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I 1 .
JUNE.' 11, 1918, -SENfI-WftKI,Y
- ' . -.
'4 '
D ' ! f cr Join IiV
. i v " . ', ;Sv-v ., ,,' ,.
. ' I . '.'' I . I " - ' . .'
HoMtencr Detficau Makes !.
Aftfid Ahival'"
v . .-',-.
To look over the local situation for hinuelf, 8wMry tf the Interior Laae
lu tboM department tro affair ef ' Hawaii are inUleti t Waabiqgteni reached
Honolulu yentervjay fro ban TraBelscu, at bi hekd of a cliiitin,tnlibi party
of viaitoW: v .. .'..... , .'-,' ' ' " '
Accompanying the Secretary arrf Into 'bf aA priiWIpaJ burean chief, E. O.
Bradley, assistant iy th secretary, who partiealarw Intilnd fliettnk aed lefria-
latioa affecting Hawaii, and Lathroji Brawn, tpefial etstot to the tecreUryl
uiru Dinner, private, socreiary. aa a tonutierniai tiern of riectetary Lane
eompnaie hid chief. ' t '
Welcomed addition totWa official part ar Mr.,' Lane, Mr: Bradley,' jyiri.
ItrowB and Mis Kaney Lane. -i ' '., ..
Received by mi friary guard oi honor, rimhvt te a MHwptJou nt the Ale
andeYeung Hetet, plad in w -receiving Una at a afteraoo 'garden fete Bad
taken to prtrate-view of eoBae loyally taken moving picture ia th evening
made the ftrat Bay hdre of the party buiry.one., w. busy , that today 'a Sunday
lott-miton eonte a 'wHeomed epfottunity to real .up a bit. . , ', '
Tha business or investigating wijl ba taken op ,U arat on Tuada.y. To
moiTOWth" pArty" vUi and inloet iKa naval tfeaat Pearl Uatbor, where
a Kw'vnlattin Ha wait on ita way toward t eomfdetibn. Ja the afternoon
Heeretarv Laaa ta agreed to forniaHy open the Fwat ,Torrito'rlaJ Fair. Further
than that, thV plana of the party wer pot ready far announ!emnt laat night. .
wnx Erpia roa tvr
Wnileithe' Beeretary ha not made ailytteninU for publifatian regarding
the particular polali' of lUWaiian affatetthnfr receire hi ntttmtien, it ia
knowa thnt ho intend, going moat carefully into the matte of )t diapotdtlon -ot
the puUia-lauds. "I waqt. t(Lhear. both aidea on thfa queation," he slated yt
terday, and it ia evident that thei in-tO ba nothijig of thr eatvutive semion
tye about hin prbe.- The (amt'n credited to Governor Plnkham that he
intend to take Mr! Line around- and lhw him -the pnbiie. laada before he lets
Hnyotie talk' about laoMa t him repented yesterday , with lenities, after Mn
J.une had appeared on the scene amfe aiade it blain tbit-be woJ.K .Ih. i.i t,r i.im.
m ii wiiHi ur wouiu ace ami wno ne woiuir
I. i I il t.l ..
Pocking ia Awaited
A the ' awaited ateamablp pa4p4
up he"baVbrr 'ba1 tefward the pfef
tlid aouml of tramping i f ert euldb4
h'aJ, and the aUreet Tef ore1 1 be -w barf
aBmd njitrtinl ppnaranee y joM
tcn, ttr e n nno'rgbadfdV the!
aecretary on hla flrat" entmsoe to h'
A dovble line of guard eocupled (thi
ri oter of 'the wharf where OoveertoM
l'iukham awaited the cabinet offlkif.
With th Governor were , Briiradiir-
General .'A; P.- Blne'kwnjt, Vl 81.', ijell
partment commander and i.icut-Cot
Heey C llerriam, XI: 8. A? hlf fof
Htaff. Js'earhy was Pcleate Ealani
aunole. THe aeewtary . of. the iirti-rlor', bate
liiJHded. atood 6o the deek f J he atenni.
ci nnd recognized many of thoae on tlio
v liiivf, prtiruirjy ; Delgate Kalant
I'Hulc. SirrrrftutdfhV the cabinet meni
I'pr were Mrs. Iane and their daughter?
yient O. Hradler.-tlte aaiuataae-aeere
tary.of the iuterior and MtK Bradley 1 "f real lug men of the American
and' tnthrup Brown,' Mr. Lane 'a apt. I nntion in thin erjuia of world htatpry.
