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Valuable andtHolding it K
Road Tii Paris Closed
NJEW YORK, Jujie (Associated Press) Brilliant American
auccesses cpntjjaved tp reported from the JMarne frout yes
terday, accoiiipaijied'byithejvarQing hewa to the nation that "the
loasea were necessarily largeV. ,
; ; Yesterday's battle northwest of Chateau ThjLerry, in which
' American Marines fought afbngside the French potlua, extended the
American gains along a six-tnile front, and the American line, fol
lowing the two attacks of Thursday and yesterday, .has been ad
vanced alpng this six miles to a depth of two milis and a half, with
th advance steadily proceeding.
The Americans have inflicted most severe losses upon the enemy,
and while the battle has cst the lives of many Americans their
loss is inconsiderable in the face of the death toll taken upon the
Iluns. In place, over whicn the Sammies have .wept the Hun
dead lie three deep.
This second battle of the Marne in which Americans have been
engaged' in force opened at five o'clock on Thursday evening with
an impetuous assault bjr the Marines. By nightfall they have swept
into and captured the yillage of Torcy, six miles. northwest of Cha
teau Thierry, dawn , finding them driving the Germans back upon
the village of Bourescbes! Here the Germans attempted o make
a stand, but the Marine were not to be stopped. They wept the
enemy back into the village and charged, the conflict being a swirl
ing, hand-to-hand street battle, with the American bayonets stead
ily thrusting and beating down the Clennan resistance.
Repeatedly the Germans rallied'and came back in fierce coiuit
ers and as repeatedly the Americans refused to assume the defen
sive but met the counters by their own charges.
Last night the Americans' held Torcy Mid Douresches and a
half mile of terrain in advance of these, while their winRs had been
brought up in alignment with these pains and wuji the new ad
vanced line of the French on the American left.
Terrible execution was done among the German ranks before
Ilouresches, where the Huns nude their stand. The Marines swept
the lines with machine gun volleys, then charged.
Another desperate right, took place within the shade of the
.I'.elleau wood, one of the objectives aimed at in the attack. Here
he .fighting was hand-to hand after the Marines had literally charged
through the hail of machine gun bullets and bayonetted the gun
The German defense of Boureschcs was helped by a heavy
artillery fire, German gas shells being poured into the American
tanks. The American artillery was magnificently served, however,
and inany of the German batteries were put out of commission,
while the German rear lines were heavily bombarded.
The capture of Tore was not a part of the original plan when
the Marines were sent forward on Thursday evening, but the Amer
icans, driving after the retreating Germans, swept in and occupied
the village, clearing it of Germans, Imprisoning many.
The terrain captured by the Marines, who were outnumbered
at every stage of the fighting, is valuable because it is where the
Germans hoped to be able to force the way open fur a continuation
of their drive upon I'aris. This road is now completely blocked and
held by Americans eager for more fighting.
Last night, according to a French despatch, an American patrol
northwest of Chateau Thierry made a daring advance, charged U
German machine gun, killed the gun crew aiuf brought back the
weapon as a trophy.
The news from the general battlefront of the past three days
Wis reassured the officials of the war department and of the genera1
staff, who now consider that the German drive has been at least
tenijxirarily halted. W hether the enemy is exhausted or whether
the cessation is due to plans of the Germans to organie for fresh
blows- elsewhere is not clear.
Army men consider tlut the situation demands that the Ger
mans renew their elTorts to widen their Marne salient to the west
ward, as it is certain, regardless of the determination of the Allies
to conserve their manpower, that they will seie any glaring Ger-.
man weakness as the signal for a great counter attack.
Secretary of War Maker announced last niht that he is con
sidering sending Assistant Secretary Stettinius to Europe in con
nection with American ordnance supplies ami with the proposal
for an Allied ordnance cabinet.
