is
. c omnlete4 la ail divisions of the great
show., 1
It ia doubtful now whether the live
ftoek parade can be held at eleven
O'clock ,hla. mor",ng, ss bad been ar
.ranged prevlohslfy. This is beeaoso
tha.ngbt horse awards mav not be eom
plet4 in, Urn. , Th, parade doublfess
will tak. pUe iut s soon aa that Is
none, nowever.
cheslra. and again1 was assailed W th
terpsiehoreao ade.flc,e) of ' a " ass,
bsnd",.nd la.tr W the, patriotic rea-
.11., - A t 1 1 . . . ' 1
uiiftnn a military oan,Q. ,
Ttsiooil .aVxeja Bhowih
org Ts. (?ook.V beautifully train
ed yoke of oxen woo the yoked oxen
eonteft yesterday, Morning, the decision
K0" on, ' the ;bai i :of behavior and.
nranlnrf'.ther; tji.ii 'draught power.
A Aetna! pulljng tet had been planned-;
buf .When flmo. earn ttM tht reoulsitn
VoMrfo r ' nt! available. faaVa,-.
kll?7Bli i'9.Von4 in thia event,
0d tW.Oahu AillwaV Land Com-'
ftt yokVj,oo)t tnird. ;
After this Vnt'"Mr. Ton TempskT,
of Haleakala 'Eaneh, challenged both
owne.r of ho oth yokes, Informing
,the onlookers frOUSd the bidifing ring
thai hl"yok could Outpull the other
two Voh eV combined.
MilkiJig Tert' SUrtf
' 00? "fh"1nbi' iatereatlng atock
rompetitiohs'on th fIr-Tounda is the
foiir ' day milking' - teht. ' in which
I seven bk ' grado- Hourteln eows ' are
renlre4: Robert'' Hind, of Hawsjl h,-s
rwo in.uie event; Khmchatriehe Schools
have we; Charle. HV Bice, of Libu
Bawhi two, and a W.' LnJ-as, ofNlu
Bneh, oaet (' '
i .,TbU fast startedi last night nl nfn-'
thirty o'clock, Wttk' Hi J. Ventvl. of
the College of Hawaii, acting a super
vlsoi in charge; ,Tb competiHon U to
determine the slaal that wUl yield
not the Urgent quantity pi milk, but
the greatest amount of butter fat. ' To
determine thia the, yield' from each
it average butter fat content pec Unit
Of quantity.
" Each cow wlU bo milked three times
daily, at sine-thirty in fchr evening.
uwiwvo. ana ive.
thirty each morning. ' V v
Display I memarknbl
Some dndetflpclmen of atock
are on diaplky ia (laah divfainn and
clasa; a showing that' lu Wprised ey.
. a ....
ry irrower, Dreeaer ana visitor on the
(u njocn pens ann aneo, .r ln re
markably good cohdltioiV, too, clean and
attractive, some of tbera very neatlv
decorated. This is due to the contest
Mtween exhibitor for the special price
otered by Tired L. Waldfon lor tf
neatest, cleanest sad moat attractive,
sho pen. Th prixo is u10 L5br(v
rMiHii. smn ma winnap win as aiaf
BV a seeret ' oomratOe of ihr' 'men.
Which ha been aonointed bv' ChaUmnn
Henke And which Is Inspecting the sheds
every aay daring the week.'
toy JffoteA ound
And as
th crowd moved down the
lanes of commerce, irrinmi i i...
both th eye and the ear and, eve the
palate, boyhood day were recalled when
the di?ord0t whistle of Vnjerry-go,,
round shattered tke atmosphere-' and
th wooden Worses bagaa to whirl n.d
ypung'.beODle ,nd older- ones' Clung
their steeds la the Otad oxoHn TbV
ballv.hoo artist drew, tho crowd aVong
10 mn aui snow ana, mat one, aTr
ending arry ' of ' amuaement fealnre
which brought old; circa day toeim
ory. ' ' ,r-
The day scene are. more certain toj
cause th crowds to paus and lioeer
over exhibit to. study t,hui hod sample
some or tnero, aivi learn. wat ttlf mer
chants of Honolulu hav for. sale upon
the shelves of theit jtote;J $ut 7t'j
0.ight soene are those, which cltaw the
crowds because in' addition I bar a
light and gayety and hdbody ha
hurry. -...