inl BMinlant ' and ifra:- Brown, and ) ' T1" party vaii then drlvowoot d the
OlcBn M. NWaffer, private aeetery rto 1 Monn' where they will make their
Mr. l.aaev Amonjr ttfe inlnhd officials headquarter during, their entire ty
and thoae who were ' delegated to ef- tnt'Udntthilo.'--
Heially (jreet the cabinet officer at quar Come Forth
mitiue were Covernnr Designate C.--JJ' ! AltlOOarh'tker wan H alight Sprinkle
Mtrth-, t'olleeror of 'Port 'M. JUv of . ri"a "the Venezuela came into
Franklin,' Hint mante I). 'H. MaeAdaU J'4"' "4 when the party etnrted up
ivHei tur of Internal Keveuue Hatha- own, the brecfea from Tantalua quiek
"v. I iiiled Htat4 Diatrict Attorney 'y farrted thin away and by the time
S. K. Huber. InepecU.r-iu-eharge of Ire- h"party ren hed Waikilri Beach the
iniyrBtiiio K. I.. H gluey, Robert W.1 "' aa ahiniiig aud the day wa tlear:
Nliinyle, territorial War Havinga ptampa 'despite the'effprt of tb moon coming
director; l.feut. Hi H. Oriabv, U. 8. K."1; ,htvea tb ' earth aud the-' aun ami
repreoPiitiBjr Bear Admiral UroiSre ' pnftlally obHterating the latter for a
(Jlaitfc.v camma4tdntrt of Penrl Hwbor "hort time.
Nui-ol Htationj l.ieut. Chauncey Clere- B' th time the Unvernor'a uenleh
IniMi representing General Blockintn)' i '"I w being given ..for the nceretnry
nnd l.tut-eiuitif Perter. refireiKtnting the "d l,ary " had become a typical Ho
iovermir, . Dolcgate Kubio mimed the nvlnlu Hummer dny the blcKHonii nd
lnntik bat Vwan' amoue the firt to leaveK lookinc ouly the brighter and
trrcet the secretary as be' came dow
I lit ulinjJjilliUK. I
Proceed to Hotel I
The Hooretary a, ad fa'milv.. with Got
ermir Pinkkam entered -th latter au
tomobilr and with all. the party in ntav.
i hineH, -4hi utoa moved ioto the atreet"
v hrre the tronpa, cOnalating of coaatr'
artillery foot trbop aad a aquadron'of '
ciivnlrv, pfeaeuteit trma, I
Ua.lor Hiipo Ylir.,. cummnuditig the
lupo. Pilr,. cummnuditig the
regiment, gat he order"
'l OV IK1IJU1' I''
lit imirch mi'
idnving a
inn np Fort Street nnd into BiaHn'p "t
rr rei I,
The vieitor were interpated in th;5 ' yestenrday taiiriUln)?,' at whteh wWc pres
nceiien nliing.tue route and a number "enf' Pirtd Admlniatrator Child,' Attor
..f people who had turned out to gret ' -i. ai"i,. r-,'u-.iv -- i
tti" nerrotarq.', AlB4Ucb not know
the exact hnnr when the 'cabinet offi
ti lurivc. Hunolulu citUcni wire-
no out in aueb full force aa usual on
HiM'll ocr4itimn.
'I'l.c troois swung into regiinvutal
f'ont on the fcwa side of Bishop Street,
tr,.- tit i tijt urms as the secretary pane-
cd to i)ie hotel enfrainee. ' , .
Tin; enlirs party and committee wfnt'
t.. the parlor of 'the Alexander You,ng
Hie-el! hore an infotmaif reception W 1
i ci. ImM th lirstrthitif . th aectetBrr' 't trfenK live cents. 1 Ttire sold in
.ij t wii. to heve p unlet "talk with thVleWi' that! ' bnjf lotir" Vitl lid retailed at
(In-crnnr' Instlne about ten niinuy. ten cents a pound. .
Tliew lo.u'.upved a via-a-via-ehair, artd"' Thee fi)ijfet(' were 'arrived lit after
the otlics. tinderstnadino the neiteslity a enroft knd eihsustfvo examina
i'i.' a no"'' or leuC confident ial chat loft tiri had been made into the added cast
il'in Mi'cit. Of "ihrt" fnVid brodnet Under' ruesMBt con-
''. -w-- hnd v lred tlmt he dii 'ditlodM.' Wrie"liH ef the Chinese deal
i-i ;i"vii,ih in iu way of a nro- i" kjnd tilMsHi'TB were apparently satis
n. in i'i tnv Hrrnijieil r imt-un ed iwlttt'these new price. U I
" r- v mi tu arnvtii. ami parr or
hi- i . i" action with the Guvenior
n in' ri'i'iiii st.
i - 'iiiiioniircil then that the gnr-
.1,11 file arinuged by the (ioveriior in
ee ant wnu
Hdnor'of ftefcretaVy Lantf and hia jart
wcmMbln 'tnbit acceptable eooial diver
alo; . - ,
I 'A 'aiton ' na th('- party entered the
hdhd 'tbe 'troppa departed fofr their atn-
Tlte oast nrtrilerV roo were
.d the aniidihte thi PA.,!-..!,.