Yield Second Only To Thres
Years Ago Indicated Rye
Crop To Be Bgmpcr
.WASHINGTON, June -(AsHoi-iut
ed Press) Iterord crupn uf smut' griiins
and crop of utburs tlmt tire but little
ehwt ,pf record ar forwAHt by tin- ii-
partment of agriculture in its utats-
ment of crop i-onilitions wiiku were in
sued yesterday. This report ami fore
cast are bused upon the rumlitioii as
uu June 1.
Interest of the nation ami of the
wirld ceuters chief I v on t lie wheat c roi
'Oil ia eittiiiinted at '.KU.IIIIIi.liOH UusheU
and it is said that it iiiiiv rea li ri lot
lion. Of this spring hent t"ii r 'i i 1 1
,1 m ixvt nun ,ii hell, ami w inter wheat
f)M7,0IMI,(l(MI. Tlie liixhfHf previous ree
! of wheat hrrvi't i in lOlJi when
i nmitineil to I 0 IA,OIHl.noO ImxlieU
TIih f rrr)il for oati- i a liilUiin an '
V-., !f bu.lieU mil f.r ne s I lllii i.Di ill
h 4.1th w ill be a re. or J cmp.
Marines Most
I.ON'l" iN. .T ii ii
Pi t -ll' ;i ii t )i i
x ( Associated
can popularise
liasi-li.-ill in tins iiuinlry it is the war
that will iln it. I in' Aniericnn soldiers
mid mill. .ii in 1 1 u i ni ii ir here have
iirouw lit tlinr national name here and
! the Canail in in nr' n enthuHiastio ad
, vomtes of it uliniint, as aro their allies
of the Stati n.
Kiny O.-.ml'i' h.ii promiHed to attend
tin- vame hi t mi tennis representing
tl.e I 'ii.tr I states army and navy on
.lnlv 1, Aueii an 1 ndepemlence Uay and
thi iirenariit sois fur the game are
ill pniH t.
- w. . I.
I .ON I'M i .V
I'-e.-e ) 1 1
in - n i v i II
M!a, k Sen
tel IMIieali
7 - (Associated
iiimored that the Oer
' the eaptured Russian
fur use in the Medt
lyanist the Allies.
M!:n-k Sen fi
, , , I , ' . , , .,' "
British. Pwatties-.Ust.Wet
Total More Than Thirty
,tvo Thousand
LONDON, June 8 (Associated
Press) Without ptuM th offensive,
being carried out northwest of Chateau1
Thierry by th French and Americana
in progressing ad at no point along
this unction of, the front hve the Opt
in Jinn Into tble to hold their ground.
Thii liattl, wbieh ia eottipg the Oer
in an dearly, hold ha .iaterrat of thn
h.ntpnt -a)itl today, the rat of th
front bolug comparatively quirt,
throughout he afternoon, although wit
npiming a namVer of brik engagraipnts
earlier in day.
Ho)ort from Ua headquartera of
the French army aay that the aharpeat
fighting continue at VaaiDy, where
the Americana awept the Oermana
l.aok; at La Poterie, at Bnaeieriea and'' fruit ov wide area haa been
at Honreatana, all in the Marne Oureq
ii-otiyu where the French and Amer-1
i.-an are engaged aide by aid. On I
in .. ,av .J.I,. flu T I, o in 1
moat uninterrupted, despite the atren
HOim resistance or the uermana.
Paria officially reports the capture
and occupation of Venijly la Poterie
and Boureehee, near Chateau Thierry. '
Bil. qr jyytns
The maia jflghtinftjn , which the Brit
unlieut, where the Tommiea beat oil
n flnmha a4 f4rmB ft t ftnlra' anil Ihfim
' aelvea attacked and .recaptured the
'village of laligay,' halway between the
Mnme aad.. Hhma. Ht tbey iwflict
ed beavv loaaea upon- the,aeniv.