Orandstaxkd hfagnet
' The evening's entertainment at th
fair grounds finally draw" the if renter
portion of the throngs into th grud
stand from which for a time thev vlw,
el motion pictures, soino of them, of 11 1
and scenes, showing food consorvatlpn
and produuiug methods' M practised on
a giuBtic Vale which U obtained, on
the sugar plantations, Bern sbowod
the lieach at Walkikl with It swimraers,
ahd canoeists and surfers, and Other
showed Hawaiian fishermen easting,
their aets in th shallow water, and
othern again displayed the bt'autie of
Roper Is Crushed Beneath His
'Horse As 1 Thousands Hold
Their Breath fn Anxiety
Turaing a burst of laughter to a
tart red half sob of. sympathy of the
thousands of spectators who witnessed
tae-accident, Mannil Kapulf, a Ha
waii cowboy, wa thrown beneath
Hi horso yesterday as be was roping
a tteer in the early part of the afier
noAn rod'eo at the territorial fair. '
Before assistance could reaeh him
and stop the struggling horse the cow
boy wa so hadly crushed that at
1.1:38 O'clock this mornitig he died ht
th emergency hospital, where be wa
taken for treatment, after first aid
was given him at a Red Cross fair
A loosely cinched saddle and the
swinging of his horse within a loop of
the lariat, which bound the cowboy
t talk mount, were the cause of th
fatal aceldent, the only one which
marred the opening day of the fair.
,Caiule had placed hia rope ovr the
steef it dashed up the field with an
Xpert toss, and was riding for "the
tjjrow." to down the animal, when
TtTirby his guiding, or the uncurbed
action of his horse, the animal swung
to" the wrong side sud his saddle
Kop Cnoae Fall
' "TVr-norse went down ns though
ropd, as did the steer at the sam
time. Another rAwknt .1. v. . r..i
lenlm! wa roped hi the exhihiHnnJ
"hj' hnd his hrtrse Aleo th
beneath him, but had fallen clear and
got up and mounted again uninjured.
Unthinkingly and nt a high pitch
Of merriment because of th franti
nntic of the frightened steer, the
crowd Started to laugh, unaware for
h moment of 'the' seriousness of the
fall. 'Then the ezrttil ,.. n...
Low and others to reach the fallen
"u nuer reveaiea Wbar had hap-
ywumu, mm torn iau.-;nTer was cbokod
witn: a gasp of fright and svmiathv.
Kapule was picked un frnm'tha M
norse was pmiea away, bleM
inc aorrjoiy snout nis face. Ha waa
rushed to, th Bed Cross tent where.
examination snowed that he wa fat
any. injured by a fracture at the base
oc hta-wulL whether this wa caused.
J striaing or the saddle born
UDOn bis head, nr hv anrna
UHt Wbt be certainly dctermiDAH '
VUier ln.ru nes received by tl) cow
boy were also of a fatal natnr Thku
consisted a' puncture of his right lune
..I 'll. kli j .. . .. .
niuKuinx oi .nis lent areaax. -Kapule
is about thirty vears of r
and aa employe of the Rice ranch ar-
aiiairi, n,Buai, wno was orought here
M tike prt in the Cowboy feature
of th territorial fair.
w. a. a.
'llonoiulu, Jon 10, 191H. '
I Alex. A Itnlilwlu, Ltd.
' ('. Ilrcwi-r A I n
Marriage of Peiler's Daughter To
American Soldier Rouses His
Wrath To Murder Point
Daughter, Whose Marriage In
censed Teuton, Escapes With
out Injury Though Attacked
Embittered over the fact that his
daughter had married an American
soldier, R Peiler, n tlerman, sixty one
years of age, with murderous intent
fired at his daughter, Mrs. t". W. Htalk
up; shot anil Heriously wounded his
wife and blew out his brain. Tlu
attempted murders and Kiiicide in
curred In the back room of an apart
ment house at rU4 Hotel Htreet yes
terday afternoou at live o'clock, i'ei
Haw. Arr.,1. Co.