ind the aqiiadrtm'of tbe Fotitkh f iralry
TOata1nWiii1aibiBJ Mctjaurin. '
' The tefrMarV'aeepted the military
hiotrntlon" tn Hifa aninf wrlwnv and
oemoersTio- njawner,' and wna genial
f ith'aH hanjifJ.'a.! of trt 'nhrgted out
men of '. f frer acqnatntanee creating
tUeat' j '''-, even 'to Ffed Bnah, of
the Honolulu Iron Work Whowft a
eehoolwnWof 'th' awetary in Cali
fornia . . w .., s v
Ai-tli dcr4yty nKgifed Mmr hin
ul t'-'tKw heteli 1 cheers wet given
wtth'. n vill nd haW were reYntfvnd nn
A Ht-veed-i4icfttip tht th presence
uJ.Uf V nertjle , trealp4t VTHaon
ibi4vet ia ppciatud, ' ahd i bei-anae
Meuretary l.ane irnadmt6od to be one
Jfrectter for the ' HiyeJ aunwliiue
W. . a.
GfWCrS ' aftd" DtlkT RfepOrtdd
AvGDneraRy S&iisfied
Fellevflag" a three" heur conference
reatrntativej of -every ric plnatstlon
oa"Oah an inereaae of appToImately
fiftetath a bag for Hkwallau growq
iji-w yHv igimi upon. -
The-ne 'achedale of prices deteruiiu-
ed in yesterday frbmprtiwer to miller,
i duf "dollars and fifty 'rents' a bag;
f rn : millf to joliber, eiflbt dollars
nad fifty cents f from jobber to retail-
r, eight dollar'h aad seventy cents and
'riinj retailer tp consumer, nine dollars
' Mud less, one' or the largest rice grow-
e-s'ort !lhet island, ' refuaeit 'ti ' give a
ili I'm lie statement ns to hi attitude on
the matter until he had consulted with
his attorneys.
, itu i iv i-uuu uunuui
i IsUhd Plantations Decide
., That Call To Colors Will Not
AffMt Former Workers
.Tune ' N 1'lnntatlnh of the
Big Jslaiid will pny the rejjiilnr mnnth
ly bnnua to their former employes enlf
tde th oli.r with the iintionul
guard. As soon a the figures for the
iblg BiiBUHl I Minus nre inn.le up tlmt
f alsi 'will b pnii tn the men who nre
noW'WCrtiig I nele Sinn's khaki.
, This Was the rhecriiij; nniiouneement
made' this morning by Colonel More
head, eotnmander of ilie Second Repi
ntent, Who hail taken up this very im
nortknt matter with numlier nf 'plan
tation representatives, srvb the HI!o
et-Her1d of .In ne 4.
I t'l just had a talk with Mr. Rcntnn
Hind' said the colonel at the nrmotv
hBd he tell me tlmt the bonus will
M. paid without fail nnd at once So
sUMtn fa the flifutcs on the big annul
bi'Miis earl be made up that nlso w ill be
psjld the men. This is going to mehn
B-lot )o all Of them fur not a few have
been "depending upon that bonus to
meet the inevitable expenses attended
rtpolt pulling up stakes and switching
Jrvim civillnn to military life."
Diwfl t 'Kxd Work .
. ; Wltk jeonlpnny commanders, the regi
ftifntal adjutant. Captain Deyo, and
th. headquarters stuff working flfteien
boo re, a day the units of the Big Is
land guard, are .swiftly shaking down
into, shape. It ail) tnke several day,
probably at least a week before the
pnper work can he cleared away and
th ground bared for the real vwrk of
putting a real military polish upon
the jnen
i Thi' do p;t mena thnt the officers
lire neglecting that most important
-part of their work. Already Captain
Ueyo ha mapped oijt a full daf'a
Stibttdule aad. that went into effect this
morning. It reads with a most familiar
twang to all' eld soldiers does that
','rperinr order" so-nnd so.
; BepUming' with first call at seven
Vlouk' ia the morning, mess call at
fevn-4hirty, assemlly flnr drill flf
tewa tniuutea of setting up exercises
Of "ireny" aa the old soldier calls it,
and thrfte solid hours of drill and in
stiiMtiep, the day tafiers off n the af
tomoai 'with recall from drill, retreat,
Htea, tattoo -and taps, at nine Hurt v.
YVeodlng Owt TJnQt
Tbft' work o -weeding out the pljv
aically untt hra already eommeuced.
Lieutenant Carter. I'. M. M. C. K. be
gan trfdaj-the task of siftinj them out
ef Captain Wood's command in "Ki
hala and he la due in Hlln tomorniw to
begin" physical examinations of the of
i frs arid men an daty here. Colonel
Morehead said this morning that he
eonfld'ent ' that the percentage of
JoiWa'i front thi examination -will be
slurht, probabry no more thaa five per
0ts' If thin opinion proves correct it
wHli'shoM that the guardsmen of the
Bit; Island are a finer body of men phy
sically than their fellows ou the main
land, where the loss from physical
run hps sometimes mounted to h.1 bili
as thirty percent.