We of Noyona ,aod north of Mont
Hnlier the Freneb foogbt two local
nnngementa, being tueeeaaful in eah
aud mpr;QTing thai, foaitiona, while
north of the Aiane, west of Hoiaaona,
he French drove tbe tier man out of
he villnye of le' Port.near Fontenoy,
Wounded ' prisoner taken by the
Brih My their JhigJieat eompjiment
It die .new American foemjfn, saying
hut they are a ood fighters a tbe
Oermana thenvtelvea.
?ecmvii Nerer . Iqae
Berlia, oftitially announces that Allied
ittank were (rep ylsed yesterday north
f the Aiane and northwest of Chateau
Testimony to the heavy fighting done
by the. Bxitsh last week when the
ermnn wavea were biting thrown
HgaiOKt, the ilefenaea of Bhejms Is af
forded In. the eaanalty list just pub
Uabed, which carries a total of thirty
two thousand name. Two hundred anit
eight oSeer were killed In action or
died of wound, and 753 were wounded
or are poated a missing. Men killed
or died of wound numbered 4258,
while the wounded, and missing are 27,-
.,l,,li ; ,
Carpathian t Destroyed Ger
man Diver Loss Sixty '
Percent of All
WAHHINGTON, June 8 (Associated
Press) Destruction of the British
4teaiuer Harputhlan by the Hun diyer
Uiat have been engaged iu raiding skip
ping oil the Atlantic Cuaat of the Unit
id Htatea waa reiortd yesterday by
.he navy department, making two for
.ugn vesaels in addition to the Ameri
,au craft that have been sunk. .Her
,-rew have been rescued after having
lrip'd about fur more than a day lu
jpeh boats.
The Harpathinn was destroyed by
.,ne uf the. Herman divers about t hun
dred miles off the Virgiuia capes, febe
wan a larger type, of 2870 tons regia
tty. As in other instancea, the officers
and cew were permitted to. take to the
boatu and leave their doomed craft.
They arrived at an Atlantio Port yea
:erdav aboard the steamship Palmer
which bad picked them up after they
had drifted about in small boata for
twenty six hours. Ail fl the crew are
thus aaved although oPe fireman ia
t-ieatriiction of tbe Harpathian brings
the totul of lenses through the work
if these raiders to six steamers and
ight si-boon era.
hienator Hwanson, acting ebalraian
of the senate committee on naval af
fairs, after a conference with heads of
the navy department yesterday, told
-lis committee that the Allied and tint
ted iStates naval foreea had destroyed
sixty percent of all of the underaea
rnft which the poemy had constructed
nn,l liV siii .1. iinn kctrl nnari tkas InaaAal
to Allied ...d Neutral shiouW by half
He expressed the confidant belief
that the present submarine visitors
would be speedily driven from be coast
and thev and otbera would be driven
from and kent wv frnm the main
American slii.i.in routes.
None of the American war craft that
are now stationed abroad are to bo
withdrawn, other effectual means, he
believes, having been found to end
the present menace.
W. I. s.
A touch of rheumatism, or a twinge
of neuraliria. whatever the trouble is,
nianilieibiii, ' I'm., R1m drives awtiv
'he pain at once and cures the com
plaint 1 1 1 1 . k I v First apiilieation gives
relief. When a bottle of it is kept in
the house the nin of burns aud seaJdit
iiiiiv I,. .roniitly relieved, euts and
uicMv healed rod swe'l'og
i rim,tlv reduced. In fact, for the
In i . hul l illx it is just HiK h an embro-
rti' ii in 1'ii'iv fiiin Iv should be i.ro
i le I , Ii l'r sale bv all lUaler.
pi-ii-.' ii Smith 4 ('
II lo mi. AJW.
sw int & Yerterdav:iMn' Women oAChRdriMarch
Svyep.t Country Ycter?lay, ., UnftF c olfifOUndt ,
P?9ple ,Ar8 Suffering
AMSTERDAM, June 8 ( Aaaoclatel
Preaa) Ah Mtraprdinary cold w,av
awept orer Germany,. Holland and rVan
dinavia yesterday, bringing differing
to the pfople and doing a tremendoua
amount of damage to. the juitt maturing
grain rropa tad the fruit orrharda.