Haw. r. & x. in
Hltw Hiik In
HollokllH Suk. I'n
IfiMloUM, Huu Co
Iluu hiiiKiin .ing Hlant.
Kahukii I'liin, i n . ..
Kekalm Hitu i (l
, Knlim Hnv: i i
1 Hryil.. Mm.
i laliu Suk i '
Una Miik i n .
1 I IIM'llil'U Suk I ',i
I -H M 1 1 llt II .M. 1'lHUt Cl
! I'lir. Miik. Mill
j I'Mln I ' 1,1 lj t I n . ,
i'pvkH, MuifHr Co
: I'lonwr Mill c.i
1 Kin iiri.in Milllnu to.
I Wutiilim ,trrrtl. to. . .
. W ui Ink ii ,ik. Co
I 0
10 i
Rndaa L ,'n.,
lilt Inuv AM-a so I'd.,
ml !,,.. f 'nid (Tp . ...
K.iiicIk Ci.,...r .MlnlnK fn
HniKu K. A 1'. Co.. I'M. .
HmUii V. ' Co.. Coin..
Haw. Cn It) . 7c A ...
Haw. ( on Kj-. U
Haw. ( i liy. Com
tlawallun Ku-. trie o ...
HiIHulIni, I '1 ,i -n lo Co. ..
ler'h body is in the city morgue and ho,!,,,, u- f i j'.i ' '
Mr. Feller was removed to tho emer i lla. K T ft I. . . "
Inter IkIhihI S ('.
Wilt. Ti'l Co
llHllll II 4i i.. Cn. . . .
1'alianv Uulibcr Co. .
Selmiia lilnillnKn. I'd.
name iuft I'd)...
ltubber Co
: ii j
. lit! I
.lltt) I
i iml
i wwi
.,i ic i niiieer iiui company, nui rep- Then cam the coinpauy ofllc.ers in
i-a,'iitali n of what tan be raised by sjiection aud the march in review be
Circuit Judge C. W. Ash ford, in
whose court the litigation over the -
tat of the late Queen Uliuokalaui, ha
boon nendiag for the past six mortiis,
as, the; case has been continued a haf
doieh or more times, served notice np
couaei yesterday when th esse asain
waa. put over for a week that no fur
ther continuances would be grantodi
One' of the recent continuances of
the. hearing wa grant d while the spe
cial session of the Icgislatara wa ia
progress when a possibility aroj that
thf controversy could be ssttkd out
oil tonr,t by having th trustees of th
Lilio'okalani trust make a gift of Wbh
inaton Place to the Territory. Dele
gate Kuhlo, who is plaintiff in th
rease, indicated that ho would drop the
nun it iars were aone. an ptas roll
threughr however, and tiwee si Be thfcu
the; hearing has been postponed when
it cam on for hearing.
Another chance to adjust matter aud
end . th litigation has now been dis
l;o,vered, according to Attorney L. J.
Warren, one of counsel for the I.iliu
okaUs) trust,' who said be had sub
mitted pxopooyluiu to the trustees
with, thia end in view. The uuture
Of th proposition was noi dbelod
ad, the attorney said be dd, not kii'iw
bow far it would get.
Delegate Kuhlo is seek ins to br.ak
the ilamla with their waterfaJUa, and the LiHbokalani trust and have the
coepauut groves and auto driveways . jueeal will set aside on the groujid
and the attractions which bring tour- tbat s)ie was not mwnUliy coinpt tent
1st so many miles across, pacific when she eiecuted the inatruiiiei.li und
to enjoy these sceuua in winter and that ahe was uuduly influenced wheu
Huiniiier. tey were drawn.
Second Regirnent Comes In Fast
er Tha First 1 Examined
and" Teave, i'JFor1 Barracks'
Uimn th Valley lata yesterday there
were no national guardsmen for. Maui 'a
entire battalion of the Second. Hawaii
an Infantry, now in federal service, ar ,
rivei in Uonojijlu earl yeaterday morn
ing on the Bteamship lauea, which
made a special trip for the' pur pone.