. From tioiv on the orders against the
men' of the guard undertaking any out
side duties during the day will be
strictly enforced, said the colonel this
mnrhilrg. Captiin Deyo aa regimental
adjutant has isVueil orders that "un cp
listed man will be permitted to erform
niy dnties not of a mllitairy iiiiturc
between the hours of seven a. iu. and
five thfrty p. m. " Those hours arc to
bt anered to their 1'ncle Samuel.
OrhVers' are instructel in the same
order, to report the adjutant when lo;i
ing their quarters, and will not be nl
lowed to leave the city limits exrept
with fiial permission of the cam
niiitidiug ottiser, either by day or night.
w.t. a.
Western Observers Report High
ly Satisfactory.ResultS From
s FKANCISCO, June IO--(.kho
i intcd 1'iess ) Some splendid result.
have been sei ured by the observations
token dining the cvlipHe ou Satunlny
one of the more iiiiportant being the
discovery of a uew stnr nBnker City.
(jltegou. Reports from there yester
lay told of this discovery and unit!
the star whs in the constellation
qtl and was seen between Altair
unit Vega '
' The naval observatory prty tliri
was engaged yesterday in the develop
ment ot the fifty or more pictures
which the member took during the
eclipse 'and in a preliminary study of
the results which the photographs sluw
Astronomer at many Western points
report that their obt4rrv,atipni on Hut
uri)uy wore very auuvessfu! owjng to
the clear skies which seem to have
generally prevailed.
Some fine groups of sub spots are re
ported to have been found by somv of
the observers and the. general results
are. expected to furnish much valuable
w. a. a. i
Wli.'ii his horse fell nnd 'slipped ou
the street car track oil Uilihn ; strVet
vestcnlay morning, Mounted police
man Keniv t4i received such a' hard
(nil that he was knocked unconscious.
Besides thin the poUccmnn 's face struck
rhe hard pavement enusii bruises and
contusions. Olticer Kli was on his wjv
to the station to report for dutv at
the tune nt the accident. lie whs
taken to the emergency hospital for
' I rttnioif . where he was kept until
yesterday afternoon, when he wus auf
Ibiently recovered to gu to hi koine.
Kauai's Contingent Here and
' mu?t 1s Expected Today With
Big.isiana soraiers to Afnve
About End of Week
b6ut End of Week
, Kauai's entire ncgrcgatinn of Ha
waiian 'National (innrdsnien arrived in
Honolulu early yesterday morning' on
the Inter Island steamship Ktlauea and, i
with the exception of one company, all
were ultder canvas at thn innbilicafiort
camp at Fort Armstrong shortly af
ter break fast time. The battalion ia
commanded by .N'aj. Richard Oliver.
With out? company of the Second In
fantry, from Kohalu, commanded by
Cltptaiii Samuel Wools, nearly a half
of the, Second Hawaiian Infantry is al
ready in Honolulu, nnd these companies
will be augmented this minuin bv ar
rival from Maui.
Expected Today
Tfc'e throe central companies of the
Second battalion were under orders
to leave Kanului last evening for Ho
nolulu arriving here today. The La
liaiurt -company may be among thi
number and tomorrow another company
may leave; the Valley Island. The Maui
om panics have beea getting ready for
th' wr-r evice for the pnst week.
Captain ' L. L. PaMerson, Medical
fiCsei e Corps, w ho was sent to Maui
last week, ha conducted physical -amihitiona
among the men throughout
the week so tlint the command arriving
fodav will be trippel of many men who
would not qualify for service under the
clote scrutiny of the army surgeon at
'he mobilixntion ramp.
Soma Batlgnatlons
Battalion Sergeant Major William
Engle ha been diarhnrgod as such in
oritur to accept a commission a sec
ond lieutenant of the Mauians. Lieu
tenant Waiwaiole, although he ha rd
aigned is said by the Maui Newa to
have received orders to report to the
intelligence' bureau of the Hawaiian
department. Several other officer have
resigned, mostly for physical reason.
, The public schools of Mnui lose Su
pervising Principal George S. Raymond),
who is a Unit" lieutenant iu the Wnilu
ku company; ud Manuel Joseph, voca
tional teacher,! has also joined the
Colors. Practically tn par cent of the
working force of the Hawaiian Com
mercial ft Sugar Company goes with the
guiird, and It is figured that it will all
mo.au a slowing dowir in production
of sugar.
New From Hilo
From Hilo romes the statement that
the supply company, headquarter com
pany -and .Bf c.ompany wifl leave there
Jum H for.iionolulu. Captain Yates
company, un west Hawaii is uudef
orders to" suit for Honolulu on the 17th,
and m the same date the machine gun
company and the eanitary detachment
will embark for the mobilization ramp.