With a audden drop in the tempera-,
tu re earn a .heavy rainetorm that turm
oil into anow. Thit wtn followed by
heavy bail atnrme la mo ay place and
a killing froet.'
Grain field have been damaged by
the Jiail , and .blighted by the frot.
Potatpea have ,auBred great damage,
MlleV .The barf eat outlook, fecA
bad bees proreiaing, ia now a most
Germany Threatens
hmwm faptives
Demands Exchanoe of Kaiser'jS
' Bipcifte'd ;,friewJ fionvkte
Ppmb Throyvef, For Gefmjvi
-firn Naturalized Qitizen
WA8mNaT0K,' June 8 (Aor
ciuted Pr.ess) ir;pn. Uireata by
Germany to mistreat American
prisonera have reached the atat
department which haa taken occar
aion to remind Germany that there,
are in ' thi country a larger num.
bcr of tlermaus than that nation
haa in ita- war prison campa anj
that reprisals may be required ia
cane the threats shall be carried
The threat arose out of a pro
posal which reached 'tb atat de
artmeat through the Swiss lega
tion., for. aa exchange of Ziegfried
Paul Loudon tor Krana Ton Bin
telen, reported friend of the Kaiaer,
convicted bomb plotter and. sow
serving a prison term in thia, coun
try Cor his violations of the aeu.--.
traUiy laws of the., United BUtee.
Louilun ia said to be German, by
birth eMl a naturalised American
citizen. He was wnvictett in Ger
many ai a'Busviaa apy and nea
tenced to- tea year term of, into
priaoinmen't;. j ' ' :';',
Unleas' the Vslte4 $Utee- wan
willixig to acecpt thU propoaal
threat of miatrealnieui of Amert
. can priwiriers wr. ititiu)atad. To
sm h threats the' Stat dartroent
. immediately repkod ,-lbough ;. the
.Swiss legation to-.;Ue ,eScl that
mistreatment of , Americana, ia
prison in Germany, taught' be er
pected to be met with teprisala.
Speech of Wilson Interpreted As
Message To Mexicans
WASHINGTON, Juno 8 (Aasociated
Press) Blame for present relations
between Mexico and the United States
which are admittedly somewhat straiA
ed, is placed by President Wilson upon
German oropaaandista and a speech
which he made to a party of Me x lraa
editors has been cabled to Mexico lor,
publication there. It may have the
tendency to clarify tbe general situ
President Wilson received the dele
nation of visiting Mexican editors at
the White House yesterday ana toe eui
ject of international relatione waj
freely discussed. President WUson ex
pressed his views relative to German
prouauaniiUta sod their efforts ulaiji
ly aud. clearly. Beferrina to past . re
lations he indicated he was not proud
of tbe history that was made in 4he
relations of the two, close aelabbors.
The Iesideut's speech was not made
public here as tt waa evidently inter
ureted as a uieaeaae to the people of
Mexico jtud has beoA cabled to Mexico
City for publication there Drst.
AMTKBDAM, June 7-( A.aociate
Pi -,he liqpe tjrailo throughout
the Ukraia, whii-h had been iatej-diit
1 b.V Ituasia- early In the waj", has now
"f"1 roauwiixi, ,iMjuiruS iv fvyu'im
Brlin. The Manufacture of intoxi
cants is permitta.1 on a limited ecale
ony however.
: ' ' .
NEW GOy t WW" NfiMtO
TOKJO, Juna 6 (Special to Kippu
Jiji) I.ieut. Gen. M. Ahashi, com
mander of the Sixth Army Division
stationed at Kumamoto. has been ap
pointed governor genera or rormoa.
He will siicced Geueral S. Ando, re
cently reaiuned.