The battalion is now under' shelter
tents at TJamp McCarthy, cOpitol
grounds, awaiting, opportunity to oc-,
eupy vacated company sections at the
mobilization camp 'at Port' Armstrong.
The battalion is headed ' by Major
BoWohou, and contains a large number
of Maui's representative young, 'men,
both haoles ahd Hawaiian. '"Msny of
them gave up important pocition with
the county government, mercantile
llriiis, hank a and sugar, plantations, and
ure looking forward to actlv service.
Com In Rapidly
THe troops 6f the Second Infantry
are coining In Brightly faster than those
of the First lataatry are goihg out of
the mobilisation camp to Bchofleld Bar
ra ka, but by Friday it is 'expected
that the eutire First Infantry will lie
in barracks at Cotner, cieariug the
way Sot the physical examination of
the men of the Second Infantry which
will entftil auother hard Week's work
by the army surgeon to establish the
basis for the muster rolls of the second
regiment. '
A Company Laavea
Company A, First JIawaiian Infau
try, I'oiunuuiiWd by Capt.' Luther Kvans,
went to SchoAeld Barracks yesterday
afternoon. Ten mor eorapaoies await
examination. These are U, Q, p, I, K,
L aud NT,' Headquarter Company, Sup
ply Company and Machine Gun Com
pany. Company F, one of the "country dis
trict" units, suffered heavily from re
jections, iltie principally to' bad teoth.
put roet and otner physical defex-U
which the army is rather persistent
about tbi'He days. The question of height
standard, whieh wa raised by the do
partmeiil couiuiuuilor and reerrud to
Wasliingtoii. haa bcu aettled and undi'r
height men are now 'accepted. Th
company had forty-three rejections and
left tin) army camp with but eighty
men imiHtered Into service.
Draft Call stumor
Tim draft call will not b issued,
it is rumored, until both the Hawaiian
regiments are in barracks at Rchotield.
The first can it is believed will be to
nil up the two regwiieuts to war
strength, and may reiiuire about eight
hundred men for each organization or
1600 iu all.
The "Home (iiuiid" regiment, an
nounccmi'iit of which was made in The
AdvcrtUcr shortly after the guard waa
mobilised, will be recruited by Major
Will Wayne, acting aijiutunt general of
the Hawaiian Natioual GuariT. As al
ready stated tki roglmaut will be filled
with men above draft age--ia t,he M) 's
and 4(1 'h and under draft age below
I I10M8
I Beach Walk I. D.
; llsinakiia I'lnh Co., 6a
- llnw. Con II jr. ,VC
' Haw'n Irr. Co.,
Haw. 'IVr 4;. Itcf. 1U05
! Hsw. Tit. 4, I'ub. Imps
! Biw. -iir I'ul,. Imp. 4
-ui'W llfl. I.M,, ,,
Hsw. T.-rr l :i-2'rr
HM" 5m Co.. I. id. ff-f.
Ilnilokna sg i n., u
llouotiilti ina ( ,'hi .
Kauai Uy. ( o . ,l
Mnuoa l,ii. Ilt.. r.
Mcltryiie Suk. Co., .'. ..
Mutual Ti',ciiii,ic Co . 0a
Oahu II ,v 1.. Co.. .V, .
Oahu Sua. Co.. ty( ....
Olaa Mliar Co.. (Kt ...
I'avinc liuann K. Co, OsilOS
Haa Carloa Mllllug-. ..jlo
77 Vi
10S !
nuhu, 10. 31 .-.'ft.
Ml Anil HALE
Mut. Tel Co.. .1. 10.00; Kws, 10. 230.
Mnjr .11, 118
m analysis bwts (no advlcaa).
9tr Cent. (Per Haw) Hngara
3, III E
Tneailar. .lime u. una, belna; a legal
hull. lay. there will be no session of tuts
June 7, 1V1N
Klnninre 33.49
New lork (M0 uuotatloal.
W. a. s. -
: ;
gency bospital and thence to the
Quoea's Hosjiital at nine o'clock la"t
night where her chances for recovery,
according to Doctor A ver, who had t lie
case , in charge, nre good.