Recruiting for vacancies is aires. l
under way on the Islattil of Hawaii,
this being done yuder the direction of
Lieutenant Ayres.
The last rtarapany of the second but
talion of thf'First Ha'vtaiian Infantni
lift the iniiliillr.utiou camp yesterd:iv
mornitig, ucioinpanied by Major I.n
ri-nce Jiidd, commander of the battalion
and will be Hie first unit tu perfect
orguiii.ution in bni rucks at Castner.
Colonel W. H. Riley, commiindini; the
Vir-t HavMiiiiin I H f:i li 1 1 v. limy all In
in Cnstui r bv Kriday of this week, and
u'iM'ii foilv I'iht hniirs in which to
-diakc down, the entire regiment inn
I rdered out tor intensive field in
-t rurt ions b MiihiIii w
Expect JIard Work
As the i teiiins of t lit" regnlnr rci
nieuts hac I" cu dning streaoous
"ut nnd trench work, lon marching
Ink rs and hard work gciirrn Iv Im
iiniutlis it i- I'spected t but Colonel
lli'iml. coimii iniling the big l.cilchii.i
;iiis'. 'ill Mini the island lnei to barn
is soon ii"mIiIi and :'t huideiicil
Cii plain I'lrile.'ick 'ilyul, who -funucilv
i inn iir ut the Natiu'ul (luanl
licinluu rlii s. and u ho asked 'for a
af'taim v in under to get into active
erviie. luei liis lompsiiv yesterday for
hr hist 1 1 in. . This is I Company of
he Knii.M li;i ' I ;il ion ('aptaiu dliiu'l
s an old I i in - .iiuiy man. aad expei't
o ict Minn- '!entlnl Hi'ivice out oi
his nii'ii.
divine Services Held
Pivine sen nes .were held ut the
, ii ! I i x.;i t Mn ramp esterday niorniii-
'y Chii. an tather nlcntin, this be
' U! a uiass lo'lil out of door aid, prac
ti"iHv a military inuss.
'i '.i.. ..i.. ...i ;K .
a 4 litr i 11 iniauti irimriiia mr 11
Jiecume knoMii as the inowt rarinlly
diversitlcd oro:, nidations iu the entire
army, they will hImi become known as
'he mint luui-'nnl.
WiU Have MuMu
Alllioutli rvciv iiiuii curried n rilli
into camp, about every fourth one h
U uiu-icul instrument, either a'ikiilc)i
tr a guitar with a fair tprinkliue
ut aiawdolins, aud during . lull hours
he tinkle of the uke and the 'strum
if the guitar can be heard in almost
very direction.
i The Kohalu louipaiiy yesterday held
'lje' u 1 1 i'ii t ii in of the entile camp, foi
'wo vo'lni-- n mandolin and a "uke'
'live forth the timet en trancing melo
'ies whiih i'ii'' einanated from the
'ci'ths of a khaki tent.
Su reitt i- ttie auii'iiut of musii-a'
illicit in the two leiiuents, that one
of the otiiiii- I'l'oposed that i'athi"
Valentin -mill di'vutc his attention I '
getting up ii musical contest as an
iuter Coiii.ii n atl'air at lirst. then in
ter battalion and then with an inter
regiment linale.
Yesterdav bciu; Sunday all drills
were declared otT and more than tlftv
percent ot tin noli given passes to
visit their holm", and clear np soiuc
of theii i-ivilian alfaiis before leaving
t tow li tor l.i-lb-hiia.
I tine ut tin companies un n ig ve
teidav was , niw I cred at "CHinp Me
, Carthv '' owni to lack of room at the
Situation on Mainland Will Be
,' Unique Blit ' Here-' Will'ollovV
Unes of Othfer.Fcstiviles and
The Komil, i,f ,Iol this M'nr ill he
marked l eelelirations niii're in mdst
pans of thi' I nited states, but hardly
different in Honolulu ti,;m usual. Act
ing n. iiii t!,c iiies,icl c ish of l'resi
dent Wil-, i, the , Vlcbftit mil this yonr
will be m:u'icil ,v t,. try f ,
furei!'ii i e..,es residing in the commun
ity to Iskc cipmily romrniMif 'prts
s the Americans.
I 'r Honolulu, ss elsewhere, therefore
this v Ml be n U'ret public dcmntist rw-'
tion (if the foreign born to display their'
loyalty to the I hite I Mules and to
the war of ciHir.ntinri
Mrchiienr is Ready
llotiululn is already eipiipprd nlth
the maehiuerv f,.r a lovdlfy "demdn '
stratb'ti of all persons residing under
the prnteetiniT f1,u of the "AmMckn
Ttv: for seldom his a ve:ir pnssed tHat
a i rne races nwelling in Hnwiii from
rill the shines bordering upon the great
Pacific Ocean hnve not taken some part.