' J. w. s a. - .
roKIO, June-.fl (Special o Nippu
J)0-Y. Sato
a -civilian sviator, ar
rived here today nftr a fliht of iifl'l
uiiles from Okujunna. , Goto left Oka
ymnn two davs ago and made but one
to. duru hia tsip. TM. flight x-U
hun mmm
I. Id., ayeuis for n new Japanese record fo long die won h was grsud inarthal of tbe pa
tance flying. rad.
: 1918. SEMI-WEEK 1Y. "'
I, -l--LJl-U
liir1 . iirtf i ii iTiri-rn '
AVI- i V lllii m-H ,
,.ln,Une.Frpoi CtolGrp.uods
? jfl,yyaVirirnt
Departing Contingent It SJbfljrvn
Hearts ol Tnos At Home
Art Cyer-With Them
,V?be ' the - drafted, mfn wer . called
ato, Mrrie . on th ' jnalnJand ami
marched away to th great tralaing
camp, cities. In tba- .atates saddeaty
awakrwed t ,a sharper reeJlaatioa of
ihe meaaic of the war and this ex-
perl,n9e .waa.breught.home to Hono
lulu yesterday when, sixty four of her
aona,' Hawaii 'a first aiaable miHUry and
te Um naval snUitia the largest coo.
tltigcnt left for the war. Thousand
along, the- Kne .of - march of the fare
wall ov 4 Aloha Parade" ebsered and
gave Godspeed to the lei burdened lit
tie company of youths, .who did no
waU or h draft, but who gat their
service as volunteers, a members ef
tbe Jingiaeer. corps.
fcnA Pier
After the Darade. which marched
from the Capitol groanda along King
Street to. Fort Street aha then to the
waterfront, the final 'farewell was
voiced by' Attorney -Prasdi .Thompson
from a platform serosa th street from
Pier 7. Seated hehiad th speaker
were the Govaraorv Prince Arthur of
Connaught aol his staff, Bo k aro Mo
roL Japane)'-. consul ' general anil
'Tsaanav Woohuaa. Chiarse consul. . A
number of baad selections preeeded
the Bnal anldreaa and . a Its aoneiaeton.
after , tbe band bad played .the v.gtat
Spangled Banner" the sweet measure
of "Aloha .wet sang, first by
members of the HwaJia bSad, and
then tbe song jvaa taken up by Ma en
tire gathering.
DlffsTwoce Apsarant
Yesterday's parad was unlike tk
military pageant that Honolulu haa
seen, .Tbeea recent wsratf spectacles
stirred- strong amotions and called
forth burst of patMottsm and prida
Iji' Lna nation 'a atrearta, a sxempa
fled by swlneina1 ranks fit khski-lad
ma, with their flash Ug bayonet and.
aeeouuameata,; to muitary units aav
the detourting engineer ' marebed ia
yesterday 's ptd- Intead, Jul though
to- gtv a reaaou. wny xaartamg rasa
t Air ht In w Bn am sah ls tha city's
atteeU. thouaands of School children
A some huadreda. of wpmah trod the
way to tbe vessel wnicn arri away
Honolulu' own boys to tbe. battle field
I Wane. ' T '
I the lin f' march'.- behind the
rnutbjr who are : lea vinr-their ' homes
ea.ua m little eompann ob4otdr. un
used to show or ' parade.... It ; anight
have been; called M ill assorted group
and it did not eep' step,' but,, with
rank ivTi marched along together,
men, women and ChiHren. . TEia group
was made up of the relative of tke,
boys who were leayisg their ' wive
ami sweettearta. inn were jears
stied here, but none faltered'' on tha
march and ue-manner or we rarewe'i
that were given at the Ut leave-tak-jug
when the boy turned their step
toward the waiting vessel t.ohf .simply
that Hawaii ready' to mk het auc
rifice with the rest of, the nation.