Th shooting yesterday afternoon
frew.OUt of a long series of family
ifferences which started in the I'ei
ler family when Mrs. Stalkup, Tcilpr 's
seventeen year old daughter, married
an American soldier, stationed at Kort
Sbafter, several months ago. Teller
Had expressed sn intense hatred for
'Americans In general and American
'Soldiers in particular, during hi fam
Uy discussions. He bad been employed
B blacksmith at Waialun Plantation,
Changed hi residence to Honolulu re
cently, and had been living in Kulihi.
;lire Oerman Husband
'" Mr. Peiler left her husbnnd about
fO"t week ago and had been employed
a nor in the home of her niece,
Mr. O. W. Mailoho at 54 Hotel
Street, where the shooting took plnee
yesterday. Pejler came to the house
on Sunday and, after a heated argu
ment with his wife and daughter, in
timated that he intended killing him
self and, that before he committed the
act, he' said he would write a letter
to the police, giving his reasons for so
doing and would lay bare in this let
ter certain allegations against his
wife. .
Peiler left the house yesterday morn
ing, and after his departure a search
of the room was made by Mrs. Mailo
ho and the letter promised was found
and turned over to Mrs. Peiler. Mrs.
Mailoho, who is a niece of Mrs. Peiler,
in company with Mrs. Stalkun. visited
th Territorial Fair yesterday and, up- NKW YOHK, 4m ne It (Awlste4 Press?
on their return, found Peiler waiting Following are toe opmlnc and cloalna
for them on the veranda of the Mailo- 'Siot;u?"L"t "Ue"g ,B New "
h nOme. An altercation ensued over ytemsy. i- .,:
demands for the retnrn of the letter I (Open- I Cloa-
Which Peiler had written and, upon I I tn
Mrs. Peiler's refusal to surrender it. 1
Keller drew a dirk and attempted to ; American lw
stab the woman. "" Iated Oil
. ".IRoo'i.tue' . opfc -orator . i:r:.ri:Lii.v.'
ni. inn Hawaiian Army jieauquarif th,
who lived nearby, rushed to the as
sistance of the woman, anfl, as he came
up the steps, Peiler pulled a newly
purchased revolver and' 'fired at his
daughter, who had thrown herxdf iu
front of her mother, in an attempt to
defend her. Peiler fired again at hix
daughter and missed.
Shoots His Wife
Mrs, Peiler ran toward tho back of
the house aud, as she was escaping,
Peiler fired a shot at her which took
effect in her abdomen. As the woman
fell, Peiler ran to a room iu the renr
of the house and, after locking th.
'door, shot himself through the riglit
ear, the bullet asalng through his hcl
and killing him almost instantly.
Doolittle phoned for the ' amfiulnm-e
ami police and when Officer M. ('.
Medeiros arrived, th door of the ro' ni
was forced and Peilerwas found King
dead in a pool of blood. Mrs. Peiler
was conscious all through her tryiug
ordeal but was greatly weakened' bv
the loss of blood aud was not in a
condition to make a statement last
uight regarding the tragedy in her
family. Unless internal complication
set in, the woman ha a good chance
for recovery.
Amerli -nil Tel. si Tel.
American Kincltor . ...
American Hlwl Fdry. .
Aiclilson Halfway . ...
ah wnila ('ofNr
Ha I't win Loniiiioliye . .
ItHltlmore ai Oblo ; ....
Ili'ihlcliem Htivl 'II" . .
I Culllorula Petroleum . .
' IVnlrn I Leather ;
1 i nomllan l'a. lrlc
i c M. it Ht. Paul
' Colo. Fuel A Iron
Crucible Steel
i 'i,l, Kcirnr Cnue
Dltc collllUOU
li.neml Klertrti:
ii.-, , rial Motnra inw) .
ii-i.tt Northern Pfil. . .
1 nr.-riuiil.. nnl Nl.kel . .
' I, uli, i rnl . li oli.il . . . .
K'-niwcott i'oiiper . ...
U-hltfll Vull.y Knllway ,
New York Central .