With its I'nn-Paelfic I'nmn,' embtscipg
repreaentatives and flags of the Paci
fic countries, the Fonrh of Jury1 cele
bration so greatly desired bv president
Wilson can easily be carried' Into, effort,
; In carrying out the wishes of the
President, the Committee on PoMie
Information at Wnshington, will ash
the mayors of the ritles to organ!
eommittees among1 the prominent for
eign horn residents and the statB eodn
eila of the National Defense have al
ready promised their cooperr'tien.' The
Hawaiian Vigilance Corps hss already
promised 'its aid in preparitnf for the
Acta' en Petition
President Wilson was moved to ask
for this demonstration because of" a
great petition sent to liim and signed
by Armenians, Assyrians. Belgian, Chi
nese. Czechslavs, Danes. Dtrfeh.1 Finn,
French,' French Canadian. Greek, Hun
ariais. Italians. .Tspancse, Lithuanians.
Norwegians, Poles, rrtugre, Hha
sians, Humuninus. South Slavs, Swede
and Swiss.
' The rrtovement for such a celebrn-
lulu sometime u;n when Bfltlsh resi
dents launched the plait and nav re
qoested that when the'Ariteriearfs get
together to prepare their pmns for the
day throughout the Territory all the
foreigner shall have opportunity to o-
It' i expected that the chamber 'of
-cniinerce, Hawaiian Vigilance Corps.
Hawaiian orgnvrxariwu' and "Pa Faci
n I'nlow will get together within the
aext 'week-s Bt after selecting 'a gD-
eeal' nhivi pSibs .'nlum' A ' V, r.,:..
-- - - - -n . , , . . i - , . n v r-, ... i i u
of committcs tot Inclotle1 forergB-bin-n
In Hilo tim hse been taken by the
fore-lock.' lit. Jfiltdn Hlcf' is chair
man. The celebrKtiim ther4 will con
sist -of a parade'iof 'decornited' ear and
float in' the for en eon; -patriotic' ex
ercises with music in th Oarety Thea
rr. field and track event 'at' Moohefcu
I'ark in 'the aftv-rhoou Mil l free daltce
in lh armory ' iif the evening
I nited Statea DiBtrfet At'tornev S.
C. Huber will beV th otftor of the 'da v
Proves To Be
GKeap Pewter- Mug
NKW YOKK',1 JuBe fJ -(Officisl)
Kven when the , Kaiser posed as
u "(lenfleirtan Sportsman" lie was
practising;, .deceit. This wils the
case us fn back as in IW15 when
he presented a "uold" cuu as the
prize nir an ocean yaent race,
was iv 011 by art Vmerican yacht
tur a dozen years the " Kaiser's
up" has been highly 'prl'.ed for
the sporting interest which attach
ed to it- in nautical circle and from
its purported intrinsic value as
well. Now' it lias been diwov cred
that the trophy, so fur as monetary
value went, was bfldly runumtta-ged
for it is made of pewter and not
ot gold,' a baVI been thought.
thin I'oatiug of gold plute cover
ed the drncntiou.
Altbouuh the intrinsic vnl
this splendid and' royal trtiphy is
not more tnan atl. it hs proved
of far greater vnhif to the Amer
nan Bed Cross for the benefit of
which it ha beta several times
auctioned off nrl fur which it has
produced 1125,000.
w. a. 'a.
s a waitress and dishwasher in
Uei own cafVteiia in Borduaax, Mrs
iin-cnt Aror has ' wdu the ' lov e of
' d.liei ".: se.jlor of the Allied
oi navie epo has touched
! .1. .' one tual. Mrs. Astur
vim the help of Mth. Eihef Kuin
icv, served and waited upvu It'""
u n, and Inter helped 1 wash 'the dishes
i'his information whs brouvhi bv Mrs
Hiittou of Cleveland. Oliro. win.
cully arrived aftrtr a'Uait to the
itui i-auteeu ut 'Bordcuui.
w. a. a. - -
l.nvbON. June 7 - (Asso.iut.'
Press 1 Terrible slaughter 'of m
mini- by the Musselmnu ' forces is
i i'i le I. Advices say t hut 1 w il hin 1
1 fortnight more than ten Ihou-nu l !iv
been massacred
- w. a. a.
hinrrhnea is alwavs ' more m ki-
1 pievalent duiiiiL' thrle -weather. Me pre
! pin ed for it. Chamberlain's Coin' and
liiairhoeu IJfllie.lv is proiupt and if
' lePlunl. it i' 11 n always be depended BJh
1 oil Kor sale bv all dealers. Itens.iu,
Smilh 4 Co., Ltd., agents for Hawaii.