Prince Arthur tyujpecta
While the' parade ws farming Ja
he Capita) grounds. . the eompsay ' 4
recruits wa lnspacd i by ,Priixc( Ar
thur and hi etasT with tha Governor.
At three o 'clock tbe ' first rank i ef
marchers swung obt of ' las Capite);
groud gates aud down through taa
lane rormed oy toe cioae-pavcae.
throoga on either side of the street., t
Behind the four mounted policMneii
that led tbe parade-came the Kamehs,-.
meaa cauots wits tusir Mart, jutsvua
of those Jesting . boys oi th.a .Ka
mebfmeha Schools. Tljey wer,e fol
lowed by- the white clad rank of the
Honolulu Military Academy. Than
rarched all o tb troop of Boy
Scouts of tbe city and after tbeta cam
he newly organized Girl Seouta. I
the van of a croup bearing outspread
a huge American Flag mrhd Mayor
toseph J. Kern and at thi point in the
Un cam, the-company of ' volunteer
In. khaki and their kinfolk.
Basks of Children
' Suck an outpouring of children, aa
(oUowd rarely haa been seen ln.po
uoluru. Vom the little tot of th
primary grades, who. trudgl atwxdUy
ajong with flaga elotched in, chubby
handa, for blocks and aaiar a the ,ey
mifi-ht ranee, boy and air Is, la.lose-
tai kMl ranks, with their taachrs,
wept like a living trant aloag th
nv. aah school had iU baa sod
uaav in addltloav oarried this wtLce
Aajra, Auusng th achooJat that bad:
representative iu- the .lin war th
Puiiahou Ajcadessy, Ksuluwu Sfihool,
Kalibi kai, Pohukaj, yaJt Ania
m, KsabuaMMMi, Central Arammar, ,th
Normal School and MaJuaJey 1
SchooL After tb hMlT, marched
th Rl Croa girj Is.tho whJto eus
tiunss and tbet cam Ippg ra v of
tepresentstive. .of , the HwV
branch of th American Jjttf
League and 'msnir prominent eiUn.
Ooveruer Deatuuai ikQnfUw vawbd
ut rue aeaa os.soib- groep,
FvllowiUi thee in, lis ain repce.
tentative of the Chinee and Japaujes
eomnvircial 9rganitiou. f ad after1 tk
band of Ht Louis, Colleiie. which lad
nineteen of Its boy with those depart-
lni anil the reoreaeutative - of . the
school with their many -at aired service
ting, tbe Britisjv Ulub with it servje
flair swung bv. Bom hundred, of
marchinv women followed In line, rep -
I mehSmoha. Oiwl R-ltr. Kalama Socl
. tv. Daughter of Warriors. A striking
j fentnre of the parade was the band
rompomwt of (Hrls of th paivstlon
Arpiv Girls' School, C. P CbHBug
f' sw?
ceive Green Paper and Will
Return- To Work In Plantation
f UJds Accepted Smile;
Paddpned and glum f Intermingled
with htDBV and aatiafbad onea at 'b
army mobKaatloy camp at' Fort ,AynV(
stig yeter,dy at noon, when about
thirty . Filipino membersaof Company
H, of JVsipabo, received gru papers
from the mustering officers, Indicating
thai thy had beeu rejected from serv
ing la Unel Sam's army, th firat of
many - who ax yet to b denied th
prjyllege of weariag the khaki, uniform
for tha. period of tbo wan -
The-men wea examined by Major
Chabm , B Cooper ' eorp . of . mediea)
examiners on. Wednesday and. yester
day morning they War iaoruedj that
beaua of laeh of . prop weight ton
amalb status and various physical de
fects, they , would hot b ft tr aerv
la th frmy.