Un, i 'ouHolltlnteil . . . .
IU-HitlllAC 1-OUlUlOU
It.'imnilc Iron caiuniou
s.iiiihern I'aclUc
I hl',-,1 Ktntes Uuhber .
Illloll Pileltlc
I I, I Mil lea Steel . . .
1 toll
W i Hi. rn I iilni,
cl 1,11,. .use
w. . a. -
Quotations es tr roilowmg New York
curb arocka. aa wleeleaaed lo Tha A(lr-
Usur by U)uehsiu Co., are:
atnr- "Mon-
With the rising of the sun this morn
ing Hawaiiaus will gather around the
statue of Kanichalneha ' the tireat bo
fore the judiciary building, to decorate
the statue with beautiful lels iu honor
'of the birthday anniversary of the
The members of the Order of Kame
haineha will tuke a leading part in the
ceremonies attendant upon the decora
tiou of tho statue, and will lend the
throng in the singing of "Hawaii l
noi," the Hawaiian national anthem.
This will In the ouly formal observ
ance of the natal duy of the greatest ol
all Hawaiiaus, but during the dnv there
will be a number of home Inn us, uitl,
adjournments fnuii all places to tin
fair at K u 1. 1 In ,,i Park.
Today will be generally obsere,i in
the hiisiueaa district as a holnln.
I'IIILAHKU'IiIA, Pennsylvania. M;11
L'7 Couch l.ausiiu Kulici tsou of the
I'liiveraity of I'enusylvauia truck tea,,,
.Iocs not believe that Lieut. Aviutui ,1
J. Meredith, reported to be a prist. nc
in (lertniiiiv, is "Ted'' Meredith. IO,
uier worltl's t liaiiipuiu iiiiidllo distance
ruiiuer Hi. hi , Isuu hud u letter Ik.ui
Meredith written two weeks ae,,. in
which Tc-I suid he was stu.t,g mn-i
tutoring in the awatiini corps, had not
been nui the l,..nl line und did mil
expect to fur al least two mouths.
IHir l.edtf,'
i 'alcli'iiU,
i h:,,,,i, c.'iper
IroUl lUossolu
.tin, Kin h-r
, .lernuie X'er.le
Mm rst, , ,
Mi.lu est I ill. . . numou
Mother l.o.lue
I Uliy llel'.'llles
it.-si e Klllrt
, Res Cona -
, Siewarl
, Kllver Kluir I 'ons
Toui.j.ali Uxl-uslon
- Tuolumne
Wllb.ri . .
1 K. rr Lake
Cress.. a oli
. I'. , fed loii Tin.' au.l Uiibber
w. a. a
1 sN I'll N( im o. Jiuie lt-(AsaKlst--.1
I'reaai Following sre lh opeulng sod
li.slnir ijuotatlons of aua-ar and other
sio.ka lu Ike Kan KraovUcO market ys-
lerday : v .
I Oitea- I Cloa
I ing I Ina
1 14
l so
R t! Mi
4. Ml
1 liVi
i .2.1
l no
4 1
4 AO
4. SO 1 41,
fv.'S 1 .mis
4.K7 !4.7n
I l.,u 11 , 1.,,, I
ll.1v.Mt1.1a SiiKnr Co , .
11. -in. !..in SiiKur
Ilni. Iitns.iii Soirar Co. .
I ,nlii, Siivur Co
, Hit;, Sittfur Co
, ,i'.,ii.-u Soiriir v'o . ...
I'd. ill!);. 11 Sn;;,r Co. .
Ilnlliiltlll, I ,11 . . .
II 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I ' lii 11 1 it 1 1, 111 Co.
I.I.K Is Copper Co. . ..
W- . -
I'uinir, the summer inontln mothers
sliiiuld ati-h for any unilateral loos
ness ol the rhrld's bowels. When giv
ii piompt attention at this time seri
ous double ninv be avoided. Chamber
lain's t'olie and Diarrhoea Remedy cau
nlwins bo depended upon. r'or sale
bv all deale. Benson, Bmlth k Co.,
Ltd., amenta for lluwaii. Advt.

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