VJILUl lUU 111 1Y1111U l'J
Soldiers BackFrom thie War
Desires To Hear Spokesmen of Every
Side of Local Controversy and Gomes
With dpeirMihd
"I have a hiir pruositiiiti in mind iltralitijjr with tlitr availaMc ptib
ftc'Iands'of ttie I'nitfil States, afid Ihc public lands of Hawaii mav be
incliKkil 111 Hie Lreneral Rcliemc;
1111 Kiinn iiitn the land sittiattofi here" to secure art understanding of
t, and 1 hope to lie able td heir the views of men interested in all
hases (if the homestead question.
"It r- not my mlriMise to hold anv L't-neral nulilli- meeting btit
! will send for the spokesmen of
matter and Mr. Bradley, Mr. Brown and mvnelf will Bectire the'in
'ortntttion they have to give us. 1 hope that those who have' in
ormation the)- believe to be of value will oiinmuiiicatc with 111c and
eel themselves free to call upon
Secretary Lane is vietofng'thc land question of Hawaii as part
in. me national land question, wntcn tortay is" part of the ''great '-war
iiiestion. The Secretary has a ereat 'proposition under wav. which
le will develop and place before
that America begin to plan now;
for what is to be done with hef
threat army when victory has been
secured in France and the Kaiser
is driven into the oblivion he dc1'
"We will have a million men
fit I "ranee by this fall," said the
Secretary yesterday, "and two
million by next spring, and as
many more after that as may be
equtred to bring about the com-:
ilete defeat of '( jer'inany. Whin
victory is won and our army 'of
uillions of men are brought
'lome, we must be prepared to'
ake care of them. Many of theni
vill nut be able to return to the
:icriiiation they left 'to take up
irms. We cannot allow them sim-'
ly to be turned loose upon the
(immunity to bring about a sc
ions economic disturbance.
"I have a proposal in mind !to
revfit to congress,- with a re
liicst fur an appropriation of two
o three million dollars to cafrv
ut the pieliniiuarte. Mr plan is to
ave the laud situation of the Nation
irveved. I nOuld hav the many thou
11 ud acres of eastern swamp lurlds
over, with the idea of see hi c
dvkes aad the canals tu
ruin and profert them' ahtould i;o in
1 1 ti the cost of the work; I would have
rut-over' lands of MirhiKn and
is surveyed and estimates ma le
inns surveyed and et,timntes ma le
n the vvnrk necessarv to stnino and
lear these lauds for cultivation I SOUIU' "J"1 u,f national park in Ha
voutd have the fifteen million acres of Mu" " n,Hiie "e "( ""' r,,!,,n.
rid lands iu the west Kone over to tee ; v,H,e'1 "T 'hr t'MI'isTs.
vhere the reservoir system cau be put M H"'1 P''l,i'ltles here from
a and' the irrigation canal run to that t.unt buin'i-ij. Home New Kng.
.lint; this lurid into use. ' ''tr are kept goinjr by the
"I wmtbl have the luirds' aH dns-i v 'utors wno 30 to them for the sum
tied, including Ihe public lauds of ( t'alirornl knows the visitor
laivaii. and when th' soldi eou.e I HU' (iri-aty asset. Hawaii
back from France I would offer it t 'v'11 n" tbf same. The man who comes
them for homehti'adiiic. Those who j h'r' liT'i"el not only at the
unit bind can specify what Kind they I '"'""'l" .0 these Inland- bpt at the
refer and then the' various projol t K'Mliar Mimtilaarton that he will end
'or the leclaniation of the lands could . : , ' V h"ve ,ho ,'' ""' 'h"
e started. The men would not j nipefntr-. aoiie, enabling your peoplo
discharged fronr the arthr, bnt retaiqed1 !"'' 111 '!',-. health aud kept stiirtn
in serv ice and unde the direction ' of ,",,'(, trt " or' l,,! th' mme ,imB
riny euiueers could theftiselves earry
'un the rcelnmation of the lands th!ey
hnd selected. The government nnplil
suporf Ihent and pa.V them' while thus
Ffuanee HomasU.ider
" W'lvea tho revlaanution prnjebti
uon project
,e (.uvcrnnir at
have m rnihd,
oave oeen completed, the
u.,.l.l .....I-. !.. I 1..
; ""V
iiuunce oie oiration or tne uoinestean
ers huild thorn homes, furuiah them
' " """f "m! 1101a
mif mr 1 ui
anion nt
against thn
to the nisi
"I,, thi w,,.,:,. "yrL1'!
'il arniv : we ivonlil niMil lliu unniintil'
iiiestioii involved aad, at thn a.ni
lime, e would rarry forward the de
vclnpineut of the coiinlry.''
Interest In Hawaii
This is the great project today hold
in the mind of Secretary l.ane, but
in the midst of it he has time to con
sidci other projects, in which llstt!l
has her big part.
u rm-.iaraaoon ami tne (;i,lirh. the fWrot a rv un.i f. I ......
of Ihe advance a a, Uen .4U ii-Utortl f..,rrr ..i t, u....t
lomeateadera payable-Mc' i .1,1 t.Yea Vir thi
nmint on easy term, over ' ,f ftrifi;ift t,:y.,iii ,.if , .,
of thirty or forty year. iuij'Tj .' ,.(. -t.:..i. .1...
wan,.,., o viso ,,. ......U. titpW&Z
Hga. he say. "1 promised Hj T.urV,t4y. of uettw.St ' Here
then, und wanted to keep tip ,,ur- oW KafttatiaaP . i ' vX.