Aecepud War Bmllea
Quit 16 'contrast with th Rejected
appearance of the "t,jee" was the
demeanor of those, who had been fully
mustered In.1 They smiled and' grinned
and bmm vn . nervona In their gay
excitement. ,
Order wer given early Is the day
ta psek up and yeatsrdav f terronn tk
company went. to. the Oabu Railway
depotl,an4 ' by five, o'clock had been
q,uartrd in one or the r meat laraatry
eantenments at Castaer, .ilehua, tht
flrsb of the territory 'a eitisen army to
actually. wme under th command of a
brlgad. tommander, for: now tbe nrst
Hawaiian. Infantry will com under the
. -.. L a,. r i nr
renerai sommana';, -voi. oa .
Heard, U. 8. .A. poet commander al
Lellehos. i '
Two more eomcaaUs ..were passed
throtuzk '.tk medical' axajnininc tent
f ttterday, the-large number or men giv
ng the surgeons ho spare moment.
- - .... j .' .
Then the atatr f Capum Edward wit
mII. IT. fl-.A.'. 'chief mnatarlas? affiaer.
kept tblr pen buy, for. it i expected
thai all tbos. who Ver , qualified by
these teats will b sent to Schofleld
Barraeka hl . aftemooa r net later
taau tomorrow rooriuag.
BxtMrt4 ToW '.
" Meanwhile oa eompaay of the Sec
ond Hawaiian Infantry probably of
Hi) sir a station along the Ramahun
coast of th Island of Hawaii, wilt ar
riv this morning and will be quarter
ed ih th section vacated at the army
camp- by Company H. Other enmpnnie
may- amy tomorrow oiorniug hujii
Kauai and' Maui. ' . -
The Second Eegimnt 'will b eomlng
Into 'Honolulu steadily from tbe other
Islands, replacing companies of the
First eimut.
Moyis innonnf4
. .Tha motion, piotnr entertainment was
ofieially bnlletiaed -etterdav mornjnar
al-th adiutant's oleo.' .Thee wiU.be
conducted . bs, Chaplain ' Valentin end
tk Bed Croat field saryiee buxeau, and;
wH bo'staired iu th small are be-.
-tweia the meS ball aud th anaebjn
gnu uompanT- .Unia,'
. So, complete Jiav th mess arrange
ments been worked out. that the entire
amain and of .nrarlr fourteen hundre4
ansa . paaeerl through th "less hall at
diaser yesterday. noon in fifty-five rain
ate. .The- men ar also beginning- to
Jearn that wr with food ia frown
ed upon and 'that si man mnst not t-V
upon his. nlada mora thaa'h intends to
at:' .. "! '
NEW YOBLK, Jurt 6 (Aasociied
Press) Jerenilsh Q'Leaxy, Irish Amer
lean agitator and formerly the pub
Usher of Hull, which, waa, suppressed by
rhe governnieut, was indicted yesterday
With five others on. treason charges.
O'leary sal first arrested "because of
published utterances, in Bull and was
S yea his liberty On ball. When it be
ra evidsuii that the conspiracy for
which ao many Sinn Feinera were ar
rested ia Ireland had ita tentacles in
Ibis country aa well, O'Leury disap
peareil aud his ball boad was cancelled
Hioce then he has bueq a fugitive from
Justice aud. his bcotiver waa arreated fyr
alleged' Brticiption in arranging for
hia scape,
Others to be indicted ara Marl Ked
et aad Victoria and Car) Kodiger whose
mavhiaations a German spie are said
to hav xtudw) to the Pajiftc coast.
WAMHINlTON. June 7 (Asspciat
d Press). Today 'a casualty list buaOo
publics by tbe war' department on re
ceipi of Gnatl ' Pershing 'a report of
am commaoda lvs rte name or sev
esteea of the Americas forces killed in
actio, twlv who died of wounds, sis
of accidents, va of diaease. and six
severely wounded.
- '. ' , rrvk-
' Mrs. t llliaa flarthwait. wife of f!nl
Her-ber Oarthwatt of Company C, Third
Kagineers, of .Scbofleld Barracks, died
at nine o'clock;'" yesterday 1 morning ia
the Department Hospital, Fort Bhafter,
followitig a brief 'Tineas. Funeral ser
vices will be held at three o'clock this
afternoon at Williams' undertaking
pviort, tbe Interment to be In Puea
cemetery. Mr. Uartbwait, who was
M(sa Llllaa A. Dodge before her mar
riage, WS native of Kauai, and tweo
vv nm.
1 , mgun saa hus ...
it fail to
'g w ' oifj
' ' . "
uruggtst refund roouy if
cure. Tb sigaaUu oi
OKUVftlai,oaCl?9X. Mu
7 ... rn j.0.1Vt4
CO., 8t. Loui. U. 8. A.
)LI II .11 III 1 1 I I S III
a, a. a iMstiijiM w w
r.RAin innninn
UP Pil!i6LY
Rcporfed. Plight of General Semi-
' nofr In Direction ot Mongolia
- Regarded Likely To -Preclpl-tate
Trouble , ,
Further Denials of Japanese Con-
rtPof of Affair In China Are It
sued From Tekio As Crisis
Prayvs fearer
.1 ONDON, June 8 (Associat
L4 e4 Press) Intervention in
Si berjap affairs by-Japan and
ifhina way 1 precipitated by the
reported flight of Oeneral bemi-
noff, who is said to be about to
seek refuge in Mongolia. He is
being pursued by the Bolsheviki
JprccSi h army practically dis-
bande4 aad generally disrupted
ihrpugh the dissensions which
have arisen within it.
It 19 expected that if General
SernirioiT shall , succeed in reach
ing Mongolia hia surrender will
be demanded by the Bolshevist
Soviets and this wpuid, it js fear
ed, compel Japan and China to
act cooperatively under the treaty
upon which they recentlyentered.
Disaster appears to have over
taken General SeminoiT and his
campaign for an independent
Siberian government which would
have been friendly to the Allies
rbd for. the support of which he
is said by the Bolsheviki to have
sought Allied iu'd. His army is
said to have been torn by dissen
sions. One report, from Shang
hai,, said he was about to disband
his forces and seek refuge in Mon
golia for. himself, jpther, reports
say he is in retreat in that direc
Referring to the new treaty un
Jer which China and Japan would
act conjointly in Siberia in case
.he necessity shall arise, Tokio
messages say that Japanese of
ficials declare the terms of the
new treaty or agreement do not
y;ive Japan control of the army,
nor of its finances, railroads nor
mines. The report that the agree
ment does give Japan these great
rights and powers, and also im
mense concessions persist in spite
of the denials that followed, front
both governments, the published
rexrts of the purported burden
f the agreements.
w. a s. 4
Number of Registrants In Class 1
Blow Expectations
WASHINGTON, June 7 (Associat
ed Preaa) General reviaiona of tho
draft classifications have been begun
under orders from Provost Marshal
General Crowdcr. He expresses sur
prise that there are so few registrants
placed In i Class 1 in some of the dis
tricts and says it bas been found that
men now placed in Class 4 should be
in Class 1 or in Class 2.
He today telegraphed the governors
of all of the State to cause Investf
gations to be. immediately started to
determine the cause of tbe smaller
than expected numbers of tboae who
are first subject to the draft.
. aj. a).
AMSTERDAM, June 7 (Associated
Pre) Fifty thousand persons have
been- rendered homeless by a fire which
destroyed mui-h ef Stuuiboul, the more
ancient part of Constantinople between
th He of Marmora and the Golden
Horn. Ocsjiutcbes received here tell
of great property losses and much suf
fering. was
NEW VnRK. Jim 7-- f A "M-ialo''
Press) 8hlpinvr men leiirnel to,d"
!.. l... A : . .
'"' m-rienn mraiiiHr r",inl-
w8. r.rpedoe.l off the Scilly i,!,.,,-'" .
June 5. JLLUB
' ( ' - ' . '
i '. '. ' e.
''',Wy". '.''":: V-V-';

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