' I w
prnmisc ,,,,, ,,g events interfcrW.
Now at Washington, wf have a
smoothly runniag maekiue and e are
leetinu: the jrreat problems of the wall
,111 n way that 1 believe 1 siitisfaet.lrv'
o Ihe American people. This ha bevu
I my Urst upportuuity la pav the viait I
have loan wanted to make 1 am her.,
to make it plain to the people of Hawaii
said Sccrctarv Lane vesterdav. "1
o 1 - - "f, "I I
the v arious a icw.s hekl here 011 land
congress soon! This i a proposal
tHat the I uteres ti of th Islands hava
)nHo. even by reanoar of the; jreat
wont - u-uiaqsata
I want particularly to make myself
a' familiar ss 'a short ' visit ' n ill per
mlt' with the natlrmal park ne bav
ret4d here without ms VAlle' in ' 1ia
departnreiit ever bating aeea them.' Wa
- - - " ' i " n wi nivn ud'
aeriutiona wi- aeed. but since I have)
beea here I have found hot that word
arc inadequate' to tell about Hawaii.
I have read all that Robert I.ouia
Kljenft '! .lk" I An.Wvi, i.
Warren Htoddord have ' writt about
tKe beauMht of 'HWwhii.' bot I'gaload
Bo 'itBfjrrelfi6lir frw"'eveB " tbern' thnt
prepared Wn f or wnaf I hiv aecn evea
in -qy two daV heW. Hawaii la a
wo'nderrinir'ikiTioaa, unparatlered plaeo
of beBntV. r
1 Afttf - the war.' waen'wa have a
nterehaitt mnrtira ' that will be urea ter
ryen "-tb4-!t-Eqra,0tfy wtttf one half of
It dB'roteoT VHtKe eommeTee of the I'a
crffe',' ofit" nation-' is goinj- to real ire
the ai.fniflearkv of th Pn.-inY. It ha
been " hart! 1 1 tit ' Ameriea n heretofore
to see' t,Bthftir eteetit th Atlaatie, but
e.nr vr-loto-t-nldetiilig rid mn a 111' not
only be able to gtnsp tile value of
the poMribilitjes that arr lipfdre n ou
tllis 'oerl,' tiot'Ve will have the ship
td lise-orr'tbl -treat richt of way, free.
i un. i siiin miim, iiiit nr-rr nr.
i.aite"'eriiiletf; "that when thi 'war i
over we will hve the right of wajr
wheriver 'we Vint to po.
, Hawaii' Mit'BPtt JSxkh
"Thee ' Hawaii "nia-j' etrpect a lively
iuterest arnoniT' the people, that will
hriitir them'" here ill ever iitc rcMtaini-
ii urn be is. The creation of vonr na-
I ''"'' Prka will add to this Interest
u itA kit' td'aan...!. 4 k I s. a.... ..I II'.
Hhm bn th mniritfitft m -hQi h fnf parks.
'""'"'ennnK t the V--ll(irt
"rndin' Tnfo the HtBte of
'"'"'."' '"r " "usninj--
'""'.' nPn l'"r!,,"'n" .,n,H' ,",rk "n ,b"
rgu proouce wpar tie tropic produce.
I know no pafalle). sput in all the
nqrH- V1 .v0" snrrlcieiit of
thivrW'-jl V'rjtt of .alOfrtisiug.-."
Thi jnoryluir ecrctarv l.aue and
irv win vJaiKthd t's arl Hitrbor naval
, nation, rotuaing bj- noon, in time for
itht h,crrtary to be the central Kgnrn
iM the . formal opniuij of the First
in the. formal opfniuir
' Trcii.,.ll vir '..i....t
, Y,itfda,'- follow iaff the Ka.uVl.B
; mebB-Phyvexr1aV at Kawaiahau
f i ,vi,..k
. .i -.i
Hutlni the trtii. a visit vns on id to
(he Roy! an st um , here the iiodies
ut. the depart art. Itilig and queens of
Haw III are laid.
Ti. .'' 1
Htrfrf Tne entice, lyiuk is' Bow
oeo'sf K. (I. Hnll 4t Hun's KpirtiB'j
TI,- entries will ., c.ii.....:
p,r tlie slnalc, Wclnesdav, .leu 1,
..nii l,Ml one .I..Uaet donb es, Krtluv.
jtmr 4, enirr fee one in"ir ,x ,,5)';
and iniKe.l ,..i,bi..s ftilurlut .luuo If,
cnltv fee two dol are 'nut team.

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